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Access Auto Expanding combo box

Q: Access Auto Expanding combo box

I'm learning how to create a combo box with auto expanding (or auto indexing). When I enter the first number it automatically goes to the first number sequence that begins with that number, enters it in the field, and will not permit me to enter more numbers to continue using the auto expanding properties. I have "yes" in the auto Expand property in the Properties list box. Any ideas why it is not working the way it is supposed to? I'd appreciate any input.

A: Access Auto Expanding combo box

I'm not too sure on what data you are trying to use... I have a attachment for you., I also have been using combo boxes... See if your details are the same as mine. Also can you be specific in what data you are using.


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I often drag from the right pane to the left pane in Windows Explorer. In each case I ALWAYS expand the left pane first so that I can see the folder I want to drag into.
However, if that folder already has subfolders it often expands and I have no idea where the drag will end up. Is it possible to turn off this autoexpanding function?

A:How to turn off auto expanding

You are correct that folders will open in the left pane. But the target folder will always be highlighted.

In fact, you can move the highlight up and down the entire C\: drive all day, opening every folder, until you finally release the left mouse button in the highlighted folder

BTW1: Of course, someone in the A-team might know how to turn off the folder action.

BTW2: I never use drag and drop in Windows Explorer. I use Ctrl+X in the source right pane, then Ctrl+V in the target right pane.

Reason: Because several times I've dropped into the incorrect folder. Either because the folder name was *similar* to the correct folder name. Or *identical* to the correct folder name, but in the wrong branch

By opening the target right pane, I can see what files and dates already exist (if any).

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I am creating a database to track the courses an employee takes for the company. This will also be used for creating the registration list for a class being offered.

I have created the following tables: Accounts (name of business locations), Courses (name and course number of classes offered), Course schedule (dates of specific classes), employees (name, Account, etc of each employee), and registered students (the student id & schedule id). I believe my table set up removes redundancy, so I think I am OK up to here.

I am trying to create a form that will allow me to select an employee and based upon that populate the account field with the appropriate account name. If the employee moves to another account, then the account must be changed and the account id stored back in the Employee table.

I need to have the movement to a specific record done by selection of the name, not by entering a record number (or unique id).

I have tried forms and sub forms; I have tried macros using the SetValue expression, but I can't seem to get everything I need. Often I recieve a message stating that "The object doesnt contain the Automation object 'Test table 1'." It also says to "Check the components's documentation for information on the properties and methods it makes available for Automation operations." I have no idea what this is trying to tell me.

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Right now I am stumped

A:Solved: Access 2003 Updating a combo box using another combo box

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Hi, this will definitely require going into the registry editor. It's a small, but annoying hassle for me.

When I'm dragging something in File Explorer, too often, just by moving the cursor over some folder, the stupid folder will expand, causing me to have to scroll down (sometimes over a page) to get to the folder I want.

So, how do I increase the time from when a folder auto-expands on mouseover? Right now it seems to be in a hair trigger. I guess I'm moving my mouse too slowly, but it frequently expands some random folder I was over.

How safe is using the method below for Windows 10 to keep all your zip files in a folder from showing up in your Navigation pane?
Zip Folders - Enable or Disable Windows Explorer View - Windows 7 Help Forums

Thanks! Great board, guys. Loved the sevenforums before my update too.

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I have a form called "New Item Form" that has a three combo boxes- Size, Price and Upcharge. Price is determined by the Size. I have a query for Size and Price (SizePrice). How do I get my form for when Size combo box is selected, it auto fills in the Price combo box? My dB is attached.
I'm kind of new to access so the most clear and direct directions (like step by step) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance! ​

A:How to auto populate a field after combo box selection

I have answered this and your other posts on your original thread.

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I have no idea what is going on with my system.
I try to install a program and get an error message saying that it is unable to write to C:\Users\[MYNAME]\AppData\Local\Temp
So I open Windows Explorer and check the attributes for that address and all is OK but every time I click on the Application Data folder it seems to replicate itself over and over.
One error says that there is not enough space when I have over 65Gb free on that drive.
Any ideas?


My System details
Dell XPS420
Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) Service Pack 1, v.721 (build 7601
2.40 gigahertz Intel Core2 Quad Q6600
64 kilobyte primary memory cache
4096 kilobyte secondary memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (4 total)
Not hyper-threaded
Bus Clock: 1066 megahertz
8126 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory
2000.20 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
723.55 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space
ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series [Display adapter]
DELL E207WFP [Monitor] (20.0"vis, s/n G264H8770DZL, July 2008)
ATI High Definition Audio Device
Creative SB X-Fi
Webcam Pro 9000

A:Like the universe, my AppData Folder keeps expanding & expanding

The Application Data folder under AppData is a Junction point, which is just a pointer to AppData. So when you click on Application Data you are actually expanding AppData, so you are in a never ending circle.

Confusing for sure. From what I understand, this was done to support compatibility with older software that expects an Application Data folder to be available.

Here are two very good articles on Junctions as used in Vista and Windows 7.

Windows Confidential - Junction Dysfunction - Raymond Chen

Junction Points in Vista

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Hi All,

I am trying to put a combo box on a form that will allow the user to both scroll through the list and start typing the first name of the employee to find the desired name. Clicking on the desired name would open the appropriate record.
So far, I have successfully created:

A 'multi column' combo box, that shows the information that I want, called "cboSelectBEP"
The combo box lives on a form called "Basic Employee Profile"
The combo box is fed from a query called "Basic Employee Profile Query"
All the main data is kept on a table called "Employee Information"
What I seem to be missing is the following functionality:

The combo box shows the test record (ie the list) when you click on the arrow but does not allow you to type the employee's name in to search
When you do click on the test record, it doesn't actually go to any record - other than the default record - btw - how can I change that so the form comes up blank?
I think part of the issue lies in the fact that my query takes the First & Last names from the "Employee Information" table and puts them together in a 'full name' format. I know the topic of comboboxes with 'search while type' functionality has been covered many times before but I've been searching the internet for 3 days and can't seem to find where I'm going wrong! Any help is appreciated!

To make it easier envision the situation with the... Read more

A:MS Access searchable combo box on form to access records

It is a property setting on the form that is causing the problem.
I have added a find combo to my form in your original database that works fine.

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I have a nice little database that I set up to track donations of items to our organization. The primary table tracks the donor information: name, address, etc. (main form) and I have created a related table that tracks the date of donation and items donated utilizing a sub-form. Thanks to the fine help I received here I was able to relate these tables using a “Link_ID” field and it has worked nicely. (One donor could have multiple donations.)

Now, I’d like to enhance things a little bit. When I enter donor information into the main form and then go to the sub-form for the donation information, I’d like the business_name field to autofill as I start to type. Now, I know this can be done because most commercial databases have this function. Quicken is one that comes to mind. I know it has to pull this information from somewhere, I just need to know how to get it to work!

I have been unsuccessful finding any pertinent information on an “autofill” field in some sources. (I really don’t want a drop-down list box because this could potentially get too large.)


A:Auto complete or Auto Fill field in Access?

Yes, well, unfortunately, in Access, the drop-down list is the only type of control that uses auto-fill, unless you want to use a text box and code (there's an example of that in the developer's handbook, but it's complicated).

No matter how big your list is, if you sort the underlying query alphabetically on company name, it will still autofill, and you can even build a not-in-list response to add new customers...

Make sure the auto-expand property of the drop-down (or combo) control is set to Yes, and you'll see that you never even have to drop down the list...

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Well, gee whiz! I thought that I had all a soul could need fulfilled with my other two posts, but here I come again. I've only been a member for about 4 days and already I have asked 3 questions Please forgive me because I am slow

Okay...I have created a combo box that changes the data in the text boxes below. Very slick! Now, I've hit a snag. Let's say the combo box has the site - Denco - and the information that needs to be filled is address, phone, site #. This is done. Ok, so now, I need to look at Denco's ten employees individually, filling the second group of text boxes with their name, address, and phone. So, once Denco is selected, the address stuff drops in. Then, some sort of box (help me!) will show all Denco employees individually, then fill the other set of boxes with the info about the employees one by one (i.e. Beth, Pat, Ralph, Mike, Darrin). Does this make sense? If not, please ask, 'cause as I said, I need help.

Dreamboat has been here for the last two dilemmas, and if her plate is not too full, I hope she can help me again If not, I KNOW there are a wealth of people in this forum who can help and I thank you in advance.



A:Access: combo box to populate another combo box to populate other fields

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I wanted to use a combo box in Access97 so the drop down list shows the previous data typed in and also allows new data to be typed in and will be part of the combo box list on the next record.
The field is currently just a text box.


A:Combo box help in Access 97

I can think of two ways to do this.

1) Create a special table with one field that will hold all data entered in the combo box. Use this table as the row source of the combo box. Enter data into the table as follows:

In the After_Update event of the combo box put an append query along these lines.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">code:</font><HR><pre>CurrentDb.execute "Insert Into tblMyTable Values(" & chr$(34) & _
me!cmbNameOfComboBox & chr$(34) & ")"[/code]

Since the data is stored in a table it will remain even after the form is closed. If you don't want that you might rather use method 2.

2) In design view set the Row Source Type property to Value List and leave the Row Source blank. I am not sure but I believe that when the row is blank it returns an empty string (as opposed to a Null). If I'm wrong this code will need some miner adjustment.

In the After_Update event put the following code:

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">code:</font><HR><pre>me!cmbNameOfComboBox.Rowsource= iif(me!cmbNameOfComboBox="","",";") & _

When the form is closed all properties are reset to what they were at design time so closing the form will clear the list.

In both cases the Limit To List property MUST be False.

I did not try this code yet myself so... Read more

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Hi! I am placing a combo box in a form within access, the problem is that when I select the item from the combo box that item is them added to the list in the table that contains the information for the combo box.

i.e. I want the combo box to use the selected item but not add that value to the table, which is creating duplicate data.

A:combo boxes in access

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I am trying to write code to do 2 things:
1). automatically delete a value from a combo box and
2). if there are related records, to show a message saying which records have related fields.

I got the first part almost done....

i have a table called tblJobDescription with 2 fields:
autonumber primary key field JobDescriptionID and text field JobDescription.

In my main table called tblClient I have the foreign key called JobDescriptionIDLink.

in my form, i have the combobox called JobDescriptionIDLink with the recordsource:

SELECT DISTINCT [tblJobDescription].[JobDescriptionID], [tblJobDescription].[JobDescription] FROM tblJobDescription ORDER BY [tblJobDescription].[JobDescription];

i tried the following code:

Private Sub JobDescriptionIDLink_KeyDown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)
If KeyCode = 46 Then Call DeleteComboValue(Me.JobDescriptionIDLink, "tblJobDescription", "JobDescription")
End Sub

Public Function DeleteComboValue(txtCurrentValue, txtTblName, txtFieldName)
'deletes a value from a combo box automatically

Dim rs As DAO.Recordset
Dim strSQL As String
' Ask the user whether to delete a value from the list.
If MsgBox("Do you want to delete " & "'" & txtCurrentValue.Column(1) & "'", vbQuestion + vbYesNo, "Delete value?") = vbNo Then
DeleteComboValue = acDataErrContinue
strSQL = "Select * from " & txtTblName & " where " &a... Read more

A:Access-delete combo box value

Bear in mind I'm new to the access thing, but I think there are two problems
If MsgBox("Do you want to delete " & "'" & txtCurrentValue.Column(1) & "'", vbQuestion + vbYesNo, "Delete value?") = vbNo Then
DeleteComboValue = acDataErrContinue
Should be
If MsgBox("Do you want to delete " & txtCurrentValue.Column(1), vbQuestion + vbYesNo, "Delete value?") = vbNo Then
DeleteComboValue = acDataErrContinue
. As for the SQL Its hard to say without knowing what datatypes the variables are. In sql the strings need quotes, integers don't. So assuming they are all strings then this may work

strSQL = "Select * from " & "'" & txtTblName & "'" & " where " & "'" & txtFieldName & "'" & " = " & "'" & txtCurrentValue & "'"

Variables that are integers can do away with the

& "'"

(On the code above three double quotes in a row should be double quote - single quote - double quote, for some reason the forum page seems to change it to double quotes)


Also, possibly


should be


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Morning Guys,

I am quite new to access and I am trying to set up a database which users can enter data for any lost time system issues.

I have created a database which holds all the relevant data such as user, incident tracking number, time lost etc. For the end user to input this information I have created a form which is easy enough to use and compiles this data. Now this all works fine, but the users have requested that when they select their name from the current combo box on the form, they would like the incident number to be able to be chosen from a drop down menu.

So when they select their name, they would like a dropdown box to select from the incident numbers raised. This information is held in another table. How do I link this to my form using an expression or query?


A:Combo Box Using an expression in Access

GeordieMCG, welcome to the Forum.
You only need to set the combo box's Row Source to the Incident Number in the table, or if you want to "order" the numbers use a query for the Row Source.

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Ok, I'm stumped.

I've built a combo box in a field that is part of a subform. It uses a query of another master file to collect acceptable elements (ie jobs related to a specfic type of mold). The query selects data from the master table based on the Mold ID displayed on the form and works fine.

My problem is this.........

When I click the pulldown box, the query returns the correct number of possible records, but the bound column is BLANK! If I click one of the blank rows, the field is correctly populated with whatever is in that row, but I have no idea what the value is before hand.

As I said before, the query works (I can get out of the form, access the query and everything is correct). I have checked and rechecked all of the properties and all of the linkages. I have checked all of the possible formating options. I have made sure that the display feature on the query itself is checked for the bound column, yet it always returns blank information. What is so maddening, I have an identical lookup process in the field that proceeds this one, and it works fine! The only difference is that that field is a numeric lookup while my problem child is a text lookup.

What causes an alpha lookup to "display" blanks (again, the query indicates that the data is there)?

A:Combo box in Access 2003

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I have a combo box setup to populate a listbox found on a subform. However, there are some entries in the combo box that are empty, so they do not populate the listbox.

Is there a way to hide the entries in the combo box that will not populate the listbox?

A:Access Combo Box and List Box

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I have created a simple database to hold simple music information.

On the mainform there is a find combo where i search for artists, when data is selected it refreshes the subform with the artists tracks which works perfect.

Last night i added code to the NotInList Event of the combo so i can add data to the artists table if it is not there. I have found after adding data to the table through the not in list event the subform is not refreshing.

Can anyone help me with the code to refresh the subform when data is added using the NotInList Event?

Thanks in advance.

A:Help with combo box Access 2003

You need to add the following code to end of the Not in list code
where subformname is the actual name of your subform, the vba Editor should provide this when you type in the me.

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My computer tech had me install and run combo fix a few months ago, or more, as I evidentially had been infected with the RootKit.Zero Access. It had disabled my mouse and key board. I was able to plug in other devices through usb ports and I ran the combo fix, and then malware bytes. I was able to regain access to my desktop, but the original mouse and keyboard with the older plugs will no longer work.

Recently I ran combo fix again and after running for a while it said my machine was infected with the RootKit.Zero Access!! It said it had been inserted into my tcp/ip stack, and that it could be hard to remove. It ran for a while longer than said it was going to re-start my machine, which it did. When it restarted I also had to log in again with my user name. I had disable my security essentials anti-virus prior to running combo fix, but after the reboot it came back on with the restart.

I also ran Malware bytes and it found noting.

Today I clicked on the combo fix icon and it said combo fix had expired, asking it i wanted to run it in limited functionality or something to that effect. I clicked yes and it deleted the icon from my desktop and did nothing else.

Please advise.

A:Combo Fix and Zero Access rootkit

Hello having run ComboFix we need to see that and a DDS log.Please go here....Preparation Guide ,do steps 6 - 9.Create a DDS log and post it in the new topic explained in step 9 which is here Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs and not in this topic,thanks.Skip the GMER step and instead post the ComboFix log you posted earlier.Let me know if that went well.

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I have a combo box on a form that is bound to the "Name" field in my database. The user clicks the combo box and is able to choose from all the names in the list. When the form is loaded, the first name in the list is automatically shown. Is there a way to have the combo box blank (when the form loads) until the user chooses a record from the list?

A:(Solved) Access - Combo Box

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Hi all, I'm tryin to have 3 combo boxes for users to enter dates. The Month and Year combo boxes are very easy but I'm having trouble with the day combo. I want this to be an intelligent box in that it will only display days based on the month, ie. 28 when month is set to February and 31 if on January.

I'm just wondering if there is an easy way I should look at to accomplish this, I tired some VBA that was unsuccessful.

I essentially addItem all days 1-28 and then had if checks to see if i needed 29, 30 or 31 days. Errors occurred when I would go from a month with 31 days to 30 and then to 29/28 because it would attempt to remove 31 from the list but it wouldn't exist since when switching to the 30 day month got ride of 31. Unless there's a way to bypass this I need a pointer.

A:Access 2010 Day Combo Box

Wouldn't it be easier to use the Built in ActiveX Calendar?

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I have a combo textbox in a form. The combo box has only 1 value avalailable to pick. How can i make that the default value that is set automatically when the form is opened.

if the combo box's value is "blah"
i want the blah to be filled in the combobox when i open the form

any ideas?
thank you

A:access combo box question

zr3cool, why would you want to use a combo box, which is for "selecting" a choice if you don't want the user to select anything. Why not just put the value straight in the field?
What you want is the Default Value.

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I am trying to set up a form thart uses a combo box to select a name from a table and will then put the correct address details in the boxes underneath!

A:Access Combo boxes

Create your form.

In the header of the form, drag a combobox from the control toolbox (you may need to "turn the control toolbox on").

The wizard should take over from that point and you want the one that allows you to "look up a value to display in the form" or something like that is what it says.

If the wizard doesn't kick in, I'd close out of all of it, get my disk out and reinstall Office. A typical install of Office does not include the wizards---ya believe it??

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Hi, i have a database of clients. When im in the invoice form i want to be able to select a client from the combo box and then automatically add there address to a box on a box to the right hand side of the form. Is this even possible? I have around 50 clients so it's pretty time consuming adding there address every time we send them an invoice.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Access Combo

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I am having two fields in my table, one is Item No and second one is Description of Service. when i select the Item No i want the Description of service to appear automatically how do i do it.
Can anybody give me a step by step process to do it.
your help would be appreciated.


A:Solved: MS Access Basing one combo box on another

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Ive created a failry simple Access database to record incoming calls and referrals. Everything is working fine appart from one section in one of the forms. What I want to do is let the user select a "Reason" and then select a "Sub Reason". The contents of the "Sub Reason" combo box should change dependent on what is selected in the "Reason" combo box.

I have created tables for both Reason and Sub Reason which have a field linked through a one to many relationship (this field is named Reason).

Could someone please give me a step to step tutorial of how to set up this system of one combo box based on another. This problem is really annoying me at the moment and I have tried following the Microsoft websites tutorial but its hard to follow.
Please people help me!

A:Access 2003: Basing one combo box on another

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my Combo Box updates ok but.... YOU "TYPE" STATUS!
1-Status field is dependent on the resolution combo box - drop down selection.
2-When the Resolution is selected from a drop down "the status updates to complete or follow up".
3 - I want the dates in two different fields to update depending on the results of the "status".
4 - transder date
5 -closed date
How can we update the code to have updates based on what the results in two differnet fields via combo box selection - see the screen shot attached-
this works but ..YOU HAVE TO TYPE IN THE STATUS --
Private Sub STATUS_AfterUpdate()

ClosedDate.Value = Now()
ClosedDate.Value = ""
End If

If STATUS.Value = "FOLLOW UP" Then
TransferredDate.Value = Now()
TransferredDate.Value = ""
End If

End Sub

A:Solved: MS Access: Combo BX updates ok but....

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Ok this is related to my last question about Combo Boxes.

I figure it is probley going to work similar, but I am not sure how I can get this to work.

Is it possible, actually more so how would I go about changing the list in a combo box based on the selection of an option in another combo box.


4 Differnt Combo Boxes.

1- Office
2 - Rule
3 - email address
4 - fax numbers.

The first box, lets say I would select Austin, when I select Austin, it would give me the differnt rules for Austin, then once I selected the rule, it would give me a list of email address assosicated with that rule, and finally when I select the email address, it would give me a list of fax number assosicated with the email address?

I figured its it going to work very similar to the way I updated the, working with the "After update" but I am not sure how to point the next box to differnt lists.

I hope I am making myself clear as to what I am asking form.

Thanx in advance.

A:Solved: Access - Combo Boxes

Here's a couple of great sites dealing with your question, which is both a procedural question and a referencing question:
FAQ: How can I filter one combobox based on another combobox selection?
Refer to Form and Subform properties and controls
HTH, if reading those doesn't answer your questions post back.


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I am having great problems understanding cascasding combo boxes. Basically, I have 2 fields in 1 table.

I would like in a form if the user selects a specific car manufacturer, they would only be able to select specific cars made by their choice.
As much as I have tried reading over many forums on this, I am getting nowhere. Maybe I need this explained to me as though I am a 2 year old lol.

Can anyone help?

Many thanx

A:Cascading Combo Boxes In Access

You are going to need two tables or it will never work correctly and will eventually give you trouble. Make one table for manufacturer's only and onother for the type that has a joined field to the manufacturer's table. Then you will have a one manufacturer to many types relationship. Get that done and the rest is cake.

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I have a form and I want to have a combo box that will Give today’s Date 5/1/2005 as a selection.
That would be today’s date.
If I select this date it will place this Date in another field That I have formatted as a short Date.
This date must remain in this box even if I close the program.
I tried to use a query but when I go to the combo box it shows a blank cell.
It does enter today’s date in the cell I want it to but you cannot view it as with other combo boxes.

A:Access-Getting Date in a form Via Combo Box

i'm not sure how to do the date with a combobox like you mentioned above, but here is another way to do this:

Private Sub txtDateCreated_Click()

'if there is not a date in this field, then when the user clicks in the box, the current date is displayed.

If IsNull(Forms![frm1]![txtDateCreated]) Then
Forms![frm1]![txtDateCreated] = Date
End If

Put a label near the text box saying something like 'click to enter today's date'.

i like this method because instead of needing both a combobox and a text box, you only need a text box.

i am assuming that your combobox would only contain the current date. in that case, you don't need it. is that right or were you going to display other values in the combobox along with the current date?

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Hello again,

I'm having an issue with another form.

All i want to do is select an ID using a combo box (which works), then for he other combo boxes to populate with the rest of the data from the corresponding fields (which also works).

However, if i close the form, the first record in the table is updated to whatever record i have selected at the time of closing.

I have no code put in whatsoever that should update any records, so i really dont understand why this is happening.


A:Access 2007 Combo Box Trouble

Lewis, ensure that the Combo boxes are not "bound" to the fields ie Control Sources of the combos are not the fields. If they are then they get updated with whatever you Select.

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I have a form built in Access 2007. I have a command button that opens another form. Once the second form is filled out, it saves the data and closes the form. The data that was just entered is design to populate in a combo box.

I have been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to get the last data added to the combo box to automatically display.

Can anyone help me with this issue?

A:Solved: Access 2007 Combo Box

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I have two questions:

1. I have created a form with a combo box that is bound to a table field "Type"; however, when I generate a report that includes the Type field, the ID# for the type displays rather than the text field. The text field displays in the combo box. How do I get the text field to display on the report?

2. Second question concerns cascading combo boxes. Combo1 = Type; Combo2 = Name. Type = 5 categories. Name = the names associated with those categories. For example, Combo1 could be 5 types of businesses. Combo2 would then be business that are grouped by the type selected in Combo1. How do I get Combo2 to provide selections based on the selection made in Combo1?


A:Access 2010 - Combo Box Behavior

G, welcome to the Forum.
In the form the combo probably has two fields or columns, the first is the ID and the second is the text.
The first column is hidden by setting it's width to 0cms. This then displays the text field. you need to set up the Report combo in the same way.

Your second question is quite common and I have posted quite a few examples of how to do it, it basically requires 2 steps.
One, the first combo to be set as a Criteria in the second combo's Row Source SQL.
Two, some simple VBA to requery the second combo after the first combo is selected. See

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Can I get help, after running Malware, combo fix, I can't get on the internet. Says "can't detect proxy setting" for my wirerless internet. Other computers are working fine on the system so it has to be my unit. I ran DDS and the log is below. combo fix said I had a root kit virus or soemthing similar to that.

DDS (Ver_2011-08-26.01) - NTFSx86
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16421
Run by TIM at 0:14:19 on 2012-01-05
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.3003.2157 [GMT -5:00]
AV: AntiVir Desktop *Enabled/Outdated* {090F9C29-64CE-6C6F-379C-5901B49A85B7}
SP: Windows Defender *Enabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
SP: AntiVir Desktop *Enabled/Outdated* {B26E7DCD-42F4-63E1-0D2C-6273CF1DCF0A}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\Program Fil... Read more

A:no internet access after running combo fix

Sorry originally placed in wrong forum hope it got moved to the correct forum

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here's the situation:
I've got two tables with a One-to-Many r/ship. In the Form for inputting data in the 'Many' Side of the relationship i want to have a drop down box (ie combo box) based on values from the PK from the 'One' Table (this value is the link between the tables ie Foreign Key).

The problem is that the Data in the 'Many' Table are created before the 'one' Table. So when creating new vlaues in the combo box a new row will be created in the 'One' table. Does this make a sense? lol i think i've just about managed to confuse myself!!

I am not enforcing Referential Integrity, and have tried creating a Macro that creates a new record with a set value of the newly typed value, but that did'nt come close to working!!

Any ideas/thoughts?

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I have combo boxes set up in a form to autopopulate information in other text boxes in the form. It works perfectly on my computer. However, when a co-worker opens the same database, the information will not autopopulate. We close it, come back to my desktop and it works just fine. We have the same version of Access.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?


A:Combo Box not workiing when others open Access

Which version of Access are you working with?
In what way is the Combo "not working"?
Are you using VBA code to populate the other fields?

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Ive created a failry simple Access database. Everything is working fine apart from one section in one of the forms (frmWorkPackageBreakdown). What I want to do is let the user select a "System/Area" and then select a "Sub System/Area". The contents of the "Sub System" combo box should change dependent on what is selected in the "System" combo box.

I have created tables for both System and Sub System which have a field linked through a one to many relationship (this field is named System).

Could someone please have a look at the attached DB and Form (WorkPackageBreakdown) and provide me a step to step tutorial of how to set up this system of one combo box based on another. This problem is really annoying me at the moment and I have tried following the Microsoft websites tutorial but its hard to follow.

A:Access 2003: Basing one combo box on another

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I know how to make a combobox selection populate or filter what you can select from another one. However, i'm not sure how to make this happen automatically.

I've tried putting my code in the afterupdate event of the first combobox, hoping that when i make a selection, the next combobox automatically displays something else.

I've been told that 'requery' may be involved, but really not sure.
Help is appreciated as always.

A:Access 2007 Combo Boxes

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I'm a rookie with Microsoft access, using 2003 right now, and need some help!

I have a form with a combo box that selects from a table (User Table) which contains user names and passwords. I'm trying to make the combo box work so that when a user is selected, it prompts me to enter a password - it will then compare the password entered with the password found on the User Table for the specific user which was selected in the combo box.

If the password entered = the password found on the User Table for that combo box selection, then it should simply allow that selection to be shown on the combo box. If the password entered is incorrect, then it should reset the combo box to be blank.

This is basically a pseudo user signoff field. Each user should only be able to choose their username within this combobox, thus the password.

I have no idea how to write this code. I can only assume that I would put the code in the After Update part of the combo box, and that I'd have to do some kind of Dlookup.

Can anyone here help me with the code?


A:Access help - password protected combo box

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Hi Guys, me again...

Still working on my database and combo boxes.

At the moment I have a combo box [SelectReportList] that lists all the available reports to run.
I also have 2 combo boxes [SelectSupplier1] and [SelectSupplier2]that allow the user to select a supplier based on what report is selected in the first combo box. These 2 combo boxes are visible or not depending upon which of the 2 reports in box one are selected. To make the form tidy I have layered the two combo boxes on top of each other. As far as the end user is concerned, if they select a report where they have to choose a supplier, they see the combo box to select the supplier. I know its a bit 'clunky', but for only 2 reports it works.

However, I was hoping that I could replace these 2 combo boxes [SelectSupplier1] and [SelectSupplier2]with just one [SelectSupplier3]that displays the suppliers and runs the relevant report.

If the user selects Supplier Report 1, the suppliers are displayed in the new combo box. When the user selects the supplier, Supplier Report 1 is generated.
If the user selects Supplier Report 2, the suppliers are displayed, but when the supplier is selected Supplier Report 2 is generated.

I've been experimenting with Select Case and the RunSQL commands in the code builder but can't find a way to get it to work. I need the code to tell 'it' that whatever is selected in [SelectSupplier3] runs the SQL in the RowSource property for the two reports in ... Read more

A:Access 2010 and Combo boxes again

Karen, a question first, are you using Access Macros or VBA Code?

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Hi I have recently been getting a pop up when I connect to i/net saying "to get instant access click yes" I have PCillin2005, ran it and all was clear. Thought I try something else and d/l Xsoft It found a Trojan cws combo, as well as Viewpoint? It seems I have at least 3 problems here so here is the HJT file

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 23:10:47, on 03/01/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\bin\btwdins.exe
C:\Program Files\ewido\security suite\ewidoctrl.exe
C:\ATI Technologies\ATI Control Panel\atiptaxx.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_05\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Alcatel\SpeedTouch USB\Dragdiag.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\Common F... Read more

A:Instant access and Trojan CWS combo??

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In my database, I have two fields "ManagerID" and "ExecID". These are both combo boxes using lookups to two separate tables. They work fine.

I have another combo called "ReviewDateChangedBy" and I want this list to be populated by the values chosen in both fields above. So if the user chooses "Bob" from ManagerID and "Fred" from ExecID, then the values "Bob" and "Fred" should be available in this third combo.

My approach was to create two queries: qryAuthorised1 which gets the Manager, qryAuthorised2 which gets the Exec and then a third union query, qryAuthorised1+2 which pulls both those values together. Maybe this is clunky, but this is about the level of my expertise! Anyway, all three queries work OK.

I then set the Row Source of the ReviewDateChangedBy field to
SELECT [qryAuthorisedPerson1+2].Person FROM [qryAuthorisedPerson1+2] ORDER BY [qryAuthorisedPerson1+2].Person;

Next I added an AfterUpdate event to both the "ManagerID" and "ExecID" fields as follows:
Private Sub ManagerID_AfterUpdate()
'if the owner changes update the list of people authorised to amend the review date
End Sub
... (and the same for ExecID)
When I try to enter some new data, the ReviewDateChangedBy combo box has no values. But if I exit the form and then come back, the correct values appear.

And when I AMEND either the Manager or the Ex... Read more

A:MS Access: Update combo box values

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I have a combo box on a form that gets it's data from "tblJobs"

In the table i have a text field that stores a "Y" or a "N" what i want is if the job has a "Y" i would like the job to be visible in the combo on the form, but if the job has a "N" i dont want it to be in the combo.

Is this possible?


A:Solved: Access Combo Boxes

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Repeatedly re installed operating system on hard drive. Monitor goes to no siganl after some use. internet veryyyy slow. Followed malware removal on major geeks. Combofix says I have access infection. Ran combofix a couple of times - still have infection. I have attached the logs you requested after following your instructions. Help!

A:Infected with access in TCP/IP - Combo fix says so

Hello duhhh7 and welcome to Bleeping Computer! We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here. Please print or save this topic: it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps. -------------ComboFix is an extremely powerful tool which should only be used when instructed to do so by someone who has been properly trained. It is intended by its creator to be used under the guidance and supervision of a Malware Removal Expert, not for private use.Using this tool incorrectly could lead to disastrous problems with your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again.-------------Please do the following:Please download aswMBR.exe from here and save it to your Desktop. Double click aswMBR.exe to start the tool. (Vista - Win 7 Rt click to run as Administrator)Click ScanUpon completion of the scan, click Save log and save it to your Desktop, and post that log in your next reply. Do NOT attempt any Fix at this time! This will also create a file on your Desktop named MBR.dat. Right click that file and select Send To->Compressed (zipped) folder. Attach that zipped folder in your next reply as we... Read more

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I need to create a combo box that functions this way:

while browsing the options on the drop down, each option is linked to an image that should be displayed during browsing (not after selection) Selecting will be a later option, but images must display during browsing, and refresh once the mouse moves either to the previous or next option.

I think this leads to the move mouse event on the combo box, but I need some ideas.


A:access 2003 combo box question

Hey there, welcome to the site.

First, you can't do this with a MouseMove. You'd have to DropDown on Enter, then on Change do your image change. However, I don't know if the control's value will be the suggested value or the literal input. (Just tested, the Value is Null; you'd have to use the Text property.)

However, the Change event fires for every keystroke. So, it will work if you key up and down through the list, or type the first few characters of the item. But it will also fire if you backspace, delete, etc. I think it'd be more reasonable to use a single-select listbox, because for that you could use the ItemsSelected and the Change event--it's still not great but it'd work more cleanly than a combo box.



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I am new to Access and have looked at all the tutorials on-line but have yet to figure out what I think is a fairly simple task.
I have a database that has the following fields:
I simply want a combo box on the vendor name that the user can select the vendor from the list and have the rest of the fields fill in based on the choice.
I have done the row source entry but still nothing shows up.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Basing one Combo Box on another in Access 2003

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If I'm using a combo box to fill out parts to a form, can I make it so that if I want to fill in that blank with something that is not-already in the combo-box, that I can create a new text (and possibly add the new entry to the table from whence the table came from)?

What would be really cool, is if the I enter a new text, a prompt pops up saying, "This is a new entry, do you want to add this to the other table?" to which a positive reply will pull up the other table where you can fill it out. But I don't know how to do that.

A:ACCESS 2003 - adding to a combo box

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Hi I hope someone can help me with this (might be a bit of a head wrecker though).
I used to work with databases a while back, and have recently returned to working with them. Alas I'm a bit rusty.
My problem, is that I want to create a form that allows admin people to quickly record reported user errors. The object is to record the error and how long it took to resolve the error.

There are 3 categories of error (a,b,c) for 3 different applications (x,y,z). A is a serious error, b is not so serious and c is trivial.

Each error category can have an unlimited number of error descriptions. E.G. a category A error might be a 'system error that requires a rebuild' or a 'corrupt database message, requiring instant repair and server downtime' and so on. (these error descriptions will not necessarily be the same for each application).

On the form, I want the user to be able to select the application (x/y/z) from a drop down menu and then pick the category of error from a dropdown menu (a/b/c). Finally and this is the hard bit (for me anyway), I want the user to get a dropdown of the applicable error descriptions. The descriptions are different according to the application chosen. So the combo box would somehow be able to know what application and categories were chosen and filter the descriptions accordingly. It should also be possible to manually enter a unique error description that doesnt appear on the list in the combo box.

Don't know if this mak... Read more

A:Access 2000 how to use combo boxes?

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I am using access 2000 and I have 2 combo boxes. I want to select a category from the first one, and then a subcategory from ths second. for example the first categories might be fruit, meats, dairy. then the sub categories would be different

fruit meats dairy
pears ham milk
apples beef cheese
oranges venison

the table which i want is
id category1 category 2
1 fruit pears
2 fruit apples
3 fruit oranges
4 meats ham
5 meats beef
6 meats venison
7 dairy milk
8 dairy cheese

I have place "select distinct category1 from table" in the control source of combobox1, and it works great. the problem is with combobox2. where do I put, after category1 is selected to do a select category2 from table where category1 = 'what is in combobox1 on the form'?


A:access 2000 combo box issues

I think I got lucky.

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Dear Tech Savy Peeps,

I am in the process of putting together a database for a client that allows them to track several maintenance metrics for alignments, lubrication, inpsections, and the like...

All is progressing well, and for the most part, the coding and the development is going well and I am getting everything I need and passing all the arguments effectively, no worries.

HOWEVER, I am hung up on a small detail, and since this whole DB is made specifically to generate reports, I have a syntax error that I cannot seem to get around. I was wondering if there is any help out there that would either A.) show me my problem, or B.) present an alternative solution to generate the desired result for my report.

I have a Form with various controls that allow the user to select the type of equipment and I can filter by one selection without problems. For example, generate a report for all 100 hp motors. Same for motor types, AC or DC, frame size, bearings, etc.

I have included a set of combo boxes that allow the user to select the Process Line, the Process Section, and the Equipment, to narrow down the search. All of the combo boxes are referenced to static tables to minimize the 'fat fingering' errors.

I want to generate a report with a filter that selects base on a Where clause in a DoCmd.OpenReport format. I just can't get this thing to work with more than one selection.

Here is the code that is causing me problems...

If (ckbxProcessLine.Value = True) And... Read more

A:Filtering with Combo Boxes in Access for Reports

The where and criteria available in the 'DoCmd.OpenReport is a bit limited and not easy to use, it is fine for single items but not more than one.
I use either a Query with criteria rows set for items selected, or VBA generated SQL to replace the query definition or set the Report's Filter based on a string passed using a public variable, you could probably use open args for passing it as well but I like the public variable as it can be used with multiple reports etc.

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Detail About my DB:
I got 2 Many to Many Relationships in a query (call it the OPL Query) (if I can upload the screen shot somehow it might help to explain) The tables is as follow:

OPL Query work as follow:
Owner Tbl 1--* Owner Property MM Tbl * -- 1 Property Tbl 1 -- * Property Lessee MM Tbl * -- 1 Lessee Tbl

The logic behind the Relationship:
a) 1 owner can have many properties
b) Technically 1 property got one owner but I want a record of all the owners it ever had thus one property got many owners but only 1 active owner hence the many2many link. The lessee works in the same way.

I got a form that is based on the OPL Query (Call it OPL Form)

The Problem:
I want to add a combo-box on the OPL Form that search for a record line. The user should be able to choose 3 criteria's (Owner, Property & Lessee) preferably in 1 combo-box. The correct data line should then be displayed in the form.
Thing is my current comb-box is only bound to one criteria. How do I bound it to 3?

Sample Data in the OPL Query:
1. Owner: Pete Property: York St 32 Lessee: John
2. Owner: Pete Property: York St 32 Lessee: Ann (Owner got new lessee)
3. Owner: Sam Property: York St 32 Lessee: Ann (Pete sold the property, there is a new owner)
4. Owner: Jack Property: East St 67 Lessee: Marry
5. Owner: Jack Property: Church St 3 Lessee: Luke (Jack got 2 Properties)

OPL Form is based on OPL Query.
Combo Box is on the OPL Form.
The Combo-Box need to be able to search
Example... Read more

A:Access: Combo-box: Bound Multiple Collums

You can attach a screenshot using Excel or Word.
You can have all 3 fields in the Combo Box and have each of them sorted in alphabetical order to make the list easy to use.
But the "Find" operation of a combo actually uses the Key field of the Record and VBA to find a record, which is usually the first column but hidden. IT SHOULD NOT BE BOUND TO ANY FIELD.
So you would have the Owner in the 2nd column and when you type in
it would display the records that have jack as the owner, from that list you can select the appropriate Property and lessee.

However if you want to be able to search for a property or a Lessee and see all the records for that property I would use a VBA set form filter

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I have a combo box on a form that you can search for certain Issue#'s (primary Key) Works great. The issue that i have is if someone changes the record by using the record arrows at the bottom of the form - it does not change to Issue # with it. How do I get that to change when the record is changed?

A:Access - Combo box to search for Primary Key/Issue #

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I have an Access (2003) database for Profit & Loss, which contains a number of different accounts (Departments).
At present there is a Reports form, which contains 3 buttons each for several of the Departments - "All", "Invoiced" and "Not Invoiced" (lets call these Types), and just 1 button for others ("All"). When clicked, these open one of 3 standard reports, but using VBA (that I got a lot of help with), they apply the relevant Department Code.

However, there are currently 59 buttons on the form, and I need to add another 3 Departments, so another 9 buttons - basically, it's getting very crowded on there.

What I'd like to do is change the way the report is selected, though I'm not entirely certain which way is best, or exactly how to do it.

Option 1: For the Departments with 3 buttons, replace those with a combo box populated with the names of the 3 report Types, which would then open the relevant Type of report when clicked.
e.g. Next to a label for the Department marked ABC, would be a combo box containing the values:
- All
- Invoiced
- Not Invoiced
This would reduce my number of buttons from a total 68 to 40.

Option 2: To replace all of the Department buttons and just have 3 combo boxes - one for each Type - "All", "Invoiced" and "Not Invoiced", from which the user would select the Department name.
e.g. Next to a label marked Invoiced, would be a combo box containing t... Read more

A:Solved: MS Access - selecting reports from combo box?

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I've been reading the threads and I haven't been able to find answers to my Access 2007 problem. Im a decent user, Tables, queries, and basic forms with commands using the wizard - but Im stumped. I need to limit the values on Combo Box #2 based on what I selected in Combo Box #1. I'm pretty sure I need to use some type of VBA coding but I can't figure it out and can't find any decent tutorials online. Specifically, once I select "GS level 12" on my form, I want the user to only be able to choose "GS level 12" performance criteria in the next combo box. Any Help would be appreciated!

A:Access 2007 Combo Box to Limit Selections

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I have a combo box used to search and go to a specific record.

The problem is that there are over 80 records in the table, but the combo search box will only display records up to 41. If you select any value after 41 it jumps back to the first record.

Why does it do this, and how can I fix this?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Access 2007/Search Combo Box

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I'm trying to do something very simple but, for some reason, is not working.

I have two combo boxes. The first one gets its content from 'tblTools_Family' and the other gets its content from 'tblTools_SSI'.

In tblTools_SSI there is a 'Family' column. This is because each different tool "Family" can have several possible SSI Codes. So.. tblTools_SSI may look something like this...

Family | SSI Code

etc etc..

and the family table would be something like this..

Family ID | Description
2 | TAP
etc etc..

The first combo box displays the all (unique) Family items. The other displays all the SSI Codes.

However, when i try to base the SSI codes combo box on the selection of the Family combo box, no ssi codes are displayed.

I requery the SSI code combo box in the 'afteupdate' event of the Family one.

The ssi combo box is based on the following query..

SELECT tblTool_SSI.[SSI Code]
FROM tblTool_SSI
WHERE (((tblTool_SSI.Family)=[Forms]![frm_Def_Base]![Family]));

I have no idea why that doesn't work.
Any suggestions?

A:Solved: Access 2007 More combo box trouble

No worries. Sorted now.

The problem was the family combo box outputting an ID value instead of the description.

Ive fixed it by querying the same field twice...

SELECT DISTINCT tblTool_Family.Description, tblTool_Family.Description
FROM tblTool_Family;
Anyway, this works.

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Hi Everyone,

I know this is very well documentated on the forum, but i can't get this to work.

I have created 2 tables:

Vehicle Make: VehicleMakeID (PK) VehicleMake (Text)

Vehicle Model: VehicleModelID (PK) VehicleMakeID (FK) VehicleModel (Text)

Can anybody help me with this simple task?

Thank you.

A:Solved: Access 2003 Basing one combo on another

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Hello there

I'm trying to develop a form in access 2007. It's a student grade system. There are at least 4 combo boxes on the main form. The instructor should be able to select the year group(combo box 1), that selection would then filter out the values in the 2nd combo box (say the 2nd combo box is the section of that particular year group Like 7C, 7G etc). The value selected in the 2nd combo box should then filter and select those students(3rd combo box) whose section id corresponds to the selected value in the 2nd combo box. Then the selected student id (3rd combo box) should filter out the registered subjects(4th combo box). Now, i've managed to sync the 1st and 2nd combo boxes. when the year group is selected, the corresponding section is filtered out after update. but i'm not able to sync the 2nd combo box (section) with the student combo box (3rd). if anyone can help me out please. i just can't mange to figure out where i'm going wrong . i've tried applying the same method via vba code, but then that messes up the sync b/w the 1st and 2nd. Please Help.

A:How to synchronize more then two combo boxes in access 2007

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I have to create several forms to develop a database I have been tasked to complete. The problem is that really do not have much experience working with access. To fuel that fire, I am in the military so I can not be sent off for training since it costs Anyhow, I have been working on a dummy database that I made up just to get the boxes to link. I was able to link two combo boxes, but my issue now lies with linking multiple based off of the choice prior. Can anyone help me? So I can learn and adapt the database I have to create, I made this one simple.

1st Combo box should be a color choice
2nd Combo box should help with a sub color tied to first one
3rd Combo box should tell you what part of area it is located (I would like to add to list, but made it small to be simple)
4th Combo box should tell you top, middle or bottom (I would like to add to this list as well, but kept it simple)

Can anyone please provide me with some rudder steer to get me where I need to get to? I would be most appreciated.


A:Synchronizing several access 2007 combo boxes together

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I have read through similar threads/posts but they don't seem to answer this exact problem (or I can't find the answer - maybe someone could point me to the solution?):

I have a hierarchy of descriptors for a program/project management tool I am creating as follows:
Department contains several AreasofResponsibility, which contains several Goals, which contains several Programs....etc....

I want to build a form for entering a new project task with combo boxes to select the right path in the tree above to associate with this project task.

Therefore the first combo reads its values from a table containing a list of Departments.
The user selects a Department from the list.
The second combo should only be populated with the AreasofResponsibility (AOR) that are in the selected Department. So I want to conditionally display the list of AORs that corresponde to that particular Department.

What Event Expression should I use?

Here is what I have set up already:

I have a separate table and form for entering the Departrments = Dept Table
- this is a simple 2 column table where each record has a Department name and an ID (key field)

I have a separate table and form for entering the AORs = AOR Table
- this is a simple 3 column table where each record has an AOR, a Deparment name based on the above table and an AOR ID (key field).

Now I need to combine these two in a third table/form for a lower value entry on the hierarchy and am stuck....

A:Conditional Combo Box Fill Access 2003

DunnerJ, welcome to the Forum.
Your search should have shown up at least 2 databases that I have worked on for other Posters that do exactly what you are asking about.
There is this one

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Hello -
I have an Access 2003 application that some of my users are running using Access 2007

I have a form with multiple combo boxes for selecting which records the user wants reported on various reports.

The form works fine - except when the 2007 users view the form, when they select something from one of the combo boxes, some of the other combo boxes background color changes.

The boxes are not synced in any way - each combo box is a stand alone selection.

And the boxes where the background changes still work just fine - and when you select something in that box, sometimes another box's background changes.

This is only a deal-breaker for my users because the background color change looks like the box is greyed out and can't be used.

Note that the application is being run in 2007 in 2003 format - the 2003 file has not been converted to 2007.

Any ideas? I've tried putting in "after update" events on every box to reset the background on all the other boxes - that works a little but not completely.

Thanks in advance for any advice...
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6550 @ 2.33GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2004 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) Q35 Express Chipset Family, 384 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152523 MB, Free - 94062 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0GM819
Antivirus: McAfee VirusScan En... Read more

A:Access 2003 combo box function in 2007

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Hi, say i have 2 combo boxes

1. Make of car
2. Model of car

How can i get combo 2 to display the results of a certain make of vehicle?

Any help will be appreciated.

A:Solved: Access 2003 Combo Boxes

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Hi Guys,
Back again....

I'm a bit stuck on getting a report to run.
I used to have a database that the user could select a report using a radio button in an option group. Each option has a corresponding ID number. They could then select the name of a person from a drop down list. When the report was run it would display the report detail for the selected person only.On the OnClick property of the preview button was the following code

This is an extract...
With CodeContextObject

If (SelectReport = 8) Then
'Preview rptCandidateTestsTaken
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptCandidateTestsTaken", acViewPreview, "", Eval("IIf([Forms]![frmReportsDialog]![SelectCandidate] Is Null, """", ""[CandidateID] = Forms![frmReportsDialog]![SelectCandidate]"")")

End If

End With

8 equalled the ID number of the radio button in the option group
SelectReport was the name of the option group
frmReportsDialog was the name of the form containing the option group and other controls, buttons etc.
SelectCandidate was the name of the combo box
CandidateID was the name of the field in the query on which rptCandidateTestsTaken was based. It was also the primary key of one of the tables on which the query was based.

I've used a similar principle in a current database i'm working on. The only difference is that instead of using an option group i've used another combo box.
Private Sub Preview_Click()
With CodeContextObjec... Read more

A:Access 2010 - Combo boxes and reports

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I have two questions.

First, I have a form that lists approximately 300 physician offices. I then have a subform that lists which physicians are at each office. I created a find button but I am only able to search by office. Is there a way I can search by a specific physician without searching for the office first? It appears that I have to find the office that the physician is located in order to find the physician.

Second, I want to have a list of the physician offices for the data entry people to click (when searching for an office) instead of having to type the actual name of the office. I was thinking of using a combo box, but this would be cumbersome with approximately 300 offices. How else can I list the actual offices without having them to type it into the find box? Access will only recognize an office if it is typed exactly the way it was originally entered. I would also like to add that I am not familiar with writing codes so if this is what I will need to do, I will need some help. Thanks.


A:Access: Forms/Subforms/Combo Boxes?

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I'm sorry for the blunt appearance but I'm really having some trouble using Access 2007 to design a database. Please check the screenshot here.

What you see here is a form [INFORM] with a bunch of entry fields [Tipo], [Data], [Índice], [Versão], [Palavras-Chave] that correspond to 5 columns in [InflamaDOCS] Table. The first four fields are used to create a unique code put together in a query [INQUERY]. The list box [RETORNO] in the form uses the records present in the query to return the updated collection of records.

So far so good, but to extend the functionality of the database I'm trying to get the output of a combo box (selection of the codes put together in [INQUERY] to the 5 entry fields in the form, and the output of a search box (to filter words in "Palavras-Chave" field in same query) in a list box in the same form. I've spent hours researching but I never managed to make it work satisfactorily.

If anybody could give me some pointers, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

A:Trouble using Search box and Combo box in Access 2007

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Anyone know how to set the height of rows that are displayed in List Boxes or Combo Boxes on Access forms (or user forms in any Office basic app for that matter)?

I am talking about setting the row height for to a specific value for a specific control and not setting a global value for all or using an "auto" type setting.

A:How to set List Box/Combo Box row Height in MS Access/Office

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Have a very strange problem with an Access 2000 input form. The form has a name-find combo box on it that allows users to enter at least part of a name and after hitting enter, the record for that person is displayed. BUT. . . we just discovered that if you enter a name with an apostrophe, like "O'Reilly", it bombs. Get error message that asks if you want to debug. You say yes, and the module reads like this:

Private Sub Combo205_AfterUpdate()
' Find the record that matches the control.
Dim rs As Object

Set rs = Me.Recordset.Clone
rs.FindFirst "[LastFirst] = '" & Me![Combo205] & "'"
Me.Bookmark = rs.Bookmark
End Sub

The line starting with rs.FindFirst is highlighted when the debug module opens. When originally written, that line did NOT have the & "'" after it. That happens after you try to search on any name with an apostrophe.

Anybody know what the H*## is going on here?

A:Lookup combo box on input form in Access

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Hello there,

We've got an MS Access database (provided by a 3rd party who are useless when it comes to support!) which amongst other things, has lots of forms for data input!

We are trying to print one particular form, not too hard you'd think!
There are a lot of combo boxes on this form, which when you do a print preview, it looks fine, but when you actually print it, no data is printed in the combo boxes. They all appear on the printout, but are all blank! All other data (text boxes etc) are printed fine.

I've even added a new combo box to the form, and it prints blank too. Yet, if I make a new form in this database with a combo box on, it prints fine, so it must be something "odd" on this form!

We've tried Access 97 & 2000 (don't have any other versions here), different printers. I've tried a few things with the form like making the combo boxes bigger, moving them about etc, but now am a bit stuck for ideas.

Anyone got any clues?


A:MS Access - problem printing combo boxes

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Hello there

I'm trying to develop a form in access 2007. It's a student grade system. There are at least 4 combo boxes on the main form. The instructor should be able to select the year group(combo box 1), that selection would then filter out the values in the 2nd combo box (say the 2nd combo box is the section of that particular year group Like 7C, 7G etc). The value selected in the 2nd combo box should then filter and select those students(3rd combo box) whose section id corresponds to the selected value in the 2nd combo box. Then the selected student id (3rd combo box) should filter out the registered subjects(4th combo box). Now, i've managed to sync the 1st and 2nd combo boxes. when the year group is selected, the corresponding section is filtered out after update. but i'm not able to sync the 2nd combo box (section) with the student combo box (3rd). if anyone can help me out please. i just can't mange to figure out where i'm going wrong . i've tried applying the same method via vba code, but then that messes up the sync b/w the 1st and 2nd. Please Help.

A:How to synchronize more then two combo boxes in access 2007

Qureshisn, you would have got a quicker response if you had posted this on the Business Software Forum.
The simplest way is to refer to the first combo box in the second combo box's SQL Query using the format
or if the first combo sets some kind of ID refer to that ID field instead of the first combo.

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Hello, I am trying to create a switchboard which opens when a user accesses my database. The switchboard has 2 drop down combo boxes where the user can apply filters and some other buttons that are functioning fine. I have created some VBA code to make the apply the combo box selections as filters but this is where the problem comes in. My combo boxes list the values I want, but will not allow the user to select anything. I.e. the menus drop down but nothing can be selected. I've tried recreating the boxes several times but it is still not working. Has this happened to anyone, and could they shed some light on this issue?


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I have a main form with a subform that is a continuous form.

When the user opens the main form, enters a value in the combox on the subform (continuous form) a new combo box appears. The user enters a value into the second combo box, and a new como box appears. The user enters a value into the third combo box. The user closes the form saving teh changes.

Is there a way to open the main form, delete the values from the second and third combo boxes, close the main form, and when the main form is re-opened the two empty combo boxes no longer displays.

I have tried to requery the subform, but that does not seem to help.

A:Solved: Access Continuous Form and Combo Box

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I can't believe that I can't find this question on any thread? Moreover I can't believe that I am stumped over something that seems so simple!!

How do I bound my users to only select items form my combo box and not to type in whatsoever they like. I know I have done it before but I can't remember how I did it? Dammitt!

A:Solved: Access Bound User to Combo Box List

Limit to list = Yes only allows the user to select from the list, they can type as much as they like but it won't be accepted.

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I'm using Access 2010 and struggling to get the numbers in a combo box to display in the right format:
The source table holds a series of numbers (years) in the Double, fixed, 0 decimal places format and displays them correctly, 2010,2011 etc. When I use this table as the source for a combo box lookup in a form the numbers are also stored correctly but when i click on the combo box to choose a number they are all displayed as 2010.00, 2011.00 etc.

I can't see any way of removing those decimal places in the drop-down list displayed but there must surely be some really easy/obvious thing that I am overlooking - can anyone help? Thanks.


A:Solved: Access: Number formatting in combo boxes

I would set the Field type in the table to "Long Integer", which is only whole numbers with no decimal places at all.

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I have a field in a table for employee certifications. This is a multi-value combo box, which uses a certification table to allow the user to check the certifications that an employee possesses. My issue is that I would like to add a column to capture user comments for each certification that is checked off. Or, I may use a drop-down with ranges of years that the user can select for each certification. This is definitely stumping me. So far, multiple certifications are displayed for each employee, but I have to be able to know how many years they possessed the certification.

A:Access 2010 combo box with multi-selection question

hodgeed1, welcome to the Forum.
Assuming that Access 2010 has not drastically changed the way that Combos work you cannot simply select something to do what you want.
However there are a couple of simple methods to get around this, the first involves the Combo's SQL or Query, you replace the column that shows the Certification with a column that Concatenates the Certification field and the Date Field using a new Column Heading that basically says
[Certificate] & " - " & [DateField]
where Certificate is the actual name fo the certificate field and DateField is the actual name of the date field you also want to display.
The second method involves having an Unbound Field to display the date which you add as another column to the SQL and use simple VBA to display it in the unbound field. However it will not work with Forms in Continuous Forms mode as it will display the current record in all the records.

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I have a form with a subform linked to it in a one-to-many relationship. That subform has yet another subform linked to it in a one-to-many relationship. When I choose a value from a combo box in Subform 1, I filter the contents of a combo box in Subform 2 based on that selection. That works fine. I choose a value from Combo Box 1 in Subform 1 and create a record. I then move to Subform 2, select from my filtered Combo Box 2, fill in the rest of the fields and repeat for several records.

I continue this cycle so that I end up with several records in Subform 1 each of which has several records associated with it in Subform 2. Hopefully, the scenario is clear. This all works great.

What doesn't work well is when I review existing records in Subform 1. The correct linked records display in Subform 2, but the combo box(es) for those records are displaying no values in most cases, usually because the filtered list in the dropdown doesn't match the current selection in Combo Box 1.

If I click Combo Box 1, this triggers the filter for Combo Box 2, but the values still don't display. There has to be a way to refresh Combo Box 2, but I can't find it.

Any ideas? If any of the above is not clear, I'll be happy to clarify it further. Thanks.

A:Solved: Access 2007 Sync'd Combo Box Value Not Displaying

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I'm trying to build a database that over time I will expand into something much more dense than now.

Right now I have 4 tables

PriorityLevel_FLD Primary Key Autonumber
OrganizationType_FLD Text Description of Organization ie. Govt. Dept., Board, Local Govt etc​.

ProvCode Primary Key Text 2 digit abbrevation for Provience or State
ProvName Text Provincial Name​
ClientCustomer_Table (note all clients can be customers but not all customers can be clients)
ClientCustomerIDNbr_FLD Number Primary Key AutoNumber
PriorityLevel_FLD Number Lookup from PriorityLevel_Table
ClientCustomerName_FLD Text Name of Client/Customer
ClientCustomerAddress1_FLD Text Address Line 1
ClientCustomerAddress2_FLD Text Address Line 2
ClientCustomerLoc_FLD Text City, Town, Settlement, or Hamlet Name
ProvCode_FLD Text Lookup from ProvinceCodes_Table
PostCode_FLD Text Canada Post Postal Mailing ​
Contacts_Table (can be many contacts for a single Client Customer)
ContactsIdNbr_FLD number Primary Key Autonumber
ClientCustomerIDNBR_FLD number Lookup from ClientCustomer_Table (if this doesn't exist then ....)
ContactPrefix_FLD Text List Box Mr. Ms. Mrs.
ContactTitle_FLD Text Position Title of Contact, Superintendent, CEO, Mayor, Purchasing Officer etc
ContactFirstName_FLD Text Contacts First Name
ContactLastName_FLD Text Contacts Last Name
ContactPhoneNbr_FLD Text Contacts Phone Number
ContactFaxNbr_FLD Text Contacts Fax Number
ContactEm... Read more

A:Solved: Access 2007 Form Lookup Combo Box

You mention a "Lookup Combo Box" in your heading, so are you trying to select ClientCustomer ina combo?
If you are you can use the Combo's "Not in List" property to enter the Customer in to the table or open a form to enter all the details or both.

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I have two cascading combo boxes. I set up three tables. The first table is the distributor table that contains the distributor name, address, etc. The second table is a list of services the distributors may provide. The third table is a list of each distributor and the service they provide. (Dist Services).

Each distributor only supplies a limited number of services. So I use cascading combo boxes to limit the services to only what that distributor supplies. In the After Update of the first combo box, I have the following code:

Me.Service_ID.RowSource = "SELECT DISTINCT [Service ID] " & _
"FROM [Dist Services] " & _
"WHERE [Distributor ID] = " & [Forms]![Sale Form]![Sale Coupon Subform].[Form]![Distributor ID] & _
" ORDER BY [Service ID]"

When I go to the second combo box (services), the services listed are for the previously chosen distributor. I have tried adding requery, but it isn't working. Any suggestions?


A:Solved: Access 2010 Cascading Combo Box error

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I'm new to the forum and using Access , and need some help sorting out the finer points of using linked combo boxes. Basically, I have a tabbed form with subtables which allows me to auto-populate successive fields in my main table. I have combo boxes to select each field in order to speed up data entry and avoid errors. The form is for entering patient vital signs, so the tabs successively auto-populate patientID, date, and time. On the third tab's subtable, I can select the vital sign type (VS_Type) and vital sign value (VS_Value). I want to link the combo boxes in the form so it will limit the VS_Value options in the 2nd combo box to those that match the VS_Type selection in the 1st combo box. For example, if I select "heart rate" from VS_Type, the 2nd combo box should only show VS_Values that have "heart rate" as their VS_Type. I've gotten it to work outside of a subtable, but keep getting a pop-up box asking for parameters when I do it in a subtable. Here are the relevant portions of my current setup:
tblMain with fields ID_Main (primary key), patientID, VS_Date, VS_Time, VS_Type, VS_Value
tblVS_Type with fields ID_VS_Type (primary key), VS_Type
tblVS_TypeValue with fields ID_VS_TypeValue (primary key), ID_VS_Type (foreign key), VS_Value
formMain with:
Tab1 selecting patientID via a list box, then auto-populating patientID in Subform1 while selecting VS_Date.
Tab2 auto-populating patientID and VS_Date in Subform2 while se... Read more

A:Access 2007 linked combo boxes in subform

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I'm a beginner in Acess 2007. I'm trying to use combo box to retrieve data from subform. But it doesn't seem to work. I have view the forum. But I do not understand the codes well.

Here are my tables.

Code & Result.

I 'm using code_ID from table code to query the result in the subform in my combo box which is call combo12. The query statement is [SELECT Code.Code_ID, Code.Name FROM Code] in the row source.

What must I do to ensure that the subform will display the data from table Result based on the code_ID select?

The relationships has been link up.

Pls advise what other data need to be furnish. I thank you in advance.

A:Access 2007 Using combo box to query data in subform

Hi Nov2009,


Are your combo box and subform on the same form? If they are on the same form, when you created your subform did you make sure that the Link Master Fields and Link Child Fields were Code_ID? You can find this out by checking your subform's property sheet.

So here's a step by step if the combo box and subform are on the same form. Open the main form that your subform is connected to. Open the main form in Design view. There are two ways to bring up the property sheet for your subform. You can either click on the outside border of the subform and the combo box at the top of the property sheet should list the name of your subform. Or you can select your subform from the listed items in the combo box at the top of the property of your main form.

Check the "Data" tab or the "All" tab to see what your Link Master Fields and Link Child Fields are set to. If they are blank, you can type in the field names that you want to filter on each other.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.


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I have an entry form with several combo boxes that lookup information in existing tables for ease of use. The combo boxes allow information to then be written to one main table. I would like to automatically update the tables that these combo boxes are linked to. I have managed to do this by writing the following code in a test form:

Private Sub cboSubFunction_AfterUpdate()
'Save record and requery combo control.
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord
End Sub

The problem is it only works whenthe form is bound to the specific table that the combo box looks up. I need the information to be saved to the main table of data which the form is bound to as well as the table the combo box looks to. Can this be done?

Can anyone help please?

A:Solved: Access 2007 Table not Updating from Combo.

ginaw, what you are asking is not the way that Combo normally operate they are for "selecting" data in one table to put the Selected ID in another table.
If you want to "Add" data to both tables you use the Combo's "Not in List" Event Procedure to do so, but you also have to set it's "Limit To List" to Yes.

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I have a database for tracking expenses. In the form I am using I have several fields populated by combo boxes. When I type in a entry not in the combo box drop down list I allow it to be entered in the field anyway. I want to add these entries to the combo box drop down list but I am not sure how to do it. I think I need to write an expression for a event procedure but I can't seem to grasp how to do it. Please help me.

A:Solved: Access 2000 combo boxes-updateing

The way that I do this is to have the combo based on a table and query. I then add the new value to the table and requery the combo. I use the combo's Double click event procedure to open a form based on the combo's table/query in add mode and add the new value there.
Want me to post an example?

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Using mixture of Windows XP with Office 2003 and Windows 7 with Office 2013 (so the database is in Office 2003 format).

We have a database showing companies that we have spoken to in regards to working with us. Each company will have shown interest in covering several postcode areas.

I have created a "Yes / No" (tick box) field for each postcode area ("AB", "AL", etc). A total of 121 fields.
I have also created a combo box "PostcodeFilter" which works from a table with all the Postcodes in (matching the 121 fields)

Google has brought up some code that works "On Exit" from the combo box that filters the records...

Me.Filter = "EquipmentID = '" & Me.ComboName & "'"
Me.FilterOn = True

This would look at a single field (in the example "EquipmentID") and filter where this equals what has been selected in the combo box.

What I need is that it would look at whichever field is named the same as selected in the combo box and filter where that field = Yes (ticked)

Example: Select "AB" in the combo box and it will filter the records to only show when the field "AB" is ticked.

Is this possible?


A:Solved: Access: Filter using Combo box and multiple fields

This is not quite as straight forward as the Google example because you have to convert the combo selection to a field name.
I had the code to do this a few years ago, but I don't think I do now.
I will see if I can recreate it.

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I am new to access and am struggling on trying to delete a record. Basically, I want the user to select an option from a drop down list (Select_Project_Type_cbx) and then click on a 'Delete' button which will delete the record associated with the drop down option selected.

This is the code I have so far:

Private Sub Delete_Project_Type_btn_Click()
Dim sDeleteRecordSQL As String
sDeleteRecordSQL = "Delete * From Project_Type_tbl " & _
" Where Project_Type_Name.Name = " & Select_Project_Type_cbx.Value
Me.Select_Project_Type_cbx.RowSource = sDeleteRecordSQL

End Sub
When the user clicks on the delete button it just removes ALL options from the combo box. Nothing is deleted from the table "Project_Type_tbl".

If someone can point me in the right direction on where I am going wrong here it would be much appreciated!


A:Delete a record in Access based on a combo box selection

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I have a form I created with Access 2003 that has a combo box on the top of the form and a list box at the bottom let's say.
Once a value is selected in the combo box, I need to have my SQL query to take the value and use it in the WHERE clause to join tables.
So to have: WHERE = combo1.value for example.

And afterwards the content of the joined table is to be displayed in the list box.
I put the SQL query in the "Row Source" of the list box, so after a value is selected in the combo box.

I tested it and I was asked by Access to put a value for the combo1.value so I guess SQL doesn't recognise combo1.value.

The display in the list box works after I put a value for combo1.value manually.

Any idea how to solve this?

Thanks a million in advance.

A:How to pass value of combo box in SQL query in a list box in Access 2003

I think it will need to be done in code, im not an expert but you could try something like:-

In the AfterUpdate event of the combo box

Me.Combo1.Value = Me.ListboxName

ListboxName being the actual name of your listbox.

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Here's are the facts regarding my Access form:
- Combo Box "Segment" allows user to make a selection
- Combo Box "Fgroup" limits the user choices to only those applicable to the Segment they selected.
- I would like to display (for the user) a 2-column combo box with "Fgroup_ID" in column 1 and "Fgroup" in column 2. Only the "Fgroup" needs to be bound and stored in my underlying table. The "Fgroup_ID" is strictly there for informational purposes to assist the user in making their selection.

PROBLEM: I think the AfterUpdate on the Segment combo box is not recognizing both the Fgroup and Fgroup_ID columns. Can someone review this code and tell me what and where to insert the "Fgroup_ID" column information? I'm a rookie at writing code and appreciate any help I can get. I'm going to (try) to attach 2 printscreens of what the drop down list provides now, and what I would like it to
'After the user selects a Segment, it limits the list of Fgroups to only those applicable
'to the selected Segment.

Private Sub cboSEGMENT_AfterUpdate()
On Error Resume Next
cboFGROUP.RowSource = "Select tPRODUCT_FGROUP.FGROUP " & _

End Sub

'Allows the user to requery the list of Fgroup ... Read more

A:Access 2000 / AfterUpdate control not working for combo box

Have you set the Combo box's column count to 2?
Have you set the Column widths wide enough to display the data?

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Hello, I'm new to Access 2007 and have a question. Any help is appreciated.

I have a form called frmProfile with a Combo Box called cboFirstName .. I want to use user's input from the CBO to match records to a table and then display the results in the subform of the Profile form

Also, before and after the user's search, i want the subform to display all records from the table.

I've been trying to figure out a code but failed. Please help.

Thank you

A:Access 2007: search record by input from a combo box

The easiest way to achieve what you want is to use VBA to set the Subform's Filter based on the Combo selection. But you will need a Command Button to reset the filter to show "All" records.

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How do I add a combo box to a form that will then populate other fields? It is a combox box containing the SiteID, which will then populate the corresponding address and phone number in the fields directly beneath it. I set up a combo box that has the various SiteIDs, and SiteID is the primary key. I created separate unbound text boxes for the remainder of the fields (addr1, addr2, city, county, state, zip). When the SiteID is selected, I need to have the corresponding addr1, addr2 etc. automatically populated into the text boxes. All of the information is located within a query, called SiteInfo.

Please help me with this and don't scold me because I'm a rank amateur at this coding stuff. I really need your help.
Thank you,


A:Access: Create a combo box/populate text boxes

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Clearly at beginner level on Access...

Need to create combo boxes on a form where just 1 is initially displayed, then when an option is selected... a second combo box appears, etc. - all feeding data back to the same column/table.

e.g. What did you have to drink this morning? (tea, coffee, oj, water,...)
Once oj is selected, a new combo appears beneath the first to allow for further selection - if user had coffee, water & oj.

A:Solved: Access - Display New Combo Boxes Automatically

In each combo box's "after update" event procedure enter -
if comboboxname.column(number) = "your selection criteria goes here" then
comboboxname.visible = true
where comboboxname is the name of the next combo you want to appear.
In the form's "On current" event procedure set all but the first combos as
comboboxname.visible = false
to make them invisible.
The "number" in the brackets represents the column that holds the selection you want to match.

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Ok I have been struggling on this one all morning.

What I am tring to do is this.

I have a combo box, when the name is selected in the combo box, I would like it to auto populate the Addres/City/State/Zip of the persons name.

A:Solved: Access - Combo Boxes and Text Fields

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Hi I am working on an existing database and trying to change the input method on a form to a combo dropdown box. I am trying to use the existing data in tblProjects and the data is in a column called "PM" I sort of have it working but instead of showing my "PM" data it is showing the data in the first column of the table???

Any ideas how to get this to work? It's been a few years since I messed with Access so I am a little rusty. I have included a screenshot.

A:Change form field entry to a combo box in Access

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Hi - I have a database with comboboxes, when you select the suburb, it will automatically select the postal code, this works fine on some computers, but when I loaded it onto a netbook I could not see the dropdowns for the comboboxes, it was empty, it looks like there might be data in as the cursur hightlights rows, but there is no data in the dropdowns, or you cannot see it. I uploaded the same database onto a desktop and the fields were fine, can anyone tell me why it would not display on a netbook, but are displayed on my laptop and on my desktop?? .. Please help, this is driving met to milkshakes and chocolates!

A:Access 2007 - combo boxes not viewed on some computers?

milkshakes and chocolates sound great, I can't think of any reason why only one computer would not show them.
The only thing that I can think of is to check the row source and the Column Widths.

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I've tried playing with the macro commands in access in order to get combo boxes to display and dissappear at command when thier respective check boxes are clicked and clicked off, I have been unsuccessful at making them work though, they do not dissappear when moving to a new record. Is there anybody that can give me some vb code outside of using macros in order for this to be accomplished?

A:Access: Making Combo boxes invisible/visible

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Hello again OBP - long time, no speak! I hope you are well . I am in Access 2007 and have a combo box on a form dispalaying a number of organisations. I want to be able to pick the appropriate org and display its name, not its value. However, it's the number which gets pasted in not the org name. What am I doing wrong? (I think it's something simple-stupid!)

A:Solved: OBP- Access 2007 problem with combo box lookups

You need 2 columns, one for ID one for the description, but the first column width is set to zero cms.

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