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Solved: Microsoft Word 2003 problem-Edit Menu missing commands

Q: Solved: Microsoft Word 2003 problem-Edit Menu missing commands

For some reason my undo typing and redo typing options in Microsoft Office Word 2003 have disappeared. They should be under Edit. Will someone please tell me how to find and reset them.

Thank you.

A: Solved: Microsoft Word 2003 problem-Edit Menu missing commands

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I am using MS Word 2003 and I have a problem with an item appearing dozens of times in the drop down section of the tools menu.

When clicking tools "mail merge" appears dozens of times and it is necessary to scroll down for some considerable time until the rest of the drop down appears.

I have had this problem for a while (I suspect it was another programme I was using some time ago - that is no longer used) and is also left over from when I was using word 2000).

Since its original appearance, I have uninstalled office, reinstalled and now upgraded to office 2003.

I suspect a registry entry somewhere, but I have searched in vain.

Any ideas on how to fix it.

A:Solved: MS Word 2003 - Menu drop down problem

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When I open microsoft office word 2003 i can perform all functions except for the menu. The menu drop down fields are frozen. It was working fine and then all of a sudden i cannot use the menu. I'm using Windows Vista operating system. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Thanks

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The Symbol option has disapppeared from my Word application under Insert. I can't find it anywhere to recover it to the Insert tab. Can someone please tell me to how to recover it?

Thank you.

A:Solved: Microsoft Word 2003 problem

try this
select the Menu Bar
it should set all your main menus and built-in toolbars back to the default.

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I'm having a strange problem with Microsoft Word 2003 SP3.

It only happens on new docs. I'm a writer and when I open ongoing projects in Word everything is fine, but when I open a new doc. my Page Setup doesn't work. If I set it to have 1" of space top, bottom and sides, it doesn't work on the top. My first line starts at the very top of the page.

Also, the ruler up the left side should be dark where that top inch of space should be, but it isn't because it's not working. I discovered a temporary fix in Page Setup by setting the top space to be 2" and the sides and bottom to be 1". However, even doing this I don't get the dark inch or so at the top of my left margin ruler.

I did a repair in ADD Remove Programs but it didn't change anything. It might be a corruption in Word because I have the same Office 2003, SP3 on my laptop and I've compared all the settings on both computers and they appear to be identical.

Has anyone here run into this problem, and do you think uninstalling and reinstalling Office might solve the problem?

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Microsoft Office 2003 Word problem

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Why would the MS Word menu bar be visible, but be missing the "edit" option? I've tried moving the bar around, resizing it, etc. I've also looked at the menu bar with a blank document, a new document, an old document and no document. There's no "edit" option on the menu bar.

A:Word menu bar missing "edit" option

Right-click the menu bar, hit Customize.
Choose the Toolbars tab.
Scroll down and pick Menu Bar (don't uncheck it, just highlight it).
Hit the Reset button.
Hit Ok.
Hit Close.

If it doesn't work, go to and click on the "Lost toolbars" link. Follow the instructions there.

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Windows Vista Home

Installed Microsoft office 2003 Installed custom install of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher. They all work you can type in them and print the page ect. However all of them if you go to save the file such as a word doc to the desktop like always did type whatever and then go to file and save as have the file named etc and with all of them it comes up with an error sayin

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. YOu can save a file from any of them, like I said you can open them and do whatever you want and print them out but cannot save them. Can someone tell me why I am gettting the error and why it wion't save?

A:Solved: Windows Vista-problem with Microsoft word 2003 won't save a file get error me

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Hi, I've been having this problem with MS Word 2003 for a little bit.

What happens is, I open the application, and the Word box pops up like it's about to open like it should, but then it takes forever to open, maybe over 10 minutes or so, unless I just end the process like I usually do since it takes so long.

The only thing I've noticed different about anything when I open it is, Navw32.exe starts running, and if i end that, an alert window opens that says "The document C:\Documents and Settings\David Solis\Application Data\Microsoft\Normal\ is still infected. Do you want to delete this file?". I'll click no, and Word opens.

Any idea what any of this is, why it's doing it, and how to stop it? Thanks!

Here's a HJT log:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 9:00:30 PM, on 11/22/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\hpq\HP Wireless Assistant\HP Wireless Assistant.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
C:\Pro... Read more

A:Microsoft Word 2003 Problem

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i just went from windows 2000 to windows 7 professional and we had to reinstall all programs....
i need to open my company logo which was saved in microsoft office word 97-2003 - my new program is microsoft works word processor - i have tried saving it in different formats on my old computer but nothing seems to be working....
any suggestions?

A:Converting files from Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 to Microsoft Works Word Processor

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For almost a month iam having this problem.Whenever i paste any words in Microsoft Office Word 2003......a Popup comes saying :Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003and then it pastes.It is annoying.Each time when i paste,it comes.msiexec.exe runs in the process.I disabled it in services.Then no problem in pasting.I installed a software later,then it asked for windows installer as it is needed.Then once again i enabled it.How to stop that popup from coming without disabling msiexec.exe ?

A:Microsoft Office Word 2003 problem

I have seen several suggestions for dealing with this problem, some work for some people, others don't and
some of them are potentially destructive, in my opinion, therefore I do not propose to supply any links.

However, I will tell you that I had the same problem recently. I run Office 2003 Professional Edition and
downloaded the Office 2007 trial. It was not for me and I uninstalled it. My problems then started,
with these 'Please wait while Windows configures' messages.

I tried all the usual 'repair' methods, but the only thing which fixed the problem was a complete
uninstall and reinstall of Office 2003. That would be my only suggestion and in addition,
I left the setup files on my hard disk, when asked, because there are some features that are not
immediately installed by the program, even on a full install and it saves digging out the CD/DVD
whenever you come across these features. (Don't remember too clearly which ones, I think it
may have been in connection with Publisher).

I appreciate this may be stating the obvious. If you can find an easier method, which you trust,
good luck.

btw, I am assuming that your computer is virus, adware, malware and spyware free.
You should run something like Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpware if you haven't
checked recently; presumably you have a realtime antivirus scanner.

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Hello there.

Microsoft office 2003 problem.
When starting microsoft word on vista ulitmate, there seems to be a problem

This will automatically shut down, saying there was a problem and is shutting down...
The other programs seem fine, Excel, powerpoint, etc.

I havent a clue what this could be, has anyone else had this problem.
In the top right corner of microsoft word it will say "Finalizing Installation" and then after you type a couple of sentences it will shut down on its own..

This is for a friend of mine, who had microsoft office put on when she bought the laptop of a friend, though she does not have the disk, so i wondered if this is an installation problem.

Would this be some sort of copy of microsoft office 2003, that was put on for her
She has only found this out now as her son needs to use word for school
( vista ultimate, 64 bit, sp2)

A:Microsoft office 2003/ Problem with Word

I assume that you're opening up Word from the Start menu here...

Open up the Start Menu and go to Word. Right-click on it. Open up its Compatability tab which is the third tab.

2003 is an XP product. Therefore, Word (and Excel and Access if they're 2003 versions) should be run in compatibility mode for "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)."

If this is not so, check the box and select Windows XP from the list to make it so amd OK the box to close it.

See if it runs now.

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For some reason, I cannot even open my Word 2003. I click on the icon and it shows in the bottom toolbar but doesn't open. This happens if I try to open a word file or the program.


A:Microsoft Office Word 2003 problem

Hi Sallysara,

if you go to Add/Remove Programs, (Start, Control Panel or (My Computer Then Control Panel) The Double Click On Add/Remove Programs, Then Go Down To Microsoft Office) Click On Change Then A New Window Will Open And Click On Repair. That Should Work. If Not Put You Windows Disk In And When It Opens Click On Repair.

That Should Sort It. If Not Just Message Here Again


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I'm having this problem with Microsoft Word.
I has never happen before and it doesn't happen with other office program like PowerPoint or Excel. Just Microsoft Word.

My Office is: Microsoft Office Word 2003 (11.5604.5606)
Part of Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003

The problem is when I'm using my Khmer Font (Limon) and I type a certain letter (only this one letter) which use Ctrl + Alt + T it change my font to Time New Roman size 10 and the cursor also change appearance.
I'm attaching the pictures of screenshot and logs I scan with MBAM and CCleaner. Although I don't think it's virus problem.
Please help me.


A:Microsoft Office Word 2003 Problem

Sorry on the go

But all it is. Is that you have size 10 and then size 22 after it

I can't explain it clearly it's 10 10 10 10 10 22 22 22
And when you backspace the 22 size it stays 22 until you make it size10 again
As for that little dot, it must be the font at that size, or something

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I was using Word normally only a few hours before this started.

Word types random sentances by itself. It also prints multiple pages, opens new windows and changes the page set up all by itself.

I brand a file onto the computer from my USB device just before this.

Anyone got any idea what the problem is and how i can fix it.

I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the program, but the problem remains.


A:Freaky problem with Microsoft Word 2003...everyone please look


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I have been trying to reset my setting so when I type the indent basically starts on the top left hand corner like it used to do, but when i open word it starts all the way on the top near the beginning of the page but slightly towards the right hand side. I am trying to fix this problem but can't seem to do so, any suggestions?

A:Microsoft Word 2003 Indend problem

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4500 @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4058 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1805 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 290143 MB, Free - 247709 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0N7J7M, , .7TMFZM1.CN701660CB01TO.
Antivirus: Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live! Anti-Virus, Updated and Enabled

I use WORD 2003 and I cant get a verticle ruler on the left

A:Solved: Microsoft WORD 2003 help

Welcome to TSG.

Are you in print layout view? That's the only view that will display the ruler in Word 2003. If so, go to Tools/Options and select the View tab. Under Print and Web Layout options, check the Vertical ruler box. Hope that helps.

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Every time I get a word file as an attachment and open it up, it defaults to the reading layout, then I have to close that to get it to display as I want. Is there a way to disable that and only put it in that format if I want? Thanks

A:Solved: Microsoft Word in Office 2003

Disable opening file in reading layout in Outlook or Word.

Courtney sends...

PS: I have Office 2007, so I don't remember the exact location, but it is probably in Tools, Options.

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I'm using an Asus Laptop K52F running Window 7 with 4 GB RAM. Suddenly the Microsoft Office 2003 has developed a problem whereas I can not save, and/or open/close various files. When I open Word to a blank page I get the message "Windows cannot open the existing (normal). When I try to close it I get different messages that I don't understand concerning saving to "normal" "yes/no", etc. then finally closes to my desktop. I uninstalled the program and then reinstalled to only get the same thing happening. Is this repairable and are there any options to fix/resolve? Thanks

A:Solved: Microsoft Office Word 2003

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I have Xp pro 2002 installed
As Real Estate, I often copy photos from our web site and paste them onto a word doc, I use to have windows 2000 pro installed and when I did this I could manipulated the photo.
I can not seem paste to load the photo very easy, and can't edit the photo,

In word, tools, options, edit menu it says picture editor: microsoft office word. When I click the menu drop down box here, there are no other photo editors listed, I have the usual editors on my system, paint, irfanview, photoshop elements, ms viewer etc...
What am I missing here, can I add aditional editors to word.
Often when I paste the photo into word I just get an empty box or the box shape with some dots on the outside, and more by luck than judgement I occassionally get a picture onto the word doc
Help please

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I am attaching a bmp image of a word document with strange markings.

Can anyone tell me what they are and how do I remove them ?



A:Solved: Microsoft Word 2003 strange markings

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Just recently something has changed with my Microsoft Office Word 2003 app.

I'm a writer and I have always been able to drag my pages that I have written today to a folder in My Documents and the same file would stay on my desktop for immediate access later. I realize other may not work this way but it is how I prefer to work as it has become my habit

When I try to drag and drop it now, it drops into the My Documents folder but it no longer remains on the desktop.

Now, in conjunction with this problem, I have another new problem, which is that when I write a page of text in Word and save it to a My Documents folder it doesn't go there. Also when I save a picture to My Pictures as I've always done it won't be there when I look for it. Something is preventing me from saving things and I haven't a clue what it is. I have to open the My Documents folder and drag the Word text page into it. It's the only way I can save stuff for some reason.

Can someone please tell me how I can fix this problem?

Thank you in advance.

A:Solved: Microsoft Office Word 2003 question

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Hello, I have Windows XP purchased in 2005, and came with Microsoft Office.

I was using Microsoft word early this morning and something happened and now it won't open.

Of all my desktop icons, everything has color except the Microsoft is WHITE, which I suspected right away had been compromised.

I don't have any Microsoft word software, it came with my computer.

Help, can I get it back? I need to write some letters.

Thank you.

A:Solved: Microsoft Office Word 2003 is gone and won't open

This link should prove useful often the installation files are left on the computer under c:\msocache however the above links gives the easy way to repair the installation.

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This may be a combo software/hardware question, but I'll put it in software.

Situation: I have a 30-page hard copy document that does not have an electronic, soft copy. I need to rework and edit this document but do not want to spend the time rekeying the entire document. I want to scan the document so I can then use Word to edit it. The document is all text although I may wish to put some photos (digital) in the reworked version using PhotoShop.

My system: Dell 8600, Word 2003. I do NOT have a scanner.

Questions: As I will be using an outside service to scan this document for me I would appreciate your sage wisdom about what I need to do when hiring someone to scan it for me. What software/hardware should they use so I can edit it using Word 2003? What expectation should I have for the quality of the scanned document? Should I expect to have to do a lot of clean up of words, etc, that may not scan properly? What other questions should I ask to ensure I get what I need?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give. I'm doing this for a non-profit who does not have an enormous budget so I don't want to waste money for something I can't use.

A:Scanning docs to edit with Word 2003

They should scan the document and run an OCR program over it.

That will produce a text file (which can be a Word document) that you can edit.

As for the accuracy, the software that comes with home scanners is variable, and very dependent on the font size and quality of the original. You really do nee to check the output as it will contain errors.

Commercial scanning programs tend to be more accurate but some are VERY expensive to buy.

I would expect about a 95% accuracy rate on a good clean document with a reasonable font size (10 points or above) on a home scanner/OCR and approaching 100% on a commercial one.

Formatting may or may not translate well, and often I just convert to plain text and reformat as I check.

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I cannot edit any details in documents, I can type words etc. but cannot do anything else using the mouse.

A:Solved: Word 2007 cannot edit any documents problem

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Hello guys

I have a report contain about 70 pages, pare number 43 not showing the numver as other pages,
I copied the file, I copied the text and pasted into another new document.. page 43 still always missing the number..
what to do to dispply the number?
many thanks and I will appreciate if a quick feedback .. waiting to print out the repot,

A:Solved: missing number in one page - word 2003

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I keep getting error messages when trying to open files created in Word 2003. The files burn to cd without a problem but when I try to open them off of the cd I get the file may be corrupt try to use recover text option or open and repair option. The odd thing is these word 2003 files open in Office xp without any issues. I have also got an error stating I do not have adminstrative rights on my cd drive. The cd drive is not a network shared drive so I am confused by this error. I have replaced the old cd-r/rw drive with a dvd r/rw and still get the same problems. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: Microsoft. Word 2003 will not open files burned to cd

I think I fixed it. I replaced the ide cable and all seems to work now.

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Hi, my problem is that when I was using Microsoft Word 2003, I reduced the font of one of the files I was working on and the entire file just transformed so that:
after every line, this symbol appears: ¶
before some lines, this symbol appears: º
and between words, this symbol appears•

This actually happened before, but i, ah, don't remember how i got rid of it. I know it's kind of a small problem, but it's really driving me crazy.


A:Solved: microsoft word (2003) files keep showing this after every line: ¶

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I'm currently trying to set up a customized tool bar that can be used in Microsoft Outlook 2003 email messages.

I have been successful with 2/3 machines by performing the following steps:

1. Open Outlook 2003
2. Actions > Mail Format > Check Use M.S. Office Word to Edit Email Messages
3. Open M.S. Office Word 2003
4. Tools > Customize > Toolbars > New
5. Create/Add various customized functions to the new tool bar
6. Toggle back to Outlook 2003
7. Click New Message, View > Tool Bars > New tool bar that I just created

However, for 1 of the computers, when performing step 2, the 'Use M.S. Office Word to Edit Email Messages' check box is grayed out. The installation of the software on each computer is exactly the same.

I need to know how to enable the ability to check this box.

Any help is appreciated.


A:Outlook 2003 - Use Word To Edit Email Messages?

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We have a document that includes some control toolbox check boxes. Every time we open the document, we have to exit edit mode.

Is there a way of getting it to open normally?

A:Word 2003 Document Opens In Edit Mode

You mean you are being brought into the VBA code editor each time? Can you zip the file and post it so we can take a gander at it?

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I'm running Office 2000 on Win Xp. All other Office applications work properly except for Word AND Excel. When working in either program EVERYTHING works properly EXCEPT:

If I click on the 'Edit' menu, the menu drops down, however only 'cut', 'copy', 'paste' are visible, the rest of the menu never completes (no text, just empty - like a blank VB form). At this point the program freezes completely. After a few seconds the stupid "Notify Microsoft" message pops up, and the program closes as soon as I select "Don't Send".

Some history: This all occurred immediately after a new installation of Office 2000. There WERE problems during the install. 4 files failed to register (error 1904 I think). The 4 files were vbe6.dll, msolap.dll, msolapui.dll and mdt2df.dll.

I tried manually registering the 4 files and no help.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice.
I've used the repair option 3 times.

(I did all of the above with Norton Antivirus and all associated programs disabled. I also ended the process of every running program that wasn't necessary for windows)

Any other suggestions?


A:word & excel (office 2k) crash when 'edit' is selected from the menu

Do Word and Excel troubleshooting (specifically, the registry edits):

THEN, try running them again.

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How do I edit a scanned MS Word document?

A:Edit Microsoft Word Scan

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Hi everyone,how do i add the "Edit With Microsoft Office Word" to Firefox/3.0.6,file?

Any tips geeks>>>

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I have created in Microsoft Word 2003 on an XP OS some lengthy documents. I created them using a view setting of 150%.

I sent them to my employer, who is using Windows 98 and Microsoft Word 97. My boss opened them with his system and they displayed on the screen at a view of 200%. He wants me to send him Word documents that he can open from the CD-R that I send that will automatically display at 100% view on the screen so that he does not have to set the view for each document as it displays.

So what is the answer.

Is there a way that I can save my created documents so that when my boss gets them on a CD-R that they will open on his system at a view setting of 100%.

Is there also a way that his system can be set to default to 100% in reading from the CD-R.

My boss does not want to copy the documents to the system hard disk from my sent CD-R, preferring to read and copy directly from the CD-R that I send, so that the original documents will not accidentally be changed.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Microsoft Word 2003 To Microsoft Word 97 View Setting

Welcome to BCWhat if he were to download Word 2003 Viewer?Mark

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I have been using PowerPoint since Office XP. It didn?t have and still doesn?t have an Edit entry on the context menu for .pps or ppsx files. This is very annoying when we want to edit one of those files as I often do. I made the necessary change in the registry, and the Edit shortcut showed up on the context menu for .pps files for XP and 2003, and then also for the ppsx files for and 2007. I exported and saved the modified registry settings to be able to just import them at any time I had to reinstall Office. It was simple, for each new Office version I only had to modify the path for PowerPoint and it worked.

Now, I have tried to do the same for 2010. It does have an Edit key under Shell, but the Edit shortcut doesn?t appear on the context menu. I don?t understand why it doesn?t work now. Am I making any mistake or is there another reason? Can someone, please, enlighten me on finding a way to do it?

A:Edit Shortcut for Slideshows Missing on Context Menu

Anyone please?

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After searching online and in this forum l'm posting this question:
When a web page is open in Internet Explorer 8 you can edit that web page in a word document by going to 'file' then 'edit with Microsoft Office Word'. For some reason mine now says 'edit with Microsoft Office Excel'. I've got the 'word' checked off in the 'Tools-Internet Options'- Programs - HTML editing - HTML Editor - select Microsoft Word'... but for some reason mine picks excel when i go to use it why?? is there a glitch with IE 8? how to fix it! thanks in advance.

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Good afternoon people,

Firstly, I would like to say hello to everyone who've helped me in the past with my Access help. It's been a long absence with study commitments and such, but as is the purpose of this group, I would like to ask for some tech help:

The situation: Microsoft Word (as part of Office 2003 Professional Edition) frequently closes without user notification on my dad's laptop (Windows Vista Basic). It's recently started, and it interrupts his work. He says that the issue occurs when he minimises documents, but he didn't indicate a frequency of this occurrence. He also told me that once he successfully saves a document and closes Word, he then encounters issues when opening said document; it says that the file has been "corrupted" (I can't remember exactly what the dialog box says), and that the data can be recovered, or to proceed with opening the document. Data recovery doesn't work, and when he proceeds to open the document, Word returns "Program not responding" and "Critical error caused by the program" and other prompts of this nature, which then forces the program to quit.

I am aware that a similar problem is in the Microsoft Knowledge Base for Word 2003, but was last revised in 2004 (so covered only xp and 2000), and am not certain if this issue is the same for Windows Vista. It related to the "Handwriting Recognition" program.

Additionally, as always, there are a multitude of ... Read more

A:Solved: Microsoft Word (Office Professional Edition 2003) frequently closes

Any chance of anyone helping?

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So recently I was switching my desktop background repeatedly, trying out a few images because i wanted to change it. I had been using the right click menu on images, using the available option to 'set as desktop background'. Then, for no apparent reason that option dissapeared, along with the bolded 'open', 'edit', and 'print' options. not only that, but it seems to have slightly rearranged the menu as well as added a few new 'options' that do absolutely nothing when i try to use them.
preview, rotate right, and rotate left do nothing whatsoever. Open would have opened it in an image viewer i downloaded and set to default, and edit would have opened it in Paint. Images aren't the only things affected. it seems to have happened to .txt files and video files, except the preview and rotate options don't appear.

I can still double click to open these files in their default programs, and use the newly bolded 'open with' drop-down menu to open image sin paint, but it would be nice to have my normal options back.

So, can anyone help with this? I've done search after search, and found nothing addressing this particular problem.

A:right-click options menu, open edit print missing.

Hello thewindmillman, and welcome to Eight Forums.

As a test, set the image file to have Windows Photo Viewer as it's default program to see if that restores the context menu items.

I'm thinking that when you made the 3rd party program the default program, it removed them.

Hope this helps,

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Not sure what happened but the EDIT features of Behaviors in Frontpage 2003 have disappeared on my computer. Used to be I could right-click on one of the behaviors, and change its name or id and if I double-clicked on it, it would open it up so I could see how it was set (such as what element was listed, and the setting for it such as div and visible for example). Now
Insert, Delete, Choose Event (show up)
Move Rouw Up, Move Row Down (are grayed out)
and nothing else shows up. I don't remember what else used to show up but I know if I double-clicke it, that it opened up the current setting just as if I was creating it... and let me change (visible-to-invisible) or modify ONE setting or add ONE to it. Now the ONLY option is to delete it and start ALL over again recreating each and every procedure from scratch. VERY bad as makes me do this just for one simple little change.
Any help would be appreciated. I know Frontpage is old (so am I ) but it's just about all I use.
Thank you,

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I have Microsoft Office 2003 installed and also the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack 2007. However, when I receive an e-mail with a Microsoft Word 2007 attachment, the document will not open even with the Compatibility Pack installed. I can not convert .docx to .doc. Any advice please?

A:Microsoft Outlook 2003 - Attachments in Microsoft Word 2007 will not open

Hi again,

Anybody able to help me with this please?

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I have a problem with Word 97 in the Office97 Suite. If you open Word and look at the Menu toolbar, the first word "File" and its associated drop downs are missing. How do you get it back?
I have uninstalled and re-installed to no avail. It is still properly located in Excel, etc

A:Word 97: File Menu Missing from Menu Bar

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I am a 3rd year university student studying Forensic Science and i have to admit im not much of a writer and these long essays absolutly kill me...i spend so much time bringing up the word count window (time i probably should be spending writing). my question there any way of having a word count always on the screen counting as i go?

does anyone know if this can be done...if so how?

please let me know if i need to download something (and where to get it) or what settings i need to change in word if that needs doing.

Many Thanks

A:Microsoft Word 2003 word counter....

View->Toolbars->Word Count

You still have to click the recount button though.

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Hi Folks:

I vaguely recall having this problem and solving it a few years back, but cannot remember what I did to get a handle on it.

While in Windows Explorer (XP SP3), the window shuts down and kicks back to the Desktop every time I click on the "Edit" menu tab. Funny thing is the "File", "View", "Favorites", etc., tabs all work without problems. I use "Edit" frequently, and this has been a real head-scratcher.

If anyone has a suggestion, I'd certainly appreciate it. Thanks a bunch.

A:Solved: "Edit" Menu Tab In Windows XP Explorer Problem...

When did this start???

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Ok, so here's the story: everytime I open a document in MSWord 2003, its fine, opens and works and I can type and do whatever. The first time I save the file, it saves properly, however, if I CTRL+S again, it asks me to specify what file I want to save it as, and when I try to save it as the one I have open, it errors me, saying that the file that I have open is a read-only file. That's weird, because in the properties I can clearly see that its not read-only.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on? I un and reinstalled on my PC but the problem continues. Any help will be greatly appreciated =]

Thanks in advance.

BTW I am using XP and the in the blue bar of the open document it says "DocumentName (Read-Only)" after I try to save it for the second time.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post in, Im new, but I really need help because my comp has been acting weirdly these past few days.

A:Microsoft Word 2003 "Read-only" PROBLEM

you apparently are OPENING a R/O document.

find the document of choice,

at the bottom; Attributes ... is r/o checked or unchecked?

Be sure to save your documents in your profile area:
\Documents and Settings\yourlogin\My Documents\... anywhere below this

Modify your Word Preferences to make the above the Default Directory

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While typing a document, I did a stupid thing (stupid because I don't know what I did to do it).
The document now has the paragraph symbol before and after each paragraph. Also, each word is separated by a dot. What do I do to remove the symbol and dot?
And will the document still be readable?

A:Solved: Word 2003 problem

SOLVED. Please do not answer.

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First let me start by saying before this attempt I haven’t done any programming in about 5 years. I have fumbled around and searched until I could no longer solve my errors so I’m here asking for help. When I run the code I get an odbc error when trying to call a sub I might just be making the call wrong. On the other hand it could all be wrong any help is greatly apreciated.


' work area
Dim wsFTC As Workspace
Dim cnFTC As Connection
Dim rs As Recordset
' Shared variables
Dim subname As String ' Subcontractor Name
Dim subaddy As String ' Subcontractor Address
Dim subcsz As String ' Subcontractor City State Zip
Dim jobnumb As String ' FTC Job Number
Dim jobname As String ' Job Name
Dim jobaddy As String ' Job Address
Dim jobcsz As String ' Job City State Zip
Dim Answer As String ' Answer for msg box to null responce
Dim MyNote As String ' Message fro null response
Dim strSQL As String ' used in sql statements
Dim frmResult As Integer ' no clue
Public Sub Main()
'Conect to the mysql server
Application.StatusBar = "Connecting to FTCGC Database..."
Set wsFTC = CreateWorkspace("FTCWorkspace", "", "", dbUseODBC)
Set cnFTC = wsFTC.OpenConnection("ftcdata", , True, "ODBC;DNS=ftcdata;")

'Open the form for user input

End Sub
Public Sub get_info()
' Search the database acording to user input
Application.StatusBar = "Retreaving the information you re... Read more

A:Solved: Word 2003 VBA problem

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After completing setup and customization of Word 2003, I discover that my new default blank page ignores the margins I've set. The cursor blinks right along the top edge of the page even though I've set a top margin of 1.25". Somehow, that's gotten into the basic configuration of Word as there's nothing I can do to get any blank page to load properly. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling Word, then copying from my other PC my Word 2000 (which is how I originally set up Word 2003), and it still opens any default document with the cursor hugging the top edge of the page. I also tried opening a previously-created Word document with the same margin settings, erasing the content to make it a blank sheet, and using it to create a new and a new The process of converting it to .dot format brings back the edge-hugging cursor which did not happen in the document before saving. Help!

A:Solved: New Word 2003 Problem

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I am searching for commands in Command Prompt to edit the window's properties, like whether it is fullscreen or not.
I know this is possible with simply right clicking and hitting "Defaults" but I would like commands to write in a batch file to have these start upon initialization.
Do these kind of commands exist? If so, what are they?

Thank you,

A:CMD Commands to Edit Properties

You can change the width and number of lines using the Mode command
You can change Color using the Color command.
To set full screen mode, you'd have to modify the shortcut that starts the Command Prompt. YOu might be able to create two shortcuts, and call the one you want; I've not tried that. I don't think the environment would be preserved, so you would have to use a file to pass any variables.
You can edit the registry using reg.exe, or regedit and a pre-made file, so that the next Command Prompt opened from the Run box is fullscreen or windowed.
The value is here:

Name: FullScreen
Data: 0 Windowed
Data: 1 FullScreen

Or you can use the CMDOW utility to change the fullscreen mode.
Or use VBScript and the SENDKEYS method to send the ALT+ENTER keystroke, or use an AutoHotKey or AutoIt script. One of those may have a built in command to start a prompt Fullscreen; I know you can chose minimized, maximized, active, inactive, etc when you open a window, but I don't know if Fullscreen is an option.

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When I click on the Insert Menu in Word 2003 toolbar there is no drop down menu. Other drop down menus (i.e. File, Edit, View, Format, Tools, Table, Window and Help) look okay and have menu items. Need help.

A:Word 2003 Insert Menu is blank...

try doing a repair from the installation disk...

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Hi. I have a 250 page document that was set up with standard 1 inch margins on each side. not sure why, but when I opened the document to day, word is adding an extra inch of white space to the right side. I've checked page setup and the margins are still at one inch (and the ruler at the top of the display shows that as well.

Any ideas what may have gone wrong or how to fix this? When I print something out, the print is scrunched down to a smaller size to fit in the smaller space.

NOTE - if I open a new document, things display correctly (treating page as if standard 8.5 inches wide). If I cut and paste my document into this new one, however, I'm again faced with the pseudo 9.5 inch page.


A:Solved: Word 2003 Problem with Margins

OK - finally figured it out. I must have clicked on Markup at some point which adds the width to the page so comments can appear in the extra wide margin - I didn't have any comments so that hadn't occurred to me as a possibility. Clicking Markup for a second time (under the View menu I believe) collapsed the page back down to normal proportions. Figured I'd post this instead of just deleting the thread in case any one else had a similar problem.

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Am unable to delete whole words, passages, or lines in Word, as I used to by highlighting word, line or passage and then hitting the delete button. Am only able to delete one letter at a time. Help. How do I correct the problem?
Thanks, Nemo7

A:Solved: Problem deleting in Word 2003

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I have a Word fill in form that at some point had Track Changes turned on.

It is a form several people use. Every time a new person, or new computer accesses this form, the formatting ballooons show up, and print as well.

I can turn it all off for each user in their Word settings, but how do I get rid of these formatting balloons in the document itself? That way, whenever it gets opened for the first time by someone else, I don't have to go and turn off all the track changes stuff.


A:Solved: Track Changes Word 2003 - problem

Microsoft has an explanation of this here:

...but the short answer is to open Word and go to

Tools --> Options --> Security and un-check the box "Make hidden markup visible when opening or saving"

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I working on a client laptop that has Vista on it. She had Office 2007 student version on it and then installed Office 2003 basic version, also. I know that can cause a problem, she did not want Office 2007, but wanted to keep 2003.

The main problem is she has a copy of her resume on a flash drive and wanted to use it on office 2003. I have Office 2003 Pro on my XP computer and on my Vista laptop. I have no problem reading the resume off the flash drive on ether computer. The file is off Word 10 program version.

This laptop was a mess. No updates, 761 spywares, but no virus. Clean up and updated. Remove both Office program and ran a reg cleaner. And installed just Office 2003 basic edition. Everything works, but still have a problem.

Will not open file. Keep getting ********.doc is locked for editing by 'another user' ... This does not happen on the other computers. What is happen with this laptop????

A:Solved: Word 2003 basic problem....

Try using Unlocker

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Hi, hopefully someone can help me with this somewhat minor, but annoying problem with Microsoft Word 2003.

Any time I open a new document in Word 2003, the cursor is at the very top of the page. It's not at the vertical position that the page setup window says it should be at (1"), but it is in the proper left margin position.

To solve it, I have to go to the menu: Format>>Borders and Shading. I click on the Page Border tab (which is defaulted to "None") and click OK. At that point the cursor moves to the correct position.

I have to do this every time I open a new document to get the cursor in the right starting point for the doc. I assume this has something to do with the template, but I can't figure out how to fix it. I've tried editing and saving with the cursor in the correct position, but that hasn't solved the problem.

Help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Solved: MS Word 2003-Can't fix problem with

Welcome to the forum.

You have it hiding the "White Space" at the top of the "Print Layout" view. To stop this from happening you will want to go to the border at the page at the very top and you will see an icon with two arrows pointing north and south that says "Show White Space." If you click on this icon it should get you what you want.

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I have a user that is missing her Menu bar (file, edit, tools....etc), I have read through the steps on an older post that is now closed about deleting the outcmd.datbut my issue is they are on a thin client, we have 12 terminal servers with a little over 300 users(not all users are on thin clients) and it seems as far as I know this is the only user having the issue. hope someone can help, Thanks you

A:Menu Bar is missing in outlook 2003

Hi there, welcome to the board!

Try looking for View | Toolbars | Customize (that's what it is in Excel 2003, I think it's the same in Outlook 2003), click on the Toolbars tab, look for the menu bar there. Checking the proper menu name ("menu bar" I believe) will hide or unhide it. Take a look here:

Also, I would check if there are any add-ins installed which may be hiding the command bar with code. Disabling these add-ins and unhiding the command bar (then closing and re-opening Outlook) should tell you if one of the add-ins is causing this behavior. Adding them back one-by-one, closing and re-opening Outlook at every iteration, should identify which one.

I'd also recommend the "outcmd.dat" trick (must be done with Outlook closed) but you say you've tried that (referenced in the above thread link as well). I'd also check any code in the Outlook's ThisOutlookSession module (hit ALT + F11 to open the VBE, expand your Project Explorer, double-click the module to open the code pane, see if there are any events running.

You could always add a standard module and try code like the following:
Where you could call it like this...

Sub foo()
Call CBToolbarShow("Menu Bar", True)
End Sub

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After upgrading from office 2000 pro to office 2003 standard, I can't get the menu bar to show up on outlook. The other tool bars are there, but main menu bar is missing. The tool bar options dialog does no good. This is happening only on one of the two users I have configured on the system. On the other use account, eveything is fine. Also, the other office applications (work, excel & powerpoint) are fine for both user accounts. Both user account are admin users. I have place a support request into microsoft, but I am trying to cover all my bases. I also tried to reinstall office, but that made no difference. I have also run through all the MS updates, both for XP pro and Office 2003. Except for trying a complete uninstall and then reinstall, I don't know what to try next. Does anyone have any ideas? Anyone seen this before?

A:menu bar missing from outlook 2003

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Menu bar is missing. No right click to restore works. Uninstalled software & reinstalled after numerous restarts. No menu bar. ALT key - no response. This 2013, any suggestions?

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Hello Friends,
I am back with a new problem. I have been always helped by the tech-support personnel on this forum whenever my system got infected or something went wrong. I came back in the hope that this time my problem will again be resolved.

My system configuration is : Operating System= Windows XP Professional, SP3

For the past couple of days whenever I am trying to open MS Word the screen freezes and the only way to come out of this situation is through "Windows Task Manager" => Processes=>Winword=>End Process.

When the Word freezes at that time CPU Usage is shown 100%

Then i have to run some Winsock utility tool then only I could open Word normally. But again after couple of times this whole thing repeats.

I am sure my system is infected with some malware or virus that my Norton Internet Security could not detect. I even tried with Malwarebytes but this did not show any infected file. As I had no other choice left I am posting this problem over here.

I already followed the initial steps mentioned in this forum, and my dds.txt is as follows and Ark.txt and Attach.txt are in the form of attachment.

Thanks in advance for all your time and help.

DDS (Ver_11-03-05.01) - NTFSx86
Run by Ajay at 17:55:56.48 on Sun 03/27/2011
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.3572.1996 [GMT -4:00]
AV: Norton Internet Security *Enabled/Updated* {E10A9785-9598-... Read more

A:[SOLVED] MS Word 2003 Problem, May be malware or virus

My Computer speed is getting slower each day. Not sure what is happening.
Please help


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I have a document that word 2003 won't identify spelling mistakes, I know in the past I did skip or ignore some words - how can I undo this to make it check the document as if it was a new one? It works on other documents btw.

A:Solved: Problem with Spell Check in Word 2003

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When composing an email in in Outlook 2003 Word Wrap does not work, you have to hit the return key to move down a line. Is there a way to froce this to work. Message format is HTML

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Recently I must have done something inadvertently in my outlook as I can no longer open links in any email messages. When I try, the following message appears: "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on your computer. Please contact your system administrator." By the way, it is a home computer and I am the system administrator. I called Bell Support as I thought maybe it had something to do with the new McFee Virus Protection that Bell switched to but the issue appears to be related to something I may have done in outlook myself. The tech could not locate the problem. Any ideas? In order to open link I have to cut and paste it into google or such but with some links, this does not work. Any help on this issue would be most appreciated. I am not particularly tech savvy so please keep this in mind when you respond. Thank you.

A:Solved: Microsoft Outlook 2003 Problem

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I'm having trouble with Outlook and receiving one email over and over again. I use Outlook to check my Yahoo mail and I was sent an email from an AOL address. What is happening is that the same email comes in each time Outlook refreshes to check for new mail. Could anyone please help with this problem? Thanks in advance.

edit: Went into Yahoo mail and deleted the repeating email. It seems to have done the trick. Should have tried that before posting. Thanks anyway!

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I was having issues with my Outlook 2003 and so I backed up my files and did an uninstall of the Microsoft Word 2003 and used MS clean uninstall tool as well.
I went to do a new install and my disc kept stopping at the same spot.
I have my licence key and now a corrupt disc. How do I go about getting an app Microsoft Word 2003 to download?
Thank you.

A:Microsoft Word 2003

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im wondering, how do i square root a number in MW?
does it have to do something with like Insert>Object>Equations ?? or something like that? because if it is im having that problem =/

can anyone help? thanks

A:Microsoft Word 2003

Hum.. You want to insert a mathematical expression in your text? Or do you want Word to calculate a quare root for you?

In case of the former, you have to install an Office component called Equation Editor.
If you have that, then you can do Insert->Object->Create New->Microsoft Equation

Otherwise, you can always draw the formula in Paint and then copy-paste to Word

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I rebooted my computer because of a problem and on the restart the microsoft office requested the install disk which I supplied. Now I have an asian layout and numerous other things related to that in microsoft word. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this layout? Thanks in advance for any help. Joyjj

A:Microsoft Word 2003

Which program in Office?
Which Office?

Let's assume for a moment it's Word. Did you try Tools > Language > Set Language ...

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I presently use Microsoft Word 97 to do web pages. I have been asked to take over the maintenance of a site that has used Microsoft 2003. They have used frame and I would like to get rid of frames altogether. I guess my main question is: Can I disable frames in Microsoft 2003.

Thank you


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With Word, I have words that i use that are correct, but it keeps underlining them in red and i know you can add the words into its dictionary so that this doesn't happen for those words anymore. I forgot on where you do it, i know i should know as i've been using word since Office '95. I just always click on ignore. Someone did tell me once, but i need my memory refreshed.

A:Microsoft Word 2003 - Need Help

The easiest way I found was to run spell check and when the pop up dialog box appears on words not in Word's dictionary( red squigglies) , there is an option to ignore, change, etc., or "add to dictionary". It is there that I make a decision whether to add or not, and I add it to the general dictionary. Check the HELP to determine how to set up a *special* dictionary, if that is what you want to do, just for these words.
Hope this helps.

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i have reciently occured a problem with opening of microsoft 2003 files(all of them), when i go to open the file it prompts me for permision from the user control (the computer never done this until reciently). once i give permission an error box appears(no error codes) saying that the file cannot be found. once microsoft word opens a black screen appears. i have repaired, system restored, and re-installed the programme and have now ran out of ideas. any help please???


A:Microsoft word 2003

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I assume this is some sort of TOGGLE.

I had been trying to turn OFF the damned automatic text replacement buttons, etc (as when a word should be capped or is spelled wrong).

Apparently, I tossed these BOTTONs out--or more likely toggeled them off.

Any help Most Appreciated.


A:Microsoft Word 2003

How about Tools > Options > Spelling and Grammar > UNtick 'Check spelling as you type'?

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Hi Guys

i'm running windows xp, i'm having trouble opening certain e-mails, when i open one sometimes a blue Microsoft Word screen comes out in the background, you know like if i was going to write a letter, and then i get a window that states " The Command cannot be performed theres a dialog box open, close the box and continue ' but when i close it i get another window asking me for my 25 product key which i found and i type it in with caps or no caps and i get a window that states i put in the wrong product key, i can finally open the email opening it with Note Pad, but still i think i might have future problems with this product key thing is there anything i can do, like maybe download Microsoft Word ?? i'm totally lost here, any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Microsoft Word 2003 !!!!!!

You have to type in the product key exactly as it appears. It is case sensitive and make sure that you type a 1 for number and l for letter, same for 0 number and O capital letter.

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When editing a new message (or replying/forwarding?) using Outlook as the editor, it OCCASIONALLY replaces an <enter> keystroke with "[John ]". (bold type for emphasis only)

I can't find any macros or VBA stuff in the program. I've no idea where this is coming from. Can anybody help?


A:Outlook 2003 Edit Problem

Hello and good day,
Sorry I don't have a read answer for you as I have never seen this behaviour, however I do recall that Outlook 2003 was known to use MS Word (in the background) as an editor, and that behaviour could be attributed to the Autocomplete function in Word. Next time this happens, fire up the Task Manager, look in the services or processes tabs and see if Word is running.
Sorry, that is all that I can think of.
Best regards

The Cleaver

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please help,

one of our computer's word menu bar is missing, the "file, edit, view, insert, format. tools, table...
see attachment

what should i do? thanks.

A:MS Word-missing menu bar

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I use Office 2000. I think the latest big patch windows sent out. This was the one dealing with the Metafile Vulnerablity. Whenever, i click on a microsoft word document I get Windows Fax and Image viewer. The only way i can get it to open in word is to use this route. Right click the file>click on open with<choose Microsoft Word. This is just really annoying and i believe its related to the patch. Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Problem with Microsoft Word

Choose open with \ choose a program, select word and check the box to always use this program. See attachment.

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everytime i use microsoft word this symbol >¶ appears after every paragraph and a dot (·)appears between each word
i looked at all the symbols availiable to use and i found it in "special symbols" and is called a paragraph symbol and the dot is called a middle dot and is found in the ordinary symbols menu but i have no idea how to stop it from appearing all the time because it doesnt seem to be an option

pleasee help =D
your suggestions would be great

A:Solved: microsoft word problem i cant fix

Hi Roisen,

You're seeing the "formatting marks". Depending on your version of word, there should be a button visible on your toolbar with this symbol: ¶ That button toggles the formatting marks off and on.

You might also try the keyboard shortcut of ctrl+shift+* (asterisk)

In Word 2007, the formatting marks button is on the Home tab in the Paragraph group. If that doesn't work, click the "Office" button -> "Word Options" ->"Display" and clear the check-boxes of marks you don't want visible.

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I am trying to use keyboard shortcuts in Word and they are not working. I am sure I am pressing the right keys. How can I fix this?


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i recently changed the format into columns of three and now everytime i use word its in three columns. how do i change it so its back to normal?

A:Solved: Microsoft word problem

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Hi there!
For years I have used a keyboard shortcut for my numbered lists for "Format Number Default". I had it set so that my numbered lists were flush with the left margin rather than indented. For the past few weeks, when I use the shortcut, the list indents and I have to click Format, Numbering, and then the template I want to use. I have tried resetting the keyboard shortcut in the, but this did not work. Is there a way to change the numbered list defaut? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Word 2003 default numbered list problem

Only way I know is highlight text, click on the numbering tab and then while text is still highlighted decrease indent
Or if text not inserted yet enter 1. Then write the first numbered lot of text press enter, when 2. Comes up, highlight up to next line where the 2. Has been auto placed, and click on decrease indent, the rest of the text will go to the left margin

Might be an easier way I don&#8217;t know but that is how I do it if I want to change the location of the margin of the numbers, its still quick,

I have never been one to use keyboard short cuts as you get used to them, then the keys wear out and dont work, or you have to reformat and reset everything again till and you have to look up again how you set it in the first place and then because you have used the keyboard short cut so long you can not remember in the program where to go as to how you do it and you have to know till you sort out the keyboard again.

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For some reason just lately when I'm tying pargraphs in Word, the letters I type are slow to appear on the page. They appear a couple or three seconds after I've typed them, and in some cases, when I review the paragraphs, I find words that are missing two or three letters.

Something must be using a lot of my resources, but I keep all my security programs updated and I have loads of disc space and tons of memory. I had the same problem once before on another system and never solved it.

Can anyone please offer suggestions as to what's causing this?

Thank you.

A:Solved: Office 2003 SP3 problem - typing slow in Word

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I am having this problem - I converted the Word 2003 form, but the 'Controls' panel buttons remain disabled. I saw a thread with the same problem, but it had expired so I can't determine how to correct this?! How do I get those buttons enabled so I can unlock the form and make edits? Thanks!

A:Solved: Problem converting Word 2003 Form to 2007

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In Word 2003 when I click on the Print Preview icon it opens and the size is always 51%. How can I set this to 100% or 125% etc. so each time I open Print Preview it will open at the set size, as at 51% it is hard to read words.

A:Solved: word 2003 print preview size problem

Are you aware that if you click on the background it defaults to 100% for the zoom?

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Was attempting to get rid of some ghosted network drives which no longer exist - I'd tried everything until I came upon this thread:

How do I REMOVE a Network Drive [and the horse it rode in on]

I scrolled to the bottom and saw the registry edit. I went to my own registry, and though I did not see a folder in that location named "Mountpoint key" I did have one called "MountPoints2" inside which I found entries for all of the old, now-nonexistent drives I had been accessing over the network. So, rather stupidly, thinking these were causing the problem, deleted any entry that had an old drive name in it (there were 5 of them). I left the default entry in there:

After doing that and restarting, the old ghost drives were indeed gone from my Computer window, but I discovered when attempting to re-map the new ones that when going to the Tools menu to "Map Network Drive..." that the menu item was missing:

I can still access drives over the network thru the Network panel on the left side of the window.

System Restore was not engaged, so no going back to a previous restore point.

Thanks for any advice, help or insight you can provide.

A:"Map Network Drive" menu item missing after hasty registry edit.

I managed to fix this with a bit more research. Got the menu item to appear again, this time with another regedit:


I set "NoNetConnectDisconnect" to a value of zero, and rebooted, and it was fine after that.

Not sure how or why, but after this incident I have properly engaged System Restore.

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In Windows XP
When on the desktop or in any folder you can select and right click any file. This produces a menu of things you can do with said file. Such as: "Open, Run as..., Send To, Cut, Copy and Properties".
My Question is, how do I edit the possible choices on this menu for a given file type or all file types?
For example I have a number of artwork applications on my computer, I want to be able to right click bmp or jpeg files and be given to option of using "Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8" to open the files, but without directly associating those file types with "Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8". So if I double left click those files, another application like "Ulead Photo Express 2.0 SE" will start and load them.
I also use an Encryption program sometimes. And would like to be able to select multiple files (of any type), right click and Encrypt or Decrypt, depending on files current status. Currently I have to start up the encryption program separately and manually select the files from with in the encryption program.

A:Solved: How to Edit right click menu?

Check the options in each program and look for File Associations. You may have a choice as to what action to associate with each extension, either Open, Edit, Print, or any combination.

If you use Open With and select a program other than the default, Windows should remember that choice, and list the program in the Open With list the next time you right click on that file type.

If not, you can use Folder Options to associate one program to "open" the file, and another to "edit". You can select either option as the default action for a double click.
For example, on my system, a double click on a bmp file opens it in the Windows Picture and Fax viewer. If I right click, I can choose edit, and it opens in MS-Paint.
Make sure you create a Restore point before changing anything. And definitely don't mess with program extensions such as exe, cmd, bat, and so on. If you make a mistake on exe for example, you might not be able to run System Restore (or any other program for that matter) to fix it.
Control Panel | Folder Options File Types tab
Find the extension in the list, click the Advanced button, highlight either open or edit, click the Edit... button, and edit the Application used to perform the action: line. You can browse to the application, but may have to add "%1" to the command line once you select the program. If either Open or Edit is not an option, you can create a new action for that function. Note that spacing and the placement of q... Read more

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How do I edit the context menu, i.e. right-click on a folder in Explorer??

A:Solved: how to edit context menu??

Do you want to add or remove items?

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i want to edit my startup menu to stop some programs opening on bootup , but i have forgotten how to do it
could you please help
thank you

A:Solved: edit startup menu

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Hi all,

One of the user created a office access file , example .mdb on her laptop and she is able to open it without any problem. But when she transfer the files to other comptuers to open it, there is a few errror saying ""your Microsoft Access database or project
contains a missing or broken reference to 'hpqcc3.dll" version 1.0. and so on. When she put the file on the network drive and open it, there is even more similar error message same as the above 1. Is there anyway to fix this problem? Please help. Thanks.

A:Solved: Microsoft office access 2003 problem

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Hello people. Thank you for reading this! I have a problem. I use MS Office 2003. I just bought a new computer since my old one was just dying. That's a different story. I took the PST file from my old one, and put to work on my new machine. Now, when I click on CONTACTS, below MAIL, I see all of my contacts. But when I compose a new massage, and click on "TO:&#8221; there is nothing there!! So in order for me to write a letter to a contact, I need to open up my "Contacts" and RIGHT CLICK on one and choose "Compose a New Message", which is totally unacceptable because some e-mails I write, I want to have multiple receivers of. Everything else is fine. All of the folders and subfolders I have, are there. Just this. Please help??

A:Solved: Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Problem

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Hi All

OK when I compose an email, font is in 12 Arial Narrow, but the email when it reaches the recipient and also my sent folder the font is quite tiny, why does this change?

I have been to Tools > Options > Stationery and Fonts - I clicked on all three > Choose Font Options and they are all under Arial Narrow 12, this text is more than big enough when I am composing the email but for some reason it changes, does anyone know where I must go to stop the fonts changing when its sent? (yes I did click apply when i reset the font size)

Do I have to increase the font size to something like 26 for it to be normal size in recipients email in boxes?

It's really stumped me, I know my email did not always do this.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated

Forgot to mention - Microsoft Office 2003 has all its updates and I am using XP Pro which is all up to date also.


A:Solved: Microsoft Outlook 2003 font problem

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When I'm using Microsoft Outlook 2003 and try to add an attachment to my e-mail everything locks up. It happens when I click the attach button & get the "insert file" box. When I click the "Look In" drop down menu that's where it locks up. Anyone know what would cause this? It has worked fine up until last night. (I'm runny Microsoft-XP Home Edition)


UPDATE: I just tried changing a jpeg on a Microsoft Publisher 2003 file and it locked up too. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Microsoft Outlook 2003 Attachment Problem

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When I try to open Microsoft Office Word 2003 a window pops up that says window installer then it says installing microsoft office word feature. It stops half way and another window pops up that says Installation error file not found. A required installation file SKU112.CAB could not be found. Original installation source required. If you installed Microsoft Office Standard edition 2003 from cd please insert your cd. If you installed Microsoft office standard edition 2003 over your computer network please browse to the installation source on your computer. Also a window popped up that says Microsoft word has not been installed for the current user. Please run setup to install application. I don't have the cd its lost. This just started doing this about a month ago. I can't open any files through microsoft office word or power point. I have windows xp. I don't know hardly anything about computers so I don't know what to do. Any help will be appreciated

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hi i'm new here but hope someone can help me! i use word all the time, recently when i highlight text and press the back space it doesnt delete also when highlighting to change to another word that i would like the type, the new word is just inserted and doesnt replace the highlighted assuming this is something i have pressed as the problem is only a few days old! can anyone help me????thank you in advance (Moderator edit: thread moved to more appropriate forum. jgweed)

A:Microsoft Word 2003 Problems

can anyone help me????

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I bought a new Dell XPS 420 with Microsoft Works Plus 2003 preinstalled. Everything works fine except Word 2003. Certain things I try to do take forever. For instance, trying to insert a chart, print anything, copy and paste something into Word, and several other things can take 60 seconds or more to load. During this time, the program is basically froze until it completes. If I try to close it, I get the ever present ?program not responding? message.
I've tried uninstall/reinstall and ran ? repair Word?. Nothing seems to help. I downloaded the trial version of Word 2007 just to see if it would work, and it worked fine.
I'm running Vista Home Premium 64bit.
If anybody has any ideas, I would appreciate it. System Info below.

OS Name Microsoft? Windows Vista? Home Premium
Version 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1 Build 6001
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name
System Manufacturer Dell Inc.
System Model Dell XPS420
System Type x64-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz, 2327 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date Dell Inc. A06, 6/23/2008
SMBIOS Version 2.5
Windows Directory C:\Windows
System Directory C:\Windows\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume3
Locale United States
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.0.6001.18000"
User Name
Time Zone Central Standard Time
Installed Physical Me... Read more

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I am trying to print a flyer I made in Word 2003. I created it with borders. When I try to print it, the bottom border will not print. I am using Vista Ultimate. Can anyone help me with this? I've tried adjusting the bottom margins but still no luck. It prints just fine without a border, but with borders, the bottom one will not print. Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you.

A:Microsoft Word 2003 and HP 5610v all in one

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