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Q: Startup / Boot problems

Hello there guys.
I hope there is someone out there that can help me will a small annoyance that has crept into my computer.
Each time I start up / boot the computer, 'My computer' window automatically opens, not a major problem obviously, but an annoyance none the less.

I have ran my anti-virus, Norton and spyware checker, Ad-Aware - but still the problem exists.

I had a quick look into the 'startup' menu by running the 'msconfig' utility but I'm afraid I could make no sense of it!

Hope the above helps, but I'll try and provide any other info. you may need.


O/S - Win XP (sp1)
CPU - Athlon 1333 Mhz
HDD - 40 Gb
Mem - 768 Mb

A: Startup / Boot problems

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Hello everyone,

I recently bought an acer v nitro laptop, its been a month and everything was great till there was a recent update on windows 10. Since then, I am having multiple problems.
1) sometimes when I boot my laptop, I get a blue screen with a running circle which stays for hours. I have to do a hard reset with the power button and sometimes my laptop turns on properly.

2) When my laptop goes to sleep, I can wake it up and enter the login password - then again I get the same blue screen with a running circle.

I am going crazy with this problem. I removed all the recent updates, restored my computer to a previous state. but nothing is working so far....

Please help.....

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computer wont boot up at startup. A black screen appears at start up with blinking white curser in upper left hand corner. If I hit f2 for startup and then escape out it will boot up.

A:boot up problems at startup

What happens you opt for safe-mode (F8 menu) if you can get there before trying F2?

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Hey guys.

I have an asus p8z77-v LX, Core i7, 8GB Ram.

Ran 2 OS on two distinct physical drives :

1. Win 8.1 on Samsung 840 pro 256GB
2. Win 7 Ultimate on WD 1TB

also have a 4TB WD without OS.

Now the boot order was that the SSD is first, with the 1TB connected too but as a slave. It was the main OS I used.

When I wanted to load Win 7 instead, I would just disconnect the SSD and the 1TB Win7 load. I would also connect another old 150GB drive as slave. At some point it started to constantly try to chkdsk for all or some of the drives on startup (while still a black screen).

When I tried to put back the SSD win 8.1 and change the boot order in it`s favor, I would usually encounter a problem loading, some of the problems would include:
* Windows would take several minutes to load (instead several seconds)
* Stuck for a long time after login to windows
* different windows startup error messages
* Stuck on Asus MB screen then restart
* "No proper boot device" message
* PC is on but screen is off

Also the 4TB WD would be constantly 100% busy (maybe because of drive letters mix)

A month ago, the problem has escalated so that Win 8.1 was dead totally. I formatted the SSD, then used samsung magician to erase and restore the drive to manufacturer settings. Installed win 7 on the SSD.

When I went back to the 1TB win7 to download some drivers, then came back to the SSD win 7 - it didn`t load but with an error message relate to a recent hardware chagnes.
Now it... Read more

A:Startup and boot problems with 2 OS on 2 phys drives

B. Is there a way to use 2 OS on different drives without causing problems ?

Yes ... but it depends on how you want to select the OS to boot into and the order in which you install the OSs.

If you want to select the OS by manually choosing the boot drive in the BIOS, then the simple solution is to install each OS to its own drive -- with only that drive connected during the installation. Since each drive is then bootable on its own, you have to change the boot order in the BIOS to switch OSs.

Another way is to first, install Win7 to its own drive -- with only that drive connected. Then, with both drives connected, install Win8 to its own drive. Win8 will detect the Win7 installation and will actually write its boot loader files to the Win7 drive. When you reboot, you will be booting from the Win7 drive but you will get an OS selection menu with entries for Win8 and the Previous OS (Win7)

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This is a tough one to explain. This is a couple week old PC. When booting, sometimes it hangs on the black screen with the progress bar either in Starting Windows or Resuming Windows. Sometimes it hangs on the Windows desktop and the cursor is froze. I can power down and boot up again and it
usually boots normally then.

The other strange thing is that the programs that load at startup don't seem to be consistent. Sometimes the McAfee Security Center will be in the system tray, sometimes not. Sometimes other programs normally found in the system tray are not there.

I ran AdAware and Spybot and got rid of everything those 2 found. Virus Scan runs clean.

Another example is that I have my LAN connection set to show the icon in the system tray - it doesn't but I can still connect. The icons aren't hidden, checked that. I have also consistently lost my wireless connection. The Device Manager doesn't even show it. It's built into the motherboard I believe.

About 50% of the time I have to boot several times to finally get into Windows. Not good for a brand new PC.

Here is a Hijackthis log. If someone could take a look and see if anything looks suspicious I would appreciate it.

Dell Inspiron 9200
Win XP Pro SP2
1.60 GHz
512 MB RAM
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.0
Scan saved at 12:26:39 PM, on 12/25/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\WIN... Read more

A:XP Boot Problems/Startup Programs Inconsistent

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Hi people, 'boot problems' means not waking from sleep, requiring a reboot, and often not starting at all. And when starting after several minuets (4 or 5) of black screen and nothing happening requiring a small button reboot or a big start button reboot several times in a row after minuets of black screen before it starts. And on starting it always bsod's (video_tdr) and restarts itself. This has been happening for weeks then today I've had to do this 6 times, black screen no flickering even, just the computer whirring away and the little red activity led flashing its head off or solid, and no amount of reboots after several mins of nothing worked, until I cold rebooted it. Then once it starts after the "video_tdr_nvlddmkm.sys" bsod and auto reboot it works fine. Turning it off from the wall seems to be the only reliable way to get the thing to start - after the bsod restart. The system had been reliable for years, it slowly got worse after I upgraded to win 8 and 8.1. I've upgraded all of the drivers that I can, the 2008 bios is the latest as far as I can tell from gigabytes web page. I had it back to the shop that I bought it from 3 weeks ago for the bsod on startup and they put more fans in it, but it didn't help. I have included the SF file, cpu-z shots and mini dumps and I hope that someone can interpret them for me. I have been reading on line and trying things for a few weeks now, to fix it myself, but I can't.

A:Boot problems and video_tdr_nvlddmkm.sys bsod on startup


If there is any overclocking of bus speed, cpu, ram or gpu, set default instead.

Uninstall AVG, use the removal tool after, then set Windows Defender and Windows Firewall to Automatic and start them too.

Uninstall Networx. networx networx.sys Tue Nov 19 12:06:28 2013 (528B9A94)

Uninstall Smart Defrag until issue is cleared.

You're using mismatched modules, so remove the Kingston from the machine physically.

Please no "but this that or the other thing." I gave my analysis and wish not to say any more, UNLESS you have done everything and still need help (which you won't) - so with that -


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I'm an intern with an NGO organization where one of the desktop computers started having problems about a week ago. The computer is a Dell running Windows 7. Every morning, the first person to turn it on sees a whole bunch of updates being installed. The boot screen is irregular, it doesn't include the F2 or F12 options for changing the setup, and it never goes to the log screen. Instead, it goes to a "Startup Repair" window, runs a "scan" that can't be canceled, and then reports that Windows was unable to fix the problem and offers an option to restart. If I click to see the full diagnostic, everything checks out except the last item, which says that "critical boot file ci.dll is corrupt." If I go to "Advanced Diagnostic Tools," it doesn't allow to me do a system restore or much of anything else besides open the command prompt, and I can do only limited diagnostic tasks from there. If I restart, though, it restarts and functions perfectly normally. I installed Avast on there when I started working with it and the full virus scan finds no problems. The computer functions normally for the rest of the day; however, when I go to shut it down after 5 oclock, it says that it's installing 67 updates, every single day.

I can't figure out whether this is some bizarre virus that just makes it take a little longer to use the computer every morning, or a much more malicious virus whose effects simply haven't mani... Read more

A:Once-a-day startup problems, saying "boot critical file c:\ci.dll is corrupt"

Hello,And welcome to, before we can assist you with your question of: Am I infected? You will need to perform the following tasks and post the logs of each if you can.Malwarebytes Anti-MalwareNOTEMalwarebytes is now offering a free trial of their program, if you want to accept it you will need to enter some billing information, so that at the end of the trial you would be charged the cost of the product. Please decline this offer, if you are unable to provide billing information. If you want to try it out, then provide the billing information.Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.Download Link 1Download Link 2MBAM may "make changes to your registry" as part of its disinfection routine. If using other security programs that detect registry changes (ie Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere or alert you. Temporarily disable such programs or permit them to allow the changes.Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.
For instructions with screenshots, please refer to the How to use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Guide.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program bef... Read more

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Just today, I turned on my computer and got the blue screen of death, so I restarted my PC. Then a black screen came up saying "Windows could not start beacuse the following file is missing or corrupt : \windows\system32\config\system."

You can attempt to repair this file by putting the winxp cd in etc...

Now when i turn on my computer there is just a black screen showing, with nothing at all on it.

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks very much for your help.

A:Blue screen of death, boot problems, black screen startup

It's a nasty error that requires some persistance and resourcefullness to overcome without a clean install.

If you have a Windows CD or have the recovery console installed, you might want to have a go at these directions.;EN-US;307545

Forum example of a successful recovery here:

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Hi all,

Found this site and was hoping for some help. A couple weeks ago, I turned on my ASUS G74SX-XR1 and the screen never came on. I took out the battery and discharged the static electricity and my computer started up fine. Well yesterday, after coming back from a vacation where I took my laptop with me and used it all weekend, my laptop screen wouldn't come on again. I tried the same method as before and it still didn't work. Troubleshooting it, I found that the backlight wasn't coming on. Graphics card OK. I saw with a flashlight that the computer was running, but it was running Startup Repair. This worried me. I let the computer set for a day and today it starts up fine, backlight and all. But, now my laptop connects to the router, but with no internet access both wireless and wired connections neither at home or at school. Also, some basic startup programs that I've never had a problem with, are now crashing on startup. Can these two problems be related? Or is it an inverter going out and corruption of files?


A:Computer startup problems, now won't connect to internet and programs crash on startup

it depends what programs are failing ... as for the backlight if you can see it with a flash light then it is the inverter board... hook the computer up to monitor start the computer in safe mode and check the windows logs and see what it is thats crashing ....

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Hi a couple of months ago my system crashed, windows 7 wouldnt boot, and I misplaced my installation disk. I had the problems several times since obtaining the computer several years ago. (Lenovo IDeaPad y450). I attributed the problem to what I believed was a bad hard disk, so I replaced it with a refurbished model.
I installed Ubungu 13.10, and it worked well ever since. I later located my win 7 disk and created a dual boot. Windows worked very well for several months until it stopped starting up last week. It would get to the black windows screen, where it says starting, and usually get stuck there. I would get fed up and turn it off after half an hour. Once it was as the screen and it later started the checkdisk program and found no errors. Another time it finally got into windows after a very long loading time, and it seemed to work fine, until the next time I restarted windows. It just went back to the loading windows screen.
I formatted the windows partition through GParted in Ubuntu, and tried the installation disk, and it would get stuck at 0% in the "expanding files" sequence. After an hour of hoping something would happen I got fed up and forced it off again.
Not sure what to do from this point. I have read other posts and it has led me to think that the issue could possibly be bad RAM or an issue with BIOS. But, Ubuntu has been working fine, while Windows has simply been freezing at any attempt of a startup.

A:Win 7 , Ubuntu dual boot, windows wont boot, startup disk doesnt help

It could be that the HDD has a bad sector in the Windows partition, or that the drive is actually failing. If there is a utility in Linux that tests memory, I would run it.

You could also use Memtest86+. It runs from a CD/DVD. Let it run for several passes to rule out bad RAM.

Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

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Dear Tech guy,

I sure hope you can assist me to get my sony vaio vgnfw44jb to boot into windows 7 again. Its been 3 days of wrestling and I got to the end of what I know.


My Sony Vaio started to run weirdly and do random things; I figured it was infected so here's what I did.

1. downloaded and ran the free malwarebytes tool. >> some things removed but system still buggy
2. system restore > chose a 'good restore point' >>> ran slowly > result system restore failed
]tried older restore points> system restore result> failed
3. Vaio stopped booting into win 7 >>> able to boot into safe mode>> inserted win 7 system build cd to reinstall but thats not allowed in safe mode
4. downloaded Kapersky rootkiller cd >> ran this overnight >> forgot to save log to usb drive >> vaio stopped booting at all
5. downloaded the Hiren CD ( yes, read its all pirated not asking for help with that) ran mbrfix tool >> no change
6. found techguy site, browsed around, joined, downloaded ubcd > burned to cd
7. tested vaio : power on > windows starts but does not complete > vaio care begins> not able to repair, suggests I repair registry
8. viao now has ubcd in cd drive, powered off

Any advice on how I can fix my pc and get it to boot or... reinstall win 7 without losing my latest data?

Is there a way to strip off the data and applications so I can restore to vaio after fix?

Oh hear my tale of woe, tech ... Read more

A:After using a boot CD and Combofix, no boot & startup repair fails on sony vaio

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Hello, wondering if anyone can help with this issue. I am looking to install xp so I wrote the .iso onto a bootable USB and changed the boot order in the bios to boot from USB first. Then after it rebooted, the screen stays black with no bios screen etc. Not sure why it doesn't come up, any suggestions? Thanks

This is an acer aspire one netbook running ubuntu 10.04. 120gb hdd and 1gb Ram. Have absolutely no problems in past with it and it's about a year and a half old.

Extra info :-: when trying to hit the caps lock in the blank screen, the light does jot come up and the keyboard seems to be unresponsive. I am letting it cool down as it was on all day whilst o was researching the xp installation so will attempt to turn it on again soon but fear it may be to the boot order change.

A:Solved: Blank screen on startup after changing boot order to boot from USB.

Any POST messages?

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I copied my Windows 7 OS partition on Disk 1 to a second drive Disk 2. When I boot my computer and select Disk 2 from the BIOS boot menu (F12), Disk 2 will not boot. How do I get this to work?

Side Notes:
Not having any success with BIOS booting (via F12), I did install EasyBCD on Disk 1. With EasyBCD I can boot into Disk 1 or Disk 2, but I want to be able to do it from the BIOS boot menu. I then installed EasyBCD on Disk 2. At this point I expected to have 2 EasyBCD boot menus one for Disk 1 and one on Disk 2. This is not what happened. When I use Easy BCD to boot into Disk 2 and proceed to make changes to the boot menu for Easy BCD, these changes are reflected in Disk 1. I guess I just have 1 Boot Record on Disk 1 and no Boot Record on Disk 2?

A:Disk 2 Does Not Boot OS When Selected as the Boot Device on Startup

How did you make the "copy"?
A screen shot from Disk Management would be useful.

Also, your reason for wanting to do this in the first place would help with suggestions.

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Hardware Information (This is from memory and may not be completely accurate):

The computer model is emachines
The processor is a dual core Intel Pentium
The graphics card is NVIDIA (Can't remember the model.)
4GB of RAM installed

Software Information (Also from memory, but this is likely to be more accurate than the hardware.):
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Antivirus software is Comodo Internet Security - Also the firewall (product information).
I often used Advanced System Care for optimization. - product information.

Okay, so, after searching the internet for ways to fix my problem for the past three days, I'm at a complete loss. I was told by a professional that my registry was likely corrupted and that my best bet would be to re-install Windows entirely. I was hoping it wouldn't come to that, but was prepared nonetheless.

So I inserted the installation disk, and wouldn't you know it, the installer wouldn't recognize my hard drive (BIOS recognizes it though). Searching for reasons why this was happening only turned up people saying to make sure it was recognized by BIOS, which I considered a no brainier. When it still didn't work for people in certain threads, they were told to try wiping their hard drives. I've done it. Windows still doesn't want to notice my hard drive.

After that, I decided to try and install Windows to an external hard drive. I know this isn't how Windows was designed, and I knew it wasn't how Windows was meant to be used, but I wa... Read more

A:Windows 7 Won't Boot (Can't even boot startup repair)

Did windows update your Atheros wireless driver lately? If so I can help.

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for the past while now I have been having problems with the window on start up and my speakers on my laptop not working.

1-The problem started out with the speakers when I turned down the volume to nothing while playing a game and then I tried to turn it back up a few weeks later I got no sound out of the internal speakers. I tried all the options in the volume looking for anything muted with no results. I then tried to update the sound card drivers with the same results of no sound out of the internal speakers. I did try head phones as I was told by a friend to do so and I am able to hear sounds and music just fine.

2-After this first issue, I noticed that when starting my laptop I had a smaller then the normal screen when starting up, I also have this same size on my main screen. I have been able to change to a higher resolution to fill the entire screen but if I go any lower then the highest resolution I have a black boarder were the window should be.

I have upgraded to windows XP from windows ME erasing whatever information I could, hoping that a new operating program would solve this problem. But with my bad luck it hasn't changed. If you someone could help me resolve these problems I would be very grateful.

Thank you,


A:Help speaker problems on my laptop and having problems with windows screen on startup

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I recently installed a new SSD and put my OS on it but every now and then when I boot up it just wont get an internet connection. Once its booted up and I restart Windows though its fine. It doesn't happen everytime but 50% or so I'd say on boot up. I'm thinking its something to do with how fast its booting up now and for some reason my network settings or drivers have not had a chance to load or something and its not getting a handshake with my router. I would appreciate any ideas you awesome guys may have on it. Im running Win7 64bit.

A:Installed new boot SSD but occasional problems with internet connectivity on boot up

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So i had a win 7 and 8 dual boot system where
0 was sys reserved
1 was 7
2 was 8

i needed win xp for a piece of software so i shrunk my partition 1 (biggest and win 7)
and grabbed 40 gb for my xp install.

installed xp and obviously lost my boot loader for 7 and 8 so when i booted xp i installed easybcd and it showed my only boot loader was for 7 and 8 (even tho i was logged into xp. im guessing xp made it so that its partition now partition 2 was the boot partition.
but easybcd is still seeing part. 0 sys reserved as the boot. when i changed my active partition back to sys reserved it found the win 7 and 8 options but when i try to load 7 goes bsod for a second then restarts. 8 says error: inaccessible boot device.

how can i fix this? i repointed the boot partition back to xp so that i could log on here to talk to you all.

easybcd doesnt not even recognize a boot loader for xp. when im in xp it says my only bootloaders are for 7 and 8. WTF????

how could i completely recreate a boot manager for all 3?

A:triple boot system installed xp after win7 and 8-boot problems

You may try Automatic Repair - Run in Windows 8 - Windows 8 Forums , it should fix all the bootloaders.

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I have a Dell Dimension E521 Desktop, and at boot start up a black screen opens and reports this message, Diskette Drive 0 seek Failure. I did a diagnostic hard drive check and it passed,but i still get the same message Black Screen that reports (Diskette Drive 0 seek Failure. I hope somebody can help. I know that their is nothing wrong with my hard drive. I could be wrong but i don't think so.

Please help.

Thank you,


A:Boot startup

Does this computer have a floppy disk drive? If not it could be that the Boot Sequence in BIOS is set to look for one and not finding it. If it does have a floppy drive it could still be the same problem, but that the floppy drive is set before the Optical Drive or the Hard drive and not finding a disk to read from.

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I'm trying to set up a copy of windows 3.1 but it wants me to exit windows so is there a way to boot dos upo at startup so I can install windows 3.1 from there

A:How do you boot into dos at startup??

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Hello,so i had windows 8 and 10 last installed didn?t like both and switched back to win 7 ultimate,everything was fine until yesterday where it installed many updates.When i turn my computer on it starts to work but after 2-3 sec i hear the sound isn?t the same as it is normally when starting,like it stops and works slowly(the sound is monoton,not getting louder, like its staying on same spot/Sry hard to explain) and my mouse/keyboard/screen are all black.I cant push the Shut down button to manually shut it down i have to unplug it from the wall wait few sec and than it starts working again normally.I think it has something to do with the updates,because it installed like 164 at once and maybe it installed something that doesnt?t work with my Pc.If you didnt?t understand something plz ask i?ll try to explain better

A:Cant Boot at startup

I cant push the Shut down button to manually shut it down

If that does not work after holding the button for appr. 20 seconds, then you have a hardware problem.

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I am in the process of applying for a work from home job. I had to burn an Iso Image onto a DVD so that I can see if my computer meet the system requirements for the job. The DVD is burned successfully but now I cannot get the system to boot to the dvd... it instead just opens Windows 8. I cannot find anything about how to do this on the web. Can anyone help? I have a brand new Toshiba Satellite running Windows 8 which is what I came installed with.

A:Cannot boot Dvd on Startup

You most like just need to set the boot order in the BIOS to boot to the optical drive 1st and then to the hard drive.

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Hello ! my pc acquired this very strange problem after I installed a new hard disk (wd raptor 74 gb):
Sometimes it boots up normally and sometimes it doesn't !!!
When it doesn't, it passes the bios post screen and hangs at the winxp loading screen (with the little progress bar continually moving but with no disk activity). At this point if I shutdown the pc from the power switch and fire it up again it will boot normally. If I press the restart switch the pc will give me an error msg that "NTLDR.EXE file is missing or corrupt" and it doesnt boot.
I am so frustrated with this problem coz I tried evth and nothing seem to work. I ve also checked in the internet but to no avail...
If anyone here has any ideas about this problem it would be a great help.
My pc has the follwing specs:
athlon 64 3700+, asus a8n sli mobo, 2 gig kingston ram, albatron 7900gt, 1 wd raptor 74gb sata hd (system disk), 1 wd 160 sata disk, 500 W enermax liberty psu. OS: winxp sp2

A:winxp boot problems: sometimes it fails to boot and/or to restart !!!

Hello yorgosp

When a problem arises always suspect anything new you have added /done.

Open the case and make sure all the connections for the new drive are OK

If it isn`t that get a can of compressed air and blow out all the dirt. Pay particular attention to the CPU fan. Make sure it is always coming on when you boot up.


Run chkdsk
Go to All Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt. At the prompt type
chkdsk /r (there is a space before /)

It could be some hardware with an intermittent problem. It could also be another attached component (drive, add-in card, etc.) that has an intermittent fault. Finding out which component is failing would allow you to replace it before any more serious problems occur

Check all the connections inside the case.
I once knew this to be fixed by replacing the hard drive ribbon cable.
Disconnect all peripherals and card except the video card.

If you have another machine, try swapping out anything you can as a test

Look here for errors

1. Right click My Computer / Properties / Hardware / Device Manager.
Look for "Yellow" errors

2. Control Panel / Performance and Maintenance / Admin Tools / Event Viewer / System.
Look for "Red" errors. Double click on error.
Take a note of the Event ID and also the Source and post them back.

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I'm searched around for possible clues or solutions for what's going on with my system. No luck.

I have a win7 and xp dual boot. They had been working fine, until one day I couldn't get on XP anymore. It'd just freeze while loading, whether it is safe mode, normal, you name it.
I had to do a system restore on the Win7, because of a video card problem.. now I can't get on it either. It works 1 out of 50 times. After doing more and more restores and trying to go in safe mode etc etc..

All that aside, for some reason now I can't seem to boot anything out of my CD Drives. I switch up the order, have switched them, tried only one, switched IDE cables, they work on windows.. they just don't seem to boot anything. I've tried several self boots dics now. Nothing.
Any idea on how this issue? I certainly appreciate it.
Thank you.

A:CD Drives boot problems (win7/xp dual boot)


Have you tried a Startup Repair?


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Okay, I'm in hopefully a finishing stage of a month long computer battle here.

Prior to the drama, I had occasional rough starts with Windows, where it took an attempt or two to start up, but no more than that and everything seemed fine. After the evil red Compaq logo there would be a black screen, no Windows loading screen. It would stay that way even after a shower, pulling dinner out of the stove, or giving my kid a bath. Then the drama started.

First, I got a virus, detected by Avast. So I deleted it, everything seemed fine, then I had another virus detected by Avast. So I deleted it, things were fine for like 30 min, then I rebooted after a game but nothing started up. So I suspect that I deleted a virus attached to a dll file, tried to use my disk to repair windows, no go. I did manage to backup some files in safe mode, so I attempted a reformat. I kept getting a disk error, even after using a disk my mom brought over a disk that scrubs data. I figure I managed to have a hard drive crash at the same time I got two viruses, and proceeded to wait many long days until I could afford a new hard drive (kinda happy with that part, 500 G is better than 140. Fer sure.)

Part two. After installation and updates I am still getting the odd hang up when booting. Sometimes it won't even load in safe mode. I'm starting to suspect a motherboard issue, or something with my MBR. Since a corrupted MBR, hard drive crash, and two viruses seems a little much to have all at once, I'm... Read more

A:Boot Problems, Motherboard? Boot Disk? MBR virus?

Okay, well first I'd put the dreaded MBR virus at the bottom of the list of things to consider. But, yes, it's possible one might have survived standard formating. But highly unlikely, IMO.

I think the first step is to make certain you have the most recent motherboard drivers installed.

Please post the exact Make & Model number of the computer.

Federal Law requires electronic manufacturers to label their devices with an "FCC code". You can sometimes cross-reference that number to a specific model of motherboard (or whatever).

I've never seen a motherboard that didn't have the model number silk-screened on the motherboard, in large letters.

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Yesterday, I went to clone my SSD boot drive with Macrium Reflect to upgrade to a drive with larger capacity.

Desktop pc with Windows 7 Home Pro 64-bit on ASUS mobo, AMD Phenom II, 16 gb ram.

I cloned the drive, creating one large partition on the new drive, and ordered Macrium to letter it C: because I had had problems booting to previous attempts with auto drive lettering. Previous attempts simply wouldn't boot to the new drive (computer was looking for C:, the clone was lettered something else), I would reattach my old drive and reattempt the clone procedure. This time, however, something must have gone wrong after the clone took place, because when I try to boot the machine back up, with either drive, I stall out on one or another error code.

At the moment, the computer boots to the screen where it asks me how I want to start windows. If I attempt to start normally, it brings up the windows logo, but gives me the autochk program not found - skipping autocheck error message, followed by a flash of a blue screen, and then the computer restarts.

I was receiving bootmgr is missing errors (corrected...), as well as some others (again, seemingly corrected), but I worked on this problem for close to 10 hours yesterday and the exact timeline of errors and fixes is fuzzy at this point.

Using my roommate's install disk (Win 7 Ultimate - 32-bit):

I have used diskpart to correctly letter the volume

I have disconnected my storage drive to eliminate any complicatio... Read more

A:Numerous boot problems after cloning boot drive

Is the original drive (from which you cloned) bootable now?

If it's bootable, my first thought would be to try Macrium's imaging function, rather than cloning.

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Hi All,

I have a Dell Laptop with Win 7.

I recently used TestDisk to try to recover a lost data partition (not my system partition) but when I rebooted the Dell system utilities partition booted (not Windows).

Some digging has revealed that Windows was on C:\ but is now on F:\.

I have tried a number of things to set things straight including:Boot Windows recovery CD and run "Startup Repair" Wizard - this made some changes but now the system just continually reboots without displaying anything after the BIOS screen
bootrec.exe /FixMbr - completed successfully
bootrec.exe /FixBoot - ERROR: "The volume does not contain a recognised file system."
bootrec.exe /ScanOs - does not find any Windows installations
bootrec.exe /RebuildBcd - does not find any Windows installations
bootsect /nt60 all - completed successfully

Any further ideas or any diagnostic info I can provide to assist?

Thanks in advance!

A:Boot problems - boot sector messed up using TestDisk?

Boot free Partition Wizard CD to post back a camera snap of the maximized Drive Map and listings. This will be immediately revealing so we can help you best.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums - Windows 7 Forums

Absent that your next best steps are described in Step 8 in Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start

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Hello ! my pc acquired this very strange problem after I installed a new hard disk (wd raptor 74 gb):
Sometimes it boots up normally and sometimes it doesn't !!!
When it doesn't, it passes the bios post screen and hangs at the winxp loading screen (with the little progress bar continually moving but with no disk activity). At this point if I shutdown the pc from the power switch and fire it up again it will boot normally. If I press the restart switch the pc will give me an error msg that "NTLDR.EXE file is missing or corrupt" and it doesnt boot.
I am so frustrated with this problem coz I tried evth and nothing seem to work. I ve also checked in the internet but to no avail...
If anyone here has any ideas about this problem it would be a great help.
My pc has the follwing specs:
athlon 64 3700+, asus a8n sli mobo, 2 gig kingston ram, albatron 7900gt, 1 wd raptor 74gb sata hd (system disk), 1 wd 160 sata disk, 500 W enermax liberty psu. OS: winxp sp2

A:winxp boot problems: sometimes it fails to boot and/or to restart !!!

I am sorry for the double post ! I dunno what happened ...I only clicked once ....

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Hi guys, I need a little help here. For about 3 weeks now my PC has been booting up strangely. I push the power button and it starts up but all my fans in the PC, Including CPU and Graphics card(sounds like a rocket about to take off) spin up to full speed.

It restarts, restarts, restarts, restarts(very quickly). Then after those 4 restarts it 'calms' down and's running but no POST Screen or anything. Just sits idling. Then I have to push the restart button and it'll spin up again and then only go to POST etc. It's driving me insane.

I went searching online for an answer but I couldn't find anything really concrete. People where saying it's lack of power from the PSU or the PSU has become faulty, RAM has gone faulty, CPU needs new thermal paste, the computer is warming up by doing this(wth?) and other problems. So as you can see I don't really know.

I changed out the PSU, Checked RAM, Added new thermal paste and still same issue.It seems to happen, say when I switch off for the night and turn on in the morning that it does it. I also thought it might be the graphics card not getting enough power?

Other people said the motherboard is frying. I still think it's the graphics card but I don't have another PC to test it..


AMD Phenom 9950 2.6ghz Quad
500Gb Sata HDD
3Gb DDR2 800 RAM
ATI 3870X2 Graphics card
BioStar 790GX A2+
Sony DVD/CD Drive
Coolermaster 650w(Use to have Gigabyte Odin 720w but replaced to se... Read more

A:Strange Boot/Startup

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everytime i go to start the computer, it just seems to startup slow .... i have downloaded Mike Lin's StartUp control panel, and deleted most of the stuff, nothing in my startup folder...

the computer just seems to lag, as if its trying to open tons of programs or whatever at the same time .... i dont get it ... been happening alot lately in the past 5 mo...and seems to get worse in the past month or lately ...

i have scanned for viruses, latest updates .. scanned for spyware with latest updates (on free version of lavasoft's adaware) ....

any ideas?

A:slow startup/boot

Hi TypeSK, Try going here and getting HijackThis. Run it then post the results here in this thread.

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Installed a brand new motherboard for the Dimension 4400. Upon startup, I get one long beep and then two short ones. There is no operating system on the HDD, and the WinXP CD spins for a while, but stops. I also have no video output so I can't tell what is going on.

A:Beep on startup - won't boot

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Hello everyone,

I will give as much back story as I can leading up to the problem. Hope somebody can help me.

This morning I was working on a project right before work. Remembering I had to walk the dog, I closed the laptop assuming I'd be right back, but then had second thoughts because it had gotten so late and I had to immediately leave after the walk.I reopened it almost as soon as I had closed it because I wanted to shut it down completely. Well the screen was black but the pc was still on as if in sleep mode, but it was completely locked up. This has happened before so I just pressed the power button to shut it off, closed it and when about my day. I was only at work for a couple of hours to help with some things so I returned home fairly quickly.

To my amazement the pc had still been running in this locked-up sleep state the whole time I was gone and had gotten pretty warm/hot. I tried the power switch again with no luck. So I popped the battery out, put it back and restarted.

I got an error message, which I expected, but I thought it would ask to start in safe mode. It was a completely new message about doing a Start-up Recovery or starting normally. I hit enter out of habit and it went into the recovery. I let it try to recover itself atleast 20 times now. It can't find the problem and it won't boot.

I cannot get it to boot into safemode either. I can get to the screen but it automatically restarts after I try to boot in safemode. I've tried di... Read more

A:Startup Recovery / Can't boot

First for the documents or files on the hard drive is by physically removing and connecting it by enclosures or adapter to USB. Then with a working PC, you could open then copy/paste them to the internal drive. Any unsaved files from the previous working session is gone.

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That was kinda the reason, why I did a clean install of Windows in the first place. Did it yesterday. Well.. the problem kinda is that Windows boots normally to that screen: "Loading your personal settings" , stays there for about 1-2 minutes (or more, haven't took the time) and then goes to desktop. Before I installed the programs, it booted kinda in light speed :D I've checked msconfig and ticked out what weren't necessary: and Didn't touch the Windows services, coz I'm not sure about them. I have a computer with Quad CPU, 4GB RAM, 8800GT, so it should boot pretty fast, it did, before I installed the programs.

So.. I formatted the HD, installed the Windows XP SP2, the first thing I did, was installing the motherboard and graphic's card drivers, then I installed all necessary Windows Updates including SP3, unticked what weren't necessary in my point of view and then started to install programs. Here's the list of programs that I have installed:
ESET Smart Security
Microsoft Word 2007
Mozilla Firefox
Windows Live Messenger
GOM Player
TeamSpeak 3
VLC Media Player
Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2
Nero v7
Replay Media Catcher
Adobe Photoshop CS2 and CS5
Daemon Tools
DVD Shrink
Spybot - S&D
DVD Dec... Read more

A:Windows XP SP3 boot lag at startup

After it boots into the Desktop, have you checked how many processes are running in task manager. On avg it should be around 32. I know that spybot made my windows lag a bit on start up after install but it wasn't a dramatic difference. Also check your msconfig again to see how many programs are running in startup tab. The more programs in there the more time it will lag

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A while ago my PC mobo fried due to a power supply melt down. Sick of spending more, on average time over the years (many) in attempting to get the various reincarnations of MS Windows OSs to work, I went and got an older Apple/Mac iBook G4 powerbook laptop with OS X (latest OS)! Boy! What a different world, and I mean better!
However, I digress!
I want to get and use the "MagicJack" VOIP system but this requires either a PC or
Intel processor based Mac (Which I don't have, nor can afford- now-retired!)
So out comes the burnt relic of a previous time. The PC with fried mobo and PS!
Replaced PS with a new 500W job and found in my junk box an older mobo
SOYO SY-6BA-IV. Also changed out the "old" HD (40 GB) with a 200GB HD also from a previous PC. The HD has Windows 2000 Pro OS on it. Downloaded the mobo SOYO installation manual and followed their advice etc on BIOS settings (BIOS Award 1998 PCI/PNP 686 219143089-"as per label on EPROM on mobo). I have Windows XP Pro and XPO Home CDs and want to load Win XP Pro in place of the Win 2000 now on the HD.
So all "new" hardware was installed, BIOS set and PC switched on. No Hardware issues noted.(No Smoke!) However, during boot. It proceeds normally with normal screens etc until it comes to :Loading Windows"-- This NEVER happens! After a black screen it starts the boot process again and runs up to the "Load Windows" point then recycles ad infinitum!
I have gone through the entire... Read more

A:boot cycles on W2K startup?

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I've been having a problem on Startup with Windows Rebooting many times ,sometimes 8-10 times before finally completing Startup.This only happens during a cold start after the computer has been shutdown for an hour or more,Restarting after a successful boot is not a problem.I've tried using the Windows 7 DVD to Repair with no success and I've also done CHKDSK to repair any corrupt files.I also used an old Windows System Image to restore Windows with all programs and the problem is still there.I have Windows on a separate partition from all my files so cleaning up my C Drive is not a worry for me if it will fix this very annoying problem.

A:Startup Boot Loop

Sounds like a faulty electronic component. Doesn't hold charge properly, once it gets full enough it works but then drains over time if the machine is off.

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Was running an AVG antivirus scan that required me to restart in order to complete the process. Been stuck in a startup loop or boot loop since then.

Have tried the following (out of desperation rather than knowledge) without results:
- F8 and then selecting Logging/booting into safe mode
- F8 and then last known good config
- F11 and then selecting the hard discs (i think that's what they're called) realtek and sata something
- F2 to go to BIOS but didnt know what to do once I got there
- F3 for Recovery but nothing loaded, it just went straight into the startup loop

Info that may or may not be relevant
- Windows XP SP3, netbook
- no disc drive so using a cd is not an option
- Running Avast but got an infection that redirects my google results.
- Tried to clean up unsuccessfully, switched to AVG instead. The scan run fine the first time (couple of days ago) but did not remove all the infection (something about the file location not being accessible). I was running it the second time today when the restart got stuck in a loop
-(also have a firewall, malwarebytes and spybot)
- If restoring to factory settings means I can get rid of both the loop and the trojan/virus, I can live with that. I'd rather not lose my data but I think it's a price worth paying to get rid.

A:Startup/boot loop

F8 gets you to the Advance Boot Options. One of those options should be Disable Automatic Restarts on System Failure. Click on this option to stop the restarts. Once the restarts have been stopped you will get an error. Please post that error here.

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Hi, I'm pretty smart for a woman, but not when it comes to pcs. Can anyone tell me how I can get to the window to uncheck programs, that I know are just junk, like weather desktop, jukebox, etc., that I don't want to load at startup. This thing takes forever to load everything.
I have windows xp sp3.
Thanks for any help.

A:Startup menu for boot up

Hello Joaniet02

I?ll suggest you use msconfig to stop them.

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Ok. So when i installed W7 i also had the evaluation copy of W7 on another drive. Everytime i boot the computer it asked me which copy of windows i want to boot to. I erased that driver so i could get rid of that problem but its still there. Even if i try to boot into that drive it errors out and restarts. I want to boot my computer and it boot strait to my ONLY os.

So, How do i get rid of this annoying boot manage?

A:Boot Manager on startup---only 1 OS!!!

Quote: Originally Posted by thomas0zero

Ok. So when i installed W7 i also had the evaluation copy of W7 on another drive. Everytime i boot the computer it asked me which copy of windows i want to boot to. I erased that driver so i could get rid of that problem but its still there. Even if i try to boot into that drive it errors out and restarts. I want to boot my computer and it boot strait to my ONLY os.

So, How do i get rid of this annoying boot manage?

You have to fix the MBR and delete the other entry. E.g with EasyBCD.

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I've been having a problem the past month in Starting Windows,it gets to various stages including to the Desktop then Reboots.Sometimes it takes 8-10 times Rebooting till Windows 7 has finally booted up completely.What is even stranger is once Windows 7 is up and running I have no problems Restarting,the problem is only starting cold after the computer has been shut down for an hour or more.I've tried using my Windows 7 DVD to try repairing startup but it never finds any problem.

A:Boot Loop on Startup

Look in C:\Windows\minidump. Zip up the last 5 or so and upload here as an attachment.

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I went to use my laptop the other day, and when I opened it, it completely froze. I was forced to force the computer to shut down, and upon turning it on again, it would not startup. It asks me which mode I want to startup in (since there was an error last time) and no matter which I choose, it ultimately fails.

If I select "start normally" or "last successful", it goes to the XP scrollybar menu, where it scrolls for a while, and then restarts. If I go to safemode (any version), it spins the cd drive (when connected to USB 2.0 card) and loads into it fine. Unfortunately, when I go to do a system restore, it says the only restore points I have are the day I'm currently on, which is bogus because I run Spybot SD almost daily, so I should have several restore points.

Anyhow, I figured that some of the registry must be corrupted or something, so I figured I need to boot from my Windows CD. Problem is, the laptop has no internal drive. So I plug in my external to the usb port, but the moment I do this, the computer shuts down, and I can't startup the computer until I unplug the drive from the USB port. This is strange, because I even have the drive plugged into the AC, so it should work. But, I can't even load the computer when it's plugged in. So, I plugged in my USB 2.0 card and plugged the CD Drive into that. I changed the boot cycle to put the CD drive first, but it doesn't detect it until an operating system is loaded, becau... Read more

A:Tricky - XP Won't Startup, Need to Boot from CD, please help

Anyone have some ideas? Fortunately I haven't needed it of late, but I will soon.


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need help

Dell 14 inspiron series 7000, w8.1 SL
(1) first setup my notebook to boot on diagnostic startup (to check some software issue)
(2) i was asked to login, which i did, and windows accepted the password.
(3) user icon was displayed on the middle. and i waited, nothing happens.
(4) i tried to restart the system and tried it again ,,and again and same thing happens (nothing)

I wonder if i missed something ... i done diagnostic startup on w7 a lot .. but not experience this problem before.

by the way im new in using windows 8,, just bought the new laptop a couple of day ago.. home u guys can help

thank you very much!

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I need help in getting my computer to run in normal startup. I can get everything to work and my computer to stay on if I run it in using the configuration of Selective startup. If I run it under Normal startup, I get the blue screen: unexpected kernel mode trap and the computer shuts down and reboots.

A:Selective Startup/Boot

If you change it from "Selective Startup" mode to "Normal Startup" mode, it'll re-enable everything that's currently being prevented from automatically loading and running in the background.

You say it's working okay in "Selective Startup" mode but is blue screening in "Normal Startup" mode, so why would you want to change it?

This is what it looks like in my computers.


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I have two h/d's in my computer, each with XP. One h/d I use to try out software and I don't mind if it gets "cluttered" with old programs and files. The other h/d is a "clean" version of XP that I use for every day use. The way I boot into each h/d, is that I reboot the computer, and when its booting up, go into the bios, and change the boot device from HD0 to HD1, or vice versa. Is there a boot program out there I could install onto one of my h/d, so at boot time I could tell it which h/d to boot into instead of having to change the bios all the time?

A:Boot program for XP to specify a startup h/d

You should be able to change the boot sequence at startup when it prompts you which one to choose. You might not have it setup properly.
In Windows XP go to START>CONTROL PANEL>SYSTEM click the Advanced tab. Click "SETTINGS" under STARTUP and RECOVERY. Check TIME TO DISPLAY LIST OF OPERATING SYSTEMS....choose a desired time (e.g. 30 seconds). Click OK. Reboot machine (watch for bootup screen). You should now be able to change between the two by using the up/down arrow keys.

Good luck!

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Hello Guys.
I'm Using Lenovo ideapad Y500 (single GT650M version)
CPU: I7 3rd Gen
GPU: Single GT650M 2GB VRAM

After using my laptop more than 6 months it became slow to boot and slow to start-up (desktop settling) and sometimes right-click on a item took 20 seconds. I had installed lot of softwares and games. So I decided to install fresh copy of 8.1 at first it was fast and quicker as it should be. After a day I installed chrome, office 13, idm, utorrent and my laptop became slow as before.
After I press power Button it takes 1m for Lenovo logo to appear (before it was like 5 sec) and the booting process takes very longer than usual. [ Sleep and hibernate are faster like before]

So how to find which software is delaying the boot?

Thanks in advance

A:Win 8.1 Slow Boot and Startup

You can try this one : Download BootRacer - Test your Windows boot speed
Check also autostarting programs thru "Msconfig" and time to connect to internet.

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? OS -Windows 7? x86 (32-bit)? What was original installed OS on system- Windows Vista ? Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version (YOU purchased it from retailer)? - I purchased it from retailer? Age of system (hardware)-2 years? Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS?-1year Yes I have reinstalled Windows 7 1 year ago.? CPU
CPU- Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400? Video Card Nvidia G-force 9800 GT? MotherBoard- Dell INC, Modle No:: DCDR01? Power Supply - brand & wattage- DELL, Ac(input 50-60Hz 100-240V 10 A, Max output 750 W, shall not exceed 220 W

I was unable to 3. Run System Health Report -
START | type perfmon /report | save as HTML file

as while typing the Permon /report the computer told me that it was an invalid path, Checked spelling around 20 times did Copy paste as well none helped.

A:BSOD on startup, will not boot up

U[date NVIDIA nForce & video drivers -

nvraid.sys Wed May 20 02:43:36 2009 (4A13A698) - nForce
nvstor.sys Wed May 20 02:44:09 2009 (4A13A6B9)
nvm62x32.sys Fri Oct 17 17:00:39 2008 (48F8FCF7)

nvlddmkm.sys Thu May 14 16:32:27 2009 (4A0C7FDB) - NVIDIA video

Remove Daemon Tools/ Alcohol 120.

Regards. . .





Built by: 7600.16695.x86fre.win7_gdr.101026-1503
Debug session time: Sat Mar 19 20:51:16.917 2011 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:00:24.024
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nvlddmkm.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nvlddmkm.sys
PROCESS_NAME: csrss.exe
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: 0x50_nvlddmkm+329dde
Bugcheck code 00000050
Arguments e470010d 00000000 9092cdde 00000002
Built by: 7600.16695.x86fre.win7_gdr.101026-1503
Debug session time: Wed Mar 16 18:44:37.180 2011 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:56:59.912
*** ERROR: Symbol file could not be found. Defaulted to export symbols for dxgkrnl.sys -
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for... Read more

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My XP machine boots very slow with a lot of disk activities during boot. Apps also start ups slow. I have PC-cillin software so I don't think I have any virus or spyware.

Do I have any software running that causes this?



Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 11:43:58 PM, on 1/27/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.5730.0011)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Apoint\Apoint.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI Control Panel\atiptaxx.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony\HotKey Utility\HKserv.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_10\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony\HotKey Utility\HKWnd.exe
C:\Program Files\Apoint\Apntex.exe
D:\Program Files\NETGEAR\WPNT511\wpnt511.exe
D:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Internet Security 2007\pccguide.exe
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\YahooMessenger.exe
D:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Internet Sec... Read more

A:Slow XP boot and app startup


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God help me. I come home from a christmas party and my computer is practically destroyed.

One of my relatives was using it to play solitaire and apparently he shut it down in the normal procedure and it wouldn't turn itself off. It was stuck on the screen "Windows is shutting down".

Everytime I use it afterwars, the following happens:

It takes 50 times as long to get from one screen to another...when it searches for the boot devices, testing memory etc and my hardisk is lighting up like a Christmas tree. It then asks for the boot disk.

Have I lost all my data? What's gone wrong with the registry or my operating system? How can I rectify this problem? I cannot access windows!

I'm using Windows XP Home Edition.

A:Startup Boot Issue

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Hi there. I noticed that Windows (even Win 7) loads items in a weird order. For instance it loads an email notifier and a weather notifier before it has loaded the network connections (access to the internet). Is there a way to change that order somewhere? I have looked at MsConfig, but do not see any indication there.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

A:Boot/Startup order in XP

Other than system components and services, persistent programs can start in;



Common Startup Folder

Startup Folder

In that order is how they are started.


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I tried to produce a repair CD , using procedure recommended by microsoft. The startup sequence does not appear to see the CD in the DVD drive.Is this a bios setting issue of something else. How to fix it?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5500 @ 2.80GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3071 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 238426 MB, Free - 200102 MB; E: Total - 238472 MB, Free - 106475 MB; G: Total - 238409 MB, Free - 160910 MB;
Motherboard: BIOSTAR Group, G41D3, 6.0, None
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011, Updated and Enabled

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Hi! can anyone help me what will i gonna do for the PC with very slow in boot startup..

it happens after logging-in the window coz the PC s part of the domain.

It takes almost 5 to 15 mins to open the window.

I am using a Window XP SP3 Operating System.

can someone help me..


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I am running Windows NT Workstation Version 4 Service Pack 6. The main administrative userid ("frank") has a number of Startup programs in the Startup directory. These programs run after the PC is booted up and logging on as the user "frank".

If I logoff "frank", and log back on to "frank" (without restarting the PC) the Startup programs do not run.

Note: none of the Startup programs are NT Services, they are simply entries in the Startup folder.

If I logon as another user the Startup programs for this user run after logging on.

If I logoff this user and logon to "frank" again the Startup programs still will not run after logging on.

This problem only seemed to start after adding additional users.

I have searched through this forum, the Microsoft Knowledge Base, and used Google, all to no avail. I have also asked a couple of reasonably knowledgeable Windows NT MCSE's who also were unable to determine what is happening.

Any help appreciated.

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Hi Guys,
I have been trying to find which key to press on startup to run a dvd which has a live linux OS.
My laptop is a Compaq CQ45 and I am running Windows 8.1 

A:How to boot from cd/dvd drive on startup

When you first boot up watch the load screen carefully, you should see what ket to hit for setup.  In setup you will have to move around with the arrow keys, you want to change the boot order from the HD to the CD.  It is not to hard just take your time, when you go to exit make sure it says save changes then exit.

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Hey all i'm new here and i got a question for ya. I was having some issues with my dell inspiron 6000 laptop running XP HOme Edition SP2, so i decided to do a clean install. I have done this several times on other machines in my house; put the disk in, boot from cd, follow options and all is well. However, this time, when i put it in, it says "press any ket boot from cd" which is normal, "setup is detecting...." also normal, but then instead of the "windows startup" blue screen, it pauses at a black blank screen forever. I had fedora 8 also installed on my HD at the time. After trying to "fix" my problem and what not, my HD is entirely cleared at the moment, no working OS, and i'm really confused as to why it will not boot form CD. The CD is ok, checked it on another machine. If i let it boot from HD, it goes to the fedora screen where it asks what OS i want to run, however, since i deleted everything, none will run of course. So now i turn to you all and ask if you can please help me, as this is really bugging me.
Thanks in advance for all the help..


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On turning on the computer, I get a BSOD with the error listed above. It tries an automatic repair, does nothing but get me to an advanced options screen where I can then choose "Troubleshoot" and try various options. I have no System Restore points, so that one is out. I'm not ready to try reinstalling Win10, so can anyone assist me in trying to find out exactly what's causing the error and fix without a reinstall? I can get to a command prompt through the advanced options, so I assume I can try to find any error logs. I'm not up on reading those and fixing myself.

I have tried removing all connections to the computer (USB, second HD, LAN, etc) and restarting with no effect.There has been no hardware or software installed recently that would lead me to believe that's the cause.

Another site recommended I go to Command Prompt and try SFC /SCANNOW - that ran to 100% and then told me "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation."

The next suggestion was to try DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth - that got me this: "Error: 50 DISM does not support servicing Windows PE with the /Online option". Their next suggestion was to reset Win10. Anything else I can try to actually find and fix the problem without using the reset hammer?

Any help would be very much appreciated!

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Hello all, I could use some help. for a little while now my pc kept freezing right after windows startup, everything would load fine, then nothing would react and I would have to manually reboot, then it would get stuck on the BIOS startup screen, another reboot would then fix it until next time.

In the last couple of days it has gotten worse, it requires multiple reboots to load and gets stuck at various points in the booting process with no error messages or crashes. The fans all work, i have not overclocked the CPU. I' scanned with antivirus and anti spyware, nothing came up. tried disk fragmenting, nothing

I'm running WIN7 32bit, AMD Phenom II X3 710, 2600Mhz
I have an Asus M4A78-HTPC motherboard, ATI Radeon 4870, and 4GB RAM

Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:PC keeps freezing at startup/boot

On another computer, download the ISO image for Seatools in my signature and burn the image to CD using IMGBurn also in my signature. Boot off of the newly created CD and run the Quick and the Extended diagnostics on the HDD. If either fails, the HDD needs to be replaced

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Good day all!

I haven't been on Ten Forums for a while but I will try and be as descriptive as possible.

After upgrading to Windows 10 64 bit my PC has been acting strange. When I start my laptop, normally you would see that the HP logo appears in the middle of the screen and the loading dots on the bottom of the screen going in a circle as you would see windows does when performing an operation. Just before it would load the windows login screen, the screen goes black and the HP logo appears again with the loading dots (the little dots going around in circles) , but this time it appears as if the little dots (that's going around in circles) are lagging. This is followed by a black screen for about a minute or 2 then only the windows login appears. This has been very frustrating for me because on my previous version of windows (8.1) it only took about a few seconds to load to desktop. I have absolutely NO idea what could be causing this and it would be very much appreciated if someone could help me fix this problem

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need help

Dell 14 inspiron series 7000, w8.1 SL
(1) first setup my notebook to boot on diagnostic startup (to check some software issue)
(2) i was asked to login, which i did, and windows accepted the password.
(3) user icon was displayed on the middle. and i waited, nothing happens.
(4) i tried to restart the system and tried it again ,,and again and same thing happens (nothing)

I wonder if i missed something ... i done diagnostic startup on w7 a lot .. but not experience this problem before.

by the way im new in using windows 8,, just bought the new laptop a couple of day ago.. home u guys can help

thank you very much!

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I downloaded Ubuntu last night. I burned image to disc etc. Now I pop it in my computer and it reads teh disc then continues to load XP. I dont care if it overwrites my XP(as I hate microsoft & its a spare computer). So, How do I boot from CD, or install it?

Computer Details:

Make: HP Pavilion 513c
OS: XP home (no service pack, so im guessing sp1)

A:Boot From Cd, Not In Startup Options.

You have to enter the BIOS and make the CD drive the first boot device.

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My pc was acting up so I did the msconfig-diagnostic startup... to see if maybe it was one of my startup applications but now I am trying to get it back to a normal bootup. I make the change for a normal boot but it restarts and I get a diagnostic startup. I've done it over and over and cant get it back. I haven't added or made any changes. Does anyone know how I can get my computer to bootup normally.

A:Cant Get A Normal Startup Boot-

That could be a symptom of a malware infection. Using MSConfig to access (force) safe mode can be problematic when there is malware on your system and can make your computer unusable. Some types of malware can delete or alter the safeboot key in the registry resulting in the inability to reboot into safe mode. If you use the /Safeboot option on the Boot.ini Tab to force safe mode when booting into safe mode when the F8 key does not work, it could have disastrous results. The Safeboot option modifies the Boot.ini file and you may be locked in a continuous reboot loop afterwards where you cannot get back to MSConfig and undo your selection.Try using System Restore from a command prompt in "Safe Mode" to return to a previous state before your problems began?

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problem fixed

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I am a first time PC builder. After assembling and installing Windows 7, occasionally I would have a boot error on start up, Windows wouldn't boot because of "recent hardware or software changes". The times it won't boot, my 250 gig ssd won't be appearing in bios. Other times, it would boot fine. I realised my SATA port of the SSD was 6. I changed it to port 1 which was working with my hdd for storage. Now it won't boot or read my ssd at all. Do you think this is a faulty ssd or am I doing something wrong? What's weird is that if it doesn't show in bios and I have a boot error, I can boot from Windows 7 disk, and attempt to install Windows on my ssd. I tried to reinstall Windows on the ssd (on the same partition because I couldn't figure out how to partiton a drive from the ssd on a boot disk) and it wouldn't boot from the start. I have a

250 gig samsung 850 evo ssd.

Mobo: Asus z97a 3.1
Processor: Intel i7 processor
Graphics: Msi gtx 960 4g
HDD: WD blue 1tb

Thank you for any help

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That was kinda the reason, why I did a clean install of Windows in the first place. Did it yesterday. Well.. the problem kinda is that Windows boots normally to that screen: "Loading your personal settings" , stays there for about 1-2 minutes and then goes to desktop. Before I installed the programs, it booted kinda in light speed :D I've checked msconfig and ticked out what weren't necessary: and Didn't touch the Windows services, coz I'm not sure about them. When I come back, I'll give you the program list, what I installed. I have a computer with Quad CPU, 4GB RAM, 8800GT, so it should boot pretty fast, it did, before I installed the programs.So.. I formatted the HD, installed the Windows XP SP2, the first thing I did, was installing the motherboard and graphic's card drivers, then I installed all necessary Windows Updates including SP3, unticked what weren't necessary in my point of view and then started to install programs. Here's the list of programs that I have installed:ESET Smart Security Microsoft Word 2007Mozilla FirefoxuTorrentWindows Live MessengerGIMPGOM PlayerTeamSpeak 3BSPlayerVLC Media PlayerCorel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2WinampNero v7Replay Media CatcherAdobe Photoshop CS2 and CS5AudacityDaemon ToolsDVD ShrinkEVERESTFrapsIrfanviewiTunesMozBackupTeamViewerXChatCClanerMBAMSpybot - S&DSuperAntiSpywareAutoGKDVD Dec... Read more

A:Windows XP SP3 boot lag at startup

Installed programs don't have impact on your computer startup time, however those, which are set as startups, do.Download Autoruns for Windows: installation required.Simply unzip file, and double click on autoruns.exe file to run the program.Go File>Save, and save it as AutoRuns.txt file to know location.You must select Text from drop-down menu as a file type: Attach the file to your next reply.

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Please see this short thread regarding my problem:

Computer will not boot into Windows

A:Windows 7 will not boot upon startup

From reading through those other posts I see one fatal flaw in your process to install 8. You partitioned your hdd and then deleted your primary partition to keep the other. The whole premise of partitioning a drive is to keep your primary intact and used the extended partition to install a trial OS. This way if something happens on the partitioned drive it wont effect your primary drive.

Theoretically, what you've done you should be able to reformat (both primary and partitions) and reinstall your OS.

If you could please fill in your system specs in your user profile area, this would help a great deal.

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Hi everyone,

I am running Windows 7 x64, which is the OS I installed when I built my PC two-ish years ago. I actually just freshly installed the OS to attempt to fix my problem, but I'll get to that later.

CPU: Intel i7-2600k stock
GPU: XFX Radeon HD 7850
MB: Asus Sabertooth Z77
PSU: Corsair HX750W

A week or so ago, I'd been having a problem with a blue screen every time I started up my computer. It would get to the windows initializing screen (the picture of the windows logo with the floating lights around it) but after that it would go to a blue screen, restart, and prompt for System Recovery, which never worked.

I had been able to work around it by entering BIOS before the blue screen happens. What struck me as weird was that opening BIOS alone was not enough, I needed to play with the settings a bit (didn't matter what I changed) to bypass the blue screen. In other words, all I had to do to get my computer to boot properly, is open BIOS, change any setting, and then save and exit. I posted this along with a picture of the blue screen and dmp file (which I have included) to Tom's Hardware and got no response.

So in hope of an easy solution I decided to reinstall windows, as I'd been planning on doing that anyway for a while. It's worked fine for a couple days. But then I shut down to install 164 windows updates, which were clearly because I installed a fresh copy of Win7. Now I can't get my computer to boot except into safe mode. On this last time around... Read more

A:BSOD on startup - can't boot



This indicates that a system thread generated an exception which the error handler did not catch.

BugCheck 1000007E, {ffffffffc0000005, fffff88006305a28, fffff8800357e3d8, fffff8800357dc30}

The 1st argument is 0xc0000005 which indicates an access violation occurred.


4: kd> .exr 0xfffff8800357e3d8
ExceptionAddress: fffff88006305a28 (ha20x22k+0x0000000000098a28)
ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)
The violation occurred because of ha20x22k.sys which is the
Creative Technology Audigy driver.


1. You may have installed a buggy Creative driver, so please uninstall your Creative drivers ASAP and try a latest version/version before.

2. Uninstall Connectify, absolutely terrible software.

3. Remove and replace Norton with Microsoft Security Essentials for temporary troubleshooting purposes as it's likely causing conflicts:

Norton removal -;jsessionid=841A6D40BA6872C47697C6C6B19C8E11.4?entsrc=redirect_pubweb&pvid=f-home

MSE - Microsoft Security Essentials - Microsoft Windows

4. Your PowerISO drivers are pretty old:


4: kd> lmvm scdemu
start end module name
fffff880`04679000 fffff880`046a0000 SCDEmu (deferred)
Image path: \SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\SCDEmu.SYS
Image name: SCDEmu.SYS
Timesta... Read more

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I just got an old inspiring 2305 with midi, VGA, and RCA video and audio input.  When I tried to start the computer, I get to the dell logo screen with F2 and F12 signs at bottom of screen.  At this point, the keyboard locks up with numeric key light.  If I restart the computer and hit the numeric key, it will go off for a few seconds and then come back on.  If I hit the F2 key RIGHT after I hit the numeric key, the start up screen appears and then the keyboard locks with the F2 light reappearing. I think that the BIOS has to be changed but I can't use the keyboard to start the change to the BIOS from a CD or DVD.  I have the three manuals from Dell and have the BIOS download on an other computer.  If anyone has had this problem, is the a fix other an a new Motherboard. I've been working with PCs from the late 70's until now and have never come across this problem before. I have over a dozen PCs in my home from old CPM machines to current.

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My pc switches on but doesn't boot. I normally just get a black screen with a flashing underscore in top left corner. I can get into the start up menu and then the boot menu and boot the pc that way. I have on the odd occasion received an error message, something about the keyboard, i cant remember exactly its been a while since i seen that message. I know nothing about taking a pc apart and testing hardware, so im hoping its a software issue. Any ideas?

A:Does not boot unless i use the startup menu.

Managed to reproduce the keyboard error, and that is literally all it says.. 'Keyboard error'

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My netbook is running Win 7 Ult x32. All was well until 2-3 months ago when it failed to restart. It comes up to a screen with 2 choices, "Launch Startup Repair (Recommended)" and "Launch Windows Normally," with the first being highlighted. If I select the first or do nothing I get a System Recovery Options dialog box and after selecting the keyboard language (US), I get a User Name and Password (login) screen. After logging in I get 5 choices starting with System Repair. This runs for a good while but ultimately says it cannot repair the system and that it cannot find any restore points. I really do not want to go through a reinstall.

The ironic thing is that if I select Launch Windows Normally before the time runs out, Windows will start up fine and nothing is amiss. It's like there is something wrong in the MBR that is keeping it from automatically completing the startup, but if I select it, then it will finish the boot up sequence.

Any ideas on what I can use to fix this?


A:Boot/startup Problem

Please post back a screenshot of your maximized full Disk Mgmt drive map with listings, using Snipping Tool in Start Menu.

You may need to run the Repairs from the DVD or Repair CD so that the Repairs don't depend on OS files. And the System Reserved or Win7 partition may need to be marked Active - we shall see. System Repair Disc - Create

While we look it over for you, check the logs and other resoures listed in these Troubleshooting Steps to see if any problems make themselves apparent.

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My computer has been hanging at the following screen upon startup/boot (note: the Windows flag or whatever it is does not show up).

The following is a brief sequence of what happens:
1) I press the power button to turn it on
2) It hangs at the above screen (I've waited as long as ten minutes at this screen)
3) I force shutoff by holding the power button
4) I restart by pressing the power button, again
5) It asks me if I want to start up normally or repair (I forgot the exact words, I'm away from my PC and posting from a netbook now)
5a) If I choose repair, it does a system restore - computer now turns on. However, if I shut it off (the correct way, not a force shutoff) and turn it back on, this whole process restarts.
5b) If I choose to start up normally, it starts up just fine. Again, if I shut it off (the correct way, not a force shutoff) and turn it back on, this whole process restarts.

I have defragged, run a check dick (C drive), and done two system restores. Nada.

The only changes I've made are uninstalling Kaspersky and installing Avast - but this was well over a week prior to the problem and installing Windows updates (defender, security, malicious software, etc updates).

Please advise!

Thank you!

A:Startup/Boot hang


Try opening an elevated command prompt and running sfc /scannow. You can also try running a Startup Repair.

Good luck!

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Last night, my Windows 7 64bit laptop suddenly began shutting down by itself and I caught a glimpse of a Microsoft Security Essentials alert message about a certain .exe file in my system. Now every time I try to boot my PC, I get a BSOD at the Windows logo animation. I tried using the Startup repair and did a System Restore, but none of them were able to solve the problem.
I also did the following things:
chkdsk, didn't find any errors.
sfc /scannow, which apparently found certain corrupted files that it couldn't fix.
ran Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, but it couldn't find any infected files.
I'm still able to access to my computer through Safe Mode.
Is there anything else I could try to solve this issue? Thanks in advance.

A:PC won't boot - BSOD at startup

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Okeedokee. Ill try and make this as short as possible. Im trying to fix up a computer of mine for a friend. The last time I used it was less than a month ago, but now all of a sudden, its having MAJOR booting problems. The first thing i noticed was that when i started it up, the VGA wasnt detecting a signal. So, i took all of the RAM out except for one 512 MB stick and it booted. It booted once. I got to the Vista login screen, entered my password, and then waited for ten minutes as it welcomed me. After that, the Aero waiting loopy thing stopped spinning and i knew it was time to reboot. so i hard shutdown and the next thing i know, it goes to the "Windows didnt shut down properly" BIOS screen with two options: "Run startup manager (recommended) ", and "Start windows normally". If i choose Run startup manager, the screen flashes and then resets that screen and i get the same options again, and the 30 second timer at the bottom resets. this is almost instantaneous. if i choose start windows normally, the screen goes black, and then BIOS resets from the splash screen. ive tried resetting the CMOS by taking the battery out for 3 minutes. ive tried resetting the default BIOS settings, and nothing has gotten me past that first booting screen. HALP!

A:Vista boot problems/ Overall boot problems

How about trying reinstalling Vista?

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I get into startup repair everytime i boot my pc which is never successful. I am definitely goin to explain it in detail but dis is basic problem nd plz dont mind typing coz m typing fast on iphone which may cause errors in typing!!

Yesterday,i used my pc for 7-8 hrs continuosly which is not big deal but due to it i can't figure out my action which caused problem. I kept it on for downloading at night nd when in morning i got boot screen which comes when pc is directly turned off. I did Start Windows Normally nd i got usual windows 7 loading animation for a secong nd den it started startup repair after that everytime i boot it takes me to startup repair resulting in continuos failure. I hv googled nd found many threads but none matched my exact one. Startup infinity loop didn't work. Below r given few conclusions nd obstacles-
1.) i can't get into advanced boot options using F8. But i can get into recovery menu using install dvd nd view advanced options frm startup repair.
2.) System restore din't work. I mean its not successful in restoring.
3.) bootrec.exe didnt work
4.) imp point to be noted is my last update was on 23 dec while pc worked fine on 24 th & 25th dec means dont knw wat happened 25th night that caused this problem on 26th morning.
5.) sfc/scannow says "a startup repair is left to be completed." it says to complete that first then use sfc/scannow.
6.) chkdsk results in last line saying failed to transfer log......
7.) i also get a report like man... Read more

A:Startup repair boot loop!

are you able to enter safe mode?

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After installing Windows 7, the MBR was corrupted and I had to reinstall... no problem with 7, but now I have two instances of Windows7 on the mbr screen at startup. the one that works and a non-working one under it. Again, not a real problem, but for the sake of neatness, can I remove this line from the screen? I am still dual booting with XP until I am confident that all my processes will work in 7, then I will want to remove the XP partition and bypass the screen to choose the OS. Any place out there to get info on these things? Confession - the MBR was borked when I removed the IBM partition with XP utilities, etc and left the XP and 7 partitions, expanding 7 to use the space. Since I have Student download copy from DigitalRiver of 7 I don't have a disk to put in and repair. Disk is in the mail (right!) so a reinstall was the only fix I could come up with.

(Later) OK, I just read a little about a repair disk that I can make, now that I,m running again. Is this the right direction? Is there a fixmbr command?

I've seen the commands:
>FIXBOOT {driveletter}:
>BOOTCFG /rebuild
but will this be the correct command after deleting the XP partition?
Also, saw:
> bootrec /fixMBR
> bootrec /fixBoot
> bootrec /rebuildBCD
> bootrec /scanOS
No idea how to use these or if they are the correct commands... I could get into a terminal in Linux, but where do I find the "terminal" in seven? any details will be appreciated.

A:Dual Boot startup screen


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Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn?t search ALL pages of this section (although I searched a lot using keywords BIOS and Windows boot manager).

Anyway, I just did a new build and installed Win7 Pro 64 bit on a Kingston HyperX Predator M.2 SSD. However, I forgot to enter audit mode to install user files and program data to another drive ? something I ALWAYS have done in the past.

So I decided to do a clean install on a clean drive ? which I have successfully done many times in the past.

My problem is something that has NEVER happened before. No matter how many times I set the bios to boot from the Win installation DVD (so that I can abort the process and access diskpart) it always reverts to the Windows Boot Manager and brings up the installed operating system.

So I tried setting the BIOS to boot from the DVD with a bootable Killdisk DVD in place. Same thing ? reverted to Windows Boot Manager and booted into Windows. Same thing with my bootable WipeDrive DVD. So tried to set the BIOS to boot from a 3.0 USB (which contains a bootable Killdisk). No luck. Same result.

Apparently there?s NO WAY to get the darn operating system off the SSD so that it can be reinstalled in audit mode. And this will also cause me troubles in the future, as I do clean installs of the OS about twice a year.

And the attached image is something weird that I?ve never seen. What?s an EFI system partition? Never seen that before. Is that wh... Read more

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When I boot into windows 7 I see this:
STOP:0x0000007b (0x80786b50,0xc0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000) and safe modes do not work.
I do not have a disk drive but I do have f3 recovery (don't know if you need the disk of recovery) and I do have access to another pc.
I can only go to startup repair options (because startup repair could not find the problem) I have access to cmd but not system restore because I turned off system restore.
I posted this a few days ago with a different title and all I got was a link that did not help me at all.

A:Bsod on startup, impossible to boot.

Hello danawesome,

To help us identify your problem please post in the BSOD thread.
BSOD Help and Support - Windows 7 Help Forums

And please read this and follow instruction before posting.
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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I formatted C: and now I can't boot from Windows 98 bootdisk. Screen stops at SEARCHING FOR BOOT RECORD FROM FLOPPY..OK

Tried the bootdisk on another PC - all OK


Pent 2 350mhz, 64mb ram

[Edited by johnnet123 on 06-26-2001 at 07:55 AM]

A:Won't boot from win98 startup disk

first thing to check is the video card to make sure it is setted. if it is a continuous beeping when you boot, it could be the video card or the memory may have went bad.

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The trouble with my HP Pavilion Entertainment laptop started when I installed a Linux distro called Fedora onto it a few months back. It didn't install properly or something so I had one of the guys I know uninstall it but now there's something wrong when I start it up. If I don't hit 'Esc' as it's starting up, it just goes to a black screen and freezes. When I hit 'Esc,' it would usually start up Windows 7 normally. However, today I turned it on and it won't even do that. After I hit 'Esc,' it says something along the lines of it not shutting down properly and if I'd like to resume Windows or do a reboot but when I click the up and down arrows on my keyboard or push Enter to choose an option, nothing happens. It just gets to that option screen and freezes.

I used my old HP recovery disk and set the Boot Order so it would boot from the CD but when the 'Press any key to boot from CD' screen pops up and I press a key, it freezes on that screen. If I don't press any key when it says that, it'll go to that 'options' screen again and freeze there. No matter what I do, it freezes SOMEWHERE before it gets to the OS, so I can't even get into anything besides the BIOS menu.

Any suggestions? I think Linux ruined something. I've been told the partition for my Recovery drive somehow got deleted in the process of removing Linux so... I feel like I'm SOL. If there's absolutely an... Read more

A:HP laptop startup messed up.. won't boot into OS

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When I press the power up button my computer will start to boot to a blank screen. My main drive is a 120gb SSD and Slave is a 1tb hdd and will not start spinning. After about 30 seconds I can hard restart the computer and press the power button again and the computer will fully boot with no indications of a crash. If I press the reset button itself it will not reset the computer unless it is fully started. Also if I put the computer into sleep mode it will do the same thing. Any suggestions on how to get my computer to boot the first time I start up the computer.

A:computer will not boot on initail startup

person4u said:

When I press the power up button my computer will start to boot to a blank screen. My main drive is a 120gb SSD and Slave is a 1tb hdd and will not start spinning. After about 30 seconds I can hard restart the computer and press the power button again and the computer will fully boot with no indications of a crash. If I press the reset button itself it will not reset the computer unless it is fully started. Also if I put the computer into sleep mode it will do the same thing. Any suggestions on how to get my computer to boot the first time I start up the computer.Click to expand...
aif your computer is a laptop can you run powercfg -a (or "A") from start/run

That will tell us what power states are supported by your system

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My OS is Win7 Ultimate x64 and its boot by vhd.

One day, it failed to go to Windows and stuck at Startup Repair. I think it was caused by invalid driver.

But anyway, my concern is the Startup repair is unable to repair a Windows that is installed in a vhd. Then what should I gonna to do?

A:Boot from VHD startup repair failed

Try rolling back using System Restore from System Recovery Options

If this fails you may need to reinstall.

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Just woke up, turned on the computer, now it doesn't even go as far as entering the OS.
Feeling a bit uneasy.. Went into system repair, went through with reverting to a previous state, still doesn't work.
I don't know why it's doing this, it was absolutely fine yesterday! Even restarted the system a handful of times due to updates and such and it worked perfectly, but for some reason now, a day later, it can't even load the OS properly! :S
I can enter safe mode just fine.


I had reinstalled my OS just now, it's still happening, now I seriously don't know what to do.
The only thing I can think of right now is that my 'system reserved' partition is marked as active whilst my C: drive isn't, if anybody can shed some light on this issue that would be amazing seriously.
I honestly can't figure out why I have this issue!

A:Startup Issues! Windows Won't Boot Up

Assuming you performed a perfect and accurate reinstall, you should have cleaned up any issues with the OS not booting. What type of errors are you receiving?

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My Mom is having computer problems and I'm no pro! She doesn't know what happened. We would really appreciate help!!!
Turned it on and off a few times, unplugged it, too.
It doesn't boot - just goes to a Lenovo screen.
Tried again while hitting various F keys because I wasn't sure of the right one.
It went to the startup Dev Menu.
I hit escape to boot using defaults and got a blank screen.
Hit ctrl alt del  and esc again because I wasn't sure what to do.
It went to BIOS setup utility screen.  I definitely don't know what to do now!
If this might help - it's a c540 cpu 113-3240  Win 8MM I believe it was upped to 10.
Again, we would truly appreciate any and all help!
Thank you very very much!
Rachel and Sandra

A:Trying to help Mom just Lenovo screen or startup dev won't boot

do you get the "spinning circle" of dots at startup ??

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I'm doing a degree in IT, so I am well knowledged.

I'm trying to help a friend (over the phone so not the easiest way) of fixing his computer.

On boot it is taking him to the windows 7 startup repair which fails with StartUpRepairOflline AutoFailover CorruptFile

I have suggested the following, all which have failed to make a difference:

bootrec.exe with /fixmbr /fixboot and /RebuildBcd

Run chkdsk

Startup repair

System Restore - two dates tried

The pc is about a month or so old, and I'm thinking it could be a hardware issue, hard drive?

Two things I am going to try when I get there is a WD Diagnostics on the Hard drive, and the sfc I'm just wondering if you guys have any other suggestions to what could be causing this, or something that I may have missed?

A:Computer going into startup repair on boot

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Today, for no apparent reason, my computer would not boot correctly. (Windows 7 64x Professional.)
Msconfig will not accept Normal Startup or Diagnostic Startup but only Selective Startup with only grey arrows in the boxes.
As a result there are only a few services loaded and I cannot start any more. I have no Internet connection, no Sound, etc.

My system has 3 hard drives with a different OS on each: C: Windows 7, D: Windows XP and F: Windows Technical Preview (10). XP and 10 boot normally and all functions work correctly.

I have a clean image file backup which I installed using my rescue disk but the reinstallation of the image did not fix the problem

I cannot run Backup and Restore, sfc /scannow,
Device Manager shows everything normal.
I ran both TDDSKiller from cd and found no malware.
I have run out of ideas other than a complete wipe and reinstall so I am hoping that someone out there in cyber space has some useful suggestions

A:Cannot boot Normal Startup in windows 7

Hello kgash mate try these first in safe mode (power up and tap F8)
SFC /SCANNOW : Run in Command Prompt at Boot
Disk Check < run it with the /f and /r switches if need be.

Then take a look at this
Startup Repair
Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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Start up repair problem signature reads as follows:
Problem Signature:
Problem event name: StartupRepairv2
Problem signature 01: AutoFailover
Problem signature 02: 6.0.6000.16386.6.0.6000.16386
Problem signature 03: 3
Problem signature 04: 65537
Problem signature 05: unknown
Problem signature 06: BadDriver
Problem signature 07: 0
Problem signature 08: 3
Problem signature 09: WrpRepair
Problem signature 10: 2
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1033
System specs are as follows:
Toshiba Satellite P105-S9339
Core 2 Duo 2GHz T7200, 2GB RAM, 200GB HDD, Vista Ultimate 32bit
Gforce Go 7900gs

When I boot at the Thoshiba screen (options to boot into setup/multiboot) there are green lines going vertically through the screen. It will not boot if that is the case. It then initializes start up repair which gives me the error above. I have tried to restore from earlier points to no avail. I have reinstalled vista from my disks at which point it worked for a minor peroid of time and this started to happen again. Virus? Once In awhile it will boot without the green vertical lines and will start up just fine, but this appears to be random. I would appreciate any help that can be provided. Thank you.

A:Startup Repair and failure to boot.

Your Startup Repair log shows a bad driver as the cause - and you're having video problems - so it's not a far reach to figure that the video drivers may be the cause.

Can you boot into Safe Mode? To do this, try rapidly tapping the F8 key just before the Windows Splash Screen shows up.

If you get in, try Safe Mode with Networking Support - and then download a new copy of your video drivers from the video card manufacturer's website (ATI, nVidia, Intel, etc).

Then uninstall your current video drivers through Control Panel...Programs...Uninstall a program. Then install the new drivers and see if that helps.

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If I shut my computer off and leave if off for ~10 minutes or more, when i startup I get the error DISK BOOT FAILURE...INSERT SYSTEM DISC AND PRESS ENTER

After leaving it on for around 15 minutes it will boot up fine, but I have to go through this everytime I shut the computer off, any fixes?
1 gig RAM
ASUS P5N-D MotherBoard
NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT Video Card

Not sure what other specs you might need, computer newbie here

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Hi there

Everytime I turn on my laptop the loading bars go through and then it loads up startup repair which tries to search for errors and a few times it has attempted repairs too. But every time it says:
Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically
Click to expand...

In the view problem details it has this information:
Problem Event Name: StartupRepairV2
Problem Signature 01: AutoFailover
Problem Signature 02: 6.0.6000.16386.6.0.6001.18000
Problem Signature 03: 6
Problem Signature 04: 196611
Problem Signature 05: CorruptFile
Problem Signature 06: CorruptFile
Problem Signature 07: 3221225487
Problem Signature 08: 3
Problem Signature 09: WrpRepair
Problem Signature 10: 2
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1033
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When I click Finish on that, it just shuts down and the same thing happens again when I turn it back on. I have tried to enter Safe Mode and Last Known Good Config but the same problem occurs.

I have tried using some bootrec commands to fix the mbr etc but they haven't worked, and I have also tried to perform a repair install using a copy of Windows Vista x86 32bit but that won't work as the upgrade option is greyed out and this error message displays:

Upgrade has been disabled

- To upgrade, start the installation from Windows.
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The laptop is an Acer Aspire 7920G (I think - would have to check to be sure), I think there is a recovery partition on the hard drive but I'm not sure how t... Read more

A:Can't boot - Startup repair loop

hi try alt and F10 at boot to get to recovery partition

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I had XP with '03 media center edition. I installed win7 over XP, so I was not expecting that every time I now turn on win7 computer I always get the windows boot manager and have to choose win7 to continue booting up. Is there a way to fix that so it does not come up anymore and just starts up on its own. I realize that even if I do not click it, it is already highlighted and will start up on its own after the countdown is done, but I was wanting to know if there was a way to fix that altogether. Thanks!

Should also mention that on msconfig and boot menu, the only one listed is the Win7 OS system and is default.

A:Always get windows boot manager on startup

Quote: Originally Posted by PJs

I had XP with '03 media center edition. I installed win7 over XP, so I was not expecting that every time I now turn on win7 computer I always get the windows boot manager and have to choose win7 to continue booting up. Is there a way to fix that so it does not come up anymore and just starts up on its own. I realize that even if I do not click it, it is already highlighted and will start up on its own after the countdown is done, but I was wanting to know if there was a way to fix that altogether. Thanks!

Should also mention that on msconfig and boot menu, the only one listed is the Win7 OS system and is default.

That's the way it is supposed to work.

The Win 7 'Boot Manager' screen is good for you:
Note that one of the options, besides booting Win 7 is to hit 'Tab' and select the 'Memory test'.

If and when you run into difficulties with the boot process not 'going forward',
you might want to check your on-board ram, assuming that you've been lucky enough to get that far.

Others may tell you how to eliminate the screen from popping up, but
I would strongly advise against that.
Instead, change the default 'wait' time to maybe 3 or 2 seconds, depending upon how intolerable the wait period is to you.

The wait period is easily changed by running 'bcdedit' from the command line.
If you're uncomfortable with that, I believe there's a GUI program that others might suggest... bcdedit or something li... Read more

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I have an important problem to tell you. Well here we go, my brother installed a new update on my computer and it said "IMPORTANT UPDATES TO INSTALL" and one of the updates it said was to install Windows Vista Service Pack 2. So he installed it and maybe their was an error installing. So somehow, after we shut down the computer, one day later we turned it on, and it just kept turning off and on by itself. It kept booting up slowly to one part and then turned off and turned on again. It wouldn't stop. I left it alone thinking it would finally boot up correctly but it continued to turn off and on for about 10 minutes. Finally i just unplugged it and left it alone for the night. The next morning I checked it to see if it would continue and it did. I then called my older brother because he studied computers in college and he told me that maybe the service pack did not install correctly and that it may have DELETED BOOT UP FILES which will cause the computer to not boot up. Also he told me that i might have to get a Windows Vista recovery disc. And that is what his suggestion was. Will recovering my computer delete everything I have on my PC? Because that would be terrible. Please help me. I hope I explained it enough.

A:My computer does not have enough boot files to startup.

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i just noticed that some people are having kinda basically the same problem as me but i cant get past this screen at all and its not from a update that i know though it might cause it runs in the back ground, help would be highly apreciated

ok i have a crappy Hp laptop with a linksys usb internet device the basics blag blah , and i have System Mechanic pro and when ive used that in the last 2-3months it always says i cant do anything to my drive cause theres something wrong with it, and up to today i havent had any problems besides the occasional thing where sometimes ill open a folder and in a sec or 2 io get a windows explorer error and i have to close all folders open nothing else , but today i reboot my laptop and i get it to a blue screen where ive tried every option to get past this screen but every one goes right back to the blue screen and it give me a error of (0x82b6fc08, 0xc0000006, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) and i have no clue on what to do since i cant DO ANYTHING no safe mode, no go to last workin settings nothing HEEEELP

A:StartUp Problem Wont Boot up

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I tried the Vista software upgrade for the limited period and found I prefered xp ( as Im used to it). I uninstalled Vista,but, on start up Vista still is an option for which operating system I want to use. I have to use the up arrow to opt for XP and press enter. If I miss the option Vista starts then stops telling me there are files missing. I thought Id uninstalled Vista from my pc altogether but there must still be some files somewhere for the dual boot to come up. Only problem is guys, I dont know where to look or what to do to totally uninstall Vista. Is there a start up file in registry or elsewhere that hasnt been uninstalled? Not a serious problem, just a niggling one! Cheers for any help!

A:Dual Boot Startup Problem

It is probably the boot.ini file that is giving you trouble.How to edit the Boot.ini file in Windows XP

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Hi people, found your forum via Google. I have an issue with Windows 7 Professional.

It is a new install (2 days old) and every time it is booted it launches into start up repair. Is there anyway I can completely disable it so this doesnt happen?

After it goes through it boots correctly but still comes up after a clean shut down. Also, if we reset the PC during startup repair then manually tell it to boot normally, it does so successfully.

A:Launches startup repair on every boot

Change the boot sequence in the bios. Set your hdd as the first boot device, save changes, exit.

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Dear Friends, I have installed windows 8 on a windows 7 PC on a separate hard disk. But I am unable to get boot option at startup. Every time I have to select windows 8 boot disk from bios boot menu. Please help me.

A:unable to get boot option at startup

I am a new member like yourself, but I had a similar problem. You might want to try the free version of the following program. I used it to give me the choice between windows 7 and windows 8 at Boot.

Download EasyBCD from here:
EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies

There is a how to use EasyBCD in this tutorial:
Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP - Windows 7 Forums

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Hello, my friend gave me a Compaq Presario CQ60 running Windows Vista Basic that needs to be fixed. They said they didn't know what was wrong with it, so I turned it on and after a couple minutes of trying to boot up, it gave me the BSOD with the stop code of

STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005,0x8532E0AE,0x841ECBA0,0x841EC89C)

The code in the parenthesis changes each time I restart the computer. I have tried booting in multiple safe modes and it still gives me the BSOD.

I don't know what they last did to the computer, but when I researched this code I didn't get very far. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks a lot for any help!

Compaq Presario CQ60-202US
Windows Vista Basic (32-bit I would assume)
AMD Sempron processor
nvidia graphics
I don't know anything else about the machine other than this because I can't log on...

A:BSOD on startup...wont boot up!

Does safe mode work?
Do they have a current backup of all their data?

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