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Solved: Microsoft Word (Office Professional Edition 2003) frequently closes

Q: Solved: Microsoft Word (Office Professional Edition 2003) frequently closes

Good afternoon people,

Firstly, I would like to say hello to everyone who've helped me in the past with my Access help. It's been a long absence with study commitments and such, but as is the purpose of this group, I would like to ask for some tech help:

The situation: Microsoft Word (as part of Office 2003 Professional Edition) frequently closes without user notification on my dad's laptop (Windows Vista Basic). It's recently started, and it interrupts his work. He says that the issue occurs when he minimises documents, but he didn't indicate a frequency of this occurrence. He also told me that once he successfully saves a document and closes Word, he then encounters issues when opening said document; it says that the file has been "corrupted" (I can't remember exactly what the dialog box says), and that the data can be recovered, or to proceed with opening the document. Data recovery doesn't work, and when he proceeds to open the document, Word returns "Program not responding" and "Critical error caused by the program" and other prompts of this nature, which then forces the program to quit.

I am aware that a similar problem is in the Microsoft Knowledge Base for Word 2003, but was last revised in 2004 (so covered only xp and 2000), and am not certain if this issue is the same for Windows Vista. It related to the "Handwriting Recognition" program.

Additionally, as always, there are a multitude of issues, problems and queries with Microsoft Word on this forum, so locating a post that is related to this issue would be quite the mammoth task.

Terribly sorry if this post may be a repeat of one from the past.

Appreciate help.

A: Solved: Microsoft Word (Office Professional Edition 2003) frequently closes

Any chance of anyone helping?

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I am wondering if this would be a good buy ($99):

How many installs can you get with Office 2003 Pro and if you install it but reformat can you install it again?


A:Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 Questions

ACA: It looks fine to me. My only concern is his feedback isn't fantastic. You should have no problem reactivating again and again, as long as you're not ridiculous about it. Also, if it's not registered, you should definitely register it in your name.

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For many days i had this problem.Whenever i paste any words in Microsoft Office Word 2003......a Popup comes saying :Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003and then it pastes.It is annoying.Each time when i paste,it comes. msiexec.exe runs in the process.I disabled it in services.Then no problem in pasting.I installed a software later,then it asked for windows installer as it is needed.Then once again i enabled it.So i wanted to stop that popup from coming without disabling msiexec.exe. But that is not possible.Also in control panel, The options - change or remove is not there for Microsoft Office Word 2003. It is like that for many days.I dont know how they disappeared.I dont know what problem it is.In Microsoft Office Word 2003 under Help option, when i click Detect and Repair....It says Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 setup failedToday i uninstalled Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 and reinstalled. Now the problem is too worse.Now whenever i open Microsoft Office Word 2003 or Yahoo messenger or MSN messenger, that same old popup comes :Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003Eventhough i cancel that popup, OSE.exe and msiexec.exe runs in the process. So each time i have to end the process OSE.exe and msiexec.exe when i use Microsoft Office Word 2003 or Yahoo messenger or MSN messenger.Its very annoying. Can anyone help ?

A:Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 worst problem

This assumes that your system is not infected.Caution is advised - at your own risk.As it involves a registry edit, backup up your registry first with a program such as ERUNT: you may also want to create a system restore point.See this link:Some applications in Add/Remove Programs list are missing Change and Remove buttons: two mentioned items, NoRemove and NoModify, have to be set to 0, not 1.This should fix the Change and Remove buttons in Add /Remove.I have only ever fixed the "Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003"message, by uninstalling and reinstalling the whole package from a genuine Office disk.pro11.msi [Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003] is the .msi installer file required.I also ensured that I went to Windows Update afterwards and got them all.Defrag your disk before reinstalling.Use the latest version of the Windows Installer:;displaylang=enWindows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) is worth getting, if not already installed.NOTE:OSE.exe is a process belonging to the Microsoft Office Suite which adds additional installation support during CD install and web updates. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.MSIEXEC.exe belongs to the Windows Installer Component and is used to install new programs that use W... Read more

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I am having issues with installing Office 2003 Professional on my HP Pavilion Elite - Windows 7 64-bit machine which I just purchased. I understand that there has been some issues with the compatitablity from the 32-bit to the 64-bit verison but I have found sites that states Office 2003 is compatitable with Windows 7 and some people have had success installing it on their own 64bit machines. I have two other PCs (Gateway desktop and HP Laptop) which are running the XP 32bit operating system with this Gateway Distribution CD (bought it with my Gateway machine years ago) - Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Software. I was able to succesfully install Office on my HP laptop even when its a Gateway Distribution CD so I know that is not the issue.

The issue I have ran into is when I install it by by-assing the front-end installation process (opened the Office setup.exe file on the CD drive or even copied it to my HD) the Installshield program comes up and it starts the installation process. However, when it is performing the requested services an error pops-up stating the following "This verison of Office is not compatitable with your system" then closes out. Now, I have tried to run the setup program under Windows XP (Service pack 2 and 3) and neither works.

In addition, I have uninstalled the office 2007 trial software and any other Office viewer programs from my machine. However, I still have Microsoft Works 9.0 still installed because I wouldnt think it wou... Read more

A:Microsoft Office 2003 Professional wont install on Windows 7 64bit edition

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Using Outlook 2003, Part of MS Office Professional Edition 2003, which has the capability of having multiple, separate & complete email addresses, each functioning in their own profile.

E.g. I open Outlook and it gives me a drop-down box to choose which email I want to go to, say email1 or email2.

Email1 has 2 "Contacts" areas defined.
1st problem is how to combine and synch these two. I don't want two.

Email2 as 1 "Contacts" area.
2nd problem is to combine the contacts from Email1 with Email2.

I thought these were *.pab files, but a search for *.pab comes up empty.
I do find multiple *.pst files

Any suggestions?


A:Help with Contacts Merge in Outlook 2003,Part of MS Office Professional Edition 2003

Oh, and I need tips on how to make SURE I've got the existing stuff backed up before I mess with anything. This isn't my computer I'm working on, and there are 4000 contacts involved.

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I have a problem with the office 2003 edition when i use word or outlook to type something on the font size it is 12 but when i start to type it changes to 6 but the font stills says 12 and also the font color is defaultly black right but when i type it changes to blue and it shows black on the letter. and i have already went to add and remove programs and tried it that way but it did not work and i have tried putting cd in without deleting and seeing if it puts missing files automatically and that did not work.
I was wondering has anybody ever seen this and if they did can u tell me what to do?

A:Office 2003 professional edition

There is a high probability it results from a corrupted "" file, which will not be replaced or repaired by reinstalling.

Go here:

Try step 3 of "Troubleshooting Word", you need to scroll down to get to it.

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How can i find out if the restoration disc (3 discs) have the office 2003 pro on it if something happenes to my laptop that i purchased from a relation who got the laptop new with it already on there. Could i optain the office 2003 pro cd from somewhere? It is an Acer Aspire 3000 Widescreen Sempron processor CD burner and DVD player.

A:Office 2003 Professional Edition

How can i find out if the restoration disc (3 discs) have the office 2003 pro on it if something happenes to my laptopScan the disks for an "Office 11" folder , that's Office 2003. If you locate it, check the folders properties. Full reinstall version will be about 400mb worth.It's not likely, though not impossible, that Office is on your OEM installation disks. Get a drive backup plan in place before the inevitable happens.

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I am reloading microsoft office and it is installed but when I go to click on one of the items eg. word , it ask for the product key which I type in exactly on cover but it still tells me that this is not my product key. I am wondering when I installed it if I incorrectly put the wrong number. Will it have accepted the incorrect number when initially installed> Please help

A:not recognizing the product key for office professional edition 2003

First thing I would try is to uninstall/reinstall it, if that fails, phone M$ - they should be able to fix you up

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Whenver I attempt to do a Detect and Repair in Outlook 2003 or any of my software associated with Office Proffesional 2003, I receive the following error message:

Error 1919 configuring ODBC data source:
MS Access Database, ODBC error 6: Component not found in the registry. Verify that the file MSAccess Database exists and that you can access it.

I can and do use MSAccess software. I am not quite certain how to verify that the file MSAccess Datasbase exists.

Other than that, are there any fixes for this error?

A:Error 1919 using Office Professional Edition 2003

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I'm using an Asus Laptop K52F running Window 7 with 4 GB RAM. Suddenly the Microsoft Office 2003 has developed a problem whereas I can not save, and/or open/close various files. When I open Word to a blank page I get the message "Windows cannot open the existing (normal). When I try to close it I get different messages that I don't understand concerning saving to "normal" "yes/no", etc. then finally closes to my desktop. I uninstalled the program and then reinstalled to only get the same thing happening. Is this repairable and are there any options to fix/resolve? Thanks

A:Solved: Microsoft Office Word 2003

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Every time I get a word file as an attachment and open it up, it defaults to the reading layout, then I have to close that to get it to display as I want. Is there a way to disable that and only put it in that format if I want? Thanks

A:Solved: Microsoft Word in Office 2003

Disable opening file in reading layout in Outlook or Word.

Courtney sends...

PS: I have Office 2007, so I don't remember the exact location, but it is probably in Tools, Options.

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I'm having a strange problem with Microsoft Word 2003 SP3.

It only happens on new docs. I'm a writer and when I open ongoing projects in Word everything is fine, but when I open a new doc. my Page Setup doesn't work. If I set it to have 1" of space top, bottom and sides, it doesn't work on the top. My first line starts at the very top of the page.

Also, the ruler up the left side should be dark where that top inch of space should be, but it isn't because it's not working. I discovered a temporary fix in Page Setup by setting the top space to be 2" and the sides and bottom to be 1". However, even doing this I don't get the dark inch or so at the top of my left margin ruler.

I did a repair in ADD Remove Programs but it didn't change anything. It might be a corruption in Word because I have the same Office 2003, SP3 on my laptop and I've compared all the settings on both computers and they appear to be identical.

Has anyone here run into this problem, and do you think uninstalling and reinstalling Office might solve the problem?

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Microsoft Office 2003 Word problem

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Hello, I have Windows XP purchased in 2005, and came with Microsoft Office.

I was using Microsoft word early this morning and something happened and now it won't open.

Of all my desktop icons, everything has color except the Microsoft is WHITE, which I suspected right away had been compromised.

I don't have any Microsoft word software, it came with my computer.

Help, can I get it back? I need to write some letters.

Thank you.

A:Solved: Microsoft Office Word 2003 is gone and won't open

This link should prove useful often the installation files are left on the computer under c:\msocache however the above links gives the easy way to repair the installation.

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Just recently something has changed with my Microsoft Office Word 2003 app.

I'm a writer and I have always been able to drag my pages that I have written today to a folder in My Documents and the same file would stay on my desktop for immediate access later. I realize other may not work this way but it is how I prefer to work as it has become my habit

When I try to drag and drop it now, it drops into the My Documents folder but it no longer remains on the desktop.

Now, in conjunction with this problem, I have another new problem, which is that when I write a page of text in Word and save it to a My Documents folder it doesn't go there. Also when I save a picture to My Pictures as I've always done it won't be there when I look for it. Something is preventing me from saving things and I haven't a clue what it is. I have to open the My Documents folder and drag the Word text page into it. It's the only way I can save stuff for some reason.

Can someone please tell me how I can fix this problem?

Thank you in advance.

A:Solved: Microsoft Office Word 2003 question

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Hiya Everyone.

Here is the little problem I have encounted.
This evening, I installed in my computer Microsoft Professional Office suite 2003.I installed all the components, ie, Word, Publisher, powerpoint, excel and access.
All the applications worked immediatley and correctly except, Access. This application will neither open or run ? I have uninstalled it, re-installed twice, but that particular component will not run.
Any advise would be appreciated.


A:Microsoft Office Professional Office Suite 2003

Have you tried downloading Office service pack 2? bike, still wish I had my '67Mark

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i just went from windows 2000 to windows 7 professional and we had to reinstall all programs....
i need to open my company logo which was saved in microsoft office word 97-2003 - my new program is microsoft works word processor - i have tried saving it in different formats on my old computer but nothing seems to be working....
any suggestions?

A:Converting files from Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 to Microsoft Works Word Processor

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Can anyone tell me where I can get an easy to understand tutorial for the above - online and free (if one exists please) thanks

A:microsoft office professional 2003

I wouldn't worry too much about the tutorials being for 2003. Most tutorials cover the simple things, which haven't changed since the beginning of software. I've been able to find lots of tutorials by doing a Google search. It's just a matter of how you type your search criteria. Try this, and USE THE QUOTES how I show them:

"free tutorial" Microsoft Word

Then, change Word to Excel, then change Excel to PowerPoint, and so on...

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OK on ebay I am buying Microsoft office 2003 professional the guy said he had one copy on his system but uninstalled it so my main question is how many pc's can I install it on since he uninstalled it or did that version count how many systems you can install it on thanks

A:Microsoft office 2003 professional

I would NOT be buying a USED copy of any software.

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Can anyone please tell me where I can download
Microsoft Office Professional 2003 Trial?
A friend has asked me?
I cannot find it anywhere?

A:Microsoft Office Professional 2003

Hi riptorn,

Why 2003? 2007 offers A LOT more and also allows people to open the new "x" documents from office which are common these days. He can download the 2007 version from Microsoft Product Information Center - Trial Software. It also allows you to save your files in old office extensions in case he needs to.

P.S. Been to Malaysia a couple of times... LOVE KL (not so much Terenganu or west Malaysia). Petronas Towers ROCK (had meetings in middle floors).


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since doing a system recovery on my laptop,(Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005) (Advent 7109) Microsoft Office 2003 programs will not open, they install perfectly, when you attemp to run a program like word, excel, powerpoin etc. it says "Microsoft Office Word has not been installed for the current user. Please run setup to install the application". it then closes when you press ok. i have unistalled and reinstalled but that has not fixed the problem. i created a new account like a temp account, and office works perfectly on there, but when i try on my actual account office will not work. i have also tried copying the registry file from the other account like others have suggested, it hasn't worked. and my account is the administrator so i have permissions to everything. any ideas???? thanks

A:Microsoft Office 2003 Professional

If all else fails, try this:
Log on to the computer by using an Administrator user account.
Start Microsoft Windows Explorer.
On the Tools menu, click Folder Options.
Click the View tab.
Under Hidden files and folders, click Show hidden files and folders.
Click to clear the Hide extensions for known file types check box, and then click OK.
Open the following folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\Data\
Right-click Opa11.dat, and then click Properties.
Click the Security tab.
Click Advanced.
Click the Permissions tab.
Click to select Everyone in the Permission entries list, and then click Edit.
Click to select the Full Control check box.
Click OK three times.

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I have office 2003 pro, but only installed, Word 2003, Excel 2003, Outlook 2003 and Publisher 2003 as they are only what i use. My problem is outlook 2003, when i open to do a message i get this message "Microsoft Word is set to be your email editor. However, Word is unavailable, not installed, or is not the same version as Outlook. The Outlook email editor will be used instead. An OLE registration error occurred. The program is not correctly installed" i don't know what is wrong but Word is installed and is working fine just that Outlook is having problems with it. Since i had un-installed office and re-installed it didn't resolve this problem how can i set OUtlook's email editor instead of Word to avoid this annoying message?

A:Microsoft Office 2003 Professional

Strange to have problems after installation. In case you haven't done it:
Run Outlook.
Tools > Options > Mail format.
Check the format dropdown for whatever you want, I suspect plain text.
Next two checkboxes which refer to two possible Word2003 formats should be unchecked.

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I am having difficulty with the above software which I installed today. I used to have word 97. If I now remove the above programme will I still have my old word 97 etc or will that be overwritten?
I want to erase all of the new software and then try to reload it.
I am hoping that this is a shortcut to solving my problems

A:microsoft office professional 2003 - removal

That depends on the options you made when you installed Office 2003. If you allowed it to upgrade Word 97, it will be gone most likely.

If you told it to leave Word 97 alone, it will still be there right now, and you should be able to access it.

What difficulties are you having?

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I have WIndows XP Home with Microsoft Office Professional 2003 and am having a problem with Outlook. I loaded two Phone Tools software programs and have since uninstalled them. Now when I start Outlook I receive two messages. The first is found in a box labeled "WMS ST Notif Window 00000ADO 00000FBO: Outlook.exe unable to locate component". The message reads, "This application failed to start because PbkUser.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem". <OK>
The second error message I receive is in the "Micorsoft Office Outlook" dialog box. The message is, "The add-in 'C:\ProgramFiles\mobilePhoneTools\Outl97.dll" could not be installed or loaded. This problem may be resolved by using Detectand Repair on the help menu". Are there any suggestions what I amy be able to do in order to eliminate these messages? Thanks.

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Office Source Engine was deleted. I need to reinstall office 2003 professional and I get an ose.exe error. How can I get OSE back in my management console?

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A friend has given me a licence for the above but I can't find a setup for it.

Does anyone know where I can get it

If so please quote the web address, email, etc

A:Microsoft Windows Office 2003 Professional

No subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures. If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such content and/or ban the user.Since your friend gave you the license, your friend can give you the software application with it. The license is only good for one copy. If the license has been used already it is not valid for another copy. With this being said, your request as it is worded is an attempt to circumvent security and copyright measures, which are a violation of Bleeping Computers rules which I have quoted. The entire list of forum rules can be found here.I will close this topicAnimal, Forum Moderator

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The disk was purchased over the internet. It came in the appropriate sleeve and was celephane sealed. It has the appropriate Microsoft seals and Product Key.

I attempted to download it. I got a Norton AntiVirus warning, which I overrode.

During the download, I got the following error:

Windows Script Host
Script: D:\autorun.vbs
Line: 12
Char: 1
Error: Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request
was completed.
Code: 8007012B
Source: WshShell.Exe

How do I correct for this error?

A:Downloading Microsoft Office 2003 Professional

Welcome to TSF!

There shouldn't be an autorun.vbs file on the disk as far as I know. Autorun.inf yes, but not a vbs file.
The ISO image I downloaded from MSDN doesn't have one. You may have a counterfeit disk.
Can you post the contents of that file? Go to D:\, find the file, right click it and click Edit. It should open in Notepad.

It may be a hidden file, so make sure your system is set to show both hidden and system files:

To change View Settings to show hidden/system files:
In Windows Explorer, click on Tools | Folder Options -> View tab
Check the following: Display the contents of system folders (not present in Win2K/Vista)
Show hidden files and folders
Uncheck the following: Hide extensions for known file types (WinXP/Vista)
Hide file extensions for known file types (Win2K)
Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)

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This is a bit of a strange question and im sure it has a really simple answer...
Everytime I open any application (e.g. Internet explorer, Microsoft Word, literally anything) I get a pop-up window which says: 'please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office Proffessional Edition 2003', and underneath a bar loads up the configuration. If i click cancel, it disappears and reappears instantly. I then have to click cancel another two times for the pop-up to stop bothering me. If i leave the bar to load, when finished it displays a window which says:
'Installation Error: File not found
A required installation file SKU011.CAB could not be found

Original installation source required

If you installed Microsoft Office Proffessional Edition 2003 from a CD, please insert your CD. If you installed Microsoft Office Proffessional Edition 2003 over your computer network, please browse to the installation source on your network. Once you have located your installation source, click OK.

(browse feature present)'

So i can cancel this and go back to the begginning, cancelling three times to get rid of it.

I did install the Office 2000 edition or thereabouts, but not the 2003 edition. All my office programs are the 2003 edition, even though i didnt install it from CD or the internet.
O, and this is not an internet pop-up because it also happens when Im offline.

I have Windows XP home edition

After posting this message i realise that one way to get rid of it... Read more

A:Microsoft Office Proffessional Edition 2003 pop-up

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 6135 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4550 , 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 360577 MB; D: Total - 95597 MB, Free - 95503 MB; F: Total - 771413 MB, Free - 607080 MB; I: Total - 78509 MB, Free - 29970 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., Rampage II GENE, Rev 2.xx, MS1C93BC3500836
Antivirus: Norton Security Suite, Updated and Enabled.

When I try to install Office 2003, The computer responds that a required installation file TR 308223 could not be found. I had Office 2003 on before, but after I installed a new hard drive & Windows 7, I could not re-install Office 2003. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Cannot get Microsoft Office pro edition 2003 to install

Are you installing from a CD? The disc might be dirty or damaged.

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I've got a document about 41 pages, broke into multiple sections. Track changes have been on, I've been able to edit the file for a while up until an hour. Now, when i make any changes this document just closes, this has been tried and same phenomenon occurs on 3 other computers, so it must be something with the file? Any idea would be appreciated.

Some interesting characteristics:
when change is made word shuts down.
but when you use auto recover and word opens back up, the change that caused word to close is actually made.

A:Microsoft Word 2003 closes in error when I make a change with track changes

do you have the remove hidden data feature installed and turned on?
Otherwise, I would suspect a corrupt file - close Word, find and rename or delete it (Word will rebuild it when you open it again).

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Multiple windows of word are open and when I start flipping back and forth, Word Crashes. The temp files that start with the ~ don't recycle when Word crashes either. I've been having this problem since I installed Office 2003 and I've tried reinstalling it several times.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Thanks for your help?

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I am trying to install Microsoft Office 2003 and I keep getting the following error message:

Error 1913. Setup cannot update file C:\Windows\win.ini. Verify that the file exists exists in your system and that you have sufficient permissions to update it.

I have tried to open the cd and run it as an administrator and that did not work either.

Since this is a new laptop, the trial version for 2007 was installed but i believe i removed it.

I know this was a post long ago but I still can not get this to work. SP1 is installed on this laptop.

Thank you for any help.


A:Installing Microsoft Office Basic Edition 2003

If its for home use, get 2007 Home and Student Office for $139. You can install it on three computers.

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Hey does anyone please have a valid 25-character product key for Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003?

A:Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003

You need to go purchase Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003 in order to use it. We will not assist in this type of activity

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Hi Guys

I just install Microsoft word professional 2003 edition along with the service pack for office 2003, but windows XP can't seem to ready any of the files.
this is what i installed, is there something missing or do I need a driver?

I'm getting messages of: is not a valid win32 application, for the first file, and the second file it just loads the service pack, and the third file Windows need to know who created the file. I have windows look it up on the internet but it wants to download a file like "PC Mighty Max" to correct the problem. Should I do this?

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Microsoft word professional 2003 install problems


The first file [office2003sp3-kb923618-fullfile-enu] is the Office 2003 SP3 file, the second file [office2003sp3-kb923618-fullfile-enu(2)] is just a second copy of the same file. Both should be 117.7 MB in size. If neither of them are the correct size, you will need to re-download the SP3 file here.

The third file [office2003sp3-kb923618-fullfile-enu.exe.part] is an incomplete download attempt of the Office 2003 SP3 file. This is indicated by the .part extension.

You indicate that the second file " just loads the service pack." This exactly what it is supposed to do. Did you receive any errors during the install? Did the Office 2003 CD install without errors?

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In 2003 I purchased a laptop and installed Microsoft Office 2003 using a disk and the numerical key. I should note that I no longer have that disk but I still had the numerical key. In 2013 Microsoft had a special offer to upgrade to Office 2010 using a download from their website and using a new numerical key. I have now purchased a new computer (and will be scrapping the old computer ) and would like to bring this Microsoft office 2010 from the old laptop to the new one. Since I no longer have the original disk can I just download the file from the Microsoft website? If I can which numerical key should I try to use?

A:Microsoft Office 2003 Standard Edition & 2010 Upgrade

The 2010 office key worked.

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I have a new computer.

I have 'Microsoft Office Word 2003' on my old computer and I wanted to place the program on my new computer except that I can't find the cd.

My Question:

Is there a command that I can use, say in the "run" program to transfer all the files of 'Microsoft Office Word 2003' of to a thumb drive and transfer the 'Microsoft Office Word 2003' to my new machine?

Thanks to all.

A:Microsoft Office Word 2003

I believe the answer is no, if you don't have the CD; see this link:

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For almost a month iam having this problem.Whenever i paste any words in Microsoft Office Word 2003......a Popup comes saying :Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003and then it pastes.It is annoying.Each time when i paste,it comes.msiexec.exe runs in the process.I disabled it in services.Then no problem in pasting.I installed a software later,then it asked for windows installer as it is needed.Then once again i enabled it.How to stop that popup from coming without disabling msiexec.exe ?

A:Microsoft Office Word 2003 problem

I have seen several suggestions for dealing with this problem, some work for some people, others don't and
some of them are potentially destructive, in my opinion, therefore I do not propose to supply any links.

However, I will tell you that I had the same problem recently. I run Office 2003 Professional Edition and
downloaded the Office 2007 trial. It was not for me and I uninstalled it. My problems then started,
with these 'Please wait while Windows configures' messages.

I tried all the usual 'repair' methods, but the only thing which fixed the problem was a complete
uninstall and reinstall of Office 2003. That would be my only suggestion and in addition,
I left the setup files on my hard disk, when asked, because there are some features that are not
immediately installed by the program, even on a full install and it saves digging out the CD/DVD
whenever you come across these features. (Don't remember too clearly which ones, I think it
may have been in connection with Publisher).

I appreciate this may be stating the obvious. If you can find an easier method, which you trust,
good luck.

btw, I am assuming that your computer is virus, adware, malware and spyware free.
You should run something like Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpware if you haven't
checked recently; presumably you have a realtime antivirus scanner.

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When I try to open Microsoft Office Word 2003 a window pops up that says window installer then it says installing microsoft office word feature. It stops half way and another window pops up that says Installation error file not found. A required installation file SKU112.CAB could not be found. Original installation source required. If you installed Microsoft Office Standard edition 2003 from cd please insert your cd. If you installed Microsoft office standard edition 2003 over your computer network please browse to the installation source on your computer. Also a window popped up that says Microsoft word has not been installed for the current user. Please run setup to install application. I don't have the cd its lost. This just started doing this about a month ago. I can't open any files through microsoft office word or power point. I have windows xp. I don't know hardly anything about computers so I don't know what to do. Any help will be appreciated

A:Can't open Microsoft Office Word 2003

duplicated thread - closing this one

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I'm having this problem with Microsoft Word.
I has never happen before and it doesn't happen with other office program like PowerPoint or Excel. Just Microsoft Word.

My Office is: Microsoft Office Word 2003 (11.5604.5606)
Part of Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003

The problem is when I'm using my Khmer Font (Limon) and I type a certain letter (only this one letter) which use Ctrl + Alt + T it change my font to Time New Roman size 10 and the cursor also change appearance.
I'm attaching the pictures of screenshot and logs I scan with MBAM and CCleaner. Although I don't think it's virus problem.
Please help me.


A:Microsoft Office Word 2003 Problem

Sorry on the go

But all it is. Is that you have size 10 and then size 22 after it

I can't explain it clearly it's 10 10 10 10 10 22 22 22
And when you backspace the 22 size it stays 22 until you make it size10 again
As for that little dot, it must be the font at that size, or something

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Hello there.

Microsoft office 2003 problem.
When starting microsoft word on vista ulitmate, there seems to be a problem

This will automatically shut down, saying there was a problem and is shutting down...
The other programs seem fine, Excel, powerpoint, etc.

I havent a clue what this could be, has anyone else had this problem.
In the top right corner of microsoft word it will say "Finalizing Installation" and then after you type a couple of sentences it will shut down on its own..

This is for a friend of mine, who had microsoft office put on when she bought the laptop of a friend, though she does not have the disk, so i wondered if this is an installation problem.

Would this be some sort of copy of microsoft office 2003, that was put on for her
She has only found this out now as her son needs to use word for school
( vista ultimate, 64 bit, sp2)

A:Microsoft office 2003/ Problem with Word

I assume that you're opening up Word from the Start menu here...

Open up the Start Menu and go to Word. Right-click on it. Open up its Compatability tab which is the third tab.

2003 is an XP product. Therefore, Word (and Excel and Access if they're 2003 versions) should be run in compatibility mode for "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)."

If this is not so, check the box and select Windows XP from the list to make it so amd OK the box to close it.

See if it runs now.

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For some reason, I cannot even open my Word 2003. I click on the icon and it shows in the bottom toolbar but doesn't open. This happens if I try to open a word file or the program.


A:Microsoft Office Word 2003 problem

Hi Sallysara,

if you go to Add/Remove Programs, (Start, Control Panel or (My Computer Then Control Panel) The Double Click On Add/Remove Programs, Then Go Down To Microsoft Office) Click On Change Then A New Window Will Open And Click On Repair. That Should Work. If Not Put You Windows Disk In And When It Opens Click On Repair.

That Should Sort It. If Not Just Message Here Again


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Hi everybody...
I noticed that the adobe 8 pro only recognizes office 2003 or lesser versions
(it says so during the install)
And I'm unable to create .pdf from my .doc
I tried to save the .doc as 2003 .doc but that didn't work eather

Isn't there a patch or something to let the acrobat 8 recognizes the 2007 office?

A:Solved: Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional Vs Office 2007 Enterprise Edition

Should be available sometime during the first half of this year.

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I've run into a bit of a weird issue with my Microsoft Word. Whenever I highlight/select text, and press any button (space, "x", backspace, delete, etc.), instead eliminating all that text and performing the action that I pressed, the text just stays in place as if I never highlighted in and the action is carried out at the beginning of the selection. I've never seen anything like this before, and I'm really not sure how to search in the help function for it, so does anyone have any idea how I might fix this? Let me know if you need more information or anything and I'll be happy to share. It's just a very irritating, very bizarre issue. Thanks!

- Carder

A:Microsoft Office Word 2003... Weird Issue

I don't have Word on this comp to test, but hit the insert button, and then try again, see if that changes anything.

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Hi all,
I just switched OS from XP Media Center 2005 SP3 to Vista Home Premium SP1 x64. I moved all of my MS Word files over to the new OS. Now I need to know if I can install my copy of 2003 Word on Vista x64 and have it run properly, and open my 2003 Word files. MS Office 2007 Home/Student comes with EXcel and PP which I would never use and would be a waste of money for me.
Any information on this would be most appreciated.

A:Microsoft Office Word 2003 in Vista Home Premium x64

it should work fine. you will have to reinstall any office updates and/or service packs, though.

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Before I sent my PC to have it "cleaned up" I could access my ACCESS data base. When I got it back I got a message which says "Need" Insert CD and reload the program." I did locate (finally) the Professional Office 2003 CD. Loaded it. Got the same message. The new CD has a file, but not the one requested. I am stumped about what to do. I was told to make a copy of the data base file and loaded it onto a computer that has Access. Seems to me, however, that if I have a good CD, that the problem might lie in the data

A:Solved: Uploading Professional Office 2003

I couldn't find the "Mark Solved" button. I solved the problem. I noticed that I had different copies of Professional Office 2003 on my computer. I removed all of them and reinstalled the current version. Opened my Access database, and there it was.

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I cannot load Excel. A dialogue box appears that asks me to insert the original CD so that Windows (in my case XP) can configure Microsoft Office SR-1 Professional. Of course the computer that I have didn't come with MS Office disks so I can't complete the configuration.
Is there a workaround for this? How can I resolve the problem?

A:Solved: Microsoft Office SR-1 Professional

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Hi everyone.....although I have many posts here, I am not a software person

I'm clearing out my closet and have run across this version of Microsoft's not in the original sealed box, but it is in the cd case, with product manual.

I'm certain I probably bought it for my niece who was going to school at the time, and she never installed it.

I'm thinking of giving it to my cousins who will want to install it on each of their computers (2 of them) --- and from all of my research, it "appears" that these shipped with a box that said "3 users" on the front.

Does anyone know for sure if they all shipped that way, or are there some that are one user only?

I don't wish to get the kids started early in attempting to install software on multiple computers

A:Solved: Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003

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I aquired MS Office from work legit as they were throughing it out it is the Small business edition 2003 the pack contains two discs.

1. MS Office Small business Edition 2003
2. 2nd disc called business Contacts Manager updates for MS Offise Outlook do I need it and what does it do and what's it for.
Can anyone tell me



A:Solved: MS Office Small business Edition 2003

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Can someone please tell me how to convert a scanned image from Acrobat Professional 7.0 to a word document? Thanks.

A:Solved: Convert Acrobat Professional 7.0 Doc to Word 2003 Doc

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Hi all,
Its been a rough few days, I have been on-line with HP support because I was having problems with my HP Photosmart C4180 All-IN-One.
I did a stupid thing and downloaded Microsoft Office & Bookshelf (which is designed for Windows 95 and I have Windows XP) and of course I did not think this was going to cause problems. But it seems ever since I down loaded this program I have had problems with my HP Photsmart All-in-One. I did try to remove the Microsoft Office Professional and I thought it was gone but when I go to ADD/Remove programs it is still there and if I try to remove it again, I get an error that says " SETUP CANNOT ACCESS THE REQUIRED INITIALATION FILE 'C\MS OFFICE\OFFICE\SETUP\ACME.LST'.
The problem that I am having with my All-in-One is when I click on one of the HP programs it gives me an error message that states:
" The item "hpqdirec.exe" that this shortcut refers to has
been changed or moved so the shortcut will no longer work properly"
But of course depending on what program I click in HP it changes the item name indicated above.

Can someone please help me to remove OFFICE PROFESSIONAL because this is when all the problems started, also if you know why it would be saying " shortcut refers to has
been changed or moved so the shortcut will no longer work properly" when I try to access one of the HP programs, I would sooooo appreciate it.


A:Solved: Remove Microsoft OFFICE Professional

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It say that it will work on up to three computers. If you install it on one computer and than have to re-install it on the same computer does that count as a use?

Is there anything people can do when they run out of the thee installs?


A:Solved: Question About MS Office 2003 Student Teacher Edition?

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Hey Guys,

I am getting a new computer next week with Windows 7. I have MS Office Student Teacher Edition 2003. I think I have one install left for it. My question is if I am able to install it successfully and do the product activation, will I get the Service Pack (MS Office 2003 SP-3) through Windows Update? Since Office 2003 is supported until April 8, 2014, I would assume yes that should not be a problem. I know I can also download the Office 2003 SP3 manually.

I don't want a newer version of MS Office, because I hate the ribbon. If I can't get MS Office 2003 to install and activate on Windows 7, I am getting Open Office.


A:Solved: Windows 7 and Office 2003 Student/Teacher Edition?

I have Office 2003 under Win7 and get the updates.
Kingsoft Office free is smaller and more like MS Office. Softmaker Office has some free versions and is very good even if you pay for it and they do educational Licences which are interesting. I have a paid for 2012 Softmaker licence 20 that allows Portable use on USB stick.

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The computer almost freezes and TaskManager if I can get it up shows each Office app starts up - lots of CPU then shuts down and the next app starts up.
Usually in the follwoing order:

Don't have anyting in Startup than scanner, webshots, and AVG?

I've unistalled Office 203 and computer boots up fine?
Is Office doing some sort of lookup for updates for each app? how do I turn off, rather do when if I need to?

Any advice greatly appreciated

A:XP Professional (Office 2003 Professional ) boots up slow

MS Office...installs a load upon any operating system.First of all, Outlook will hijack your email function.Then, there are update mechanisms.Finally, there are multiple programs requiring heavy resources when they are running.I don't know where you are getting your startup item data...but I suggest that you download/install Autoruns and take a look at the Logon tab only fi you want to see what's running at boot that you should be concerned about.AutoRuns for Windows - Louis

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could someone please help

im installing office professional 2010 from disc the setup runs fine and then asks me to agree the license terms etc that runs fine then its says upgrade or custom i just click either and this message comes up and it wont let me go any further could you please advise me.

the message says

Setup has detected legacy groove or microsoft groove server software on this system. you must uninstall all legacy groove and microsoft groove server software before installing or upgrading to microsoft sharepoint workspace. for more information see your microsoft sharepoint workspace administrator.

could you please advise me


A:Solved: Installing microsoft office professional plus 2010

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Hey All,

Also are the 2007/2010 similar versions of MS Office (Home and Student Edition) restricted to installs on three computers only?



A:Solved: Question About MS Office 2003 Student/Teacher Edition's Install?

Jack1000 said:

Hey All,

Also are the 2007/2010 similar versions of MS Office (Home and Student Edition) restricted to installs on three computers only?


JackClick to expand...

I've edited out your first question as that is not something that we will help you get around. There are student versions of both Office 2007 and 2010. Generally the student versions allow for three installations but this would be specified when you purchase the software and it would be clearly indicated in the EULA as well.

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Under Add/Remove programs the following items appear:

1) 2007 Microsoft Office System;
2) Microsoft Office Live Add-in 1.4;
3) Microsoft Office Outlook Connector;
4) Microsoft Office Suite Activation Assistant;

Is there any particular order I have to follow to remove the programs to uninstall Microsoft Office Professional Hybrid 2007 - trial?

Many thanks

A:Solved: Uninstall Microsoft Office Professional Hybrid 2007 Trial

Yes, you do need to remove any add-ons first before removing the main Office System.

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I have spent at least six hours (probably longer) researching and attempting to install a recently purchased download version of Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus.

I spent a good deal of time uninstalling (completely) a previous, nag-screened unregistered, copy of Office 2010. I used the Microsoft Cleanup Utility. I ran several programs to clean up after all this, including Crap Cleaner.

Each time I go to install Office, I enter the key (#), and get the prompt saying that there is ERROR 1402. Setup cannot open the registry key.

I have done at least a dozen things to resolve this issue, including doing a diagnostic boot, with only essential services and processes running; disabled the firewall and virus protection; read of various other remedies, none of which has worked.

I have gone to regedit several time trying to change permissions of certain registry files. Some seem to change okay. Others will change, then when I click okay, the permissions resort back to what they were prior. Other things, like clicking certain boxes about inheritance, won't stick ticked. I find the whole permissions thing a nightmare.

My head is spinning. Is there a tried-and-true remedy for fixing this issue?

Another question: Does Microsoft provide free installation support for its Office products?

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Proce... Read more

A:Solved: Error 1402 While Installing Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus

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Okay guys, this will be a doozy!

I own a business that does background investigations.
Point people to my website to answer character questionnaires. When those questionnaires are submitted their forward to my e-mail address and when opened in Microsoft Outlook professional they are missing the, "from" field. In other words, the from field is blank. When I open up the same e-mail in Outlook 2003 basic, the information appears as, "on behalf of John Doe.

I'm using Microsoft Outlook professional and patched with SP 3. I have had my website examined by a webmaster and they cannot determine that it has anything to do with forms which are written in PHP.

This site worked beautifully until about two months ago when this behavior started. I cannot correlate any changes I made to Outlook 2003 professional or my website, which would cause this behavior. I'm also using Windows 7 on the PC and Windows XP on the laptop.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


A:Outlook 2003 Professional Edition

I'd begin by checking any Auto Updates installed around the time it failed?

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This isn't an upgrade. I bought the full version Office Professional 2003 and would like to install it over what I have now. I had Office 97 and an upgrade CD to Office 2000. Will I lose anything to install Office 2003 over Office 2000? I have WinXP home if that makes a difference.

A:Can you install Office 2003 Professional over Office 2000

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Hey Guys. I am running windows XP Home edition on a Dell Dimension 8300. What note keeping, letter writing, spread sheet ect. program would you suggest I use. I want something simple to use as I am "not great" on a computer yet. Is there a site to down load from and/or get it at a cheep price or even for free?

Also, is there a easy way to have a spell check tab on my Browser or some where to be able to run spell checks where ever and when ever I want?

Thanx so much! Timex

A:Solved: office 95, 97, word 2003, outlook?

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I can't uninstall Norton AntiVirus 2003 Professional Edition for some reason. Here is the error it gives me when I try to uninstall:

A:Unable to uninstall Norton AntiVirus 2003 Professional Edition


It would be wise to ensure that you do not have a virus on your system. It looks as if you will have to manually remove your NAV 2003.

Here is a link to their tool/instructions:

Hope this helps!!


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Hi, I recently formatted my Dell Inspiron Duo netbook, with Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit. I installed all of the software which I run on it without any problems.

When I try to update Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus (32bit) Windows Update only finds a few updates, and after they're installed it doesn't find anymore updates. It doesn't even find Office 2010 SP1.

{Note: I had no problems with other updates like Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or other Microsoft updates.

I tried uninstalling Office 2010 and installing it again but nothing changed. The privacy settings which show up the first time you run an Office application I set it as "Recommended settings".

I also tried downloading Office 2010 SP1 (32bit) and when I tried to run it an error came up saying something like version mismatch (I presume that you need to install other updates before running the setup & I also tried to download an other update but the same error came up.)

I didn't have this problem before I formatted the computer.}

I hope I gave a detailed description of my issue, and thanks.

A:Can't detect updates for Office 2010 (Professional Plus Edition 32bit)

What sort of time scale are you talking about between installing Office and trying to download Office updates?

How have you got Windows Updates set up?

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I've tried numerous times to set up an Outlook acct in order to be able to email docs from Word. When I would click on mail, an outlook email window would open but "send" etc buttons don't work.

Today, I tried to intergrate Outlook to use my MSN Acct. That failed, too. Can't even get an email window to pop up in Word now.

I acquired my Office Word 2003 by downloading a 3-mo. trial version that came w/my new PC/Windows XP. Trial period is over and I have NOT converted to the full Office 2003 program.

Once Trail period expired, it's my understanding that not all Word functions are now available to me.

Could it be that being able to email from Word is one of the functions I lost?

A:Solved: Unable to use email in office word 2003

In "reduced functionality mode" Word is effectively just a viewer and can print the document, that is all.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4500 @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4058 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1805 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 290143 MB, Free - 247709 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0N7J7M, , .7TMFZM1.CN701660CB01TO.
Antivirus: Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live! Anti-Virus, Updated and Enabled

I use WORD 2003 and I cant get a verticle ruler on the left

A:Solved: Microsoft WORD 2003 help

Welcome to TSG.

Are you in print layout view? That's the only view that will display the ruler in Word 2003. If so, go to Tools/Options and select the View tab. Under Print and Web Layout options, check the Vertical ruler box. Hope that helps.

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I am about to go and do a fresh install on my computer, meaning removing everything and starting from fresh. However, how do I take and deactivate my Microsoft Office Word program, so that when I reinstall it I won't run into issues. I hope that makes sense?

I have never done it before, which is why I'm asking.

Any help would highly be helpful. Thanks!

A:Solved: Microsoft Office Word

Nevermind, I figured it out on my own by doing a lot of research. As I've read numerous times, when uninstalling the Office 2007 completely from the computer is basically all I need to do.

But definitely check into it if anyone else is looking at this, I could be completely wrong. I am just going with what I've read. I'm going ahead and going to take and reformat my computer.

Marking this solved.

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Hi everybody...
What should I do to make the cursor go to the right so I can write in arabic from the right to the left?
Normally a (ctr+right shift) should do but it's not working
And there used to be also a button I click to do so but since my last reinstall of word it doesn't appear and i can't find it anywhere...
Maybe i should do something in the options somewhere...
Thx for your help

A:Solved: microsoft office WORD

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Microsoft Office & Word,

These items are check marked and show up on startup in my msconfig.exe .

I don't see why I need these 2 items on startup, But if I am missing an obvious reason , please let me know.

If I uncheck these 2 items in msconfig > startup, when I startup my computer from a shutdown state, the system configuration message shows that I have chosen a " selective " startup .......... yadayadayada

how do I stop this message?


A:(Solved) Microsoft Office & Word

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Ok... if I have two or more Word files opened and minimized, when I try to maximize one from the task bar, the app closes along with all the files. When I reopen Word, I have to restore all the files that had been open.
I've searched high and low... I have a fellow Computer Support Spec. who has a user w/ the same problem.
Problem started with Word 2002, continued after update. Uninstalled complete Office 2003 Prof. and reinstalled along w/ updates.... problem still exists...

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I changed hard drives and did not copy my Word macro's. I can put the old drive in as a slave. Under Windows, where are my Word 2003 macros stored? Thank you in advance for your time and help.

A:Solved: On my computer, under Office 2003, where are MS Word macros stored?

They could be in many different locations:

- Within the document in question, which is probably not the case since you're missing your macros.

- In your, which is normally located in your profile directory (usually C:\Documents and Settings\YourUsername) under \Application Data\Microsoft\Templates\

- In any .dot file in your Word Startup folder, which is usually in your profile directory: \Application Data\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP\

- In any other .dot file in any other folder, that was manually added to Word through Tools, Templates and Add-Ins. If your macros were not in any of the previously mentioned locations, search the hard drive for any .dot files and check whether your macros in there...

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For some reason just lately when I'm tying pargraphs in Word, the letters I type are slow to appear on the page. They appear a couple or three seconds after I've typed them, and in some cases, when I review the paragraphs, I find words that are missing two or three letters.

Something must be using a lot of my resources, but I keep all my security programs updated and I have loads of disc space and tons of memory. I had the same problem once before on another system and never solved it.

Can anyone please offer suggestions as to what's causing this?

Thank you.

A:Solved: Office 2003 SP3 problem - typing slow in Word

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Hello people. Thank you for reading this! I have a problem. I use MS Office 2003. I just bought a new computer since my old one was just dying. That's a different story. I took the PST file from my old one, and put to work on my new machine. Now, when I click on CONTACTS, below MAIL, I see all of my contacts. But when I compose a new massage, and click on "TO:&#8221; there is nothing there!! So in order for me to write a letter to a contact, I need to open up my "Contacts" and RIGHT CLICK on one and choose "Compose a New Message", which is totally unacceptable because some e-mails I write, I want to have multiple receivers of. Everything else is fine. All of the folders and subfolders I have, are there. Just this. Please help??

A:Solved: Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Problem

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I am doing a clean install of windows and was wondering that if, after I wipe my hard drive/registry, will I be able to reinstall the same copy of Microsft Office on the computer. I still have the CD and the CD key. I am just afriad that it won't let me register it again with the same CD key.

A:Solved: Reinstall Microsoft Office 2003 on the Same Computer

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Hello folks! I have a "tight" question. I'm in search for two spellcheckers of Russian language. One I will use with my Office 2k3, and other one (another computer) with Office 2k7. I only find something in that regards on Microsoft's web page for $225 for 2K3 and $275 for 2k7, and that will change my whole interface to Russian, but all I need is to add a Russian spellcheck to both of my offices. Please help. Freeware is very WELCOME!
Thank you!
If this is not in the right section, please edit this out and move it to the right one!
Thank you

A:Solved: Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007 Spellcheck

ilyabyk1983 said:

Hello folks! I have a "tight" question. I'm in search for two spellcheckers of Russian language. One I will use with my Office 2k3, and other one (another computer) with Office 2k7. I only find something in that regards on Microsoft's web page for $225 for 2K3 and $275 for 2k7, and that will change my whole interface to Russian, but all I need is to add a Russian spellcheck to both of my offices. Please help. Freeware is very WELCOME!
Thank you!
If this is not in the right section, please edit this out and move it to the right one!
Thank youClick to expand...

Please CLOSE or delete this thread!

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Hi all,

One of the user created a office access file , example .mdb on her laptop and she is able to open it without any problem. But when she transfer the files to other comptuers to open it, there is a few errror saying ""your Microsoft Access database or project
contains a missing or broken reference to 'hpqcc3.dll" version 1.0. and so on. When she put the file on the network drive and open it, there is even more similar error message same as the above 1. Is there anyway to fix this problem? Please help. Thanks.

A:Solved: Microsoft office access 2003 problem

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The Symbol option has disapppeared from my Word application under Insert. I can't find it anywhere to recover it to the Insert tab. Can someone please tell me to how to recover it?

Thank you.

A:Solved: Microsoft Word 2003 problem

try this
select the Menu Bar
it should set all your main menus and built-in toolbars back to the default.

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I have been able to successfully transfer Word Documents from Microsoft Word 2003 to Open Office Docs without any problems but I am unable to transfer a Word Document in the opposite direction. I.e.: from Open to Microsoft Word 2003
Can anyone help please?

A:Solved: open office/microsoft word

You got it save it as a Word Document in Open Office. If you opened it and then resaved it in Open Office it may have saved it as an Open Office file type instead of a Microsoft Word File Type. I know there is a way to make Open Office to default to saving as a Word Document. Just look thru the settings. So your first step to investigate is too see what file type OpenOffice is saving as by default.

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When I exit MS Office 2007 Word a pane appears that says "Word has stopped working and will search for a solution" (which is never found) followed by "Word is re-starting." After the re-start, I'm able to exit Word without further messages or difficulty. This is more of a nuisance than anything else but I have the impression that the program (at least the version I have) may be somewhat unstable.

I've looked for a solution on the MS Support Web site to no avail and wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience with this program.

My O/S is Vista Home Premium; the MS Office 2007 is the Student and Teacher Edition; my computer is an HP Pavilion a6345f.


A:Solved: Microsoft Office 2007 Word

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OS: Windows 7 Home Premium K

My computer is brand new, got it last weekend; however after saving two Word documents, all of a sudden my MS Office 2007 Word won't allow me to save or save as documents. Everything else works fine.

A:Solved: Microsoft Office 2007 Word

What error message are you getting?

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I'm running Microsoft Word 2003 on win 7. Program opens & closes very slowly (approx 15 sec).
I was told that this is a problem with the file, which needs to be renamed. I have tried several different methods to access the file but have not been successful. Through properties of documents and settings I was not able to access the folder.
Any ideas that can help me resolve this issue would be appreciated. Also, would renaming the file solve the slow start and close problem???


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4028 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT , 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476837 MB, Free - 416060 MB; D: Total - 114439 MB, Free - 47397 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, DG43GT, AAE62768-300, BTGT941001B4
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

A:word 2003 opens & closes very slowly

In the Folder View options you must enable Show hidden files, and disable Hide protected operating system files.

Then read this:

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This has just started happening to me. Whenever I have a document open, and select File / Close document word closes out the document and the application also closes.

Any suggestions?

A:Word 2003 Closes when I close a document

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I don't think I am breaching any Forum Rules with this, no doubt someone will soon tell me if i am!
I am looking to buy the above software. I have located a company here:
About Us
I am only interested in buying legal software so ask has anyone dealt with this company and are they OK?

A:MS Office 2003 Professional

The domain has only been registered since May and there is no sign of the business when you streetview the postcode.

I wouldn't trust it.

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I'm having trouble with office pro 2003. When I try and go to My Network Places, office pro starts to install- and it's already installed. I am also unable to uninstall office.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Office Professional 2003

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I am running Windows Professional and Office Pro 2003. When I try to get Office updates I receive the following message: "Office update is unavailable to check for updates." Any help will be appreciated.

A:Office Professional 2003

cougarone said:

I am running Windows Professional and Office Pro 2003. When I try to get Office updates I receive the following message: "Office update is unavailable to check for updates." Any help will be appreciated.Click to expand...

Can you double check that message?
Are you sure it does not actually say "Office update is unable to check for updates" ?
There is a big difference between the two.

On the chance that you have mis-read the message, check the link below

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Spring $328 or so for the upgrade from Office 2000 Professional? No complaints, I'm mainly a Word, Excel, Powerpoint user, and I bought Visio 2003 on my own already.

Is Office 2003 Professional worth it as an upgrade? In a few sentences or less!

A:Office 2003 Professional...

How about a few letters or less?


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I think I already know the answer to this but I will ask to be sure. I just obtained Office 2003 directly from Microsoft through their Partnership Program. I installed it on one of my test machines at home. I totally forgot about it needing to be activated. The main question is this. If I activate it on that machine...I will not be able to put it on my main computer right?? Basically I have heard that when you activate it, thats it, you can not put it on any other machine.

Thank for your time,


A:Office 2003 Professional

Basically correct.

Most "full versions" allow activation on the one PC, and will usually allow a second activation on another PC on the basis that you can have it on a portable (laptop) as well, on the understanding that they are not used at the same time. Read the EULA for your version.

There is no checking that the second activation is actually on a laptop and not a desktop though. So basically a full version should allow 2 activations.

There is a suggestion that the MS activation database is reset after about 4 months and a further activation could be made but that is not documented or proven.

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is there a way to un-install and re-install office 2003 pro without having to spend time re-downloading those large updates?


A:Office 2003 Professional

Izzy, since you didn't get an answer from the experts, perhaps you can check if these are big (do you use dialup?). I just looked in Add/Remove programs, and for Office 2003 professional which I got in 2004, I have these:
KB907417, KB892843, ServicePack2, KB911961. I think they were cumulative, not sure. I do not recall them being particularily big or slow to download or install. Perhaps you can check the sizes. It might be funny if it took you longer to check that than actually do the upgrades. I don't know if there's a way for me to find out the sizes on my computer, because then I'd tell ya. Let's hope someone will pitch in.

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Hi I have just purchased office 2003 and before I activate it I want to know
can I also put the same software on my laptop as well as my pc

A:office 2003 professional

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I've developed this problem with Outlook where after composing an email and try to send I get an error message.

The header of the message box says Microsoft Office Word
and the warning message in the box says Interface Not Registered.

The receiving part of the program works okay and the rest of Office 2003 is working fine

I reinstalled the program but that didn't help !

Does anyone have any ideas or possible solutions?


A:Solved: Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Sending Error

Hi MadMel

Run the Detect and Repair option In Outlook 2003,
Help > Detect and Repair

If that fails to correct the problem:
With Outlook 2003 closed,
Start > Run
key in or copy and paste in the Run box:
Regsvr32.exe %Windir%\System32\Ole32.dll
Click Enter

Let us know if that makes a difference.

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Hey folks,

I switched from 32-bit XP to 64-bit Vista and my Microsoft Office 2003 isn't working on Vista for some reason. Is this supposed to happen or is there something I can do or something that I can download to make it work with Vista by any chance??? Or is there nothing I can do to make Office 2003 compatible with 64-bit Vista? Do I absolutely *HAVE* to have Office 2007 for 64-bit Vista?

Thanks in advance, folks!!

A:Solved: Microsoft Office 2003 Doesn't Work On 64-Bit Vista?

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I'm having problems with all programs in Microsoft Office 2003. Here's the situation...

6 months ago I took a computer class which taught the use of Microsoft Office 2007 programs. As a part of the class, we got a trial version of Microsoft Office 2007, which is supposed to last for 180 days.

A few weeks ago the trial period ended and I could no longer use Office '07. I uninstalled the trial software and wanted to go back to using Office '03.

However, now whenever I try to start any program from Office '03, I get a message box telling me it's beginning some kind of installer. After a minute of this box, I get an error message saying:

"This patch package could not be opened. Verify that the patch package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer patch package."

I downloaded and used the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility, but it didn't help. I can't run any of the Office programs, repair them using the installation CD, or even uninstall any of them. I'm running Windows XP Professional.

What are my options? Are there anyways to fix this problem?


A:Solved: Microsoft Office 2003 Won't Open, Repair, or Uninstall

I assume you followed theses instructions

Failing that you may need to get in touch with MS click on this link and follow your nose

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I am attaching a bmp image of a word document with strange markings.

Can anyone tell me what they are and how do I remove them ?



A:Solved: Microsoft Word 2003 strange markings

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well my cousin convinced my mom that she needed microsoft access so he brings over microsoft office 2000 and installs it... including everything im pretty sure, i wasnt here when it happened. but he installed word outlook excel powerpoint and access, but we already have the 2003 version of everything except access. and now the old microsoft outlook (2000) has taken over all email rights, as in the links from start menu and internet explorer. So is there a way to get rid of all of microsoft office 2000 except for access? Because when i tried uninstalling microsoft office 2000 it said are you sure you want to uninstall all components? so i wasnt sure so i clicked cancel, well hopefully that made sense, and please help!

A:microsoft office 2000 + microsoft office 2003 = bad idea

Check the Tips & Trick area for a thread I wrote on removing MS Office completely....
all versions...
Then reinstall.

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