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word file name replaced which overwrote a critical document

Q: word file name replaced which overwrote a critical document

Original word file named curriculum plan key stage 1 was 13pp. This was open.Another file called observation was also open. Tried to save observation on memory stick
question came up ' like to save.' in field up came other file name curriculum. this was accepted in error, warning of existing file open came up. Would you like to replace This was answered affirmative!
So currculum was overwritten by the other file that had been renamed,
How do we get back original file of 13pp? that used to be called curriculum plan key stage 1? help hope this is understood.

A: word file name replaced which overwrote a critical document

do you still have currculum open just save again from this file

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I just accidentally overwrote the single most important document file on my computer using Open Office Writer. Is there any way I can recover it?

it is not in the C://Program Files (86)/Documents and Settings/user/ApplicationData/ file although there are other files in there... all pdf

I am using XP 64 Pro


A:Can I restore a document file I accidently overwrote in OO Writer

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Can I recover a document I replaced by accident? It had been saved previously.

Thank you for your help!

A:Word - Recover document replaced

If you saved over it then not really. The file has been overwritten.

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I replaced a word file , while trying to open it on my USB. Can I be recovered . I am a novice and need to submit in a day. I have no other back up not very clever

A:Can I recover a replaced word file on USB. I have no other b

Try the free version here: pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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I have a client with a problem creating new documents from the File > New > Word Document dropdown from Windows Explorer window. If I set her default font to Times New Roman it will stay for creating new documents from within Word. If she goes the other route mentioned above to create a new document it will always default to Courier. Also when she tries to save the document with the Save As item it defaults to txt instead of a .doc file. I am thinking there are two different templates for these two seperate ways of opening or creating a document.

OS is XP Pro
Word 97 SR-2B


A:New word Document from File > New > Word Document


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I hope someone has a solution to my problem! I have a VBA macro that will automatically open .DOC files, apply some formatting, save it, and continue to the next .DOC file. The problem is that I need to guarantee that the .DOC file I'm opening is indeed a Word file and not some other propriatary file with a .DOC extension. I would prefer to do this within VBA, but an external program may also work (with an external call to that program?). I'm working with Word 97/Ver8, but there are some Word 6 files that need to be procesed as well. Any suggestions?

A:Is .doc file a Word document?

mariod49 said:

I hope someone has a solution to my problem! I have a VBA macro that will automatically open .DOC files, apply some formatting, save it, and continue to the next .DOC file. The problem is that I need to guarantee that the .DOC file I'm opening is indeed a Word file and not some other propriatary file with a .DOC extension. I would prefer to do this within VBA, but an external program may also work (with an external call to that program?). I'm working with Word 97/Ver8, but there are some Word 6 files that need to be procesed as well. Any suggestions?Click to expand...

I do know for a fact that a .doc file is a WORD document file.Anything beyond that I can't help you.I only know basics at this point in time.Someone will reply soon enough to give you some answers.

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I am trying to attach an xml file to a Microsoft Word document.
I would normally attach a file by selecting Insert > Object, then browsing to the file I want to attach. This works in that it attaches the file I want but when I double click the icon that is created, Internet Explorer opens up and says it cannot display the webpage. The xml file I am trying to attach and open is a chat log from Messenger Live.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to why this keeps happening?

By the way, im aware that the xml chat log references an xsl file, I have removed this reference so at the very least when I click the attachment it should open Internet Explorer and display the file unformatted.

Thank you in advance.

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I downloaded a scholarship application with Adobe. I does not allow me to fill in any of the required information. I would like to convert this PDF document to a Microsoft Word document so I can complete the application. I tried copy and paste but I must not be doing it correctly. I was unable or maybe I am doing it incorrectly. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!!

A:How do I convert a PDF file to Word document

Hi,Try thisorthisEnjoy,Max

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Hey all, I was wondering if you can save a Word document as a PDF file and if so, how?


A:How to save a Word document as a PDF file?

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I was working on a document that was located in a zip archive. I have 7-zip installed on my computer. I?m running Windows 8. I repeatedly saved the file in Word while I was working on it. However, I?ve since rebooted the computer and my file is missing. All of the ?saves? I?ve made didn?t seem to update the file in the archive. I understand that I should have extracted the file first before working on it; however, I received no prompt from Word 2013 that my saves were not being recorded. Perhaps the file was saved into some sort of temporary folder/file that 7-zip creates/works from.

Are my changes lost permanently? Does there exist a temporary file somewhere with my changes in it?

Thank you. This is a court document and I made substantial modifications to it, and I really need it back.

A:Document Recovery From 7-Zip-Archived Word-File

It may be in the drafts folder. This will, by default vary according to which Word version.
But, across the versions, open the Options in Word and find the save option. In the window which opens, it will list your various save locations for the variety of Word you are using.
Alternatively, if you know the name of the file, how about a search?

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Corrupt Word Document DOC File?

I think this Word document is corrupted: Biology Test Clarifications.doc

How do I fix it?

It is supposed to look like this:

A:Solved: Corrupt Word Document DOC File?

Try this, open the document in Wordpad Loads of sysbols should appear rather than blocks. Highlight all test and change the font to Arial.

I've attached the fixed doc also

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​Since updating to win 10 anniversary edition I cannot get a preview of Word documents in File Explorer - all other files show a preview. This is on a Sony Vaio all in one PC with Office 2010. The mystery is that I also have a Vaio laptop running the identical operating system and apps and this does have doc previews. I have tried repairing the Word app and have compared all the settings on each computer but nothing brings back doc previews on the all in one - get the message "this file cannot be previewed". I would like to uninstall / reinstall Office but I do not have a disk and cannot find an official download of the 2010 version for which I have the key. Microsoft support were polite but stumped.

Any suggestions welcome

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i sew for my church (chemo hats/baby clothes) to give to our local hospital. many of the free patterns are in pdf format and some can't be copied to word. is there a free program (even a trial program) that will allow me to try to convert pdf files. thanks for your help!

A:Solved: change pdf file to a word document

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Hi. im using the Adobe Arcrobat 6. standard version. Im trying to conver a pdf file, which i scanned from a scanner, to a word file using Adobe acrobat 6. When i converted it to world file and i open it, i cant edited. it showed as a picture. How can i converted to a edited file ? any idea?

A:converting PDF file to Word Document formant

If its been scanned in as a PDF, then its just a "photo" of the page.

You need to use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to convert a scanned image to a document. Such software (Textbridge, Iris etc) usually comes with the scanner, but do not expext miricles with it.

Having the PC decide exactly what part of the scanned image is text, what is an image and correctly decode it to the relevant parts is complex and "consumer variety" OCR is usually less than perfect.

If the PDF is in electronic format (prior to being printed and scanned) software exists that will convert it directly to text (I use Solid Converter PDF) but this approach only works where the person creating the PDF has allowed such activities.

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I need to convert a doc into a tip or pdf file and I am lost....any ideas? Thanks.

A:Solved: How to convert a word document into a tif or pdf file?

Try CutePDF.

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I am using windows 7 as the OS.
I have installed MS Office 2010 Beta, and having Adobe Reader 9.
I came know how to convert word documents to pdf files using MS Office 2010.
I had seen an article " how to convert pdf files to word documents?" on a site.
The given procedure is, by clicking insert tab in MS office 2010, and then by clicking Object button, and clicking "create from file" tab and then browse pdf file.
I have followed the procedure given. But it is converting only the first page of the pdf file, but not all the pages.
I am here to know "How to convert the entire pdf file into word document" using MS Office 2010 ( without installing any application).
If any one knows how to do that, I request you to give the procedure.
Thanks in advance.
Ramesh Junju

A:How to convert the entire pdf file into word document?

Convert PDF to Word (DOC) — 100% Free!

EDIT: "If you are working on a file in PDF format and you want to edit the file in Word, you can convert it to a Word document. Many third-party providers listed on the Microsoft Office Marketplace Web site provide converters that do this. Check the listings for providers that offer PDF-to-Word conversion."

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I was working on a document that was located in a zip archive. I have 7-zip installed on my computer. I?m running Windows 8. I repeatedly saved the file in Word while I was working on it. However, I?ve since rebooted the computer and my file is missing. All of the ?saves? I?ve made didn?t seem to update the file in the archive. I understand that I should have extracted the file first before working on it; however, I received no prompt from Word 2013 that my saves were not being recorded. Perhaps the file was saved into some sort of temporary folder/file that 7-zip creates/works from.

Are my changes lost permanently? Does there exist a temporary file somewhere with my changes in it?

Thank you. This is a court document and I made substantial modifications to it, and I really need it back.

A:Document Recovery From 7-Zip-Archived Word-File

Success! I ran [email protected] File Recovery (an undelete program) and scanned for the document name. Interestingly, the document name matched the original document name in the archive, and wasn't some random file name like "SHF75J.tmp". I recovered the file to a flash drive. I'm very happy now.

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My operating system is Windows XP, Home Edition.

I was editing a very large document in Microsoft Word and somehow wasn't able to save it and it disappeared leaving in it's place a file called ~WRL3892TMP. I can't open it as it says file not found and clicking on properties tab shows that it's a hidden file. Since I'm unable to open this TMP file, there is no way I can change the file extension from tmp to doc (saw this suggested elsewhere).

I am the only person using this computer so if it's a permissions issue, what do I do? I don't understand "permissions" either. I just want my document back..

Please help!

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Lost Document in Microsoft Word - WRL TMP file instead

Do you have an earlier version of the document saved anywhere? Perhaps you could reconstruct it from that point. There may be a way to restore the document from that temp file, but I don't know what it is. Sorry!

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Can someone give me a code sample to insert a small txt file into a completed document. I have a Word 2000 template with a custom userbox and in one of the fields on the userbox, I want to give the option to insert a very small notepad text file into the document, if that option is selected, and I don't know what the code should be. Thanks.

A:Insert a text file into a Word 2000 document

Can someone give me a code sample to insert a small txt file into a completed document. I have a Word 2000 template with a custom userbox and in one of the fields on the userbox, I want to give the option to insert a very small notepad text file into the document, if that option is selected, and I don't know what the code should be. Thanks.

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I insert a visio drawing into a word document by menu Insert|Object|Create from file|link to file then select or enter the visio file name. I double click the object and select the page which I want to view in a word document. But whatever I select, only the saved default active page can be viewed in word document. My question is if there are many pages in a visio file, how can I set a linkage to a appointed page of visio file?

Many thanks for any help.

A:insert one page of visio file into a word document

Can you try a screen shot or print screen of the Visio drawing and paste it into Word?

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Hey guys, just wondering somthing. Is there any freeware utility that will convert a pdf document to a word document? My dad needs one for work so if you guys could help out it would be awsome.

A:Solved: Need free pdf to word document file converter

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I would like to embed FREE/Non-Licensed fonts in Excel & Word documents. How?

Thanx in advance,


A:Embedding Fonts in a Spreadsheet in Excel or Word Document file

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HELP! My son is distraught! Working in uni library, saved work as word doc. emailed it to himself. Opened it in hotmail account and worked on it for 2 days, saving as he went along (2000 words). Shut down laptop last night and couldn't find the word doc. when opened up this morning. I think he must not have shut down properly previous nights, don't know for sure. All he could find was a short cut temporary internet file showing nothing. He has done a system restore to yesterday evening and two documents that he emailed at same time are showing as recovered in word, he can open the one he doesn't need but not the one he does.
Is there any hope of retrieving it?
I have seen posts on forums saying it can. Following some of the instuctions he can't get very far as 'access denied' message keeps appearing or requests username to be typed into c:/
What is his username?
Please help

A:Can a word document temporary internet file be restored after shut down

Make sure to check "Show hidden files and folders" and uncheck "Hide protected system files" in Folder Options.

Your Word document should be in a temporary folder in the following location:

C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

Substitute Owner for your username (computer).

Run a search on your computer and paste the above location into the Search path, or browse to it, along with the name of your Word document.

How Do I Search For Files In Windows Vista

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I overwrote a file, its a warcraft 3 map file and how do i get it back!!!

A:I overwrote a file and need to get it back help pls!

nothing you can do if you overwrite a file. if it's a downloaded map, just re-download it.

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I accidently wrote over a file that I need. I have Windows XP. Is there a utility in Windows that I can use to restore the file or is there one that I can download that you recommend?
Is there a good free utility available? Thanks much in advance.

A:Accidently overwrote file

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I have a series of documents which share the same included file (e.g. a table for comments).

I created the "table" document in Word 2010 and saved it. Occasionally the contents of this file require to be changed.

I linked that document into the other Word 2010 documents using Insert>Object>Create From File (with Link To File checked).

The "table" appears in all the documents just fine, but the annoying thing is that every time any of these documents are opened or closed with in Word 2010 there is a dialog box asking if the user wants to update the document they've just opened.

Is there a way of just opening these documents without this dialog appearing?

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Okay, I was writing a very long piece of writing, and I saved it. Then, I used the same document for the next piece of writing, whichwas also long. I went to save it, and I saved OVER the old one! I was using Works Word Processor, and I NEED that document, very quickly.

Is there any way to get it?

A:!URGENT! Data Recovery! I overwrote a file =(

I think it is gone, when you saved the other document as the same name as the first. it overwrote that document.

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I back up microft money on my PC and also an external hardrive. when I was updating the briefcase on the hard drive I overwrote the Money file by mistake with an old one which my PC then put on to my hard drive. Can I undo this. It's a disaster. I haven'y clsed the hard drive. Can I reverse what I did Thanks

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When saving a Word 2007 document as a webpage (htm, html), an extra folder is automatically created besides the hmtl document itself. This folder contains background information like pictures, wallpaper etc. Is there a way to prevent that folder from being created in the first place? I've got Word 2000 on another computer, and when I save my word documents as html files over there, that extra folder is not generated. The only time that folder is created in 2000 is if my documents contain pictures, wallpaper etc. In Word 2007, it is created all the time, even though my documents are just plain text.

A:Solved: Word 2007, saving document as html document: how to get rid of extra folder?

Managed to find the solution, it was very simple after all. One has to save the document as a filtered webpage and click "yes" when a box pops up warning you that you will use certain featuers which are specific to Office2007, such as the background. Then the document will save without that extra folder and files.

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I have two questions regarding documents created in Word 2007...

1) Can links be created within a Word document? For example, can I click on and item my table of contents and have the document jump to that particular section of the document?

2) Also, is there a way to make sections of the document hidden until the user clicks a specific word or graphic in the document?

I'd like to specify a particular instruction and include a "Show example" link that would make a detailed example appear for those who needed the extra help.

Thanks everyone!

A:Word 2007 - Links within a document? Hide/Show sections of a document?

If you created table of contents through References - Table of Contents, you can hold Ctrl and click on the item in that table, word will take you there. This feature is standard.

Also, to navigate inside document you can use bookmark option.
Insert bookmarks. Word 2010 Bookmarks
Then insert Hyperlink - in the window select second tab "Place in This Document" and choose your bookmark.

As for hiding parts of document, I do not think that is possible.
You can create that in HTML document with javascript, but not in Word document.

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I am running XP and Word 2000 and Nortons. Word will crash if you leave the document open for a while (there is no specific time frame) and then select close (icon). The error - Microsoft Word for Windows has encountered a problem and needs to close. The details are: AppName: winword.exe
Modname: kernel32.dll
modvers: 5.1.26002180
offset 0001eb33

This has pretty much happened since I got this laptop. I have reformatted and reinstalled everything (due to another problem) and still have the same problem with word. I have used the same CD on other computers to install word and they do not have the same problem.

I use a variety of templates and plain documents in my work and can not pin point it to one template.

If you leave Word open with a document (no matter what size) and come back to it later this is when the problem happens. I started to get around it my saving first then closing, but this no longer works. The save completes and then I select Close and this is when it happens - you get the dreaded pause and then you hear the whirl of the computer and then you get the Microsoft Word for Windows has encountered a problem and needs to close. Firstly I could put up with it but is now just a nusiance.

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Hi all.

The other day whilst in the throws of fixing another unrelated problem I came across a strange and annoying Word Document problem.

When I bought this word document up it present a very unusual icon. It was grayed out and part of the title contained a ~$ then the name of the document.

When I tried to open it, the word document only opened up to the gray page just before it should turn white displaying the text, and there it froze.

Nothing worked after that! The freeze was so bad that the only way to close the window was to turn the computer off at the tower.

After rebooting I tried it again 2 more times with the same problem freeze occurring in the Word document.

Today I again found another document that caused the same problem, this time the icon for that document was normal but right beside this icon was another malformed grayed out ~$(name) icon.

When I tried to open either of the 2 icons I got the same freezing up problem, just as before.

I tried a previously suggested step in that I opened "Word" and from there navigated to where the bad files were located.

In turn I only hi-lighted each, and at the bottom of that window clicked on the arrow for the drop down box.

I was advised that one of the presented options was to repair the file. No such option was present.

So there you have it. Any advice on this problem please?


A:[SOLVED] Word document freezes computer and document is corrupted

Hi all.

Just to advise that I am going to mark this topic as a fashion so to speak.
I may resurrect it at a later stage if the problem re-presents it's self.

In a nut shell. I spent a lot of time today searching sites and performing tests including searches on my computer program.

I ascertained that all the aforementioned "defective " Word documents originated in the same folder. After performing several search functions with the criteria as ~$.doc no other such files were found on my computer, other that the already mentioned.

All tests suggested would not repair the said documents.

I have now deleted the offenders and I will monitor the situation. If I run into problems again I will re-post.

Thanks anyway.

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This might be kind of tricky.

We're trying to streamline our RFQ-to-Quote process, which currently utilizes a combination of digital forms and hand-written forms passed among several departments. My boss asked me to modify the RFQ form to save him some typing (because he has to retype all the information in the final Quote), and I--not understanding the complexity of the process--very stupidly told him that it could be done fairly simply using form fields and bookmarks. He's been kind enough to grant me a lot of leniency because for him anything would be better than the current situation, so as long as I can improve on what we use now, he'll be happy.

I thought about creating form templates for each of the departments, then as the original RFQ circulated from one department to the next subsequent forms would be appended to it to create a rolling document. I'm not too happy with the that idea; there's all sorts of room for user error. I thought about creating a single document template containing every department's form, but a) I don't want any single department to be able to modify information gathered during another department's process, and b) certain departments must generate a variable number of copies of their form.

I told my boss the best way to accomplish a secure and low-maintenance RFQ-to-Quote would be to create a stand-alone Quote Generator application, but we both agree the effort is not condusive to the timeframe by whic... Read more

A:Word 2000: Creating a Master Document of document templates

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Hey guys! Is there anybody knows a program that can convert (copy) words in an image to a real document that can be edited from Word?


A:Which software can convert an image of a document to a real document (MS Word)?

If you have MS Office, as I think you do, you might try out this link:

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I work at a small non-profit and we have updated two computers with new computers running Windows 7. We use MS Word 2003. I have checked all threads on forum related to this issue, but nothing seems to correct our problem. I would be grateful for any help.

Description of issue: With a Word document open, one should be able to click "File" > "Send To" > Mail Recipient As Attachment", or any of the other mail options, and have the email composition window of Thunderbird pop up. What happens is that Word is attempting to send the attachment via Windows Live Mail. The computer basically freezes. If you try and abort or get out of Word, and error pops up stating you can't close Word until the email has been sent. Finally, you have to force a shut down of the computer.

Internet Explorer shows Thunderbird as default email client. I have check all of the other obvious places for setting the default email client, but I can't seem to find a conflict anywhere on the computer showing Windows Live Email as default client.

As a side note, this employee was using Outlook Express as their email client prior to the computer upgrade and all setting were imported into Windows Live Mail, which was initially used. The employee did not like Windows Live Mail, so I installed Thunderbird. It is used as the default email client and the only issue has been with Word. Additionally, I know that the document could be sent from Windows Explorer by right-cli... Read more

A:Can't send Word Document via Thunderbird from open document

Might try uninstalling Word, then reinstalling it.

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Someone please help, my doc has been converted.
I saved my doc and restarted my computer like normal but when I opened the doc again it had completely reverted to these pound signs and I've been researching hours on how to revert it but nothing. Can someone please help??!!!

A:Open Office Document replaced by pound signs

If problem comes in excel sheet then you need to be click on enable editing option. open file and click on enable edit. Double click on cell which text convert as pound sign now it will be comes as normal text. Save your file again.

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I have problem, when I put link to .XPS document in MS word document, i can't open this link, nothing hapens , links to other file types works fine. XPS document opens without problem with IE when opening file from folder. I tried to lower security setings in IE hidden security zone "my computer" , but this wont help. There is no problem in Windows 7 with xps links. But i need it to work in Vista. I think it's some kind of security problems. Any ideas ?

Vindows Vista32 SP2
MS Office 2007 SP2

A:Can't open .XPS document link from word document

Will this be any help:

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Please help me, I'm absolutely terrified I've lost my most important document.
Today I tried to open a project I was working on, and I was greeted by a little popup that asked me to set the text, language, and alignment of the document. I clicked okay.
Then another box popped up and it said "document file is locked for editing by unknown user." open read only document or a copy for editing." both choices sent me to my 137 page document, where every piece of text was replaced with pound signs. (###)

I have no idea what to do. Please, please help me out. This is so important.

A:Entire Open Office Document replaced by pound signs!


Where was the document stored?

Were you using your own computer when this happened?

Do you have a backup copy elsewhere?

Orange Blossom

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I'm creating a document in word 2007 at one point of the document I want to insert a link or icon that points to a separate word document, when the master document is saved both documents are saved as one file so that i can distribute it to other people not linked on a LAN. I don't need the second document to be seen but launched on a separate window when the link or icon is clicked.
Can somebody please help I've seen this on emails and PP presentations but I'm not sure if it can be done in word, I would think so!


A:Solved: Word document within a word document

Not hard at all. Open the attached - I have included the instructions to show either the other text (or at least part) or just the icon.

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As above.

Is there a software upgrade i need to do.

I have the password. comes up with...

"Word experienced an error while trying to open this file"

Thanks in advance


A:Solved: Can't open password protected Word 2007 document in Word 2003

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When I download save or display a word document which is locked some of the fonts change and this makes the documant look bad and as a result it is not paged correctly.
I am using Windows 7 and MS Office Home & Business 2010.
If I use a different computer which is XP and 2003 the document displays correctly, if I copy this to the Windows 7 PC the document font is changed.
The lock document is a form which has been locked for easy completion.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


A:Word 2010 changes some fonts in a downloaded locked word document

Found the problem, Windows7 and or MS Office Home & Business 2010 is missing the particular font the document wanted, it was Arial Narrow, once this font was added to the windows/font folder, the document opened correctly.

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Whenever i start word document or weird excel they ask for activation key

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I have an old document created in Word Perfect 5.1 saved on a floppy disk. My present computer has Windows 98 and Microsoft Word. I need to edit and print the old Word Perfect document. Can it be translated to Word? Thanks.

A:Transfering word perferct document to Word

You should be able to hit File-Open from Word. Change the files of type (at the bottom of the dialog box) to "all files, *.*" and just double-click the Wordperfect document. It should automatically convert it.

After that, if I were you, I'd go to Tools-Options, Compatibility tab. Change compatibility to Word document. Then, hit ctrl-a to select the entire document, go to Format-Paragraph and make sure line spacing is single; then change the font to Arial, Times new roman, or other Word font, as opposed to the old Wordperfect fonts.

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Is there a way to close a Word document in Word 2007 without going to the dropdown menu? What happened to the little 'x' in the upper right hand corner that all other Windows programs still have? I have the minimize, maximize, and large 'X', but if I am only working on 1 Word document and click the large X, the file AND Word both shutdown. Is there any way to get the little 'x' back?

A:Close Word document without shutting down Word as well

Go in word options/personalize and add the command "close"
The icon to close the current document will appear on the upper left tool bar.

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Hello all,

On the 12th October I was editing a Word 2007 document on my Vista Home laptop. Throughout editing I pressed Ctrl S to save the doc over the previous version. I copied data in from several other files.
I went back yesterday to edit the document again and it has disappeared. The only version of the doc is a previous version dated 21st Sept.
I searched on all files modified after 11th Oct just in case I had saved it under another name. Not in there. The files I copied data from did come up in the search results though, soi knwo the search function is working.
I checked the default Autosave location - not in there.
I checked the recycle bin - the doc is not in there and neither are any ~ files or autosaved files. I haven't emptied my recycle bin for months.
I cannot find a word doc modified afetr the 11th October.

Can it really just have disappeared? It is my MBA dissertation paper and I worked on this edit for an awful lot of hours.

Many thanks.

A:Word document disappeared: Word 2007

Welcome Suzanne

I am a lot older than you, but I still remember those term papers and finals. I will dow everything that I can to help

Start with this
DiskDigger | The trusted data recovery solution

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My monitor goes black and I am forced to reboot. After rebooting I get a blue screen prompt telling me that i've recovered from a BSOD. I've been monitoring them since October.

In October, I RMA'd my graphics card. Oct 27. You can see that after I got a new GPU, my BSOD's halted... so obviously its the GPU right? if you look at my BSOD dumps the last one is OCT 27, new gpu, and i don't get one until Feb 7.

So on Feb 7 I call up eVGA again and say, ok so my GPU is bad again and I wonder if its something im doing to kill them.

So I am going to get a second RMA and the tech tells me that they received my first card and they ran it for over a hour in a diagnostic app and didn't have a single problem... aka my card was fine...

so i explain my BSOD issues and the tech tells me that it may be a voltage issue and that it may be my power supply... soooooooooo

I goto Tiger Direct down the street and buy a "whatever i can get" thats over 1000 watts supply because I have a 850 watt PSU and obviously its not enough power so i go big... and guess what... My last BSOD dump before the PSU is 3/18 March 18. So new PSU and I don't get a single BSOD until 6/14/2014.

So I have attached "All" of my dumps and all my info with the issues.

My problem is... if its "not" my GPU, why did getting a new one give me no BSOD for 3 months.

my problem is... if its "not" my PSU why did getting a new one march 18 let my PC run ti... Read more

A:BSOD 0x116 (stop error) Replaced GPU, replaced RAM, replaced PSU

Hi Zuriel.

I read your OP. I would suggest you to have an open mind; and dont decide that it is not it. Because during troubleshooting you have to get everything tested.

The BSOD is a stop 0x116. That is an error from the part of the display environment. That means ....
The GPU itself
The display driver
The system temps and dust allocation inside the computer
The hardware parts like GPU fans
Overclocking failure
And etc. I would suggest you to go through a thorough troubleshooting, whatever may be the idea you may have about those.

Are you overclocking? As you are getting BSODs, you should stop overclocking and run all the hardware components like CPU, GPU and RAM to their default settings.

Check if the Power Supply Unit (PSU, 850 watts you said) supplying adequate power to the computer or not.
eXtreme Power Supply Calculator v2.5

Is the computer hot? Report us the heat of the computer after a couple of hours of your normal usage. Upload a screenshot of the summery tab of Speccy. Alternatively, you can publish a Speccy snapshot too: Speccy - Publish Snapshot of your System Specs .

Stress test the Graphics Card using Furmark.
Video Card - Stress Test with Furmark

Install the NVIDIA DRIVERS 314.22WHQL only, at least as a test. Because it never fails on itself.
Uninstall All nvidia items in Control Panel > Programs and features3D Vision Control Driver
3D Vision Driver
Graphics Driver
HD Audio Driver
nvidia Update
(Are you using nvidia chipset dr... Read more

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I believe it was Windows 95 I used to write stories on using Word Perfect.
What has replaced it or the equivalent on W7/Vista?

A:What replaced Word Perfect?

WordPerfect is still alive. I still use it. However, although there are other competing word processing applications, including free versions like in Open Office and Libre Office, MS Word is the overwhelming "favorite" used practically universally, at least in the USA.

I used to write a departmental newsletter and I cut my word processing teeth on WordPerfect and that was even before it went to WYSIWYG.

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I'm using Word 2007 and when I type "Shift ?" I get "" instead. Any idea how to change the program to get a ? when I type Shift ? ???

Many Thanks

A:Solved: Word 2007: ? is replaced with É

hi twomikes,

I don't use Office 2007 but this sounds more like a Windows Regional Setting with the wrong Keybooard set.

1. Does this happen whenever you type a Shift ?, or is it just in WORD?
2. What version of WIN are you using.

Try looking in CONTROL PANEL\REGIONAL AND LANGUAGE OPTIONS\LANGUAGE\DETAILS\SETTINGS then check the correct keyboard is specified.

Also in REGIONAL OPTIONS check that you have the correct Language Code.

Another thing maybe, in WORD what is your default Language setting (Tools\Language\Set Language? If that is wrong you need to correct it in the NORMAL.DOT template document.
(or with WORD closed, find and delete all occurences of NORMAL.DOT and WORD will create a nice new clean one for you the next time you use it.)

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I am not sure if this is possible in word, but say I have document A. I place document A within document x, document y, and document z. Is it possible to make changes to document A and have the changes updated automatically to documents x, y, and z?
I hope this makes sense.


A:Word Document within another document

The only simple way is to go to Insert, Object, Create from file and choose to insert your file as a link (these are 2003 instructions - would be similar in 2007, though.) However, you will then get a questions about the file having links and do you want to update...every time you open the file.
You could also just insert some text and hyperlink it to the other file.
Finally, someone could probably write some VBA that would insert the file and update it every time you opened it.

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Hello all!

We've been having some problems with Word here in the office, and this forum is our last hope!

When opening a file that contains bullet points, one of our computers insists on displaying those little empty upright rectangles that you often see if your system is trying to display Chinese characters it can't read. But these are standard Word bullets, not any special shapes. It is also impossible to highlight them, for example, and get them to change to normal bullets. And it isn't all the bullets, only some of them, although we haven't been able to discern a pattern.

When this file is then sent to another computer, it also displays the rectangles. Sometimes. Sometimes not. It's all very mysterious.

Please help the clueless! We want to print the file, but do not want rectangles in it!

ETA: I have some more info on when the rectangles occur. They also occur instead of the greater-than-or-equals-to symbol and the degree symbol. When you delete the rectangle and type in the unicode key combo for the symbol, however, it displays perfectly.

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After opening a Word doc I noticed that some of my text has either disappeared or become corrupted (text replaced with numbers, symbols and little squares).

Does anyone know of a way to restore the corrupted text? Thank you in advance.

A:Text in Word Doc replaced with numbers and symbols

Have you tried making a copy of the whole file and seeing if that one is corrupted as well?

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I've got some strange behavior going on with .doc files at the moment. Whenever I try to open a .doc file from Windows Explorer or a desktop shortcut, Word opens with the error message "Word experienced an error trying to open the file. Try these suggestions. * Check the file permissions for the document or drive. *Make sure there is sufficient free memory and disk space. *Open the file with the Text Recovery converter."

After clicking OK, the .doc file then opens in Word, apparently with no problems at all (I can edit, save, etc.). So basically the error message seems to be wrong, since the file does open properly.

I can open .doc files from within Word (File -> Open) with no error message.

The issue is more of an annoyance than anything else (since the file eventually opens up just fine), but I imagine it'll just become more irritating as time goes on. Any suggestions on how to resolve it? I've been poking around in the Folder Options -> File Types in Explorer without a clear sense of purpose.

I'm running MS Word 2003 SP3 on Windows XP Service Pack 3. If you need any further info, please let me know.

Thanks for your help!

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Hello Experts,

I am cannot open my MS-word.docx document.
The error it get is White space expectedart:/word/docment, XML,Line,2 Column:642733.

I've tried everything I can think of! Including:
Saving it as a .zip file. Which it won't
Saving it as .txt: Which It will- But no help.
Looking at it in word pad: Still no help.

How can I find:,Line,2 Column:642733. and correct it? or at least save what Ive written to that point.
I have no idea what happened to cause this other than the flash drive didn't update on my last save...

Please please Help.. hours of work were invested....

Thank you

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I left my computer alone with my father and he refuses to tell me what he did, so I have little to go by, and Google is of no help. My entire Word document has turned to...
gprf. .auZseu htlsm
slhZbnipertrge ko ti esu gi stx
e mnst s henei onecsotu fsa,r e atret hirtensp eniiehohes ut ao llt heydxenebrDa uaulthms nlklapss s deccilbaniau BR$3br
Is there anyone out there with an idea of how to fix this??

A:Opened a Word Doc, words replaced with random characters and symbols?

Is the document actually opening in word?
It looks like it is open in a standard text editor like notepad.
The default program for word files may have been changed
or the file association may have been changed.
Try right clicking in document and click open with and select
word to open it.
If the is an always use this application to open check box,
select that.

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Regarding MS Critical updates for Word - I never get them via Automatic Update. Tuesday's (7-/12) updates are a good example, I got three updates - two were for XP and one was the Malicious Tool scan (not actually an "update"). Nothing for Word.
But I read that one was supposed to be a Critical update for Word:

I have never gotten them for Word and also the Office Security site doesn't give Security-type updates via its scan (that I can see). Tonight for example, it gave me a list of seemingly un-Critical updates: French-language grammar checking was first on the list! It didn't highlight or stress that anything else on the list was critical in a security sense. It called them all "required." I disagree...but, that's why I'm here asking!

My Word version is confusing, it's both Office XP and Word 2002 - it goes by both names. Can I get updates for Word through Automatic Updates? If not, how can I?

A:How to get Critical Updates for MS Word?

As far as I know the only place for Word updates is
If you do OfficeUpdates and Windows Update, you will have all the security updates from Microsoft. You may need to install some, reboot, install more updates, etc. Just keep rebooting and checking the Updates site until there are no more updates.

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I just downloaded MS Office 2010. Now, all the office icons - Excel, PowerPoint etc ..... and all the icons in Start menu and my desktop such as Norton 360, iTunes, Quicktime Player, Calculator etc. show up as the Microsoft Word icon.

In other words all the original icons are missing and the only icon I see - for all software programs is Microsoft Word.

I had a virus on my laptop a few weeks ago and I deleted a folder .... or something ... but I'm not sure what it was. Can someone please tell me what I deleted and how I can get it back?

A:Crazy - Microsoft Word icon has replaced all icons Start menu

Try this program it will help with the file associations.

FileTypesMan - Alternative to 'File Types' manager of Windows

You can re-assign them to the correct application. -WS

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I'm using Wins2000 professional. Every time I open a new document in Word I get three pages. I would like to know how I can get it back to only one page when I open up a new document.

A:New Word Document

hmmm, that's a weird one.

Have you added any new macros to your template??

Anyway, try doing a search on your system for and when you find it, rename it to normal.old and then start Word again and see what happens.

If you did not make any changes to your template, and the above works, then you can just delete the normal.old

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I am using Windows Vista and I have Microsoft Office 2007. I have a HP Photosmart D110 Series scanner/printer. I have been told that I can produce *.doc documents from scanned JPG or PDF formats. I have not been able to achieve this, nor have I found anyone who can help me do it. All, however tell me that I should be able to do it.

I have tried Microsoft Document Imaging, but all Format is lost and the font is all the same font and text size, whereas the original had more than one font and varied test sizes.

A:PDF to Word document

Try with one of these

pdf to word downloads - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

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Opened a WordPad page to find \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ the entire page .All but the first few lines had been replaced with \\\\\\\\\\\ . Can someone tell me why ? What happened ? Can I get it back ? If so how ? Thanks for any help .

A:Word Pad Document Is Only \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ .

Have you scanned for infections? If so with what?

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I accidentally deleted an important word document. How can I get this back.


A:Word Document Help

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When I try to in large an image on word it stops responding how do I fix this problem

A:word document

What version of word are you using? What do you consider large? Have you tried to compress the image? If your running other processes your PC may be running out of memory.

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i had to do a paper and its really long. i saved it as Xml as usual and it has been fine. i opened it to make some final fixes and it looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><?mso-application progid="Word.Document"?>
<w:wordDocument xmlns:w="" xmlns:number="urnasis:names:tcpendocument:xmlns:datastyle:1.0" xmlns:w10="urn:schemas-microsoft-comffice: word" xmlns:v="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" xmlns:dt="uuid:C2F41010-65B3-11d1-A29F-00AA00C14882" xmlns:aml="" xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com: office: office"
thats only a little bit of it. please tell me how to get it back to normal!
sorry about the smiles

A:Help with word document!

Retrieve in it word, then watch the box at the bottom of the screen as you file or save it as a .doc file, then review the ?xml info.

The Document Object Model (DOM) class is an in-memory representation of an XML document. The DOM allows you to programmatically read, manipulate, and modify an XML document. The XmlReader class also reads XML, however it provides non-cached, forward-only, read-only access. This means that there are no capabilities to edit the values of an attribute or content of an element, or the ability to insert and remove nodes with the XmlReader. Editing is the primary function of the DOM. It is the common and structured way that XML data is represented in memory, although the actual XML data is stored in a linear fashion when in a file or coming in from another object.
There is plenty of useful information on xml documents and file structure in the Microsoft knowledge base, or even with a Google search.

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Can someone help me figure out an easy way to get a PDF file into a Word 2007 document. I tried copy the file to my clipboard, but nothing copies into my document when I try pasting it.

A:Getting PDF into a Word document

hi, there's a few ways to do it, either with software, or online which is probably easier if you don't do it that often.

suggestions: google "convert .pdf to .doc software" for a software search or
follow this link which i normally use: (quick, easy, no installations)


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found out i had a virus on my computer. Ran norton. Now all of my word documents are squares all over the page. Have they been destroyed? Is there anyway of recovering them. No i did not back my work up. Thanks

A:word document

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I was using a Word document when it suddenly had to close. Now I can't get it to function properly again. Even after I turn off & reboot the computer, it still doesn't work.

When I open it, it says MS Word for Windows has encountered a problem & needs to close.
When I click for details, it says:
Error signature AppName: winwor.exe Appver: Modname:mso9.dll ModVer:
Offset: 0000faf8
When I click to view technical info, it says:
Exception Information
Code: 0xc0000005 Flags: 0x00000000
Record: 0x0000000000000000 Address: 0x00000000308cfaf8

System Information
Windows NT 5.1 Buil: 2600
CPU Vendor Code: 756E6547 - 49656E69 - 6C65746E
CPU Version: 00000F29 CPU Feature Code: BFEBFBFF
CPU AMD Feature Coe: 00EAE824

Module 1
Image Base: 0x30000000 Image Size: 0X00000000
Checksum: 0x0086f8f5 Time Stamp: 0x36f08fb3
Version Information
Signature: feef04bd
StrucVer: 00010000
FileVer: (9.0:0.2717)
ProdVer: (9.0:0.2717)
FlagMask: 0000003f
Flags: 00000000
OS: 00000004
FileType: 00000001
SubType: 00000000
FileDate: 00000000: 00000000

Module 2
Image Base: 0x7c900000 Image Size: 0x00000000

Well, I was going to type it all. But it goes on a whole lot longer than I thought.
Does anybody know what the problem is with this document & how I can fix it?
I use Windows XP Home & Word 2000.


A:Does Anyone Know How To Fix This Word Document?

Does this problem only affect this one document or all Word docs? Have you tried opening the document on another PC that has MS Office Installed? Have you tried using a different Word processing program? Have you tried to start Word in SafeMode?

If you don't have access to another PC with MS Office installed you can try to download a different word processing program such as OpenOffice to see if it will open the Doc. You can also try opening the document using Notepad (right click and select "Open With" and select Notepad)

To Open Word in SAFE MODE

1. Select Run from the Windows Start menu

2. Type winword.exe /a (you must insert the space before the /a
(You may also need to type the full file path of Windword.exe))

3. Click OK


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How do i convert my ocr documents to word for editing?

A:OCR document to word

Welcome, sherrylabtec.

What's your OCR program? With something like OmniPage, you should just be able to choose File > Save As, and choose MS Word document. And the later versions, since at least 9.0, have wizards that will walk you through conversion.

Post back with some details about how you're scanning, and we'll help you out.

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My friend have a problem. When I open a new document in MS Word I have no empty sheet, but one of his old document.

A:MS Word - New Document

He probably accidentally saved it as, which is default Word blank template. Tell him to search for and rename it to a more suitable title depending on the contents of the doc.

Word will recreate the when it isn't found.

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Please help! I have a word document I am quite certain was saved to my desktop, only now I am unable to locate the file. I have visited recent documents in Word, it sees the document, but when I click to open the file, a pop-up appears that says the path does not exist.

I have performed a search for the file on my computer (searching all drives and files). I find the document, but again, it says the path does not exist. When I search for it this way, it shows that it is a shortcut on my computer and suggests it may have been moved. However, the search does not find it anywhere else.

I have also searched in the hidden files and folders but the document I need is not there either.

Can someone please help with other ideas of where I can try to locate the document?

Thank you for helping this girl in distress!

A:Word Document is MIA

The best search tool I know of is Everything. It's free from It's fantastic. Keep it around.

It will quickly index your drive. You then enter at least a portion of the file name into the search box and it should find it just about as fast as you can type the name.

There's always a chance you deleted it or the file became corrupt for unknown reasons.

The "recent documents" list won't help if you moved it away from that location on purpose or accidentally, but you knew that.

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When I double click on a word document to open it, unless my current Microsoft Word 97 is already open, it attempts to open it under Microsoft Word version 2.0a. How can I fix this?

.......I got this fixed.

I have now assigned the correct program file butI get the error message xxxx.doc is not a valid win32 application. How can I fix this?

A:Word Document

Closing this - please just use the original topic, don't start a new one.

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I was writing in a Word file, and was saving every few minutes. After one save, my computer crashed with a blue screen... the PAGE_NON_FAULT etc. error. After re-booting my word file was nothing but squares.

Is there a way to recover my document? I have Word97.


A:Word ate my document

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hello every one

my sister done 10 pages for her course work and she alway save it on her memory stick.
but some how, when she try to save it this time it doesn't work and the the microsoft word file turn to notepad file and when she open it, it came up with lot of question marks, i hope there is a way to convert it back into words

thx for reading and help is needed

this is the corse work>>> Rescued document.txt

A:Microsoft word file turn to notepad file with non word text

any responses here?

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Hi everyone

I have Office 2008 for Mac.

I'm trying to print a two page document, the print preview is fine but when the document comes out of the printer, the text/info from the first page has been duplicated into the layout of the second page with the text that should be there totally gone. This means I only ever get 1 usable page and none of the vital second page information.

I've swapped printers, uninstalled and reinstalled all my software, done my office updates, restarted my computer, even tried a duplicate word document and am still not having any luck. My printer company is adamant its a Word problem.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

A:Printing problem from Word, fine in preview, 2nd page text replaced with 1st in print

Not a MAC guy - but this may help by fixing it or providing more clues -

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When I open up MS Word, it always goes to the Document Recovery window, even on documents that I know to be not corrupt. How can I fix this?

A:MS Word Document Recovery

What version of Word are you using? 2003? 2007?

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whenever i save a web document it is done as NOTEPAD. For editing purposes and being a compulsive, i then cut and past into WORD format.
Is there a way of my saving directly into WORD?

I have windows xp and word 2003


A:saving new document as WORD

In Internet Explorer (assuming that is your browser of choice) right click a balnk part of the IE toolbar at the top and select "customize"

Then add the "edit button" (assuming it's not already on the toolbar) and it should offer you the choice of "editing" the webpage in Word.

If on the other hand you are "Saving as" a .txt file, simply change your file associations to open txt files with Word will achieve a similar result.

As it stands, from reading your post its quite unclear exactly what you are doing.

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I pulled a real bonehead move. I had opened a daily report from yesterday to use as a shortcut for today's. When I was done with the changes I clicked yes to save as opposed to saving as a new document.
Is there any way to recover the document prior to the save?

A:Saved over word document.

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Word document too big and cannot open what can i do recover the work?

A:word document too big and cannot open.

I moved the thread from Windows 7 to Business Applications.

I think that anybody trying to help is going to want to know from where the file came, whether it is .doc or .docx, its size, and with what application(s) you tried to open it.

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Is there any kind of document management for MS Word? I would like to be able to track down history of documents that have already been created. Find out who created them, What version it was created on etc. Is there any such thing? Thx.

A:Document management for MS Word

If you go to File/Properties you will get document-specific information.

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Hi There

I'm not sure if this is possible to do using VBA. Here is an example only.

In an Excel spread sheet, suppose that I have the following in Column A starting in Cell A2 with the coresponding Numbers in Column B starting in cell B2 :

Revenues $100,000
NOI $50,000
Costs $10,000
I also have an MS Word document minimized that has the following words: The words obviously could change.

I have been working for this company for 1 year and have made revenues of $XXXXXX. My NOI are only $XXXXXX and I also know form my accounting department that my costs are now down to $XXXXX.
What I want to do now is the following. Instead of copying and pasting from the Excel to the word document the dollar amounts, I want to create a macro that picks the dollar amounts from the Excel worksheet an places them in the proper places in the word document where the XXXXX are. To create your workbook and the MS Word Doc, use the generic default names (book1 and document1)

I believe that I have expalained myself on what I want to do. keep in mind that the text in the MS Word document is not fixed. The XXXX can be anywhere. You can use the words revenues, NOI and costs as identifiers in the word document. Also, in the Excel workbook, the information need not be specifically in Columns A or B. But once again the identifiers are the same, Revenues, NOI and Costs.



A:Excel into Word Document

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Recently received a Word Perfect email attachment but am unable to read. Is there a download to handle this or must I purchase a program?
My operating system is ms windows xp.
Many thanks,

A:Word Perfect Document

marcusbaje said:

Recently received a Word Perfect email attachment but am unable to read. Is there a download to handle this or must I purchase a program?
My operating system is ms windows xp.
Many thanks,
marcusbajeClick to expand...

Unless you have MS word or Wordperfect installed on your system, you can't edit the document. Try this for viewing

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I made a backup of some documents on a cd, but know when i try to open any document the only thing i can see is a lot of littles squars and some strange characters, (Sometimes word prompt me to select the correct text encoding, but no matters what i select i still cant see anything)

Is there any way to recover my docs??


A:Word Document problem


Moved you to Business Applications for more response


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I have ONE word document that I cannot open because it says it may be corrupt. I have tried the "open and repair" option - system scans - tried opening it with different extension, reviewed comments on this site about repairing word documents, etc. etc., so far nothing has worked. Is there some process I am missing? It is only one document - all other word documents ok - but the document does contain information I have been logging in to keep track of expenses and I would really like to retrieve it. Can anyone help? (PS - I'm not a techie - just an average user of computer applications so I would need detailed instructions if this is something that can be fixed)
Thank you for taking the time to read this post....and if it belongs in some different forum please advise.

A:Corrupt Word Document

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I am receiving word documents from a friend and I am unable to open them. I keep getting an error message that says the path file name is not valid. It won't allow me to open!

Any suggestions?

I have Windows XP and Office 2000

A:Word document accessibility

Assuming you're getting these documents as email attachments, it's possible your friend is sending you shortcuts to the file rather than the file itself, in which case the shortcut is pointing to a location on your friend's computer so the path really isn't valid on your computer.

If that's not the case, first save the attachment to your My Documents folder. Then open Word (or Wordpad, whichever you like) and open the document that way. If it has a .doc file extension and if it's not a shortcut, it should open.

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I confess, I have been using the same word document year after year to generate the new version of our family xmas newsletter. It is a single page and I change the year and fill in the current years news in place of last years news, change the name and save until next year. I noticed this year it was a little sluggish while typing in new updates. I have inserted only 3 small .jpg files and the file size is 1.43MB. Is there a way to clean out any prior information/baggage so that I can get it down to a reasonable size. I know I can start fresh every year but....

A:Cleaning up a word document

Try left click and dragging with the blue line showing. When you get to the end of what you want cleaned or erased then hit the delete button.

Hope I understood your question but post back so we know if this worked or not.

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When opening MS Word 2003, the program opens to a blank gray screen. Not the same as if no document were open.
I can view the document if I go into "Print Preview" or "Full Screen" modes. This happened all of a sudden after closing out of full screen mode.

I tried reinstalling. No luck. This only happens on my main user profile. When I switch users, the program works fine.
Any ideas.


A:Cannot see my Word 2003 document

Try renaming the file in your profile.

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Hello, i do appologise you must get asked this question alot. I have been working on an essay which is due in on monday and after taking a few days on it, it was almost complete, i accidently clicked on one of the hyperlinks on it and left the room, when i came back the document was missing all but the last page. I saved it at every step so i decided to exit it, however when i reopened it it was still only the last page. Is there any way i can get back to the older version?

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My daughter was writing a paper (Windows XP) and using Word, which had been closing whenever you put the cursor to file. She didn't know that and lost the whole thing. It seems like I have seen instructions for how to find an unsaved document before, but can't find them now. Thanks in advance.

A:Lost Word document

sorry, should have posted in business applications forum, will try there. Thanks,

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With the help of DB, I've created a document in Word with Text Form Fields etc. Now, what I'd like to do is create a button, which the users presses and the document is sent via email to whoever automatically. Is it as simple as recording a macro or a little bit more?

A:Email Word document

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I have a user which needs to open a file but this comes up with the attached file window
No matter what you select the file does not come up with normal text(regardless of format).
Is there any help to this situation?

A:Microsoft Word Document

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Was on a website featuring videos, the usual assortment of car stuff, people falling off their bikes etc. Hit a link to watch a video, IE shut down and a new icon of a notepad appeared on my desktop with hs_err_pid3120.log written underneath it. I've not opened it, and it scanned clear with Panda Platinum. Is this a virus in a word or text document? I'm worried having only read about the worm that's due to start "work" on the 3rd Feb. I don't use a file shredder and wondered if it was safe to dispose of this unknown document via the recycle bin....

A:Unwanted word document

robert69 said:

Was on a website featuring videos, the usual assortment of car stuff, people falling off their bikes etc. Hit a link to watch a video, IE shut down and a new icon of a notepad appeared on my desktop with hs_err_pid3120.log written underneath it. I've not opened it, and it scanned clear with Panda Platinum. Is this a virus in a word or text document? I'm worried having only read about the worm that's due to start "work" on the 3rd Feb. I don't use a file shredder and wondered if it was safe to dispose of this unknown document via the recycle bin....Click to expand...

Hi robert69,

Welcome to TSG!

You can upload the file to where about 12 or so virus scanners will give it the once over for you.

Doubt it will reveal anything, but just in case, wait for the results and if nothing is found it should be ok to delete it to the recycle bin.

You can get Simple File Shredder (freeware) v3.0 at:

-- Tom

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I have recently bought WinFaxPro 10.02, and I can't seem to figure out how to be able to get a received fax into Word so that I can edit and resend as necessary. No trouble moving the whole page into 'My Documents', but that is as a whole page that is not in a .doc format. Does anyone know how to solve my problem?

A:WinFaxPro 10.03 into Word document

look in the setup section (or help LOL) for the ocr (optical character recognition) option (in winfax)
set it for text or rtf, choose where the output goes
scan the fax
open the text/rtf file in word
fix it up
save as .doc

for minor blemishes you can annotate the fax (erase the fax headers, clean up smudges etc) and also use the text tool
- then save and resend

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Does anyone have a solution to this?. An important wordpad document have been damaged by too many saves, about half the text is gone and replaced with these characters \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ .

I had the same problem with a .doc document a year ago and found a simple solution on a forum, i could fix it in the word program, but i cannot remember what i did to fix it = /.

I have tried to highlight all the text and change the text to Arial, etc. I have also tried to copy the text and open the document in other programs without success.

A:word document corrupted

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