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Filling a pre printed form in Excel

Q: Filling a pre printed form in Excel

I've spent the last four hours trying to solve this/use info that's similar to my problem to no avail. I feel I'm so close I can smell the answer is near!

I have a form I use for work that I manually have to fill in 50 times a day with mostly the same information. This is definitely a job for a computer!

Ideally, I would like to open the spreadsheet and have a button that says 'Print' and it will print what I need - 50 forms with the right information.

So far I have done the following:

Created a custom page size (16cm x 14.7cm)
Scanned an original to use as a background so I can line up the information
Adjusted the Excel boxes to print the info in the right place.

Now I need to print the following number ranges as identifiers:

1 - 22, 29-42 and 51-54

I feel I'm close with using this macro:

Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)
[copy] = [copy] + 1
End Sub

I use both Excel 2003 and 2007, depending on where I am!

I have NO experience of macros until today, so any advice is very welcome.



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I have scanned a document to pdf and opened it with Adobe Pro 7.0. I chose the option to make the form fillable using Designer. I am able to fill in the form, but when I print it out, the form is not as crisp as the orginal document that was scanned. Are there settings that can be tweaked? If so, I can't find them. Before the document is pulled into Designer, it prints fine. It is degraded when it is pulled into the designer program.

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Hello I found an answer to this question but it was specific to his form. I have several Excel Logs (Tables) that contain information that is also entered into a separate form. Some forms are in excel and some are in word. I would like to hit a button that transfers a row of data to the form so i only have t enter data once. The forms will have additional information that will be entered. The forms are saved as a specific file type and are also printed so the answer that i found on this site may work but it puts the data into a different spread sheet in the same workbook and i need to send the data to a new workbook and in one case to a word doc. Can someone help me out. I have attached a couple examples of what i currently do.

Thanks for the help

A:Solved: Populate Excel Form and Word Form from Excel Table

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In Office XP, I need to make a template or form or something (unsure of correct MS term) to enter client data, name address b-day etc. Then, whenever they come in, want to take that saved data and have it entered to a preprinted, normally hand filled , company form. The company form is 2 page carbonless copy so a dot matrix printer will have to be resurrected to print the data to the form. New dates are all that would be new info. All data is presented horizontally except a few items that are on right edge at 90 degrees to normal portrait orientation. Word? Excel? I have a copy of Office XP for Dummies but can't find what I need. I don't have a MS Office book. Software came as disk only. I probably would have an easier time if I new the correct terminology.

Thanks in advance for your help.


A:In OFFICEXP How do I Enter Data Base and Have it fill a Pre Printed Form?

Steve, it seems to me that the easiest way to accomplish this would be using Acess (assuming that you have the Pro version of Office XP -- the Standard version lacks this program.)

With Access, you can create a database containing all of the fields of raw information that you need to enter, an onscreen form for data entry that closely resembles the preprinted form needing to be filled in, and a printed report format that duplicates the layout of the preprinted form (or could possibly be used to actually print the data in the corresponding locations of the actual preprinted form.) Access also allows you to share the information you create with Word or Excel if needed. All of the data tables, reports, and data entry forms are objects that are contained in the Access file itself.

Lacking Access, Excel could be used to hold the data (spreadsheet programs are often used as database programs), but you would not have the same flexibility as a dedicated database program like Access provides. There is a great deal of info in the Office XP program help files -- the hard part is just in sifting through to find the information that really applies to you. Picking up an Access 2002 (or Excel 2002) for Dummies would give you more detailed information than the general Office XP book would -- I bought Access 97 for Dummies years ago and still refer to it often.


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I have adobe acrobat 8 professional which I use to create and publish PDF forms on the company intranet. I am looking for a program that will allow the rest of the users to access the forms online, save them to their drives and email the completed forms. The rest of the users currently have acrobat reader 6 which only allows them to access and fill in the form online, but not to save them or email them.

I have tried acrobat reader 8.1 which also didn't work, I can't use adobe acrobat 8 professional on all the PC's as it cost £205 per license.

Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative

A:PDF form filling

Don't have Acrobat installed right now .. and my memory is getting shorter ..
But somewhere, it has to have the Form Fill turned On for others to use it.
An Acrobat expert should be by shortly ..

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I have a problem in that when I have to fill in a form online, ie Ryanair online check in, when I have filled in the details and I try to press the continue button, nothing happens. It just sits there it's as if there is nothing linked to the button to make it continue. This also happens when I am on Ebay and I try and do two actions from one page. I can first print an invoice and then when I go back to print a label I have to refresh the page because it again just sits there. When I fill in a form and have to refresh before continuing I loose all the information that I have entered and have to start again and then encounter the same problem.
I have run AVG but it found nothing so I really don't know what to do.
Can anyone advise.

Thanks you

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I have a user who does a TON of form work on the web. The thing is she wants to put "GAIN" on her PC. I informed her this is a form of ad-ware/spyware but I am under the impression one of its "features" is that it will auto populate the web forms... Is there a good "free" program (can possibly squeeze a few bucks outt of budget but don't want to spend much) out like gain that fills out forms but not like gain as in not an ad-ware infested piece of bloatware...

The forms differ so it should be something that works on a variety of forms.

A:Need advice on web form filling out.

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I have a PDF job application that I want to fill out. The form is apparently not interactive and rights are not enabled for me use the typewriter tool. Is there some other PDF utility out there I can use to fill it out with, or somehow enable the rights? Thanks.

A:Solved: Filling In PDF Form

Only the author of the file can turn this on.
A lot of forms are ment to be printed out and then filed in by hand.

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Here is what I want to do:

.....1. Scan an existing form into the computer (application).
.....2. Convert that form into a computerized format so that only the cells that need to be filled can be tabbed to.

Extra features that would be nice are:

.....1. Click on a checkbox and have the form saved to a particular folder.

OmniPage seems like it would work. Adobe seems to be INCREDIBLY expensive and I'm not sure if it would fit the bill, even though they ALL sat they do! Programs I have found (which also includes the two aforementioned ones) that might fit the bill are:

.....1. OmniForm Filler 5.0
.....2. OmniForm 5.0
.....3. COSMI Forms Maker And Filler
.....4. Formtool Deluxe
.....5. OmniForm v.5.0 Premium
.....6. FormTool Express 4.0
.....7. Form Tool Deluxe 6
.....8. ScanSoft PaperPort 11
.....9. Perfect Forms Maker & Filler
...10. Etc., etc., etc...

I know that there is a more extensive list out there, but these are just a few samplings of what I found online.

Any hints anyone?

A:Need Form Filling Software

i just scan to a pdf, set the permissions as i need them,
poof, it's done,
have you tried any of the apps you mentioned???
for more sponses you might request this be moved to business applications,

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I want to log in to a site by entering the username password details and upload a file to the site, but everything should be done automatically at definite pre-defined time intervals.Is there any software that does this for me, or which scripting language does support it.I didnt find it in asp. Please help. (xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)Thankz in advance...Mod Edit: E-mail address was removed for your safety. Please, do not post your E-mail address in an open forum. This could lead to a lot more SPAM in your inbox, then you might want.

A:Automatic logging and form filling

what happened?? No one knows a solution for this?? please help

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Hi guys, im trying to find out how to solve this for really long time, so the last option is to ask someone more experienced - you! :)

My problem:
After filling a webpage with informations and choosing from dropwdown menues and selecting files to upload, I want to save this, to send this "filled' page multiple times in time. All the files to be uploaded will be in the future in the same place on the computer, so i hope its not a problem.

What im looking for:
Some software, add-on, browser plugin, anything, that will just by clicking fulfill the information once again like i did last time. I have more then 1 version of that what i want to save like this, so just saving it like Project 1, Project 2 etc would be enough.

For once i have filled the whole page with alot of info, choosing from drop down menues and chosen few photos that will be uploaded with sending the page. I will hit the "button" that will save all this filled info and i will name it Project 1.

After 1 week, i have to fulfill that same page again, so i just hit the Project 1 "button" and all the info will appear. Something like more complicated copy paste :)

Hope I well expressed myself. If you dont understand some part, let me know. I will try to explain it in more details :)

A:Auto-filling form pages

Hi, welcome to TSF

RoboForm is one of the most popular programs of this type. It should be able to do what you're asking. See here for details: How RoboForm Works (scroll down to the 'Fill Forms Fast' section)

Depending on which browser you're using, there are several other alternatives, like this Firefox extension: FillForms

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At work I spend over 90% of my working day filling out online forms (peak season, i guess). Is there anything more advanced than Password Manager out there that could ease and speed up the process? Would really appreciate your recommendations!

A:automated form filling software

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I had grown quite fond of and used to Roboform form-filling software. It sat happily on my toolbar next to my address bar. I used to have Gator, until I discovered that it was the spyware from Hell! Now, however, Roboform has gone pricey, and asks $30 for a one-time license. I may have to bite the bullet and pay for it, since it is so handy.

Does anyone know of a free software that does what Gator and Roboform do--and without adware or spyware?


A:Free Form-Filling Software?

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An Excel list of parts includes serial numbers in the first column.A seperate page has a custom-designed form (template?)with blank cells for items on list. One of these cells is a blank serial number box.
1) If I open the form and type in a serial number, I would like that action to "select" a row of items corresponding to that serial no.
By means of formulae in the cells, the items would be copied to the appropriate cells on the form which can then be printed out.
Can I achieve this in excel (or access)? The help and books do not give relevant explanations.


A:A method for filling a custom form automatically

Your question is not a Windows 9x Operating System question but an application question so I am moving it to the Application Forum.

I think your problem can be done using Excel or Access. Hopefully someone will provide the details. Good luck. Dan-O

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Hi all. I'm on Vista and an Acer Aspire 5920G laptop.
A few weeks ago, my pc stopped remembering my username on my Hotmail account.
I didn't change anything and wasn't aware of downloading anything that would have changed the settings. I have tried to sort it out, but can't make it happen.
Other usernames arre remembered (the one on TechGuy for example).
I go to my emails quite often during the day and have a long username, so it's getting a bit boring.
Can anyone offer a solution??
Thanks in advance. Mark.

A:Remembering user name on hotmail/Auto Form Filling

Hi have you tried system restore to a date when it was working

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Hi all,

My problem is that whenever I open certain forms (the split-form ones with the table included) in my database, the form window fills the screen.

Interestingly, the window is not maximized, it just fills the screen.

I've tried altering the 'auto-resize', 'auto-center', and 'Fit to screen' properties to no avail. I've also tried just dragging the edges of the form and the form's window in 'design view'. Also, in layout view, the form and window look exactly as they should. I've also tried code to programmatically resize the form in the on-load event procedure, but it doesn't seem to take effect.

If I open the form in layout view and switch over to form view, the window is sized right, but if I open the form in form view, it fills the screen.

I can't seem to find an answer to this problem; I'd love to hear what you've got to say.


A:Access 2007: Form Windows Filling Screen

Can you convert it to Access 2003?

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Fill color isn't displayed during normal viewing of a worksheet. When the worksheet is printed or print-previewed, the colors are visible.

Re-installed Excel, problem persists.

A:Excel XP - Can't see fill colors until printed

Go to your control panel and double click on Accessibility Options.
Click on the Display tabsheet and uncheck "Use High Contrast" then press OK to close that window. You should now be able to see color in your view mode.

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When I arrange the worksheet columns to be only as wide as they need to be, the print preview (and the actual print out) has extra space after (to the right of) the last entry in the cell. So a cell that looks like : |xxx|, when printed, looks like : |xxx |. Can that be remedied ? The work-around I have found, is to make the original columns too narrow, so that the rightmost contents are hidden from view - that is really a quite undesirable method, though it achieves a 'correct' printout.Bastymessage edited by Sebastian42

A:Excel 2007 printed columns is too wide

How are you setting the columns to be "only as wide as they need to be"? Are you manually setting them or are you doubling clicking the column separator so that Excel sizes them automatically?I have experienced times when setting them automatically looks good on the screen when viewing the spreadsheet, but prints differently than what is shown. It may have something to do with the print drivers (which I can't control at work which is where I usually see the problem) but I'm not sure.Are you sure that there isn't actually a trailing space in the cells?Have you tried changing fonts just to see what happens?I'm just tossing stuff out for you to consider since I can't actually test anything or see your spreadsheet from where I'm sitting.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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Unsure if this is correct place for this, but here I go.
I wish to create a timetable using Excel (Not Works).
It will consist of several columns and several rows.
I want to highlight selected rows to be printed in a colour other
than black. How do I achieve this please?
In Win95, using Works, it was possible.
In WinXP, using Works, it is not.

Of course being Signor El Thicko, I hope you can educate me.
Many thanks.

A:Selecting Lines Or Columns In Excel To Be Printed Different Colours

Hi Tiger25
In the upper right hand corner of excel's toolbar you should see a "Bucket" and an "A".
They should have colors underneath them and a drop down arrow next to them.
Highlight a row or column. Change the background color of the row or column with the "Bucket" and the text color with the "A".
You can do this ahead of time so that any text entered in the future automatically changes to the color you want. (use the drop down arrow to select different colors)
Is that what you mean?

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I have an Access database used on daily basis to enter and print the maintenance work order in a report format. I have assigned a command button to print the required record. On clicking the button in the Form, a parameter query will run asking the user to put the record number to proceed. Once the correct record number is entered in the parameter text box, the report is previewed and the user click on the print button to print the same.

My question is as follows:

Is there any method to find out the record i am going to print now was already printed before? A kind of record keeping for the printed records.

Also, a message box should warn the user saying incase if the record was already printed, “The record was previously printed, do you want to continue printing again?”

Please tell me a way to perform the above in my Form.

A:Record keeping of the printed records & warning user when printed more than one time

could't you just add a field in the record for printed?

Then if printeed true, show warning, else show printable form.

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Unable to convert Word form to Excel form. Tried screenshot of Word form, pasted to Excel sheet and filled-up by text but the text itself always mis-arrange.Kindly help me please...

A:Convert Word form to Excel form

Rather my cherry picking and copying a few how to... suggest you follow the results here:'s a google list found using:convert excel document to wordas the search term...

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Hello again,

I have a word doc that has a form in it. The form may have any number of fields (boxes) to type text answers into, or be a drop down list to select an answer from. I need an excel macro that extracts all data from the form, but with every five fields starting a new row in excel. So all data from the form will appear within 5 columns in an excel spreadsheet.

field 1 field 2 field 3 field 4 field 5
field 6 field 7 field 8 field 9 field 10

Is that possible? I have had no luck to do it myself.

Sample form attached, thank you

A:Solved: Excel macro to extract Word form data into Excel

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I am having problems trying to fill formulas in Excel 2007 for the rest of the Summary worksheet. There are basically other 4 Qtr1 - 4 worksheets in the workbook with exactly the same layouts. Under the selected cell, I got the formula =SUM('Qtr1:Qtr4'!B5), after which i tried doing the normal dragging to try to fill up the other columns but it did not seem to work. After which, I went to Excel options > Proofing > Autocorrect options > Autoformat as you type > fill formulas in tables to create calculated columns, it is ticked. I do not know what is the problem? Can someone help me? Thanks. Would really appreciate a lot.

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Hi, sorry for the title, not sure what to name it.

I have a workbook that has a list of names and data in one sheet and a report I want to print in another sheet.

The report is small enough for two on a sheet.

I want to pull the names and certain data from the first sheet and fill in the appropriate place in the report, until I run out of names.

I understand how to reference a cell on the name sheet to fill in a cell on the report sheet.

='name sheet'!a5

Now how do I do

='name sheet'!a6 for the second report and then

go back again and do a7 & a8 print


Am I making sense?

Should I do the report in something else? I'd like to keep everthing in one workbook.


A:Excel - filling in a report with names and data ...

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I'll try to keep this short. I am trying to have a column in one portion of of my Excel worksheet pull information from the same column but in another section of the worksheet. Basically, I'm looking to pull the value from every 16th row of the lower section of my worksheet. Specifically... In cells H3, H4, H5....etc... I'm trying to have cell H3 equal the contents of H200, cell H4 to equal contents of H216, cell H5 to equal contents of H216...etc. If I type in cell H3 "=H200" and in cell H4 "=H216" and try to do a fill down, or some kind of fill series etc... It doesn't fill the desired way... Does anyone know how I could get the desired fill down that I am looking for. I've tried all I can think of. (My fill down will be 200 cells in the column... so manually entering isn't really an option...especially since I will want to do the same in about 5 columns).

Thanks for any help!


A:Solved: Microsoft Excel Question (Filling Down with a Formula)

Welcome to the forum RChampiDC.

When you do the fill down with formula, Excel will move one cell space down.

What can be done to achieve what you ask is to use a helper column where you can fill down the row numbers down by increments of 16. Say you do this in J3, start at 200 then 216 and fill these down. So you end up with
200 216 232 248 264 280 296 ...etc

In Cell H3 down you can use the formula


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We have an HP Laserjet 2420. We have letter in tray 3 and legal in tray 2. What is the proper way of having an Excel document that is legal, print to tray 2 and also fill the page. We tried various different ways but can't seem to figure this out. Thanks in advance...


A:Excel printing to legal in tray 2 and filling page?

You have set up the Excel as legal using Page Setup, I assume? And you have also set the print area?
If so, then when you send it to print, the printer should look for legal automatically.
If it doesn't, I suspect that your printer is not configured correctly, and is not "aware" that one tray is legal and one is letter.
However, you can, once you click on print, select the printer you want (if you have more than one) and then go to Properties - this is actually dependent on the printer driver, not Excel. You should then get a pop-up showing items like Paper, Print Quality, etc. (I don't have an HP Laserjet, but these items are essentially universal.) Usually on one of the tabs there will be either a graphic of your printer that you can click on to select the tray, or a drop-down selection to select the tray you want to use.

Once you try this, then let me know what you mean about "also fill the page."

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I have an excel sheet with two tables for customers to know which products the customer is using based on a Contract table.

The enclose sheet has two tables:
1. Customer
2. Contracts

All what I need is to fill the columns of "Product A", "Product B" and "Product C" of every customer looking at the table "Contracts" where the data is available based on the "Customer ID"

How can I do it?

A:Solved: MS Excel / Filling a cell with YES based on data from another sheet

I would just use a simple countifs formula to check if the customer ID and Product type match (ie the count of matches is greater than zero)
See attached.

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I have got the problem, that for some weeks now I haven't been able to fill shapes by a color, using the filling effect either in word or excel 2007. There are no shadow or 3-dimensional effects activated.

Thank you very much for your help.
Kind regards

A:word and excel 2007 filling effect doesn't work

Try this :
Word 2007: Working with Shapes - Lesson 11

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I have created a purchace order form. I have a cell that has the PO number. I was wondering if there is a way to have this number automatically increase when a new purchace order form is created. so the first time I open it the PO number will bee 1000. If I open another form the PO number will automatically change to 1001. Is there a way to do this?

A:Excel form help

Hello there,

Yes it is entirely possible. You'll most likely need VBA for this. Can you define your problem a little more so we can get you a customized solution? Lets start with a few questions:

Do you want this to fire everytime the workbook opens? Do you want to be able to manually incriment the number without closing/opening the file? Can you upload your file so we can work on it or do you want to install this yourself?

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Hi there, all wizards.

Sitting here at work trying to build, for me way to comprehensive automated excel travel expense report form.

I dont know much about vba, so i'm lost, and i dont know wether i can get the controls to find what i would like in one table in different sheet. For if i choose one "country", i want a control to show this country in one base cell, then to collect corresponding amount in next set of colums, so that i can get the form to calculate as much as possible with less input from user.
That was problem nr 1

2 problem is
i like to use form control textbox to place data in different cells, telling 1: start date, 2: end date. third cell i want to calculate how many days it has been in between.
This i also want for calculating hours.

REason for this is to use these values as base to wether calculate in the findings with corresponding values in other sheet. When done with all my final layouts, and formulas i lock the form sheet, and leave only some cells open in sheet with reference tables.
Cant upload file here, limit says 200kb (way low)

A:excel sheet form

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I'm trying to make a really easy form in excel that will display results based on a field of entry but I'm not good at VBA script.

I was hoping someone could show me how to make a file that takes the information from a datasheet (attached is a sample) and returns values.

I want you to be able to punch in a store number into cell C4 on sheet Form and have it search sheet Data and return the names of the programs (row 1) that have Y in the box. So if I put 5 into the box it would return:

Program 2
Program 3
Program 4

A:Solved: Excel Form

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Here is my predicament.
I have developed a program for my work (Excel).
The first Sheet is the "Invoice Sheet" on this sheet I can enter a stock number and the description field as well as the price field automatically populate with data pulled from another spreadsheet (database).
Sheet 2 The "Fax Order" form automatically populates based on the information on the Invoice sheet.

All information is put in on the Invoice Sheet then if I wish to Order. I only need switch to the Fax order sheet and Fax it off. Here is the problem.... I now wish to be able to E-mail these orders in. I can't attach the file as it contains the database ( and all of our pricing etc. )
I can't break the sheet off as it has links to the other sheet were it gets its data from. I thought of making a 3 Sheet that had links that fill in the "value only" and then attach the sheet, but there again that sheet would have to be its own workbook and I don't think I can "paste special" (Values only) a link to another workbook. Any Ideas on how this might be accomplished?

Thanks in advance

A:E-mailing Excel form

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I've built a form for entering data. I have a list box to help identify codes. You can either choose from the list, or type a code directly into a text box. If you choose from the list, it automatically put's that code into the text box.

I want to limit the selections to ONLY those on the list. If we choose from the list (transferring that code to the text box) it does. However, the user is "able" to type in anything directly to the text box.

I have set up validation on the spreadsheet where the data is ultimately recorded. If you type directly on the spreadsheet, the validation works, and you get an error when the item is not on the list. If you enter the "invalid" code in the text box of the form, it transfers to the spreadsheet without error, even when it is not on the list.

Any ideas how I can:
1) Allow picking from a list and
2) Allow typing the code directly but still requiring a match to ones on the list
3) Transferring the data (keyed or picked) to the field on the spreadsheet.


A:Excel Form & List Box

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I have a Excel 2003 spreadsheet which contains lot's of columns. This spreadsheet view by many people but only I edit it. I created a userform which neatly displays all the columns, in a Excel form view, and allows the viewer to move up/down the spreadsheet's fields. My problem is trying to get either a button or selectable box which would let the viewer select from one the 3 different worksheets in the workbook, all while staying in the userform. I don't want the viewers to ever see the spreadsheet. The 3 worksheets all have the exact same layout. I've seen some macro examples that I inserted in the VB code has a module, but they all pull up a dialog box in the spreadsheet view, and I want the viewers to view the data within the userform I created. Any ideas/code example would be greatly appreciated.


A:Excel Form Question

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Hi all,

A client wants data in Excel on 254 questions. This exceeds the capacity of the built-in form function and even is causing some problems in Access, due to the odd way they want the data in Excel (transposed from how a database will store it - I am sure I can work around that if necessary, but...) Is there an add-in for Excel that will make forms that can handle so many columns?


A:Excel 97 form problem

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Is there a way to set forms up in Excel like Word? When I have the form toolbar open, the Text Form Field icon is grayed out. Thanks for the help!

A:Excel Form Fields

There's no Text Form Field icon on Excel's Forms toolbar, it's an EditBox button. It's greyed out because it can't be used on a worksheet, only on a UserForm (custom dialog box).

There are ways you can get Excel to jump to various cells for user input, it depends on exactly what you want to do.

Click on A3, hold down CTRL, click on A5, A7, A9, A1. Release CTRL. Select Format -- Cells -- Protection, uncheck "Locked", click OK. Protect the worksheet (Tools menu), then you can tab around the sheet in that order (starting with A1).


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I have made tons of forms in word. I then lock them and offer then to groups to complete as part of processes.
I now need to create a form in Excel so that I can set up links to a master file. I found the control Box and forms
tool bars, but to us ehtem and make the form "pretty" I just can't figure out. I also want to lock the form so that
employees can "tab" to the cells that need to be completed. Help from the Excel Assitant does not help me.

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.

Thank you in advance!

A:Creating an Excel Form

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I know this can be done in Access, but was wondering if it can be done in excel.

What I am looking for is a User form that is always open, and it has an "imput field" where I can enter a series of numbers.

For example, the user form would be up, and when I enter S10131 it would run a macro, without having to hit enter, or anything, I guess so once 6 letters/numbers are entered, it would run a macro.

Any ideas? Sorry I am being kinda vague, but I dont really know what I want yet LOL!

A:Excel - User Form

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Hi, thanks for reading this.

First off, I should probably mention I have no VBA experience. What I'm trying to do is create an input page for automatically filling out data on another sheet. This data will then be referenced by other cells throughout the book. I've looked up how to do this, but it looks like I'm going to need knowledge of writing macros (I'm working on it). I've attached a sample spreadsheet with the column headers of the data I want the input page to fill. I couldn't think of a way to do this by using vlookups. Is there an easy way to do this without macros?

I'm using excel 2010

A:Excel - Input Form

Do you know how to create the form and add all the necessary controls?

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I am trying to make a form page on a site to collect info that people enter in and I want to collect it into an excel document. I was told that this is very easy in frontpage but I can't figure it out. I also have dreamweaver if that helps. Please help me.

A:form collecting into excel

Try to save results in .CSV file (it's comma separated values), but You need to use some scripting language (ASP, PHP).
I think that in Frontpage You have to make a webbot as action of form (along with FrontPage Extensions) and then in options window create appropriate saving method, but I'm not sure as I do not work with Frontpage

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Good Morning
I'm trying to build a nice data entry form in Excel. Has 5 required fields, the first 2 of which should default to name and todays date - which is at the top of the spreadsheet. I have 5 buttons: Next, Previous, Add, Delete, Close. I'm working on the code for those. But in the meantime, I'm hung up on the following problem:

Some code that I have written keeps taking Name out of the spreadsheet cell A1. I can understand how that can happen when I run the form's code. But now when the form is closed, and I try to type the name back into A1, it will not stay. When I hit enter, it just disappears, not even in the formula bar. I've checked the formatting and nothing is odd there. If I insert a new row 1, the old row (now 2) works, and the new row 1 still has disappearing text. So something in my code is telling it to blank out cell A1. I don't understand how that can happen if I don't even run the code?

The following is all the code behind the form. The only other code in the project is a button click on sheet one. The only code directly referring to Cell A1, is at the very bottom with the A1 reference bolded. Thanks for your help.

Dim CurrentRow As Long

Private Sub cmdAdd_Click()
' Save form contents before changing rows:
' If list is empty start in row 5:
If Cells(5, 1).Value = "" Then
CurrentRow = 1
' Set current row to first empty r... Read more

A:Excel Code for a form

I have tried recreating the problem that you describe but with no success.
What version of Excel are you using?
Can you post the file? It would save others having to recreate the form.

I think I found a bug in your code.

In cmdAdd_Click and UserForm_Activate I think that the following line:
CurrentRow = 1
needs to be changed to
CurrentRow = 5
given your comments in the code.

Is there any other information that you can give?

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I have these two files: template(attached for reference), The Data file.

The Template – is a form I want to populate with data from the (data file) i attached it so you can see(i want macro to open the datafile filter it by distributor and list all the data for each particular distributor then copy the data and open the template file and paste the copy data on cell a6:g6 and down depend on how many data it pull for that particular datafile.

The datafile – that file has all the information/data I want to populate on the template

PS: I want to be able to run a macro where, macro would filter my data file by distributors and copy the data distributors by distributors and paste it in to the template file(after each distributor/filterdown it create a new ws for the new set of data for the next distributor). I attached some example but I didn’t send the data file OR i would like to have a macro to run every time the value change in cell "c2" it opens the data file and if c2 match value a2 in data file, i want it to copy all the data for that value in column a then copy and come paste it to template form. i attached the template and example or reference.

Your help is greatly appreciated!! plz

A:Populate excel form

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I have a very large file that records our staff Annual leave and other absences. but all the information has to be entered by me, when people request leave via e-mail or via paper leave forms.
I would like to be able to automate this, the best way would be for a form to be sent via e-mail. If it could some how then update my existing data base this would be great.

Andy body out there who can help


A:EXCEL: Add data from a form?

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I am hoping someone on this board can help me with a new project I am heading up.

I need to create some kind of form (either in Adobe, Word, Excel, etc.) that, after the fields were filled out and submitted, the data would update a dynamically linked Excel file.

For example, my form might have three fields: Name, Service and Request. My Excel file would also have three columns titled Name, Service and Request. When a user filled out the form (entering their name, their service and their request) and they hit submit, those fields from their form would auto fill into the Excel spreadsheet.

Does that make sense? Is this even possible? Any guidance or help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

A:Linking a form to an Excel file

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Please find an attached zip file.

I have some problem with Edit form. I mean there is a combo box in which all employee name are displayed. But I select any particular name, other fields do not change according to my selection. Please help me solving this problem.

A:Problem with Edit Form - VBA Excel

No problems here. I selected a username and the other fields filled up.

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When creating a user form in Excel 2002 I get an error message that reads: "Could not complete the operation due to error 800a9cf1" Once this error appears I cannot add any new object to the form and all other forms in the worksheet are also corrupted. Anyone have any ideas?

Thank You

A:Excel User Form corruption

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Hi, i am no expert in excel and know real basic commands. My new job requires me to create an excel which will work as an accounting work sheet for the company. I read few threads here and willing to create a form that will help do the accounting and tracking for my company. My boss is not willing to go to Access hence excel is the only option left with me. I am attaching a sample data here and noting down the requirements so you can help,

Quick background: My company supplies different types of products to their customers.

Requirements: They need something to track these transactions, be able to address payments received, outstanding for single customer, total sale, monitor sale for specific period

I was helped many times in past and i am sure to get some help from you experts on this.

Please advice,


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I have an excel spreadsheet with many rows and columns. What I need to do is take this spreadsheet data and populate it on a form, like a word form, or even a web based form that I could print. So for each row on my spreadsheet I will need to create a form and the data in column A will need to be populated on one specific field on the form, column B on the spreadsheet will need to be poplulated on a different field of the form, etc...

So is it possible, or is there some program that can do this? - export data from a spreadsheet into defined fields on a form? What I'm guessing is that I will need to create an Access database and it could be driven into a web based form??

Hoping to find an easier way than manual input


A:Extracting Excel Data onto a Form

There is nothing I can think of that will automatically do this for you, although there easily could be such a thing out there.
However, you could easily import the spreadsheet into Access as a table and then base a report (for reading what is there already) or a form (for entering more data) on that table. From within Access, you could make a page that you can post onto the web.
Another alternative - if you just want to see the data row-by-row - would be to do a mailmerge into a Word document with the various fields representing the different columns of information you have.
If you could post a copy of your Excel sheet - with dummy data, preferably, and perhaps a Word doc or a page in Excel showing how you want the data laid out.
The more we know about what you ultimately want to do with this the more we can help you.
A VBA whiz could probably whip up some code that would turn your data into an HTML or XML file, for all that matter....

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Hey guys, I need somebody to help steer me in the right direction on where to get started with this. My work requires me to submit data from a pre-existing spreadsheet into a form on an external site and to then use those returning results to fill in another column on the same spreadsheet with a value. In other words I input an invoice# and ID# into a site, see what pops up, and input a value into a third column which reflects that information. I do this thousands of times a day using copy/paste manually .

I don't mind taking the time to learn how to code this myself in my free time, but I just need to know where to begin! Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I assume I would first have to be able to take the ID#'s from excel, inputting them into the specific fields on the designated site, then pull the results that it returns, and scan that for the specific information I need. And then finally, using a set of rules to decide, based on that information, what values to input back into excel.

Thanks in advance.

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Please help a new VBA beginner. I have created a call tracker worksheet that is divided into 5 equal parts on 1 worksheet. One part for each day of week. The form I started will open and place todays date in 1 of the 5 sections if it is new date. If todays date already exists it will use that section. I need help configuring the Start and End controls on the form to place time value of hh mm ss in the cells. The Start alternates every other cell starting in column A4 and ending in column U4. Then it must drop down 2 rows and start A6 to U6 again. The same with the End time alternates every other cell which starts in the B4 column and ending in the V4 column and then dropping down 2 rows to start B6 to V6 again. It is probably easier to see what I mean by the sample I have attached.
Any help would be appreciated.

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I want to create an excel based calendar system for monitoring staff holiday!

Basically I want staff to be able to open a file, and be presented with an input screen where they indicate their name, date and have a small description box which will then get pulled through to a weekly calendar sheet.

I have created how I would like to weekly sheet to look, but have no clue on how to get the above description to work!!

i have attached the file so far!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

A:Excel - user input form

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How to set front on combo box from forms toolbar i don't want
to use control tool box or visual basic.This is how far i got with it.


I- open the view
2-Open tool bar
3-Open Form
4-I pick combo box
5-I Right click the mouse
6-Then I click format control
7-a-1 is my cell link
8-(A2;A6) is my input range
9-Drrop down is 5
10-This is the step im stop everything is to the lelt
also is in small front and light I want it bold in 11 frot & center it.

FRANK [email protected]

A:excel combo box in (Form Tool Box) no 2

You can't change the font size or font alignment of a combobox from the Forms toolbar. You would have to use a combobox from the Control Toolbox to do that.


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I have created a userform which upon clicking a command button sorts a large amount of spread sheet data and then displays the results in a list box. The data to be sorted is located in several different spread sheet locations and takes a lenghthy amount of time to process. Multiple subs are utilized to complete the task. All of this works properly.

I also have a lablebox to display the status of the process (which sort is being performed). Although I code lblbox="Sort x in Progress" in various locations within the code, the lablebox does not update until all the entire process is complete.

QUESTION: How do I get the userform (lablebox) to update mid process?
Any and all thoughts are appreciated.

A:Excel VBA Form update question

Have you thought about using a Progress Bar at all? Or how about using the StatusBar?

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all your wonderful work on these boards. Your advice has helped me time and again, although this is the first time I'm posting myself.

Here is my trouble.

I adapted script written by Rolin_Again written for a poster named DougS when he was attempting to move data from a Word Form to Excel. I too need to have my Form in Word as it's a mass email and most of if not all of the recipients of the form will not have Access (oh how I wish they had Access). I have written my Form and attached it for you and saved an Excel Workbook called "Registration". The sheet is also called Registration. When I first ran the Macro I ran into the same trouble the poster did here with the Form opening when I used the macro, moving to the "processed" folder but no data transfer into Excel. I tried the fixes offered in that post but not successfully it seems. I am now having a new error and I have highlighted the line that the debugger points out as a problem (Run-time error '9'': Script out of range).

Any help anyone could offer would be much appreciated. I have never written code so this is all very foreign to me.

Thank you in advance. I have seen how helpful everyone is on these boards and I'm very grateful for the help.



Dim vField As FormField
Dim fso As Scripting.FileSystemObject
Dim fsDir As Scripting.Folder
Dim fsFile As Scripting.File
Dim wdApp As Word.Application
Dim myDoc As Word.Doc... Read more

A:Capturing Word Form data into Excel... Again, Again

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I am using the 2007 version of excel.
I want excel to timestamp when an individual fills out a particular cell. Essentially, I am using it to timestamp an electronic signature so I want the timestamp to appear and an adjacent cell.

I've tried a couple of suggestions posted online but nothing seems to work as described.

Any advice?

A:Timestamp an Excel worksheet used as a printable form

you can use this method

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Hi, I am very new to Excel userforms and code writing. My userform combo box drop down list gets its data from a single column dynamic range in a worksheet data table. But I need the combobox list to be displayed in seven columns, i.e. item#1 = row 0, column 0; item#2 = row 0, column 2; etc. Can you help me out with the Userform1 Initialize code to set this up, please.
Cheers, codeconfusion

A:Excel multicolumn list in form combo box

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I have received a list of data which is in the form of a table containing several columns. This list contains something in excess of 300 lines which I want to put into an Excel 2003 spreadsheet. Is there any way I can achieve this without the tedium of manual input of each line ?

A:Converting Data in tabular form to Excel s/s ?

The following guide does not actually say which Office version they are using. However, hopefully it might provide the necessary information:
How to Convert a Microsoft Word Table Into an Excel Workbook |

Please post back with the results, or if you require any further help.

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Hello -

I found an expired thread but am having the same issue and hoping for some guidance.

**I have a master spreadsheet with data (Last Name First Name, Address, Phone #, etc.) and I want to be able to auto populate a form that I created on another sheet with this information.

For instance, I want to be able to select a last name (maybe in a drop down box on my form or by putting an "x" in a key column next to the information I am looking for on the master spreadsheet) and I want the form to populate with the rest of the information.

Is this possible???


Thank you!

A:Populate an Excel form from a master spreadsheet

yes, you should be able to use vlookup or match index
only issue will be if you have more than one entry with the same last name

do you mean form , as in an excel form - or do you mean a standard excel sheet - you happen to use as a form ?

attach an example spreadsheet - but make sure none of the information is real - remember this is a public forum and you dont want peoples details on the web - data protection act etc

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Hi All,

Thanks in advanced for reading this and helping.

I'm trying to create a spreadsheet with an input form that places the information into a data set behind it. I want it to ask the date, type of car, quantity of petrol, quantity of diesel, quantity of lpg and quantity of lube. I then want it to relay this information back to me so that i can confirm if the entries were correct or not.

Obviously each new data entry needs to be on a new line.

Can anyone help me?


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Running WinXP and Office 2003

Hello. My question is same as

Thanks to Rollin_Again's script, I have managed to export the Word form data perfectly into the Excel. However, as I close the Excel, reopens it and re-run the macro, the new data will somehow overwrite the last row of the previous batch of data.

Batch 1: 9 cases successfully exported from Word to Excel Row #2-10
Batch 2: 5 cases successfully exported from Word to Excel Row #10-14 (Row #10's previous data is overwritten by Batch 2's data...)

Have I missed anything? Can anyone help please? Thanks a lot!

A:Solved: Export Word Form to Excel

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VERY basic - sorry - still learning!

I have created a basic type of form on an excel sheet that I would like folk to type data into, then return to me.

To focus upon the form area - it's only 6 columns wide and 37 rows deep - I selected Page Break View which greyed out the non active cells.
Great- except a massive big PAGE 1 appears across my nice looking form!

How do I either
- stop that PAGE 1 text appearing
- use some other way of focussing in on my form?

thanks mucho Frankie

A:excel display and form query - very basic!

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we run a golf club and have rregular tourniments,, everyone has a 3 digit member number, now any given day as we play you can earn credits or points... We would like to have the entry ask for Number date and points earned.. The print regular reports at the end of each tounry

anyone have anthing or Ideas???

A:excel input form for a golf league

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Hello,I have a list of ingredients that I would like to develop a user form in VBA to allow the customer to select from a series of ingredients then it calculates the price at the end once you hit Order. Here is a list of the ingredients, I will not include the prices for each as they could be anything really. More specifically I want to assign the macro to a Button to prompt the input of the order in the user form. The follow ingredients sections should be listed with radio buttons. Once selected the user hits submit which calculates the total and gives a summary of the final order.MeatsBeefBlack BeanBuffalo ChickenGrilled ChickenSoy BurgerTurkeyVeggie BurgerCheese American CheeseCheddar CheeseMozzarella CheesPepper JackToppings JalapenosLettuceMushroomsOnionsPeppersPicklesSpinachTomatoBaconBreadGluten Free BunMultigrain BunOnion RollPotato RollRamen BunWhole Wheat Bunmessage edited by phatguy85

A:How to set up VBA form in Excel to input food order?

I have developed a simple form with only meats on it, you can select which meats you want and hit the calculate button and it will give you the price.I had to use another sheet to itemize the product and cost as per below
1 Meats Cost Cheese Cost
2 Beef £5 American Cheese £1
3 Black Bean £2 Cheddar Cheese £2
4 Buffalo Chicken £15 Mozzarella Chees £4
5 Grilled Chicken £15 Pepper Jack £5
6 Soy Burger £1
7 Turkey £22
8 Veggie Burger £10
I would personally split the catagories into different frames on your form, that way you can run the code which will take the values from each checkbox within each frame and check against the relevant list within the sheet and get the associated cost.I cannot upload the file here so send me a PM with you email address and I can send it through, alternatively you will need to do the followingInsert a form - name it 'frmorder'place a frame on the form - name it 'Fram1'Place 7 checkboxes within the frame - named 'Checkbox1' - 'Checkbox7'Place a command button on the form - named 'CommandButton1'Place a label on the form - named 'Label1'Paste the following code within the forms moduleDim SaleCost As Currency

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
i = 0
SaleCost = 0

For Each bcell In Sheets("Sheet2").Range("A2", Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp))
FrmOrder.Fram... Read more

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Hi there
I need to print a form in landscape format.
I wrote the VBA code to print like this:
It prints however on a Portrait page and therefore cuts off some of the form itself.
What code can I use to set the printing page for the form to Landscape?

A:Solved: Printing A form in Excel in Landscape using VBA

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So I've tried to teach myself VBA to record macros that will take information from an excel spreadsheet and populate it in a corresponding bookmark in MS Word but no luck.

Basically I want a button in my excel spreadsheet that I can assign a macro to that will open up a word document for each student and populate a MS Word template with data from the excel file in the correct bookmark location.

In other words, I click the button in Excel, a file in MS Word is opened up for each student that is filled out using the corresponding data from Excel.

If anyone knows the code for all this it would be real helpful.

A:Populate a form letter in Word Using Excel

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I am trying to make an database of members for a racing organazation.

Each member has a word document which contains the membership form filled out with Word's Form feature. I know you can do Options > Save > Save Form data only, then save for each file, but i'd like to automate the process and save only form data for all of the documents at once.

Secondly, I'd like to import them into an excel spreadsheet. I've used the data import feature, but once again, the process has to be repeated for every single file. I cannot select more than one. Again, I'd like to autmate it. How?

Better yet would be a method to take all the .doc file's form data straight into excel without going to the middle .txt file.

Thanks for your help,

A:Exporting Word Form Data to Excel

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I have received a list of data which is in the form of a table containing several columns. This list contains something in excess of 300 lines which I want to put into an Excel 2003 spreadsheet. Is there any way I can achieve this without the tedium of manual input of each line ?

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Hey All,

I am hoping someone will be able to help me accomplish this task. I have a master spreadsheet with data (Last Name First Name, Address, Phone #, etc.) and I want to be able to auto populate a form that I created on another sheet with this information.

For instance, I want to be able to select a last name (maybe in a drop down box on my form or by putting an "x" in a key column next to the information I am looking for on the master spreadsheet) and I want the form to populate with the rest of the information.

Is this possible???


A:Excel - Populate Form from Master Spreadsheet

Welcome to the forum Stephanie.

Can you upload a sample, so we can see where you have gotten to thus far?

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Hi there

I have a form and on the form I have a textbox that loads a number. I would like this number to be viewed as a R###,###.00 format when it loads the data.
The load data in the form code looks like this:

txtContractValue.Value = Range("tblDRD").Cells(r, 9)

I have tried the following :
txtContractValue.text = Format$(Number, "###,###,###.00")
but I got an error saying that "Number" is a variable that is not defined.

I just want the txt box to be formatted as a number.

Kind Regards

A:Format a textbox in a form to numberformat using vba for excel

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Excel crashes every time I click the save button and "Excel encounter a problem and needs to close" error message pops up.

I ran an office repair--did not help.
Reinstall Office 2003--did not help.
XP pro, Office 2003 w/ all the updates.



A:Excel crashes while saving workbook form

Hi, welcome to the board!

Try uninstalling SP3.

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I have created a quote form that can handle 25 line items. However, some of our quotes exceed 25 items. Is there a way to automatically do this without having to manually create a page 2, 3, etc? I read about a macro that will ask the number of line items and then adjust appropriately via hidden sheets. Not sure the best way to do this. Thank you.

A:Quote Form Not Long Enough-Excel 2010

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Good Day
I am fairly new to code and writing Macros.
I am workig in Excel 2010 and creatinfg an estimating tool for bidding condtruction project
My goal is to create a user control form (Done)
Parts DB (Done)
automate the creation of the proposals and project file using the user form
My issue now is creating the macros to input the dats

my list, combo boxes see the cell ranges by the range put in the control source that works fine
I currently can not figure out the Macro to input new date if the current infromation is not listed
example: col B=project Name. row 1 is title. B2 = bakery, B3 = Bank. I ned my next entry to input new information in B4 then auto populate a new qu0te number in col A

The user form has function over the entire workbook and is located in the VBA this workbook load upon opening

I apoligizes if my terms or explinations are not clear as I said I am really very new to this and need all the assistance I cane get

A:Excel 2010 User Form Macro

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I have been struggling with this for far too long. I'm having a problem with an Excel Spreadsheet control on a custom OL '03 contact form. I added the spreadsheet on the second page of the form. My problem is that it appears that I can either display the spreadsheet as I've formatted it, complete with column headers, but the users can't enter data, OR I can allow users to enter and save data with the VBScript copied and modified from Sue Mosher's site...

Dim XLSheet

Function Item_Open()
Set oPage = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Notes")
Set XLSheet = oPage.Controls("Spreadsheet1")
XLSheet.HTMLData = Item.BillingInformation
Item.Subject = Item.Subject 'Dirty the form
End Function

Function Item_Write()
Item.BillingInformation = XLSheet.HTMLData
End Function

but not both. I either get a blank spreadsheet without formatting or headers that I can type into and save, or I get an error message that states that the spreadsheet is locked. When I delete the code entirely, I can see the spreadsheet as formatted, but that doesn't allow the saving of data. I tried setting the protection of the spreadsheet AFTER opening it up with code, but that didn't work either. I'm better at VBA than VBS and I know I'm missing something here. What I want is for the users to see a spreadsheet with three columns, the first row with headers that is protected from change, and they can enter new data into the spreadsheet... Read more

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Excel 2007 - Previous threads suggested creating a Macro to clear the data in the worksheet, which defines specific cells to be deleted.

If you need to reset the entire sheet or even one cell, then follow these simple steps using VB code.

Step 1: Select the entire worksheet, right click on any cell and select "Format Cells", select the "Protection" tab and click the check box "Locked". This will lock all cells. Click OK.

Step 2: Right click all cells that you want the data cleared and follow the same procedures in Step 1.

Step 3: Go to top Tool bar and select the "Developer" tab and click. In the "Controls" box select "Insert", in the ActiveX Control and select "Button" and place on your worksheet.

Step 4: In Top Tool bar click Design Mode, click on your new "Button" to select.

Step 5: In top Tool bar click "View Code" or right click your Button, in this VB window paste this "Code" I have in blue text:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

On Error Resume Next
ActiveSheet.UsedRange = ""
On Error GoTo 0

End Sub

Step 6: Click on Design Mode, type text in one of the cells you have "Unlocked" and click your new Reset Button.

You can reuse this Rest Button on any worksheet by copying and pasting it. Just remember to define which cells are to be "unlocked".


A:Solved: Excel Form Reset Button

I have removed your advertising link please do not post these types of links - next time will be considered SPAM

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I'm trying to do a simple breakeven analysis and represent the results in graph form. I have all the fixed costs, variable costs, profit, etc. I just can't seem to get the results into a working graph. Is there a simple way to do this?

Thanks in advance,


A:Excel - Breakeven Analysis in graph form

Sorry, worked it out, should have tried harder in the first place, simple really!

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How would I be able to link excel information to an adobe fillable form or the other way around if it is easier?

I have 4000 raffle tickets where names/addresses ect need to be entered into a excel spead sheet and then into a adobe PDF fillable form where by the tickets are 3 per page. I need to merge the following informtion.... ticket number , number of tickets purchased, name address phone number from the form to excel or the excel to the fillable form.

I am a new user of adobe and have limited experience in excel .
Thanks so much for any assistance.

A:How to link excel to adobe fillable form

Find out the 'name' of the fields in the pdf file. Press ctrl+shift+7 to go into form editing in Acrobat.
Your excel sheet should have the same column headers as the pdf field names to import

Copy each row and the column headers to a new excel sheet save it as a TAB delimited or CSV file.

Import this TAB delimited/CSV file from the option in Forms/Manage Form Options/Import Data.

Like this repeat it for every form.


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I ask users to complete an Excel form, which has a lot of automation. When they have finished the form, I only need the results stored and would like to store them in a SharePoint record. Can I export a limited number of fields as XML and import those fields into SharePoint?

Using Excel 2003 and SharePoint 2003

Thanks in advance

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I am using Access to hold data. The table in Access runs across from right to left. I want to copy the data that runs from right to left and paste it into Excel from top to bottom ( up and down). Is there a way to do that without doing one field at a time. When I copy out of Access now and try to paste into EXCEL it of course paste's it across not up and down like I need it to


A:Data from Access table to Excel Form

Once it's in XL, you could try re-copy ; then (in a free area), Edit -- Paste Special -- Transpose -- OK.


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I have been having some trouble with this form in an Excel sheet I created to keep track of my eBay transactions. Every time I input data into this form [code is below] it works up until PayPal International Sales (variable is txtPaypalIntern.Value). It puts all the data into its correct cell as its typed in. When it gets to the cell where the data I typed into the form for PaypalIntern is supposed to go, it always inputs 40,614. Every cell after that in the row contains the data in the wrong place. The CLEAR and CLOSE buttons in the form also don't work. I can't remember if I downloaded this code to make the form or created it myself as it was a year or so ago. Can someone look at the code below for the form and tell me what is going wrong?Another question I have that I can't figure out is how to put into the form a way to calculate consignment splits. What I was thinking is putting a checkbox value into the form so I can check if it is a consignment item or not. IF the consignment checkbox is checked then to calculate "selling price X percentage" to figure my portion. How can I incorporate that into my form? Thank you for any help. So essentially I need help on the following things:1) Have the form enter the data inputted into the correct cells.2) Have the CLOSE and CLEAR buttons close and clear the form.3) Input into the form a checkbox that when checked will calculate my percentage on the sale (selling price * percentage) in its own cell.Can you plea... Read more

A:Help With Excel Form Outputting Weird Values

Sorry, TeachPower, I can't find the form. Did a reference get dropped?


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Rollin wrote this code for someone who wanted to dump Word Form Data into Excel. It was quite a while ago so I guess it was for Office 2003 or some such. I have Office 2010 and I want to do the same thing. The code seems to run OK, as it opens the Word files and dumps them in the Processed directory but nothing turns up in Excel. I have tried with xlsx/docx and xls/doc files. I've been at this all day and I can't suss it. Please, how do I get it to work?

Dim vField As FormField
Dim fso As Scripting.FileSystemObject
Dim fsDir As Scripting.Folder
Dim fsFile As Scripting.File
Dim wdApp As Word.Application
Dim myDoc As Word.Document
Dim vColumn As Integer
Dim vLastRow As Integer
Dim x As Integer

Sub AddFormFields()

vLastRow = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count + 1
vColumn = 1

Set fso = New Scripting.FileSystemObject

Set fsDir = fso.GetFolder _
("C:\Documents and Settings\Colin\Desktop\IFR_Applications\UnProcessed\")

Set wdApp = New Word.Application
wdApp.Visible = True

For Each fsFile In fsDir.Files

wdApp.Documents.Open (fsFile)

Set myDoc = wdApp.ActiveDocument

For Each vField In wdApp.Documents(myDoc).FormFields


vValue = vField.Result

Cells(vLastRow, vColumn).Select

If vField.Type = 71 Then

Select Case vField.Name

Case "Check1"
vColumn = vColumn - 1
If vField.Result = "1" Then
ActiveCell.Value = "YES"
End If

Case "Check2"
If vField.Result = ... Read more

A:Capturing Word Form data into Excel (Again)

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I am creating a form for data input into an excel spreadsheet. The form just captures mail sent/received and the first text box is to be a unique number for every entry.

Is there anyway that I can code the text box so that it puts in a unique number everytime a new record is added?

I have attached my draft spreadsheet - it isn't finished yet as the next stage is to get excel to open automatically to the form.


A:creating autonumber in excel 2007 user form

In your UserForm_Initialize:

LastNumber = Application.Max(Sheets("MailRecords").Columns(1))
txtNumber = LastNumber + 1

Although ideally you should leave txtNumber off the form altogether. Just have Excel figure out new "Last Number" at the "Add Record" stage, thereby eliminating user "interference". IMO.

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I want to incorporate checkboxes from the form toolbar in excel and use the checkboxes within cells. Problem is data needs to be entered in cells to the left and may cause resizing. This in turn causes the whole row to change size, leaving the checkboxes in their orignal position and not lined up with the data they are pertaining to. See attachments.

Thanks for any help.

A:Moving Form Objects With Cells In Excel 2002

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I'm completely new to vba and trying to modify a code I found here but failed.
While the original code exports cell data (1 row only) from excel into the form fields of a Word document, I tried to modify the code to work for multiple rows, one after the other.
My code works for the first row and generate a word file as supposed, but immediately stoped with an error message "Runtime Error -2147417848 (80010108), "The Object Invoked Has Disconnected from Its Clients"
Could anyone help me modify the code so that it works please? Thanks a lot!
I'm using 2003 excel and word.
P.S. I know this can be easily done by mail merge but I would like to use Word form for further process.

Option Explicit
'Requires reference to Microsoft Word (11.0) Object Library
Sub Copy_Cells_To_Word_Document()
Dim rng As Range
Dim row As Range
Dim wdApp As Word.Application
Dim wdDoc As Word.Document

Set rng = Range("A2:E4")
Set wdApp = New Word.Application
Set wdDoc = wdApp.Documents.Open(Filename:="C:\Desktop\file.doc", ReadOnly:=False)
wdApp.Visible = True

For Each row In rng.Rows
Copy_Cell_To_Form_Field wdDoc, Range("D" & ActiveCell.row).Value, "Surname"
Copy_Cell_To_Form_Field wdDoc, Range("E" & ActiveCell.row).Value, "Forenames"
Copy_Cell_To_Form_Field wdDoc, Range("B" & ActiveCell.row).Value, "Ref"

wdDoc.SaveAs ("C:\... Read more

A:import excel data into word form fields

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I have created a protected Word form, which comprises of text fields, drop down fields and tick boxes. I have an Excel spreadsheet with columns corresponding to most of the labels in my Word document.

Is there any way in which I can selectively export data from the Word form to the spreadsheet such that selected form fields data is exported to selected columns as row entries?

Hope my request makes sense.


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I have been given a last minute assignment to create a survey to send to a few end users and I want to compile the data of all the forms I receive into one excel workbook. I tried a few macros, but they aren't 2010 macros and so I am running into issues; I just don't have to time to re-write and could use a little assistance. I think the main difference is that I am using radio buttons instead of text fields.

ALSO I want to automate the entire thing. Meaning I want to open the workbook and run the macro to pull unprocessed forms from one folder, scan for data, import data, and then move them to another folder for archiving.

Also, in my form I don't think I made the comments section into a text field; I am sure I am going to have to correct that in order to capture the data... Right now I am too tired to think on it. At the end of each section I there is a comments field and I want to collect that data onto different sheets in the workbook. I already labeled the sheets.

I have attached the drafts for reference; I only shortened it for upload; the original draft has about 30 questions total. I need to get this done by 1/15/15 so that I have time to receive and compile data by 1/20/15.

Please help!

A:Export Word Form Data into Excel Workbook

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Hi there,
I'm trying to export data from Word 2007 form fields into an Excel spreadsheet. I was hoping to have the spreadsheet contain data on a cumulative basis for the year or quarter at a minimum. Not sure how the code runs and if this is even possible. Does it scan a folder for all pertinent info to populate the spreadsheet?

Currently we are writing about ten of these docs a day and the data entry is becoming burdensome.
I have attached an example of the spreadsheet for reference.

I can provide specific examples of file paths or folder names if that becomes necessary.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


A:Exporting Word form field data to Excel

Here's the word doc with form fields associated with the spreadsheet.


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Hello. I need help finding a solution to a specific problem I'm facing. I need to import data automatically from an Excel spreadsheet into a web-based form multiple times (over 300 times in fact) The data is neatly organized in the spreadsheet and each field in the web form directly correlates to a column in the spreadsheet. So I don't think this should be too terribly difficult to accomplish. The only problem is that in addition to text fields, the form also features drop down menus. But like i said, there is data in the spreadsheet that directly correlates to a selection in the drop down menu.

So, to put if briefly the following needs to happen:
1. The data is input from the spreadsheet to the web form.
2. A button needs to be clicked to submit the form.
3. A link needs to be clicked to bring the form up again.

This needs to be repeated until all the data is entered.

I think I've covered everything. I hope I've made it as clear as possible. Thanks a lot for your help! This would be saving me hours upon hours of work.

A:Automated web form data entry from Excel spreadsheet?

You could write an AutoHotkey script to do that. You would need to:

Activate the Excel spreadsheet window. (WinActivate)
Go to a particular cell in the spreadsheet. (Send tabs)
Copy the data. (Send Ctrl-C)
Activate the browser window. (WinActivate)
Go to a particular box in the web form. (MouseMove)
Paste the data. (Send Ctrl-V)

Then put all of that into a loop to run as many times as the number of cells to be copied. (Loop)

Submit the form. (MouseClick)
Bring up a new form. (MouseClick)

Then put all of that into a loop to run 300 times. (Loop)

The terms in the parenthesis like "WinActivate" and "MouseClick" are the actual AutoHotkey commands you would use.

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Hi guys,

I've got some lovely code that add appointments to outlook, However I would like it to check to make sure it's not adding in a duplicate entry, I have seen an answer on here but I couldn't get it to work, I'm not exactly a super user!!

My code is:
Sub AddToOutlook()

'!! Reference to Outlook object library required !!

Dim olAppointment As Outlook.AppointmentItem
Dim olApp As Outlook.Application
Dim lngRow As Long, shtSource As Worksheet
'Get reference to MS Outlook
On Error Resume Next
Set olApp = GetObject(, "Outlook.Application")
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
Set olApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
End If

On Error GoTo 0

Set shtSource = ActiveSheet
For lngRow = 3 To shtSource.Cells(Rows.Count, 10).End(xlUp).Row

Set olAppointment = olApp.CreateItem(olAppointmentItem)

With olAppointment
.Subject = shtSource.Cells(lngRow, 2) & " " & shtSource.Cells(lngRow, 3) & " " & shtSource.Cells(lngRow, 4)
.Start = shtSource.Cells(lngRow, 10)
.Duration = 100
.Location = shtSource.Cells(lngRow, 6)
.Body = shtSource.Cells(lngRow, 6) & " to " & shtSource.Cells(lngRow, 7) & " Departing " & shtSource.Cells(lngRow, 10) & vbNewLine _
& shtSource.Cells(lngRow, 8) & " to " & shtSource.Cel... Read more

A:Solved: Adding appointments to Outlook form Excel with VBA

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Hi Everyone!

I have a form that I created in Word 2003 (see attached). There are a few things that I’d like to accomplish with this form.

1) once the form is completed by the user, I want to be able to export the entered data into an excel spreadsheet (via macro button – submit/export - and VBA for the actual transfer of data?)
2) for 3 of the sections with radio boxes (employment type, rate your experience, and the 1st line of availability (1 shift/wk, 2shift/wk…)) I would like only one selection to be made. So the user can only select one of the options, and not multiple. Actually the Teaching Experience one…I need it so they can select whichever grades they teach, but only one selection of ‘years taught’. They can select any/all the MPMxx but it’s the ‘years’ that is important…

I have a very basic understanding of VBA but I work with excel all the time so I’m relatively comfortable with some things and willing to learn/try new things…

Can someone please point me in the right direction as to how I can accomplish this?

What I envision is the form being completed then sent back to me. I then hit a button embedded in the form that will then export the data to my excel spreadsheet where I can sort, etc…

Any help would be much, much appreciated as I’ve tasked myself with completing this…when maybe perhaps I should have tried to figure out how complicated this might be first…

Thanks for reading!!!

A:[VBA] Exporting Word 2003 Form Data to Excel


Okie, my objective here is to transfer the data from a word .doc into an excel spreadsheet. The form is all bookmarked with proper tags. I have started the VBA code, but I’m at a loss as to why some things aren’t working…

Sub Report1()
Dim path As String
Dim wdApp As Word.Application
Dim wdDoc As String
Dim curDoc As Word.Document
Set wdApp = CreateObject("Word.application")
wdApp.Visible = True
path = "C:\Users\xxxxxx\Documents\APPLICATION FORM\FINAL COPIES"
'Get first document in directory
wdDoc = Dir(path & "\*.doc")
'Loop until we don't have anymore documents in the directory
Do While wdDoc <> ""
'Open the document
Set curDoc = wdApp.Documents.Open(path & "\" & wdDoc)

ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Value = curDoc.FormFields("DATE").Result
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 2).Value = curDoc.FormFields("FNAME").Result
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 3).Value = curDoc.FormFields("LNAME").Result
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 4).Value = curDoc.FormFields("EMAIL").Result
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 5).Value = curDoc.FormFields("OCT").Result
With ActiveCell.Offset(0, 6).Value
If FieldName = True Then
ActiveCell.Value = "PERMFT"
ElseIf FieldName1 = True Then
ActiveCell.Value = "LTOS"
ElseIf FieldName2 = True Then
ActiveCell.Value = "RET"
ElseIf Fie... Read more

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I am trying to make a database based on survey data collected in Microsoft Office Forms.

Each subject has submitted a word document which contains responses to survey questions filled out with Word's Form feature. I would like to automatically populate an Excel spreadsheet with the form fields from a large group (25-50 documents per batch).

I have seen questions similar to this raised in other forum posts, but I seem to be running into problems with the suggested macros. This might be because I am working on a Mac (the only computer at our company) in Microsoft Office 2011. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help,

A:Exporting Microsoft Word Form Data to Excel

Hi Sasha
If you are wanting to use VBA to copy / move between Word and Excel you will almost certainly need appropriate boxes ticked under references in the VBA editor for Microsoft Excel XX Object Library.
I've no idea whether the Mac version is set up the same and would imagine you would have a bit of work to do to translate VBA written for windows into a mac variant.
What you might do is consider providing some dummy data and files and seeing what we can do to help.

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We build sales quotes anywhere from one line item to 400 line items. Is there anyway to make a standardized excel form to print properly without building each page at a time?

A:Solved: Multiple page excel quote form?

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