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Removing Games in windows XP

Q: Removing Games in windows XP

Hi all, I need to find a tool to delete all windows games from the system, when we setup pcs we go through the windows add remove components and remove them that way, but apparently if you search your c: drive you can still locate .exe files and run the games. Does anyone out there know any tools on how to delete all the files?

A: Removing Games in windows XP

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I have a few games on my PC I want to take off. The one says: Install shield (R) setup launcher has encountered a problem and needs to close(tarzan activity center)I have the cd for this game.
The second game (sims2 makin magic) i do not have the cd-was lost.message reads:Unhandled exception Error:# 0x80040705 Description: string accessed out of bounds.
In my add and remove files: sims shows a tiny pc in front of name,where as tarzan shows a sheet of paper.
REALLY want these removed. HOW CAN I DO IT? am I Missing something??

A:removing games

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What is the correct method to remove games such as solitare, minesweeper and hearts from the os xp pro? Thanks for any assistance

A:Removing games from xp pro

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for any of you system admins,

I've been tasked with removing games from our systems at work. Does anyone know of any scripts that I can run (kind of lazy) to remove the game automatically. We are not running SMS so I can't audit or remove the games from the systems. I'm looking for something that can either help me write the script or point me in the right direction so that I can do so.

Many thanks,


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I have a large number of workstations. They are all using either windows 2000, XP or 98. It has been requested to permanently remove all games from every workstation. We have a Novell 4.11 server. Is there a way to remove the games using the login script.. Trying to find an easier way than having to go desk to desk. Thanks..

A:Novell removing games from workstations

Nope, you are going to have to go around to every workstation and do it manually.

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I have had a ongoing problem with my PC crashing when playing certain games. The PC definitely meets the minimum requirements for the game. The crash is happening in both XP SP3 and W7 RC1.

All drivers are up to date etc and I have run memtest. I have also replaced the GFX card and removed any unused cards.

This has been happening for a long time and I assumed it was my old XP install, so I recently tried a fresh W7 install and it is still happening.

Now, by chance, I removed 2 of the 4 DDR 3200 512mb memory sticks and the crashing stopped!

All the memory is the same type and manufacturer.

I assumed that maybe that 2 of the sticks were bad so I swapped them around and any combo of the 2 sticks works fine but if you add a 3rd or 4th the freezes come back!

I should say that with the 4 sticks in the pc is fine for everything but certain games.

When the pc does crash there is never anything in the event viewer or a dmp file.


Model : 1x AMD Athlonô 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+
Speed : 2.19GHz
System BIOS : Phoenix Technologies, LTD 3.47
System : HP Pavilion 061 EC582AA-B1U
Mainboard : MSI AMETHYST MS-7184
Total Memory : 2GB DDR-SDRAM

ATI Radeon x1650

Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS (WDM)

Operating System(s)
Windows System : Microsoft Windows XP/2002 Professional 5.01.2600 (Service Pack 3)
Network Services
Adapter : Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Eth... Read more

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I have this freaking toolbar called Free_Ride_Games toolbar that enables itself after i disable it changes my home page it's not in my add-remove programs i'v searched the whole computer for files on it the only place i see it is in manage toolbars i disable it as soon as i click out its on again any ideas. I have allready ran microsoft molichious tool removal it doesn't detect it. My os is win xp pro

A:Solved: Need help on removing free ride games toolbar

How to Uninstall Free Ride Games Toolbar
If no luck,

Please click HERE to download and install HijackThis.

Run it and select Do a system scan and save a logfile from the Main Menu.

The log will be saved in Notepad. Copy and paste the log in your next post.

IMPORTANT: Do not fix anything

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I am completely new to Windows 8 since I installed it today, and when I went into the X-Box games app, I couldn?t see any of my purchased games from GFWL, what gives? It would only seem logical or doesn?t it?

A:X-Box Games app and Games for Windows Live account merge?

Well, yeah I was hoping that would happen but at this time there is no merging yet but maybe in the future.
The Xbox games app shows your profile and scores and that is about it. I figure the reason is the games you bought are not Metro Apps which still uses a Client. Maybe the Client would be updated to Xbox Games instead since the client is not in the metro app thing.

I can say the Client works:
Download the Games for Windows Client | PC Games Client -

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I was wondering about that if there's a some kind of conflict, or penalty if i want to play an original game on live (steam download) and later play another one but it's cracked. Let me explain i have some original games but i have one cracked that use games 4 windows, but i played it just offline so i don't have the need to go live with this one. The thing is that i uninstalled it long ago, but i want to play it again, so....if i install it again to play offline, would be a problem, conflict or penalty (like permanent ban or something) with my original games that i play online?
Need some answers please.

A:Cracked games conflict - Games for Windows

We can't help with cracked games.
If the game was originally registered on steam,then it is
still there.
All you have to do is install steam,login to your account and download it from "my games".

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I'm trying to remove duplicative data from cells in a column based on information from another cell.


Col A Col B Col C Col D
Name1 Dept 1 Salary 1 Bonus 1
Name2 Dept 2 Salary 2 Bonus 2
Name2 Dept 3 Salary 3 Bonus 2
Name3 Dept 4 Salary 4 Bonus 3

In the above, there are 2 separate entries for Name2 because they were in 2 separate depts. My source data lists the bonus amount (Bonus 2) paid to Name2 but lists it twice incorrectly and I need to remove the duplicate so it should look like this:

Col A Col B Col C Col D
Name1 Dept 1 Salary 1 Bonus 1
Name2 Dept 2 Salary 2 Bonus 2
Name2 Dept 3 Salary 3
Name3 Dept 4 Salary 4 Bonus 3

Any help or ideas would be outstanding.

A:Removing duplicate data in a table without removing rows in Excel

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First time I post so I'll try my best to be clear.

I removed Windows Recovery and after that I could't access Windows Update with Internet Explorer. I rescan my computer with Malware Byte's and find nothing. When I try to go on the browser indicate me that the page is unavailable and when I try the site give an error (no 0x80072EFF). I check error message and Try couple of thing related on the Microsoft Support Site, nothing work. So I send you the Log files you ask and hope you can do something with it.

Thanks in advance for your help

Charlot Jr.
DDS (Ver_11-03-05.01) - NTFSx86
Run by Pierre Fontaine at 21:59:08,79 on 2011-04-26
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702
Microsoft Windows XP ?dition familiale 5.1.2600.3.1252.2.1036.18.1015.607 [GMT -4:00]
AV: Microsoft Security Essentials *Enabled/Updated* {EDB4FA23-53B8-4AFA-8C5D-99752CCA7095}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
c:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\Antimalware\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Roxio\BackOnTrack\Instant Restore\BOTService.exe
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
c:\program files\idt\wdm\STacSV.exe
C:\Program Files\Roxio\BackOnTrack\Disaster Reco... Read more

A:Can't access windows update after removing Windows Recovery

Hello and welcome to the forums!My secret agent name on the forums is SweetTech (you can call me ST for short), it's a pleasure to meet you. I am very sorry for the delay in responding, but as you can see we are at the moment being flooded with logs which, when paired with the never-ending shortage of helpers, resulted in the delayed responding to your thread.I would be glad to take a look at your log and help you with solving any malware problems.If you have since resolved the issues you were originally experiencing, or have received help elsewhere, please inform me so that this topic can be closed. If you have not, please adhere to the guidelines below and then follow instructions as outlined further below:Logs from malware removal programs (OTL is one of them) can take some time to analyze. I need you to be patient while I analyze any logs you post. Please remember, I am a volunteer, and I do have a life outside of these forums.
Please make sure to carefully read any instruction that I give you. Attention to detail is important! Since I cannot see or directly interact with your computer I am dependent on you to "be my eyes" and provide as much information as you can regarding the current state of your computer.
If you're not sure, or if something unexpected happens, do NOT continue! Stop and ask!
Do not do things I do not ask for, such as running a spyware scan on your computer. The one thing that you should always do, is... Read more

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Hello all,

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction here....

I've got a dual boot system at the moment - screenshot attached of my Disk Management screen if that helps.

I would like to remove the Vista OS and reclaim the space now that I've transferred everything over to 7 and have a backup.

I've deleted the Vista Boot entry in msconfig's Boot section, and have looked at these posts on this forum but don't seem to be getting anywhere -

Dual booting vista and windows 7, want to remove vista all together

MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record

As you can see from my screenshot - E: is the old, 32bit Vista partition (system active, primary partition). C: is the new, 64bit Windows 7 partition.

I'd like to remove E, and expand C, but I don't have the option to format E: when I right click.

If anyone has any tips or can point me in the right direction, it would be most appreciated. Have downloaded EasyBCD 1.7.2, although from their website I don't see Windows 7 as being supported

Thanks in advance,

A:Removing Windows Vista from Dual Boot with Windows 7

Welcome to SevenForums, Darren!

It looks as if you have Windows 7 on a logical drive. While it is possible to boot to Windows on a logical drive, it would require the 100MB system partition Windows 7 creates on installation.

How hard would it be to start over? You do not want Vista anymore, so if you start the installation process, you can delete the Vista and 7 partitions, and create a new, Primary one.

Let us know if you need help, and we will be happy to assist you.

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Due to a reinstall my laptop had a dual boot system with windows 10 twice installed. Now I was finished with the migration and I used EaseUs Partition Master to remove the old partition and add the space to the new partition. But now my windows doesn't boot anymore. It gets to the windows logo and the waiting icon under it, but it doesn't go to the user logon screen. How can I repair this?

The old situation before the resize was:
Win 10 (old) 30 gb
Win 10 (new) 220 gb

A:Windows won't start after removing previous windows installation

What I have tried so far:
- Startup repair
- Bcd repair
- Bcd remove
- Boot in safe mode

Here are the details:

Startup repair
I've done it through the advanced startup menu and it says startup repair couldn't repair your PC
The log file, which I accessed through command prompt says that all tests were completed successfully, and boot status indicates that the OS booted successfully.

I have tried to rebuild the boot manager in command prompt with the following commands:BOOTREC /SCANOS
Also have I tried removing the bcd file entirely and rebuild it. I have followed this guide.

Safe mode
I can start up in safe mode but I cannot do anything. It is acting strange: I get a black screen, but if I move the mouse, I see visual for about a second. I see a moving mouse cursor and the text “safe mode” in every corner of the screen. But then the screen goes completely black again.

I know that everything is still there, because I can access it through command prompt.

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Well the problem is as topic states:

If I uninstall adaware and reinstall it it still wont make a difference...Adaware and other programs such as teamspeak simply wont work anymore.

Heres a link to the original spyware remove thread so you guys can see what was changed. Note that at the start of this topic Adaware still ran fine on my machine, after all spyware was gone it refused to work.

Original topic:

Hope you guys can help out!

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I am trying to help a friend who purchased a 2nd-hand HP Pavilion DV5 {don't know model} laptop and it came Pre-Loaded with Windows 7 (I think Home Edition). Anyway, someone upgraded it to Win 8 Pro (Urg!) and we are trying to get it restored to the Factory Default but have no disc for either Win 7 or Win 8. Supposedly you should be able to press F11 or Fn-F11 and it will start system recovery but this is not the fact. Can anyone help me to help him get this laptop back to Windows 7/Factory Defaults. Any help would be MOST appreciated. I've been told so many things to try by both HP & Microsoft and nothing is working.

A:Removing Windows 8 & Restoring Pre-Loaded Windows 7

win8 install did upgrade the disk MBR. The recovery partition is useless now (can't be booted useing F11).
Do you have a COA sticker on laptop? Most of the time on back of laptop or under battery.

Is the license key readable and is it win7 home premium?

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So I uninstalled the update that contained GWX.exe and Im still getting annoyed by Windows to upgrade still anyway to remove that update? Look at my image to see what im talking about I want to delete that update and when to check updates it wont make me upgrade to Windows 10

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Hey Everyone,

I was a little bored this morning so I compiled another screencast for Windows 7. Since i didn't really know what to do one about I figured I would do one about removing the ads from your WLM. Since alot of you already know how to do this it may not be helpful, however if you didn't know it could be done here is an easy trick to try.

If you wanna try total commander, you may be able to locate it from google search, however here is the webpage for the shareware version. Total Commander - home

A:Removing Windows Live Ads while running Windows 7.

Nice Video Linuzo, Do you think you can put the Link on there for total commander.

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I Cleaned installed Windows 7 (64bit) to dual boot with my already existing Windows XP SP3 (32bit). Everything is great and life is fantastic!
I'm ready to remove XP now.
Any suggestions on the steps to follow, and remove XP, without screwing up my fast, great and fully working Windows 7.

A:Removing Windows XP SP3 on Dual Boot with Windows 7

Well, holy cow your XP partition is huge! Mine is 16GB and only using half of it. It seems like you've got some backing up to do before doing anything to that partition.

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Recently removed Internet defender virus using Malwarebytes but when I reboot, I cannot open any programs. The cursor stays as an arrow as ooposed to a hand when I hover over programs and I cannot even open the start menu. Can only use computer in Safe mode.

Thanking you for your help in advance!!!!

DDS (Ver_11-03-05.01) - NTFSx86 NETWORK
Run by Administrator at 12:00:25.82 on 2011/03/23
Internet Explorer: 6.0.2900.5512 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_18
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.932.81.1041.18.2037.1647 [GMT 9:00]
AV: トレンドマイクロ ウイルスバスター コーポレートエディションウイルス対策 *Enabled/Updated* {8E0F48BE-7F53-4AAF-A206-18F4B37C80B3}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\デスクトップ\dds.scr
=========... Read more

A:Windows unresponsive after removing Windows Defender

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here. Please take note: If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If you are unable to create a log because your computer cannot start up successfully please provide detailed information about your installed Windows Operating System including the Version, Edition and if it is a 32bit or a 64bit system.
If you are unsure about any of these characteristics just post what you can and we will guide you.Please tell us if you have your original Windows CD/DVD available. If you are unable to perform the steps we have recommended please try one more time and if unsuccessful alert us of such and we will design an alternate means of obtaining the necessary information. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far. Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review your topic and do their best to resolve your issues. If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed. Use the '... Read more

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First of all, I installed ubuntu then I couldn't figure out how to use it so I decided to remove it. I was on Windows and I uninstalled ubuntu using the wubi.exe and un-installed it like any other application....I rebooted and Ubuntu was still there. -.- and I was on GRUB. So, I found this guide on the internet and I followed it to uninstall ubuntu "safely" as it said, I got screwed. So, first of all I had to use this software called EasyBCD which is supposed to be used in order to remove GRUB and use MBR...So, I picked my choices carefully and I chose the "Windows Vista/7 MBR" and I clicked Write MBR...GRUB was removed but, I couldn't boot into Windows. I re-installed Ubuntu and of course GRUB came along...I noticed something...It used to say at the bottom "Windows 7 loader/sda" Now, it says "Windows Vista loader/sda" So, I guess that means that I got the Windows Vista MBR not the Windows 7 one....I don't have a Windows disk or anything..Right now, all what I have is Ubuntu 11.10 installed and Ubuntu 11.10 Live disk on a USB flash drive and please help! I want to get the Windows 7 MBR back and I tried many stuff to restore the MBR but, it restores Windows Vista MBR...I used lilo and the boot-repair's just not working.

A:Removing Windows Vista MBR and restoring Windows 7 MBR

Bringing up my post.

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I want to upgrade to Windows 8 - My Windows 7 Machine has all my dev tools and environment setup. The upgrade assister says that VS2010 is not compatible.

I found this suggestion but I don't want to do that. How can I jsut upgrade?

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Hi, for many years I had Windows XP installed on the hard drive. About a year ago I created a new partition and installed Windows 7 on it. I now no longer need Windows XP and would like to reformat the partiton to free up space.

I've searched around the forums and can find similar threads but I dont know much about this kind of thing and don't know if somebody else's solution applies to me and I don't want to take the risk. The easiest and most straight forward solution would be very much appreciated. I've still got the Windows 7 installation disk. Thanks in advance for your help

A:Removing Windows XP from a dual boot with Windows 7

Warning: Make sure you backup your Data first.
You may need to copy boot files from XP partition to your Win7 partition, before deleting the XP drive.

1) Make sure you have these files on the Windows 7 partition.

2) Mark the Windows 7 partition ACTIVE,
Partition - Mark as Active

3) Boot to DVD,& open a Command Prompt,
Boot DVD, & Press Shift+F10 (for command prompt)
Boot DVD, & Command Prompt at Startup
(for command prompt)

4) Delete Win XP partition,
Partition or Volume - Delete

5) Than do a startup repair.
Startup Repair
Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.

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so i formatted my windows 7 partition on my hard drive and unpartioned it back to my normal 1 part hard drive

but now everytime i boot it still askes me which os do i want to boot, even though one of them dont work

can someone help me to get rid of the os that doesnt work

PS. the partition that had the windows 7 is already formatted and deleted

A:help removing windows 7

This is because the OS boot entry is still present in the Boot loader. The easiest method of tackling this would be to download and install an application like EasyBCD to simply remove the boot entry.

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Ok I have an HP Omnibbok and it was running on Windows NT... one day when I turned it on it wouldnt start because a file was missing "WINNT\SYSTEM32\..." I I tried everything but nothing changed. So I figure I might as well uograde it to Windows XP but when I put the WIndows XP disk in it say "Windows Set up"but it downloads some files and then thats stay on that blue screen with windows set up... I heard that I should erase everything on the drive (format it ) and then try to install windows do I do this?? please help!


A:Removing Windows NT

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I recently downloaded windows 10 after being constantly barraged with messages and pop-ups to download it. Windows 10 has completely screwed up my computer. Nothing works like before. How can I remove windows 10 from my computer ? I originally had 8.1,
didn't like it either but better than 10 !

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Not too sure if anyone can help me laptop used to have windows vista home premium on it until my "idiot" of a brother did something and i now have windows xp on it. any suggestions on how i can remove xp and revert it back to vista??? thanks

A:Removing Windows Xp

First question would be: does your brother practice witchcraft?! lol Just kidding.Okay, serious...It is possible that your brother may have installed the Xp on a separate partition of the hard drive, and maybe Vista is still installed on the laptop.

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I want to remove windows 8 and go back to windows 7 [I have the windows 7 disc and key]

Can I just insert the disc and enter the key? or how do I uninstall windows 8 first as it was a downloaded app?

A:removing windows 8

You will need to do a clean install of Windows 7 - just put the disk in and install.

Clean Install Windows 7 - Windows 7 Forums

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I'm trying to get rid of Win8 and install Win7 in its place. I've tried booting from CD and USB. When the computer boots up it gives me the option to boot Windows Setup or Windows 8.1. When I choose Windows Setup it brings me to a black screen and nothing happens. I really have no idea what to do at this point. Win8 has been nothing, but a pain in my side since I bought my laptop. Can someone please help me through the removal of windows 8? My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C55-A5104 if that helps. Sorry if this belongs on a Win7 forum, but I figured this forum would know more about uninstalling Win8 than a Win7 forum.

A:Removing Windows 8

Have a look at this, UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with - Windows 7 Help Forums . One thing I would do during the install is delete the partition with Windows 8 on it, the EFI partition and that first small System Reserved partition. Then create a new partition in that space and install 7 to it. Windows 7 should create its own system reserved automatically. That will completely remove windows 8 and prevent you from ending up with a dual boot or messed up install. Have you backed up what you want saved to external media?

EDIT: You may want to create your recovery media now incase you ever do want to go back to Windows 8.

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So I installed Windows 7 RC 64 bit a while ago on a partition on my main hard drive, tried it out, wasn't working nearly as well as Vista so I determined I would delete it and try installing it much further down the road because I need HD space and it is not all that important to me that I have win7. Anyway, due to a series of misunderstandings and general lack of knowledge, someone in my house hold simply erased the whole partition without doing anything. Now everything is stable and in working order (seemingly), however when I boot up my computer, before loading windows or anything I am given the option of booting either Win7 or my original install of Vista, except for the fact the win7 no longer exists. So if I'm not there when my computer starts up it just kinda freezes because I guess the default is to go to Win7 but there are no files to access when it tries.

So how can I remove this option from my computer at start up?

I have a nvidia nForce 790i mobo and Vista 32 bit

A:Removing Windows 7

Hi -

Take a look at this Microsoft KB on the subject -

Regards. . .



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I installed Windows 7 Build 7100 on another partition so that I can do a dual boot with my Windows XP.

I now want to remove the Windows 7 installation properly. Is there a way or do I just delete the folders of Windows 7?

A:Removing Windows 7

Get Partition Magic, it's free program that manages your partitions. Just delete the Partition that has windows 7 on it. Be careful not to remove the partition that has XP on it though because you can't go back once you remove a partition.

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Hello, to be honest this isn't my problem but my friends and I'm just asking for him so please excuse me If I'm mistaken, I'll try to reiterate the problem to the best of my knowledge: My friend owns an HP laptop and he has windows xp on it and apparently one night when he was trying to uninstall a game from his laptop (something he probobly does slightly often as he downloads games and movies and whatnot) and something happened to where all his files got deleted, even files like system restore and whatnot. For some reason his computer now still plays movies and games (what he mostly uses his computer for) but now he tells me he wants to get rid of windows xp from his laptop because he has the discs to reinstall it and he thinks that will be the solution. Now, don't underestimate him, my friend knows a thing or two about computers but this has got him completely stumped so I figure something must be wrong. I know it's hard to understand but If anyone has any helpful input, my buddy and I would greatly appreciate it

A:removing windows xp

Uninstalling a game or a movie will not delete all his files. But what could have happened is that his User profile got corrupted and Windows is logging him into a Temporary Profile. So, he will not have his old My Documents, Favorites or Desktop files under his temporary profile, but they still will be under his old user profile C:\Documents and Settings\[username]. If he wants to reinstall Windows, that is one solution. If he goes to Start/Run and types control userpasswords and creates a new user profile with admin rights. Then logs out of the profile he is in and logs in as the new user. Then browsing to his old profile drag the a fore mentioned files to his new profile, he will be back in business. Or He could boot off of the XP Restore CD and reinstall Windows if he likes.

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Oi, I'm getting fed up with windows 8(mostly because I can't play over LAN with tunngle D:) and I'd like to trash it. I'm just wondering if I could run the windows 7 installer from desktop, and overwrite the existing OS or if I have to dual boot the two, then remove windows 8 while in 7.

A:Removing windows 8 :<

As in oi vay , or as in oi you?

Depends on your setup .

If you installed 8 after 7 - you will probably be able to set 7 as default in boot menu and delete win8 partition.

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I am trying to remove windows xp. I went to the ad remove programs on the control panel. It does not have xp on there. I put in my windows 98 cd to try and install it thinking it will help me remove xp. I received a message saying I would have to remove xp in dos mode. Help!

A:Help removing windows xp

You cannot uninstall XP from the Control Panel, coz Control Panel is itself in XP

If you want to completely remove XP and install 98 instead:

Do the necessary backup, insert dos boot disk, restart in DOS mode and format the C: (or the drive in which XP is installed).

Now your box would be without any OS.

Insert the Win 98 CD in the tray and restart again with the dos boot disk. Now execute the setup.exe in the Win98CD from the DOS mode,and follow the steps shown on the screen.

When you're done, your system will have a clean install of Win98

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It seems my old windows 7 directory (D:\Windows) is extremely difficult to remove. I already took ownership of all files (via Win10), but Microsoft, as usual, very aggressively hinders you in doing what you want to do.

How do I delete these files?! Even just opening an Administrative command prompt, using del *.* /s, doesn't work.


A:Removing old D:\Windows

The Take Ownership tool apparently couldn't take all files from the Windows 'root' in one big chunk. Applying it to each subdir individually worked just fine. Except for 1 file (see below)

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Hi,Just followed Brink's tutorial on how to remove windows old after installing windows 10.
It may sound a stupid question,But how will I know if it's all been deleted?

A:removing windows old

Hello David,

Is the C:\Windows.old folder still there?

Windows.old Folder - Delete in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

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can anyone advise how to remove windows on an external 2.5 320gb hd connected via usb sata port otherwise it runs fine just dont want it on there wasting space

A:removing windows

Do you have enough room on your main drive for all your files temporarily? If so, copy all your personal files from the external drive. Format it, then copy your personal files back.

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I installed windows 10  on my HP touch Smart with windows 7 ....after the removal of windows 10 cd/dvd is not being seen ....I have disabled it ....and enabled it several times and I cannot use it worked fine before I put windows 10

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I have had enough of Windows 8, its rubbish, it has screwed up most of my programs and caused me much unneeded stress since I installed this crappy system

I have another PC running on Windows 7 Ultimate, I forget about this and had an idea to use the hard drive and install it on my main PC. I managed to get this hard drive working alongside my Windows 8 HDD and I'm still busy loading all my programs to work on Windows 7 OS.

The problem I'm having is that sometimes when starting up my PC for some reason it sometimes tries booting up into Windows 8. How do I stop this from occurring, basically I want to remove Windows 8 which is now allocated to 'D' Drive. I don't want to screw things up, so please can you advise me on the best and safest method of removing this crap from my drive.

Also the upgrade to Windows 8 cost me $147, is there any way I can get a refund on this, as I am not pleased with the amount of damage and headaches this has cost me over many months.
Now that I'm using Windows 7 its like a breath of fresh air, all my programs are running so smoothly its a shear joy to use

Hope someone out there can advise me on this.
Kind Regards

A:Removing Windows 8

1) Remove the Windows 8 HDD.

2) Do a Start up Repair.
Startup Repair - Windows 7 Help Forums
Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times - Windows 7 Help Forums

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Need assistance. I have a Dell laptop that came installed with Windows Me and then later I upgraded to XP. I would like to remove Xp and use the former Me. Can anyone assist me with this task?


A:Removing windows XP

I have NO CLUE why you'd want to go back to ME, but this is what you need to do.

If you purchased the laptop new is should have come with either a recovery CD or a Windows ME CD or both. Using either disc you can wipte the HDD and reinstall the software to make it like it was when you first got it.

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How do I remove Windows XP from my system. I want to reformat my hard drive, but do not have a recovery disc. Just the Windows XP disc.

A:Removing Windows XP

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Alright, I need to know if I can remove windows XP Professional. It was the first operating system installed. I want to wipe the entire harddrive of EVERYTHING on it and have windows like when it was first installed. I have the windows XP HOME CD key, so I'm guessing I might have to go from Pro to Home, which is fine with me. Is there a way to do this? I'm sorry, not very good with PCs.

A:Removing Windows XP

You did not get a XP Pro installation disc? . . some newer pc's have a recovery partition that restores the pc to the state it was delivered . . what brand is it.

If what you want to do is a clean installation of XP Home . . These are good guides to reinstalling XP . . you might want to print one for reference during the install.

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I've looked around the web at post about how to completely untinstall Norton AntiVirus (my subscription's expired and it keeps popping up saying that programs I have allowed in their exclusions tab are trying to access the computer and detecting components of them as viruses. Some of the methods say to go to add/remove and untinstall everything marked Norton, Symantec, and LiveUpdate. I do wish to keep Norton Ghost and I think that uses LiveUpdate. Should I remove AntiVirus but keep LiveUpdate or uninstall all of it including Ghost and reinstall that?

A:Completely Removing Antivirus Without Removing Ghost?

Read the discussion topic "How To Remove Your Norton Products"If uninstalling Norton via Add/Remove Programs does not work properly, then download and run the Norton Removal Tool (SymNRT). (uninstalls ALL Norton 2008/2007/2006/2005/2004/2003 products from your computer). For Dell computers, see Dell Solution Network: Knowledge Base Article.

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I have windows media player 11 and a 60gb Toshiba Giabeat S that is synced to it. Whenever I remove items from the library, it also removes them from the device on the next connection.

The problem is that I am using an old laptop with only a 20gb harddrive. I can store more on my divice than I can on the computer.

How can I remove things from my laptop without removing them from the device. Thanks for any help.

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Hey, I have a problem, firstly here are my system specs:

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ 2.60 GHz
6.00 GB DDR3 RAM
Windows 7 64-Bit Home Premium
ATI Radeon HD 4300/5000 Series

My problem is that when I am playing games such as Minecraft or full screen games like Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source, windows decides to Tab Out... When I (it just did this then) press a key it makes the noise that windows normally makes when you can't use the keyboard (I have no idea what to call the noise o.o) Windows also (it just did it again) basically makes the window look like another window is on top of it here, is basically what it looks like (on the right, I decided to put skype and chrome next to each other and click on skype which makes the top of chrome look (it just decided to do this again) like it's basically not in use, I really do not know how to describe this here is an image w/ the comparison As you can see on the right (Chrome's top bar is abit lighter than Skypes)

This is really annoying, and I really cannot explain the reason fully, I have re installed windows once, and this does not do anything, so I am not going to try this again! I've tried in my best ability to explain this, but let me say one last thing, It basically seems like another window is popping up, but cannot be seen and this is making my games and normal windows tab out... I can tell because chrome or the game I am playing will either make the top bar look ligh... Read more

A:Windows 7 Minimizing Full-Screen Games and Regular Windows

I think I have fixed it, I just did the following:
I saw that a program called "wermgr.exe" was opening and closing (Windows Problem Reporting) I pressed the start button and searched for "Choose how to report problem" and then I clicked it and then I clicked "Never check for solutions" which then fixed the problem which has not happened for the past 15-20 Minutes!

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Recently Windows has been hanging a little after closing Firefox and/or Windows Live Mail. For example, if I close Firefox or WM (Windows Mail) and click on the Start button or anything for that matter Windows will hang maybe 2 seconds before it loads it. It didn't used to do this. I've ran anti virus/spyware programs (Which returned no real threats) and Ccleaner. I've defragmented and ran check disk too so my files should be clean and in order for quick access. I actually recently had to reinstall Windows XP (32bit) so it's a pretty fresh install. As far as I know the drivers and whatnot should be up-to-date too. As for the game, it's particulary only one as I notice lags in a certain way that never had before. It's America's Army and every so often I will get this lag that will last for a few seconds and just go away. It will make the game real sluggish but only for about 4 or so seconds but gets quite annoying as this didn't used to happen before. I've tried system restore to go back to a point where I didn't think it had been doing this but none of the restore points were available for some reason and the one it did let me restore to didn't help. I don't notice any processes running that look suspicious or that shouldn't be running. I've also noticed the past few times I boot up and while loading windows my mouse will freeze for just a second which is also not normal.

I do have my CPU, ram and vid... Read more

A:Windows XP hangs a little after closing Firefox or Windows Mail and lag games.

A little update...

I ran Advance WindowsCare V2 Peronal and let it "clean and fix" everything but I still get the delay/lag after closing almost any program. For instance, I opened up Windows defrag utility, closed it and tried clocking on start and it didn't open for about 3 or 4 seconds. I don't know what's causing this but it will also slow my game mention above down like I have something else using a lot of CPU power or something for a few seconds...and this happens in the game quite often...I'd say it does it at least once every minute.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? It's very annoying and I would hate to have to reinstall Windows since I just literally got everything reinstalled and copied back over when this problem started occurring. If you need any more info or logs, let me know. Thanks.

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Hello. I get the following error when trying to run Dead Rising 2 from Steam:

I believe the root of the problem is Games for Windows Live, which doesn't seem to want to install, even if I try to install it manually.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8178 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 121751 MB, Free - 36386 MB; D: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 639375 MB;
Motherboard: MSI, 970A-G46 (MS-7693)
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled
(Note: I use avast! Free Antivirus.)

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ok, this are games tryed under windows vista ultimate with service pack 1 (32 bits):

theme hospital (only an error message after you exit the application, basically the game exits correctly but the window get freeze when it must be closed, so thats the error, after all works 100% perfectly, no system or files damaged, i used the game since i have vista and no damage!!!)the game of life (no errors, 100% perfect!!!)theme park world (no errors, 100% perfect!!!)microsoft hearts (from windows 2000, also perfectly, and you can use as a normal program, no need to replace the cool and modern hearts of vista)microsoft pinball (from windows 2000, no errors)I don't remember any more games, but also programs!!!
windows movie maker (from windows me, working perfectly, no need of replacing the movie maker from vista)all the themes from windows me, you can see this video that i make on how to extract the windows me resources from a virtual pc into xp it works under windows 2000-xp-vista, enjoy it!!!
it looks like crap the windows me part, but after in xp it looks great, you can download virtual pc for free from microsoft, enjoy the games and the video!!! ^_^_^!!!

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Hello all, as you can see by the title I have a couple of problems, so I figured I would put them all into one thread to make it easier.

Okay this all started when all of a sudden windows would be deselected and if I am playing a game it would be minimized. I brang up a resource manager and saw that there was something there called System Interruptus, not sure if this has something to do with it or not?

I then went to update windows because I hadn't done it in a while, when I get error 80244022, I have tried to fix it but to no avail, I have also deleted the contents of the SoftwareDistribution folder except for the ReportingEvents.log

So basically I need help with these two things, the windows being deselected and minimized is probably the most important as it is the most annoying, but I thought maybe updating windows could fix it (basically I haven't updates since installing :/)

Sorry about being so vague and not having much information but I don't know why these problems would be occuring.

Thank you in advance for your responses.

P.S. I have scanned twice with malwarebytes anti-malware since this occuring and it only picked up one virus on the first scan, and since I hardly ever torrent or anything like that I am doubting it is malware, but I'm not ruling it out as a possibility.

A:Windows being deselcted, games being minimized and windows update errors.

I just rolled back to a system restore point I had before I started having the windows being deselected and minimized issure, I have yet to see it happen but I just booted up and it always gets worse the more I use the computer so I will keppy you updated on if it fixes it or not etc.

Meanwhile if anyone has solutions to the problems would appreciate you posting them as it seems I am getting the problem again now

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I have 2 Windowses on my PC and I would like to play games that I have installed on W7 on W8 but there is a problem. Some games dont worked because of d3dx9 dll's and I solved it with installing DirectX , some games missed VC++/.Net. But now there are some games that still dont work. Like League of Legends didn't worked when i run it from W7 partition but when i copied it to W8 partition it worked. I don't want to do this with every game I have. Is there any solution to make them work?

Sorry for my english.

Thanks in advance.

A:Dual/Multi Boot games form Windows 7 on Windows 8

As a general recommendation you shouldnt try to run most programs that are installed on another Windows OS'es partition. some softwares need certain files, dependencies, Registry entries, etc, and if those are in your other 7 OS, then your 8 install wont be able to find everything, which may bring about errors.

The best thing you can do is either play them on 7 or uninstall them in 7 and then reinstall them in 8.

I also had the same issue when trying to run some other Windows games via WINE in Ubuntu Linux. same basic principle applies.

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hi guys

as you know theres some problem in microsoft's update , that causes it

download the updates temp to the bigger sized parrtioned , instead of to the temp folder...

in my case i had my external HD connected to the system when windows upadte was running...

after the windows update completed i saw few new folders with starnge names like:

also i noticed there's a sign of a lock on them , and when i tried to remove them i could do that....

i assume you know how to that , right?

also do you know how i can prevent it from happeing again??

*if i connect the drive to windows XP system , the files can be delted

A:removing folders in Windows 7


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How do you get rid of the Windows XP Welcome screen, the one that shows my name preceded by a chess icon? I am the only user of this PC, always have to click on my name and then Windows completes its start up. I never had to do this with other PCs I've had. Thanks.

A:Removing Windows XP Welcome Screen

Try this:
Start> Run> and type: CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2, and click Ok.
Select the user account from the list (the account you want to automatically logon). Uncheck Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer option, and click Ok. Type the user account password (if one) and complete the process. Use the account name you set up not the built-in Administrator.

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Greetings. I used a utility called "super winspy 3.3" to find my index.dat file located in:
C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Low\Content.IE5\index.dat

I know the file is there and contains a ton of data even though my privacy settings in IE8 are set very private. I can view the file with Super Winspy but I would like to be able to purge the data from that file regularly or overwrite it with an empty file or delete it and let it re-create a new empty one, but no matter what I try, I get "Access Denied" message. Is there any free or open source (not trial versions or shareware) software that keeps index.dat file wiped clean.?

A:removing the index.dat - Windows 7

You might give ccleaner a try.

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I have gotten the Windows Antivirus Pro malware on my computer and I cannot remove it. I have tried to download Malwarebytes, but when I try to run it, it does not run. I downloaded hijackthis to try to post a log, but it also did not run. I also tried to rename these programs to get them to run, but still nothing.

It seems like it doesn't allow .exe files to run.

I am currently booting up in safe mode w/ networking.

Any suggestions to remove this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time. I await your help.

A:Windows Antivirus Pro- Need help removing

Have you tried following these instructions?

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I am trying to reinstall Norton 360 after having problems. I went to Norton Chat. Got a Trialware version. Downloaded it and tried to install. Norton says it has to remove Windows Defender. I can't find WD anywhere, except in Add or Remove Programs. When I try to remove, it says "the feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable."

The Norton Chat guy told me to go to Microsoft Support. Can't find anything there. How do I make Norton 360 understand that Windows Defender can't be found? Or, better still how do I remove Windows Defender from Add or Remove?

I have a Dell Dimension 8200 Pentium 4 with 40GB and 512 Ram. I am running Windows XP Home Edition and Outlook 2003

Thanks for any help on this

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Mod Edit: Moved from WIN8 to the Am I Infected forum ~ boopmeI knew this day would eventually come - I encountered my first Windows 8 computer infected with malware. My question is, do we have any good information as to how to deal with these situations? Most of the malware removal techniques with which ected forum ~~I'm familiar require Safe Mode, but Microsoft blocks booting into Safe Mode by default. I was able to find out how to enable the legacy Windows boot menu, but that information was useless to me because the malware this user picked up blocked access to msconfig and Command Prompt and prevented System Restore from working properly. The computer is an HP Pavilion 2000-2b43dx laptop, and just to make things even more difficult, HP interposed its own Advanced Options submenu, which offers even fewer options than Microsoft gives by default. When I attempted a "Refresh your PC" from there, it just hung. This computer's BIOS also makes it difficult (impossible?) to boot from a USB device as long as the hard drive is healthy. I don't need assistance with this particular incident at this time, because I ultimately found the BIOS-level F11 recovery options, which also provides access to the Windows 7 Refresh your PC function, and as I type this, the laptop is about 85% of the way through this process. Hopefully, that will eradicate the malware and leave the computer usable again. However, for my edification and future reference, how are people dealing with si... Read more

A:Removing Malware from Windows 8

I've still not had to deal with Win 8 issues like this... Seems like windows 'features' are creating massive usability problems, again. I'm also interested to know, good question.
I actually laughed out loud with the release of 8.1 and the promises of it being suitable for use in a corporate environment. I cannot imagine adding a 4th supported OS to my 90ish machine network.

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We are having issues with Malware, clicking on any results from a search engine will redirect you to a different site than intended. And we started having a lot more pop up ads.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here is the log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 5:27:15 PM, on 8/3/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16827)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\BitDefender\BitDefender Update Service\livesrv.exe
C:\Program Files\BitDefender\BitDefender 2009\vsserv.exe
C:\Program Files\a-squared Free\a2service.exe
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 6.0\PhotoshopElementsFileAgent.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InterVideo\DeviceService\DevSvc.exe
c:\Program Files\Common Files\Protexis\License Service\PsiService_2.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ulead Systems\DVD\ULCDRSvr.exe
C:\WIND... Read more

A:Help removing Malware w/ Windows XP

Since posting, the system will boot up, then once XP has fully loaded, the program will freeze. I can still start system in Safe Mode but in the normal mode, once the computer fully loads, it completely freezes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Good morning,

I am trying to help a friend with their system. She is running Windows 7 Premium. I followed the steps to create a Administrator account on her box. ( I assume I had to since the option to delete the partition was grayed out). This partition I am trying to remove is an empty locgical drive. (it came partitioned from Dell). I am still unable to delete this drive.

Any thoughts.

Re-cap - In administrative mode - CMD.exe C:\user\administrators> net users administrator /active:yes

I recevied the confirmation. Unfortunately when I log off I am only still seeing my friends login name. I have to click switch user in order to enter administrator credentials.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Removing a partition Windows 7

what to you maean you are trying to remove a partition,you cant remove a partition you can only resize it,meaning (shrink or extend it)are you trying to remove a user account

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Hello all,
I had windows 7 home premium installed but after my Laptop was upgraded to Windows 10.
Now for testing i need to install UBUNTU as a fatclient on the same host.
I ve posted on this forum as after i want to reinstall Windows 7 not Windows 10.
I started in a new role where everything is on Windows 7 so i need to remaster the system.
I have no installation disk and i am aware how to install and re install windows 7 via multiple means so no support needed for that but i only wonder is the installation file still there?
Maybe the windows installation file on the D drive has been removed as well?
Please note i have no recovery partition

A:Removing and reinstalling Windows 7

There is a roll back option for returning to the previous OS after the upgrade to Windows 10 but this only lasts for 30 days from upgrade.

The other thing is that after the upgrade is past this 30 days cut-off date the windows 7 licence will be converted into a digital entitlement so will not be valid for use on a re-install.

If you were using Windows 10 Pro I would suggest use of Hyper-V to run a virtual windows 7 for support purposes, (you can always run this for the 90 days at a time (using the extended trial ) ), maybe a 3rd party Virtualisatrion package would be an option.

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My father-in-law has an older Compaq PC. The specs are Windows XP Home w/ SP3, AMD Sempron 3000+ (2Ghz), 2GB DDR SDRAM, 32GB HHD, nVidia Geforce FX 5700LE, VIA KM400A chipset. Iíve spent quite a bit of time trying to update it as well as taking crap off that doesnít need to be on it. Iíll be honest Iím a little behind with my knowhow with XP since itís been years since my last time really messing with it. I was an early adopter of vista (poor me lol) and of windows 7 so needless to say I havenít really touched XP in quite some time. Iím trying to uninstall programs that arenít needed since he has his 32GB hard drive nearly maxed out. Iíve already uninstalled a bunch of games no one ever plays anymore but that only freed up about 12GB which is still a huge performance boost but Iím still looking for more. My only thing is he uses it for his mediocre games as well as internet/Hulu. My question is what else can I remove that isnít necessary for him?
Iíve added s/n shots of the current programs installed. There are only a few other games installed but Iím more looking at windows bases components to be uninstalled. Any feedback would be appreciated.


A:Removing Windows XP components

You could surely regain space by uninstalling all your old versions of Java.

The only one needed is Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0_17.

You could replace Adobe Acrobat Reader with a small and simple PDF reader like Foxit Reader.

Empty useless temp files. Click on Start > Run > type %temp%

Empty everything in that folder.

I see Windows Search 4.0 in there. I would remove it. It's a real system resource hog.

The rest depends on what you still need...

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I scanned our network and Windows Journal needs some updates... We don't use it so I want to remove it.

I go into Control Panel, Add/remove programs and it doesn't show up. When I click "Turn Windows Features on or off" I get an empty window. Can't find any way to remove Windows Journal other than delete the folder but that may impact the registry.

Anyone else seen this?

A:Removing Windows Journal

Quote: Originally Posted by dennis95404

I scanned our network and Windows Journal needs some updates... We don't use it so I want to remove it.

I go into Control Panel, Add/remove programs and it doesn't show up. When I click "Turn Windows Features on or off" I get an empty window.

How long do you wait? If your drive is fragmented it may take a bit to gather the list.

Can't find any way to remove Windows Journal other than delete the folder but that may impact the registry.
Anyone else seen this?

That may be an ok option. You can use CCleaner to remove "Registry Issues" for any stuff it leaves in the Registry. As a precaution I would make a Restore Point first and also let CCleaner make a backup file of the Registry when it prompts. I've only had a problem with one version of CCleaner using the Registry cleaner. But
I always make the backup file because of that. Using a Restore Point effects other things making the CCleaner backup file a better choice in this case.

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Is there anyway to completely remove Windows Messenger???

A:Removing Windows Messenger

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hi all,
i am using msn messenger but sometimes when i go on the net to surf ,windows messenger automatically signs in.i want to delete the windows messenger and keep msn messenger,because when i surf i dont want people to know that i am online all the time.
if i cant delete windows messenger does anyone know how to disable it.

thanks in advance

A:removing windows messenger

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this is my first time here, i've searched everywhere and cannot seem to find any kind of answers!

my laptop was set up for school access with their domain. i no longer attend that school so i don't need to log on to the domain any more and want to delete it and enable the welcome screen and fast user switching.

i removed the computer from the domain but cannot figure out how to delete the actual domain. when i tried to enable the welcome screen i got this error:

a recently installed program has disabled the welcome screen and fast user switching. to restore these features, you must uninstall the program. the following file name might help you identify the program that made the change: C:\WINDOWS\system32\BCMLogon.dll

i don't understand what program it implies or how to handle it.

A:removing domain from windows xp

Did you disjoin from the domain? Right click on my computer>properties>computer name> click on change and see if it's a member of a domain or workgroup. To disjoin from the domain you need the administrator password from the domain administrator.

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I stumbled across this article,, the virus seems to have disabled the ability to edit the registry.Running the .reg files linked in the article brings up a bogus popup that disallows registry access. Any ideas how to manually disable this process or how to get around this?I'm going to try safe mode in a minute, but I believe its still preventing full system access even in safe mode.Any help would be appreciated.

A:Removing Windows Police Pro

I used something called unhookexec.inf from symantec to allow me to edit the registry, then ran the two .reg files. I still could not install malware bytes fully, it wouldn't allow the mbam.exe to be unpacked during install. However, since it installed fully regardless, I was able to install it on another computer and copy mbam.exe to the infected one and bring up the program.

Its scanning now.
I thought maybe you'd like to know the process and add to the document I previously linked to, in case other users stumble across this issue.

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I've got that damned windows messenger down on the tray and I do not want it there. I have stopped it from running, through msconfig, but it is still there. I remember seeing something about some regedits or visual basic something or others to use that removed it maybe? Any ideas, thanks.

A:Removing Windows Messenger

Fixed it myself. With service pack 1 installed you can remove it from the control panel by clicking the remove windows components button.

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How can I get rid of the logon box in windows xp pro and just go to the desk top? Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Is there a way of removing the logon box in windows xp pro?

I downloaded Tweak ui and under the logon section there is an option for auto logon.

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I am confused about removing certain Window XP components using the "Add/Remove Programs" in the Control Panel.

I go to "Add and Remove Windows Components" and it showes a list of components such as I.E., MSN, Outlook Express, etc. Some have check marks and some don't. If I want to remove MSM, do I uncheck all except that one and then hit Add/Remove?

A:Removing Windows Components

start maintenance software
than choose the menu on the left side Windows parts add or removing ----scroll down until you see Windows Msm and remove the fink by Msn, then enter.
Windows remove Msn from your desktop.
The sub folder of Msn does stay exist in the menu Program Files, this maybe you will install Msn again in the future.

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I have a gateway p-6825 laptop.

I wanted to get rid of all the preloaded stuff so I put the Vista DVD in and rebooted

I didnt see any option to format. so what it did was moved my current windows into a windows.old folder

also saw the dual boot screen once when it rebooted, although now it seems to be hiding it

anyways, whats the safest way to remove the old copy and remove that entry in the multiboot settings?


A:removing windows.old folder

There are other threads on this elsewhere if you search. Problem is I have never got any of the suggestions to work. I now have over 20gig tied up with this folder.

When I get time I will do a clean install after first formatng the drive with a tool to get rid of everything on it first. Drastic step but it will work.


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How do i permanantly (sp ) remove the messanger that comes with windows?
I went into control panel add remove programs but it isn't there. When i open my internet browser , its still installed in my com. Can i just delete the folder?

A:Removing Windows MSN forever

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I decided to try out Windows 7 and I don't like it. Is there anyway I can remove it and go back to my XP?

A:Solved: Removing Windows 7

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I use several Autohotkey scripts to drag, resize and close windows, so I have no need for the window's title bars any more. I've been trying to find a way to get rid of them completely but nothing really worked so far and I'm at my wits' end.

This is how it currently looks, this is how I want it to look, this is the best I could achieve by editing the .png file in .msstyle\STREAM\971\0. I use this theme and already contacted the author, unfortunately he did not reply.

Changing the size values via Windows Style Builder (Windows and Caption Buttons/Aero/Dwm WIndow/Frames/Normal/Top) did not help either.

Google just brought up an Autohotkey script which lets you toggle title bars manually for each separate window. And several tips saying just to press F11.

Do you have any idea if this can actually by done?

A:Removing title bar from windows

Welcome to the Seven Forums

I have tried to do it but can not.

Try going to Windows Style Builder fourms and ask, if it can be done they will know how VistaStyleBuilder - Index


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I revert my HP laptop to windows 8.1 from windows 10 since my start menu had critical error. Now, whenever I have windows update I have to unchecked upgrade to windows 10 before updating to 8.1. Is it possible to remove windows 10 icon in my taskbar?

A:Removing Windows 10 Icon

This might help... you have to undo a update that advertises 10.

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Here's my problem,
I installed the beta Windows 7 on my D drive and set up a dual boot with XP, worked fine.
Now I want to remove Windows 7 completely. I did the uninstall to remove it from the start up option but all the files are still on my D drive and I can't delete them. Every time I try I get the error "Files are in use" message.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

A:Removing Windows 7 problem

XP is on C and Windows 7 was on D or are they both on the same drive?

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How can I stop the get windows 10 notification from appearing each time my computer boots?

A:removing get windows 10 notification

Uninstall KB3035583, then hide the update when it re-appears after a Check for Updates.

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Hello all,

I'm posting not with a problem - not yet - but because I want to avoid one. I recently ordered an HP laptop with Windows 7, knowing a lot about the system already - we use it at school - and deciding I had no interest in using it. I briefly searched to see if it was possible to remove, it is, so I ordered it. Now it has arrived, and after more searching, I am not entirely ready to install over it. First, I've noticed there are a lot of threads - not just here, everywhere - of people who screwed up. I would rather just have this take it's few hours and then be done and ready to go. Second, I'm not entirely sure where to go from here, I initially had every intention of going straight to XP, but as I read more about Ubuntu, I wonder if that might not be a better option? I'm no genius, but I know about computer maitenance, and I know how to run scripts and different things. Lastly, I have no disks to put XP on here, except one HP Restore Plus! that is meant for Desktops. Is it possible to put XP (SP doesn't really matter, I can always update) on a USB, boot from the USB, and just overwrite Windows 7 that way?

So, in sum, this post is asking a few questions, not too much for your educated minds, surely.

1. Does Ubuntu have specific advantages over Windows XP other than security? I'm comfortable with XP and Vista, any similarities to either? If I wanted to overwrite Windows 7 with Ubuntu, do I just download it?

2. Can I overwrite Windows 7 without any CDs? Can I ... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Removing Windows 7

and welcome to the Forum

Laptops are becomming increasingly more difficult to load older operating systems on. Their devices are often prioprietary, and if the manufacturer does not offer XP drivers, they can be the devil to find.

Before doing anything irreversable, check that XP ( or Ubuntu ) drivers are available for all your devices ( look in Device Manager for the details, or run the Belarc Advisor )

XP is difficult to impossible to install from a usb stick . . unlike Windows 7, it never was designed to do that.

As an aside, if you are comfortable with Vista, what is it about Win 7 that you do not like?

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I don't know if this has been asked before, but I would like to know how to remove some of the enormous Win7 font collection.

Not because of any space issues, but solely to help me find the font(s) I might want, without scrolling through the ones I will never use, to find them. There are 192 fonts in my folder, I believe that I need only about half of them. When I have attempted to remove certain fonts, the message appears, <XXXXX Font Cannot Be Removed, Because It Is A System Font>

If this is Win7 installing a fonts set that is meant to be "All for One and One for All", I see it as a backward step, which restricts the ability of the user to do with his/her PC as they see fit. How can I remove these pesky fonts please?

A:Removing SOME Windows 7 Fonts

Here you go.

Fonts - Delete - Windows 7 Forums

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I have a PC that has Windows 2000 and XP home edition on the same partition. I'd like to remove Win2000, but not sure how to go about it.

A:Removing Windows 2000

Either do a new install & delete the partitions or purchase Partition Magic I tried the trial version & it was limited on options you could do, like deleting partitions. Maybe you can use a 98/ME startup disk & use "fdisk" to delete it, don't know if it will work but worth a try, It will not harm your computer to try.

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Hi all,
I've been spending my day trying to help my mom clean up her Windows 7 computer, with no luck. There're pop-ups galore and Chrome has been closing a few seconds after I've opened it. I downloaded the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool from their site, and it's been doing a full scan for almost 9 hours now... it's 70% done and hasn't found a single infected file. I went into Programs and Features and noticed the A1PCCleaner has installed itself three days ago, which is what the pop-ups were from. Of course, when I click to uninstall it, it doesn't work. So I suspected I needed to manually get rid of it and go into Task Manager. I've been staring at the processes for a couple of hours now w/o ending anything, because I have no idea which is the malware. I need help, please! Also, how can I detect other malware in Processes?

A:Need help removing viruses on Windows 7...


Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your desktop.

Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.

Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
Make sure that under Optional Scans, there is a checkmark on Addition.txt and Shortcut.
Press Scan button.
It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please copy and paste it to your reply.
The tool will also produce another two logs (Addition.txt and Shortcut.txt). Please attach these to your reply.


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I am new to this so I'm not sure I am posting to the right place. I created a very lengthy post explaining how I got myself into the position I am now. I gave as much detail as possible only to find out that I "wasn't signed in" and it only auto-saved the first few sentences. So I am going to go straight to the point and can provide any additional information that may be needed.

Long story short: My laptop came with windows 8 pre-installed. I hated it, but was slowly able to make some changes I could live with. Except when I hit a point of my internet speed and windows it'self being so slow that I began a mission to fix it myself. What I did and how was in the post I originally wrote. Anyhow I messed my computer up several times in the process and finally restored to factory settings. Also a challenge due to my original "configurations". I started over, saving restore points along the way each time before I was going to make the next change. Then, without my permission or ability to stop it, my computer decided to upgrade to 8.1. Which I hate even more! All my restore points were gone and I couldn't go back to windows 8, I create a recovery on a USB when I first reset windows 8, but I was so pissed off at windows by this point that I had a friend completely remove it and install Linux Ubuntu 14.01. I started having trouble with it shortly after. Being unfamiliar with it I hadn't made any changes to it.

Now the big problem I am having: I tried t... Read more

A:Re-installing windows 8 after removing it

Welcome to Eight Forums.

Need help reinstalling Windonws 8 from USB

How to install Windows 8 to a blank hard drive from the Windows 8 recovery USB flash drive.

- You do not need to change the boot order of drives in your computer's UEFI firmware (BIOS).
- You do not need to disable Secure Boot in your computer's UEFI firmware (BIOS).
- Connect your Windows 8 recovery USB flash drive.
- Restart the computer.
- Press the correct key to enter the boot menu (see this link for help).
- Select your USB flash drive from the boot menu.
- Select your language and keyboard layout (if displayed).
- Select the "Troubleshoot" option.
- Select the Reset your PC option.

When you see the question "Do you want to repartition the drives on your PC? All your files will be removed." (see screenshot below), click on "Yes, repartition the drives".

But if you receive the following error message: "Unable to reset your PC. A required drive partition is missing." or "Unable to reset your PC. The system drive cannot be found.", then the Windows 8 recovery USB flash drive is not able to automatically install Windows 8 to a blank hard drive.

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Hi, I need to remove the windows dir without reformatting the hard drive. I have tried using del c:\windows, and it does not work. I am using a win 98 startup disk. Can someone please help me?


A:[SOLVED] Removing dir c:/windows

Deleting the windows directory, will not remove your windows installation. Why are you trying to do this, why can you not format?

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here is situation:
Notebook Dell 1555, hdd 640GB splitted on 2 partitions as you can see on picture

there are 2 installations of W7x64. one on each partition.
i need use w7 on (currently) C: and erase w7 installation from G: drive as simply as possible way.
BUT! don't suggest me to format or unmount G: drive.
i have there too many important personal data, photos, source files for video-editing, documents and many more and have no chance nor time to move them somewhere else, then format whole drive and transfer data back.
any suggestion?
thanks for any reasonable help.

A:2nd Windows 7 removing problem

Not a single one. As if it was my computer I would erase/format the complete drive and start fresh.

C drive then G drive? What happened to D, E & F drives?
No System Reserved? Not that it is really needed but it is a normal install.
No Dell Recovery partition? That means you at one time Re-Partitioned the drive. Again not a Bad thing if you created a ISO file of the OS or burned it to DVD when the system was new.
And just how did you end up with 2 Windows installs?

In any event make sure the system is booting from the Win install on the C drive then open Win Explorer, Highlight Windows on the G drive and press the Delete key. When Prompted, or if Prompted, that the folder is to big for the Recycle Bin and or Are you sure you want to Delete this folder select YES/OK/APPPLY/Whatever to get rid of it. Then reboot.
If all goes well the Windows install on the G drive will be gone. If not then you will be looking at reinstalling Windows.

And then Empty the Recycle Bin to really have it gone.

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I have two windows folders. C:\Windows & C:\Windows2. Windows2 is the one I am using right now because I f'd up the first one. Each folder takes up about 2GB.
is there a way to remove my first windows installation safely? I believe you can just delete the Windows folder but it would still be registered in the computer.
ex. when I boot up it asks me which OS I want to go to:
"Windows XP Media Centre Edition" or "Windows XP Media Centre Edition". The first one being "Windows2" & the latter being "Windows".
Any proper way to remove it?

A:removing C:\Windows safely

Remove \WINDOWS, then fire up MSCONFIG and let it check all the boot paths. You can remote the one that isn't valid, and it'll stop asking the question at boot.

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I have an ASUS K50I latop with Windows 7. I'd like to completely remove windows from my computer so I can install Linux on it instead. I have a flash drive I'll use to install the Linux OS (and another computer to use if necessary).

Is this possible to do? If so, how would I go about doing it? I know I can partition my hard drive, but I don't have any important files or anything saved on my computer and I'd like to have the entire disk space available.


A:Removing windows 7 from a laptop


You could use killdisk. But that will remove the recovery partition as well so their will be no way to go back to 7 unless you have the disk.

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apparently IE is the root of all my problems...

from what i can figure...trying to remove it/deny access to it for every program i have...

it starts by itself at random intervals...

i have been over and over my startup items multiple times any virus/adware scan i run comes up with nothing...but somethin is drivin the snot out of IE...and running my explorer task up to 99 quite often...

i don't have problems when i don't touch IE...but inevitably my wife or babysitter will run it instead of using firefox and all the problems come back...then i have 2-3 hours in front of the computer fixing/deleting/repairing files...

it's gettin on my nerves to say the please...oh yeah...xp home sp2


A:Removing Windows Components

These are signs of a possible infection. Using IE, go to this site and perform a free, online scan: Choose the "Full Service Scan"FWIW - I watched a friend use IEEradicator yesterday - and now the system is hosed (needs a repair install). IE is an integral part of the Windows operating system and can't safely be removed (although there are ways to "hide" it so casual users can't use it).

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The two software that I like are spybot s&d and 8gadget pack. Spybot both versions is usually removed during an upgrade not sure if it is removed at other times. 8gadget pack is removed at various times. I consider both annoying. Spybot even created a special file to re-install spybot 2.xx because of this issue. I ran them both without issue on windows 10. Windows 10 is overriding my decision to use legitimate free software, this I don't like at all. I could of also paid for spybot S&D enhanced version if I choose to. Windows 10 shouldn't override an administrator action period. I am still having the graphics issue with windows 10 but it is a little better with the update driver someone found for me-thank you. Whether I keep 10 or not all depends on the anniversary update.

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This logo to activate windows 10 is in the bottom right hand corner of my screen.I've tried various options including KM Spico,which did not work.Has anyone got a simple solution to remove this annoying phrase

A:removing windows 10 watermark

Hi steve51 If you want to remove that "annoying logo" in the bottom right corner of your screen, you'll have to buy a product key for the version of Windows 10 you are using and enter it. Also, discussion about illegal and counterfeit software isn't allowed here.No subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures. If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such content and/or ban the user. This would also mean encouraging the use or continued use of pirated software is not permitted, and subject to the same consequences.Rules:

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I have 2 lots of Windows old files clogging up my drive.

Every time I try to get rid of them, there is an error of some sort, needs permission, is open in another program etc.

Is there a simple way to delete these without all of the questions etc? I just want to free up the space and get rid of the files.

A:Removing .old Windows files.

Hello Captainseo,

If you mean the Windows.old folder, then using OPTION THREE in the tutorial below should be able to delete them for you.

Windows.old Folder - Delete in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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I just installed Windows 7 on a new SSD and now want to use the HDD that previously contained the same copy of Windows 7, as a storage drive. The problem I am having is that when I hook the old HDD back up into my system, Windows won't bring it online because of a signature conflict. I know I could create a new MFT on the drive and make it work again, but then I would lose the data on the HDD as well. Is there anyway of doing it so I wouldn't lose that data?

Thanks for any advice you can give me!

A:A question about removing Windows 7 from HDD

Rescue the files using the booted Win7 DVD or Repair CD: Copy & Paste - in Windows Recovery Console or using Paragon rescue disk; recover data.

If you need to boot the HD OS to export email, favorites, etc. unplug the SSD and set the HD first to boot, then you could also copy your files to external.

When ready you can wipe the HD from booted DVD/Repair CD: Diskpart Clean Command

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I'm on step 5 of this . I renamed the file with a different name, including a .com extension. I do not have Hidden Extensions on so I am clear that it is correct. I cannot launch this in Windows XP with the new file extensions. Please help!

A:Removing Windows XP Repair

Try it in safe mode with networking.

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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there is a program available that will

remove Windows from your d or e drives,,,,C still being the

primary drive... See I have a 80 gb, 40gb, 10 gb drive in my

system..... The 80 gig has Win XP on it, the other drives

still have Win ME can I safely remove windows from these drives

if so please tell me how to do this.

Thanks Again In Advance.



A:Removing Windows from Drive

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I recently received an old laptop from a colleague of mine, as he no longer has use for such an old laptop. (dell inspiron 700m 5 years old!) I am currently going to give it to my son, for tampering as he is an avid computer programmer, and is currently working on compiling his own version of arch Linux based on the laptops specifications. When i started up clearing out the laptop of useless junk, i found two partitions on it both containing windows XP. The second partition (10gb partition) contained nothing on it, except for a clean install of XP. Is there any way i can uninstall that copy of XP from that second partition, while keeping the main partition in tact?

*EDIT* I want to remove the second partition, the 10gb one.

The two partitions as is followed.

Partition one: C drive: 45gb total space. 11.6gb used

Partition two: E drive: 10.6 gb total space. 1.1gb used

Dell inspiron 700m
pentium 4 (centrino mobile) 1.7ghz
512mb ram
54gb HD
intel integrated graphics 945 extreme
All help is much obliged as i'm new to this sector of computing.

A:Removing a windows partition

If you are logged into the first XP partition, it is easy enough to do. I would recommend making a backup of your important files before doing this, though.

Right-click My Computer > Manage > Disk Management. Right-click on the 10GB partition, and select 'Delete Partition'. It will ask to confirm that you want to delete the partition.

Next, to change the boot.ini file. Go to Start > Run, and type in "msconfig" without the quotes. Click on the BOOT.INI tab, and click the 'Check All Boot Paths' button. Follow the prompts from there, and you're done.

Check to make sure that you can log back in once you're done, as well.

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