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Solved: Dell Latitude D630 touchpad icon in tray disappears, so does touchpad!

Q: Solved: Dell Latitude D630 touchpad icon in tray disappears, so does touchpad!


I have a Dell Latitude D630 laptop that has issues. Sometimes the touchpad works, and sometimes it doesn't. I've noticed when it doesn't work, the icon in the tray has disappeared or never booted up to begin with. Sometimes it boots up and sometimes it just doesn't even boot up to the tray at all. And at other times, it does.
(Along with this, maybe it's just a coincidence, but I've been working on this for days and days but when the touchpad doesn't work, the keyboard acts up too!) This might have nothing to do with it at all.

I've done a complete reformat of the hard drive, installed Win XP Professional, reinstalled drivers over and over. Been to the Dell website and have all the newest drivers.
When I reinstall the touchpad drivers, it does work once again, but this seems to be short lived.
The laptop is 4 years old...seems strong otherwise, can handle multiple tasks fairly well, has a dual core installed.
I can't figure it out.
Can anyone help?

Thank you!!

A: Solved: Dell Latitude D630 touchpad icon in tray disappears, so does touchpad!

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Hello all,

I recently installed Windows 7 x64 onto my Dell Latitude D630 and found that the scrolling with the touchpad does not work at all. I have already downloaded and installed the Synaptics driver and nothing happened. I also downloaded R165804.exe directly from Dell's site and it came up with an error saying that 'the software does not work on your operating system. Click OK to exit.'

What now?

A:How to Enable Scrolling on Dell Latitude D630 Touchpad?

The Dell downloads do not show a touchpad driver for Vista 64 bit. Just the one you have which is listed for Vista 32 bit only.

Try installing that in a compatibility mode and see if that will help.

You can also post on the Dell laptop forum and maybe someone there will have something for you. Officially Dell does not support Win 7 on this model, although Vista drivers should work OK.

Laptop - Dell Community

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i have a dell latitude laptop and the touchpad started behaving crazy from last week. i didnt notice when it started to happen and don't know what might be the cause.

in the synaptics tray icon when you right click there is a set of options that you can choose, and one of the options is called a pressure graph (there is also a mood pad next to it), and when i click on this pressure graph it gives me the following message: "Sorry, this program requires a Synaptics TouchPad and the Synaptics TouchPad Device Driver." and i'm pretty certain i've got the driver for it, and i've got the correct driver for it; but i can't be sure whether the installation is damaged or not. how can i check this? could there be something in the registry that prevents this from working or perhaps a conflict with another device? i tried reinstalling - it didnt work.

So it could be either hardware or software and I need to find out as soon as possible because I'm getting little annoyed by this mouse business.

Anyone with a solution?

A:Solved: dell latitude touchpad malfunctioning - possible driver issues

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I just installed Win7 on my Dell Latitude D620 Laptop. Now some of the functions (scrolling mainly) are not working. I have been unable to find where I can change the settings. In addition, when I click on the screen and, for instance, begin to type, the cursor will randomly move to where the pointer is. As you can imagine, this is very frustrating. Your help is most appreciated.

Thank you,


A:Dell Latitude D620 Touchpad

There's a driver for the touchpads... make sure it's not disabled from startup under msconfig.

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The touchpad on my Dell D420 is not acting right. I do not know if I turned off parts of it,or a new update caused my problem.Everything on my touchpad works except my bottom keys.I was using my bottom keys forever,and one day,they stop working.Everything else works.I can scroll w/ my bottom keys,but cant click.I can tap the pad,scroll,use my top keys to click,but not the bottom keys,which I am used to.Does anybody know how I can use all of my touchpad ?

A:Dell latitude D420 touchpad issues.

Hi and welcome to TSF have you checked in control panel mouse change button settings

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I am desperate to undertsnad how to disable the touchpad on my Latitude E6420 laptop.  The F5 key is showing a pictrue of the keypad but it is nopt working.
Help much appreciated.
Best regards,.>Florenece

A:How to disable touchpad in Dell LAtitude E6420

Welcome to the community
To disable/enable touchpad hit FN+F5. This is the manual of your laptop ; in case you need it in the future.

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Anyhow, at some points while using this laptop the pointer would randomly go off into the corner of the screen. Whenever I tried to move it from there it would resist from movement. I installed the drivers for this laptop but it still does it. Any help is appreciated.

(I'm afraid to contact Dell about this laptop cause I bought it at a Yard Sale. I tried to once but apparently I guess the phone number and name didn't match the the info on the Service Tag and they were asking me weird questions.)

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i have had a problem with my touchpad for a whie now.
the touchpad locks itself to scrolling and zooming, and cant move the cursor anymore.
in order to fix this problem temporarily, i have to close the laptop or restart it.
i dont find any solutions.
i have tried disabling two-finger scrolling and zooming in mouse properties.

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Recently I have bought my Dell Latitude E5470 laptop and from the beginig I have annoying touchpad issue :(
When trackpoint and touchpad are active at the same time, cursor freezes for 3-5 seconds and moves to the left at a small angle. When trackpoint is disabled, cursor freezes for 3-5 seconds and doesn't move at all. If I use touchpad actively, this happens each minute or two.
I have checked this situation from the BIOS and the case looks slightly different, but still the same.
Please, help me to solve my problem. Thank in advance!
I have Windows 10, BIOS 1.9.4, Dell Multi-Touch Touchpad Driver 10.1207.101.113 A06

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I just bought a refurbished Dell latitude 2110. Worked fine when I got it, but then the touch screen stopped working. If I reboot, it works until I choose a user, then stops when I open the user account. It's going back unless I find that I've inadvertently turned the touchscreen off. Without the touch screen, it's pretty much a brick. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm using a Dell Latitude D630 computer with XP on a network and when I close the cover it doesn't talk to the network. I've checked and set all settings in XP, Bios, and the Registry for the laptop to stay on. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Dell Latitude D630

Go to Control Panel - Power Options.

Since you have a laptop, there should be a setting that's associated with closing the lid.

Set it on "Do nothing", then apply the change, then restart the computer.


You might also want to set the power scheme on "Always on" and set all the other settings on "Never" and turn off hibernation.


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Hi, when I try to use my latitude, the cursor and highlight are extremely erratic. When I try to enter the start menu, I can barely click on the right application because the highlight keeps rapidly switching from side to side and when I click it opens whatever was highlighted. I can't get into my System Properties because the tabs keep switching and as soon as I try to get back to the tab I want, it does a cycle through all the tabs. I can't use the arrow keys to control the highlight. Reinstalling the touchpad driver didn't help at all.


A:Solved: Dell Latitude D630 Cursor Problems

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My oldest teenage grandson is in need of a "cheap" laptop, so I bought him a refurbished Dell Latitude D630 from NEWEGG for $215.00 plus shipping.

It has a 14" display, an Intel Core 2 Duo 1.83 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, a 60 GB hard drive, a DVD/CDRW drive, and Windows XP Professional.

My decision to buy this laptop was based on Dell being more reliable than most other laptop brands - according to some members here.

Any input from the members here would be very much appreciated.


A:Solved: Need Input On Refurbished Dell Latitude D630

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I switched my Dell Latitude D630 on yesterday morning and the WiFi light wasn't lit, and I am unable to connect to any network. I'm completely baffled why this has happened. I was using it the previous night, streaming some music on Spotify, then I turned it off as normal, and when I tried using the internet the next day...nothing. The bluetooth light is lit as normal but the WiFi light stays off, and I've tried turning the external switch on/off to no avail.

Can anybody suggest what might be causing this, or any remedies?

Many thanks.

A:Solved: WiFi light not lighting on Dell Latitude D630

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I checked up on Google but there's no concrete solution.
Also checked Dell Support site but there's no driver for webcam.

I'm running Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 on my laptop.

Please help..

A:Solved: How to get my in-built webcam working on my Dell Latitude D630 ?

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Two days ago my Internet/Wireless connectivity icon suddenly disappeared from the tray. I found this thread here:

The first fix worked immediately until I rebooted again this morning. The icon was gone again. I tried the second fix shown which suggests altering the power settings, but my settings were already set accordingly.

I've been asking myself "what did I install two days ago that could have caused this?" and the anser is "nothing". Nothing except the usual stuff that Windows Update sends down the line and who knows what that contains? Defender updates, security updates. I suppose it could be in one of those.

Can anyone suggest a handling?


A:Solved: Network Icon Disappears From Tray

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Hi all,
ok I pulled a real boner and it has me going nuts. I bought a used Dell D630, the unit had/has a bios boot password. Well the price was good has an extended battery etc, clean machine etc. I thought what the hell I should be able to work around that! LOL wrong
anyways while trying different key strokes while booting I found a combo that did something. As the unit is booting I held the CTRL key down and mashed the 'D" key (not the delete key "D" as in Delta) a zilllion times, well the password screen came up with normal text except a now it showed a few garbage characters, ok it is doing something. I repeated the boot and mash three more times and finally came up with total googly gawk. Cool maybe I got somewhere, did a reboot with no mashing.....oop's NO video, unit lights up, drives come on back light comes on NO nothing no text no boot no post screen nothing!

Removed cmos battery, took out battery unplugged power held down the power button for minutes...walla nothing. It appears I bricked the unit? it wouldn't even boot up with a live cd. So now have I just flushed 150.00 down the toilet? from key combos? I even tried the external monitor that didn't work.....any ideas? Thanx all

A:Dell latitude D630

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My laptop connected perfectly months ago to my home wireless network. Then my son borrowed it to game on and changed settings to connect to his pc as a monitor or something. When he gave it back, i can click and see my home wireless listed, however, when I click connect it will not connect. The only way I can connect is by connecting an ethernet. I am disabled so sitting on the floor is getting hard. Can anyone help me get back to wireless again?
Yes, the wireless switch is slid on, on the side.
Yes, i have rebooted.
I have tried to restore to a previous point, however it only shows 2 recent dates....
Thanks for your help in advance.

A:Dell Latitude D630

First you need to contact that son of yours and give him a bit of your mind after he tells you what he changed.
He should come back and undo those changes.

Can you see the network name being listed in the wireless drop down?
Or any network in the drop down listing?

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I want to know if I can upgrade my computer to use 8GB on may computer. I am wondering it that is possible. I am running windows 7 home preimum, 120 GB SSD with 32 bits now

A:can I add 8GB to my Dell Latitude D630

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I have a dell D630 that wont boot up it turns on power has a green light but no POST or BIOS no blinking lights i also dont here the fan on i do here the HDD run but the screen just white any advise would be helpful

A:Dell Latitude D630 Issue

It could be a power supply problem or the motherboard has gone bad.

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Hello... I'm hoping someone can help me out on this...

I replaced the LCD for the dell laptop since it was stepped on an broken. The computer worked perfectly before installing the new screen, except for the fact that you could only see on half the screen and the other half was shattered.

I bought the screen off of ebay using a part number and installed it. Now the united doesn't even power up. Nothing, completely dead. It was suggested that the motherboard fried and perhaps it was the wrong part... however it never turned on at all since. Not for a second or anything. Took it to another guy and he said the keyboard isn't hitting the power button and there should be a way to turn it on without the keyboard. Perhaps under the wifi? I can't find the switch, though it looks to me like its just on the keyboard. If so, is it possible that it's just the keyboard that was busted? I did remove it because I thought it was necessary though it turned out not to be.

Any help would be really great, as it appears as though I broke my bosses relatively new laptop. Thanks in advance.


A:Dell Latitude d630 No Power

Let's try the simplest thing first - are you sure you reconnected the keyboard when you reassembled the laptop? There is a small connector with a cable.

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i want to factory restore a dell latitude 630(no recovery cd) help plz...


A:Restore dell latitude d630????

is there a recovery partition on the computer? if yes then you could use that to restore it to original.

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I recently acquired a Dell Latitude D630. It only had one issue, the battery was bad. I can deal with that.

After having it and using it, working fine of course, for about a month or two it shuts down on its own and restarts. Thinking "okay, that's a bit weird but its working fine" I go back to browsing the web only to have my screen discolor to a shade of pinkish purple with a hint of the matrix and freeze up for a period of two minutes. Then it goes complete glitch and my screen flashes with an almost statically distorted image where it then tries to blue screen but the screen display is so messed up I can barely tell what it is.

And so I restart it. Nothing off or wrong when I login to my admin account. Everything works fine for ten mins tops while I am running a virus scan and a sys diagnostic. Near the end of the processes I run it does the same thing.

In normal boot, I can get 5 minutes top before it complete fritzes and restarts itself, after screen distorted images.

safe Mode with Networking works fine, when I can even connect to a network.

All I want to do is play a game or browse the web but I can't even do that now. Any and all ideas, fixes, etc would be greatly appreciated!!

UPDATE: seems even worse than I thought simply because now I can't get past the initial Dell Logo at the boot without a lit up black screen and that annoyingly persistent beep. With a slight opportunity for a beautiful, peaceful white screen to coun... Read more

A:Dell Latitude D630 is down and out for the count?

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Heyy boys,

I have a dell d630 i installed xp again. I need some drivers but i dont know which driver i need. I downloaded some drivers from the dell site.

R147115- D330,HDA,MDC,v.92,modem
R151327- 57XX Gigabit Integrated Controller
R156712- GM965 Express Chipset Family
R171131- (R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN
- Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection
R171789- STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio

Those drivers i installed. I had more yellow marks. This is the last 4, but i dont know wich driver i need. Hope that someone can help me. Thnx


A:Dell Latitude d630 drivers

did you try here?

please tell us what yellow marked devices you see in the device manager

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looking to run in safe mode to remove a virus - PF8 doesn't work suggest any other keys? The virus can be removed by using the last restore date - how do i do this?

A:dell latitude D630 laptop


Usually repeatedly pressing F8 at the Dell logo will get you to the Advanced Boot option menu to choose Safe Mode.

I would also suggest following the steps listed in the following link for Virus Removal assistance.

Virus/Trojan/Spyware Removal Help

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I'm having a problem with my computer.
I haven't done anything out of the ordinary. The other day I was on my computer and all of the sudden a screen appeared over my current screen. It almost looked like a screen in a window but with a yellow color so I could still see the window I had open. It froze my computer and within 30 seconds, it had shut down. I tried to reboot the computer but it did not turn on.

I then took out the battery and put it back in, but nothing worked. About 30 minutes later it finally turned back on but within 10 minutes, the same thing happened. This happened another 4 times that evening.

The next day when I finally got the computer going for more then 15 minutes. I ran a full scan for the computer and for the internet. Everything came up negative.

I was wondering if anyone knows what this problem is and if so how to fix it.

Thank you so much.


A:Dell Latitude D630 problem

hi i had the same problem and the onboard nvidia chip had diedEdit:Edited to remove unnecessary quote. ~ tg

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How to set up Dell Latitude D630 with Windows XP for FIOS wireless. At first, could not find any drivers for lots of things, used Driver Robot and got some things working but cannot figure out how to get to wireless setup and if I have the right drivers. Not too confident Driver Robot works right.

A:How to set up Dell Latitude D630 with XP for FIOS wireless

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How can I play a dvd on a Dell Latitude D630 computer laptop? I can play a musical disc but not a dvd. The dvd is ntsc which plays on most PAL systems.

A:can I play a dvd on a dell latitude D630 laptop?

NTSC and PAL are different systems.

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This refurb system I really like.  But I upgraded the ram to 4 gb and the system recognizes 4 gb.  But, it says only 1 gb is "available."  Why?  Is there a way to improve the amount of ram available?
I love the keyboard on this little system, my granddaughter is using for homeschooling. 

A:Dell Latitude D630 usable ram? After upgrade?

The rest is being used by Windows or hardware inside the system - that's normal;  it means you have 25% of your memory available.
If the system has an integrated Intel GPU (likely, as most of the discrete nVidia ones are long dead due to a design fault by now), it's also using system memory for video purposes.

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all right here is the story.

I just bought a 2gb stick of memory, and went to install it. all I got was a blue screen saying .......failed or whatever.

so I decide to try it in the primary memory slot, (located in different spot) so i take the keyboard out, and try it in there. still no go. replaced the old memory and booted it up (in the original state it was in)

no lights, no fan, nothing happens. I plugged the power cord in and I get 1 light telling me that it is getting power on my keyboard, but the power button still does not work.

so question is, do i need a new keyboard (maybe the wires got messed up for the keyboard) or is it my motherboard?

any tips would be GREAT!


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once my sister, uninstalled wifi driver from my laptop, and now im unable to reinstall it.And the led for wifi is also not flashing even if i turn the wifi switch on.

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I bought used Latitude D630. There is battery where is text: Dell recharge Li-on battery model TC030 (battery cell made in Korea). And white sticker where is bar code and text "KR-0U8735-71763-DA3X". Is that original battery and how I know how many cells (and capacity) included that battery?

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My D630 recently started behaving weirdly by "freezing up" occasionally during normal operation and wouldn't respond to any mouse click. The reason I put the quotation marks above simply because it is not real freeze-up and whenever I press "Ctrl+Alt+Del" to call for the Task Manager everything would return to normal, i.e., all windows would de-freeze. This has been an annoying problem and I would appreciate if anyone could point me to the right direction. Attached below is the log file I caught with HiJackThis.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 3:27:20 PM, on 1/21/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client\cvpnd.exe
C:\Program Files\F-Secure\Anti-Virus\fsgk32st.exe
C:\Program Files\F-Secure\Anti-Virus\FSGK32.EXE
C:\Program Files\F-Secure\BackWeb\7681197\program\fsbwsys.exe
C:\Program Files\F-Secure\Common\FSMA32.EXE
C:\Program Files\F-Secure\Anti-Virus\fssm32.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\QuickSet\NICCONFIGSVC.exe
C:\Program Files\... Read more

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i have had my dell latitude for about 2-3 years now and over the last 3 weeks the screen (if not put in one certain place) turns white from the top left corner on words . i believe that the LCD screen has be dislodge from the bottom but people have said that it may be the graphics card. i need help please. also, i have heard that if i atatch a moniter to the laptop and the problem continues it is quite possibley the LCD screen. i dont know what to do. i can not tell my mother becuase i will be shouted at for " breaking" it but it is not my fault.
if you could tell me how this has happend and how to fix it i will be forever greatful
sorry if this is in the wrong section

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Dell Latitude d630
Microsoft Windows XP
Version 2002
Service pack 3
Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU
T7500 @ 2.20GHz
789MHz, 3.99 GB of RAM
70GB Hardrive
I recently upgraded from 1gbx2 to 2gbx2 and, well I guess ram does no justice anymore in helping computers
just a theory I read and heard from friends. applies to PC only? I guess no help if you 
if you don't update other stuff? or I don't understand. figured RAM "helped speed up process of 
opening/closing stuff. and possibly video gaming. computer ran pretty smoothly on the 2gbs ram. but I finally 
upped the RAM to 4gbs. I know you can replace intergrated video card but that goes into $$ I don't have 
but why is my laptop not really 
regognizing the new ram. runs no better than it did with 2GBs. says I have 3.99GBs why not a full four? 
I guess memory is CPU? or Hardrive. but someone said I need to upgrade my hardrive to a 120. and replace cpu, with a 2.50
or even 3.0 I'm like, still $$ might as well buy a new laptop. can anyone give a helping mind to what I do. I put in ram.
"Your system memory has changed, what would you like to do" or something. I'm unsure what to do.. so it runs right. their's three options. but don't recall what they are. any help would be most thanked! 

A:Concern of Upgrading RAM on Dell Latitude D630 (HELP)

hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer!!
considering that your Lappy is windows XP, it may be time to consider a new PC rather than upgrading an unsupported XP machine. but i can definiltely understand not wanting to just de-commission a PC that should still run well with that Core2 in it.
RAM is a data hold area that is frequently accessed in a cache, to avoid hard drive accessing, which is considerably slower..everytime the PC is reset or powered down, the RAM resets and is ready for a new session to issue data to it for a temporary access channel. there are a number of options for you. you could consider a thorough backup of data on an external media and a windows 7 home premium 64 bit clean install which would wipe your hard drive clean. those windows licenses are around $100 though.  70gb hard disk space is plenty for a casual user that isn't storing massive media files and such. but most users  aren't comfortable with only around 50gb hard drive space free (windows x64 needs around 20gb itself and then needs another 10gb just to run in spec)
or, you could go with the windows 7 32 bit, which is fine also, and won't be so  demanding of resources like hard drive space and RAM. the 4gb RAM is  the maximum that can be read with a 32 bit OS system though and that is what you have so you will be fine there.
after a ram upgrade, XP alerts the user that the hardware is found and then asks for further configuration , at which time, ... Read more

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I am part of my companies IT department (Airline Services). Recently a member of staff has been having problems with their laptop.

The taskbar seems to freeze when opening applications , more noteably when opening email attachments in Outlook such as pdf files/excel etc. I cannot click on any desktop shortcuts or even go into the Start menu.

I have performed a full DELL diagnostic with no problems being found. I have done a full re-install and all the drivers are fully updated.

When the laptop freezes I can CTRL + ALT + DELETE and then click cancel when the task manager comes up and this seems to unfreeze the taskbar.

Any advice would be very helpful.

A:Dell Latitude D630 (IE7) - Taskbar Freezes

This may be caused by having mapped network drives that are disconnected. If you delete the disconnected mapped network drives, disconnect the working drives and then reconnect them, performance may improve. Also try this.

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My Dell Latitude D630came pre installed with Vista Business.
I downloaded the Windows 7 ISO image and burned it to a DVD using IMG Burn.
I chose to do a fresh install and formatted the C: drive on which vista was present. During installation it worked fine, till after a point it showed that some file was missing and that the installation would abort. The disc had a few scratches on it.
I then tried to make a bootable USB stick with the same ISO. I used UNETBOOTIN for the same.
After that during the installation, the screen never moved past the initial Unetbootin screen, it went into a countdown loop.
When I tried to use the DVD again, it started showing the "Cannot boot from Disc: Code 5" "BOOTMGR MISSING PRESS CNTRL+ALT+DEL TO RESTART" error. I tried the internet for answers, but most of them suggest the repair disc, which I' thinking would work only if there is an existing operating system in place. Here there is no OS present.

Please let me know how can I fix this.


I tried using an Win XP SP3 bootable disc as well right now, and its giving the BOOTMGR MISSING error.

A:BootMgr missing on Dell Latitude D630

kdas said:


My Dell Latitude D630came pre installed with Vista Business.
I downloaded the Windows 7 ISO image and burned it to a DVD using IMG Burn. .Click to expand...

Hi and Welcome,
Where did you download it from?


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can anyone tell me or show diagrams of how to reset bios on my laptop. my kids have been playing with the embassy software and now i cant get passed the preboot screen. im sure ive got to scramble the hardware encoded memory chip. but im not totally sure. please please please can anyone save my bacon. many thanx jcogs

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Hi all,

I have a Dell Latitude D630 and I would like to attach 2 external monitors to it and make one a default monitor and the other the extended with the lid of the laptop closed. The integrated video card is a Mobile Intel GMA X3100, and i have a port replicator (not a docking station).

What i've done is attached a dongle to the replicator, attached both external monitors, closed the laptop, and then both monitors are clones. I go into display properties\settings tab and select monitor number 1 to be default, selected monitor 2 and checked "extend Windows..." click apply but the "extend Windows..." selection deselects and goes back to original configuration.

Second try: I opened the lid to the laptop and sucessfully set the laptop as default monitor and "extend Windows..." to monitor "2" but both external monitors are clones. So essectially the system recognizes 2 monitors, one is the lcd on the laptop, and the second are both the external monitors.

I understand that the video card can only recognize two monitors therefore we will not see "3" monitors in the display properties. But i don't need the laptop and both monitors to work. What I'd like is to have my laptop lid closed, monitor 1 be the default, and monitor 2 be the extended, but the system is still seeing 3 monitors instead of 2 even with the lid of the laptop closed. Does someone know how to trick the system? Thank you in advance for your help... Read more

A:multiple monitors on Dell Latitude d630


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please, any ony help me
I forget the password
tag srv: HWDG03J
EXP srv code : 389-627-989-75
email removed

A:Dell latitude d630 bios password
Moderator Edit:
Free Help Here:

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I have a Dell Latitude D630 with a video problem. When booting the machine boots fine and displays the windows desktop. Soon afterwards you can hear a popping sound and the screen goes blank.

When you look at the screen with a flashlight you can see the icons and the desktop. I thought maybe it was an inverter problem. Got a new inverter and it still does the same thing.

This is a refurb. Dell laptop running windows 7.

Any suggestions?

A:Dell Latitude D630 with a video problem

Looks like the backlight is arcing which would have the symptoms you described. You will need a new screen if I'm right.

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can anyone tell me or show diagrams of how to reset bios on my laptop. my kids have been playing with the embassy software and now i cant get passed the preboot screen. im sure ive got to scramble the hardware encoded memory chip. but im not totally sure. please please please can anyone save my bacon. many thanx jcogs

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Hello all,

I have an issue with this older laptop I would like to use more.

It appears that whenever I fresh install Windows 7 on it and leave it on overnight, it is off when I wake up in the morning. I don't know why it does this..

I don't believe it is overheating because I leave it on for several hours in the day and it stays on just fine, but when I go to bed it turns off. My power settings are for it to stay on all day as well, unless I prompt it to turn off. I do not have any viruses either as I've done a fresh install.

I have ran my diagnostic test and everything went fine and now I'm doing additional memory tests.

I'm totally lost here..

A:Dell latitude d630 shuts off randomly

Have a look at your power settings options.


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D630, Windows 7 x86 7100 RC1

I am not getting any sound out of my speakers that are connected to the docking station. All the sound comes out through the built in speakers. I check playback devices and "Speakers" is listed with nothing to configure.

Anyone know any tricks?

A:Dell Latitude D630 in docking station - no audio

Download and install the Vista (32/64 bit) drivers for you system from Dell's website. I chose not to install the application but only the driver and everything is working great.

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Yes, this old problems still around!

I have seen one possible work round and have passed it onto my companies I.T as I'm not allowed to do my own fixes!

Only recently I tried to burn a DVD and straight away the DVD Writer couldn't recognise a blank dvd but would recognise a pre-recorded or one thats been burnt to!

When placing a blank dvd in the tray it would come up as a cd?

All CD read/write functions work fine.

the machine has the Dell installed Roxio drag and drop installed and that says no DVD in the drive so it does not recognise it either!

However I did find a thread fishing around with a possible solution so I'm now waiting I.T with baited breath!

I'll let every one know how they get one it seems this isn't an isolated issue however at risk of jinxing myself its never happened at home.

A:DVD RW Drive Dell Latitude D630 will not recognise blank dvd's

Most likely unrecognized media. Two choices: 1) update the drive firmware (if there is a newer version) 2) different brand/type of media. And use a quality media. For SL DVD, Verbatim or Taio Yuden, for DL DVD, Verbatim.

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I have downloaded the software to the dell and have run into this problem. They interact, showing ink levels, etc., but won't print. Someone mentioned it maybe a window problem? Any suggestions?

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I have a Dell Latitude D630 and the motherboard died, It's out of warrenty so I bought a Motherboard on ebay. The Bios Service Tag does not match the number on the bottom so I would like to chage it to the correct one. How can I do this?

I read about a DST CD = Dell Service Technician CD that has this option but I can't find one.

It's not a real important thing but when I use the Dell System ID application it reads the Bios Service tag and not the real system tag that Is registered to me.

A:How to change the Service Tag in a Dell Latitude D630 BIOS

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I updated the BIOS on my D600 to the latest version A16, last released 2005. Is a BIOS from the D630 released 2008 usable? They seem extremely similar.

A:Dell Latitude d630 BIOS usable on D600?

unless they are the same MB, I would seriously doubt that the BIOS are compatible. Also, are the bios not working on your current mobo? If they are working, there is no need to update.

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Hello all,
I have been having an issue with my Dell Lattitude D630 for some time now. Every time I close the lid I get a blue screen of death.
I downloaded a program called "who crashed." It shows the following: crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini042311-01.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: oz776.sys (oz776+0x2A2E)
Bugcheck code: 0x1000000A (0x15, 0x2, 0x0, 0xFFFFFFFF8051850C)
file path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\oz776.sys
product: O2Micro USB CCID SmartCard Reader
company: O2Micro
description: O2Micro USB CCID SmartCard Reader
A third party driver was identified as the probable root cause of this system error. It is suggested you look for an update for the following driver: oz776.sys (O2Micro USB CCID SmartCard Reader, O2Micro).
Google query: oz776.sys O2Micro CUSTOM_ERROR

crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini042111-03.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: oz776.sys (oz776+0x2A2E)
Bugcheck code: 0x48 (0xFFFFFFFF89F565A8, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
file path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\oz776.sys
product: O2Micro USB CCID SmartCard Reader
company: O2Micro
description: O2Micro USB CCID SmartCard Reader
Bug check description: This indicates that an I/O request packet (IRP) was completed, and then was subsequently canceled.
This appears to be a typical software driver bug and is not likely to be caused by a hardware problem.
A third party driver... Read more

A:Dell Latitude D630 02micro driver error

Try the driver from here it is more up to date.

Make sure you uninstall the existing driver first.

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Got a Dell Latitude D630, problem is it displays multiple images of the same image. Machine infor: Processor-intel (R) core (TM) 2 Duo CPU T7300 @ 2.00GHz, RAM-2.00GB, OS-32 bit win7 pro sp1, Bios D630 A12. NVIDIA driver installed.
Only comes good when doing self test and returns to displaying multiple images after using for 2 to 3 weeks.
Tried installing standard updated graphic drivers for dell, and nvidia a month ago, suspecting machine overheat I removed monitor and firmly refitted, cleaned fan and heat sink. The fault came up again a week ago. Any thing that I may have missed or shoul do.

A:Dell Latitude D630 displaying multiple images

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I learned so much by the previously posted, expired, thread.

I am 52 and lame.... we're talking the lamest of lame in technology.

I'd like to buy an external webcam to my Dell D630 laptop so I can skype with my adorable great nieces and nephews.

How hard is it to buy a decent webcam, install drivers and run it on Windows XP? Please respond with your ages so I can make an intelligent decision... in other words, if you are 30 or younger, you are born knowing this stuff...

A:External webcam for a Dell Latitude D630... how difficult is it?

I also have a dell latitude d630 and if you want an external webcam logitech makes very good ones.And yes it will work with windows xp.Lets just say im way over 30. lol!!!!!Its not difficult at all. The webcam will come with a driver and you install it. The camera you just clip to the lid of the laptop and go from there.By the way what you see at the bottom of the computer isnt a camera but an ambient lighting sensor.When i first got my computer i thought that it was a camera but then again i figured it was in a strange place for it to be one.

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Recently my laptops volume touchpad button wont work. When the volume is turned on, the button is suppose to turn white, but it stays red. The tab on the taskbar says the volume is on, but nothing can be heard. I tried to check if the computer wasn't detecting the sound card, but it said the sound card was working. I tried scearching through some posts but no one seems to have this particular problem. Please help.

I'm running a Vista HP Pavilion dv4 Notebook PC.

A:Solved: Volume Touchpad Icon Not Working

My friend found the problem. I just needed to reinstall the IDT card, which was found here:

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My Dell Latitude D630 freezes and has green vertical lines and also a wide line about 3-4 inches wide when i reboot. The laptop wont even load anymore. I am hoping that it is the video card or something. I have tried everything but have ran out of ideas. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

A:Dell Latitude D630 freezes and has green vertical lines

Safe Mode doesn't load, either?

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I have a Dell Latitude D630 and Windows 8. The generic Windows sound driver made the sound for the laptop run, but not with the docking station. I installed the Sigmatel drivers for Windows Vista 32bit. They also worked for me on Windows 7. First, they didn't wanna install, but then I made a BIOS update from Revision A03 to A18 and it solved the problem. Now again I have sound for the laptop, but when connected to the docking station the following happens:
When I set the normal speakers as output: Sound starts to play through the speakers connected to the docking station, but aborts quickly (for example the Windows sound when changing the volume).
When I set the SPDIF out as output: No sound at all!

The Sigmatel website obviously doesn't provide drivers since it's not existant anymore. The audio business was sold to IDT, but the IDT Website sucks: Detailed descriptions of all sound cards, but no drivers at all!

There was an IDT modded drivers section on before, but unfortunately the project is dead. I can't even find the uploaded files anymore. Anyway, one doesn't know if it works for Win 8 at all.

Audio device:


I tried the following drivers from the Dell website already which according to Windows 8 work, but give me the described sound problem:
- 2Y0VM
- R153997
- R171788
- R171789
- R218148

Any ideas how I can get this to work?... Read more

A:Windows 8 on Dell Latitude D630: Sigmatel/IDT sound drive

Generally, only Dell supplied drivers work properly on a Dell PC. Non Dell drivers will either not work or not work properly in most cases.

Have you tried posting on the Dell Laptop forum? That would be a good place to start.
Laptop - Dell Community

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The split screen starts when the laptop is powered on. I have uninstalled the video card, didn't work. I have clean installed Windows10 and formatted the disc, didn't work. I have went all through the settings and control panel. I have looked at all options in the BIOS setup. Is there a way to to factory reset, not restore, from an iso file to before any windows os was ever installed? I am extremely frustrated with trying to find a solution on my own so I am asking the community for help. If you know of a solution please let me know. Thank you.

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The touchpad on my laptop (hp pavilion x2) is not working, the cursor is not visible. It works perfectly well when I plug in an external mouse, however when I unplug it the cursor will freeze and when I use the touchscreen it will disappear completely. Any help?

View Solution.

A:Cursor disappears/touchpad not working

Hi, Try the following. Open windows Control Panel, open Programs and Features, right click the entry 'HP System Event Utility' and select Uninstall. When this has completed, download and reinstall the Chipset driver on the following liink. When the reinstallation has completed, restart the notebook and let Windows fully load for a few minutes. Then download and install the version of HP System Event Utility on the following link. When this installation has completed, download and reinstall the Synaptics driver on the link below. When this installation has completed, restart the notebook again. Regards, DP-K

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I have a client who wants their tapping feature of their laptop touchpad to be turned off. Scoured all over the internet and although it says to go to device properties, then hardware then advanced, the option for touchpad is not even an option. Not sure where to go from here. I have seen in Ubuntu u can work with the config file, but I really feel more comfortable doing something within windows not by messing with config files. Any help would be appreciated

A:Solved: Win XP Dell Alps Touchpad

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I do not like using the Dell Touchpad as the heat from my hand (or so I think) causes the cursor to jump around. I tried to disable the touchpad through the file at c:\Program Files\DellTpad\DellTPad.exe but it only works when I clear all the checks, close the program, re-open, check what I want, then apply. Once I restart, the touch pad is enabled again. I read though the old posts - I could not find any help. BTW - there is no icon for this in the tray although the box is checked in the program. I have to go to the program .exe file every time. Thanks....

A:Solved: Dell E6400 Touchpad

OK. I should have read all the other posts first. I downloaded an updated driver and now my problem is solved.

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All of sudden my cursor disappeared and my touchpad will not recover it.  When I plug in a mouse the cursor appears and is operational.  I need to recover the use of my touchpad.

A:Chromebook Cursor disappears/touchpad not working

Hello @ghuyge, welcome to the HP Forums.It appears that you're having issues with the touchpad on your Chromebook. I will try to assist you with this. To start here are some documents that may be able to help you: Adjusting Touchpad and Keyboard Settings on Your HP Chromebook (Chrome OS)Frequently asked questions about your HP Chromebook or ChromeboxFix hardware and system issuesIf you require further assistance, please provide the model and product numbers. Thank you for posting on the HP Forums.

I worked on behalf of HP.

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Help!  Mouse is jumping all over the screen - I believe because it is easy to accidentally brush the touchpad while typing.
The Control Panel - Mouse on this Latitude no longer has an option to independently enable/disable the touchpad and the pointing stick - but surely there is a way to do this on this e4300.
Am running XP - 32bit.
Thank you!

A:Disable latitude e4300 touchpad

Hello pstaats,
Update the driver from under driver and downloads, enter your service tag and under input devices the alps driver, once updated you should get the option to turn the touchpad off when a USB mouse is present.

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Hi everyone; I have a dell D630 that I started having problems with about 2 months ago, in the middle of normal functions vertical rows of small green bricks would appear, followed shortly by a crash. Then, I can power it back up but the screen will remain black. It lights up, the pixels are obviously functioning but it is black. Every once in a while it will work again but only for about 1-5 min and the green lines will come back.

This happened shortly after I had it outside during a construction project where it may have gotten some dust in it or something... I am guessing this is relevant?

I have tried blowing everything with a little keyboard cleaner air can, but that is all.

Any help would be great.


A:Green lines/bricks, crashes, powers up but no screen display. Dell Latitude D630

Hi bbblades222,
is that onboard video, or a card? the green lines,bricks, etc sound like an overheating problem, most likely vram. also you indicated that you had to recently move your machine, try re-seating your graphic card (if you have one) . and welcome to Techspot

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Hi everyone,

This past winter I decided to purchase a basic notebook for myself, so I ended up purchasing a Dell Inspiron 1525 during their "Boxing Week Sales" for $599 CDN. Which was a fairly good deal in my eyes considering I was getting a C2D T5800 and 3GB of ram.

After a month or two of usage I did some minor msconfig'ing and one day out of the blue, the touchpad would not scroll up or down in a browser. I figured I would just go check the settings on "Dell Touchpad" from my taskbar, but to my surprise, the icon wasn't there. I went to my taskbar settings and asked to show "Dell Touchpad", but still to no avail.

Thanks in advance and have a wonderful spring break!

A:Solved: Minor Dell Touchpad issues...

Go here
and under Input Devices click the + sign and download to your desktop

Touchpad/pointing stick driver

Install the driver and restart the PC

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Noticed that each time there was an auto update being done, the touchpad will not function. Will have to reinstall all related drivers (as advised by chat support). It is a very tedious effort. Can someone help to clear this up once and for all ?

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Hi there,

I have a vpn connection setup to a server and it all was working fine till about a week ago. Now when I connect the VPN icon never shows up in the system tray (yes the checkbox is checked for it to show up) and in order to disconnect I have to shutdown or log off. I tried going into the network connections and right clicking, but it only gives me the options of connecting again (which does nothing).

I can't think of anything that I installed or changed that would coinside with the beginning of this problem.

Anyone have any ideas?



A:VPN icon disappears from system tray


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I recently upgraded my dell vostro 3558 to windows 10 but after installing it touchpad gestures was not working properly. i re installed the drivers many times but was not able to find out the solution of it also searched on the web but got no solution.then i found fastboot is one of the reason also disable it but gestures workerd for first time only.then finally updated the BIOSand installed the driver again and finally the problem was solved

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Hello! I am trying to help a friend resolve a problem with her computer. She has:

Acer Aspire 4530 Laptop
Windows XP SP3
AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core QL-62
2.00 GHz, 2.75 FB RAM
Realtek High Definitin Audio
Driver version, 12/25/2009
298 GB Hard Drive, 275 GB Free

Most times when the system boots up, the Realtek icon is missing from the system tray and the volume is around 75% (loud!). When I tried restarting instead of turning off the computer and then powering up again the icon sometimes showed up, but the volume is always the same. If I lower the volume and reboot, it always goes back to the loud setting.

To get the icon back, I do the following:

Control Panel
double click "Realtek HD Sound Effect Manager"
Click "i" (Information)
Turn off "Show icon in system tray"
Click "i" (Information)
Turn on "Show icon in system tray"

I'd like to get the icon to consistently appear and the volume level to be saved.

Anybody got ideas? THanks and God bless!


A:Realtek Icon Disappears from System Tray

Restarting is the same thing as powering off then on. The machine restarts when you "restart".

Read this about the disappearing tray icons. Resetting the streams may work, too.

But if you can locate an executable in startup that creates the tray icon and delay its startup with Startup Delayer, that will probably work the best.

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I have been having problems with some weird icon on the tray. The icon looks like a film strip and it appears and disappears in a total of about 30 times in less than 10 seconds. It only appears when I go to certain websites and those websites have nothing to do with eachother.

It doesn't make sense but I know that the program itself might be a codec I installed a while back that has to deal with video. It might be a video codec I installed because I have been having problems lately playing movies on WMP 9 (which I never had problems with until just recently).

So i've been using programs such as Divx Player and ViPlayer. I've thought it might've been one of those programs so I uninstalled both of them and the problem with the icon in the tray still is happening. I've had this problem before but I can't remember how I got rid of it, so that is why I am here.

So please, may someone help me with this?

btw, I've tried taking a picture of my desktop with the problem but it's either the icon that appears is way too fast or it just won't show up, sorry.

A:Icon on Tray Disappears and Appears in Seconds

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My Autoit tray icon is disapearing when I'm adding items. Does anybody know why?

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I have enabled "DragLock" on my Latitude E7470, but it doesn't seem to do anything.
Selecting and dragging behavior is exactly the same with it on as when it is off.
I'm not actually as concerned about dragging as i am about selecting - i need to select large areas of the screen.
on my Latitude E6410, i can double tap to begin drawing a box to select an area.., and when my finger gets to the edge of the track pad, I can lift my finger, move it to the center of the trackpad, and continue selecting the area. Another tap then ends the area selection.
I would like to have this behavior on my new 7470
Is there a problem with TrackLock.., or am I doing something wrong?

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dell inspirion d630 notebook wireless lan icon disappeared and i cannot connect via wireless only by the wired port.

A:dell d630 wireless lan icon disappeared

What is listed in Device Manager under Network Adapters? What, if any, warnings or errors are anywhere in Device Manager?

What "wireless lan icon" are you talking about, and from where did it disappear?

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This dell inspiron touchpad does not work in safe neither in normal mode neither does the external mouse . but when i go into advanced boot options and enter repair your computer it works as soon as system recovery options windows pop up i can moved the cursor ?

I dont think is a hardware issue or ist?
I think is driver are some software ?

i just lookup the warranty on dell wedsite
Limited Technical SupportDELL11/16/20103/15/2012245Rapid Response DepotCTS11/16/20103/15/2012245
Product Model:
Inspiron N5010​Service Tag:9K0D8N1​

Thanks for your help in advanced

A:Solved: dell inspiron n5012 touchpad only works when i go into repair your computer?

I manage to get into device manager and saw tha my synaptics touch pad driver is missing so now the trick is how to install the driver with out been able to use the touch pad?

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Haven't updated your laptop's trackpad driver lately? Then you may well want to consider doing so, at least if your laptop is equipped with a Synaptics trackpad. As a user on the Hardware Zone forums discovered, the latest Synaptics driver seems to enable multitouch gestures on older laptops that didn't previously support them, including two-finger scrolling, and three-finger click. What's more, while the drivers themselves come from HP, they should work just fine on other laptops with a Synaptics trackpad. Hit up the link below to try it out for yourself.
Source: Synaptics driver enables multitouch gestures on older trackpads -- Engadget

p.s. working on my P7805u perfectly.

Download directly from HP:

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We just got a Dell XPS-15z, and, we have questions about scrolling on the Cypress touchpad using the Cypress drivers.

When scrolling down (either one finger or 2 fingers), when you hit the bottom of the touchpad, is there any way for the scrolling to continue without your having to lift your finger(s) back to the top of the touchpad? On other Dell laptops, I have Chiral motion, or the scrolling continues so long as your finger is at the bottom of the touchpad? I tried enabling the "Continued Motion" option just in case that was what did it, but that did not seem to work.

Which brings up another question re what "Continued Motion" does.

Also, is there any manual/help document for this driver either on the internet, or in the software itself?

I looked on the forum and on the internet, and couldn't find any answers.


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I've installed Google Calendar Sync on my MsWindows XP machine.
After restart, the Icon dissappeared from the system tray => program doesn't start up in background.

I want Google Calendar Sync to start automaitcaly in the back ground during start up.

Can some one help me please?

A:Google Calendar Sync Icon Disappears from system tray

Hi NeilsB

I've deleted your duplicate thread with the unncessary poll.

Try and drag the Start Menu entry for Google Calendar Sync to the StartUp folder.

To be clear, go to Start > All Programs and find the app in question. Click and drag it to Start > All Programs > Startup.

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I recently purchased a used Dell Latitude D630 PP18L. I have some questions about it which somebody might be able to help me with.

1: RAM
Crucial says it supports 8GB of RAM. The system is a 32 bit system (looks like it was built around 2006). I read that, with XP Professional (which is what it's running), it will address a little over 3GB of RAM with 2 2GB RAM modules installed.

Is that correct?

2) If I installed the 32 bit version of Windows7, would it address any more RAM? The full 4GB, maybe?

3) The machine has a Windows product key sticker on the bottom which has a product key for Windows Vista Business OEMAct. But the machine has Windows XP Professional installed.

It's not worth my while If to download an RTM copy of Vista, and it install it, right? That would both be illegal and probably wouldn't work, no? What's the least expensive, legal way for me to put a copy of Windows7 on this machine?

Might there be a mom and pop shop that could sell me a license key with which I might then simply download an RTM copy of seven and install it myself?

Or is my best bet just getting the DVD from, say,, which is currently selling it for $88?

Thanks in advance for all your help,


A:Solved: Latitude D630 questions

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TouchPad movement very slow  some times not working but when i hard reset Touchpad working good. Its working with external mouse very well. Each and every time i should hard reset then touchpad works fine. I am looking for permanent solution.

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Hello Everyone,

My problem started after updating windows 8.1 to windows 10, of course!
First the touchpad just stopped working, for no reason.

My solution was to uninstall the drive and restart the laptop. And from time to time I had to do this proceed. Two weeks ago windows updated, and the touchpad issue's gone. . Unfortunately, another one appeared.

The feature "mousekey", which is turn it on at ease access to use the numeric keys to use them as a mouse, It's turning itself on. And doesn't matter how many times I turn it off, few seconds and it's on again.

I've tried uninstalling the drive, which after windows the last updating was "ELAN".

Then I replaced by the Toshiba drivers, which is "Synaptic", and uninstalled the drives ,the problem is the same. Because of that, I can't use my numeric key, which is annoying!! If anyone can come up with something I will be grateful.

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#1 For some reason my touchpad on my HP 15 (2015 model with 8.1, now upgraded to Windows 10 1511) freezes. I hate that when it happens, you cant use it for 20 or 30 seconds or so. I close my lid and open it back up and it works normal, but then after a little bit it starts doing it again. My driver is up to date, I think it maybe Synaptics? If I need to give more info, please say!

#2: When I scroll on my touchpad up words it opens the start menu every so often when I am scrolling a lot, but when I didn't even open or even get near it or press Windows key. What is causing this? I hate it when it does this and screws up my readings then it stops scrolling and focuses more on the start menu then I have to click out of the menu and go back to what ever I was doing.


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dell inspirion d630 notebook wireless lan icon disappeared and i cannot connect via wireless only by the wired port.

A:dell inspirion d630 notebook wireless lan icon disappeared and i cannot connect via w

Please do not start multiple threads on the same topic. Continue here.

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I did a touchpad update  and now the buttons switch around. when one works the other will pop up with a tiny menu ive never seen before. If both buttons work the touchpad wont work. I have put them to default and it works for a bit then will switch again. Didn't have this problem till that stupid update. I have a dell 15-3552 laptop and its less than 2 months old.

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Whenever I re-arrange my desktop icons and restart/reboot the icons seem to re-arrange back into the upper left hand corner (not even aligned left, it forms a square). My desktop is not checked for Auto-Arrange but they still flicker back to this position after a restart.

edit: touchpad is fixed

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Hello, I have a brand new Dell Inspiron 5558 with Windows 8.1 64b installed. I can't use touchpad gestures, no scroll, no pinch to zoom, etc. I have installed the latest drivers from here but after install (which says it is succesfull) nothing is showing up in my taskbar or control panel or program files. 

A:Dell Touchpad gestures not working on Dell Inspiron 5558

I found the fix here. Install Synaptics 19.15.2 Windows 10 64 Bit  even tough you have Windows 8.1.
Install like this:
1) Extract the files to another folder
2) Open the folder with extracted files copy the path of the x64 drivers
3) Go to Control Panel>Device Manager>Mice and other pointing devices
4) Right click mice and other pointing devices, select Update Driver>From Hard-Disk
5) Add the x64 drivers path
6) Select Dell Touchpad
7)  Install drivers
8) Restart

Video can be found here:

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I was hoping someone could help me. Bought this used D630 and can't get any sound.
Sigmatel 9205 sound but no sound anywhere, headphones, speakers, from web or CD drive. Plays vidio's without sound. Can't figure it. Have new windows 7 ultimate working well on this machine.
Ideas? Help?
Thank you

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Dell Inspiron 1545
Windows Vista Basic 32 bit

I've been having problems with the touchpad on my Dell Inspiron off and on for about a month now. Occasionally on startup it just doesn't work- the left and right "mouse" buttons do (please forgive my complete lack of knowledge when it comes to the proper terminology, I really don't know much about computer bits in general) but the touchpad itself doesn't register any movement. In the past I've tried updating drivers (though Windows tells me they are all up to date) and it never seemed to work anyway. The only thing that ever got my touchpad back up and running was restarting the whole system.

So, this problem cropped up again last night and I restarted the computer, twice, to no luck. I tried again this morning and still nothing. I went to the device manager in the control panel with the intention of, well I don't know what really, but it was NOT my intention to delete the touchpad from my devices, which I DID do accidentally. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it back- and I need it because it's really spoiling the convenience of a laptop when I need to plug in my USB mouse all the time.

I went to Dell and tried downloading the drivers again, hoping it would make the device reappear. I was going to do a system restore, but the earliest point I seem to be able to go back to is AFTER deleting the touchpad. I have a backup OS disc and a backup Dell drivers & utilities dis... Read more

A:Dell touchpad gone

I went to Dell and tried downloading the drivers again, hoping it would make the device reappear.What were the results of this?

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to make a long story short- got a dell lat. d630 and took off vista x32 and put on x64. I tried really hard to get all the drivers when i first did this but gave up and have recently been trying again. if you didnt guess the one im stuck on fixing is the touchpad. i have dl'd the driver from synaptics and that didnt work as it thought that i was using a ps2 compatible mouse, and vista seems to think the same thing. anyway around this or fix this? not too tech savvy*
*more so than my parents if that means anything

A:Dell Touchpad Help

Hello thebaddavid,
I found these drivers, they are supposed to be the ones your looking for, try them, if they don't work just un-install them.
If it makes you feel better then set a restore point before installation.
They have been scanned and are clean.
Good luck and post your results.


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Help! I have a new Dell Latitude D630 laptop and I'd like to remove the touchpad icon from the startup tray. I still want to use the touchpad - I just don't want to see the icon.
Running Windowns XP.

A:Dell Touchpad

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Does anyone know how to disable the double tap option on a Dell Inspiron 4100 laptop. It's not on the control panel "mouse" options. It's driving me nuts!

A:Dell Touchpad

It might have a different set of software to control the touchpad. Look in the control panel and see if there is another icon for the touchpad software. Might be Synaptic or other software that has settings for it.

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I got a new probook 450 G2 laptop, and when touchpad driver is intalled the orange LED is always on and when I try to lock the touchpad it doesn't lock, when I uninstall the driver the LED turn off and also the lock doesn't work.

A:Probook 450 G2 Touchpad LED always on and touchpad lock does...

the problem is solved. it was about the driver, when I installed driver on HP website there was a problem, I searched for drivers on internet and I insalled the one in this website and the problem has solved and the touchpad worked well.

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I have installed Windows 8.1 x32 on my computer. I have:
DELL Inspiron 15 3542
Service tag: G42K312
DELL doesn't support x32 Windows 8.1, so please guide me on how can I use my touchpad. I need only touchpad.
P.S. I don't want to change to x64.

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I have a Dell laptop, running Windows 7, and I've had this problem since I bought the computer brand new in May.

Every once in a while, and I particularly notice it when playing any game, the touchpad will suddenly freeze, or slow way down, and unless I stop for about 30 seconds, sometimes, longer, it just won't move. It can occasionally move on its own when this happens, and sometimes the mouse buttons won't work for a bit, too.

It's not dirty, and has done this since I bought it new. I have downloaded all the current drivers.

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hi me again with another question
i changed out the touchpad buttons and now it does not respond
went to dell and downloaded driver
does not detect the pad
windows update
checked ror hardware changes
two ribbons
one connector by start button
cant think of anything else


A:Dell 1525 touchpad

Fairly common problem in that model if the laptop gets rugged use.
Often that problem is caused by a small wire plug-socket becoming detached.
You can remove the bezel and keyboard, and reseat it and usually ahve success... if not, purchase a used bezel... because the operational chips are attached to the bezel electronics. In some cases you have to replace the keyboard and the bezel... total cost about $45 on eBay.

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