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Outlook 2003 - Forms query

Q: Outlook 2003 - Forms query

I have designed outlook form i.e. post using Standard forms library. In this form updated few user defined items. Then publish this form in personal Forms library. When I sent this form to my outlook id then I can't see user defined items selected in form. I dont have permission to publish form in Organizational forms library as well I dont have permission to create folder in public. How is it possible to see the items in forms to me as well other recepient.?

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I am making a form in outlook 2003 and what I am trying to do is when you check the check box to enable the text box but i haven't found the way to do this. And it looks like the little I know of Visual basic won't work with outlook.

Also is there a way to grab the computer name and place it in a text box?

I am placing the code in the Script Editor.


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Does anyone know how to edit the appointment form in office 2003?

Basically, im trying to change the description box into a series of titled fields rather than just a big white box.

When I go into form design mode, none of the boxes can be clicked on or edited at all, unlike the contacts form in design view. The only change in design view appears to be some new tabs at the top P.2 - P.6 and some properties.

Is there any way I can edit it and make it the default form when I click "new appointment" from the calendar?


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Hey guys! Really could use your help on this one. Okay I have a program that reads emails for a Support box and creates Work Orders based on the Sender, Subject of the email, and the message itself. Well I wanted to create a form in Outlook 2003 that basically limited what they can send to this mailbox, which would be tremendous in getting all necessary information from them as well as make it easier for this program to understand what the user is trying to say. Here in lies the problem. If I make a drop down with a value of "DEPT" then the reader form also needs to show the "DEPT" box, which works for Outlook, but never is ready by my email monitoring Program. Is there a way that I can say for the user to fill out:
Dept: [this is the department
Type: [This is the problem type]
Subtype: [This is they problem subtype]
Category: [This is the problem category]

And take all that info and put it into a message box so that this email monitoring program understands what I'm trying to say? I'm really going to need your minds on this one. Anyone have any ideas?!?!

Thanks in advance all!


A:Outlook 2003 Forms HELP!

No one has any idea? I still am not sure if this is even possible!! I need your minds here!



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I have created a custom form for telephone messages in OUtlook 2003 and it contains user defined fields such as "Caller Name", "Company" etc.

The form works great... the only thing is that when the recipient receives the email message, they only see all of the details if they open the message.

Most of my colleagues use the reading pane to review messages and these fields do not display in the reading pane.

My question is.... is there any way I can make my form fields to display in the Reading Pane so the message does not actually have to be opened.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank You!

A:Outlook 2003 forms

The problem is that the form is probably being held locally on your PC. If it is loaded onto the server then it should work perfectly fine. I have seen this before when I tried to setup a phone message form for former users of Lotus Notes and Groupwise.

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I've designed a new form in Outlook and added an ActiveX control (Date Time Picker from CCRP
to a contact page. Everything works fine except the date is not retained when I save and exit the contact. It keeps defaulting back to the current date next time I access it.

Am I missing something?

Any advice is appreciated.


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Hi guys,

Where i work, we use a lot of the custom Outlook 2003 forms and they generally run pretty well.

Lately when i try to send one (that has been filled out) to a coworker, the form will turn up blank for whoever i send it to. It seems to be not saving and sending? When the recipient opens the form, all the questions will be there but none of the boxes are selected.

I have spoken to 2 different IT guys and neither of them have any idea how to fix this. If anyone has some suggestions, let me know as we are pretty desperate to sort this!

A:An Outlook 2003 question... (specifically Forms)


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I've designed a new form in Outlook and added an ActiveX control (Date Time Picker from CCRP
to a contact page. Everything works fine except the date is not retained when I save and exit the contact. It keeps defaulting back to the current date next time I access it.

Am I missing something?

Any advice is appreciated.


A:Problem with Business Contact forms in Outlook 2003

I would contact the developer(s) of the app. Without in depth knowledge of the app (which looks pretty cool BTW) it will be hard to advise. I'm not sure what date in contacts your trying to manipulate?

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We need to build a form in Outlook 2003, which will be sent to a customer to fill out their details. The details should get sent back to our email, we also need to be able to edit these fields and resend to the customer to update at anytime.

I have gone through the process and seem familiar with making the forms.

But when it is sent, it appears blank in the inbox and sent items...

What do I have to do in order to have it working, and working on the customers ensuring there settings will allow it to work?

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NOTE: I could not post code because I must be really careful to protect proprietary information.

I work in an assembly plant and I've designed an Access 2003 program to deliver a set of 4 crucial parts to the floor all within a very narrow degree of tolerance. Further, the program integrates FIFO.

Ive done this by assigning each of the essential measurements codes and then running a series of queries:

Query 1 identifies the oldest Part A by sorting the available parts by the date they were inspected then by serial number (to break ties) and delivering the TOP 1.
Query 2 identifies the oldest Part B that is compatible with that Part A using the same method.
Query 3 identifies the oldest Part C that is compatible with that Part B.
Query 4 identifies the oldest Part D that is compatible with the other end of Part A. I have the parts in this order because we can begin assembly if we don't have a Part D on hand, but we must have Parts A, B, and C.
Finally, query 5 simply pulls the information from those queries into one location for a report.
As long as we have enough stock, life is good; but the moment a match cannot be made, it blows up. I cannot figure out how to make it go back to choose the next Part A. I need to figure out how and where to add code to each query to tell it that if no stock is compatible with the Part A produced by Query 1, to go back and pick the next one in line.

Can anyone help? Is the way I've gone about matching parts completely... Read more

A:Access 2003 – Query Based on Query – need code to rerun earlier query

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Hey Guys, I need to get a user in Outlook 20o7 to have whne sending an email to get the email to go straight back into the folder he created it from, do i need to setup a rule for this or is there an automatic selection to do this for me?

A:Solved: Outlook 2003 query

It is an option in Advanced Email options (under Tools), select the check box marked save sent emails in folder with original message.

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When I copy anything and then open Outlook to paste it into an email, I sometimes get an icon, rather than the info I copied.

If I then re-copy the info and paste it into the open "create mail" page that is open, the whole of the text is pasted correctly.

What is this icon and how do I stop it coming, as I want the copied data to paste first time.

The icon can be found here...

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I work in an office containing 80 people. We all use emails that we send on a regular basis, with minor amendments, so I created 5 templates. Each user has the templates added to their toolbar & is not using Word as the email editor. The templates are stored on a common drive, so that changes can be picked up by everyone instantly.

Occasionally, system problems may result in the users Citrix profile being reset by the IT department, which means that the templates are lost & have to be "re-installed", which is fine apart from the fact that I spend more time re-installing them than I did designing them! I've put together a walkthrough so the users can attempt to re-install them, but not everyone is capable.

Is there another way of me allowing everyone to have access, in the same way as they do now, but without the need to individually restore them every couple of weeks?

Thanks in advance

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I have two email mailboxes that are set up in my Outlook, my own personnel one and an additional shared mailbox. My question is:
Is it possible to have the desktop alert message to appear when an email comes into the second mailbox (it currently only flashes up when an email comes into my personnel aco****)? Is this possible?

A:Outlook 2003 Desktop Alert Settings query

Not that I know of. I usually just mark the inbox as a favorite so it appears in the favorite section and watch the number in parenthesis beside the favorite. To mark a folder as a favorite you will need to right-click on it and select "add to favorite folders." Another spin on this is to have a rule setup that automatically forwards the mail messages from the second account to your primary. The problem with this though is redundant (repeated) data.

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I am in the beginning stages of customizing Outlook forms. I would like the same field info e.g. Business Phone to appear on both the Contact (IPM.Contact) and Journal Entry (IPM.Activity) forms.

If I add the Business Phone field to the Journal form will it automatically be populated with the info from the Contact form when I open it?

As I said I'm new at this and if my question is hard to follow please tell me and I'll retry.



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Good morning!

Here are my computer specifications:
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 250 Processor, x86 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3327 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 472278 MB, Free - 447618 MB; D: Total - 4649 MB, Free - 421 MB;
Motherboard: PEGATRON CORPORATION, 2A99h, 6.01, X312345678
Antivirus: eTrust ITM, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Here are my questions:
1) I am trying to set up an Access database that takes information from 3 tables (Customer Info, Ad Data, Issue Dates) and makes one form with all information included.
(I have a "Complete" table with the Customer Info, Ad Data, and Issue dates all included that works well with the form. The problem with this is that this will easily become a huge, unmanageable database.)
2) I want to be able to update the form (which also updates the tables) as well as being able to pull up past records. (I don't want to use a subform, because the Ad Data are all calculated fields.)
3) I also want to be able to group each ad by issue date.
4) The Customer Info table should be the master table. When I try to run a query using Customer Info, Ad Data, and Issue Dates as a record source, I get a blank query (not populated with data).
5) I am not able to create relationships between the Customer Info, Ad Data, and Issue Date tables for the query. (I want to have a ... Read more

A:Creating Access database with multiple tables for query, forms

sorry, forgot to add I'm working in Access 2003

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I'm a major beginner trying to create an access database for client management/data reporting.

I have 6 tables and all the underlying relationships set up how I think they should go.

Here's my current hang-up (and there have been/will be many!!):

I'm trying to create an main "Intake" form that is linked to 3 tables; tblclient, tblintake, tblecase. (client has a 1-M relationship with intake, intake 1-M with case).

On the form that I created, case is a subform, while intake is integrated into the main form. The issue is a staff member will have to either fill in (or tab through) every single entry that's linked to tblclient, before they can start entering data that's linked to tblintake, and the same thing for tblcase. It seems so simple, but I can't figure it out! Is there a way around this?

A:Access 2003 Forms

co11co11, welcome to the Forum and the wonderful world of Access.
I am not sure why you have the intake integrated into the main form, I would have thought that the logical form design would be a Client mainform with an Intake Sunform which has it's own Case subform.

As to your question "a staff member will have to either fill in (or tab through) every single entry that's linked to tblclient, before they can start entering data that's linked to tblintake, and the same thing for tblcase", isn't that what you want them to do. ie fill in all the data?
If you just want partial filling in of data the user can use the mouse to move to the other Forms to enter data in to them.
However something needs to be in the mainform to set up the correct link to the subform(s)

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Hi, I am creating a form in Word 2003 (Running over Window XP Professional). I have inserted a field called Sdate and on the next line Firstname. When I reference the field Firstname in other parts of the document, it also includes the field Sdate.
So my result looks like this:
Dear Sdate
instead of
Dear Firstname

I am having no problems with referencing other fields, only these two. I have removed the date field and put it back in and still the same result.

Hope this makes sense and hope you can help.


A:MS Word 2003 Forms

Hi lotsacats,

Are you using Bookmarks as Field References?
Maybe the Ref for Firstname also spans the previous line including Sdate:

In Tools /Options/View tick the Bookmarks box and then check if the square brackets [ ] are like this:


If so, delete the bookmark for Firstname and recreate it ensuring it only covers the Firstname line.


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I am VERY new to Access 2003, and have spent $$$ on various books. I wanted to memic the Employees Form in Northwind database espically how to display pictures on the form. I copied the Employee's table and form to my new database. I also copied all of the code that went alone with the form and table. All seem to work fine until I selected a Jpeg from my folder. When I attempt to open the Jpeg, I get the following error, "Run-time Error: '2135' This property is Read only and can't be set, MS Visual Basic." It works inside of the Northwind database, but not in my database and I have no idea why it will not work. I have enclosed a copy of the VB Code and highlited where the errror is happening. I hope that someone with a lot more smarts than me can point me in the right direction.


Option Compare Database
Option Explicit
Dim path As String

Private Sub AddPicture_Click()
' Use the Office File Open dialog to get a file name to use
' as an employee picture.
End Sub

Private Sub Form_RecordExit(Cancel As Integer)
' Hide the errormsg label to reduce flashing when navigating
' between records.
errormsg.Visible = False
End Sub

Private Sub RemovePicture_Click()
' Clear the file name for the employee record and display the
' errormsg label.
Me![ImagePath] = ""
errormsg.Visible = True
End Sub

Private Sub Form_AfterUpdate()
' Requery the ReportsTo combo box after a rec... Read more

A:Access 2003 Forms

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I have a form bound to one query. The form is distinct on name. There are several records for each person. When I update the form it's only updating the first record for that person. My fields are... name, ssn, dob, ph id and cost. The first 3 fields are the same for that specific person and the ph id is getting updated in the form. Cost is the only field that's different which creates many records for one person. I need the form to update all records when I enter the ph id. I've tried everything except VB coding. I think I may need to code a work around but don't know VB.


A:Please Help... Access 2003 forms

Try going to the Microsoft Office section of TSF, they might be more helpful.

Edit: I see you've posted this in the Office forum already. I realize you have a problem, but please keep the post in the appropriate section and be patient, it usually takes some time for someone to post a solution.

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I would like to be able to click on a name in a Word 2003 doc and instead of it using smart tags to access Outlook's contacts I need it to pull from an Access2003/Excel2003 Database. I don't even need the smart tags menu that gives options to appear, I simply want to see contact information from the db come up in place of that or just have one option come up that opens a small window displaying this contact information.

Any suggestions on how to code this with VBA or any third party apps or plug ins or anything?

A:Word 2003 Query Access 2003

mcollins4, welcome to the Forum.
You can communicate with other MS applications, see the Word VBA Editor's Help Topic
Communicating with Other Applications

But I think you might find that this does want you want, with a bit of modification.

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I need to require that certain fields in a form be populated before a user can move on to the next record in that form.

I included the following formula in the BeforeUpdate property for the form:
=IIf(IsNull([Combo40]),MsgBox("Please select a value for SAP Adjustment required"))

I've tested this formula and it works. The problem I have is when I click OK on the message box the form advances to the next record. I would like to keep the same record visible that prompted the message.

Can anyone advise how I do that? Is there something wrong with my formula or do I need to do something else?


A:Solved: Access 2003 Forms

How are you inserting the data? With a button click, or moving off the last field? If your using a button, I would use the Click event. Test each field's text box/combo box/etc to see if they contain data AND the proper type of data (IE you expect Alpha characters in a test box and someone tries to enter numbers). Once all your conditions are met, then and only then do you add the data to your table. Otherwise, move the focus back to the control that needs data.

IF your inserting data by moving off the last field, try using the before insert event Do your checking here. You might also check out the On Dirty event (either use the on-line help or do a google search).

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I have a problem! I made a form field in Word and placed a second form field right after the first field. When I started to fill the first field the second just moves closer to the right side of the page. How can I keep the fields form moving. I locked the form fields but that makes no difference. Thanks for your help.

A:Making forms in Word 2003

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hi guys :

got coupld of questions regarding form creation in MS words 03.

1. i need to add a "check box" to each selection in my forms

western food []
japanese food []
chinese food []
korean food []
vegetableian []

how can i limit the user to only make a single selection only ?

2. one of field in my forms is a date field and i would like to see a small calendar to pop-up when the user click on that field ? (the effect will be similar to outlook calendar one. when user click the start date, a small calendar will pop-up)

many thanks


A:Help : Questions about creating forms in MS Words 2003


1) You can use the OnClick event of those checkboxes, so that when a user clicks a checkbox, a macro clears the other checkboxes. But this is needlessly complicated. Use optionbuttons instead. Use frames to create optionbutton groups

2) Use the Enter or DuobleClick event of the textbox to show the calendar popup. I'm not sure about the actual object or ActiveX control to use...
See the attached document for examples and code.

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I am trying to make a database I have built available for people in my office. They will be adding data to it with the forms I have created, but I have been having a hard time finding how to set up what I have on a network so that it can be accessed by many clients.

I would really appreciate any tips as to where I can find this information. Thanks in advance!


A:Access 2003: Making forms available for clients

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I have created a form with fields and drop-downs. 1. Is there a way after tabbing through the form's fields to convert back to the word processor of Word to allow the author be able to type a narrative and still have all the functions of Word? and 2. I have followed advise on this site to have a field cross-referenced to another field if the answer is the same. Within the first field I checked "calculate on exit" and on the second, insert, reference, quick reference and chose the "text#" of the first field. When you tab away from the first field (while protected) a blank box is promted asking "ok" or "cancel". I have to click one answer twice and the field does appear at the second location. Is there another way to auto-copy fields or a way to get rid of the blank box being prompted? Working with Windows XP. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

A:Word 2003 Creating Forms Questions

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Hi everyone.

Just wondering if someone can give me a hand. I simple used the wizard to generate a tabular form that gets the data out of a query in Access. I simply would like to click anywhere in the form and then select that record I clicked on.

Once selected the record, how can I get that record's ID so then I can run a SQL statement to delete it.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Access 2003 Tabular Forms - Record selection

negvillamizar, welcome to the forum.
I normally get quicker responses if you post your Access questions on the Business Applications Forum.

As to your question, I am not quite sure why you need the Record's ID to run an SQL statement, having clicked on it, you can just press the delete key and it will delete the record for you.

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I'm trying to get excel 2003 enter a row of data into a website form so i can submit it and repeat the the process with the next row...

I'm submitting inventory to a website but have the data in an excel spreadsheet, so I'm hoping to avoid manually entering each and every item onto each and every website. Some sites have a bulk upload feature using XML, but this is for the sites that don't...

Is this possible? By using excel's web query feature i can pull data from a site, i guess I'm trying to post it to the form...

Any takers?

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration...

A:Solved: Excel 2003 to autofill website forms?

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Using continuous forms, I will see a series of my records, stacked one on top of the next. Is it possible to devise a way to highlight areas on ANY record related to values in the record.


Two records (R1, R2), if a date field in R1 is less than 30 days away from Now(), then show a flag (maybe image.visible=yes) only for that record.

Meantime, R2 does not need to show the flag because the rule applied does not evalute as true.

I don't think this is do-able - you guys may know otherwise?



A:Solved: Access 2003 - Use of Color in Continuous Forms

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Hey everybody

Okay, been playing around with our Access Database here.

I was wondering if there is a way to hide certain elements on a form, when a button is clicked to view the form?

For example, I have a form called newHireForm, that is shown when you click on a button on the switchboard. Now, I also have a form called recruitingContactForm, which has a lot of the same information that newHireForm has, except it has different dates, and a few different fields.

Now, I figured I could just have one central form called newAgentsForm, for instance. Then on my switchboard have a button for seeing New Hire, and then a button on the switchboard that lets me see Recruits Contact. Is there a way to let certain fields be visible, while others are not based on what button I press on the switchboard?

I hope I was pretty clear with explaining. It's hard to put in words exactly what I want to do.


A:Solved: Access 2003 - Hiding Parts of Forms/Fields

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I was losing track of things on my website, so I thought a data base would be very helpful. I've set out to learn Access, but I'm still a beginner and I'm stuck on 3 things so far.

I have set up and related several tables including:
website pages (title, description, date written, etc.) auto number primary key
graphics (file name, size, description) file name primary key
keywords (word, stat1, stat2, stat3) word primary key

I've also set up junction tables since the website pages table has a many to many relationship with both graphics and keywords.

Question 1: How do I make a form that has multiple sub-forms?

I tried to use the wizard to make a data entry form. I wanted a form with multiple sub-forms.
If I enter the fields from 2 tables, I can easily make a form with a sub-form. If I enter fields from all 3 tables, the wizard acts completely differently and I can't figure out how to do sub-forms.

Question 2: How can I make a combo box that will cover multiple fields at once?

I fill the graphics table as I make the graphics. I wanted to use a combo box so I could choose an existing graphic OR add a new one. The combo box works fine for the file name.
The problem:
I want it to auto fill the size and description if I choose an existing file name OR allow me to enter size & description if I enter a new file name.

Question 3: How can I handle many to many relationships between records within one table?

I want to track links from each page to ... Read more

A:Solved: Access 2003 Data Entry Forms - beginner needs help please

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iam using Outlook 2003 , when iam sending or receieving mails through outlook 2003 and then iam checking on any browser (Internet Explorer etc)... i cann't find mail there... i want to keep the mails there too ...any option so that after receiving mails from outlook 2003... they will also remain over there...

A:Outlook 2003 mails vanishes from Browsers when downloading in MS Outlook 2003

On the Tools menu, click E-mail accounts.
Select View or change existing e-mail accounts, and then click Next.
Under Name, select the POP3 account you want to change, and then click Change.
Click More Settings.
Click the Advanced tab, and then under Delivery, select the Leave a copy of messages on the server check box.

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Im working in Access 2003 building a database in which the records will all have the same basic fields, but will be a library of info covering a very wide range of topics. In order to make easier how the information is pulled out by the end user, I want to very strictly control how the info is categorized when it is initially stored in the db. I cannot allow careless input clerks to misspell any of the labels that categorize the record they are entering, or perhaps invent their own labels.
So, each record starts with several columns of categorization labels. The clerk will be presented with a series of drop-down lists and will select one option from each list in order to categorize the record. Each choice will fill in the corresponding column in the categorization section of the record. The options available in each of these drop-down lists are carefully controlled to represent the only sets of acceptable parameters to describe the information contained in the record at each level of detail. Each successive column in this part of the record, representing one of the drop-down lists, covers the next-deeper level in a hierarch of information labeling for the records. As you follow the columns left to right, you are describing the information in the record with greater and greater detail.

A simple example: The first drop-down shows the options animal, vegetable, mineral. You select animal. Upon you making that choice, the system returns to you a list of ONLY ANIMALS t... Read more

A:Access 2003 Data Input Forms for Mutually-exclusive and Hierarchically-categorized Re

blothrop, welcome to the Forum.
It is quite common. The key to successfully doing this is twofold. The first is to base each successive Combo on the selection made in the previous one, the second is to requery each combo once the previous combo has made it's selection.
If you Advance search this forum for poster OBP and Combo in the text you should find various databases that I have posted that do just that.

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I am currently trying to set up an outlook form consisting of various combo boxes and text fields which users can eventually access via our intranet, complete the relevant information and submit their results. I have never actually designed an outlook form and was wondering if anyone could direct me to a good tutorial so I can read up on the basic design tips etc just to get me started. In truth I didn't think it would be that difficult as I am very familar with Access and the tools etc are pretty much the same however on playing about with this the controls that I have designed on the form are not showing up when the message is actually sent and I've no idea why.

Any help anyone could offer me or lead me to to read up on this would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

A:Outlook forms

hales: Why an Outlook form?

Why not an Access form so the user's data is put right into a DB?

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I have created a custom form in Word mail 2003 when i go to publish it, i dont get a option, now i have a locked fields in it, i have found nothing on the enternet about this issue, any one have any ideals.

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Hi folks,

I need help with creating a form on Outlook.

What I need to do is creat a form that gives you a choice of sending a mail to a choice of two destinations with a copy always to the sender.
And I need it to have a number of fields that you are prompted to complete. Probably about 12 fields.

Can anybody tell me how to produce something like this or can anybody point me to a good user guide?



A:Help with forms on Outlook

Are you running an Exchange Server as well to publish these forms to?

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I am trying to add a contact in outlook 2003 winxp sp2 with only the name and address. each time i try and do so i get a message stating the form required to view this message cannot be displayed. Contact your Administrator. I dont have any custom forms so why would i be getting this message. No one else gets this message.

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A long time ago, I found an outlook form called 'While you were out'. It looked like one of those phone message pads we all have on our desk. Our administrative office would like to use something like this, but for the life of me, I can't remember where I downloaded it from. I've already looked on Microsoft Office site but couldn't find it. Does anyone use this type of form and could you tell me where you got it. Thanks.

A:Outlook Forms

Outlook 97/98 Template: While You Were Out Form

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I am in the process of creating some outlook form templates with fields and drop down menus. The forms look great but we need a way to export the text in the form fields to notepad so that the text from the form can be pasted into a document. CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+V does not work on the form and we have no way of copying the text from the form unless we copy each form field separately. Any suggestions?

A:Outlook forms question....HELP!

Outlook form templateS? What language is that in?

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Does anybody knows how to modify forms in Outlook 2007? I just installed it in my computer and I feel the need to move the fields in the contacts section. thanks

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I have a client who just upgraded all his computers to Outlook 2003 (from 2000) (Exchange from 5.5 to 2003). He has a couple of custom contact forms for data in public folders.

I can make those forms work, but that have the old look. When I try to design a form based on the new look, I hit a dead end. The old layout appears for modification, not the new one. I tried this on several installations of Outlook 2003, including that was virgin, never set up.

I am looking for someone or some site that explains how to modify the new contact forms.

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I have created an Outlook form. I have a section with different types of maintenance such as emergency and scheduled in checkboxes. I have a division head approval text box at the bottom of my form. Depending on if the emergency box is checked, I want the division head text box to show. If the emergency box is not checked, then I don't want the division text box to show. Can someone please help me? Please

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Using Outlook 2000, I would like to edit the form used currently for about 2500 records. Is this possible... I know how to design a form and publish a form...but I want to change the existing form for all exisiting contacts records.

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Does anyone know how to create forms in Outlook 2007? I used them in my previous job but I haven't had the chance to create one.

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I'd like to change the "Contact" form in Outlook. In developing a new contact, the following fields are by default within the form (in their order too):

Business Fax

I'd like to change the above two lines to the following:

Company Main Phone

Since the company main phone and business fax usually doesn't change when creating a new contact from the same company, I'd like this to repeat when selecting "Create New Contact from Same Company".

Currently (MS Outlook's default) has the recurring fields, when creating new contacts from the same company, as follows:

Company Name
Business (phone)
Business Fax
Web Page

I'd like this to instead be:

Company Name
Company Main Phone
Business Fax
Web Page

The above solution should be simple, I hope. Conceptually, it sounds simple, but who knows.

It is unusual for Microsoft to have the Business number replicated, when it should be the Company Main Phone. Also, the Home field really isn't used alot by most Outlook users I assume, as Outlook is usually used by businesses where as Outlook Express (w/o the Contacts) is usually used by the home user.

Well, someone else get on the soapbox here and help me out. Please. Thanks!

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I hope someone can help with this as it's driving me mad. I want to design some Outlook message forms that I can use on a website, so that when the user clicks on a link the form comes up in an email. I have designed some forms and when I run them they look OK, but none of the data typed into the fields appears in the recipient's message. There is just a blank email.
Thanks in advance.

A:Outlook message forms

I found the answer to this one. I was putting the form on the message page instead of on page 2. Easy if you know how but not immediately obvious, and I couldn't find it in the help pages.

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I am in the process of creating some outlook form templates with fields and drop down menus. The forms look great but we need a way to export the text in the form fields to notepad so that the text from the form can be pasted into a document. CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+V does not work on the form and we have no way of copying the text from the form unless we copy each form field separately. Any suggestions?

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I designed and published a Contacts Form and want to make it the default Form for a specific directory (folder). It works when I click new. But, when I import a list of contacts from an Excel file, they end up in the standard Contacts Form. Please help. Thanks

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Contains the Outlook 2000 Forms Administrator (Formswap.exe) and a Readme file.
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP

Office 2000 with Outlook 2000; compatible operating system.



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Does anyone know if there is a way to change the type of form I created. I created a Note and I would like to change to a format that I can use in public folders such as a Task or Journal. This form is pretty extensive and I would hate to have to redo everything.

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Hello all,

I created a custom form in outlook 2007 the form works when send it to other in the office, however, for the people who use the BES Black Berry service see theemail come to their phone, however the email is blank. None of the custom for shows in the email.

Any help?


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Hi all
I have created a custom form in Outlook for collecting requests for service. I used a message template and have inserted Option Buttons and Combo boxes to make it easier to use. I have created a short cut to the form on the Outlook toolbar and it works well.
I have been asked if I can make it smarter in that depending on which option button is selected, the form gets routed to different recipients. I am fairly confident this is possible but I have been unable to find out how to do it.
Also, I want a field to populate dependent on a selection from a Combo box, how do i go about this.
Any help will be appreciated

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How can i transfer Outlook forms from one machine to another?


A:Transferring forms from Outlook 2000

Find the file (*.oft I'm pretty sure) and have the other user open it, then File-Save as, and save it to their own forms folder. That's the easiest.

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How can you make a query NOT display duplicates without creating additional queries?

Example: one of my columns is "Equipment numbers" I am having the query return 20 records and I dont want to have any duplicate equipment numbers.

It is queryng from and excel spreadsheet.

Thanks, Joe

A:Access 2003 query

Joe, try setting the Query's Unique Values or Unique Records to "Yes

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Hi, I am having a couple of problems setting up queries in Access 2003. I built a database for our community group to administer registrations in childrens sports program. what I need to do is sort the kids into age divisions ie: bantams are 15 & 16 yrs old. We have a field with their birthday. How would one go about placing a criteria in a query? Second I need to run an append query to change the value in one check box to "unchecked".
thanks for your help

A:access 2003 query

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Hi All,

I am needing to run a query which will identify records which are today going backwoods so basiclaly anything that i havent done which is already taken care of by a tick box.

Thanks in advance

A:Access 2003 Query

Use the Query Wizard to create a normal "Select" Query based on your table.
In the Date Column you can sort the date either Ascending or Descending.
In the Tick Box Column enter a -1 in the first Criteria Row.

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Anyone good with access 2003? Im stuck at one aspect of a a query I'm trying to make. Lets say you have a field labeld Cost and another labeled Paid. If Cost is $5 and Paid is $5 it should not display in my query, but if Cost is $10 and Paid is $5 I would like this to show when I go to data view instead of design view. Can anyone help? I can't seem to make it work with a simple cost>paid statment. I'm designing this in the design view.

A:Access 2003 Query

Are the Cost & Paid fields numeric? Wont work well if they are strings with symbols.

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I am a beginner to access 2003 and have setup a membership database in access.
I assume that search and query are one in the same.
If so I need to setup a query so I can search my membership database by LAST NAME to give me the members details or file.

I want to be able to search by the first letter or first few letters of the members last name.

Can you help me out? How do I setup this type of search?


A:access 2003 query

Paul, Search and Query aren'y actually the same thing, but you can have a Search Query and it best when based on the Input from a Search Form.
However to do something simple the way that you want using a "Lastname" you can use a Combo Box on the Data Input Form (assuming that you have one).
When you use the Toolbox Wizard for creating Combos, do not select the default option number one, which is "I want the combo to look up records in a table or Query", instead choose the last option "Find a record on my Form based on the value I selected in my Combo" and then choose the lastname field and the First name field as well. You will see that as you type in the lastname the Combo jumps to the names with the letters appear.

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Dear all,

I'm using Access 2003. In my query panel, I've 1 query that shows the total number of courses that each person took.

1) How can I find the number of people who have taken only a sequential number of courses? For instance, using the query I've generated, there're 42 person taking 1 course, 51 person taking 2 courses, 7 person taking 3 courses and so on.

2) I need to generate another query that shows for each student, the number of basic and intermediate courses taken and the total number. For example, in my query, I've already stated the total number of courses taken per person. How do I have this field separated into number of Basic course taken & number of Intermediate course taken?
For the above 2 queries, I am only using 1 table named Stud_Attend_Courses. When the Course ID starts with B, it means basic course. When the Course ID starts with I, it means intermediate course.

Thank you.

A:Access 2003 Query

Hello again Cinbar, I am not sure that you can do it with just One query, so will you be outputting this to a Report or Form?
You could have one Query to do the "Grouping" and either a second query to do the totalling or use a Report or Form's "Sum" expression to do it.

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I am fairly new to access 2003 and self taught, but i have been asked to write a
query that has me stumped and i need some help.

I need to write a query that will return only the details ie name and address,
of clients who have not paid their renewal fee - the amounts will vary from client to
client as they are based on sales discounts and loyalty awards etc.

At first, I thought that this should be quite simple however, any one client will have a number of payments made throughout the year, with different amounts being paid/refunded. this will make it impossible for me to use the 'amount paid' to find all those who have not paid a renewal fee. It seems the only way to see if they have paid their renewal fee is to use the data held in the 'payment description' which will describe everything from their 'initial fee', 'refund of overpayment', 'discount applied' as well as 'renewal fee'

I only want to see those clients who do not have 'renewal fee' in the payment description fields and i'm finding it difficult to work out how i can do this. I have tried 'not like renewal fee', but this returns all the clients.

Any Ideas or suggestions??

the database has two tables, client and payments

A:'not like' query - access 2003

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I want to create one Attendance Form wherein employee will fill the same and send.

Also, If we can solve this in Word Form or Outlook Form or Access Form. Post the same with the help of Macro we would consolidate the leave.

Form Example :

Employee Name :
Employee ID :
Direct Manager Name :
Direct Manager ID :
Business :
Function :
Type of Leave : Sick Leave, Casual Leave, Maternity Leave, Sabbatical Leave, Long Leave.
From / Start Date : Employee would be able to select Calendar
To / End Date : Employee would be able to select Calendar
Remarks :
Would appreciate your prompt action / views on the same.
Rahul Gandhi

A:Help Required in Forms : Outlook / Word / Access

I think you need to be more precise about how this "Form" is supposed to work.

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Hi All,
i have created a custom outlook 2000 form and successfully integrated an excel spreadsheet into it. the only problem is that whenever anyone enter info into the spreadsheet portion, it dos not save. i have tried following the instruction on, but i still cannot get it working.

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Is there any way that a person can create a custom form in Outlook and have that same form sent through email?
I have been trying to find information on this topic for several weeks and the only thing I could come up with was a XPrint utility.

If anyone really knows Outlook extensively, I would appreciate any step-by-step tutorial!!!!

Thank you!

A:Help with Outlook 2002 creating custom forms!

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I have created a customized outlook form with a text box in it. Whenever I, or another individual, create a form it is not visible to the people that we send it to. But, the form is visible to he and I. The people we send forms to only get the standard email message with no user defined items. I have put a check in the box to make the form a one-off, but it is still not visible on the reipeients computer. The same users that are unable to see my forms are able to create forms and send them to each other, and myself, as a one-off and they are fully visible. Also, some of the older forms that were created using outlook 2000 were intially only showing up as the default email message format until one random older form was opened. After that form was opened, all the older forms were able to be displayed properly but that started the problem with the newly created one's showing up as the default message format. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling outlook but that did not solve the problem. Publishing the form to the exchange server is not an option. We have to send the form's as a one-off. ALL of the computers are configured with the same versions of Windows XP SP2 and Office 2003 SP2.
NOTE: I also noted that when I try to create the form on my Windows 2000/Office 2000 SR-1 computer I get the same results.
Any clues what I can do to get the one-off forms to display properly?

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If I can identify fields in a simple select query that need to have data flipped is there an easy way to do that?

A:Access 2003 Query Question

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I am running Access 2003 in windows 7 pro. I recently taught myself the basics of this powerful database program, but I've run into query problem that I can't resolve.

In one database I created a query with four fields, and the last one is called "commissions." when I run this query it returns the dollar amount in the "commissions" field for each record.

However, I would like the query to also show a "total" of all entries in that field. How do I do this without creating yet another query? Can this be done in design view by using a certain formula or syntax?

Thanks for your help.

A:Access 2003 -query issue

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I have a SQL query that I pasted into the MS Query ("MSQ") SQL text box and it runs fine an renders the correct data in the MSQ box. When I click the little MSQ icon to have it link up to my Excel sheet it seems to link but when executed in Excel it just sits there. No data. Is it because I have a prewritten query? The link-up doesn't seem to have a problem coughing up data for a whole table if I use their little wizard, but my queries are fairly complex and the wizard is a bit too simplistic. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I have a few simple databases I've created for different users. Nothing too fancy.

I have many queries that require criteria input. Mostly date ranges. Several of the queries, but not all of them have a quirk.

You double click to run it, it asks for the beginning date you enter it. It asks for the ending date, you enter it. It will then ask for the beginning date again and you have to enter it again and then the ending date again. Then you get your data returned.

If I delete the query and recreate it, it runs fine for a while but eventually will have this problem again. None of them have this problem at the start.

Is there something I can check or is there maybe some function I'm doing incorrectly that's causing this?


A:Access 2003 Query Problem

I know this doesn't answer your question, but I prefer to use a form to enter the Search/Filter criteria. You then set the queries criteria to the Form's fields.

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I'm new to this forum, I have some formal education with access but i do not use it a great deal. I have built a database that keeps records of work done on a particular street. Each street can have many records with types of work, exact locations and dates. I want to query for all work done on a particular street. My criteria cell on the query was filled using the expression builder, [Forms]![Flushing Records]![Streetname]. I run the query from a macros button. When I run the query I get my expression coming up as the parameter instead of the form i want to use to select the street. From what I have read on the forum so far is that the form has to be opened first. Is that correct? It seems backwards. If this is true then the same macro button that opens the query can also open the form?

thanks in advance

A:access 2003 query by form

Northernont, welcome to the Forum.
You are corrrect, the form should be open with a "street" selected, then the query (or form/Report based on the query) opened.
If you use a Main Menu or switchboard to open your form you can add a Command button to the Form to open the query.
Or as you say you can open the form with the Macro, I do not normally use Macros other than an Autoexec macro to open the very first Form in the database.

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In 2000 there used to be an option to "add to favourites" in which you could add files or folders to.

In 2003 there is only an option to add to my places. however you cant add documents to this, only folders.

does anyone know of a way that i can quickly add files or folders to a folder (doesnt have to be favourties, just as long as they are in one place!) I need the files or folders to be shortcuts so that if they get altered then the documents or fodlers in my favourites are updated too.

i have looked into the right clicking on the document and selecting send to > desktop create shortcut. Because that would be useful if you coudl change the location to a folder rather than the desktop. so perhaps someone might know how you create that?

Sorry if this doesnt make sense!!

Thanks alot

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I am trying to build an expression that will display only sales that are more than 30 days prior to the current date. I have tried using the DateAdd function like this:

I have also tried using the expression <Date()+30. Nothing seems to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


A:Access 2003 query question

Well, using the expression <DateAdd("d",-30,Date()) in the SQL WHERE clause should find all records with dates more than 30 days ago. In SQL the WHERE clause should look something like: WHERE Mytable.Mydate < DateAdd("d",-30,Date())

In the query builder grid (Query by Example), or in 'Filter by Form' this is the equivalent of typing: < DateAdd("d",-30,Date()) in the criteria cell for field Mydate.

Obviously substitute your table and field names for Mytable and Mydate.

All this assumes that your field is defined in the table design as a date/time data type. If it is defined as data type text then you must also use the CVDate() function - eg: < DateAdd("d",-30,CVDate(Date())) - be aware thought that this will return an error if the field does not hold text that is a true date in a valid date format. To protect against this you can use an expression that uses IsDate() to check for valid dates before using CVDate(), for example:

In SQL: WHERE IIf(IsDate([Mytable].[Mydate])=False,False,[Mytable].[Mydate]<DateAdd("d",-30,Date()))=True

In the QBE grid type: IIf(IsDate([Mytable].[Mydate])=False,False,[Mytable].[Mydate]<DateAdd("d",-30,Date())) as an expression in the 'Field' cell and type: True in the 'Criteria' cell.

I don't have Access 2003 so my some of my terminology may be out of date, but the SQL should work.

Hope this all makes sense to you!


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I have just created a query to feed data to my report. The query consists of;

Orderdate Between [start date] and [End Date]
Ordertypeid [Enter Order Type ID]

This works fine but i need all 3 order types to be in 1 report but each id seperate. The ID's are:
1= Postal
2= Telephone
3= Web

Could anyone help me with this please? Any help will be appreciated.

A:Access 2003 Report/Query Help

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I have an append query that pulls data from 2 tables joined by the "CustNum" If the order has a seperate delivery address the program saves the the delivery address in the Customers table so then i need to join the tables by "CustNum" in the customers table and the "ShipNum" in the orders table. I was thinking is it possible to use an IIF statement?

for example if the "ShipNum" = 0 then the join would be "CustNum" in the customers table and "CustNum" in the orders table and if the "ShipNum" is greater than 0 the join would be "CustNum" in the customers table and "ShipNum" in the orders table.

Ihope this makes sense and someone can help me.


A:Help With Append Query Ms Access 2003

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Hello all,

I am trying to create a query that sums one field based on the values in two other fields.
Field 1 contains the number of units
Field 2 contains the month those units were added
Field 3 contains the month those units were dropped (if applicable)

I want to create a query that lists the months as columns and sums the current unit count for each month.

For example, the 200901 column would sum Field1 if (Field 2 was <= 200901) and (Field3 was > 200901 or blank).

For example, the 200902 column would sum Field1 if (Field 2 was <= 200902) and (Field3 was > 200902 or blank).

Is this possible?

Thanks for the help!


A:Sumif Query in Access 2003

Frezz, welcome to the Forum.
This should be possible, but it may take 2 or more queries.
Can you provide some data to work with?

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I'm having difficulty getting the query to show what i want.

on my client cards i have to show which employee is the sales person, demo guy, consultant etc, and the problem i am having is because one employee can be more than one thing - like can be sales for one guy and be demo for another, when i go to do a query to show who they are working on its only showing up records on which the employee was all 2/3 things.

is there a way i can do a query to show me all people they are working on?

Also, emailing. Is there a way to make a button that you click and it emails a form to a contact?

And again, does anyone know of a simple way to make a search form? ive tried several different ways and cannot get it. if it helps i need to search: client id, surname, first name. i also need to do a search thats a client id again, but its a from-to, to show multiple clients between whatever id's i pick

thanks guys.

A:Access 2003 - Query Troubles

I have posted versions of databases with emailing and Search forms recently on here, so if you look for posts by OBP you should be able to find them, if not I will post them again.
The problem with your query may be the Joins between tables. Access automatically creates a Join "Only Include rows where joined fields for Both Tables are equal".
This means that it will only return records where all tables have the value like PersonID in them
To overcome this right click on the Join line between the tables and the choose the other Option that fits what you want to do.

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Is there any way to insert an "if" satatement for the number of records to display?

Right now I have to manually change SELECT TOP ## to display the proper number of records based on overall number of records on a spread sheet

Is there any way to use an "if" statement to automatically display the proper number of records?

Here is my existing SQL view:

SELECT TOP 13 tblMaximo.ACTFINISH, tblMaximo.ISTASK, tblMaximo.STATUS, tblMaximo.WONUM, tblMaximo.DESCRIPTION, IIf([EQNUM]="<Null>"," ",[EQNUM]) AS Expr1, tblMaximo.LOCATION, tblMaximo.TARGSTARTDATE, tblMaximo.REPORTDATE, tblMaximo.SUPERVISOR, tblMaximo.WORKTYPE, tblMaximo.JPNUM, tblMaximo.ACTSTART, tblMaximo.ACTLABHRS
FROM tblMaximo
WHERE (((tblMaximo.ISTASK) Not Like "Y") AND ((tblMaximo.DESCRIPTION) Not Like "*CGA*" And (tblMaximo.DESCRIPTION) Not Like "*MEO*" And (tblMaximo.DESCRIPTION) Not Like "*MATER*") AND ((tblMaximo.WORKTYPE)="CM") AND ((tblMaximo.ACTLABHRS) Not Like "0.00"))

And here are my parameters for the record count:

Sample Sizes
Lot Size Sample Size
91-150 = 8
151-280 = 13
281-500 = 13
501-1,200 = 20
1,201-3,200 = 32
3,200-10,000 = 32

A:Solved: Access 2003 query

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Hi all
Have started up a new machine and upgraded from Access 2000 to 2003 and transferred our database over. We have just over 5,000 records in the contact table which we update daily with the current date as various repeat contacts are made.
The relevant field is set to Long date.
Every evening we have a Word 2003 file that completes a mail merge to a database query that pulls records with the current date. That query obtains its data from the contacts table. Or at least, it used to.
Since the change something has gone wrong and I cannot sort out what. The query will not let me use the =Date() function in the criteria row. As a test I set up a dummy database with a simple table and a single query. In the query grid I added =Date() in the criteria row and low and behold it worked. So obviously there is a problem in the original table. Now I am lost. Does anyone have any pointers please?


A:Using the =Date() function in Access 2003 query

That is odd I have just answered another poster with date problems.
can you open your New table and check the Actual dates in the field ensuring that you expand it>
Does it have the "Time" in the field with the date, you may have to change the Date/Time format to Short or long time to see it?
Has the Date field always been "Long" date rather than Short date?
Also try in the Query in a new Column
Format([Your Date Field],"dd/mm/yyyy") and put the date() criteria in that column instead.
I have just checked it and it works whereas Long date with a time element won't.

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my database is based on a shop.

i need my database to calculate the new number in stock by taking away the number sold by the number in stock.

then i need to check if the new number in stock is within a allowable level

Next i need to re-order some stock if its below a allowable level giving me 'new stock'

then finally update the field number in stock in the orignal table to new stock in the table.but when i do this i keep getting the message " Operation must use an updateable query".

Why am i getting this? Is their a easier way to carry out these calculations

A:Problem with update query-access 2003

Hey Stones123 Welcome to TSG.

Your question is not real clear. But it seems the big issue is the 'use updateable query' message. This is a pain and is caused by several things but mainly ACCESS won't let you use a complex query and update a table. SQL dbs would probably do what your wanting.

Since I don't know what the actual issue is here are two things to try..
1. Make a temp table then update from there.
2. The connecting field in both tables must be a unique index.

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I have a question about removing duplicate records in query and report output.

Here is the overview. We have a database of Summer Campers. Several of the campers are children from the same house hold.

I have a query which adds all the kids to one postcard to be sent out. Then another query which runs the labels to be put on the postcard for mailing.

When I run the labels, each record (for each child) is a result. So I may have 2, 3 or even 4 lables for the same address. I only have one postcard.

I tried using the unique values and unique fields in the properties of the query but that does not work. I also tried saying "hide duplicates" in the report but that is per field so it will hide the address but leave the city state and zip. Of course I can't hide those because other people live in that same city, state etc.

I do not want to delete the duplicate records because they are each different kids in different sessions of camp. I just want to be able to print out one label per address.

Any ideas?

A:Access 2003 Query Duplicates Question

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I have an inventory database set up with tables, forms, queries, and reports. I run reports from the tables through a date range parameter query. When the report is opened it prompts for a start and stop date, then generates the report based on that range. My question is: is there a way to have the date range entered inserted on the report?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

A:Solved: Access 2003 parameter Query

I did a google search and found this:

I think it's what you need.

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I just created a query for a one table database. I'm trying to find the top and bottom values in one query for one value. I can manage to organize it by ascending and taking one top-value, but I can't manage to get top and bottom simultaneously. I was wondering how one would go by doing that, and I'm in Query Design view. Thanks for anyone that can help me out.

A:Access 2003 Top-values Query Question

Nevermind, I've figured it out, thanks. This thread may be deleted as it is of no need anymore.

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I have a problem and have working on it for 2 days. I have one table (persons) and one form (People). The form (People) has the information about the person like first name, last name, gender, marital status, etc. I would like to add father and mother if it is listed. The table (persons) have:
personsID first name last name gender marital status kids index kids
1 John Smith male married 1 -1
2 Tom Jones male married 2 -1
3 Mary Smith female married 1 -1
4 Jane Jones female married 2 -1
5 George Smith male single 0 1
6 Pam Smith female single 0 1
7 Al Jones male single 0 2

The problem that the form (People) display the person but not the parents. I have a query that is:
Field: first name last name kids index gender
Table: persons persons persons persons
Show: X X
Criteria: [Forms]![People]![kids] male

which is supposed to display the father. Say, youre displaying the record of Pam Smith female single. Running the father query youre supposed to get John Smith but I get a blank listbox. Could somebody help me out with get the parents to display on this Form?



A:Solved: Access 2003 Form and Query

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I have a Users DB that I cannot make any changes on it. One of the fields has a Date field. I need to run a query on that table to create reports, but the query creates multiple records for the same user with the only difference in the Date filed. I need to have only the records with the latest date in the Date field.

Is there a way to set a query that does this?


A:Solved: access 2003 query by last date

You need 2 queries, the first has the userrecordId and date fields, set Totals>Grouping the userrecordid Grouped and the date set to Max.
Then in the second query you want the main table and the 1st query joined by the userrecordid and the date.
So the first query finds the last and the second show the data from just that record.

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I have 1 table in Access(companies) - its big. I want to search on the postcode field. I want to use a dialogue box so that I can put in the beginning of the code followed by a * for wild card characters e.g. CM* This works in the query if I type it but not in the dialogue box. Ideally I would like 2 or 3 dialogue boxes so that I can have OR's e.g. CM9* OR CM1* or CM2*. I just need a query that will feed into a report but will give me flexibility in selecting the postcode area. It's the wild card characters that are causing the problem. I like using dialogue boxes for queries so that I can filter into a report. This is really annoying. If you have a solution it will mean I can finish the database. Yipee!
Mrs T

A:Access 2003 Query +wild cards

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I have linked a contact folder from Outlook to my database. I have already written a make table query that has been the fields I want to work with into another table. I want to write a query that will update this table with any new entries in the outlook folder.

It has been a while since I worked with Access and not sure what criteria to set to only add the new data.

I appreciate the help.

A:Access 2003 - Append or Update Query

UTC, welcome to the Forum.
For appending new data I would add a "control" field which adds together fields like the contacts name and birth date or Social security number to create a Unique identity. Set that field to "Indexed - No Duplicates".
Also have this concatenation field in the Append Query, only new records can be added to the table.

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I've got an query in Access 2003, one of the fields calculates a sum by using the following code:

Amount: Sum([inv_ammount]*[costunits]*(1+[btwrate]/100)*IIf([buy_sell]=1,1,-1))
How do I make sure the value is always rounded to two decimals (currency amount)? For instance $ 4,30171 should become $ 4,31

It's giving me a headache

tnx in advance,

A:Solved: rounding in access 2003 query

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I am trying to use an append query to add to a table named Fees. My query is as follows:
INSERT INTO Fees ( ID, TotalBill, [DATE] )
SELECT READINGS.ID (findloc([meterbk],[reading],[xreading]))+0 AS TotalBill,
WHERE (((READINGS.DATE)>=Forms![Process Rates]!BegDate And
(READINGS.DATE)<=Forms![Process Rates]!EndDate));

When I run the query, no records show in the table. This is my first time posting, so I don't know exactly what you need for information.

Module 1

Public Function FindLoc(MeterBK, reading, xreading)
Dim FEE as Currency
Select Case Meter BK
'Rutland Town Books
Case "901"
If reading <> vbEmpty And xreading <> vb Empty Then
Let FEE = ((((reading - xreading) / 100) * [Forms]![Process Rates]![TwnRate])
+[Forms]![Process Rates]![TwnMeter])
End if

This query deletes the old rates

DELETE Fees.ID, Fees, TotalBill, Fees.DATE
WHERE (((Fees.Date)>=[Forms]![Process Rates]![BegDate] And
(Fees.DATE)<=[Forms]![Process Rates]![EndDate]));

Any help is appreciated.

A:Access 2003 Append Query Problem

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I have created quite a few successful queries. However, one of my end users has asked for a select query that has me baffled. She showed me an example that my predecessor created, but I haven't been able to duplicate the design. See the attached jpg.

I offered her a select query using "enter parameter" boxes that pop up and ask for a query's criterion, but that isn't what she wants. She wants, in effect, a form that looks like the single table that she will query. She wants to be able to fill in any of the columns (with a parameter value) and use that for her query. It seems simple enough, but I'm missing something obvious (obvious to everyone but me).

A:Solved: Access 2003: customized query

The jpg doesn't show much, i.e. no criteria rows.
There are 2 ways to achieve what she wants, one using advanced VBA and the other Criteria in the Query based on

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Got an Excel (2003) queryIve got two sets of data - Column B Document Title (text) / Column C Document Revision No. (Numerical) that represent outstanding documents assigned to someone to read in Feb & two columns of data for March ( E & F).​
I want Excel to cross-reference the data from columns E & F against B & C and total the number of direct matches (Documents that have not been read and remain outstanding), the number missing (Documents that have been read) & the number of additions (New documents added to the list).

If it works I've attached a copy of a spreadsheet showing what I mean.

This would then be an ongoing process, April against March, May against April, June against May and so on​ ​Is there an inbuilt formula (or combination of) that will return the information I want from columns of data structured like this & if so what is it?​ ​Kind regards​ ​Charlie Malt.​ ​PS If it isn't possible to return results on Outstanding, Read & New then tracking the Outstanding Documents takes precedence.​

A:Solved: Excel (2003) Formula query

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I've got a database that exports queries via macros into Excel. Included in this is - for example - the name of a consultant and the number of hours he's worked.

Alas, while the query in Access displays the first and last name of the consultant for the ConsultantID field (which is the number field that's related to the ConsultantID unique number field in the Consultants table), it shows only the ConsultantID as a number after export.

To remedy this, I put in another column in the query, which is basically Expr1:[Consultants]![FirstName] & " " & [Consultants]![LastName]. This works fine for queries in which the table containing the name (be it consultant, customer, etc) is related to only one other table in the query. However, when the name table is related to two tables that are already used in the query, I get the error:

The SQL statement could not be run b/c it contains ambiguous outer joins. To force on the joins to be performed first, create a seperate query that performs the first join and then include that query in your SQL statement.

I gotta admit: I'm not sure what that would mean here. I tried creating a seperate query that combined the names, and then referenced that query in the query I was to export, but no dice: same error.

Thanks for any guidance!

A:Solved: Access 2003 query question

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Per the attached screenshots, I have a query on which I'm basing a report, and I want the user to put in a date range for the results. That's all gone fine. However, the output is only summing the hours per date, not across all dates w/n the input range. So if the user put in a week-long range and a VP had hours on more than one day, it would show the sum for that VP across those days, not adding all the days together.

Hope that makes sense, in tandem with the screenshot.

Thanks for any help!

A:Solved: Access 2003 query builder

I would use an ordinary "Select Query" with the Criteria date range to preselect the records for tjis Grouping query.
Or change the current query's Date column from Group By to "Where".

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