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Making forms in Word 2003

Q: Making forms in Word 2003

I have a problem! I made a form field in Word and placed a second form field right after the first field. When I started to fill the first field the second just moves closer to the right side of the page. How can I keep the fields form moving. I locked the form fields but that makes no difference. Thanks for your help.

A: Making forms in Word 2003

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I am trying to make a database I have built available for people in my office. They will be adding data to it with the forms I have created, but I have been having a hard time finding how to set up what I have on a network so that it can be accessed by many clients.

I would really appreciate any tips as to where I can find this information. Thanks in advance!


A:Access 2003: Making forms available for clients

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I just started using Word 2007 and am having some difficulty adjusting to the changes. Unfortunately this is the software I am stuck with and no upgrade to 2010 is possible.

Specifically, I have created a lot of forms in Word 2003 by using text boxes to be filled by the user. I've also used links and references so that the user doesn't have to re-type some of the duplicated information throughout the form.

After creating these forms, I protected the documents and other people within my organization use them as templates. These forms need to be uniform throughout the department.

Several problems. I'm having a hard time familiarizing myself with Forms in Word 2007. Another issue, is that I can't get the Forms Spell Check to work like it did in Word 2003. I want my users to be able to check the protected portion of the document. They also need to be able to unprotect the document if they have to make some changes in the form.

It would be very helpful if there was a Word 2007 guide that explains the differences from word 2003 and offers an interactive training.

I'm desperate. Can you help me?

A:Word 2003 Forms being used in Word 2007; And Creating New

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I have several Word 2007 documents containing forms controls that I need to make compatible with Word 2003. When I save the 2007 doc as 2003, the controls become static content. I tried replacing them with legacy controls but can't get them to work. When I insert a drop-down list box, only the first entry in the list displays and there is no drop-down arrow allowing selection of other items in the list. Can you help?

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Hi, I am creating a form in Word 2003 (Running over Window XP Professional). I have inserted a field called Sdate and on the next line Firstname. When I reference the field Firstname in other parts of the document, it also includes the field Sdate.
So my result looks like this:
Dear Sdate
instead of
Dear Firstname

I am having no problems with referencing other fields, only these two. I have removed the date field and put it back in and still the same result.

Hope this makes sense and hope you can help.


A:MS Word 2003 Forms

Hi lotsacats,

Are you using Bookmarks as Field References?
Maybe the Ref for Firstname also spans the previous line including Sdate:

In Tools /Options/View tick the Bookmarks box and then check if the square brackets [ ] are like this:


If so, delete the bookmark for Firstname and recreate it ensuring it only covers the Firstname line.


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I have created a form with fields and drop-downs. 1. Is there a way after tabbing through the form's fields to convert back to the word processor of Word to allow the author be able to type a narrative and still have all the functions of Word? and 2. I have followed advise on this site to have a field cross-referenced to another field if the answer is the same. Within the first field I checked "calculate on exit" and on the second, insert, reference, quick reference and chose the "text#" of the first field. When you tab away from the first field (while protected) a blank box is promted asking "ok" or "cancel". I have to click one answer twice and the field does appear at the second location. Is there another way to auto-copy fields or a way to get rid of the blank box being prompted? Working with Windows XP. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

A:Word 2003 Creating Forms Questions

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At my work we have templates from Word 2003.

When we open them in Word 2007 they doesn´t work as they should.

We have for example a menu like

2 Electronics
2.1 Phones
2.1.1 Mobile phones

When you make an uppdate on the menu the sub-numbers disapear so it is
2 Electronics
Mobile phones

Also in 2003 you get a menu to the right where you can change in the list not only the types but also the numbering. Is there something like that in 2007?

A:Making Word 2003 templates work in word 2007

A couple of things.

Firstly here is an interactive guide for some of the features in 2003 - 2007. It is useful in some circumstances

In regards to using 2003 templates for 2007 - i noticed that not all things worked in the same way in 2007 especially when it came to printing (things would display differently to how they would print)

I work for a big company and i had to redesign alot of templates. Sorry.

In regards to changing the numbering, you now right click on one of the actual numbers within the document and you can change the numbering from there.

Hope that all makes sense.

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made my file "read only" via Tools-Protect document. Now when opening every time I get a prompt "enter password to modify or open to read only". Is it possible to make so, that document would be opened without prompting message what to do next?

A:Making file read only in Word 2003

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When I bought my new computer its' 64 bit, I transferred everything from my old 32 bit computer and

everything went fine, but my word 2003  will not load the Pleading Wizard.  It loads everything else in the
word program but the PLEADING WIZARD, it was working fine in windows 10 at 32 bits
Does anyone know how to get my 2003 32 bit program to work on my new 64 bit computer?

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I am having issues with Word and Outlook 2003. I just upgraded them from 2000 and now I am running into a couple of issues. Help!

Microsoft Word 2003
- Can't highlight or select an area on my Word page with my mouse. I can use my keyboard, but that becomes quite annoying as you can imagine.

Microsoft Outlook 2003
- Can't highlight or select an area on my page with my mouse. I can use my keyboard, but that becomes quite annoying as you can imagine.
- Can't open Word document attachments only. I can open excel, pdf, etc..., but not Word.

I have restarted my pc, reinstalled office 2003, erased the profile, removed the 11.0\Word\Data registry and no luck. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Can't highlight in Word 2003 and Outlook 2003. Can't open Word 2003 attachments.

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I am VERY new to Access 2003, and have spent $$$ on various books. I wanted to memic the Employees Form in Northwind database espically how to display pictures on the form. I copied the Employee's table and form to my new database. I also copied all of the code that went alone with the form and table. All seem to work fine until I selected a Jpeg from my folder. When I attempt to open the Jpeg, I get the following error, "Run-time Error: '2135' This property is Read only and can't be set, MS Visual Basic." It works inside of the Northwind database, but not in my database and I have no idea why it will not work. I have enclosed a copy of the VB Code and highlited where the errror is happening. I hope that someone with a lot more smarts than me can point me in the right direction.


Option Compare Database
Option Explicit
Dim path As String

Private Sub AddPicture_Click()
' Use the Office File Open dialog to get a file name to use
' as an employee picture.
End Sub

Private Sub Form_RecordExit(Cancel As Integer)
' Hide the errormsg label to reduce flashing when navigating
' between records.
errormsg.Visible = False
End Sub

Private Sub RemovePicture_Click()
' Clear the file name for the employee record and display the
' errormsg label.
Me![ImagePath] = ""
errormsg.Visible = True
End Sub

Private Sub Form_AfterUpdate()
' Requery the ReportsTo combo box after a rec... Read more

A:Access 2003 Forms

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Hey guys! Really could use your help on this one. Okay I have a program that reads emails for a Support box and creates Work Orders based on the Sender, Subject of the email, and the message itself. Well I wanted to create a form in Outlook 2003 that basically limited what they can send to this mailbox, which would be tremendous in getting all necessary information from them as well as make it easier for this program to understand what the user is trying to say. Here in lies the problem. If I make a drop down with a value of "DEPT" then the reader form also needs to show the "DEPT" box, which works for Outlook, but never is ready by my email monitoring Program. Is there a way that I can say for the user to fill out:
Dept: [this is the department
Type: [This is the problem type]
Subtype: [This is they problem subtype]
Category: [This is the problem category]

And take all that info and put it into a message box so that this email monitoring program understands what I'm trying to say? I'm really going to need your minds on this one. Anyone have any ideas?!?!

Thanks in advance all!


A:Outlook 2003 Forms HELP!

No one has any idea? I still am not sure if this is even possible!! I need your minds here!



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I have created a custom form for telephone messages in OUtlook 2003 and it contains user defined fields such as "Caller Name", "Company" etc.

The form works great... the only thing is that when the recipient receives the email message, they only see all of the details if they open the message.

Most of my colleagues use the reading pane to review messages and these fields do not display in the reading pane.

My question is.... is there any way I can make my form fields to display in the Reading Pane so the message does not actually have to be opened.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank You!

A:Outlook 2003 forms

The problem is that the form is probably being held locally on your PC. If it is loaded onto the server then it should work perfectly fine. I have seen this before when I tried to setup a phone message form for former users of Lotus Notes and Groupwise.

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I am making a form in outlook 2003 and what I am trying to do is when you check the check box to enable the text box but i haven't found the way to do this. And it looks like the little I know of Visual basic won't work with outlook.

Also is there a way to grab the computer name and place it in a text box?

I am placing the code in the Script Editor.


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I have a form bound to one query. The form is distinct on name. There are several records for each person. When I update the form it's only updating the first record for that person. My fields are... name, ssn, dob, ph id and cost. The first 3 fields are the same for that specific person and the ph id is getting updated in the form. Cost is the only field that's different which creates many records for one person. I need the form to update all records when I enter the ph id. I've tried everything except VB coding. I think I may need to code a work around but don't know VB.


A:Please Help... Access 2003 forms

Try going to the Microsoft Office section of TSF, they might be more helpful.

Edit: I see you've posted this in the Office forum already. I realize you have a problem, but please keep the post in the appropriate section and be patient, it usually takes some time for someone to post a solution.

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Does anyone know how to edit the appointment form in office 2003?

Basically, im trying to change the description box into a series of titled fields rather than just a big white box.

When I go into form design mode, none of the boxes can be clicked on or edited at all, unlike the contacts form in design view. The only change in design view appears to be some new tabs at the top P.2 - P.6 and some properties.

Is there any way I can edit it and make it the default form when I click "new appointment" from the calendar?


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I'm a major beginner trying to create an access database for client management/data reporting.

I have 6 tables and all the underlying relationships set up how I think they should go.

Here's my current hang-up (and there have been/will be many!!):

I'm trying to create an main "Intake" form that is linked to 3 tables; tblclient, tblintake, tblecase. (client has a 1-M relationship with intake, intake 1-M with case).

On the form that I created, case is a subform, while intake is integrated into the main form. The issue is a staff member will have to either fill in (or tab through) every single entry that's linked to tblclient, before they can start entering data that's linked to tblintake, and the same thing for tblcase. It seems so simple, but I can't figure it out! Is there a way around this?

A:Access 2003 Forms

co11co11, welcome to the Forum and the wonderful world of Access.
I am not sure why you have the intake integrated into the main form, I would have thought that the logical form design would be a Client mainform with an Intake Sunform which has it's own Case subform.

As to your question "a staff member will have to either fill in (or tab through) every single entry that's linked to tblclient, before they can start entering data that's linked to tblintake, and the same thing for tblcase", isn't that what you want them to do. ie fill in all the data?
If you just want partial filling in of data the user can use the mouse to move to the other Forms to enter data in to them.
However something needs to be in the mainform to set up the correct link to the subform(s)

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I made a form in word 2000. Everything worked great but if you push the "entry" key instead of the "tab" key it moves everything in the form down. Does anybody know how to disable the entry key or make it think it's the tab key?

A:Forms in MS Word

If it's even possible, it'll require VBA, which gives a macro virus warning on open, and they may just disable the macros anyway.

Actually, as I recall, it's not possible.

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I need help with Microsoft Word 2003. I am working with form fields. When I type in a form field it moves my formatting around on the same line dropping it to the next line. I tried right click to make adjustments to the form field, with no avail, I have tried double clicking in the form field with no avail.

I know I am missing something, hopefully somebody here can help. Thanks in advance.

Please see attached screen shots of Right and Double Click form fields.

A:Word (Forms)

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I am trying to create a form that people fill in and then the data is transferred into a new document created from a template. The Form now opens when the template is open (thank you XL Guru) but I cannot seem to get the data to transfer...

I have created a 'textform field option' in a cell in word which I have called 'Price' in the 'Bookmark:' section.

I have then entered the following code into the userform module (my user form is called userform1):

Private Sub btnUserOK_Click()

End Sub

Private Sub TextBoxPrice_Change()
vprice = UserForm1.TextBoxPrice.Text
ActiveDocument.FormFields("bkprice").Result = vprice
End Sub

I am quite new to all this so you will have to excuse my ignorance if this is complete garbage...

Do I have to enter the code into the 'Userform1 module' or the 'thisdocument' module.

I then have an OK button which I want to click and the data then be entered into the appropriate 'textform field option'

Any help will be greatly appreciated..

Thank you

A:Forms and Word

Word VBA is NOT my thing (dunno where Annie is lately).

Whatever button (AKA control) on the form you want to "do stuff", rightclick it & "View Code" and shove it in there.


Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
vprice = UserForm1.TextBoxPrice.Text
ActiveDocument.FormFields("bkprice").Result = vprice
End Sub


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Customer has a word doc, when they open it the fields appear
to be displaying a form with terms like #fieldtext# and #checkbox#
When she prints it the correct values are printed.

Is there a method to view it as it would print ?

I assume this doc is the output from a form ?

A:Word Forms ??

Perhaps hitting Alt-F9 will work?

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Hi Guys..

I am working on a project which has a requirement of
creating forms which has certain areas that user can
I am using word XP. Can I create certain lockable areas
in the form? Is compatibility an issues with different
word versions?
My main concern is that the forms are going on web and
are to be downloaded by the user? Can we still maintain
the control? If not, what are my options?

Please guide. Any help would be appreciated


A:Word Forms

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I am trying to set up a from in Word. The goal is to have drop-down boxes and other web components so people can enter info. It is basically a form to request stuff from other people in the company.

I am trying to find a way to have the info from the form be emailed to someone when they click the submit button. I have a test form set up with everything I need, and then when I click the submit button I get the new email message but nothing appears in the body.

I know I am missing something, I just can't figure it out.


A:Forms in Word

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Help!!!! I have created a form in Word 97. It basically lists the information I need and there is a text box to the side for the response to the question. All I need to know is how do I fix this form so the end user can put a response in the text box and tab to the next box. I feel like an idiot, I can not figure out how this works. I could do it in excel however this is for work and has to be in Word. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!

A:Forms In Word 97

I believe all you need to do is just "protect" the form. Click the padlock on your Form toolbar. Then you can tab from field to field.

Works for me but I'm sure Dreamboat or someone else will respond if this is not correct.

Get paid to listen to music online!

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I need to require that certain fields in a form be populated before a user can move on to the next record in that form.

I included the following formula in the BeforeUpdate property for the form:
=IIf(IsNull([Combo40]),MsgBox("Please select a value for SAP Adjustment required"))

I've tested this formula and it works. The problem I have is when I click OK on the message box the form advances to the next record. I would like to keep the same record visible that prompted the message.

Can anyone advise how I do that? Is there something wrong with my formula or do I need to do something else?


A:Solved: Access 2003 Forms

How are you inserting the data? With a button click, or moving off the last field? If your using a button, I would use the Click event. Test each field's text box/combo box/etc to see if they contain data AND the proper type of data (IE you expect Alpha characters in a test box and someone tries to enter numbers). Once all your conditions are met, then and only then do you add the data to your table. Otherwise, move the focus back to the control that needs data.

IF your inserting data by moving off the last field, try using the before insert event Do your checking here. You might also check out the On Dirty event (either use the on-line help or do a google search).

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I've designed a new form in Outlook and added an ActiveX control (Date Time Picker from CCRP
to a contact page. Everything works fine except the date is not retained when I save and exit the contact. It keeps defaulting back to the current date next time I access it.

Am I missing something?

Any advice is appreciated.


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I have designed outlook form i.e. post using Standard forms library. In this form updated few user defined items. Then publish this form in personal Forms library. When I sent this form to my outlook id then I can't see user defined items selected in form. I dont have permission to publish form in Organizational forms library as well I dont have permission to create folder in public. How is it possible to see the items in forms to me as well other recepient.?

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Hi guys,

Could someone please give me a hand with a little project I'm working on.
This is a little complicated, I hope you understand what I am trying to say

In MS WORD, I am currently able to make drop down forms.

Is it possible that if I were to have multiple drop down forms; I could use the first form menu to define what is listed in the other form menu's.

E.g. [Drop-down form 1] has 3 catogorys in its lists;
- Menu 1
- Menu 2
- Menu 3

When Menu 1 is selected from [Drop-down form 1], [Drop-down form 2] menu changes to whatever list I pre-define for menu 1. However if Menu 2 were seleceted, then [Drop-down form 2] will display Menu 2's list accordingly. Etc

Is this possible? I've seen it used many times before on website forms, but can I do the same in word?

If the above is possible... to take things one step further.. Can I do the same with the 2nd drop-down form; (any option that I select from it) to predefine choices for for a 3rd drop down menu?

Sorry if this is confusing, if there is any part you want me to clarify I'll be happy to do so.

Thanks for your help in advance.

A:Help with MS Word DROPDOWN forms

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I've searched high and low, yet I cannot find the answer to my question.

Basically what I'm trying to do is make a customer-editable lease contract document for a customer of mine. I know the basics of Word forms, and I've entered the various fields (ie. Lessee's Name, Address, Phone, etc), and there are a couple of redundancies in information (specifically names of Lessee and Co-Lessee, so text). Instead of making the lessee type out the same info twice, I thought that I'd set it up so that if they enter their name at the top, it would be entered at the bottom in the same field automatically. I can get this behaviour to work time and time again with numbers (quite simple really), but is this at all possible with text? No matter what I've tried, I can't get it to work, and I've tried everything except ask someone. I'm a reasonably logical and intelligent guy, but I'm at wit's end here with this one.


A:Word XP Forms question

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I have created a form in MS Word and have encountered a problem. The form does not hold its structure. I have fields within the form which potentially could expand to multiple pages. At the moment though the field will only expand to a maximum of 1 page and one order to do this it seperates from the original structure of the form. Does anyone know a way around this? I used tables to create the structure of the form.


A:Solved: MS Word Forms

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I'm stuck on these 3 things:

1)How to keep the autotext "document name" updated in a form/template (as the form is saved to a new name this doesn't change).

2)Is there anyway to get a TOC to work in a form/template? Clicking on a TOC entry in a template does nothing, but it's suppose to take you to that point in the document. I guess it needs to autoupdate some how?

3)Is there anyway to add row to a Table in a Form? In a typicaly table, if you Tab to the end of the Row, a new Row appears below. But this doesn't work in a Form/Template.

Thanks very much!

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I have a form which my customers use to request samples from me but when it comes through, the info order is mixed up (not garbled -- just not in the order of the original format). I contacted my server because I thought it might be a CGI conflict. They suggested I rewrite it through Word so that it was compatible with Microsoft Outlook which is my e-mail system. It didn't work!! Why is this happening? Does anyone have any suggestions?

A:Word Forms Formatting

You know, I can think of a million questions to ask you, but I think it would just be easier to ask you to email me a copy of your form. Send to [email protected] I'm very good with forms so I don't think you'll be wasting your time.

Off the top of my head it sounds like you are not protecting your form, or the users are unprotecting it.

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I am attempting to create a letter template that contains a form for the operator to select various options. After the form has been populated and the okay button pressed, there are a number of message boxes to be completed before the letter can be finished.

I am trying to get the form to disappear from the screen whilst the message boxes are completed by the operator but have been unable to make this happen. I’ve tried using ‘hide’ and ‘unload’ in the code but it’s still there when the message boxes are displayed.

Any ideas how I can lose the form once I have finished with it?

It's works PC and we only have Office '97 - state of the ark!!

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Hello, I am using word 2007 and have created a document which includes some form fields (a date field and several check boxes). The form works fine for me after turning on protection. When I email it to my coworker though, the form does not work for her (she also has 2007) and it won't let her turn on protection so that the form fields will work. Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to correct this problem?

Many thanks!

A:Word 2007 Forms

Welcome to the forum. Can you please zip and post the file as an attachment to see what is happening? How are you protecting it?

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I have MS Word forms that are filled out and saved. On all my machines (XP with Office 2000) all is well. We open the forms, all the check boxes and fields are seen and can be edited.
On one machine, also XP with Office 2000 all the forms formatting are not there. The forms tool bar is there, but protecting or un protecting the form does nothing. The text is there, but the fields and check boxes are missing.

Taking the exact same form to another machine yields the correct formatting.
It seems obvious that the copy of Word on my "bad machine" is missing some function.

Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to fix it.

A:Forms in word 2000

A bit of an update.

I downloaded from an on-line backup service we use a word document that has formatting. (Same file as opened on the host computer that is having problems.)

The newly downloaded file opened with the forms function intact!
It is not Microsoft Word!

The next most likely suspect is that I initially put the documents into the offending computer from a pocket PC. I set up a partnership between two computers and the pocket PC. The sync appeared to be successful but it seems that it may have stripped the formating.

I don't know if this is the correct forum to keep this post going.

Any help would be appreciated.

I am thinking of transferring the word documents into the second computer by a physical transfer such as using a flashdrive first. Then establishing a partnership?
Any ideas are welcome.


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hi guys :

got coupld of questions regarding form creation in MS words 03.

1. i need to add a "check box" to each selection in my forms

western food []
japanese food []
chinese food []
korean food []
vegetableian []

how can i limit the user to only make a single selection only ?

2. one of field in my forms is a date field and i would like to see a small calendar to pop-up when the user click on that field ? (the effect will be similar to outlook calendar one. when user click the start date, a small calendar will pop-up)

many thanks


A:Help : Questions about creating forms in MS Words 2003


1) You can use the OnClick event of those checkboxes, so that when a user clicks a checkbox, a macro clears the other checkboxes. But this is needlessly complicated. Use optionbuttons instead. Use frames to create optionbutton groups

2) Use the Enter or DuobleClick event of the textbox to show the calendar popup. I'm not sure about the actual object or ActiveX control to use...
See the attached document for examples and code.

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Hi guys,

Where i work, we use a lot of the custom Outlook 2003 forms and they generally run pretty well.

Lately when i try to send one (that has been filled out) to a coworker, the form will turn up blank for whoever i send it to. It seems to be not saving and sending? When the recipient opens the form, all the questions will be there but none of the boxes are selected.

I have spoken to 2 different IT guys and neither of them have any idea how to fix this. If anyone has some suggestions, let me know as we are pretty desperate to sort this!

A:An Outlook 2003 question... (specifically Forms)


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I sure hope i can get a computer guru to help me. My computers at work have just been upgraded at work to xp and some of the excellent programs now do not work. any way stop rambling.

I made some forms on Microsoft Access 2000 and wish to link the information that is being imputed onto pre made word templates.

the forms look aoutstanding a masterpiece in engeneering however i cant the life of me workk out how to when i click ok the information is transferred onto the templates, like a mail merge sort of thing.

Please help


A:linking my forms into templates on word

Why not just output the report? You can also make any report output to RTF but that may mess up any formatting. I don't think you can output to a template other than an HTML one.

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I have a UserForm which contains about 20 products which when selected are
output to the appropriate place in a Word document.

Is it possible to save the UserForm to a central point so it can be accessed
by several different letters? At the moment each letter template I produce
has its own copy of the UserForm, so if one of the available products
changes, I have to go into each template in turn and apply the change.

It would cut down editing time considerably if I only had to make the
amendment once.

Only have Word 97 at work

A:Microsoft Word - User Forms

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I've created a form in Word that users fillout and print and save. Is there a way to make certain fields required?
I need it to be compatable with Word 2007 and 2002

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Hi guys i am a real novice when it comes to excel and i have taken on a task at work that maybe over my head (Job Cuts Looming so have said YES i can do that easily). can anyone help???

I am trying to get an excel and a word form to self generate a URN for a First Aid Report Form and also a Purchase Order Request form i have created both forms but carnt figure out how to get them to assign a new URN after the old form has been submitted, Any help will be greatfully appriciated

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I'm creating a questionnaire form with almost all text boxes. The problem is that the people that fill out the form sometimes hit enter instead of tab resulting in unsightly new lines below the text box. Is there a way to disable multi-lines?

A:Word 2000 Forms Problem

Well, you can double-click an unprotected text form field and give it an exact number of characters to allow. Sometimes, that won't work well, so what I do is put most of my form into a table (anyway), and put this specific field into a one-cell row, and then I set the height of the row to EXACTLY 14 or 16 points or whatever you like. That way, they can hit enter all they like, but it'll never show...

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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When making forms in Microsoft Word (2003), is there any way to enable spell check for the areas that users can input data while still keeping the form protected?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



A:Using Spell Check in Word Forms

Here you go, SED.

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Hi there,

I'm creating a document containing form fields in Word 2007.

I want to have drop-downs and so I've added the drop down list control. Viewing the properties, I created options for user's to select from.

There's also two further options in the Properties:

Content control cannot be deleted
Contents cannot be edited

Now, here's the thing...when I Restrict Editing on teh form to Form filling only with the first option selected for the drop-down, users cannot delete the control, they can make a selection from the available options but they can edit the option they have selected (including deleting all the text).

Enabling the second option displays the currently selected item for the drop-down only, i.e. the user cannot select any other option.

Entirely useless. I want to have a list of options that the user can select from but not edit in any way, shape or form.

The only way I've found to get round this is to use the legacy drop down control. I shouldn't have to do this.

FYI, I'm NOT using compatibility mode so it's not that.

Anyone else had this issue?

A:Solved: Word 2007 forms

No idea what happened. Restarting Word seemed to help. Thought it was because I had accidentally used a combo box instead of drop down box but I hadn't.


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Hi, this is my first post on here.

I am looking to create a simple and easy to use quote form so our sales guys can rapidly generate a quote for our customers. Ideally I would like to be able to have the user select a product name/number from a drop down menu and have information from that product filled into the appropriate categories of the form. (For example the price section would be linked to our price book, and would dynamically update if a different product was selected). If possible I would also like to be able to edit those entries as well in case of custom orders etc.

I'm not sure if this would require linking to Excel or what the best way to accomplish this is.

Also because we haveso many products, I was wondering if it was possible to create some kind of a "drill-down" menu system; so that instead of seeing a list of 1000 products there's something like Category 1 -> Subsection 5 -> Poducts (1-54) (I stole the term from NewEgg)

I've looked at office online help and haven't come up with much. Not even sure if this is the right forum, but if anyone has any information, or could point me to a locale where people would, I would GREATLY appreciate it!



A:Using Advanced Forms in Word (and Excel ?)


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I've tried and tried and have tried reading various help manuals. I am trying to create a fill in form using Word. It is for my husband's small business. Thank you!

A:Word: How to Create Fill-in Forms

Originally posted by ruhler1
I've tried and tried and have tried reading various help manuals. I am trying to create a fill in form using Word. It is for my husband's small business. Thank you! Click to expand...

I could possibly help ... but, what exactly do you mean by fill-in form. I want to be sure that we're thinking of the same thing. I could possibly know how to help. Feel free to email me! Or post your reply.


- Isabel

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I am trying to enable spellchecking in a protected word document containing forms. I am at the stage where i know that a macro is necessary to do this. I have tried a macro which i downloaded but when i try to compile it i am getting an error.

Does anyone have a macro that works or an alternative solution to this? Also i would like to extend this as far as being able to edit(bold, italicise etc) text within the protected form as well but the former question is definitely priority!

Thanks for your help!

A:Spellchecking protected forms in word

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i am making a 50-page document with lots of forms in it. i made a nice little table of contents that links to each page to make navigation easy (and "back to table of contents" on each page), BUT when i lock the forms i lose the ability to click on links! i noticed that the scroll-by-whole-page is disabled as well. i went to dreamboat's word page and learned a few new things about forms, but didn't see this particular problem addressed. can anybody help me?

A:word 2000 forms and links

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Hi there

Last year I created an Appraisal form that we use at work for about 500 people. It's a Word protected form with form fields set in a number of seperate tables

For this year, I need to add a function that allows a user to open up last year's form, copy one table from it and paste the data into a different table in another copy of the same form

The table with the data in it is 4 columns wide but may have any number of rows in it. Row 2 onwards needs to be copied across

The table for the data to be pasted into is 6 columns wide and may not have enough rows to accommodate the pasted data so would need some sort of error trapping to pick up that it needs extra rows adding before pasting.

Data should be pasted into row 2 onwards and should sit within the first 4 columns of the receiving table. The idea is then the user fills in column 5 and 6 adding comments about the data they have pasted in

If any extra cells are needed to fit the incoming data they should have form fields in columns 5 and 6 too for entering the comments above

Phew...hope this makes sense

My experience of this kind of thing is limited to modifying other people's VB code/macros to add some functionality myself. This is a bit beyond me!

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I was wondering if anyone knew a way to have the "save data only for forms" option always active.

At the moment if you activate it and then close word it becomes inactive again.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm trying to get excel 2003 enter a row of data into a website form so i can submit it and repeat the the process with the next row...

I'm submitting inventory to a website but have the data in an excel spreadsheet, so I'm hoping to avoid manually entering each and every item onto each and every website. Some sites have a bulk upload feature using XML, but this is for the sites that don't...

Is this possible? By using excel's web query feature i can pull data from a site, i guess I'm trying to post it to the form...

Any takers?

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration...

A:Solved: Excel 2003 to autofill website forms?

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I've designed a new form in Outlook and added an ActiveX control (Date Time Picker from CCRP
to a contact page. Everything works fine except the date is not retained when I save and exit the contact. It keeps defaulting back to the current date next time I access it.

Am I missing something?

Any advice is appreciated.


A:Problem with Business Contact forms in Outlook 2003

I would contact the developer(s) of the app. Without in depth knowledge of the app (which looks pretty cool BTW) it will be hard to advise. I'm not sure what date in contacts your trying to manipulate?

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Hi everyone.

Just wondering if someone can give me a hand. I simple used the wizard to generate a tabular form that gets the data out of a query in Access. I simply would like to click anywhere in the form and then select that record I clicked on.

Once selected the record, how can I get that record's ID so then I can run a SQL statement to delete it.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Access 2003 Tabular Forms - Record selection

negvillamizar, welcome to the forum.
I normally get quicker responses if you post your Access questions on the Business Applications Forum.

As to your question, I am not quite sure why you need the Record's ID to run an SQL statement, having clicked on it, you can just press the delete key and it will delete the record for you.

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Using continuous forms, I will see a series of my records, stacked one on top of the next. Is it possible to devise a way to highlight areas on ANY record related to values in the record.


Two records (R1, R2), if a date field in R1 is less than 30 days away from Now(), then show a flag (maybe image.visible=yes) only for that record.

Meantime, R2 does not need to show the flag because the rule applied does not evalute as true.

I don't think this is do-able - you guys may know otherwise?



A:Solved: Access 2003 - Use of Color in Continuous Forms

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We need to build a form in Outlook 2003, which will be sent to a customer to fill out their details. The details should get sent back to our email, we also need to be able to edit these fields and resend to the customer to update at anytime.

I have gone through the process and seem familiar with making the forms.

But when it is sent, it appears blank in the inbox and sent items...

What do I have to do in order to have it working, and working on the customers ensuring there settings will allow it to work?

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Have been using WORD 2007.
No problems.

But, I just downloaded and installed Open Office. But I only want to use it for its Spreadsheet. However, it looks like its word processing component has taken over.

Now, my WORD documents are being opened by Open Office which I do not want.

How can I make WORD the Default word processing program (again) ?


A:Making MS WORD The Default Word Processing Prog. ?

OpenOffice and LIbreOffice acquire all *.docx files. When we trying to open them, it opens through OO or LO. Perhaps this article will help you to disable it and make MS Word as the default one: How to Change the Default Program for Microsoft Word Files?

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I'm creating an on-line form in Word 97 which has drop-down lists.

My problem is that Word limits the list to 25 entries, and I need approximately 70 entries!!

Any help whatever to work around this (or change this internally) will be SO VERY MUCH appreciated!


A:Word 97 drop-down lists in on-line forms

I'm thinking that a dropdown list of 70+ entries will not even be visible in the size of the average monitor. Perhaps you can break these items down into some kind of categories, even if it's A-F, G-R, T-Z?

Consider using Excel for this form too because Excel will let you do data validation within a cell: list, and select a range of cells to list.

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I have written several pages about a subject in Word and saved those pages in My Documents. When I go back to My Documents and try to insert some corrections or additions in the copy and click on the space where I want to insert them, suddenly there appears a fine line around my entire page, like the one where you create a message on this site.

If I click on a corner of it, hoping to delete it, the copy just skips to the next page, and I seem to have lost the page I just tried to correct. I have also tried pasting it again in Word and working with that copy, and the same thing happens.

I have written a lot in Word and I don't remember this ever happening before. How can I get rid of this box and be able to insert corrections?

Thanks in advance.

A:Fine line forms all around my Word copy

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I have a Word 2003 form in which there are currency fields and date fields for the user to fill in. That's all fine, I can format the fields and calculate with the currency field to create properly formated currency fields that I generate.

On the last page I want to copy some of these fields. Currency ones are fine. What I can't do is copy a date field. I set the text field type to "calculation", and the expression to "=arrival" (the field I am trying to copy from is called "arrival"). Now I can't get the format right. If leave the number format field blank, I get a number that isn't anything sensible, and if I copy the date format from the original field into the new one I get nothing at all (it's offering me a number format, not a date format, so I suppose that's not surprising.)

This surely should be easy. What am I missing?

A:Solved: Copying dates in Word forms

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Here's what I need... - to be able to type information in on forms - save it - email it - allow people to fill in the form- save it- email it...I recently converted a bunch of pdf files we've been using to forms. That way people could fill them out before they print them. I should have asked for more detail because now people want to be able to save and email those forms. The only problem with that is that you can only save and email those forms if you have acrobat.So, I'm looking at converting a bunch of pdfs and pdf forms into MS Word forms. I can't imagine how much time it will take me to do some of the more complicated forms even with copy/paste.Has anyone had a similar problem before? Do you know of any tools that would make the conversion quicker? Do you have any links to tutorials on MS Word Forms?Do you know of any other way to accomplish those goals other than a form in MS Word?Thanks

A:Quickly Converting Pdfs To Ms Word Forms


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I wish to create an online business application form using Word 2007, whereby I can e-mail an applicant who can then fill in the required boxes, eg. their name, address etc, and return to e-mail back to me.

Can anyone help me please?

A:Solved: Creating forms using Word 2007

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I decided to try something new in [COLOR=#05408f !important][COLOR=#05408f !important]Word [COLOR=#05408f !important]- [/COLOR][COLOR=#05408f !important]add [/COLOR][COLOR=#05408f !important]in[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] checkboxes to a survey. To do this I tried using the Forms toolbar, but while that shows a checkbox option, it instead inserts a box that displays an "x" when activated. So I used the Control Toolbox version of the checkbox instead (sample attached).

The problem is that I can't get the [COLOR=#05408f !important][COLOR=#05408f !important]document[/COLOR][/COLOR] to be easily usable by others. Even if I disable Design Mode and save, the document always re-opens with Design Mode active, so users can't fill out the form as intended. If I go back to the Forms [COLOR=#05408f !important][COLOR=#05408f !important]toolbar[/COLOR][/COLOR] and Protect the document, everything is disabled and the checkboxes don't work at all (and nothing can be typed at all, and I can't unprotect the document again). The only way I can use the checkboxes as intended is to disable Design Mode on the Control Toolbox toolbar.

Which is fine, but that toolbar still pops up as a floating toolbar whenever anyone opens the document, and it opens with Design Mode active again.

I shouldn't have to tell people that to use my document they need to first disable Design Mode (99.999% of the people this is intended for would probably have a hard enough time figur... Read more

A:Word Forms - Always Opens in Design Mode

Please upload your attachement here. The link you provided requires that you register in order to view the attached doc.


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I want to create one Attendance Form wherein employee will fill the same and send.

Also, If we can solve this in Word Form or Outlook Form or Access Form. Post the same with the help of Macro we would consolidate the leave.

Form Example :

Employee Name :
Employee ID :
Direct Manager Name :
Direct Manager ID :
Business :
Function :
Type of Leave : Sick Leave, Casual Leave, Maternity Leave, Sabbatical Leave, Long Leave.
From / Start Date : Employee would be able to select Calendar
To / End Date : Employee would be able to select Calendar
Remarks :
Would appreciate your prompt action / views on the same.
Rahul Gandhi

A:Help Required in Forms : Outlook / Word / Access

I think you need to be more precise about how this "Form" is supposed to work.

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I was losing track of things on my website, so I thought a data base would be very helpful. I've set out to learn Access, but I'm still a beginner and I'm stuck on 3 things so far.

I have set up and related several tables including:
website pages (title, description, date written, etc.) auto number primary key
graphics (file name, size, description) file name primary key
keywords (word, stat1, stat2, stat3) word primary key

I've also set up junction tables since the website pages table has a many to many relationship with both graphics and keywords.

Question 1: How do I make a form that has multiple sub-forms?

I tried to use the wizard to make a data entry form. I wanted a form with multiple sub-forms.
If I enter the fields from 2 tables, I can easily make a form with a sub-form. If I enter fields from all 3 tables, the wizard acts completely differently and I can't figure out how to do sub-forms.

Question 2: How can I make a combo box that will cover multiple fields at once?

I fill the graphics table as I make the graphics. I wanted to use a combo box so I could choose an existing graphic OR add a new one. The combo box works fine for the file name.
The problem:
I want it to auto fill the size and description if I choose an existing file name OR allow me to enter size & description if I enter a new file name.

Question 3: How can I handle many to many relationships between records within one table?

I want to track links from each page to ... Read more

A:Solved: Access 2003 Data Entry Forms - beginner needs help please

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Hey everybody

Okay, been playing around with our Access Database here.

I was wondering if there is a way to hide certain elements on a form, when a button is clicked to view the form?

For example, I have a form called newHireForm, that is shown when you click on a button on the switchboard. Now, I also have a form called recruitingContactForm, which has a lot of the same information that newHireForm has, except it has different dates, and a few different fields.

Now, I figured I could just have one central form called newAgentsForm, for instance. Then on my switchboard have a button for seeing New Hire, and then a button on the switchboard that lets me see Recruits Contact. Is there a way to let certain fields be visible, while others are not based on what button I press on the switchboard?

I hope I was pretty clear with explaining. It's hard to put in words exactly what I want to do.


A:Solved: Access 2003 - Hiding Parts of Forms/Fields

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Well i did a big report on my computer with Word Perfect i couldnt print it so i took to school on my flash drive. IN my first class i edited it on Word 2007 and in the class i could print it they had Word 2003 and i couldnt open my file and now i cant even open it in word perfect. I doubt i can use the laptops for a while anyway i can open this on wordperfect

A:Solved: Word Perfect- Word 2003 - word 2007

If you saved the file in the "new" Word 2007 format (with a file extension of .docx) then you will be unable to open it in the other applications.

For Word 2003 you can install a converter, but I know of no XLM converter for WordPerfect.

When using Word 2007 you need to "save as" Word 97-2003 format to retain backwards compatibility.

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I am having an issue with a document created in Word XP. The doc has a table of contents, with links that jump you to different sections of the document when you click them. The doc also has a number of forms and drop-downs that I'd like to protect. However, my problem is that when I select "Protect...Forms", the links in my table of contents becomes deactivated and can not be used. With the forms unprotected, the links in the table of contents work fine, but I lose all the functionality in the drop-downs (they stop being drop downs!).

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to have the best of both worlds here, and keep the links in my table of contents active while still protecting the forms?

A:Solved: Word XP - Protecting forms & keeping links

hi nerdlyman,

caveat: I've never got to the bottom of this and sometimes it seems to work and othertimes not, need to spend time experimenting.

however, you should try these:

1. protect forms via the padlock icon on the FORMS TOOLBAR rather than the TOOLS menu.
2. if 1 doesn't work, then try putting your document into sections (Insert \ Break \ Section Break) and from the menu TOOLS / PROTECT DOCUMENT click FORMS and then also click SECTIONS then untick the section that contains your TOC.



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I?d like to create a form which collects data using text fields and drop down menus and perhaps even some radio buttons. (ok that part I got)

but I then want to take the responses to the form and insert into a report template. (even this I kinda get, e.g., using legacy tools and ?calculate on exit?)

But the catch is I need to convert some of the responses to different text. Let me give you a for instance.

On the medical history form I have a question such as:

"Do you have a history of heart disease" (followed by a drop down menu with yes or no)

If the person selects "yes" then I want it to autofill into the report (later in the same word document) ?the patient reported a history of heart disease, or if they select "no", ?the patient denied a history of heart disease?
So I want to take the responses to some form content control objects and replace the text (e.g., yes=reported, no = denied) and insert into a place later in the document.


A:Using data from Word forms to fill in a report template

oh, and this is all in ms word 2010.

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In our transcription business we type hundreds of memos in a month's time.

I want to create a drop-down list (intended for validation) so my typists can select 1 of 15 names instead of manually typing each author's name each time.

I followed instructions in Word Help to create a drop-down list in a template but I can't find out how to get the drop down list to appear for use in the template. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is my first time using this forum.

A:Word: drop-down list to fill in memo forms

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Relating to a previous post:
"Exporting Word Form Data to Excel"
regarding the same form in many word docs esported into an excel sheet

My question is whether its possible to export repeated forms in ONE word doc so they collate into 5 columns.
(Would like the first 2 columns and 2 rows left empty )

My form look in word is thus:

Image: 01

Image: 02

Image: 03


Sample.doc is below

This macro obtained from:
"Solved: Export Word Form to Excel"
works well for the same form in many word docs exported to excel:

Dim vField As FormField
Dim fso As Scripting.FileSystemObject
Dim fsDir As Scripting.Folder
Dim fsFile As Scripting.File
Dim wdApp As Word.Application
Dim myDoc As Word.Document
Dim vColumn As Integer
Dim vLastRow As Integer
Dim x As Integer

Sub AddFormFields()

If ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Count = 1 Then
vLastRow = 1
vLastRow = Cells.Find("*", SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlPrevious).Row + 1
End If
vColumn = 1

Set fso = New Scripting.FileSystemObject

Set fsDir = fso.GetFolder _
("C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\CIKA 2004\Members\UnProcessed")

Set wdApp = New Word.Application
wdAp... Read more

A:Solved: Exporting Repeated Forms In One Word doc To Excel

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I am trying to create a form for colleagues to fill in. i am trying to protect the document to restrict people editing the text. but i want them to be able to type in the strengths and weakness text boxes but once i protect the document it wont let me fill in the text for these two boxes. i have a drop down list also but that seems to be working fine. any ideas how i can get this done? i have attached the document its only 1 page


A:Solved: Word - Forms, protect document issue

Hi there,

If you use a table instead of text boxes for the Strengths and Weaknesses section, you will be able to insert a Text Form Field in each box which enables text to be entered when the document is protected (make sure the option to allow 'filling in forms' is selected in the Restrict Formatting and Editing options.)

That's what I do anyway

Hope this helps!


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I have both MS Word (Word 97) and MS Works 8.0 installed. For word processing, I prefer
Word and use Works primarliy for the spreadsheet. However, Works has become
the default word processor and I don't know how. Works opens my Word
documents, and tries to change the format when I save. How can I make Word
the default?

I have tried right-clicking a Word document, and choosing Word and "always
open with this;" now whenver I open a document, I get a message that the
document is already in use by me and would I like to make a copy?

A:Making Word my default word processor

Control Panel > Folder Options > File types (tab) .. and set the system default program for the file type (extension) desired.

Something Like so .. maybe.

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I have created an auto fill form in Microsoft 2007, but my sample (directional) text does not the grey highlight behind it indicating to the user where each text field is located. If i manually apply a highlight, then the user cannot get rid of the highlight after their form is filled due to the document protection.

All the information I have found online indicates that the sample text should have the grey highlight which then will disappear once the user populates each field. Is there a setting to fix this, or am I creating the document incorrectly to cause this difference?

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I have this form that I made on my 97-03 version of Word. I had inserted check boxes (that work when you click on them) and fields where you can enter information. In the old version of word, there was this protection button that looked like a lock and you can click it to protect the document in which case it would only be useable in the fields where you can type and the check boxes. When you click it again you could go back to editing the document.

I have jsut been upgraded to 2007 Word and I want to modify my document but I do not know where that little lock button is so that i can unportect my document and change the wording. Please let me know.

A:Word 2007 Check Boxes, Forms, and Protection/Unprotection

Review Tab > ProtectDocument > Restrict Edit

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Have created some basic online forms. Now I am tasked with displaying each entire field length (visually somehow) so the user can see approximately how much room they have to enter test. Examples:
Name: Field length highlighted or shaded
Location: Underlining would work to indicate field length
Phone: ( Parenthesis might work )

If I type "Enter Name Here" in Properties, under Default Text, only "Enter Name Here" is shaded. The shading does not extend to the maximum length I selected. The field extends that far, but no indicator of the entire field length. Thanks to everyone for being patient. Attempted to be specific as my question seemed unclear in other unrelated forums. This forum/posting/threads, etc. is new to me. I am 62, so go figure!

A:Forms/Word 2007/Display entire field length

Welcome to the Seven Forums.
This is unfamiliar to me, have you tried enter spaces in the chosen field?

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I'm trying to figure out how to make it so that a very long checklist, which includes checkboxes and text boxes, can be transferred to excel. (I'm working with the Microsoft Office 2007 suite.) I've been reading about how you're supposed to enable the "Save Data as Delimited Text File" in the advanced part section of the 'Tools' Options tab, and then save it as a text file to import into excel, but when I do that it doesn't save any information, just two zeros. I've been looking at other forum questions and messing around with how the forms are protected or not, but I can't get it to actually save any of what's entered in to the forms when I save it as a text file. Any help on this would be very much appreciated.
I've attached a zip folder (I hope) with a section of the checklist in case that might help. Thanks so much!

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I’m working in Access 2003 building a database in which the records will all have the same basic fields, but will be a library of info covering a very wide range of topics. In order to make easier how the information is pulled out by the end user, I want to very strictly control how the info is categorized when it is initially stored in the db. I cannot allow careless input clerks to misspell any of the labels that categorize the record they are entering, or perhaps invent their own labels.
So, each record starts with several columns of categorization labels. The clerk will be presented with a series of drop-down lists and will select one option from each list in order to categorize the record. Each choice will fill in the corresponding column in the categorization section of the record. The options available in each of these drop-down lists are carefully controlled to represent the only sets of acceptable parameters to describe the information contained in the record at each level of detail. Each successive column in this part of the record, representing one of the drop-down lists, covers the next-deeper level in a hierarch of information labeling for the records. As you follow the columns left to right, you are describing the information in the record with greater and greater detail.

A simple example: The first drop-down shows the options “animal, vegetable, mineral”. You select “animal”. Upon you making that choice, the system returns to you a list of ONLY ANIMALS t... Read more

A:Access 2003 Data Input Forms for Mutually-exclusive and Hierarchically-categorized Re

blothrop, welcome to the Forum.
It is quite common. The key to successfully doing this is twofold. The first is to base each successive Combo on the selection made in the previous one, the second is to requery each combo once the previous combo has made it's selection.
If you Advance search this forum for poster OBP and Combo in the text you should find various databases that I have posted that do just that.

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I am using the mail merge wizard in Word 2003 to create address mailing labels from a mailing list I saved in an Excel 2003 worksheet.

Everything is fine, I've tested is several times. But there's one very aggravating little problem.

The labels are all created with a space in front of the first line (name) on each and every label.

I want them to look like this:

John Smith
123 Main Street
Charlottesville, VA 22901

But instead they all look like this (the underscore I typed in is actually just a blank space):

_John Smith
123 Main Street
Charlottesville, VA 22901

I've tried everything I can think of.

The spreadsheet cells for names do not have an extra space in them before the names. I have one column in the spreadsheet called Name that has the entire name of the person I want to appear on the first line, so I'm not using separate values for first name and last name, it's just one: Name.

Please advise. Thanks so much!

A:Labels-Mail Merge,Word 2003 & Excel 2003-space at beg.of 1st line

Yup. It's a PITA. You need to NOT use the Address Block. Instead, insert the individual fields. See this article:

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I have Word 2003 and 2013 installed on my computer. Word 2013 can't edit files with custom XML elements, so I want to use 2003 to open them. However, whenever I double-click an XML file, it launches 2013. I tried to fix this by selecting "open with" and browsing for Word 2003. But whenever I do that, the program that appears in the open with dialog box is Word 2013--not 2003. I can't select Word 2003 from any open with dialog box from anywhere because of this. How do I fix this?

A:Word 2013 and 2003 installed; default programs won't recognize 2003

It's actually best recommended not to have 2 versions of MS office at the same time, but I guess yours is a special case.

Try opening Word 2003 and open your document from there. See if it works.

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Hi everyone!

This is my first post here so hope I am clear enough and someone can help

I am wondering if it is possible to do the following in word 2007. The reason I want to use this program is for easy access and completion by multiple low-level skilled people in my organisation.

I want to have a central word doc with employee data (ie names, addresses, phones, emails etc..) and have this data auto insert into a series of forms on multiple documents.

This data is used many times and figure this will make it easy to ensure all the data is current as it will all read off the one central document, also will the human error factor and lost time to enter the same data several times.

Is this possible?

Hope you can help

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I have a number of standard letters which require a dropdown box to be populated with a list of over 25 names.

When thinking this through, I figured that it would be best (due to restrictions on the network so I'm unable to use an access database) to produce this list in Excel 2003. Along with corresponding lists of email and telephone numbers.

Unfortunately I'm finding it very difficult to get the information onto the dropdown.

So far the code I have is:
Private Sub UserForm_Click()

'Define Variables
Dim xlNames As Excel.Workbook
Dim rsNames As Recordset
Dim cmbNames As ComboBox
Dim i As Integer
Dim SocServs As Worksheet

'open the spreadsheet to access the information
Set xlNames = Excel.Workbooks.Open("C:\Documents and Settings\00772367\My Documents\SocServs.xls")
'set up and activate the appropriate worksheet
Set SocServs = xlNames.Application.Sheets("SocServs")

'retrieve the information from the named column in the spreadsheet
Set rsNames = SocServs.Columns(1, 1)
i = 0

With rsNames
' This code populates the combo box with the values
' in the Names column of that there spreadsheet (I fervently hope).

Do Until .EOF
cmbNames.AddItem (i)
cmbNames.Column(0, i) = .Fields("Names")
i = i + 1

End With
End Sub
There's a few errors in there, which I can't seem to surmount. The coding doesn't seem to recognise the fact that I've got a named range in t... Read more

A:Populate a dropdown box in Word 2003 from a list in Excel 2003

Is there any particular reason why you are needing to do this using VBA? You can populate a cell with your multiple choice options using Excel's built in Data Validation feature. Simply select the cell you want the options to appear in and click DATA --> VALIDATION and then select "ALLOW LIST" from the options. Then select the range of cells that contains your list of names.


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Hi - just looking for some help as getting a bit annoyed cos it's not working

I've got a table which contains people's details.

What I'm trying to do is if the person has no date of birth on file (i.e. they are over 18 year of age) for the merge to put a tick into a column, but if the person has a date of birth on file (i.e. under 18 years of age) for the merge to leave the column blank.

The column after this will contain the date of birth (if any).

In the over 18 box I've put the following function:

As each form will contain anything from 1 to 8 records, the lines which wouln't contain any merged data (i.e. if only 4 names to merge into a form, the last 4 rows of the form would be blank) - but it keeps merging in a ticked box for all the rows, even if there is only one row of data.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

A:Mail Merge - Help with Word 2003 & Excel 2003 using IFstatements

This does not sound like a merge function, it sounds like you are just validating data in a cell and based on that cells content putting a check in a check box.

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i have the hardest time trying to get the formatting in otlook 2003 right; basically, i need to send a press release so i draft a cover letter ; after that, i paste the press release (in word 2003) into outlook; it looks fine before sending but when i send it to myself (both in oe and outlook), the received mail's format doesnt look quite the same as what was sent

ie. some paragraphs are underlined and i cant seem to get rid of it; i tried the reveal code to figure out where the underline came from but no luck so far

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help with this would be very appreciated.

We run windows xp, word 2003 and excel 2003

we have created a mail-merge between our database of patients in excel and word, but when we come to the section where we tick the boxes next to the people required for the mail-merge we can select only 1 or 2 or 100, but when the mail-merge goes to the next section it has reverted to selecting the whole database of patients, which when your trying the send a letter to only a few people and it instead tries to print 5000+ letters is annoying to say the least.

i have tried changing the database to running from access, and i have started fresh and re done the mail-merge letter but this is all to no avail as the same error occurs???

any ideas,
please help

A:Mail merge problem using excel 2003 and word 2003

There may be some bad data within the columns that may be causing your issue. Look to see if there something out of the ordinary within the dataset you are trying to use for the mail merge. I think one may be column headings with spaces in them and another may be where two or more rows may have meen merged in your spreadsheet.

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First, let me start by saying I am not an IT computer person, I have very basic knowledge (other than what I do for a living) about computers, and I really need instructions that are easy to follow, please?

I am a medical transcriptionist. I have hundreds of auto corrects on my current computer with Windows XP Word 2002 on it. I am needing to, if possible, copy the auto corrects from Word 2002 to another computer with Windows XP Word 2003.

I also have hundred of words that I have added to spell check that it would be great if I could copy those as well.

I do have a flash drive that I can save these to.

Can someone please help me in terminology and steps that a computer dummy can understand?

Thanking you in advance.

A:Solved: Copying auto corrects from Word 2002 to another computer with Word 2003

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As above.

Is there a software upgrade i need to do.

I have the password. comes up with...

"Word experienced an error while trying to open this file"

Thanks in advance


A:Solved: Can't open password protected Word 2007 document in Word 2003

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Hi all, do you know if it is possible to word-wrap text around an inserted picture in Word 2003? Basically, I'm trying to create a class reunion program with a one-page bio of a person with his/her picture in the upper right-hand corner. I have pasted a picture and positioned it where I want at the top; however, it forces the text below it downwards, which is not what I want. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Word 2003 - Insert Picture/Word Wrap Question

Select the picture

Make sure the mouse pointer is hovering over the picture and click once with the right mouse button

Click once with the left mouse button on the menu choice "Format Picture"

Select the "Layout" tab

In the section called "Wrapping Style" click once with the left mouse button on "Square"

Beneath where it says Horizontal alignment click once with the left mouse button on "Right"

Click on OK

You should be able to type text to the left of the picture.

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We are using Microsoft Word 2003. When running a spell check the word pubic is not flagged as being misspelled (I know it's not misspelled).

However we would like to flag it as misspelled as too many people are leaving the letter L out of the word Public and not catching it before they send out documents.

I know how to edit the Custom.dic but how do I edit the built in dictionary.


A:How to remove a correctly spelled word from Word 2003 regular dictionary

I am assuming that pubic is not a word you would use in correspondence- in which case you could use "AutoCorrect" to correct.

Tools> Autocorrect--- then give the word you don't want used and the substitute word you do want used.

If there is a time you need to use that word, you can turn off AutoCorrect when the document is finished and manually make the correction before sending it out.

I have an old version of Word (2000), so I am presuming that MS has not chaned the name of this feature.


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iam using MS office 2003 , i have copied a file of MS Office 2000 (MS Word 2000) from Network.. and when iam editing in that file wrong word is not underlying by red line, but when i am opening new and bland page of MS word 2003 , and writing some thing wrong it makes it underlying by red...i can't understand y it is happening ... i have tried lot of ways such as copied the text and paste it in new blank word page and also checked tools and options , but problem is yet there.....Any solution in your views...kindly share with me...Any body help in this regard will be appreciated...

A:MS word 2003 problem...Wrong Word didn't underline by Red Color

Hi masoodsoomro,

You didn't give any examples of which words are giving you problems.

I'm guessing that you are referring to the red squiggly underline for mis-spelt words, in which case it could be the language setting of the documents you have pulled off of your network being different to your default language.

Check what you have in Tools / Language / Set language.


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Windows Vista Home Premium SP1, Office 2007

I know how to save documents created in Word 2007 so it can be used with Word 2003 done manually.

Can someone inform me whether I can set my "save as" so documents created in Word 2007 will be always saved as default to be compatible with Word 2003?

A:Saving Documents Created in Word 2007 to be Compatible with Word 2003

You can us this compatibility update to read Office 2007 docs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) In earlier versions of Office - Download details: Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats. Meaning you can save your Word docs in their original format and Word 2003 will read them.

You might want to check this link out as well -

As far as setting a "default" save, to be honest, I'm not sure if this can be done or not.

Hope this helps.

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I originally posted this question on November 3, 2010 in the Email section and in spite of many views, there were no replies. That is when I thought I might be going about asking the question the wrong way.

Windows XP - SP3 Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook 2003

I use Word as my email editor for Outlook. I had had a problem or two awhile back and I used the Detect and Repair Function that comes with Outlook 2003. Problems cleared up HOWEVER I got a new and IMHO worse problem: my emails that are advertisements like Newegg, TigerDirect, Overstock, etc. are fine but anything else that is actually text that is sent to me comes in very, very small and I can not find a way to change it. I have looked everywhere in Outlook; Microsoft online, and Google. Sample attached.

I can't find it and it is driving me crazy. If anyone could help, I'd sincerely appreciate it!

Thank you for your time.

A:Word 2003 used as email editor for Outlook 2003

Hi and welcome to TSG.

From the main Outlook Mail screen, try ...

Tools ->
Options ->
Mail Format Tab ->
"Fonts ..." button in Stationery and Fonts section ->
"Choose Font ..." button under "When composing and reading plain text"

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