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Outlook not getting latest Distribution Lists from Exchange 2010

Q: Outlook not getting latest Distribution Lists from Exchange 2010


I have an exchange 2010 server with a large number of distribution groups. Everything is working OK, until I edit, add or remove a distribution group.
The desktop clients running outlook pick up on the change immediately, but the laptop clients are still seeing the old groups.
OWA clients also see the change immediately.
Both the desktops and laptops are running the same image of windows 7 and office 2010.
I have tried plugging in a laptop to an ethernet cable to rule out wireless and I don't think it's a desktop vs laptop issue.

Any ideas on why only some outlook clients get the latest changes made to distribution groups in exchange (management console) ?

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Hi All,

I work in HR, and am being told by the IT folks that something isn't possible. But I just don't believe it so I'm posting here to ask for your help.

I may not have the perfect wording since I'm not expert so please be patient. My understanding is that employees use Outlook email version 2007 - so when I need to send emails to the same group of people I can create personal distribution lists. I just copy email addresses from an excel file or to TO: line of an existing email and paste into the members box under "new distribution list creation - add members".

However, here's where the problem is. The marketing department gets data from me to create and maintain global distribution lists that need to be available to certain approved/authorized employees on the Outlook Exchange server thingie. There are about 10 to 15 lists that need to be updated every 2 weeks. My IT people are telling me that the only way to update those global lists on the Exchange is to give them a list of email address to add or remove and that they have to add or remove each email address manually one at a time. My idea was to just send them a new list of email addresses for each list every two weeks or whenever and then they could juse delete the old distribution list since it's out dated and create a brand new global list so nobody has to try and identify just the changes for those 10 to 15 lists (very time consuming).

BUT - they are telling me that the o... Read more

A:Solved: 2007 Outlook Exchange Global Distribution Lists (email)

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-Exchange 2003 environment
-Security groups with exchange mail addresses being used as distribution lists in the GAL

I would like to give 2 different directors rights to modify group lists. How?

I would like to avoid delegation of control wizard as all groups are on one OU container and I would like to avoid moving them. I had this set up in Exchange 2000, previoulsy...

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Good day folks,

I have a question which I've searched about for based on Exchange 2007 and Distribution lists but can't seem to find a solid working answer, so here goes!

Microsoft Exchange 2007
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server

A distribution list (Let's call it 'Example List') has been freshly created.

We have two department managers ('Manager A' and 'Manager B') who have requested the ability to share administration of the members of this list.

On a minor note, it will also be used for permissions on various systems so when created through Exchange 2007 Management Console was set up as a Security group.

As a email enabled security group, this works fine - Members receive mail.
"Manager A" can add/remove members of the list using Outlook 2007 whilst set as the distribution list manager (Managed By) in the Group Information tab of the list properties on Exchange Management Console and the "Manager can upate membership list" is checked under the Managed By tab of the list's properties in Active Directory.

However, this of course allows only one Managed By member.
I've tried using a security group to get around this but then both Managers can't amend the list.

I've checked Manager A's permissions on the list using Active Directory (Advanced Permissions) and can see that Manager A has a permission of "Write Members" to this object only.
If I manually add &qu... Read more

A:Exchange 2007 Query - Distribution Lists and Permissions

Nobody got any advice on this?

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Hi, Does anyone know of a way to create a distribution list based on criteria? For example, say I wanted to create a distribution list with the members only living in a certain city (ie. Do a search for New York, and add all those people to a list instantly)?

Is there an easy way, perhaps a 3rd party plugin, where I can create this list without going through the contact list and picking those that need to be in there?

Also, why doesn't the list update its members if that individual members contact info has been changed elsewhere?


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In outlook 2000

I imported a *.pst file with 4 distribution lists and 50 contacts

When I go to use that distribution list it says there are no recipients in that list to use. However when I open up the contacts folder I can see them.

No I know if you hit "update now" it repairs to the connection or something?!??!

Doing that works, however is this step neccessary. What does update now do?

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It there an easy way to create (import) an outlook distribution list from a list of names in excel.

Col 1 would have name <john doe> and col 2 would have e-mail address <[email protected]>

The distribution list would then have name and e-mail address.

Thanks in advance

A:Outlook distribution lists from excel

wakeolda said:

It there an easy way to create (import) an outlook distribution list from a list of names in excel.

Col 1 would have name <john doe> and col 2 would have e-mail address <[email protected]>

The distribution list would then have name and e-mail address.

Thanks in advanceClick to expand...

Hi Wakeolda,

did you ever find a solution to this problem??

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Had a recent failure to my laptop.
Had to buy another.
Does anyone know how I can import my distribution list off my old hardrive?
Have managed to import all the old emails, but can't seem to figure out how to find and import my old distribution list.

Any help greatfully received.

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I have a outlook express WAB file
it has distribution lists in it

i need to get the distribution lists into outlook 2003

i dont want to do it manually as there are 15 or so
each with 20 to 50 addresses

please save my life
if i do it manually i wont have a life...

thanks ahead

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I would like to change some settings on our Distribution groups.

Will it be possible to have the users color the messages using the Outlook Categories and that these category and read/unread settings are shared to the other distribution group members?

For public folders this is an option using the "maintain per-user read and unread information for this folder"
I would like to have functionality like that in my distribution groups.

Now I have added a public folder per distribution group where the group members can see if any message is already being handled (read and colored message).
But the users cannot work from their mailbox and have to go to the public folder before they can see the categories now.

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I am trying to transition from Outlook Express to Outlook 2003 on two computers. In the OE Address Book I over 50 Groups. On the laptop, the Groups translated into Outlook Distribution Lists. On my desktop machine, the Distribution List names are present, but the lists are empty.

On the laptop, I exported my Contacts (including the Dist Lists) to a PST. When I open that PST on the laptop, the Lists are correct. When I copy that PST to the desktop and open it there, the lists are EMPTY!

I do not understand how this can happen. Suggestions?

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Hi all,

I am trying to create a distribution list in Outlook 2003 and I would like to hide the identities of the distribution list to all recipients. For example, I would prefer the recipients to see "Distribution List" in the "To:" box rather then everyone's email addresses. Is this possible in Outlook 2003?

Thanks in advance!

A:Hiding distribution lists in Outlook 2003

Just put it in the BCC field

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so i have all contacts in outlook express in a .wab file
i exported them to csv file and imported the csv file into outlook and it worked fine.

however i had a few distribution lists in outlook express...
and some of them have 60 to 100 email addresses in them...

so i really dont want to sit and manually create these lists...

is there a way to do this...or does somebody know a third party app...

any help please!!!

A:exporting distribution lists for outlook 2003

come on!!! where all the experts at...does anybody know a good tech site???

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I've currently been upgrading some PC's around our office (Machines started with Outlook 2000 and I've been installing Outlook 2003 as a part of Office 2003 suite) and have come across the following problem.
We have distribution lists set up for our business sections, but it seems since I started upgrading the PC's that these lists aren't working. When someone sends an email using any distribution list the message sits in the outbox and doens't get sent while sending to multiple individual email addresses works fine. Our server has Exchange Server 5.5, and email accounts are set to 'Microsoft Exchange Server' as the service being used.
Sorry if this is a bit vague but I'll refine my information as people request certain facts.

Thanks in advance,


A:Outlook Distribution Lists - messages not sending

Well, I re-applied Service Pack 4 to our Exchange Server (5.5) and it appears to have fixed the problem. Maybe removing the distribution lists and adding them again would have had the same result.
Hope this helps someone other than me.... lol


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I'm running Outlook 2007. I have noticed that when I create a distribution list in my contacts folder, I can use it for a while, but after a few days, it seems to disappear. What normally happens is I try to send an email to the distribution list. Autocompletion finds it ok, but when I hit the send button, I get the " An internal support function returned an error " message. If I click on the + in the to line, I get an error message: "The name or distribution list has been deleted and is no longer a valid Address Book entry. The operation failed. An object could not be found." Sure enough when I look in my contact folder, the distribution list is gone.

This is happened several times. I create DLs and then they randomly disappear.

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Oh, man! Today is NOT a good day!

When I got in to the office, the internet was down. Well, it wasn’t just down - the server had crashed, so we were incommunicado for the entire morning.

Now we’re back up, and I went to send out a message (in Outlook 2002 with internet email) using 4 of the distribution lists, and a few attachments.

The problem- some of the people who received it got up to 7 copies of the e-mail!!! Now, I checked the lists, thinking that maybe their names were duplicated, but nope.

This was a big e-mail size-wise. And, to top it all off, I kept on getting e-mails from sender [email protected] with incident information!! It had “report to sender” in the subject line, and listed all the individuals e-mails on the distro lists.

WHAT HAPPENED?!?! I’m getting angry calls form members who just had their inboxes clogged with 5 copies of the same message!!!!

HELP- I’m here til 5!!!

A:Outlook 2002 distribution lists cause duplicate emails

Hi, Sorry to hear about this, but seems to me that you might want to recreate your PAB. it might be corrupted.

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I am setting up a distribution list "DL" and on said set-up, in bottom at the right-hand corner of the set-up page, it has a box marked "private." What's it for?
I know that when you set-up a "DL" you can use a category, and, instead of the email reading "TO: DL Name" when sent, it will list all members of the DL, and I know that if you want the DL members to be unknow to each other you put the DL in the bcc box. So, what's the purpose of checking or not checking the "private" box during set-up. I have looked and looked for an answer to this simple, meaning dumb, question, but cannot get anyone or any site, or any publication to tell me its purpose. Can you enlighten me?
Thanks for the help.

A:Outlook 2000 - private distribution lists designation

hi antdwarick,

I could be off base here, 'cos I've never used it.

If you Share your Contacts with other users (e.g. on a network / Exchange), then setting a particular DL to Private would hide it from those other users.


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I have a very large Outlook 2002 distribution list. I would like to create another distribution list which will have most of the same names, but without a few of the recipients ('unwanteds') in the original. However, I want to keep the original list as it is. Does anyone know how to do this? It seems as though it should be easy, but I have tried the following and they do not work for the reasons stated:

1. Start a new distribution list, add the original into it, then delete the 'unwanteds'. This has the undesired effect of removing the 'unwanteds' from the original list, where they are still 'wanteds'.

2. Select all the names from the original list, copy and paste into a new distribution list. Unfortunately, all the pertinent "edit" functions are inactive, and the "ctrl-c", "ctrl-v" shortcuts also do not work when you are in a distribution list.

3. Open original distribution list, use "Save as..." to save a new distribution for editing out the 'unwanteds'. This does not work because the "Save as..." option changes the name of the original list, it does not save a copy with a new name, like it would do if you were using "Save as..." when working with most filetypes.

I can't believe Microsoft didn't provide an easy way to make slightly different versions of large distribution lists, but someone is going to have to point me to the obvious, because I sure ca... Read more

A:Modifying Outlook Distribution lists without destroying original

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Please help- I created a distribution list in Microsoft outlook 2003 and can't remember the Name I called this do i find in my address book
Thanks so much

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My Outlook 2003 is still sending to email addresses I have removed from a distribution list. Has anyone encountered this Outlook issue before? And how do I fix it??

Thanks for any suggestions!!

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My Outlook 2003 is still sending to email addresses I have removed from a distribution list. Has anyone encountered this Outlook issue before? And how do I fix it??

Thanks for any suggestions!!

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When I send a distribution list from my Outlook 2007 to someone with Outlook 2003, the distribution list looks perfect when they click on the attachment. But, after they click on Save and Close, the distribution list does not show up in their contact list (or anywhere else that I can find). Is there a way to share distribution lists between these two Outlooks?

A:Solved: Distribution Lists-sending from Outlook 2007 to 2003

Distribution lists can be very strange in how they behave this is in any version of outlook. I would try Dragging the Dist list file from the email to the contacts tab in outlook. It is worth a try

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Can anybody tell me how to increase the number of contacts I can save to a distribution list in Microsoft Outlook 2010? At the moment it seems to default at 60. Making more than 1 distribution list does not solve my problem...I need to be able to change that number of contacts I can save???? I am running on Windows 7!

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Can anybody tell me how to increase the number of contacts I can save to a distribution list in Microsoft Outlook 2010? At the moment it seems to default at 60. Making more than 1 distribution list does not solve my problem...I need to be able to change that number of contacts I can save???? I am running on Windows 7!

A:Outlook 2010 distribution list sizes

If this is a company with an Exchange server, they may be limiting the number of members in the distribution list.

If this is on your own, 2010 shouldn't restrict the size.

An alternate method of making a larger distro list is to break them up into groups and add the groups to another distro list:

group 1 members - Members 1-30
group 2 members - Members 31-60
group 3 members - Members 61-90
group 4 members - group 1, group 2, group 3

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Good morning everyone,
So the other day something incredibly weird had occurred. I was receiving email normally on my phone, came into work, logged in, and began working on my trouble tickets. I noted that when I went back to Outlook to view an email, the email in particular was gone... and then all were gone. My folders, and emails within them, still remained the same. I attempted to research what on Earth happened but I haven't been able to find anything specific to my issue.
I'm using Outlook 2010 connected to an Exchange 2010 server for work. Outlook was setup as cached exchange mode but that has since been changed. The emails also disappeared from my phone's inbox too... it's as if everything was deleted and Exchange figured that's what it should be and synced everything that way. Deleting my OST didn't resolve or resync anything. I ran the scanpst tool on the ost file which reports 93 errors, but as I read the scanpst tool can't repair an OST and thus doesn't do anything.
Does Outlook have some sort of log that may explain what on Earth happened? I can't find any error messages or any other reasons for what may have happened. My view settings weren't changed, nothing has changed on my end. There is no spyware / malware installed on the PC as far as I can tell. No real issues in the Sync issues folder other than a Forms syncing issue which seems to be related to Exchange needing a patch (but can otherwise be ignored).
I will give you... Read more

A:Outlook 2010 / Exchange 2010 randomly deleted inbox email?

Are you the only person using that Exchange server who has this issue? Check with the IT department to see if they can recover the emails in your mailbox from the server. It's possible they recently did some maintenance on the mail server that caused this issue. That fact that both Outlook and your phone are having this issue points to this being an Exchange server problem, as Outlook uses autodiscover and MAPI while your phone uses ActiveSync to connect to the server.
Do you have access to your email using Outlook Web Access? If so, log in and see if the emails are there. If not, it's definitely a server issue.
If your mail is still on the server, one thing you could try is re-enabling the cached Exchange mode, saving the change, and then restarting Outlook. The last thing to try is to delete the email account profile and recreate it. Make sure to get the proper settings from IT if you don't already have them -- although since you are using Exchange and autodiscover, that's usually just a case of entering your username and password when you recreate it.

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When the meeting is opened as “this occurrence” or“Open this series”, the “Cancel” button is completely missing from the
ribbon. It shows me as the "Organizer", but only "Delete" is available.

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Can someone tell me how to create distribution lists in Outlook 97 under an Exchange environement?

Do I have to create personnal folders?


A:outlook 97 - "how to" distribution lists

If I understand what you are trying to accomplish, it is a relatively easy task. In Outlook, go to your Help Menu and do a search on Distribution Lists. If you have trouble following the instructions, let us know.

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How can I check which reminder is from which Calendar list?

Somehow, Microsoft Outlook 2010 is using 2 of the 8 Calendars to show the same reminders.

I have since unticked the 2nd Calendar which I don't need, however the reminders from the 2nd Calendar still appear.

I need to Dismiss the 2nd Calendar's reminders, however I'm not sure if I'm Dismissing the 1st or 2nd Calendar's reminders?

Thanks if anyone can help on this mystery.

A:Microsoft Outlook 2010 Calendar lists. Which one is being used?

I have fixed this by manually typing in Calendar list 1 in Calendar data.
Then opening up both Calendar reminders and reading which one has Calendar list 1 in the text field.
Another slow and manual fix for this email client.
Anyone know how other email clients compare to this product?
I know Apple's backup service is on a higher par not comparable with Microsoft.

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I have recently upgraded by way of a custom installation Windows 7 from XP and further downloaded and installed Outlook 2016. Please could someone advise as to how I would be able to find in the saved Windows.old file or anywhere else the previous contact list that I would then be able to export to the newly installed outlook. At present I can't find the appropriate file nor the old emails that were on the pc prior to the upgrade. Any ideas/suggestions etc much appreciated.

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Hello here's my situation..... I'm changing my email client from windows live mail 2012 to outlook 2010. I have several distribution lists in my contacts folder. How do i export those lists to outlook 2010? I noticed in outlook 2010 that there is an option when sending an attachment you can click outlook item then browse to contacts and then select the list - this option is not available in windows live mail .......any help would be greatly apprecitated thx

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In my Outlook 2010 I have set up a number of Contact Groups. I've named them A, B, C, D.............Z. In each one are the surnames of the recipients, e.g. in the A is Anderson, Addy, Apple, Adams, Aggenbach, etc., and likewise in B to Z. One of them (lets say the V's) have 35 addresses, and the A's have 6 addresses.

The problem I'm having is that when choosing the V Group (and some of the others), then when I click Send then it forever says Sending and never completes the task. So, it's impossible to send any other emails thereafter: they all then sit in the Outbox, waiting for the V task to finish. When I close and then re-open Outlook it just continues to send. I then have to delete some of the V recipients, until there are about 5 or so only, then it's works OK. Could the problem be, amongst others, the size in kB of the V Group, perhaps?

Please help!

A:Solved: Outlook 2010 unable to send contacts in distribution list successfully.

Just an idea, what email service are you using it with ?
is this a company exchange service or a home service
if home , and connected to one of the free mail providers (hotmail, gmail, yahoo etc)
perhaps there is a spam limit put on the number of email address you can send out on 1 email

although , I would expect 35 addresses to be OK
Gmail is 99

Email Sending Limit and Send Rate - Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL

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I am interested in creating a website where people can go and sign up to receive a green newsletter. The only information I need for them to provide is there name, email address and age range. Is there a program that I can purchase and put on Windows XP Professional or Windows 2003 server. I prefer not to use an outside service like constant contacts. I would like the program to automatically save the information after the person enters it so that it does not have to be imputed manually. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

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Created a new distribution list in Outlook, however would like for the email addresses to stay unknown? Any help??

A:undisclosed Distribution Lists

Put it in the bcc instead of To

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There is a manager in my office that randomly looses his distribution list.

When he sends out an email, through Outlook web, using the distribution list, it disappears and there is no way to get it back. It does not go into the deleted folder or anywhere that I have been able to find. It does not seem to happen when he uses Outlook 2003.

This has happened 5 or 6 times now. As far as I know there are no other applications running at the time he sends out the email.

We are set up on an Exchange server.

Has anyone ever heard of this problem before? Any Ideas?

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I've got OE6

and I have several distribution lists.

I want to be able to send a mail out to people on my distribution list.
But I dont want the people on the list to be able to reply to any of the members on the list except for me.

Neither do I want them to see who is on the list for example.

From: Jaye
To: Jaye list
subject: list of info

I don't know if this is simply a matter of setting the people in the list as BCC ?
but then a reply to all will go out to the whole group

in advance


A:a bit of an urgent one on distribution lists

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I just recently installed Exchange Server 2000. My users would like to send mail to all staff. I created shared distribution list and it works fine, however when they use it to send mail, the mail records show everyone's name, and it's cluttered and messy.

How do I setup undisclosed distrbution lists? So it only shows the group that mail was sent to?

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Is it possible to set up distribution lists with the email that comes with Windows 8?

A:Windows 8 email- distribution lists

Do you mean transfer email contacts from elsewhere? Or do you mean can you set up a list of email addresses on Win8? Your Mail (email) service on Win8 is tied in with your People app. If you fill out details on your People app of individuals, (including their email addresses), when you tap/click the person's name that will put you straight through to your email service. Open your People app, select Settings>Accounts>Add an account>Select which email acct.& fill in all the details reqrd.

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My company has just begun getting spam from an unknown source that has me and my IT manager stumped.
The mails are typical for medical pills which we have as one of our filters in detecting spam emails; Echange 2003. These particular emails come From an outside email address (different everytime) but have a reply to address of an internal distribution list. In this case it is the Directors (company directors). The emails arent generally sent to one individual but a complete distribution list.
Anyone have any general ideas what we can do to stop this as the number of emails multiply daily.

A:Spam from internal distribution lists

Sounds like a spammer got ahold of the internal address somehow. Probably due to a computer that would have the address listed in the "Address Book", that got infected by spyware/malware, or a customer that would have the e-mail address on their computer.

As for stopping it, I don't know, because the only way to "stop" spam is to get the source to stop, and that's easier said than done. Doing an analysis of the full headers can reveal the "true" source, which is rarely the source in the "From" box.

I've been helping out with an open-source application that we hope will help reduce spam, but it's still in development. Until we get it off the ground, I've been using the SpamCop online reporting service ( It's about the easiest way to report spam to the admins of the networks referenced in the spams I get. You might consider doing that.

Just my 2 cents.

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At work we're using Outlook 2003 on an exchange server and we're trying to send out an email to everyone in the organization - we have set up a distribution list for this purpose. The member of staff authorized to send emails to the entire organization also has what we call a "generic mailbox" set up - she has a personal mailbox and her "generic" one which shows up as coming from the entire team that she works for.

The email sends fine, and people receive it without any trouble. The difficulty is that sometimes when people receive the message, the From: field is showing as blank rather than displaying the "generic mailbox" name - "Kent Adult Social Services". This only happens sometimes though, once she sent 3 such messages from the same machine and same user account and 2 had the From: field showing up while the other did not(!)

Anyone have any clue what could be causing this? Please ask if you need more information . By the way, the work PCs are running Windows XP SP2 and Outlook 2003 SP3.

Many thanks,
- Javawag

A:Sending email to distribution lists?

Hi again,

I know I've only got 3 posts and bumping topics is the ultimate sin, but I really need to get this sorted for work!

- Javawag

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Every time I click on an email my mouse pointer turns into a spinning circle and i have to wait. I use an exchange server. I have a new HP 32 bit laptop, running window 7 with 4 GB of RAM . I have tried repairing office and deleting and recreating my profile to know avail. My email is in cache mode. I read a post somewhere that I should try running in safe mode so I tried it by running "outlook.exe /safe" but I cant tell if I'm in safe mode. Does anybody know how to tell if I'm running in safe mode and is there anything detrimental in doing this. No body else in my office has this problem with the same office and OS. Can anyone help.

A:outlook exchange 2010 very slow

I could be wrong, making some assumptions...
Clean up your mail folders especially ones with large attachements. Exchange is really not a good place for document storage. Bloated exchange folders is your likely culprit if others aren't experiencing the same issue.

I wouldn't mess with safe mode as a fix for this.

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I am getting the following message when I start outlook:
      Your mailbox has been temporarily moved on Microsoft Exchange server.  A temporary mailbox exists, but might not have
     all of your previous date.  

     You can connect to the temporary mailbox or work offline with all of your old data.  If you choose to work with your
     old date, you cannot send or received email messages.
    Cannot start Microsoft Outlook.  Cannot open the Outlook Window.  Before you can use this Outlook data tile .ost you
   must connect to Microsoft Exchange with your current profile and synchronize your folders at least once.
Outlook is running very slow.  If anyone knows what I can do to remedy this situation I would appreciate it.
Thank you.

A:2010 Outlook Exchange Problem

Hello Smorton,
Sorry but this may take a lot of questions back and forth. Is this a company machine? If so do you know what MS Exchange Server version you are on?  

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We have a user who boss forwards her emails she has to print. It sometimes prints a date of August 15,2012 in left corner. This is not with every email. Most emails did not print a date at top at all. This problem only occurs when one boss A send her emails. When i forward this email to myself it does not print a date. Here is the source code of the email below. Any help would be helpful. I am new to the company. We have Outlook 2010 and Microsoft Exchange 2003.


v\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);}

o\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);}

w\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);}

.shape {behavior:url(#default#VML);}



<title>August 15, 2012</title>


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Hi All

I'll working at a IT Tech in my local area and a business has Microsoft 365 exchange server for there email and not working with office 2010 outlook

They install win 10 upgrade from win 7 and was working but win 10 fell over so I backed up info and wiped HDD and put Win7 pro back on and Office 2010 and then outlook setup and it keeps fighting with their Microsoft 365 exchange server for the email.

last point I could get is to was password popup keeps coming back??

I did endup downloading a sec patch for outlook anonymous authentication coz the drop down was missing


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1. In Groupwise, you can go to your sent items folder and there are columns showing whether the sent email has been Opened, Deleted, and Replied by the recipient.

2. Also, you can also delete/retract sent email from the recipients inbox if they have not read the email yet.

Are these available in Exchange/Outlook?

A:Are these Groupwise features in Exchange/Outlook 2010?

I used Groupwise with a previous employer and remebre that.
The answer:
for 2. is I don't think so, you can however when you open a sent message under options choose to resend or recall the unread message and if it's still unread it will be recalled and detelde, you'll receive notification if it was successful or not.
1. No as far as I know not possible. haven't seen the oprion myself, but at the offecie we are one or two versions behind 2010 and don't know what options are available.
Have you tried the Miscrosoft site for information?

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I setup and shipped a new Wndows 10 configured desktop/workstation to a professional who is replacing a failed workstation in a small office that has an existing Exchange server setup and their own website/domain [the email accounts are on the domain]. This workstation [Windows 10 Pro x64] has Office Home & Business 2010 freshly setup on it. From reading, declined to touch Outlook before the customer gets it and puts on the LAN internally. There have been obviously a lot of issues just getting the initial Profile setup right: the icon/applet might be missing from the Control Panel altogether, registry keys can be missing or invalid, Outlook may start in Safe Mode unexpectedly. etc. This thread is an example of such diseases and some cures, as of 3 yrs back:

Some of you have been through this and know the ropes. Please point me to a link or something that does the best job of explaining how to do this AT THIS TIME [given all the updates etc to this date] 1] if Control Panel entry is RIGHT, and 2] what to do if that "recommended" approach fails.
I thank you SO MUCH in advance. These poor folks have been through a lot and I want to get them started clean on this try

P.S./edit: is it necessary to first setup "Outlook" as the default Email app in "Settings" ?

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I am trying to remove all addresses for several users in the block- and allow list in the outlook web access,

I have removed all the allowed addresses and also the blocked addresses, when I click save I still get an validation error on one of the removed email addresses.

Is there a command for the Exchange Management Console to clean up these junk mail addresses both allowed and blocked?


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Hi there

I got a computer from my work and changed the username, which created a new user in Windows 7 but I can live with that and move the files and so on.

The thing is that apparently by changing the name it also left the company's domain and now when I try to re-configure my account in Outlook I get the error "The connection to microsoft exchange is unavaliable..."

I would like to continue using Outlook and be able to configure my account, I've checked registries and read quite a lot of threads without success, any ideas would be more than helpful.

Thanks in advance,


A:Outlook 2010: the connection to microsoft exchange is unavailable

Not clear about the conditions...

Are you trying to log in remote (from a home office)?
Is the office behind a firewall?
Did the workstation access the Exchange server correctly FROM THE OFFICE or from a remote location (your home office) before adding a new account?


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Over the weekend we installed a new Exchange 2016 server running on a Server 2012 R2 Std VM (through Hyper-V) and connected all of our workstations running Outlook 2010 to it. They stay connected for awhile (maybe an hour or two) but then go to "Trying to connect." The really strange thing is, OWA works, email on phones works and connecting a computer outside of our network to Exchange through Outlook seems to stay connected fine.

DNS checks out fine and resolves like it should. We can ping and browse to the Exchange server fine.

Strange but I get several "Search" errors in the event log when it seems to stop. (Event ID 3036 the content source cannot be accessed) as well as Event ID 35 - Failed to determine if the store is in the crawl scope.

I am at a loss right now so any help would be appreciated!

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After I imported a pst into my mailbox(using the option to replace duplicates) I know have strikethroughs on all of the duplicates that should have been replaced.

How can I get rid of these messages.

I have also checked and the messages are not set to expire.

A:Outlook 2010 Using Exchange - Strikethrough after importing PST File

Perhaps this procedure will help:
Purge IMAP items marked for deletion - Outlook -

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An issue with Outlook 2007 in combination with my Microsoft Exchange e-mail account was that it couldn't remember the password and I had to enter it every time I started Outlook. This was solved by adding a credential through 'control user passwords2', a workaround which can be found on several sites.

However, this doesn't seem to work anymore using Outlook 2010 with Windows 7. Or at least it seems to work different, but I can't get it to work. Outlook itself creates a generic credential in the form of MS.Outlook:<USERNAME>@<EXCHANGESERVER>:PUT, but on another website I found the form MS.Outlook:<E-MAILADDRESS>@<EXCHANGESERVER>:PUT
It also creates two Windows credentials, one with the username also as server and one with the correct exchange server, username and password.
What should I add to make Outlook remember my password?

I also tried some other workarounds for previous versions of Outlook, but they all didn't work. I tried these:
Stop Outlook/Outlook Express Asking For Your Password Every Time | Windows Vista | Windows Tools, Help & Guides
Outlook 2007 won't save passwords in password..

Does anyone know how to solve this?

(I also posted this problem here:

A:Outlook 2010 doesn't save password (Exchange)

I try itself, it's ferry simpel. Open Outlook 2010.
Than comming the dialoog box whit your nickname and password.
Delete your nickname and password. So that is blank. Than click the "Remember password". And click on the "Save"button. And close Outlook 2010.
Than open Outlook 2010 again. Than is not show more the dialoog box.

Thats all.

Greetz Robin

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Hello everyone,
Want to first start off by thanking you for taking the time to look at my problem with Outlook.

First the background:
I work as IT for our company but I myself am having an issue with a new change in the company that happened last weekend. We moved to an outsourced Exchange server for our emails. Now previously you either setup the email push on a timer or manually did it for sending and receiving. With Exchange, it should be automatic and sync it all between your devices connected to that account on the server.

If I create and send an email on either the Webmail (browser email platform) or my phone, it works like it is supposed to.

The Issue:
When I create an email with my laptop, running Win 7 pro 64 and Office 10, using Outlook, it never gets sent unless I manually push it. It fails to automatically sync and send the email. It also refuses to go out if I set a timer or Rule to push it out.

I have check various areas where it could be but still could use the help. I'm thinking my next try might be to reinstall Office.

A:Win 7, office 2010, Outlook is not pushing outbox with Exchange.

Okay so I Have a Sync log that has failed. Removed any information not necessary and replaced with "----"

10:57:22 Synchronizer Version 14.0.4734
10:57:22 Synchronizing Mailbox 'Joe ---------'
10:57:22 Synchronizing Hierarchy
10:57:25 Synchronizing local changes in folder 'Inbox'
10:57:25 Uploading to server '----------------'
10:57:29 1 item(s) updated in online folder
10:57:29 1 view(s)/form(s) updated in online folder
10:57:29 Downloading from server '----------------'
10:58:01 20 item(s) added to offline folder
10:58:01 1 view(s)/form(s) updated in offline folder
10:58:01 Synchronizing local changes in folder 'Drafts'
10:58:02 Uploading to server '--------------------'
10:58:02 Synchronization of some deletions failed.
10:58:02 [0-130]
10:58:03 3 item(s) deleted in online folder
10:58:03 Synchronizing local changes in folder 'Outbox'
10:58:03 Uploading to server '-----------------'
10:58:03 Synchronizing local changes in folder 'Suggested Contacts'
10:58:03 Uploading to server '----------------'
10:58:03 1 item(s) added to online folder
10:58:03 Downloading from server '-----------------'
10:58:03 1 item(s) updated in offline folder
10:58:06 Synchronizing local changes in folder 'RLT'
10:58:06 Uploading to server '--------------'
10:58:06 1 item(s) updated in online folder
10:58:06 Downloading from server '------------------'
10:58:11 2 item(s) added to offline folder
10:58:12 Synchronizing loc... Read more

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I?ve been asked to find out if there?s a way to ?list? a bunch of holidays on everyone?s calendars. I know there?s a holidays feature in Outlook, but it only includes certain holidays and can?t be managed via GPO.

I need to create a shared calendar that HR maintains that has all of the holidays that they want listed. Then add that calendar to everyone?s default view? If this can't be done, what other options do I have?

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Running an exchange 2010 server.

I have a number of users who's email will disappear.
Mail will return if you disable any type of sorting filter.
However will disappear again if you change folders.
This will effect any folder not just the inbox.

I have tried the following.

Recreating the profile in Outlook 2007
Deleting the pst and ost files
Adding new sort field and removing it.
Disabling cache mode.

I have not preformed an office 07 repair yet as did not think it would have any impact.

This is effecting about 10% of my users.

Thank you for your help.

Jeff P.

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Hello folks,

I know with pop3 account it's quite easy: export everything to .PST and import with new computer. Is something like this possible with Exchange server accounts?

Last time I tried (importing PST into Outlook exchange account) import went ok, all emails were there, calendar notes, tasks... but the moment I was online, laptop started to sync everything from scratch - resulting in duplicate emails.

Reason why I want to do this is to avoid long time waiting for sync everything. In my case (PST file created was 7GB), I need to leave laptop overnight, sometimes 18-20 hours to sync all emails (as I live in EU and our company emails are at Exchange server in US). Internet speed is ok I guess (8MB per second), but I'm losing almost 2 days to sync everything.

That's the main reason I'm pushed back re-installing laptop sometimes.

Is there a way to export all emails to HDD (PST or OST file maybe) and then import everything into fresh version of Outlook without side effects (sync and double emails)?

EDIT: I have looked into this link:

I'll give it a try.


A:Export Outlook 2010 Exchange content from one computer to another?


NOT an easy task!

I have copied .ost file from old computer to new one (into correct location). However starting Outlook gives me following message:

Outlook is using an old copy of your Offline Folder File (.ost) Exit Outlook and Delete the .ost file, and restart Outlook. A new file will be automatically created the next time you initiate a send/receive.

This is exactly what I'm trying to avoid! Have no idea how to make .ost file work with new computer


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I am trying to setup Microsoft Outlook 2010 with Exchange Server 2003, but I ve run into some problems. Normally I access the mail from

Below are some screenshots that show the error i get when i try to sign in.

After I setup the whole account, I restarted outlook. From then onwards whenever I try to open outlook it gives me this error.

After I click OK, it leads me to this window, you can see my account settings here.

When I click OK i get this error.

If i change any settings in the account settings .. and click APPLY then i get this message and Outlooks closes by itself.

The strange thing is that these same setting work just fine with the Email Client in my Nokia Smartphone

A:How to setup Microsoft Outlook 2010 with Exchange Server 2003

Have you used Outlook in this manner before prior to going to Outlook 2010? There are additional settings that need to be configured for RPC over HTTP if that is the way you were connecting before. If it was POP or IMAP you need to configure your connection that way.

Setup for RPC over HTTP. I think you have to do the initial setup from in the office.

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I have a user who deleted a folder full of emails. We have a retention policy in place and I can see deleted emails to recover, but I would like to recover the folder structure with the emails inside.

A:Recover Deleted Folder Outlook 2010 connect to Exchange

Which version of Exchange are you using? From what I can recall, you might not be able to do this without third-party software. The first try should going into the user's Outlook, clicking on the Deleted Items folder, choose the Folder tab at the top of the screen, and then click on the Recover Deleted Items button. If the folder shows up in there, all well and good. If not, you may have to restore the e-mails and then have the user sort them into the folder again. After all, it was their problem and shouldn't become your crisis.

As an aside: in our organisation we use ShadowProtect for our backups, and also purchased ShadowProtect Granular Recovery for Exchange (GRE) to afford us the possibility of restoring individual e-mails and/or folder structures. This has worked very well indeed, and saved a lot of headaches when users do what they do best ;-)

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Hello -- I'm wondering how to change the display name of a data file (not the actual file name) for a .ost Exchange 2010 file. I have already changed the file name and location to match all my other mailboxes.

If you look at my screenshot, you will see the file location and name are fine, but the display name is still just my email address. I would prefer it to be something easier on the eyes (I know, not necessary, but would be nice to help keep me organized.)

This is also the name that shows up in my Navigation Pane. Thanks so much!

A:Outlook 2010: How to change Exchange data file (ost) display name

In this window (you have posted screenshot of) click on the name of a file you want to change. Settings button will be activated, click that button - you can edit the name in the new window in the name section.

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I am using Outlook 2010 on W7 64 in my home office. All my email accounts are POP3. My part-time work wanted me to use an email account on their Exchange server (2003). I used the email account setup in my Outlook to set it up successfully. Outlook searched out the Exchange server and set up the account.

I closed Outlook and when I reopened it, my Favorites were gone, all POP3 accounts were shuffled in the left pane, all my previous accounts now funneled all emails into one Inbox, and all my Rules were gone. When I tried to redo the Rules, Outlook had changed so that the Rules now applied to ALL the Inboxes for all accounts and did not have the same rules dialog as I had been used to. There was no way to recreate my rules or separate out my POP3 accounts. Now all my email is dumped into one Inbox and I have to manually sort out the messages.

Thinking that the Exchange account was to blame, I deleted the Exchange account, but to no avail. I had to reconstruct my Favorites (no big deal) but there is still no way to redo the Rules and all my mail still goes to the main Inbox.

Is there any way to get back to the way it was? Thanks.


A:Outlook 2010 - Rules disappeard when I set up Exchange email account

Bump. Anyone relate at all? Thanks

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How can I re-index Outlook 2010?

Dear Experts

I have got windows 7-64 bit with outlook 2010 retrieving my work email ( exchange)

Recently I realized when I search outlook sent folder nothing get displayed.

Initially problem was with " Search Tools --> Indexing status ".

I followed the instruction in the ink below :

How to Fix Outlook 2007 and 2010 Search problems | MS Outlook for Business

But still I am having same issue


A:Outlook 2010 exchange account ,,,,search not working proparly

Hi there ... Your Indexing must not be complete .. Read the Link below ...
Outlook search returns No matches found

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We had a hard drive crash and bought a new computer to replace it..

New PC is running Windows 7 Professional and Office 2010
750 Gb HD
4 GB memory

The problem is Outlook does not send and receive mail unless you close Outlook then open it..

Outlook is only using 1 email account and it is setup for exchange..

I had trouble getting Outlook to connect to the Exchange Mailbox..

Finally after many tries and verifying everything was setup, like the other PC that works, I got it to connect to the mailbox..

Now when you first open Outlook it asks for the login and downloads the new mail, but never downloads mail again until you exit Outlook..

It does not get mail even if you hit the send and receive button..

The only way is to close Outlook and reopen..

We checked with our email administrator and he said it's nothing on their end..

Any help would be appreciated..


A:Solved: Outlook 2010 not sending and receiving from Exchange mailbox

Well we figured out that the problem was the mailbox had to finish downloading 4Gb then it started working and retrieving new mail..


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Dear Experts

I have got windows 7-64 bit with an outlook 2010 that has an exchange account

Recently I realized when I search outlook sent folder nothing get displayed.

Initially problem was with " Search Tools --> Indexing status ".

What should I do to overcome this issue


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I am receiving errors when trying to add a Microsoft Exchange account to Outlook 2011 for Mac. I am running Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. The HUB\CAS servers for the EWS both have the Basic Authentication enabled. Below are the steps I have completed:

Setting up Exchange Email Account with Autodiscover

After setting it up with autodiscover I receive the below error message:
I made sure that my user name and password were correct 4 different times and kept receiving this message.

Below is an image of the advanced properties of the exchange account in Outlook 2011. The Microsoft Exchange Server and Active Directory Server prefix are both the same ( and the Microsoft Exchange directory path ends with .asmx
At one point, Outlook 2011 connected to the Exchange Server 2010 and downloaded my entire email box. It was syncing and said Connected to "Exchange Name", while the Mac was connected to the wireless network inside the building. Of course, the email is not going to work outside the building on a different wireless connection, unless there was a VPN connection.

Why is Outlook 2011 for Mac cutting in and out of the exchange server? Any ideas?

A:Solved: Outlook 2011 Connection Issue with Exchange Server 2010

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Main email account iin Outlook 2010 is POP3 with 50+ rules for distributing email into folders. Attempted to set up a secondary account which is an Exchange account. No rules needed for this account; volume will b v low.

Rules set up for the POP3 account are being applied to both the POP3 and Exchange accounts. Exchange account is rejecting rules and declaring them invalid. From main email menu in Outlook, going to Rules and then Manage Rules and Alerts, I can see that the rules are being applied to both accounts. I cannot see how to get rid of the Exchange account in Manage Rules and Alert.

I have dropped the Exchange account till I can get advice on this, and will have to restart set up of Exchange account but hopefully with some guidance on how to avoid over zealous application of rules beyond the POP3 account for which they are intended. My Hotmail account is unaffected.

Thanks in advance

A:Clash of Outlook 2010 folder Rules when using POP3 & Exchange accounts

Have you tried using the "Sent to people or public group" option?

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Hi there,

like the subject says. Since I've been using my iPhone 4 with unified inbox for quite a while now, it is a bit annoying to keep switching between IMAP inboxes in outlook 2010. POP3 accounts are fine, all mails can go to one favorite inbox, but IMAP accounts work differently, by the look of it. The same was in outlook 2007, but I was wondering if there was a plug-in or extension of some kind that enables to use just one inbox?

You help will be greatly appreciated.


A:Unified inbox for multiple IMAP/exchange accounts? [Outlook 2010]

Is this what you are looking for:
Set Up Single Inbox Folder For All Accounts In Outlook 2010

Launch Outlook 2010 and from left sidebar, select an account, right-click it and hit New Folder. From Create New Folder dialog, enter an appropriate name and click OK.

Now head over to Home tab and click Manage Rules & Alerts from Rules drop-down button.

From Rules and Alerts dialog, select an account and click New Rule.

In Rules Wizard, we will start off with creating a blank rule, click Apply rule on messages I receive and hit Next.

In this step of the wizard enable through the specified account option. From bottom of the dialog window click specified account and select the desired account from Account dialog window, and click OK.

You will see the specified account in the bottom of dialog window. Now click Next to continue

In this step, enable move it to the specified folder option, now click specified in the bottom of the window and select the Generic Inbox folder recently created, from new Rules and Alerts dialog.

You will see the folder name in the bottom of the window. Click Finish to end the wizard.

It will bring you back to Rules and Alerts dialog, showing newly created rule. Click OK to apply this newly created rule.

For associating this folder with other accounts, repeat the whole procedure to direct all mails from multiple accounts to Generic Inbox folder. On receiving emails, you will see all the emails in the... Read more

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We have a server running Microsoft Exchange 2000. We have found that one of our distribution groups contains no members. If e-mail is sent to this distribution group, what happens to the e-mail? People do not receive any bouncebacks. Is there a way to check and see if the e-mail is sitting in a queue or does the system just automatically drop them with no bounceback?

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Hey Guys,

I wondered if there's a way to automatically unsubscribe yourself from an Exchange Distribution list.

We're at work and want to create a list for 'social' for all our social events... at first, we'll include everyone, but want those who prefer not to be included, to send a simple email that removes them from the list.

Can this be done at all?


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Exchange 2000 relies on Microsoft Windows 2000 groups and the Microsoft Active Directory directory service for both access control and distribution tasks. Familiarize yourself with the differences between Windows 2000 groups, distribution lists in Exchange Server 5.5 and earlier, and Microsoft Windows NT groups in this article. With careful planning, you can migrate your existing Exchange distribution lists to the corresponding Windows 2000 groups, while retaining their functionality

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP

Minimum Requirements - Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Reader



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i am mail merging (word 2010 and excel 2010 database).

when i choose to send the messages as HTML, all is good.

when i choose to send text or attachment - i get this security warning. even after pressing "allow" - nothing happens. (nothing = no trace of messages in outbox and no mail sent)

i know that: "If you choose a format other than HTML, an Outlook message may inform you that a program is trying to access e-mail addresses and send e-mail. This message is a security measure designed to protect against viruses that replicate through e-mail. To continue with the merge, select the Allow access for check box in the security warning dialog box, and then select the amount of time that you need to complete the merge. Click Yes. If you are prompted again, continue to click Yes until the merge is complete."

thank you very much!!!!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise , 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2045 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 50006 MB, Free - 27905 MB; E: Total - 102577 MB, Free - 102479 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc. , 0DN075, , ..CN708217847009.
Antivirus: Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Updated and Enabled

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Afternoon all,

I have been asked to set-up a test Exchange 2010 machine in order to test the Exchange ActiveSync system as an alternative to our existing Blackberry mobile email solution. We intend on using Window 7 phones to hook into our Exchange system
So, to this end I have installed the server and installed a commercial SSL certificate. I have migrated a single mailbox across to the new server. I can access that mailbox quite happily in OWA and in desktop Outlook , all seems fine from that front.

I have a problem with the Exchange ActiveSync element though.

No matter what settings I use I cannot get the mobile phone to sync with the server.

The error I am getting is "You'll need a personal certificate to connect to Error code 85030027"

Now, my limited understanding[1] of our set-up is that we should not need personal certificates. The Exchange ActiveSync system is set to use Basic Authentication which should just be a plaintext username/password combination over SSL.

We've never needed to use EAS before, so I haven't done any further set-up other then accept the defaults. The handset is on our own internet wifi network so we should not need to worry about ensuring we can SSL traffic forwarded from the external IP to the internal machine at this point.

For reference I can access the OWA page under SSL and the certificate looks ok. If I manually visit the full path specified as the EAS URL then I get a username and pass... Read more

A:Exchange 2010 and Exchange ActiveSync

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Hello everyone!As the title says, I'm working with Word 2010 and suddenly my multilevel lists won't work by using the tab key. When I press the tab key, the cursor just moves in 1/2 inch. It doesn't make the line a sublevel.However, when I use the Increase Indent button found on the Home Tab>Paragraph, the sublevels do work.I have absolutely no idea why this is happening. I looked on Google and found an article that seemed promising, but its suggestions did not help.Thus, any help is greatly appreciated!-r0d3r1ck

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I have searched and found a slight answer to this question (which seems to be "no way"), and have searched many other forums for information, however . . . thought I'd post it here too to see if there is any new info on this problem.

In Outlook Express, I can view .any single contact's membership in various groups/distribution lists on the "other" tab . However, in OE I cannot sort or view this information in very meaningful ways, nor view those various memberships in any of the main contact pane views.

In Outlook 2000, by sharing the OE address book, I can view and sort much contact information in more meaningful ways, but there seems to be NO way to see how many distribution lists/groups a single contact belongs to.

SURELY SURELY SURELY there must be a code or patch to create a field to show this info in Outlook 2000! If anyone has a hint -- even a book to refer me to that I would wade through (and I would), please repond.

Thanks for the help

A:Outlook Express Groups to Outlook Distribution LIst

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Hi anyone know how i highlight differences in 2 lists of names in excel..?


List 1

John Doe
Joe Blogs
Fred Bean
Jack Black

List 2

John Doe
Joe Bloggs
Fred Clean
Jack Black
Its drivin me nuts


A:Solved: Excel 2010 highlighting differences in 2 lists

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I'm wondering if there is an easy way to share one list across all subsites from a root site using SharePoint 2010. The purpose behind this is to have a change on the list from the root site affect the same list in all the other sites. Templates don't seem to allow for this.

Help, please?

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I'm looking for some info if this is even possible with outlook.

We have a public e-mail for support that 10 users have access for a ticket system.
Users send in e-mails to get support.
i'm trying to find a way for outlook to automaticaly distribute e-mails to each agent.
- Agent 1
- Agent 2
- Agent 3
- Agent 4
- Agent 5
When the e-mail would get in the box it would go to agent 1, then the next e-mail would go to agent 2, etc.
Is there add on or a way to create rules for outlook to do this automatically?

A:Outlook 2003 distribution

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I know how to create a distribution list. I want to know how I can keep each individual private from each other on that distribution list.

It wouldn't look to professional to have a bunch of individuals see they are part of a marketing mailing.

Any suggestions??


A:Outlook distribution list

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How do I print members' names in a distribution list from an address book in Outlook 2003?

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Hi, how can i convert an Access Form into a webpage where i need users input using the webpage in our company intranet.

A:Outlook Distribution List

The title of your post is Outlook Distribution List.

I'm not sure what it has to do with Access.

Depending on the version of Access, you should have "Pages" available. Check out the help file on Data Access Pages.

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How can I create a distribution list based on senders of messages in a particular folder? I have sent out an e-mail with voting buttons Yes & No, and want to be able to create a distribution list of all the "Yes" people without having to manually add them one by one...

Any suggestions?

A:Outlook: creating a distribution list

Create a Contacts folder and drag those emails into the contacts folder...I think.

That's how I keep my newsletter subscribers. I drag the received email into that folder, and its a contacts folder.

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I find myself frequently deleting one of my distribution lists in Outlook XP when I only intended to delete one member. Is there a way I can create a cuplicate of this list under a different name as a backup (without having to re-create the list member by member)?

A:Copying Outlook XP Distribution List

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Is it possible to print out a distribution list (all the email addresses) in Outlook XP?

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How do I restore a distribution list deleted in Vista Contacts?

A:Distribution list in Outlook Contacts

As far as I know you don't unless you have a backup of the PST file!

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Does anyone know how I can set up a distribution list in Outlook 2002 so that recipients can see only the name of the distribution list in the TO box and not the names of the list members? I think that this is a new Outlook 2002 feature.

A:Outlook 2002 Distribution List

Generally, everyone puts "themselves" in the TO box, and the distribution list goes into the BCC.

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I am having a distribution list problem and I will try and explain as best I can.

It started out as a shared distribution list(called UBB), and normally when you would go to add it to an email where most distribution lists or contacts show up with the name and a line under it (ex: UBB), and you can click on that contact/list and open up their information.
Well whenever I add UBB, it does not link to the distribution list and in the "To:" text box, it only shows up as UBB, not underlined or anything.

So, I made a local distribution list and added the contacts to it. Still when I go to add the list as the contact of the email, and type in UBB or try to link it in there, it still will not work. So what do I need to change to get this to work?

Thanks for any help, and if you need more information I will gladly give it to you.

A:Distribution List Problem in Outlook

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I am using Outlook 2003 and have a problem with editing Distribution lists.
Two of them that I have created work fine. Right click>properties>add and remove users etc appears.
With one list, however, there is a problem - Right click and properties gives only general tab with the members and no option to add/remove etc.
I have tried removing Outlook contacts and adding them again, also creating new Outlook profile. No help. Outlook is not using cached mode at the moment.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you all in advance,



A:Outlook Distribution list problem.

Are you on an Exchange Server?

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I recently bought a new computer with Windows XP and Office 2002.

I successfully transfered data for contact folders. When creating distribution lists, I noticed that in the distribution list, the "NAME" column listed the e-mail addresses as did the "EMAIL ADDRESS COLUMN"

Yet the fields in my contact address books are all correctly filled in (just as I had in Outlook 98)

Now the distribution list works, but it is annoying to not be able to see names so I can keep the list updated. A number of the e-mail addresses are difficult to decipher.

I have gone to Microsoft - do details on sorting the fields within the distribution list. Microsoft won't talk to me because software was OEM with Dell. Dell says they don't support software. No documentation I have looked for addresses this issue. It is frustrating. Anyone with a solution??

A:Help-outlook 2002 distribution list


In the words of a famous politician "I feel your pain".

I think Outlook Express was wheeey easier. I dunno how I got roped into Outlook other than its got some god features like calendar that you dont have to revert to another calender for (eg everything is supoededly in one place)

Also I think its bogus how MS shifts the blame to others. MS made teh softwere the dealer only sells it. If you blow up a tire on your GM car, you can still talk to Firestone about it.

In business, obviously large companies only want to sell more stuff they realise that fixing stuff is generally costing them money (unless you pay for it).

Anyway, I have a office Im associated with. Most people dont go there so we all use outlook.

In the "contacts area" under "actions" you can see "create new distribution list:

Under select members you should be able to highlight the ones you want in that list.

Then, when you want to send to those, you type the group name and it send to all of them.

To review them you can go back to the original box and add, delelte, or modify them.

Lemme know if that helps.


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My boss asked me to put together a mailing list of clients to whom we could send various newsletters etc, so I created a distribution list in Outlook 2000. She (my boss) added, however, that she wanted the email to include an option which allowed the recipients to "opt out," or remove themselves from the list. I have no idea how to even start with this part of the project and could use a little guidance either in actually setting up the e-mail, or in finding someone who could tell me how. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

A:Solved: Outlook Distribution list


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I’m having trouble creating a distribution list with Outlook 2003 on XP Pro SP3. I know how to do it, have done it before, and just did it with the same rev Office on our laptop under Win7. When I try to create one, I get the attached error msg. My outlook.pst file is not on the C partition (on purpose), but this is nothing new and Outlook knows where it is. Email works fine and the contacts list works fine. I don’t use the address book. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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I am a new user to Outlook 2003. I need to sort distribution list by last name and cannot find out how or if it can be down. I can sort the contact list by last name, as well as first, but the distribution list only sorts by first name which does not help me with a couple thousand entries.

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I wonder if anyone can help with a problem I've been having with a distribution list in Outlook. I've been using this list for months with no issue but around a month ago one of the members is not always receiving emails. They are still showing on the list in my contacts, but something seems to be happening between me sending the email as when I open the list in the sent email, they are not there! I've tried deleting them from the list and adding them again but it doesn't appear to have helped. Does anyone have any advice?
Thanks in advance!

A:Outlook Distribution List Error

Hello, you can try this: remove all the members from the DL, then delete it, also delete the contact that was not getting the messages, reboot the machine and restart Outlook, re-create the deleted contact, re-create the DL and add all the original members to it. (I am hoping it is a short list)

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Dear all,

I'm trying to create a distribution lists from my contact in Outlook 2003 but cannot find the option for cc or bcc. Is there such an option?

A:Outlook 2003 distribution list

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I've problem sharing a folder that contains an address book (& deleted items).

Sharing individual contact is fine, but when I've created several distribution lists, other authorised sharing users have problem viewing/using these lists. Contacts in the list are shown with "unknown email address" and outllook cannot update contact's details (message showing "cannot find contact").

Can anyone please help?

A:Outlook 2K Sharing Distribution List

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