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How to bypass USB detection in Win 7 host, not in guest Linux, in VirtualBox?

Q: How to bypass USB detection in Win 7 host, not in guest Linux, in VirtualBox?


I am using VitualBox 4.1.8, on Windows 7 (32 bit) Ultimate. I have installed Scientific Linux 6 on VirtualBox.

Now what I want is, I want to bypass USB drive detection in Windows 7, and to be directly detected by Scientific Linux. Let's say I have a USB drive infected with bad*** viruses, that are like a puppie on Linux.

So when I plug in my drive, how can I disable detection of it in Windows 7,but not in SL 6, and use it there so that I can remove the pesky viruses or do whatever.

I have enabled USB controller in VirtualBox.


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I am running VirtualBox application to run my VMs. When The VMs are running and I perform a file copy operation from network (Network to Host or Network to Guest), it randomly calls for BSODs.

Blue screen shows driver file e1k62x64.sys as problem. Please help!!

Thanks in Advance

A:BSOD on Windows 7 Host with Guest VM Running on Virtualbox

Lot's of recent KB articles from Microsoft about VM's. Make sure that your Windows Updates are completely up to date.

e1k62x64.sys is a driver for your Intel 82577LM Gigabit NIC
Please do this:
- download a fresh copy of the network drivers from
- uninstall the current network drivers
- install the freshly downloaded network drivers and monitor for further BSOD's

If that doesn't fix it, then please post this info:

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I have use Windows XP constantly but am no longer secure on the internet. I was going to partition my hard drive and install Ubuntu so I can safely access the internet and email with Ubuntu. However, there does not seem to be a way to boot both XP and Ubuntu simultaneously and switch back and forth quickly. It seems I have to exit one OS and reboot the other.
Surfing the net I ran across VirtualBox which seems like a great way to run both systems simultaneously. However, I do not know if both operating systems are still completely independent then. Can I install and use Google Chrome in Ubuntu running as a virtual machine, and is XP then immune from hacking?
From an earlier post on this site, "Can XP be hacked if I am logged off from the internet?" I said
"My local computer store technician tells me that if my computer is hard-wired by an Ethernet wire connected to the internet, my computer can still be hacked and a hacker can get into XP even though I do not log onto the internet with XP.
AngryRaisin replied, (Thank you by the way):
"If you disable your internet adapter in the device manager there is almost no chance of getting hacked except for you turning the adapter back on and forgetting that you turned it back on."
That brings up the question as to whether if I turn the internet adapter in the device manager in XP off, will Chrome still work in Ubuntu? What, if any, features of XP does a virtual machine use? I read that the virt... Read more

A:Internet security VirtualBox XP host OS and Unbuntu guest OS

save you self a lot of hassle and upgrade to win7

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Hopefully somebody here can help me. I've looked around everywhere to find a solution for this issue, but this problem differs from all the threads you can find in many forums around there: it already worked well for me

My problem:
I want to run a 64-bit virtual machine with VirtualBox on my 64-bit host OS (Win 10 Home).
When I created the VM, there was already an option for 64-bit guests in VirtualBox settings, so I installed Windows 64-bit and everything was fine.

Now, apparently after uninstalling McAfee Internet Security with the official Removal Tool, I can't start my 64-bit VM anymore. (but I can't find any McAfee related solutions on Google as well) Instead, I get errors that say the 64-bit guest 'will not be able to boot', Hyper-V virtualization errors, etc. - no wonder, the 64-bit option is suddenly completely gone, when I take a look at the VirtualBox settings. Therefore I can't create or use any 64-bit VM anymore.

After searching for solutions for many hours I have to add the following:

There was never an option for Hyper-V under 'programs and features', I guess because I use the Home edition of Win10 which doesn't include Hyper-V.

In my BIOS there is no option with virtualization, VT,... or any similar option. I googled and it seems like my Acer notebook would enable it by default but locks the option to disable it in the BIOS (like I said, it already worked perfectly)

I can't even get my files from the virtual disk image, because only a 64-bit guest OS c... Read more

A:Virtualization suddenly gone? 64bit guest / 64bit host (VirtualBox)

Originally Posted by ih8hyperv

In my BIOS there is no option with virtualization, VT,... or any similar option. I googled and it seems like my Acer notebook would enable it by default but locks the option to disable it in the BIOS (like I said, it already worked perfectly)

Hi, just next to your post is mine, where on my new custom PC I found the Acceleration tab in Virtualbox greyed out.

I could not install Win 8 as a VM, and got an error about VT-X....... a setting which is under the Acceleration tab.

Like you, I found my UEFI offered no Virtualisation setting.. a dumbed down set of options.
The supplier immediately understood my problem, and said that Virtualisation was normally enabled on their PCs (on many in general it is not). So I sent mine back- they have another identical model where it's working.

What surprises me from your report is that you got as far as installing Win 10 as a VM if that was true in your case. If you also ran it, and the Acceleration tab is not greyed out, that suggests Virtualisation technologies are enabled on your PC. I'm not clear if you got that far.

On that basis looking for Hyper-V will not help (and it's not available in Home as you say).

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Hi there
after getting / enabling 3D and hardware acceleration to work on Windows Guest from OPENSUSE 13.1 Linux HOST the UNIT mode application menus work just fine

One caveat -- The Metro store app starts automatically -- you have to close that and remove from windows task bar when you leave unity mode.

Screenshot enc with IE11 running in unity mode on Linux KDE desktop with application menus working.


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I have recently installed Redhat Enterprise V.3 as guest on Windows XP host using vmware.

After adding the necessary lines in the 2 ifcfg-eth0 files, the device eth0 is finding the IP correctly at boot time (or by usinf ifup eth0) and I can use folder sharing between the host and the gust. However I still can't connet to the Interent from the guest.

My windows host internet conection is working fine.
I had it working for a short peiod of time on the guest. (I was using VM - settings - customized - eth bridged-default)

Has anyone seen this before?



Edit/Delete Message

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As we all know Windows 10 is a technical preview right now. Most of us are using it in Virtual Machines, but we cannot set our resolutions past 1024x768 which kills the preview experience for us.
So that said. How are we going to make Guest additions work on Windows 10 right now for Virtualbox? Any ideas?

A:Virtualbox Guest Additions in Windows 10 Guest Operating System

1024x768 is a pretty big resolution (at least more than enough to read text). However, I suggest you to post at the official forums for further improvement of Windows 10 Preview (its compatibility) 

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Hi there,

I have a lenovo latptop with intel T9400, with Windows 7 64bit installed. I have installed VirtualBox 4.3.15 and am trying to install a 64 bit guest ScientificLinux on it. But when i select the install option from the main screen after booting from DVD from within the VirtualBox it gives me an error

"This kernel requires an x86_64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU.
Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU"

I checked some forums and people suggested the Virtualization should be enabled from within the BIOS, which i did but it still gives me the same error.

I then installed VMLite, just to check whether its the software that has issues but it also gave me same type of error. Although it did prompted me that

"Virtualization is enabled, but not operational"

Please suggest me some solutions.

Thanks in advance.

A:VirtualBox 64bit guest

Are they the 64 bit versions of Virtualbox and VMLite??

For 64-bit guests, it requires a 64-bit CPU with VT-x or AMD-V

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did anybody tried to install Windows 7 as guest OS on VirtualBox ?
Did it work ?

A:Windows 7 as guest on VirtualBox

I have heard that it does NOT work, although it apparently works in Virtual PC. This is only by word of mouth however, I have it natively installed

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Hi All,
I've had Win CP 64-bit running happily under the previous version of Virtualbox. I updated to the latest release, and after a while I got a message (in the guest machine) saying something along the lines of "New Guest additions available - install now."

I now have a happy blue screen looking at me - I get Fish, black, white then blue...... any suggestions before I blast the VM out of existance & start again??



A:Virtualbox 4.1.12 & New Guest Additions

Ho Hum,

I set up a new VM - got that loaded ok - now need to resize the screen - the previous methodology doesn't work anymore in this version of Virtualbox. Plod on using the "help" function.


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I have updated my OS to Windows 10 which has been activated during the upgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64bit.

I have added Windows 10 as a guest in Virtualbox, how do I validate the Windows 10 guest?

A:How to activate Windows 10 guest in VirtualBox

Installing Windows 10 to a virtual machine, same activation rules apply as in installing to any new computer. Your options are:
Install and activate a qualifying OS (Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1) on virtual machine, then upgrade it to Windows 10Buy a Windows 10 license for clean install
You cannot just clean install Windows on a computer, be it a real physical one or a virtual machine, and expect it to be activated without a valid product key.


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I have posted this problem at Linuxquestions, but I could not get any comments.
I think this problem might need windows 7 and/or linux, so I want to post here and want to invite members' opinion on this problem.


My box is centos 5.3 x86 and host is windows 7 x64.

For installing on centos, I tried this steps.

1. set local area's ip dynamic. get
2. set centos's eth0's ip dynamic. get
3. router's dmz to of centos
4. install ddclient on centos
5. install and run xampp for linux 1.7.2
6. test

(1) at windows as host
ping - good
browse - good
browse - failed
(2) at centos ad guest
ping - good
ping - good
browse - good
browse - failed
(3) ddclient.conf is here

## ddclient configuration file
daemon=600 # check every 600 seconds
syslog=yes # log update msgs to syslog
pid=/var/run/ # record PID in file.

## Detect IP with our CheckIP server
use=web,, web-skip='IP Address'

## DynDNS username and password here
password=my PASSWORD

## Default options

## Dynamic DNS hosts
Please help for resolving this problem.

A:running on virtualbox guest os

Hi there
when you use something like dyndns ( I use no-ip but similar facilities) then the IP address you get back should be the EXTERNAL IP address as seen from OUTSIDE your router - in other words the current IP address your ISP has allocated to you when you first connect to the Internet.

It doesn't matter how many machines you have (real or virtual or a combination of both) on your INTERNAL LAN - you will only have ONE IP address as far as the rest of the Internet is concerned.

Now if you want each individual machine on your lan to act as a web server or whatever you will have to Port Forward 80 (usually but can be 8080 or whatever) to the INTERNAL IP address of the web server you want to log on to.

Since a normal Router will only forward a port to a specific IP address You will have to

1) assign INTERNAL STATIC IP addresses to your network

2) select which port to use for your web server and forward it to the appropriate machine.

(If you are running a web server on a Virtual machine ensure the HOST doesn't time out or comes up with a screen saver otherwise you won't get access to the guest VM unless you've bought the host "out of sleep mode").

Running Linux as a host is usually fine especially if you use something like vmware server for your guest VM's and your web server is on the VM. - you won't then need a GUI in the host - saves resources.


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I posted these tips in the Windows 7 forum. They might help.

Ubuntu guest in VirtualBox - some tips - Windows 7 Forums

A:Ubuntu guest in VirtualBox - some tips

For me, the resolution is ok in ubuntu with the latest VBox.

It depends which kernel you use, usually the very new are not yet supported (unable to compile display drivers).

Those shared folder automount tips look interesting.


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I am running Windows XP Pro host and guest OSes with VirtualBox 3.2.10. Sometimes when launching the guest OS I get this error:

An unhandled win32 exception occurred in VBoxSVC.exe [5812].Click to expand...

It asks, "Do you want to debug using the selected debugger?" When I click No it seems to continue on its merry way as if the problem never occurred.

Has anyone run into this before or have an idea of what may be causing it? Thanks.

A:Unhandled Exception Launching Guest OS on VirtualBox

When this happened to me with any software,uninstalling then re installing fixed the problem.
Hope it does for you

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Hi all.

I am having a little trouble with an external monitor connected to a laptop. I'm pretty knowledgeable about what's going on with it, and I know what I need to make it work without resorting to a hardware repair solution.

My system bios has an option to boot while outputting the display to both the attached lcd screen and the available vga port without needing to be able to detect whether something is even connected to that port.

I need to know if there is some kind of program or setting I can use under windows xp which will accomplish the same thing as my bios. This is not a driver problem, unless anyone can think of a video driver for a Radeon 9600 that would allow external vga output without needing to detect if a monitor is connected. I just need a program or hack that will enable the port whether or not something is attached to it, not advice on what else my problem might be. Any help regarding this would be much appreciated.


A:Monitor Detection Bypass?

Hi, Usually there are hotkeys that toggle the video output from LCD to external, or to both an external and LCD, does your machine have that? I'm not sure if the toggle "sticks" from start to start, though.

If you could post the brand and model of the machine, that will help us to look things up.

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is there anyway we can bypass the guest a/cs on xp machines over the network.

any script or hack tool??

A:bypass guest accounts in local Lan network

Hi and welcome to TSG but I think you might have missed the rules on the way in?
"Other Illegal Activities - As you might expect, we don't want anything illegal going on here. Users cannot post hacks, cracks, pirated software, or anything of the like. Furthermore, we do not allow instructions on how to complete illegal activities, such as pirating. Please don't ask for advice on using illegal software, as it will be removed."


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Hey people, anyone know a good software for recording OS - windows, im using VBox but they have Video Capture but when i see on VLC the screen resolution is small with black borders .. i try to make a videos testing malwares.. any help is welcome and opinion.

- Anker_by

A:Screen Capture for VirtualBox on Linux

Try Camtasia Studio - it works well for me when I need to record the screen, and also includes a built-in video editor.

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Hi there

I usually run a LINUX HOST for testing Windows VM's - but I need to test some new releases of various Linux distros so I've created some VM's --easy enough and running them on a Windows Host.

However I can't attach a USB drive with a Linux file system (XFS) to the VM as the Windows HOST rejects the HDD wanting me to format it !!. There's 2.7 TB of media files on it - I want to test running media server in a VM.

Anybody know how to bypass the Windows nag prompt about the HDD and be able to attach it direct to the VM.

(The other way round is no problem -- never a problem loading NTFS HDD's on to Linux machines -- however the NTFS file system is SLOW compared with XFS -- on USB3 device on Native windows transfer rate of 1 TB of files from fast NTFS HDD to NTFS USB3 device is max 82 Mib/s - average for whole transfer. On same machine with Native Linux and XFS to XFS (using same HDD's and USB 3 port avg speed is 350 mib/s !! -- HUGE difference !!!).

Note I have to have a Windows Host for this --I know I could run Linux VM's from a Linux Host but in this case I do have to use a Windows Host as that will be the destination system at the end of testing.

BTW I'm running VMWARE workstation 12.1 on W10 Pro Host.


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I just switched schools and I work for HP's marketing team part time which entitles me to get on some websites blocked by our school's network (sonicwall block). I went to tech and they basically were no help at all to fix as everything they did didn't allow the sites through.

I then tried a proxy on Firefox and it was blocked as the sonicwall detected that I was using a proxy. Why did this happen and is there a way to bypass?

This is mainly on wired connection as the Ethernet isn't god awfully slow like wireless is.

A:How to bypass proxy detection on public network?

Sorry, we do not support circumventing restrictions of school, company, public, etc., networks. Closing.

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Fixed due to proxy-misconfiguration issues...

A:Unable to use nat within virtualbox on win7 host

Please delete ...

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I have a problem at bridged connection between virtualbox vm and windows host.

1. host
windows 7 x64.

2. virtualbox guest
scientific linux 6.2 x86
bridged adapter

I could not make a ping to gateway and open web pages at vm. So I tried these two ways.

1) disabled windows firewall and uninstalled vaccine.
2) install comodo internet security and add VirtualBox.exe and VBoxSVC.exe to Trusted Files".

Please let me know how to make network connection with vm and windows host with bridged adapter for getting ip 192.168.0.x.

Thanks in advance.

A:bridged connection between virtualbox vm and windows host

I've never had much success connecting Linux to a Windows host using the "Network" icon in the file manager but I can connect if I use smb://Your Host PC Name/ in the address bar . It then connects to any shares you have.

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This is going to be long but please hear me out I'm desperate for help.

It began when one of my RAM sticks failed. After some assistance from my friend in figuring out the RAM was the problem I removed the offending stick and everything seemed back to normal except I wasn't getting any internet on my computer, showing a red x over the internet icon. Windows 7. I ran the troubleshooter and it said that the VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter was experiencing problems, vague I know. I also found it weird because why would VirtualBox problems have anything to do with the connection on my physical machine?

Anyway I visited my friend who let me use his computer to download clean drivers and he was kind enough to give me a spare network card to try. Neither solution made any difference even though everything else seems in normal working order.

I'm having to post this off my grandma's flat touch screen thingy, proof our internet is still on. Idk how to backspace without deleting my text. I apologize if I missed any info, using this bizarre device is throwing me off a bit. Please let me know what information you need, I would be very grateful if you can offer suggestions.

A:Solved: No Internet on Physical Machine Because of VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adap

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Issue: Parental control software installed on Windows 7 is being bypassed by installing Linux as a second partition.
Other Details: Currently, I can prevent Ubuntu or other Linux based application on CD (ISO.) from being installed by password protecting BIOS. However, this method doesn't prevent WUBI.exe or MINT4WIN.exe from execution.
Goal: Purchase or build a system that will prevent the issue stated above from occurring.
Possible Solutions:

Purchase or build a system on a motherboard with UEFI.

At this point, I'm not sure if these solutions I have in mind will solve my issue. I have no experience with them. I would like to hear your take on them or suggests other alternatives.

A:Prevent bypass of parental control on WIN7 using linux os

You can setup parental controls in your router or use OpenDNS as more effective means to control internet activities:

A new PC will have all the same issues.

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I have installed an Oracle DB (11.2) on a guest VM (Centos 5) and my host is Windows 7 Ultimate.

I need to able to connect to the DB from windows.

Ping status is as follows:

guest -> host - IP : Yes
guest -> host - hostname : Yes
guest -> guest - hostname : Yes
guest -> guest - IP : Yes
host -> guest - IP : No
host -> guest - hostname : No
host -> host - IP : Yes
host -> host - hostname : Yes

My VM IP is :

and when I do ipconfig /all this is my output:

C:\Windows\system32>ipconfig /all
Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : hostname
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . : a.pri
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : a.pri
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : a.pri
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-1E-0B-34-8F-BE
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::319b:5ee:aab7:dee9%10(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : 2012 6 27 10:56:51
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : 2012 7 27 10:56:51
Default Gat... Read more

A:Ping from host to guest with NAT

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Hello, please i need help.
I have done installation of windows xp sp3 on a guest virtual machine and i have problem with networking.
On my host machine (windows 8.1 ) i have 1 static ip and i can't have anotherone.
So from this ip i have to share network to guest machine.
The guest machine tries to get ip from dhcp but it can't. When i give it manual ip address (the ip from host computer) it works ok but i have to turn off host's network card because they cant have tha same ip address.
any help?

A:Host setup does not allow IP to be assigned to guest

Originally Posted by Kyro

Hello, please i need help.
I have done installation of windows xp sp3 on a guest virtual machine and i have problem with networking.
On my host machine (windows 8.1 ) i have 1 static ip and i can't have anotherone.
So from this ip i have to share network to guest machine.
The guest machine tries to get ip from dhcp but it can't. When i give it manual ip address (the ip from host computer) it works ok but i have to turn off host's network card because they cant have tha same ip address.
any help?

Hi Kyro, welcome to the Eight Forums.

If your host setup does not allow an IP to be assigned to guest system, there's nothing that I know which would let you to connect it to the network keeping host's connection active. For example using enhanced session mode (which allows to connect external USB devices for instance modem) does not work with XP guests.

I will ask mods to move this question as its own thread in this Virtualization section, let's hope we will find you a solution or workaround.


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I posted this in a reply to another thread but Im so frustrated that I think it needs its own thread

Im trying to make a small network,,,only 2 computers

Right now I mainly just want to share an internet connection (Im still on dialup).
Do I need more "hardware" other than just the connecting phone cord/adapter? I want the PC with WinXP pro to be the host.

Should I put the line from the laptop (which I want to be the guest) in the jack where I usually put my phone/internet line?
Or where I usually put the line to my telephone??


A:Laptop Guest to Desktop PC host..HOW??!!

You need to have a network connection between the two machines, probably the easiest way is two NICs (Network Interface Cards) and a crossover CAT5 cable. Here's a site that explains ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) setup way better than I will:

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deleted - updated in another thread

A:W10 as GUEST on CENTOS Rel 7 HOST -- WORKS !!!!

Where can i find this thread? I'm running Windows 7 as a guest on CentOS and would like to upgrade to win 10

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As I am having problems with USB and getting my workfiles onto my guest machine I thought I could load them onto my host then access them via file sharing. I have set up the VMware player with the location of a shared directory on the host but I cannot see that on my guest XP desktop. Can someone go throught the steps I need to do to get this working. So far I am having no end of problems getting this new laptop to work with my old software. Using Windows 8 Pro 64 bit on host and Windows XP Pro

A:Sharing files between Win8 host and XP guest

Hi there
The EASIEST way bar none for this sort of stuff is to ENABLE file sharing on BOTH machines and then share via simple networking.

Now ensure that you are currently ON THE HOST and insert the USB stick into the computer. Right mouse click on it and choose SHARING. As share name use the volume name (it's easier).
Get back to the XP virtual machine and click on My Network places - you should now see your host machine's shared disks.

It's easier if you have the same user id and password on both HOST and the VM.

have a look at the three screenshots below.


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Hi Haven't tried VMware on my Vista 64, though I have tried microsoft's own offering using my Windows Vista 64 system as a host to a Windows XP 32 guest. I installed Crysis in to my virtualized Windows XP 32 system but when I insert the disc in to DVD drive Crysis tells me it needs an original disc not a back up, [ and that is the original disc ] so I can't figure out why it thinks it is a back-up.

Best and Warm Regards
Adrian Wainer

A:Old XP installed on new host Vista system as a guest

I had problems trying to game in a VM environment. I had an old 16 bit game I wanted to play and it didn't work well. Have you tried installing Crysis on your machine outside of the VM. It should work fine in Vista 64.

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I read a walk through in the British magazine PC PRO PC PRO: IT News & Reviews about transfering an old computer XP based system on to a new computer running Vista, with the XP becoming a guest to the Vista host, using the product available at VMware Converter for workstation to virtual pc and virtual machine migration - VMware. and then operating the installed client through VMware server Console. [ I haven't tried to this myself but a few points for you if you want to, when you load up the VMware converter in your old machine you will get a message asking have you an enterprise licence, respond by clicking "continue in starter mode", the transfer software should be available gratis at the www address above, the utility to run the installed client is called VMware server VMware Server, Virtual Server Consolidation, Free Virtualization - VMware and should be available gratis ( dont worry about the "server " bit in the name that will not cause a problem runing on Vista, but remember once your guest (s) is/are installed as this is designed as a server application shutting down the console will not shut down any guest(s) you have running, you need to shut down any guest(s) before you exit the console ).

Best and Warm Regards
Adrian Wainer

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The host is W8 Pro RTM. If attempt is made to access the guest XP(SP3) from the host, "The user name or password is incorrect" is returned. If I try to access the XP from another PC on the network the user ID in the dialog box is grayed. The grayed user ID shows xxxx\Guest, xxx being the computer name of the guest XP.
Please note that guest account on the XP is disabled.
Any suggestion is appreciated.

A:Hyper-V guest XP not accessible from host or other network PC

If you can connect and log in via the Hyper-V console, this may help:

How to Setup Remote Desktop on Windows XP

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Help! I've set up a null modem serial cable connecting my old dinosaur Windows 98 PC to my new XP laptop. I set up the Direct Cable Connection on both PCs and set up the 98 PC as host and the XP laptop as guest. The guest laptop shows that it is connected to the 98 PC (in network connections) and the 98 host PC shows an active connection with the guest. I've also set the host PC to allow sharing and have set the "C" drive to be shared with full rights. However, when I check "network places" on the guest XP laptop, nothing appears at all. Is there something I'm missing? I'm not exactly computer illiterate but have no experience setting up networks or simple connections. I appreciate any help someone can give me! Thanks.

A:Direct Cable Connection -- Windows 98 (host) to Win XP (guest)

Just go buy a Crossover (RJ-45 or Network) cable, usually orange, and direct connect the two with that. Should be alot easier, just make sure both have NetBEUI installed, and you should be good.

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I have an old Lexmark 2050 Colorfine inkjet printer (16 bit) that runs fine on Win95/98 platforms. I have no other printers available & cannot configure this driver to the host Win XP Pro SP2 OS w/ Pentium IV CPU 2.8 GHz, as XP does not support the driver for this printer. Except for this printing issue, I have successfully installed and operated Win98 SE as a VM using VPC 2007 SP1, spending many hours configuring, updating, polling, reading blogs & tips, etc, etc, all to no avail (IEEE-1284 secure both ends, 'sc config spooler start= disabled' & 'net stop spooler' no results either). I do not expect to network this system either, as the XP host will not allow/load the Lexmark driver. Why wonít the VM capture and print to standard (378h-37Fh, IRQ 7, Bidi) LPT1? The printer control program responds graphically processing the print job within the VM environment; but the printer queue accessed through VM Control Panel remains empty (pause function also unresponsive via Control Panel). Is there a reliable software solution/trick for this problem, or am I attempting the impossible? Is it because the CPU does not support virtualization? All of my other applications, MS Office 2000, Adobe 6.0, etc, run fine on the VM. Just canít get the bloody system to printÖ Grrrrrrrrrrr! Can anyone help this blind squirrel find a nut? Frankly, Iím amazed that at this relatively late juncture of development an answer for this problem seems so obscure; in general... Read more

A:LPT1 problem on guest Win98 w/ XP host on VPC 2007

Since my last post I formatted HD, reinstalled host XP Pro SP2, VPC 2007 SP1 & guest Win98SE among many other "blind squirrel" attempts to get Lexmark 2050 operational. Steve Jain offers some helpful tips in his blogs, & by many online accounts a physical printer "should" function from a guest OS w/o host driver. I've read "standard" LPT1 must be configured in VPC console before installing virtual OS; which I've done. I have also established a MS loopback adapter network with print sharing enabled & firewall disabled; still all to no avail. Lexmark 2050 runs virtually, but not physically; print job does not reach VM control panel printer queue, however printer control program detects on/off line status of printer (I guess due to a dedicated bidi comm line). Can it be NTFS vs FAT of WinXP vs Win98? Or every time the printer is turned on, the host's Hardware Wizard detects it; could it be the HW captures LPT1 before the guest does? No easy task to silence HW. Are other WinXP "services" from "typical" installation suspect of capturing LPT1? It would be a shame to discard an otherwise functional printer; after all this is the cause of the "bigger picture" - the amount of unnecessary waste/polution Americans generate! No one can ever accuse Lexmark of "going green"!

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hi every one.
after i installed "virtual box guest additions" on my OS(win 7 ultimate),it can't start(up).
The OS has not a restore point.
what should I do?

A:Windows 7 host cannot startup after Guest Additions install

Hi Saeidmscs

You have no Restore Points at all? Not even the ones that Window's makes by itself? are you sure?

Try booting into Safe Mode to check:
1) Start your PC and spam F5 until a screen asking you to select your OS appears,
2) Press F8
3) Select "Safe Mode"
4) In the Start Menu type System Restore
5) Click "Restore your Computer to an earlier point in time

Windows makes Restore Points for itself automatically every few days or when it installs updates, so unless you have Restore turned off, then its unlikely you have NO restore points. Post back with your findings

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Hello EightForums administrators and other members

Today, I installed Linux Mint 13 to try some appliactions, programs and other good things.
I downloaded it normally , followed guide from this forum and after installing it I don't have network connection.

I tried with all type of network switches and activated Legacy Network Adapter but it don't work (I configured in network adapter for ex. External Network 1 , I want to say it's not say : Not Connected in VM Settings).

When I turn it Linux Mint says : Disconnected - you are now offline.

How to configure network and the Internet to work with Linux Mint VM ?

Thanks in advance and please answer soon.

A:Windows 8 Hyper-V-How to configure network to work in Linux Mint Guest

I'm new to Hyper-V myself but I think there are 2 guides you should follow:
Hyper-V ? Create Linux Virtual Machine in Windows 8

How to use (vista example):
Hyper-V - How to Use in Windows 8

And there is someone that manages to add network to Vista so maybe you can apply that to LMDE.

Good luck

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(tl;dr) Background.
This all started with a fight on malware in W7 that I've lost. I realize that immunodeficiency of Windows is what we pay for convenience. Ability of malware to break out of vmware box was a nasty surprise, given that both guest and host are fully patched windows 7 with guest "protected" by ZoneAlarm av+fw and host "protected" by avast+windows firewall. Naive attempts to recover w7 from .img disk clone (storred on an offline disk) failed as well. The images got infected while I was changing the boot settings in bios. This was a rough awakening. To stop loss I "boot and nuked" and formatted all affected disks to ext4, installed Ubuntu and vmware with windows 7 guest on.

The problem.
Vmware flawlessly installed W7 guest on Ubuntu host from a genuine W7 installation disk. However, when I use the same disk to install W7 on bare metal it gets stuck at the first user input screen. Both keyboard and mouse are frozen.

Troubleshooting attempts.
Changing mouse/keyboard, hdd, RAM, video card did not solve the problem. Yes, I've formatted hdd to fat32 and ntfs, but that didn't help either. Also, afaik if windows can't find any suitable media it does not freeze at the first screen. Instead, it says "no suitable hardware found, please add a driver". I am heaving a problem way upstream. I had similar behavior when I was fighting virus, but I thought I cleaned it up by creating a new file tables (ms-dos) already.

Final remar... Read more

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I was told by somebody here with VIP badges that I should not post here how to make Firefox run more smoothly in a Virtual Machine in Linux. It should be in a Linux forum. So I moved it there.

A:To speed up mouse scrolling speed in Firefox in Linux VirtualBox

Linux. in a windows forum??

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Dear friends,
please bear with my ignorance. I have to run a Windows 7 virtual machine under KVM on a Linux Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit host to run MS Office 2013.

I have printers defined on the Linux host and would like to have the Win7 guest to "see" them.

I have therefore setup a samba server on my Linux host for sharing both the printers and a directory. While the latter works great, I am not able to "see" the printers from within the Win7 guest.

Would any of you be so knowledgeable (and patient and kind :-)) to see if you can sort out which mistake I might be doing ?

Here follow info from a thread I posted on a Linux forum. Thank you so much in advance:

Dear friends,
I am trying to "see" the printers I have defined on an Ubuntu Linux IBM client from within a Windows 7 guest OS running under KVM virtualization via Samba protocol.
The setup of the samba server seems quite aok to me and from within the Win7 command line if I issue a net view command I see the following (slightly trimmed redundant entries: C:\Users\IBM_ADMIN>net view \\
Shared resources at \\
Samba Server Version 3.6.6
Share name Type Used as Comment
Downloads Disk
itroml39 Print itroml39
itroml39.... Read more

A:Please help with using Samba shared from a Linux host

Not completely sure on this as your set up is a bit different than normal.

For Samba share access Windows 7 requires some adjustments to the lanman server settings and the encryption might also be a problem.

The following link shows how to make these adjustments via the Local Security Policy.

Solved W2K3 Server can access W8 W8 computer cant see W2K server

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I have a linux virtual machine that I forgot which machine it being hosted on. Is it possible to find that some if I ssh into the virtual machine?

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Hi there

W10 X-64 pro (build 10547) and vmware workstation rel 12 - in full screen mode can't launch apps from taskbar.

Works fine in Windowed mode

This happens on LINUX Hosts - (Opensuse, Centos and Mint)


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Hi there

Mp3tag very useful tagging program for music files -- you don't need to run this on a Windows VM on a Linux host. This runs 100% perfectly on WINE on the linux host.
I did look at some pure linux alternatives but although the interface was OK they didn't wotk !!.

Wine also runs WINAMP PRO -- I still like Winamp as a) it plays in folders, b, rips CD's in FLAC, 3) uses GRACENOTE DB rather than FREEDB - Gracenote is far superior for Classical Music.


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Heya. I have barely any experience hosting game servers; the last time I did it was many years ago.
I'm wondering whether it's possible to host a game server (e.g. Counter Strike Source, or The Hidden) with a GNU/Linux operating system (probably Ubuntu) and have Windows-based clients connect to the server to play online.
I tried researching the issue but it seems this is not a popular question. Search results seem to indicate that it's perfectly doable, but reliable confirmation would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you in advance.

A:Host Game Server on GNU/Linux for Windows Clients

As long as the game can support both OSes, it should be fine as the data between computer is the same.

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Hi there

after no problem with all the various updates on Windows 1607 I've really got a strange one now

Laptop (HP envy) has lost Wifi and Internet connectivity on the Windows HOST - but a Linux VM I'm running on the same laptop has absolutely NO problem connecting to both 2.4 and 5 GHZ wifi networks.

The Wifi card in the computer is a bog standard Intel Dual Band Wifi adapter AC7265 -- been running fautlessly ever since the start of the W10 program.

Not sure why this adapter should suddenly stop working - I've checked the VM and it hasn't "hogged" the device by disconnecting it from the host.

Reverting back to BEFORE latest updates were applied -- all working again.

(No changes of any kind were made to the Linux VM so it's not the VM that's at fault here).

Can't understand why this update should hose up a perfectly decent reliable piece of working hardware !!!!!!.


A:1607 - no Wifi on HOST but Linux VM has no problem with Internet !!!

Not knowing VMware, I was just wondering if it has a similar setting like this in Hyper-V:

When the option highlighted in above screenshot is selected in virtual switch properties, the virtual machines using this switch can connect to Internet but host has no Internet.

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Hi there

after no problem with all the various updates on Windows 1607 I've really got a strange one now

Laptop (HP envy) has lost Wifi and Internet connectivity on the Windows HOST - but a Linux VM I'm running on the same laptop has absolutely NO problem connecting to both 2.4 and 5 GHZ wifi networks.

The Wifi card in the computer is a bog standard Intel Dual Band Wifi adapter AC7265 -- been running fautlessly ever since the start of the W10 program.

Not sure why this adapter should suddenly stop working - I've checked the VM and it hasn't "hogged" the device by disconnecting it from the host.

Reverting back to BEFORE latest updates were applied -- all working again.

(No changes of any kind were made to the Linux VM so it's not the VM that's at fault here).

Can't understand why this update should hose up a perfectly decent reliable piece of working hardware !!!!!!.


A:1607 - no Wifi on HOST but Linux VM has no problem with Internet !!!

Not knowing VMware, I was just wondering if it has a similar setting like this in Hyper-V:

When the option highlighted in above screenshot is selected in virtual switch properties, the virtual machines using this switch can connect to Internet but host has no Internet.

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Hi there
Workstation Version 10.2 Host running these distros - same observations for both hosts. Opensuse / Linux Mint 17 both 64 bit. Guest is windows 8.1 update 1.

I seem on the df -h command get a /tmp file around 4GB which is 95% allocated. This goes down to 0% when the vm is powered off.

I can't seem to find any way to increase the size of this file or configure it in any way -- is this just VMware using disk space or will my Guest eventually fail because lack of disk space. There's actually plenty of space on the HDD itself. !!


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Hi there

running latest build as a VM on a Linux Host (VMware workstation v 12.01) the taskbar can't be accessed in FULL SCREEN mode if the taskbar is selected to be at the BOTTOM of the screen.

It works fine if you have the taskbar positioned at the sides or the Top !!!! Go figure !

Not a mega show stopper but I still prefer the taskbar to be at the bottom.

Running the same W10 (latest build) as a VM on a WINDOWS host (W7 or another W10 system) taskbar works even at the bottom.

this is probably a VMware / Linux video driver problem so I don't see a fix to this any time soon.

BTW the same problem also happens with a W7 VM on a Linux host using VMware workstation build 12.0.1

note in Windowed mode taskbar works correctly wherever on the screen it is selected.


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I apologize if there is a separate thread for Hyper-V running on Windows 8.1 vs this Server thread.  Couldn't find one specific to Hyper-V on Windows 8.1.
We have had for months now 3 Windows 8.1 workstations running Hyper-V with Windows 7 guest OS's. These guest were used to support clients that required a rather tight VPN connection. Suddenly last week all 3 machines has the same issue.
The guest no longer have internet connectivity.  One workstation has Broadcom NIC other 2 have Intel.  It's as if some Windows patch did something that caused the Virtual Switch to stop working.
Have blown away the VM's, dropped the Virtual Switch.  Ran updates.  Recreated the Virtual Switch and built new VM.  Still same condition.
The host to continues to connect to network and internet without issue.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Windows 8.1 Hyper-V host, Windows 7 guest lost network connectivity.

There is a Win8 forum here (for future ref)
Is this in a corporate environment?  If so, were any changes made to the switches?  I've seen environments where the switch is locked down to only allow one MAC/IP per port, which knocks off any VMs.
Are you getting any DHCP information? Can you assign a static IP and get connectivity?

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Here's a strange issue--at least I think it's strange. I have an old application that I've had since I had Win XP. I'm not sure but I think I had it even on Win 98. Even though it's an old app I was able to install and run in on Vista and Windows 7. I now have the pre-release Win 8 installed on VMware Player and I was wondering if it would run in Win 8. So I opened Win 8 and put in the CD, clicked on the setup.exe file and it installed--or so it seemed. It always installed a short cut on my desk top before. So I looked and didn't see it. It was supposed to have installed in a particular folder, but I couldn't find it. I then installed it again and chose to put a short cut on the desk top. But, it wasn't there. The bottom line is that even though I had Win 8 open in the guest, I discovered that it actually instaledl on Win 7--on the host machine even though I installed it while the guest machine was open. Has anyone seen anything like that before? I suppose it happened because it was such an old app.

A:App installed on host machine while in guest machine

When you put the cd into your drive, it fired the autoplay on your host machine and not within your Windows 8 VM. It installed on your Windows 7 host machine. If you had been in the VM, and launched the setup from within the VM, it would not have installed on your host machine. PERIOD.

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I have "VMware Player 3.1.5", with a Virtual Machine guest operating system installed to it, which is Windows 98SE.

This is running on the Host operating system, which is Windows 7 Starter, SP1.
I realize that this is an old version of the VMware Player, but would appreciate help.
(I had to choose this version of VMware Player in order to install Win98SE - later versions of VMware Player do not support this Guest OS. The Win98SE is for the purpose of running some old, but still useful, applications
that do not run in the Host operating system Windows 7.)
I can no longer "drag and drop" files / folders into the Virtual Desktop, from the Host Desktop.
I can still do it the other way round.
Until recently, "drag and drop" between the VM installed Guest operating system Desktop and the host real Desktop, worked fine.
This Win98SE guest operating system does not support / is not supported for, the alternative Import method, of using Shared folders.
The antivirus installed to the Host operating system is Avast and I always disable it when using the VM.
When I try to "drag and drop" from the Host system to the Guest VM, there is no error message, but the "read-only" pointer symbol appears (a circle with two "diameter" lines in it) instead
of the usual pointer's "dragging file" symbol, and NO transfer takes place.
I have tried "individually dragg... Read more

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Hi all,

I was looking at the event viewer and noticed that there are multiple "logoff" events - event id 4634 - associated with the guest accolunt on my computer. The guest account is disabled. There is no associated "logon" event with matching event id although there are numerous SYSTEM logon events and one rather curious "anonymous user" logon event.

I am concerned that this may suggest a trojan but have no other symptons or issues to concern me other than these entries.

Can anyone shed any light?

A:Vista Pro. Multiple Guest logoff events with guest account off

ANONYMOUS LOGONs are routine events on Windows networks.

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Recently while running some log checks I found the guest account had been logging on and off, even tho I have disabled the guest acount long ago.

Now MBSA has been showing that the guest acct was active but I had thought it was an error, since when I would check it would show to be off.

Finding this I decided to check deeper and found while checking services that DCOM and RPC had been reenabled and I can no longer stop or disable those services.
The functionality is greyed out.

DCOM is still being blocked luckyly since there has been over a 1000 attemps to start the srvice.
In my admin tools I no longer seem to have the tools to set user permission levels.
I run XP Home with SP1 and all the latest updates for it.
AV and AT scans daily SpywareGuard;Blaster and Spybot S&D tea timer running also Previx. Sygate Pro
I am not sure if the P2P connection attemps are related to this or not as there are no outbound attemps from me logged.

Any ideas have I been owned as a P2P server even tho I logg no outbound connections?

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

A:Guest account activity with guest acct off

Er..could it possible be some kind of homemade virus/trojan or similiar and you got it, or some kind of error with the pc something wrong setting.

I don't know what the problem can be but still won't hurt to ask a few questions or having a few thoughts.

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Okay i have turned my pc on after not having it on in 3 months (due to having to buy a new graphics card) anyway everything was running smooth untill i heard a few beeps only to see that avira has detected few viruses i had a choice to either remove or ignore so i pushed remove 10 minutes later avira is detecting the virus again so i click remove and then do a quick scan with Malwarebytes and it did not detect anything so i did a full scan with my Avira Anti Virus and it found 1 warning 13 hidden files and 30 detections now i would like to know what to do from here to completely get rid of the 30 detections that it has found the two that it has detected look like this: TR/BHO.ZWANGI.Trojan TR/GerVar.EJ Trojan there are 30 of them in my Avira quarantine so what i would like to know is where to go from here thank you.

A:avira virus detection beeps with detection pop ups

Hello,Please follow the instructions in ==>This Guide<==.Once the proper logs are created, then make a NEW TOPIC and post it ==>HERE<==If you can produce at least some of the logs, then please create the new topic. If you cannot produce any of the logs, then post back here and we will provide you with further instructions.

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Okay i have turned my pc on after not having it on in 3 months (due to having to buy a new graphics card) anyway everything was running smooth untill i heard a few beeps only to see that avira has detected few viruses i had a choice to either remove or ignore so i pushed remove 10 minutes later avira is detecting the virus again so i click remove and then do a quick scan with Malwarebytes and it did not detect anything so i did a full scan with my Avira Anti Virus and it found 1 warning 13 hidden files and 30 detections now i would like to know what to do from here to completely get rid of the 30 detections that it has found the two that it has detected look like this: TR/BHO.ZWANGI.Trojan TR/GerVar.EJ Trojan there are 30 of them in my Avira quarantine so what i would like to know is where to go from here thank you.DDS (Ver_10-03-17.01) - NTFSx86 Run by DJ at 19:40:17.32 on Thu 09/09/2010Internet Explorer: 7.0.5730.13 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_20Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.1023.518 [GMT -7:00]AV: AntiVir Desktop *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {AD166499-45F9-482A-A743-FDD3350758C7}============== Running Processes ===============C:\WINDOWS\system32\nvsvc32.exeC:\windows\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunchC:\windows\system32\svchost -k rpcssC:\windows\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcssvchost.exesvchost.exeC:\windows\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\Program Files\Avira&... Read more

A:avira virus detection beeps with detection pop ups

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. Please include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Please refrain from running tools or applying updates other than those we suggest while we are cleaning up your computer. The reason for this is so we know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process.Even if you have already provided information about your PC, we need a new log to see what has changed since you originally posted your problem.We need to create an OTL ReportPlease download OTL from one of the following mirrors:This is THE MirrorSave it to your desktop.Double click on the icon on your desktop.Click the "Scan All Users" checkbox.In the custom scan box paste the following:CODEmsconfigsafebootminimalactivexdrivers32netsvcs%SYSTEMDRIVE%\*.exe/md5st... Read more

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Goal: Dual boot Windows 7 and Linux and have an NTFS partition for both OS.

Problem: When creating Logical Partitions with any Linux partition tool(Gparted, cfdisk) the Linux swap and ext 4 partitions shows up on Windows 7 as primary partitions outside of the Extended partition while the NTFS partition shows up inside the Extended partition as logical drive. Disk management shows 5 primary partitions and 1 logical drive inside an extended partition.(As seen in Disk1.jpg attachment) I'm using MBR.(not UEFI)

I can create the partitions in Windows 7 disk management and choose not to format the two logical partitions used for Linux. I can then use the mkswap and mkfs.ext4 command to format the partitions.(See Disk2.jpg attachment)

Why is Windows 7 disk management not showing my partitions correctly when I use a Linux tool to partition the disk? Will this cause any problems with Windows 7? I'm afraid of making Windows 7 unbootable.(although it booted just fine I do plan on using EasyBCD to add an entry to load the grub bootloader for Linux)

If I partition my disk with Windows 7 disk management(as seen in Disk2.jpg) will that cause any problems for Linux?

What is the recommended way to handle this? What are the downsides to each way?

Note: I'm a bit of a linux noob.

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Devices powered by Linux are increasing day by day, and most of these devices are positioned at the entry or key points of any organization?s network. Misconfigurations and easy to exploit vulnerabilities are commonly leveraged by bad actors. Many of these attacks can be studied by configuring low-interactive Honeypots.

Low-interactive Honeypots can capture the malware scripts and binaries, however analyzing these malware samples are also important. Further, keeping such analysis openly available helps independent researchers to search information of their interest and make useful conclusions.

Detux aims at automating the analysis of Linux samples, by supporting multiple CPU architectures (ARM, MIPS, MIPSEL, x86 and x86-64), and making its result openly available for researchers.

detux - The Linux Sandbox


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My config is HP G6 1075 SA with W7 Home Premium 64 bit pre-installed. It was working well until last week when I decided to install Debian Linux. I am no N00B to Linux and have installed it probably 100s of times. Debian installed and booted well but Windows BSODed with an error 0x0000225 cannot access drive. I formatted C and attempted to reinstall Windows 7 but it is unable to detect the HDD. I accept terms of license and move on to the point of choosing disks but nothing shows up. (There is an option to choose drivers. Where do I locate them? The HP website isn't helpful and I can't even find my product let aside the drivers)

I have already tried :
1. Partitioning an NTFS file system in Debian. Doesnt show.
2. Deleting a partition in Debian and attempt to see the free space in W7 Installer. Didn't work.
3. Try to do the BIOS setting thing (Change SATA option from AHCI to compatible or something). I could find no such setting in BIOS. The BIOS was severely limited with only option of switching on fan.

What do I do ?
The chipset is Intel HM55 if that helps and harddrive is SATA 5400 rpm 500GB.

A:W7 installer doesn't detect SATA after Linux, Linux works smoothly

All Linux code must be deleted using the CLEAN ALL command.As you have had linux on the HD you need do a Clean all & full format.

Do a full clean & full format in command prompt.
1) Boot DVD & Press Shift+F10 (for command prompt)
DISKPART : At PC Startup
2) Boot DVD, & Command Prompt at Startup
(for command prompt)

Type in command line

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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Scientific Linux 6.7 Officially Released, Based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7
Based on the freely distributed source code of the recently announced Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.7 operating system from Red Hat Inc., Scientific Linux 6.7 is here to update its base to the upstream OS, add some tweaks, update many of its core components, and address some of the most annoying bugs.

Prominent features of Scientific Linux 6.7 include the addition of the IceWM window manager, updated the OpenAFS package to version 1.6.14, updated the epel-release package to version 6.8, built the glusterfs-server package from the TUV sources provided for the GlusterFS client.

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I am on Linux Mint 17.2 (Cinnamon as DE) (with kernel installed and loaded) and I'm getting this message when trying to add a PPA via the terminal: Cannot add ppa: 'no json object could be decoded'. What is the cause and what is the fix?

Secondly, I think I installe GzDoom correctly) but I get: Something went wrong!
If you haven't installed any Doom IWAD files yet or if GZDoom is unable to locate them, put the files or symlinks to them in '/home/dlf/.config/gzdoom' or start the game with the command 'DOOMWADDIR=/path/to/iwadfiledir gzdoom'. . . . So where do I put the files (IWAD? pk3?) I'd presume something like: /home/dlf/.config/gzdoom. And how could I get Wolfenstein 3d/SOD/Quake working with (G)zdoom. I'm on Linux Mint 17.2 with cinnamon (as the desktop environment) if it matters.

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Hi all,

where to locate DHCP code, which my Linux machine(red hat linux-2.4) is using?i tried to f ind it in /usr/src/linux-, but no result.

A:where to locate DHCP code, which my Linux machine(red hat linux-2.4) is using.

I moved you over to development, maybe someone here will be familiar with the layout of the source files.

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Ok, I have a Toshiba PCX 2200 series and this is the modem that Road Runner uses(well one of them anyway) and also I use the USB cable not the NIC. Is linux refusing the USB and prefers NIC?

A:I tried on the linux boards so now I'm here, about cable modem on linux...

Most of the times yes... it depends of the distro version that you use...
In any case you're better off with a nic card ( and this applies for Micro$oft OS as well...)

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I have a WindowsXP SP3 that has I have risen after sitting for several years. It would not boot so I fixed that and was told not to mess with it because it was so old. Machine is a Dell Dimension 4700, with Pentium 4 Processor and I think it has 3GB of memory installed. The IE and Microsoft items are hardly legible, way too pale. I have tried several things tweaks to fix this. It does load and run great. Unfortunately I had to install the IOBit Advanced System Care to help me get it up and running. I have been reading about the Linux by a few of you  who seem to greatly favor it. I need an OS that is very easy to setup without my having to spend hours trying to understand what I should do next. Would I be better off doing a clean reinstall of XP or can I get a better/smaller OS. All I do is Webkinz and search. I am really weary of dealing with Window. I got a laptop that has Windows 10 that I am very unhappy with, too slow. Just threw this in FYI. I will be trading it in for a Mac Notebook Pro with 8GB to do my work on using this XP for play, etc. I am open to all suggestions except th trash it. It is too good for that.

A:Linux lovers what is the best Linux OS that is as fast as a MAC desktop

While I use Linux full time, it's certainly not a magical solution to a slow PC, the PC is extremely old and even with a lightweight Linux OS it will still be slow.  The OS is only part of the problem, even if you somehow install a magical fast distro, your web browser will still struggle to run well on the weak PC.There are easy to learn and well supported distros out there (Ubuntu is pretty good as it's so widespread meaning there's tonnes of support online) but no matter what you go for it will take some getting used to.If I'm totally honest, if you have a brand new MacBook Pro I can't think of any reason to keep using that Dell, you may be attached to it but it's really out of date and several times less powerful than the mac will be.  The mac will be so fast, I imagine the Dell will feel even slower once you get used to the mac.  If you want more of a desktop experience there is nothing to stop you connecting the MacBook to your monitor, keyboard and mouse and essentially using it like a desktop.  By all means don't trash it and keep it around for tinkering with, but it seems silly to use it when you have a significantly better machine.

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I have SUSE 9.3 Installed on a 19GB partition of a 40GB hard drive. I heard that it is possible to dual boot with Windows with Linux being the first installed OS, but it's complicated. Can anyone tell me if I can pull this off without having to make Windows the first installed OS? Here is how I have my partitions:
hda1=1GB [swap]
hda2=17.8 / [root]

A:Linux/Windows dualboot machine with Linux first?

The easiest way: Make hda1 bigger and install Windows there.

You will have to restore GRUB later using the SuSE CD and also create the GRUB menu entry for WIndows..

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I was trying to enter a new host file on one of our remote user?s laptop and when I went to open the file it showed a bunch of Chinese symbols and wouldn?t let me do anything with it? I tried deleting it and then tried to build a new host file from scratch and the same thing happened??? I?ve never seen this before. Any suggestions?

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Hello i have a couple of questions i want to try a different os for my windows 7 computer but im pretty confused on which one too use. theres this one ubuntu Ubuntu online tour and then linux New features in Linux Mint 13 - Linux Mint which one should i try out and is it user friendly? and how many other os are there for windows 7 im pretty confused... and before i download it should i backup my pc before i install it. any input would be helpful. thanks

A:want to try unbuntu and linux or linux mint

Linux mint is comparatively easier to use, as it's GUI is similar to Windows. On the other hand, Ubuntu or Fedora look a bit different, but the functions are basically the same.

It will be a good idea to take a backup before installation.

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I need to read windows files on linux for Red Hat Linux 9.x.
Can some one tell me the way, how this can be done or some setting which enable to read files from windows on linux.


A:windows files on linux for Red Hat Linux

If you need to read an NTFS mounted drive in that machine then you'll need to add kernel support for NTFS. Try looking for that info. If you just want to hit shares then just mount them via smb.

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A:{Moved to Linux Forum} - NT-4 AND LINUX ?


OK, I have never worked with Corel's Linux, but I have been told that it is a nice version to learn the Linux GUI.

Other good version's to learn on are Mandrake and Red Hat. But, if you want to get more power out of your linux installation, you need to use distributions like Slackware, or Debian.

And... I am sure that another Linux fan will have a completely different point of view. Oh well... If you want, I can move this thread to the Linux forum, and you can see what their reaction is.

My best solution for you, is to buy a "Linux for Dummies" type of book, which should come with a free CD with a Linux distribution on it. That way, you get a beginner's Guide to Linux, plus a pressed bootable CD.

What I can give you, are specific instructions to installing linux as a dual boot system with NT.

If you go to I have specific instructions on how to dual boot your system with NT.

Hope this helps

Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]


Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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Anyone know how to restore back the free space after uninstalling virtual box?
I think i allocated around 20gb for virtual box
It seems it doesnt restore back after i uninstall it.


Look for a folder called C:\Documents and Settings\<YourUserName>\VirtualBox VMs or C:\Users\<YourUserName>\VirtualBox VMs. This is the default folder that VirtualBox saves the virtual hard disk files to. It's likely that these wouldn't be removed during the uninstall since the user might want to save them.If you're sure you don't want to keep the saved VMs you can delete this folder.

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I have trouble booting my virtual machine ( Sun xVM Virtualbox ver1.6.2), every time I click on the name of the machine I want to boot, an error occurred:

Could not launch a process for the machine 'Windows XP' (VERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND).
Result Code:
E_FAIL (0x80004005)
IMachine {f95c0793-7737-49a1-85d9-6da81097173b}
IVirtualBox {2d3b9ea7-25f5-4f07-a8e1-7dd7e0dcf667}

My host computer is running on Windows XP, I hope someone can help me troubleshoot this problem, thanks!

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Just noticed that there's a new version of VirtualBox out, version 5.0.0.

One thing that I'm hoping it will do is emulate detachable USB drives... this is mentioned (although I'm not sure I've got it working properly - I'm hoping to convince Windows it's a USB drive to attempt to make a Recovery Drive).

Download from here

A:VirtualBox 5.0.0 is out

I'm gonna check this out ! The last version I used was 4.21...

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Hi all, With a P50 and the M2000M, is it possible to make a virtual machine (probably Virtualbox) use the integrated GPU?  I know that, at least theoretically, the host PC and virtual PC cannot use the same GPU, but I was wondering if I could run the VM on the integrated graphics chip while the host runs on the M2000M (idea from this comment, and here)? My hope would be (ideally) to get the virtual machine (32bit XP Pro--I was able to borrow a XP install disk) to be able to run 16bit 3D games that I could run under Win95/XP, but would not be able to run in XP Mode (which I believe is limited to 4MB of vRAM).Thank you.

-----------IBM T40: XP PRO SP3, 14.1" 4:3 display, 512MB DDR RAM, 40GB HDD, ThinkLight, DVD.Lenovo Ideacentre H215: AMD Athlon II X2 215, 500GB HDD, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 64-bit Win7, AMD 760G.

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Hi there everyone.

Recently I've been having a 32 bit/ 64 bit conflict. It was accessory hardware related. [Please don't ask what it was, search for my other posts to find out].

So, I found a way around it, but I am very confused on how to do it. I tried to read through the tutorials, however I just don't know where to start.

The software is VirtualBox (freeware, open source, virtual machine program). I want to run a Windows 2000 Pro as a virtual machine on my Windows 7 laptop.

I need to know how to get my Windows 2000 from my old useless computer to a form (bootdisc?) that would be recognized when I start my virtual machine.

I have less than 4GB of used space on the system partition of that computer, so it can fit on a DVD if needed.

So, how do I take the OS from my old computer and put it on a bootable media so I can use it as a virtual machine?

Thanks in advanced, let me know if you need more info.


This is the only option that I know of.

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I have been reading so much about W10 in various places ever since the 29th June roll-out and I'm still waiting for the notification to go ahead and get it.
I have read articles from so many people about how many problem there are with it for them and how many have reverted back to their previous OS because either they have problems or just don't like W10. Also there are those who have said that they didn't have problems and also from those who think it's great.

I really can't decide what to do.... will I go ahead and install it when I get the notification? Will I sit on the fence for a while hoping the MS make their improvements?
Anyway, instead of just waiting to get the notification, I have D/Led the ISO to a USB so that I just have it.

My main point for this thread was to say that I read an article that Brink posted about VirtualBox

VirtualBox - Install Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums[1]=General%20Tips

and am very interested with it, so that I could put W10 on VirtualBox and still have the luxury of W8.1 at the same time on the same machine.

I'm not totally convinced what to do at this time (still sat on the fence). But would like to hear comments from other users about this subject.


A:W10 0n VirtualBox?

To be honest.... I am also not convinced on windows 10.
I already rolled back half of our clients (that of course wanted Win 10 immediately)
Most of them are very happy with Win 7

Only the ones on laptops with win 8(1) are more or less happy with Win 10
I am actually the same.
On my laptop (Win 8.1) I did install "Start is Back" that caused the laptop to function more or less like Win7
I NEVER used the tiles (clumsy in my opinion and I would never even consider using the touch option on my laptop (Asus Zenbook) (in fact I disabled it in the settings)

Windows 10 (home) is very limited in the possibilities to tweak it your own way
Group Policy does not work on the Home edition(s) and many features simply can't be switched off.

Either I will upgrade to Pro (which advertises a lot of functionality I don't need) that gives me the option to tweak things like updating, changing the display language (not possible in Home) etc, or I will roll back to Win7

good luck in making your decision.... it will be difficult I assume

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I am using Win7 64bit.
I have a Winxp sp1 CD and an sp3 cd.
I want to install and play Dungeon Siege 1 and 2 and Diablo 2. I have all the install cds.
Those 3 games do not work on Win7. For DS1 Microsoft actually says so.
I have downloaded VirtualBox.

My question is:
What's the easiest way for me to have an iso i can use to install XP for use offline?
With the end of support coming up, i would like to have a slipstreamed definitive and final version of XP.
I would prefer a bare bones and unsupervised install.
In the past, i have used autopatcher and wsus to update offline when i re-installed XP.
I don't think MS will be nice enough to offer sp4, so what can i do to keep using XP (offline)?
I already know how to make an iso file, how to use VirtualBox and how to follow the nlite guide to slipstream my sp3 into my XPsp1.
What i don't know is what other updates and/or drivers i might need that could end up being no longer available after april 8.

This thread IS about making a slipstreamed version of XP for use after april 8.
I just want to make it clear that it's not pirating and it's not for use online.
I know XP won't be secure online for long, i have win7 to go online and play GW2.
I just like my old games.

A:XP ISO for Virtualbox

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Good news for VirtualBox users!

Beta1 of the next major version 4.2 is out:
found on the official site:

VirtualBox 4.2 Beta 1 releasedby Frank Mehnert ? 3. Aug 2012, 16:33
Please do NOT use this VirtualBox Beta release on production machines. A VirtualBox Beta release should be considered a bleeding-edge release meant for early evaluation and testing purposes.

You can download the binaries here.

Please do NOT open bug reports at but use our VirtualBox Beta Feedback forum to report any problems with the Beta. Please concentrate on reporting regressions since VirtualBox 4.1.18.

VirtualBox 4.2 will be a new major release. The following major new features were added:

Improved Windows 8 support, in particular many 3D-related fixesGUI: VM groups (bug #288)GUI: expert mode for wizardsGUI: allow to alter some settings during runtimeSupport for up to 36 network cards, in combination with an ICH9 chipset configuration (bug #8805)Resource control: added support for limiting network IO bandwidth; see the manual for more informationAdded possibility to start VMs during system boot on Linux, OS X and Solaris; see the manual for more information (bug #950)Added experimental support for Drag'n'drop from the host to Linux guests. Support for more guests and for guest-to-host is planned. (bug #81)
In addition, the following items were fixed and/or added:

VMM: improve... Read more

A:VirtualBox 4.2 on the way

I've tested Win8 x64 RTM on VBox 4.2 RC1. The new additions work pretty well on my hardware and even the WEI scores are generated:
In the picture: Only one cpu core and 2gig ram for the Win8 x64. Running on the VBox WDDM Display Adapter (pretty notorious for the glitches).

There are still some bugs but for me, it work well enough for now.
If you run with additions, don't go to seamless mode because there is a chance not to be able to get out again unless you shut down the VM. It can also happen in fullscreen mode but the VM remains operational, no problems.

I wonder if you get better scores without the additions... but resizing the VM window changes the resolution and so I prefer the additions regardless of the known bugs. Ok, if I'll get too annoyed, I'll roll back the graphics driver: problem solved, rest of additions are kept (shared folders and stuff...).

The Start Screen or Metro Apps don't work in seamless mode so beware the seamless mode, there is still work to do there.

(Even VMware Player's Unity Mode has trouble with Metro but I guess they are also working on it. Edit => VM Player v.4 only;
VMware Player v.5 works perfectly with Unity mode and Win8 Metro UI)

The new VBox works pretty well. It's compiled in VS 2010 and has a new UI and slightly remastered icons.
We'll see if they still change something (and I mean stability fixes) until the final release of VBox 4.2, but they did a good job.
That's it for now.

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As a avid fan of vmware i happy to see that another developer going in graphics acceleration support and the support of 64-bit guest in a 32-bit host so here comes Virtualbox

*Support for hardware virtualization (VT-x and AMD-V) on Mac OS X hosts

*Support for 64-bit guests on 32-bit host operating systems (experimental; see user manual, chapter 1.6, 64-bit guests, page 16)

*Added support for Intel Nehalem virtualization enhancements (EPT and VPID; see user manual, chapter 1.2, Software vs. hardware virtualization (VT-x and AMD-V), page 10))

*Experimental 3D acceleration via OpenGL (see user manual, chapter 4.8, Hardware 3D acceleration (OpenGL), page 66)

*Experimental LsiLogic and BusLogic SCSI controllers (see user manual, chapter 5.1, Hard disk controllers: IDE, SATA (AHCI), SCSI, page 70)

*Full VMDK/VHD support including snapshots (see user manual, chapter 5.2, Disk image files (VDI, VMDK, VHD), page 72)

*New NAT engine with significantly better performance, reliability and ICMP echo (ping) support (bugs #1046, #2438, #2223, #1247)

*New Host Interface Networking implementations for Windows and Linux hosts with easier setup (replaces TUN/TAP on Linux and manual bridging on Windows)

Download VirtualBox

A:VirtualBox 2.1

I've been an avid fan of VirtualBox for quite some time, but sadly I've had no success installing in Win7, the installer stops half way through the installation with a pop up saying the installation has stopped.

Has anyone else had any luck with this app?

My attempted install was in Win7 Ultimate 64.

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I've been trying to install Andyroid but the install of virtual box always fails and removes itself with no message saying why. I have search and it seems some have git it to install without any fuss so there's little help for me on the internet.

As you would expect 99% of the search is how to install Windows 10 in virtual box not the other way around.

Anyone managed it or got any tips?

I have tried running it in Windows 8 compatibility and that didn't work.


See this thread on virtualbox forum:

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Answer Match 38.64% version is a major update. The following major new features were added: * Guest SMP with up to 32 virtual CPUs (VT-x and AMD-V only Windows guests: ability to use Direct3D 8/9 applications / games Support for OpenGL 2.0 for Windows, Linux and Solaris guests # GUI: added mini toolbar for fullscreen and seamless mode (Thanks to Huihong Luo)# GUI: redesigned settings dialogs# GUI: allow to create/remove more than one host-only network adapters (non Windows hosts)# GUI: display estimated time for long running operations (e.g. OVF import/export)# GUI: fixed rare hangs when open the OVF import/export wizards (bug #4157)# 3D support: fixed VM crashes for client applications using incorrect OpenGL states# 3D support: fixed memory corruption when querying for supported texture compression formats# 3D support: fixed incorrect rendering of glDrawRangeElements# 3D support: fixed memory leak when using VBOs# 3D support: fixed glew library detection# 3D support: fixed random textures corruption# VRDP: support Windows 7 RDP client# Networking: fixed another problem with TX checksum offloading with Linux kernels up to version 2.6.18# NAT: fixed ?open ports on virtual router - 513, 514? (forum)# NAT: allow to configure socket and internal parameters# NAT: allow to bind sockets to specific interface# PXE boot: significant performance increase (VT-x/A... Read more

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Alright, I have Virtualbox installed on my computer and it works fine. I want to install CentOS and select the option to install it as a Server. When I start Virtualbox, and start CentOS, it loads it up and boots it WITHOUT giving me the option of installing it as a Server. It just boots into the GUI Desktop.

How can I get it to boot into the GUI for installing as a Server?

A:I need help with using Virtualbox

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I did not have a specific category to choose this from. I am using Windows 7 (Home 32-bit). I have Oracle's Virtual Box version 4.1.16 installed with Windows Server 2008. I need assistance with Server 2008 installing correctly. It worked before when I had Windows XP. I have attached my settings from VirtualBox below as well as the error message from snapshot.

Windows Server 2008
OS Type:
Windows 2008

Base Memory:
512 MB
Execution Cap:
Boot Order:
CD/DVD-ROM, Hard Disk

Video Memory:
27 MB
3D Acceleration:
2D Video Acceleration:
Remote Desktop Server:

IDE Controller
IDE Primary Slave (CD/DVD):
en_windows_server_2008_r2_hpc_x64_dvd_552761.iso (2.59 GB)
SATA Controller
SATA Port 0:
NewHardDisk1.vdi (Normal, 2.00 GB)
SCSI Controller

Host Driver:
Windows DirectSound
Intel HD Audio

Adapter 1:
Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop (Bridged adapter, Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC)

Serial Ports

Device Filters:
0 (0 active)

Shared Folders

A:VM VirtualBox

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Can you please use the TSF picture uploader or redo your photos. As they are not showing.

When running Windows Server ate you getting a BSOD?

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I have tested out vmware workstation and virtualbox and can't decide which is best, can you help me?

A:Vmware or virtualbox?

If you have tested both, then it will come down to personal preference. I find VMWare Player easier and more intuitive.

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I'm italian, so sorry for my poor english.

Scenario as following
Host: Windows 8
Virtualizer: Oracle VirtualBox with extension pack installed
Guest: Windows XP Professional SP3 (fully upgraded)

Can't view my external HDD, connected via USB, in the guest system

I spent tens of hours consulting forums, view youtube tutorials, but I got no solutions
In the guest system I can view the list of the attached USB device and I can "caputure" the external HDD device but no message like "New hardware found, starting installation" appears, so I can't view any new unit in the Guest's Device List.
Note that I always connect the external HDD having the focus on the Guest system.
Furthermore, the Host recognize the external HDD device and is still actitive/usable in the Host's Device List: it seems that the Host does not "realease" the USB device.
It seems the problem depends on the Host USB driver.

Is there a particular procedure to follow?
Any suggestion will be very appreciated

Thanks in advance

A:USB issue with VirtualBox

Some extra info you might need is found here:

VirtualBox doesn't fully support all USB devices. For instance I cannot see my SANDISK 32GB stick in any VM, not even on the host if VirtualBox is on.

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I am trying to use virtualbox. I have win 7 and server 08 installed on it. After booting up to server 08 I am trying to use the keyboard and mouse but it keeps on saying alt, ctl, delete. I have captured the session but still no access, What am I do wrong plz?


A:virtualbox issue

If you're seeing the CTRL+ALT+DEL screen, then you haven't even logged into the virtual guest yet. Send the CTRL+ALT+DEL command from the menu.

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Hi, Not sure this is the right forum topic for this question. Moderators welcome to move it more appropriate location.
I recently installed Oracle VM VirtualBox and would like to install a copy of windows, probably windows7, but as i am a first timer,
any version of windows back to XP would be ok with me.
i was wondering if there is a "slimmed down" version of windows specifically for running in a virtual environment.
I thought i heard of one some where but am unable to locate it.
also, any tutorial for installing windows into a virtual space would be welcome.

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My laptop runs Windows 8 Home version (unsure exactly which home version it is if there are more than one), and after reading other posts about VirtualBox crashing on Windows 8 I fear to actually install VirtualBox in the first place.
Here are my computer specs just so you can have a look at them

Can someone please let me know if VirtualBox will work on Windows 8, or specifically my laptop, because I prefer VirtualBox to any other Virtual Machine Software, and I don't really want to have to pay for VMWare either (despite it being good software alongside VBOX). If there is no way for VBOX to work in Windows 8 altogether, could someone let me know if there is a full version of VMWare available for free

Thanks for any help that will be given

OS - Windows 8 (not pro)
CPU - Intel Core i3-3120M CPU 2.50GHz
RAM - 8.00GB (7.88GB Usable)
System Type - 64-Bit OS, x64 CPU

A:Will VirtualBox Work on My PC

Hello ratchetgame, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Yes, you should be able to install and run VirtualBox on your laptop if you like.

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Hi there everyone,all of a sudden three fully working virtual machines,stopped functioning,deleted all of them,created new vhd's,using disk2vhd,the error persists.Completelly uninstalled VBox,installed 4.3.26 98988 and its extension,no go!

Any help out there?

A:VirtualBox error

Hi there

These errors you're experiencing are no doubt caused by the security 'hardening' introduced to VirtualBox.
This is causing a lot of concern to users of the software whose VM's are now 'broken'.
You can follow the progress towards a solution at the VirtualBox forums, specifically this one ..

In the meantime to get your VM's working again, you will probably need to revert back to version 4.3.12 (which was the last one before 'hardening' was introduced).

This has been an ongoing problem for a long time and I personally can't wait any longer for VirtualBox to be fixed. I intend to switch to VMWare in a few days.

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I'am trying to install Windows 95 in virtualbox. I have my windows disk, but have no idea deriving an iso file from it. My computer is an Alienware Area 51, AMD Athlon II x2 215 Processor 4G Ram, Win7 64Bit-SP1. I'm posting an error log and message. I need help.

A:Virtualbox enabaling

Hi dittybop You can use ImgBurn for this task. It have an option to create an .iso (image) file from a disc, so it could work. However, Windows 95 had a particuliar way of being installed, so I don't know if it'll be that straight-forward, but you should give it a try. I did found many tutorials that shows how to install Windows 95 (and even Windows 98) on VirtualBox. You should give these a look me know if you have any questions.Note: I think that ImgBurn still bundles OpenCandy, so it's your choice to delete that folder after or not.

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hi there

i want make a virtual machine on virtual box but when i start the machine this error come
please help (sorry bad english i come from Germany)
E_FAIL (0x80004005)


IConsole {db7ab4ca-2a3f-4183-9243-c1208da92392}


Welcome to the forums. Willkommen.

That doesn't tell us much but is pretty bad that it's not starting up normally.

See also VirtualBox forums regarding that error:
Probably they know more since some of the threads are solved.

I didn't saw that error yet on my machines.

Some hardware (CPU with Virtualization turned on is recommended it available in BIOS).

Good luck.

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Hi! I don't know if this question belongs here or the mac forum...

So, my Lexmark X1270 printer doesn't have a mac driver. So i did a virtual Windows 7 using VirtualBox Oracle. But somehow i can't make it that the windows realizes that a printer is connected to the usb driver. It just stays there on the connect your printer screen part of the driver installation.
Even though in the USB Devices it's written that are 2 plugins one Lexmark X1200 e the other Lexmark 1200. When I click on the first one it selects, but I still can't make windows read the printer...

I don't know what else to do, can someone please help me?


A:Printer in Mac using VirtualBox


Look at this thread ó

I was experiencing the same problem with HP LaserHet 1018 until my guest windows 7 was updated and I activated USB2 EHCI controller by installing virtualbox extension pack. After that I rebooted the VM and that appeared to work for me. Perhaps that's the point.

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Morning everyone.
Just spent the last week installing and playing with VirtualBox.
I've got three Linux distros loaded on it - Ubuntu, OS4 and now Linux Mint.
I created the first two (Ubuntu and OS4) as VHDs and gave them each a couple gigs of RAM and they are okay, although I'm not impressed at all with the GUI of OS4.
Mint, surprisingly, created as a VDI and also given a couple of gigs of RAM runs *very fast* (seamless, I should say) and so that is most likely the one I will play with the most.
I had trouble loading Fedora, so I'm setting that aside for now.
As for now, here are a couple of questions that have been mulling over:
1) I've got all the .iso files saved locally, i.e. I'm not burning the distros to a CD/DVD and installing them into VirtualBox that way (browsing to them).  Are there any known issues with installing into a VM that way?
2) The reckless factor: okay, so I've got a Linux distro installed and I want to run out into the great big World Wide Web and do all the things I never do on my real machine - investigate peer-to-peer (never done it), play online games, stumble into chat rooms and IM people I don't know, etc.  I want to practice unsafe surfing because if I get attacked, suffer a drive by or someone hijacks my machine, it's only my virtual machine...right?    << -- is this true? How does that work? Would a virus, malware, etc work inside my vir... Read more

A:VirtualBox question(s)

Just read this.
So, I guess I won't be out there stumbling around the 'Net like a drunk 15 year old with a gun in my hand.  
Well, at least not anytime soon.
However, I'm still looking for some real world stories, experiences, ideas for settings, etc.
I'm running 64-bit Windows 7 with a decent CPU and 8 gigs of RAM, so I've got the resources to spare.

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i am having problems deleting my virtual machines i can delete all the snapshots but the first one then i get the message that there is child disks that exist and i cant perform the said action i tired uninstalling the sun virtualbox program then reinstalling it but that didn't work. the virtual machines were still there. i tried searching for the *.vdi files but they were unfindable maybe i have the wrong extension i don't know. anywho does anyone know what the actual extensions are so that i can delete them and or how to chieve the same through te program itself. i wasnt able to locate the how to delete in the manual that comes with it

A:Solved: sun virtualbox

VirtualBox uses VDI files.

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