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Windows Media Player: Screen Capture (black screen)?

Q: Windows Media Player: Screen Capture (black screen)?

Watching a video in Windows Media Player...I wanted to get a screen of a part of the video. So I press PrintScreen...and travel over the MSPaint. Hit paste..and lo and behold...the screen is there...except the video is still playing! LOL

I tried to pause the video..then save. But when I reopen, where the video should be it is black. Is there a way to make screen grabs of videos in WMP? Thanks

A: Windows Media Player: Screen Capture (black screen)?

I think this question has been kicked around before, I just don't remember what the answer was or how to query the search base here for it.

I'm going to move this to the All other Software forum, since it is really a Windows Media Player, not an XP question; I will edit the topic also.

Perhaps one of the denizens there will recall this one.

Here's one I remember: try IrfanView, it worked when I tested it.

More suggestions here:

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Hi all.

I have the most frustrating issue.

I have never ever had problems viewing vid files off the net. I click the link, and it downloads the clip, wmp opens and it plays.

This all changed after I installed my most recent vid card. My comp came with the crappy ATI 9200 series. I upgraded to an nvidia 6200 card about 18 months ago. No problems at all. But a month ago or so, I installed an nvidia 7800 oc vid card. This is the fastes agp card I could find.
After installing it, everything seemed okay, till I tried to dl a vid, so I tried upgrading my version 10 of WMP to ver 11. This worked. But after a few days, the same issue happened. Blank screen.
To fix that I downloaded the most updated drivers for the 7800 card. That fixed the problem. But only for a few days....(what gives?) This time I tried rolling back my version 11 of WMP to ver 10. Guess what? It worked, but only for a few days.....

It gets better, I upgraded to version 11, and it worked for a day, then I rolled back 2 nights ago, and it worked for a day, and now I am sitting here about to push my pc off the desk...

I cannot imagine what the hell would cause an issue to happen over and over again...

My wife also uses this comp, but I don't think she has done anything.
She uses Windows Explorer to surf the net, and I use Netscape...
She checks out news sites, and stuff, and I play games and surf vids, and stuff...

Anyways....I hope that you fine folks can help me on this.

Thanks very much.

&nbs... Read more

A:Windows Media Player. Black screen, sound only.

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Hi.. I think this is got to do with my AMD graphic card: when attempting to use the built in camera of my HP laptop windows 8, a black screen comes up and the same goes for video files in windows media player.  The problem is fixed when I manually reinstall the graphic card from the HP Recovery Manager, but when the computer is restarted the same black screen problem shows up again.
So far I have to manually reinstall AMD every time I restart, and was hoping someone can help me correct this problem so I don't have to manually do it every day.
Any help please?

A:Black screen on camera and windows media player

Definitely sounds like a driver issue. Have you checked for updated drivers?

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Why sometime windows media player play sound but no video black screen?


A:Why sometime windows media player play sound but no video black screen?

Originally Posted by Stuckfree

Why sometime windows media player play sound but no video black screen?


What? Do you have a specific problem? Can you provide more information?

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It's been like this for a few weeks. Luckily Winamp and VLC don't seem to be affected so I can get away with using those for most things. It's just a pain because it affects Endorphin and other animation thingamabobdoofas as well as lots of games. I've noticed that things that use directx seem to be okay but opengl things seem to be a bit buggered. It started when I was on a bit of a demo downloading spree (I'm really into the independant game scene) and I had just installed a couple and I think one of them buggered it up. I'm not too sure though.

I've tried digging around on the net for solutions but I've had no luck. I also tried installing newer drivers for my graphics card but still no luck. So yeah. I'm a little scuppered.

I'm on some Advent Laptop or other
Here's a bunch of info

Operating System: Windows Vista (TM) Home Premium* , (6.0.6000)
Default Language: English
DirectX* Version: 10.0
Physical Memory: 2037 MB
Minimum Graphics Memory: 8 MB
Maximum Graphics Memory: 358 MB
Graphics Memory in Use: 133 MB
Processor: x86 family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Speed: 1496 MHZ (Duo Core)
Vendor ID: 8086
Device ID: 2A02
Device Revision: 03
* Accelerator Information *

Accelerator in Use: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family
Video BIOS: 1471
Current Graphics Mode: 1440 by 900 True Color (60 Hz)
Any help would be much appreciated.


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Hi, I can watch videos in media players half of the time without crashing. It happens on several players, including VLC, Divx, Windows Media, WM Classic. What happens is I can watch the video (sometimes all the way through) but it randomly Garbles all of my graphics, including the mouse pointer, then 5-10 seconds later the screen goes completely black and I am forced to reboot.

I have an 8800GTS 512, Windows Vista Home premium service pack 1. I have tried 3-4 x64 nvidia drivers and this problems occurs in all cases. I can watch youtube videos forever and no crashes, same with games including TF2 and WoW.

Any help is appreciated, I've googled for a solution for hours, and most related to mine are from early 2007.

Thanks alot

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find something similar with a quick search at the forum. I have this annoying issue with Media Player Classic Home Cinema version I start playing a video and I can watch it from start to end without any problem. If I pause the video and go away from the computer, the screensaver activates. When I return and move the mouse to exit the screensaver, the Media Player Classic window becomes black and the video resumes playing only audio with a black window. Switching between window and full screen doesn't change anything, the only way to continue watching is to close the file and open it again. The same issue occurs also when loading another application that uses DirectX (eg Nero Video) or another media player. In case that it matters, I have selected Video Mixing Renderer 9 (renderless) as the rendering device, the VMR 9 Mixer Mode checkbox is checked, other boxes are unchecked, surface is set to 3D surfaces (recommended) and Resizer to Bilinear to save resources when watching HD video. Should I change anything to avoid this issue? I would prefer not to change the rendering device.

Any help appreciated, thanks!

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I use Snagit V8.1.0 and have done so successfully for many years. Now on Windows 10 whre it has always worked fine up to now.

Suddenly, whenever I click on the capture button my entire screen goes black. Therefore I can't see anything to capture!

I have also tried this with Screenshot Captor and the same thing happens.

I am not aware of changing any settings.

Please help!

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I've used Screen Hunter 5 (Free version) successfully for months. After a recent XP update or Adobe update the screen capture function has become unusable. All that I get is a black square in place of where the image was. I've relaoded the Screen Hunter program and tried other screen capture programs, all with the same result. Any way to solve this?

A:Screen goes Black during screen capture

Hello & welcome to TSF ,

now what i need to do is go to your (device manager)

now once there you will want to select from the toolbar of the window(veiw) then a drop down menu / from it you will select (show all hidden devices)

now if you see any (red or yellow) quotation marks , make a note of what they

now go to the (event veiwer) this is thru the (administrator tools) in the control panel
here you will find 3 to 4 subcatagories

you will want to check each of them for this is where windows keeps track of all errors
now you will want to make notes of the errors that have been recorded ( you do not have to make notes of double entries just of the dates of their happenings & how many there is)
you will get more information on the errors if you (right) click them / then select properties

then get back to us


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Hi All,

I'm trying to convert my old VHS tapes to my PC (Windows XP) through my Dazzle capture card. I've connected the composite leads (yellow, red and white) to my Dazzle (which is plugged into the USB connection on the front of my PC) and have connected the other end of the composite leads (yellow, red and white) to the front of the VCR (the VCR does not have a USB connection).

When I try to capture the footage through Movie Maker I'm not getting any preview image - black screen with no sound.

I have also tried connecting the composite lead to a SCART converter (switched to OUTPUT) and plugged this into the SCART connection in the back of the PC but I get the same results - black screen with no sound.

Any of you guys have any idea what I'm doing wrong here?


C h r e d g e.

A:VHS capture through Dazzle - black screen no sound

Hi All,

I've managed to get video to appear now. I've connected the composite leads to a SCART converter with a INPUT/OUTPUT switch - switching to OUTPUT resolves the video problem.

The only problem I have now is that I don't get any sound. Through MovieMaker it asks for a Audio Device and a Audio Input Source. I have tested combinations of both my internal soundcard and the Dazzle as the Audio Device but without any luck.

Any ideas anyone?


C h r e d g e.

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Somehow I managed to get WMP12 off the right of the screen. I've tried disabling / re-enabling it and can't find help elsewhere and even changing resolutions, but I can't get it back on-screen. There's no 'Move' function (on the taskbar) like there is in XP and Vista.

A:Windows Media Player off screen - HELP

ctrl-alt-delete to bring up Task Manager
on the Applications tab, right-click Windows Media Player and select Maximize

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i've found that windows media player keeps switching from full screen to small window when i watch any video, this happens every 10 minutes. ish i've tried stopping most other programes but it keeps happening! (it's very annoying). any help would be great!

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I know there have been other posts on this topic, but frankly I either followed their advice and it didn't work, or I didn't really understand what the advice was! So please use basic terms, I'm not incredibly computer savvy.

Basically I have been using Windows Media Center on my comp for a year or so now with no problems. I have not installed anything new, however I do get automatic updates from Windows (no idea really what updates they have done recently though.) Yesterday and again today I have tried to open Windows Media Center and it has the normal start up audio but just a black screen. I've tried pressing a few different keys (enter, tab, etc) but usually nothing... except twice it has started some video on sea creatures (built into the system perhaps??) and once it started playing my dvd. Both times, though, the video was in a smaller screen up on the LHS, and I couldn't see any control buttons or the time elapsed bar.

My specs are:

Vista Home Premium SP 1
Toshiba Satellite A200
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7100 @1.80 Ghz

I have no idea what video card driver I have or where to find out. Sorry, as I said, not very comp savvy.

Thanks very much,


A:Black screen in Windows Media Center

Hi Alex,
I just thought I would share a little bit of information with you about your issue. I have basically the same computer that you do but mine is an HP. I found a resolution that worked for me after spending hours researching blogs, tech supports, microsoft website and all but I resolved it on my own. This may or may not work for you but you can try it. I went into my screen resolution settings and max out my resolution and made sure that my refresh rate was set at 60Hz. It totally worked for me, and I understand why because I do some gaming on my laptop and remember changing this a while back so maybe it will help. Let me know. Good Luck!

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I found a solution for the black screen in Windows media center. I'm using Windows 8.1. I had turned on the hibernation option in the power options. I think my computer went into hibernation during the recording of a TV program.

I turned off the hibernation option and my screen is back. I think that is all that was wrong. Very simple. Hope it works for you.

A:Windows media Center black screen

Thank you

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How on earth do I do this!?

I've got a number of .avi files on my PC and I want to screen capture a couple of shots from them and save them as .jpg, .bmp etc.
The logical way would be to Full Screen the video, pause it and 'Print Screen' which works to an extent but then causes all sorts of problem with the frame once its still, almost like the .avi is on a separate layer to everything else.. I've also tried SnagIt which even identified the .avi as a snagable area, but when I pasted the image in 'Paint' it was simply black...
Any help on this matter would be much appreciated... thanks

A:Capture Stills From Windows Media Player

you will need this

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I have a dual operating system and run both Win98SE and W2K on separate partitions.

I do quite a bit of video "work" and use Windows Media Player 7 as my video file player.

I've noticed in Win98 that the viewing area is significantly larger than in W2K when videos are played. And I can adjust the viewing size in Win98 by dragging the player window diagonally down and to the right to increase the video size, but in W2K it is only about 1/4 the size of the player window....and increasing the player size does not increase the video size.

I can make it fill the whole screen, but the resolution is bad then and I don't want that.

Does anybody know what I can do to increase it's very small size?

Has anybody else noticed that with Windows Media Player in W2K?

A:Why is Windows Media Player screen so small on W2K?

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Hi Everyone.
Everytime I try to view a video from a website that uses windows media player to stream something I get audio but the screen turns green....however this does not happen when I open up a file by directly going to windows media player first. How do I fix this problem?

A:Windows Media Player Green Screen

Is this a nVidia video board by any chance? There have been several threads here on that issue, I don't know if there ever was a total resolution. Here are a few examples, a search will turn up more.

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I solved this problem with a very simple solution without the need to alter hardware acceleration or update drivers. Thought I'd post this solution as it has not been put forward on any of the forums I've visited.

I had, the day before altered the settings for the Intel Integrated Graphics display. Basically I was poking around the program supplied by Intel for the graphics display. I altered a few settings. Thought nothing of it. The next day, when i started a video in Win Media Player (the latest version in 2013), the screen was almost entirely green with just a small part of the video playing in the upper left corner.

Initially I cold not work out what was causing this - especially as it worked fine in GOM media Player. Looked on the net. Tried new codecs etc. No solution. And my hardware Acceleration could not be altered as the button was greyed out.

Then i remembered that I had altered the Intel program settings. Returning these settings to the default settings fixed the issue immediately.

I hope this helps others with this problem.



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When I open Media player for video i see a split screen video runs but it is in dual images side by side
Any ideas?

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Can anyone explain to me why it is that some of my DVD's when played on WMP [or Real Player etc] have a stepped edge at the bottom and top of the picture window?

The lack of a smooth edged outline around the sreen is really irritating and I'm wondering if there's anything I can do about it. It happens no matter what the screen size. Full screen is affected as well. But not on all DVD's.

A:windows media player screen problem ...

Have you tried changing the resolution of your screen?

Also, have you tried playing the DVD on another computer? Does it do the same stepped edges?

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Not sure why or when this started, but when I open WMP v11, it 'opens' on the far right-hand side of my screen. I cannot grab it and drag it over, but I can right-click on the edge of it and get the menu. I've tried minimizing, restoring, tileing, cascading from the task bar with no help. I've tried changing the resolution of the screen to see if it would pop in better. No luck. I tried rolling it back with no luck as well. Any thoughts?


A:Solved: Windows Media Player off screen

Right-click on the WMP Taskbar box, click on Move and use the arrow keys to move the window over. If Move is greyed-out, click on Restore first.

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I purchased a HD set top box, which can record to a flash drive via USB. The programmes are recorded in HD in 16:9 format. When I play the file (MPEG2) in Windows Media Player on my PC, the image is squashed into 4:3 format. I cannot find an option to change the screen format. Can anyone suggest how to do this. (the MPEG2 files will not play in Realplayer or other media software).

A:Windows Media Player screen format?

Have you tried KMPlayer

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I recently reformatted my os because of a virus. Now DVD's won't fill up the screen when I go into the full screen mode. There is a bar at the top and bottom of the screen. It also does it when streaming video from the internet in full screen mode.

A:Windows media player 11 not full screen

Go to Start/run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. In the Device Manager, all devices with a yellow mark need to have drivers installed. If your Display adapter has a yellow mark, then go to your computer manufactures Support/Download Drivers site type in your make and model # and download the drivers you need. Then try either increasing or decreasing the Resolution to see if that helps.
If that fails, try VLC player.

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I have windows 7 and i am trying to edit a .MPEG and WMV file in movie maker (have converted the file twice) but it still comes up with a black screen.. I can see stills on the right side of the screen, but the play screen is black, Audio is fine.
Any help appreciated

A:Black screen in windows media movie maker

Oh i just has to update WMM to the 2.6 version.

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I have Windows Xp home sp2 and Media player 11. Recently I got an on screen display on the left hand side and it looks like this:[/b]Current frame:3603CPU load:7%Input size: 552x296Output size: 552x296I've been looking for 2 days for a media player faq or forum or something. All that happened was I went around in circles in microsoft for hours and found basically nothing helpful. (except this forum) thankscheers

A:I'm Getting A Wierd On Screen Display In My Windows Media Player.

Please go to the Event Viewer and list the last four error messages here. Hopefully this will provide more information.

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Recently, I just opened Windows Media Player and the blue screen of death occurred. Also, there are occasions when I first start up my computer that I get an alert that my antivirus software is turned off, but when I check it, it says that it is on. Please help.

Logfile of random's system information tool 1.04 (written by random/random)
Run by Owner at 2008-10-29 09:38:26
Microsoft? Windows Vista? Home Premium Service Pack 1
System drive C: has 83 GB (36%) free of 231 GB
Total RAM: 3062 MB (54% free)

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 9:38:41 AM, on 10/29/2008
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18000)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Tall Emu\Online Armor\oasrv.exe
C:\Windows\s... Read more

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I've been having this problem for a couple of days. Windows Media player 10 won'T play in full screen. I used to be able to double to go full screen now I can't. If i right-click to go full screen, the image stays the same size and its goes back to the player but with a black screen.

all my other players are displaying full screen. I tried to go back to wmp 9, same problem. Got back to wmp 10, same problem. Can someone help



A:Windows Media Player 10 won't play full screen

Hi, Try the things shown in this thread:

Look at the link posted:

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It use to work now I get audio but no video anyone have a clue -----thanks

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Everytime I open windows media player it goes off to the right side of the screen. I can only see the edge of the player and can't access it. I read in your forums about it before but I can't find it anymore. What can I do to get the windows media player back in the center of my monitor. I might be looking in the wrong forums. I'm desperate!

A:Solved: Windows Media Player opens off screen

With WMP open, right-click on the taskbar button for WMP, click Move, use the arrow keys to get the screen in view and hit enter.

If Move is greyed out, click on Restore first.

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I just installed Win 8 Pro. Despite me checking the "fit video to player", it stills start full screen whenever I open WMP. In Win 7, it remembers the size, in WMP, music/videos open with WMP all go to full screen, which is annoying as I resize it back to the smallest. I do not use the metro app as that opens the app in full and prevents me from doing work. Any ideas?

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The problem I have is when I select full screen using Windows Media Player. All I get is a white screen. Otherwise, Media Player is working just fine if I don't use it full screen. I have reinstalled it with the new release. This did not help. Any suggestions?

A:[SOLVED] Help with full screen Windows Media Player

Sounds like a hardware acceleration issue..... try this:
1. Before you click on the Video(to view it in Full Screen mode), right-click on the video while it is in the normal size and choose "Settings" from the context menu.
2. Remove the checkmark from Hardware Acceleration.
Any luck?

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The title says it all I get the blue screen of death after attempting to install Windows Media player 11 and Internet explorer 7 please help!

A:Blue Screen after attempt to install Windows Media Player 11

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Anyone know a way round this?

I've setup Windows Media Player how I want, and then use Sysprep with the copyprofile option ticked to copy all settings to default user.

When an end user logs into the Windows 7 PC and they go to click on Windows Media Player, they get the "Welcome to Media Player" screen and have to go to configure settings etc.

Why are they not saved or copied across with sysprep?

Any ideas?


A:Windows Media Player defaults to Welcome Screen after SYSPREP Windows7

Those settings are user settings, when you sysprep it clears away users and there settings.

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ever sine 7.0 or wutever ver of windows media player came out there was some sort of modification so that it wont let u print screen for some stupid security measure...

i kno thers video players with screen capture and those nice features but i still think that security thing is really annoying

is ther a way to completely get rid of it ? (i dont think uninstalling media player does it)

does ne1 know? (regedit>__?)

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Everytime I try to install WMP 11 I get the blue screen of death. Here is the exact sequence of events:

*Preliminary/automatic pre-installation goes fine
*I'm asked to chose 'express' or custom set-up
*After choosing (I've tried both ways), WMP 11 continues installing
*Near the end of set-up/installation, the WMP 11 player opens and, within seconds, I get the blue screen of death

In pertinent part, the blue screen (pic showing full message attached)reads as follows:

A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.


Then, after a bunch of boilerplate about starting in safe mode, there is the following language:

Technical information:

*** STOP: 0x00000050 (0xFF458000, 0x00000000, 0x804e7418, 0x00000000)

Beginning dump of physical memory.
Physical memory dump complete.
Contact your system administrator or technical support group for further assistance.

I run Windows XP on an IBM T42 laptop. I don't run any crazy programs on my computer (just Adobe, iTunes, etc.) Thanks in advance for the help...

A:BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH when installing Windows Media Player 11

uninstall itunes, then reinstall wmp11 then itunes...

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I am a beginner computer user and I recently inserted a bad dvd int my lenovo laptop. The windows media player screen is frozen and I have no control of the notebook user screen. I would appreciate any help as I am dumber that a box of rocks!

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How to make wmp no more auto full screen? Doesn't look like its disturbed.. Or anything wrong.So mind helping ?
Sorry im newbie with Windows 8

A:Windows Media Player auto full-screen if I open?

Hi there and welcome to Eight Forums!

The sollution to your problem is very easy. Click and hold the upper blue bar and drag the entire window a little bit down and to the left. Now you can hover over the rightabove corner of the screen. There will appear an arrow in a 45degree angle. Click and hold an drag to the lower left to change the size of the window to whatever size you want it to be.

Now close Media Player and restart it. You will see that it's the same, smaller, size that is was when closing.

Good luck with it!


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Computer is a Sony-Vaio laptop running on Vista Home Premium with the latest patches and fixes. When I watch DVDs in Window Media Player, the screen saver kicks in - even though I have NOT enabled the option "Allow screen saver during playback" in Windows Media Player. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you in advance for your time and answer(s).

A:Screen saver kicks in during playback in Windows Media Player

... Disable your screensaver in control panel?

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Now that you solved my problem watching movies, I have another one. If I go to full screen in WMP, of course it covers up the start command. The help menu says I can switch to compact mode with the keyboard, but when I try it, it doesn't work, and I have to shut down by turning the computer off manually. Does any one have a suggestion?

A:(Solved) Switching from full screen in Windows Media Player

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Suddenly my Windows Media Player (version 10) won't go entirely to full screen. When I use either the oblique arrow or the dropdown window to expand the screen to full screen, it enlarges, but the top and bottom frames/bars don't recede as they used to do. Is there a fix for this? Has anyone else experienced this? I tried moving the cursor to various spots of the screen, to no avail, and I have searched Google for an answer. But so far nothing.

I am hoping someone might have a fix for this. I have other media viewers, so it isn't a critical issue, but I'd like to have my WMP in correct operating condition.

Is it a big deal to reinstall Windows Media Player. If I were to do this, should I uninstall the player before reinstalling?

A:Solved: Windows Media Player Won't Go Completely to Full Screen

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When I start wmp/ there is an embedded wmp player on a website, I get a message saying the computer has found new hardware and I should install it. I press cancel and then it says the hardware isn't properly installed, etc etc. Usually after that it works fine, but today and once before a blue screen appeared saying there was an error and windows XP had to shut down. It does a physical memory dump and then I have to turn off the computer and restart. I haven't installed any new hardware lately, so is it possible that I have a virus? I've done and Avast scan and a Spybot scan and they both came up clean, so could someone check out my HJT log and see if there's anything that isn't supposed to be there?


Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 13:00:00, on 07/11/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16544)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\WINDOWS... Read more

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Hi, recently when I opened an .avi file with windows media player classic it automatically went full screen and there were no controls (seek bar, play, pause etc) available. The hotkeys did not work either. For instance the space bar usually acts as a play/pause button but now it doesnt do anything. THe only possible way to stop the movie from playing once it is in full screen is either by Alt+F4 or by starting the task manager. I have tried it with otherr files (.mkv) and it still does the same thing

I don't really now how to fix it (I have tried rebooting my PC several times!! ) so please tell me if you know!


A:Windows media player classic - Stays full screen and no controls available

hold down alt tap the enter key

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i've searched for two nights on this one. no luck, so decided to come here:

Sony Vaio VGN laptop w/DVD RW
100g hd 1.5 ram 1.8 processor Sony DVD burner

after replacing a crashed hard drive and with XP Home reinstalled, DVD playback only encompasses a small, upper left-hand portion of Windows Media Player screen.

and there's no audio.

cd data plays full screen with audio. video files play full screen with audio.

the local computer store was able to retrieve most or all of my data, and replaced the hard drive. could it be there's a codec issue? or wrong driver installed? i don't have any installation or restore disks.
any ideas?

thanks, d

A:Windows Media Player:no audio and DVD video plays in corner of screen

What version of Media Player are you using? Sounds like an Mpeg2 codec issue to me.

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It's so weird. I can do absolutely everything else on my computer but when I open Windows Media Player to listen to some music the pointer on the screen starts vibrating. Now i'm no techy, by far. I thought it might be my mouse so I wen't and bought a new one. A wireless one this time instead of having to worry about that stupid cord. But as soon as the player opens, the pointer on the screen starts jumping up and down. I don't even have to be playing music yet for that to happen. And it doens't matter if I play music or not. The eniter time the player is open, the stupid thing vibrates. Even if i minimize it and jump on the internet. Anyone know what's going on? And try to dumb down your responses because as I said, i'm no techy.

A:Every time I open my Windows Media Player my pointer on my screen messes up

Could be several things causing that. Easiest to try is; Open Media player, click on 'help' in the bar at the top, in the drop down box, choose 'check for updates'.
See if that cures it.
If not, try, Start, All programs, Windows updates. If no improvement, it could be that you have one or more 'codecs' missing from your system, ( should have been covered by the 'updates' point I mentioned above ), but you can install a very comprehensive codec pack, that I have used before with good results.
Copy and paste this link into a new tab in your web browser; (or just double-click on it)

Note that you can uninstall this afterwards if you don't think it helped.

Hope one of these works for your jittery cursor !!

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I downloaded a "codec" "for" windows media player, which contained a virus.Now whenever I try to boot up, in either normal or safe mode, I get the blue screen of death.Using debugging mode, I can get onto an account.However, my time on that admin account is limited - around 2-3-4 minutes after I log on, computer freezes completely.Tried disk repair and chkdsk /f using the command prompt. Both failed to get rid of blue screen. Can use command prompt. Cannot use system restore because I disabled function thinking it took too much memory.During the 2-3-4 minutes, I opened msconfig and disabled all the startups.It would be nice to be enter safe mode or get all the unnecessary programs that are running on my computer shut down so that I can spend more time on the OS hopefully.I believe virus may have modified/deleted core system files.I possess with me a 8GB USB.Computer OS is Windows VistaCan you help me? I would love if this virus could just away.If you cannot completely repair my computer, can you at least help get the files I require onto my usb.?Ok..I guess 2-3 minutes is just enough time to note a hijack this log.Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 10:30:45 PM, on 12/24/2009Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18294)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:Windowssystem32taskeng.exeC:Windowssystem32userinit.exeC:Windowssystem32Dwm.exeC:WindowsExplorer.EXEC:Program FilesASUSSmartLogonsensorsrv.... Read more

A:Windows Media Player Codec Virus - Blue Screen of Death

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerLet's see if you can get a DDS run in time....we need more complete information.We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. ... Read more

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Dear Tech Support Guys,

I have recently been experiencing problems with Windows Media Player and Quicktime playing streaming videos, and occasionally videos that I have on hard-drive, in which a green screen takes over the visuals, leaving only audio. Also computer judders to a halt if I leave the green screen running.

I read an internet discussion dating 2003 (here) which recommended uninstalling all codecs and replacing them with ffdshow, a sort of all-in-one codec. I could not find any codecs I felt safe about removing and so just installed ffdshow.

I looked for codecs on my computer via device manager and found the following:

3ivx D4 4.5.1
DivX 5.2.1 Codec
ffdshow Video Codec
Indeo video 5.10

I am not sure if the above rings any alarm bells but if there are some codecs that definately shouldn't be there i.e. might be causing clashes, please tell me.

On another note, I found that ffdshow also allowed for vorbis and flac; the former which I could only play using winAMP and the latter which I could not play at all on the computer. Therefore I ticked the boxes in ffdshows options on the installation hoping that they would play in WMP. They still will not work with WMP. I'm wondering whether ffdshow codec has actually done anything at all.

I don't really understand what is meant to happen when you install a codec like this, or any codec for th... Read more

A:Green Screen: My Codec Nightmare - Windows Media Player and Quicktime

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Don't use WMp unless I'm watching movies.
Lately it has not been staying full screen (I haven't timed it but it's for around 5 minutes at a time)
I don't have a screen saver and I have no other extra programs running in the background..
I don't know what to do! Any ideas?

A:[SOLVED] Windows media player wont stay full screen

Running windows 7 home premium with everything upto date and WMp upto date with everything too

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i have windows media player 11 installed on a windows xp pc with service pack 3 installed and all updates yet every time i open windows media player 11 it crashes and flashes a Blue screen of death and restarts. the blue screen flashes to quickly to read

any idea's?

A:Windows Blue screen and restart when open windows media player 11


Originally Posted by msc90

i have windows media player 11 installed on a windows xp pc with service pack 3 installed and all updates yet every time i open windows media player 11 it crashes and flashes a Blue screen of death and restarts. the blue screen flashes to quickly to read

any idea's?

Try to disable automatic restarts. Then when the problems occurs it will list a blue error with technical information. Record the specific error and details and post back.

1.Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.

2.Click the Advanced tab.

3.Under Startup and Recovery, click Settings to open the Startup and Recovery dialog box.

4.Clear the Automatically restart check box, and click OK

5.Restart your computer for the settings to take effect.

Also you could try to uninstall WMP and then reinstall it.

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I hit print screen and it doesn't work, is there anything I can use to take still pictures of movies and such that go on on my computer screen?

A:Taking Screen Shots of Movies and Clips in Windows Media Player and RealPlayer?

just out of curiosity, why do you want to take still shots of movies on your computer screen?

ermmmm... the only thing i can think of (which probably isn't very helpful) is using capture, or.... using some movie maker thing and getting the still there.

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Okay, here's a little background information.

Bought my PC in 2006. Have had to replace 3 video cards since i've bought it. (One was replaced under warranty, the other I bought).

Since I purchased my PC the only parts I have replaced are: My video card, 3 cards later i'm on my most recent one, EVGA Nvidia 8800 GT

I also upgraded my PSU to an Enermax Pro 82+ 525w.

OS: Windows XP SP3

Motherboard : ASUS P5BW-LA

I mainly use my computer for gaming, after my first video card died i was sent a beefier card;lst after that my PC was no longer under warranty so I had to buy my next cards my self.

My problem:

I left my computer on while making some food, I had world of warcraft opened. When I finished making food I got back to my computer and moved my mouse to get it out of sleep mode. I run a dual display set up, once my monitors loaded up one of the screens was pure white and the other screen was black. I was forced to hold the power button down to turn off my PC. From there on out everytime I boot my computer up I get my PC's loading screen (which i'm able to acces BIOS or system restore) after my PC's loading screen I get the windows splash screen, after that my monitor is pure black. The PC is still on and running but there's no display. I plugged my monitor into my onboard an... Read more

A:Black screen after Windows splash screen. Unable to acces safe mode.

bump, please help :(

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I have been having this problem since a week or so. Broni has helped me in malware forum to rule out malware as responsible. My machine is clean and I was refered here for further help.

Here is my problem:

At boot-time, I see windows XP load screen with the progress bar, the progress bar advances to the end and then, the screen turns pitch black and all is see is an arrow cursor I can move around. I thought until yesterday that this was a permanent freeze-up, but if I wait, say, 6 minutes, the black screen disappears and windows then starts normally.

Last week, problem was intermittent, it now happens all the time.

Windows boot-up was fine before.

Please help me.

A:Windows load screen at boot, looong black screen, then normal startup

I had this tons of times with my old XP PC. It is normal if you have a lot of files on the HDD and you have little RAM. How much RAM do you have? What is the capacity of the HDD? And do you have the Windows XP disc? Would you be willing to upgrade the RAM and/or the OS if we must resort to that? Or would you rather just buy a new PC?

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Malware attack from Ukash screen block (UK Police). Ran AVG in safe mode and screen block was quarantined. In normal mode, I emptied AVG virus vault (stupid) and was reinfected. Ran AVG again safe mode, quarantined from recycle bin. All seemed ok and locked screen was disabled in normal mode but repeat scans to check for remnants kept getting stuck. MBAM ran for 7 hours overnight and didn't complete, as frozen forced restart. On restart black screen with Windows 7 Build 7601 The copy of Windows is not genuine. No toolbar, start menu or other functionality in normal mode.

Ran HitmanPro in safe mode, cookies found and advised that 4v2fo.dat is missing. No virus found.
Ran Avast in safe mode, wouldn't complete but said a threat was found. Froze PC.

Both now removed leaving just AVG (my paid provider) active.

Sony Vaio laptop, preintstalled with Windows 7. Have key but not disc. Run and update AVG daily.

Hoping someone can please help me.

DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64 NETWORK
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16496 BrowserJavaVersion: 10.17.2
Run by Nicky at 14:57:23 on 2013-07-21
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7601.1.1252.44.1033.18.8162.7035 [GMT 1:00]
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Outdated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestr... Read more

A:UKash Screen Block Resulted in Black Screen Windows Not Authentic

Hi NickyJane,

We'll start with ComboFix. If it doesn't take care of the remaining issues, AVG may have caused more problems than if it had left it alone.

Download ComboFix from here

* IMPORTANT- Save ComboFix.exe to your Desktop


Disable your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware applications as they will interfere with our tools and the removal. If you are unsure how to do this, please refer to our sticky topic How to disable your security applications


Double click on combofix.exe & follow the prompts.

When finished, it shall produce a log for you. Please include the C:\ComboFix.txt in your next reply for further review.

NOTE: If you encounter a message "illegal operation attempted on registry key that has been marked for deletion" and no programs will run - please just reboot and that will resolve that error.

I will return this evening - we'll continue then.

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When I'm connected to the Internet, I get the black screen with the Windows XP logo flitting about if I've been innactive for 2 mins. Can I correct it?

A:Solved: Screen keeps going back to Black screen with Windows XP icon keeps coming up

Only when connected to the internet?

Right click empty desktop.
Properties>Screensaver - Check what you have it set to.

Monitor Power.
Power schemes>always on.
Turn off monitor>never.
System standby>never.
Turn off hard disks>never.

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I am encountering an issue of when the Dell optiplex 755 boots up, it boots through the Windows XP logo just fine, once it tries to transition between the logo and loading the system up, it just shows a black screen and nothing else happens. I tried using a bootable Windows XP flash drive to repair the system files and it loads the Windows XP setup ok but when it runs through all of the commands on the bottom of the screen and the last one says "Starting Windows" , it takes me to a blue screen (screenshot below). I have HIRENS and have done a lot of the chkdsk commands to fix the files and everything comes back ok. I tried to clone the hard drive with the same exact hard drive and still the same issue. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help in advance.

A:Windows XP gets past the logo screen and then turns the screen black/bluescreen , scroll down to section on STOP 7B errors.

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Ok, well it starts off with me managing to either corrupt windows or the hard drive on my original hard drive, and when ever I try to boot off there, I get to the windows loading screen (with logo and little green sliding bar) and then it restarts and keeps doing that. Tried booting in safe mode, and from disc but I cannot do anything with it in terms of booting.

So what I decided to do was get a second hard drive and install XP onto there, and then plug my second hard drive in and see if I can transfer files off there to the new one.

I got XP installed fine on it, but when it came to booting with both hard drives plugged in I came to problems. I set which hard drive is the priority one in the bios as there is no pins on the back of this new hard drive, and it got to the windows loading screen with the new installation (i know this because the loading screens are different for both hard drives). After the loading screen my monitors go black and nothing happens.

Windows loads fine when it is just the new hard drive plugged in, even if the old hard drive is plugged in and set to disabled it goes to the black screen.

If anyone is able to give some advice on what to do, or what could be wrong, I would be really grateful.



A:Two hard drives, both with same copy of XP, black screen after windows loading screen

Sounds like the old hard drive is faulty to me.

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Hello everybody, today my laptop has become blind. Let me explain:

My laptop was purchased in 2007
Alienware m9750
Dual nvidia 7950 go
Dual core 2.0
2 gigs of ram
80 gb harddrive

So here's what happened, today I was watch s movie on netflix when suddenly my screen goes black. Though I had crashed but my laptop was still on and the sound was still going. restarted, and the initial screen was slightly pixellated and garbled. Which has now made my laptop permanent garbled and pixely. After the windows logo. My screen goes black, but I am still hear the windows start up sound. I found that I am able to click on some music files on my desktop that are able to play, so this is a video issue. I reboot in safe mode which works this time figure to disable and uninstall the videocard drivers. I restart and I'm able to use my pc somewhat normally( still garbled). Reinstalled the nvidia drivers then halfway through says: error install failed or something, it happen really fast then crashed, tried restarting atleast 20 times in safe mode but it freezes up after it tries to load partition(1)\windows\system32\drivers\mup.sys

All of the other options for start up(even last settings to work) the screen goes black after the windows logo. I have tried tinkering with the bios but it doesn't help. Its basically being blind using a computer. So I'm wondering if there is anyway to possibly blindly open up command prompt and possibly disable or uninstall the drivers from there, I'm ab... Read more

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When I start windows normally, it get color distortion like this
And then it black screens. In safe mode everything is okay. The things that use same resources
Here is cbs log ( i can't read it)

Thanks for any help
I repeat, in safe mode it works normal, so i suspect driver clash.

A:Windows 7 Colors distortion and black screen upon welcome screen (pictures and logs)

Update or reinstall the video drivers.

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I'm having a problem with my Dell Dimension 8300, running Windows XP. I have an 80g Maxtor HD as my main drive and a 500g WD secondary drive. When I attempt to boot, I get a blue screen with the message:A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.If this is he first time you've seen this Stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:Check to be sure you have adequate disk space. If a driver is identified in the Stop message, disable the driver or check with the manufacturer for driver updates. Try changing video adapters.Check with your hardware vendorm for any BIOS updates. Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing. If you need to use Safe Mode to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press F8 to select Advanced Startup Options, and then select Safe Mode.Technical Information:*** STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0xF74BB2B2, 0xF789E4AO, 0xF789E1AO)*** FLTMGR.SYS - Address F74BB2B2 base at F74A3000, DateStamp 480251daAs far as the info in the message, I see this screen with the same info everytime I rebooted.As far as disk space, my main drive is 80g aand I have about 20g of free space.I'm not sure if anything in the message refers to drivers. Not sure how to change video adapters when I can't get into Windows (Standard Mode or Safe Mode).Also not sure how to deal with any of the BIOS suggestions (or even know if it's a good idea to mess... Read more

A:Can't boot Windows XP (Standard or Safe Mode), Black Screen w/cursor then Blue Screen

mod bump

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Good Morning,

For the past several months I have been having problems with my HP desktop computer. When my system reboots I sometimes get a black screen with nothing on it or it gets stuck on the windows logo or I get a blue screen with a bunch of writing.

The blue screen tends to happen with the computer goes into hibernation. So I changed my settings to that it doesn't happen but I would like to fix that so that I can give my computer a rest during the time that I'm not using it.

I have checked for malware, viruses you name it... nothing.

HP HPE-180t
Windows 7 SP1
Intel core i7 930 @2.80GHz
9.00 GB RAM
Kaspersky Internet Security 2013

If you need further info please let me know. ;)
ps I had wonderful support several years ago regarding my laptop.. thank you once again :)

A:Black screen, Blue Screen & Stuck on Windows logo

Hello Britt,


I would like to fix that so that I can give my computer a rest during the time that I'm not using it.

The best way to do this is to simply turn it off; it will also save on the electricty bills too.
When I am not using my machine, I turn it off, because here in South Australia we have the second highest electricity charges in the world.


I get a blue screen with a bunch of writing.

Can you tell us what the blue screen says; usually this is due to a recent hardware or software change; however, in your instance it might be the Hibernation feature that is malfunctioning.
Post back with the information about the blue screen, please.

Kind Regards,

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Hey, need some help yet again!

Yesterday, I downloaded Mission Against Terror (New MMOFPS), and I downloaded it. Upon updating with the patcher, my laptop went haywire. It started opening up random IE windows, slow speed, etc etc.

I did a whole memory scan, and a malware/adware/spyware scan. There were several viruses and whatnot, but what is important are the files: SVC2.exe and 2008.exe, you'll find it why later on. The anti-virus said that it had fixed/deleted everything.

So, I restarted my laptop, hoping that I'd get it up and running in safe mode for any further scans. Unfortunately, when I restarted it, after the windows 7 loading screen (which is right before login screen), a black screen appeared. With nothing at all. Not even a cursor. BLACK. JUST BLACK with NO keyboard access/mouse access. But, that's expected since it's BEFORE the login screen. It's the same with normal boot, boot that does that "last best used option" or whatever, safe mode, with networking, etc etc. All the same. Black screen.

Good thing I had WIN XP on my other hard drive. So, I booted up into WIN XP (where I'm posting this from), and did a FULL (NOT QUICK) system scan, to find the SAME Viruses YET AGAIN: SVC2.exe and 2008.exe, along with some other minor tracking cookies and what-not. Win XP (on second drive) is also having a few problems, like IE shutting down every second (using firefox now). Think this is a whole system prob. But, why? Didn't the antivirus-es fix it? I... Read more

A:Black Screen BEFORE Login screen and AFTER Windows 7 logo/loading!

Hi your problem can best be addressed in the security section of the forum

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Hi all !
i have a problem with my pc , it randomly freeze at startup getting me black, white or distorted screens . after 1 min the pc reboot and all go normal.
this problem can come 2 or 3 times at the same time.
after the pc finish his reboot it get me an error
like this : Firma problema:
Nome evento problema: BlueScreen
Versione SO: 6.1.7601.
ID impostazioni locali: 1040

Ulteriori informazioni sul problema:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: FFFFFA800B26C010
BCP4: 0000000000000004
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1
and if i go on operative center it get me this :
Firma del problema
Nome evento problema: LiveKernelEvent
Versione SO: 6.1.7601.
ID impostazioni locali: 1040

Ulteriori informazioni sul problema
BCCode: 117
BCP2: FFFFF8800F6579C8
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1
ID bucket: X64_0x117_Tdr:2_IMAGE_nvlddmkm.sys
Informazioni sul server: 9e4f5a19-5833-40b9-9f92-05c83b20360d

here are the information that i see in the bsod post introduction

.OS -windows 7
.its an assembled pc by me and i ve installed original win 7
.Full reatil version
.the system have ~ 1 week .. i have upgrade it from an old one created by me 1 year ago
.the OS has ~ 1 week ( i have re intsalled it after the upgrade)

cpu--> i7 2600K ... Read more

A:BSOD (black screen and windows startup screen freeze

Ok 116 error is caused by your Graphics card.
First thing to do is update your drivers from the NVIDIA website.

If BSODs continue Try HDD tests,
download gpu-z to check if your card is getting too hot, also is there lots of dust in the card?

Do you overclock your video card?

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Hi I would really appreciate any advice i've been trying to fix for four hours without any luck.

I have an Acer aspire 5732Z. I turn my laptop on and it shows the starting windows screen then just goes to a black screen with a cursor. I tried to do systems restore but it said that i did not have a system restore point. I cannot start in any safe mode.

I have all my pictures, uni work etc and im terrified i've lost it all. I've only had the laptop a year.

Any suggestion would be amazing

Thank you

A:Black screen after windows start up doesn't go to login screen

Hello seven11 and welcome to SevenForums!

I think this article will be fairly interesting to read.

Why is my screen black when I start Windows 7?

Carry on.

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I am not sure what's wrong, but I have uninstall nvidia drivers that gave me problems ie. 257.21, 196.21....etc. I am currently using 195.62. I am certain that it was a VGA driver problem, because it never happened again, till I decided to remove windows internet explorer and it did the black screen thing again. It restarts and instead of showing windows splash screen it shows a black screen. When I am at the black screen I can't do anything, I will have manually restart and when it boots up the second time it will load windows. It's ____ me off. I hope someone can help me here, and I appreciate it. Atm I am gonna reinstall IE 8 and let's hope for the best.

PS. I just bought this new HDD WDVELOCIRAPTOR 300GB. So it's brand new. Don't know what's going on.

A:Restart leads to black screen before windows 7 splash screen

Hmmm! Been having the same problem myself with 7 ultimate 64 bit. It only happens on a "restart". Cold boot works OK.
I just hit my reset button, get message to do startup repair or start windows normally.
Select the "normal" and all seems to work OK???????
I'd be interested if you can find a resolution to this issue. I gave up on it!!!

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Last night I downloaded a file from a Torrent site - Blackberry stuff (I'm pretty sure most or all was freeware stuff). I just noticed that that file has been removed. Kinda unfortunately because I did leave a comment on what happened to me and I asked if anyone else had the same issue. I'm guessing maybe they did because it is gone now.

I ran my AVG scan on it before opening it. It didn't find anything so I ran the executable. It locked up at one point after I started getting virus warnings from some new program (I did not write down what any of it was :-( ).

I had to do a hard shutdown. When it came up to my choices window, i.e. choose Safe Mode, Last Know, etc. I was unable to make any selections with my keyboard so it continued to boot Windows normally. The XP splash screen comes on and then the screen turns black with nothing further happening.

I can do a hard reboot but I can't get into Safe Mode because the keyboard isn't working and normal windows isn't working either.

Got any suggestions? Do I have some serious funk? Did some piece of hardware decide to stop functioning properly (power supply)?

I have been Googling this issue without any success. Sometimes it feels like you are the only one to ever have a particular issue.

This happened very late last night and now I am at work so I'm not able to touch it for the next 5 hours or so. The only two things that I can do right now is go into the BIOS settings or watch it go into Windows and then get the... Read more

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Whenever the Windows loadscreen passes the screen goes black and I can move a cursor around the screen.
I have had this happen before and fixed it with bootrec.exe but I can't seem to get that to work this time...
Startup repair says it cannot help - Safe mode has the exact same black screen problem.
I have done chkdsk and sfc scannow - Didn't fix it.
When I boot into Kaspersky Rescue from a USB drive it mentions that I need to shut down windows properly before continuing. I would like to do this but I can't.
I have tried changing the active partition on information in some of these other threads - It didn't seem to work.
All disks are healthy according to the DISKPART and Partition Wizard. I have done the HP hardware diagnostic scans and everything comes up fine.

I see that a lot of the advice on the threads is to do a fresh install - Is it really broken beyond repair at this point?

Does anyone have any other ways I can try and fix this problem?

A:Black screen w/cursor after Windows load screen - Nothing fixes it

Hello saturnn and welcome to Seven Forums.

One of the Forum experts prepared this troubleshooting guide for Windows 7 failure to boot issues. Even though you've tried several of the suggested fixes I'd still go through the tutorial and try the steps in the order listed.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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Hello, I'll go ahead and start from the very beginning. Thanks in advance though for taking a look at my problem.

About a month ago, my computer would give me a few problems while booting up. I would start the computer, it would run through BIOS, run through the Windows loading screen, and after that it would run the CHKDSK to make sure my disks are fine. CHKDSK doesn't work, it just freezes right before checking the disks, so I restart and generally it will boot up. Most of the time it would boot up perfectly, but rarely would it go to the xp loading screen and then flicker as if it as going to go to the windows login screen but wouldn't. The screen would just stay black and I'd have to restart. Next time, generally it would work perfect.

So this brings me to the current day. After the windows xp loading screen, it goes black. The computer is on, but I don't see any activity for the HDD via the LED. SO i go into safe mode, i finally get CHKDSK to run, I had to really mess with some stuff to get that working. Windows says the volume is fine, and the only way I can boot my PC is in safe mode, but even that will freeze sometimes while loading some of the files.

Just to let you know I'm running Raid0, and this is my first time running it. I'm not sure if this symptom is a common problem if one of the disks are going out. Does anyone know whats going on? Could it be a virus that messed with a boot.ini or any startup stuff? also, is there anyw... Read more

A:Solved: Windows Cant boot, black screen before login screen

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After doing a Windows update, my computer gave a Windows looking message that my hard drive was going bad and to back up my data. I was able to save my user files. Then the pc crashed with a BSOD. I disabled restart after crash. Found the error was 0x0000006B (having to do with a corrupt bootcat.cache file.) Could not boot up windows except for semi windows with my windows 7 disk and Chose Repair, in Recovery console, however it told me nothing could be repaired. Through an option to "find a file" under the Recovery option. I managed to copy a GOOD copy of the bootcat.cache file and I appropriately placed it in E:\Windows\system32\codeintegrity (it was ONLY seeing C: as a system partition) my drive letters were all reassigned.

Sorry this is confusing and a lot of info. Bottom line is, my hard drive is not bad, I see windows on it and all my files and the BIOS recognizes the drive. It is firmly connected and NOT hot to the touch.

From a command prompt I did a bootrec.exe /fixmbr and also /fixboot as the pc was not properly booting up. it still would not boot properly

I am totally unable to go to safe mode (hitting F8) No matter what I do, I get a Windows Splash screen and then my screen goes to a Black Screen with a White arrow cursor, the hard drive appears to be trying to work the light flickers) but it just hangs at the black screen

Again, it refuses to allow me to boot to safe mode. It tries to load the Windows S... Read more

A:Windows 7 splash screen, then black screen NO Safe Mode

sorry for bumping. it seems people get a lot of responses to their questions and i was hoping to get the same kind of response.

Bottom line is, my computer tries to load Windows (7) with the splash screen, then goes to a black screen with an arrow and stays there.

I am unable to boot to safe mode.

I am unable to do a recovery from booting from the Windows 7 Install CD

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Ok it all started when I ran Nod32 antivirus. I ran it because I had some viruses on my computer that I wanted to get rid of. After the scan there were 180 some detected objects that were quarantined or deleted. So then I restart my computer and after the windows xp logo there is just a black screen with no cursor. And after awhile the computer will just restart and try booting up again. I tried going into safe mode and safe mode with command prompt but I still get a black screen with no cursor. The last known good configuration doesn't work either. I'm pretty frustrated because I did nothing wrong. I am also having a feeling that nod32 might have quarantined some infected files that are essential for Windows Xp to boot. I also do not have any windows xp disks with me because I lost them a very long time ago. Is there anything I can do to fix my computer? Thanks.

A:Windows XP won't boot. Black screen with no cursor after the logo screen.

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---Wow this is frustrating, I just got done fixing two other computers- one was helping someone else fix their computer, because they were seeking someone with basic expertise, and here I am seeking someone with higher knowledge to help me out! thanks in advance to all who contribute!--- HP Media Center M8330FWindows Vista 32 bit4GB RAM, NVIDIA graphics card, and plenty of HD spaceF9 hardware diagnastics: A-OK!Suddenly this computer decided to malfunction, without installing anything new, or updates prior to its "crashing." I'm pretty wary to spyware and virus of the like, so I am careful to what is installed and opened on this computer. But for all I know, when I was out of the house someone could have accessed the the machine, infecting it with something. I noticed before I left the house that it took a ridiculously long time to empty out the recycle bin (has anyone else had this problem in vista?). I know there were a lot of high res pictures in there, so I'm guessing quite a few gigs of deletion, but after an hour it hadn't even progressed. It said 13 minutes and appeared to be frozen, but was still moving. I restarted the computer and tried the same thing-- exact same result. <--- this is the only hint I have as to what happened, because before this everything was fine!Anyway, I got home and turned on the computer (after someone turned it off) and it just booted up the HP screen and then went to the windows logo loading page, except t... Read more

A:Windows Vista black screen, no bootup logon screen

It may be that someone didn't turn off the PC rather that it experienced a damaging event and shut down.Suggest you check the RAM - remove and reseat and try rebooting. If not successful your mother board may be damaged - nasty thought.There is also this site which may be relevant. you can get your PC going suggest you check Event Viewer. Then restore files from the recycle bin and then use SHIFT/DELETE to get rid of them, delete a small file and see if emptying the recycle bin works OKPaul

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Hey all,
I am having problems with the screen freeing when running multiple windows (Chrome, office etc etc). When I try to swap between windows, I get a freeze and I am unable to do anything.
The cursor can be seen moving around the screen but has no effect in any area. The Windows Key doesn't ppear, nor can I tab into another programme.
If I try and start task manager to see which program is causing this, it will not appear over the frozen image.
Is there a way of telling from an event log what program is failing?

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Computer was purchased new about 18 months ago. Computer had gotten slow and caught a worm a month back, so I decided to wipe and do a clean install. Reinstalled WIndows XP, and the chip set drivers, and the monitor drivers and went to MS and got service pack 3 and allowed windows auto updates to update.

But then media player will not play DVDs now, Sound comes through but just a blank screen. Installed PowerDVD 6 and it had the same issue. Downloaded microsofts codec checker which said there were no issues.

Don't know enough about media players to know where to go next.

Searched through microsoft FAQs to no avail. Went to search here but the search page only renders an error 505.


A:windows media player is just black

Welcome to TSG!

Try Vlc media player.

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I have Windows Media Player 11 and it came with the color chooser enhancement. The problem is that I want a pure black and blue button theme for it and it doesn't allow (I believe) that. Thanks for any help!

A:Black Windows Media Player 11

Are you looking for something like This

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When playing an avi or any other video file on windows media player, or pretty much any of the other ones, it cuts off the screen! it like...zooms in, so i can only see the middle of the screen, ive looked through all of the options, re-installed all of my media players and everything. It's getting really annoying, and i would really like to find some way to see the whole screen.

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When I open a wmv file in Media Player 11, I can not play it in Media Player in full screen. If I try to go to full screen or use 200%, the screen goes blank. Is there a plug-in that I might use?

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Dear all,

don't know if this is the right forum but...

When playing MOV files from my Kodak digital camera, the screen on my desktop media player (Quicktime, Real player or kodak software) the audio is ok but the screen often goes green as seen in this pic.
I can't remember when this started happening, maybe a month or two. More recently, trying to play such a file will cause a crash and on rebooting the message 'the PC has recovered from a serious error'. I know it is a problem with the desktop cos the files play fine on my laptop. It seems to be a problem with MOV cos Real Player will play AVI files ok. I have the latest versions of both Quicktime and Real Player. My video card is NVidia GeForce FX5700 LE.

Is there any way to diagnose this problem?

Thank you

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hi i have got a hp media center M7480.UK-A with windows xp
today i have gone to play a dvd in media player and media centre for the first time and on both i get a blank screen.
i have reinstalled original drivers and applications using application and driver recovery but still have the same problem.

i have tried the dvd in real player and it works but i get no sounds coming out of the speakers even though they are attached and working correctly.

i admit i have deleted a couple of unused programs from the computer today and then deleted the corresponding files in c drive program files.

prior to that one program that came with the pc dvd play played the dvd but the dvd vocals sounded wrong almost stuttering and sounding computer like
i reinstalled dvd play but it no longer works

i know i have over stretched myself with my computer cleaning up and i have deleted something i should not of so any help would be most appreciated
thank you

A:blank screen on media player for xp

I would try installing a codec package, your choice.

I would use klite full or mega, .


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every once in a while when i play movies in win media player, it shows a half second then the movie goes green and the cpu usage boosts up to high 80's
im wondering if this is a common problem and if there is a common fix.
win xp sp1 (if sp2 is the fix then dont bother answering) =P
geforce fx 5500 256mb
intel celeron 2.93 ghz
1 gb ram

A:win media player green screen

Check for updates for the driver software for your graphics adapter and Microsoft DirectX® from the Windows Update page.

Or in Windows Media Player 9 Series or later, do the following:

On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Performance tab.

In the Video acceleration area, move the slider to turn down or turn off video acceleration.

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I have never had a problem before yesterday with viewing flash videos. Then yesterday, I tried to watch CBS online Criminal Minds and I got audio, but the screen was black and you couldn't access "settings." Then today, I tried to access the viewing feature of documents on and same problem - black screen instead of a picture.

Attached are pictures of the error logs from the ancestry page.

I have tried EVERYTHING from installing all kinds of different versions of flash player and Firefox and starting Firefox in Safe Mode. I even manually disabled all extensions and add-on's at one point. Nothing works.

I also tried disabling hardware acceleration on Firefox and from Flash player on pages that did work properly. It seems to only be isolated to Firefox, because the Criminal Minds stream and Ancestry docs view fine on Chrome and IE.

Anyone know what those error messages mean and what I can do about them?


A:Firefox Flash Player Black Screen

I don't have a solution, but I do have the same issue. It happens in Chrome too along with Firefox for me. I ran CCleaner to clear out everything that may be causing it, but it still happens. I even Uninstalled Flash with Revo using advanced settings to completely wipe out all traces, but I still get the black box. It's only on certain sites too. Some work some don't. My versions are FF release 10, and Chrome Stable 16.

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I have been doing much searching to reslove the issue but no luck. My system is Windows Xp Pro. I had recently installed VMware player 3.1 and after finishing the installation it had prompted me to restart and when I did the computer went through the boot sequence normally but after the windows logo disappeared I was just left with a black screen. I have tried safe mode with the same results. I have tried to run a repair from the Windows CD and it will not load. The only way I can get a prompt is booting to Windows system recovery option.
I am left at the C:\windows prompt and a short list of commands available. I was wondering if there is a way to use system restore without booting windows? Any other possible solutions are welcome as I am stuck. Also any other info that I can provide please let me know.

A:Black Screen after installing VMware Player 3.1

At the prompt, try running the chkdsk /r an effort address file problems.


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I usually like to leave my computer on overnight. So I go offline, disable my wireless, and put on a video playlist in full screen to help me sleep. Anyway, today I woke up and saw the Windows Media Player no longer full screen, and the wireless switch was actually turned on. This is strange because I know I turned wireless off and I frequently check my system with Malwarebytes.

What could this be? Did someone snoop in my computer? Thanks in advance for the support.

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I am posting on behalf of my friend because he cannot get on but he has a cracked versions of ms office 07 and his dad accidently installed the office genuine advantage and Office SP1 and now this has happened. We have tried booting in safe mode, booting off the windows vista disk and restoring the bios back to system defaults but neither of these have worked. He has Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 and his computer is an ACER Aspire.

I will be updating him with any information posted.

All help is highly appreciated.

A:Windows Vista loading screen then screen goes black

Looks like WGA got another one.
I think a format is in order.

As a side note dont put the cracked software back on.
Cheaters never prosper.

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So here's the deal, starting from the beginning!
Note: I've been away for about a year, and I just got back today.

I'm pretty psyched about Starcraft 2, so I tried to install it a couple hours ago. The software failed to connect to the Internet to validate the installation. At the suggestion of a member of another forum, I ran ComboFix.exe. It totally fixed the problem.

I could have stopped there, but I was a little greedy. I then installed 87 Windows Updates on my computer, up to but not including XP Service Pack 3. I did this because SC II more or less asked me to.

I restarted upon completion and the problem began. After the Windows loading screen, the screen becomes black. Shortly afterward, there is no more input to the monitor (it turns off). I hear a beep every 40 seconds from my computer, but nothing else. This continues until I restart.

Safe Mode and Last Known Configuration do not work. I have the Recovery Console installed, but I don't know what to do with that. Unfortunately I disabled System Restore quite a while ago to save space.

I am fairly certain the culprit is these Windows updates. What I would ideally like to do is, well, uninstall them. I don't know how to navigate the text workspace of the Recovery Console, though... and I don't even know if it can be done.

I'd really appreciate any help at all. It's so unfortunate that my computer worked great after a year of sitting idle, and then I went and messed it up in an hour!

A:[SOLVED] Black screen after Windows loading screen

Use an XP Installation Disk to run chkdsk, and hope your problem is HD errors.

If Safe Mode, Last known good configuration and System Restore are all not working, the only thing left is a Repair Installation.

Do you have a XP Installation disk ?

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A friend of mine asked me to look at his old XP machine because it simply will not fully startup. It does make it through the initial boot routine and the "Windows XP" splash screen appears but, shortly after that, the screen goes black. All you can see is a black screen with a white cursor in the middle of it. The system does not respond to mouse or keyboard input.

I used a Hiren's Boot CD boot disk to look around his system. He has about 40% free space left on the hard drive which seems to function correctly. I am presently running a virus scan (via the Hiren's Boot CD).

I've never seen an XP machine do this so I'm not sure what is going on. I believe he is running SP3 but I'm not certain of this because I can get it fully loaded to check.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Windows XP Will Not Start - XP Spash Screen Then Black Screen

Can you boot into SAFE mode? If you can, try updating the video driver for starters.


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I'm having a weird problem. My laptop will show a black screen when booting. It seems no matter how long I wait, nothing happens. When I attach an external LCD to the laptop, it shows the Windows load or Windows resume graphics on the external monitor, but not on my laptop screen. As soon as the Desktop Screen with the Windows Login appears, it then appears on my laptop as well.

I also can't seem to get to safe mode. I push f8 and it never comes up I haven't installed any new software or hardware to cause this.
Any thoughts?

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I have a computer running Windows 7. Last night the computer was running fine. This morning when I turn it on, i get a black screen. To fix the problem I conducted a system restore. After it finished restoring, the computer restarts and everything worked fine. To make sure if everything was in working order, I restart it again. After the "Starting Windows" screens comes up, I get the Blue Screen of Death. I can't even read what the error says because the computer just restarts itself. I did not connect anything new to the computer. I performed a hardware diagnostics to see if it was a hardware failure but no error was found. I can't even get into safe mode. The SFC.exe will be my next step.

A:Windows 7 Black Screen then Blue Screen of Death

The SFC.exe did not work either.

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So I've hit this issue where I am welcomed with a black screen which is supposed to be my login screen. It boots up, but what would look like the login screen is simply black. When moving the mouse, the cursor would emerge whilst changing from pointing to loading(cursor animations). The wifi icon from the lock screen seems to flicker sometimes but that's pretty much it, nothing could be done from my end.
I've tried resetting/restoring from the advanced boot options(triggered by constantly interrupting the bootup process) but it's telling me it cannot be done since the location of the OS is not "unlocked". Safe mode with networking/command prompt gives me the same result. Unfortunately, I do not have a system restore point nor a system image to use. The command prompt from within the repair does not let me use sfc /scannow, too.

Brief history of what happened beforehand:
I installed the Uxtheme patcher to enable third-party themes, then before rebooting installed an application called StartIsBack. After rebooting, it seemed fine and I changed my mind and decided to uninstall StartIsBack. It turns out the aforementioned program brings a cavalry of bloatware before you could uninstall it. After I got rid of the extra software it came with, I proceeded to delete each part of StartIsBack from its respective directories, but it wouldn't let me delete its core StartIsBack64.dll, because it is running in the background. There is no sign of it as well within the task manag... Read more

A:Windows 8.1 Black screen prior to login screen

Try this tutorial: Repair Install Windows 8

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I'm new to the forums, but I find myself coming to this site a lot to fix my windows computer, so heck why not join?!

Recently, my computer starts up windows and after the loading screen it just sits at a black screen forever with a cursor and it doesn't even make it to the log in screen. I have tried safe mode with the same results.

What I've Done So FarTried to Repair Startup with Windows DVD
Tried to use sfc /scannow at boot (Says pending changes and needs to restart)
Tried logging into my Ubuntu partition and virus scanning (None found)
Tried copying Reg Files from Regback into config while I was in Linux
Tried to Repair Install (But I can't log into Windows )
Tried to bootrec /fixmbr /fixbot /RebuildBcd (Which destroyed my dual boot linux grub, but I was desperate. And still nothing) Interestingly though, after I do /RebuildBcd command it says something like "Found Windows Installations: 0"
Tried to System Restore (Gave me an Error, wouldn't you know)

At this point I'm not to confident that this can be fixed. If anyone has any ideas I'm willing to try. Or if you have any snazzy suggestions on how I could fix it using another computer, I have a different Windows Pro x64 computer that I can put the HD in if there's someway I can save my data/fix it/repair install from there. I just don't know how.

Edit: I finished the chkdsk and there were no bad sectors, though it did give me a message "Failed to transfer logged messages to... Read more

A:Black Screen w/ Cursor After Windows Loading Screen

Do you have any external drives connected by usb? I had a similar problem, and found that I had to turn off the usb drives when I re-booted. I still do that whenever I re-boot for any reason.

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I've having an issue that I think some ppl had, windows 8 crashing going to blue screen of death or blank black screen and then it restarts by itself, also I have noticed that it says repairing disk in D:/

I have one SSD 120gb in the C:/ which it host the operating system and some minnor programs, in a HDD which is my D:/ drive there I have my games.

ASRock 990FX Extreme 9
AMD FX 8350
Kingston Hyper X 120GB SSD
WD black 500GB HDGB HDD
Corsair Vengeance 8gb Ram 2133Hz
Windows 8

Thanks for the time, if more info is needed I willl gather it and post it

A:How do I fix windows blue screen of death and black screen

Update, seems that some tweaking did fix the problem, go to search and type power, in the left click on the one that says change what power buttons do, then uncheck the box that it says turn on fast startup (recomended) then save changes and a restart and youre done -at least for me it worked-

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Hello. Recently had a virus and have been going through the steps here on bleeping computer to help get rid of it. The last thing I was told to do was run the farbar scan tool and to copy and paste a code and hit fix. Upon doing so the computer prompted for a restart. It now won't get to the log in screen. I've tried booting in safe mode and I've also tried last known working configuration as suggested and nothing has worked unfortunately. I was told to come here. Hopefully something can be done. Thanks a ton.

A:Windows won't get to login screen, black screen and cursor

Tap F8 at boot and select Repair Computer from the Advanced Boot Options. Do a System Restore to a date just before the problem. 
You cannot do the above and if you have another Windows 7 computer create a System Repair Disk. Boot and try a System Restore to a date just before the problem.

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My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 2600 with XP Professional. The laptop was given to me used, no original cd's or anything, just the machine and power cord, just letting you know that right off the bat as I don't have option to put cd in as I don't have it. The laptop has a XP sticker on it that doesn't state if it was home or Professional to start with. I say all this because I can't tell you if the OS was preinstalled or after market installation. IN case this matters any. I am not knowledgeable about computers without the aid or forums like this, so please know that when offering aid I'll need specifics please.

Recently, my system malfunctioned and YourHighness helped me get it cleaned up. It was working fine for a few days. All of a sudden the Windows Splash screen disappeared and the screen went black. After multiple reboots and selecting Function/F8 eventually the computer would go to a grey screen and then would finish booting fine. This went on for a week or two. Meanwhile, as YourHighness suggested, I bought more RAM as it only had 256MB. I read it can go up to a gig, so I bought (used from eBay) a 512 and installed it. Booted fine (after the black screen issue still) and worked fine. A couple of days later I went to boot it back up and got a blue screen saying "Stop: C0000221 Bad Image CheckSum. The Image MSAN1.dll is possibly corrupt. The Header Checksum does not match the computed checksum". I can not boot to safe or an... Read more

A:windows splash to black screen now blue screen

I would think that your first priority, assuming that your data is safe, is to obtain a means of reinstalling/repairing XP. I mean, that would be my first priority if I intended to run a system with XP on it and I did not believe that the system would run perfectly until I decided to retire/sell/junk it.

So my first suggestion would have Dell and inquire about recovery/restore CDs for your system.

As for your apparent option of taking it to a shop...that won't resolve the fact that you have no install disks of any type.

I've not ever seen an XP sticker that doesn't indicate which flavor of the O/S is installed.


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i recently had to reinstall my windows xp due to file corruption and now when i start my laptop after the dell loading screen which finishes in a second or two a black screen with a loading bar at the bottom apears which takes 5-7 minutes to complete after its completion the windows loading screen appears and then the logging window appears and after logging in windows start normally. PLZ help me if you know about this and tell me how to get rid of this black loading screen if possible.

A:a black screen loads before the windows load screen

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