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Solved: Windows XP File Backup Utility

Q: Solved: Windows XP File Backup Utility

I can't find the Backup Wizard in my System Tools. I understand that I can install it off the XP CD, but that wasn't provided with my computer. I created a Windows Boot CD when I first started the computer. Can I install the Backup Utility off that? If not, how can I find or download it?:

A: Solved: Windows XP File Backup Utility

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I periodically backup my data files which is on another hard drive than WIN7 OS so this backup is not a system image. Every time I do a backup I do a restore to a dummy partition to double check the backup was successful. Anyway, I recently tried to restore my backup from March 2014 & the backup utility is not recognizing the file. It recognizes other backups so something must be off with this particular file.

I checked & it appears all of the catalogs & zipped files are present. Is there another manner or 3rd party software I could restore this particular file? The file is just over 100 GB. I should add that I have transferred that file from one hard drive to another since last March, but transferring should not be a problem as far as I understand.

Appreciate any suggestions

A:WINDOWS Backup & Restore utility not recognizing my backup file

zipped files? You should be able to open those in windows explorer.Or use 7-zip.

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Our XP Pro workstations back-up to our server using the Windows Backup Utility. I would like each user to be able to password protect their back-up files. Can anyone provide instructions on how to do this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


A:How can I password protect my Windows Backup Utility file?

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New to this forum. I am using Win7 Backup and Restore, along with a Seagate external drive for my backup needs. I backup every week, and have been using it for about 1 year. I see the backups happening each week, but I've never had the need to restore anything. For the first time, I've needed to find an old version of a file. I have read the many articles about how to use the Win7 Restore utility, but when I 'search for files' using this utility for the file I'm looking for, I don't see it in any of the backups (various dates over the past 3 months). Now I'm wondering what it's backing up. The backup drive has lots of data, so it's putting something in there ;-)

So, in summary, I go through all the restore steps, but can't find the file I'm looking for. Is there some secret to using this tool? Seems straight forward...

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

A:Windows7 Backup and Restore utility: I can't find the file to backup

I find this program invaluable - it will find everything on your comp in seconds.

Download Everything

Type in the name of the file or any part of it and if it's on your comp, it will tell you.

When the file come up, right click and "open path."

Hope this helps.

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Hey all, i am just wondering if when windows xp is installed, is the windows backup utility normally installed during the xp installation? i have read in several posts where advice was given to make sure people use the windows backup utility before they start fixing problems. being curious i went to my start>all programs>accessories>system tools>and there is no windows backup utility installed. being computer illiterate, i am just wondering if it is complicated to install it?

A:Solved: Windows backup utility

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Hi all!

I have xpprosp2 and an inaccessible backup file of 30 Gb. A while ago I performed my first ever backup using the xp backup utility. I thought I followed the instructions, but something screwed up.

My problem is the restoration wizard (backup utility) will not restore or give access to the library of the backup.bkf files, which it displays as a cd.

It says under the backup identification label: "No entries found". I recall that the backup utility, after backing up, asked for a floppy disk or something and as my computer does not carry any floppy drives, I skipped this step, which might have been a big mistake.

So now I have this 30 Gb file on my harddrive, which I cannot access at all.

Could someone illuminate this situation and in particular how to access the data in this file?

Thank you for sharing and a possible solution to this problem.


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When I bought my Dell a few years ago Windows XP(OEM) was already loaded. Recently I went to Accessories/Tools wanting to activate Windows Backup Utility. It was not there so I loaded the "Reinstallation" XP CD. I think I checked everything on it and could not locate the Backup Utility. Oddly, when I went online to see if I could download it separately from MS, my computer started AutoPlay and it appeared that the Utility was being downloaded but I had no control over it and it quickly disappeared. I really need help on this. Suggestions?

A:[SOLVED] Cannot Load Windows Backup Utility

i belive you can do it manualy through the command prompt sorry i dont remember how to but im pretty sure you can i would look up command prompt access protocols

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Hi there, basically what im looking to do is delete some old entries that the XP backup utility has created over time that i setup a while ago. Im using the "copy" nothing has been appended or incremental.

Im just looking to avoid deleting the setup i got, and maybe just delete a few "copy" backups so that theres not 8 gigs / 1 years worth of backups...i only need about 4 months I forgot about it....cuz i never neaded it

But it looks as if its the only way b/c i cant just delete selected backups...all or nothing?/

Anyone know of a better backup utility that is simple and easy on a system BTW???

Thanks for looking.

A:Solved: Can i edit a backup created in XP backup utility?

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During backup, while creating a shadow copy, backup failed"The backup did not complete successfully.An error occurred. The following information might help you resolve the error:Access is denied. (0x80070005)" Concurrent with a serious viral infection, which was cleared with the heroic help of elise025. (Thanks!!!)I guess it's the ragged remnants of the virus that has left weird permissions refuse that still stymies my backup process. The problem is not in the target drive; I've tried two different drives and it's the same result.Other strange anomalies persist, but this permissions dealie is the first to address.I run Windows Vista Home Premium 6.0 Service Pack 2, newly updatedMy first desperate help voyage was

A:File permissions glitch in MS Backup Utility

plus my FireFox keeps crashing,
Plus Outlook is acting weird.

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I have Win7 and I had an extra internal drive acting as backup to my system. Well, the system got infected by a virus that I couldn't cure, so I figured that since I had a backup, I could probably just restore files from that. Well, I got Win7 reinstalled and then I went into my backup drive and selected the icon with my old computer's name (disc with green arrow pointing down), right click and select "restore options." Then, I get "do you want to restore files from this backup? So then i click "restore files." Then, a loading bar comes up that says "looking for backup devices" and then goes away, showing nothing but "refresh" and "browse network location..." as options.

Anyway, how can I get my backup files from this image if it can't see it for whatever reason?

thanks for your help.

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I have Win7 and I had an extra internal drive acting as backup to my system. Well, the system got infected by a virus that I couldn't cure, so I figured that since I had a backup, I could probably just restore files from that. Well, I got Win7 reinstalled and then I went into my backup drive and selected the icon with my old computer's name (disc with green arrow pointing down), right click and select "restore options." Then, I get "do you want to restore files from this backup? So then i click "restore files." Then, a loading bar comes up that says "looking for backup devices" and then goes away, showing nothing but "refresh" and "browse network location..." as options.

Anyway, how can I get my backup files from this image if it can't see it for whatever reason?

Thanks for your help.

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Mere weeks ago I (twice) resurrected an old system with XP Home as the OS. I found my install disk after probably 7 years of not having used it. Then when the OS HD failed, I put Humpty together again, finding the install disk after 1 week of not having used it.

Now, 2 or 3 weeks later, I cannot find my OS disk again. We've done some cleaning and had some guests and I have NO idea what I did with the dratted thing.

Why am I asking? Because I tried to go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Backup, and discovered that it doesn't exist. Further research leads me to understand that XP Home, by default, doesn't load the backup utility.


Is this backup utility available anywhere online? (Legally of course.) Or can I pick it off of some other OEM XP disk? (Legally of course.) My copy of Windows XP Home is legal (of course).



A:[SOLVED] XP Backup Utility?

Hi jaythorpe522,

Just to let you know you can also use third-party backup programs. Check this site out: - Download Freeware and Shareware Computer Utilities. and check out the "Backup" section. Hope you find what you are looking for on this website.

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I am looking for a backup utility/program that will essentially copy and paste from one directory to another automatically. Because I am using compressed drives, I gain very little space by using Windows backup or Acronis.

To do a full copy and paste from one drive to another takes a long time. I would like to find an automatic backup scheduler to just copy and paste changed files. Do any of you know of such a program?

Thank you in advance for your replies.

A:Solved: Backup Utility Question

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Have tried for months to get my backup utility to allow me to make a backup of my system and it Will not allow me to do so.

Still unable to use the backup utility, it gives me a specific message-

The backup file name could not be used. "E:\2505.bkf"
Please ensure it is a valid path, and that you have sufficient access.

I have tried other names for the file and none has ever worked, I have tried
this since the backup utility was installed, I also uninstalled the utility
and reinstalled it, made no difference.

I could use some suggestions on how to get this utility to work.
I have installed this utility twice, from the addons disc for the Xp operating
system disc that came with my Compaq .
Still will not work, HELP>>>>

A:Solved: Backup utility in Xp Home

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Is the backup utility that comes with Windows 7 capable of making incremental backups?

A:Windows 7 Backup utility

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Computer illiterate...for sure.

I'm not sure what I have on my hands here, but the computer keeps serving me with warnings that I am running low on disk space. I have done Disk Cleanup and Defragmenting a couple of times, but basically, out of 6GB on the C drive, I have a remaining less than 400mb.

Computer illiterate or not, I know this is not a good ratio. I looked, and what is taking up so much space is "Windows Backup Utility"....approximately 4GBs worth!

What do I do with this? How do I get that space back?

All I can think of is to buy some disks, backup everything on my computer, then delete the Utility....I just don't want to delete ANYTHING without someone saying it will be okay. Is the Utility a program? Or is it the actual backup info?

Please help

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I need to backup weekly updated files that I use.
But when I use the windows update utility I can only backup to an A drive floppy and not to the E drive cd that I want to use as backup. Help!!
I am running windows xp home. Thnx

A:windows backup utility

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I'm trying to be a good Windows 7 citizen and give the built in backup chance instead of installing Acronis or Macrium or the sort.

I'm running this on my Dell D830 laptop with a 500gb internal drive in it which only has about 130gb used. I'm trying to run the back to a 250gb internal drive in the drive bay.

It fails every time with the error that there is not enough disk space to back up.

I also tried backing this up to an external 750GB drive but I received the same error.

Any ideas?



A:Windows 7 RTM x64 Backup Utility

Anyone have an idea?



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is it illeagal to copy/install the "ntbackup.msi" onto my PC from someon elses CD since i have a OEM (4 CD recovery) not a retail. i just find it useful. Or better off finding a freeare version.

A:Windows XP Backup Utility Useful

IzzyCheck out these two links for some answers that might help you.Why XP Home Edition omits NT Backup! How can I get NTBackup for Windows XP Home EditionSince you have the OEM and not the retail version seems to me you were "cheated"out of part of programs you thought you paid for in price of your machine.(I'm unsure about the legality of the issue.)

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I recently installed windows 7 on my new Windows 8.1 computer and then made a system image and set up a regular backup schedule using Windows backup in control panel. The system image was created with no problem but I ran into a problem with the file backup. I get this error message when windows attempts to backup my files "Backup encountered a problem while backing up file c:\widows\system32\config\systemprofile\Background. Error:(The system cannot find the file specified." Can anyone tell me what this means and how to fix it; or even if it is something that requires fixing?
Thanks, Andy

A:Windows 7 HP SP1 backup utility

Welcome Andy,
Can you tell us exactly what you want to backup and the command line you are using to do that? Also, what is the backup destination?
Thanks. Keep us posted

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Is anyone familiar with the way this utility works? I've used other third party backup software before that just creates a "copy" of all your folders/files on a seperate partition. The Windows backup utility creats its own proprietary type file called something like "backup.bkp" or something like that. It's one file that doesn't appear to just be a "copy" of your existing folders/files.

Anyone know why this is or what the advantage is?

A:Windows Backup Utility

Essentially, once you tell it what files you want to keep backed up ; it creates a single compressed file and backs them up there. It uses the archive bit on those files to monitor if they are changed. When you change them the bit gets flipped and next time you run backup, windows will back them up in their updated state.
Personally I do not bother with this automated backing up.
I just keep my data organized. The only thing worth backing up is data. Programs come with installation CDs same with Windows itself. So I save my files to folders in my documents and save a second copy of important ones to a backup folder on a second drive or networked computer. I regularly burn copies to DVD too. This has proven quite reliable , but I never have needed to use this except as an easy method of putting my data on another machine.

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I'm looking for a program, preferably freeware, that can back up data to discs on an automated schedule. Any suggestions?

A:Solved: Looking for an automated backup-to-disc utility

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Alright, so I'm about to do a clean install of Windows 7. I realize this wipes your whole HDD so I need to back up my data.

I have a 500GB external HDD which is more than enough.

My problem is this. I don't know if I should back up EVERYTHING.The backup utility gives you the option to manually select what you want to back up and then I can check all the things I want to backup.

My worry is that if I check ALL the files which includes my entire C: drive and all my "my documents", "Pictures" folders...etc...will this interfere with my newly installed Windows when I restore these files?

What I mean by this is there are certain files such as "windows games" and I assume even my current OS, that will be backed up.

Now I'm sure my new OS will have some of those same files already installed, such as games like minesweeper and such. That's just an example I'm sure there's more important stuff.

Will this cause a problem if I backup my ENTIRE HDD and restore it all onto a fresh OS?

Also, to anyone familiar with steam, will it be ok to just copy my entire steam folder and then restore it without running into problems? Will I have to redownload steam or my games? Will I lose game saves?

Thanks in advance.

A:A little confused about Windows backup utility

I believe you can backup your entire HDD, it will appear as windows.old if I'm not mistaken once you install Windows 7 & from there you can retrieve files into new Windows - also, check this post out:

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

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I have Windows XP Pro. Every time the Backup Utility program runs an error pops up and says that the program has encountered a problem and needs to close. Is there a way to stop this message from popping up? Please help!

Thank you so much!

A:Windows XP Pro Backup Utility Problem - PLEASE HELP

You may want to close all files - including Turning off any Virus and Spyware programs.
After you make sure all files are closed. Try the backup process again
If the backup hits a file that is in use then you will get this error

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Hi everyone,

A friend and I set up a little network for this guy we know and we're just having a little debate which to use to back up his data.

Network setup;

He has 4 pc's, all running XP Pro. He's main machine, we call server, has two 200 GB Hds. This machine stores all the data from the other 3 client computers. He wants the first 200 Gb drive which stores the partitions for the client computers to be backed up into the second 200 Gb drive.


Which is better to use Norton Ghost 2003 or Windows XP Pro backup utility?

Thanks inadvance for any replies and it is appreciated.

A:Windows backup utility or Ghost?

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I recently had to reformat my computer due to some sort of malware (I think) that I could never get completely fixed. Before doing so I backed up my software with the Windows Backup that came with my XP Home to an external hard drive. After reformatting, I connected the hard drive and found the file. It was 33+ gigs, just like it was supposed to be. But when I clicked on the file and then chose "restore," the utility told me there was no file there. I'd doublechecked just before reformatting, and the file worked fine, so I have no idea what the problem is. Can anyone help? I desperately need that info!

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Hi, I use the windows backup utility to back up certain files onto my usb flash drive, currently I have to go through the wizard every time and select these files etc.

Im sure I used to have it so that I clicked an icon/shortcut stored on my flash drive and it was set to backup these specific files automatically as well as all the settings.

Is this possible?

Thanks, Leigh

A:Windows Backup Utility (template?)

Use a better backup program. I suggest using Cobain backup.

Or Karen's Replicator might be easier for you to use.

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Hey Everyone!

So I just went to clean up and defrag my computer and during defragmenting it I saw that I had almost no space but didn't know why because I have almost nothing on this PC. I was going through my Add/Remove Programs list and saw that "Windows Backup Utility is taking up 4,0095 MB. I haven't purposely backed anything up nor do I need any of whatever may be backed up at the moment. If I were to click "remove" for this would this wipe out my option of EVER backing anything up in the future? Or would it just remove all the stuff that was somehow backed up?

A:Remove Windows Backup Utility?

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I was asked to see what is being backed up on a Server. When I open the Microsoft backup utility I see there's a daily differential backup that is running. But how do I see or find out what data is being backed up?

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We're running OL 2002 SP-3 on an XP-sp2 PC in a Windows Server 2003 domain, and I've installed the pfbackup.exe utility.

Logging in as administrator is fine, and the backup launches as soon as I exit OL. I can see it in the "file" drop-down.

Logging in as the normal user of this PC(power user), I can't see the backup option in the drop-down, and it doesn't launch on exit...

Any clues on how to get this to work?

A:Solved: Outlook backup utility no tshowing on drop-down

Are you looking for a backup option in Outlook? How did you ge NTbackup to launch after Outlook closes? My understanding of NTbackup is that it's a utility to backup files, not just Outlook and has it's own interface (not one you can use from Outlook).

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I keep getting an error every time i run Windows Backup Utility

"Backup skipped backing up F:\Recorded TV as it is on the backup target."

What does this mean, and how can i get to stop skipping files?

A:Windows Backup Utility keeps skipping files

If you are backing up to F: then Windows backup will not allow you to backup files that are already on F:. You need to go into "Change Settings" on the backup screen. On second screen select "let me chose" and remove any checkboxes against folders on F:

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I am running windows XP professional SP2.

I wanted to back up files from my intranet on to my computer.
I used the backup/restore utility thats part of Windows.

I successfully backed up the files on to my computer (bkf file).
When i went to restore the files, i selected alternative folder so not to copy them back to the intranet.

I selected the root directory of C.
Doing this prevented me from accessing C: ever again.

When trying to access this folder I get access denied. If i right click properties on C: It says file system Raw and Used/free space is 0 kb.

I can still access sub-folders as long as i use a short cut to them.
I can still see the files in C: if using the browse in the backup utility.

But I can not see using windows explorer and many other applications are suffering since my OS is on C. This includes the pagesys file that handles virtual memory is not being accessed. It seems to have prevented me from using system restore aswell and office is unstable.

The fact that I can send this query indicates that I have not lost full control.

To test that backup/restore was the cause i tried to restore another file to a temp folder and that folder became corrupted aswell.

Any suggestions?


A:Windows backup utility killed my folders

Hi mackle and welcome to TSF !

See if this helps : give your user account (must be an administrative account) as well as the administrators and owner accounts full control on drive c :

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I have Windows 7 and am wondering how good it is? I've never used it before. I actually don't have a Windows installation disk and I'm worried that if I'm unable to boot the computer that I would be able to recover from the backups made by the built in utility, for example Microsoft says "If you can't access Control Panel, you can restore your computer using a Windows installation disc or a system repair disc (if you have one). " can the built in utility make a repair disc?

Would I be better of buying a backup program like Acronis true image?

A:Is Windows 7 built in backup utility sufficient?

There are free backup utilities based on Acronis:

Western Digital Edition
Maxtor MaxBlast 5
Seagate DiscWizard
Intel® Data Migration Software


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Folks I'm new to Win7. I used the Windows 7 Backup utility to backup the entire primary drive to a new bigger drive [basically 'cloning', so I thought]. As I suspected, it put most of the files there, but its not bootable.
Error "BOOTMGR Not Found"

So two questions:
1. Do I need to use a third party utility? or can Windows 7 Utility make a bootable image?
2. Can the current image on the backup drive be fixed/added-to/bootable??? or do I wipe out and start over.


A:Solved: Can Win 7 Backup Utility Make Copy Drive BOOTABLE??

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Personally, even though everyone will disagree, I'd like not to use Macrium Reflect or another 3rd party utility. I (for now) want to use the default Windows Backup program. My issue here is the image I'm creating is actually bigger than the files it's copying. I'd like to know if it's copying a file multiple times, or taking files from other connected HDD's? That's all I can come up with. I've made it clear to Windows I only want my C drive, I even excluded the System Reserved (which is only 500MB) out to see if that was it. The HDD I use for backups I also have for big files that I don't need on my 512GB SSD. So it could be taking things from that but I can't really remove it since its only separated by a partition. Any ideas?

Thanks, DWreck.

A:Windows 7 Backup Utility making a bigger image then the HDD itself.

You could mount the backup image as a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) so you can see what is in the backup image.
This tutorial explains how to mount the image as a VHD:
System Image - Extract Files Using Disk Management

Your specs show you have Win 7 Ultimate and Win 8 Enterprise, and a custom built desktop.
Is this a dual boot PC?
Is this a work PC, connected to a domain or corporate network?

It's my understanding that the built in Windows imaging utility will include all partitions it sees as "system" partitions in the backup image.
How did you exclude "System Reserved", and other "system" partitions?
I haven't used the Win 7 imaging utility in a many years because it included all OS (system) partitions on my multi-boot PCs, and I couldn't exclude partitions.
I use Acronis because I have more control over what is included, and the images are much smaller and faster.

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1 Click Backup is a Very Powerful Utility tool. It takes backup of all your files, folders, Email Messages, fonts, favorites etc with just 1click. It even allows you to take backup on any device including system hard disk, floppy drive, CD ROM Drive, FTP Server and Our Server , etc. You can use 1 Click Backup to make a reserve copy of any valuable data on your system. Special Add-ons are provided to facilitate the backup. Restoring is as easy as clicking a Button.

It is an easy-to-use program designed for automatic backup of your critical data to any type of storage media .You can use 1 ClickBackup to make a reserve copy of any valuable data on your system. Special Add-ons are provided to facilitate the backup. Restoring is as easy as clicking a Button.

1 Click Backup is designed for MS Windows 98/2000/2003/ME/XP . All backup activities are recorded in a log file.

If you are looking for a simple yet Powerful Backup Solution for your business or for your personal needs in a networking environment or on a single machine, you have just found it. Download the 15 -days Trial version and see for yourself. You may purchase 1 ClickBackup using the Buy Now link.

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I want to upgrade from windows 7 professional to windows 7 ultimate and I want to know if I can use windows image restore in windows 7 built in utility to restore my computer if I didn't like windows 7 ultimate. I want to know if I can restore my computer back to windows 7 professional if I didn't like the features in windows 7 ultimate. And can I restore it using the windows image backup feature in windows 7? Please help me if anyone has any ideas about this, thank you.

A:Have question about using Windows 7 image restore/backup utility

I'd certainly think you could do that. That's what it's for.


Windows Backup and Restore isn't foolproof and may not work in any given instance.

It's a bit cranky---you have to know how to operate it and that isn't always clear.

Lastly--if you like Professional, I don't see why you wouldn't like Ultimate. They differ only in a few features. If you don't like the additional features, ignore them. Likewise, if you have no use for the additional features, why bother upgrading?

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I am looking for Windows Vista Backup utility (sdclt.exe) command line parameters. I need run the utility from my program built in C#. I got some parameters ("/CONFIGURE", "/KICKOFFJOB" and "/RESTOREWIZARDADMIN") running the utility from start menu on vista, but when I try to execute the utility in command line mode is shown a message saying that I haven't rights to execute this task "Error (0x81000010)".

Why this error occurs, and where can I find the sdclt.exe command line documentation ?

Thank you.

A:Windows Vista Backup utility command line parameters

Here are the rest of the commands:


No clue what they all do, but you can do some experiments and let us know

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so I'm running a Windows Server 2003 Service pack 2

I saw my backup wasn't running when I tried to move it to the external harddrive where I dump the backup.

So when to start -> Accessories -> System tools -> Backup

When I clicked the hour glass came up; then went away nothing popped up no window.

Openned Task Manager; under Applications nothing, but under Processes I saw the ntbackup.exe.
Ended ntbackup.exe and tried again same thing. Openned backup a few times a few ntbackup.exe popped up in the Processes.

Looked around on the forums for this problem nothing about this but issues like it. Tried a few things like running ntbackup.exe from run

If you have any idea would love to know. I've had this problem before with other programs on other computers so I think this would help a few people if we could have this information posted. Thanks for your help


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Hi everyone,

I created an image using the Microsoft Backup and Restore tool in Windows 7. I saved the image on a network shared folder.

I then went to the Advanced Recovery Methods in Windows to restore my image...that I just created. It restarts the computer and goes into recovery mode, I point to where the image is located, I entered the network credentials and it give me an error.

"The Specified network resource or device is no longer available. (0x80070037)"

Please look at the attachments below.

Oh...I'm doing this in Windows Virtual PC.

Anyone knows what I'm missing?

A:I created a backup Image using the Microsoft Backup Utility and Now I can't Restore.

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Ok so my problem here might seem a little complex but im going to go ahead and type it all out in hopes someone can help me out. Here goes:

Ok so I have a 160 GB HDD that Win7 is installed on. I have a slave drive that's 320 GB that has Windows XP on it. (I boot from the 160 GB Win7 HDD).

I have an 80 GB laptop HDD with USB enclosure which I want to use to make a complete disc image of using the Win7 backup utility from the Control Panel. The Win7 HDD has 70 GB used on it so I have enough space on the external laptop HDD.

So this all sounds good like ok what is the problem? So here's the problem...Win7 Backup Utility automatically keeps highlighted the HDD's which need to be imaged for Windows to funtion properly (according to the backup utility). So when I click the Backup and Restore option in the Control Panel and then click Create a system image, I choose my external HDD (the 80 GB laptop HDD in USB enclosure) and I hit next. On the next screen it has the Win7 160 GB HDD and the 320 GB Windows XP HDD checked and they are greyed out so I can not click either of them. So now my total backup is going to take up alot more space than the 80 GB HDD external can hold.

Solution I tried:

I shut down and unplugged the Win XP HDD from the MoBo and attempted to start the computer up. I received an error telling me that I have no active boot partition or something along those lines can't remember it word for word. So I shut down again and plugged the XP HDD ba... Read more

A:Windows 7 Backup Utility/Active System Partition Drive Problem

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How come the built in Vista backup utility doesn't backup software? Does anyone know of a way to do this, or know of any software that will create an image of my harddrive? I seriously need to reformat my computer and I can't do it without this.


A:Vista Backup Utility Doesnt Backup Software?

Norton ghost or Acronis True Image... the latter is the easier of the two apps IMO.

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1. I upgraded from XP to W7 after backing up my whole XP laptop.

2. I want to restore some programs from the XP backup to my W7 laptop.

3. W7 windows explorer sees my external usb disk and the XP backup file I want to
restore from.

4. However, W7 backup utility does not see the external disk or the backup file.

5. Any ideas? Can the W7 backup utility work with a backup file created by XP's
backup utility?

A:Can W7 backup utility read XP backup files?

Hi Ikers;

Windows 7 backup does not recognize XP backups - However, Microsoft does offer a free tool:

Windows NT Backup - Restore Utility

Utility for restoring backups made on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 to computers running Windows Vista and Microsoft? Windows Server? 2008.

Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - Windows NT Backup - Restore Utility

This download requires Validation from Microsoft - If your copy of the OS is less-than-legal, the Validation process could cause you some headaches.

Be sure to follow the instructions on the download page to the letter. And as always, create a system restore point and back up any personal data prior to downloading/installing the utility.

Best of luck to you!

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I've collected quite a few "Old Stuff" folders from years of desktop cleaning and Windows reformats. Rather than go through all this stuff manually, I'd much rather find some utility that organizes all files in a directory based on certain characteristics. Ultimately I'd want to put all images (PNG, JPEG, GIF, whatever) and documents (DOC, PPT, the like) in different folders depending on year. I'd imagine I could do this with click-and-drag and Windows Search, but that would take forever.

Any ideas?

A:Solved: Looking for File Organizing Utility

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I have a need for a file finding utility that will find exact title matches and nothing else.

Windows explorer finds hundreds of files on my computer that only contain one of the words in the title and this is of no help.

The reason I need this is to update a file on my computer that has been saved in several locations for backup purposes and multiple uses of the same files (documents in pdf format).

I did a google search for file finding utilities and there are a lot of them. The trouble is that I am not familiar with any of them so need a recommendation for something that will do this job. Even a duplicate file finder utilty would work if I could specify the file that needs to be found.


A:Solved: Need a good file finding utility

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Since I haven't figured out how to fix my built in explorer search program, and no one has been able to suggest any advice, I just want to replace it with a freeware search utility. I'm looking over the ones on the first page of Google right now, but I wondered if any of you had a recomendation for a good simple utility for XP.Thanks,RustyAnyone who hasn't seen my thread about explorer.exe locking up after a search can take a look here:

A:I need a windows file search utility

You can install Desktop search engines. A few are:Full list of Desktop Search engines from Wikipedia: can also google for "Desktop Search"

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In the past whenever I needed more disk space for a backup I would just delete my old backups but recently Windows Backup has just been adding the new backups to the old file.
So now I have one 500 GB file that includes a dozen backups ranging from October until now and if I need to make space for a new backup I'm forced to delete the only backup I have!

I want to set it up so that it will create a new file every time I run it. I've gone through all of the settings and I've searched online all over the place but I can't seem to find an answer to this problem.

A:Windows Backup keeps adding to the old backup file

I don't use Windows 7 Back and Restore just for that reason. It may work and then not work.
My here suggest Macrium Reflect but I use Acronis True Image WD Free Edition and NEVER had
a problem.
Sorry I did not answer your Q.

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Anyone got a method or a utility to rename a batch of about 1500 files in a single directory according to matches in a lookup file? Thought of Photoshop but the new names don't conform to any rule which could be defined, they are just random numerical values.

I have a tab delimited text file with lines of "existing name", tab, "new name", cr, and need to apply this to the files. I could easily manipulate this to reflect other requirements.

1500 is just a bit too much to do manually.

A:Solved: File Rename from lookup table utility needed

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I need a file comparison utility that simply tells me whether or not two files are the same. Ideally, when it finds that the files differ it would just quit and display its results, rather than continuing through the entire file.

Normally, I use the built-in Windows file compare in binary mode. This is fine for doing one file at a time in the console, as I can Ctrl-C out of it when it starts spitting out byte differences. But you can't really script it to do several file compares, since the output grows into the mega or gigabytes.


A:Binary file compare utility for Windows

fc /B file1 file2 > nul && echo identicalClick to expand...

This will output 'identical' if they are the same.

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I am looking for a file transfer utility to transfer files from a 486 laptop with a DOS environment and serial and parallel ports to a Pentium IV laptop with a Windows XP (Home Edition) environment with parallel and USB ports. Both machines have floppy disk drives, but the floppy drive in the 486 does not reliably copy files to a floppy disk. The 486 also has Windows 3.1, but I've never used it much.

I used to use the DOS version of Norton Commander to copy files from one machine to another machine, but this requires serial ports on both machines. I may be wrong about this, but I'm thinking it might be possible with a connection via parallel ports and file transfer software that will work under the C:\ prompt on both machines.

Can anyone advise me about the feasibility of getting files transferred from the 486 to the Pentium IV and to suggest some mechanism (preferably software) for doing it?

A:Need: File Transfer Utility /486 (DOS) to Pentium IV (Windows XP)

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I recently installed a new 5400rpm WD hard drive (640GB) in my laptop, but now every so often when i download a file i get this message

All my downloads go into that folder in the root of my E partition, and windows tells me its corrupt. Does this mean my new hard drive is damaged?

Now im not too familiar with running chkdsk, can any of you provide me with pointers on how to do it. Is there anything else i should try to fix this?

A:Corrupt file, windows tells me to run chkdsk utility.

Hi there, it could be a corrupt installation or bad hard drive.
See here: Disk Check

I would recommend you do a chkdsk on your new HDD.

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When I go to Programs, Accessories, Systems Tools and look for the Backup Utility it's not there.

What's going on?

A:Backup Utility

Hi Tireddad If you don't have an XP CD you can download the ntbackup.msi Here. BTW,I downloaded my backup program from there...only after doing a thorough check on onecomputerguy! Also check This out. LilMacK

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I recently backed up a full system that was running win2000, onto a seperate partition on another pc (workgroup) .now I am running the restore wizard and i am seeing the error "no media selected" but there no folders to select all i am seeing is a icon looking like a cd but it cannot be expanded.ITook out the hdd and placed it into the pc that was reinstalled as a slave and got the same error. When i check the properties of the backup icon i see 1.7G so i know that the files are there. Does any one now how i can access these files. All i need to recover is one particular file.

A:Backup utility

What backup program? Microsoft backup?

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I want to back up my registry. When I use the wizard in XP backup, it only offers floppy disk, a removable drive (my printer -??) and A:\ Can I get it to recognize the cd drive and, if so, how? Thanks.

A:Xp Backup Utility

There may be a work around but according to Microsoft you cannot use the Microsoft Backup program to backup to CD\DVD. MS Backup only sees CD\DVD devices as read only.Backup Does Not Back Up to CD\DVD

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I'm looking for a good backup utility, and am interested in hearing what other users are currently using to backup their files.

It'd be nice to add certain files/folders (with filters) to a list, and have them automatically copied to another PC on the network when they are updated (along with 1 or 2 previous versions). Compression would be good as well.

I'm all ears.


A:Which backup utility do you use?

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I am considering downloading the Mozbackup Utility,now that I am using FFox & TBird. But I would still need my Windows Backup utility for all my documents etc.Wondering if anyone else has tried this or has any advise,as even tho it sounds good,am thinking I should keep things simple and just stick with the Windows Backup Utility.TMacK

A:Which Backup Utility To Use?

Unless you can see an advantage, simple is better.

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I was wondering if there is a backup utility that backs up your files to any media without putting them into a proprietary file format. In other words if you want to backup xyz.doc it will remain as xyz.doc in your backup media.


A:Backup Utility

When you backup your files, all you're doing is copying them to a disk.
The file type should remain the same.

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I did a full backup a few weeks ago that added up to about 80GB consisting mostly of music files. I just did a differential backup to include the new files I downloaded and for some reason it increased the .bkf file from 80GB to 120GB. Now, there's no way the new files added up to 40GB, 5GB at the most.

I chose the option to append instead of replace. Does the append option create some duplication? Should I used the replace option?

A:Regarding the XP Backup Utility


This link should explain how all the different types of windows backup work


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Has anyone used the Windows XP backup facility found in System Tools? I have used it to backup my Documents & Settings but am unable to restore them. This is rather a problem as I have just replaced my internal disc and reloaded XP. The backups are on an external USB hard disc. Any help would be greatly received.

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I downloaded Windows XP Home Backup Utility and when I backup files to another hard drive on my
computer of to an external hard drive, I cannot open the files. I keep getting the error "Windows cannot open this file." "To open this file, Windows need to know what program created it."

Can you help?

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Any suggestions on an inexpensive backup program, shareware, etc. I try to regularly copy & paste to an external hard drive.

Jeff B.

A:Backup Utility

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I recently removed my CD burner and installed a DVD burner. OOps it works on my Linux platform but I have no software on the XP side for the DVD burner. I need to do a backup. Now I have a version of NERO 5.5 which came with the CD burner but think it isn't likely to handle the DVD.
I am familiar with K3b on Linux. Is there a similar FREE backup software utility I could use on XP. I don't like the idea of using a single file backup like comes with XP as I may need to replace software one at a time.
Suggestions will be appreciated.

A:Backup Utility

Depending on the size of what you are trying to backup, chances are you are going to have to have the backup split accross multiple disks, and putting them on DVD's rather than CD's should help you even further. If you can afford it though, external hard drives make even better backups, because you can unplug them to keep them safe, and when you plug them in you can have incremental/differential backups to help keep your backups up to date.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Downloads
FREEWARE GUIDE - Utilities - Backup

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I can't seem to unlock a backup I made with XP backup utility. When I load the utility to restore - the backup file shows and then I double click on it as directed and I get the message no files selected. This is a 37.7 gig file. It is there but I can't open it. Help.: I need this file since my hard drive on my laptop crashed.

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I am running WinXP/SP2 on a Dell9100. I have been using the "as supplied" backup utility with pretty good success. I ran the simular utility on Win2K on previous machines and had few problems. I now need some help re a particular operation I want to perform.

I have .bkf files on both an external HD and on Iomega Rev removable drives. Some are "Normal" and some are "Incremental". I want to delete certain files from these backups without destroying the rest of each file. I poked around with the utility, did a few help searches, etc., but could not find a way to delete specific files or folders from .bkf files. Can this be done?


A:Using MS OEM BackUp Utility

No, I don't believe this can be done. However I have thought of a work around.

Restore the backup to a folder on your Hard drive...for instance create a folder called Backup. Restore the data, delete what you don't want, and recreate the backup.

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Any suggestions on an inexpensive backup program, shareware, etc. I try to regularly copy & paste to an external hard drive.

Jeff B.

A:Backup Utility

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I don't have the backup utility for the XP home edition and I can't find it on the 3 Compaq install disks the computer came with. Is there some place I can download it?

A:Need xp backup utility

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i am looking for any and all opinions on the best way to backup data on a win xp pro and a win xp home pc.

i really need something that is "smart" (may be hard under ms... ha ha) but really, i need something that will be able to "know" what i backed up before and not make me do it all agai, only the things that have changed.

i have a cdrw on both machines, although this is a little crazy as i have much more info then will fit on 1 cd... and i don't have anything that will go across several cd's.

i've considered a dvd... +rw i believe is the way to go... not for sure... just need something.

i believe the dvd+rw would be good, i could get a portable one and use it on both pc's plus i could take it to the studio and use it to back up the mac that we use there.

is usb or firewire better? and how do i determine which usb i have, as i here there is two different types... which is better?

i know this is a lot of questions here, but i really need to know this information so that i can make an informed decision.


A:backup utility

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Just tried to use XP PRO Backup Utility to backup MY Documents and Settings onto external Hard Drive with over 100gig of space. The utility started and stopped 5 minutes into operation. The pop up window reads: "You have either run out of space, or the backup file(.bkf) is too large for the disk. Note: If this disc is formatted with FAT32, the maximum possible size for the backup file is limited to 4 GB."

Anybody know what's happening or can you suggest a better backup utility?
Thanks, Jeff

A:Using XP Backup Utility

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I feel stupid, but I can't find the Windows XP backup utility that I've heard so much about. I go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools and there is no "Backup" there. Am I in the wrong place? How else can I access it, or is "System Restore" the same thing? With System Restore I can't backup just certain files, though.


A:Backup utility?

ooooooooh...I just searched again and it's only on XP Professional. Sorry

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I've been running Nero BackItUp for about a year now, using an incremental backup of selected folders from my C drive to a USB drive. I just tried to do a restore from it and failed and I'm looking for something better.

I was never very happy with the user interface in Nero; it seemed to make it unduly difficult to setup the backup and did not (IMHO) adequately explain the choices it was asking me to make at various points. I had however assumed that it was working correctly - it certainly seemed to be "doing its thing" once a week. Unfortunately this seem not to be the case!

I just tried to use the restore facility to restore a single file that I had inadvertently overwritten. I wanted to retrieve a version from the previous week's backup. This has proven to be apparently impossible to do. Despite the fact that the Desktop folder is most definitely one of those selected for back up, the file is not listed. What is in the folder seems to vary according to which of the increments I choose. I certainly have NO desire to go back through nearly a hundred increments to try to find the one that contains it and the main undated version does not. Since the file has only been there for a month or so it should be in the most recent half dozen. It's not. Each one only contains two or three files when I have around fifty on my desktop.

I figure I'm lucky to have found out with only one file that it's a crap program; basically I am NOT impressed and am looking for somethi... Read more

A:Looking for a good Backup utility

A lot of folks recommend Macrium, Paragon Backup & Recovery 2012, EaseUS Todo 4.0, and Acronis. Macrium, Paragon and EaseUS have free versions as well as paid. Acronis is pretty much a paid version but they do offer a free limited function version if you happen to have (I think) a Western Digital hard drive.

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After my last near disaster I need to get off my butt and backup this pc. I was using Acronis but the earlier version of it was a lot easier. I don't know if I need to backup sector by sector and that's what I didn't understand.

Is there something that will work the same and would work on boot up, either starting with a separate disk or with the boot up option on the backup disk?

So list any really good backup programs in your opinion and thanks

A:What's the best free backup utility?

Acronis in my opinion is great but if you don't want to use it, that's fine. I'm sure you can still download and install an older version though; most software keep archives of older versions on their websites.

Anyway, Macrium Reflect and EaseUS are both great, free backup programs.
Macrium Reflect Backup

You can also run the native Windows program, Windows Backup. It can be scheduled to run at specific times as well as on startup, before shutdown etc.
Backup User and System Files
Registry - Backup and Restore
Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

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Hey, guys. Is there a way to backup a large video (700MB+) to multiple CDs WITHOUT using Zip compression? Can Alcohol 120% split an image across CDs?

A:Video Backup Utility

Why not just tell the Zip (or any other archiver) program not to compress and just create a multipart archive containing the input files?

Yes, there are special file splitting programs too, but then you would have to use the same (obscure) program to stitch the files back together again.

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I have set my windows XP backup utility to backup my files on my hard drive to an external usb hard drive. The utility works to back up when i use
'start backup' however i would like to have it back up 1x a week at 1pm. the problem i am having is that it does not work. in fact what happens is the backup utility opens for about 10 seconds and then closes and nothing gets backed up. i do not know if it matters or not but i have open programs as well.

some help would be appreciated.

A:Backup utility-not backing up

Something was causing me to enter a pasword and i was always leaving it blank. on the off chance i tried and entered a password and now it works.

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Hello all, my name is James and this is my first post and I look foward to the forum.
My issue is that i used the fastconv utility and it transferred all my files but they all ended up in a temp dir as .dat files again. Can anyone tell me what i did wrong and how to fix it.



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What's the advantage of using the 'backup utility' instead of just copying the files to a networked hard drive or onto a cdrw?

I thought they would be compressed or something but instead the backups' are (slightly) larger.

The system is unstable and I'm preparing for a crash, how do you recover the backup files?


A:Win 2000 Backup utility

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HI everyone

I have a used laptop Dell Inspiron 8100 running XP home , I can't find the backup utility. it's not in programs system tools or add ,remove programs. however it looks like it was installed at one time because i see a lot of Backup files. I need to back up my registry. is there an alternative way to back up the registry or a program (preferably free) I can use......I didn't get installation cd with it

Thanks in advance

A:XP Home no Backup Utility

ERUNT Registry Backup Tool - Using NTBackup in XP - WindowsXP Tips, Installing NTBackup on XP Home - Scroll down to Installing the Backup Program on the Home Version.Louis

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I'm currently in the market for a new backup program. Ideally the program will be freeware, able to do incremental and differential backups, compress the backups, and be relatively speedy.Until recently, I used the built in backup program in XP pro. While it's a serviceable app, I want more! I tried Cobian Backup but it would literally take 12 to 14 hours to backup my computer where the NT backup took only around 4 hours!Then I tried DriveImage XML, but it doesn't seem to be able to do differential or incremental backups.I tried a few other programs but I'm not happy with any of them and am still using NT Backup.So what program do you use? Any recommendations, warnings, or horror stories to relate?

A:Question: Which Is The Best Backup Utility?

Long ago, in a world far far away, (Denver, in the 80's) I used a program called My Backup. It was cheap and very easy. I found THIS DOWNLOAD for a program with the same name. I don't know if it's the same one, but the price is right... edit: got confused on my link....

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I need to backup my hard drive but have discovered that, by default, the Backup Utility is not installed on XP Home. It does say however that you can install it from the Win XP Home Edition CD.
I have three CDs:
1. (burgundy) Reinstallation CD w/SP1a
2. (blue) Drivers and Utilities (contains Device Drivers, Diagnostics and Utilities and Online Documentation)
3. (blue) Tools System Software (contains Antivirus Software, Support Software, Nultimedia Software and Internet Software)

Do I use them all?

Oddly, ech CD says that it's already installed on the computer; if that's so, then shouldn't I just enable what's already installed? It came with security software disabled and I had to enable it so why not the Backup Utility?
Does XP stand for eXtra Pernicious?

A:No Backup Utility on XP Home

It's there, but apparently Microsoft doesn't want you to know about it!!! :(

Here's how to find it:
1. Insert your Windows XP CD-ROM. When the welcome screen appears, click EXIT.
You return to the windows desktop.

2. Choose START---MY COMPUTER. In the My Computer Window, right-click your CDROM icon. From there the shortcut menu, choose EXPLORE.
A windows explorer window appears, listing the contents of the Windows XP CDrom.

3. In th list at the left side, open the VALUEADD---MSFT---NTBACKUP folder.
On the right side, you should see a file called NTBACKUP.MSI.

4. Double-click the NTBACKUP.MSI icon.
An installer whirls into action.

5. On the final screen fo the wizard, Click FINISH.

When the installation is complete, choose
START--All Programs---Accesories--System Tools---Backup
to launch the Backup program.
You are now ready to perform your first backup, known as a backup job.
This process creates a single file, an archive containing other files and folders.

NOTE: After I installled the BACKUP, I noticed the Backup buton resides in the
CONTROL PANEL--PERFORMANCE & MAINTENANCE, as part of a list of tasks to perform, along with "Free up space on your hard disk.


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I am starting a small computer repair and virus removal business and am looking for a way to back up customer's computers before starting work. Ideally, I would like to be able to boot to a disc, clone the hard drive to an external USB drive and then be able to easily recover the image if needed.

Is there any free solution available and if not, what is a good, reasonably priced one?



A:Backup/Recovery Utility

Acronis True Image is the best (not free)
Macrium Reflect is the best free alternative

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I'm trying to use the Vista backup utility for the first time and I keep getting the following error message:

"File backup failed. The error is: A disk you are trying to back up is missing. Review your backup settings and check your hardware configuration. (0x81000007)."

I don't understand it because the disk I am trying to back up is there; I've just been using it.

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Hi all,

I recently purchased an external hard disk (case & internal hard disk) with 320Gb of space. I have roughly 500Gb of data on my computer that would like backing-up.

I know I can drop and drag document etc. from my internal disks to my external one, but I'm hoping to find a program that will schedule a backup of selected folders or partitions once every week for instance.

Could anyone tell me if there is such a program? I don't mind if I have to buy it, but I want something efficient..

Thanks in advance guys,


A:Need good backup utility

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Call me a noob, but I have never heard of this utility before!

My question is simple! I am in a position where my HD needs to be formated. My install is perfectly fine (its my other install thats the problem!). So can I do a backup and it will restore EVERYTHING? Like all of my programs and their necessary components in C:\windows? Or will it just backup a select few files? Or will it backup program files (x86 and normal) but most will break because of the necessities in windows?

I am curious to see if its that useful!

Also, if it isn't all that good (which i am expecting it not to be), what is your best recommendation for imaging the whole partition?

A:Does the B&R utility backup programs, etc?

Quote: Originally Posted by jeremyleroy96

My question is simple! I am in a position where my HD needs to be formated. My install is perfectly fine (its my other install thats the problem!). So can I do a backup and it will restore EVERYTHING? Like all of my programs and their necessary components in C:\windows? Or will it just backup a select few files? Or will it backup program files (x86 and normal) but most will break because of the necessities in windows?

Also, if it isn't all that good (which i am expecting it not to be), what is your best recommendation for imaging the whole partition?

Windows backup includes 2 functions: an image of the whole partition and file by file backup.

The image will contain "everything", including installed programs and it can be restored to a new hard drive.

The file by file backup is intended to recover your personal files. The image is designed to backup up your Windows installation, although it would contain your personal files if they are on the imaged partition.

It works, but is far from foolproof. You shouldn't bet on it working.

It isn't the favorite program around this forum. The preferred imaging programs here are likely Macrium Reflect Free Edition or Acronis True Image. Neither does file by file backup. For that, you would need something like Microsoft Synctoy, Cobian, or Second Copy.

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Does anybody know the best utility for backing up files automatically? There will be one server on a network that all of the data on each of the other computers will be backed up on every day. I heard that quickbooks can do something like that, is that the only program that does it or are there more?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

A:Automatic backup utility

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I should have written all the error messages down but they were all similar to this one:

08:54:16 AM Nero BackItUp cannot lock the selected partition/hard disk because it is locked by another program. In this case some of your data will not be backed up. Do you wish to continue without locking?
Source file: DriveBackupCompilation.cpp, Line: 1136

After spending all day researching backup utilities, I am leaning toward using Acronis True Image but even it is stopped very early in the process and displays this error:

"Acronis True Image was not able to create Acronis Secure Zone on the selected drive"

I am assuming that there is only one problem causing all the similar error messages--but I could be wrong--my question is: How do I determine what program has my hard drive "locked"?

Is it possible that the problem is not a program but on the disk itself? Have have run chkdsk /f and found free space misreported and fixed--but nothing changed. If the problem is on the disk would converting to FAT32 and then back to NTFS help?

I know that the OS normally has exclusive access to the hard drive and also I am assuming that the various utilities have work arounds built into them so that they can gather all the needed information and back it up--but I am not getting that far. The error message comes immediately at the start of the 'gathering' process when the utility cannot fully access the hard drive.

Any help will be appreciated.

A:No backup utility will work

i am stumped but just fore the hell of it try running your backup utilities in safe mode

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Hi everyone,

Is there such a utility that will back up current bios so I can restore at a later time if needed?

I don't need to flash the bios just back it up.

Thank you,

A:Bios Backup Utility

Some motherboards have the ability to backup their own bios, others do not... You can usually create a backup of the bios on a floppy using a Bios flash utility


Google is a wonderful search tool

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I am running WinXP (SP2) on a Dell9100. I use the XP backup utility to perform daily backups to a separate (USB) drive. The backups are scheduled to run daily at a time when the computer is likely to be on. If the backup drive is not powered up, the backup does not complete (no surprize there) and the log file correctly indicates that "The operation was not performed because the specified media cannot be found." No other warnings or messages are generated. Is there some way to have the backup utility generate a better (more obvious) message? If I happen to be away from the computer when the backup was supposed to run (and the backup drive was not powered up), and do not remember to check the log file ... well you get the idea.


A:XP BackUp Utility Question

I've been searching and haven't found any options. Why don't you just leave the computer and backup HD on all the time? Either that or you need to find some utility to scan the log files for failures and then notify you (I haven't been able to find any tool like this so far). Or you could try a freeware scheduler program that has notifiactions. (

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i hav recently reinstalled windows 7 from windows xp ..... and i hav created my games backup file ......... but nw i m having a trouble to open it in windows 7......

plz help me

A:Need a software to open .bkf file(windows XP backup file)


MS has made available the NT backup restore utility for restoring XP backups on win7. See this support page, the download link is also on that page.

Description of the Windows NT Backup Restore Utility for Windows 7 and for Windows Server 2008 R2

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how to insatall Backup utility in XP Home

A:how to insatall Backup utility in XP Home

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hi every1, a friend of mine recently had a virus which basically rendered her computer unusable. windows would start, backround of desktop would appear but thats as far as it would go, no icons, taskbar, etc. the only way around was doing a system restore in safe mode. windows is fine now, no viruses and running good. she also backups up the 'c' drive to an external drive 'f' using xp's backup utility. the problem is when we went to restore some of the files, the restore failed saying it could not find the backup file to restore from. when you start the backup utility, all the backup files are there, you can open them and see all the folders inside each file, but when it tries to restore from that backup file it says it cant find it. did the system restore wipe something out??? the system restore was done using a 3/11/2011 date. the backup we're trying was done 1/20/2011. is there anyway to fix this?

A:xp backup/restore utility problem

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I was trying to make a backup of the entire system. using the backup utility in xp pro the wizard gets me to where i am to select a drive and the only drive showing is my G drive (memory stick) . It does not list my DVD or CD drives and if i browse it just asks me to put a memory stick in drive G. Is there a way to configure this to default to another drive? I originally had xp home and did the backup no problem and then installed xp pro and came across this problem. any ideas? thanks

A:xp pro backup utility not showing drives

in case anyone is interested the answer is, i just needed to go 1 step futher and a box opens that allows you to select any drive. I just quit to soon on that one.

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When my HD crashed, the repair company installed XP Home, so I have no CD. The installation does not contain a backup utility. How do I donwload one from Microsoft? My former package was MS Equit which was discontinued. Do I need to get another vendor's SW package?
I would appreciate any help you could give me.

A:Missing backup utility from XP Home

Do you want a backup utility to backup an image of your operating system or just to backup files?

You can install the XP backup program from CD which you would have to get the repair company to do for you.

You could also just find someone with an XP CD and install the utility from there.

How to install the Backup utility from the CD-ROM in Windows XP Home Edition

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