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Solved: Printed photo very different from on screen image

Q: Solved: Printed photo very different from on screen image

I recently acquired a Canon EOS Rebel T1i (500D) 15.1 mp. Previously, I had a Canon PowerShot A80 (4.0 mp).

Here's my question. Whenever I try to print a photo from my Canon i860 printer, the picture is a lot brighter than the image on screen (overexposed). I need to darken the picture significantly before printing it, in order to get a ressemblant result on paper. When I was printing a photo from my PowerShot A80, the result was almost identical to the image on screen.

Does this have anything to do with my new camera's higher resolution? Would I need to lower the resolution in order to match the printer's capacity?

This is becoming annoying and I really would like to find a solution.

Thank you.

A: Solved: Printed photo very different from on screen image

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Hi, I've started getting a strange 'pale' line or banding down the very left side of my printed photos. I first noticed it on a night shot (see link below) and then on the other one link below, a daytime one.

All the ink cartridges are full or almost full and I've done nozzle check and head cleaning. It doesn't show up on a greyscale B&W print I did (or at least not that I could notice).

It's on the leading edge, the part of the image being printed first when using the full size paper eg. A4, 10x15cm.

On a whim while writing this I just tried printing a 7"x5" image in the middle of a sheet of A4 and there was NO banding. Same result with a margin of 2cm rather than the default 0.5cm.
With the 0.5cm default margin, it's like whatever is going on only affects the next 0.5cm of the paper (the first 0.5cm of the printed image).

Is this a paper-feed thing then?
Any ideas how to solve it to avoid wasting lots of paper?
Other than this the printer, whilst old, is still very good


Genuine Epson Inks TO481-6

A:Epson Photo R300 - single thin banding-line on left side if printed photos

Tried to realign your cartridges?

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Hi, this is my first post and i hope that somebody can help me!

I am running Windows XP service pack 3.
I'm not too bad on the laptop but things don't come naturally easy so i would appreciate a simple response if that is possible.

Problem is;
I have images in "My Pictures"/Picasa3 and also in the Canon Zoom Browser EX that i have just loaded onto my machine,
If i download new images from my camera or card they automatically go into all 3 applications.
Worst thing though is that if i delete a single image or a folder from just one of the applications i lose that image/images from all 3!!!!! I also had Elements 4 and the situation was just the same but i have deleted Elements for now.

What i want to be able to do is;
1) Load Elements 9 onto my laptop.
2) Download and manage all pics from my wifes point and shoot into "My Pictures" only.
3) Drag my wifes pics into Elements for editing only as required.
4) Download my pics from my Canon 7D into the Canon application only.......for editing of RAW images.
5) Move pics from the Canon application into Elements 9 for further processing as required.

I dont know if i am missing something really simple here but i feel sure that the above cannot be too difficult.....or can it??

Any help to get me on the way to enjoying the results of my expensive new 7D would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Photo Image Management

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I have an audio that I want to upload onto Youtube but as you know, it only supports video files. For this purpose, I want to add a photo to the audio so that I'll be able to upload it. It's a simple enough task but for some reason I'm unable to do so using Windows Live Movie Maker. Can someone help me accomplish this task? Thanks.

A:[SOLVED] How do I add a photo/image to a song?

Windows movie maker is what I was going to recommend. That's what I used in the past and it always worked fine. What issue are you having with it?

You could also try:
Avidemux - Downloads

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Like one of the other posters, I am trying to make refrigerator magnets. I’m using magnetic peel & stick business card magnets. Then print my own photos on blank business cards. (Like the other poster I know they’ll be flimsy but mine will be for decoration only.)

But the problem is - I can’t create my design the right size so it prints out as business card size. I can't make a business-card size rectangle in Paint to use as a template - it's never business-card size size when printed. Onscreen it looks exactly right - doesn’t print the way it looks. How can I create an image that is business-card-size when printed? I need a blank template to repeatedly paste different photos onto.

Also, can I print business cards individually? -like how you print one mailing label at a time in Word? Because I won't need hundreds of them, just one of each photo or design to make one magnet.

FYI, attachment shows the product I will use.

A:Making magnets - how to make image that is business-card size when printed?

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I have an Access database used on daily basis to enter and print the maintenance work order in a report format. I have assigned a command button to print the required record. On clicking the button in the Form, a parameter query will run asking the user to put the record number to proceed. Once the correct record number is entered in the parameter text box, the report is previewed and the user click on the print button to print the same.

My question is as follows:

Is there any method to find out the record i am going to print now was already printed before? A kind of record keeping for the printed records.

Also, a message box should warn the user saying incase if the record was already printed, “The record was previously printed, do you want to continue printing again?”

Please tell me a way to perform the above in my Form.

A:Record keeping of the printed records & warning user when printed more than one time

could't you just add a field in the record for printed?

Then if printeed true, show warning, else show printable form.

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I'm sure this is easy for someone-- but I'm not sure how to accomplish it.

I have a digital image of a family member that is currently 800 X 600.

Unfortunately, the local drug store machine gives two choices- $.22 for one 4" X 5" or several wallet sized pictures on an 8" X 10" for $6.00. Yes, I am cheap- but that doesn't make sense to me.

In the past I have inserted a digital image into a Publisher document and copied a space which included the properly sized photo and a surrounding space- pasted into Irfanview and saved the new digital file to print one wallet on a 4" X 5"- but I have the feeling there has to be a better way to do it??

Actually, what I would like is two wallets on a 4" X 5" that I can cut apart. I realize that 800 X 600 isn't super quality, but it is a digital image that is readily available and should be sufficient to show off a wallet photo. And I think a better solution than my crude Publisher attempt. (This is not a "one of" project- but something I can use again and again and is a cheap solution to having fresh photos without wasting money or photo paper).

Your help would be greatly appreciated

A:Solved: Irfanview- Need wallet photo from digital image

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I'm trying to print out some pictures on my HP printer using some pictures on a USB. I find some pictures but others are not shown on the display. When I click on the print-button on a "corrupted photo" it displays "Photo is corrupted and can not be printed" and the print-papper is given back empty.

Only some pictures are shown. I've tried changing the size of the pictures without any luck. I've checked on the HP website and on the manual without an answer.

What should I do? Really need replies soon. Thanks..

Printer: HP Photosmart A526
Text: "Error. Photo is corrupted and can not be printed"

Sorry if the thread is placed wrong - panic.

A:HP Photosmart A526 "Photo is corrupted and can not be printed"

Sounds as if you had photos on a Flash drive, and the flash drive is damaged or corrupted.... If so, you might not be able to fix the problem.
Check on the HP website to see if they still have a trouble shooter for damaged images. Or take a look at programs such as Adobe Elements. Picasa,,,,,, GIMP (my favorite),,, and We have used all of these at one time or another and all are good for certain things. GIMP requires some study but is good after you learn.

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I have a color photo I have been using for years on various projects (small sample attached). Recently, I started having a few items printed professionally, and the results are rather poor. The blue background comes out looking gray, and the food colors are all dark and lifeless. On my end, the image looks great on my monitor and when printed on an inkjet printer.

Obviously, the problems are due to the conversion between the RGB image and the CMYK printing process.

I don't have any software that can convert to CMYK, and at least one of the printers wants a JPG source anyway.

On my last project, I sent a hard copy proof for them to color match, but the final result wasn't much better than the standard color matching.

So, I'm curious if there's anything I can do on my end that will improve the quality of the final image when printed?

A:Color photo coming out "gray" when printed

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When I double click an image it opens windows photo gallery instead of simply letting me preview the image in the photo gallery, I have to actually right click on the image then click preview (which is half way down the list instead of being at the top where it should be, instead open is at the top) I have an idea i may have to edit the registry to change the properties of my right click menu, I have backed up my registry but i dont know exactly what to enter and where to enter it. Just in case anyone suggests I right click and 'open with' in order to change the default program, i already know this isnt the case as this is the first thing i tried. The problem is far more advanced that than, iv spent ages searching the net, iv even tried ccleaner to clean up my registry hoping this would fix any errors, but the problems still exists!! I had a similar problem ages ago and i had to edit the registry, but i cant remember for the life of me what i did!! Plus i think i was on xp then. Please help!!! fi x x

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So, I was going to post a thread about this problem that had buggered me for quite a while, and started happening for no apparent reason. Found a solution while typing. I had the above mentioned weird tint of yellow in my Image Previewer (apparently would've been in Photo Gallery too if I used it), but it didn't happen with any other image editors/viewers. (attachments show the difference). Found this site, downloaded the color profile from here(black-scaled one, but I don't think it makes a difference. FYI, the adobe link on the article doesn't work). There are most probably better solutions, as the color profiles are just generic and not really well optimized for anyone's monitor, but it didn't seem to change anything for me(except for fixing the yellow hue). Hope this will someday help someone else

A:Solved: Fix for yellow/beige-tinted Image Previewer/ Photo Gallery in Win7/Vista

In your case, If it is a Monitor color profile issue, why do other image viewers display it properly?, makes no sense.

Thanks for sharing.

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I have the names Charlie Lori Jo, Printed in the top left hand corner of everything I print.
I don't know how it got there, and dont know how to get rid of it.
Can you help me?

A:Solved: Printed name on paper

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Other than using View>Text Size, is there anything I can do that may cause the print to be darker? I know that my eyes are beginning to grow weaker but perhaps someone knows a trick for me to use or an answer. The light print seems to occur on most web pages and very bad on my ISP webmail account. My signature will tell you I am using WinXP Pro and SP2. If all pages were as clear and dark as the print I am seeing while typing this thread, I would not be asking for help. As always, TIA

A:Solved: Pages Appear To Be Too Lightly Printed

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I suspect this might be a fairly common problem. Whenever I print there also seems to be a block of about 5 fine lines printed over the text for about ever new line of text. Now I recently bought a new (high capacity) cartridge which costs a fortune, so I'm not too keen to buy another if it is the printer (about 6 years old) which is the problem.

Has anyone else had the same sort of problem?

A:Solved: Lines through printed page

Try cleaning the print heads, this is the normal solution to this problem.

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I am so hoping someone knows the answer to this very perplexing problem... I thought it was my printer so I bought a new one and I have the same problem. I print a picture of my granddaughter, who has these wonderful chubby cheeks.........until it is printed and the chubby cheeks are gone. She has slimmed right down...... lol I have been struggling with this problem for quite a while now, have asked everyone who comes within two feet of me and no ones knows how to fix this or what is even causing it. I know someone here will know. I have never had a problem that this site has not been able to fix for me. : ) Thanks, in advance.

Oh yes, and new printer is an Epson 835 al-in-one and my old one is an HP photosmart 2575

A:Solved: quality of printed pictures...

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I have Compaq vista laptop with HP deskjet3050A connected. As far as I can see the printer is not able to do copy enlarging, as my last printer did. I want to make a copy of a hard document with enlarged font size. Is there any "work-around" I could try to achieve this? Allan.

A:Solved: Copy and enlarge a printed document

It seems there are enlargement options. Have you see this link?

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When I print anything off a web page I almost need a microscope to read the print. This is a sudden development - although I haven't installed anything new or made any changes recently.
I can increase the font size on the screen OK, but whatever I print is still the same tiny sized printout on paper.
Appreciate some help and advice as to how to make my printout readable
Thanks !

Win XP Professional SP2
Dell Dimension 5000 (Pentium 4)
Epson Laser EPL-5800 and Epson StylusPhoto 870

A:Solved: How to increase printed font size ?

try this

file print preview and adjust the last button ...

mine is shrink to fit

You can choose a different layout

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Hi everyone, sorry I have not been here quite awhile. I didn't want you to get tired of me. .

Anyway, I have a question. I have Nero Photo Shop and Paint Shop Photo album. How to make Paint Shop a default photo editor?

I've done it before and forgot how.

Thanks in advance.


A:Solved: How to make a Paint Shop Photo Album a default photo editor?

I found the old response, and solved it. Thank you anyway. ☺

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So, question. I was hoping someone could give me a link to a website that offers not only free image hosting.. but a place that I can make an entire photo album and just link people to that...

I use for all my photo hosting for now.. But I'm getting sick of uploading them, Here on vistax64 I can add the actual image to my thread.. other places I have to link it, so I have to copy two different things.. it's just a pain. I'm fine to use for now. My Main concern is I want a place that I can just upload like 50 Photo's or even more.. and more important.. for FREE.. I have tons and tons of pictures of my entire build.. and step by step pictures of changing a CPU, changing a hsf on a GPU, and many other things.. Plus just all my pictures of my new rig.. not to mention other photo's, truck and what not. So ya.. I wanna have a place to load all my photo's. then I can link people to that for comp pics, and specs.

Let me kno if anyone has some good places I could try.. Thanks!

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i know all DVD movies have encryption codes to protect them from virtually everythin g, but i need to snap a digital photo from a scene from "Tombstone" for a large tattoo project im doing next week. every time i try any DVD decryption software, i still onlt get a black screen when i snap a picture with my "screenhunter 5.0 pro". i DO NOT wish to cheat movie makers by stealing their movies - thats easy enough anyway. but does anyone have a suggestion as to how i can take a picture of a single paused frame for my upcoming art project?

A:how do i take digital photo of DVD movie image?

Sorry. Decryption, as you may know, is a federal crime. Probably not a good idea to advertize your crimes on the internet.

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When I turn my camera to take a picture vertically, it lies on its side when I download it. When I rotate it to upright the image becomes distorted (the people become narrower).
Is there anything I can do to avoid that?
I have WindowsXP, and use HP Image Zone to edit, and also just bought PaintShop ProX.

A:image distorting when rotating photo

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There are so many Photo image hosting sites... which is the best and most reliable.. easiest to use? Best of the best...????

Any Advise is appreciated... I've never used a photo host before.

A:Best Free Photo Image Host????

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Hi, I have a user on a XP pc with Office 2007. He is having problems when he is printing a graph - some of the details on the Y axis are missing and also the graph header (see example2). Looks OK in print preview and also if he prints to a PDF file (see example1). Same result when he tries otehr printers from the same pc and old files containing graphs have the same problem. If he selects the graph and prints, then it prints OK but this is not really an option when he has multiple pages with multiple graphs.

The same documents on 2 other PCs prints OK.

Any ideas on what is causing this ?


A:Solved: printed graph missing some Y axis and header

I had that same problem. I uninstalled the Excel updates I had automatically installed on 12/15 and the problem went away.

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I have graphics that I would like to print, but the address, date & time are printed on the page. Is there a printer setting that would remove those?
Many thanks!

A:Solved: Remove address,date & time from printed page ??

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I've always had my computer set to where the graphics and images show a small picture of whatever it was. A week ago it stopped doing that. I've done all of the following, to no avail:

1.Under Folder Options/View I made sure its set to view thumbnails. Clicked it on and off several times.
2. Did a disk cleanup
3.Rebuilt the Icon cache and restarted
4. CCcleaner
5. Reset file associations
6.Completed sfc/scannow no issues
7. Thumbnail cache clear and reset
8. Reset the visual effects settings

I'm not sure what else to do. The thumbnails show fine when larger, its just the icon that stopped showing correctly.

Attached a small image of two on my desktop.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I have a 2009 or 2010, The Sharper Image Digital Photo Keychain. My problem is that i dont have the disk that originaly came with it. My computer seems to nor be able to format keychain either. Trying to find a dowlaodable copy of cd. Also any instructions or ideas of what to do with it.

A:The Sharper Image Digital Photo Keychain.

Welcome to T.S.G, unfortunately i don't own one of these and can't test to see if it works with it, but a quick search found this
Download the link is a direct link to a zip file, this file contains a CD img, of what supposedly came with your device... I have already checked it for viruses and its clean.

You can either burn this to a CD or "mount" the iso
For help on how to mount an iso google

Hope this helps.


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Have a lady friend with a Palm on which she her son loaded an image of "camp" in the Media section. He then opened the image, and it replaced the "desktop" or plain system image with this camp photo. We cannot get rid of it despite a Hard Install, and total uninstall and reinstall of the Palm 4.14e download.

The camp image makes it very difficult to see the other icons to click on, such as Adobe Reader, Bluetooth, HotSynch, favorites and so on.

Anybody had a clue on how to erase this "stuck" photo image covering the entire startup screen?

A:Palm Tungsten E2 Photo Image on Desktop


Is this the phone or the home computer? If it is the phone, go to images, or photos, not sure where it would be without seeing the phone. Delete the image, and all should be well.

Any problems, email me.



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Could you please tell me how to delete a vecor image in Adobe Photo 7.0. I am using Windows XP. Thanks!!!

A:Deleting a vector image in Adobe Photo 7.0

What happens if you locate the file using Windows Explorer then ...right click and select delete?


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Just wonderin', because my webcam is wrecked,

and i thought i can use my cellphone, but i don't know

how to send it on my e-mail, need help.

A:How to send a photo/image from a cellphone to e-mail?

ManBehindGod said:

Just wonderin', because my webcam is wrecked,

and i thought i can use my cellphone, but i don't know

how to send it on my e-mail, need help.Click to expand...

Bit old this thread but I'll try and help you if you still out there somewhere.
If your provider has included emailing in your package then this will be simple, just create an email and insert the photo into your message and send.
If you do not have that option with your provider then depending on your phone model you should either, be able to send it to your PC via Bluetooth/Infrared or if not then by a data transfer cable and software.

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1. Open windows explorer, Browse to photos
2. Ctrl+Click to select the pictures
3. Rclick, and PRINT - Windows Photo Viewer opens4. Select on right side the number of pics you want on a single page. eg: 2, 4, 9, etc.
You will see all the pictures you selected on a single sheet of paper. Click Print!

A:Solved: Windows 7 Photo Viewer won't print 4up photo

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I installed the FRONTPAGE 2003 Beta.... and it brought along with it a photo imaging/viewing program....(Microsoft Picture Library11 beta) that is not allowing my email recipients to download a photo I send. .... (MGI Photosuite) is what I have always used. This new program has reset all my photos to it.

Where do I go to make the DEFAULT photo program the MGI Photo Suite? I am not certain that the Frontpage doesn't use it during the web-page processes. ...and I don't mind using it for that..... But I do not want it to be the default. I have searched for it in the program files... not there ... may be embedded in Frontpage.

¿?Any ideas?¿


A:Quick Question about Disableing a Photo Image Program

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Everytime I open HP Image Zone 4.7, I receive this PhotoGallery Message. It says, "Please wait while windows configures PhotoGallery." Then, another box pops up and says, "The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not available. Insert the 'PhotoGallery' disk and Click OK." If I click OK it doesn't work, it just starts giving me the first message over and over again. If I click Cancel, a box pops up that says, "Error 1706. No valid source could be found for product PhotoGallery. The Window Installer cannot continue." If I keep clicking Cancel over and over again, HP Image Zone will eventually open up, but then the entire process happens again when I try to click an album in HP Image Zone. I have no idea how to get rid of these messages, so it would be greatly appreciated if someone can help me. Thank you.

A:How Do I Get Rid of PHOTO GALLERY Messages Whenever I Open HP Image Zone 4.7?

Possibly the safest answer would be to uninstall and reinstall the software, just in case it's a corrupt installation.

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does anyone experience this ? need help .. how to fix this ?

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I have a list of products and want to include a photo of each. If I sort the list the image does not move with the cell.
I have Excel Version 14.0.4734.1000 (32 bit) as part of MS Office Professional Plus 2010 on Windows 8.1
Having searched all solutions I am stumped.
I have the image properties of 'move and size with cell'
All images are well within the borders of their cell.
I have tried putting various items of text in the image cells.
Putting images within a comment would not be a practical solution as the comments tend to float around the cell and do not always stay within the cell when sorted.

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I need to create a video with my son for a school project. Does anyone know how to add a moving still image to an existing video clip?For example, he wants to have a picture of an eagle swooping down while he ducks. So I thought we could easily just film him doing the ducking and pointing and then after we would add a picture of an eagle swooping down. I thought I could add the image into different frames to let it animate, but this does not seem to be working.Anyone have any suggestions for a free program that can do this on Windows or a mac?

A:Overlaying a still photo on a video so that I can make that image move around?

Hello there,
You can add pictures to a video clip on iMovie.
Hope this help! 

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Hello, all. Happy Holidays. New to this forum and to Vista Ultimate 64.

After believing all the negativity from the past 2 years, I finally bought myself a wonderful new rig with Vista Ultimate 64 installed. I've only been tinkering with it for about one week, but the Vista experience really is a beautiful and intelligent one.

My question: last night I suddenly lost image view of all my photographs. The photos are there, they come up fine when clicked and can be edited within Window Picture Viewer etc. But when I go to my Pictures folder, I cannot see the photos themselves no matter what view I try. What I get instead is some default "placeholder" picture in each one's place.

What did I do and how can I reverse it?

Thanks very much in advance.

A:Newbie Question -- Lost Photo Image View

Hi mozark and welcome,

Have you used a registry cleaner lately? They might have been wiped with that. If so, you could try the recover option of the cleaner to see if it restores it. Or changed settings in the folder options in the control panel? You can read these tutorials, maybe one of them will apply.
Icon Cache - Rebuild
Thumbnail Cache
Personal User Shell Folders
Preview Pane in Vista Windows Explorer
And you can check these
Attachment 8725
Attachment 8724
See if visual is all checked and you can restore default settings for folder option view tab.
You can try a system restore if none of this works.

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I think this has been asked before, but is there any way I can get/upgrade MS PE to allow me to open images above about 6MB. At present it shows message, The image is too large(too many bytes)
I like MS PE as it is easy/simple to use and does what I want for my editing so would therefore like to stick with it rather than use another editing prog.Thanks in advance.

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I reallyyyy need help.
My explorer.exe crashes each time I stop with the mouse on a photo or image file (and no other type of files). I’ve tried with the touch pad and with external mouse, same thing
In the same way, if I want to upload a photo (as an email attachment for example) as soon as I try to select the photo and the mouse stops on the photo file, Chrome and Internet explorer crash indistinctively. Also if I open paint and try to open a photo as soon as browse opens and I try to select an image, same result…
This happened 7 days ago, on Monday after my laptop installed Sunday night many windows updates and it has been this way since.
So, I’ve already uninstalled the updates, restored my laptop to a previous condition, I’ve done scannow, memory test, clean reboot procedure, Windows Debugdiag tool, Windows’s Wise registry cleaning tool, ShellExView, uninstalling graphic drivers and reinstalling, un-flagged “always show icons never thumbnails”…nothing
Until now I’ve got only generic guides and advices, pretty much to do what I’ve already done above.
I’m attaching my system info file.
I do need to tell you that I bought my laptop 9 months ago os free so I’ve installed everything myself.
(I’m sorry for my English and also if you see in my files some parts written in Italian, I’ll be happy to try to translate them althouh I believe you comprehend the relevant data better than I do).
I h... Read more

A:explorer.exe crashes when I stop with the mouse on a photo or image

Review this post:

Upload an explorer crash dump and we will look at it.

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does anyone experience this ? need help .. how to fix this ?

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RE: Recovery Problem
Hi Everyone,

I am new at Digital photography & video. I Accidently, I pushed delete all files from the camera. I was so sad bcz they were photo's of my son's first Christmas program.

Some of the pictures I can view in "thumbnail view" the enire picture, but when I try to look at them in "normal" view size, it makes 90% of the pictures grey, the image doesn't show the entire like in "thumbnail" view.

And the video clip it says it has :58 seconds of viewing but it only shows me 10 seconds of viewing.

To get to recover the above: I used program PC Inspector & & Video-Fixer (trial version) . I am not exactly in the position were I can purchasing new software. Can someone please help me.

I am just soo desperate right now bcz these pictures & mini video clips I deleted are irreplaceable. Gosh I feel soo bad. I am just hoping u can help me. So Thank u everyone again for ur time & attention.


Thank you again soo much for ur help u don't knw how much it really does mean to me.

.JPEG Image & .AVI video Image.

My OS is Windows XP

I have a "Traveler" Digital Camera 6.31 Megapixels

My Image File Extensions are:

File Type: JPEG Image .JPEG

File Type: Video Clip .AVI

A:.Jpeg photo Image & .Avi video clips Recovery Problem

Freeware Data Recovery Tools.

Others say PC INSPECTOR™smart recovery is the best so try that one.
More about it here.

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I wonder if you can help.

I have CorelDraw/CorelPhoto 12

I want to take a colour photo and turn most of it black and white but to leave a few areas in colour.

I have seen this done on Photoshop by creating a second layer and cutting our the parts you want to be in colour then merging the layers - it appears to be easy but I cannot work this out on CorelPhoto.
Can anyone help please?

Many thanks


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I installed the freeware beta-version. When asked what type of image file formats I wanted to be able to edit I selected "all."
Unfortunately the program used too many of my system resources so I got rid of it. (There was no working uninstaller so I just deleted the program folder and link in the start menu.) Now I can't open simple jpeg and other image files from my HD because Windows (98) says the program I need to open them is "missing."
How can I recover the ability to open simple image files?

[email protected]

A:Vicman photo-editor comandeered all image file formats

Highlight a jpeg file. While holding down the Shift Key, right-click the file and choose Open With. Be sure to put a checkmark in the box, Always Use This Program. If you're looking for a good graphic viewer, I recommend a freeware program called Irfanview.


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Guys this is gonna sound stupid I know, I have absolutely no idea how it happened, but my window for resizing my images has managed to move up out of my screen.
I can't grab it to move it down.
How on earth am I gonna get it back?
If I go image/image size, I can't read the top half of the window.
I'm using CS.
Please this is kinda urgent, I need to resize images for a website!!!!

A:Solved: photoshop image size window out of screen

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Hello to all,
I have just noted while trying to bring W8 up to speed, that Windows Photo Viewer can not display .NEF or .CR2 RAW image files. I have associated all the image file extensions with the Windows Photo Viewer and do not use the App Version. I don't recall but tried to begin the process of finding "codecs" that allow it to show the files, which they do very well in W7 Photo Viewer. Does anyone have experience with this or ideas. I found Nikon's specific Windows 7 codecs program and it would not install. Thanks for any assistance!

A:Windows Photo Viewer unable to open proprietary RAW image files.....

HI there

I have Photoshop with Bridge so no problem -- but
Try these

Canon .CR2 Free CR2 Viewer - Canon Raw Image Viewer

NEF, CR2 etc Download Free Photo Viewer 1.2 Free - View photos, images, RAW files. View EXIF tags. Organize full-screen slideshows - Softpedia


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I use Microsoft's Digital Image Suite 2006 to edit and catalog my photos. My system includes Windows Vista Business, 2G RAM, P4 w 3GHz, 160G HD.
Monitor 19" LCD

Today I imported 64 photos from my XD photo card into a folder in my Pictures. When the import was complete the screen with the thumbnails on it appeared in a small screen in the upper left of my monitor. I was unable to maximize to full screen. This has never happened before and I have not added any new programs or processes. Any ideas what may be going on here?

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I have a Dell 1750 Inspiron laptop that I use "as a desktop" as every piece of hardware is connected to it.
It runs with Windows 7 Home Edition. It has a 4gb memory and a 450gb hard drive which is less than half used.

I have the screen saver set to Photos and usually have a cut-in time of 1 hour idle.

The screen saver cuts in exactly when it should and scrolls through my photos for as long as the laptop is left idle.

However, as soon as I touch the mouse/keyboard, instead of reverting to the "normal" screen the photos disappear, the blank screen fades for a few seconds and then a message appears in a box, saying that the Photos Screen Saver is not responding, and gives the options of either close the program or wait for the programme to respond. Waiting doesn't seem to work so I have to click on close the programme and then cancel the statement that Windows will try to find a solution, because it doesn't!

I have tried to vary the time before the screen saver kicks in, anything from 1 minute to several hours but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Can anyone help please?

A:Photo Screen Saver wont revert back to live screen

Have you checked the timing for when the HDD turns off or Sleep or Hibernation kicks in [I disable both of those and lengthen the time on the HDD to several hours], Control Panel, Power Options?

The reason I mentioned the HDD is the symptoms you mentioned seem to apply. The screen saver could be in memory and not affected by the HDD until it's asked for something.

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I'm looking for a software that allows me to see a picture (jpg, etc...) in full screen but at the same time that I can have at half screen able to for example use Word 2013 at the same time

When I use Windows Photo Viewer the only way to see a picture full screen is playing the slide show and then pressing pause so that the pic does not change, but when I have it at half screen the rest of the screen is black I cannot have my screen with another program to write on there.

which pic software may allow that?

I'm not looking for advanced photo programs because I don't want to edit the pic just to see it in full screen.

A:full screen photo viewer at half screen

To start, there is a difference between the Maximize/Restore button in the middle of the 3 at top right corner of windows and the feature of Full Screen gained by toggling the F11 key on most computers. Using Full Screen allows viewing but not toolbars, Taskbar, etc. One way of getting part of what you want is to have two windows/programs open and right-click the Taskbar to choose how the windows are displayed. Clicking in the middle of the image windows to get the focus on it then pressing F11 should show the image plus it wouldn't affect the other program. It probably would work better if using a 23" or larger monitor or using 2 monitors, splitting the tasks between them.

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Update 1607 to Windows 10 has messed up the above -& I can't get it back to what it was before the update. In wish to return to my favourite photo plus spotlight bacground but Personalisation does not allow it from 1607

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can anyone help me locate this photo. it was shown in my lock screen unfortunately i can not locate it anymore. your help is highly appreciated. thank you in advance!

A:Lock Screen Photo

In the settings, go to 'Personalization'.
In Personalization, on the left side you can see 'Lock screen', there you can edit your lock screen.

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Dell 64 bit vista home premium desktop oem . When i set photos as my screen saver it will not go to sleep. Whats up with this?

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alright i gotta windows xp and a evision 123 camera and itll plug in and take pictures fine but when i unplug it ill press the button get a ''L-L'' message and a number pops up. so i plug it back in and download it and all i get is a black screen.

any ideas?

i really needa an answer i have m bros weddin pics and i need em off there

A:Black screen photo

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Size of a photo streamed from pc is 1/4 of a 4K TV screen. I am using Windows Explorer and point the TV to render the photo. The TV and the PC is wire-connected to a router. There is no such problem when streaming videos.
Attached as follow are two picture that show how the photos are displayed on the TV. The first one is from source image having resolution of 1600 x 1200 and the second one is 7360 x 4912. It appears that the displayed size has nothing to do with the resolutions.
How can the photo be displayed full screen?

A:Photo streamed from PC is 1/4 of TV screen

The TV is displaying the pictures in their original resolutions. There is nothing wrong with how they are showing. BTW, that is not 1/4 of the screen. You may want to change your heading.

Suggest that you check the manual for that tv to see if there is any way to allow pictures over the network to be displayed for full screen.

Videos are always going to display at the TV resolution. There is nothing wrong with your computer. There is nothing wrong with your tv.

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Hello all, with vista, I use the Windows Photos Screen saver. However, in the settings if I use any other theme besides "classic", the screensaver will not close when I move the mouse or hit the keyboard, it just sticks there. The system isnt frozen, I can can ctrtl-alt-delete out of it and everything is fine. It is just kind of annoying. Anyone experienced this?

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can anyone help me locate this photo. it was shown in my lock screen unfortunately i can not locate it anymore. your help is highly appreciated. thank you in advance!

A:Lock Screen Photo

In the settings, go to 'Personalization'.
In Personalization, on the left side you can see 'Lock screen', there you can edit your lock screen.

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I have Corel Photo House and Photoshop 4 photo editing software. I don't really use them a lot, and admit that I'm not very good at doing most things. One thing I've had occasion to do lately is to take a person from one image and copy it to a second image. The problem is that it takes a really steady hand, and patience, to trace around the outline of what I want to copy. I try to facilitate this by slowing my cursor to crawl speed, but I still have trouble accurately following the subject's outline.

Is there software -- preferably freeware -- that has an easy way of transposing/copying portions of an image?

A:Solved: How to copy portions of an image and paste in a second image?

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These aren't very important problems, but I'm just curious why this happen after Anniversary Upgrade.
- When I start my PC or when I shutdown/restart, in the log screen there isn't my profile image. Just the generic blank one.
The image is still present when I click on Start button on desktop and in Control Panel. I also tried to set it again.
- I prefer a "blank" lock screen background as I had before, with no panorama pictures or nothing. How can I remove it?

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when ever I take a screen shot it comes out as a PNG photo in the
screen shots file, all screen shots do. and I cannot figure out how to change it. and I need to change it because
it seems to open with a photo program is not working right. except it runs on the intel system, except the only
intel on here is the mother board, and it's not even a factory production. so getting anything "intel" working
right is getting harder to do.

so now the PNG photos are not printing as a whole page. filed as a screen shot, but will not print the whole page. even though it was in the middle if the screen.. can I get out of PNG and in to something like jpg, or some other thing at the end
at the end of each photo. these 2 screen shots may give you a very basic idea of what i'm up against. right now is to get out of this PNG. thanks for your help you can provide have a great day

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i how can change photo background log on screen welcome my windows XP like to windows 7 by a little software or manually registery my system?

A:how to change photo background log on screen welcome?

Hello Hesam,

Do you want to simply change the wallpaper of your logon screen or do you want to get your Windows 7 logon screen to look like your XP logon screen?

See also: Log On Screen - Change

To achieve the first;
You could use a tool like Windows 7 Logon Background Changer to change the wallpaper of your logon screen.

To achieve the latter;
There are various ways to change the look of your logon screen. I personally use Logon Workshop.
It allows you to change virtually anything, and so, you can make your Windows 7 logon screen look exactly like the logon screen from Windows XP.

This tool does require a lot of fine tuning to achieve it, so here's another way;

Navigate to Group Policy Editor.
Go to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options.
In the panel on the right, click on Interactive Logon: and enable or disable that feature.
Now you'll have to manually type in your username and password to log in (just like with Windows XP, or at least the version I had).

I hope that this is what you meant
Good luck and keep us posted,

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My system Froze up and went to a black screen; upon reboot it wouldn't get past the BIOS load screen. I reset the CMOS and now everything works fine except an issue with the photo screen saver. The other screen savers work, but the photo screen saver will not. When I try to go into settings with the photos screen saver selected it looks like it loads something but nothing pops up, and then the screen saver window becomes unusable. It doesn't freeze but it acts like there is a second dialog box open and it's waiting for you to finish with that dialog box (if you know what I mean). I can't preview with photos selected either, but it doesn't become unusable.

A:Photo screen saver won't work.

I would be more concerned with what caused the major crash than little problem with the photo ss.

For that you can try running
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

If you can find a c:\windows\minidump folder and zip the contents of it and attach it to your next post that would be great.
If there's nothing in there or the folder doesn't exist nevermind, I'm just curious what caused the hard reset.

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I have a photoscreensaver error that reads as follows:

Photoscreensaver.scr Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point DwmHintDxUpdate could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll

It comes on when the screensaver starts, I have go no screen saver organised, the screen just goes black, then when I move the mouse the black screen goes and the above is in a box. It is possibly related to a rolling wallpaper I am using from my photos folder.

Has anybody got any ideas? Ultimate 64bit RTM



A:Photo screen saver error

Hello Neville.
Do any other screen savers work?


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Is there any way to make a photo view itself as full screen that is stretched to the entire screen.

A:Any way to make a photo full screen

Yes. On Windows Vista and above, open the photo in Photo Viewer, and click the middle button to send it into slideshow. Then, pause the slideshow.

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Hi I'm new here and just wondering if someone can help me...

I have a Sony Vaio. Windows 8. Turned it on one day & was greeted with "No operating system found".
It went off to Sony and they replaced the hard drive. I had uploaded some pics of my camera few days before it stopped working. I hadn't got round to backing them up. I knew I had lost them all when hard drive replaced. However one photo remains as my lock screen. Its a favourite one of my Granddaughter. Is there anyway I can save it? If I right click it a box comes up with "synced image". Have been round in circles. Sony support said nothing to do with them try Microsoft. Microsoft chat just keep telling me "hard drive gone so all files gone" I appreciate that but I can see this pic!
Thank you

A:Lock screen - how do I save photo

hello,i have same scenario, I looked everywhere for the picture but cant find it, also I did Google the issue and found nothing of help, best suggestion was to take a picture of the screen with the picture on it ,.good luck

I do know it was originally synced to my Microsoft acct ,so maybe someone knows how to get it from there .

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So I disabled the lock screen as it's just another unnecessary click to login, but what I want to be able to do is customise the background image of the login/ctrl+alt+del screen. I know you can change the "accent" colour but I don't want to use a solid colour. How do I go about this?

A:How do I change the login screen image? (NOT lock screen)

DisplayFusion: Multiple Monitors Made Easy! ? Binary Fortress Software

Precisely: Windows Logon Background | Features ? DisplayFusion ? Binary Fortress Software

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so without driving 4 hours today to my mother house to see whats wrong with her PC i had her send me a photo of her screen. usually i just do stuff remotely from my house.

she told me she let her pc sleep as usual when she went to bed and this morning when she tried to wake it up she got this screen,

none of the button (F10,esc,F11,or F9) do anything. esc brings her to a black screen that looks like dos but nothing happens, and F10 makes a fast clicking noise.

about a week ago, over night she lost a couple hundred word files(i searched the pc thoroughly and couldn't find the files)

PC is a HP touchsmart less than a year old. up to date norton anti virus and no bootlegged software.

any ideas?

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I was trying to change from on file of photos to another and must have hit the wrong key and now I no longer have anything other than one tab called screen saver. Not sre what I had before but there is no choice other than the Windows Screen savers? There is no pull down menu of choices? where is it. Tried everything. HELP

A:screen saver photo options disappeared?

Hello RDONSTEELE, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Double check to see if you have the C:\Windows\System32\PhotoScreensaver.scr file.

If you don't have it, I'll upload a clean copy for you.

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Hi,I dont know if this belongs here but in the windows community they told my to reinstall windows...After the big update in th summer I cant see a photo in the lock screen, only a color.Any one else know the problem and can help?  

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I have gone to change my screen saver picture and it is only displaying part of the picture although this is taking up the whole screen? Help!

A:How do I reduce size of photo I want as my screen saver?

If you change back to the previous screen saver is that still normal?Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Hi everyone,

I have been experiencing a problem with my laptop lately. Sometimes when I put too much stuff on my hard drive, after a few days, a blue screen of death will appear with the following message:


Technical information:
STOP: 0x0000007A (0xc03E79A4, 0xC000000E, 0xF9E69384, 0x07BE6860)

atapi.sys - Address F9E69384 base at F9E5C000, Date stamp 41107b4d.

Beginning dumping of physical memory.

I can also hear a clicking sound when this is about to happen. I might thinking it might be the hard drive but I am not sure.

Everytime after I reformat, the bsod will not appear for a month or two and comes back again.

Also, my system clock is not accurate at all. At the moment, it is several months off. Not sure what is wrong with it.

Would appreciate any help!!! Thanks

A:Blue screen of death. Attached the photo.

First try clearing the paging file following the directions here:

Then run chkdsk on the drive:

The log for chkdsk is available in the Event Viewer after rebooting (run eventvwr.msc) in the Applications Log > Winlogon entry. You can double click it to view the details and there is a copy icon that can copy the details to the clipboard for pasting.

It is definitely a hard drive problem.

You might try removing and reseating the drive. Not really hard on a laptop -- probably just a couple of screws holding it down. Check your manual if unsure.

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Hi,I dont know if this belongs here but in the windows community they told my to reinstall windows...After the big update in th summer I cant see a photo in the lock screen, only a color.Any one else know the problem and can help? Lenovo z40-70 windows 10 

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Got my wife a Creative Zen Micro Photo player for Christmas. She is getting familiar with adding music files and creating play lists. She is having problems charging it though. Sometimes when she plugs it into a USB port on a PC, a symbol that looks like an AC power plug blinks on top of the battery status indicator and the battery charges fairly quickly. Other times, plugging into the same PC's USB port will show a green lightning bolt blinking on top of the battery indicator and it seems to take forever to add just a little extra charge. We have tried different cables on different PCs with the same results.

The user manual just mentions the battery symbol but we have not found any information on the meaning of blinking lightning bolts and plugs. Can anybody explain the meaning of them and why the player sometimes does not seem to want to take a charge?

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Anyone know any good programs for making screensavers from photos (i.e., using JPEGS saved on the puter). Something with lots of options and cool effects. I would prefer a program I could try first before buying.

A:Recommendations on photo screen saver program?

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Hi:wave: :giddy:

i was wondering does anyone know of a good screensaver program, which is free and doesnt involve and trial periods?

im looking one that you can use your own pictures from a file, like family pictures

thanks to anyone that helps

A:Looking for free screen saver programme to use photo`s etc.

I'm pretty sure that there is slideshow screensaver built into windows.

This one works too.

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When I click on the Browse button to find a photo to use for my sign on page, nothing happens. Any suggestions?

I've attached a screen shot of the Settings page I am referring to. Browse Button does not work.

A:Create Photo problem for sign in screen

Can no one help? I've added screen shot of problem setting in first post.

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When I click on the Browse button to find a photo to use for my sign on page, nothing happens. Any suggestions?

I've attached a screen shot of the Settings page I am referring to. Browse Button does not work.

A:Create Photo problem for sign in screen

Can no one help? I've added screen shot of problem setting in first post.

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Is there something built into Windows 7 that will do a screen saver of a library of photos, yet use *both* displays to show multiple photos? There are a couple in there, but they only seem to work on the primary display. Is there a way to enable multiple displays for these?

I have a nice 3rd party app I purchased in the XP days that does this, but was wondering if there was a way to get 7 to do it natively.

A:photo screen saver dual display?

Hy there... I attemped to develope a pice of software that exposes pictures on the second display.... it is not the best but i think it might be useful to you....
Note: it displays only on the right monitor arrangement like so ( 1-->2 )

and not ( 2<--1) or( 1 )
( 2 )
Download at:
Click on the big blue arrow on site for download...
this is all that i can answer...

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first to say: I hope I've posted this problem in a proper place, if not so plz forgive me

the last time I changed my OS, I faced a problem, the drive "C:" root folder was write protected (it was not before, I could easily create texts etc). I decided to let it be in that situation, the problem started while trying to install applications, the applications were installed incompletely or partly installed, so I decided to take ownership of the whole drive "C:". I think this occurred because of Sharing rules, anyway I took ownership of the entire drive except some sys files such as: hiberfil.sys etc. Before doing this the whole operating system was working properly but after doing so, my above mentioned problems solved, but after that, my lock screen image has gone "Blue"! and I guessed that ownership causes the problem, so I tried so many solutions, including reinstalling a fresh copy of windows or trying the method mentioned in this link, but nothing changed . first I'll share my current lock screen image to show you I've changed it, after I'll share a shot of my lock screen blue image! plz help me this is so annoying!

pic 1:
pic 2:

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Hey everyone...

I've had a long and difficult battle with vista and this computer.

My latest issue after taking the computer back to the custom builder and having him reinstall windows completely:

It seems I have had my other issues fixed (damn last time I said this, I jinxed it and my computer "crash dumped" again). I used to have it crash all the time, which I thought I fixed by reinstalling and uninstalling a bunch of programs. Then the internet ran slow and I did a bunch of things (defragment hard drive, ran ccleaner for temp files and did some registry cleanup, tried the whole editing options of my connection and maybe more but I can't remember) and the only thing that worked was using command prompt to restore original settings to the internet connection.

I thought all was well until I said all was well and then the computer crash dumped again. I found out it was a compatibility issue with vista and the nvidia chipset + more than 2GB of RAM (I have 4GB). The fix was a download of the updates, which seems to have fixed it but I knock on wood.

So now... I'm trying to view photos with windows photo gallery and when I double click on a thumbnail, or right click and "view with windows photo gallery", a black screen shows up where the picture should be. I see the list of editing options, but the photo screen is black.

Any ideas??

A:Windows Photo Gallery Showing Black Screen

I have the exact same issue and i think mine started around the time that i reloaded vista on my computer. did you ever solve the issue?

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Hey everyone...

I've had a long and difficult battle with vista and this computer.

My latest issue after taking the computer back to the custom builder and having him reinstall windows completely:

It seems I have had my other issues fixed (damn last time I said this, I jinxed it and my computer "crash dumped" again). I used to have it crash all the time, which I thought I fixed by reinstalling and uninstalling a bunch of programs. Then the internet ran slow and I did a bunch of things (defragment hard drive, ran ccleaner for temp files and did some registry cleanup, tried the whole editing options of my connection and maybe more but I can't remember) and the only thing that worked was using command prompt to restore original settings to the internet connection.

I thought all was well until I said all was well and then the computer crash dumped again. I found out it was a compatibility issue with vista and the nvidia chipset + more than 2GB of RAM (I have 4GB). The fix was a download of the updates, which seems to have fixed it but I knock on wood.

So now... I'm trying to view photos with windows photo gallery and when I double click on a thumbnail, or right click and "view with windows photo gallery", a black screen shows up where the picture should be. I see the list of editing options, but the photo screen is black.

Any ideas??

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Hello everyone,Here is the situation.My uncle's PC caught a virus. He had Windows XP installed, and it worked good before the infection. Suddenly he can't load the PC anymore, it just goes to the Blue Screen. Eve if I chose Safe Mode, it would shows the BSOD or restart.I had formatted the PC, and reinstalled Win XP. First try, same problem - BSOD.I had re-formatted and re-installed XP at least 5 times, but the problem doesn't go away. I had went to the debugging screen and done chkdsk /f, and all other options available (like fixing the boot sector, the master boot, etc), and still get the error.I am starting to think that this could be a hardware issue, but since the computer was working well before the infection, I'm kind of dumbfounded as to how a virus could mess with the hardware.Here's the pic I took of the BSOD:Uploaded with ImageShack.usPlease help!

A:Blue Screen of Death (photo of error included)

Hi Luiz, is this a Dell machine? Here's what I read on a different forum about it:...had that same problem. I suspect Dell gave the wrong Windows recovery disk to a bunch of XPS 600 owners. My XPS is almost 2 years old the very first time I tried to reformat it I got that error. I am no expert maybe there is another way to solve it but please do try to contact dell for the correct DISK. Now please note they sent me 3 Windows reinstalltion disks before I got the correct one. After that reinstalling windows XP worked just fine...This is a possibility!Another thing I am inclined to believe is that your BIOS settings might have changed.You can try getting the BIOS back to defaults, and restart the machine, see if it works!If not, you can also try booting into the BIOS and look for SATA operations, and switch setting to ATA, save and try again.Ensure to make a note of all your BIOS settings, you might want to take pictures of these as you did with the BSOD, it's quick and simple.Let me know how it went, there are other ways to approach this issue.Regards

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Windows photo gallery not working? please advise! thanks (:

A:Windows photo gallery- Blue Screen of Death

Hi -

You are running the original version of Vista, circa 2006.

You need to install all outstanding Windows Updates, including Vista SP1 and Vista SP2.

Given the literal several hundred missing Windows Updates, I would suggest that uou reinstall Vista. Be sure to back up your user profile folder files, e.g., Music, Docs, Pics, etc... first.

Use the HDD recovery partition or your Vista recovery DVD for reinstall.

Regards. . .



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For the life of me I can't find the Images Directory for the Photo screen saver in the registry to deploy via GPO.
Any clues on where it hides in Win10?


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Clicking on Start Menu then clicking on small photo at top of Start Menu takes me to User Accounts (as does going to Control Panel/User Accounts), clicking on ?Change Your Picture? I select a different photo. The photo changes at the top of the Start Menu but on shutdown and boot up the previous photo is the same. In what folder is the selected photo stored? I believe I copied a photo and renamed it Welcome.jpg but searching my hard drive I cannot find this file. Any ideas how to fix this problem so that the small selected photo at the top of the start menu is he same on the Welcome Screen? Thanks.

A:Unable to change Wecome Screen Photo/Icon

The default pictures are stored in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures\Default Pictures

You can either store the image you want in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures , or when you choose the user picture, just browse to the location you save the picture to (the pictures library for instance).

I actually have removed my user picture using the NoUserPicture.exe

Remove User Picture from Start Menu

A Guy

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Hi. I've been experiencing a very bizarre problem for the last couple of days. After restarting Win7 it gets to the login screen (the one that says "Windows 7" at the bottom) that is supposed to show the available profiles. But no profiles are shown. After about 30 seconds an error message pops up that appears to be in the "Wingdings" or some similar font. It's gibberish. I can't find any info on this anywhere. If anyone has any clue I'd appreciate it.

I was able to get into a command prompt by booting to the repair console thing from the Windows disc. Startup repair did nothing. I tried the fix mbr, rebuild bcd, and fix boot commands and they didn't help. I actually started getting a black screen at bootup that saied winload.exe cannot be verified. I seem to have "fixed" that but now am back at this error message. It's the oddest thing I've ever seen.

It does the same with "safe mode" (minus the error message) and even with "last know good...".

Here's a pic for you native Wingdings speakers out there Also, the cursors stays on screen and can be moved, plus every few seconds the screen flashes black very quickly. Does the error message look familiar to anyone (except for the font used of course). Note that going into the repair disc and using start-up repair did nothing.

A:(PHOTO) Welcome Screen Gibberish Font Error Message Can't Log In

Looks like a virus to me. If you could get into safe mode try Malwarebytes Antimalware. As you can't, try using Windows Defender Offline. This will scan your PC for viruses without needing windows.


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Title says it all.

When slideshow was almost complete - Blue Screen appeared.

Please see attachment.

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I am running a dual screen setup now, just doing some trial and error to see what I like. I want to have the Windows Live Photo Gallery run on both screen earthier simontaneously or back and forth. Currently all I can get it to do is run the screen saver on the primary monitor and the secondary is black. Any suggestions or programs I can get to runs a screensaver photos dual?

A:Windows Live Photo Gallery Screensaver Dual Screen?

As far as I know, you can’t really do this with the Windows screensavers, sorry.


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Vista screen saver wont show photo titles there doesnt appear to be any options to include titles anywhere ...anyone have an idea how to get photo titles to show on a slideshow?

XP shows photo titles as slide show runs

OS Vista Home Premium 64 bit

A:Vista screen saver wont show photo titles

If I remember correctly, the XP screensaver you are referring to doesn't do that (I don't have an XP machine up and running to verify). And for that matter, I don't think the Vista one works any differently (odds are, I'm seeing the same thing as you in my 32bit version of Home Premium, and the closest I see in the settings for that screensaver are 'tagging' options, which I'm pretty sure won't do what you're asking for ).

Are you sure you're not mistaking it for a third party screensaver perhaps? I know Google's Photo Screensaver lists details like that.

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I made a screenshot file so that when I take a screenshot I can shove the screenshot in there. Should I be using another program? as now I am getting my screenshots coming up on my Start screen's live photo's tile. How can I control which of my pictures appear in my start screen's photo tile please or in my slideshow. (I've got on my laptop adobe photoshop elements 12)

A:Choosing photos appearing on start screen photo's tile

Hello Nougart,

By default, all images in your Pictures library is what is used to shuffle on your Photos tile. You could save or move the screenshots to another location to stop it.
Photos Tile - Set Images to Display in Windows 8.1
Another option would be to clear the tiles after you have moved or deleted the screenshot to have them stop showing on the Photos tile.
Apps - Clear Personal Info from Live Tiles in Windows 8
Hope this helps,

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I cannot find an icon to change my single photo viewing to full screen. Is this another Vista "oops"? Do you have a solution?

A:Vista x64 Microsoft Photo Gallery View full screen

Hi jsumner,

Welcome to the forum. if the system rating is low...then "full screen"/"play slide show F11" toolbar won't be there.

update your system rating. if your system rating is above 2 or 3, create new user account.

let us know...


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I'm using a Toshiba Netbook NB505 running Windows 7 Starter.

When I try installing Canon photo software, the install fails due to the lower resolution setting of the netbook (1024 x 600). I had read elsewhere that a way around this was to go into screen resolution > advanced settings > monitor - and un-check "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display".

That option is grayed out for me. Do any of you guys know why this is grayed-out, or have a work-around for this?

A:Change screen resolution on a netbook to install photo software?

This spec sheet from Toshiba shows that as the only resolution available:
Toshiba NB505-N508B Refurbished Netbook
Looks like that Netbook is a bit older, probably back in 2011.

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OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

My Windows 7 Professional 64-bit experience is just not going so well.

I've just tried installing Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 and Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate. Both hang at the load screen on "Loading Command Libraries..." 100% of the time.

Anyone else expierence this or know of a fix? Thanks in advance.

A:Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 - Hangs at load screen

Hello Launchpad,

Welcome to Seven Forums. Try right clicking on the installer and select 'Run as Administrator'. If that doesn't work then try this. Compatibility Mode

Hope this helps.


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How I can change the name that appears at the top of email messages when I print in Outlook 2002?

A:Name at top of printed emails

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