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How do I get Worksheet tabs to print when sheet is printed?

Q: How do I get Worksheet tabs to print when sheet is printed?

I have a gradebook that is very different from traditional gradebooks. Each class is a separate file and then each student has their own worksheet so I can individually track their proficiency on a variety of tasks (By all means tell me if this is stupid and recommend an easier way). When I want to print out a students gradebook sheet for a conference, how do I get their name (which is on the tab, to print with the printed page?


A: How do I get Worksheet tabs to print when sheet is printed?


A short answer ...
ActiveSheet.PageSetup.CenterHeader = ActiveSheet.Name
A question though ... would it be somewhat effective to loop through all sheets in a file and do this? Also, how about looping through all files in a folder and doing this? Would it not be easier to do them all at once, or is this a 'one-shot deal'?

Also, btw, you can do this with LeftHeader, RightHeader, LeftFooter, CenterFooter & RightFooter. Other format attributes can also be added if desired.

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I have a generic worksheet created from a Word Template (Bill of Lading Template if that helps) and I want to have the user enter input such as address to, PO #, CO #, Quantity of Pieces/Lbs, i.e. only certain boxes of the table. Once the user prints this form, I would like for it to clear only these certain boxes. Is there a macro I could create to do this? I created one so that it clears the boxes, but I am unsure if I can make one that automatically runs once I click print. Any help you can give is appreciated.


A:Creating Macro in Word to clear worksheet one Printed

Hi, welcome to the forum.
If you already have a macro then all you need to do is trigger it once the sheet is printed.
You can do this by using an event.
I would have to look it up, but if you Google for Worksshet on event print then you need sometinh like AfterPrint .
I'll see if I can find something but you could try a search via Google and see what you can find too.

Just fopund this one ...

Maybe it can give you an idea

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Hello Everyone,
I have tried searching and searching for this problem but nothing seems to come up with this particularly odd problem. I'm actually running 3rd party software hosted on an AS/400 system but from a Windows 7 32-bit computer. If I right-click the title-bar of the window and select print, the print dialog box comes up asking for the printer I want to use. I select one, then click "Print" and the following comes out on the page....
<See Sample.jpg> (Of course, that's not an actual page, it's a representation of what you'd see on the page, but it's accurate despite the fact that it's color. Anyway, the print screens come out light and don't scan in well.)
As you can see, the print dialog box is clearly visible on the page. This seems to randomly crop up only on Windows 7 boxes and once it starts, we seem to have no way to stop it.

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Can anyone tell me how to navigate between workseet tabs
in MS Excel without using the mouse(shortcut keys)?


A:Excel: How to Navigate Worksheet Tabs

Hi Bugos
Welcome to TSG

Hold down the Ctrl key and hit the Page Down key to move left and Page Up key to move right.

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The strangest thing has happened in my excel 2007, running in vista 64. As of yesterday, it no longer displays the individual tabs for worksheets in a workbook of existing files. Any new blank file it will show the standard three tabs. Its not a problem with the file which when viewed in vista 32 or xp still shows the tabs. I've searched the ms knowledgebase and the web, but this appears to be a one of a kind. The "unhide" worksheet feature is greyed out in excel.

Any ideas, suggestions would be welocme

Thanks, Mozman

A:Excel Worksheet Tabs Disappeared in vista 64

Okay, let's try this:

1) Open the existing workbook.
2) Click on the Office Orb
3) Click "Excel Options"
4) Click "Advanced" in the left pane
5) In the left pane, scroll down to "Display options for this workbook"
6) Check the box that says "Show sheet tabs"

Right now, I haven't found a way to check it for everything, if it's a problem for multiple workbooks.

Hopefully this solves your problem

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Part of my question was answered in Solved: Formula For Duplicating
Started by floydcojacket, last post 13-Mar-2010 08:16 AM by bomb #21

However what I have done to date may or may not be the best way and I would appreciate guidance and advice. I have attached worksheet for tracking attendance for my team at work. I have tried (as a macro beginner) to have a summary sheet with names on. This needs to copy to the other tab sheets but names only. I have used tab links for all first summary tab and pivot table tab but only want to link names from summary tab.

I have a macro to sort all the sheets which works fine but omits summary sheet. I also have the button for a macro to delete a line (havent been able to make delete a line work as it removes whole line so that the full array of names starts to decrease as eah name is deleted. I need to be able to delete data from a line through all sheets withour decreasing number of lines in name field.

Sorry I am not explaining this too well but I think you will understand when you see the attached file. I am using Vista and Excel 2007 but need to be able to use in Windows 2003 at work.

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Is there a known way to stack sheet tabs in an excel spreadsheet, rather than have them all on one row?
I have 15 sheets where they all are categorized as one of three types. I would like to have them in three rows.
Is this possible?

A:Excel Sheet Tabs

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I've just upgraded to W10. I have several excel files all with a number of sheets. I am now unable to see the sheet tabs so can't select the sheet I want.
Anybody have any solutions please?

A:upgraded to W10 now no sheet tabs in excel

I've managed to solve it. View - Arrange all - tick Windows of active workbook.

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When copying tabs in Excel 97, instead of incrementing the sheet number in
VBA Microsoft Excel Objects, a '1' is added to the sheet number i.e. sheet 4
becomes sheet 41 instead of sheet 5. If copied again it becomes sheet 411
then 4111 etc up to about 24 1s at which time it stops copying all together. This has just started happening and I don't think I've changed any settings.

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In Vista, one print job (the last) on a Lexmark will not delete from the queue. No new print jobs will print out. If there are more jobs created, they add up in the queue. I'm trying not to uninstall and reinstall, this has happened frequently with this printer, albeit with an inexperienced user. Please help. TIA

A:Print Jobs remain in queue although already printed

What happens when you try to delete it? Error message? Long, long delay?

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Three days ago when I tried to print from the web and then WORD there was no installed printer. I checked and the printer was still installed but when printing a document the print screen said their was no printer installed. I checked and the print spooler was not working. So I downloaded the Microsoft tool MicrosoftFixit.Printing.Run.exe. I ran it and presto the printer worked but only once and when I went to print again, again the print box showed that there was no printer installed. So I have to run the tool every time I want to print a page then restart the computer. A royal pain and time waster.

Something is turning the spooler off and not allowing individual programs to see the installed printer and therefore reports that there is no installed printer.

2nd issue. this is a new laptop (ACER) and there is no LED light to show "Caps Lock". I did find a setting that flashes the screen and makes an audible beep. However, my wife has the exact same computer and hers has a 2" x 2" box appear each time she puts cap Lock on. Which is way less distracting than audible beeps and flashing screens. Is there a setting for this? I have not found one in the Microsoft website for Windows 7.


A:Print Spooler turns off after each printed page

Stop the print spooler servicePress Windows+R key and copy this path%WINDIR%\system32\spool\printersclick okDelete the files in the folderRestart the PC and try to print nowFor second issueDid you install ACER launch manager? It is responsible for caps lock notifications

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Hi All,

I dont know if i've got this in the right forum but i've got a WinXP Pro Machine so thought i'd try it here.

The problem is that my print queue seems to retain the print jobs although the print jobs have already been printed out (i've seen it retain jobs from 5 days ago). I happens from all sorts of programs.

My PC is acting a print server (ie, the printer is connected to my PC via Parallel and i have shared my install of this printer).

In the print queue, the status indicates "sent to printer" and Pages "x/x - eg 3/3" however the print jobs remains in the queue and do not disappear unless i manually do a "cancel". If i were to turn off and then on the PC, all these print jobs will print out again without any user interaction.

So, can anyone tell me if this is a driver issue or is it something to do with the printer or Parallel port configuration.

As far as i know, i've got "bi-directional support" selected but i'm still to find out what modes i've got parallel set to eg. EPP or ECP or both.

Any help would be great. thank you.


A:Print Jobs remain in queue although already printed

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Good Morning,

I have a 17 page Excel workbook. 15 sheets are for entering materials etc for quotes. One sheet is for gathering final pricing, lead times etc from the 15.

The 1st sheet is for customer info, part numbers, etc. I am trying to make a macro that will automatically transfer each of up to 15 part numbers to their sheet tab and to position B2 on the same sheet. If I have 3 part numbers in this sheet (A, B, C) I would like sheet 1 to be "A" in the sheet tab and in position B2, Sheet 2 to be "B" in the sheet tab and in position B2" etc.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Naming Excel Sheet Tabs

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I keep my financial records in Excel. For some reason the sheet tabs have vanished, not only in the file I had open, but all previous Excel files on my computer. The only sheets I can view are the last ones I accessed in each file. I followed the instructions of the Excel help assistant but it didn't work. I've lost a lot of valuable information. How do I retrieve it?

A:Microsoft Exel sheet tabs have disappeared

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I'm helping to develop a web application that uses iframes. On the main page (outside of all frames), we have a div that we use to display and print forms. We also have 2 nested iframes; the innermost iframe contains the main page content. When printing, we use extensive CSS and Javascript (contained in the outermost window) to hide everything except the print div.

When I use File > Print Preview, it always displays the correct preview; that is, the outermost window which contains the print div. Printing from the Print Preview works as it should. However, when I use File > Print, it seems to print whatever window has focus, not the entire page (outermost window). Therefore my print div doesn't get printed and all I get is a printout of whatever is currently onscreen. Why doesn't the print out from File > Print match what is shown in the print preview?

A related issue occurs when using JavaScript's window.print(). When I call window.print from within the print div, it prints as it should. But when I call parent.parent.window.print() from within the double-nested iframe, IE still only prints the window that has focus, not the outermost window (as shown by "parent.parent."). And since they just clicked on a button in the innermost frame, the innermost frame has focus, my print div doesn't print and all I get is a printout of whatever is currently onscreen. I have been using "parent.parent" for all other Javascript calls from the nested iframe to th... Read more

A:Print Preview doesn't match printed document in IE 8 & 9

Have you checked out how other people deal with printing on web?
Take Gmail, for example. When you click on Print link they open a new tab with desired content, which shows print window immediately on opening.
function Print(){document.body.offsetHeight;window.print()};
</script> </head>
<body onload="Print()"> ...
or for a new tab other companies do more direct
<body onload="window.print()">

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I have a HP C4850 configured to work through the wireless. I can ping the printer and access its internal web page. Network configuration prints out no fails or errors so as far as I can tell everything is configured correctly. If I send it a print job, a small notepad document with the text "test" in it, it won't print. Eventually it just seems to forget the print job is there. However if I send the job, then print the network device configuration, the print job will print immediately after. I did this 3 times and it was consistent in its behavior. I'm at a complete loss, any ideas?

A:HP C4850 won't print until network status page is printed

Any ideas of where to start?

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After upgrading from Win 2K to Win XP Pro, and Office XP to Office 2003, some of my Excel macros that fetche data from Factset in a batch and create multiple sheets no longer rename the sheet tabs on one of the 3 PCs I use at work. The other PCs with the same upgrade do not have this problem.

The tabs are supposed to be renamed with the descriptive data from respective sheets. These macros were created over 4 years ago and it was the first time that it failed.

Another VB based application built by Factset in 2002 which uses Factset' s Script function to fetch data from its PA application and export the results to Excel also is having seemingly related problem.

The process is supposed to create multiple reports and export them on separate sheets in the same workbook. However, even though the reports ran through and created a big file, it ended deleting all the other sheets except the last one with a tab name "Sheet1 (x)".

What could be the possible sources for this problem and how canI get around it?



A:Excel Macro no longer names sheet tabs

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Windows 7
Office 2007
Computer is approx 1.5 years old as well as the printer also.
Ram is a train load (gigs)

Having trouble with my Excel spreadsheets printing.
In any given Workbook, some worksheets print, some won't.
The ones that won't, I get a dialog box stating a few things, eg, not enough memory, drivers, etc., generally a generic dialog.
I have checked these avenues out, update Windows daily, as well as uninstalled my printer (HP C309a), reinstalled printer, I've had a computer technician out here a couple of times and he's done the same things I have done, but to no avail.
It may print, it may not. Depending on mood swing I guess.
Any suggestions?????????
Please help,
Thank you.

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Hi all,

I am trying to Print a seperate worksheet in a different workbook.


I have an excel file with a list of Periods for different Sites (I am using this a ticksheet for when people return the sheets)
Within this excel file i want a print command button which opens up the excel file relating to the site location
Once the command has opened up the excel file, i want a msg box to appear asking "Which period would you like to print" then once they press the period number it prints the worksheet relating to the period number.
For example: In my Site 1 workbook, i have 13 tabs, each tab has different information. I want to print period 3.

When i click the print command button i want it to open a message box asking me which period i want to print, then after putting "3" in the msg box i want the vba code to then open up the "Site 2" file and print "Period 3" worksheet.

I have attached an example of the Period ticksheet return sheet.

A:How to print a worksheet in a different workbook

Hi, I looked at the sample you attached.
Let me see if I understand this Let's say I click Cell E5 then I would print the sheet related to Site 2 and Period 2
Now, where have you saved the raltaion (filename) which corresponds to this row? Will the full filename and location be in C5 in this case?

I am thinking more in the line of double click the cell corresponding to the site and period and then open that sheet to print, but then I need to know where the full path and filename can de found on this sheet

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how do I print just one sheet in an exce document

i.e. each of my clients is on a separate sheet and I just want to print one

A:print sheet

Try this.....

Left click mouse and highlight what you want to print.
Then go to file/print area/set print area.

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I have been having a similar issue with trying to define a print area. the area i need to print changes with each time i refresh the data.

Currently i have set a print area manually but this wont work when i start getting more data.

I need to add/change my code in someway so that it only prints the pages of the worksheet which have data in them.

Annoyingly each page of the sheet is a table and so has headers for each column which any function would, i assume, class as data and so i only want them to print if the table gas data.
The good news is that if the first row in the table has data in then i need that whole page printed anyway.

my current code is:

Dim PathString As String

Sub Print_ActionManager_1_RecentActivityReport()

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

While Not ActiveCell.Value = Empty

Sheets("RecentActivityReport").Range("N1").Value = ActiveCell.Value
'Call ChangeGraphAxis
Application.StatusBar = "Executing - Please be patient..."
Call Print_To_File3(Sheets("RecentActivityReport").Range("N1").Value)
Application.StatusBar = False
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select


Application.ScreenUpdating = True

Sheets("RecentActivi... Read more

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I inherited an excel worksheet that appears to be protected in some fashion. I have not worked with VBA but I think that is where the problem begins. I have entered a lot of data to the worksheet but when I print preview I do not see the data I just entered. It's there, but print doesn't see it. I will have to update this on a daily basis and it doesn't make sense doing it if print doesn't see it. Calculations based on my entries do take place. Can someone point me to the right place to fix this so that I can get on with my work? I use Excel 97.

A:Solved: Excel Worksheet Edit/Print Problem

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In microsoft word, is it possible to print to the very edge of the sheet?
If so, how?

A:Print to very edge of sheet

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i need something which will take one card and print it 10 up on an 8.5x11 sheet. thanks, boyd.xp

A:how can i print bus. cards, 10 per sheet?

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I have an Access database used on daily basis to enter and print the maintenance work order in a report format. I have assigned a command button to print the required record. On clicking the button in the Form, a parameter query will run asking the user to put the record number to proceed. Once the correct record number is entered in the parameter text box, the report is previewed and the user click on the print button to print the same.

My question is as follows:

Is there any method to find out the record i am going to print now was already printed before? A kind of record keeping for the printed records.

Also, a message box should warn the user saying incase if the record was already printed, The record was previously printed, do you want to continue printing again?

Please tell me a way to perform the above in my Form.

A:Record keeping of the printed records & warning user when printed more than one time

could't you just add a field in the record for printed?

Then if printeed true, show warning, else show printable form.

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Am using a new 2000XP and received a picture in e-mail that is to big to print out on one sheet of paper. Will you tell me how to print it please.

A:Please tell me how to print out a picture that is to big for one sheet of paper -

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I need to print all the labels in a mailing doc in micro soft word. It is only allowing me to print a whole page of one single label or just one label. Now I ask you, what good is that? Can you help me? Do I have to somehow merge the document??

thank you
pat toppa

A:Word 97: How to Print Sheet of Different Labels

Hey Pat...if you want to make complete empty page of labels, get into Envelopes and Labels, choose the desired label, click the New Document button.

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Hi Everyone,

How do I go about changing defaults or setting up a permanent print orientation and size for a particular worksheet which will be used on 9 different PC's. I've already set the print area, as the whole sheet doesn't need to be printed, but I need the printed area to fit across a landscape sheet. The number of sheets to be printed will vary as the people using the workbook will be viewing different row amounts to each other. I just need to have it set up so when they choose to print they don't have to set up the page themselves, they just click "Print" and away they go. Can I somehow 'lock' print option selections to the sheet?



A:Solved: Permanently Set Print Size and Orientation for Individual Worksheet in Excel

Sounds like you need a macro to control what is happening.

The macro would go through the process that you would normally do manually. You can then put a print button on the worksheet, that the user clicks on and hey presto.

There are enough macro guru's around, so if you hang on a bit, I am sure somebody will bring some festive cheer to you

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Anyone know of a free program that will do this? Thanks!

A:Program to Print Muliple Pages on One Sheet?

Originally Posted by hcour

Anyone know of a free program that will do this? Thanks!

Print multiple pages of what into what format from what source?

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Anyone know of a free program that will do this? I'm running Win 10 64-bit. Thanks!

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I am working on a handful of spreadsheets that have to be printed just before an event. The number of copies for each sheet is variable.

What I'd like to do is have a setup sheet that shows the number of copies for each sheet with a print button. I'm not very savy with Excel VBA, although very comfy with Access VBA. I'm having trouble figuring out how to obtain the values from each of the cells in the sheet for VBA to print each of the sheets.

A:Solved: Macro that reads print options from sheet

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How do I print more than one picture like thumbnails to a single sheet of paper? And then print a bunch of pictures to 4x6 cards, one per card, but, a folder full?
I can't print a batch of picture thumbnails to a single sheet. I get one thumbnil per sheet.

A:I can't print a batch of picture thumbnails to a single sheet.

Using standard Windows Photo Viewer you can print multiple images per page. Quantity depends on your page size. Options for letter size are: 1, 2, 4, 9, 35 images per page.

To work with multiple jpg images you need to highlight desired images by clicking on them one by one while holding CTRL key or highlight all files in the folder by pressing CTRL+A. Then right click one of them and select Print.

In printing wizard you need to chose Printer, Paper size, quality and number of images per pager (far right part of the window, scroll down for more options).

Please refer to this link for a video and more details on the subject.

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My company has several HP1300 LaserJet printers on desks that have developed an extremely frustrating issue. They are printing multiple pages on one sheet of paper. When printing only one page, no problem. But, when printing a multiple page document all pages are printed on top of one another on one sheet of paper. This started all of a sudden, and all of my 1300's are doing it - no other model. I have tried uninstalling the printer, deleting the driver and reinstalling - didn't help. I have tried using drivers for similar printers - didn't help. HP "customer support" is next to impossible to get on the phone. Anyone have any thoughts?

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Well, I have a weird problem around many computers at my workplace that is driving me crazy . As for now, ALL but one computer tested present the same problem.

If I try to make use of the Print Zoom (Pages per Sheet) option in Word XP, the first time I try to use the option nets me blank pages instead of the printer working correctly, after the first time, the Zoom option will work correctly every time I use it, till I close all Word instances. If I open again Word, I get the same problem in the first try.

If I use a printer's embedded Print Zoom (instead of Word's print zoom - if the printer has that option available -) the pages are print correctly.

Also happens if I try to open a DOC file from Internet explorer, no matter if I make the document to be embedded on the IE window, or I make it be loaded on Word XP...

Installed and tested all Office XP patches (SP1, SP2, SP3...) and cannot get the problem solved. I'd be thankful if someone could help

A:Word XP Print Zoom (Pages per Sheet) Error

If the end result you are looking for is being able to print many pages on one sheet (or both sides, or booklet, or flipped sideways, etc,etc.) then I think it is just better to use a utility or tool to get around many of Microsoft's problems. So unless, this is one of those "I have to know the answer" kinda things, you will find it much better to just go to and download FinePrint. The software doesn't expire.

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What is the macro to print out an active sheet in excel? What I am wanting to do is run a report that will update info and print it out from a different sheet in the same workbook.

A:Solved: print active sheet macro in excel

Worksheets(1).PrintOut where 1 is the index number of the sheet






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My Sister's WIN ME OS 900mHz 384MB SDRAM got a Runtime Error when trying to utilize her "Sierra Print Artist" 8.0 Card Maker Application.
The Application is loaded on her C: Drive...
Title of Sheet = Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library...Abnormal Program Termination
This is puzzling as she used Program successfully two days ago with
no trouble at all...
Machine is running OK...
Any thoughts or ideas...
Thank you one & all...

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Running Win XP Pro on a AMD Athlon XP 2800+ with 512MB of DDR 2700 RAM.

When I right-click on the desktop to make any changes (like wallpaper, or screensaver) all I get is the Display Properties box with no tabs.

The sheet displayed is Themes. The selected theme is Windows XP.

If I change the theme and click Apply, the tabs all appear. But if I close & re-open the Display Properties, I'm back to Themes with no tabs.

There is a similar post here already, but no one has posted any solutions.



A:Solved: Tabs missing on "Display Properties" sheet

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I need help with a formula. I need the formula to calculate totals from 10 worksheet.

Totals to come from C164 from each sheet to total in the summary worksheet D20. I can't seem to get it past the first worksheet. This is the formula that I have. The work sheet are named xx1-xx10

=Sum(xx1!c164,xx2!c164,xx3!c164,xx4!c164,xx5!c164,xx6!c164,xx7!c164,xx8!c164,xx9!c164,xx10!c164) IIs this possible?
Please and thank you!

A:Excel Formula using multiple worksheet to calculate into a summary worksheet.

Moving thread to the Office Forum for better results

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Hi. I need help! I created a macro to copy two rows from worksheet to another. I need it to be able to repeat mulitple times. I need it to always paste to the last available blank row. The problem is that it will only run once. I try to run it again and it is selecting rows further down on the worksheet that has the rows I need copied.
this is what I have so far....
Sub copy2()
' copy2 Macro
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+w
Sheets("Orders In Production").Select
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 0).Select
End Sub

A:macro to copy two rows from worksheet to another worksheet to the next open row

To select the last filled row I suggest the following

The last available blank row is:

Sheets("Sheet2").Range("A" &rows.count).end(Xlup).row + 1).select

This locates the last filled row and then goes one down.

Try this to checkit
Sheets("Sheet2").Range("A" & Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row + 1).Select


Sub Test
Sheets("Sheet2").Range("A" & Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row + 1).Select
End Sub

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I have one worksheet with 3 colums and rows.
I need to create a new dinamic worksheet from the data on the 1st sheet.
Columns in the 1st sheet are:

Material Plant Quantity
AAA 1 100
AAA 2 50
AAA 3 20
BBB 1 30
BBB 3 10

I know descriptions for the Plants: 1 - "East", 2 - "West", 3 - "South".
I have to create macros or formulas to build a new worksheet from information on this one. It is basically take a Material group by, then Plant and sum of Quantity for that specific Material and specific Plant , and build a column for that specific Plant, with provided description. So if its Plant =1 , then column is "East", and so on.
So, essentially the new worksheet shooud look like this.
Quantity for Materials based on Plant.

Material East West South
AAA 100 50 20
BBB 30
BBB 10

Can someone give me tips on how to build that new worksheet and how should i build macro?

Thank you,

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I have 2 excel files uploaded in the link be low

What i want to do is to create a macro (in either work1 or work2 spreadsheet) that copy numbers of every 24 hours from column C in work1 to each record (each record presents a day) also having 24 hours in work2. I can copy them manually but i guess it takes some time to do it.

A:Macro to copy column from one worksheet to row in another worksheet

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Hi All,
I found an old post ( which is exactly the same issue I'm having...
...however the thread starter said that they managed to sort but didn't explain how! A little frustrating...I've search for similar issue but couldn't find one so sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.
Anyway in short, I have an interactive dashboard whereby it only shows one worksheet at a time both for aesthetic and functionality reasons. A user moves through the workbook via buttons. A number of worksheets may lead to one worksheet or visa-versa. Because of this I'd like a macro that when the user clicks the 'Back' button they are returned to the last active page they were on but hides the page they have just come from, so still keeping the one worksheet format.
Currently I'm writing a separate code for going back to a particular sheet, laborious considering I have 60+ sheets (and counting). Plus I intend to use this dashboard format for other uses in the future so having a catch-all macro to go back would be very useful.
Help much appreciated.

A:Solved: VBA: Select previously active sheet and hide current sheet

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I need to copy n number of rows from a sheet in my local machine to a sheet in fileserver.
My requirement is - if I select last 2 rows in the sheet in my local machine I need the rows to be copied after the first blank cell in the sheet in fileserver.
Also it would be helpful if the macro code is only in the local sheet and not in the fileserver sheet.

I am a newbie to macros pls help....

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I am trying to classify and code my inventory items in excel.
My classification sheet contains data in columns which I would like to copy to rows in another excel sheet.
Here is the sample data in ACMOTORS-ATTRIBUTES sheet:

The above sheet has to be converted to columns as in Item_Classificatios_Form sheet :

Can anybody assist me in writing a macro for the same.


A:Solved: Excel Macro to convert Rows from one sheet to columns in another sheet

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I am trying to create a macro that uses a If statement to match a value in one cell to to values in another column. If a match is found, the row is copied and pasted in another worksheet. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Macro to copy from worksheet to worksheet

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Hi all,

I am trying to write an excel program that will log ledger entries monthly, but I also need a running ledger for the year. What I have done so far is to make a workbook with 13 worksheets. One for my running ledger and one for each month. What I would like to do is write a formula that will read the month column entry in the running ledger sheet and automatically send it to the corresponding month sheet. I have tried an IF function, but it won't do more than seven months. Also, the data need to be sent to the next open row in that corresponding month. For example, if B200 = 7 (month), then it would need to be sent to B2 of the sheet named July because it would be the first entry for that month. And then series from there. Am I making any sense? Am I wishing for the impossible?

A:Exporting And Filtering From Worksheet To Worksheet

"What I would like to do is write a formula that will read the month column entry in the running ledger sheet and automatically send it to the corresponding month sheet."

Have you thought about reversing this so that the entries in each month are applied to a running total?

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I sincerely hope that the description below is fairly comprehendible.

I am constructing a table in excel of movies with the actors, actresses, director, etc. On the first sheet (named Movie Info), column 4 is an ever growing list of movies. Across row 8 is a list of actors, actresses, directors, etc. Across the row of the title and under the appropriate person who is in that movie I place a check mark (this check mark will eventually become a hyperlink to something like Wikipedia or IMDb). What I would like to do is manually enter the new title. To do this, I am inserting a new row at row 9, just below the people row. Then from something like IMDb, copy and paste a list of the important people on another sheet (sheet 4, named Dummy). At this point I have been trying to write a macro to "read" the person on the Dummy sheet, jump to the Movie Info sheet, find the appropriate person and place a check mark under that name, and when finished insert a new blank line in row 9, preparing for a new entry. This macro would also have to realize that if the person isn't found that it would have to be added at the end of the "people row". At this point I have 163 movies. That's not the problem. The problem is the people list is at column TZ and to scroll manually to find the appropriate person is tedious to say the least.

Can anyone help? I appreciate your thoughts.

A:Solved: Read a name from a list on one sheet, then find a match on another sheet

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I need to paste data from one worksheet that is unfiltered (not hidden) onto a worksheet that is filtered. I need to paste onto visable cells only, ignoring the hidden rows. Currently, my data is being pasted onto both visible and hidden rows.

I know its possible to paste only visable data, ignoring hidden cells, but I need to do the reverse of this. Pasting non hidden data onto only visible cells. And I hope I am explaining this well.

Please do not suggest a vlookup because this would take entirely too long due to the nature of my data and this project. Also, I am not skilled enough to do code, so keep it simple...

Suggestions please?

A:Solved: Pasting in excel from unfiltered sheet to filtered sheet

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I have several costumer info sheets i like to combine into one work sheet list. each sheet layout are the same. they each have a customer name, address, etc. field. I like to take each field and make a list on one sheet

A:making list on one sheet from info from several sheet in same work book

What version of Excel are you using?
Do you know how to record a macro?
Have you any experience with VBA for applications?
Alls you need to to is record a macro that and carry out the actions you want to do and after you stopr the macro recording you can take a look at the cade, what it did en edit it to make it more efficient.

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Hi,I have a sheet that can have a varying amount of sheets. I am trying to do a macro that will search all sheets (from sheet 6 to last sheet) and find any rows with data that have a value in column R that has a value above 7. Once this data is found then it needs to be copied to the next empty row on a separate sheet. below is the code I have put together but is does not work.Dim WS_Count As Integer
Dim I As Integer
Dim cel As Range, rng As Range
Dim LastRow As Long
Dim emptyRow As Long
Dim iRow As Long
Set ws = Worksheets("Residual Risk")
WS_Count = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets.Count

For I = 6 To WS_Count
LastRow = Sheets(I).Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row

Set rng = Sheets(I).Range("r7:r" & LastRow)
For Each cel In rng
If UCase(cel.Value) >= 7 Then

'Make Sheet active
Sheets("Residual Risk").Activate
'Determine emptyRow
iRow = ws.Cells.Find(What:="*", SearchOrder:=xlRows, _
SearchDirection:=xlPrevious, LookIn:=xlValues).Row + 1

'Transfer information
ws.Cells(iRow, 1).Value = Sheets(I).Range("B1") ' topic
Cells(iRow, 2).Value = Sheets(I).Cells(B2) 'event topic
ws.Cells(iRow, 3).Value = Sheets(I).Cells(cel, 1) ' risk
Cells(iRow, 4).Value = Sheets(I).Cells(cel, 2) ' who
Cells(iRow, 5).Value = Sheets(I).Cells(cel, 7) ' design controls
Cells(iRow, 6).Value = Sheets(I).Cells(cel, 8) ' residual controls
Cells(iRow, 7).Value = Sheets(I).Cells(cel, 9) ' residual likliehood
Cells(iRow, 8).Value = Sheets(I).Cells(cel, 10) ' Residual severity
Cells... Read more

A:How can i find data in a sheet and copy to alternate sheet

re: "I have a sheet that can have a varying amount of sheets."You can't have a sheet with varying amounts of sheets. I assume you have a workbook with varying amounts "below is the code I have put together but is does not work."Please keep in mind that we cannot see your workbook from where we are sitting. What do you mean by it "does not work"? Is it giving you an error message? Is it not copying the rows you want copied? Is it not finding the values you want found? Etc.We need some more details before we can offer any" also the line withCells(iRow, 10).value "Your code shows you setting the value of that cell equal to the value of a different cell's formula and then setting the whole thing equal to a different formula. Not only won't that work, it doesn't even make sense. What are you trying to do with that instruction?Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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hi guys...i posted regarding this file a few times...and is still coming back to haunt me!

i need some help here....especially now that the ppl at the office need the information to be drawn out differently.

ok. here's the scenario:

i have an excel file with 8 sheets

"Questionnaire" sheet is to be filled out by a rep and has some drop down lists to populate the "POtemp_NY" sheet.

ampaper, edmar, sterling, stoneglo, strauss and uneeda are all venders with lists of their products...with their prices.

"POtemp_NY" is the master sheet where all the information must show on

The problem is, i need to have the "POtemp_NY" sheet populate the description, units, and price when someone enters a value in the "Units" column on a vendors sheet. Also, i would need the "POtemp_NY" sheet to continue to list the products on the next lines if there are multiple products with values in their "Units" cell.

Any help would be GREAT!!!!

Thanks in advance!

the file is attached for reference! thanks!!!

- mark

A:Solved: excel: populate sheet from list (fr another sheet)

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I need to write a macro which has to automatically fill the data written in sheet1 to sheet3.This should happen row wise.

For example if the data entered in A3 of sheet1 then this data should automatically get entered in A7 of sheet 3 upon a button press.

Advance thanks for your replies.
Sandesh K R

A:Macro to insert data entered in one sheet to another sheet

Isn't this just a copy and paste?
You could record a macro and then edit it

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I am looking for help on VBA to unhide a specific sheet to enable the macro to run, then once complete to rehide the sheet.

Code I have so far is as follows:

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='W2-1'!R[9]C[3]-'W2-1'!R[9]C[4]"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='W2-1'!R[9]C[1]"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=""W2-1 - Jnl No.""&'W2-1'!R[9]C[-2]"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='W2-1'!R[9]C[3]-'W2-1'!R[9]C[4]"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='W2-1'!R[9]C[1]"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _
"=IF('W2-1'!R[9]C[-2]="""",IRIS_JNL_W2.1!R[-1]C,""W2.1 - Jnl No.""&'W2-1'!R[9]C[-2])"
Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("A2:C500"), Type:=xlFillDefault
Last = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
For i = Last To 1 Step -1
If (Cells(i, "A").Value) = "0" Then
Cells(i, "A").EntireRow.Delete
End If
Next i
Selection.PasteSpecia... Read more

A:Solved: Unhide sheet, to run macro, then hide sheet

to hide
worksheets ("IRIS_JNL_W2.1").Visible=False

to show
worksheets ("IRIS_JNL_W2.1").Visible=True

Peace be upon you

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This is OpenOffice, but maybe Excel formul? are similar...

Anyway, I have my main spreadsheet on sheet 1, but there is a cell on sheet 2 I want to have display on sheet 1 as well. The cell on sheet 2 will change over time, so I cant just copy the value. I know if its on the same sheet, I could put =C5 or whatever the case may be, but I dont know how to format it to get data from another sheet.

Can anyone help? Thanks

A:OpenOffice: How to display cell from sheet 2 on sheet 1?

Exactly the same way as Excel
Start your formula in sheet 1 and then link it to sheet 2

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I'm trying to delete the first 5 rows of every sheet except Sheet 1, and delete the last row of every sheet except sheet 1 (sheets are different lengths).
Can anyone steer me in the right direction? I've tried google searching for scripts that might work but when I piece them together I get errors everywhere.

Frankenstein code I pieced together:


Sub DelRows()

Dim Wks As Worksheet

For Each Wks In Worksheets
If LCase(Wks.Name) <> "Sheet1" Then
End If
Next Wks

End Sub

A:Solved: Delete top 5 rows from every sheet except for Sheet 1

Try this.

Sub Delete_5Rows()
Dim wsheet As Worksheet
Dim wb As Workbook
Set wb = ActiveWorkbook
For Each wsheet In wb.Worksheets
With wsheet
If wsheet.Name <> "Sheet1" Then
With ActiveSheet
End With
End If
End With

End Sub

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I want to copy the original sheet into another sheet.

I have sheet1 tab.

if I use this code:
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1").Copy after:=ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1")

it created sheet1(2). but I want to specify my tab name.

if I chnage it and run:
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1").Copy after:=ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("helloworld")

It fails.. error comes up.

How do I make it work?

Thank you

A:Solved: EXCEL: copy sheet to another sheet

Hi sk0101,

rename it after copying:-

ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("sheet1 (2)").Name = "helloworld"


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I have an application called BT Billing Analyst. This application has an option to open a report in Excel.

When I used Excel 2007 the report data opened in sheet 1 of an Excel workbook and some information on the report was put on sheet 2.

I recently upgraded to Excel 2013 and now when I open the report in Excel the report data is populated on sheet one but after that the first 25 lines get overwritten by the information that should go to sheet 2.

Is there any way I can fix this?


A:Excel - Sheet 2 data getting written to sheet 1

You may have to go to the BT Billing vendor to resolve this. Perhaps an updated version is available. 2007 is xml based like 2013 so I am surprised there is a conflict. But I don't think there is anything in Excel you can do to resolve.

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Using Macro: How to create a new sheet on a work book based on the characters on another sheet like 'Y/Yes'?

A:How to create a new sheet based on a char on another sheet?

We need more details.Where are these characters? How did they get there?When do you want the new sheet created? As soon as the Y or Yes is entered in a cell or as a column is scanned by the macro or something totally different?Like I said, we need more details related to what you are trying to do.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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EMP_NO 127063 PAN_NO AJTPS7349JMONTH YEAR3 20153 20154 20155 20156 20157 20158 20159 201510 201510 201511 201512 20151 20162 2016 TOTAL : Gross salary Income Govt Ontribution to NPS HRA Exemption Transport Allowance Total Income Total Professional Tax Interest on Hsg. Loan Income From Other Source Int on NSC/BANK Dep/UTI/Share Gross Total Income Ded under Ch (VI-A) of Sect. (Sec-80,80-CCC etc.,) Total ExemptionEMP_NO 131061 PAN_NO AKSPK8793NMONTH YEAR3 20153 20154 20155 20156 20157 20158 20159 201510 201510 201511 201512 20151 20162 2016 TOTAL : Gross salary Income Govt Ontribution to NPS HRA Exemption Transport Allowance Total Income Total Professional Tax Interest on Hsg. Loan Income From Other Source Int on NSC/BANK Dep/UTI/Share Gross Total Income Ded under Ch (VI-A) of Sect. (Sec-80,80-CCC etc.,) Total ExemptionEMP_NO 131068 PAN_NO AOHPD6855KMONTH YEAR3 20153 20154 20155 20156 20157 20158 20159 201510 201510 201511 201512 20151 20162 2016 TOTAL : Gross salary Income Govt Ontribution to NPS HRA Exemption Transport Allowance Total Income Total Professional Tax Interest on Hsg. Loan Income From Other Source Int on NSC/BANK Dep/UTI/Share Gross Total Income Ded under Ch (VI-A) of Sect. (Sec-80,80-CCC etc.,) Total ExemptionEMP_NO 130262 PAN_NO AOPPD8327NMONTH YEAREMP_CODE NAME111072 R R GORAKHIA126081 T P NAIR126082 P SUNDARESWARAN125041 N M SHIRKE126093 S G PEDAMKAR127066 V B ADVANI123032 M J SHAHAKAR124046 SAVITHRI Semp_code should be filled with new emp_... Read more

A:pull data from one sheet to another sheet

Deepak,firstly please use the pre tags when posting code or structure of your sheets, this allows us to understand how your data is set out.Read this include the sheet names for each set of data. Finally rather than telling us what you want, it would be much better is you explain to us what you are trying to achieve and maybe we can help. from what you have posted above I don't understand what you are asking us.....message edited by AlwaysWillingToLearn

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Using excel 2010
I have a master list of items,product code, and price.
I would like to be able to use a separate worksheet and be able to use a drop down menu/list to select and add individually to my worksheet.
Example, there mmight be 1000 items in my master list and I might like to select/import as such 11 items into my worksheet.
Any suggestions?

A:Solved: Importing selected rows from Excel sheet one to Excel sheet two

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Hi again,

So I copied the code from to get my link to go back to the previous active sheet.

I would like an ammendment that allows the link to go back to not only the previous sheet, but also the previous cell where the hyperlink you clicked on to navigate away from the first sheet was located. In effect, when you returned via the macro described in the link above, you would know where you clicked because the cell would be highlighted.

Any help on what changes need to be made so that this can be done would be greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: Macro add-on, previous sheet to previous sheet and cell


When you left the "Last Active Sheet" you were active in a cell when you left that sheet. Now when you click the button to take you back to the last sheet you will already be active in the last cell you were on.

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Hi guys!

We're having an issue with a laptop computer connected to an external screen where the tabs in internet explorer are huge compared to the other browsers. When not connected to an external screen there is no problem with huge tabs. Please see attached screenshot, all help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

A:Huge tabs in internet explorer, edge and chrome have normal sized tabs

Your screen resolution on the external monitor needs to increase in number to reduce the size of the icons and tabs.

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Hi there

I got a virus/trojan of some sort today when an IT technician just had to poke his USB inside my netbook. The immediate effect I noticed was that Google Chrome started opening whatever link I clicked in a new tab, even though I did not press CTRL when clicking. Also, when I clicked the newly opened tab, it instantly closed. I noticed that pressing CTRL + Tab allowed me to swtich between tabs without them closing, so yay for me What was even weirder was that the virus/trojan not only affected Chrome, but also my desktop. I could no longer drag and drop to move files into a folder, and I can't move a single thing on my desktop (they'd return to their original place and not snap onto another grid/column/row).

Then I tried finding a solution, and came across two posts on Google support forums, describing the exact same problem as what I was facing (both were dated 2011):

After reading, I realised that when I click Other bookmarks on my bookmarks bar, Chrome will ask if I want to open all of my bookmarks in new tabs. Anyway, the solution posted by the supposed "top contributor" was really a big help

So here I am After running HijackThis, DDS, & GMER, the symptoms are finally gone (after running GMER, actually). It says the thing is a rootkit. But I'm not sure if it'... Read more

A:Google Chrome Opens Links in New Tabs; Tabs Close on Click; Wrench Button not Working

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As explained in the topic title, I downloaded and installed a trojan from trying to watch the most recent episode of a TV show I had torrented. Installed the file License.v.3.setup.exe. Not a good idea. Trying to get rid of it. Please enjoy the following DDS results.

DDS (Ver_09-12-01.01) - NTFSx86
Run by quixorbl at 6:43:39.73 on Fri 12/18/2009
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18865 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_17
Microsoft? Windows Vista? Home Premium 6.0.6002.2.1252.1.1033.18.3071.1969 [GMT -5:00]

SP: Spybot - Search and Destroy *disabled* (Updated) {ED588FAF-1B8F-43B4-ACA8-8E3C85DADBE9}
SP: Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live! *disabled* (Updated) {67844DAE-4F77-4D69-9457-98E8CFFDAA22}
SP: Windows Defender *enabled* (Updated) {D68DDC3A-831F-4FAE-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k rpcss
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k GPSvcGroup
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k Loca... Read more

A:New windows with multiple tabs in FireFox and IE8, blank tabs in Chrome

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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guys I need a macro to copy paste the details of row in sheet 2 in sheet 1 under the same heading.If one of the heading in the row of sheet 1 matches the heading in sheet 2, the data under that heading in sheet 2 should get value pasted under the heading in sheet 1.I think my request is clearthanks message edited by cmacgm

A:How to value paste from sheet 2 to sheet 1

Your request is not clear to me.I think short example of your data might help. Please click on the last line of my post and read the instructions on how to post example data in this forum. Then post an example of your data and headings so we can see what we are working with. Please ensure that you use column letters and row numbers as shown in the instructions.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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i am getting tabs such as 
when i start up chrome  that only started after i managed to get rid of some extension coupon malware(i thought)
it brings up 4 blank tabs with names like that and they do nothing as far as i know, how can i fix these.

A:getting unwanted extra tabs that are not in the tabs list on startup

Hi there,my name is Marius and I will assist you with your malware related problems.Before we move on, please read the following points carefully.First, read my instructions completely. If there is anything that you do not understand kindly ask before proceeding.Perform everything in the correct order. Sometimes one step requires the previous one.If you have any problems while following my instructions, Stop there and tell me the exact nature of your problem.Do not run any other scans without instruction or add/remove software unless I tell you to do so. This would change the output of our tools and could be confusing for me.Post all logfiles as a reply rather than as an attachment unless I specifically ask you. If you can not post all logfiles in one reply, feel free to use more posts.If I don't hear from you within 3 days from this initial or any subsequent post, then this thread will be closed.Stay with me. I will give you some advice about prevention after the cleanup process. Absence of symptoms does not always mean the computer is clean.My first language is not english. So please do not use slang or idioms. It could be hard for me to read. Thanks for your understanding.Important: To help me reviewing your logs, please post them in code boxes. You can create them by clicking on the <>-symbol on top of the reply window.    HijackThis is not the preferred initial scanning tool in this forum. With today's malware, a more comprehensive set of logs i... Read more

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I work next to a window that allows a lot of sun in, which is a good thing. Unfortunately when I have Excel open, it is often difficult for me to tell the difference between a worksheet with more than one tab selected, which gets awkward when I change a sheet and the changes go to other sheets which I hadn't intended.

I would like to change my excel program so that when I have selected multiple sheets, it is blatently obvious that they've been selected. Either a deeper shade or a shade in a different color.

This is not the same thing as simply changing a tab color, which I don't seem to have the power to do in the worksheets I work with.

A:Excel Tabs - Shade Selected Tabs

Not that I have worked with it, but a quick search with Google gives a large number of hits, one of these is the following link

Maybe you should start from there, I don't know of other options but I'm sure that other forum usre's may have ideas too.

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Hey, so, I have a strange problem. I'm running firefox 3.6.13. Every once in a while (once or maybe twice a day) when I'm just browsing or whatever a ton new tabs will start opening to youtube homepage. There seems to be no particular cause or time when it happens... just random. Tab after tab after tab, and even when I close them, more will open. This goes on for a few minutes, then stops.

Could this be a firefox problem, or a virus or something else?

Thanks for your help.


A:[SOLVED] tabs and tabs of youtube

Scan your computer for infections.

Do the youtube pages start appearing when you're on a particular site or click a bookmark?

Do you have any video-related addons installed?

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How I can change the name that appears at the top of email messages when I print in Outlook 2002?

A:Name at top of printed emails

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This is something that has been bugging me for a while now, and I've been unable to solve this problem. Perhaps someone out there can provide some guidance.

Sometimes, I'm unable to print things (such as online coupons) because I'm told that my printer is set to "Keep Printed Documents." I've tried disabling this setting via the Advanced tab under the printer's properties. However, when I do this, click Apply then OK, and close the tab, the setting automatically reverts back to "Keep Printed Documents". Does anyone know why this is happening? It's sort of frustrating to not be able to set the printer settings the way you choose.

I appreciate any tips/suggestions you might have. Thanks!


A:Keep Printed Documents

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Whenever I print to the shared printer on my Windows 7 desktop, the print job will just sit in the print queue. If I stop and then start the print spooler, the job will print. It happens from an XP laptop. Print jobs sent from the local Windows 7 computer print just fine.
How can i solve this one ? :(

This issue with some particular laptop running windows Xp and windows 7 Home

A:Whenever I print to the shared printer he print job will just sit in the print queue

So, the Windows 7 Desktop has the printer physically attached to it and it's shared?
And the XP laptop is sharing the printer through the network? If I understand you correctly?
If so, on the XP Laptop, go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. Are there any devices with yellow flags? Or Under Universal Serial Bus Controllers is there an Unknown Device? Or any listings for the printer? If so, right click it and Uninstall it. Now go to Start/Run and type appwiz.cpl and press enter. In the Add Remove Programs uninstall any drivers or software for the printer. Now,go to Printers and Faxes, and if the printer icons is there, Right click the shared printer icon and Delete it. And Restart the computer. Now when the computer comes back up, go to the printer manufacturers support/download drivers site and type in the model# for the printer and download the driver for the printer for XP and install it. Now, go to Start/Run and type the computer name of the Windows 7 machine (ex) \\ComputerName and press enter. A window should open up with the shared drives on the 7 computer, with the shared printer. Right click the shared printer and choose Connect. This will add the printer to Printers and Faxes again. Right click this printer/Properties and print a Test Page.

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Other than dogging the print preview, and struggling with the size in any pertinent image editing software, has anyone found a reliable way to limit or control the size of a printed web document?
to wit:
I scanned an odd shaped document, 3x8" to email to myself at another site, and the printed form was big enough for two pages. What a waste.
I print receipts regularly and they, 99% of the time have a "trailer" on a last page that has stuff like web site address or URL, a Secure Website emblem, or other, clearly unnecessary printing. My introduction to Windows word processing (WordPerfect) had, and I still use, a "makeitfit" command. Invoking such a command AUTOMATICALLY when printing from the web seems like a simple, brainless way to conserve'll give me a fractional font (e.g. 11.9 vs. a 12) and would prevent the idiotic tendency of a printed page to only have the leftward 80%, l which leaves off the important stuff like the prices...(you gotta print landscape to avoid this)
And I thought a computer was to make life easier, boy was I ever misled)

A:printed size of web documents

The problem is that web pages are usually coded to make them look good on screen, and that tends to make them "unfriendly" when printing.

Web pages designed for printing do exist, and it works well in those (few) cases.

Cutting and pasting into a word processor is sometimes the only workable solution.

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When using my picture it! publishing....when I add a border to a picture it comes out distorted when I print them out. With no border it prints out great.

Any ideas why this is happening?

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I have Windows 98SE with a HP 842C Deskjet printer.
Does anyone know of any program that would allow me to see how many pages I have printed since the last ink refill?

A:Counting Printed Pages??


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I am unable to print pictures completely. I print them from Picasa on HP photosmart C4250. When I try to print, although the preview is correct, the printed result is not. Part of a picture will come out, or the image starts at the end of the paper and is therefore incomplete. Until now, everything worked properly.


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I scan a document( on a hp 1315 all in 1) that is 8.5 X 11.00 but when I print it it is 8 X 10.25
how do you get it the original size? I tried resizing it in photo shop but cant get it. I have vuescan but still wont print out 8.5 X 11.00 ???????????????/

A:Scanned document when printed out........

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when i tried to print photo from (user administrator)windows7 photo viewer there appear print picture windows without photo preview(seems busy) and after some seconds five repeated error messages "your picture cannot be printed because of this error occured" appear. It is working in user account Guest. printer and its driver is okay(updated). whats wrong with my windows 7 photo viewer? please help me

A:your picture can not be printed because of this error

From Windows Answers:

I believe it is a problem with the "photowiz.dll" file in system32. It is version 6.x.xxxx.xxxx. I found an older version of this file, had to change the attributes and permissions of the file to allow it to be changed. I renamed it with an "dlx" extension and then copied a version 5.1 photowiz.dll to system32 and the print wizard works again! The site I got the file from is:

Try Googling your problem first. Hope that helps

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I have 3 print queues that are retaining the printed jobs in the queue and every now and again the damn thing prints all the job again. I have checked that the keep printed jobs button is NOT checked/selected, but the queue acts ilke it is selected to keep printed jobs. I have 125 printer queues and only 3 act like this and they are set up identical to the others. I have reconfigured this twice on all 3 and they still act like they are set to keep printed jobs in the queue.

Anyone seen this and know of a solution, on the Microsoft site I am seeing posts but not a single reply about how to either run a job to clear them out a couple times a day or fix this so they act as configured. To NOT keep printed jobs in the queue.

Any help as always is much appreciated.

The race to solution is on, let's see who can figure this one out first.

A:printed job remain in queue

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hello all,
Im using access 2010 and there is a print of a report like a certificate whenever needed. My office is requesting me to provide a report of all certificate printed including the date and to whom .
my only way to do this is to force users to enter a field print (yes/no) and from there the query "yes" and the report be printed.
Is there any way to do this without forcing the user to enter the yes/no. field.

A:Try to record printed records

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Hello Team, When I am trying to select eqal (=) to button on which it is printed, it is not getting typed whereas when I am selecting some other button eqal (=) is getting printed. Please help me in solving this issue. Regards,Nizam

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The problem I am having is that when I go to print tax return forms from the IRS site or New York Tax Dept site, the form prints "short", that is, the last four or five lines of each page do not print.

You cannot save the data in these forms, they will only save as a blank form. Your only option is to print it.

However, although Adobe tells how to cure this problem ( by clicking File-Print and going down the menu which comes up to "printer scaling", then chosing "print to fit page", this only works if there is a
FILE menu on the left hand side of the page.

In these tax sites, the forms do not have a tool bar above allowing you to chose a FILE menu.
You can right click the mouse and chose PRINT, however it will print a cut off page.

SOOOOOOO do I either:
1. Get a standard Tool Bar to appear on top of the form, on these web site pages, or
2. use some other device or method to print these documents to fit the page.

If any of you are about to suggest right clicking on the printer icon PRINTERS, in the control panel, forget printer does not bring up anything about "Print Scaling".

Hopefully, some geek out there will read this and solve my problem. Thank you. 44 Guy

A:printed pages cut off at bottom

Every computerized tax form that I have available at the website of the sponsoring governmental agency...and reflects a printed version option which has resulted in everything being printed properly.

I'm not sure where Adobe figures into tax preparation.

If you are using a 3d-party app to do taxes...then the problem resides with the support for that application, IMO.


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I have searched to find an answer to this problem of faded pictures when printed from windows photo gallery. I have seen a few others having the same problem, but no solutions. I am hoping that someone now can help.

I can print pictures from other software on my computer, from the internet, etc, with great photo quality. When I print from Windows photo gallery they are very light and faded looking. I have made sure the adjustments are for my printer.

It seems that most of the people experiencing this problem had canon printers. Does anyone have a solution to this?


A:faded printed pictures

I have found the solution to this problem, you need to untick the checkbox for "borderless printing", this is how to do it:


When you click print, go to Options > Printer Properties

Click on the "Page Setup" tab, then Untick the box that says "Borderless Printing"

I love Myriam the little bunny

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Hi all,

Well not sure if this is the right area for this but not really sure what the problem is.

When I boot my PC during the bootup dos stage I hear my PC making noises, it still boots up Windows 7 ok but as soon as I open something I get continious R type accross my screen, If I hit the caps lock it changes from R to r.

Thought it was my keyboard having the R locked down so tried to fix it, no luck. Changed keyboards with my spare one no luck. Disconnect all keyboards no luck.

So where is this R coming from, its impossible to us my PC at the moment as soon as you click somewhere (word, exel, Google etc) an R/r appears.

Any ideas where to start?

A:Continous R being printed in Windows 7

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I have the names Charlie Lori Jo, Printed in the top left hand corner of everything I print.
I don't know how it got there, and dont know how to get rid of it.
Can you help me?

A:Solved: Printed name on paper

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Whenever I print out an email from someone, the resulting document prints my first and last name (Outook Express) in the top left corner. I would like to orevent this but have searched in the Options and cannot find how it got there or how to permanently remove it. Can someone please tell me. Thank you.

A:My name on printed emails not wanted

It is using your user name for the header.
You can change this in the account settings.

Not sure if you can turn this off.

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Don't print much multi page output, so am NOT sure when this problem began.

Originally, the pages on my HP DJ855C were printed as expected: page-1 first, then page-2, etc; this resulted with page-1 being on the bottom of the stack. Depending on the application being used, there was often a Print-Order option available for Back-to-Front printing so that the last page would be printed first and then page-1 would be printed last and be on the top in the stacker.

NOW, things seem to have reversed:
If I do NOT ask for the Back-to-Front, then I seem to get it anyway (i.e., page-1 last and on the top). but if I want the original order (i.e., page-1 first and on the bottom) then I must use the Back-to-Front option.
It seems as though the default has become Back-to-Front and then selecting the option for Back-to-Front re-reverses the order and the result is Front-to-Back.

Possibly this reversal happened when I went to Win/XP; possibly it happened with the installation of some piece of software.

Q. Has anyone else had this exxperience?

Please tell me where I might change some parameter to make the option of Front-to-Back actually print the page-1 first like it did originally?

Any advice apprecaited.


A:Order of Pages Printed


Go into your printers and faxes options off of your start menu.

Select your printer, right click the mouse and click on printing preferences.
On the features tab at the bottom there is a option for start printing from last page. If there is a check mark in the box next to it, click there with the mouse and uncheck it and then click on apply and ok and you should be all set after that?

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I'm new here!

First I would like to say I'm a TBI survivor and I'm a male and 42 years old .
I was purchased an emachine computer with a Lexmark lasar printer,
Whenever I go to print something, be it a web site article or a personal document that was created using Microsoft Works Word Processor. Whatever is being printed my name appears at the VERY top and the city and state printed at the bottom.
I know little about computers so I'm trying to get an answer why this is being printed.
The only thing that I can come up with is MY NAME, CITY and STATE was somehow entered on this computer's Hard drive and is prints it because it's been entered by someone at the store before iyt was brought home and set up for me.

If there is someway that I can delete this info. being printed, PLESE tell me what to do EXACTLY!

Thank You!

A:I'm new her! Why is my name, town and state being printed?

That's very strange, it sounds like a 'Header and Footer' has been set up with that info and is in your template. (If Works uses such a template, I know Word does).
Try doing a Find (or Search depending on your version of Windows) for and rename any found to normal.old. Then test the printing again. If there is a problem you change the names back again.


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I have had my problem for some time and had a work around which is no longer applicable hence I get a white screen where message should be so I don't know what is being said.

My problem started about 6 or 8 months ago on Outlook Express. At that time I was using dial up and changed over to with their e mail program Total Access. My problem immediately disappeared. One month ago I switched over to High Speed and the person doing the custom install saw I used Outlook Express so he reenergized (non computer word) the program. The custom installer saw my INBOX with about 30+ messages that go back a long way. EACH ONE LINE description was complete, meaning To: xxx,
From: YYY, Subject: ZZZ, and anything else that showns on the ONE LINE.

When I double click on one of the inbox messages I FIND MY PROBLEM! Everything that showed before is shown again, but now greyed out since it has to do with basics. HOWEVER, the text area (where the message should be) is 100% pure white. I have double clicked all 30+ messages and get the same thing,...a pure white screen.

I thought it might have something to do with installing SP-2 on my XP Home Edition BUT SP-2 was installed about 6 months ago and my e mail problem started about 8 months ago.
That is my problem! Can anyone offer suggestions?

A:No Outlook Express Messages Are Printed

Hi George-2

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

So if I understand correctly, you can send and receive emails ok.

The problem lies in that the messages you receive are blank inside?

If you run your mouse over the inside of the message, does anything show up in the highlighted/selected area?

Perhaps your fonts have a white color?

Are you able to create a new message and see the fonts inside?

Let us know.

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Problem: Green Cast on Images being printed
Editor - Elements Version 7 & Windows default viewer
Printer R285
Colour Management:- every variation tried

My Neighbour has a Epsom R285 printer, his had it a few years.
I have recently changed his PC to a Windows 7 desktop and installed all the drivers. The Printer worked fine, but yesterday he was getting a green colour cast on all images
I checked the head alignment, nozzle set-up and cleaned the heads
Checked with windows default viewer, and printing from that application - same problem
Checked all the Colour Management, ICC, settings etc - tried without Management, sRGB, adobe 1998 etc, checked colour management on printer and elements

The image looks fine on the screen , I have emailed a sample image and on my setup it prints fine

The next step was to try the printer on my laptop
any other ideas - this is usually a colour management issue and i have fixed quite quickly in the past on other systems - so I suspect I'm missing something obvious now

A:Green cast Images being printed

Wild guess .. Windows 7 software update for the printer ??

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Hey, I have a person here that has the problem that drawings that she has in her documents dont print out. Ive tried turning off background printing still same, Ive tried printing it on my printer and that works.

Anyone have any idea on any settings or something I can change to make it work?

A:Images not being printed in Word 2002

Drawing objects (Tools - Options - Print) ticked?

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I doubt that I can post this question here but I assume it'll be removed if not.

I have an HP printer, 2540, wireless printer. Works fine.

I started to print a pdf file. Because it was a large file I choose the 'booklet' option, which prints 4 pages on one side, then, when everything of the even numbers (I think, not sure) has printed, you will get a message on the pc telling you how to replace the already printed pages in the printer so it can print on the backsides.

When I saw the first batch I decided I didn't like it. So when the message with instructions on how to replace the already printed paper, I went in the printer's menu, highlighted the name of the document and did 'cancel'. In this printer menu it now said it was 'deleting' the document. But it didn't. I waited about half an hour. I turned the printer off and back on. I closed the document. But still the printer menu said 'deleting'.

I opened the document up again, changed the settings for the printer (as in one sided, normal size) and accidentally hit 'print'. I then noticed that - in the printer menu - the 'new' document showed up above the one that still said it was deleting. But it still didn't print. I went in the print menu again and highlighted the new document and did 'cancel' and it did cancel it.

But the old document is still sitting there, 'deleting'. I can not get past that. Any suggestions wo... Read more

A:Cannot delete partly printed document from cue

There's a way to force these to delete, if you don't mind a little typing. You need to open a command prompt by running cmd.exe. If you're unsure of how to do that, tell me which operating system you're using and I can walk you through that. This should open up a black window, and you need to type in the following commands sequentially, hitting the Enter key after each command.
net stop spooler
del %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\* /q /f /s

net start spooler
The first command stops the printing service, allowing you to carry out the second command, which deletes any jobs in the queue. The last command re-starts the printing service, and you can try running a test print. Once that's all done, you can just close the black window.

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