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Outlook 2003 calendar reminders don't work without Outlook being turned on.

Q: Outlook 2003 calendar reminders don't work without Outlook being turned on.

I used to be happy with Works 2002 calendar reminders. They came on at startup without the program being on. Now I have Outlook 2003 and the reminders only work whem the program is on. Does anyone know how to automatically turn them on at startup without the rest of the program.

A: Outlook 2003 calendar reminders don't work without Outlook being turned on.

outlook needs to be up and running.

drag it into the startup folder, reboot.

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I can't get the popup reminders for the calendars to work. Neither in the Metro calendar nor in Outlook.

I also can't make them synchronize.

Does anyone know?

Do sound alerts exist at all in Windows calendars or just pop ups if any?


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I send invites to lots of all day events from my Outlook 2003 to users who have Outlook 2010. When I send these through I set them to not have reminders set. However, when they get accepted to Outlook 2010, it sets a reminder which means they are being woken up at 11.45pm by reminders for these events. I assume this is a compatibility thing between the two versions? Does anyone have any ideas on this?

This is becoming a real pain for our managers so any assistance that anyone can offer would be appreciated.

Thanks, Stephie

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Is it possible to create an OL Calendar reminder that will be sent to your email in addition to giving a notice in OL? This is for OL 2010.

Like in Gmail Calendar, when you create an event you have the option to send a reminder to your email and/or mobile device.

I do not see anywhere how this is done. I'm I just missing it?

Thanks in advance for any help....

A:Outlook Calendar Reminders

i have not tried this - but it seems it may do what you are asking

and this one is for meetings

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What I'm trying to do is just set an event on the calendar as an appointment and then have a reminder sent to me one week before.

I thought I had set it up but I haven't received any type of reminder (not sure if it will be an email or a popup alert of some kind) for a test that I set up.

The default reminder is set for 15 minutes in Options - Calendar - Calendar options but I know you can change that for each individual appointment that you set up.

So I'm not sure what I did wrong.

Also, how do you access the calendar without having to turn the ToDo bar on which takes up a lot of the screen on the right side?

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Office 2007 - receive message that multiple notifications / reminders are not setup. Unfortunately, none of the solutions proposed helped. Try starting Outlook with the "outlook /cleanreminders" command, and even the "outlook /cleanfreebusy" option, but reminders were still not working.

Any other suggestions??

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First of all, please let me say that I'm happy to have found this group, I have found what I have read very interesting.

Having said that...

I have Outlook 2000 on my Dell Dimension 8200 with Windows XP. I have always wanted my computer to boot with my calendar reminders for the day.

The thing is, (correct me if I'm wrong?) I have always believed that Outlook is resource intensive, so booting and keeping Outlook running would interfere with whatever I'm doing.

My Dell also came with Works 2002, and puts just a calendar reminder in the startup which would work for me, except that I've worked with Outlook first ( and didn't get my reminders till I opened it up )

What I was considering doing was somehow importing my Outlook Calendar to Works, let Works start up with the computer with my reminders... and then just continue to work with Works. ( I will also want to hotsync that with my HanSpring Visor for easy updates )

Would this be the best way to this? Is there an (inexpensive) easier way to do this?

Thank you in advance,

A:Calendar reminders.... Outlook? or Works?

How much RAM do you have?

Outlook uses 8MB I think.
Word and Excel each use 4MB.

That should give you an idea.

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Everytime I open Outlook 2007 (Dell XPS, Vista HP), I have about 30 calendar items that show up in the reminder section. Even though they are weeks old, and I tell it to dismiss all (which it does), the next time I open Outlook, all 30 reappear. The only way for me to stop this is to open the item and delete it, which is not a option as this is my work and those past appts are necessary to have saved. Also, everyday that I have calendar items are added to the list and I'm sure will get up into the hundreds before long. This is happening on both my desktop and HP laptop running the same OS and outlook version. Thanks in advance for any help if someone knows and is having the same issue.

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In my lumia 730, reminders keeps on repeating even after cancelling the events. When I open calendar, it doesn't show any events (most of the times). Also please note that email sync doesnt happen properly ( i have configured microsft mail, gamil , and a company mail). I cant see any mails most of the time. If i remove all the accounts and add again it comes back, but for a short time . Even tried of resetting the phone. No use. Please help.

A:Lumia 730 reminders from outlook calendar keeps on repeating

Hi and welcome to windows central forums. Since when are you facing this issue? are you an insider? Do you get any error while syncing emails? Knowing these could help us understand the problem better.
To reply to the thread kindly join our forums HERE

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Is there any way you can have the calendar reminders in Microsoft Outlook 2007 working without having the whole program turned on? I'd like for them to work all the time but I don't want the program running constantly. I haven't been able to find a way of doing it.

A:Calendar Reminders in Microsoft Outlook 2007

How about syncing it with your PDA?

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Greetings. In my Outlook, there are 3 annual reminders for which I've recently deleted this year's occurrence. However, I keep getting the reminder pop ups for those 3 events.

Here's the error message I keep getting when I try to delete the reminders. "Cannot open the reminder for this item. The message you specified cannot be found."

At one point, I tried to use the personal folders repair tool, but it didn't work.

Suggestions? Thanks.

A:Outlook: Unable to Delete Calendar Reminders

I can elaborate too much since I am running out the door but try the cleanreminders switch here.

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We use Outlook 2010 with Exchange 2010.
There is a calendar in the public folders. Several People have the permission as "author" for this public Folder calendar.

One of the "authors" creates an appointment with a reminder in his own calendar.
Then he copies this appointment with the reminder to the calendar of the public folder.

A public Folder itself does not Support a reminder in the calendar. But if you copy an appointment with a reminder from your own Outlook calendar to the calendar in the public Folder, then a reminder in a calendar of a public Folder is supported.

The result is: Every other "author" gets this reminder popping up in his own Outlook calendar.

The question is: How to prevent the reminders popping up in the outlook of the other "authors"?

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Thought to ask here as I want something reputable. Thanks...dano

A:Anyone know of a free basic desktop calendar with daily reminders similar to Outlook?

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We are using Exchange Server 2010.

Some staff are using Outlook 2007. They are creating calendars which need to be shared with other employees, most of which are running only Outlook 2003.

All Outlook 2003 users get an email with a link to Microsoft explaining how to open shared calendars. Off07 users get the icon to click and open specified calendar.

Outlook 2003 user then follows MS instructions, and pulls up the Outlook 2007 user's default calendar, then they get this message "Unable to display the folder. The Calendar folder could not be found".

Is there something lacking here? Anyone have any work-a-rounds for Outlook 2003 users to open a shared calendar of an Outlook 2007 user?

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We are using Exchange Server
Some staff in our executive branch have brand new laptops (lucky guys) with Office 2007[Of07]. They are creating calendars which need to be shared with other employees, most of which are running only Outlook 2003 [OL03].

Calendar(s) are made, and invites sent for specific calendars to specific groups of users.
IE: Regional Sales Mgr. creates several supplemental "events" calenders he wants to share with his different teams.
---Default, Corporate, Dist1, Dist2, Dist3, Region
---DistGrp1, DistGrp2, DistGrp3
---Dist1 calender --> DistGrp1
---Dist2 calendar --> DistGrp2
---Dist3 calendar --> DistGrp3
---Region --> DistGrp1, DistGrp2, DistGrp3

All OL03 users get an email with a link to Microsoft explaining how to open shared calendars. Off07 users get the icon to click and open specified calendar.

OL03 user then follows MS instructions, and pulls up the Off07 user's default calendar, with no option to open or even locate any other calender.

Is there something lacking here? Anyone have any work-a-rounds for OL03 users to open a shared calendar (other than the default or main calendar) of an OFF07 user?

Thank you.

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Ive got an Outlook 2003 using Boss and a Outlook 2002 using Assistant who are having issues with sharing their calendar. The assistant is inputting appointment data into her bosses Outlook 2003 Calendar.

The issue is : The 2002 user puts in a whole day appointment on a given day (say 10/10/2004). When she opens her bosses 2003 calendar, the same appointment is still a whole day, but it stretches across 2 days (in this case 10/10/2004 and 11/10/2004). Both users use common Regional Settings (Australia).

Outlook 2002 user is at Office XP SP3.
Outlook 2003 user is at Office 2003 Pro SP1
Exchange Server 2000 (sp unknown)

Anyone have any ideas for me?

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I have a user here are work and his reminders for calendar appointments are not working. I have tried to repair, reinstall, and download the available updates for Office 2003. None of this has resolved the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Outlook 2003 Reminders

Had same with one of my users... under start/run type outlook /cleanreminders
worked on our machine.

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You know that reminder window that comes up when an appointment or task is due? I like this feature but one thing I dont like about it is. I dont know how many times I have clicked snooze for 1 hour and in the next five minutes I would love to view that reminder window again. Is there some way I can make it come up again... before the 1 hour snooze is up?


A:outlook 2003 reminders

have you tried clicking on : view>reminders window?

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The follow up reminders I that I enter on sent mail do not show up on the pop up Reminders window.The Reminders window does however show reminders for Inbox,Calender and Tasks. Can you please help me to get the follow up reminders for sent mail into the Reminder window?

A:Outlook 2003 Sent Reminders

Reminders only work in the Inbox e-mail folder. They do not work in other folders.

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Hello All,

i was directed here as my resident office guru is off ill today, so hopefully you can help with a first time poster.

Situation: i need to send a mail to someone. after ive sent it, i want it to be highlighted in the recipients mail box as red. i also need it to remind both of us to 'follow up' at certain times. if the mail is sent anytime before 1.30pm, i need it to remind both parties 3 hours after sending. if it is sent post 1.30pm, i need a reminder sent at 4pm only. if the email isn't replied to, i need the reminder to pop up once again the next day at 10am, and every day after that for 4 days.

Problem: i know how to flag mails, i know how to highlight mails with specific conditions (but only in my mailbox). i dont know how to send a mail with a recurring reminder or how to change the colour so it shows in the recipients mailbox. And i cannot send a meeting request if anyone was thinking that might be easier.

so, any takers? its abit of an ask but i thought you guys and girls may be able to help.

many thanks

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I am using a Blackberry and I recently sync'ed it up to outlook on my computer. After doing that I stated to get a reminder of a task that was from a couple of years ago and I couldn't delete it. Starting outlook with the "/cleanreminders" switch got rid of that problem but now the reminder service won't start. When I start Outlook I get the message "cannot start the reminder service. Unable to show reminders". Everything else seems to work fine. I went to Microsoft's web site and found a reference to the problem. They suggested downloading SP2 for Outlook. I did but it seems to have no effect. I use the reminder service A LOT so this is a pretty big issue for me. Nothing I do seems to make any difference.

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Hi there,

Over the last few weeks I've noticed that Birthdays (although displayed in my Calender) are no longer coming up on my reminders.

Is there anywhere on Outlook that controls "all birthdays" where I may be able to check to see if reminders have been turned off?

Also, is there a way I can make ALL Birthday's Purple as they are white at the mo.



A:Outlook 2003 - Birthday Reminders

Hi gavininskip

Open one of the Birthday Events and select Open the Series.
On the right there should be a label field, my Birthday label is purple.
At the bottom is the Categories field where you can select Birthday, as well.

After Saving your changes, you should be able to view the Birthday Events by Category using:
View > Arrange by > Current View > Events or > By Category
If the Birthday event is showing a check mark in the Reminder field, but not reminding you, you may need to reset the reminders using a command switch to start Outlook

Outlook Calendar and Task reminders do not appear as expected

Using Outlook Command lines
Let us know if that works for you or not.

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Dismissing reminders in Outlook.
I have a reminder in Outlook 2003 and I cannot delete. It opens on my screen constantly.

When I click Dismiss this is the message I get. Cannot Turn Off Reminder. One or more values are not valid.

I have tried /cleanreminders startup switch and also recreate profile twice. It works fine for about a month and then it's stops dismissing again. This is the third time. What else can I do beside reinstalling Outlook? Tried detect and repair. Outlook 2003 SP2
Any known issues?

A:Dismissing reminders in Outlook 2003

Can anyone help me with this?

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Hi everyone,

Just started using Outlook 2003. I imported ICalendar files from my Google calendar which included recurring events.

I noticed that recurring event reminders are not popping up. I tried creating a new reminder, thinking maybe the imported items were the issue. No pop up. If I create a one-time event, I get the reminder without issue.

I have found several forums with people complaining of this issue. I have tried all the suggested fixes (and I've seen on other forums that these fixes sometimes don't work for people as they didn't for me). Here's what I've tried to no avail:

1) Detect and repair
2) Cleanreminders switch
3) Resetfolders switch
4) Confirmed that popup display is checked.

I've resorted to dragging the calendar items into "tasks" and getting my reminders that way. Recurring tasks DO popup as they should as do, again, single-event reminders on the calendar. Birthdays, recurring appt's, etc. are a no go, though.

I'm about ready to go back to Google Calendar with GMinder! Ack!

I'm using Outlook 2003, Windows 7 on an HP desktop.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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I've been moving between 2 computers - one running vista, the other xp.
When I moved outlook from the xp machine to the vista machine, I encountered several problems on the vista machine.

The big one right now is that, while all my tasks are there, and the overdue ones show up nicely,
it is empty and should have the overdue items.

Can someone help me please?

A:outlook 2003 - reminders window is empty

Have you tried starting Outlook with the \cleanreminders switch?Close Outlook and Go to Start > Run and enter outlook /cleanreminders

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Hi, ive been getting some error messages on one the laptops in work, it happens in outlook, when a repeat reminder comes up an error message appears, it says something like

"cannot turn off the reminder. you may be reminded again. the function cannot be performed because the message has been changed."

Ive tried doing the command outlook| cleanreminders but that has had no effect.

For your info its oulook 2003 running on microsoft exhange server 2000 sp3.

Also the outlook service stopped working the other day because the information store was full however this has since been repaired and everything else seems to be running properly.

Has anyone seen this before?

A:Error message for reminders with outlook 2003

Set or remove reminders

Turn confirmation messages on or off

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I just imported my outlook data file which was used with Outlook 2002 on my old pc, into Outlook 2007 on my new pc.

But, all the reminders that i have set up are not popping up.. only new reminders that I create are popping up.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks.

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We have just created a resource calendar for a training room. The appointment comes ok, but when I reply I get the following e-mail message:
"Your message with the subject "Read: Testing out the Training Calendar" was not a valid message to be processed by this resource."

Any help would be appreciated.


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I feel like an idiot - I was trying to cancel an occurence of a recurring meeting in outlook 2003, however instead of hitting cancel meeting I hit delete which removed the meeting from my calendar. It is currently sitting in my deleted items folder. Is there a way to restore this meeting to my calendar? Also the cancel meeting button is greyed out however no cancellation has been sent.

Can anyone help me figure out how to get this meeting back into my calendar where I can cancel it properly so that it sends a cancellation?


A:Outlook 2003 calendar help

Welcome to the forum.

Drag the deleted item back to the calendar icon to restore it.

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I would like to know if I can configure my Outlook 2003 Calendar so I can make a queue of tasks and then drag specific tasks into the calendar. I know how to generate a task list and I know how to create "appointments" in the calendar, but I can't seem to view both the task list and calendar at the same time. I'm trying create a scheduling system for our landscape company without having to invest in expensive software. We do not need a robust system, just one that we can have the crews view and access information attached to their specific "appointment". Does anyone have ideas?

A:Outlook 2003 Calendar

I am not sure about Outlook 2003, but in 2007 you can view your tasks right next to your calendar by clicking view > to do bar. You can also drag tasks to the calendar, but since you can set reminders in your tasks why bother? Do you have an Exchange Server or is this seperate standalone instances of Outlook? Access is great as a personal organizer, but I think it falls short in a lot of ways as a scheduling application. There are far better tools out there to do scheduling.

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does anyone know an easier way to insert dates on the outlook 2003 calendar that run on the same day at the same time every week all year long? it doesnt let me jus copy and paste with the labels and descriptions in tact, and i no there has to be an easier way.

A:outlook 2003 calendar

I think you need to set up a recurring series. Open a new appointment, then go to Actions > Recurrence, and set up how you want the appt to recur.

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How do I stop the Reminders from popping up every time I log in? At least 10 appear each time, regardless of whether I cancel them or not. Example: 'Tara's Birthday: 33 weeks overdue'. I use Outlook Connector to tie Outlook to my MSN mailbox.

A:Outlook 2003 Calendar

What happens if you uncheck Reminder for the appointment?

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I have just installed MS Office 2003. I want a second calendar not connected to my work calendar.

How can I do this?

Thanks, Mary

A:Second Calendar Outlook 2003

New / Folder
Give it the name you want
Folder Contains: Calendar Items
For where, have it at the top level

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My calendar view disappeared. When I click on calendar, what I get is a list of my events instead of my calendar itself. Can anyone tell me how to get my calendar back? I used to have icons for monthly, daily, weekly and etc. I no longer have those. I want the monthly view of a calendar page again.


A:Outlook 2003 Calendar view

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I need help configuring the settings for a shared calendar in Outlook 2003.

When I schedule a meeting, I want all the members on the emailing list to automatically accept the meeting into their own calendar. Right now each recipient still has to manually accept the meeting, and that's no good.

Any help?

A:MS Outlook 2003: How can I share a calendar?

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Good afternoon-

We have an outside consultant that is working with our company who connects to our network wirelessly but does not join up with the domain. He needs to keep his laptop separate from our domain. He is using Outlook 2003. His e-mail address a POP3 e-mail from a different domain. Is there a way to share his calendar out so that people within our network can see what he has scheduled? When I tried to share his calendar out to someone in our company, it just said the his profile was not configured for that. Is there something that he would need to change on his mail server for this to work?

A:Sharing a calendar in Outlook 2003


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Hi - I've got a problem when i go to print other peoples calendars in Outlook 2003. I can print mine fine, however, when I print someone elses (I have owner permission on their calendars) , an error message appears saying :
The messaging interface has returned an unknown error.
I've tried the latest office sp2 update, detect and repair. a little bit lost - can any one help ta!

A:Outlook 2003 Calendar Error

Did you get an answer?

I have this same issue and was needing help too!


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I have recently upgraded to Microsoft Office 2003 Teachers and Students Edition. After doing a little research on the Microsoft forum and the TSG forum I was able to find my previous calendar and address books from Outlook 2000 and transfer them so that they are accessible within Outlook 2003. However, I have been unable to import or copy all of my calendar events to the main calendar within Outlook 2003. I do not want to have two calendars within Outlook 2003 since I am also trying to sync the information with my Windows Mobile device. Can anyone tell me how to import the information from one calendar to the next so I can delete the old one?

Thanks for your help.

A:Importing calendar in Outlook 2003

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I have a user who would like to print a monthly calendar out and not have the weekends doubled up on top of each other. Right now when I go into my Calendar and than look at how it will print when Monthly is selected as the style Monday through Friday are fine but Saturday and Sunday are half height/doubled up on each other. Is there a way to have those two days print out in their own columns like the rest of the week?

A:Calendar printing in Outlook 2003

What I needed is found here -

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Does anyone know how to find out who has created an appointment in my calendar in Outlook 2003? I can't seem to find any profile information for the person that created it!


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My Outlook 2003 calendar is not appearing accurately when others are booking meetings.

The calendar is appearing open nothing booked, when I am actually fully booked.

I am using Windows XP.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I have my Outlook 2003 Calendar in standard format, is there a way to make it look like a regular monthly calender like MS

It might not be possible.


[email protected]

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Has anyone come across a situation when you make an appointment in your outlook 2003 calendar and invite people to join in and if they use outlook 2000, instead of automatically putting that entry into the outlook 2000 calendar, it just comes across as coding. It works fine if it's 2003 to 2003 or 2000 to 2000 but the feature doesn't work between the 2 versions. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Outlook 2003(XP)'s calendar feature

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Thanks in advance to all that support this site. I use Outlook 2003 on my HP PC with Windows XP. All other functions of Outlook appear to work, but when I open my Calendar, the following message appears: "Unable to display the folder. Microsoft Office Outlook could not access the specified folder location." This just started a few days ago.

Any suggestions on how a novice might be able to retrieve the Calendar function? The Reminder function still works, but I cannot see the calendar. Thanks, again!

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I have two XP Home machines networked together with Office 2003 installed on both systems. Without buying Windows 2003 server and setting up an MS Exchange server is there any other way of sharing the calendar in Outlook? Somebody had mentioned using a point sharing service (I think that's the right term), but this would most likely be an additional cost. Thanks.

A:Sharing Outlook 2003 calendar

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When I add something to my calendar on my home computer and I invite an attendee, (myself at my work computer), I receive the invite at work and have the ability to accept or decline. When I accept, it is added to my calendar on my computer at work, which I presume, is how it is supposed to work.

However, when I add something to my work calendar and invite myself at my home computer, at home all i get is an email and no ability to accept or decline, and hence, no addition to the calendar. It used to work, but now it doesn't

any thoughts?


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I migrated to a new computer and am having a problem bringing my old Outlook 2003 over. My contacts and e-mails are fine, but my old calendar data appears to be in the wrong location.

In Outlook 2003 I have two calendars

1. Calendar
2. Calendar in Personal Folders

All of my data is in Calendar in Personal Folders, however I can't set reminders in this location. I receive the following message: "The reminder for xxxxx will not appear because the item is not in your Calendar or Tasks folder."

How do I get my calendar data in the correct location?

Thank you.

A:Outlook 2003 - Calendar location

What version of Outlook are you currently using on the new computer?

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Suddenly all of my "all day" events in Outlook 2003 Calendar - birthdays, anniversaries and a few others, appear on the actual day and the following day as well. Does anyone know why this might have happened and how to get rid of the erroneous extra events?

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On an PC running XP Professional, I have an weekly appointment in the Calendar of Outlook 2003 which contains SQL code. When in the calendar it looks fine, yet when i copy and paste it into the program which will run the SQL, the apostrophe's turn into black oblongs.

If i copy the SQL code into Word 2007 it is fine, and then into the SQL program it remains fine.

If i copy the code from the original email then it remains fine.

I have ensured that Word, my default email editor, isn't using the "smart quotes" option.

This didn't happen when i was using Outlook 2000 or Outlook 2007.

Any idea's? It's just a pain to be copying the code into word before pasting it to be run.

Thanks, Dannage

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Hi all, I'm hoping someone has run into this before because it's driving me insane. I have a user who has created a personal distribution list, (she is not using the GAL) and when she uses this list, she gets bouncebacks (undeliverables) from two employers who are no longer at the company. Neither of these users are in AD at all, neither are (or were) delegates of the DL owner. I have deleted and recreated the DL twice, thinking that it is corrupt, and that has not fixed it. I have deleted the autodelete function, which did not work either. This is ONLY happening in her calendar, not regular email. There are no different permissions in her calendar, either.
Ideas, anyone???

A:Outlook 2003 calendar issue

Have her remove them from her personal distribution list.

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I have contacts and calendar entries in Outlook 2003.
I set up a separate identity to synch contacts to my Nokia 6260 cell phone.
You see, I do not want my normal contact list from my desktop on my phone.
So, i have successfully synched the proper contact list. The problem is that
I want the calendar from my normal desktop identity to synch to my cell
phone. How do i change which calendar is attached to the contact list that i
am using?

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Does anyone know how to print a monthly calendar that includes all the entries on each day, not just the first 5. In the Palm calendar, the extra entries are printed on a second page. There must be a way ....

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I have recently upgraded my winXP Pro computer from Office 2000 to Office 2003. I have allways shared my calendar on my home network as a net folder. Special emails are sent to my wife's PC to keep her copy of my calendar the same as mine and visa versa.

Now I see the calendar sharing is not supported by MS Outlook 2003!!! It says that you need to install Exchange server!

I have been searching on the internet for a free sollution, but I only find applications like OShare and Group products that I need to pay for.

Anyone out there that knows a way around this. Web based is not a sollution, because I sync with my cellphone. I do want to revert back to Office2000 just for this.

A:Sharing calendar in MS Outlook 2003

WOW no replies!!!

WOW did I stump all you clever guys and girls out there? I am testing a product now that is for sale, could not find a free one.

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I have XP Pro running on my machine. I also have Office 2003 Pro installed on it. My Exchange Server is 5.5 on Windows 2000 server

I am trying to print a calendar located in my Public Folders, but I receive an error:

"This folder cannont be opened because there is a configuration problem on the server. Contact your Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator for assistance"

I tried to Google this issue and went to Microsofts website, but I could not find anything. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

A:Outlook 2003 Pro - Calendar printing

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At work I use a calendar in Outlook 2007 and love it. It is set up like a standard monthly calendar (Sunday through Saturday). At home I have Outlook 2003 and the monthly calendar starts with Monday and ends with Saturday and Sunday split. Is there any way to have the standard calendar view in my Outlook 2003.

I am not very experienced so, if this is possible, please keep directions simple.

Thank you in advance.

A:Calendar in Outlook 2003 & 2007

I seem to remember an obscurity about this. Try setting a 24 hour clock rather than a 12 hour clock. It works for printing ...

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When responding to some meeting requests in Outlook 2003 following error...

"The operation failed. An object could not be found."
1. Re-installed cal.exe - same error
2. Created new Outlook profile - same error.
3. Ran detect/repair - same problem.
3. Removed and re-installed Office 2003 - same problem.
4. Ran /cleanfreebusy - same problem.
5. Deleted c:\documents and settings\user profile\local settings\application
data\microsoft\forms\frmcache.dat - same problem.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Outlook 2003 calendar error

Is this on an Exchange server? If so are any other users having the same problem?

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I have someone getting the following error:

Canít open this item. The operation failed. An object could not be found.
Does anybody know the fix for this??


A:Outlook 2003 Calendar Problem

Hi, pgasco. They're getting this error when they try to open their calendar or a shared calendar? Also, are you running exchange, and is there a specific number w.the error msg?

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Using Outlook 2003, when we display multiple calendars side by side (or even just one for that matter) the header just reads "Calendar" in the scheduling area. The only way we can tell one user's calendar from another is by the color coding, so we have to be very careful.

Just got Outlook going on a new wireless laptop, and we noticed that each person's name is displayed over the scheduling area. Great! It's also Outlook 2003, so is there a setting we need to change on our other PC's to accomplish this?

A:Outlook 2003 Calendar Views

Got this figured out! Turns out we had to go into Tools, E-Mail Accounts and change some options. Outlook had been set up to open mailboxes of each user, which isn't necessary in the newer version of Outlook 2003 when you just need their calendars. After they were removed there, we could go back and open a shared calendar and they automatically popped up under Other Calendars and now display their name across their schedule.

I don't have Outlook here at home, so I don't remember the exact steps I had to take to get to the open mailboxes area, but if anyone has this problem and needs assistance, just ask & I can double check the steps at work.

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Looked on the forum and could not find any good info.

The issue is that I have multiple calendars. I am trying to merge the two and delete the copy. Can't seem to find a way to do this.

Reason I need to merge them is that not all of the appts carried over in the copy and many of the new ones ended up in the copy rather than the main calendar folder.


A:Outlook 2003 Calendar Issue

Which view were using to copy the appointments over? I would probably look into changing to a list view or making one and bringing both calendars data into an access table. Within here I would run a query on the data to ignore the duplicates and then import the data into a calendar. After this I would delete the two old calendars and rename it if necessary.

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I'm administering an Exchange/Outlook 2003 environment, and was asked to make each user's calendar viewable by all other users. I know this can be done through delegation, but that would be too tedious of a job doing it manually. I believe it can also be done on the Exchange server itself, but was told this would open up the entire mail store - inbox, calendar, contacts, etc...

Can the calendar be done through a group policy?

Thanks in advance!

A:Calendar Viewability in Outlook 2003

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I use Outlook 2003 and I am having a weird issue with it; it is something that came up totally out of the blue. In my Calendar (I always have it set on the monthly view that shows all the days of the month and appointments at a single glance) most of (and I cannot see the pattern as to which ones have changed and which have not) the appointments I entered are still on the day I put them on BUT they ALSO span across that day and back another day and the notice now has a black clock icon on each side of the appointment. I have no idea what caused it or how to fix it. I've closed and reopened Outlook and I have even restarted the computer to no avail. Does anyone have an idea what happened and more importantly how to change it back to the way it was before?

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I have recently bought a Vaio laptop with Windows 7. I have installed Outlook 2003, with Office SP2 and Outlook Connector to mirror the set up on my previous machine that runs on XP Home. (I have used the same disk to install the program.)
I have successfully exported pst files from my old machine and imported them into Mail and Contacts in Outlook on the laptop.
I have a problem with Calendar. I have tried to import both .pst and .xls files and in each case, a dialogue box indicates that the data is being imported. But the Calendar is not updated.
This system worked fine on my old machine. Any ideas on how I can get things working on the laptop will be gratefully received. Thanks.

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User 1: 1 appointment calendar schedule added for the 14th only
User2 - tries to view User1's calendar, it show's the 14th and the 15th scheduled.

The shared calendar is setup and accessed as a secondary mailbox for user1. User1 has his/her own email address as USER1 and the shared calendar is under a different user name. Thus, creating the secondary mailbox.

It might be related to view settings, but both are setup with "31 day" view.

A:Outlook 2003 shared Calendar

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I would like to send a view of one week of my Calendar to a friend by email. I should be able to tick 'Forward' in 'Actions', but I cannot find a way to select the week in question first,so 'Forward' remains unhighighted and I am stuck. If I cannot just forward it, is there some way of saving the week view to file?

A:Solved: Ms Outlook 2003 Calendar

Try using the "Print Screen" button on the keyboard and pasting that into the body of the e-mail.

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I have a new computer with Outlook 2003 installed. I moved my Outlook 2002 personal.pst from the old machine to the new one and opened it in Outlook 2003 and copied each file folderís information to the new file folders in Outlook 2003. Every thing is ok except the calendar.

I can't figure out a way to copy the calendar folder from the old pst file without creating a new calendar folder in the Outlook 2003 file. I end up with two calendar folders and I only want one.

I've tried to drag and drop from the left window pane under calendars and nothing happens. I've also tired to select the pst calendar/right click/copy and paste to the new calendar folder and it creates a second copy.

I've also tried to export to a text file, but you lose all your reoccurring appointments.

I know there must be an easy way to do this. Any help would be appreciated!

Iím using:
Windows XP Media Edition SP2
Office 2003 Basic

A:Outlook 2003 calendar - copy data from old pst

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I am using Outlook 2003 and I download the mails to the PST in my local HDD. Once the PST reaches the size of close to 2GB, outlook recommends you to purge some items and free up space or open a new PST and point that as the new mail delivery location.

Now, once I create a new PST, my calendar items stay with my old PST and I need to refer both the PSTs for current appointments/meetings.

Besides any one trying to schedule a meeting in outlook in my organization does not get visibility of my existing appointments which creates confusion.

I tried to move the calendar items one by one by drag and drop the items from old PST to new PST. It works for standalone meetings. If there are any recurring meetings, then it throws a error as below.

"Cann't move the items. You cannot move one occurrence of an appointment to a different folder. To move a recurring appointment, you must move the original appointment or copy the single occurrence and move the copy".

I tried to go to the first instance of the recurring appointment and moved it. But the result is the same error.

Can some one tell me a way to move all calendar items from one PST to another (something like export/import).

Thanks in advance.

Karthikeyan V

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I have Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 on my computer (I am running Windows xp on a Dell latitude 131L laptop) but can't locate Calendar. Does this software have Calendar and if so how do I load it/find it. I am not a computer guru so please answer with that in mind. Thank you very much.

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 calendar

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I have Microsoft 2003 on my Windows Vista laptop. The calendar won't show appointments that I type in, although they show up when I sync my laptop with my Blackberry. Other than that, Outlook seems to work fine. According to my laptop calendar I don't have a life! Any suggestions? Thanks!!

A:Outlook 2003 calendar won't record appointments

have you tried creating a new profile and then check this.
Microsoft KB 829918

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I have an Outlook 2003 user who has shared his calendar correctly. I have checked permissions on both the mailbox and calendar properties but when the other people who are listed go to view, it shows as an empty calendar.
When I view, it works fine but I am an administrator. Any ideas?


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Windows XP Pro, My Google calendar won't sync with Outlook 2003. I downloaded the app. and the icon shows up on the far right on the task bar. I can click on it and click on two way sync but Outlook 2003 calendar doesn't sync. It did load my Outlook calendar online to Google. Printing the calendar works better for me with Outlook. Any suggestions, Geo.

A:Google calendar won't sync with Outlook 2003

what program do you use to sync Google calendar with Outlook? I personally use Sync2. it works really great. I like that it syncs Outlook Calendar (it can also sync contacts) with Google both ways.

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HI , I am currently using Outlook 2003 at home, and there is Outlook 2000 at work. Current system is to schedule our jobs on the Outlook 2000 at work.

However, I have to work on these jobs and would like to bring that Outlook 2000 calendar from work (maybe by saving the file into my USB flash drive at the end of each day ) to home, so I can keep record and prepare for jobs the next day.

On my Outlook 2003 a home, I have my own calendar, in which I DO NOT want to add entries of the OL2000 from work into, I want to have them as two separate calendars with no relation to each other, and I want to bring home ONLY the calendar, no emails and all other stuff so it won't mess up with my own stuff at home.

I am quite positive that there is a way to achieve this, please help.

Thank you

A:Portable Outlook calendar between 2000 / 2003 - Help Please

One possible solution:

1. On the work computer with Outlook2000, export your Calendar to a PST file.
2. Copy this to your home computer
3. On the home computer with Outlook2003, create a new data file that points to that PST file. With Outlook 2003, the new data file will show up as "Calendar in Personal Folders"

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Does anyone know if you can change the default calendar in OL03?

I have an iphone and signed up for mobile be (which could be very cool if it ever works right) and I'm having an awful time syncing calendars... iphone recognizes a lot of calendars and outlook can see all of them, too but does not combine them.

so I figured out that I can change all the entries to HOME and then I can see one month view on outlook, but it's a PITA having to navigate to the HOME calendar from the default one.

As I write this, I see I probably should have asked before I did all this work whether or not there is a way to combine multiple calendars in Outlook???



A:Outlook 2003 - change default calendar???

I think this answers your question about merging 2 calendars in Outlook:

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My boss has Outlook 2003 and a blackberry. I have no idea if the blackberry even figures into this.

He uses his calendar regularly and he also regularly archives his calendar items when Outlook asks if he would like to. Up until he got his Blackberry Pearl everything was available if he needed to go back and check items.

In December 2007 he told me that all of his items from February 2007 until September were not available either on the calendar or via the archive. Everthing prior to that was in archive. We did some troubleshooting and checked his settings. No one else had the problem and we did nothing.

He just emailed me and let me know that everthing prior to April of this year has now disappeared.

We do need to keep his calendar items for legal reasons.


1. Does anyone know why we are losing the items after successfully archiving (from 2002 until 2007)?

2. Does anyone know how to get the items back?

Any help at all would be appreciated.


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Is there a way to print the details of Outlook calendar meetings - the location and possibly the time - when printing the monthly calendar view (though with a specific date range)? I haven't found a way to print more than just the the subject line.

Outlook = 2003

Thank you

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I have a user here at work that had Outlook 2000 and her machine crashed. We have since started using Office 2003 and we gave her a new pc. All of her calendar appointments do not show up. Is there a way to to get these to show up in 2003. These are in a pst.

A:Solved: Outlook 2003 Calendar appointments

If there are in a pst and you have copied the pst to the local drive, just open outlook 2003 > file > Open > Outlook Data File, navigate to and select the pst.


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Outlook 2003: Calendar Sched Extending to additional (1) Day

When a user add's Calendar date for one day, when you check the calendar item later, it automatically extends to 1 additional (on it's own) day.

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I have a user who had a problem viewing appointments in the public calendars and in her own.

On her view, there are a few appointments that show up, but most do not. This happens even if she is logged in to a different machine.

I changed the current view to be Day/Week/Month View with Auto Preview and this allows her to see all the appointments. If it is set to just the Day/Week/Month View she can't see them.

I checked others, and they do not have the auto preview on to see the appointments. Any idea why this would happen?


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I'm running a Win 2003 Server office network and I ran into this strange problem with Outlook 03. A person is sharing a calendar full of scheduled events, but one computer sees everything set an hour earlier! Anyone else run into this? The system time is the same on both computers (shouldn't matter though), Does Outlook 03 have it's own time setting? I don't think it does.


A:Outlook 2003 mismatched calendar times

You might check to see that the time zone and daylight savings are set correctly.

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The Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Calendar Views Add-in makes it easy for you to view your Outlook Calendar appointments through a filter that is based on Outlook labels and categories. For example, you can create a view that shows you only the appointments on your calendar that are labeled Must Attend, or are categorized as Important.

You add filters by using the Calendar Views toolbar, which opens in your Outlook Calendar after you install the add-in.

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 2000 Service Pack 2; Windows Server 2003; Windows XP

This download works with the following Office programs:

Microsoft Office Outlook 2003



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Under "My Calendars" I have "Calendar (2)" which leads me to believe somehow I have duplicated my default calendar.

Is there a way to delete the duplicate? or is this even what the problem is?

Hopefully easy question for Outlook mavens ...

A:Duplicate default calendar in Outlook 2003

Hi glbcpa

Right click on the duplicate calendar, if the option Delete "Calendar 2" is enabled then you can simply delete the extra calendar.

Let us know if that works for you or not.

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I had auto archive set accidentally. Now all my appointments prior to this month have disappeared from my calendar, other than the recurring ones.
I know where the archive (.pst) file is, so I have a question with two parts to it:
How do you get all my previous entries back from the archive file and if I do get my previous entries back, will it erase/overwrite my future appointments/events?


A:Outlook 2003 calendar archive question

Tom0822 said:

How do you get all my previous entries back from the archive file?Click to expand...

File-->Open, choose the pst and open it. Select and copy the appointments (I find this possible in LIST view). Go to your regular PST calendar and paste.

Tom0822 said:

and if I do get my previous entries back, will it erase/overwrite my future appointments/events?
Click to expand...

No. It should only erase any appointments that are at the same exact time/please/etc. Make a copy of your current calendar first, just to be safe. Copy the archive into the copy. Did it work? Then it should certainly work with your regular calendar.

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I have a problem with appointments on Outlook 2003: User A sends me an appointment. I accept and the appointment appears on my calendar and the appointment message is automatically deleted from my Inbox. Fine so far. User A sends me the same appointment a few days later. The message says that I have a conflict on my schedule. If I accept the appointment, two (2) appointments reading the same appear in my calendar. If I delete the message from my Inbox, the original appointment disappears from my calendar. What am I doing wrong? The Outlook Help files are, as usual, no help at all.

Windows 2000, Outlook 2003, Exchange.

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Hi there, not sure if anyone will know this one, but hope you don't mind me asking.

I'm using the Calendar on MS Office Outlook 2003. When I'm creating a new appointment, the box for 'Location' allows me to access 10 previous entries, so I don't have to write them out again. I presume these are saved by an Autocomplete process.

I would like Outlook Calendar to save more than 10 locations. But I can't find anywhere to adjust the number of previous entries saved by Autocomplete.

It may be impossible, but I'm hopeful that there is a way if someone could just tell me where it is!

I've tried looking up advice using Google, etc, but I just get information about autocomplete for writing email addresses, which is not what I'm asking.

Any ideas?


A:outlook 2003 calendar - autocomplete for 'location'

Would be happy to be told otherwise, but AFAIK it isn't possible.

The list in question is a MRU (Most Recently Used) list called LocationMRU, that is stored in the registry at:


Your not the first to want this functionality either,

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Is there a way of showing the calendar details etc on the same view pane as mail in outlook 2003 as is done in outlook 2007 or is this a "feature" of 2007 only?

A:Solved: outlook 2003 calendar disply

Hi ingin

Are you referring to the To Do bar in Outlook 2007?
If so, the answer is no, the To Do bar is not available in Outlook 2003.

You could open a second window for Outlook if you wanted to have the Calendar available.
Right click on the Calendar icon and click: Open in new window

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I have two problems that are probably related.

When I print my Outlook calendar it comes out half page and the type is in the smallest font I've seen.

Where do I find the commands to fix this?


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OK, here is a good one...I use Outlook 2003 for business and use the calendar to follow up on opportunities. I set up a meeting for a contact and then put what I want to follow up in the subject line. When I want to work, I choose the current view of my calendar as "Active appointments".

I have customized my columns with start, company, contacts, and subject. My problem is that the "Company" column does not pick up the company name/information from the contact information. There is an exception for one company out of hundreds but I can't figure out how that contact was set up and why it is the only one which shows the information I need.

Your help would be greatly appreciated as I have been chasing this for a long time!


A:Outlook 2003 calendar-can't view company name?

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I just bought a new laptop with Windows 7. I installed the same copy of MS Office 2003 that I am running on my old laptop with Windows Vista. I am able to copy the Outlook files from the old computer, but I don't know where to copy them into the new computer. Can anyone help me?
John Pav.

A:transferring 2003 outlook calendar to a new computer

Hello budpav, welcome to Seven Forums.

Some good information here:
Moving Outlook to a New Computer

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I was going through the online tutorial re changing an appointment to a meeting. It said to open up the appointment and click on "invite attendees" on the standard menu bar. There is no such button. My husband has Outlook on his computer and it has that button. When I go to "customize", the button isn't available to add. Can anyone help me?

A:Missing button in Outlook 2003 calendar

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I use outlook 2003 with Win XP. I have an extensive calendar set up with hundreds of appointments. A few days back it was misbehaving. I wanted to delete an appointment, and somehow ended up deleting the entire calendar. All that I did was click "delete" in the pull down menu under edit. The calendar disappeared completely.

Now when I left click on Calendar, nothing opens. If I was in mail, the display continues to be mail. In the sidebar, the list of calendars presents, but none of them are the main calendar.

Now here's the strange part. The calendar is still functioning and is synchronizing with my smart phone. And, I've discovered by right clicking on calendar, (which presents the option to open in a new window) and opening in a new window, the calendar is visible. It just isn't visible in my normal Outlook session where I toggle between mail, calendar, contacts and tasks.

Here is another strange thing. After I open the calendar in a new window, the sidebar permits me to toggle between mail, address book, tasks, etc. However as soon as I do that, the calendar no longer is visible and I have to reopen it in a new window again.

I already tried going back to a restore point prior to the problem. It didn't make any difference. Is there a solution so that I can restore my calendar view in Outlook 2003.

I'm stumped and don't know how to overcome this. I don't want to reinstall outlook, because I have a large number of personal fo... Read more

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One of my users has several instances of calendar appointments that he created. He can open them on his Laptop, but he can not open on his Desktop. It appears that he can open some of the ones he created, but not all, on that PC. It also appears that on both PC?s, he can open all calendar appointments created by other people. His Administrative Assistant can open all of his calendar appointments from her PC, so the problem is specific to his Desktop.

Outlook 2003 (11.8118.8122) SP2 [part of Office 2003 Pro]

Any suggestions?

A:Outlook 2003 Calendar Appointments Won't Open

This sound like a corrupted Outlook, which would entail a reinstall of Office. It's kinda messy but not many other options.
You could check the event viewer in the Application log and see what errors it's holding. I'm not aware of a setting that might cause this, but it's certainly possible.

Get back to me with what you'd like to try.

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When you have access to other user's calendar's is their a way to change the individual colours of the calendars? I know you can have them set to all one colour or use the default but does not seem to be an option to change the colours?

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