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how to retrieve downloaded files?!?!?

Q: how to retrieve downloaded files?!?!?

hi.. I have recently downloaded quite a few mp3 files using the dowload manager called ReGet 4.0... once the file is downloaded im having a hard time finding the file in my computer.. thereofre i am unable to burn them on a disk or to add to a playlist.. I am looking where i saved the files but they just arent there.. I also tried to zip them and unzip them.. Please help!! thank you so much!

A: how to retrieve downloaded files?!?!?

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Well, I was just trying to move the "myfiles" icon (I have been keeping my text files there) on the My Computer screen to the top of the screen, so I clicked and drug to the top, accidentally releasing and copying it to the Windows XP file at the top named 880c6a5879f57165f5. I was able to remove the myfiles directory and can list the files, but when I attempt to open I get a message that the file is "in use or read only" and i must rename it to open. I click on the dialogue box yes and get the same box, then the third time it goes away. How can view and copy these files or remove the protected status?? Thanks!

A:Copied text files into XP read only files, can't retrieve

I going to bump; i'm on the third page with no replies. hopefully someone has an idea on this?

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My company has contracted a ransomware on a computer that was attached to a virtual drive on a server. Although the server couldn't get infected, its virtual drive files (which is a repository) got encrypted.
Since I have a couple of files that I had backed up and therefore have the original copies, does a program exist whereby I could load the original file and the encypted file and the program deduces the private key so that it can decrypt the rest of the files?
I do not need to remove the malware since I have already done so myself.
Thank you,

A:Retrieve encrypted files if have some original files

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I backed up my files from "My Document" folder to a CD-R. However, I cannot retrieve most of files any more. Whenever tries to open or copy the file, I got a message "data error cyclic redundancy check". Since I didn't open the file right after I made the copy, so I am not sure if I did something wrong in the very beginning. But I feel it was something I did later damaged the CD. Here is the process I did, (I used Roxio easy CD)
- I copied My Document, and renamed the folder name on CD as MyDocOnHP. The copy said was successful.
- them I moved the CD to another computer, and also copied the My Document folder, and renamed the correpsponding folder on CD as MyDocOnOldP. The copy was failed, and the track is open. I tried to close the track, and cannot figure out any way to do.

There are several folders in the My Document on two PCs share the same name, but the data error occurs for both type of folders.

Can someone offer help to fix the CD? Thanks so much in advance.

A:Cannot retrieve files on CD-R

try nameing one of the folders MyDocOnHP1 put a '1' the end of one of the copies

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Hi Guys,

I dont know if I'm posting this in the right area, but I think so.

I have a PC here that must have some files retrieved after a power failure has caused Windows XP not to load anymore. When you start up it just restarts all the time and never gets anywhere. Thats not the real problem here. There are some VERY valuable files on the hard drive which have not been backed up. Trouble is they are in 5 different user accounts. I have put in a new hard drive with a clean Windows XP install, and slaved in the original HDD, and have managed to get most of the files needed.

Unfortunately, one of the accounts is giving me a message "D:\ Docs..etc.. is not accessible. Access is Denied. The account that is doing this does not have a password, but it was the account that was logged on when the power went down. The account is not an administrator account. There is only one admin account, and that is accessible.

The hard drive is usable, and will be used as the main drive again (hopefully), but these files must not be lost, and I am not prepared to risk putting Windows XP over the top and hope for the best (not yet anyway). The recovery options that are available are all destructive. This is a bit annoying as there is often non destructive option, but not on this.

I hope there is someone who can help.


A:Need to retrieve files

Please take a look in the WIndows OS forum. Take notice of the threads featuring bold and all uppercase text..

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my friend has a messed up hard drive, i was going to back up all that i can thats not corrupt then try to wipe the drive for her

when i try to do it on my pc with her drive slaved out it gives me that i dont have permission to do that thing, is there a program or way i can go about doing this without manually threw DOS ?

i feel like i should know this answer but i havent had to do this in forever so any help would be greatly appreciated

A:cant retrieve files from HD

Take ownership of a file.

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As per title, I restored my computer to a previous setting using system restore and now I can't see the files that were on "My Document" folder.
Any suggestions please.


A:Help retrieve files

the files are still there, they're just not showing. if you can recall one of the file names, search for it and you should find where most of them are

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I am having a hard time getting files I burned onto a CD when I try top open said CD. I used my Sonic Record Now program, and have never had a problem burning files or getting at them again when I need them until now. The D drive is acting normal but this one CD I made to copy some files so I could delete them off my drive and just use the CD when I needed these files. When I right click to "open" or "explore" I get this window: D\ is not accessible. Incorrect function". I know the files are on there since I could see them when opening the CD through the Record Now window, I just cannot retrieve them or copy them, or what can I do? If I reformat the D drive I will lose what is on it. Feel really stuck cause there are photos on there that I really need to get at. Any help welcomed!
Thank you,

A:How to retrieve the files

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Hi all,

A friend of mine reformated and reinstalled Windows but had loads of photo's
on their hard drive. Is it possible to retrieve these files or are they gone for good.


A:Can I retrieve files

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My external hard drive was fine but when I open it shows empty field though there is data on it.
As I am unable to see my data I ran disk error via H drive, properties/tools/disk check.

To confirm what is on the drive I use a software which check the folder size and it shows files as per screen shot.
I wonder if there is any way I can open, read or retrieve chk files?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

A:CHK files how could I open or retrieve?

If I understand your question correctly, you want to read the results of chkdsk, which is shown on the screen only momentarily, at the completion of the scan.
Check Disk (chkdsk) - Read Event Viewer Log - Windows 7 Help Forums
Vista works the same as Seven.

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My pc had malfunctioned and I was not able to do anything because it would restart every time before the logon screen would appear during startup. So trying several solutions, I finally resorted to system recovery where it said it would not delete Data Files. The recovery worked except everything in My Docs is now gone. My admin account still has its icon, all the programs and desktop icons that I loaded before the crash are still there and most of them work. It saved my programs but not any of my files. Is there any possible way to get those files that were once in my My Docs folder?

A:How to retrieve files after recovery

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So I always burn my files onto a cd, you know, just in case something goes wrong with my computer. Ironically my computer is fine but my cd was ruined while I was adding some new files !
Some of the files that were on my cd have long been deleted from my computer. Is there anyway I can get them back?

A:How can i retrieve deleted files?

It depends on how long ago they were deleted and how much you're willing to pay a professional to try to retrieve them.

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Accidently, some files were deleted by holding down Shift + and Delete keys.

is there a way they can be restored?

A:is there a way to retrieve data files?

If the files were deleted from the Win98SE side of your system you may be able to recover using this software. There is a free trial and many have saved lost files using it. Not usable for W2K


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Hi Guys!

is there any way to retrieve the files in may HDD after I formatted? I am using windows XP pro, It so happened that I format may HDD and after doing it I found that i left to back up may one folder which is in the drive d.


A:How to retrieve files after HDD formatted

We can Retrieve all files from a Format HDD, by using a S/w "Recover My Files" we can retrieve all pictures, Audio,Video, System files etc. Try this s/w. U can check with the Google.

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Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 11:00:36 PM, on 7/22/2005Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exec:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exec:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\windows\system\hpsysdrv.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\hkcmd.exeC:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\Unload\hpqcmon.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\hphmon05.exeC:\HP\KBD\KBD.EXEC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccApp.exeC:\WINDOWS\LTMSG.exeC:\WINDOWS\ALCXMNTR.EXEC:\Program Files\Multimedia Card Reader\shwicon2k.exeC:\Program Files\Ares Lite Edition\AresLite.exeC:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exeC:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\hpqtra08.exec:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exec:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\SAVScan.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:&... Read more

A:how can I retrieve my owner files

Hello atemmer and welcome to the BC malware forum. I'm not sure what you mean by 'how can I retrieve my owner files'. this is a malware forum and we deal specifically with infections and malware issues.And speaking of that, there are a couple of items that need to be fixed in the log so let's get to that.Start HijackThis and click the Scan button to perform a scan. Look for the following items and click in the checkbox in front of each item to select it:O2 - BHO: (no name) - {549B5CA7-4A86-11D7-A4DF-000874180BB3} - (no file)O2 - BHO: (no name) - {FDD3B846-8D59-4ffb-8758-209B6AD74ACC} - (no file)O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [AlcxMonitor] ALCXMNTR.EXEO9 - Extra button: Related - {c95fe080-8f5d-11d2-a20b-00aa003c157a} - C:\WINDOWS\web\related.htmO9 - Extra 'Tools' menuitem: Show &Related Links - {c95fe080-8f5d-11d2-a20b-00aa003c157a} - C:\WINDOWS\web\related.htmNow close ALL open windows except HijackThis and click the Fix Checked button to finish the repair.Ok. Reboot your machine normally and that takes care of that. If you are looking for information on file retrieval then I would suggest posting a question int he Windows XP forum and see what they have to say. They are the ones who deal with operating system and application issues.Cheers.OT

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Hi, this is my first time on these forums, so here goes...

My sister has a system running Windows XP on an AMD K7 500. There is another old system in the house, a PIII-700. I was trying to take her hard drive out and put it in the other system, so it would run Windows XP, and have all her music -- not windows 98 with a bunch of nonsense files.

This isn't about that though. I understand the difficulties in moving hard drives around, especially in Windows XP. I don't really care about that anymore, I'm going to have to reinstall windows XP, I know, I know.

Here's the thing though. I want to put her old hard drive into one of my systems (both running windows XP, one is an amd, other is an intel) as a slave to retrieve her files.

Problem: The last time I tried putting a slave hard drive in my system that had windows XP installed on it, it CORRUPTED both of my drives. (Somehow the two winxp installs fight with each other, and cause major problems)

How can I put her hard drive into one of my systems to retrieve it, without killing the system? I can't chance corrupting either of my computers just to get her music, so I'm hoping someone here has done this before.

Oh, and one more thing...I would put it back in her old system and just transfer the files over the network (simple solution) but in moving all the hardware around, I guess some dust (there was a lot) got into the power supply and now it's dead.

I am not going to buy a new power supp... Read more

A:How do I retrieve my files in this situation?

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Today, I installed SP2 on my parents computer (they don't believe in Windows Upddate). After installation, I enabled the Welcome Screen and Fast-User Switching, and quite amateurly unticked the "Enable Offline Files" box.

Now, all the favourites for the user of this Computer have been deleted (while mine where all stored on Foxymarks).

Does anyone know of a way to recover these lost offline files? I have an undelete utility and have searched C: for something, but i'm not particularly fantastic with computers and don't really know what to look for if anything.

Can someone please help!

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Hey all, i was just wondering if it is possible to retrieve deleted files and folders eventhough it was emptied from the recycle bin ...

also, in windows 2000 server, how or where can i check to see who deleted a particular folder. there is this one folder on the server and all of a sudden it's missing ... very weird...



A:retrieve deleted files?

Short answer... no.
For some money and alot of effort... maybe.

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Gentlemen I tested my hard drive and it has bad sectors, is there a program to retrieve the files before replacing it. Thanx in advance

A:How to retrieve files from bad drive

Hello Silverfox,

Have you already ran Check Disk on the hard drive to see if it may be able to repair or mark the bad sectors, and recover any corrupted files or sectors from it?

I would say using the command below in a elevated (run as administrator) command prompt. Substitute C with the drive letter of this hard drive instead though.

chkdsk C: /F /R

Hope this helps,

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I had to reinstall XP Home after a problem.

Now, all of my essential file including my Outlook .pst file have been moved and I don't have permission to move or use them.

I have admin priveleges but there are no option to change permissions on these files.

Is there any way of hacking XP so that I can get to this .pst file?

A:Can't retrieve files after reinstalling XP


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Hi there, not sure if this is the correct forum...

Is it possible to recover files that have been deleted from my PC? Thinking i had them backed up on CD, I deleted digital photos and videos I had taken. Would it be possible to recover these? Even if it means restoring everything that has ever been in my "My Pictures" folder. Also, if it is possible, do I have to be specific? I can't remember all the file names.

Thanks for any help!

A:Retrieve Deleted Files?

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Hey everyone!
I want to buy an external hard drive to back up my hard drive. I think I know how to backup files.

My question is, if my computer ever breaks down because of a virus of anything major. How do I recover them from the backup I did to the external drive?

I know someone might say, 'boot safe mode and do a system restore.'
On the other hand I just want to know how.

A:How do I retrieve backup files?

Try a look here:

System Image Recovery
Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
Restore Backup User and System Files

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I created a folder in "Documents", then moved individual documents into the folder. These were WORD documents. Now when open the folder, it shows the entire list of the documents that I moved and shows the document size, but it won't let me open any of them. I've even tried to move them back out of the folder and open them, and that doesn't work. The error message that I get states that it can't find the file and tells me to make sure I spelled it correctly. I've run virus scans and that did not seem to be the problem. I could really use some help. I worked a long time on those documents, and it would be very difficult to re-write them all.

A:Can't Open/Retrieve Files

Based on what version of Windows we are working with, there is some help available...
Please post what Windows version you have, XP, Vista, 7, etc

(Your computer specs indicate "Vista"......

Sounds like you will need to Take Ownership of Files and Folders

Also, are you using a Professional Edition of Windows.... (XP Pro, and so on)

Verify that you have either a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows file system this way:

Then, Post which you have into a reply........

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Is there any password retrieve software for.SLE files?

A:Is there any password retrieve software for.SLE files?

Please read the rules.

Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

Try Google.

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Some background
So, a couple of weeks ago my explorer.exe stopped working. I'm not sure if I got infected with some virus or what, but I tried many antivirus scans, offline and online based, and also did malware scans with adaware/spybot/spyware doctor. Nothing was found that could fix it.

So, after spending many hours on it, I gave up on fixing it that way. My computer was still working, except for some things I couldn't do:

- no system restore - if I open the program an empty screen would show
- since my explorer shell disappeared I had to get this program to browse through my files

It worked great and I used it for some time. However, I knew I couldn't live with this anymore as I couldn't view any video files and I always had to right click on a file and do the "open with" when I wanted to open a file.

So, a couple of days ago I tried to fix it by reinstalling xp (not a fresh install, but doing a reinstall so I could just get my files), but this messed up things even more. I ended up with the set up just crashing at 34 minutes into it (my screen just turned off). I tried another xp disk I had, and it wouldn't work either.

I'm not sure what I did next, but I then started getting a BSOD right after the xp loading screen.

I thought instead of fixing everything now, I would just do a format and reinstall xp fresh. BUT, I... Read more

A:Solved: How do I retrieve files from a boot cd?

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Does anyone know how to retrieve bit rate, sample rate and other info from .wav files using Visual Basic 6? I'm trying to calculate duration, so i think im on the right tracks. Any help appreciated.

A:Retrieve Bit rate & other info wav files VB6

Hi [email protected],

You can find the description of a .WAV file on this page :

I don't recall the VB6 functions to work with binary files.

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This morning I spent about 7 hours writing a paper for my final exam. I never saved it (yea, I know ) I ended up (I think) accidentally deleting it.. instead of closing another file I closed the program. I did have auto save on. Is there *any* possible way I can retrieve my file???? I've already looked through all my temp files, there was nothing for the times it was auto-saving. Please help, ASAP.

A:Word'97: Retrieve Deleted Files?

Try going to 'Tools' then 'Options' then 'File Locations'. Does it give you a path for 'AutoRecover Files'?

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During a clean-up yesterday I accidentally deleted some .flac and .mkv files when I emptied the recycle bin. I've tried a few freeware retrieval programs but so far can't seem to restore the files I'm after. Anyone know of a foolproof restoration freeware program? Thank you.

A:How to retrieve .mkv files from emptied recycle bin?

try the demo from the following and see if it can be found. File Undelete File Recovery Software for Windows OS.

also did you try Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

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I bought a new windows 7 laptop to replace my Vista laptop. Backed up the files on an external HD using the Windows program and formatted the Vista and got rid of it. I retrieved some of the files one day ok then later had a problem giving this error message, "Windows Backup encountered invalid MediaID.bin file on the drive where the backup is saved. Restore from a different backup or delete the MediaID.bin file and try to create another backup. The MediaID.bin file can be found under <backup location> \MediaID.Bin <backup location>\<machine-name-folder>\MediaId.Bin. (0x81000035)" Is there any solution for this? It's not life or death but there are a number of files I'd like to retrieve. I can see 'em but don't know how to open.

A:Solved: Can't retrieve backup files

Never mind - found I can review the files by looking at directory via Windows 7 and copy the ones I want OK. A sorta slow process but at least I got 'em. Only problem is the file dates all the same but that's no biggie for me.

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If you've ever backed up your files and been unable to access the data you know it can be very frustrating.  Often times users will attempt to retrieve their data from the discs only to find that one of the discs does not work.  At first glance this appears to mean that you can not get back to your data.  Luckily there is a workaround.This thread applies to backup CDs created using the "backup" feature of the HP System Recovery available through the F11 menu during boot.  For more information on this feature take a look at this document. You will need to download and install 7-ZIP.  Here is a direct link to their site. After installing 7-ZIP launch the program and navigate to your CD drive.  You should then see a series of files named *number*.WIM.  Double click on the first of these files and it will open showing your C: drive.  You can then navigate through the files and select the ones you'd like to keep.  To keep the files simply select them and click the "extract" button at the top of the application.

A:I can't restore my backup files. How can I retrieve them?

I hope some of you find this helpful!   

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hi everyone, i really need help. I stupidly did a recovery on my computer (a compaq presario computer) and all my files were wiped out. now, i realise that i have a really important file in my previous computer system before i did the recovery. is there anyway to go back to the previous system before the recovery was done? i think my computer has done a partition thing.. does that help in anyway. please someone, help me!

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Hi all,

I have got 3 partitions on my HDD namely C, D and E drive.
C is the windows drive , the other two are normal data storage drives.
Yesterday when i started the PC, i found that all the folders on my E drive have become empty and the files which i can see do not work. Everything on the partition has become useless.

Even though all folders show 0 files, the used disk space is same as before.

Is it some kind of virus?

One more thing, i tried to system restore. When i reached the system restore screen, i found out that all my restore points are gone and i cant restore my PC to any earlier date, even though i have assigned nearly 20% of each disk for creating restore points.
Even the calendar in system restore screen wont show a previous month except the current month.

Can any one find a solution to fix this.
Atleast tell me a way to restore my PC to an earlier date somehow without system restore.

Thanks in advance.....

A:Unable to retrieve files... is it a virus?

It seems to be virus problem from your post. But make sure your self that all the files in other drive is ok. do you have any AV soft in your comp?, have a virus check first.

To restore PC; tell me what OS you have?

to know more about missing restore points check this MS Kb Article 301224

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I am using windows XP.I have a portable 500 GB HDD.Since last few days, all files of some folder are getting kinda corrupted.I can't access/delete them. Here is the example.


If I try to access these files/folders, I get following error.


This thing is kinda spreading in my HDD.Till now it has affected two folders worth 70 GB.In which one folder is **backup** folder where all my important data resides.So I am really in loss if I loose this data.

How can I retrieve this data?
Please help.

A:Loosing windows XP files.How to retrieve them?

If the HD is dying .. You probably can't .. This is why I have Two externals for my backups.

I'd say that your first priority is to get another external (or Two) and make new backups.
Some data recovery routines might be able to recover your data .. (or some of it)

Sounds like it's time to quit running the external any more than you have to.
Your Next step would be to see if a data recovery will work ...
But won't you need another external to store the recovered data (if any) in ??

Another thing you might Try .. get the HD out of the external ...
Run it in an external enclosure and see if it's any better in a new enclosure.

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Hi Guys,

I just remove a program using add/remove program.

Only then I remembered that i put some files in that program folder. It seem add/remove also delete the folder with all it's contents.

Is there anyway I can retrive my files back?

Thank you.

A:How to retrieve accidently erased files?

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Seems I have picked up a scam maybe. It made it past McAfee. It professing that I have major hardware issues etc and I must pay $85 to remove issues and fix problems. They have tried to replicate Windows manager but is not quite right. Anyone know how to nuke this thing?

A:"softwarepay" wiped d/top and files- must pay to retrieve?

DownloadTDSSkillerLaunch it.Click on change parameters-Select TDLFS file systemClick on "Scan".Please post the LOG report(log file should be in your C drive) Do not change the default options on scan resultsDownloadaswMBRLaunch it, allow it to download latest Avast! virus definitionsClick the "Scan" button to start scan.After scan finishes,click on Save logPost the log results here.If you get crashes in normal mode,run it in safemode with networkingDownloadESET online scannerInstall itClick on START,it should download the virus definitionsWhen scan gets completed,click on LIST of found threatsExport the list to desktop,copy the contents of the text file in your reply

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So, I was having some computer problems and decided to reformat, I spent some time backing up anything I thought was important. I just so happened to not backup my folder of music which I had protected/hidden with a program called My Lockbox, so not thinking, I didn't see it when I looked at my drives to figure out what I needed. Well now I've lost all my music and am pretty much ready to cry, literally.
I did a google search "how to undo reformat of hard drive", and have had zero useful results..

Help is very greatly and dearly appreciated, thank you in advance..

A:Any way to retrieve lost files after reformat?

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Hi, I just got brave enough to sign up today. I am trying to learn to be less dependent on my young great-nephew in solving my computer problems. This looked like a friendly spot to find others willing to help. The question I have today is about my jump drive. I have had no problems in the past but when I plugged it in today it just will not open. The only possible thing 'different' is that it feels a little 'wiggly'. Please do not tell me I have lost 11 chapters of a novel since the laptop I had as backup died earlier. I will appreciate any help. Please remember too that I am pretty much a novice to computer tech 'language'. Thanks. Mattie

A:Can`t open jumpdrive to retrieve my files.

Hello, and welcome to Techspot!

If the drive is "wiggly" it might mean that the connector that you plug into the USB port has been bent off or just worn out.

Another thing you could try is to right click on your "My Computer" icon, and click manage. Go to the "Disk Management" section and check if the disk shows up there. If it doesn't you could try a restart of your computer and then just try plugging it into another USB port. Sometimes those jumpdrives just require you to unplug them and plug them into a different port to get Windoze to recognize it.

EDIT: Check out this excellent guide to USB drive recovery by Tedster: USB Drive Recovery

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Please help. I have a old hard drive that was crashed. However, I need some important files from it. I tried to boot up it as a second hard drive with my XP computer that is NTFS, but I can't see files from that hard drive. I couldn't convert it to NTFS because it is a 500MB hard drive. Please teach me how to get files from it. Thank you very much.

A:Need help to retrieve files from FAT hard drive

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Trying to help my brother on this one.

His old XP PC crashed before he could setup Easy Transfer. He has since bought a new Win7 PC & needs to access data from his old C:. So, I'm wondering if we mount his old XP's C: as an extra HDD, will his new Win7 PC boot properly or will it be confussed which drive to boot from.

My gut feeling is it will boot to Win7 but it never hurts to look before leaping! Once we can read the files (photos, music, etc) we'll move them to his new C: & remove the old one.

Any suggestions?

A:Have old XP C: & want to mount in new Win7 just to retrieve files. OK?

Hi GARoss,

I do not think there will be any issues, but.....once you power up the PC the first time, enter the BIOS and make sure that the Windows 7 disk is first in the boot order.


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oh my god! i accidently deleted my entire My Pirctures folder with TONS of my artwork and other irreplaceable files. is there a way to retrieve something that's be deleted - and yes, i emptied out the trash can already. help help help!

A:how can i retrieve deleted folders & files?

Try a system restore back to when you had the files.

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Hey all. I'm attempting to fix the computer of someone I work with. It's an HP Compaq 8000 Elite running Windows 7 Professional.

According to him, 3 updates were recently installed. After the updates completed, the computer rebooted, then the "BOOTMGR is missing" error message came up.

I searched the web for solutions to that particular issue, and the main consensus seems to be to run a repair from the Windows 7 installation disc. I tried that, but when the recovery manager searched for installed operating systems, it found nothing.

I went to the command prompt in the recovery manager and typed "C:" to try and determine if anything was installed. The C: drive was labeled "OS", but there didn't appear to be anything on it other than a TEMP folder.

Then I ran Ubuntu via flash drive, which allowed me to access the corrupt hard drive. However, I only saw that TEMP folder, which contained text documents.

Now I have the corrupt hard drive plugged into my personal desktop, as a final attempt at retrieving any files. When I navigate to My Computer to see the connected drives, I now see:
Local Disk (C:) - My main hard drive

OS (E:) - What I assume would be the OS partition of my co-worker's drive, but it says 39.9 GB free of 39.9 GB (It's supposed to be a 500 GB drive).

SYSTEM (F:) - 1.95 GB free of 1.99 GB. Not too sure what this one is.

HP_RECOVERY (G:) - I know this is the partition of his drive dedicated to restoring the OS to... Read more

A:OS seems missing after update, how can I retrieve files?

Since one of the recovery items is System Restore, did you try that?

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I am trying to retrive some e-mail file from netescape so i can reinstall them on another computer.Like outlook have .pst do netesacpe have anything? Also how can i print e-mail from netesacpe it said offline and i try to find how to swicth it to on line but don't know how. Please help.

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A:retrieve files from old hard drive

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I have been saving my files onto a sandisk cruzer mini 128MB flash drive. Everthing was going ok till yday when I plugged in my cruzer mini and I saw the littl eicon on my computer and the green light went on too but i was not able to access my files. When I tried it kept asking me to insert the desk Then I tried one of the freeware to recover files from it and that returned zero files. Can somebody tell me how I can retrieve files from it, if at all possible. Unfortunately I dont have back up too.


A:retrieve files from faulty cruzer mini-please help

I have a Cruzer Micro that I accidently wiped out (and fixed) so maybe I can help a little bit. First of all, you have to be able to access the drive before you can recover any files. If your computer is telling you to insert the disk, that ususally means that it does not think the drive is there. Did the recovery program that you tried detect the drive? Also, which operating system are you using?

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I had problem with a bad storage drive on my pc so I disconnected it. I wasn't able to start my pc without inserting the windows disk. Now I have 2 versions of windows xp home installed on my pc. Can I some how merge the 2 since all my programs are on the other windows? I can see all the files and programs when I go into the all users folders but I can't open the program. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


A:2 installations of windows XP home need to retrieve files from one?

Hi .1. Boot into the install that you want to keep.2. Delete the other Windows folder (for the install that you don't want).3. Then follow the procedures outlined at Removing the invalid entries from Boot.ini -

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I'm having trouble recovering all the files in the backup that I've saved on an External USB. My PC was frozen to the point that I couldn't get passed a blue screen, so I went to System Recovery, and it prompted me to backup my files onto a USB, which I did, and once the factory reset was finished, I went through the process of trying to recover my files. I have a desktop shortcut of my recovered files, & all 56+GB of my data seems to be there, but I have no access to any of my programs (non factory programs) pictures, music, videos,etc. I have spent hours trying to figure this out, and I've come up with no straight answer. Any help in this matter will be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!!

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My computer was infected with cryptolocker, i have no back up of photos in the last two years so i thought if i could retrieve photos from the camera it would at least be something.Just wandering what program to use to retrieve deleted photos

A:program for camera to retrieve deleted files

If the deleted files have been written over by more recent photos recovery won't work. See info in link below.
How to recover deleted photos from a memory card - CNET
EDIT: You should first check to see if your camera manufacturer offers a program to recover files.
If you use the free from here: Recuva - Standard
Be sure to watch for offers of toolbars and other bundled software and refuse if offered.

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I'm at work trying to restore files that were deleted in "temporary internet files" Windows 2000 Pro. I've gone downloaded Restorer 2000 and haven't had any luck. Also searched system cache. any suggestions would be great.


A:Need to retrieve deleted temporary internet files

I have had pretty good luck with restoration. Why do you need the Temporary Internet Files?

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I scanned two files using a (newly acquired) Kodak i2900 document scanner, and was rushing. I saved both under the same (automatic) name in the same folder, and it didn't ask for overwrite confirmation. But it did overwrite the first statement.

I ran a search for all files modified at the time of scanning--They are all within one minute of each other. In order, I have:
Prefetch file (LEXEXE.EXE) from system Prefetch folder
PF file (LEXEXE.EXE) from system Prefetch folder (different hex tag)
Log from scanner software's Program Data folder
XML file in scanner software's Program Data folder (different subfolder)
PF file (LEXEXE.EXE) from system Prefetch folder (all new hex tag)
PF file (LEXEXE.EXE) from system Prefetch folder (yet another hex tag)
PF file (TWAINGUI.EXE) from system Prefetch folder
Shortcut to file name (a PDF document)
Shortcut to file name (exactly same as #8)
Shortcut to folder where I saved files
Ditto #10
PF file (KSSCFG.EXE) from system Prefetch folder
Log, as in #3
PF file (DLLHOST.EXE) from system folder
HST file from scanner software's Program Data folder
XML, as in #4
PDF document using the name I changed it to about 2 hours later
Ditto #17
Extensionless {} file from a folder regarding malware
Can anyone please, please, PLEASE help me retrieve the first file?
Can I use some sort of forensic technique to pull data from the prefetch files? The target files are PDFs; I use PDF-XChange Editor. Others in the office have Adobe Pro. The scan... Read more

A:Must retrieve consecutively scanned files that overwrote each other

Unfortunately, once a file has been saved with the same name as an earlier file the earlier data is no longer available in most programs. Two files of the exact same name cannot be in the same Folder, one has to be at least one character different, the time, date, size, etc., don't make a difference, that has been a 'standard' for years, at least back to the late '80s when I started learning about computers for work and got my first computer in '92. Some programs may be able to retrieve a previous version but don't think so with scanning.

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As I selling my laptop, I want to clear files from the hard drive and I need to know if a System restore will do this?

Can files be retrieved if the laptop has been restored?

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Can I retrieve files after doing a system restore?

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Its really astonishing to find out that the files,folders, textpad or anything which is made hidden goes missing permanently.Suppose if I make a folder hidden in my Desktop or any other place then on clicking the refresh button the folder gets hidden.And to make it again appear at the same place we go to TOOLS option,then we check the "SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS" in the View option in TOOLS.Once this setting is applied we again get back the file or folder which we once made it hidden.
But what happens in my laptop is that when I make a file or folder hidden it gets hidden but can't trace back the hidden file/folder thereafter even if I follow the same path described above to get a hidden thing back.
This thing happened only a few days back.Before that it was working fine.
Is it the handicraft of some virus which makes this thing happen or does the virus deletes the hidden files permanently.
Could you suggest me something useful and provide a remedy to this problem .
I would also be extremely grateful if u could tell me the way for viewing hidden files and folders in command prompt.

A:Unable To Retrieve Back The Hidden Files

Hello sarth4321 and to BCTry reading the tutorial found hereIf that does not show your missing files, it may be a serious malware(malicious software) infection on your computer.In that case, read the Preparation Guide for use before posting a HijackThis Log thread and complete up until Step 9.Then download the new version of HijackThis from here. Then unzip/extract you are unsure how to unzip/extract, a link showing how to can be found by clicking here Then create a permanent folder and move hijackthis.exe into it. The reason for this is because HijackThis creates backups and they may be deleted they are in a temp-folder.How to make a permanent folder:Click My Computer, then C:\ and then on Program Files.In the menu bar (2nd bar from the top) select File>New>Folder.That will create a folder named New Folder, which you can rename to "HJT" or "HijackThis".Now you have C:\Program Files\HijackThis. Put your HijackThis.exe there by copying and pasting. I would recommend you create a shortcut for HijackThis for easy access. Just right HijackThis and select create shortcut. Copy and paste that shortcut onto the desktop.Please be patient, as there are a limited number of helpers and a lot of demand for help. Also, do NOT bump your topic, as the HJT team members work on a first come first serve basis, and if you bump your topic by replying to your thread. If you do so, they will assume someone is already helping you as your thread does not have '0' replies.If no one... Read more

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Please let me tell the preface of my sticky situation before coming to the point. I was working on a dual boot system of VISTA and XP. A couple of weeks back, while reinstalling XP, the boot loader perhaps crashed and I was left with the XP working only. I can’t boot into Vista right now though it shows up in the dual boot menu while I boot up my laptop. I’ve got 2 partition of my hard disk&#61664;
C: Vista installed here
D: XP installed here

Now I kept some important files, folders in the path &#61664; C:\User\Sam
i.e. in the VISTA system folder. Few days back, while working on XP,I mistakenly initiated a MOVE operation of the system folder ie “C:\User”. Well, I stopped the process the very next moment. But here comes my agony, I couldn’t find my documents in the previous location. I tried un-checking the “Hide protected OS files” option under TOOLS>FOLDER OPTION>VIEW but with no hope. My lost personal folders are showing when searched with advanced search options like “search system folders/hidden folders/tape back-up” but the contents are not visible or the personal folders can’t be copied either. But interestingly my 2/3 GB of data seems to have been intact somewhere in the hard disk as it’s evident from the available memory space and allocation in the C drive.
Someone please help how to retrieve my personal folders and files.

Thanx in advance,

A:Help retrieve files messed up within crashed OS folders

Firstly find the location of the files. If you say it shows up under search. right click on any particular file & select open folder container.
Now remember the name of the folder in which the files are saved. now
right click on the folder>properties>security Tab> Select your User & give full control
If the settings are greyed you can log of & log back in as administrator & take ownership of the folder by the same method but go into advanced options & select Owner tab & select administrators & check mark Replace....(dont remember the exact phrase) click on apply>ok exit the folder property windows & then try what i mentioned above

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Is it possible to retrieve deleted files from my mobile phone? These files are mainly pictures and videos. The phone is a W550i and can connect to the computer via its own data cable.

Jamie D

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I have a year old Dell Dimension E521. I had a problem with my RAM (windows wouldn't run). After many trials and errors Dell suggested the only fix would be to reboot Windows XP. So we did. Is there any way to retieve lost files from the hard drive or are they lost forever? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Happy Sunday!

A:How to retrieve files/folders after a windows reboot?

Welcome to TSG. By 'reboot Windows XP' did you mean reinstall Windows XP, or perhaps a 'repair installation'?

Please tell us how dell had you fix XP...

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I know that this subject has been asked many times before but I have tried all I know and looked a so many fourms I have even gone and downloaded Ubuntu and burned it on cd and took it to the laptop and it comes up in a command prompt mode and I just don't know what to do at this point.
I have a copy of Windows 7 installatin cd and have tried what ever I was able to with that. I haved tried F1, 2, 9. I did not go into Bios setup because I do not know much if any about that area. The last thing I did was try and go to a restore point with a message "you must enable system protect on this drive" There are restore points there but I am unable to do it.
I finally downloaded and copied Ubuntu and when I put it in the Laptop it went to a commond prompt and I am so lost as what to do next. I would just like to get my personal document file transfered to one of my external HD's and if I must, I will do a factory reinstall. Here is the information I received from F1 system information

Notebook Model: HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
Processor Speed: 1400 MHz
Total Memory: 4GB

Belarc Advisor January 2013
Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) Service Pack 1
1.40 gigahertz AMD A6-3400M APU with Radeon HD Graphics
No memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (4 total)

A:Solved: Blue screen need to retrieve files

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Hi guys,

My hard drive died on me recently. I bought a new one, put the jumper on master and put the dead hard drive on slave hoping to retrieve the files that were stored on it, but my computer won't recognize it. I checked the cable connections and they seem to be fine. When I put another good hard drive on slave the computer does recognize it. Could I still somehow retreive the files from the old hard drives or did I lose them for good?


A:Is it possible to retrieve files from a dead hard drive?

You'd need to have a professional recovery place do it (expensive), or try it yourself:

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Hello. I'm in quite a conundrum. After my computer started acting screwy, the OS asked if I'd like to restore my computer to a previous state. It said I would lose my apps but keep my personal files. I went along with it, thus making a huge mistake.

I had many many project files saved in my Program Files (x86) folder that I didn't think I'd lose, but now I can't find them. I discovered Windows.old but it doesn't contain any Program Files folders.

Is there any possible way to get those files back? They're very precious.

Thank you.

A:Need to retrieve Program Files (x86) after system restore.

Have you checked the users folder instead ? Data files used by applications (mainly settings) shouldn't be saved in program files but in Users/Username/Appdata, you personal files should be in Users/Username/.
You can also try a search from the windows.old folder (maybe the extension you used like *.xls).

If that fails, I doubt you'll be able to recover anything any other way, sorry.

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Hello, Please help me. I have Windows 2000 Professional. I'm pretty new to all this as I have only had a computer for about a week. I got some adware threats detected by Norton Antivirus 2004 and have done a lot of reading up and I am now tring to delete them.

One of the removal instructions provided by Norton promps me to delete a file in C:\Winnt\Downloaded Program Files but when I go to view this folder it looks like there are no files inside. Now, I know there are files in there as Norton Antivirus has picked up one in there and when I view the proporties for that folder it states there are 12 files inside but when I view the folder with Windows Explorer it appears empty!

I've gone into folder option and changed the settings so it shows hidden files and hidden system files yet this still doesn't let me view the files in this folder. How can I delete this file if I am unable to view it?

If anyone can point me to a turorial that explains this or explain it to me I would really appreciate this.

Please help a n00b.

Cheers, Luke.

A:Unable to view files in C:\Winnt\Downloaded Program Files

I'm assuming you have done this to Show hidden files and folders:
Go to Control Panel/Folder Options/View and select "Show hidden files and folders"

Also,place a check in "Display the contents of system folders"
And,uncheck "Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)"

If the above doesn't work try this:
Create the REG_DWORD ShowSuperHidden (if it doesn't already exist) Set the value to 1, click OK, and close the Registry editor

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Windows 8.1 has just come up with an new automatic and colorful update which made me lose many many of my files. I tried to retrieve them by checking the Windows.old folder, but this folder does not exist in c: (and its not hidden of course..). HOW DO I MANAGE TO RETRIEVE MY FILES????

A:Windows 8.1 upgraded automatically and I have lost all my files. How to retrieve them?

I don't know what happened exactly, but you are certainly mistaken. I'd suggest you sign up so you can post to this thread and more accurately explain your problem:
What update do you think it was that deleted files?
What files and how many do you think were deleted?
Where did you store the files that are now gone?

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Ransomware has proven very lucrative for criminals. Many have extended their ?business? models by adding ransomware to their malicious catalog. To help prevent personal data and files being held hostage by cybercriminals, we have previously, advised on how to avoid ransomware infections, and what to do if your files have already been held to ransom. In that article, we stated that:...

A:AVG releases 6 Free Decryption Tools to retrieve your files

@spaceoctopus Mod Edit Notes: Moved from (Latest Security News) to appropriate sub-forum.

I couldn't find the downloads on, but they are provided on AVG Now. Copied links here:

We prepared two separate decryption tools for this strain: one for the early versions of Apocalypse and the other one for the current version:

The BadBlock decryption tool can be found here:

Unfortunately, Crypt888 is a badly written piece of code, which means some of the encrypted files or folders will stay that way, even if you pay the fine, as their ?official decryptor? may not work.

The AVG decryptor can be found here:

Note: Don?t be confused by another ransomware strain that renames files to a similar name ? [email protected]?. It is NOT the same strain and it cannot be decrypted by this tool.

The decryptor is available here:

The decryptor for SZFLocker is available here:

The decryptor can be found here:
http:/... Read more

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Well.. ***** me was too impatient to wait for my computer to be shut off, so i decided to unplug all my 3 fans simultaneously ( wow, stupid ). I forget the reason I did it but oh well. Anyway, I turn around and smell smoke. Then I look inside my computer and my harddrive has flames coming out of it :hotbounce .
So obviously I cant boot from it. But just wondering, can I possibly get these files retrieved? Or will that be a big waste of time . Looks like only a little black chip thing caught fire. Little chip, but big flame. Heres a Picture

A:My hard drive...caught fire...Can I retrieve the files?

If you find an identical hard drive then you can take the PCB from that and replace the burnt one on your drive. Some computer repair shops will do it for you too - they have better access to hard drives and can even order the one to take the circuit board from.

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I know what you're probably thinking- Here's someone who simply needs a bypass through all of the Permission Security Settings before being able to access his External Drive. But I don't think that's it.

I'm rather new to the Vista world (...very new. This computer is just a week old). I've wanted to transfer my old files off of my HardDrive from my previous computer, but didn't have a second computer to do it with. So instead I bought a Hard Drive enclosure and made it into an External.

Here's my issue. It simply will not let me retrieve the files off of the hard drive. I've been going through hell all night, looking in every forum for help, and found out that it's a permission issue. Well here's where it gets weird. See, it started with me realizing that I can get through every folder, but just having to set the security settings of each one individually. With thousands of songs, I definitely didn't want to do that. So I was looking around, and found this link-

It's great, and there are a slew of forums of which reference it, and a ton of people saying that it solved their problems. He gives two suggestions, and both just won't work for me.

" 1. Right-click the drive letter in Explorer and select properties
2. Click the security tab
3. Click "Edit." You will be asked to elevate. Remember, until you do you are still in admin approval mode and for all practical purposes you are not an admin ... Read more

A:Vista Refuses to Retrieve Files from External Drive

First, Vista even limits what the admin can do in it. But also need to note that E:\boot.ini is more of a system file and those are usually locked anyway. I would check into seeing if you can take what you need off the hard drive. I recenty lost my desktop, got a laptop, then got an extrenal hard drive case, and i could not get premissio for every file on it no matter what, but it was also ok since you should not need most if at all any of those files since they are usually just for the system to run.

Usually most of (in your case) E:\Windows... can be deleted, just know where you save everything when using that computer and go back there (mostly My Documents, desktop, possible Program files). none of those should need premission unless you set it up to need on your old computer then i do not know what you have to do.

Sorry that i went on in this, but simple just try to move what you need to save (or want to) to your current computer or its own folder on the external and that should work, if not then post back and we will try to help you more.

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how's it goin... i came across a picture on a website of me and my friends that i wanted to save onto my computer... i didn't do so at first, but when i went back to the page, it said it couldnt be found.

i opened up my temporary internet files folder, but there were no files inside it... the only thing there is a folder that says "Content.IE5" and within that a bunch of other subfolders with random sequences of letters and numbers such as W1A75XQR. none of these folders have any files in them, even when i allow all hidden files and folders to be seen... is there anyway i can retrieve this picture?

also, i use firefox, so would the temp files be under a different location? cuz i dont see why they would go to a folder sayng IE5

A:How do you retrieve an image deleted from the web in temporary internet files?

mrsmash99 said:

also, i use firefox, so would the temp files be under a different location? cuz i dont see why they would go to a folder sayng IE5Click to expand...

They don't go to Temp Internet Files when you use Firefox. If you haven't cleared your browser cache, you might be able to find it. Type about:cache into the address bar of Firefox and click go. Under Disk cache device click on List Cache Entries. Use the Find function to narrow down the search (Control+F). If you find what you're looking for, click on the Key: line until you get the picture in the browser, then right click the pic and Save as.
Hope that helps.

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I reimaged my hard drive when windows would'nt open up and thought i was using the most recent back. Turn's out it was months old so i lost 5 months of new files plus what was there. How/if can i get them back?

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Hi everyone, first time long time. I am at a bit of an impasse with my spreadsheet. I've been looking everywhere and the best i can find for a solution to my problem browsing around is something like the following -


Unfortunately for me, i think it's only copying the text from the cell and not the file path also as i get a "cannot open specified file" error.

I was hoping there was some wisdom that would be able to assist in a work around for this

A:Excel 2010 using vlookup to retrieve hyperlinks to files


link location is

whats actually in that lookup -

working for me in an example here

perhaps attach an example with only dummy information as this is a public forum

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I am trying to access a failing Toshiba 60Gb Laptop Hard Drive. Windows XP.
I have removed the Hard Drive and installed into a IDE and linked into my Desktop via the USB.
After many attempts, including the freezer trick, i finally got it recognised in Computer Management. It took about 15 minutes to appear after much chugging and clicking.
When i tried to open it nothing happened except the windows bleep.
I then noticed that the drive was showing as 57.5 Gb.
There was no File System shown, just and empty box.
I cannot remember if the Layout said Partition.
I am attempting to retrieve lost photos and Video for a friend, does this mean that the Hard Drive now has nothing on it?
As far as i know no one has reFormatted the drive.
Is there any hope without resorting to Professional tinkerings?

A:Retrieve files from failing Laptop Hard Drive

The hard drive will still have data on somewhere but as it isn't most likely spinning correctly then you won't get it.

I know the freezer trick how long did you leave it in there?

Also try turning the damage HD upside down or sideways as it is spinning sometimes helps even shaking it

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I know what you're probably thinking- Here's someone who simply needs a bypass through all of the Permission Security Settings before being able to access his External Drive. But I don't think that's it.

I'm rather new to the Vista world (...very new. This computer is just a week old). I've wanted to transfer my old files off of my HardDrive from my previous computer, but didn't have a second computer to do it with. So instead I bought a Hard Drive enclosure and made it into an External.

Here's my issue. It simply will not let me retrieve the files off of the hard drive. I've been going through hell all night, looking in every forum for help, and found out that it's a permission issue. Well here's where it gets weird. See, it started with me realizing that I can get through every folder, but just having to set the security settings of each one individually. With thousands of songs, I definitely didn't want to do that. So I was looking around, and found this link-

It's great, and there are a slew of forums of which reference it, and a ton of people saying that it solved their problems. He gives two suggestions, and both just won't work for me.

" 1. Right-click the drive letter in Explorer and select properties
2. Click the security tab
3. Click "Edit." You will be asked to elevate. Remember, until you ... Read more

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Hey guys, I was wondering if you could lend me a hand over here.

I've been having issues long time with my dual monitor set up crashing with video playback after a 3d application has been running. Me myself..I'm thinking it might be an issue with the card switching from 3D mode to 2D mode, but anyway.. The errors to point at a STOP 0X116 Video TDR error.

I followed the steps and was requested to follow with an SFC scan command which I did. So upon completion SFC did detect files that were corrupted, most of them have the words ATI/AMD ironically. So I'm believing they might be the culprit for my dual monitor crashes. Now. I did perform a clean driver install before this. So I find weird most of the corrupted files are ATI/AMD.dlls.

But to the point.. obviously those files are not going to be on the windows 7 installation disk.

So how could I go about fixing those corrupted files? I don't believe you can retrieve them from the installation disk as they are AMD files.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Please allow me to attach the log in case someone might be able to identify the files.

A:SFC couldn't repair files. Attempted to retrieve from install CD

Those .dll files should be inside the AMD Ccc drivers . I believe AMD came out with a new version

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In internet options under temporary internet files and then under settings view objects there 5 java runtime environment active X controls with yellow exclamation points. Is this supposed to be this way and if not how do I fix this? Also, the setting in my temp internet files folder is set at 1192. Is this correct or should it be changed?

A:Downloaded program files and temp files folder

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Plz someone help me, i'm almost in tears. Actually I already am. I've tried really hard to work this out for myself & i'm going nowhere fast.
When I turned my laptop on, after shuting it down in the normal manner, I got dell logo screen-then a blank, dark screen with white cursor in top left hand corner.

After contacting dell & arranging for collection and repair I tried to discover how to get my data off the laptop as advised by dell, as they appartentley don't do this for you, even under warranty.

The problem is, according to a friend, that my hard drive has been wiped clean, bar a few files (though they are unsure what's in these files. I know I havn't deleted anything as i've not touched it since talking to dell, however, proir to my friend telling me there was very little on my laptop, another friend offered to look at it for me & being a novice I was confident he knew much more than I. I recall the screen showing that windows vista home premium was installing. And thats where i'm at now. I've tried booting from the disc that came with laptop (operating system) & have gone through the diagnostics etc, from which only one error was revealed. As follows:
Error code 0146
msg error code2000-0146
msg Hard drive 0- self test log contains previous errors
(It then goes on about giving code to technician in order to discover the problem)

My laptop is a dell inspiron 1545: intel core duo.
Hard drive: 250GB
Memory 30... Read more

A:DISTRESS CALL!!! Can I retrieve my files etc, vista home premium?

Your best chance of recovering anything off of the drive would be to remove the drive from the computer and use an external drive adapter to connect it to a working computer. There are free programs available that may be able to recover some of the data from the drive and copy them to the computer's main drive.

The more you use the drive in the current computer the less chance you have of recovering the files because they may get overwritten by new files. If your friend attempted to reformat the drive before re-installing Vista, your chances may be very slim.

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Hello! I was hoping you could help me with my PC problems.

I'm currently using an ACER ASPIRE Notebook. My OS is Windows XP. There's a system restore already installed in my laptop, so there are no CDs included when I bought it.

My laptop was struck with the Blue Screen of Death. This is the second time that I've encountered this; the first one was last December 2009.

Here is what was written on the BSoD:

A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.


[some recommended form of action was written in the middle. I'll exclude that in this message]

Technical Information:
***Stop1 0x000000ED (0x866E4030, 0xC000009C, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

I didn't install any new hardware.

When I start my PC, it would reach up to the Windows XP loading page. This would hang and then the BSoD appears. This process would repeat over and over.

My main priority is to retrieve the files. I downloaded UBUNTU Live (the latest, 10.1 if I wasn't mistaken) and I was able to boot my laptop through it. But everytime I try to mount my laptop's hard disk, it would say:

Unable to mount location:
D.bus.Error org.freedesktop.Dbus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timout expired, or the network connection was broken.

When I tried again, it said:

Unable to... Read more

A:How to retrieve files after Blue Screen of Death using UBUNTU Live

Hello confusedfellow

The best thing to do is to try to fix the error.
Do you know where you could borrow an XP installation CD just to run this fix?

Configure your PC to boot from CD if it isn't already set up that way. You may need to enter the BIOS to configure the PC to boot from the CD.
Set the boot order to
Floppy (if present)
Hard Disk

Start your PC with the XP Setup CD in the drive. When you see the "Press any key to boot from CD..." prompt, do so and let the CD-based boot process begin.

When the Recovery Console option is offered ("Press R to start the Recovery Console"), do so. You may be asked which Windows installation to enter, in which case type the number of the Windows installation you wish to work on (usually "1").

When prompted, enter the Administrator's password for that Windows installation. If you did not set a password just press ENTER

At the command prompt, type
chkdsk /r (there is a space before /)

This normally fixes your problem.


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Hello I have an old computer hard drive that I wanted to get some music and picture files from. The old computer was a Dell Dimension 8200 from way back in 2001 and lasted until 2009ish. It would only go to the infamous blue screen of death. I didn't get a professional to diagnose my computer but assumed that it was time for a new comp (standard modern hp desktops). I was able to take the hard drive out of the Dell Dimension but I was wondering if I can just connect it to my HP desktop with the universal 4 pins that are on every hard drives. The hard drive that is already in my HP has the 4 pin connector along with other female connectors (in parallel) with it. I'm assuming that i would be able to connect my old hard drive (Dell hard drive which is a IBM Deskstar) with one of the female connectors with the HP hard drive together? Will this work? Or do I need to do something else to retrieve files from the old hard drive?
Also I see that there are more pins where you can take something out (sorry I dont know what is called) and change the pattern of it. It has labels stating master, slave, cable select, forcing dev 1 present. does anybody know which one I'm supposed to change it to? Right now it's put as cable select. i'll post pictures up soon.
The female connector labeled as "P5"
The old Dell Dimension hard drive

A:Computer illiterate student old hard drive retrieve files

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is their any software out their to retrieve a harddrives lost data (actually, a large image) i made to backup my data. what happen was that i made a backup of my harddrive onto another harddrive which i was going to use as my backup. however when the person was installing windows ontop the first harddrive, they accidently formatted the other harddrive and install windows over that (without me really knowing about it until windows was installed onto the first harddrive). Is their any software that be able to retrieve it? I would give anything to retrieve it.

A:Software to Retrieve A Formatted Harddrive (with windows files installed)

These may help

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Need some help with my system, as its behaving erratically and I suspect its a virus but I've no idea how to start to get rid of it.

Symptoms are as follows:

Everything has started from my Outlook 2007 going nuts. And I have had to completely close down one of my email IMAP account folders, as it can no longer be accessed. If I try to, Outlook when crazy, and kept flickering for a few minutes, without me being able to control it. The only way was to Task Manager > End process.

The same flickering has also affected other programs including Photoshop, Acrobat and InDesign. In the later three, it tends to stop after a while, but then continues if I do something else.

The problem with Outlook (e.g. the IMAP account) said that it was corrupted. Therefore I have tried to use scanpst.exe to at least to look at the .pst file. However, when I tried to find the the .pst email account file inside my Doc settings folder, I couldn't because it was hidden as a system file.

Hence, suspecting I have some kind of virus, I tried to uncheck the Do Not Display Hidden Files, Folders option -- only to find that there is only one option -- which is always checked. Therefore I cannot display all system files etc.

After a few attempts to alter the registery to SHOWALL, it remains locked. Therefore I suspect there is a virus problem blocking me from finding the .pst file, and to resolve my email problem.

I may have done something very stupid -- as I downloaded and ran what looked lik... Read more

A:Suspected virus: cannot retrieve hidden folder/files view

Hi Martyn Perks,

Welcome to TSF and sorry for the delay in getting to your logs.

I am K27 and will be assisting with any malware issues that you have.

Please subscribe to this thread to get immediate notification of replies as soon as they are posted. To do this click Thread Tools, then click Subscribe to this Thread. Make sure it is set to Instant Notification, then click Subscribe.

If you still require assistance, please delete your version of DDS, and then please download a run a fresh version as per the instructions below.

Download DDS and save it to your desktop from here or here or here.
Disable any script blocker, and then double click dds.scr to run the tool.When done, DDS will open two (2) logs: DDS.txt

Save both reports to your desktop.

Please include the following logs in your thread:Contents of the DDS.txt posted as text in your reply
Attach the Attach.txt to your post by clicking the Manage Attachments button under Additonal Options>Attach Files on the composition page. Browse to where you saved the file, and click Upload.


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My friend's Compaq Presario 700 laptop running Windows XP won't boot. Power light comes on, but nothing beyond that-no noise, just the green power light. He has had the motherboard replaced once already and I suspect it isn't worth taking it in for a repair again. Is there a way to retrieve his personal files from the hard drive? Perhaps an adapter or somthing that would allow me to connect it externally to my PC to get his files?

His disk drive is a Toshiba HDD2164 with a 24 pin connection.


A:Solved: Compaq Laptop Kaput-Is there a way to retrieve files from Hard Drive?

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I have OS XP(3), IE8, Office 2010

I am trying to d/l a pptx file from our organizational website (that I use regularly). The file is shown as a pptx file (as displayed by the properties feature), but when I click to d/l it, it shows up as a zip file to be opened and the computer tries to unzip it, but doesn't do a very good job in doing so.

I have tried to d/l other pptx files from other internet sites and they work (d/l) OK.

I have the same OS on another laptop and it d/ls this particular file from this particular site just fine.

I can change (rename) the extension on this file (from zip to pptx) and it works fine

I have tried everything reccomended on various PPT forums and it hasn't worked.

The file association is Microsoft PowerPoint.

The file d/ls perfectly with Firefox.

What is it about the configuration of XP/IE8 that lets this happen?

The issue here is that this particular file has been posted to the website for members of our organization to d/l and use. Many of these members are not savvy enough to be able to 'manipulate' the file and use it as it was designed. I am tryng to make this d/l as user friendly as is possible.

A:PPTX files downloaded as zip files

Read this

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I just did a clean install of Win 8 Release Preview, 64 bit. I moved my profile from C: (SSD) to d: (HDD) using a recommendation I found in the forum. I did not move the program data. I wanted to download and install some programs, but when I do, I can't get them to run. They are setup .exe programs. In IE if I click to open, nothing happens. I clicked on View Downloads in IE and it opens a Window with the downloads and if I try to open one a list is shown that asks how do you want to open this file and a list of programs like IE, Notepad, Paint, etc.

I've pre-ordered Win 8 to install when it is shipped.

A:Can't run downloaded files

Can you post a link to web page of the recommendation you followed to move profile from c: to d:.

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i have tried changing the security settings of the file and also disabling avg but to no avail, any ideas?
it says

i would upload a screen capture but cant upload from file =\

A:can't run most downloaded .exe files

So what happens when you try to run downloaded exe files? Is anything else effected on the pc?

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Hello, I have an HP laptop running Vista Home Premium 64-bit. It's actually been relatively fine for me until the last few days. I was having some problems editing video files and couldn't figure out why, so I updated to service pack 2. Around the same time, although I honestly cannot be sure that it was because of the update, none of my downloads will work. I believe it happened once or twice before I updated my sp but now I can't download ANYTHING. It's bizarre. The entire file will download and the file will show download progress just like normal. But, once complete the file shows up as 0 kb and doesn't open. I've tried using firefox 3.5.3 and IE 8...both do the same thing. I have also checked my permissions and made sure that I am allowed access to all of the folders that the documents are saved in. Nothing seems to help.

I really don't want to have to format/reinstall windows since I have quite a bit of stuff I would need to backup. Any help would be EXTREMELY appreciated. Thanks.

A:Downloaded Files are 0 KB...Need help

What antivirus are you running?

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I have been unable to activate downloaded attachments which come down in zip format. At one time i had (?) a ZIP program Icon on my desk top as well as a 7-zip appearing in drop down menus, but neither of these programs would not connect to the downloaded attachments in zip format to unzip them. Can someone help me with this problem? Thank you !

A:downloaded Zip files

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I just downgraded from Vista SP2 to Vista SP1 and by doing so, have somehow screwed up my downloads in both Firefox and IE8. Whenever I download in either one, the download results in a file that is 0 kb.

The strange thing is, Google Chrome somehow wasn't affected by this downgrade (if that's what caused this) and I can download files fine in that browser.

Can someone tell me what's going on here and how to fix this in IE8 and FF 3.5? I've already tried reinstalling FF and it didn't help at all.

A:Downloaded Files Are 0 KB

Why did you downgrade form SP2 to SP1? Try reinstalling SP2.

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When I tried to download a file it told me that my Security settings did not allow the program to run. I shut off all security (norton 360 and Windows Internet options) but still nothing. This happens with all the programs now...Microsoft Security Essentials, Hijackthis...etc.

I think I a program called PC power speed is causing these problems...

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When I download files using ie the download window indicates the files are downloaded but they are not there. I've been able to see the files being deleted instantaneously after being downloaded. Thanks

A:downloaded files not there

Does this problem only occur in Internet Explorer, or do you have another browser that works correctly?

Have you tried doing a System Restore to fix the problem?

If you can, post a HijackThis scanlog:

Download and install HijackThis using the "self extractor". Run it and select "do a system scan and save the log file". Then copy/paste the contents of the log to a reply

I recall a rather similar, and unfortunately unresolved, problem in this thread. You might compare notes with it, particularly in regard to the programs you see in the Scanlog:

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Since upgrading my computer and reinstalling Windows XP Home with all upgrades, I haven't been able to run executable downloaded files (most recently openoffice but also Google Earth Pro trial). The files download properly but when I try to run them them, I get the message "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem."

I have no problem installing programs from CD.
I'm using IE beta 7 but have tried the same process using Firefox. All Windows Updates are complete. Running Norton AV 2003 and NVidia firewall set to Antihacking only.

Any ideas?

A:Can't run downloaded files

Look here:

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I'm new to Vista after buying a new PC, i have now just downloaded iTunes 4 times to a folder on my hard-drive and each time its not appearing (3 times to d drive and 1 time to desktop)

Is there a reason or something preventing my downloaded file from saving? each time its got to 100% and seems like its downloaded fine.


A:Cannot see my downloaded files

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Recently - I've been having a strange problem. when I download a photo or image, or even capture a screen shot and save it to a folder, I cannot see it in that folder. I originally thought i had not hit save properly or not saved a file that I thought I had - but when i tried to re download an image or capture it again and name it the same thing - I got a message saying there was already a file by that name in the folder.

I have tried ensuring all hidden files are shown, and refreshed the window to no avail. but when i restart the computer, I am able to see the files in the folder as the should have been displayed all along. also confusing - when i look in the folder after saving...say if I've saved 12 images into the folder from the net or screen capture, but the folder is only displaying 1 image - it was say the folder only contains one image...

how can i fix this so i do not need to reboot every time i want to see newly created images?

A:Can't See Downloaded Files

Sounds like a view issue on the folder itself, to be honest.

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I have a problem with IE6.

When I click a file to download, I am prompted with a box asking me if I want to save or open the file. If I click save, the file saves properly and I can then open it. However if I click open, the file does not seem to be created. If it is a .txt file for example, notepad opens up and says that it cannot find the file (the path is something like Temporary Internet
Files/content.ie5/something). The issue does not occur with IE7.

Any ideas ?

Thank you.

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This is a new problem that has cropped up. Whenever I download a file to my computer, I am unable to open it up to run or install it. I have the problem with .zip files, .PDF files, .exe files, etc. I see the download occurring, and it all seems to be going fine, but when it is done, it is not on my desktop where I have my files saved, and when I right-click on the file in the Download box (where it shows the status of the download), the option to open the file is faded and won't work. What could have happened to my settings to make this happen? Does it mean I have a virus? I have AVG virus protection and it is up to date.

I have a second computer (laptop) that is running Windows 7. I have no problem saving files to that computer, so I can copy them to my Flash drive and move them to the desktop computer, but I'm sunk when I try to get a program like Adobe Acrobat Reader that downloads and installs in one operation..... I can't save the program to bring to the desktop computer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


A:Can't Open Files I've Downloaded

Welcome Karen
In addition to a full up to date virus scan. Download and make a full scan with malwarebytes.

If you are clean try a system restore from a few days before the problem began.
System Restore - How to
If that does not work try to reset the associations.
Default File Type Associations - Restore

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Hello, first post here, quite a beginner with computers, and I'm danish so sorry if my description might be a bit unclear ^^;

Less then a week ago I got a message, with a countdown, that say that new installations was almost finished, and that the computer needed to be restarted to finish the installations. Then I was given the choice to restart now, or wait.

After having restarted, I got a message saying that a .dll file had been misplaced, and another .dll file could not be installed correctly, also it said that I should get a new .dll file.
I don't remember the whole thing, but both files had windows32.exe in the name. And this message appeared every time I started the computer

Then I used the system-recreating option under the maintenance part in the control panel. And then the message stopped appearing.

But then, today, I got the same message as first descriped, and it all started again.
Now I have recreated the system again, but unsure of what to do next.
I have read about the windows32.exe files. but it seems as the whole thing cannot download.

I've got microsoft windows XP 2002, and AVG Free edition, also Norton Internet Security, but is is deactivated and I have never used it.

A:Windows32.exe Files Trying To Downloaded

Please read and follow all instructions in the pinned topic titled "Preparation Guide For Use Before Posting A Hijackthis Log". You may have performed some of these steps already. About half way down are instructions for downloading HijackThis and creating a log.When you have done that, post a log in the HijackThis Logs and Analysis Forum, NOT here, for assistance by the HJT Team Experts. A member of the Team will walk you through, step by step, on how to clean your computer. If you post your log back in this thread, the response from the HJT Team will be delayed because your post will have to be moved. This means it will fall in line behind any others posted that same day.Start a new topic, give it a relevant title and post your log along with a brief description of your problem, a summary of any anti-malware tools you have used and a summary of any steps that you have performed on your own. Please include the top portion of the HijackThis log that lists version information. An expert will analyze your log and reply with instructions advising you what to fix.Please be patient. It may take a while to get a response because the HJT Team members are very busy working logs posted before yours. They are volunteers who will help you out as soon as possible. Once you have made your post and are waiting, please DO NOT make another reply until it has been responded to by a member of the HJT Team. Generally the staff checks the forum for postings that have 0 replies as this makes it e... Read more

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Sometimes a file gets downloaded from the internet (willingly or not) but then I cannot find it. Is there a way to search to find the most recently created new files?

A:Finding downloaded files

Aren`t they going to your downloads folder, set it up so all your downloads will go there, it`s the default location in Windows 7, unless you`ve changed it.

In Chrome it`s in Settings/Advanced Settings/Downloads

Set it to download files to the downloads folder. You can always move them someplace else later.

Internet Explorer - Change Default Download Location

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ok i want to save a zip file from downloading it, but everytime i click a link for a zip file it opens it directly up instead of asking to save or open it. how do i fix this?

A:saving downloaded files...

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