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Can anyone recommend some good hard drive backup/restore software

Q: Can anyone recommend some good hard drive backup/restore software


I'm looking for some hard drive backup/restore software with some specific requirements: I need to be able to backup a partition into a single file (ideally compressed) then this must be able to be restored from a USB drive/stick. Ideally if there was an option to make the USB memory stick bootable so all the user needed to do was insert the stick, boot the PC and follow the restore instructions - that would do the job.

I've used Ghost (ages ago) which I believe could do something similar but I'm not sure that the latest version will from what I've read.


A: Can anyone recommend some good hard drive backup/restore software

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I thought about posting in the software or windows forum, but as my issue is really hardware related, having a dying hard drive, I brought it here...

I have a Maxtor DiamondMAx plus 9 series, SATA 160 gb drive, that will no longer load windows, and will cause windows to crash when connected as a secondary or external drive in a stable system. I downloaded the utility Maxtor offers at their sight and ran some diagnostics on the drive outside of windows, which tell me that the drive is dying, and I need to copy my data from the drive soon to avoid losing it...

I am looking for a good piece of software that will enable me to do just this. A new hard drive is on the way in the mail, and my hope is that when it comes, I will be able to plug both drives in and image the old drive onto the new, but I know to pull this off I am going to need a pretty robust piece of software. A friend of mine owns an older copy of Norton Ghost, but as the drive is failing and I may only get one shot at this, I want to make sure that the image process works. I am willing to spend upwards of $60-maybe $100 on the right piece of software that will do what I am hoping. If I cannot do what I am hoping for that, then I will resolve to letting the data go, as I do not think that it is worth much more than that.

A few details... This drive spins, but generates a definate, though fairly quiet clicking noise every 2-3 seconds while spinning. It is recognized in the bios, and with the maxtor utility, but it ... Read more

A:Can someone recommend a piece of software that will restore my hard drive?

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I would like to backup the hard drive on my laptop to dvd before I reformat it to reinstall the OS. I was wondering if there is any program that can backup my hard drive to DVDs and then later restore a bootable hard drive on its own. I don't want something that requires an OS pre-installed to do a restore (just in case my installation fails). I would prefer something that I can just boot off of that doesn't require an OS to restore the computer. Any ideas?


A:Software to backup and restore the hard drive

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I was planning on getting a new drive, but can anybody please direct me to something really worth seeing.

Something that is not too expensive for a price range of $100-130 for at least 200GB in size and if possible, a solid state one. Thanks...

A:Recommend a good Hard drive...

unfortunately you will not get a 200 gig solid state drive for that money. 200 gigs would cost around $600 (US prices).

$130 should get you 1 terrabyte (1000 gigs) of storage (maybe a bit more) - i can't recomend any particular drive as i don;t know what is available where you live, but you should be okay if you stick with a good name brand eg samsung, seagate, fujitsu, hitachi etc

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I am looking for a good and reliable external hard drive, around 250gig. Please can anybody recommend a really good one? One that wont just break after 6months. Ive had 2 Maxtor ones in the past and both have not even lasted one year and its really annoying.

Thank you for your time

A:Recommend good external 250gig hard drive?

Something like this would probably do you. -
I have used many western digital internal drives and they have all been very good. If the external drives quality is as good as the internal drives they do then you won't have problems with that one.


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I'm finishing up rebuilding from a bad hard drive. I got no warning that there was a problem (but I wasn't really looking either).
I think I should have some software installed that monitors my hard drives (reads SMART or tests the drive, or such) and lets me know if something is going bad.

So what do you recommend?
I've seen Gibson SpinRite, Passmark DiskCheckup, And Priiform Speccy mentioned here. Is there any consensus among the IT professionals as to what is the best program or method to keep an eye on my hard drives for pending problems? I have computers with Hitachi, HGST, WD, Seagate, and some SSDs by Corsair, Kingston, and Samsung (and probably a few I've forgotten about) so a single program that works with all drive brands would be nice.

Thanks for your feedback.

A:Can you recommend a good Hard Drive maintenance program?

Never had any issues with Crucial's SSD's.

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I am looking to buy a external hard drive I want something like a 400gb (or more) and have around £80 to spend can anybody recommend any?
Also as a side note I will be using the external hard drive to back up and take to other peoples computers but was also thinking of putting all my music from the internal hard drive on the external one but this would mean leaving the external hard drive plugged into the mains for a lot of the day ( i listen to a lot of music!) will this cause any problems like over heating etc or is it just the same as using the internal hard drive?

A:recommend a good cheap external hard drive?

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What would be a good external hard drive (meaning easy to use for a computer illiterate) for data back-up?

A:Recommend External Hard Drive for backup


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I have a client who needs incremental backup of drawings but doesn't want to use tapes.

He's thinking along the lines of ras access to his business network and letting his home computer control backups by downloading from server at work

Is there software that can handle this?

A:Can anyone recommend good backup sfotware

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I did a full backup using vista backup and recovery centre onto a seagate 160gb usb drive.† The backup completed successfully so I rebuilt the machine.

On trying to rebuild, I run bakup and restore center and it cant even see the drive (it can see the C partition, the E (recovery) partition and nothing else.† It doesnt see the D (Data Partition) or the USB device.)

Tried copying it to the E partition and forcing it to use it but get† backup location not found which is mentioned elsewhere as an issue with mediaid.bin.

any ideas, i now have a shiny sparkly new machine with no data on it.†

The data is there in a compressed form but id much rather restore properly.

grateful for any help.


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Currently trying to use the Retrospect Express HD thatt ships with Maxtor external hard drives. It is failing miserably, hanging on the "Updating Status" message when program is first started. The EMC website (new owners of the Dantz software) is filled with page after page of the same problem and every suggested fix also fails.
Looking for a fairly cheap (under $100.00) that will allow specific folder/file backup and restore. ANy one using anything that REALLY works?


A:Recommend HD backup Software?

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread.

I've created a new thread for your issue here.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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I can't get my backup to load to a new hard drive.  From "recover important files" it asks for the files to be "added" but I can't select files nor give it a location.  The backed up files (on a second drive) is mostly a list of files with .inp extensions.  I've seen reference to a problem with (I believe) the backup being older than the hard drive installation.  If that might be the problem is there a way to change the date of the files? or another work around.  Or, am I not doing something else right? 

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I was recently given a TDK 52/24/48 CDRW drive for Xmas. What a screamer! It came with Nero. I installed InCD as well as Nero Express because 99.9% of my writes are with InCD formatted disks (use them for zipped backups). However, InCD has a very odd and aggravating habit: It seems to check for the presence of a disk in the drive every 2-3 minutes, and when it does, the system is momentarily locked... as when the hourglass is on. Only lasts for 4-5 seconds, but drives you nuts when you're writing a report and typing fast. Only way around it is to unload InCD from the Task Manager.

Brought this to the attention of Ahead Software tech support, and got nowhere. So I'm considering dumping Nero and going with something else. I used to use Adaptec (1999 version) with an old 8/4/32 Plextor, and it was OK, but I don't like Roxio's update policies (which is mostly NOT to update anything for free). So can anyone recommend some really good software for mastering and especially packet writing?

A:Recommend good packet writing software?

If you were happy with DirectCD go back to it. The problem is that you canít get it without the package and it is expensive. Most people consider DirectCD to be the best packet writing software and Nero to be the best all around mastering software.

RecordNow has a packet writing component (DLA) and has a free trial. The damage is only $40 if you like DLA. It has a Prassi engine for the mastering software which I personally like. Iím still using the Prassi software on my old Plextor but will probably try RecordNow when I upgrade.

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Hi, i'm making a video using Windows movie maker. I would like to add some extra audio sound effects to it, but It doesn't give me that option. It only allows me to add music or a narration, but i specifically want to add some sound effects. Anyway, can someone recommend a video editing software for me that will allow me to add sound effects seperately?

I've also used Zwie Stein 4 but my computer doesn't meet the requirements in order to use it. My system is a Pentium 3 with 730 mhz.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated, thank you.

A:Can u recommend a good video editing software for me?

Not sure what software is available in CANADA but you could try ULEAD MOVIE MAKER. You should be able to down load a trial from the web

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Help.The default windows software sucks....

A:Can someone please recommend good software for scanning textbooks in XP Pro?

My Physics teacher uses ABBBY FineReader and he seems to be quite pleased with it. U can get it here. Its trialware so u'll have to buy it though.
As u can see, its pretty well rated on as well, so it has to be a good product.

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Hi, I was wondering if I can get some advice on how to add drivers to the Recovery Disc (DVD). My hard drive is acting up lately and I wanted to make a clone of it. so I made an image backup of it on a external hard drive. Now I want to restore that backup image to a new hard drive (same size and same manufacturer, but unfortunately I run into a problem where the Recovery Disc does not recongize my new hard drive and therefore will not let me restore the image on to it. From what I can tell, I'm thinking that it does not have the driver in the Recovery Disc for that Hard drive. Is there a way to get that driver put on the Recovery Disc.

Thanks in advance,

A:want to restore backup image to a new hard drive

see comments in bold

Quote: Originally Posted by pl28

Hi, I was wondering if I can get some advice on how to add drivers to the Recovery Disc (DVD).

Describe this recovery disk. Where did it come from? Burned? Bought? Can you make another?

My hard drive is acting up lately and I wanted to make a clone of it. so I made an image backup of it on a external hard drive.

Made an image backup with what application?

Now I want to restore that backup image to a new hard drive (same size and same manufacturer, but unfortunately I run into a problem where the Recovery Disc does not recongize my new hard drive and therefore will not let me restore the image on to it.

I'd expect that your "recovery disk" is something you would attempt to boot from to restore an image. Are you able to boot from this "recovery disk"?

You say "does not recognize my new hard drive". Do you mean you can boot with the recovery disk and locate your previously made image file, but you cannot select the new hard drive as a destination for the image restoration? Or do you mean something else?

From what I can tell, I'm thinking that it does not have the driver in the Recovery Disc for that Hard drive. Is there a way to get that driver put on the Recovery Disc.

You didn't say what application you are using to make and restore this image. A lack of proper drivers on the recovery disk can prevent i... Read more

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Paragon Backup & Recovery?, version 10.2 free

If my backed up HD dies and I put another HD in my computer, can I do a restore to the new HD using this software?

A:Can Paragon Backup restore to a different hard drive

I find Paragon Backup & Recovery to be a very nice app. It will do what you want and it is fairly easy to use.

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Hey all,

Just wondered if anyone could recommend some good software for reading linux partitions from within Windows 7?

A:Anyone recommend good software for reading Linux Partitions?

Linux Reader Works good.

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I'm using Windows 7 and I have four hard drives in my computer labeled C, E, F and G. A few days ago I got a BSOD and my computer wouldn't start up after that. I've been having a few problems with the C drive lately so I bought a replacement and restored from my Acronis TrueImage 2010 backup. That went fine and my computer now works as it did before with my F and G drives connected, but not my E drive. If I try to start up with my E drive connected my computer just gets stuck on the "Starting Windows" screen. If I look at my BIOS settings with it connected it is not listed. It's a pretty new drive and I've never had any problems with it before. Please can someone tell me how I can start using it again?


A:Can't Access Secondary Hard Drive After Restore From Backup

If your G drive isn't showing up at post/in the BIOS, it means that your computer is getting timeouts when trying to communicate with it (this *could* have been the cause of your BSOD's if for some reason you had your paging file set here for example). Subsequently, if your motherboard/bios aren't seeing it, neither will Windows. Just doublecheck that it's plugged in properly with the right cables and power adapter. Try a different cable for power/data and try a different port.

If none of those work, you have a dead drive :-\

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I used windows backup to create a backup of my system on an external seagate harddrive. It created an big backup of about 11GB. Now when I try to restore my system using windows backup and restore, it shows the following message "windows could not find a backup for this computer". On selecting "select another backup to restore files from", it is not able to find the backup on the external harddrive. There is no option to browse for the backup except from a network location. So, how do I use the backup?

A:Restore system from backup on external hard drive

Hi rishabhg

See if this will help

Restore Backup User and System Files

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I'm using Windows 7 and I have four hard drives in my computer labeled C, E, F and G. A few days ago I got a BSOD and my computer wouldn't start up after that. I've been having a few problems with the C drive lately so I bought a replacement and restored from my Acronis TrueImage 2010 backup. That went fine and my computer now works as it did before with my F and G drives connected, but not my E drive. If I try to start up with my E drive connected my computer just gets stuck on the "Starting Windows" screen. If I look at my BIOS settings with it connected it is not listed. It's a pretty new drive and I've never had any problems with it before. Please can someone tell me how I can start using it again?


A:Can't Access Secondary Hard Drive After Restore From Backup

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When attempting backup operations, I receive the following error message:

The shadow copy provider had an unexpected error while trying to process the specified operation. (0x8004230F)

I ran sfc /scannow, with the following message:

Found corrupt files but could not repair them.

Looking through the CBS.log, the file "settings.ini" is identified as not being repaired, and there seems to have been a lot of other activity in the scan.

How do I make repairs?

A:Unable to do system or hard drive backup/restore

Hello, MildBill.

What antivirus (if any) do you have installed on your machine? I have run into problems with using System Restore with a couple of programs. They seemed to lock the necessary files.

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Hi Gang!

I was wondering if this would work as a poor man's backup system for Windows 7.

1) Take my daughter's laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate on it and partition the only hard disk to have a C: drive (125 Gigs) and E: drive (75 gigs).

2) Setup Windows 7 backup to backup data and disk image of the C: drive TO the E: drive.

Works OK on backup.... I know...I know.... if the hard drive fails, you loose everything.... C: and E: ..... but if you want a quick fix for virus attacks on the C: drive, or a quick way to restore files to the C: drive... this is ok.

Now... the 64 dollar question... I haven't tested this part yet.... but can you RESTORE the E: drive image of the C: drive using the SYSTEM REPAIR DISK ??

Would the restoration reformat the entire hard drive, and in effect crash the restore before it starts? Or would it just reformat the C: drive partition???

I don't know... haven't tried it yet.... have you guys tried it out before??

Thanks a bunch!!!

A:Windows 7 Backup and Restore from Hard Drive with C: and E: partition

It worked for me the one and only time I tried it. But I haven't tried it since Nov 2009. I got my first Windows 7 machine in Oct 2009. I created a separate partition for backups and called it the G: drive. When it came time to use the System Repair Disc > System Restore option, it searched for the backup location, found G: and the restore worked. It treated that extra partition just like any other hard drive containing a system image ... C: was restored to it's previous condition.

But for the reason you mentioned (if the hard drive fails, etc etc) I bought an external hard drive in Nov 2009 and haven't looked back. It was also around that same time I learned about the free Macrium Reflect imaging tool. Much greater versatility than the native Windows 7 tool. If you haven't seen these...

System Image Recovery

System Repair Disc - Create

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

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Seriously, what is it with backup software. I'm tired of looking through my backed up files, and finding things missing.

Here's what I've tried:

1) Argentum backup. Nice minus the fact that they make you activate, which I htink sucks. Doesn't have any "backup when file is changed" feature.

2) Nero back it up. Would be nice if it wasn't so slow and cumbersome. Can't automatically back up after file is changed.

3) Syncback. Way to hard, doesn't seem to work right.

4) Iomega Automatic Backup. My favorite in the bunch - minus the fact that sometimes it just "skips" my outlook file and actually DELETES the backup file. What the hell is up with that. Also doesn't always work when the computer restarts.

What I need in a backup program:
- Reliable, will tell me if there were problems (not just be like "HAY I HOPE YOU ENJOY FINDING OUT THE LAST BACKUP DIDN'T WORK WHEN YOUR COMPUTER CRASHES!! )
- Can backup AS SOON as a file is changed. This is essential right now.
- Is fairly easy. Doesn't have to be super easy, but I don't want to spend 5 hours learning it, either.
- Can handle multiple directories with different settings. For example, not all directories need to be updated right away, some can be done like every hour.
- Doesn't suck.

A:Recommend me backup software that doesn't suck.

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(1) External HDD

Looking for advice/recommendations for a powered external hard drive, to sit on the desk rather than portable.

My hard drive failed a couple of weeks back: luckily most files were backed up online. What I missed was a quicker way of retrieving them instead of downloading... fast broadband where I am isn't very fast! Still not quite through getting it back. Something here would be much easier in an emergency, with the online as a fallback. I did have this "double cover" with an external drive, but sod's law -- it bit the dust a few months ago and I hadn't got round to replacing it. After years without problems I'd got a bit complacent, thinking 'oh well, it's backed up online'. Well, most of it was (not quite all) and it saved my bacon, but I won't make the same mistake again!

The one I had, from quite a few years ago so it did extremely well, was a Maxtor/Seagate One-Touch with its own backup software and power supply, but if the new one doesn't have inbuilt software I can get that separately (see below).

As it's for the desk, I'd rather have something robust, not small, light and flimsy that could easily be knocked or pulled off. The Maxtor was good as it was chunky and weighty (about 1.5 kg). A good shape as it didn't have flat smooth surfaces like I see now: the metal casing was itself mostly encased in a protective nonslip rubbery-like compound (protection against knocks and dr... Read more

A:(1) Which external hard drive? (2) Backup software

I've got a couple 2 tb external passports; one WD, one Seagate, and use MS's Synchtoy to synch them each Friday (keep on at work, one at home).......that's always treated me fine.

I'm sure that there are better options for synch software, but got used to this with xp, never got rid of it.....

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New desktop with Windows 7 (64 bit) Home Premium.

I want to use a system backup to a 1 or 2 TB external hard drive. Should I use the software within Windows 7 or the software that comes with the external hard drive or other?

Is there a brand of hard drive whose software you can recommend?

Thanks, cb

A:Software for Backup to External Hard Drive

Welcome to SF. I would suggest Acronis software personally. What make is the hard drive and included software? I've also used the W7 back up and found if very capable.

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Hello Gang,

I just bought a new external hard drive from Transcend. It has a "one-touch backup" system that has a software to backup my computer. It seems really good from what I have been reading from the manual. It also says that it can encrypt it with 256-AES.

However, I am debating to whether use the software on the device or just use Windows Backup. I have Ultimate, so I can use BitLocker for an encryption solution here.

Also, I believe the Hard Drive is in FAT format. Should I change it to NTFS??

Thank you guys, I apologize for asking lots of questions..

A:Should I use Hard Drive's Software, or Windows Backup?

It's a matter of personal choice as to which backup software you use, but if you can't decide either way, you can use both.

For example, you could use Windows to create a system image, and then use Transcend's software to create incremental backups of of your personal data.

As for the hard drive's format, change it to NTFS as it can handle larger cluster sizes and it will be quicker. You can use the Windows Disk Management utility to do it, just delete the existing FAT partition then create a new NTFS one and give it a quick format.

In fact, you could create two partitions on it: one for a full system image backup and the other for incremental backups of your personal stuff.

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anyone recommend any software to backup a complete partition or drive to another partition or drive

i have 13gb on my C drive & want to duplicate to new hard drive - both are SATA

i have tried symantec ghost corporate edition but although the boot disk creates OK, it won't boot to gets all the way thru loading cd drivers etc. but seems to hang at the "loading...." point. i think it is trying to load the ghost.exe software in dos but it just won't go past it.

i have tried 2 or 3 floppies in case they were corrupt & taking some RAM out.

if i ctrl+alt+del when it is in hang state it says "invalid stack parameter" (or similar - i forget)....."system halted"

A:wohat software to backup hard drive


Have u tried to get in touch with symantec ? The reason that I ask is that You are going to need some DOS drivers to access SATA drives under DOS - and Thats where GHOST lives. If it can't see your drives, it will never back them up. I have been using GHost for a couple of years and if it can see the drives it works pretty good. I did not check the symantec web, give it a shot - maybe they have a driver for u.


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Can you backup installed applications to an external hard drive, then restore them to another Computer without Reinstalling them? For example, My computer Windows 7 Home Premium has many softwares, applications, programs, utilities, etc.. That i purchased and dont want to Reinstall them on new computer. Is it possible for them to work without Re-entry keys? Any help I will appreciate

A:Can you backup installed applications to an external hard drive, then restore them to

Basically, no.

You can back-up the .exe then reinstall them, you will also want to save any license's for ease of re-registering

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Anyone recommend backup software that has ease of use but not too expensive? I have 3 computers and I am mainly worried about hard drive crashes and lost digital pictures. A little background first. I have 2 networked computers (ethernet) upstairs and 1 wireless laptop downstairs. - All networked together. My son uses one of the upstairs computers--- E-machine with XP Home the other my daughter uses upstairs which is Windows 98. Both have various digital pics that I would hate to lose. (also would hate the hassle of trying to get up and running again after a disaster such as a drive crash or failure.) I have a Dell inspirion laptop with XP home and various other digital pics networked wirelessly. I have read about Acronis True Image ver. 9 and Genie Backup Manager. Both seem very good. Also what hardware would anyone recommend for backup? USB external drive? DVD writable drive on one computer? --------backing up all 3 computers using Network shares?? I am leaning toward Acronis because it appears I could restore a drive image easily without haveing to mess with installing Windows. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

A:Someone recommend backup software? and Hardware --Home network??

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Hi folks,

I have read and read pages of articles on what I am about to ask and the more I read the more "Confused" and "Undecided" I become ...

First of all I am a Total Newbie in Cloning & Imaging area ...

I have a Gateway M-6862 laptop with Vista Home Prem., SP2, X64 with 250GB WD SATA Hard Drive.

Last week I used the latest "CCleaner" and "Wise Care 365" and did not bother to go thru all the items one by one and said CLEAN ... well, one of these 2 culprits Cleaned alright ... my System became Unstable and I keep getting "Black Screen Of Death" ... on Start-up I would get a Black Screen and No Control of Explorer ... at least I was able to shut-down and go into Safe mode.

So, I had no choice to do a "System Restore" which reinstalled my OS fresh from Partition D ... my Active Partition is C ... so, everything A-OK so far ... the New Install comes with SP1. I had already downloaded SP2 Stand-alone just for this ... so, it's installation did not take much time ... but then when I went online ... there were like 155 new Updates that needed to be installed ... which really did not take much time ...

I am afraid that may be soon Microsoft might decide NOT to Support Vista anymore and the Updates might not be available, if ever my laptop craps out ...
I am used to Vista and most my Apps work with Vista and not sure if it would work with Windows 7 or 8.

I also have already installed my Antivirus and some Basic... Read more

A:Best Way for Hard Drive Restore & Software to use

Probably easiest to make your own images . Make a new one every now and then so you have something recent to restore if needed.

Aomei is the best free one.

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I have a HP Pavilion a1767c that will no longer boot to Desktop in Normal or Safe Mode. I'm ready to run a Factory Restore, but would like to copy all the data from the Hard Drive for temporary storage, then after the Factory Restore, copy the data back over.

The Hard Drive has a Recovery Partition (Vista) and a "Regular" partition, and so I do not want to copy the whole (physical) hard drive, just the data on the regular partition. I don't want to mess with permissions issues, system & hidden files, etc... I just want to push a few buttons, and come back a few hours later and have all the data copied.

I'll be copying the data from the hard drive while it's mounted to an external USB caddy, to a secondary HD on my computer, then after the Factory Restore, I'll remount the HD in the caddy and copy the data back.

Is there a software that will do this?

A:[SOLVED] Need Recommendation for Software to Copy/Backup Hard Drive

Use an Ubuntu Live CD

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I would like to use Vista Ultimate's Backup and Restore Center to back up my Satellite A205-series laptop's hard drive to an external hard drive wirelessly. The external hard drive (which is NTFS-formatted) is directly attached (via a USB port) to my Belkin N+ wireless router, instead of being plugged directly into my laptop.

I know this WiFi network-based hard drive is recognized by my Satellite A205 series laptop, because it appears as "Drive Z:" when I click on "My Computer"...but the version of "Backup and Restore Center" that was included on my Satellite A205 laptop only allows backup to DVDs or a directly-attached hard drive--not network drives (strange for a laptop with built-in WiFi).

On the other hand, the version of Backup and Restore Center that is found on my computer at my office (also running Vista) only lists the drives on the computer at first--but includes a "More:" hyperlink whereby somebody with Admin rights can click and get access to network drives.

This "More:" hyperlink does not appear on the version of Backup and Restore Center on my Toshiba Satellite 205 laptop.

I can't even get anyone at Microsoft to talk to me without first
charging $69.95 for the "privilege".

Any suggestions?

A:Satellite A205 - Vista Backup and Restore Center with WiFi hard drive

Hi irsharp23,

> but the version of "Backup and Restore Center" that was included on my Satellite A205 laptop only allows backup to DVDs or a directly-attached hard drive--not network drives (strange for a laptop with built-in WiFi).
I think this is not a Toshiba related issue. Backup and Restore Center is designed from Microsoft and Toshiba has nothing to do with that. So I think you have to get in contact with Microsoft guys to ask for a solution or maybe there is an update for this tool.
Have you checked this?

Furthermore why you don?t connect the external HDD directly to your notebook? I don?t see a reason for connecting such a backup HDD via network because this backup image can only be used on your notebook.

Alternative I can recommend Acronis True Image that can save backup images on network or you use Microsoft SyncToy to synchronize your files between notebook and network. ;)

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Quick question here folks:

Last night I had to format my hard drive because I had a virus that I simply could not shake. Very frustrating and very time consuming, but it had to be done. I used the recovery disk that came with my computer and when all was said and done, I was basically back to square 1 and my computer looked like it did the day I bought it. Which is fine, only since I bought it, I've installed a lot of software and made a ton of changes, everything from sounds to folders to which programs open what, etc. Plus my computer is from 2002 or so, so there were a TON of updates from Windows that needed to be downloaded again and that took forever.

Now that I've got everything back the way I want it, I'm wondering if there's a program out there that will basically take a kind of "snapshot" of my current setup? That way if I ever need to format again (god forbid) I can just load up that snapshot and everything will be back the way I want it? This kind of software may be very standard now (or it may not exist at all) but I'm not too savvy about such things so I'm not really in the know. All I do know is that if that software exists- it's worth whatever it costs. The hassle of reinstalling everything and redownloading all those updates is really a pain in the butt. I like the idea of formatting and starting over when something goes truly wrong, but it sure would be nice to not have my computer go all the way back to day 1, ... Read more

A:Software to restore programs after hard drive format?

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I am looking for a new USB flash drive with all of the following features:

Metal case or very hard plastic. Not rubberized.
USB 3.0 with R/W speeds of at least 50MB/s
No cap, swivel cap or removable protective casing.
At least 16GB or more.

I still have SanDisk Cruzer Micro Titanium. I am looking for something similar in size and features, but faster with bigger capacity.

Any ideas? Thanks

A:Recommend a good USB 3.0 Flash Drive

I bought the Mushkin Enhanced Atom 64GB USB Flash Drive. The write speeds are a bit slower than I wanted at 20MB, but read speeds are above 100MB. I can't complain though as the drive performs as advertised. And for what I want it works perfectly. The casing is hard plastic not rubberized. I know you said no cap, I had that rule as well but grew tired of trying to sort through the available options. Anyway I wanted to pass the word on the recorded speed for my purchase. My last purchase was years ago for a 16GB Cruzer Micro like the one you have.

Here are the benchmarks for my flash drive.

Starting benchmark.
Bechmarking H:(070B51D3EFFD0114)
Started at 3/27/2015 7:46:25 PM
Filename: H:\test.tmp
Starting large file benchmark. With 100MB file.
16384k:6 Write Speed:30.01MB/s
16384k:6 Write Speed:12.35MB/s
16384k:6 Write Speed:12.21MB/s
16384k:6 Average Write Speed:15.29MB/s
16384k:6 Read Speed:120.24MB/s
16384k:6 Read Speed:119.94MB/s
16384k:6 Read Speed:120.17MB/s
16384k:6 Average Read Speed:120.11MB/s
8192k:12 Write Speed:15.81MB/s
8192k:12 Write Speed:11.34MB/s
8192k:12 Write Speed:11.79MB/s
8192k:12 Average Write Speed:12.70MB/s
8192k:12 Read Speed:120.74MB/s
8192k:12 Read Speed:121.35MB/s
8192k:12 Read Speed:121.55MB/s
8192k:12 Average Read Speed:121.21MB/s
4096k:25 Write Speed:12.96MB/s
4096k:25 Write Speed:15.06MB/s
4096k:25 Write Speed:12.31MB/s
4096k:25 Average Write Speed:13.34MB/s
4096k:25 Read Speed:119.21MB/s
4096k:25 Read Speed:118.23MB/s
4... Read more

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Because the amount of data stored on my drives is continuously increasing, I've decided that it's time to find a way to backup the most important part of it.

So, I'm looking for a software capable of making a backup copy(on a secondary HDD) of certain folders and of certain files(from certain folders) and keeping it updated.

I'm also interested to make a backup copy of files that are locked, if possible.
I have some VMs and I'd like to back them up too if possbile.(I'll check to see whether VMWare Workstation can backup itself by taking snapshots on a different HDD at certain moments).

The software really needs to be able to cope with paths longer than 255 characters, it has to be able to retain all the file's attributes(creation date, modified date, attribute fields, etc), and it has to ba able to do bit-by-bit checking in order to prevent corruption.

Also, there are some large files that I can't backup(it would take too much space), and in this case I'd like to have a list of their names and sizes, and if possible a checksum(TTH or emule's MD5), in order to redownload them easily in case of a disaster.

What software would you advise me to use?
BTW, I'm also very interested about your backup methods for your sensible data.

PS: Neither RAID nor a ZFS NAS box are solutions for me at the moment, and I'm not looking for a software that does backup to an entire partition.


A:Looking for a good backup software/backup plan

You dont want much do you Nick?? Im not aware of any program that will do 100% of everything that you have listed ... that would require custom software ... the easiest solution IMO would be a program like Acronis/Macrium image, backed up to an external 2tb hard drive ... it may not be the most elegant solution, but it would work...

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The trouble began when I found I was unable to download anything due to 0% disk space. I attempt deleting files and unused programs, but immediately after deleting, I am back to 0%, it's like something is eating my disk space. I attempt disk cleanup but the calculating process freezes at about 40-50% not to mention all the malware,spyware and general glitchy behavior on the laptop. I attempt a system restore but there seem to be no system restore points for some reason, so I decide that since there is nothing of clear indication on the hard drive that I care nor need to save, the best course of action is a factory reset.. I shut down, restart, press f8 repeatedly to enter the advanced boot options menu, I select my keyboard layout as US, and click next, then I click the pull down menu to access the admin account, here I notice that there is another option or account possibly, I have never seen before; titled: homegroup $ when i try to select this account it prompts for password, that i cannot provide since i don't remember setting up this account or home network. Not sure if that is important or not. I only mention it for fear that "homegroup $" has somehow taken over as the account with admin privileges. Thus keeping me from achieving factory reset. Anyway I proceed to select my normal admin account and enter my password. Now this takes me to a menu where I have options like fix start up issues (Which I have tried and got nothing) On this same menu I ha... Read more

A:reformat hard drive and restore system software to factory condition Windows 7

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Hi everyone please recommend me the Best Virtual Drive Software that mounts Image/ISO/mdf etc. for Windows 7 and dont have any kind of problems/issues like system hang, restarting windows or BSOD's....

A:Recommend the Best Virtual Drive Software.

Quote: Originally Posted by boogieboy

Hi everyone please recommend me the Best Virtual Drive Software that mounts Image/ISO/mdf etc. for Windows 7 and dont have any kind of problems/issues like system hang, restarting windows or BSOD's....

Dont use programs such as Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120%. They use a driver, sptd.sys, that is notorious for causing BSODs.

You can use MagicDisc as an alternative.

Freeware MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD-ROM(MagicDisc) Overview

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Since XP only allows backup to floppies, tape, or another hard drive does anyone know of commercial (or free) software that would allow backup (or ghosting) to CD's? Any opinions of such pieces of software? And also, opinions for external or portable hard drives in case I just decide to go that route for backup would be appreciated as well. Thanks for the help.

A:Good Backup Software For XP

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Its orite if u laugh at me, but ive neva used any backup for my laptop and desktop before, cuz i thought i would neva get infected. I am a medium user, which i am quite familiar dealing with viruses and malwares, which I know which sites not to go, and how to get rid of them if i get one (neva failed). Both my PCs were running at their peak performances until yesterday my laptop's hard drive corrupted badly (too old). Which i can still use a bootable media, but I know i would have to change the hard drive eventually, so I am here to ask for a good backup software that can just copy my entire hard drive fast and restore fast even if i cant boot, and takes the smallest volume of archive.

i have done search on backup software, but they are all quite similar i cant tell the diff. And i am currently using Acronis?True?Image?Home 10.0, but it takes about 20gigs to backup my entire hard drive, which i cant fit it in, my desktop's hard drive is only about 45gigs.

any suggestions? soz about the long post.

Also, is it possible to boot from an USB pen drive? I tried but it didnt work like a CD.

A:I Need A Good Backup Software

You'll find that most commercial imaging programs will use up alot of available resources.What about using the Backup Program on XP Home Edition.How to Use the Backup Utility For Windows XP to Back Up Files and folders.

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I've been searching google all morning and I can't seem to find something that will do what I want, and do it well.

Basically, I some software that will run scheduled backups of a handful of folders on my computer to an external hard drive. I was hoping to find something open source, but all I could find was Amanda software which seems like it's just too big. Not to mention, I couldn't figure out how to download it.

I don't mind buying it, I just don't want to waste money on crappy software. Does anyone know of some good stuff for this?

A:Good backup software?

backup exec system recovery is pretty good or even they full version of backup exec 12d either or

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Can someone suggest me few good virtual machine backup software? I found this free software called VMBAK provided by a cloud storage company Any feedback on the software? I would like to better alternatives too!

A:Good backup software?

Veeam - they have a free edition too

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Hi all, I have Win Vista and am looking for a good free (if any) fax software to use..thanks in advance....

A:Can anyone recommend a good "Free" fax software to use with Vista?

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Anyone following me within the last few days should know about my struggles in getting rid of this malware known as Backdoor Tidserv Request. Well, hopefully with the assistance of the people here in these forums (which I think is becoming my third home rather quickly), I think it's gone for good.

Anyway, the one thing that I kept thinking about (or dreading) is that the person helping me would tell me to push . . . . the button. You know, the one marked "Format your hard drive". The red button. The nuclear button. Yep, that one. Yet before I could do even that, I would have to push another button. The one marked "Backup your data." Except for one thing. I have no clue how to backup my data. Other than of course using whatever CD/DVD burning programs I have on my PC and a pile of CDs/DVDs, that's pretty much all I have.

So, anyone out there can recommend some good software to use to backup my data? I have Roxio CD/DVD Creator (probably not the full version, just whatever came with my Dell when I bought it) and I think I still have Nero somewhere in my software CDS (probably not a full version either, just whatever came bundled with my CD/DVD burner when I upgraded the original burner from my first PC). Didn't Windows XP come out with a backup program?

A:Any good recommendations on backup software?

I use Acronis I've tried a couple of the "free" backup programs and did not like them. Acronis is fairly easy to use and I've been able to restore individual files with it.

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I have two computers (Win 7, Win XP) and want a good easy backup software that will backup my HDD and I would be able to select what files to restore if needed. I have tried the backup in Win 7 and Win XP but it always stops and says something is running and to close it and then I have to start the whole process over again. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


A:Good Backup Software Wanted

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I work as a computer technician for a retail company. I occasionally do side jobs (and I'm considering starting a business) where I am sometimes required to re-install or upgrade an OS, be it XP, Vista, or Win7. I currently use a standard backup software much like what you would find on an external drive that searches a customer's drive for common files then backs them up to a single folder while preserving the original structure. This leaves a lot of junk to sift through when copying back to the customer machine. I would like to find a good utility for actual migration that will allow me to hook up the customer drive before OS install and backup the common files, but then MIGRATE them to the new user profile on the refreshed or upgraded OS (which means the migration must be capable of migrating between windows OS's) so that the files are back in the usual locations for easy access by the customer. I've looked into PCMover which would be great accept for two issues: 1 license is for installing on one source and one destination (ie too expensive), software must be installed on both machines (or OS's if same machine). Many times when having to re-install an OS, installing a software on the customer machine before re-installing the OS is not feasible (however it's perfectly feasible to do on the re-installed or upgraded OS).

If anybody knows of a good solution for this type of data backup and migration, please let me know. Thanks.

A:Need a good backup/migration software

Hi powder21.
Take a look at the information regarding the Acronis Migrate Easy and see if it suits your needs. Hope that helps.

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Looking for a good backup software for windows 7 64-bit. I would like something better than Norton Ghost 15 or Acronis. Any Suggestions?? Thanks in advance.

A:Looking for good backup/image software Win 7 64-bit

Better, how? You just knocked off 2 top products.

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HI, I've been using MyPC Backup for a year or two, and I have no complaints, really, but I've never needed to use it, so I can't speak for it, really. I just "feel" backed up. For the record: I also have several external backup drives, I use Google Drive and Dropbox, and I'm pretty well backed-up, even without the software. But I want a program that is simple to use, automatic, and would make restoring files and folders a snap in the event of an emergency. I am NOT completely backed up online; I want to be 100% protected, and if my house burned down, I'd lose stuff.

The reason I'm posting this is because MyPC Backup is asking me to re-up for another two years, and I decided to check some reviews first. I originally picked this program because it was "top-rated." However, I've since become aware that supposedly the backup companies pay reviewers and I can't take glowing reviews to the bank. I've also seen a lot of people claim this software is a scam, it's malware, etc, etc.

so I really don't know how to trust; different review sites have wildly different "top ten reviews." Can someone recommend a solid, easy to use ONLINE backup program that I can depend on that will not suspected of being malware, or just not be what it should?


A:Need recommendation for good PC Backup software

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I have tried searching the forums, but the only posts I could find were locked ones from 2003!
I am thinking of moving away from combined Norton Security with Backup. What do folk suggest I go to to do my backups - either free software or pay for software?
If there are few recent posts on this topic then please can I have the URL's - thank you.

A:Good Backup software in 2016 /17

click here reflect free
make a system image make an image of you data drive if seperate store on an external drive make the rescue disk
Image as often as you like and delete older images to save space find this method works better for me than differential backups. but the choice is yours.

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Can anyone suggest a good system freeware backup software that will do a complete backup including OS. It would also be nice if the system could be rebooted from the same software from a CD/DVD. A freeware version of Acronis Home would be perfect.

A:Good HD Freeware Backup Software

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i need to back up to another drive on the network...what a good utility..not impressed with ntbackup..i need to schedule backup regularly


A:whats a good backup software

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Planned on getting Genie Backup Manager, but need to wait until the new year. However, I don't want to wait until then to backup my C-drive.

Was looking at using Back2zip until then. This is for a home computer needing the usual data backed up. Pictures, email addresses, data files, etc. No locked files. No encrypted files. Will this suffice?

This link is a mini-tutorial (guess you would call it that) that suggests putting everything in My Documents first after creating a new file. Apparently I will need to do this myself before running the backup software.

I am running Windows XP Home, and Thunderbird for my email. Any other information I should include?

Also remember that I am computer illiterate, so please take it easy on me.

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Can someone who has used this software give me their opinion of this product? I just received the link from WD and it directed me to the site to download this product. I imagine everyone who purchased, registered their WD HDD, and completed a "claim form" got this email.

This software is being provided to consumers who purchased WD HDD's within the past 5 years (March 22, 2001 and February 15, 2006) and is "the settlement" that was agreed upon as a result of a class action law suit brought against them. Orin Safier v. WD. Case no. 05-03353-BZ (N.D. Cal).

I downloaded this zip file today but have not installed it. I'll await word from someone who knows a bit about the software before I preceed. If indeed I do proceed. That will be dependent upon what I hear back from you guys. Thanks.

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Any GOOD free ftp backup software for windows?

A:Any GOOD free ftp backup software for windows?

So you just want an FTP client?

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I've got Acronis True Image 10.
Can I backup all emails and then restore to a new installation of the hard disk?

Erm: OK... that might sound dumb!
That's *exactly* what it's supposed to do right!!?

I've got a copy of XP Tablet which is dying.
I want to do a full original installation restore and restore the emails.

Just wanted to double check!!

Also: I've made a backup (of another PC).
I have a file size that is 9GB.
How can I store this onto DVD discs?
And how can I make the discs be bootable??
So that I can juts restore the whole system by booting from the DVD discs?


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I would like some suggestions for good, reliable, easy-to-use-by-dummies backup software please.

Right now, I'm running Windows 8.1 64-bit on a Dell Inspiron 3847. I use the latest Firefox for my browser. I use AVG2015 for antivirus protection. I use Acronis True Image 2015 for backing up. I back up to a Toshiba 1TB ext drive plugged into a USB 2.0 port on the Dell.

My current backup strategy is to do an "entire PC" backup (as that is defined by Acronis) every Sunday at 2 am, followed by 5 regular weekly incremental backups. After Acronis does five incremental backups, it then starts the cycle again with a new "entire PC" backup, followed by five more weekly incrementals, etc.

I am not DIS satisfied with this, but I'm having trouble understanding some of the features and some of the information the program displays to me. And I'm having no success at all getting tech support at the Acronis home page or answers from users of their user forums (fora?) when I post simple (to me) questions asking how to do this or that.

So I'm starting to look around at alternatives.

I'll do my homework on whatever Windows 8.1 has built into it, of course. But I'd also like opinions of you experts here, please.

What other alternatives should I take a look at?



A:Suggestions for good backup software besides Windows 8.1 or Acronis

I've been using easus free backup. differential backup for important folders once a week, automatically deleting old images. system backup scheduled once a month, set to save the last 3 images automatically. restored system once due to virus attack, all works good so far. They offer 24-hours online chat, but no phone-call supported.

Another good backup tool is Macrium reflect. I think I'll give a try someday.

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was wondering anyone of u have experience with this HP SimpleSave Portable Hard Drive??? it is said to be great. but i am not sure it is really that good. What do you folks think? Any better options for around the same money or less? Thanks in advance.

A:recommend me a decent hard drive

I have heard good things about it, you may want to check out online reviews such as:

Are you looking for a hard drive to backup the data for your computer, or as just data/file storage?
If you are looking for a backup solution you may also want to check out "Click Free"

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See attachment for motherboard model. I have a budget of $160 and I'm looking for a decent 500 GB - 1 TB internal hard drive. Another question, can I have two internal hard drives installed on my motherboard? I've read somewhere that you could, I just want some confirmation.


A:Could someone recommend me an internal hard drive?

Sure, you can connect 3 internal drives as long as your motherboard has connectors for them, and it certainly should.

You could have SATA drives or traditional IDE drives. You could have connectors for both.

Best way to check is to open the case and look at the cables that connect the hard drive and the motherboard.

Is it a wide ribbed cable, probably gray or black, roughly 1.25 inches wide, kinda like a mans belt?

If so, that is IDE. Look where the motherboard end of that cable connects--should be a black plug about 1.5 inches wide. You should see more similar plugs and that is where you would connect your new drives.

If the cables from the hard drive are much narrower and not ribbed, that is SATA. Check how many of those connections you have on the motherboard. You probably have at least 4 total whether IDE or SATA.

After you know that, you can go drive shopping for $100 or less.

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I'm looking to buy a new hard drive for my PC (since the hard drive is faulty) so I was wondering what is a good hard drive to get?

My old hard drive was I think a PATA and 1TB of space. I'm not sure about the other specs.
The computer itself is about 2 years old (2010) and is a

Windows 7 64 Bit
Intel Core i3-530 Processor 2.93GHz
8GB DDR3 system memory
Nvidia GeForce GT220
My concern is that is there ways where the hard drive doesn't run properly on your PC(compatibility?) I've been looking for a hardrive along the lines of about $100.

EDIT: I've been scavenging around, so far looking at this drive, is it any good? I don't know what many of the features do (RPM/Buffer, etc)

Seagate Barracuda (ST500DM002) SATA3 6.0Gb/s 500GB 16MB Cache (OEM) 79.99
Western Digital Caviar Green (WD10EARS) 1000GB (1TB) SATA 3 Gb/s 64MB (OEM) 79.99


A:Solved: Can someone recommend me a hard drive I should get for my PC?

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I'm running Windows 7 64x Home Premium on a Toshiba Qosmio X505 laptop. I just got it back from the warranty repair center, where they replaced the hard drive and graphics fan & heatsink, and reloaded the factory windows version. Before I sent it out for repair, I used Windows Backup to create a backup of all my files on a Toshiba casio 500GB external USB drive (I had over 300 GB of files, so it was easier to use Windows Backup than drag and drop all the files, at least at the time). Now that I have the laptop back, I'm having trouble restoring my files. When I go to Control Panel-> Backup & Restore, a message appears in the restore section, saying "Windows could not find a backup for this computer." I've tried reconnecting the drive as well as restarting my computer, but to no avail. I can see and explore the files in My Computer, so I know the hard drive is properly connected. I appreciate any help you can give.


A:Backup External drive seen by My Computer, but not Backup & Restore

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I have a new HP Pavillion Elite HPE with 920 GB of memory running Windows 7. I am an average computer user. I have a WD external backup drive with 1TB memory. I don't like the backup software that comes with the computer. I can't access anything to see how old the files are. The only option is to restore. Thank God I haven't had to do that. I have the files important to me backed up manually. I tried Nova backup but all I had was a bunch (really- a bunch) of files again that I couldn't access. I had a copy of Norton Ghost that wouldn't work with my old XP computer so I tried it on this one. After days with support manipulating my computer, going through three people to the software engineer, they could not make Ghost work on my (64? whatever) computer.

I don't know if I need a mirror or clone or whatever I've been reading about that I don't understand. I have plenty of room on the backup drive and have CD's and DVD's that will restore, I think. Best Buy made me some when I bought it and the computer made me make some as well when I got home. I can manually do a system backup less my files that doesn't change. So what I really want to do is to find a software that will enable me to choose the files I want to that sometimes change (My Documents) and have those backup on a regular basis. I also want to have those so I can go to my M drive (backup drive) and see my files just like in windows explorer. That way, if anything does happen, I know my files are alright and if I have ... Read more

A:Is there a backup software that transfers files I can read on my backup drive?

and welcome to the Forum

I use Syncback for that:

SyncBack Freeware - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

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I've started a digital film course and need to shift my saved footage between my Mac in school and PC at home. I have a couple of old hard drives sitting around so I'm thinking a caddy might be the right idea.
What do I need to look for in the specifications etc? Any reliable brands?

Thanks in advance.

Mark Truesdale

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My trusty IBM Thinkpad 600e has had a hard life, but has served me well. A few months after the warranty expired, the hard drive has failed, it does not boot and it fails the IBM Drive Fitness Test.

:idea: I figure that I can replace and even upgrade the hard drive inexpensively and get a few more years of life from this machine. It has always worked just fine with Win 98 and Office 97 and does not really need the latest OS. In fact, I just found a thorough review of the Thinkpad 600 on (dated August 2003) which confirmed this very idea.

Any recommendations and pointers to specific drives, vendors, and prices would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

A:recommend a hard drive for Thinkpad 600e?

Look for 2.5in drives from:
Travelstar IBM/Hitachi

in that order.
I could give you places and prices for the UK?

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I have a desktop PC with Windows XP.

Have had problems with Blue Screen of Death and have run a diagnostics test on the hard drive (as suggested in a forum) which shows the hard drive is on its way out.

I have a replacement hard drive, but before I start doing anything (I am pretty much a complete beginner compared to everyone else out there) - could anyone recommend any guides/tutorials on the internet which explains in simple and comprehensive terms, the best way to replace a hard drive and reinstall windows. I have spent some time googling, but not found anything yet.

I have backups of folders etc but no disc image etc so I will, I guess, be reinstalling windows from scratch.

Also, is it best to have both the old and new hard drives in at the same time to be able to access both while transferring stuff?

Many thanks

A:Can you recommend any tutorials for replacing hard drive?

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I have a Western Digital Portable external hard drive 160 GB with USB connection but the synchronisation has stopped working and I am looking to replace it .
Can anyone recommend a different product - e.g I have heard that Lacie produce a good product - anyone got experience of Lacie or other Products

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I'm looking for a good Backup/Restore software package. I have a mix of Win XP, and Windows 7 computers. I would of course be needing to restore the operating system as well as the boot image. I don't do multiple OS boot up's.
Does anyone have any suggestions?


A:Backup/Restore software

I've had good success with Maxtor One Touch Plus and its built in software. Data backup takes about 4 minutes. OS takes 2 hrs. Can store multiple full OS backups. This is important if you mistakenly backup corrupt system.

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Okay, so, it looks like I'm going to have to refresh or reset Windows 10 at this point (I'm having an issue with it but I have tried all possible solutions). Is it possible to backup the program files, and/or registry settings for those programs and then restore afterwards? Even if I do it manually, it would save me a LOT of time than having to reinstall every single program (I have tons). Just wandering if there was a way to do this at all to an external drive, just to make it easier for me to reset the system.


A:Possible to backup software and restore?

Using the Refresh Option, should restore the windows OS only, leaving your installed programs and files intact..

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My laptop is currently running Windows 10 Anniversary Update and I have the Windows Disc from which I have installed this window but now I have installed bunch of Apps and installed Windows Updates. I want to backup all of my Apps, Settings and Updates. If I ever install Windows 10 again I just don't want to install all those updates and apps again (I might not even remember all of the apps I have now) so How can I create a backup now so in the future whenever I want I can just restore back to this point? Should I create a System Image or System Restore (Restore Point) or a Recovery Drive or Backup and Restore (Windows 7) ? I don't know which one is the right for me because I have never done any Backup, Restore or Recovery. Please Help.

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Hello , I just recently purchased a ASUS computer.

But it came with 2 partions

C:/ 75 GB
D:/ 275 GB

The C:/ Has all the windows files.

The D:/ has nothing on it. I want to merge both C:/ and D:/, without losing anything on C:/,

Can anyone recommend me a program to do this?

Thank you.

Image here:

A:How do you merge two hard drive partions? Recommend me a program?

You'll need to delete the D: partition using the following tutorial...
Partition or Volume - Delete

...and then extend the size of the C: drive using the following tutorial.
Partition or Volume - Extend

This can all be done from Disk Management (a Windows program) so no external software is needed.

EDIT: Before this, follow what Shawn has posted below.

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I have been having bad luck with hard drives lately. The original WD drive in my W7 i7 PC died about a month ago as a result of a brief power failure in my area. My local shop installed another WD (500TB) unit which seemed to have issues from the start (failed the WDC test utilities).

So I wanted to pulse the community to see what the current story is on HD's and reliability. I have read a number of posts about quality problems with WDC but I used to see lots of posts about problems with Seagate.

So what to do? Which brand or model should I be looking at to get a decent drive that won't die in a few months? This is simply for a home office desktop running Office 2010 apps and typical web browsing. I'd spend a little extra for higher reliability. Screaming performance is not really an issue.

A:Recommend a reliable hard drive for home office

Look into Enterprise drives from either Western Digital or Seagate.

Western Digital: - Western Digital WD RE4 WD1003FBYX 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Enterprise Hard Drive -Bare Drive

Seagate: - Seagate Constellation ES ST1000NM0031 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive with Secure Encryption -Bare Drive

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There's a daily radio show I love, but am rarely home to catch it.

Is there a way I can set up my computer to record the radio every day at a given time (e.g. 6pm-7pm) and save it as a .wav or other high quality file on my hard drive?

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


A:What Utility do you recommend to record FM radio onto my hard drive?

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Hey guys...I am trying to find a solution to a problem that I'm having. At work we have about 6 PC's that I would like to make drive images for in case of drive failues. I was wanting to use an external drive for the backups and was looking for a one touch feature but I don't think it would work with multiple machine backups.

I was trying to avoid having to install software on each machine to perform these backups.

So what I was thinking of doing is trying to find a program that can reside on the external drive and will run from there.

Does anyone know of a free reliable imaging program that will do this?

I had found one at one time that did just this and worked great but I can't remember for the life of me the name of the program!

Any help or ideas appreciated!!


A:Good drive imaging program to backup multiple systems with an ext. drive? Free?

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Does anyone know of backup and restore software that can run under dos (without windows). Specifically, software that can backup an entire hardrive to cd's.

Thanks very much.

A:backup/restore software that runs under dos

norton/symantec ghost (really cheap when you buy systemworks 2002 or 2003)

powerquest drive image (avoid v8)

both work (best IMO) when booted form a disk instead of using the windows gui

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So I am going to be reformatting my PC. It's an Asus computer that I bought used from Craigslist and it didn't come with a driver backup CD. Also it doesn't have a recovery partition on it either. So I am wondering if there is any free software that will allow me to backup, and then restore all my drivers after I have reformatted the computer. I searched some of the other threads and a few people suggested Driver Max. Driver Max used to be great, it used to be the best program because it was free and fully functional. But now it's complete garbage unless you actually buy the software, which I cannot do. So are there any other methods/programs any of you know of that can backup drivers?

A:Any software to backup and restore all my drivers?

Windows 7 has a Backup and Restore feature built right in.

Backup and Restore - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows

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Hello! I just installed a Windows 8 computer for a friend and he needs a simple, automated backup solution comparable to the Backup & Restore included in Windows 7. Can someone recommend a good freeware that can be scheduled to do incremental data backups as well as system images? Thanks, and if this has already been discussed just link those threads

A:Looking for simple Backup & Restore Software

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

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My bros laptop is acting up. we tried using the recovery disks, but the laptop turns off like around 50% of the process. I tried doing this process in regular mode and in safe mode. He wants to upgrade to windows 7 home premium, but he wants to buy a new hard drive since we feel like this one is bad since it turns off... Is it best to buy the windows 7 disk and try installing it or is it best to buy a new hard drive along with the windows 7 disk. He's doesn't know what to do at this point an he just wants his laptop fixed. The laptop is a HP pavilion entertainment pc windows vista home premium oemact 64 bit. Thanks

A:recommend me a hard drive, planning on upgrading from windows vista..

If you pass the hard drive test
Test Hard Drive HD Diagnostic or this test
Just buy an upgrade version of Seven and you will be all set.
Also test the computer and make sure its ready for Seven
You may have a hardware problem.[2]=General Tips

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On my android phone, I can make backups of installed application in the exact condition at any point of time. This helps me to restore them back after I format or hard reset my phone. However, I don't know about any such facility for computers.

My laptop is getting slow. I want to format it and install a fresh copy of Windows 8.1 x64. Installing all the software all again, one by one, takes a lot of time. I want to make a backup image(s) of installed software so that I can restore them quickly after clean installation of Windows. Is it possible?

The only way I have heard of is of "ghost image" backups that take the entire image backup of the complete system and using these image files, the pc can be restored. However, on a downside, it takes up documents and other files also into consideration.

So, is there a way for backing up and restoring software in the way that I'm mentioning?

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Hello there,

I am a huge fan of TechSpot so I thought I might give this a go by asking you guys a question. Please bare with me as this is my first time!

Right, recently our company just upgraded our Exchange server from 2000 to 2010! (At last!), however, during the process one of the users has lost a week's worth of important emails. Before the upgrade, the Exchange server was backed up and then compressed on a daily process on a network drive via Windows Backup.

Now, Windows Backup can recognise the .bkf file, and can identify how large it is (around 17GB), however, when I expand the folders in the Windows Backup Software, it keeps saying no entries found. I presume that it is not the software itself because I have restored many other files (.doc, .xls etc...) in the past. The computer that is running the Windows Backup software is not the same as the Exchange server.

If you need any other information please let me know and I will give it to you to the best of my knowledge! Thank you TechSpot community for taking your time! :blush:


A:Cannot restore SBS 2000 from Windows backup software

It is there, but you likely need an experienced tech to rescue the invormation... someone who has already gone through several installs and updates. I cannot imagine anybody giving you enough information in the proper steps over this small message box... without knowing a great deal about your equipment and software, and the install procedures.

You have perhaps a 20 to 30 minute job for the techs who know what they are doing.

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Hi All,

I need help from you, I wanna buy a backup and restore software instantly, Could you recommend a good backup-restore software to me (including the reason)? Thanks in advance.

A:wanna buy a backup and restore software instantly

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Hello there,

I am a huge fan of Tech Support Guy so I thought I might give this a go by asking you guys a question. Please bare with me as this is my first time!

Right, recently our company just upgraded our SBS server from 2000 to 2010! (At last!), however, during the process one of the users has lost a week's worth of important emails. Before the upgrade, the SBS2000 server was backed up and then compressed on a daily process on a network drive via Windows Backup.

Now, Windows Backup can recognise the .bkf file, and can identify how large it is (around 17GB), however, when I expand the folders in the Windows Backup Software, it keeps saying no entries found. I presume that it is not the software itself because I have restored many other files (.doc, .xls etc...) in the past. The computer that is running the Windows Backup software is not the same as the SBS2000 server.

If you need any other information please let me know and I will give it to you to the best of my knowledge! Thank you Tech Support Guy community for taking your time!


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I currently use Norton cloud storage but I'd like to backup to DVDs instead. Does all backup software have the convenience of search-ability? It's a pleasure to restore exactly a file specified, and only that file - that's what I mean by search-ability.
Thank you in advance for sage recommendations or advice!

A:What backup software is complete and has searchable file restore?

I assume you are referring to data backup, not Windows backup.

Any ordinary data backup I have seen can be viewed in Explorer and searched on a folder by folder or file by file basis.

But I'd use hard drives and avoid DVD burns.

Why have you chosen DVDs?

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I'm amateur pc user. Been trying fix problems all week. Changed power box due to over heating, used AVG & Superantispyware. Keeps asking to reboot and choose boot device, and several hints of mysterious behavior inside machine. Feels like something is eating it (paranoid spirituality). Anyone know what's going on. Please be gentle with me;Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 14:43:58, on 30/04/2010Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18904)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 3\AWC.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AASP\1.00.61\aaCenter.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\SUPERAntiSpyware\SUPERAntiSpyware.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Kontiki\KHost.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 3\Sup_SmartRAM.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\DT Utilities\DT Utilities PC Backup Pro\mgCtrl.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG9\avgtray.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Entriq\MediaSphere\EntriqMediaTray.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Entriq\MediaSphere\\EntriqMediaServer.exeC:\Windows\Integrator.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exeR0 - HKCU\Software\Micr... Read more

A:Unknown problem,system restore&recycle bin&2nd hard drive vanished, 2nd hard drive

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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I keep getting an error when I try to use the Backup Program. As far as I can tell there are no hidden partitions. Using the Administrator tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management tool, I deleted all the partitions on my external ESATA drive which is larger than my boot drive. Then I recreated two partitions, one a 30G partition and the other uses the rest of the 320G drive. After formatting them, I tried to do a backup and received the same error. I have done this twice now. Anyone know why this is happening and how to fix this?

I used the external drive dock in USB mode and got the same errors. I tried two different external enclosures and still the same errors.


Windows Backup Error:
A shadow copy could not be created. Please check "VSS" and "SPP" application event logs for more information. (0x81000019)

VSS Warning:

ASR writer Error 0x80042416
0x00000000, The operation completed successfully.
Operation: PrepareForBackup event Context: Execution Context: ASR Writer Execution Context: Writer Writer Class Id: {be000cbe-11fe-4426-9c58-531aa6355fc4} Writer Name: ASR Writer Writer Instance ID: {628b20aa-214f-4935-9b7a-722e0bf2200b} Error-specific details: ASR Writer: System partition (partition marked "active") is hidden or contains an unrecognized file system. Backup does not support t... Read more

A:Unable to backup hard drive with Backup Program

That error seems to be referring to your system partition, not your backup destination. Make sure you're logged in as an admin.

Now run an elevated (admiinstrative) command prompt
Start > Cmd > Right Click Cmd.exe > Run as Admin
Type in: sfc / scannow

If you get errors, run that three times.

If that doesn't help you could try a System Repair or Repair Install.

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When I switched my Laptop on yesterday the nice Seagate Icon for my external backup hard drive had vanished but has been replaced by a dull looking generic Windows page icon ? This external backup drive is the K:\ drive on my system.

I surfed google yesterday trying to find some advice on how to restore what was a very attractive Icon ? . . but have been struggling to find any advice I could understand or thought I'd be able to follow ?

On a positive note, I have located the exact file for the disappeared icon on my laptop (its called SeagatePortable.ico) and I have copied it to my desktop temporarily, but, I have no idea how to re-apply this icon to my K:\ drive ?

Whilst surfing, I discovered a simple freeware program called "Drive Icon Changer" so I downloaded this program and tried to use it. It is very easy to use, but, try as I might, I cannot get this programme to interact with my K;\ drive ? . . so I've given up and uninstalled that programme, as, in this instance at least, it clearly does not do what it is supposed to be able to do.

I also saw some advice about going to a DOS prompt (I do not understand what this means or how to do it?) and deleting or editing something called the autorun.inf file - I suspect this type of action would be well beyond my understanding and I'd probably do more harm than good if I attempted to edit this sort of system file and got it wrong !

I've also done a system restore - to a back up point of a couple of days ... Read more

A:How do I restore the Seagate Drive Icon for my External Backup Drive?

Also just spotted an obsolete thread on this site where someone suggested:-

"Un-install the driver while the external drive is connected and then rebooted and let windows reinstall - everything should go back to normal when Windows re-discovered the drive".

I don't know if this might cure my problem ? . . but unfortunately I do not know how to uninstall a driver ?

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Hello, I'd like to have a usb flash drive backed up automatically every day

The tricky part is that I don't have it plugged in every day.

I'd like the backups to be simple file copies if possible so they can be browsed in explorer and have each day's backup go into a folder called something like %date%flash_drive

If the drive is not plugged in, then the backup would be skipped obviously.

Is there anything out there that can do this?

A:Are there any good USB Flash drive automatic backup programs?

Create a scheduled task to run each day.
Have that task start a batch file.
Put a file named something like back-me-up.txt on each USB drive that you want to backup.

Use code like this in that batch file:

if exist "z:back-me-up.txt" xcopy z:\*.* %UserProfile%\desktop\USB-FOLDER\*.* /yesvmk
if exist "y:back-me-up.txt" xcopy y:\*.* %UserProfile%\desktop\USB-FOLDER\*.* /yesvmk
You can also read thru what the xcopy switches do. You can remove the pause after you get it working as desired. And you can repeat the code for as many drive letters as you want. There are other ways to deal with each of the drive letters, but this will keep it simple.

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I read a blurb that this drive provides "continious automatic backup" which sounds great. Has anyone tried this feature?

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My 500gb backup hard drive is showing only 25gb left. My main 650gb hard drive shows only 150gb used. How is this discrepency possible? Also when I examine the I drive can only get it to add up to less than 200gb, the largest file being an computer image file.

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Hey guys does any one know any good software to format portable hard disk rather than windows default.
The thing is There has been bad sector in my hard disk .Its copying and pasting speed get reduces and many of file in my hard-disk are so bad that i am unable to copy it.
Even the movies store in harddisk hangs after some time.
So I am formating my harddisk ...
Please any suggestion to my problem .....
Telll me any good software ... which will increase copying and pasting speed, recover bad sector and etc .....

A:Any good software to format portable Hard disk

Try this first.

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Even though I've been at these forums for a long time, I'm a total newbie in the area of backing things up and getting Windows to run on another drive.

Here's the deal: I got a 320 GB Ultra IDE (Western Digital) hard drive in 2005. The plan was to use it as a back up to my main 40 GB SATA (Western Digital) drive. It would also be nice storage outside of the main drive. Well, about 2 years have gone by and I've only fulfilled the latter half of that goal. I'd be screwed if the 40 GB crashed.
I've fallen upon hard times, both money wise and data wise. I'm constantly downloading, and I need storage space for school programs (like Office 2007) to do college work at home. My 40 GB stays below a gig of free space. I can't get a new hard drive unless they're really cheap. I wouldn't even know how to set one up if I could.
But my 320 GB drive is working fine, with 177 GB of free space left. It's had no hiccups or problems. I was wondering: How easy would it be to switch drives (make the 320 the master, and the 40 the backup)?

The only potential problem I can think of - besides not knowing how to switch - is that the 320 hangs in the computer. The 40 is in one of those nice metal jackets you screw to the computer's inside walls. The 320 doesn't have enough space or wire length (my fault) to be next to it. I'm worried problems will happen as soon as the 320 gets top spot.

But I'm prepared to toss that all t... Read more

A:I want to switch hard drives and need Backup software.

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I recently formatted my c drive and now i am reinstalling all the software. I keep all the setups of software in my external hard drive. For installing the software I coy the setup folder of the required software on my laptop, then install it.

Is straightaway installing the software by accessing the external hard drive okay? Does it make any difference in the installation time or any reduction in life of hard disk performance.

Or should I always install through my laptop hard drive?

I am running windows 8.1 pro

A:installation software from external hard drive or internal hard drive

Your method is as good as any. If it works, keep doing it.

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I posted this last week and didn't get any response. so I'm trying again.    I guess I shouldn't have started so late on. My hard drive failed I replaced it.  When I tried to restore the files it would do nothing.   My backups were on a secondary drive.  It's curious that I had also simply copied important files to directories on the secondary drive.  Those files aren't there anymore. I opened the Backup and Recovery Manager.  Went to "Recover important files or the entire system", then either advanced or wizard,It askes for  "the backup to restore" and files to be "added".  Then nothing.  Whatever I did, it wouldn't add anything.  I've seen reference to the backup having to be older than the drive.  Impossible here obviously.  Is there a workaround?  The files have an .inp extenstion.  Am I missing something else? Thanking you in advance.

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