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Norton System Works? Which is the best utility suite?

Q: Norton System Works? Which is the best utility suite?

Hi, I have a question about using Norton System Works 2004- Im looking for a good utility suite and have been reading alot of negative reviews about System Works, especially with XP. Is it worth using, or am I setting myself up for more trouble by installing it?
Thanks for your feedback!

A: Norton System Works? Which is the best utility suite?

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Any recommendations on a good generic system utility suite to keep XP home tuned up? Norton System Works as an example.



A:System Utility Suite Recommdation

TomHey, I would highly recommend Norton System Work. I have it on my machine and it has done a good job.

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What is a very good system suite to do it all, virus , spyware and utilities. In the utilities part I need something that will clean up hard drive, defrag, clean up registery. I here all kinds of horror stoires about Norton and McAfee and some on Kerpersky. Right now I using Norton trial that came with computer, 50 days left. I don't like it. Any suggestions on something that is very good and not a resource hog.

A:system norton, mcafee, karpersky

I'd go for NOD 32 Antivirus or even better the entire security suite from ESET.

Personally I chose BIT DEFENDER INTERNET SECURITY for one year license, but I'll be buying the NOD32 suite pretty soon.

One alternative - light on system resources is the Avira Premium suite. Quite good too.

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I just purchased NSystem Works after I installed it and restarted ntohing will launch when i click the icons. I have XP and I can't figure out what the problem is?

A:Norton System Works

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Hi everyone, I know this probably doesn'y belong in this forum but here it goes anyways. I have nortons system works and run my cleansweep twice a week, but for some reason it won't seem to dlete 18 files from the internet history. I have manually deleted everything I could think of but it still shows 72kb is there. This is driving me bonkers so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
P.S. Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this in, feel free to bumped it.

A:norton system works help

It is entirely possible you are seeing the Index.dat file being displayed in cleansweep. The index.dat file is not deleted via normal delete History methods or for that matter deleting Temporary Internet Files either.

Below is a web-page that has a good explanation on what to do.

Click here for page

Let us know if that solves your issue.


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The Norton System Check shows two problems. I ask Norton to correct these and get the message that they have been repaired. But if I rerun the System Check again (and again), I get the same problem identification every time. What's up?

A:Norton System Works

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I try to update my virus definititions regulalry from the Symatec Home Page...I use Systems Works....QUESTION: I have been installing the update in Sysems Works (main folder) and in Utilties and Antivirus. Is that necessary, or will an install into the main folder (Systems Works) suffice to update all of the subfolders? ALSO...I don;t see any "live Update" in Control Panel???

A:Norton System Works 2K

does norton 2000 give you the option of choosing the download folder when you run liveupdate? 2002 doesn't, and i don't recall being able to do so in 2000 either. i wouldn't think it matters where they are downloaded as long as liveupdate knows where to look for them.

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Hi, Groovicus was helping me with another problem and he kept mentioning that he thought Norton System Works could be the culprit of my computer not powering off after shutdown. I uninstalled it and still have the problem. But my question is this - Is Norton a good program to use as an all-around system maintenance suite (Disk, Registry, Windows), or can someone recommend another, free or not. I was not using the AV but MacAfee and AVG7 (which I was told was a No-No).

A:Norton System Works

Iola System Mechanic Pro 5

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i have norton system works and when i run clean sweep it will clean everthing out except for 112 mb. when i look at didn't get cleaned out it says that the remaining files are in internet history, but wheni look in the folder it is empty. any help would be great.

A:norton system works

Try the following:

Open your 'C' drive, click on VIEW>FOLDER OPTIONS>VIEW tab, locate header 'HIDDEN FILES' - if this is no tick in front of 'SHOW ALL FILES', hilite to activate hidden file view.

If there is already a tick in Show All Files, then I have no clue.

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I'm running NSW 3.01, and have been for at least the last year. On two machines that are networked. The primary PC is running Windows ME/256 RAM/18 Gig hdd/Pent 3-600. The second PC is running Windows 98 SE/128 RAM/10 Gig hdd/Pent- 200.
When I attempt to run Disk Doctor, both machines hang when reading the directory structure item 'hosts'. Eventually after about 10 minutes they will restart on their own. But, I can never complete Disk Doctor. Also, running Speed Disk takes a l-o-n-g time...a few hours, but it eventually gets completed. Any ideas? Thanks!

A:Norton System Works...


I have had a look for NSW 3, but couldn't find it. I could find, however, Norton SystemWorks 2000 version 3, so I'm assuming you have this.

Has this problem always been occuring, or is this a new problem? The reason I ask is that Norton SystemWorks 2002 and 2001 are fully compatible with Windows Millennium Edition. However, Norton SystemWorks 2000 (version 3.0) and earlier are not compatible with Windows Millennium Edition.

Also, when it is running, what are your rescources like? For each PC, go to Run and type MSINFO32. If it comes up with an error in ME, then Programs | Accesories | System Tools | System Information.

Choose Software Enviroment, then Startup Programs. Copy/paste the list. If, for ME, you cannot just copy, the using the drop down menus, look for Save as Text file. Then, copy/paste that.

Also, which OS is NSW actually on (host)?



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I've just installed Norton System Works 2001 with Antivirus. Everything seems to work fine, but everything has slowed down to a crawl. What can I do to speed things back up and still use the program?

A:Norton System Works

NSW can be a resource hog if you run all the programs it wants to at startup + whatever you already had in startup before installing NSW2001. A little more info regarding your computer system, i.e. how much memory, system resources at startup, number of programs running in background, etc. You can disable a lot of the NSW2001 programs and still be effective (NOT the Anti Virus). Also, the more sensors you have running in System Doctor can drag down your operation.

I run NSW2001 Std. & Pro on three computers and laptop, and have found it to be a valuable utility, but it does take some adjustment to settings to keep it from using too many resources.


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I just installed Norton System Works 2003...something keeps running: The Hddrive light is going crazy and can hear it doing something. but don't know what!! I used ctl-Alt-Del and shut down EVERYTHING,,it still keeps running. Don't have a clue what it is. Anyone familiar with this program? Toby

A:Norton System Works?

Hi tobydog, Welcome to TSG !!
Go into start, run type in msconfig Then hit ok
Go to startup tab, Uncheck all Norton stuff except Norton auto protect ( You can use the other utilities manually). Select apply, then ok Then reboot.
Now when you reboot, check your anti virus options.
Right click the antivirus icon in the systaem tray. Select configure
Double click autoprotect on left. Check the following:
Start autoprotect when windows starts
Created or downloaded
Program files and documents only
Show auto protect in system tray.
See if that works!

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I was requested by my ISP to remove my AV until we could work through a problem. I uninstalled my sytem works, and now it won't allow me to install neither 2002 which was installed last, nor 2003 which I have just bought. It keeps telling me that NAV2002 is on the computer, which I am sure it isn't. There has to be something hidden in the registry somewhere, but I can't find it. BTW, I have also used the removal tool to no avail. I cannot carry on without my anti-virus. Any help would be appreciated

A:Norton System Works

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I am planning on removing Norton System works 2003 from my system. However, along with this will go my anti-virus program. Is there a good, reliable freeware anti-virus program out there?
If not, what stand alone program would you suggest, or should I just keep the Norton on the system?


A:Norton system works

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My one year subscription for Norton System Works Anti-Virus has just arrived. Although I'll be purchasing more anti-virus protection I've got a little time to look at my options.
My problem is the nuisance of the subscription renewal notice. Not surprisingly Symantec offers no info on how to disable it.
I imagine I'll need to disable it in the registry.
Any one care to share some knowledge?
I'm running Windows XP Home edition and version 5.1 of System Works.

A:Norton System Works

You can get the whole 2003 SW Pro for ten bucks:

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I have Norton System Works installed and it has the little box that comes up on start-up that shows the disk health, optium etc. After defragging and running all the goodies to keep my computer maintained, the box doesn't register properly. The light should be green (disk health) and the optium should state the percentage usually 99-100%. Should I be concerned about this? If I go back in to defrag, I can't because the computer doesn't need it so I know everything is ok. It's just that the box doesn't always reflect that.

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I have Norton System Works. I am having problems getting my Auto-protect to turn on. Everytime i press "enable" it doesnt do anything. When i turn on my computer, i see the little icon appear but it just dissapears after that. Can anyone tell me whats wrong? Is this a virus or something?

A:Norton System Works plz Help

Hi, You never could very well be some kind of malware! Post a hijackthis log; if you know how to, and have the newest version 1.98.2, do it now.

If not:

Right click an empty space on the desktop, select New> then select Folder, and rename folder to HJT. Download hijackthis.exe from above link to the HJT folder. Run hijackthise.exe from that folder. Directions for using HJT:

The Scan button is what to press, when everything completes, the Save Log button will be showing, press that and save as hijackthis.txt which will open with Notepad.
Go back online to TSG and in your thread here, post a reply and copy/paste the entire logfile to the reply.

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hi i am a little bit confused... i was installing norton system works onto my friends pc and it said that it was compatible with windows ME but the problem is her computer wont start windows and it just stays at the part when it says that windows is loading... and when i try to restart the computer it says that norton can be used as a emergency virus rescue and i could boot the computer normal by taking out the cd or run a scan on the computer but i tried both and neither will allow me to start windows again...


A:Norton System Works

Others will prbably have better advice - but try this.
Make sure the Norton disk is out and start computer from power off, a cold boot. Norton may intercede with a scandisk which you can let go or bypass by hitting enter - probably 2 times.
After Systemwork is installed, some final loading goes on during the reboot.
You might also try to boot and hit F8? to load maually.
Post back further info as you try different things.

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I have just got a new computer running Vista Ultimate, do I need Norton System Works Premier 2006 & will it work on Vista.


A:Norton System Works

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Can anyone help me to get my norton virus program to enable the automatic
scan? I have tried going thru all the steps in options, but cannot get " auto" to enable.

A:norton system works 2004


I have a version of 2003 and 2005 contained in the Systemworks Suite and they both use the same interface to do this and other options you probably would be interesting in setting. I have no idea if 2004 is the same or not, but would bet it is.

Go to Norton Anti-virus and at the top before you enter the main area, there is a bar that says OPTIONS, Click that, click NORTON ANTI-VIRUS and it will open a window with a whole bunch of options. You can look through the options on the Left side of the window and as you click on each, different options will come up that YOU can set the way you want them. You will probably find the option you are looking for in the System Auto protect area, but not sure on your version. Anyway, all the options are there for what you want to do. As a rule with Norton, the Default setting is the best. Mine is on auto-protect and it scans the computer every Friday evening at 8:00 P.M., and I just keep using the computer while it scans.

Hope this helps and if you have further questions, let us know.

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I elected not to renew Norton's Anti virus. Their program continues to give me a pop-up reminding me the program has expired and to renew. Can anyone tell me how to edit the registry to delete that annoying pop-up?

I'm using Win98SE


A:Norton System Works 2003

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hello, i am having probs with norton system works

1. it will not scan for viruses- a window pops up says "starting scan" then whole window minimizes or closes never scans
tried creating new scan including c drive same thing happens

2. unable to enable real-time scanning (auto protect) tried and it states it is not running

3. error always in registary scan window, says fixes but whenever i scan detects same error. "C:/programfiles/common files/ installshield/professional/runtime/0701/intel32/dotnetinstaller.exe cant access mscoree.

- downloaded mscoree to attempt to fix but unsure where mscoree belongs

thank you for any and all suggestions

A:norton system works 2002

Hi yellosnow (cool handle)... I have Win98SE with NSW 2002 installed incorporating NAV 2002. I did a search for mscoree and mscoree.dll on my C: drive and on my E: drive where NSW is installed). Found zero (0) files. My NAV works just fine.

Ran a search of the Symantec Kbase for mscoree in NSW and found this:

All it says is the message can be safely ignored. Not much help (typical of Symantec). I infer the message is not specifically related to your problem.

Here's a link to the Symantec Kbase. maybe you can find someting more helpful.

Found this:

Do you have Backweb on your PC? Could be a spyware problem.

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Ive been help in friend with his pc installin norton, Ive installed Norton system works 2006 and internet security 2006, ive done the live update for the internet security and it works fine after i restarted the comp,i then updated System works with the live update and then restarted the comp and it loaded the bios up and recognised the hard drive, but when it came to the Windows XP load bar screen, it froze before showing the Windows Xp Loading screen.

Any one else having problem with Norton Updates ? Or anyone got an idea how to fi the problem ?


A:Norton system Works updates

Norton Works and Norton Internet Security BOTH have the Antivirus.
Did you try to install Both Antivirus routines ???
Sounds like you have an internal fight going on.

If I were you I'd dump Works ... and install NIS only.
The extra routines with Works only causes more problems.

1: Remove all Nortons
2: Run this ..
3: Install NIS 2006 ... ONLY
4: Check back

NIS 2006 will give you Antivirus .. Firewall .. Pop/Ad blockers ... Spam blockers ... and more
What more do you want ???

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Hello everyone. I just signed on and hoping I can get a little help on this new machine of mine. It's a HP with Vista installed. It has a total of 600 gig of HD space and over 2 gig of RAM. My first problem is Vista won't except my latest version of Norton System Works and want to know if there is an upgrade for my last years program? Or, a Vista version? Second question, is there any way around the truckload of security issues, such as giving permission for everything I want to do in this OP system? That's enough questions for now. Thanks in advance. Paul

A:Norton System Works for Vista?


Welcome To TSF.

Version of Systemworks are not yet campatable with Windows Vista.

With them annyoing pop up security questions click here on how to turn them off.

Any Problems Just Ask.


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Finally buying the workstation of my ADK Core 2 Pro high-end quad-core system for my recording/mastering studio. The techs at ADK DO NOT want me to use anything related to Symantec on this rig. I had told them that I used Norton System Works as my diagnostic utility, which comes bundled w/ Norton Personal Firewall (which is also packaged w/ NAV.)

They recommended I go w/ Grisoft AVG...which will take care of the firewall, internet security & anti-virus thing...but can someone recommend a diagnostic utility to take over for NSW? I currently run PC Tools Registry Mechanic as a backup to System Works (& which does a better job of cleaning & organizing the registry) I guess I only really need a "Win Doctor" type utility to complete the package.



A:Need Replacement for Norton 'System Works'

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I put Norton System Works 2000 on my computer at work... it doesn't work with Win XP... and now I can't uninstall it either. I tried remove/add program, I tried uninstall, and I tried delete. Then I tried re-installing it, to uninstall it.. nothing works. I get an error message. Can not delete.
I have ordered Norton Professional 2004, in hopes that it will delete or over-write the old one. Haven't tried it yet though.
Anybody have any experience with this?
XP has been difficult on all of our older programs as well.

A:Norton System Works 2000 & XP

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Not sure if correct group? but anyway here goes

Not long updated Norton system works 2002 to 2003, when i try to run Speed disk (defrag) error **Spead disk is unable to access drive C Please check to see if another application has the disc locked**

When I try to run defrag from the normal way ( ie right click my C drive. tools ) I receive error** Disk Defragmenter could not start**

Both the errors have the red cross
I am running XP Pro

Can any one help.?

A:Norton System Works 2003

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I'm having problems with Norton System Works 2004. I can't send them a message. They have my email blocked. Here is the message that I'm trying to send them: Could you help me?

I need help with a problem with your software. I can't get though
to your support. The messages keep comming back. See message

The reason why you can not send mail to that e-mail address, is because it has been disabled.
"> > Recipient: <[email protected]>
> > Reason: 5.2.1 <[email protected]>... Mailbox disabled for this
> recipient"

The problem is that symantec has disabled the e-mail address [email protected]
If you would like to know more information about this, you may need to contact

Thank you Support

-------Original Message-------
To: <[email protected]>
From: [email protected]
Date: 6/1/2004 9:06:35 PM
Subject: Re: Mail System Error - Returned Mail

Hi Mazen:

Here is the message:
----- Original Message -----
From: "Steven Friedman" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, May 28, 2004 9:03 PM
Subject: Fw: Mail System Error - Returned Mail
> Hi Stephanie:
> Here is the original message that was returned.
> Steven
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Mail Administrator" <[email protected]>
> To: <[email protected]>
> Sent: Friday, May... Read more

A:Norton System Works 2004

Well Dotnet is a known spyware program.

Here's an uninstaller:

Please do the following:

In IE go to Tools -> Internet Options -> and delete Files and Cookies.

To check for and remove any Spyware or Adware that may be installed on your machine, download and install Adaware and Spybot. Then update each program before scanning. Fix ALL problems found by either of the programs. You may need to reboot and have the scan run at startup. Run it again to make sure all components have been removed. There is also an Immunize in feature in Spybot that should be enabled to protect against some installations of Adware/Spyware.

Adaware and Spybot:

Then post a Hijack This Log to have someone analysis it for further cleaning/recommendations.

Hijack This:

You can also try using JV16 Powertools:

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Hi everyone, I need some big help on this one, I'm running Win2000 Pro as my O.S. on a IBM clone PC... I have Norton System Works 2003 Pro on my computer and wish to delete it from the HDD. That's where the trouble starts... how do I rid this program from the 'puter? Add/Remove, Manual file dump, or shutting down the program just does not cut it. It won't shutdown or delete from my HDD, file in use.., or access denied?
Help? Is my only hopes of removal, formatting the HDD and re:installing the O.S.? That seems like drastic measures... I'm not really sure i like Norton. What availible for Win2000 as an Anti-Virus protection (with free updates)?

Help, Wogster.

A:Norton 03 System works Removal?

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When I run norton system works disk doctor and click diagnose it shows that the file structure is not being fixed. I get this message when I go into details.....
The 'FIX errors' checkbox was not checked.
Corrective actions indicated below were not written to the disk.

File record segment 15076 is unreadable
File record segment 15077 is unreadable
File record segment 15078 is unreadable
File record segment 15079 is unreadable
what does this mean?

A:norton system works help pleeeeaaase

It probably means that the drive is on its last legs, though with a little luck, it may just be a bad area.

I'd suggest going into the Recovery Console and running a complete scan:
chkdsk drive: /r

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I have norton system works 2001 on 2 machines in my home. When I tried to renew the antivirus subscription on the 2 machines I was told that NSW 2001 was no longer supported and to upgrade to NSW 2003 or 2004. Ok thats fine but my question is with the new activation codes. If I buy NSW 2004 and install it on the 2 home machines will I have problems when I try and activate it on the second machine? Or do all they care about is the yearly subscription money for the AV definitions which I now pay for separately on the 2 machines.


A:Norton System Works on 2 machines

One machine, one copy, that's the way the software license works.

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I have installed the above program on computers in a retail situation and it installed fine. However when the Auto-protect feature is enabled we can no longer print to the serial receipt printers attached to the computer. If we disable the auto-protect then the printing is ok. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Norton System works 2002

I take it you are referring to the anti-virus auto protect. Check your script blocking options to make sure it is set to notify you of suspicious scripts rather than just block them. Other than script blocking I donít understand how the AV could block actions on the computer.

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I recently had to remove NACHI.A worm from my computer...I have NSW 2003 when I click to activate anti virus the screen pops up and quickly disappears.
It will not let me run live updates either

A:Norton system works 2003

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Hope this is legal,
My free 12 months anti virus update ran out in Oct this year, rather than subscribe I removed the program using windows 98se and reloaded the disc hoping to get another 12 months free (wishful thinking).
When I checked the expiry date it was still Oct this year, something must have been left behind after removal.
Can anyone help or am I stuck?

A:Norton System Works 2003

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I am not sure this is the forum for this question, but here goes.

I have just have to install Win 2000 on one of my computers that originally has Win 98. As part of that process I am having to reinstall most of the software...that's okay, I don't have anything else to do .

I had Norton System Work on that computer and now I am trying to reinstall it. However, I must first uninstall it, and that is where I am having difficulty. When I use Add/Remove Programs, I get an error that it cannot find the 'log'. When I try to install over what I had originally, I get a message that the installation process cannot be completed until all of the original program is uninstalled.

At some time in the past, I had a similar problem with another software package, and I was advised to use Add-Remove Plus. Well that version is no longer available.

Do you have any advice as to how I can remove all of Norton System Works so that I can reinatall it again?



A:Uninstalling Norton System Works

You didn't say what version of Norton you're using.

Edit: removed a bad link.

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I am using Norton System Works 2003 now on an XP machine and suddenly Live Update won't update my Common Client files - it says the problem is with C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\SYMANT~1\ccWebWnd.dl
Everything else is OK - Auto-Protect, Virus defs etc. Can anybody help please?



A:Norton System Works 2003

Does this file:



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Hi I seem to be having a big problem with norton..systemworks .. for solving the problem it said to uninstall and reinstall.. did that worked fine.. but then teh same thing happeded like 3 times already.. what is causing it and what to do

A:NOrton system works problems

I am sorry to say this, but the best thing to do is uninstall "Works." S/N products are notorious for creating problems. Furthermore, 'support' is bad to non-existent. If you decide to remove "Works," here is info that will start you down a long road:

Uninstalling a Symantec/Norton Product depends on the product and the version.

Type your product and version in this link prefixed with "uninstall"

For example: uninstall norton anti virus 2005

There are going to be hundreds of left over entries in your Registry that should be removed, too. That is the hard part. Scan the posts in this Forum for similar problems, and you should find helpful advice. I'll try to find one for you and post a link.


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When I am trying to install it the installer comes up and then goes away real fast, what is the problem?

A:Norton System Works Problem

You may want to make sure that you don't have a virus on your computer.

I would go to and do their free online virus scan.

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I have NSW 2001 installed now and my subsription to free updates expires in 10 days. I have purchased (retail) Norton Antivirus 2002. Can this be installed over NV 2001 or should it be uninstalled before installing?

A:(solved) Norton System Works

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Before installing W XP Pro I uninstaalled NSW on my W98 computer. After install XP I installed NSW using The normal install on the Norton CD. I cannot run any programs in NSW. None of the files show up in Windows Explorer. The add/remove programs in control panel show Norton AV, Live Registration. I cannot remove either of these folders/contents and NSW will not reinstall because the files are on the computer. How should I proceed?

A:Norton System Works 2003

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when i try to run disk doctor I get a message that the os or another process has exclusive access to this drive orsome of its files (when it goes to check file structures) I tried to restart in safe mode to run the program but for some reason windows only starts normally (refer to post in xp "cannot start in safe mode")

A:norton system works 2005

Have you tried the customer support site

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I bought Norton 2006 and installed it. everything was fine untill I tried to upgrade my virus. then I could not connect to the internet. I have cable so I am always connected, only all Norton or symantec sites were unavailabe. I have operating system XP. I have tried to uninstalll & reinstall, also disabled my firewall, also just installed the virus part of the program, nothing worked. Can you help me. naoj

A:Norton system works 2006

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I have Norton System Works for a long time. Each year I buy the latest verison of this product. For some reason I can not seem to find the 2007 version of this product. Does anyone know if Norton will be making this product?

Thank you

Joe B

A:Norton System Works 2007

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I recently installed NSW 2001 4.0 Standard Edition and ran the full system virus scan after the installation.Now 3 days later when I go into System Status it shows "0 day(s) ago".
Shouldn't it read "3 day(s) ago"?

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Ever since I installed Norton System works 2001 I get an occasional error saying that little gray box in the middle that sounds like a boing and in it it says...explorer has a problem this program will be closed or something like that and I click on close. And that is that.
But what REALLY surprises me is the follows... EVERYTHING and I MEAN EVERYTHING is extremely SLOW. No matter what application I try to open by either double clicking or right clicking on it, it seems forever before it appears on the screen. For example when I connect to the internet and click on the MS IE browser it does not open till about 30 seconds later. And this happens with all applications. I also did a Windows Disc Doctor analyze through that Norton and it took over 1 hour and it restarted a few times. That NEVER HAPPENED WITH THE OLD(2000) ONE. I then tried to do a Norton Window Doctor analyze and it never got passed the Registry analyze which is the first one at the top for over 20 minutes, until I stopped it. Should I delete this program and reinstall it?????? Or can you tell me why all of a sudden my system has become so SLOW. It also has renamed my RECYCLE BIN to NORTON PROTECTED RECYCLE BIN. What should I do.....????? Last point....when I installed the program I installed the FULL yes FULL version even though the TYPICAL was earmarked. Should I have installed the typical or changed it to the FULL as I did. Please help soon!!!! It has really SLOWED everything down to a snails pace. What should... Read more

A:Norton System Works 2001

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At one time I was able to email a tech support question to a Norton Symantec tech support center. Now for some reason I can't find that option. Can someone please provide me with the required information so I can send two question I have with Norton System Works?

Thank you

A:Norton System Works, 2005

Have you tried the Automated Support Assistant?. It wasn't a lot of use to me when I had a query, but you might at least get the relevant e-mail addresses from it;

What issues are you having?. You can sometimes find an answer in the Knowledgebase.

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Under Norton System works 4.0 standard edition, when I try to make a rescue disk I receive
a message a file cannot be copy SJGRES.EXE.
I went to trouble shooting and tried all the things in the Norton Document
ID 1998080610233709.
Ran the make rescue disk with SIGRES.EXE checked and again with SIGRES.EXE unchecked.
In either case once the rescue disk was made and the instructions were to shut down the computer
the screen read "Wait for the Computer to shut down" but it will not., I have to turn the power off
and turn it back on.
I turn the computer back on with the floppy and zip disks still inserted but the computer will not boot.
I am running Win 95 on a HP Pavilion 6300 with 128 of ram. I can not find SIGRES.EXE on my computer.

A:Norton System Works Rescue

I would suggest that you contact Symantec. They have a free tech support board.

Put in your product and then on the next page click on Contact Options and then follow the steps to get to their message board. Post your question there and a Symantec tech should be able to help you fix it.

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just a query about norton 2003 when i format and reinstall norton i get a full years virus subscription am i still covered.

A:norton system works 2003

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I have a new PC and want to install Norton System Works 2002. I have Windows XP and I know I need to uninstall the trial version of McAffee virus scan. Do I need to disable anything else?

A:Norton System Works 2002

Welcome to TSG!
Good planning and preparation is the key to a clean install of any sophisticated software. It is good you are asking questions before attempting an install.
McAfee should be uninstalled per its instructions at their website before any attempt to install systemworks 2002.
Here is an article put out by Norton that explains preparation for Install of Systemworks.
Keep us posted on your progress.


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OK here goes, I need some serious help. I think either I got a virus and or somone got into my computer. After I reboot the computer I ger the following error "Unable to initialize the virus scanning engine database files", I click ok andthe computer will continue to boot to windows. When I open Norton system works, I enable real time scanning(auto protect), the check mark goes green as it should, but in the task bar it has a RED x over the nortons icon. Also when I go to run a full system scan the error comes up saying "Unable to find valid virus definitions files. please reinstall norton antivirus.

So here is what I have tried. I have tried to uninstall Nortons sytem works by nortons uninstall. Also I took it out of the registry after I uninstalled it. I reinstalled it and I get the same errors. Nortons has a patch to fix that error and that didn't work, and I also tried to repair the corrupt file which is the virus definitions file and none of this has worked.

Two individuals have told me that if none of this worked that I will need to reinstall windows.



A:(Resolved) Norton system works

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Your advice is appreciated. I am running both ZoneAlarm Pro and Norton System Works on my home XP Pro PC. Do I really need both? Is there something better for me to employ. Thanks, Eddie460

A:ZoneAlarm & Norton System Works

Yes you need them both.

Check this out for more info on how tightening your security settings and some good free tools.

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I have spent hours trying to get this to work, but it halts mid install. It first scans the system to see if there may be any impediments and then proceeds to try to install.

I have already removed all prior norton and symatec programs, and have spent ove an hour with the norton tech support folks removing individual items from the registry.

Any thoughts on how to proceed.

Thank you

N Kabak

A:Norton system works installation

I always install the separate utilities rather than the entire shell. I donít have the latest version with activation though.

If you explore the CD each application has its separate Setup.exe file. Click that and you can install them separately. I donít install Norton Utilities on XP. It had some stuff that was handy on Win98, but there isnít much it does for XP to make up for the stupid Norton protected recycle bin. If the new version has an option to never make that active in the first place it might be OK. I do like the other parts of the suite.

Norton AV updates normally if you install it separately BTW.

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Hey Tech's

I have Norton SystemWorks 2003 which I replaced with Norton SystemWorks 2004. I used & liked the Ghost appication in 03. After installation I find that 2004 does not contain Ghost & 2004 has completely removed the 2003 files. Can I install Ghost 2003 only from the 2003 disk & will it have any effect on SystemWorks 2004. I do not want to screw up my AntiVirus?

Hmmmm-Interesting - Monique

A:Norton System Works - Ghost

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OK...Finally buying the workstation of my ADK Core 2 Pro high-end quad-core system for my recording/mastering studio. The techs at ADK DO NOT want me to use anything related to Symantec on this rig. I had told them that I used Norton System Works as my diagnostic utility, which comes bundled w/ Norton Personal Firewall (which is also packaged w/ NAV.)They recommended I go w/ Grisoft AVG...which will take care of the firewall, internet security & anti-virus thing...but can someone recommend a diagnostic utility to take over for NSW? I currently run PC Tools Registry Mechanic as a backup to System Works (& which does a better job of cleaning & organizing the registry) I guess I only really need a "Win Doctor" type utility to complete the package.Thanks,mark4man

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Lng story, but I replaced NSW 2001 with 2004...a three package deal with NSW, Personal Firewall, and Anti-Spam/. In doing so, you must remove NSW 2001 and the new version starts that removal, but also took my browswer, hosed my Registry and was a general SNAFU/FUBAR finally requiring an fdisk/format and reinstall of everything! I do NOT recommend NSW 2004!

Even though I used Add/Remove and used the NSW uninstaller, Anti-Spam and Personal Firewire are still showing entries in various places...all inactive, but still there (an annoyance and I hate to mess with the Registry again).

MY main annoyance (and the one I hope someone has an answer for) is:

Norton Systems Works/Anti Virus Auto Protect will not load at start up. I have to manually open NSW/NAV and set autoprotect...ow can I set this once and for all?

A:Norton System Works 2004 :-(

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I deleted all of Norton System Works 2004 --so I thought. All components seem to be gone, BUT under "Add or Remove Programs," I still have listed "Norton Anitvirus Parent MSI." When I highlight it to remove it there is no highlighted option to Change/Remove.

I checked the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/Windows/Current Version/Uninstall, but I don't see it listed. Any ideas on how to get rid of it?


A:Deleting Norton System Works 2004

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Hey It wont allow me to enable auto protection, no error message, just won't I lick the enable button but does nothing, also tried enabling from start menu, Window XP 1.4 GHT 40Gig HD

A:Norton System Works 2003 antivirus

Gunspeed Gun
Have a look at the links below and see if you can owrk through them to re-establish Auto Protect.

Let us know if any help.

Article One

Article Two

Article Three

Article Four

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I had to do a non-destructive recovery of my system yesterday and eventhough under programs Norton System works shows up, when I click on it nothing happens! Same with Norton Internet Security! I bought both online and Symantec is a pain in the Gluteus and I can't even get a response via e-mail from these sphincters! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!

A:Norton System Works and Internet Security

Welcome to TSG.

You might be lucky and just lost connection with the shortcut. Find the programs in Program Files and select the exe file directly. If it works just make a new shortcut.

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I let a friend use my computer and he downloaded a virus. {unknownlly} He bought me this Norton to take care of it. I am still having major problems. The scan will not complete, the computer shuts itself down before it finishes. There are tons of pop ups even though all my settings dis allow all popups. I also have ad aware and it scans and deletes all it finds and I still have the pop up problem and shut down problem. My home page keeps changing by itself. Any advice?

A:Norton system works 2006 problem

Hello and Welcome to TSF

You will not be able to install an anti-virus with a virus present in the system.

Follow the steps in this link
First Steps at Removing the Malware and Posting your Log

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(Running: Windows XP, Service Pack 2)

Norton System Works Pro 2006 has been catching and blocking an increasingly growing number of worm attacks on my system. This is clearly a good thing, but I am wondering if I can do something to block the attacks in the first place. They are all coming from one IP address and Norton has been blocking that address for 30 minutes after each attack.

I have been noticing in the past couple of weeks that NSW has been alerting me to the attempted intrusion and subsequent blocking of the worm, but when I checked my Reports>Activity Log I realized that this IP address has been trying more times than I've realized.

So, should I just be happy that Norton is catching these attempts or can I go about a more proactive route?

Thanks for any help/suggestions.

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I tried to uninstall Norton System works using their uninstall program and it says something like "do you want to uninstall Netscape 7.1" . Is this another way Norton keeps you from uninstalling Norton?? What has Netscape 7.1 has to do with Norton?? It does uninstall it because I uninstalled it and it removed my Netscape 7.1 browser. It is a good thing that I had a backup copy of my drive but Norton is back in again. Any suggestions? I would like to keep Netscape 7.1 because of my multiple users and settings. TIA


A:Uninstalling Norton System Works 2001

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I am running Windows XP Home edition. I recently installed Norton System Works 2004 Professional. After installing the the software, my computer immediately bogged down. Start Up seems to take for ever and there almost always seems to be something running in the background. Can anyone PLEASE HELP!!!

A:Norton System Works 2004 Professional

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System works 2001 Norton Diagnostics

On running Ė memory test I get

Testing memory using pattern with all bits cleared...
Error detected at address 129355776
Test: Failed

Any Clue as to what this means?
I have recently installed 256 of sdram
Mark Blackmore

A:Norton Diagnostics System works 2001


Does all the RAM show at startup, or when you rightclick My Computer, and choose Properties?

It may mean that the stick that you have just added is failing. Can you check by pulling out the one you have just added, and then re-running the program?



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I have just installed NSW 2003 and when I try to "Begin Checkup" its gets to Checking shortcuts and reboots my computer. When I attempt to Norton WinDoctor it gets to Shortcuts and reboots again. Can someone please help me.

A:Norton System Works 2003 Reboots

try uninstalling it and reinstalling if you have a/virus running turn it off before reinstalling it may not of installed correctly the first time.i am afraid i am not a fan of sys works

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I had to reinstall Windows Xp on my computer so I try to install Norton on it. The Internet Security works fine but systemworks doesn't want to open or do anything I tried reinstalling and uninstalling it just like they say on the Symantec website and to no avail. Is it just the copy I'm using or is it the software itself

A:Norton System Works Professional 2004

I m also having problem in Norton while I try to Live update. I have Norton 2003

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Hi, through letting someone else on my computer in my absense, I found out that my Norton system works which includes NAV and all the rest has been partially deleted (not uninstalled) from my computer. Yes this person is wearing my right boot rectally for life!!!! the problem here lies in that when I try to reinstall System works it tells me that all the programs are already installed on the computer. and won't let me re-install them. I am running WinXP Pro. I tried to delete the files that were left behind by this idiot only to get an error message that says NAVAPSVC.EXE cannot be deleted. the disk may be full or write protected.

Question: If I delete the Symantech folders from my registry software folders will I be able to reinstall System Works. I realize that I could do this by formatting and reinstalling all my software, but I think that is a little on the drastic side. Any help would be appreciated.

And thanks for the great forums guys and Gals.

A:(Solved) Norton System Works 2002

Hello dustyjay!

Yes, that seems the proper place to store your boot!

But seriously: Try booting into safe mode (I don't how in XP- im a win98 junkie!) and removing the Norton files there and any registry keys (be careful!). Then reinstall. I had problems installing my Norton Systemworks so what I did was copy the CD to HDD then install it in safe mode- worked like a charm!

Give it a try and let us know what happens.

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Apparently Norton System Works 2006 does not support RAID array 0. I have recently assembled a new computer using an ASUS motherboard and the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Dual-Core processor. I'm running Windows XP Pro, 2 gig memory, 2 SATA 200 gig drives in mirror array, plus DVD burner, etc. When I attempted to install Norton System Works, it transferred the files from CD, instructed me that I would need to install Norton GoBack as a separate installation, and to remove the CD so the installation of System Works could continue. I did so. It attempted to restart by launching GoBack, which has not been installed. The only options I have are to disable or uninstall GoBack, which isn't installed. Anyone have any clues as to how I can correct this problem, short of reinstalling drivers, operating system and about 30 gig of installed programs and data? (Fortunately I do have a backup. All programs and data are also on another computer, an AMD 3000+, which I have kept up to date until everything was oprating properly on new machine).

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eMachine Model T2542
Dell Dimension 2400 Motherboard Replacement
512 MB of DDR Memory
Pentium 4 Processor at 2.5 GHz
Windows XP Pro

I recently had tried to install Norton System Works 2003 on this computer (What was I thinking ). Before I installed System Works, it took my computer about 1 minute to start up, and it was running like silk from a fresh install of windows. After I installed system works, however, right after when the install completed and it asked me to restart my computer, it took 20 minutes for my computer to load up each time I turned it on (and I am not exaggerating). Plus it took five minutes to open a single application such as WordPad. I got so fed up with this mess that I just formatted the computer to get rid of this problem. However the problem still looms. It took all day to reinstall windows xp yesterday from about 9:50 AM to 6:00 PM. I was about to actually throw the computer out the window at this point, and the computer still takes 20 minutes to load, even after a complete format. Can somebody help me please?!?!?!

A:Norton System Works 2003 Flop!

It could be a problem with the hard drive. Use F2 to enter the BIOS setup and make sure the hard drive is being detected correct and that its in DMA/UDMA mode, probably DMA 5 or 6.

Then maybe test the drive with the manufacturer's diagnostics, if the drive has developed bad sectors that'll slow down the boot time and overall system performance.

Lastly you could try to do a low-level format of the drive, if you just formated the partition then maybe there's part of Norton's Goback program still left on the drive, it installs itself and doesn't always want to come out. Killdisk will erase everything and then create a new partition, format it and install Windows all of which you should use the Windows XP CD for.


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Hello All !!
I would like some thoughts on some items in System Works 2003:
Is it safe to leave autoprotect off?
Also , if so, my son plays an online game. Will we be at risk?
Just thought I would get a view opinions from the experts! I have used Norton since 99 but not sure about the new one! I had 2001 autoprotect set to run on downloaded and created files only, but this one does not have that option. It scans all files when opened.


A:[Resolved] Norton System Works 2003

You are correct the option for "Run on Downloaded\Created files" was removed from setup per this article Auto-Protect section.

As far as running with AutoProtect off I would not recommend that since you have no idea what you will encounter nowadays.

Just my 2 cents.


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I wonder if anyone has come across this error?

I have two drives "C" and "D". Installed NSW2005 on both drives.

I find that if I boot to "D" and subsequently return to "C" then 'unerase protection' is disabled and cannot be re-enabled.

I have found that if I use "Modify" on the CD then 'unerease protection' is enabled and remains so if I only re-boot to "C"

Cannot get any help from Symantech and I hope someone will tell me what needs to be changed to prevent this situation.

A:Norton System Works 2005 Pemier

After using Norton products for 15+ years, I got tired of all the problems they caused and removed all of them from my computer. There are many other utilities available that will do the same jobs with no problems.

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I currently have Norton AV 2003. I am thinking of upgrading to System works which contains AV 2005. I suppose when I get the software, I just uninstall Norton AV 2003 and install the system works?

A:Norton Anti Virus and System Works

lschul said:

I currently have Norton AV 2003. I am thinking of upgrading to System works which contains AV 2005. I suppose when I get the software, I just uninstall Norton AV 2003 and install the system works?Click to expand...
It'll automatically assume you have the previous version(s). It will set up everything on it's own.

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Can somebody please advise me on this ? I uninstalled Norton System Works 2003. There doesen't appear to be any conflicts although the registry is full of symantec entries which I am told may be slowing down start up time etc. Is it safe to delete the left overs ??

A:Norton System Works Registry Entries

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I stupidly attempted to upgrade my Adobe Reader from 7.0 to 8.0 without removing the 7.0 (Adobe didn't tell me until it was too late!). Now I've spent many hours attempting unsucessfully to get rid of both completely, to start over again. Meanwhile, Norton System Works keep giving me the "All Systems Go" green light, saying I have nothing to fix, while Norton Utilities Win Doctor has a big red light -- not only telling me I have errors, but when I try to repair them via Win Doctor it shouts "Operation Failure" for about 6 fiiles. The ones that can't be repaired are mainly Adobe .dll or .msi files that remain entrenched in the registry. I've tried repairing them in safe mode, logging on as administrator, but Norton Utilities simply won't let me repair or remove them. For some of the files Win Doctor gives you a choice of going into the registry to repair them, but I'm not that experienced with making direct registry changes. I've also tried to get a solution from Adobe support and from Norton support, but I've received no help at all. I need my Adobe Reader for pdf files, but currently I can't install either the 7.0 or 8.0 because of the remaining junk in the registry. I'd very much appreciate advice on how to solve this problem. Many thanks.

A:Norton System Works 2006 standard

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I've tried installing Norton on my computer (ran the virus scan it initiates), no virus found, but the program starts to install and then I get this message:

Norton System Works 2004 Professional has failed. Do you want to try again?
Options: Retry or Cancel

I try Retry but it keeps popping back up with that error.

Any suggestions?

A:Problem installing Norton System Works.... Edition&src=sg&pcode=nav&svy=&csm=no

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I can't get norton system works 2004 to download virus definitions, if keeps saying something to do with service pack 2, so i took this off and tryed again but it then said problem with service pack 1, all of the rest of the programme works fine.

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This is my first post. Let me start by saying. Good job.

Ok, this is what I wish to ask.

I had recently installed Norton System works 2002, however I have experienced problems with system freeze. This happens without even having the program load at startup. It also happens when I install Norton Internet Security 2002.

I had prior to install done a complete format & fdisk, everything runs great untill I install Norton. I uninstall programs and it still freezes my PC. My PC doesn't freeze when these programs are not installed.

I was wondering if anyone has had these problems, I can not find anything regarding it on Norton site. Also how you fixed it.
Thank you for your time.

A:Norton System Works & Internet Security

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Running Windows 98se

I had NSW 2003 standard w/ 1 yr free subcription installed. Subscription lapsed. Decided to upgrade to NSW 2003 Pro. w/ 1 yr free subscription. I uninstalled previous version using RegCrawler. Now when I try to install the new version I get a message to "insert the DJS Shared License disk." What does this mean?

A:Trouble Installing Norton System Works Pro for windows 2000/me/98/xp&osv=&osv_lvl=

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I believe the problem has something to do with MS Svc Pack. Can anyone help??????????/

A:Norton System Works Update Problem

After I installed sp2 on my machine System works didnt work right ever again. I had to remove program from add remove programs, then search for symantic files and norton files and delete them all. Restart computer. Then you will need to do a clean boot. Disable everything from start up. To do this from the start menu in the run column type msconfig and click the services tab. On the bottom click "Hide all microsoft services" then uncheck everything else. Then click the start up tab and on the bottom check disable all click apply then ok then restart computer. You should be able to install with no problems.

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NSW2006Basic's WinDoctor Registry Scan keeps finding 270 problems, which it says should not be fixed automatically. However the OneButtonCheckUp feature finds the same and fixes them automatically - only for them to show up on an immediate re-scan or a re-scan after re-boot. The description for all the problems is: " Drive changed from C to C. A removable drive has been inserted or removed, or, a directory was moved to a new drive causing drive C to appear as drive C."

I found another person in this forum who had in the range of 21 problems with the same description of drive C to C, but the thread was unresolved. Is it o.k. to leave this?
( I've e-mailed Norton, but no response). Can't find logs anywhere, but have included a pic which shows the first few entries anyhow...


Second Problem with NSW2006B: Under the Norton Protection monitoring category it shows my very old Freedom Zero Knowledge AV as "running" when I'm using Kaspersky and thought Freedom was long gone. Again, o.k. to ignore this?


A:Norton System Works 2006 Basic - 2 Problems

Personally Ö I would ignore anything NSW would tell me.
Actually ... the only part of NSW that I would have installed would be the AV.
Anything else, is just asking for more problems Ö or a slower system.

As far as a Cleanup Routine Ö I use CCleaner Ö ... several times a day.
As far as a Registry Cleaner Ö I use Tweak Now Ö ... but not too often.

Is your Computer running OK ???

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Can someone just confirm that it is all OK to have Norton System Works, and Zone Alarm running on the same PC, and if so what are the best settings to choose on each, ie is it best to disable some settings in each?? ( XP Pro )

A:Norton System Works/Zone Alarm Question?

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I've recently changed Operating Systems from Win98SE to Win XP Home Edition. I've also been a user of Norton System Works 2002 for the past 2 or so years, and I'm used to and like the program.

A regular part of system security & maintenance on my Win98 OS was the use of Norton ''Wipe Info'' where I'd wipe "Free Space", which was one of the 3 wipe options, along with 'files' & 'folders'.

I've just discovered that the "free space" wipe is not an option on XP with the NTFS file system.

Anyone have any idea how to wipe free space using either 'NORTON Wipe Info' or some other utility on the XP OS.

Using a Compaq Laptop, P3, 600Mhz, 20G HD, Win XP Home, IE 6. All updates to Windows & Norton up-to-date & current.

Thanks in advance. DS

A:Norton System Works 2002 - Wipe Info

These are a couple of options.

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i have win xp home and had the norton anti virus installed then purchased online for the yr. now i purchased norton sustem works and it is saying that i have to uninstall the previous program i have history of a 404 and a policy scr , so why can't i keep just the quarantine items list and insatll the new? i did send NAV a email, just no aswer yet, but they did ask if i wanted to save my old set-up, and i said yes- they will get back to me in 3-6 wks??? wow

A:norton Anti virus in system works installation

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I have Norton System Works Professional 2001 installed right now and I want to upgrade to Norton Internet Security Professional 2004, for the extra options they include but I do not want to lose the System Works Utilities and Clean Sweep options from the Systems Works 2001. Is there a way to uninstall the Anti Virus part of the program, keep the other options and install the new Norton Internet Security 2004?

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I am going to upgrade a friend's PC from ME to XP today. Should I uninstall his Norton's SystemWorks before upgrading, and then reinstall, or can I just leave it as is?

A:Should I uninstall Norton System Works when Upgrading Windows?

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I installed norton system works within a week or two of buying a new computer. I run Win2000pro OS. I have dnld all the subsiquent win updates. I run 4 user screens, Admin,mine,the wifes, and the kids. Now starting with the first scan, norton has told me I had 23 or 24 windows registry problems. After I run fix, it says its OK. Now If I switch to another user, say the kids screen and run norton again I'll have 23 or 24 win reg problems again. Never any more, never any less. I have tried this in all the user screens with the same results. Or is this a problem I should even worry about? If not for norton telling me about it I would'nt know anything was wrong. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

A:[Resolved] Norton System Works and my Windows Registry

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Why won't my NSW2002 Pro uninstall or reinstall? I've done all the program driven (and manual) uninstall programs I could find but nothng has worked. NSW2002Pro worked before (but not after) I formatted my drive and clean installed XP.

450MHz Plll, Windows XP pro/Windows98SE (dual boot)

A:Norton System Works 2002 Pro won't install/uninstall

have you tried the following?

Worked for me, when I had a similiar problem.

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I am unable to work out how to "Erase Unwanted Data" through the Wipe command.
I would like to remove permananely (i.e.wipe) all Microsoft Word files and folders that I have "Deleted" - I gather they are not in fact deleted but merely lose their identity.
Similarly, I would like to remove permanantly (i.e. wipe) all internet e-mails and temporary files that I have "Deleted".
"Eliminating Data Permanently" (which is what I'm trying to do) requires me to "Drag files and folders" then "Wipe all". As their identity has been lost in the orginal 'delete' command - how can I drag them?
I think I have missed the point somewhere.
Please advise.
Thank you.
Nicholas Varnon.
(Vista Home Premium)

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I switched to another ISP a few days ago. How do I switch my ISP in Norton System Works 2001 so I can do a live update with My subscription is up to date with me still using the old software.
I can go to the web site under downloads and manually do this but I want the convenient way to do this.

Thanks in advance,
mcdonha in Tennessee.

A:Norton System Works 2001 - Email Change

I'm not sure I understand the problem. Was LiveUpdate working before you switched ISP's?

Changing ISP's should have no effect whatever on LiveUpdate. If your ISP is set up correctly in Internet Explorer, then Live Update uses the IE dial up settings to access the Symantec LiveUpdate site.

One other thing you may want to try. Open IE and establish an internet connection to, for instance, you home page. THEN click LiveUpdate and see if that works.

Perhaps if you describe exactly what happens when you click LiveUpdate in the Norton Control Panel, I would better understand the problem.

BTW... I'm a little surprised you can still get support for the 2001 version. I vaguely recall that was the reason I upgraded to 2002, but I'm not certain of that. It's been a while and the ol' memeory ain't what it used to be (I think ... not sure... can't remember)

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A freind of mine is running XP and is having all kinds of operating issues. msconfig will not run and he's having issues installing norton system works, it locks up at completion of the install.

Actually, he could not even run hjt. He had to boot into safe mode inorder to run it!?!?!?

Thanks in advance for your help.

The system has been scanne with ad-aware SE, spybot and error guard

Here the HJT log file:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.98.2
Scan saved at 2:13:29 PM, on 12/17/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page =
R3 - URLSearchHook: (no name) - {CFBFAE00-17A6-11D0-99CB-00C04FD64497}_ - (no file)
O2 - BHO: CCHelper - {0CF0B8EE-6596-11D5-A98E-0003470BB48E} - C:\Program Files\Panicware\Pop-Up Stopper Companion\CCHelper.dll
O2 - BHO: NAV Helper - {BDF3E430-B101-42AD-A544-FADC6B084872} - C:\Program Files... Read more

A:HJTlog msconfig will not run can't install norton system works

There's a worm in the computer. See if he can go back into Normal Mode after the following fixes.

Please print out or copy this page to Notepad. Make sure to work through the fixes in the exact order it is mentioned below. If there's anything that you don't understand, ask your question(s) before proceeding with the fixes. You should not have any open browsers when you are following the procedures below.

Go to My Computer->Tools/View->Folder Options->View tab and make sure that 'Show hidden files and folders' (or 'Show all files') is enabled. Also make sure that Display the contents of System Folders' is checked. Windows XP's search feature is a little different. When you click on 'All files and folders' on the left pane, click on the 'More advanced options' at the bottom. Make sure that Search system folders, Search hidden files and folders, and Search subfolders are checked.

For the options that you checked/enabled earlier, you may uncheck them after your log is clean. If we ask you to fix a program that you use or want to keep, please post back saying that (we don't know every program that exists, so we may tell you to delete a program that we think is bad to keep).

Turn off system restore by right clicking on My Computer and go to Properties->System Restore and check the box for Turn off System Restore. Click Apply and then OK. Restart your computer. After we are finished with your log file and verified that it's clean, you may turn it ... Read more

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i was trying to install norton system works 2003 and there's some problem with the live update so it didnt install completely, but every minute or so, the norton antivirus message keeps popping up saying that there's some kinda error and it's related to msn messenger 5; so i was trying to uninstall norton and then reinstall it, but there's no way to uninstall it; i tried using control panel as well as add/remove plus 2003 but there's no option to uninstall the darn thing!

please help

A:(Solved) i need help uninstalling norton system works 2003

You'll probably have to do a manual uninstall, which is a tedious chore for Systemworks, but can be done. Here is a link to the instructions. Pick the appropriate one for your OS.

Hope this helps.

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I am having problems istalling some updates to Norton System works 2005. I can download the udates but I get an error message when it tries to install the 2005 update for Norton 2005 Antivirus

A:Downloading Updates to Norton 2005 system works

Hi and welcome.. what is the error message message?
(never try to type while answering the phone)

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