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Moire from printed e-mail photos

Q: Moire from printed e-mail photos

I have printed photos from e-mails before, but never had a problem with moire patterns. This time I have a fine vertical line pattern that is not clearly seen unless you have glasses on that magnify them. Unfortunately, I wear glasses that bring them out. What can I do to prevent or get rid of the moire? Any ideas? Thanks, lilart

A: Moire from printed e-mail photos

It likely just a matter of the resolution of the email derived image vs the resolution of the printer. Does it happen with every image or just the lower resolution ones from the emails?

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Can't find app that lets me get photos printed & delivered to me for Lumia 640XL

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Hi, I've started getting a strange 'pale' line or banding down the very left side of my printed photos. I first noticed it on a night shot (see link below) and then on the other one link below, a daytime one.

All the ink cartridges are full or almost full and I've done nozzle check and head cleaning. It doesn't show up on a greyscale B&W print I did (or at least not that I could notice).

It's on the leading edge, the part of the image being printed first when using the full size paper eg. A4, 10x15cm.

On a whim while writing this I just tried printing a 7"x5" image in the middle of a sheet of A4 and there was NO banding. Same result with a margin of 2cm rather than the default 0.5cm.
With the 0.5cm default margin, it's like whatever is going on only affects the next 0.5cm of the paper (the first 0.5cm of the printed image).

Is this a paper-feed thing then?
Any ideas how to solve it to avoid wasting lots of paper?
Other than this the printer, whilst old, is still very good


Genuine Epson Inks TO481-6

A:Epson Photo R300 - single thin banding-line on left side if printed photos

Tried to realign your cartridges?

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I have an Access database used on daily basis to enter and print the maintenance work order in a report format. I have assigned a command button to print the required record. On clicking the button in the Form, a parameter query will run asking the user to put the record number to proceed. Once the correct record number is entered in the parameter text box, the report is previewed and the user click on the print button to print the same.

My question is as follows:

Is there any method to find out the record i am going to print now was already printed before? A kind of record keeping for the printed records.

Also, a message box should warn the user saying incase if the record was already printed, “The record was previously printed, do you want to continue printing again?”

Please tell me a way to perform the above in my Form.

A:Record keeping of the printed records & warning user when printed more than one time

could't you just add a field in the record for printed?

Then if printeed true, show warning, else show printable form.

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Installed a bigger widescreen monitor but when I print emails (with WL Mail) the text is smaller than with old monitor. Don't understand it - went back to an email that I printed a week ago and printed again ... sure enough, the text size was smaller (the image contained, however, was the same size). Thought the font size (of text in an email) was 'fixed' when sent - so why is it different with a larger monitor.

Now, I did tell Windows 7 to display the text size larger (so could see it better on larger screen) ... but, if anything, I'd have expected printed size to be larger.

Any suggestions of what to do? (I know can copy email text to another file then go to NotePad ++ and change the size - then print ... but that shouldn't be necessary.)

{Not sure if this is right forum, so let me know immediately and I'll reopen in appropriate one}

A:New Widescreen Monitor - Smaller Font Printed With WL Mail

Hi Win7rap, I use WLM 2010. If no message is selected, text size can be adjusted on the 'View' tab.

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I thought I understood moire, but this has me baffled. I had just printed out 20 pages of a Publisher document. I had colored frames around some pages and that color was fading half-way through, so thought my cartridge was running out of ink. I put in a new cartridge, the test page coming out okay. I then proceeded to print out 2 more copies of the same pages, not really looking at them much while the printing was going on. Towards the end I happened to look at what was coming out and to my dismay I saw the very distinct moire. What would cause such a change, coping the exact file? The file was on an external hard drive (Maxtor), but why would that make a difference? What happened? Hope you can help as I need those copies without the moire. Thanks for any help you can give me. lilart

A:Solved: Moire

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A few weeks ago (August 27th) I submitted a thread concerning my problems with what I thought was Moire. It was very fine red lines the covered the digital pictures that were sent via e-mail and printed out by me on my HP 6122 printer. Now I wonder if it is something else. I have printed out some photos that I grouped on a Publisher page. These photos were very old B/W ones. They also had the very fine red lines across them. I just scanned a copy of an old picture (8x10), cleaned it up with Adobe Elements, inserted it on a Publisher page so as to add a caption to it. The insertion was reduced to fit at 8"x6 1/2". It turns out with the same very fine red lines. The spaces between the lines are 1 1/2 sixteenth of an inch. It doesn't seem that they could be moire on a B/W photo, and now I wonder if it is not something else, regardless if it is B/W or color. Any ideas on this would be very much appreciated. lilart

A:Solved: Moire or something else?

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The B&W photos I have as desktop images used to be nice and smoothly toned. Now, I believe what I see is the moire effect, where shading is "craggy" and crude looking. Obviously, I want to return to the prior environment. I have a CTX1765GMe monitor (of some age) and a Diamond Stealth 3d graphics card with 4mb of memory. I believe I have the current Diamond Stealth driver, but the Settings tab on the monitor control panel window doesn't give me the screen sizes. My question: is the Diamond Stealth "In contol" toolpack stuff = my video driver? Shoudl I instead go after a CTX driver? Note that I had this unit in the shop in July when the original C drive went out and they had to put my win95 system on another drive. This problem started around that time and I've postponed dealing with it. Any comments would be appreciated, or links to how-to sites about changing the drivers. I'm skittish about fiddling with this sutff, and before this major surgery everything I had worked OK: this moire effect didn't happen. So I'm perplexed as to why/how it showed up and how to diagnose it. Thanks!
PS No matter what color palette I choose, the color rainbow reamins craggy and not smooth. What are the implications of that fact? That probably holds the key but I don't know how to interpret it.

A:Video monitor moire

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I recently had one of my paintings photographed. The photographer used 2 different film cameras and a 12+ MP professional digital camera. The digital images display a superimposed moire pattern at certain enlargement or zoom levels, for example at 33% and 66% and 200%, but not at 12%, 25%, 100%,etc.. The photographer suspects that the texture of the canvas weave triggered the moire patterning. Is there a tool in, or a process one can do in Photoshop Elements 5.0 that can remove moire patterns in color images? If so, can one remove them from an image so that they won't appear at any enlargement level ? If there isn't anything in Elements for removing moire patterns does anyone know of a plug in or software (preferably free) that is effective ? Thanks,Jack

A:Eliminating Moire Patterns - Software ?

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i am a complete novice.Can I take a photo from an e-mail I have been sent and send the photo to another e-mail address.? If so how ?

A:e-mail photos

One method would be to forward the email on to another email address. Another way to do it would be to save the photo to your computer and then create a new email and attach the file. Forwarding would probably be easiest.

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I'm a little new to this image game, so please bear with me.

I just purchased a CanoScan LiDE 20. I realize it is not state-of-the-art, but it's fine for my purposes.

The quality of anything I scan is quite good, but I'm not that familiar with the software.

All I really want to do is scan pictures and photos at the best possible quality, BUT keep them at their exact original size for printing, and at a reasonable size for e-mail.

I specify the size of the originals on the CanoScan Toolbox 4.1 settings, but the photos come out HUGE!

I have even tried using IrfanView, but I can't get them back to the exact size.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Photos and e-mail

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I want to forward e mail with a text portion and photos. How do I delete only the text.

Thank you.


A:e mail w/photos

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I have received an E Mail with photos as an attachment. I have to rt. click the photos and save in My Documents in order to view them. Is there an easier way?

A:Photos as E Mail Attachment

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when I right click a .jpg photo I select ... send to a mail recipient ... and then get the attach files box ... where I select attach and then the box disappears ... but no e-mail is automatically created like happened for me in XP ... I am now unsuccessful creating a photo attached e-mail with Vista

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when I right click a .jpg photo I select ... send to a mail recipient ... and then get the attach files box ... where I select attach and then the box disappears ... but no e-mail is automatically created like happened for me in XP ... I am now unsuccessful creating a photo attached e-mail with Vista

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My wife has friends that send her E Mail with photos that won't open. It has a pps in the attachment. How do we open these. I have XP Pro. SP2.

A:E-Mail attachment photos

The pps means its a PowerPoint Presentation file, you either need PowerPoint (Part of Microsoft Office) or download the free PowerPoint Viewer here:
And install it.

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When I receive a photo sent from someone with aol and save it, I am unable to open it in any photo program. When I receive a photo sent from someone with comcast it opens in jpeg, I save it, but am unable to open it. However if I save it in tiff I can. I also have problems saving photos sent from Kodak easy share. My question is is there a simple way of saving and viewing photos?

A:saving photos from 3-mail

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Do you know how do I attach more than one photo to my message in one go?
I can't seem to attach more than one photo at a time.
What should I do?
it is also limiting me to 50 photos per one mail. is there a way through?

A:photos attachments to mail

Hi kereni and welcome to Vista Forums

It is perfectly possible to attach more than one photo to an email at once. Start a new email message in the normal way, give it a title and some introductory text (if you wish).

Click on Add photos and browse to the location of the photos/pictures that you wish to add. Here I am using the sample photos which come with W7.

Hold down the Shift key and click on the first image that you want to include. Then click on the last. Finally, release the shift key. You can also use Ctrl for non-contiguous images (click on each one that you want) or you can click a single image if you wish. When you have finished making your selection, click on Done.

The images now appear in your email. Any duplicate images, or those which you no longer wish to be included, can be deleted by selecting them and removed by pressing Delete on your keyboard.

Repeat the above procedure as much as you wish until you have the required number of images. Then click Send.

Note that sending an email of this size might take time, so be patient. I have used this method to send myself an email with over a hundred images (multiple copies of the sample photos).

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Can anyone help me. We purchased a Mavica digital camera that used floppy discs. When I retrieve pictures - I go to "my computer" - "floppy" and then I click on send to: and then mail recipent.

The individual I send it to does indeed receive them, but the problem lies in them wanting to send them to their friends. She forwards the e-mail message that includes the pictures - but they tell her that all they get is her message and where the pictures were - just small x appears in it's place. What are we doing wrong?

Also is there an easier way to send photos so it doesn't take so long to send and receive - ?

A:Digital Photos sent via e-mail

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I have it fixed. Had to download Power Point Viewer,then download a fix for that.

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I get an e-mail from my sister with a picture attachment and when I try to open it I get a message saying there is no file (or program) associated with it. The instructions say to go to My Computer and click on Folders. I do that. Now, what the heck do I do to make that picture open? I thought Internet Explorer was the program that opened pictures but there is no Internet Explorer listed!! I get SO sick of this crap, why didn't I get a Mack?!! Gimme a hand here, PUHLEEEEESE!

A:Can't Open Photos in e-mail.

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Hi, i'm having a little problem, when i'm sent pictures via e-mail, well, I can't see the picture/s. I haven't had this problem before until this week when I had some other problem which I think caused my e-mail situation (I couldn't access my e-mail for a while because of a "technical" situation). I can read my e-mails, but no pics if they're in them. Also, how do I re-access Quicktime? Thanks for any help.

A:E-Mail photos & Quicktime

Are the pictures coming from a hard drive or from web links?

What's your email program?

As for Quicktime, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling it. Or, download the Quicktime Alternative (smaller and less invasive).

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Hi, am having issues sending photos in windows live mail I get the following.
Delete the photo email, create a new one, and try to send it again.
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8CCC0003
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 25
Secure(SSL): No

A:Cant send photos Live Mail

Quote: Originally Posted by binnsy

...Delete the photo email, create a new one, and try to send it again...

When Googling the phrase in your post, I came across this:
"In my case the Windows Live Mail error ID # 0x8CCCd03f I would get when attaching a photo to an email was due to the fact that my Skydrive account had been shut down."

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I have Windows mail as the default email client in Windows 8. I also have three separate accounts within. Two AOL and one Gmail.

In the process of sending pictures via email, I have read it is best to open Photo Gallery, select photo, click Home tab, then Share group and select size for the photo and then attach.

My question is how do you know which email account this will access when opening in order to send email. I would like to be able to select which email account from which to send the picture.

Thought maybe to open email and open account I want to use, then start to open Photo gallery while Windows mail is running in the background.

Will this work?

A:Sharing photos via Windows mail

It will with picture as attachment. In some clients you can also have it show to receiver in line even though you won't see it that way. It still will be an attachment also. Two for the price of one.

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How do I accomplish sending photos via e-mail so it doesn't take so long for the receipent to download them?

I have them on disk and insert into drive "A".

Thank you.

A:Sharing Digital photos via e-mail

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Suddenly 2 days ago I can't send email messages with attachments in Live Mail - they get hung up in my outbox. Error message 0x80070057. No support or answers from Microsoft. I've been using same computer and programs for 1-1/2 years and suddenly this problem (WIN7, Gateway, Live Mail, mail acct). Comcast checked settings and all is correct. HELP!

A:Can't send photos with Live Mail

Have you been able to fix this? I see it's been 10 days since your question.

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When I get an e-mail and it has a visible photo attached and I want to save it ,I would just right click and select 'save image as'..It would go into a folder called my pictures (I know I could select other folders but that it what I wanted)..
Now, for some reason, when I right click and select 'save image as' ,it does not go to the folder 'my pictures' (even though it is selected)..I finally found a folder called 'my recent documents'...And there were the file names that I had been trying to save but they were not a thumbnail photo, it was some kind of icon (might be netscape) ...When I try to select or open it it says...'Problem with shortcut'
then it says 'The drive or network connection that the shortcut (example) ' refers to is unavailable..Make sure that the disk is properly inserted or the network resource is available, then try again...Hope someone can help me.It used to work fine but I must have done something to mess it up...Thanks David

A:Problem saving photos from e-mail

You mention the word "Netscape". Do you use that for your e-mails and browsing?

Is the visible image in the main body of the e-mail, or an attachment?

I don't use Netscape, anymore, as Opera and Mozilla are far better. If the pix are in the main body of the mail, the image, itself, might not be there, but hosted on a web page. If that's the case, right-click on the pic and select "Copy image address". If you, then, right-click in the address bar and paste the image address there, the pic you want should download. You'll need to hit "Enter", unless Netscape has a "Paste and go" option, like Opera does.

Apologies, if I've completely misunderstood what you're trying to say...

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I am running Windows 10.  For some reason, I am now unable to send photos as attachments to e-mail messages.  This has always worked in the past.  What could have happened?  How can I fix it?  

thank you !

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Hi, I have recently un-installed Microsoft Outlook 2002 from the PC, as we had some error messages and problems sending emails. However, now when I try to select a picture in Photo Gallery and click send via email, there is simply no email message generated at all. Windows Mail is already set as the default mail system. I don't get an error message, the message is simply not created... I have searched the online knowledge centre - nothing! Can anybody help with a solution to this problem?


A:Problem sending photos via windows mail

I have also tried the checker tool as posted by Ramesh under separate (old) threads. The check returns the message that no errors located, so that didn't help. Is there anything else that works?


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 30 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4029 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 475766 MB, Free - 435620 MB; F: Total - 477998 MB, Free - 477847 MB; G: Total - 476936 MB, Free - 416234 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, DH55TC, AAE70932-302, BTTC033004AN
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security 2011, Updated and Enabled

I can not send a photo attachment as I could with XP.. from the photo thumbnail , R click and choose send to e-mail recipient.. it says the size and then that it is preparing to send but it never does and never gives me the box to tell it where to send it.. the error message refers to MAPI being unable to function and Outlook not able to be contacted.. sends and recieves other mail no problem .. sorry I did not get the entire message it says to restart the MAPI but I have no ideat what that is??? any suggestions.. and it will not let me copy and paste it here.. thanks Grumpy Grandmanewbee

A:Outlook issues with attaching photos to mail

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Hi all.
When I send a JPEG photo using W7 default email, being Windows Live Mail, it never sends.
But it appears in my 'sent items' folder as being sent.
It is not an issue concerning size, as I use the default method, ie, right clicking on the photo, then 'send to Mail recipient' then it converts the photo from 1.2 MB (or whatever) to around 230 KB - so that's not an issue.
Also, I have no problem in sending anything else, ie, I sent an 8.7 MB pdf doc from it with no problem.
And I have no problem in recieving anything else - I sent a total of 12 photos to it from another computer in one hit, and they all got through. So it seems that it isn't an ISP restriction of size issue, either.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:W7 Windows Live Mail won't send photos

I never used Windows Live Mail but have you tried sending the photo and any other item after archiving them with Zip archive.

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My wife has an Evo shift and recently it stopped opening photos that are attached to emails sent to her Yahoo acct. She has the Yahoo Mail app and she's experiencing the problem on 1.3.6 and 1.3.8.

It's supposed to work like this: You tap on the attachment and it opens up another small screen that says "loading..." and it counts up % and then, obviously, when it reaches 100%, the photo opens.

Her phone does this: You tap on the attachment and the "loading..." screen immediately closes and nothing happens.

What I've tried: I've tried uninstalling the app (multiple times, by going to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications. Clearing the data (by going to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Clear Data Reinstalling the app new from the Market. I have tried it from my Evo 3D and it works fine.

Next step for me is to try doing a hard reset on the phone and taking it back to factory, but I thought I'd reach out to see if anybody had any other ideas other than what I've tried.


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I have e-mailed digital photos to a friend who can't view them. I think she has Windows 98. Whenever I click on them in my Win XP PC the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer opens them. Is there a way I can paste the photos (opened) into the body of an e-mail message rather than adding them as attachments? I suppose that requires converting them to html format but I can't determine how to do that.

A:Pasting Open Photos into E-mail Messages

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I use Google Chrome. I have ATT/Yahoo email.
When I am sending an email and I want to attach a document or photo.... it wont work.
However... when I go to IE .... it works. What gives with Chrome.
Have MANY problems with CHROME... however speed is better than IE.
Any suggestions ???

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All of a sudden, when I receive an e-mail with an attached photo, when I try to open it it goes to Microsoft Picture it and tries to open but comes up with a box that says: FileC\TheCampiones\LocalSettings\TemporaryInternetFiles\ContentIE5\602n04yk\Window_Overlooking_entrance_water_feature_1{1]JPG is in use by another program. Save your changes close other programs and then try again. I have tried everything I know to get rid of this problem with no luck. I never had a problem opening an attached e-mail photo. I can say, that I did take a photo yesterday (Window_Overlooking_Entrance_Water_Feature_1.jpg) and saved it in MY Docs/MyPictures/EBAY folder. It saved with a watermark on it. The photo saved has a logo on it that says "Unregistered Version register at Registered version adds no water mark. I have no idea how this is happening. I have used PICASA, Paint Shop Photo Album 5 that came with the Computer from Dell and Microsoft Picture It Photo 7.0. If anyone can advise me on how to resolve this problem, it would be appreciated..Charlie


Answer Match 48.3%

I right click on the photo files I want to E-Mail, and then click on send to, then click mail recipient, it use to ask me "what type of format reg. or email format." Not anymore I can only send the attachment in reg. format! that takes too long. How can i fix it to ask if i want to send it in e-mail format!
I have home xp system and use outlook express!

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Outlook 2003 / Internet Explorer 8 / Windows XP

When I send an e-mail with a photo, Outlook sends the photo that I intended (as it should), BUT then it adds an attachment that includes random photos that I have previously sent to others.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to how it selects the photos that it wrongly sends. I do nothing to prompt it to send these random photos.

If it doesn't add an attachment, then it adds these random photos to the forward and back buttons on the bottom of the photo that I intended to send. If the recipient clicks on the forward or back buttons, then they have access to these random photos.

This has been going on for years. I don't send too many photos so I never took the time to check out a solution. I use Outlook almost 24/7 in my business and I have no other problems with any other aspect of Outlook. I have been using Outlook for many years.

Thanks for any help you can provide. al2


A:E-mail sends random photos not intended to be sent

You may want to first check your Signature settings in Outlook. Looks like some html code with a link to a photo album is getting embedded to each email. Try sending a plain text mail and see how it looks. Also send one to yourself and see how you receive.

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My cousin has made several attempts to send me digital photos using both Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook. For some reason, I've only been receiving a small fraction of each picture -- a narrow strip across the top. He seems to think he's having a problem with settings. Could someone please give me an answer as to what he might be doing wrong?

Thank you,

A:problem inserting photos in e-mail msgs

I don’t know of any settings in OE or Outlook that would cause that.

Is your cousin attaching them from a file on the computer? When he opens the file on the computer does he get the entire photo? In OE is he using Insert>File Attachment?

The image might be too large. He should save photos as jpg (jpeg) to send via e-mail to keep the size small.

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I use Windows Live Mail (WLM) 2012. I have the option "Convert messages to photo emails when adding photos" UNchecked. Despite that, when I get an email containing a large number of embedded, high-quality (= large # of pixels) pictures in it and try to forward it, the pictures are converted to attachments, leaving empty picture place holders with the text that was under the pictures in the message pane. That, of course, destroys the email.

How can I block WLM from converting pictures to attachments? I had been using WLM 2009 until a couple of weeks ago because it does NOT do that. But I received a couple of emails recently that caused ver. 2009 to crash, so I "upgraded" (?) to 2012.

A:Prevent Live Mail from Converting Photos to Attachments

Hi from what I can find it is not possible to change that feature, and to check further I did some digging please see here

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Sending photos that I have taken as small sized jpegs the message is not sent - my "sent" copy shows the attachment icons in red with a message that the attachments are of a file type that is considered dangerous and the file has been deactivated.

There is a help link but why does this happen - what makes my own photos potentially dangerous?

A:Windows Live Mail removing attached photos - why?

Hello Grandad99,

Can you try the fix in this link and see if that helps?

What do I do if I can't download my attachments in Windows Live Mail? - Windows Help

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Can I add OPENED PHOTOS into the Body of an E-mail message which I want to send in Microsoft Outlook 2007. (Not Outlook Express) That is the program I am required to use in the hosted exchange server in which I am enrolled.

That is, I do not want to send Attachments, but rather, want to have the photos already opened when the recipient receives the message.


-- That is possible

-- Open the picture/Photo that you want to send it. Take a screenshot of the photo

To take screenshot:

-- On top right corner of the keyboard, you can see print screen(prt scr) button, normally next to F12 button. Press this button once this will make copy of your current screen contents

-- Open paint program, press CTRL+V to paste the copied content using Print screen button

-- Now click select tool and select the portion of the photo that you want to send.

-- Press CTRL + C to copy the selection.

-- Press CTRL + V in body of the outlook Email.

You are doneeeee...

Easy way to take screen shot without quality damage is using ScreenHunter that I mostly use. Below have pasted the link from where you can get free copy and install it. Need to press F6 to capture the screen.

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Error message is "problem with live movie maker".

Same error message on all emails with photos.

I have reinstalled windows essentials - windows live movie maker and windows live photo gallery.
I have tried microisoft's "fix it"

I have updated all w7's updates

All other programs and systems are working.

What is wrong and how do I fix it?

A:can not operate photos as slide show in windows live mail

Although Photo Gallery and Movie Maker are installed together, I was under the impression that they are separate programs. If so, shouldn't Photo Gallery (or Windows Photo Viewer for those who did not install Photo Gallery) be the default program for still images (like *.jpg)?

Also, have you tried to do a "repair" of Windows Live Essentials via Programs and Features?

Is the problem just with email slide shows, while the two programs work fine by themselves?

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I'd appreciate anyone's assistance.
I work on Window XP Home edition. (not the one I'm working on now).
I have on file some photos and documents in JPEG on which I worked OK and were correctly open at all times.
Yesterday I needed to upload/attach some of them to an outgoing file.
The first upload was Ok done.
Within minutes I tried to upload another photo and the loading sign was going around all the time. After a while I checked the file trying to open it and I couldn't open it obtaining a sheet with a lot of little squares . I tried to open more files or uploading them but I had the same results. Before that happened a small square with 4 positions Buy Now / Close / TRial and 1 more ??? was displayed on my screen which I closed.
Any way to obtain the images again or uploading the photos to the file to be sent through "exhamining".
Hope the info is sufficient.
Tks for your assistance.

A:Solved: Cannot open jpeg photos previously opened and/or uploaded ok to outgoing mail

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Some photos and mail seen only SAFE mode - - but not regular mode in BOTH Internet explorer AND Firefox. Hi for some reason I am no longer able to look at Just SOME photos on web sites on this One Win7 computer, nor See my email in Yahoo main INBOX , , , unless I am in SAFE mode. Not sure how to tell what I did wrong or if missing dlls or other settings. But does work ok just in SAFE mode. However I also get the Blue screen of death once in a while. Below is what I got when doing the "hijack scan" Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2 Scan saved at 4:09:06 PM, on 4/23/2013 Platform: Unknown Windows (WinNT 6.01.3505 SP1) MSIE: Internet Explorer v10.0 (10.00.9200.16537) Boot mode: Normal Running processes: C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AI Suite II\AsRoutineController.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ASUS Instant On\AsInstantOn.exe C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet\Connect\11\ISUSPM.exe C:\Users\JIMMY\AppData\Local\Akamai\netsession_win.exe C:\Users\JIMMY\AppData\Roaming\SearchProtect\bin\cltmng.exe C:\Users\JIMMY\AppData\Local\Akamai\netsession_win.exe C:\UPS\WSTD\WSTDMessaging.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AI Manager\AsShellApplication.exe C:\Program Files\TRENDnet\TEW-641PC_TEW-643PI\WlanCU.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ASUS Easy Update\ALU.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AI Suite II\EPU\EPUHelp.exe C:\UPS\WSTD\UPSNA1Msgr.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\Nuance\PDF Viewer Plus\pdfPro5Hook.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\Nuance\PaperPort\pptd40nt.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\ControlCent... Read more

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I have Vista Home Premium with Microsoft Photo Gallery on my Dell Inspriron 1721 laptop. I?m using a machine to transfer slides to a SD card then uploading them to Photo Gallery. Photos transfer Ok except the order of the photo gets scrambled somehow during upload. In other words, the photos on the SD card are in chronologically order but after uploading, when I view them in Photo Galley, the order is all mixed up. I know you can manual move them around but it?s hard to be sure of the original order and it is very time consuming when you have hundreds of photos. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to fix them. FYI I would call myself a novice user of Photo Gallery.

A:Uploading photos from a SD memory card into Photo Gallery scrambles order of photos

Will the Photo Gallery sort by name? You could prefix the photo names with numerical sequence. A utility like
Introduction - Bulk Rename Utility will do it easily. It's free.

Edit: if that looks too busy, the multi-renamer in FreeCommander is a bit simpler to use. [c] before the name prepends a number starting at what you select and incrementing by what you choose. Just press F2 when in the folder.

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My sister has photos of me in my bridesmaid dress that she took with her camera. I saved them on my computer.
I am going out of town to see our family, and cannot take the computer, but want to show the pictures. I will have my camera.

I tried transferring the photos to my camera's memory card by changing their file names to the same type of name as the photos that were taken with my camera. They are displayed as DSCN0610, so I renamed the photos as DSCN0700 and so on. Then I put my memory card in the driver, (G drive) opened up the drive, opened the folder where the pictures from my camera were, and dragged the newly renamed photos into that folder.

I put the memory card back in my camera and hit the display button, and the message I am getting for the spots where those files are is "File contains no image data."

What did I do wrong? What do I do?

Information - My camera is a Nikon Coolpix.

A:Can I transfer photos from my saved photos on my computer onto my digital camera?

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I have 1000 photos in a folder (and subfolders) and I have a list of 300 photos I want to extract (or copy) to another folder
I tried to use the windows search file method (by using a comma (example: I tried to search for 100439,100536,100713,100795,100857,101008,101176,101184,101613,101842,102141,102221,102267,102301,102512,102579,102588,102695,103195,103209,103241,103328,103408,103470,103640,103942,104132,104248,104280,104337,104477,104485,104981,105066,105112,105465,105511,105589,105635,105791,105910,105937,106054,106100,106178,106183,106216,106364,106380,106410,) but it will only find up to 34 files
Do you know of a program or a way to do this?

Any help will be very much appreciated

A:Find Multiple Photos, extrat photos listed in databese

AcDsee 7 will do as you ask,


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Wondering if it's a problem with the new version of Firefox (32.0.1). Since I've had the new version when I upload photos to an antique website, I see the broken image icon. In Facebook, the photos just never show up. I also can't attach photos to emails, they just don't upload. I haven't changed any plug-ins and I don't have any extensions. This doesn't happen in IE. Any advice or suggestions?

A:Can't see uploaded photos or attach photos in emails with new Firefox

Just a thought: suggest starting Firefox in Safe Mode to see if it's caused by an extension.
Hope this helps.

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Microsoft Photos app gets updated ? save still photos from videos and more

Microsoft has released a new update to the Windows 10 Photos app, and the new version appears to have started rolling out to some users. The app has been bumped to version 16.412.13342.0 and brings some new features along with the usual bug fixes, please find the detailed changelog below:

 ◾Save still photos from videos and living images
◾Slow-motion videos taken with a Windows phone can now be edited on your PC
◾When importing photos to a PC, quickly clear and select all
◾View your OneDrive storage usage in Settings
◾Adjust the lighting in photos taken with a Windows phone using rich HDR
◾New OneDrive pictures appear more quickly in Collection
◾Items now stay selected until you cancel or take action on them
◾Bug fixes

Read more at Source
Microsoft Photos app gets updated - save still photos from videos and more

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I have a laptop running Vista which came with some Google Gadgets. Initially the Photos gadget was working fine. As I decided to get my new computer organized (a mildly OCD thing to do ) I rearranged the folders that my photos were kept in. I noticed that NONE of my photos were appearing in the sidebar any longer so I clicked the link to 'add photos' and remapped to the My Pictures folder. This didn't help so I remapped to a deeper folder in order to get it closer to the photos. This didn't work so I remapped it down to a specific folder that doesn't have any folders in it. It only contains photos. Lo and behold... It didn't work. So... I searched the internet and found one question like mine with no answer following it. Needless to say, what looks like it should be a fairly straight forward adjustment has not been so. Please, what button am I not pushing to fix this?...

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I have some problems with my iPod and I don't know if it started after I installed something or not, but this is what's wrong:
- The camera of my iPod starts and then crashes, OR sometimes if I start it it can take one picture and then the black screen with the white turning thing (which you also get when you turn off the iPod) and then it returns to the home screen
- The images app also doesn't start up. If I tap it, it opens but before the text ''camera roll'' and that stuff is loaded, it crashes.
- When my iPod is cabled (i know thats not a word) to my pc, a windows window appears for importing the photos on the ipod to the computer with windows. when I click import, the blue screen appears on my pc and luckily it can start up again. it happens every time. now that's not a very big problem.
- in itunes when i connect my ipod, a bar with some different colors appears, right? to show how much space apps, photo's, books, music and stuff you are using on your ipod. the problem is that there are no photos and i swear i had like 1 gig of photos on my ipod. i hope theyre not gone.

i couldn't find the email support on apple's website so i ask you.
how do i solve these things?

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I am not able to attach photos to any of my e-mail accounts".
When I am  in any photos program and I click "send" to send a pix via e-mail I get the following message;
"there is no e-mail program associated to perform the requested action. Please install an e-mail program or, if  one is already installed create an association in the default programs control panel".
And that is the problem. The Default Programs shows 4 choices, but none of the is in plain English. I have tried associating the entire selection in al 4 but I still am unable to e-mail a pix .
But all 3 of my e-mail accounts work fine.
yahoo, aol, hotmail

jim mack

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I have accidently imported my photos from my phone to the hp photo section on my notebook. I didn't want them to be on the computer but i wanted them on my external harddrive. I have been into the folder and highlighted all photos, copied them but when i try to paste them it wont allow me to paste them anywhere but in the photo's gallery where they already are. Any ideas how to remove them from the computer and put them onto my external hardrive?

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On a new install of 7 I have dual monitors and the built-in photos screensaver is displaying photos in the middle of the field which usually means that the photo is shown in the secondary monitor but if it is too big for the secondary monitor it is partially split on both monitors. Is this a bug in the built-in screensaver or do I have it set up wrong? If it is a bug in photos screensaver is there a thrid party screensaver that does a better job at using photos as a screensaver? I have a 21" builtin monitor that is my primary display. It has a screen resolution of 1920x1080 and a 19" with a 1440x900 resolution set as a secondary display. While I am at it is there a thrid party program that will allow setting different backgrounds on each display?

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Currently in my photos app, the photos are sorted 1,10,11 and so on. Is there a way to sort them 1,2,3 and so on?

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Rotating arrows never stop in the photos app.
Camera is using a continuous 30% of my battery usage, but says nothing is being used in the background (all is being used whilst being "managed by windows"), whatever that means.

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My sister recently got engaged, I took loads of photos of the big night, stuck them on the PC and cleared the memory card. Upon actually looking at them, they are all corrupted - they appear to have mixed with other pictures.

The thumbnails are fine but obivously this is a different part of the file.

A lot of the software I have come across is designed to recoved lost files rather than repair corrupt images - can someone please help!?!

I have uploaded an example here: http:[email protected]/3997977288/

A:Important photos are corrupt/mixed with other photos

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I have a free upgrade from win7 to win 10. There is an icon on the desktop for photos. When I open it there are strange photos coming from somewhere and I can't delete them. How do I delete them and stop them from loading?

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I am having problems with my Surface Pro not pulling all my pics from facebook. It keeps saying something went wrong try again later. I have disconnected my Facebook account and started all over but it didn't help. Just noticed this today so I don't know when it started.

A:Photos app facebook photos sync - something went wrong

Hi, Im having the exact same issue with my Surface Pro. It looks like it synced cover photos from most albums, not all then gave up. Just the error message "something went wrong". I spent 2 hours working with MS Tech Support today, to no avail. Just tuning in hoping to find a solution. Have you had any luck getting yours to sync?

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since 4 days photos which are camera rolled are deleted after some time they are not shown in one drive why it happens, is it any settings related to that

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How I can change the name that appears at the top of email messages when I print in Outlook 2002?

A:Name at top of printed emails

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This is something that has been bugging me for a while now, and I've been unable to solve this problem. Perhaps someone out there can provide some guidance.

Sometimes, I'm unable to print things (such as online coupons) because I'm told that my printer is set to "Keep Printed Documents." I've tried disabling this setting via the Advanced tab under the printer's properties. However, when I do this, click Apply then OK, and close the tab, the setting automatically reverts back to "Keep Printed Documents". Does anyone know why this is happening? It's sort of frustrating to not be able to set the printer settings the way you choose.

I appreciate any tips/suggestions you might have. Thanks!


A:Keep Printed Documents

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I scan a document( on a hp 1315 all in 1) that is 8.5 X 11.00 but when I print it it is 8 X 10.25
how do you get it the original size? I tried resizing it in photo shop but cant get it. I have vuescan but still wont print out 8.5 X 11.00 ???????????????/

A:Scanned document when printed out........

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when i tried to print photo from (user administrator)windows7 photo viewer there appear print picture windows without photo preview(seems busy) and after some seconds five repeated error messages "your picture cannot be printed because of this error occured" appear. It is working in user account Guest. printer and its driver is okay(updated). whats wrong with my windows 7 photo viewer? please help me

A:your picture can not be printed because of this error

From Windows Answers:

I believe it is a problem with the "photowiz.dll" file in system32. It is version 6.x.xxxx.xxxx. I found an older version of this file, had to change the attributes and permissions of the file to allow it to be changed. I renamed it with an "dlx" extension and then copied a version 5.1 photowiz.dll to system32 and the print wizard works again! The site I got the file from is:

Try Googling your problem first. Hope that helps

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When using my picture it! publishing....when I add a border to a picture it comes out distorted when I print them out. With no border it prints out great.

Any ideas why this is happening?

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I have searched to find an answer to this problem of faded pictures when printed from windows photo gallery. I have seen a few others having the same problem, but no solutions. I am hoping that someone now can help.

I can print pictures from other software on my computer, from the internet, etc, with great photo quality. When I print from Windows photo gallery they are very light and faded looking. I have made sure the adjustments are for my printer.

It seems that most of the people experiencing this problem had canon printers. Does anyone have a solution to this?


A:faded printed pictures

I have found the solution to this problem, you need to untick the checkbox for "borderless printing", this is how to do it:


When you click print, go to Options > Printer Properties

Click on the "Page Setup" tab, then Untick the box that says "Borderless Printing"

I love Myriam the little bunny

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Hi all,

Well not sure if this is the right area for this but not really sure what the problem is.

When I boot my PC during the bootup dos stage I hear my PC making noises, it still boots up Windows 7 ok but as soon as I open something I get continious R type accross my screen, If I hit the caps lock it changes from R to r.

Thought it was my keyboard having the R locked down so tried to fix it, no luck. Changed keyboards with my spare one no luck. Disconnect all keyboards no luck.

So where is this R coming from, its impossible to us my PC at the moment as soon as you click somewhere (word, exel, Google etc) an R/r appears.

Any ideas where to start?

A:Continous R being printed in Windows 7

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I am unable to print pictures completely. I print them from Picasa on HP photosmart C4250. When I try to print, although the preview is correct, the printed result is not. Part of a picture will come out, or the image starts at the end of the paper and is therefore incomplete. Until now, everything worked properly.


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I'm new here!

First I would like to say I'm a TBI survivor and I'm a male and 42 years old .
I was purchased an emachine computer with a Lexmark lasar printer,
Whenever I go to print something, be it a web site article or a personal document that was created using Microsoft Works Word Processor. Whatever is being printed my name appears at the VERY top and the city and state printed at the bottom.
I know little about computers so I'm trying to get an answer why this is being printed.
The only thing that I can come up with is MY NAME, CITY and STATE was somehow entered on this computer's Hard drive and is prints it because it's been entered by someone at the store before iyt was brought home and set up for me.

If there is someway that I can delete this info. being printed, PLESE tell me what to do EXACTLY!

Thank You!

A:I'm new her! Why is my name, town and state being printed?

That's very strange, it sounds like a 'Header and Footer' has been set up with that info and is in your template. (If Works uses such a template, I know Word does).
Try doing a Find (or Search depending on your version of Windows) for and rename any found to normal.old. Then test the printing again. If there is a problem you change the names back again.


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The problem I am having is that when I go to print tax return forms from the IRS site or New York Tax Dept site, the form prints "short", that is, the last four or five lines of each page do not print.

You cannot save the data in these forms, they will only save as a blank form. Your only option is to print it.

However, although Adobe tells how to cure this problem ( by clicking File-Print and going down the menu which comes up to "printer scaling", then chosing "print to fit page", this only works if there is a
FILE menu on the left hand side of the page.

In these tax sites, the forms do not have a tool bar above allowing you to chose a FILE menu.
You can right click the mouse and chose PRINT, however it will print a cut off page.

SOOOOOOO do I either:
1. Get a standard Tool Bar to appear on top of the form, on these web site pages, or
2. use some other device or method to print these documents to fit the page.

If any of you are about to suggest right clicking on the printer icon PRINTERS, in the control panel, forget printer does not bring up anything about "Print Scaling".

Hopefully, some geek out there will read this and solve my problem. Thank you. 44 Guy

A:printed pages cut off at bottom

Every computerized tax form that I have available at the website of the sponsoring governmental agency...and reflects a printed version option which has resulted in everything being printed properly.

I'm not sure where Adobe figures into tax preparation.

If you are using a 3d-party app to do taxes...then the problem resides with the support for that application, IMO.


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Hello Team, When I am trying to select eqal (=) to button on which it is printed, it is not getting typed whereas when I am selecting some other button eqal (=) is getting printed. Please help me in solving this issue. Regards,Nizam

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I have the names Charlie Lori Jo, Printed in the top left hand corner of everything I print.
I don't know how it got there, and dont know how to get rid of it.
Can you help me?

A:Solved: Printed name on paper

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I have 3 print queues that are retaining the printed jobs in the queue and every now and again the damn thing prints all the job again. I have checked that the keep printed jobs button is NOT checked/selected, but the queue acts ilke it is selected to keep printed jobs. I have 125 printer queues and only 3 act like this and they are set up identical to the others. I have reconfigured this twice on all 3 and they still act like they are set to keep printed jobs in the queue.

Anyone seen this and know of a solution, on the Microsoft site I am seeing posts but not a single reply about how to either run a job to clear them out a couple times a day or fix this so they act as configured. To NOT keep printed jobs in the queue.

Any help as always is much appreciated.

The race to solution is on, let's see who can figure this one out first.

A:printed job remain in queue

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hello all,
Im using access 2010 and there is a print of a report like a certificate whenever needed. My office is requesting me to provide a report of all certificate printed including the date and to whom .
my only way to do this is to force users to enter a field print (yes/no) and from there the query "yes" and the report be printed.
Is there any way to do this without forcing the user to enter the yes/no. field.

A:Try to record printed records

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I have Windows 98SE with a HP 842C Deskjet printer.
Does anyone know of any program that would allow me to see how many pages I have printed since the last ink refill?

A:Counting Printed Pages??


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Whenever I print out an email from someone, the resulting document prints my first and last name (Outook Express) in the top left corner. I would like to orevent this but have searched in the Options and cannot find how it got there or how to permanently remove it. Can someone please tell me. Thank you.

A:My name on printed emails not wanted

It is using your user name for the header.
You can change this in the account settings.

Not sure if you can turn this off.

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Don't print much multi page output, so am NOT sure when this problem began.

Originally, the pages on my HP DJ855C were printed as expected: page-1 first, then page-2, etc; this resulted with page-1 being on the bottom of the stack. Depending on the application being used, there was often a Print-Order option available for Back-to-Front printing so that the last page would be printed first and then page-1 would be printed last and be on the top in the stacker.

NOW, things seem to have reversed:
If I do NOT ask for the Back-to-Front, then I seem to get it anyway (i.e., page-1 last and on the top). but if I want the original order (i.e., page-1 first and on the bottom) then I must use the Back-to-Front option.
It seems as though the default has become Back-to-Front and then selecting the option for Back-to-Front re-reverses the order and the result is Front-to-Back.

Possibly this reversal happened when I went to Win/XP; possibly it happened with the installation of some piece of software.

Q. Has anyone else had this exxperience?

Please tell me where I might change some parameter to make the option of Front-to-Back actually print the page-1 first like it did originally?

Any advice apprecaited.


A:Order of Pages Printed


Go into your printers and faxes options off of your start menu.

Select your printer, right click the mouse and click on printing preferences.
On the features tab at the bottom there is a option for start printing from last page. If there is a check mark in the box next to it, click there with the mouse and uncheck it and then click on apply and ok and you should be all set after that?

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Other than dogging the print preview, and struggling with the size in any pertinent image editing software, has anyone found a reliable way to limit or control the size of a printed web document?
to wit:
I scanned an odd shaped document, 3x8" to email to myself at another site, and the printed form was big enough for two pages. What a waste.
I print receipts regularly and they, 99% of the time have a "trailer" on a last page that has stuff like web site address or URL, a Secure Website emblem, or other, clearly unnecessary printing. My introduction to Windows word processing (WordPerfect) had, and I still use, a "makeitfit" command. Invoking such a command AUTOMATICALLY when printing from the web seems like a simple, brainless way to conserve'll give me a fractional font (e.g. 11.9 vs. a 12) and would prevent the idiotic tendency of a printed page to only have the leftward 80%, l which leaves off the important stuff like the prices...(you gotta print landscape to avoid this)
And I thought a computer was to make life easier, boy was I ever misled)

A:printed size of web documents

The problem is that web pages are usually coded to make them look good on screen, and that tends to make them "unfriendly" when printing.

Web pages designed for printing do exist, and it works well in those (few) cases.

Cutting and pasting into a word processor is sometimes the only workable solution.

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I'm trying to print images/pictures using windows photo viewer and I get this error "Your pictures can't be printed because this error occurred".... It doesn't tell me which error.. simply just says that in the dialog box. THe dialog box comes out like 4 times with the same message and I have to click OK.

I've already tried googling it and the only fix I can find is replacing photowiz and I already did but it has fixed. I've also installed Photo Gallery and it stil lgives me the same error when I try to print and picture. I've also reinstalled all my printer drivers...
Windows 8.1 Updates installed . HP Computer

A:Your pictures can't be printed because this error occurred

What is the mfg & model of the printer? How is it connected to the computer?

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I am so hoping someone knows the answer to this very perplexing problem... I thought it was my printer so I bought a new one and I have the same problem. I print a picture of my granddaughter, who has these wonderful chubby cheeks.........until it is printed and the chubby cheeks are gone. She has slimmed right down...... lol I have been struggling with this problem for quite a while now, have asked everyone who comes within two feet of me and no ones knows how to fix this or what is even causing it. I know someone here will know. I have never had a problem that this site has not been able to fix for me. : ) Thanks, in advance.

Oh yes, and new printer is an Epson 835 al-in-one and my old one is an HP photosmart 2575

A:Solved: quality of printed pictures...

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computer freezes, especially when going to I am getting pop-up ads. everything I print on my Brother MFC-440cn printer comes up with a watermark from "Spectrum Glass" When trying to download from your instructions for DDS I get a blank page and no download. I have included info that I thought may be useful.

A:lock-ups, pop-ups, and watermarks on printed material

Run the following:

Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your desktop.

Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system (32 bit or 64 bit). If you are not sure which version applies to your system download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.

Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
Press Scan button.
It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please copy and paste it to your reply.
The first time the tool is run, it makes also another log (Addition.txt). Please attach it to your reply.



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Other than using View>Text Size, is there anything I can do that may cause the print to be darker? I know that my eyes are beginning to grow weaker but perhaps someone knows a trick for me to use or an answer. The light print seems to occur on most web pages and very bad on my ISP webmail account. My signature will tell you I am using WinXP Pro and SP2. If all pages were as clear and dark as the print I am seeing while typing this thread, I would not be asking for help. As always, TIA

A:Solved: Pages Appear To Be Too Lightly Printed

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I have an Access database used on daily basis to print maintenance work order. Each work order is assigned with an auto field No. I have a commend button assigned to print each record in a report format. On clicking command button, i enter the record number to be printed and it previews the report and check for accuracy of data entered. Once checked, i click on the print icon to print the same.

My question is, is there any method to find out the record i am going to print now is already printed before? A kind of record keeping of the printed records. Also, the same method shall help me to find out how many times each record is printed?

Hope someone can help me

A:Record keeping of the printed records

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I have an Access report that includes a sub-report in whihc I would like to print the records on one row, rather than one column. So far, I have been unable to find a solution.

Example Record:

Job Number: 123456
Version(s): 001,002,003,004

A:Access Sub-report records printed on one row

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When i try to print something the documents appear in my print queue then are deleted before they even begin to print, my printer was working fine until yesterday and now this

Please help


A:Printer deletes documents before they are printed

G'day steviejay, sounds like you have an intelligent printer that is censoring your output!
That is a worry, I haven't seen that problem previously.
You might try having a look in your control panel, system, devices or device manager, with a bit of luck when you scroll down through all your devices you will find a USB printer, (assuming yours is usb) if you open that item you should see something like "this devise is working properly" which is a good start for troubleshooting.
There should be no yellow exclamation marks on this item.
Are you quite sure your print queue in the print manager is being actually deleted?
What kind of printer is it?
The assumption is that it is a PC using a windows variant.
Cheers, qldit.

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I bought a parallel to usb printer cable to make my HP Laserjet 4L to work on my Vista dell laptop and it worked. Then I upgraded to Win 7 64 bit. Now it won't work. It sees it, installs fine, just won't print. no errors. Can it be a "cable driver" (never heard of such a thing until I started researching this problem) if it worked with Vista? It's a no-name cable, so won't likely have a driver that I can find.

Is there anything I can do but replace the cable?

A:HP Laserjet 4L printed with Vista, not with Win7

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I'm running Windows 8.1 64 bit. I have a PNG file that exceeds the size of the page, 8.5 x 11, when printed. When I view the picture online it appears that it should fit the paper okay. I resized the file by %, pixels, and measurements (inches). I also changed the paper size to 8 x 10. Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong.


A:Can not resize PNG file to fit paper when printed

Open a Word document of the desired size and import it there. You can also draw a box on the Word document and put it into there - it will fit. If you don't have Word, try Paint.

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Fill color isn't displayed during normal viewing of a worksheet. When the worksheet is printed or print-previewed, the colors are visible.

Re-installed Excel, problem persists.

A:Excel XP - Can't see fill colors until printed

Go to your control panel and double click on Accessibility Options.
Click on the Display tabsheet and uncheck "Use High Contrast" then press OK to close that window. You should now be able to see color in your view mode.

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Gentlemen/Ladies,I?m not sure where to post this question so I?m plumping for this forum, knowing that it will be redirected if it is in the wrong place.Occasionally, when I open a website, its pages are too wide for my monitor and I have to scroll across to the right to see what is hidden from view. When I go to print the pages, I end up with just threequarters of the width of the script.I am using an HP LaserJet 1010 printer.I do not have this problem with all websites. Today, the offender is - the pages of this website be partly displayed on the monitors of all of the people who open it , or are my own ?settings? to blame. Please, how can I overcome the problem ?Yours sincerely, oldsoldier

A:Lack of printed script width

Hi oldsoldier.I get the same thing when viewing that page. My screen resolution is set to 1024X768. I found that if I went to View>Text Size and set it to Smallest the page almost fit. Have you used Print Preview in the File menu to see what the page will print like? You can also use Page Setup in the File menu to adjust the margins etc. before printing.

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I doubt that I can post this question here but I assume it'll be removed if not.

I have an HP printer, 2540, wireless printer. Works fine.

I started to print a pdf file. Because it was a large file I choose the 'booklet' option, which prints 4 pages on one side, then, when everything of the even numbers (I think, not sure) has printed, you will get a message on the pc telling you how to replace the already printed pages in the printer so it can print on the backsides.

When I saw the first batch I decided I didn't like it. So when the message with instructions on how to replace the already printed paper, I went in the printer's menu, highlighted the name of the document and did 'cancel'. In this printer menu it now said it was 'deleting' the document. But it didn't. I waited about half an hour. I turned the printer off and back on. I closed the document. But still the printer menu said 'deleting'.

I opened the document up again, changed the settings for the printer (as in one sided, normal size) and accidentally hit 'print'. I then noticed that - in the printer menu - the 'new' document showed up above the one that still said it was deleting. But it still didn't print. I went in the print menu again and highlighted the new document and did 'cancel' and it did cancel it.

But the old document is still sitting there, 'deleting'. I can not get past that. Any suggestions wo... Read more

A:Cannot delete partly printed document from cue

There's a way to force these to delete, if you don't mind a little typing. You need to open a command prompt by running cmd.exe. If you're unsure of how to do that, tell me which operating system you're using and I can walk you through that. This should open up a black window, and you need to type in the following commands sequentially, hitting the Enter key after each command.
net stop spooler
del %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\* /q /f /s

net start spooler
The first command stops the printing service, allowing you to carry out the second command, which deletes any jobs in the queue. The last command re-starts the printing service, and you can try running a test print. Once that's all done, you can just close the black window.

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Hey, I have a person here that has the problem that drawings that she has in her documents don´t print out. I´ve tried turning off background printing still same, I´ve tried printing it on my printer and that works.

Anyone have any idea on any settings or something I can change to make it work?

A:Images not being printed in Word 2002

Drawing objects (Tools - Options - Print) ticked?

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