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Solved: Word 7 Documents Locked

Q: Solved: Word 7 Documents Locked

One day, I went to my employment documents to find ALL of them where locked by Word 7. I have been able to open them in Works but I rather use Word (favorite). If not, will have to use Works. Any suggestions?


A: Solved: Word 7 Documents Locked

It could be because you have not activated your Microsoft Office software.

Or because you have an expired trial version of Office (which Word is part of).
Trial versions of Office come pre-installed when the PC is new. It's not built-in to Windows, so you only get a trial version of it.
When the trial period expires, editing or creating new Office documents with it is blocked.
What happens if you start Word and click on Help >> Activate Product?

If you are already activated, a dialog box saying so
will appear. If you are not activated, the Activation Wizard will
start. If you have an expired trial version, a dialog box will prompt
you to enter a valid product key or purchase a key online."

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Right, I started a new word document this morning (WORD 2003), which worked fine and I printed out the letter I had written. Since then however if I go into previous documents, everytime I go to write anything it says "This modification is not allowed because the document is locked" Even if I go and start a new document it won't let me do anything!

Why's that then??


A:All my word documents are locked!!

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I had the trial version of Microsoft Office 2003 and used Word for many documents. Now that my trial has run out I cannot edit any of the documents I created with Word. It says " This modification is not allowed because the document is locked." I know I did not lock them. Also I tried to copy and paste but that is locked too. So is it possible to edit these documents if I choose not to activate Word? Thank you!

A:Word Documents Locked

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Hi, I have a friend with a problem. She has a newer version of Windows Vista than I do and everything looks very different. She thinks it is 2007, but isn't sure.

The problem is that her saved word documents lock and she can't edit them or do anything to them. The menu bar is still accessible, but the help section was no help. We tried right clicking on the document but that didn't work either. This is sort of a big problem because she obviously has lots of homework assignments that she now can't get to, email to herself, or do anything with.

Any help would be appreciated

A:Saved Word Documents Locked

??Is this of any help? Right-click the folder that you want to take ownership of, and then clickProperties.2. Click the Security tab, click Advanced, and then click the Owner tab.3. Click Edit. Administrator permission required If you are prompted for anadministrator password or confirmation, type the password or provideconfirmation.4. Click the name of the person you want to give ownership to.5. If you want that person to be the owner of files and subfolders in thisfolder, select the Replace owner on subcontainers and objects check box.6. Click OK

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I've recently installed winXP on my new sata hard drive and everything is going swimmingly. Today I added the hard drive from my old computer to copy some files over before formatting it. The drive installed fine and the system booted just as it should. Once I got in to windows I could access the second drive just as I should be able to, all apart from the user profile folder in my documents. By this I mean when you look in the documents and settings folder and you have folders called Administrator, All Users and Application Data, then you have one for each user profile on the system, and it's that user profile folder it won't let me access. When I try and open it it just says access denied.

Please help me get in there as it's full of loads of work and music I need, plus a few pictures of ex girlfriends in their underwear.


A:[SOLVED] My Documents is locked - please help

Sorry I'm running XP sp2 all up to date.

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Recently I typed a new Word document and somehow I couldn't print it. It offered Safe Mode so I tried that.

Now not just the new documents but ALL my Word documents have funny little paragraph-looking symbols scattered throughout and dots between every single word. How do I fix this?

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Word documents filled with dots after every word

In your toolbar, click the pilcrow (the backward paragraph looking thing). That should fix the problem.

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I just did a non-destructive restore on my system, and I am trying to retrieve the files from the 'my old disk structure' folder. But, the 'my documents' folder is set to private, and now I can't access the folder. I was wondering if there is any way I can get around this, or can I basically kiss those files goodbye?

A:Solved: I restored my system, but am locked out of 'my documents' folder


If you follow this link it will tell you how to get access again.

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Dear Forum BleepingComputer:
My computer has starter acting weird and I am not able to open some files or folder on my windows 8 computer.  I am now on safe mode, but unable to proceed as what to do.
Now I cannot access basic folders like:
c:/documents and settings
c:/users / owner / *.* almost all folders here are locked
All of the above folders have changed their icon to show that they are now shortcuts and I have tried to change permissions as the admin, but it still locks me out somehow?
I have a log Farbar Recovery Scan Tool....Can anyone out there help?
Maria Ram
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 27-07-2016
Ran by Administrador (administrator) on MARIGLOBAL (01-08-2016 14:01:25)
Running from C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop
Loaded Profiles: Administrador (Available Profiles: Maria Ramirez & Administrador)
Platform: Windows 8 Single Language (X64) Language: Español (España, internacional)
Internet Explorer Version 10 (Default browser: FF)
Boot Mode: Normal
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool:
==================== Processes (Whitelisted) =================
(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.)
(Qualcomm Atheros Commnucations) C:\Program Files (x86)\Bluetooth Suite\AdminService.exe
(Samsung Electronics CO., LTD.) C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung\S... Read more

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Hi everyone,
I've only been computing for a few months, so don't know much.
My son, Wiliam, was home this weekend and very kindly did an upgrade on our computer. Before he started he saved all documents to a CD and after the work was complete, he loaded them back on again.
Because they unloaded off the CD as 'read only' files, he advised me to right click the documents in Explorer > properties > general and untick the 'read only' box.
I was hoping to do some work this week on Word 2000 files and in order to edit them, I followed his advice.
However, inspite of an empty 'read only' box, it is still impossible to save any new information to the files. Whenever I try to save, the following message comes up:
"File in use.
Word.doc is locked for editing by "another user". Click 'Notify' to open a read-only copy of the document and receive notification when the document is no longer in use".

We have tried to look in help for varying possibilities, but can't find a solution to the problem. There are hundreds of half finished files involved, as I was trying to gather info about varying aspects and properties of different trees.
Any suggestions to this mystery would be mightily appreciated!
Thank you,

Love Hummingtree


A:[SOLVED] Word.doc's locked after upgrade

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I created a file about 2 months ago that i password protected. i tried ever single password that i have ever used, so i am assuming that i mistyped the password when i created it. Is there any way to recover a forgotten password. All that i really need to do is read the file i don't need to update it. i have seen that there is a few programs that can be purchased, but this is only a one time thing. Any links would be helpful.

A:Solved: word 2000 locked

The only thing that i could find was software that can be purchased to crack this password, so i just resorted back to Chinese water torture and electro shock therapy to convince the user to unlock the file.

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Please help, we are renting a Dell computer from Rainbow Rental and it has all the latest bells and whistles the only problem we have is when we type a document in Microsoft word 98 and save that document and close-the next time we want to open the document we get a message saying the document is locked by another user 'Rainbow Rental' open as a read-only document or notify when document is not in use--and when we push the read-only button the window closes. Does microsoft word need to be re-installed. We also get a "" template message as well. This is very frustrating because we have kids who do papers for school and unless they print print right then and there they can never get the document opended again. Please help us!


A:Solved: microsoft word locked document

Call Rainbow and tell them their PC is a piece of junk. Actually, it's not the PC, but the software is poorly install and should have been tested.

Try Word troubleshooting, which CANNOT hurt:

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I have written a book which has been saved for a long time. each days work
time cannot get it back
Started a new book at end of day saved the work two days ago seconds before I went to save the work I caught the mouse with my elbow and cannot retrieve the work
every time I go on to Microsoft which I have used for a couple of years I now get
" Microsoft word starter2010 cannot be opened try again or go to control"
I have tried recovery which says it cannot replace recovery
Hope you can help please
I cannot remember my Microsoft code from years ago

A:Solved: locked out of microsoft word starter2010

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Hi All,

I've been searching for a Windows equivalent to the unix 'diff' program that allows you to compare two files since the late 90's. I found 'diff' extremely usefull in programming, so I was always curious if there was an equivalent program that would allow me to edit my term papers, proposals, presentations, etc. using some editor other than vi (!!!)

Somehow, I never managed to find an answer until recently. I thought I might as well share what I learned, so here it is:

In Word 2000, go to tools -> track changes -> compare documents.

Here are a couple of refernces for your reading satisfaction :

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When scanning a document with my Lexmark 8300 printer into WORD, many words in WORD are misspelled. Is this problem only with the Word program or Lexmark? Is there anything I can do to correct it?

A:Solved: scanning documents to WORD

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A client of mine is using Word 2000 - when she opens an existing document for editing - say a schedule - she will be working on it for 10-15 minutes and when she clicks the print icon the document does not print and the screen goes blank. she has not saved it first, therefore she loses her editing. This only seems to happen on documents she edits - not on new documents she creates. I know she should save her changes first..........but they wwant me to figure out what is going on

Newer p4, running Windows XP Pro, HP Deskjet 5150


A:Solved: Word documents disappearing

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OK I have a User with a problem. Basically he opens up any Word document and all the Words are blank Yet you can hilight the words with no Issue. It just looks like the Font is White but I tried changing that. Only thing I have not tried is a repair but there has to be something I am missing?

A:Solved: Word Documents Blank

bizzt said:

OK I have a User with a problem. Basically he opens up any Word document and all the Words are blank Yet you can hilight the words with no Issue. It just looks like the Font is White but I tried changing that. Only thing I have not tried is a repair but there has to be something I am missing?Click to expand...

OK i deleted the and the file now shows the words BUT it put everything into Tabs? It is like any document he opens it shows the word but with tabs between each letter? There however is no Tabs showing on the Ruler?

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My microsoft word documents are gone now that I've rebooted my computer.

When i try searching for a document that i know the name to...i can find it

though and open it. Its like their gone...but their still there. Does anyone

know how to bring up all the other documents because

i cant remember all of their names and they don't show up under my docs.

Thanks, Bobby

A:Solved: Word Documents gone after reboot...PLEASE HELP!

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I have always used Microsoft works for writing letters, but until recently I have never had to attach them to an email, but having just done this I have discovered that they cannot be read by the recipient, apparently because they are not in WORD . Does that mean I have to purchase this software? Or is there something I can download? I am using Windows XP home version

A:Solved: Attaching word documents

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I frequently get e-mail with attachments in MS Word. I don't have it - I have Wordperfect Suite 7 and there is no way of converting the attachment to readable form.

With all the new "free" services on the Internet are there any places where I can upload the file to read it in MSWord or conversely download something so I can read it.

A:{SOLVED} Reading Word Documents

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Quick question that hopefully will have a quick answer:

I'm working on my resume and in MS word (2003 office edition) the document has a very nice black lined border around the entire thing.

However when I print- the bottom line of the border dissapears.

I keep getting a "the page borders of section 1 are set outside the printable area of the page" message whenever I print. Could this have something to do with my missing border line, maybe?

I really can't figure out WHY it's not printing that line. It's not off the page and it seems to fit quite nicely on the page. And yet when I print- it's not there.

Can anyone help me out with this? I suppose I don't really need that line, but it sure does help make my resume look nicer. And I'm gonna need it to look as good as possible, since the contents themselves are so darn lousy...

Anyhow, any thoughts you guys have would be greatly appreciated.



A:Solved: Documents With Borders in MS Word

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I got a new computer (windows xp) that had a trial version of MS Office 2007 already installed. I bought office 2003, installed it, and uninstalled 2007. Now when in word, I click file, send to, mail recipient, I get an error message that says "Word could not load the email envelope. This could be caused by a network connection problem or a problem with your Office installation." I have uninstalled and reinstalled; clicked help, detect & repair.. Neither worked. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Emailing Word Documents

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If I alter something in a word document eg. block a line and then format it: make it bold/underlined/centred etc, it alters the whole document to that formatting, not just the line that is blocked. If I click on 'undo', it says 'undo automatically update style', so somehow I need to get rid of this setting which updates the whole document.

The previous posting of this problem had managed to solve it by going into the 'Normal' template and altering it, but I can't find an option to do that.

Hope this makes sense. this problem has only occurred since I bought a new laptop. I've got Office XP and Word 2002 on it.

A:Solved: Problem with Word documents

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I have Microsoft Basic 2003 that came with my new computer. My problem deals with Microsoft Word 2003. Yesterday, I tried to load a .doc file from a USB 'memory' stick that I had created on my work computer. It opened but when I tried to change it, it said this document is locked. When I opened this file, about 2 other docs were open so I ended up having to close Word. Today I came back and opened MS Word to write a new document but it gives me an error saying 'This modification is not allowed because this document is locked'. This is on the screen with a blank new document. I think that the files mentioned above are re-opened when I start Word. What do you think is a suitable fix? Thanks for the help in advance!

A:Solved: MS Word Locked Document and resulting problems

If all new and existing documents are locked for editing, then it's probably because you have not activated your Word/Office software, or because you have an expired trial version of Office 2003. What happens if you start Word and click on Help | Activate Product? If you are already activated, a dialog box saying so will appear. If you are not activated, the Activation Wizard will start. If you have an expired trial version, a dialog box will prompt you to enter a valid product key or purchase a key online.

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Hi folks - I have been sent an application form in Word which when printed out tends to lose some text in the pre-set fields. I wanted to increase the row heights to see if I could get all the text printing out, but the pre-set fields (i.e. fields with information and headings supplied as part of the form) cannot be selected for editing - all options are greyed out. Even "Edit/Select All" appears to be disabled.

Is this form locked in some way so it can't be edited? I did a very preliminary google search which suggests that documents can be locked in this way, and I can see the advantages for form submissions by email - but is there a way to solve the printing problem so I can get a hard copy printed out without missing text?

Many thanks for any help

A:Solved: Locked Word table format - how to unlock?

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Hi All

I appreciate Adobe Acrobat is the professional method of creating a PDF file from a word document, but is there a free application that I could use to do this also?

I have a full (legal) copy of MS Office, but now have a need to create PFD files.

IS this possible or should I purchase Adobe Acrobat writer...?


A:Solved: How to create PDF files from MS Word documents

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I opened an existing, frequently-used Word 2003 document which has images inserted, and they had disappeared, only the text remains and a box where the images used to be.

To test the problem I tried to insert an image into a new document (Word 2007, so that was .docx), and that did the same thing - placed a box the right size, but no image.

Any ideas why the documents are not displaying images when they did before, and how to get them back? Some setting has obviously changed but how to find out and rectify it?

A:Solved: Missing images in Word documents

Check out the Options, View tab and make sure the "Picture Placeholders" is NOT checked.

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Trying to open word documents is not possible. It freezes befroe any of the toolbars have been loaded. I have tried restarting three times and no joy. Also i have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling Office and no joy. I can open outlook fine, but not word documents through it. I can't even open new documents. However all the other Office programs work fine. . . Help! i desperately need word for work!

A:Solved: Problems openin Word documents

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My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 2200.
My printer is a Dell Photo A10 922.
My operating system is Microsoft XP Professional.

When I print a word document any thing that is in blue, for example a link, always prints with a yellow highlight. Apart from selecting no highlight every time I want to print a document, how do I prevent this highlighting?

A:Solved: Word Documents Printing Problem

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I am using Word 2003, and do not see either a minimize or restore button on the taskbar when I have an open document, only a close button.

If I want to go to another window, I have to close down Word, and wonder if anyone can tell me how to include a minimize and a restore button.


A:Solved: Cannot Minimize Open Word Documents

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hi! i think i got a virus that norton doesn't detect i borrowed a flash drive from a friend, and ran a virus check, which came out clean. then i ran some word documents, that weirdly had *.src extensions. some didn't open, others did. so anyway, after using it, and removing the flashdrive, i noticed that there was a "Microsoft Word Document" icon. and since i like my desktop clean, i deleted it, only for it to reappear after 2 seconds. then i right clicked it, and among the choices are: test, configure, install. and i just checked now it seems like all my files have those choices... what's wrong? and can my files be salvaged? HELP, please!!! i just thought it was the file on my desktop, now it looks like all my microsoft word files are like that!!!!!

A:Solved: microsoft word documents with src extensions

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Some of my MS Word documents are not opening due to corruption (around 40). Every time I’m getting this: “the file is corrupt and cannot be opened”. I have tried to open them on notepad (but nothing happened, the text were unreadable) and also tried this Word Document Recovery. Please help me to open these documents.

A:Solved: Word 2003 documents are corrupted.

We have to see if the file header is corrupted.
Can you upload one corrupter file here ?

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My friend sent this to me in a email (resume) Could someone tell me how to get it into my documents? I managed to create a new folder but couldn't get the information into it, thanks.

A:[SOLVED] Hotmail word file to My' Documents'

If it is an attachment, then open the attachment (it should open Microsoft Word, if you have Office) and save it to My Documents. If you don't have Word, then you won't be able to open it unless the sender sends it as a text file.(this is assuming the sender sent you a Word Document, you didn't specify) If it is embedded into the Email then hold down the Left mouse button and drag your mouse across the text highlighting it, and then right click and copy it. then open a new Word Document and right click a blank space and paste it.

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When I click on a link on a word document or on excel, I am unable to open the link and I get the following message:

This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.

I am the only operator and I did not place any restrictions.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2038 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family, 224 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 70017 MB, Free - 57195 MB; D: Total - 6275 MB, Free - 3453 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0HH807
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2013, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Solved: Unable to open links from word documents

LUIS39 said:

When I click on a link on a word document or on excel, I am unable to open the link and I get the following message:

This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.

I am the only operator and I did not place any restrictions.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2038 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family, 224 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 70017 MB, Free - 57195 MB; D: Total - 6275 MB, Free - 3453 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0HH807
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2013, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: EnabledClick to expand...

Hi Luis, Sorry to hear that you are having this problem. Perhaps this can be of some help.

Fix unable to open url error message in Word:

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I run Word 2003 on a Win7 32 bit Toshiba Satellite. I have downloaded many tutorials (photography) and copy/pasted them to individual Word documents. The script, photos, screen shots, illustrations etc are all perfect, some of the docs being over a year old. But suddenly, and all at once, everything except the script has changed to Hyperlinks (inside brackets) in every Word doc in my computer. I first discovered this as I copied a web tutorial to Word and that is what showed up. Several tries before I opened a document to find the full extent of the problem. In going to my Photography forum I see phos a-plenty but in copying to a Word doc the same happens
I did several things around the same time, any one of which may, as far as I know, have caused the problem.
1 I downloaded Google Chrome (Pepper-based flash player, whatever that means) which I've found out has a file (?) 11.8.800.97 in it, as different from Internet Explorer and Firefox which have 11.8.800.94
2 Uninstalled and tried to reinstall Adobe Flash Player thinking it was involved with video playing only to find the installation(s) failed and continue to do so. But the videos on my computer play as normal. Flash Player shows up in C drive Programme files but in going to <> the tests show Flash Player is not on my computer. I'd argue but no-ones listening!
It goes on. If you feel you can help I'm happy to give any more info you... Read more

A:Solved: Photos, illustrations etc disappeared from all Word documents.

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I have Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007. If I open two Word documents, I am unable to have both documents open for me to work on. One or the other is minimized on the task bar. Clicking the minimized document on the taskbar, minimizes the other document.

The same happens with two Excel documents.

I used to be able to work with two or more Word or two or more Excel documents.

I suspect I changed the settings somehow. If I did, I have no idea how to change it back.


A:Solved: Enabling Multiple Word/Excel documents

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In Word, everytime you save a document it saves two of them, some one once told me that had something to do with it but I lost the notes I had, Can some one help, getting tired of deleteing on doc everytime you save one.

A:Solved: Windows XP SP2--Can someone tell me why Word is saving two documents everytime?

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I downloaded a 44 page Form 706 from the Internal Revenue Service archives because a friend could not get it to transfer properly. Apparently there is a bug in the file itself. It is completely readable in the Adobe PDF format, but if I try to transfer it to Word, the save box appears and everything locks up before I even try to select a save location. In addition, any document I scan to Works/Word is jumbled and incomplete, but they will scan properly to other programs such as Photo Editor. I have removed and reinstalled The printer and Word in addition to running the Word repair program, but the problem remains the same. I am at my wits' end.Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 9:37:06 AM, on 7/9/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Roxio\Easy CD Creator 5\DirectCD\DirectCD.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Dell\EUSW\Support.exe
C:\Program Files\MUSICMATCH\MUSICMATCH Jukebox\mmtask.exe
C:\WINDOWS... Read more

A:Solved: Word scrambles scanned documents-log attached

When you scan a document, are you using OCR (optical character recognition) software. If you want to scan as a text document you must use OCR. Otherwise, it will scan in as a picture. Most scanners come with some sort of limited OCR software.

Be forewarned that even the best OCR program (which can run into hundreds of dollars) makes mistakes. It tries to translate every mark on the page into text...and that includes smudges from photocopiers, pencil marks, fingerprints, watermarks, etc.

The more heavily formatted the original (like a form with lines and boxes), the more mistakes the software will make.

As for transferring the PDF file to Word, how are you trying to do that? PDF files, are not easily edited without the proper software and if the author has locked it down tight, which is often the case with PDF files from government sites, it can't be edited or copied at all.

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Hi all -- Running Word 2000 in Windows XP Home with all updates (I believe) current in both programs.

I work on lots of protected documents, some of which are in table format. When I attempt to make deletions to portions of the document which I have typed, I get a prompt saying: "Delete Block? No (Yes)".

Is there any way to turn off this prompt? This has only happened since I reinstalled Word 2000 on my new computer -- didn't perform this way on my old computer (which might have been an error condition then -- but I got to like it).

Giving thanks to you in advance for all your help. On this Thanksgiving Eve, wishing you many reasons to be thankful in your own life!


A:Solved: Word 2000 Settings for Protected Documents

I think this link will solve your problem.


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 635 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3823 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4250 Graphics , 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 933222 MB, Free - 890063 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Aspire M3400, , U02G102102674
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus 2011, Disabled
The trial period was over for the MS Office 2007 trial that came preloaded on my new computer, so I bought and activated the MS Office Home and Student 2010 product key. Afterwards, I had been able to open and edit Word, Powerpoint, etc documents.

I recently uninstalled the MS Office 2007 trial that was on my new computer to try to get rid of "junk" that was taking up space. Now, I can't open open any of the existing documents I have saved on my desktop or anywhere else. The only way I can even save and open a document is to open the (for example) Word 2010 app, make a new document and save it to desktop, and then open the Word 2010 app, File, Open and open it from there.

The message I get when I try to open a document is "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Defaults Programs control panel."

I tried to do that and change .doc file type so that the current default of "Unknown application" would chan... Read more

A:Solved: Can't Open MS Office (Word, Powerpoint, etc) Documents

Things got messed up as you uninstalled the trial version after installing the Home and Student version.
You may need to remove the H and S version and reinstall it.

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Just bought new laptop with windows 7. I have transferred all the folders/files from my old laptop which I inherited from the company I used to work for. I cannot transfer the Microsoft office suite to my new laptop - the licence would have expired by now any way. In order for me to be able to open, view and work on the files I intend to transfer I'm guessing I will need to buy and install Microsoft Office onto my new laptop... as all the documents are encrypted or am I correct? If so - are there any provisos in regards the old documents opening with no problems on my new laptop once I've installed Microsoft Office? Thanks

A:Solved: Transferring word and powerpoint documents to new laptop

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When I am working on, or print-previewing my documents on Word, they look normal. Once I go to print, they show up with a large blank area at the top (maybe 1 & a half inches or so). I checked my "header" and "margin" settings, but they seem to be normal... it's just the printed document that is off, the document looks fine when I'm viewing it on the computer. Could this be a problem with my printing settings or other in Word, or is it a printer problem instead?
Thanks alot!

A:Solved: Word documents printing with blank space at the top

Is it possible you have the printer setup somehow set to an odd paper size? I sometimes have issues like that when I try to print a document that was created in the UK.

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I cannot edit any details in documents, I can type words etc. but cannot do anything else using the mouse.

A:Solved: Word 2007 cannot edit any documents problem

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We run NT 4.0 SP 6 and use Office 2000 Professional with the Service Releases 1a and 2. One user has an old pc, a Compaq DeskPro 233. While printing quotes after changes to the document he now comes up with a Dr. Watson error regarding the winword.exe. I uninstalled the Office and reinstalled and reapplied the sr's. I printed 6 documents and nothing happened. He comes back to work today and called me with the same problem. I went down there and he had to print the document 5 times after changing minor items in it before the Dr. Watson came back up. I'm running out of options and my boss wants me to reformat the entire machine which I find a little extreme. Any ideas or suggestions of what to look for or try?

A:[SOLVED] Word 2000: Dr. Watson On Printing Documents

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I cannot findout how to format my word2007 (XP) documents. I do not know how to access word help in order to change double space to single space, and vice-versa.

A:Solved: formatting word 2007 documents, letters etc.

Welcome to the forum.

F1 is the help hotkey in most applications. Line spacing is next to the justify alignment button in the Home tab.

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I created a simple word file with some visual basic elements, with Word 2003: two text boxes, a command button, and two labels. The user is supposed to enter information in the text boxes, and watch the information appear in the labels when they click the command button. I got everything working with this simple code for the command button:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Label1.Caption = TextBox1.Text
Label2.Caption = TextBox2.Text
End Sub

I was happy. I saved the document, closed Word, and went for a coffee.... When I returned, I re-opened the file. I entered text into the textboxes, and hit the command button, though nothing happened. The labels stayed blank. I tried adding new functions, and editing the old one, and nothing worked. Do VB functions work one time only, when you create them? Or can you create them, save the file, and have it work in the future (I hope)?

Edit: I have attached the file I created.

Thank you

A:Solved: Word documents with VB objects, not working after saving and closing

Actually i am new commer in visual basic .so i gain a little bit.but from today i continioung to read your thread.thats why i am very pleasure to you.


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See for the reason behind this.

I have about 4 folders full of word documents that are in a protected state and thus wonly let me easily remove all their tracked changes.
All I have to do is go into the docuemnt and then go to tools and unprotect document (no password prompt) and then I can apply the changes. Is there any way to MASS unprotect documents in 4 folders/subfolders?

A:Solved: Mass unprotect word documents 2000/2003

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When I try to open a saved Word document it initially trys to open in my JASC Paintshop Pro and of course it can't. I have to right click and indicate to open with Word For Windows. How can I set it so these documents open automatically with word? I have nothing clicked off under the file formats in Paintshop.

A:Solved: MS Word Documents Tring to Open in Paint Shop

Hello right click
open with
choose the program you want
and tick the always use the selected program to open this kind of file

try that please

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ok so my boss enjoys giving me random meaningless tasks that keep me busy all day and today's quest is to find out how to save a document by somehow inputting a file path for it to be saved to rather than selecting file after file from a list... Does this make sense? Is this possible?

A:Solved: my boss wants a quicker method for saving ms word documents

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I’d like to set page numbers at 7.2&#8243;, .5&#8243; below the top edge of the page

The page numbers tab provides these options only:

Top of page
Bottom of page

right-left-center-inside- outside

Is it possible to set margins for page numbers in word documents? And how?

A:Solved: Is it possible to set margins for page numbers in word 2003 documents

I believe this may be what you are looking for:

Step 1: Use what you have already described to insert page numbers as a header.

Step 2: Click on View.

Step 3: Select header and footer.

Step 4: Left click on the page number so that a little grey box contains it.

Step 5: Scroll over the little grey box containing the page number so that you get the icon that lets you move a selected item. The icon looks like the xy-axes from algebra.

Step 6: Hold down the left mouse button and move the page number to any place on the page you want it, even outside of the header. This will affect all page numbers on all pages. When the page number is where you want it, release the left mouse button.

Step 7: Close the header and footer box.

Hope this helps.

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When I try to save a document in Word Documents, Windows 10 tells me I cannot save in that category, I must save it in a folder. I need to save in Word. How can I fix that?

A:How to save documents to Word Documents in Windows 10?

I'm not understanding you. Whenever you save a document it always goes into a folder somewhere - there is nowhere else it can go. It can go into a folder named "Word Documents" or "Word" if you wish, but otherwise I don't get what you mean by saving it in Word.Excuse me if I'm somehow missing something basic here - it can happen LOL.EDIT: Maybe it's some Windows 10 thing I've not run into.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek

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I am using Word 2013 on my laptop. Windows 8 was operating system. Recently upgraded to Windows 10. When I save Word documents now, they are saved as Wordpad documents. (.xml files) Wordpad does not recommend some of the Word formatting and alters the documents.

How do I correct this? I want the save as Word documents, as I did in the past.

Thank you.

A:word documents saved as wordpad documents

In Word try the file tab > Options >Save. You should be able to change to a default of .docx .

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Does anybody know of any file converters out there (free if possible) that can convert ClarisWorks files to Office Word files? I have a lot of old documents that I wish to convert.


A:Converting ClarisWorks documents to Word documents

Not sure if this old Microsoft Article will help:
WD: How to Convert Between ClarisWorks for the Macintosh & Word

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Is it possible to merge 2 Word documents and retain their individual index structures? Basically make a master index or table of contents which should retain the links from the original 2 separate table of contents and link to the corresponding pages without having to make any changes in the final merged document.

A:Solved: Is it possible to merge 2 Word documents and retain their individual index structures

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Hi -

I've recently seen nearly all my Word documents, including envelopes, to have an unintended date / time footer printing in the lower right corner. This doesn't show in screen preview, but still prints out. I don't ever recall setting up any document to do this particular footer. Could this somehow be generating from my multi-function Brother laser printer?

I'd welcome any suggestions on how to eliminate this. Thank you.


A:Solved: Unwanted Date / Time Footer printing in all Word documents

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i have not before posted on a computer forum & i feel i should apologize upfront for my technological illiteracy (i know relative basics, but not much beyond) . . . However, i will try to detail as best i can and would be grateful for any advice in layman's terms!

my problem is in using Microsoft Office Word 2003 (with Windows XP) to edit two documents – for nearly every function i attempt to perform it freezes for 5-10 seconds.
the main functions i am attempting to perform involve copying individual text boxes (with highlighted text) from Document 1 (1 page full of text boxes), pasting in the margins of Document 2 (34 pages of text), and then also highlighting text in Document 2 using keyboard shortcuts (created as macros).
The copying, pasting, keyboard shortcuts, and even switching b/w documents almost always causes a freeze/stutter (sometimes pointer turns hourglass) of 5 – 10 seconds.
i need to do this with many documents = more than 500 pages of text, so speed is of the essence and these freezes are quickly adding up.

i’m using a Compaq Presario V5000 -- in attempts to help i’ve restored original settings with recovery disks with no improvement – and just upgraded to 2GB of RAM and still no improvement (despite my CPU usage now mostly showing 0%) -- although in doing the latter, i also noticed some dust internally, but wasn't sure how to go about removing/cleaning it.
i'm not that knowledgeable & not sure what else i can do, so i though... Read more

A:Solved: Word 2003 - Continual freezes in editing Large Documents

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When I download save or display a word document which is locked some of the fonts change and this makes the documant look bad and as a result it is not paged correctly.
I am using Windows 7 and MS Office Home & Business 2010.
If I use a different computer which is XP and 2003 the document displays correctly, if I copy this to the Windows 7 PC the document font is changed.
The lock document is a form which has been locked for easy completion.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


A:Word 2010 changes some fonts in a downloaded locked word document

Found the problem, Windows7 and or MS Office Home & Business 2010 is missing the particular font the document wanted, it was Arial Narrow, once this font was added to the windows/font folder, the document opened correctly.

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Hi folks,

I have this problem that is hard to search for on Google. We have a lot of word 2000 documents connected to a simpel text data file (data.doc) that is used with mail merge.

Here is our process:
1.) data.doc is opened, filled with all variablenames we can use in our documents (name, country, etc.)
2.) data.doc is opened, filled with the actual data (from a database) belonging to the variables name (Kees, Japan, etc.)
3.) Our 2008 application does step 1 and 2, then starts a template word 2000 document which has that data.doc file attached for mail merge. The template is now filled in with the correct data.
4.) 2008 application tells MS Word to print the document.
5.) Works fine and we have ourselves a nice document filled in with data we specified in the 2008 application.

Now comes the problem, some new computers will have office 2007 instead of office 2000 installed, during testing we have encountered that it does not error but the office 2007 installed computer does not fill in the data and just shows mergefield names <<name>> <<country>>. Also when printed out. So it seems like the datafile is not connected when opening the template in word 2007.

If we let our 2008 application show us the document visually first, we can re-attach the data file again and we can print the data, however there are 3 thing wrong with this approach:

1.) More user input which is not needed.
2.) MS Word is opening and showing, somet... Read more

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Our church secretary uses Word Perfect 12.

She has had no problem until now opening Word 2007 document in Word Perfect.

Now it says the files are in an unsupported format.

Any suggestions??

We already have the conversion program for Word Perfect installed.

Do we need an update of some kind??


A:Word Perfect 12 suddenly will no longer open Word 2007 documents

Have you contacted Corel support? Checked the site for FAQs?

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Windows Vista Home Premium SP1, Office 2007

I know how to save documents created in Word 2007 so it can be used with Word 2003 done manually.

Can someone inform me whether I can set my "save as" so documents created in Word 2007 will be always saved as default to be compatible with Word 2003?

A:Saving Documents Created in Word 2007 to be Compatible with Word 2003

You can us this compatibility update to read Office 2007 docs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) In earlier versions of Office - Download details: Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats. Meaning you can save your Word docs in their original format and Word 2003 will read them.

You might want to check this link out as well -

As far as setting a "default" save, to be honest, I'm not sure if this can be done or not.

Hope this helps.

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If I open up a link which has a word document, IE 11 will download and open it. If i then leave word open and then go to another link to and try to download
and open up another word document, the window doesn't become active and it sits minimised in the taskbar flashing. If I click on it to give focus it opens and shows the document I downloaded. This is very annoying. Does anyone have any ideas? I have tried
loading both word in safe mode and IE with no addins and still get the same behaviour.

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Hi everyone,

I'm running a XP Home Edition SP2 system with all possible upgrades.
Some time ago, i've had a system disc c: and "my documents" folder on an other drive, f: "My documents" folder was locked for other users, only me from my password locked profile, could get in.
A problem occurred and i had to format my system drive c:, but unfortunately i forgot to unlock "my documents" folder.
After reinstalling my system i could'nt get inside that folder! System shows it is empty, but when i check how many disc space is avaible it seems that all of the data is still in place. Also, after reinstall "my documents" drive letter changed from f: to e:

How can i unlock that folder and get back my data?

A:"my Documents" Locked. I Cant Get In!

What did you use to password lock the profile?

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Hi I have recently changed new parts in my computer but stupid little me i did not back up "My Documents". I changed the parts and had to create a new windows on another partition on another harddrive, the reason why i wanted to do this is to copy back the stuff i had on my documents on my old windows but for some reason when i try to access the folder it gives me a denial of access message. Is there anyway i can get my old documents back?


A:Documents locked

You can download Unlocker from here

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Hi everyone!

I have done something stupid and I have no idea how to reverse it.
I have locked myself out of My Documents on Win XP by having an attempt at renaming My Documents - (which I found out is harder than it looks) from Jane & Peters Documents to something less close to home.
I entered Windows in Safe Mode by pressing F8 I think, then I attempted to alter what permissions the Jane and Peters Docs had, then I think I fiddled with the Admins setting, then I got a message that I was about to lock every user out of My Docs....but...I was a tad stupid and did it anyway.
I can't remember what I did or deleted as I was just mucking around without really knowing what I was doing...doh!
There are HEAPS of valuable work related stuff in there as well as the usual cataloge of family pics etc so I really want to get back into it.
Oh and I forgot that when I log in as Admin (well that's the only choice I have now...) I still can't see or access My Docs???

The error message is -
C/Documents and Settings/Peter&Jane/My Documents is not accessible
Access is denied

I really hope someone can the way I am not very proficent at this stuff...obviously.

Andy Capp

A:Locked out of My Documents!!! Help me!!

Try a system restore to before you change the settings.

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I moved the My Documents location over to my secondary hard drive, then, I formatted and reloaded XP onto my primary hard drive. Now, I can't access the my documents folder on the secondary hard drive because it is locked to the original account. There's has to be a way to get into this folder, I have a lot of stuff in it that I really need. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:locked out of my documents

I figured it out. I booted up in safe mode, brought up the properties for the my documents folder, after digging around in there, i was able to take control of it. if somebody needs better directions, just reply to this thread and i'll give a step-by-step.

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I remember having deleted my Microsoft Office 2007 trial and now I can't find some of my previous word documents that I remember saving on my computer.

Is my suspicion true?

A:Does installing Microsoft Word 2007 delete word documents?

saiz said:

Is my suspicion true?Click to expand...

I don't think so. Try installing 3.0 and you'll be able to open those files.

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Right after a series of Microsoft updates, I can no longer open any word files in My Documents by double clicking. To open them I have to right click and then click open. Running Windows XP Media Center version 2002 SP3 and using Word 2003 SP# from Office Basic Edition. Any solutions?

A:Word documents will not open in My Documents

Likely, you need to reset the file association. Here's an article that explains exactly how to do that.

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Running Win XP on a home built Intel Core 2 duo platform. Just started within the last week or so. I can open the software from the CD, but not from my hard drive

A:Can't open Microsoft Word Program or Word documents

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I work as an adm. assistant and am in the process of getting a new computer. Most all of my documents on my current computer are Word Perfect format. Is there any way to convert everything over to Word? I hate to think I need to save each and every document in Word BEFORE installing all of the records to the new system. Is it possible to transfer everything as is and then convert to Word afterward?

A:Transferring Word Perfect Documents to Word on new system

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I have Windows 7. Using Windows Explore, under my C drive, 'Documents and Settings' and '$Recycle.Bin' have lock symbols on top of their icons. Under my name several folders have blue arrows pointing up and to the right on top of the file icons, such as Application Data, Cookies, Local Settings, My Documents and a few other folders. When clicking all these folders except the recycle bin an error message says 'Location is not available, <folder> is not accessible, Access is denied'. I am the only user of the computer. I have always saved my data to my D drive and this data is available. I am not allowed to adjust 'sharing' or 'permissions' on these folders. I was not allowed to run the SysInfo utility. My user account is set to administrator but it doesn't seem to be working that way.

What's going on here?

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Hey, I was just doing some cleanup, and I tried opening documents and settings. It has a little lock next to the icon, and wont open. Acsess is denied, even though I am administrator with UAC off. I just want to get in, and delete some stuff.

A:Documents and settings locked

Documents and Settings?

You must have gone the upgrade route I take it?

Try download SurF File Manager. It will get you into most locked folders.

BTW, it's not your average Windows explorer replacement.

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Hey Folks,

A few days ago I picked up a particularly nasty trojan that began running ads in my desktop background - Just audio, but still annoying. I tried removing it using Malwarebytes and Spybot. Oddly enough, since then, I've had further problems. One is the browser redirects randomly to spam sites but the bigger one is I cannot access my documents (music, video etc...) or certain folders in c:\.

For example, I have a folder on the c:\ drive called work. When I click on work, it comes up as totally empty - no files. When I right click it, however, I find there are 193 files at 3 gb. My document folders have also disappeared. When I go to windows / user I find by right clicking that there are hundreds of files at 40 or so gb but I cannot find any of them by searching or exploring. I have made sure all folders are on general view (ie: not just music / video etc) but this does nothing. I now just want to back up my files and blitz the PC with a full reinstall.

Can anyone help me ? I should also note I removed IE by turning off windows features as the trojan kept attacking IE scripts. Not sure if this matters but I'd be grateful if anyone could help me...

A:Files and documents locked ?

The trouble is, you can remove some malware, but that does not automatically repair the damage it does. If it has changed system files and stuff like that, then your only sensible option is to reinstall Windows.

Also, it can be extremely difficult to find and remove some malware.

If you run a backup, then make sure to check that for malware, as well as all drives and partitions.

Unless there is some reason why you absolutely have to troubleshoot this damaged system, then I would go for a new install.

Regards....Mike Connor

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Hello everybody, I am running a dual boot of Windows XP and Windows Vista. So for some reason, when I went into Vista, I accidentally took control of the Windows XP My Documents, and now cannot access it when im in Windows XP. I do not know what to do to allow Windows XP permission back to My Documents :( help is needed, thanks :)

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Hi...I have Vista. Okay, poor me. I had my operating system reinstalled by a technician after a bad virus attack. I had the opportunity to type in my laptop's code (bottom of the computer) after about 19 usages of going into my word documents. I made a big mistake and did not and I cannot access documents other than to read. This has been a long on going issue. Hence my appearance here. I have tried using the identified manuf. code that was requested at the bottom of the laptop and I still am locked out to access. I need access to documents to revise and update them. What do I Microsoft? And what number...obviously there is a lock please someone HELP. Is there something I can do to solve this without going to Microsoft? Computer is Gateway.

Thanks, proofergal


A:Locked out; No access to revise documents

Closing dup. Please do not start multiple threads on the same topic.

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I have been using office 2003 pro for 2 years. only recently I reformated C drive (Sony laptop) using restore disks. I reinstalled office 2003.
All was going well till I started to use Word 2003. I can read but not able to edit my own documents I get the message "This modification is not allowed because the document is locked"Even a new documents cannot be done. I get same message
whatever I do is not working. I removed office completly then reinstalled it and still the same proble.
I even looked at the files properties in (my documents) and made sure that the properties is set to read/write.
I'd appreciate your advice.
Thank you in anticipation

A:Locked documents office 2003

boot into Safe Mode; login as Admin
find the directory containing the files
(may be more than one; if you only store docs in your My Documents dir, then use it)
right click->properties
click the Security Tab->Advanced->Owner
take ownership of the directory (As Admin)
[select the Replace owner on subcontainers and objects]

go to Permissions
Now ADD user and give FULL CONTROL
[select the Replace owner on subcontainers and objects]

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"I'VE TRIED TO FIX TH... Read more

A:All Word Docs In My Documents Changed To Word Pad, When Word Docs Added From A Disk.

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My 2000 MS Word stopped opening the documents I have on file. The error message : "There was a problem sending the command to the program" keeps coming up after the document tries to open. I can create and save documents, but then cannot open them to view the content. This started after the removal of roaming defender spyware by SpyHunter software. I don't have any files blocked by SpyHunter and still have the issue with Word with SpyHunter deactivated.I am wondering if a file got removed in the spyware clean up and removal?

A:Word 2000 will not open word documents

Does anybody have any ideas on this problem. I really need to be able to get my documents to open. Re-install of office doesn't help. I am not sure if I am allowed to post to my own topic, if not, I apologize. Thank you to anyone who has any ideas.

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Please help me figure out something.  My Motheris running vista 32 bit on a HP m7760 machine, Intel core 2 [email protected] 213ghz, 2 gb.
I am visiting and she asked me to look at her computer.  I ran ad aware, spybot, malware bytes, spybot, and avg antivirus and a rootkit problems come up....however, there are so many locked files that come up that a av scan is completed very many in fact that I feel there is a documents etc...
Should these file be locked from av scan?  i don't know the next step in which to procede.....
Will you help me?

A:Locked Files with avg scan- pictures documents etc

"Object is locked skipped", "Error Opening - (File locked)", "Not tested", "Access Denied", "Some files could not be scanned", "Password Protected" or "Encrypted" notations in an anti-virus/anti-malware scan are not uncommon. Some files and services are locked by the operating system or running programs during use for protection, so scanners cannot access them. Other legitimate files, especially those used by security programs, may be obfuscated, encrypted or password protected in order to conceal itself so they do not allow access as a protective measure. When the scanner finds such an object, it makes a note and then just skips to the next one. That explains why it may show with such notations but no action taken in certain anti-virus or anti-malware log scan reports. These are normal when using many security scanning programs so there is seldom a need for concern.NOD32 FAQ: files with "error opening - (File locked) %5B4%5D" what does this mean?BullGuard: What are skipped files? Should I be worried?AVG FAQ 2677: Information in a test result - Locked file, Run-time packedAVG FAQ 2440: Found: Contains password protected files

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I downloaded a password protection program called Folder Access. It was causing lots of issues so I decided to uninstall it. But when I did, since I had “My Documents” folder password protected, the whole folder was locked for some reason. Now, the "My documents" folder has a control panel icon on it and displays the control panel when I attempt to open it. The folder properties under the control panel icon still show that the folder size is 20GB and has about 500 folders and 5000 files (which is about right for my documents), but it is just an ordinary "folder" and not a "File folder". Also, the folder has "21ec2020-3aea-1069-a2dd-08002b30309d" next to it (I believe this is the GUID for the control panel). So all my data is still there but somehow is hidden under a second control panel link. The system created another “My Documents” which is pretty much empty. Can someone please help me make this folder accessible to me again or give me any ideas to change registries or find the lost files?

A:My Documents folder locked/hidden under Control Panel

Personally, I would try reinstalling the program Folder Access and using the original password used to password protect the My Documents folder to unencrypt the folder.

After that I would uninstall the program.

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Dear Forum BleepingComputer:
My computer has starter acting weird and I am not able to open some files or folder on my windows 8 computer.  I am now on safe mode, but unable to proceed as what to do, I am attaching a Hijackthis log.
Now I cannot access basic folders like:
c:/documents and settings
c:/users / owner / *.* almost all folders here are locked
All of the above folders have changed their icon to show that they are now shortcuts and I have tried to change permissions as the admin, but it still locks me out somehow?
I have a log from HiJackthis and DDS, but I dont think it provides much info......Can anyone out there help?
Maria Ram

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My copy of Microsoft word 97 prompts "do you want to make a copy?" when I open all documents? Any thoughts?

A:Solved: Word prompts "do you want to make a copy?" when opens all documents

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I have scanned several documents to edit and as I am a dummy, they and the messes I made of them are all in the 'My Documents' folder. When I try to delete them, I just get more copies of them. I have a folder full of hundreds of copies of files now and I don't know what to do. I can't figure it out. As my other computer is being worked on I am on this old one and it has, I think Word 97 on it. I have documents still showing when I open Word and this folder jam packed with copies. What do I do?
Help me, please! Thank you in advance.

A:Can't delete Word documents and they keep copying back to My Documents when I delete.

There are utilities that enable this, but unless it has been specifically installed it is not part of Windows.
How many buttons does the mouse have and which button are you using.
When you open My Documents - does it look like the screenshot.

If so, highlight the item with just one left click and then click on delete selected item in left pane. It is not showing on my screenshot but when you do select the item with one left click, then left pane will then include the choice Copy, Move and delete the selected item in separate lines., as well as other choices.

If you do not have this view of My Documents click the Tools tab, click folder options and on the general window click show common taks in folders and then click apply and OK.
The same procedure with delete can be obtained by clicking the File tab, top left and then clicking delete on there.

If you have a three button mouse post back and I will give you further guidance as to what may be the problem.

Make sure you are using left click on the procedure I have described, as right click on the item and then choosing delete may activate the auto move.

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I have an issue with Windows Explorer and the Preview Pane.  When I enable the preveiw pane and try to preview a Word Document it crashes Word even when Word is not open, this is only happening to Word documents all other types of documents can display
the preview.  This is happening on Windows 7 x64 systems, we have numerous systems displaying the same issue and all our systems are connected to a domain.  Anyone have a solution? 

I have tried the SFC /Scannow, booting to SafeMode, disabling Startup items and Services and it still happens everytime I try to preview a Word document.


A:Windows Explorer preview pane feature is crashing Word when trying to preview Word documents.

Does this issue happen when you open all the document or just Word? You can try the following suggestion:

Close any open word documents On the keyboard, press the Windows (Flag) button and 'R'
Enter in winword /a Press 'OK'
However if the issue only happen when you open the Word, the better platform you can post should be

Windows word support forum.Your Name
TechNet Community Support

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I am at work on one of the computers on their network. This machine is used my three or four people so how the problem started is just a guess. Word, Excel, Powerpoint all open with "Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1 Professional." If I try to open any file I created in the past, the same thing happens. I thought I would run scanreg but apparently that command does not work. Lost, and my boss is too cheap to call in a tech, so I am stuck with no word processing. I am typing this on line however with the machine in question. Any ideas? Thanks. (The signature below is my machine at home)

A:Solved: win 2000 Documents will not open / Word will not open

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I was editing a Word Doc that was linked from Windows Live Office. I logged out and then tried to re-open it and got this:

Now I'm not able to get into this doc or another one. Any ideas?

A:Word Doc Locked

Well, I'm not sure how, but problem resolved.

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Hi every one, i am having a problem with Microsoft word, it has been working well since it was installed some years ago, but when my son came to use it to night, instead of opening up, it asked for the key, which i find rather strange, does anyone know why this happening?

Also a friend of mine has just got the same problem, which i find even stranger, both office discs are legitimate discs, so i just can not understand why this should happen to two different computers in two different houses, but at roughly the same time.

Could any one tell me what is the problem here?

A:Locked out of Word

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I saved some reports of mine to a cd a while ago.
Now, when I copy them to my hard drive to work on them,
They say they are "Read Only"
Why is that and how do I get them back so I can edit?

A:Locked out of WORD

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I've experienced this problem twice in the past week. Here is my current problem:

New Windows 8 computer
Moved Office 2010 install from old computer to new computer
Copied all documents to new computer by installing the old drive in the new computer (NTFS to NTFS)

When trying to open any DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, or PPTX files that are stored in the Documents folder I get permission errors. Word will open an RTF file just fine. If I try to use any Office programs to save a file to the Documents folder, I also get permission errors. I can move the file to the Desktop and work with it just fine. I can then move it back to the Documents folder.

Here are the errors when trying to open files:
Word - Word cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges
Excel - 'C:\Users\xxxxxx\Documents\Book1.xlsx' could not be found
Powerpoint - The path or file name for C:\Users\xxxxxx\Documents\Presentation1.pptx is invalid.

When I try to use one of these programs to save to the Documents folder, I get the following error:
You don't have permission to save in this location.

I tried copying the files two different ways to eliminate any lingering NTFS permissions. I used a linux box to copy from the old drive to EXT4, then to a linux formatted FAT drive. I plugged this FAT drive into the Windows machine and moved the files over but got the same errors. Next, I copied the files from the old drive to a FAT32 drive using another Windows box. Then I tool the FA... Read more

A:Solved: Office 2010 Can't Open Or Save Documents in My Documents Folder

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Unfortunately I lost many,many files from My Documents, probably about 100. Fortunately I had just installed Carbonite a few days before.

So now, when I click on My Documents, I get this long list of files I deleted. How can I copy all the correct files back from Carbonite to my regular Documents?

A:Solved: Need to copy Carbonite files back to my regular Documents Documents

You have flagged this being solved, were you able to restore your files?

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I have a laptop that's about a month and a half old. I was working on a Chemistry paper earlier and now I cannot use Word at all. Anytime I try to open or start a new document and type something it says "This modification is not allowed because the selection is locked." I wish MS would've warned about a limited trial version of their software. I'm stuck in the cold right now. The report is due tomorrow afternoon and I would like to be able to finish it tonight. Can Office XP open files with a .docx extension?

A:Word 2007 Locked?

Does not sound like you have a problem with an expired trial period (that may come later). Found this bit of information on another site:

Go to the Review Tab of the Ribbon if the Restrict Editing & Formatting task pane isn't displayed.

Then click the Protect Document icon and choose Restrict Editing & Formatting.

At the bottom of the pane click the Stop Protection button. If there is no
password protection you will be allowed to revise the document.

If you are prompted for a password and you don't know what it is, you can't make changes anywhere the Find Next Region... And Show All Regions... Buttons highlight in the document.

EDIT: Word 2007, before the trial period expires, should allow you to use the "Save As" function to save your work in a file format that is compatible with older versions of Word. There may also be add-ons for some older version of Word that will allow you to open Word 2007 documents.

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I bought a new PC a couple of months ago which came with Vista and Microsoft Office 2007, Home Edition pre-installed.

Its been working fine until a couple of days ago when Word locked up and stopped allowing me to do anything. I can open the program but I cannot type anything or edit anything, just look at a black page or a piece of work previously saved. Microsofts solution was to go into Review and click on New Comments, but I can't do thats as its locked! All I can do with Word is open and close it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I can only assume that it was actually only a trial run (in which case it wasn't at all apparent) and I'll have to try and find the money to buy a new Office Package.

A:Word 2007 has locked

Office 2007 does indeed lock when the trial period has expired. Did your PC come with a licence key for Office? Find that key and enter it, and you should be able to use Office.

If it didn't come with a licence key, get on the phone to your PC people.

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Helping a friend with a donated (by her Church) laptop.
It's an old Dell Latitude D630 running Windows 7 with (forgot to confirm this...d'oh) what I believe is MS Word 2010.
Since the laptop is donated I don't know too much about it at this point and am in the process of cleaning it up.
The issue she's having is that every time she creates a new document in MS Word and then opens it up again later, she's being greeted with this:

I deleted out her name, but that is what follows the "for editing by".
This laptop is not part of any Server or Network but I'm guessing that it was (?) at one time.
My first step, based on the old Google search, is to delete all her Temp files and see if this remedies it but wanted to toss it out there and ask if there was anything else I should be looking at or for.
I'll be using the Temp File Cleaner (here from Bleeping) to clean out the old temp files. Still not up to speed on using the CCleaner app to do that, so while TFC isn't the smoothest of apps, I know how it works.
I also wanted to post that at the top of another Word document, I also saw this:

Which is what led me to believe that this may have been set up to be part of a Server Network (not even sure if that is the correct term or phrase...) at one time.
So there you go.
No crisis and certainly not anything that needs immediate attention but if you've seen this an... Read more

A:MS Word file locked and in use by {me}

see if disabling any add-ins will help.

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