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Solved: Microsoft Word 2010 not my default word processor?

Q: Solved: Microsoft Word 2010 not my default word processor?

I got the new version of word today on my brand new computer and I need a word processor for my job, and its not letting me pick it as my default one. When I go to the control panel and try to do it from there, it still doesn't pick it up. Why is this happening and how can I go through and change it?

A: Solved: Microsoft Word 2010 not my default word processor?

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How can I change the default settings for font and size in Microsoft works word processor? It always comes up 10pt. I would like it always to start at 14pt.

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When I log on to MS Word, it defaults to "Print Layout" view. I'd like to change to "Draft" view. I checked the help and couldn't find it. Does anyone know how to change it?

A:[MICROSOFT WORD 2010] Default to Draft View

For MS Word 2010: options -> advanced -> general -> allow opening a document in draft view

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Yesterday I bought a new laptop. Before I got rid of the old one, I backed up all my files. I was previously running office 2007 which uses .docx. This new laptop came with a key to be entered on the office website which would download and install Office Home and Student 2010. I copied all my old files onto this new laptop, however, I cannot set Word 2010 to be the default program to open .docx files. If i right click a .docx file and select 'Open with...' Word is not in the list of programs. If I browse, it is not in 'Program Files'. I am able to start Word from the start menu. I figured that if I do this, open the task manager, under applications right click on 'Document 1 - Microsoft Word' and select 'Go to process' it would show me the executable's title under the 'Processes' in the Task Manager, which it does (WINWORD.EXE). If I right click on this and select 'Properties' I get an error message

The specified path does not exist.

Check the path, and try again.'

I understand that Office 2010 uses Click-to-Run technology and that Q:\ is a drive created by Click-to-Run and that I cannot access this drive.

So if I cannot access WINWORD.EXE, how can I make Word 2010 the default program to open .docx. I can open Word and then from there open a file, but I would much rather be able to click a file from it's directory and have it open in Word.

Thanks in advance

When I right click on the shortcut in the start menu, it gives the f... Read more

A:How do I Microsoft Word 2010 default progam with .docx?

Accessing the Q drive is not possible with the Explorer. There are, however, some methods proposed on how to do that - example: ( Independent App-V Blog ? SoftGrid: 5 easy ways to look inside the Q-drive ). If you Google "Access to Q drive", you'll find more.

Btw. All Windows7 have x86 program files and (x64) program files.

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Is there a way to dictate, in Microsoft Word 2010, that any newly-created document will have my own Style in place as the default one, or whatever the term might be, if anything, that decides what the starting set-up is? It's currently the font Calibri, size 11, 10.5 Multiple line spacing, 1" margins on all sides, etc. My preferences are different in every way, so I manually change all of that every time I make a new document.

A:Changing the default Style in Microsoft Word 2010?

Have you tried changing the normal template? I was able to find directions on how to find that for 2003 here, but it's the same process for 2007 and I would imagine 2010. I don't have 2010 on this computer to double check.

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i just went from windows 2000 to windows 7 professional and we had to reinstall all programs....
i need to open my company logo which was saved in microsoft office word 97-2003 - my new program is microsoft works word processor - i have tried saving it in different formats on my old computer but nothing seems to be working....
any suggestions?

A:Converting files from Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 to Microsoft Works Word Processor

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How can I get rid of the default styles in Microsoft Word 2010 (Calibri, size 11, spacing 10pt, etc.) and replace it with my usual? (Times New Roman, size 12, spacing 0pt, etc.)
I tried something with a 'Normal' template before, but it never seems to actually save/work.
Edit: To clarify, I mean that when I start a new Word document (right-click in Windows Explorer, New Word document) I want it to be my template, not the default Calibri one. My font, size, spacing, and margins.

A:How can I get rid of the default styles in Microsoft Word 2010 (Calibri, size 11, spacing 10pt, etc.)?

How to set the default font in Word 2010I think the margins are controled in the page setup of your printer.

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I have both MS Word (Word 97) and MS Works 8.0 installed. For word processing, I prefer
Word and use Works primarliy for the spreadsheet. However, Works has become
the default word processor and I don't know how. Works opens my Word
documents, and tries to change the format when I save. How can I make Word
the default?

I have tried right-clicking a Word document, and choosing Word and "always
open with this;" now whenver I open a document, I get a message that the
document is already in use by me and would I like to make a copy?

A:Making Word my default word processor

Control Panel > Folder Options > File types (tab) .. and set the system default program for the file type (extension) desired.

Something Like so .. maybe.

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Hya everyone. I hope i am in the right forum. Could someone tell me how to change a letter in Microsoft Works processor into word format. My son is trying to email his c.v. to companies and agencies but got a letter from a couple stating unable to open file attachment please email in word format. We do not have microsoft word just microsoft works.

Dave H

A:Microsoft works word processor to word format

Check this Microsoft page and see if helps.

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In MS Word 2010, the default font for a new blank document is set for Calibri size 10. I went though the procedure to change the default size to 12. I've attached screen shots of the two dialog windows that open as part of this process. Opening a new document still has the font set at 10. This happens even if I do not close the program and open another new document.

A:Solved: Word 2010 Default Font

I see no attachments, but the simplist way is to click the small arrow, that is in the lower right corner of the Font area.
It will open the Font settings pane. Make the changes that you what and then click on the "Set as Deault" button in the lower left corner of the pane.

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Hi I have installed word 2010 and the default bullets are a racket and ball, I want to change that to something more conventional like a square or circle, as default, how can I do that? Thanks

A:Solved: Default bullets in Word 2010

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All of a sudden when I open Microsoft Works Word Processor it enlarges all of the icons on my desktop and makes my pictures look distorted. Also, the program it'self is very large on my screen. Help!

A:Solved: Microsoft Word Processor

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I reset the Microsoft Works Word Processor to default with a different font size. It worked fine. Then, while setting up a printing for envelopes, I tried to reset that as a default as well. Big mistake. Now when I open the word processor program it comes up as the envelope function and I cannot get the original page for letter writing back. Microsoft was no help when I accessed their web page (too far over my head in their explanations as well as being not too user-friendly for my level of understanding). Does anyone know how I can get it open the right way again? I use Window's Vista on an Acer Extensa 5620. Thanks.

A:Solved: Microsoft Works Word Processor

This only applies for the Works word processor, the common one in Works NOT spelled with a capital W, as in Word.

First, only do this with the Work word processor not going.
If you really only want one default word processing template in Works (and it sounds like you do), and if you have no other templates that you want (and it sounds like you don't) then you can just delete all templates in this folder:
Then, just start up the word processor and see if it is fixed.

If that is not the case, just let me know and I will adjust and tell you what else you can do, instead.

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Is there any way to reprogram MS Word 2012 so that ^F brings up the (what's now called) "advance find" function instead of the new find function? (Note that if the "navigation window" is closed, ^F doesn't work at all.)

A:Solved: Microsoft Word 2010 fnd

Hi Jim,
For me, if the navigation pane is closed, Ctrl+F opens it. Does that not happen for you?

In any case, yes, you can reassign Ctrl+F. You can also use Ctrl+H to open the find and replace dialog box if you decide you don't want to reassign Ctrl+F. But if you do ...
Right click an empty space on the Ribbon and select Customize the Ribbon.
At the bottom, click the "Customize" box for keyboard shortcuts.
Select the Home tab on the left and scroll down to EditFind on the right.
Click in the "press new shortcut key field" and press Ctrl+F.
Click Assign.

Hope that helps.

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Hi there guys.
Okay so here's the issue.
I have an HP Pavillion a813w that had Microsoft Works pre-installed on my computer.

Now, I just did a roll back, totally reformated my computer on April 10th to total factory settings once more, so my computer is relatively unbuggy, or so I thought.
However, when I was sent a document from a friend today via AIM, and I scanned it with my virus scanner, it was clean. It had me say yes, I agree to the EULA, and then as it was loading up, it just seemed to disappear, I couldn't open up the document, and I have tried rebooting, and restoring both and it would do nothing.

I'm wondering if there's a reason for this..

I'm trying to figure this out, first time I've ever had Works do this, before I reformated that is.

A:Solved: Microsoft Works Word Processor Not Opening

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I bought a new computer almost a year ago and Office Depot installed Microsoft Office. I am a writer and mostly use the Word 2010 feature and I hate Word 2010. Sometimes my work disappears and the response time of key stroke to word appearing on the page is slow and deleting a row of words is tiresomely long.

I am thinking about buying and installing Microsoft Word 7 which does not have those problems.

My question is: Will Word 2007 interface with Word 2010? I have a 77 page document in the works (2010) and I don't want to mess that up.

And should I uninstall Word 2010 once I have installed 2007?

Thank you,

A:Solved: Microsoft Word 2010 Windows 7

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Hey TSG,

I use Microsoft Office 2010 and am receiving the error message "There was a problem sending the command to the program" whenever I open a Word document from My Documents. [see screenshot]

This error message does not pop up though if I open the file from within Word.

All documents being tested are .docx file types saved using Word 2010.

After Xing off the message or clicking "OK", Word is fully functional.

I'm at college and the installation disks are back home, so there's no hope for re-installation being my fix anytime soon (unless I go home this weekend).

Any ideas?

A:Solved: Microsoft Word 2010 Error Message

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Here&#8217;s a picture of my issue. I know Word and tables pretty well but this always stumps me: why am I losing so much space in the cells? As you can see there&#8217;s a large amount of space that&#8217;s unavailable on the right side of each cell. For example, if I try to add a letter to the first line of the rh cell it will show at the start of the second line. Not all cells in my tables do this but I cannot figure out the setting that affects it.

Thanks in advance.

Dennis Mahoney

A:Solved: Microsoft Word 2010 table problem

I really do not like Word 2010 but that is not your issue. Tables always have hidden properties and it seems that your margins needs to be adjusted. I found this page which can possibly give you insight but I am sorry I do not have a direct answer.

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All of a sudden anytime I open a word document it defaults to the reading layout, how do I change that default?

A:Solved: Microsoft Word Reading Layout Default

From the Tools menu, select Options.... from the General tab, remove the tick from the top right hand corner check box "Allow Starting in Reading Layout".

This should also prevent word documents sent as email attachments from opening in reading layout.

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I know this might sound thick but can anyone tell me how to set up a default A4 page size in Word 2007. The default size is letter 8" x 11.5" (21.59cm x 29.54cm), which is the American standard size I think. I have to change it every time to A4 and have searched everywhere to change it but cant find it. Please help

Many thanks

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1014 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 53968 MB, Free - 11519 MB; D: Total - 19053 MB, Free - 18975 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc. , 0WJ771, , ..CN7082167V0030.
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security, Updated: No, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Solved: Default page size in Microsoft Word 2007

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I have a user who has been using Word 2010 for a couple of weeks with no issues until this morning where she is no longer able to open word documents using either File-Open, Open on the quick access toolbar or CTRL O.

At present if you go to the file tab and select open - it goes back to the home tab but does not display the open file dialog box.

You can select an item from the recent file list and this will open, you can select a file in windows explorer and double click and it will open so the association is OK. But I cannot get the open dialog to appear in word.

Excel and other office programs are working fine it is only Word.

The user is using Windows 7, Microsoft office 2010 standard.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Office software but the problem has persisted.

I have been unable to 'google' my way through this one, so hopefully someone here can suggest a solution.

A:Solved: Microsoft Word 2010 - file open dialog box not displaying

Are you sure this issue happens only in Word? What about Excel or PowerPoint?

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I have Word Pad set as the default and want to change to Word. I tried to print a document and this notice appeared: Wordpad does not support all of the features of the doc's format. Some content may be missing ot displayer improperly.

I checked control panel's Default Programs but Word's not listed.

All help will be appreciated.


A:Change the default word processor.

Generally the easiest way to do this is right click the file you are trying to open.
Choose properties the click the change button.
You will then need to navigate to word manually.
Since you are on 64 bit it should be located somewhere within the program files (x86) area.
Since I don't have it installed on this machine I can't give you the full path name.

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Word 2007, which I've used for years, didn't come with my new computer, but Works 9 did. In order for recipients who have Word to open word processing documents I create with Works 9, I've been changing the Save As from (*.wps) to (*.doc) on each one, before sending. Is there some way I can change the default Save As to (*.doc), so I don't have to remember to change it every time?

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I have tried everything I know to get this to work but nothing seems to work.

I have Windows 7, and installed Office 2010 but when I try to open a file.docx file it opens in the old Word 2002 and not Word 2010.

I have right cliked the file and many other files and looked for Word 2010 but it is not there to select. Only the old Word 2002.

I have looked in control panel and looked at the file associations and there too I can not find Word 2010 when I try to alter the association of docx.

The only way I can open the file in Word 2010 is the long way and scrolling through each folder until I find the file I want to print or alter.

Any ideas anyone ?

A:Unable to set Word 2010 as default program

Have you made the setting in your Word Options? If not, click on the Office logo at the top-left corner of the Word page, and click on Word Options at the very bottom. Click on Save, Save Documents, and in the "Save documents in this format" box, select: "Word 2010." When you're done, at the very bottom of the screen, IF you have this box, don't forget to check it: "Apply to all future documents." (This option appears on some Word Options pages but not all.)

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I Windows XP Pro, SP2.

Can you change the default folder that displays when you open a file in the Works word processor? It always displays My Documents. I'd like to have it display something else or at least the last folder you were in. Like in WordPad.


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Hi guys,
I'm doing a science lab report and I'm typing it up right now. I am almost finish but I'm having probz with the data do I Merge cells in Microsoft WORKS, I can't find the option no where, I don't know if I'm just simply looking over it or yea, can anyone tell me how to do this?

Or is it so that you can't do this in MS Works...if not, wht software can I use to do this?

---Thanks In Advance!! =D!


A:Microsoft Works Word Processor...?

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Hi Everyone,I did a quick search of the forums and didn't come up with anything similar to the problem I've just started having with MS Word.I'll be working on a document and saving my work every so often. Then all of a sudden Windows starts telling me that it can't save the file. I goofed and didn't think quick enough to get a screen shot of that message.However, I was able to copy past everything, from the document I was trying to save, to a new document, which is what I did as I had already had the same thing happen to me a couple of times before. Then when I clicked 'Yes' I get "This" message.OK, so then I click 'No on exit to close the document and got "This" asking if I wanted to save the changes to the document. Then I Just click No because that's the only option that will let me close that application. Then when I try to open it again I get "This" dreaded message.Have any of you guys ever run into anything like this before?It doesn't seem to matter if the document only has ten pages or if it has one hundred ten pages. Nor does it seem to matter if I have a lot of images in it or none at allI am at a loss as to what to do to prevent this form happening in the future. At least I have a work around that I can use so as not to lose my entire document..., but this is still just a bit nerve wercking.Thanks for any help or advice guys.Wendy

A:Microsoft Works Word Processor

We've had more than a few Works problems latelyYou might want to look at these:

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Is there any way to alphabetize a list in Microsoft Works Word Processor 8.5?

A:Microsoft Works Word Processor 8.5

You need to add the items to a table and then you should be able to do the sorting.

Look in the "Help" and search on 'sort' and the last entry is a helper.

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Hi Everybody,

I have been using the word processor in Microsoft ? Works Version 6.0 to do a lot of writing and I have just had a devastating experience with it.

When I had first started using it I had learned early on that I had better be making a habit of saving my work regularly or the Microsoft Grinch would jump up and tell me how sorry it was that Microsoft Works had encountered a problem and wanted to go home without letting me save my work.

So saving my work after ever third of forth paragraph has become a habit with me, and that's what makes what happened to me today even more puzzling.

I'm running Windows XP home edition with SP2. I had seven or eight IE browsers open doing some research and trying to get some photos downloaded for the project that I'm working on.

SpyBot started telling me about a change that had been made saying "User-Specific browser toolbar value deleted" and something about BarLayout. At the same time whichever IE I was using when that message had popped up would quit letting me copy\paste.

But then when I would close that browser I would get another SpyBot alert saying that that same value had been added. The only action that SpyBot would accept in either case was for me to press the OK key otherwise it just kept spitting back that same alert.

At the same time I was using Yahoo messenger to chat with a friend and things just started going haywire. So I hurried up to save and close everything that I had open and clicked t... Read more

A:Trouble With Microsoft Word Processor

I am not a great authority, but it looks like you may have prematurely closed the Works document especially if you were downloading something that you were incorporating into the text. The garbage at the bottom of the recovered document seems to be formatting information. I doubt that a good saved copy now exists, especially if you have saved over any prior file name.
When I am working on a document that is of much length, I generally do a manual save at a good place to stop (chapter one, for example) and then continue, but rename the file and perform periodic saves to the new file. That way, if one of these doesn't "take" I can at least retrieve a large portion of the text by returning to the saved document (chapter one). Later, I can always merge the major saved portions.

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Where can I download this? I don't know why I can't find it ANYWHERE. It's on my win 7 desktop, but I want it on my laptop. Can someone please find me a download link? If it's not free, then a paid download is fine.

A:Microsoft Works word processor

it is discontinued software now
you still see copies on Amazon or Ebay, but it is very much buyer beware

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My computer recently had a virus, a friend came by to fix it and everything is up and running like before, but my Word still isn't working. I have a Desktop hard drive hooked up so i don't want to restart my computer. I tried changing the program in my set associations panel, and still nothing. Any other advice?

A:HELP:Microsoft Works Word Processor

You mentioned that you changed the file association, so when you click on a .doc file, what program is starting up right now?

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Hi --

I've just bought a new computer (running on VISTA) with Microsoft Works 8.1 pre-installed and am having a problem. When I type a document and try to e-mail it, nothing happens. I don't get error messages -- just nothing happens.

Will appreciate any suggestions.



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I am wanting to help my mom. She can never remember to save her documents using Word (thats all she will be comfortable with) in rich text format or in .doc. The program first choice in the "save as" menu is .wps which is unreadable to many she has to submit documents to and also takes up much more space. Is there any way I can change the defaults or just make the .rtf the first choice in her choices of saving files?
thanks bunches in advance

A:Microsoft Works Word Processor

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When using the Microsoft Works 7 Word Processor I am unable to open a document that I have previously Saved, the computer hangs and the following message is displayed.:

"The procedure entry point [email protected]@@[email protected] could not be found in the dynamic link library dlbtutil.dll."

I have Googled the message without success and no previous relevant messages can be found in the Bleepingcomputer forums

Please can anyone suggest the cause of the problem and how it can be resolved?

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I bought my computer in 2008ish, maybe 2009, and it came with Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit. It also came with pre-installed software, and of those pre-installed software included Microsoft Works Word Processor. I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit last week, and I have been painstakingly installing my programs back after I messed up the installation. First, I installed Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit, then I realized I put in the wrong disc so I then put in Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, then I upgraded to Ultimate 64-bit. All my programs got messed up in the process and I basically have a clean install of Windows 7 with a Windows.old folder containing my programs in a folder, which all need to be re-installed. I can see my Microsoft Works Word Processor, but it won't let me run the installation on it. I tried running it in compatibility modes for every available option, but nothing works. I also ran it as an administrator. How can I legally re-install these programs I purchased? I have tons and tons of .wps files that I want to be able to open with a program I purchased with my computer. Yes, I have heard of OpenOffice and it does not support .wps files. I do have Microsoft Office Professional 2013 installed, but it can't seem to open .wps files (unless I'm wrong).

A:Microsoft Works Word Processor

Microsoft Office 2013 is capable of opening Works 6-9 documents in a Compatibility mode.

To do that in Word 2013 you need to go File - Open - Computer - Browse.
In Open window you have to select a filter:
All files (*.*) or Works 6 - 9 Document (*.wps)

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I want to set up a address book in Microsoft word processor and can't find any way of doing this. The site asks me to merge my address book and I don't have one to merge. Is there a method to bypass merge?

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Um, sorry to bother you all with this but I need a bit of help with a works word file. The program does not want to open saying that it is in use, format not supported or its corrupt. I've tried re-installing works to no effect and I doubt its corrupt since I can see the text inside with a little space like a square between each character. Unfortunatly, its image heavy since its college work.

I really need to get this open so I can print it and hand it in, any ideas?


A:Microsoft Works Word processor

Oh, and I'll send it to someone willingly if they could turn it or transfer all the stuff onto a Microsoft word documant or Openoffice. I'll be eternally grateful.

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When attempting to access Microsoft Works Word Processor, I get an error message that reads:
Microsoft Works Word Processor has stopped working
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
I haven't gotten any notification, and this has been happening for several days.

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Hello - I copied a file from someone's computer onto a floppy. When I put the floppy in my machine I received this message " Works cannot open the file because the file may be in use by another application, the file format may not be supported by any of the installed converters, or the file may be corrupt." The computer I copied the file from is running windows XP. The computer I tried to open the file on is running Windows me. The windows me computer does have microsoft works word processor installed on it . So It should be able to open the program. Both computers were purchased within a year and a half so programs should be compatible. I have tried opening the file with Word but that doesn't work either. Any suggestions? Just for clarity the file I cannot open is from " Microsoft works word Processor.

A:Microsoft works word processor

I downloaded this program and it fixed the problem


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I was typing a document, saved it and closed it. When I went back to get I got this message:"In order to open this file Works needs to use a file converter, which may pose a security risk if the file you are opening is a malicious file. Choose OK to open this file if you are sure it is from a trusted trusted source."

When I click OK I get this:"Works cannot open (file name). The file may be in use by another application, the format may not be supported by any of the installed converters, or the file may be corrupt." and then receive a blank page.

Does anyone know what this is and how I can get my doc. back. This is happening with a few docs. but not all.

Thank You

A:Microsoft Works Word Processor

Please consider this only a suggestion as I am not sure I understand the program problem you

are having, . . as I am only familiar with word pad, etc.

but open a new file of the word processor and click save and then check the drop down under
the title window and check the options you have to save as, is it possible that an optional choice may be what you need to do ?

Are you able to find the documents that you are not able to open ?

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Is there a way to set Thunderbird as the default email client w/ MS Word 2010?
Thank You,

A:Thunderbird as the default email client w/ MS Word 2010

You want to use Microsoft Word as your e-mail editor for Thunderbird?

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Is it possible to change the default for this message box so that next time I hit enter without reading what the message says I don't lose my work?

I just did this rather foolishly and it would be nice if the default was to save the recovered files not to delete them.

A:Default for deleting recovered files in Word 2010

Hi Adam,

Hope all is well!

I do not think there is Adam I am afraid, although you can set it save automatic recovery information every X amount of minutes.

If you go to File > options > safe > then look at the Auto recover tick boxs.

Also you should be able to go find the recovery information and open a repair file under your username and app data.

I know this does not directly fix your issue but the best work around it to make you set your auto recovery to a fairly low number.
Interesting link:
How To Recover An Unsaved MS Word 2010 Document In Seconds

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Background: I have been using windows since 3.11 when I was in second grade and we got rid of our DOS box. I consider myself a proficient user to highly proficient user, having built 4 of my own machines. I have installed Office 2010 Professional and the program works.

Setup: Lenovo ideapad y500 purchased January 2013 with Windows 8

Problem: Windows will not allow me to set Word 2010 as my default program for opening .docx or other valid formats. I can open the documents from within the program, just not by default.

Steps Taken:
1) Right-click file > choose default program > Word 2010 not available > browse for and specify location > set program to default. Result = System Message "This app can't run on your pc."
2) Consulted Microsoft support site to search for solution. Same result.
3) Contacted Microsoft support hotline to request help with issue. Was informed that, because I didn't fully understand the intricacies of this new operating system within 90 days, and I can't make two Microsoft products work properly together, I will need to pay $150 for support. They used more tact, but that's the gist. I can visit any Microsoft store to get free support, the nearest being 150 miles away.

Desired Resolution: One of you fine people have seen this before and know how to set that default application. All of you who read this are also annoyed with Microsoft's awful customer service. Microsoft replaces my OS with Windows 7, which I loved. I pro... Read more

A:Help MS Office 2010 Professional - Word - Default Program

Hi tmf,

What happens if you try the following...? :
First locate WinWord.exe on your disk; probably something like C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14

The "Program Files" bit might be "Program Files (x86)"
Follow the steps in this tutorial. Default Programs - Associate a File Type or Protocol in Windows 8
In step 3 of the tutorial - can you take a look up and down the list; are *any* file types associated with Microsoft Word?
At step 5 in the tutorial, select the option to "look for another app on this PC" and navigate to WinWord.exe in the path you found in step (a) above.
If you get the same error you mentioned in your post, post a screenshot of the error:
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums

Apologies if you've done all of this already!

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In MS Word 2010, under proofing>autocorrect options>autocorrect, Math Autocorrect, etc.
The default replacements are listed. They are things like, (c) is replaced by the copyright symbol etc. In Math Autocorrect for instance if you type in \downarrow, Word replaces that with a down arrow.
Dos anyone know where I can find those default replacements listed anywhere? It is difficult to keep scrolling in the little window that MS Office shows you.
Thanks for any help

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I have Windows XP Pro, SP2 and version 8.0 of Works.

Now when I start up the Works word processor and I use the "Open" function, it always opens in "My Documents". When I use "WordPad" it opens in the last folder used. Is there a way to make the Works word processor act like this? If not, is there a way to change the default opening folder? (Also is there a way to change the default location where a file is saved?)

Also, since this is closely related, I'll ask this: When you use the Open function in the Works wp, you get the "Open" dialog box. At the bottom there is a drop down box called, "Files of type". It always opens with "Works Document (*.wps). If you click the drop down box, one of the options is "All Files (*.*). Is there a way to change it to this?



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We have a word 2010 document with 20 pages, in some instances we need to replicate page 6, ie. we may need 4 copies of page 6 in the document or 5 copies or 6 etc.

I need to know is it possible to have a quantity cell onthe cover page of the document that, the required quantity of page 6 can be entered and this would automatically add the required amount of page 6 and re -number all pages in the document to accommodate the varying number of page 6.

ie. a macro of some kind.


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Hello, I'm not very good with computers so bare with me please

I am a university student and today when I went to open my class notes in Microsoft Works Word Processor I found nothing but a blank page. The file was still there, with the exact same name, but all the text was gone. The document contained 15 hours of lecture notes needed for an exam in 6 days, so I'm naturally pretty anxious for help. I have since turned my computer on and off. I have tried converting the file to rich text format and back, to no avail. The size of the document says a mere 16 kb now as well.

I opened the seemingly blank document with notepad, and found a bunch of jargon along with 2 interesting clues. One was very small pieces of my class notes here and there, in between the coding and jargon. The second was towards the end of the coding, where it said various random things about my HP printer. I did perform a printer test today, and was wondering if that did anything to delete or corrupt my notes.

I performed a system reset back to 5 PM (the file appeared blank at 6 PM, when it said it was last modified). The file is still blank. I have also checked through the recycle bin, nothing. I've got Windows Vista, and my computer is a Gateway Notebook, 5 months old.

These notes are very important to me and my grade in this class. I have backed up material from 3 weeks ago, but with 3 hour classes i would still be missing a lot of material >_<. Any help is much appreciated, than... Read more

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When I want to copy and paste something like text from a web page, I have to copy and paste it in notepad, then copy it and put in my word processor. I have to copy and paste pictures seperately. I want to know how to copy and paste text and pictures directly from web page to word processor. Can any one help me?

A:HELP,microsoft word processor won't COPY AND PASTE

Hi sherriel49!!

This is really weird. Can you highligt the text on web page, right click and choose Copy. Then, go to your Microsoft Word, right click on page and click Paste. Did it work? Or what you can see when you do like that?

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I'm not much of a fan of the word processor that came with Vista. I was wondering if there is an update that makes the word processor better; or, if not, is there a different processor that you guys can recommend to me?


A:About Microsoft Works Word Processor (that which I hate).


I have been pleased with AbiWord 2.6.2, which is a freeware based word processor similar to Windows, but a little bit better. Here's the link.

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For some reason I can no longer open Microsoft Works Word Processor or any of the files I created using this programme. When I try to do so I get the following error message "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item".

I uninstalled the programme and then re-installed it subsequently but still have the same problem. All other programmes in the suite such as Microsoft Calender, Database, Spreadsheet etc. are all opening OK.

If anyone can throw some light on this issue I would be most grateful.

Brian Mulligan.

A:Can't open Microsoft Works Word Processor


program files>
microsoft works>

do you see a file called


if so double click on it and see if it runs

then we can work out the shortcut for programs

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Hello,I've been having this problem with Microsoft Works Word Processor for as long as I can remember. I'm finally hoping to get an answer as to why it happens and how to fix it.Every time I copy something, for example, a passage from an email I typed, and then try to paste it into a new word document, this is the message that pops up:If I try to do it again, the process just repeats itself. Why is this happening, and how can I fix it?Thanks so much!MicheleEdited to add:I've never been notified of a solution as the message states will happen if one is found, and, as I mentioned, this has been a problem for well over a year.Merged topics ~ Hamluis.

A:Microsoft Works Word Processor Problem

Hello,This is another problem that I've been having with Microsoft Works Word Processor. I tried to get help with this a long time ago, but it was never really resolved, from what I remember.For some reason, whenever I try to open a document that has previously been saved, reopened at a later date, and re-saved, I get this message every time I open it again. I just end up hitting save again and replacing the original copy with the new copy even though they are exactly the same. Previously, a "helper" on Bleeping Computer told me they thought it was happening because my computer was shutting down on it's own, but this is not always the case. Anyway, here's the message:Thanks,Michele

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I am going to do a clean install of windows xp home. i have 98 now and all my notes are on microsoft works word processor. does xp home have works word processor, or does it just hav word??? THANX

A:(LOOK AT THIS) Installing XP, does it have microsoft works word processor???

Ah, neither....they are stand alone programs.

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When i open Microsoft Works Word Processor an error pop ups saying:
"Microsoft Works Font Cache has encounted a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience"

I was just wondering how to fix this problem. If you need anymore information then just say.

Thanks in advance

A:Microsoft Works Word Processor problem

You might have to reinstall the Works suite, or try restoring your computer to an earlier state. but have you considered using a different, more modern productivity suite such as Open Office at ?

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My system is Windows XP and I feel my computer user level is just basic. I have lost all the history in my Microsoft Works(7.0) Word Processor. (no clue how it got lost)When I go to My Documents I can see all the files from history but I cannot open any of them. When I try to open a file it directs me to buy Word Perfect(R) 11 software with an upgrade to Word Perfect 12 for $99.00. Should I buy the software? Is there a way to move the files back into the Word Processor history? Next to each file in My Documents it says WPEntrust Signed Document.

A:Microsoft Works Word Processor History

MS Works has nothing to do with Word Perfect! MS Works is related to MS Office. If you are looking for your documents, have you tried launching Works and going to File/Open to see what is there? Perhaps you had a trial version of Word Perfect in your computer, too. If you like the word processor in Works, perhaps you should upgrade to Word 2007 instead -- Word is a much larger, more diversified program than the abbreviated version in Works.

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I have got Microsoft Office 2010 installed on Windows Vista and on Windows 7, and when I open a document in Word, I would like to view it at a zoom of 100% instead of the default zoom of 150%. I tried to follow the instructions over here in order to reduce the zoom permanently, but the macros simply disappear each time I close Word and open it again. I also followed the idiot's guide to installing macros as indicated in the link above, and the macros worked...but as mentioned before, they refuse to stick around.

What do I do in order to prevent the macros from disappearing?

Thanks in advance for your help

A:Word 2010: how do I change default viewing zoom of document?

i've never needed macros - i use the zoom slider at the bottom-right of the document window.

with saved documents, it seems that the zoom level is saved with the file - so if you saved at 100%, it will open later at 100%.

to set the level for new blank documents, use the slider, then close down word - the next new document will appear at that same level, with no need to save.

that's how it works for me, anyway.

just tested, and it keeps the level after a reboot too.

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Good morning,
My question is related to Microsoft Word 2010. It's something pretty basis, but would be a great help! I would like to create a template for writing papers for graduate school. The paper needs a title page with a header that includes the complete paper title, and then the header after the title page has a shortened title . It seems that sometimes Word ccoperates when I am writing these papaers, and other times it is difficult, and takes quite a bit of time so if I can create a template, it would be great!
Thanks in advance for any help!

A:Microsoft Word 2010 Question

It would help to define the type of "paper" you are going to do?

Have you done a Google search on templates?

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Microsoft has been working all along, went to start an assignment today, clicked into it like I normally would a message saying " Microsoft Word cannot open at this time please try again or go to control panel to repair" This has never happened before and I need it working as soon as pissible. HELP.!!!

A:Microsoft Word 2010 won't open

"go to control panel to repair"

Do as it suggests, or re-install Word from your Office CD by running Office Setup again.

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I have an HP computer with Office Starter 2010 pre-installed. I have since installed Office Professional Plus 2010. Documents continue to open to Office Starter instead of Word. How do I set documents to open to Word all the time? I have tried setting the properties of file to open with Word and check marking for all files, but it keeps returning to Office Starter.

A:Microsoft Word 2010 Documents

I would guess go to Uninstall a program and see if there's two versions of Office showing and uninstall starter.

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Hello all,

I have recently been having a few problems with Microsoft Word 2010.

The first of which is that it keeps trying to handle download requests:

This happened when Action Centre told me that I needed a driver for my memory card reader so I clicked download from the Dell website, and it tried to open the download link in word.

Its also done something similar before, but I can't remember the details

Can anyone think of a reason as to why this is happening?

Thanks in advance,


A:Problem with Microsoft Word 2010

Although I have Word, Im not an expert. If you go to default programs from seach. Is word selected as default?

This may involve registry. It should be attempted only is you are qualified and registry is backed up

This is also interesting

If it just began a System Restore should work.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2390T CPU @ 2.70GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8174 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD RADEON HD 6450, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 942205 MB, Free - 869298 MB; D: Total - 11560 MB, Free - 1378 MB;
Antivirus: Norton 360, Updated and Enabled

Where can I find the free version of Microsoft Word Starter 2010. Thank You

A:Microsoft Word Starter 2010

You can get it here: but you only get it free for a month, after that you have to pay for it.

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Why is it that whenever I try to make a word "bold" the whole document goes bold too? Or when I center something? This happens EVERY single time. I hate it! AND, it's hard to fix. It will only go back to normal if I go 'undo' but that's annoying. Please help. Also, I'd like to add that it happens even if I select the word first.

A:Microsoft Word 2010 Issue!

What font? Try a different font just for kicks

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PLEASE HELP!!!! I am doing a project and it's due tomorrow!!! I need to know if you are able to convert Microsoft word starter 2010 documents into Microsoft word 2007 documents!!!!! I can only print with Microsoft word 2007 but I only have the microsoft word starter 2010. Please respond ASAP!!!!

A:Microsoft word starter 2010

They are compatible with one another so you are fine.

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I have been using this for several years but today it quit working. When I try to open it I get the message "microsoft word starter 2010 cannot be opened repair in control panel". When I attempted to repair it in control panel it said all info would be lost, so I stopped. Unfortunately, I have some documents that I saved to a file and it requires word starter to open it. So, I don't want to lose them if there is any way to get around it. So far the only thing I have done is reboot the computer but it didn't help.

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hey guys, i've been using Word 2007 for quite a while and it's been working great. i'm going to buy a new PC and will need to buy Office again. my question is if it's worth spending more for 2010 or spending less on 2007? what's the cheapest way to buy it? i'm a student. are there any changes in grammar? i'm not really concerned about the interface.


A:Microsoft Word 2007 vs 2010?

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I have Microsoft Word 2010, and the last couple days I haven't been able to use it. Whenever I open it up and start typing, it freezes. A box opens up and says "Microsoft Word has stopped working." Then it closes. Any reasons why?

A:Microsoft Word 2010 keeps crashing.

Foster, have you use the repair selection in the control panel Programs and features. select your office and then
select repair. That should help you.


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My Microsoft Office 2010 cannot be opened and the notification keeps on saying that the Microsoft Office is downloading the required feature, the Microsoft office may appear unresponsive temporarily as required files are downloaded". however, this problem has occurred for four days and it causes me problem to accomplish my work.

A:i cannot open my microsoft word 2010

Do you let it finish acquiring the needed files? You could do a simple repair of office from the control panel add and remove list.

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I have a program that whenever you want to write, it opens up Word Pad.

Is there a way to fix it so that Microsoft word opens up instead.

A:How do you make Microsoft Word Default

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Hello. I have Microsoft Works Word Processor.
I have a Vista operating system.

When I open up a word document to type,
I want it always to open with another font and size,
not the current one. (times new roman).

It is hassle to change this everytime, and then it goes back to times new roman whenever it wants.

I cannot find out how to do this.
I cannot even find a "preferences" in case that would work.
Any suggestions?

A:Microsoft Works Word Processor-Want it to open with another Font.

Instructions at the link below:

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Hello, I'm not very good with computers so bare with me please :).

I am a university student and today when I went to open my class notes in Microsoft Works Word Processor I found nothing but a blank page. The file was still there, with the exact same name, but all the text was gone. The document contained 15 hours of lecture notes needed for an exam in 6 days, so I'm naturally pretty anxious for help. I have since turned my computer on and off. I have tried converting the file to rich text format and back, to no avail. The size of the document says a mere 16 kb now as well.

I opened the seemingly blank document with notepad, and found a bunch of jargon along with 2 interesting clues. One was very small pieces of my class notes here and there, in between the coding and jargon. The second was towards the end of the coding, where it said various random things about my HP printer. I did perform a printer test today, and was wondering if that did anything to delete or corrupt my notes.

I performed a system reset back to 5 PM (the file appeared blank at 6 PM, when it said it was last modified). The file is still blank. I have also checked through the recycle bin, nothing.

These notes are very important to me and my grade in this class. I have backed up material from 3 weeks ago, but with 3 hour classes i would still be missing a lot of material >_<. Any help is much appreciated, thank you very much.

A:Microsoft Word Processor Trouble, Cant find solution anywhere on the Net!

Hi, hoping you are lucky, right click on the document and select properties then "previous versions" if there you will be able to restore the file simple click and select restore.

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I have a Study Guide with questions in Microsoft Works Word Processor and I wanted to fill in the answers in a different font and color. But every time I click the question I want to answer, it automatically changes to the font and color of the question. So I have to type the answers and then highlight it and change the font and color manually. I have a ton of questions to answer and it is getting to be really time consuming to have to go back and change them all manually. Is there a way to set the font and color to be locked and never change even if I click a word or line that has a different font and color?

A:Microsoft Works Word Processor Font keeps changing

Just like Word, each area can have its own font and other settings.

You are going to have to put up with this, as the author did not set up the study guide to be used in this manner.

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Hi. I'm helping my grandparents with their new laptop and am showing them how to use the Works Word Processor. For some reason, after the first time we send something to print with multiple copies, it will only ever then print 1 copy even when you specify you want more. Has anyone come across this before and know of any solution, as its very annoying to have to print single sheets each time! Thanks in advance

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I have been attempting to create labels in MSW word processor in XP operating system.I select the preferred font and the first label is OK.When I begin the second label the font reverts to the New Times Roman default font.Can someone advise me on how to change the default font in this particular process and also maintain the selected font size. Patrol03

A:Microsoft works word processor Tools Font

Since tables are being used, you need to select ALL of the Cells in the table, then, go to the menu and then Fonts and then select the font and style that you want. This should be valid for that document.

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I am having problems printing from Microsoft Word 2010. The issue is that when I print a document with say 10 pages, the printer takes about 2 minutes to print a single page and then waits another 2 minutes before it prints another one. Whilst this is going on other users in the network cant print to the same printer.

I have tried disabling the background printing option. I know this is also not a driver issue as I am able to print from other applications without this problem.

A:Microsoft Word 2010 printing very slow.

These MS websites might help you. There are also links within these that you could check out as well.

Word 2010 is Slow - Microsoft Community

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I'm using Windows 8 on a very new i5 desktop computer, and Microsoft Word 2010 too often freezes/becomes unresponsive, to the point where I must open Task Manager and close it down. It's happened enough times that I'm finally putting the effort in to look for answers. Is there a way to find out what's causes the crashes or steps I can take to help alleviate Word 2010 crashes in general?

A:Microsoft Word 2010 becoming unresponsive/frozen

Hello, you can try deleteing your normal.dotm file (or if 03). This will set your Microsoft Word to the default template.
Right click in the lower left corner, and select run. Type in "%appdata%\Microsoft\Templates" Close out Microsoft Word, and delete the normal.dotm file. You can now open Word and see if this resolves the issue.

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I have Windows 7 home edition installed on my laptop. and here previously Microsoft word starter 2010 use to smoothly run on it. but just before a few days it's just not opening an is stuck at processing window to open it.. and in the notification bar I see some notice pops out saying......
"Microsoft office is loading the required features.
Microsoft office may appear unresponsive temporarily as required files are downloaded"
this notification keeps coming once I try to open ms word.. and in my process list there is no such things I find.
I got this ms office preinstalled at the time of purchase only..

please help.. I'm just not able to do any of my work on it related to word.
thank u so much in advance.. waiting for my query to be solved..

A:Microsoft word 2010 stopped responding

See my reply at you other thread.

Please do not Double Post"!

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I have initiated the 'Word Starter' on my new pc, Word started off ok and I managed to create a letter template, but now when I open Word and use it I find that it does not close down, the little blue circle starts and nothing happens... then it says 'Not Responding' and I have to click the red x again and a box comes up asking me to re-start or close Word, and after a short period it closes down.???

A:Microsoft Word Starter 2010 problem

Apparently this problem has been happening for quite a while. It happened to me as well with a Dell Vostro laptop and most recently with a Sony Vaio laptop.

MS Office Starter 2010 - Hesitation, Typing delays, Not Responding - Microsoft Answers

My solution was to uninstall the Office Starter and use the free OpenOffice. It's a full suite and compatible with MS Office. - The Free and Open Productivity Suite

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Good evening to all at W10 forum.
I have office 2010 on my windows 10 desktop,ZooStorm one recently bought.
Now the problem is with word when I go and type a document then go to file to save as a annoying box comes on screen asking me to click yes or what ever else in on the box.

There is nothing out of the ordinary in the document just plain times roman 14 font.
Can someone Please tell me why does this box come on screen while saving a word document to my document folder.

Many thanks.

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Our office has multiple Windows 7 desktops used by multiple people. We print a lot of mailing labels using the Avery templates that are built into Microsoft Word under Mailings, Labels. We have a handful of users that don't see all of the templates that other users see listed no matter what workstation they log into. I'm not sure why one user would see something like this different from another user.
Does anyone have any thoughts about a way to fix this before we have to manually define each label size for each user? And if we do that will it have to be done each time they change workstations?

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could someone please help

im installing office professional 2010 from disc the setup runs fine and then asks me to agree the license terms etc that runs fine then its says upgrade or custom i just click either and this message comes up and it wont let me go any further could you please advise me.

the message says

Setup has detected legacy groove or microsoft groove server software on this system. you must uninstall all legacy groove and microsoft groove server software before installing or upgrading to microsoft sharepoint workspace. for more information see your microsoft sharepoint workspace administrator.
The big problem is i don't even knows what the Groove Legacy is and have looked into the programmes and can't find the Groove legacy there,

could you please advise me

A:microsoft word 2010 installation error

See if Groove is in your Programs/Features in the Control Panel.

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I am thankful for the volunteers at BC; good morning to all.
Everything was fine last night, but this morning no Word/Excel Starter 2010 docs will open.  The popup reads:
"Microsoft Word Starter cannot be opened.  Try again or repair the product in Control Panel."
I did this Change/Repair from Control Panel and got this message:
"Repair Microsoft Office Click-to-Run
Repairing Microsoft Office Starter 2010 - English was unsuccessful because an internet connection is required.  Ensure your computer can access the internet and try again."
I think it's obvious I do have internet access because I'm submitting this topic, but apparently MSFT Office doesn't know this.
I opened Click-to-Run Application Manager at the Control Panel and got the same error message as above. Snip attached.
I restarted and attempted the Change/Repair from the Control Panel with the same results.
From glancing in Microsoft Community concerning this, I see that those for whom the repair would not work were encouraged to uninstall Microsoft Word Starter 2010 at Control Panel, then go to Start>Programs>Microsoft Office 2010>click "use", click "open", then reinstall Office Starter 2010...however, each said this didn't work as there is no "use" option available, plus there's an error that Click-to-Run Application Manager won't function.
I tried to do System Restore back to 11/7/2015, but I'm still getting the same "unabl... Read more

A:Microsoft Word Starter 2010 cannot be opened

Uninstall/reinstall the Office suite.  Then add any security updates and SPs that have been issued for that version.
Let us know how that works.

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Hello there!
My name is Manolis, I am 33 years old and I come from Greece.
Lately I see this message whenever I open Microsoft Word 2010:
"Microsoft Office Activation Wizard
 Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010
 This copy of Microsoft Office is not activated. If this software was not purchased for corporate or institutional use, it may be counterfeit.  Using counterfeit software exposes your computer and data to increased security risks, including viruses.
Change Product Key
Error Code: 0x8007232B"
When the Word document actually opens, it has a red headline on the top of the screen that says: " Compatibility Mode-Microsoft Word (Product Activation Failed).
What should I do?
Thank you!

A:Windows7 / Microsoft Word 2010 problem

Where did you get the program, is it legitimate or from a torrent download?
See this article:
Frequently asked questions about the Office Activation Wizard

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I have recently installed Microsoft Office 2010 on a brand new computer running on Windows 7.

When I save a word document the only way you can view it is by saving it in Word document 97-2003.
When saving a spreadsheet in Excel, and you try to open it, it displays as a Adobe document which cannot be opened.

Can someone explain if I have done something wrong, and how do I rectify this problem.

Many Thanks.

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If I 'print' a word doc as a pdf (File> Print) the Save As dialogue box always precedes the File name with 'Microsoft Word -'
I find this intensely annoying; I create a lot of pdfs and have to delete this every time. Is there a way to stop this appearing? Apart from anything else I seriously doubt that anyone on planet earth wants all their file names starting 'Microsoft Word'!

A:Microsoft Word in Cute pdf default File name

Have you tries File > Save As, instead of File > Print? You should then be able to specify the name of the .PDF without any other preceding words.

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Greetings Ya'll,

This is my 1st post, & since I'm trying to be a "sponge" on how Windows 7 operates, I imagine that I'll have many more.

I've been using Microsoft Word Starter 2010, up until it started freezing my PC. I actually had to hit Control/ Alt/ Delete in an attempt to get out of Word, & free up my PC. That took me to a screen that showed me that OFFSPON.EXE was not responding.

I ran a web search for this & found that it was somehow tied into the "Ads" that are supposed to come up on Word Starter 2010.

The document that I was putting together is frozen, anytime I click on to Word, & I have to repeat the process of Control/Alt/ Delete all over again.

My question is, ..., What is a recommended "Free" alternative for Word Starter 2010?

I do not want to store my data online, or on a "cloud", but on my PC.

I've also been reviewing several sites that offer Free software, & there seems to be good results with "Libre", & "Open Office", but, I'm also seeking more input on these two, or possibly any other alternative.

Any thoughts?

A:Free Alternative to Microsoft Word Starter 2010

Either of the 2 you mentioned LibreOffice or OpenOffice are good alternatives and are mostly Word compatible. Another very good one that I have used is called WPS Office.

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A Word document suddenly changes into a 'read only' file which cannot be saved or deleted. I have 'saved' under different file names as instructed, but as a result I now have 10 versions of the document, 9 of which I don't want! The 'Help' file says go to 'Properties' and untick the 'read only' box. The boxes aren't ticked, so I still cannot delete. How do I delete these files?

A:Problems deleting files in Microsoft Word 2010

This might be worth looking at for a solution:
Word 2010 suddenly becomes Read-Only

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Hi all - would appreciate some assistance with this.

The OS is Windows 7 and I have recently installed Office 2010 Home & Student version.

However, this problem is a hangover from my old computer which ran Windows XP and had Office 2003 installed.

The problem has remained the same. Periodically when working in Word or Excel, it will crash and I am able to restart the program and recover my documents (mostly), but they all come back out of order which is a huge hassle in terms of the way my day to day work goes.

The error message that I get is this or a variation:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BEX
Application Name: WINWORD.EXE
Application Version: 14.0.5123.5000
Application Timestamp: 4c646b38
Fault Module Name: unknown
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
Exception Offset: a1544203
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Data: 00000008
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 5129

Additional information about the problem:
LCID: 1033
skulcid: 1033
Another time the Exception Offset was 000eedac.

Upon advice from an 'IT' person, I downloaded and installed Paretologic PC and it reckoned it had scanned and fixed everything. Lies (and yes, I had restarted it). Also, it asked me about a bunch of drivers - whether I should download them - but I'm not sure if I should.

I should also note that I am running a file converter, as I have documents which date back to 2002. Someone who came to check my system said t... Read more

A:Microsoft Word & Excel 2010 random crashes

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I am running Windows Vista and when I try to install Microsoft Word 2010 it comes up with the following error message "Microsoft Word 2010 encountered an error during setup" but does not give any error code.  I've tried more than once to install
making sure I was under an administrator account but it still does the same thing.  I've searched for answers but nothing has helped.
Does anyone know what is going on and how I can fix this so I can use Word?
Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Whenever I open a word document in my windows 8.1 system, the PC becomes unresponsive. The hard disk keeps working but the system does not respond to any single action. I have to always switch it off from the power button. It is only happening when I open an office document. Any other program runs completely fine for as long as needed.

How can I report this huge problem to Microsoft. My laptop will get damaged from the situation and Microsoft will never take responsibility????


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Hi All....

I am running Win XP Professional, And Microsoft office 2007 2007 Enterprise... Works Great, But with word, We are getting a config screen and then a dialogue that says this:

"An error occurred and this feature is no longer functioning properly. Please run Setup and select 'Repair...' to restore this application"

Now i assumed that this was due to the fact that this was a student account. We then upgraded the account to Domain Admin, and we are getting the same error.

This is in an enterprise, and if we were to repair the Word File, We would have to do it on all 18 computers on said domain.

Is there an alternative?

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I've used the knock-offs (Open office) and its awful. I need only a word processor.. (not excel, or powerpoint). Something truly Microsoft. I don't want a trial, or subscription, or something where I have to be online to use it. It doesn't have to be the latest version. Is there any affordable option where I can purchase "MS Word" only? Any advice is helpful.

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I recently ran into an issue where this installation on Windows 7 Pro 32-bit is trying to open up all my programs in Word, they all have the MS word icon as well, so for instance, when I click on Nero, it will try to open it up in word and we get an error because it is not a word file. This is on all Program .exe files. There are no options to change the file association in the default programs in control panel. I have only seen a few fixes for this which involve the registry, I have checked these, however, all registry keys are correct. System restore fails as well, have tried multiple restore points to no avail. We have also ran norton, and malwarebytes on the system is it runs clean. I am not sure where to go from here. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:.exe program files opening with Microsoft word by default

Hello Wingsfan, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It sounds like your EXE file associations has been set wrong. You can download and merge the exe download in the tutorial below to restore all of the default associations and settings for the exe file extension.

Default File Type Associations - Restore

Hope this helps,

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