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Solved: Microsoft Works Calendar -works cannot access one or more files.......

Q: Solved: Microsoft Works Calendar -works cannot access one or more files.......

I downloaded some Microsoft updates, rebooted, and now my Microsoft Works Calendar won't come up. I've been to MS website and tried their fix - it didn't work. Next option is to delete Works and reload. My question is - will this deletion get rid of all of my data files along with the program? Also, is Outlook Express part of Works? I've tried to find out, but can't. I'm really concerned about making a mess of things.

A: Solved: Microsoft Works Calendar -works cannot access one or more files.......

Outlook Express is not part of Works.

What version of Works do you have and is it supported by Windows XP?

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I have a computer that ran Windows Vista and the Motherboard has went out on it . I have the working Hard Drive removed and connected to my working PC . I am wanting to find the Microsoft Works Calendar file and export it to Google calendar . I have done some research online and found this file path to retrieve the file

Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Works Shared\Mswkscal.wcd

Unfortunately the file is not there. I have done a search of the Hard Drive and "Mswkscal.wcd" is nowhere to be found .

Is there any other place I should be looking ?

Should I be looking for a different file ?

Thanks for your help

A:Solved: Microsoft Works Calendar

Please take the time to read through this link. It may start by appearing irrelevant, but it goes through file locations, searching, the file may be hidden, etcl
Hope it helps

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i want to change my microsoft works calendar from english to persian calendar, and change the start day from sunday to saturday, pleasr help me

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I am working in Microsoft Works 8.5 and having problems with the calendar and address book. I have entered info. in the contacts in address book. When opening calendar, the birthdays, anniversaries, etc. are not correct. Calendar asks me if I want to correct, so I clicked yes. I then selected the correct date (from address book) and clicked "update now." When that is complete, I looked at the calendar for the correct day, and there was a different person's name listed on the day. Can anyone help? So frustrating. Thanks!

A:Microsoft Works 8.5 Calendar

I am having the same problem. Did you ever find a solution? Thanks.

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Last year I puchased a new computer with Windows XP. Most of the files were retrieved from the old C drive and installed on my new computer. I have been using Microsoft Works Calendar for many years, and rely on it for reminders to pop up. I recently had the business where I purchased the computer look at it because of a start up problem. Since then, it seems the reminders do not pop up for the specified time I want them to any longer, i.e., a meeting 3 days from now and a reminder would be put into the window and then click on OK. In the past, I've never had a problem with getting the reminders until recently. Do you have any suggestions? Barbara

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I have been using microsoftworks calendar (Windows XP) and on opening I have the month landscape view. I think I must have clicked on something I shouldn't have because now although it shows the current month it has also included three date syle months on the left hand side. This means that I cannont see sunday and cannot easily move to the next month, any ideas on how to remove the date/months and hopefuly this will restore the full month view. Strangely, when I print the date months are at the top and all days of the month print fine.

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Cannot obtain correct printing from Microsoft Works Calendar.

The Microsoft site says this is common with Internet Exp.5.5-

I am using 6.0 and still have the same problem.

The calendar pages come out printed on 2 pages rather than

one page. The columns are elongated causing this to happen.

Have checked the printer with other programs and the printing

is correct.

A:Microsoft Works Calendar

This should do it.
Open the calender, from the file menu select "export > HTML". Remember where you saved it to. Close the calender and go to the file you exported and double click it. It should open in Internet Explorer. Now select print from the file menu.


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I have Windows XP home edition, service pack 2. I just recently upgraded internet explorer to 7.0. I can no longer print from Microsoft Works 7.0 Calendar. I know there were printing problems with older versions of IE and MS Works Calendar 6.0. Anyone know of a fix besides rolling back IE?

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I am using Windows XP and Microsoft Works Suite 2003. I have been using the Microsoft Works Calendar for home use, printing the monthly calendar in landscape format on my Canon i960 printer. This produces a 9"-6" one-month calendar.

Recently, the calendar started printing out only 7"-4" in landscape format. I have tried everything to correct this and cannot. Any other printing in other programs is normal so I do not think it is a printer problem. However, I cannot find the controls in the Calendar to restore the 9"-6" size. Any suggestions?

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I run Works Plus 2008 on Vista 64 bit and a problem has developed. My calendar alerts no longer automatically open when they are due to open. I have to open Works before any alerts will open.

Does anyone have a fix for me? Please keep your instructions very simple as I consider myself to be a Beginner-Intermediate user.

Thank you!!

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I am trying to save a calendar from my Microsoft WorksSuite 2005 calendar and then open it up on another computer, but am not having any luck figuring out how to do it. All I keep getting is the new blank calendars when I open the folder up on another computer. Any ideas on what I am missing.


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I am using a Dell computer with Windows XP 256mb ram, pentium 4.
This is in regards to Microsoft Works 6.0.
When using the Microsoft Works calendar, I can not get any of the U.S. holidays to display in the 2003 and up years. For example Labor Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day. These holidays are visible in the year 2002, but not in 2003. I have made sure that there is a check in the US Holidays catagory filter to show the holidays. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Works, but still have the same problem. Any suggestions?

A:Microsoft Works 6.0 Calendar

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I have a Dell Inspiron 2650, Windows XP Home Edition, Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft Works version 6

I can not print my calendar in Microsoft Works Calendar.

I have uninstalled and installed again. Still does not print.
When I hit print and a box pops up that states: Please wait while the calendar prepares to print. That is as far as it will go. You can let it stay there for hours and it is still preparing to print.
Printer works fine in other programs.

What is the problem

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I've got a client who is using microsoft works 8.0 calendar and recently had to replace his hard drive and reinstall his operating system. The problem we're having is that all of his calendar data is stored as a .wcd file and the calendar will only import icalendar files and vcalendar files .ics and .vcs. Is there anyway to convert the data file from .wcd to .ics or is there a way to get the calendar to read a .wcd file? He is using Windows XP, service pack 2. All of my searching on Google lead me nowhere. Microsoft's website was no help either. If a .wcd file is from an older version of Works calendar, where can you get that version of works? Any help on the matter will be greatly appreciated.

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MS Works calendar launches on start-up...I tried to print the calendar, nothing happened. Closed out of calendar, and when I tried to open the program again, wouldn't even open. Re-started computer, and calendar launched...same problem...couldn't print, then wouldn't open at all.
I have Works Suite 2002...Running XP
I'm confused...

A:Microsoft Works Calendar Problem

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I realize this isn't a crucial question ... but I have Windows 98SE and after the end of 2004 the holidays and other notations ... like "Daylight Savings Time Begins", "Father's Day", etc. ... ceased to appear on the calendar.

Am I "on my own" at this point? Any way to have these dates appear other than manually inputing the dates and events? There are increasingly fewer and fewer businesses that distribute calendars to customers these days.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help.


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I cannot get my calendar to open in Microsoft Works? Any suggestions?

A:Microsoft Works Calendar won't open

Welcome to TSF....

You might try going thru a re-install of Microsoft works and when doing this if you see an option to modify or repair the installation go for this.

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I want to import the Microsoft's Works Calendar's appointments that I have in XP in my older computer into the Microsoft's Works Calendar in Vista's Microsoft Works Calender that I have in a new computer. When I try to export from the XP, I stipulate the dates that I want to export and all appointments but when I click on "OK" nothing happens, the program doesn't go to screen that asks where I want to put the file, i.e., the E drive. Any help will be appreciated.

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I had to do a complete wipe and restore. I thought I was doing it right by having a solid backup (Norton Ghost). After completing the reinstallation of my software, I went to my backup to restore my calendar data from microsoft Works 7 which is very important to me. I cannot seem to find the data. Restoring Microsoft works 7 Doesn't populate the data that was in my calendar. I tried to restore selected items from C:/program files/common files, and the files from Microsoft shared with no luck. My computer prior to the restore was a real mess, so I do not want to restore a lot of corrupt files. Does anyone know where the data is stored?

A:Microsoft Works 7 Calendar Lost Data

From what I have read, mswkscal.wcd file is the calendar data file; I think it may be kept in a hidden folder, so be sure to do your search for it accordingly.

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My son says you are the best for troubleshooting, so here goes. I have a Toshiba laptop wireless and all the programs came pre-installed with a Recovery disk ONLY included. I have Windows XP Home Edition. My problem is with the Microsoft Works 8.0 Calendar, which was pre-installed along with Microsoft Office S&T Edition, which I do not use. The Calendar was working fine until yesterday and now I get an error message that just says "Microsoft has encountered a problem and needs to close." Then I can choose whether or not to send an error report, which I have....several times. I've read the "official" Microsoft version of the fix, but it is telling me that I possibly have a corrupted file and to reinstall it from the Works CD, which I do not have. When I run the recovery CD, there is no Microsoft Works listed in programs to recover. I'm really at a loss! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!! MomM

A:Microsoft Works 8.0 Calendar error report

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It has been decided that my computer is free from malware, so I've been referred to this forum.

I recently downloaded malwarebytes anti-malware program. The instructions were good and it worked fine. But, now I can't access my calendar for reminders. I get a generic error message saying "Microsoft Works 8 has encountered a problem and must close."
It does not say what problem.

I have a Works 8 installation disk, but I think if I just reinstall Works, I'll lose all the notes on my calendar.

The only other thing I use from Works is a simple database which is working fine. Only the calendar reminder feature won't run. If I reinstall Works I could lose all the info on my database and I don't feel like re-entering over 1000 files.

I have the database backed up and it looks like I 'should' be able to run the backup file if the original gets wiped.
However, although I have backed up all the files in Works calendar folder, I don't know which one(s) hold the reminder info. I've tried replacing existing files with the backups, but they don't run so it looks like the problem is not with the calendar data files themselves, but something more basic to Works 8.

I recently found that if I right click on WksCal.exe and choose "Run as..." and use "administrator ", I get a different error message. This one simply says that Works could not find some needed files and suggests that they may have been moved or eras... Read more

A:Problem with Microsoft Works 8 Calendar reminder

Did you try SFC.exe?Found this:

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I need to reset current day/Today in Works Calendar; suddenly it appears in yesterday's square ...How do I do this ?

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My dad is using Microsoft Works 7.0 on his Windows Vista laptop and for some reason the Calendar has randomnly stopped working.
Everytime I try to open the calendar I get this message;

I have tried reinstalling the program but it still shows that message.

Any idea how to get it to work again or what might be causing the problem?

Many thanks.

A:Microsoft Works 7.0 Calendar randomnly stopped working...


I don't think it's actually uninstalling Works completely because when I reinstall it the history in Works is still there...

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Well I had the motherboard go out on a PC . I am now trying to save the Microsoft Works Calendar file from the Hard Drive . I have been able to retrieve the file mswkscal.WCD which is the Microsoft Works Calendar file , but now in order to import it back into Microsoft works calendar I need to convert it to a .ICS file .

Does anyone know of a converter that is able to do this ?
Thanks for your help

A:Microsoft Works Calendar File Converter Needed

If you don't need to merge the data with existing data the new calendar, why not just replace the file??

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I have Microsoft Works 9 and when I try to export a calendar as HTML it does not export correctly. If I want the export to begin with Sunday, it copies the previous week into the export. I have designated Sunday to be the beginning of the week. If I want to export July 5-11, the export ends up in the HTML file as June 29-July 11. Since posting this request, I've copied the html file into Microsoft Word and cut and pasted. It works, but is time consuming. If the program would export correctly, then I wouldn't have to go to all that trouble. Any suggestions?

A:Microsoft Works 9 calendar export as HTML issues


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I currently use the Microsoft Works Calendar as a PDA keeping track of appointments, birthdays, etc. but find that I can't print out reports according to categories. I can only print out days, weeks or months. Is there a good, free calendar that I can use and be able to import the information that I already have in the Works Calendar into that calendar?
Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Microsoft Works Calendar not so good. Are there any good desktop calendars out there

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I have been working away from home on my laptop ( Vista ) and building a large spreadsheet (.xls file). Suddenly , following a Microsoft update I am denied all access to the spreadsheet with the answer " can't locate wksss.exe " . It seems that the update must have removed this file . Being away from home I don't have the original Works disc to try to re-install it. I've downloaded an Excell viewer but this won't alloow me to enter anything . Does anyone have any thoughts . ??

A:Solved: Microsoft Works Spreadsheet - access disappeared

Uninstall the update.

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I was using an OLD version of Microsoft works....4.x on my XP system.

I just bought Works 9.0 from Microsoft and Installed it but it won't let me open my old Works files. I've searched for a converter but they say they are for Windows 98 systems.

Anybody have any idea how I can open my old files in my new works program?

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: opening old MS Works files in New MS works program?

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I have just transfered all my Works wps word processor documents from my old Windows 98 computer to my new Vista Home Premium computer but they will not open. I get a error message "Works was unable to open the project you have selected. The file may be corrupted." I have installed the Microsoft Works 4 converter but this does not help. I have also tried saving the documents in rich text format to no avail. Can anyone help please?

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Works was already installed on the PC when I purchased it in May, 2010. I was able to gfet the Works Task Master on the screen and access all of the programs except the calendar. Now I cannot get the Task Master to run.

Naturally, HP did not give me a Works CD. Is there anything I can do?

A:Solved: works calendar will not open

This is a program that is prinstalled on most HP Computers and you wouldn't have gotten a disc for it. The only way to reinstall it is actually going to be to do a Factory Recovery on your computer, or Purchase the Works Program and do a fresh install of it.

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I've searched these forums and found a partial clue to help me solve this problem, but need some additional info.

When I try to use the MS Works Calendar, I get the following error message:

"Works cannot access one or more files it need to run the Calendar. The files may have been renamed, deleted or moved. Try reinstalling Works, and then starting the program again."

I have reinstalled Works, but am still getting the same error message.

When I searched these forums, I was disappointed to find a few topics about the Works Calendar, which were closed because no one had ever replied. However, I did find this one which indicates that the problem can be solved by applying a fix from MS. But it doesn't say where to find the fix, or even name it. I have searched MS up and down, but can't seem to find whatever this member found.

So, does anyone know what fix they might have been referring to?

I'm using a rather old version -- Works Suite 2002, version 6 -- but when it works, is quite sufficient for my needs. This is on XP Home SP 3, fully updated.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help

A:Solved: MS Works Calendar error message

Welcome to TSG!

Perhaps it was this fix:

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Hi there,
I have had this error for about 1 week after I installed/uninstalled several VPN services.  
I have "internet access"  on both Local Area Connection and WIFI but, none of my browsers are
displaying a webpage.  Skype works, TOR works (I am using TOR's default proxy
settings to get online with Chrome).  On Chromes start page it even shows my name as logged into
GMAIL! (before I switched to the TOR proxy settings.)
Here is what I have tried 
Flushing the DNS
release/renew ip
reset winsock
disabled/re-enabled both adapters
Unistalled/reinstalled both network adapters
shutoff the firewall
booted into safemode
removed my antivirus
Ran a few scripts
winsock repair
windows repair (all-in-one) tweaknow
mini toolbox
Run MBAM scan
and MSE scan
Reset IE to default.
Cleared proxy setings.
Re-installed the adapter client, service and protocols,
This is driving me nuts! Its got to be something easy that I am missing!
Any help would be appreciated!
MINITOOLBOX did these modifications:
also attached as txt file.

A:Can't display Webpage-Internet Access-Skype works,TOR works, GMAIL signs in!

Also the DNS has been set to Google DNS-servers.
Error: (07/14/2013 05:16:31 PM) (Source: PostgreSQL) (User: )
Description: FATAL:  could not create any TCP/IP sockets

Error: (07/14/2013 09:34:57 PM) (Source: cdrom) (User: )
Description: The device, \Device\CdRom0, has a bad block.
What you can try is to check with Google Chrome Portable ( if you have internet with it. 

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Is it possible to convert a microsoft works database to open up in microsoft access?


A:works db to microsoft access?

The best you can do is to open up your Works database, click on a table and save it as a dBase file (dBase IV would be my suggestion). Access will import it with no problems. However, you will not have any luck importing reports or forms - somewhere in the process, all that is seen it the data in the background, so a form or report ends up being imported as a table. I didn't try this with queries, (don't know Works well enough to try) but I suspect that you would find similar problems. (FYI, I created the winelist database that Works offers as a template and the only thing that was imported was the one table, but multiple times).

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When I start MS Works 9, and go to File Open, it goes to My documents. I would like it to go to C:, Program Files(x86), Microsoft Works, Documents. That is where I want to put Word Processors And Spreadsheets. If I cannot open Documents Folder automatically, I at least want Microsoft Works Folder to open automatically. There must be a way to do this.

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I recently purchased an ASUS Windows 8.1 64 bit computer.  I transferred my Microsoft Works Version 8.0 word processor and spreadsheet files from my old computer onto the new computer.  I just purchased the Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student Edition (64 bit version) from an online vendor and installed the software onto my new computer. 
I have no problems opening my Works spreadsheet files in Excel.  However, when I attempt to open a Works word processor file in Word, I get gibberish.  I did some research online and found out that there is a Microsoft tool called Works 6-9 Converter which allows one to open Works files in Word.
I downloaded the Works 6-9 Converter tool from the Microsoft Support website and installed it on my PC.  However, when I subsequently attempted to open a Works word processor file in Word, a dialog box appeared with the error message "Word cannot start the converter Wks9Pxy.cnv" and the file did not open properly (i.e., I got gibberish).
I did a little more research online and found out that uninstalling the Works 6-9 Converter, then downloading and installing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package, and finally reinstalling the Works 6-9 Converter may correct this problem.  I followed these steps, but unfortunately when I attempt to open a Works word processor file in Word, I get the same error message and the file does not open properly. ... Read more

A:Cannot Open Microsoft Works Files in Microsoft Word 2013
Reboot after any changes you make.

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firstly about two years ago i was making a game when suddenly my computer slowed down to the point where it took 15 mins to load a working version of windows. about half a year ago my dad got it to work faster after a bout 3 installs after that i estabalished a network with my new PC then the old one stopted working. so i resorted to my dad's other pc(i couldn't get the file transfer on that one either). a few days ago i got my old pc to work properly but now i am having trouble getting a file share on Windows and even Ubuntu but so far i would just like to know how to fix this probvlem on Windows.

A:it works, it breaks then works to the point where i can't share files

Really need more information to be able to help.
What is the make/model and operating system of each computer?
How are they connected?
Do the compuiters show in each other's Network display?
Can the computers ping each other by IP Address and Computer Name?

This is a general trouble shooting guide for simple problems.

Each computer must have a Unique Name.
Each computer must have at least one user account with a password. Vista will not share with computers that do not.
All the computers must have the same Work Group Name.
File Sharing must be turned on for each computer.
Firewalls must be configured to allow sharing.
To Turn on File Sharing.
For the XP computers go to Control Panel, Network Setup wizard.
Click next.
Click next.
If you are running wireless, the ethernet card will be listed. If connected by ethernet and you have a wireless card it will be listed.
For right now, just select "Ignore the listed connections".
Click next.
Select "This computer connects to the internet by a residential gateway".
Click next.
Enter the Work Group name.
Click next.
Select "Turn on File and printer Sharing"
Click next.
Verify all the information is correct.
Click next.
I would select "Just finish the wizard" and not make a disc. It take about the same amount of time to run the disc as to manually enter the data.
Click next.
Click finish.

Vista Computers.
Not sure where to enter the Work Group Name on Vista. Been a couple of years and my ... Read more

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I was trying to help a friend with her new computer. She had been saving all documents typed in Works under My Documents since it was the default. I set up folders and began to move the documents and the files continued to replicate themselves under My Documents.

Each time a file was selected whether by right clicking, dragging and dropping, etc. a new file was added of the same thing. Renamed itseld as Copy 1, Copy 2, etc

Any ideas?

A:Microsoft Works Files Replicating

I helped someone with this EXACT same problem.

1. Do NOT hold the Ctrl key while dragging. Ctrl+Drag = copy

2. Perhaps the Ctrl key is stuck down on your keyboard. Try another keyboard.

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How can I get my MS Works database files to be able to be transferred to another program such as Open Office or Office? I have a lot of collected information in many files that I can't share with anyone else who doesn't have Works. The Office Database is far too complicated for me and much more powerful than I need for my own use.

A:Microsoft Works Database files

Did you TRY exporting?

A typical choice for database conversions is to export -> CSV format and then work with that
to create the imports. Hint: Export only one TABLE at a time.

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I've downloaded the converter from microsoft, but it still keeps giving me that "either there's no converter for this or the file is corrupt" line, and it works on other computers so I know it's the computer not the usb. I'm so fed up with

A:Microsoft works 8 won't open .doc files

Don't take offense...You said you downloaded the converter, but did you install it??

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I am getting the following message when trying to open a file from my University's Blackboard....

"There is not enough memory to open file "C:\ ...etc...etc...doc". Close your document, close other programs, and then try again."

What the heck does this mean and how can I fix this...? I need my documents from this site... I have used it before, this is the first issue with it.

Thanks in advance!


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I used to have a version of Excel, but I believe I disabled it or
partially erased it.

Now I have been getting some e-mails with attached
excel files ".xls" and can not seem to find any way to
read them.

I am running Windows 98

Another straange thing, when I do click on an ".xls" file
Adoby Acrobat comes up to try to read it.

A:Reading Excel files Using Microsoft Works ?

Go here

and see if you can find a viewer for your OS etc.

Welcome to TSG!

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I am using Microsoft Works Word and it cannot open .doc files which are old Microsoft word documents. It says "There is not enough memory to open file XXXX. Close your document, close other programs and try again." Is this suppose to happen? I have to use Abi Word to open my files now.

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My works database used to work fine now when I try to print a form I get an out of memory error. I can go to another computer and no error.
another problem I have is that my files take a long time to open. When I double click to open a file it seems like the computer is searching the network for the file.
I am Virus free. Defraged and 2 MEGS of memory nothing changed when I added an extra meg of memory
any help will be appreciated.

A:Microsoft Works & Slow opening files

Try running chkdsk /r.

Start/Run...type chkdsk /r (space between k and /) and hit Enter. Type Y in response to onscreen question and hit Enter. Reboot and let the command run. The system will boot into XP automatically when chkdsk /r is complete.


You might also check your virtual memory settings...IMO, XP should be controlling the size of virtual memory.

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I have been using Microsoft Works database function for many years. I am a secretary at a sportsmens club and I have the membership developed in a database that contains name,address,zipcode,ss#,drivers licence # etc.

From this databsae I create labels to be used to mail out our club newsletters. We currently have over 1400 members that we store pertinent information on.

Using the label program in Microsoft works in previous versions such as 4.0 or 4.5 has been a breeze and always worked wonderfully.

We upgraded our computer system and now have the microsoft works version 2000. We were able to load our databse in this version and have been using it quite regularly. We are continually adding to this database daily.

My problem is, I have yet to figure out how to develop the labels for the mailing addresses. You would think this would be an easy process but when I try to do this I get an error message saying I have characters such as periods etc and cannot produce these labels. That would be quite a bit of extra work to remove any of those special characters and before I would do that I would want to make sure if that is really what the problem is. Why would it be a problem in works 2000 and not works 4.5

Right now I have the program loaded on a laptop with works 4.5 just to devleop the labels. I really do not want to convert to using just 4.5 because of the dates that I use in the databse and with the newer version it recognizes dates in the year 2000 and greater.... Read more

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I am new at this and I have Windows 7. I am trying to open an attachment to my mail and it keeps giving me this error message :" works cannot open. the file may be in use by another application, the file may not be supported by any of the installed converters, or the file may be corrupt." I need to remedy this problem ASAP as these files are needed for my childrens home schooling by Mon 08/30/10. CAN ANYONE HELP ME AND REMEMBER THAT I AM A BEGINNER. THANK YOU

A:Can't open .DOC files in Microsoft works word processer

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Have a laptop here that had the crypto locker virus, or a variant of it. Using Combofix this now appears to have gone and all traces have been removed from the registry, however when I try to open the spreadsheet files, .xlr, I get a message saying they are corrupt or not compatible with works. Is there any way to repair these files?

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I recently had PC in shop to have malware etc. removed.
Ever since, it hangs for about 5 min. before shut down &
all of my microsoft works documents & program are corrupted.
I have never been 1 to download a bunch of stuff so am stumped..
I know that he added a couple of programs, 1 being SUPER Anti-Spyware which concerns me a bit..
Oh, & wow, do I have a few items taking up CPU storge in my windows taska manager such as..
Javaw which takes about 90%
Speaking of, should I have 8 instances running under svchost.exe???

A:Help! Windows hanging at shut down, Microsoft Works & Files Corrupted???

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Probably this is something simple in IE7 options/settings but I failed to figure it out.

This is happening on my desktop (am writing this on my laptop). It's failing to connect, with the exception being "secure" sites - https://....

Email is working fine.


PS this happened after we did Microsoft livecare free scan and implemented corrective actions (malware/virus deletions); it then prompted us to reboot, then indicated new Windows updates to install, and then it prompted us to re-install IE7

A:Solved: IE7 fails to connect to sites with http, works in https; email works fine

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I'm having a similar problem to Chris Chu -

I just upgraded from Qwest DSL 1.5 Mbps with an Actiontec GT701 modem to the 12Mbps service with the Actiontec Q1000 modem, set up with just the default options.

I'm having a very peculiar problem. I can see the Q1000's GUI control panel ( and browse the Internet from a computer connected via wi-fi. However, a computer connected viaEthernet doesn't see the web or even the Q1000 control center. A ping from the Ethernet-connected machine times out. However, the Ethernet-connected machine CAN see the other machines connected to the Q1000 - I played an MP3 file from one of the other machines. So the router function for the LAN is working, but the Q1000 doesn't respond to a ping or let me see the external 'Net or even browse to the Q1000's GUI panel.

I've tried this with just one machine connected directly via Cat5 and none of the other Ethernet ports on the Q1000 used. I've done that from two different PCs, using 4 different Cat5 cables, and trying different ports on the Q1000. I've also tried it going through a D-Link switch with the same results from 4 different PCs.
All of these connections worked with the GT701 and the 1.5 Mbps service, but not with the Q1000. We even tried replacing the Q1000 with the same results. (Firmware versions were QAQ01-31.00L.34 on the first Q1000 and QAQ01-31.00L.33 ... Read more

A:Solved: WLAN works, WAN doesn't, router function works - Qwest ActionTec Q1000

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i just went from windows 2000 to windows 7 professional and we had to reinstall all programs....
i need to open my company logo which was saved in microsoft office word 97-2003 - my new program is microsoft works word processor - i have tried saving it in different formats on my old computer but nothing seems to be working....
any suggestions?

A:Converting files from Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 to Microsoft Works Word Processor

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When I import my Works Calendar appointments to a Home Publishing Calendar it doesn't transfer the appointment times. I have to go in and manually enter the times of the appointments. This is on a month calendar. Can anyone help me?

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Hi all.

My dad recently updated his business laptop. His old laptop was using Windows ME with MS Works 4.5.
His new laptop is using Windows Vista with MS Works 9.0.

I have transferred all of his old files that he needs from his old laptop to his new one, expecting the new Works to be able to open the old files.
However, Works Word Processor 9.0 is unable to open any of the older 4.5 files!

Here is the message I get when I try to open the old files using MS Works 9.0;

Now this is really important because he is unable to access letters, etc. that he really needs to open!

Does he need some kind of converter or something?

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

A:Please help! How do I open Works 4.5 files with Works 9.0?

I've just found out that Works 9.0 cannot open Works 4.5 files.
My only option is use Works versions 6 - 8, which can open the 4.5 files.

It's really ridiculous that Works 9.0 cannot open these files.

I have found a Works 7.0 CD so I might give that a try.

The thing is, my dad has since created new files using this Works 9.0. If I "downgrade" to Works 7.0, will it be able to open the 9.0 files?

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On the new Dell PC (XP software) I am planning on buying, it comes loaded with Microsoft Works 8.

My existing PC is running on Win 98 2nd Ed with Microsoft Works 2000.

Question: Is Works 8 capable of reading files that were created on Works 2000?



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I am running windows Vista Home Premium and I print using a network printer. My problem is that when I try to print a spreadsheet using Microsoft Works 8.0 the program has a problem and automatically closes. I can't even get too the print wizard or print preview. Any suggestions? Maybe reinstall works?


A:[SOLVED] Microsoft Works 8.0

yes reinstall works,they have version 9 out you may need to install it in compatability mode for xp

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I am trying to help a friend that is having probs. with microsoft works she has windows xp, home edition, pentium, 1.59ghz, 256 mb of ram...
When she goes into works it says enter registration code she has done this correctly and is still will not work is there something else she can do?
I have the same one and I never remember it asking me that before any ideas?


A:[Solved] XP/ Microsoft works

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I have backup copies of .xlr and .wps files that were made in Microsoft Works 4.0
I now have a reformatted pc w/ Microsoft works 7
these files will not open
can i convert them? how do i do that? where do I go to get a conversion?

i need them to be microsoft word documents and .wks i think

please help

A:Solved: Microsoft Works 4 v/s 7

Works 6.0 Converter for Works and Word Users

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Will Microsoft Works 9, Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010, and Microsoft Word 2000 coexist and work properly on the same computer (Windows 7 64-bit)? If not, all 3, will any combination run successfully?

A:Solved: Microsoft Works 9

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The pre-installed version of Microsoft Works on my "Recently" purchased PC (Gateway, Windows 7, 64-bit) is malfunctioning. I am being prompted to re-install Works. Because it was pre-installed, and not a "trial", I am seeking information about being able to re-download for free. Is there a free version, or should I possibly be able to correct the problem using System Restore?

A:Solved: Help With Microsoft Works!

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Hello, I bought a new computer with windows 8 installed, when I started cleaning out the cd's from the older computer I had I found a Microsoft Works 8.5 I wonder if it would work on the windows 8?

A:Solved: microsoft works

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My daughter has a problem with Word documents created in Works as follows:

"My pc runs on Windows XP 2002 and has Microsoft Works on it. The Word part of Microsoft Works is causing some problems in respect of my clerking job, as some of the governors are unable to open the word attachments I send out. I need to, therefore, update Word, so what is the best thing to do please?"

I always thought that documents created in Works opened perfectly well in Office. Is there any way around this apart from her buying Microsoft Office?

A:Solved: Microsoft Works

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Can you tell me WHAT THE FILE NAME IS where my calendar DATA is stored? My operating system is XP and my Microsoft Works is a 2004 verstion. I installed some MS updates and now my Calendar won't open-- Message: "Works cannot acess one or more files it needs to run the calendar." They wanted me to reinstall program and try again, which I did, twice (probably lost my data file, huh?) Anyhow, still no luck. I'd try to get a new version, but I sure would like to keep my data if I haven't already lost it.

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I would like to store the file that holds my MS Works Calendar data on a networked drive, so that I could access it from all the computers on my home network. Is that possible. The MS KB seems to say that the data file Mswkscal.wcd must be on the same drive as the Calendar program.
Michael Trombetta

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What is the difference between iCalendar (.ics) & vCalendar (.vcs)? Should I export the Works calendar to both?

A:MS Works Calendar

These links from may help you understand the differences somewhat better:
Extension: ICS
Extension: VCS​To me, it looks as though the VCS extension is used more often, but if you will be interacting with programs such as ICal or Lotus Notes, then you may want to save in ICS form, too.
If you ever find yourself in a bind and need a different extension version that what you have, you might want to check out ABC Amber iCalendar Converter.

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Entries in the calendar randomly disappear. I do a weekly email update, and use the calendar for blues shows in my area, after hours & hours of entering bands, some have just vanished. Example: today I put in 15 entries and 2 disappeared. It is so bizarre. Obviously I really need it to save everything.

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I have a friend who just bought a HP PC with Win 8 installed and he would like to have MS Works Calendar or something that very resembles that calendar on his new PC.

Can anybody recommend a suitable calendar that functions like the MS Works Calendar?


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had to reload computer and before reload i had works calendar in my startup folder. turn computer on and calendar comes up on screen to remind me of appts. after reloading computer and installing works, version 7, i cannot find the file to move to startup, all i can find is the help file. i have my view files set to show hidden files.  i think the file name is mswkscal.wcd, and a search does not find it. i did find mswkscal. but when i click that file woks home page comes up, not the calendar by itself. any ideas?

A:works calendar

never mind, figured it out

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Lenovo T500 Intel Core2 Duo T9600 2.8GHz
Win 7 Professional SP1 64 bit
MS Office Professional 2010 v14.0.7106.5003 32-bit

I've had a persistent problem for several months since I migrated to a new hard drive. Outlook 2010 calendar is working, but only in Active List view. Any attempt to change to Preview or Calendar view produces the error message, "Could not read the calendar." Changing from Active List to List works some of the time, but inconsistently and sometimes it will hunt for the list and offer the same "Could not read the calendar." error message. This is very frustrating as I find it difficult to manage the list view and am accustomed to seeing the calendar week view.

I use an Android phone and use gmail and Google calendar to see mail and appointments on my phone. So, I've got Google Calendar Sync running. Google Calendar Sync appears to be operating normally. I have a nice calendar view on my phone or web-based from my computer. I have tried adding the Google calendar to Outlook but it is a duplicate of the default calendar and I can't set it as the default. Also, MS Office does not permit me to delete the default calendar.

I don't like any of the work arounds. I just want the calendar to work like it should. Research discloses no real hint of anything that works including running scanpst. Scanpst does a great job at fixing the problem by wiping the whole calendar thanks very much MS.

If you have any clue as to the cause and bette... Read more

A:Outlook 2010 Calendar, only active list view works, calendar view err

Try Microsoft's CalCheck tool. "The Calendar Checking Tool for Outlook (CalCheck) is a program that checks the Microsoft Outlook Calendar and items for problems or for potential problems."

You can download it from here:
Download Calendar Checking Tool for Outlook from Official Microsoft Download Center

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Works came with my laptop and is never used as i have office on my pc therefore have no use for it its just taking up space and i seriously want to remove it.
When i try it asks for the disk which i do not have and never have had.
I have read about changing file names in c:\windows\installer but i cannot find the file, other programs do not work to remove it as it again asks for the disk. Is there something i am missing or not doing right. I do not want to just delete the files as i know works uses files that other programs use.
Can anyone help me in finally getting rid of this program?

A:Solved: Cannot Unistall Microsoft Works

You're saying that you're unable to uninstall Microsoft Works in the "Programs And Features" list?

It came in my Compaq Presario desktop with Windows Vista, and I uninstalled it with no problem.


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whenever i close microsoft works (version 3.00) in windows 98, it gets an error message and says the program has to close. i am trying to close the program but its a pain to get the error message every time. It all works fine on my old computer using windows 3.11. Is it because its such an old version of works with a newer version of windows?


A:{SOLVED} microsoft works with win98?

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MS Works came preinstalled on my laptop, and now I have Office, I want to uninstall it.
When uninstalling via control panel, the Windows Installer starts but then it asks for "works8.msi", which is not on my computer and I don't have an installation disk.

The error is as follows:
"The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.

Click OK to try agian, or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'WORKS8.MSI' in the box below."

A:Solved: Uninstalling Microsoft Works 8

You might try what someone did in this tread.

It involved finding a file, then renaming it before uninstalling.

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Hi, I have moved to new address and there is only ADSL modem through phone line (700kB/s down, 32kB/s up). Use to have cable and there was no problem.
I have Win XP pro SP3, using IE8, and I can access any web site,including bank, tv over internet, and so on. Strange thing is, I can't access microsoft website (would be handy) and I have already tried to update router firmware, change MTU settings, install protocols, etc etc.

Do you have any ideas where is the hidden fault?

Thank you for any ideas.

A:Solved: All websites works except microsoft

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I have a Dell Dimension 9150 running Windows XP.

When I try to open Works Spreadsheet or Database I get the following error messages:

Wksss.exe – Entry Point Not Found or
Wksdb.exe – Entry Point Not Found

Followed by:-

‘The procedure point [email protected]@@[email protected] could not be located in the dynamic link library WKWbl.dll’

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the WorksSuite but this has not cured the problem. I have also used Restore Points which have not resolved the problem and I do not want to go back in time too far as I will lose a lot of updates, applications etc.

Can someone let me know how to cure this?


A:Solved: Microsoft Works Problem

Welcome to TSG.

When you have a very specific error message, MSKB can often be a good starting point.

Try this link:


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I'm using Windows XP and Mozilla Firefox.
All of my history files have disappeared. I have an icon on my desktop that is "my documents" and I can access my documents from here. How do I get my documents back into the history list? Everything is running fine and I can use the program without any problem. Just don't have my files in the history. Thanks for help.

A:Solved: Microsoft Works 2000

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Cpu :Acer Aspire 5160z laptop
OS: Vista/XP dual boot
Problem: Possible software conflict in Vista

It appears that my girlfriend installed a copy of Works 8 in Vista to write her crappy poetry. Why can't she just use note pad like everyone else??? Anyways, it didn't dawn on me right away but shortly thereafter, I began experiencing unexplained slowness, Control Panel not opening (opening for a split second and closing) the inability to acess my desktop properties, all while getting these alerts from Microsoft. Something like "Your copy of Windows Vista is not valid, click here to validate, blah blah blah." Now, I know the OS is valid, it came with the laptop. says it cannot validate my software and gave me a list of software that could possibly cause conflicts with Vista, which I double checked and made sure I wasnt running any of them. After that, I went into Add/Remove programs and removed everything that had been installed in the last 30 days. Thats when I noticed Microsoft works 8 in the list, added on 2-14-09. I then tried to remove it, at which point the uninstaller told me to insert the Microsoft Works 8 disk. GRRRRRR! I dont have the disk, and I'm not even going to ask her where it is because she won't know, and plus its more than likely corrupted or pirated - not to mention its three in the morning and she's asleep. I just want to uninstall it, at this point by any means necessary.

That all sounds really confu... Read more

A:Solved: Can't Uninstall Microsoft Works 8...

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I am running Works 8 in WinXP Home. Included in this program is Works Calendar which I have used extensively as a reminder for appointments on my desktop.

Recently, Works Calendar won't open in the Task Launcher; or, any other way. When I attempt to open I get a error message that reads;

"Works cannot access one or more files needed to run the
Calendar. The files may have been renamed, deleted or
moved. Try reinstalling Works, and then reinstalling the
program again."

I've tried reinstalling, following three different MS Knowledge Base Documents that describe how to overcome this problem, but none makes a difference.

I had a similiar problem in a earlier version of Works some years ago and finally found that I had to reinstall a file in Win98. Unfortunitly, I don't remember; or have, a copy of this file and am hopeful that someone else has encountered the same problem and knows the solution.

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Hi Friends,
I'm using Windows XP Home sp3, fully updated, and Works 2002 version 6. (I know it's an old version, but it's all I've got for now.) The Works Calendar doesn't display holidays, none at all. I can't imagine why anything called a "calendar" would be made without holidays by default, but I'm guessing this allows holidays of different countries and cultures to be set up.

Anyway, I found in the Edit menu > Add Holidays. I choose the holidays I want displayed, and click OK. But none are displayed.

I found in the Windows Works Discussion Group a recent message about adding holidays, where it was suggested that an internet search for for iCal holidays would turn up a file that could be downloaded, and imported into the calendar, that would add the holidays. But after searching and trying to download, that file turns out to be an ICS filetype which is incompatible with Windows .

So I'm hoping someone here will be able to advise me about adding Holidays to the Works Calendar? However at this point, I would even appreciate knowing about any free calendar programs which don't rely on advertising in order to be offered for free. For example, I'm hoping there's an Open Source solution.

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it

A:Works Calendar problem

Sorry for the bump -- just hoping for some help

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I have never been able to print a calendar from MS Works ver.6. I get a window showing papers dropping into a yellow folder and a message "please wait while the calendar prepares to print". It never reaches the printer. I have reloaded the software more than once to no avail. Every other printing task works fine. It is just the calendar. I have to take a screen shot, resize it and print it. This takes too much time. Can you help?

A:MS Works calendar printing

I have tried the WKpr60 fix, but it didn't work. I found if you use the "export" command under the "file" menu and save it in the html format, it will print. I now have upgraded to works 7.0 and it works fine.

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How do you set up a shortcut to Works Calendar with Windows XP Home?

A:Shortcut to Works Calendar

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Whenever I back up MS Works Calendar, it restores in triplicate when I restore the files. What gives here?

I'm glad I can save the information, but when I restore the data, I seem to be a very busy woman!!! Everything is repeated THREE TIMES!!!

I like this program, but it has several glitches and when I start having trouble with my computer, this MS Works Calendar is the first program to show up with corrupted files. Since my calendar data is some of the most critical information I have, I don't want to use an application that is not trustworthy.

Can anyone shed some light on why this program won't perform consistantly? I would like to use it if I can get a grip on controlling it's idiosyncrosies.

Thanks for your comments.

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I have been having a problem printing my Works Calendar. PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE!!! thank you!! Carol.Mod Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum and closed tags. ~ Animal

A:Printing Works Calendar

Carol,I do not know what version of MS Works you have, but I googled your problem just as you stated it. I was able to come up with a multiple solutions listing that may work for you. Take a look at this link. Hope this helps. If not please post back with as much information about what happens when you try to print your calender.Be (Be 30 days hath April....)SafeDa Bleepin AniMod, Animal

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None of the USA holidays are displayed in my MS Works 8.5 calendar. What's wrong here & how can I fix it so they perpetually show up for the entire year?

Replies will be much appreciated.

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I'm using Works 9's calendar with Vista Home Premium OS. It says it supports ICS, but I can't figure out how to get U.S. holidays listed in the calendar. Can you help? Thanks.

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My MS works reminder system has failed - it no longer pops up automatically to remind me of an entry on the calendar. I tried reinstalling Works, but this did not help.
It is possible this is related to a new computer, but I thought it was still working after the program was transferred to this computer.
I am using XP Pro (was XP Home on the old computer).
Someone suggested copying the shortcut to the start menu, but I am just computer illiterate enough that I couldn't figure that one out. Besides which, the program worked fine for a long time after the original installation.

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this program was already installed on my old computer when I bought it new. By the time I got rid of the computer, it wouldn't save anything to a disk. I had a word document that I wanted to save, so I mailed it to a friend. When I got the new computer set up, she sent it back to me. The new computer did not have 'Word' on it, so I installed microsoft word from the 'works suite' disk I had that came with my old computer. My problem is, I didn't have the case with the CD number on it. I have the works suite (that word is included on) product number, but to open word on the new computer, it says I need the CD number. Does anyone know any way around this? It is not a 'life or death' situation, but it is a book I have been working on. Fortunately, I had printed out most of it, but I would really like to have it on the computer to make changes, etc. Thanks so much for any help.

A:Solved: Microsoft works suite 2000

homeatrl said:

it says I need the CD number. Does anyone know any way around this? It is not a 'life or death' situation, but it is a book I have been working on. Fortunately, I had printed out most of it, but I would really like to have it on the computer to make changes, etc. Thanks so much for any help.Click to expand...

Couple things:
Open Office can read WORD files-- and is a free Office Suite--- download it, use it, give it away---- all legal, all Open Source. Suite includes a wor4d processor that will read and write .doc files (as well as many other formats), as well as including a spreadsheet, and presentation software.

Second option is AbiWord--- another free alterantive to WORD. This is not a full suite, but a great little word processor which can read and write .doc files (& a whole lot more)

good luck.

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I reset the Microsoft Works Word Processor to default with a different font size. It worked fine. Then, while setting up a printing for envelopes, I tried to reset that as a default as well. Big mistake. Now when I open the word processor program it comes up as the envelope function and I cannot get the original page for letter writing back. Microsoft was no help when I accessed their web page (too far over my head in their explanations as well as being not too user-friendly for my level of understanding). Does anyone know how I can get it open the right way again? I use Window's Vista on an Acer Extensa 5620. Thanks.

A:Solved: Microsoft Works Word Processor

This only applies for the Works word processor, the common one in Works NOT spelled with a capital W, as in Word.

First, only do this with the Work word processor not going.
If you really only want one default word processing template in Works (and it sounds like you do), and if you have no other templates that you want (and it sounds like you don't) then you can just delete all templates in this folder:
Then, just start up the word processor and see if it is fixed.

If that is not the case, just let me know and I will adjust and tell you what else you can do, instead.

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I have been entering information into a Microsoft Works data base. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, the copy/paste function is acting up. When I try to paste, instead of the information I copied, I get this: <<Picture>>

What is doing this, and how do I stop it? My operating system is XP Home Edition.

A:Solved: Microsoft Works acting weird

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I transferred the data from a "Microsoft Works 2000 (version 5.0)" Calendar on a Windows98se machine to a "Microsoft Works (version 9.0)" Calendar on a Vista machine.
The transfer was with the Export/Import functions via Networking shared files.

The problem is, the times of all the appointments changed to one hour earlier than they had been. It appears that an unwanted Daylight Saving Time adjustment had been made.

How can I correct this?

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I am running Windows 98 with MS Works 2000 that came bundled on my computer. One of the components for Works 2000 is Works Calendar. I have much important data stored on Works Calendar, and until yesterday it worked just fine. Yesterday morning (Friday), when I started Windows, the Calendar icon was there as usual, but when I clicked on I got this message:

"Works cannot access one or more files it needs to run the Calendar. The files may have been renamed, deleted, or removed. Try reinstalling Works and then starting the program again."

When I attempted to reinstall Works, I found out that I have to run a full recovery on my computer in order to do reinstall Works. Unfortunately, this will erase all the data on my calendar and everything else. Is there another way to restore my Calendar? Works is still operating - only Calendar is having problems.

TIA for any help you can offer!

A:(Resolved) MS Works Calendar Emergency

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I am running Windows XP with Microsoft Works Suite 2003. My calendar reminders have always come up on time until recently. Although they are scheduled, they do not appear on start up like they used to.



A:Works Calendar reminders not appearing

I found my answer...

Select Start on the Desktop, select Programs, select Startup, If Microsoft
Works Calendar Reminder shotcut does not display it needs to put there.

Search for 'wkcalrem.exe', create a shortcut and put it in the startup
folder. It should now display as describe above.

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First of all, please let me say that I'm happy to have found this group, I have found what I have read very interesting.

Having said that...

I have Outlook 2000 on my Dell Dimension 8200 with Windows XP. I have always wanted my computer to boot with my calendar reminders for the day.

The thing is, (correct me if I'm wrong?) I have always believed that Outlook is resource intensive, so booting and keeping Outlook running would interfere with whatever I'm doing.

My Dell also came with Works 2002, and puts just a calendar reminder in the startup which would work for me, except that I've worked with Outlook first ( and didn't get my reminders till I opened it up )

What I was considering doing was somehow importing my Outlook Calendar to Works, let Works start up with the computer with my reminders... and then just continue to work with Works. ( I will also want to hotsync that with my HanSpring Visor for easy updates )

Would this be the best way to this? Is there an (inexpensive) easier way to do this?

Thank you in advance,

A:Calendar reminders.... Outlook? or Works?

How much RAM do you have?

Outlook uses 8MB I think.
Word and Excel each use 4MB.

That should give you an idea.

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My Dell OEM installation of MS Works 8.5 does not display any of the standard USA holidays. I've searched through the MS Knowledge(less) Base of useless information but couldn't find anything on this subject - even though I have to believe that Mr. Gates Brownies would have thought of this very common need.

Please tell me how to get Works to display these holidays. Help will be very much appreciated.

A:How Can I Setup Holidays In Works Calendar

No need to reply to this. After trying Mozilla Sunbird Calendar (free) I have given up on Works. Sunbird is vastly superior.

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