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Avast free av vs avira free av

Q: Avast free av vs avira free av

I've been reading so much about these two AVs and just cannot make up my mind which would work best on my Vista HP. Can I run them side by side as one webpage suggested? Or will that throw a spanner in the works?

I'd appreciate some advice please as although I have Avast at the moment I don't find it particularly easy to work out.

A: Avast free av vs avira free av

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hi i would like to see which every one prefers?

A:Avast Free vs AVG Free vs Avira Free Antivirus for Windows

AVG proactive protection does very good work most of the time

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Hello everyone, which one do you think is better? Personally I would choose and use Avast because Avire has terrible 0-day protection and heuristics but what do you think, and does anyone know why their file scanner is called Luke Filewalker?

A:Avast Free vs Avira Free

both offer great protection if tweak optimally.

Avast! - I don't like their UI.
Avira - I hate the launcher.

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Which antivirus to put a bunch of SpyShelter Premium +Windows Firewall Control(binisoft) ?
Win7 x64 Other ? Thanks

A:BitDefender Antivirus Free vs Avast Antivirus Free vs Avira Antivirus Free

Resource Usage (eg: CPU, RAM): draw, with the indication of Avira, since BitDefender takes overall a little bit less of CPU time, but consumes much more RAM.
Level of Protection and Features (eg: Antivirus , Firewall, Behavior Blocker): Avira has more features, configuration options and is generally more effective when it comes to the malware detection (Proactive and Reactive).
Overall Winner: Avira.
Edit: I've just noticed, that you've added Avast - as the third contestant - to BitDefender and Avira. Still Avira is the winner here. Avast is not too hungry for PC resources and perhaps has more features, but its engine is not so good, and its detection ratio usually lags behind both: BitDefender and Avira.

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Recent postings here from some users seem to indicate that the current version of MSE is quite good. I was thinking of using either Avast or Avira, but if MSE really is as good at detection and removal then I thought I'd give it a try first. Anyone try all three recently? The reports I've found online still seem to show MSE as not quite as good.

Nevermind. I did more searching and found more info. I'm going to try MSE, SpywareBlaster, and MAMB (which I already use).

A:Is MSE as good as the free Avast or Avira?

Quote: Originally Posted by tony22

Recent postings here from some users seem to indicate that the current version of MSE is quite good. I was thinking of using either Avast or Avira, but if MSE really is as good at detection and removal then I thought I'd give it a try first. Anyone try all three recently? The reports I've found online still seem to show MSE as not quite as good.

Nevermind. I did more searching and found more info. I'm going to try MSE, SpywareBlaster, and MAMB (which I already use).

Good move. Strictly from a BSOD perspective MSE causes much less than Avira, or Avast.

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Many independent av test labs are showing different results about different anitiviruses. But in real world,users have different experiences. I will be glad if you share your experiences about those 4 antiviruses.

A:MSE,avast! Free,avira or avg-which one is better as per your experience.

Those kinds of comparative testing results will vary depending on a variety of factors to include but not limited to who conducted the testing, what they were testing for (type of threats, attack vectors, exploits), what versions of anti-virus software was tested, what type of scanning engine was used, and the ability to clean or repair. There are no universally predefined set of standards or criteria for testing which means each test will yield different results. As such, you need to look for detailed information about how the tests were conducted, the procedures used, and data results.You ask a common question for which you will receive varying opinions and recommendations.Here are links to some recent BC discussion topics with opinions from other members:* What is the best antivirus protection?* What's the best premium security suite in the market currently?* Recommend a good free antivirus program* Which antivirus and malware programs should I use together?* Antivirus Solution?

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Hi all!!! It's been a while since I have posted anything. I have a quick question. I have been using Avast for over 2 years and have been very happy with it. The problem is Avast is getting pretty old. (in my mind) I downloaded and installed Avira Antivir Free Personal in one of my Vm's today and was pretty satisfied with the UI and features. The one thing that bothered me was that there was no feature to password protect my settings like there was in Avast. (even the free version) This is one of the things that is deterring me away from using Avira, since I have four other family members who could easily screw around with some settings. Another thing is that according to the Avira features list on their website it doesn't have some features that Avast has. (and i am not talking about the p2p shield, email scanner, online email scanner) If any one who has used both of these security products can tell me which one was better for them I would really appreciate it. The main thing is password protecting the settings.

Have a great day

A:Solved: Avast vs Avira (Free Versions)

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A:Bitdefender free vs Panda free vs Avira free 2016


This is my Top from what you listed.

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I want change my computer protection.

I want install Avast or Avira. But Avira doesn't have a firewall, so I want install avira + comodo firewall.

Which would be better for zero day malware protection and signatures: Avast Internet Security 2016 Or Avira+ Comodo firewall

A:Avast Internet Security 2016 VS Avira Free + Comodo Firewall

Avira + Comodo firewall is almost unbreakable. Best signatures and best proactive for zero day malwares.

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I've tried many free antivirus over the years, but these two have always consistently been the ones I liked the most.

After some issues with Windows 10 last year, I had to briefly switch to Avira but after the issues were fixed I got back to Avast because it was the one I had learned to rely upon in the last few years. However, I'm open to reassess my position between these two excellent products. Something that has also spurred me to reassess the situation was the fact that LifeHacker has recently changed their recommendation from Avast to Avira as the "The Best (Free) Antivirus App for Windows".

On one hand Avast offers a more complete feature set:

File System Shield
Web Shield
Mail Shield
Behavior Blocker (DeepScreen)

Still, I disable the E-mail blocker because I solely use Web mail. I also disable the Web shield because:

It seems to slightly slow down my browsing
I don't like to have all my HTTP traffic analyzed by the AV or any other program
Sometimes it doesn't play well with HTTPS because it internally to scan the encrypted traffic which changes the original website's certificate (I know I can selectively disable the Web Shield for HTTPS only)

So, in practice, I have been using the File System Shield and the Behavior Blocker at default sensitivity settings (no Hardened Mode) to avoid too many False Positives and issues with less known software. I've had no problems with this set up for a long time.

Regarding Avira, it lac... Read more

A:Avast Free Antivirus 2016 vs Avira Free Antivirus 2016

I vote for avast free more options more tweaks u can do in any option, and good deleting " dangers ". ofc software updater desactivate.
avira is anoying when detect some " infecction". run quick scan then many times ask fot reset pc not really good deleting real "dangers".
another thing is " the cloud " based.. oh common without internet cant do nothing really ?..
Abouth resources 50/50 both are good in this, ofc more " shields " u active and more " grade of detection " u activate more cpu/ram uses.

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Avast and SecureAPlus have been fairly interesting for me. Both seem to have great scanning and protection. Which would you choose?
NOTE: I have heard that SecureAPlus may have a really slow scan in the beginning. If that something you don't like that fine, Avast has a slow scan as well so I am not counting against either one.

A:Avast Free Anti-Virus 2016 vs SecureAPlus Free (Latest)

Thread Approved. Here are the official websites:

Avast Free Antivirus: Avast | Download Free Antivirus for PC, Mac & Android
SecureAPlus: Free Cloud Antivirus & Application Control for PC - SecureAPlus
@J Gamez065 If all factors are to be considered, why is the initial slow scanning ignored?

System Resource Usage
Realistic Performance Impact
Ease of Use
Graphical User Interface
Inclusive Product Features
Preferred Product and Why?


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Kaspersky found HEUR:trojan.win32.generic
says it's awating re-boot, i have re-booted several times and no change.
Malwarebytes found and
PUM.Hijack.Startmenu bad : (0) good: (1) > quarantined and successfully repaired.
Avast didn't find anything
and i can not gain acces to the internet , but do see a strong signal.
can you help me out, Bleepingcomputer? did i provide enough information?
thank, you.

A:Windows 7/64-bit scanned with Kaspersky/Malwarebytes (free)/ and Avast (free)

Please boot into safemode with networking and let me know if you can connect to internet

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I had previously installed NORTON SECURITY and accidentally uninstalled it. It would not open after re-installation. Now AVG free and AVAST free will not open from download. Win 7pro

A:AVG free AVAST free NORTON SECURITY will not open

first off you should only have one anti virus program installed on your computer. did you use norton's uninstall tool ? run the tool , restart , run the tool the second time.

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My eset 1 year key just expired, thinking of installing Avast free av for my home pc.,is it a good choice ?

A:Avast Free - Are Free antivirus software good ?

Avast free antivirus is an excellent choice in hardened mode! just make sure you deselect all the crap that you do not need during install ( secureline - browsercleaner - avast cleaner - software updater and so on. )

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I have always used Avast and Comodo as my AV/Firewall combination. I find it to be very useful, and although Comodo provides many annoying popups, they are useful and informational (I would consider myself a competent computer user, though no expert).

Recently, I just wanted to see how good my combination was and if there was a better one. I found topics that said of how Avast's web shield completely bypasssed Comodo's rules. I tested this:

1) Block chrome.exe in Comodo completely
2) Check that both Comodo and Avast are updated, and Avast web shield ON
3) Open Chrome and see what happens

Results: At first I thought it was fine, was blocked. Then I tried clicking on bookmarks. would open, would open, etc. I was shocked to find that Comodo was letting these websites open even though chrome.exe was blocked!

After doing some more research, and realizing that this was a big problem, and that many solutions did not work, with avast being blamed or comodo being outdated, or even that Win 7 64 bit was limiting comodo, I tested it again with web shield OFF.

I repeated the process of blocking chrome and opened and other websites. This time all the websites were blocked!

Is there a solution where I can keep web shield on and have comodo be effective in blocking? Or do I need a new firewall?

A:Avast 7 free! AV + Comodo Free Firewall Conflicts

No one has a solution?

Offtopic: Spybot S&D or SUPERAntiSpyware? It's kind of obvious, but is spybot still horrible?

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On April 8, I took down Microsoft Essentials and downloaded free Avast.

I also have Century Link and failed to explore if they had free anti-virus, which turns out, they have Norton.

That said, should I stay with free Avast or transfer to free Norton?

Thank you.

A:Solved: Free Norton vs. Free Avast on my XP

what version of norton are they offering for free ?

you will get a lot of different opinion with that question, also products change over time, for example MSE was one of the better products late last year, but is slowly falling down the comparison sites tests.

here are some comparison sites

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Avast free vs Bitdefender free for newbies about security. You can sugges other free products that are easy and protect well. Only antivirus.

A:Avast free vs Bitdefender free for newbies

If they absolutely don't know anything ("Hey, what's quarantine? What's scanning? What's definitions?") then Bitdefender without a doubt. If they know basic settings and to tell the difference between false positives than Avast!. I'll have to vote Bitdefender here, but Avast! is a much greater antivirus with those with basic security knowledge.

Update: See below post. I know longer reccommend Bitdefender. +1 to Avast!

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I am running avast free, spybot s&d free. should I turn off windows defender? What about malwarebytes pro instead of spybot? will more then 1 antispyware program slow down my computer?

A:avast free,spybot s&d free and win defender

I haven't used spybot in many years, it got too glitchy and difficult to use for me...
I tested several Anti Malware programs years ago and chose Malwarebytes (MBAM) Pro, no regrets here.
If you're thinking of MBAM paid, you should get the PRO Lifetime license while you still can. - malwarebytes pro

MBAM Premium (Ver 2) is an annual license (yearly fees).
I don't use Windows Defender, I use MBAM real time on all my systems.

For additional "real-time security" I also use:
WinPatrol - WinPatrol- Ruiware, LLC
EMET - Download Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit v3.0 from Official Microsoft Download Center

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I downloaded Avast because it was free. It says that I have to register to Avast! Free Anti-virus. I thought this program was free? Or is registering for free?

A:Is registering Avast! Free Antivirus free?

It is free.

Registering it is simple.

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Which av is best ?

BD Free is not compatible with Windows 10

A:Bitdefender free 2016 vs Panda free 2016 vs Avira free 2016


This is my Top from what you listed.

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So, I'm choosing a free antivirus software to use on my daily driver (I'm a vary advanced user) and I'm trying to decide between Bitdefender free and avast free.
First, I've heard that Bitdefender is dead/unmaintained/buggy?
Also, I've heard avast is kind if shady, I've heard rumors that when you call tech support they pretend there are problems on your computer to get you to pay money, and that it downloads malware on the users pc (Just rumors I've heard, Not accusing them of anything).
So which do you think I should go with? Thanks

A:Avast Free or Bitdefender Free?

Hi Robo11 First, I've heard that Bitdefender is dead/unmaintained/buggy?It's false. Bitdefender is still actively developped and have quite a good share of the Antivirus market. About the buggy part, it's down to the user's experience. Personally, most of the experiences I had with Bitdefender were quite bad. It was buggy, hogging resources, hard to uninstall, etc. But for some, it might just be the "best Antivirus" they ever used.Also, I've heard avast is kind if shady, I've heard rumors that when you call tech support they pretend there are problems on your computer to get you to pay money, and that it downloads malware on the users pc (Just rumors I've heard, Not accusing them of anything).It's false as well. There's no reputable Antivirus company that would do such a thing. Also, avast! forums offers malware removal assistance in the same kind as BleepingComputer, and there's also UNITE members helping on its forums, so I really doubt that this would ever happen.If you're torn between these two products, since both of them are free, I would suggest you to give them both a try (one after the other, not at the same time) and see for yourself which one you like better. My personal choice goes to avast!, but that's just me. You might also want to consider quietman's advice when it comes to choosing an Antivirus product. also noticed that you posted the same thread... Read more

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I just installed bit defender free edition but I'm alreadt getting confused. I can't find it's settings menu anywhere, when opened from the task bar all it gives is a small window in the bottom right corner, the "my bit defender" box on the page claims i need to register it (but this is the free edition??) and when clicked opens a small box window which just displays white saying "you need to have javascript enabled to view this page". whats more i find this page which suggest bit defender isn't an antivirus at all but rather it is a purely on demand thing like the free edition of malwarebytes, what is going on here?Please explain.Thank You. the section marked "important" at the bottom of the page.My machine windows 8.1, previously had AVG but I fully removed that before starting bitdefender's installation.Should i uninstall bitdefender and switch to avast instead?

A:Need some help bitdefender free vs avast free

Can you open the Bitdefender program/interface, then take a screenshot of it to post it here so we can see what you're seeing? Also, many free Antivirus products will ask you to registry in order to use them. So they are free, they just ask you to register yourself in order to be able to use them.

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Today I installed Avira free on my desktop computer and I noticed that there isn't web protection component without custom install. Does Browser Safety completely cover this component's function?

If there is a malicious element in a webpage, will ABS block it, or the URL must be generally blacklisted in Avira's servers as malicious so to be blocked? I don't know if this question has a point as I don't know if web protection component worked this way.
Any information?

A:Avira free & Avira Browser Safety

Answer is here..

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I thought it would be a good idea in keeping with the overall goal of this site to start a thread to give people a list of legal and secure sites for downloading free or dirt-cheap movies, music and software/games.
I believe this would helpful in terms of not just telling people not to visit/support pirating websites,
but to also give them other alternatives so that there wouldn't be a temptation to go there anyway
(And also for people like me that Don't want to steal, but also don't want to pay more than I have to)
Master list of sites for free/dirt cheap movies, music and free/free to try software:
Open Music Archive
Contains music with expired copyright according to UK copyright law, which states that the copyright expires 70 years after the author's death.
As such, some of the music may be considered "pirated" in countries with longer copyright periods.
For example, The longest copyright period I know of is Mexico (100 years after the author's death).
This guy composes his own music and gives it away for free!
Movies and/or TV
Movies and tv free with ads, or (for cost of membership) watchable without ads. 
Free for Dishnetwork users?
Not completely free, but VERY low price!
WARNING! As stated by Quietman, Many free Software Sites contain ads  or link to sites containing ads with misleading down... Read more

A:Good source sites for secure & legal free movies and free/free to try software?

That is a good question.
When I think about it Hulu does have movies.
I use Netflix.
I can use as I have Dishnetwork and can use that to be able to watch. Yup, just tested works good.
Many of the Movies channels can be watched that way.

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Hey there

Does anyone know what on earth is going on with Avira?? It hasn't updated for the last 2 days...consequently nothing running on the computer. When I click on update it just has that little blue line showing the progress on the update screen. The line is like a 1/4 inch long...and stays that way. Won't get past 7 kbytes. Aaaahh. I have 4 kids and me on this computer...A LOT.

I have windows xp, by the way. Commodo is on here. I have run malwarebytes..nothing. Spywareblaster..nothing. Obviously no scan from avira. Superantispyware...nothing. This is getting retarded. I uninstalled and reinstalled yesterday. Still no updating. What gives!!

Thanx for any input. Must get my ghost shaped and decorated brownies to my daughters school for the halloween party this afternoon. Eeeek. Look at the time. Gotta run. Hopefully when I get back someone will have an idea for see. See ya.


A:avira free won't update

This could be a problem with the Avira website itself. Update problems have been reported a few times lately. Check out the Avira Support Forum.

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My daughter rang me after she tried to plug in her new mobile dongle into her laptop - Avira flagged up a trojan -, sorry don';t have details and wouldn't let the software install. I got her to do various scans with Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, everything came up clean, so in the end I got her to uninstall Avira Free and install Bitdefender.

Lo and behold I plug in a brand new camera tonight into my desktop and get the same problem - Tr/Crypt.XPACK.Gen Trojan - I've also run Malwarebytes and Superantispyware scans and both clean. I also use Avira free.

Daughter's is a laptop running Win XP

Mines a desktop running Win 7

her's could have something on it - but am pretty sure mine doesn't, as I know this pc inside out, what are the chances of Avira flagging up false positives on two separate computers?

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I don't know if anyone noticed this but last night I noticed there was a new Voodooshield Beta available, so I went to download it. When I did try and download the new Voodooshield, Avira stopped the download and did a scan to see if the software was safe or not. I've used Avira quite a few times in the past and never seen it do this before. This is pretty cool, I think the new Free Avira is by far the best freeware antivirus. It's simple and it works!

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Hi I am trying Avira free ,but it is no web protection.I downloaded the Avira Browser Safety toolbar,will this do anything or not be enough? Thks

A:Avira free but no web protection?

Hi, I listed some differences between Avira Browser Safety and the Web Protection module of Avira Pro in the following thread:

Question - Avira Free and Pro question

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I just (stupidly) opened an "Avira free antivirus" RAR and ran the EXE. And it's clearly a virus.
I still have the file in an RAR when I restored to to test it on an online scanner.
I did not finish the whole installation process, however I clicked through a few stages of "no's", asking to install toolbars, and such.
i'm not sure if I should be uploading the file for examination or something. I'm trying a few AV's, MBAM and an ACTUAL Avira antivirus, but I don't know if that's enough.

A:"Avira free antivirus"

Avira Free Anti-virus download link...not sure where you downloaded your RAR versiions but the link I provided is safe.You can submit suspicious files for analysis to more than one online service:Jotti's virusscanVirusTotalVirSCANThreatExpertMetascan Online <- allows large file submissionsAnubis - Malware AnalysisMalwr Analysis ServicePayload Security Hybrid AnalysisComodo

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With respect to the Best Free Antivirus 2015 competition, I'm starting a thread series where users of the various products will be joining together to state the Pro's and Con's of each antivirus/internet security software and why they think it is a contender or not for the Best Free Antivirus.

The first post will be updated by me with what user's think is good and bad about the product, so an informed decision can be made for newcomers.

Related Threads:
Avast Free Antivirus - The Pro's and Con's
Qihoo 360 Total Security - The Pro's and Con's

A:Avira Free Antivirus - Pro's and Con's


Very light
Smooth running
Great offline engine
Great Cloud engine
File scan is deep
Avira addon for opera / chrome is great

Avira launcher (online instalator)
When a file is detected by realtime protection "luke filewalker" take too much time scanning things and doing some operations


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What do you think about Avira its what i use and i use to fix up all my friends computers.
Updates automaticly every 3 days.
(off topic) but what about glary utilities

A:Best AntiVirus= Free Avira..!?

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I hope this is the correct place for this post as I don't need help removing anything.

I had Avira Antivirus (free) on my PCs - gave it another chance - and just the other day it popped up a window reporting that Superantispyware contained a trojan and subsequently quarantined it. (Happened on 2 computers I have). Because Avira admitted - about a year ago or so - that on some systems it had a memory leak - and that was true because one of my PCs would completely freeze up after a while - I replaced it with another antivirus program.

Has anyone else had this trojan alert ? I presume it's a false positive because Superantispyware has a good reputation in it's field.

I'm becoming increasingly put off with Avira - even tho it's highly rated on many sites/forums.

A:Avira (free) problems

I would assume that it's neither an accidental detection nor a sign that SAS is malicious.

The more likely issue is that Avira detected the signature files which SAS uses to detect malware. I've seen this once when I accidentally ran a scan (I think it was MBAM though it may have been SAS) at the time my Avast scheduled scan was going to begin. It didn't happen unless they were scanning at the same time, but Avira may be different.

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I keep getting a window popping up saying the free Avira 9 is due to expire and to download the free Avira 10, but when I click to download, the website doesn't load. I have tried searching for free Avira 10 download and I am taking to an Avira site that wants you to pay.

Is there anyway of downloading this Avria 10 free?


A:Free Avira 10 download

I've already downloaded the free Avira 10 about 18 hours ago. I downloaded and installed it without problems so I'm not sure why you are having trouble.

Following Avira's links, you end up here: CNET

Perhaps their servers were especially busy with the new release.

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Do you have to install Avira browser safety extension if you're using Avira Free? What about the Pro version, do you have to install Avira browser safety extension as well? Or is it optional?

A:Avira Free and Pro question

I use Avira Free together with CF. Never install that expansion. If I want privacy I'll just straight to Tor Browser or Dabble. I tried the Avira browser safety expansion a while. Never liked it.

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Good morning, I have started testing Avira Free antivirus and I'm pleased about the results, but I have a question about his updates.. I used this product in the past and I remember that I had to manually update it each time because it wasn't updating automatically.. Is there a way to set the product for automatic updates? I took a look at the settings and there is an option to automatically update at a certain time, but I didn't see anything other..

A:Avira free updates

By default, Avira Free will automatically update in every 2 hours, while the paid version (Avira Pro) can be configured to automatically update in every 15 minutes. It will also update immediately when the PC is connected to the network.

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Since my Avira Free A/V program updated itself the it keeps hanging/stopping on some .txt files. The first was a bog standard .txt file the after deleting the file it stopped on another .txt file and wouldn't budge. Unfortunately I cannot access the .txt file as it's in C:\RECYCLER\....\Dc14.txt and even though I've done a search and ticked for show hidden files I cannot get to it.

Any ideas.



BTW I'm running XP Pro

A:Avira Free & .txt files

I've used Avira Free for a few years now and never encountered a situation as you describe.

There is no reason for Avira to become hung up on any file type or file.

There is the possibility that malware files may be detected by Avira which cannot be handled...although I have never experienced such and would not expect this to be the case.


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I downloaded and uninstalled the free version of Avira AV (was using Microsoft Security Essentials). It would not update properly, so I decided to uninstall it. I used Revo Uninstaller (advanced mode). After the uninstall I rebooted and Avira is still there. It does not appear in the Control Panel/Programs & Features and it is not in the list of programs in the start menu. I also downloaded and ran the Avira registry cleaner, which removed some registry items but left several others.

I could use some help in getting rid of this.

A:I cannot uninstall Avira Free AV

I think I solved it on my own. I re-installed the Avira AV over what was on my computer. This gave me a screen that gave me the option to remove the program, which I did. UI then ran the Avira registry cleaner again and was able to delete the remaining Avira related registry items.

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*Deleted by OM - reason: fixed*

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Which among the 2 would be a better choice

Windows Defender Vs Avira Free

A:Windows Defender vs Avira Free

Both of them lacks Behavior Blocker & HIPS Module. Thus they have to rely on their signatures. Avira Signatures are one of the Best & Windows Defender nowhere stands in front of it.

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Im not sure if this is a problem or not. After running Avira antivir free it found no infections but it did come back with a few warnings. I was wondering if they were serious or not?

This is the log it gave me.

Avira AntiVir Personal
Report file date: Saturday, August 09, 2008 16:50

Scanning for 1538515 virus strains and unwanted programs.

Licensed to: Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic
Serial number: 0000149996-ADJIE-0001
Platform: Windows XP
Windows version: (Service Pack 3) [5.1.2600]
Boot mode: Normally booted
Username: SYSTEM
Computer name: THE
Version information:
BUILD.DAT : 16479 Bytes 4/9/2008 16:24:00
AVSCAN.EXE : 311553 Bytes 3/18/2008 01:02:56
AVSCAN.DLL : 53505 Bytes 2/7/2008 00:43:37
LUKE.DLL : 151809 Bytes 2/28/2008 00:41:23
LUKERES.DLL : 12033 Bytes 2/21/2008 00:28:40
ANTIVIR0.VDF : 11030528 Bytes 7/18/2007 02:33:34
ANTIVIR1.VDF : 8182784 Bytes 6/24/2008 06:28:35
ANTIVIR2.VDF : 2316800 Bytes 8/4/2008 06:49:16
ANTIVIR3.VDF : 108032 Bytes 8/6/2008 06:54:12
Engineversion :
AEVDF.DLL : 102772 Bytes 2/25/2008 01:58:21
AESCRIPT.DLL : 311673 Bytes 8/7/2008 06:58:04
AESCN.DLL : 119156 Bytes 7/27/2008 06:42:19
AERDL.DLL : 418165 Bytes 7/27/2008 06:42:... Read more

A:Warning From Avira Antivir Free

Hello silon and garfunkel Are you using Online Armor Personal Firewall by any chance?The 3 processes are related to Online Armor.C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\OADriver.sysC:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\OAmon.sysC:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\oanet.sysThe reason the AV is warning you on those 4 files, is because they are locked and in use. They won't allow read access.

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A friend at work asked me have I ever used Avire Free Anti virus (he husband put it on her laptop) I said no but I can look at it, so installed and up to now I quite like it. I do know some Iffy sites so a little test and I will see how Avire handles it

Avire UI and Scan

A:Avira Free Anti virus

I've used it and I have to say it's really good.

I need to try it out again.


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I have downloaded this app but when I try to update I get error message "Sceduler not loaded" and update is stopped. I cant figger out what to do to "load scheduler" - can anyone help

A:Avira Antivir Personal (free)

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Hi! I recently posted that Avira AV was giving me the following warning in the master boot sectors HD 1,2,3,&4:

[warning] system error [21]: the device is not ready.

I was informed that Avira does this and it is nothing to worry about.

Then, soon after, I noticed that my Windows Security Center was warning me in the notification area that I had no av working yet in the Avira control center, it said that the antivirus guard was activated.

I uninstalled the Avira AV and then reinstalled it. The first scan was good with nothing detected. The master boot sector system errors mentioned above did not turn up on the first scan after the reinstallation of Avira.

Anybody got any ideas or suggestions??


A:problems with Avira AV free version

Hi rnfstwill,The following always appear in my scan logs--not sure what it means but I've never had any problems that trace back to it.Starting master boot sector scan:Master boot sector HD0 [INFO] No virus was found!Master boot sector HD1 [INFO] No virus was found!Master boot sector HD2 [INFO] No virus was found!Master boot sector HD3 [INFO] No virus was found!Master boot sector HD4 [INFO] No virus was found! [WARNING] System error [21]: The device is not ready.Not sure why yours went away after a reinstall, but you might look around the AntiVir forums or perhaps ask about it there.I do occasionally get warnings from Windows Security Center just like you describe. When that happens it is usually because AntiVir is doing an automatic update--which includes upgrades to program components at times. In order to save the changes to the program's files, the Guard gets shut down temporarily. The AntiVir icon in the system tray will show a closed umbrella when it is shut down. When the umbrella opens, the Guard is both active and running.It's possible the umbrella had reopened before you got into the AntiVir program interface to check the guard's status. If it happens again, give it a few seconds and keep an eye on the umbrella. If it stays shut down, then post about it in the AnitVir forums so they can determine if it is a bug and how to fix it. post back here too ... Read more

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wat is better out of the two?

A:comodo antivirus vs. avira free

AntiVir has proven high detection rates according to AV-Comparatives and AV-Test. Comodo AV is improving but on the few tests I've seen AntiVir scores higher.Also, Comodo has much more false positives.

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How about this Avira Free Antivirus 15?
I'm waiting for your review

A:Avira Free Antivirus [02/12/2015]

version15 has existed for months just a little update
2015-02-12: Version 2015, Update 8

General Information
Avira Antivirus for Windows, version 2015 update 8 has been released on February 12th, 2015.
Revised update mechanism offering more flexibility and better support for scenarios using a proxy
Additional sensors for Behavior-based Detection have been implemented
The Avira Free Antivirus detection update frequency has been increased (default frequency is set on 2h, same as Avira Antivirus Pro)
New installations include the new update frequency
Existing installations will not be updated by default. The 2h interval of the detection update has to be set manually by the user (An automatic change of existing installations will be presumably implemented with a future update)
Bug fixes
There are no bug fixes for this update.


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Source: Twitter @Avira_BetaTest

Apply: Avira BETA Center

Avira Free Android Security Beta

We are currently developing the new antivirus feature for Android and would like to invite you to join the beta test which is about to start now. You are welcome to give feedback, report bugs, suggest enhancements and thus be actively involved in the development of this exciting new product.

Overall characteristic and feature description


The first version of Avira Free Android Security with antivirus delivers the following functionality:

+ On-demand scan of all installed 3rd-party apps on the smartphone
+ Auto-scan of any 3rd-party app once it is downloaded and installed on the smartphone
+ Daily antivirus updates (internet connection required)
What you should know about the beta

This beta contains the most basic features only. Additional features like on-demand scanning of the SD card and malware removal assistance will be developed and released very soon.

If you want to take part in the beta test then apply now for this exciting testing opportunity.Click to expand...


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Am I wrong to have both Spybot & Avira free versions installed? Do they do essentially the exact same thing...if so, which one should I un-install?

A:Are Avira (free) and Spybot the same basically?

Avira is an antivirus, not Spybot. Spybot is basically an anti-spyware. Leave both.

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Hello...It was recommended by someone here to use this program. I must have something set wrong. I will copy my report for some HELP. The program can't get into my files to scan for viruses.

Can someone PLEASE HELP ME?



AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic
Report file date: Thursday, October 12, 2006 00:31

Scanning for 524487 virus strains and unwanted programs.

Licensed to: Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic
Serial number: 0000149996-WURGE-0001
Platform: Windows XP
Windows version: (Service Pack 2) [5.1.2600]
Username: Kathie
Computer name: PREFERRE-006970

Version information:
AVSCAN.EXE : 200744 8/21/2006 16:06:58
AVSCAN.DLL : 41000 9/7/2006 16:56:34
LUKE.DLL : 118824 9/7/2006 16:32:34
LUKERES.DLL : 9256 9/7/2006 16:56:34
ANTIVIR0.VDF : 7371264 5/31/2006 16:35:28
ANTIVIR1.VDF : 1745920 10/2/2006 23:53:10
ANTIVIR2.VDF : 78336 10/9/2006 23:52:40
ANTIVIR3.VDF : 16384 10/11/2006 23:52:34
AVEWIN32.DLL : 1860096 10/5/2006 23:52:38
AVPREF.DLL : 23592 7/24/2006 18:36:06
AVREP.DLL : 843816 10/5/2006 23:52:38
AVRPBASE.DLL : 2162728 3/30/2006 14:43:32
AVPACK32.DLL : 368680 7/21/2006 12:00:30
AVREG.DLL : 27688 7/28/2005 16:06:36
NETNT.DLL : 6696 9/27/2005 13:56:50
NETNW.DLL : 9768 7/24/2006 18:35:56
RCIMAGE.DLL : 1642536 8/1/2006 17:22:58
RCTEXT.DLL : 77864 10/2/2006 23:53:30

Configuration setting... Read more

A:AVIRA-Antivirus Free Problem

Can anyone help me? Please.....? Contributing subscriber to a great site

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Avira Free Antivirus for Mac version 3.2.3 is now available for beta testing at the Avira Beta Center. Existing installations will receive this update automatically.

Changelog for Beta build


Fixed an issue which prevented the Kernel Extension from being uninstalled.

Avira Free Antivirus for Mac Beta
Future updates can be applied to this thread.

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I downloaded Avira AntiVir personal adition last year and it is now out of date so i reinstalled it after uninstalling it and a security alert keeps popping up at the bottom right of my computer telling me that avira antivir is out of date.
Why is this happening?


A:avira anitvir (free) question

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This is a mini-review of both Avira Pro and Free.

Avira Pro


Very good performance against malware from MT's Malware Hub; up-to-date signatures.
Resource impact on my W8.1 system was low (not while scan running).
GUI is clear and easy to use.
User can easily figure out actions taken by Avira to protect/clean system.
Logging is clear and easy to interpret/understand; the best I have seen.
Highly configurable scanner.
Integrates Windows Firewall into its own GUI enabling easier access to Windows FW GUIs.

Really expensive for the features and overall protection provided.
No firewall (for all Avira products including Internet Security Suite).
Only signature-based protection/malicious URL filtering with limited heuristics; no file rating/Behavior Blocker/anti-executable.
Cloud Scanner requires many active network connections (bandwidth).
Avira Free


Identical to Avira Pro, but free (some built-in ads that can be circumvented).

No web protections.


Avira is definitely Germanic ... and like all fine German products it is over-engineered.

It is also an anachronism - a signature-based dinosaur. It's protection model may be a relic, but Avira nevertheless has taken it to the ultimate expression.

Avira is essentially a super turbo-charged signature-based scanner with other features built around it.

Real-time protection (which is essentially a file guard for on-access/mapped-to-memory detection with heuristics) works like a... Read more

A:Avira Pro and Free - General Impressions

Con for both:

Lots of exe's wants lots of internet access

Pro for both:

The registry protection module is DAMN STRONG, it outshined SpShelter


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I have avira antiver installed but want to replace it with avg free.

However in the avira quarantine there are a couple of trogans and worms.

Do I uninstall avira and let the above viruses go back on my hard drive, then install avg and run it, so that it will pick up the viruses I have just deleted from avira.

Or is there another way to get rid of them AND then install avg.

I believe you can delete them, then turn of system restore shut down reboot turn on system resore then run the avg IS that correct

thank you
jean bloom

A:want to replace avira anti ver with avg free

bloom said:

I believe you can delete them, then turn of system restore shut down reboot turn on system resore then run the avg IS that correct
Click to expand...

I don't see the harm in doing that.
Just make sure they're all gone and I would probably do one last scan with avira just to be sure any nasties lurking around disappear.

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Get 5GB Free - Avira Secure Backup

Avira Secure Backup is an easy-to-use online storage solution for preserving your valuable information. Upload all your files with just one click or simply select the ones that you want. It?s up to you! Combine the flexibility of cloud storage systems with the security of traditional offline backup methods.


Multi-device Access
Effortless File Sharing
Security and Privacy
Simple, Automatic Backups
Get 500 MB extra per invitee, and up to 10GB additional. Totalling 15GB Free!


On a side note: I've not used Avira Secure Backup as I'm currently testing another vendor's version.

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Changes in Avira Free Android Security 2.0
? Scans apps upon installation & update
? On-demand scanning
? Automatic virus & detection updates (internet connection required)
? Previous scan summaryClick to expand...


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Thought this might be of some interest for all :

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Comodo Cloud AV vs Avira Free

A:Comodo Cloud AV vs Avira Free

At all respect to Comodo, but their product still very crude, and service comodo valkyrie it is not clear when will start to work. Even when will start to work, it is not clear on how many effectively and as long it will hold on. Avira +

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Avira Free Security Suite 2017 complete with optional VPN protection.

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I just insatlled Avira for a test run and have found something I'm not fond of. Everytime I do a definitions update, yhis really big, Red window opens after the update to ask if I want to upgrade to the pro version. It just bugs me and I'd like to get rid of it. I looked in the registery and found an entry that may be related. See attached screen shot.

Any ideas??


A:Solved: Avira free version

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Hi, I'm new on this forum, I live in Colombia and I need help to uninstall Avira, but I know a partial solution to my problem.

During the last week I've had some errors (0xc0000142) in the system that I fixed up taking out programs I had installed, but Avira stopped working, appearing 0xc000007b error, otherwise all is good on my PC. I've being trying hard to remove the AV, because neither with Revo nor from the crontol panel is possilble to remove Avira, because Avira does not respond (and appears a system message at the beginning of each session with the title AVGcenter.exe that notifies that the application not opened properly and click to close)
In the Remove Programs panel, besides Avira, there are two other programs: Avira Free Search Toolbar webprotection and Avira Free Search Toolbar webprotection updater, where appears as editor of the same.

Consulting, I think this is the correct method to remove it manually:

1) Download Avira Regcleaner
2) In safe mode, delete the Avira files in Programs Files (x86) and Data Programs.
3) Run the Regcleaner, first solving the problems of compatibility, since this tool works for Windows XP and I have 7 home basic, and then to run as administrator.

The other settings I found it on this website:

- Http://

Even I read that it is advisable to run several times the Regcleaner, then reboot and all is going to be supposedly fixed, but my problem is that when I try to delete the ... Read more

A:Uninstall Avira Free manually

0xc0000142 is an installer error. "Application Failed To Initialize 0xc0000142" Error.
The other error 0xc000007b can mean that you have or tried to install a 64bit program on a 32bit platform.

You may be infected with a virus that can corrupt a anti virus program rendering it useless Or had corrupted your system interiorly. I would recommend going to the "Virus Help" link in my signature. Follow all the instructions to the letter. Then proceed to the next steps keeping you logs in that forum. Be patient they do get a lot of inquires someone will be along to help you.

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I'm currently working on a Windows 7 Laptop that belongs to a friend.  I have installed Malwarebytes and I'm still in the process of installing Avira.  The reason that I'm posting is because both of these programs look completely different than what they look like on my computer, which has Windows XP SP3.  Is this normal?

A:Question about Avira Free Antivirus and Malwarebytes???

Re malwarebytes please read Grinlers post.
Did you get them from the official site's?

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Is the download side or is the download there a rogue version of Avira?

I downloaded Avira from there and I'm just curious that the download isn't at

A:Is this the download site of the free Avira AntiVir?

Hi Lloyd T its safe.

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I usually do daily or weekly checkup scans, but yesterday avira found 27 hidden objects. I used ccleaner then rebooted in safe mode with networking, after scanning with avira, malware bytes, and super anti-spyware the results were clean. Today I did another scan with avira and it was also clean, should I be worried about those hidden objects? Logs are attached.

A:Avira 10 free found 27 hidden objects

Bump please. Avira only detects these objects when I choose to scan the drive for "active rootkits and malware" as an administrator. If scanned under normal profile, everything is clean. My laptop is also running normally without slowdowns, so I guess I'm okay.

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I have been using Avira Free with a Windows 7 laptop for several years and it's been ok, but there are quite a few annoying pop ups and I suspect it's dragging the performance (boot times) a bit.
I recently switched from Avira Free to Windows Defender on a Windows 8 laptop and I have been pleased with the results so far.  Faster start ups and no pop ups.
Now I am thinking of switching the Windows 7 laptop, but I understand that Windows Defender is not an antivirus option (only anti spy for Windows 7)?  So I would need Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) instead.
Has anyone switched to MSE for Windows 7 and willing to share their experience?  Thanks!!

A:Windows 7 Free Anti Virus: Avira vs MSE?

I'm not using Windows 7, but 8.1...
I've used MSE for a while but quickly switched to something else, first I used Avast! Free Antivirus on my system but after some reading on the forums and look into AV tests I switched back to Emsisoft wich is a very good antivirus and antimalware program.
So my experience with Microsoft Security Essentials: Don't use it if you can get beter. 
Best of luck! 

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Since I encountered a problem with updating Comodo AV signatures database, (same as described here), I have changed my AV to Avira Free. After installation, I've uninstalled Avira online essentials (additional tool that I don't need, and installs together with AV, for the ones that don't know) Unfortunately, the company wants to persuade me to reinstall AOL by popping up "update" information every few reboots, and they try to make me upgrade to premium using the same method. I am not to do neither of it, so here's my question:
Any way to disable this iritating pop up windows by a small change in the program's files or a small registry modofication?
I am running WinXP Home SP3, other IS software running permanently are Comodo 5 Sandbox/Firewall/Defense+, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Free and Unchecky.
I'll be grateful for any help :>

A:Avira free antivirus - iritating pop ups, want to turn off

What is Avira Online Essentials?Avira Online Essentials is the next generation Avira platform that integrates multiple Avira products and services and allows users to connect and manage multiple devices. You just need tologin....Avira Online Essentials is not a product, which you install, but an web application, which helps you to manage and monitor all you devices. You can access Avira Online Essentials at any time from everywhere...Components of Avira Online Essentials* The Avira Launcher (Windows Client)* The Avira Dashboard (Web application)How to Uninstall Avira Client installed by Avira Online Essentials?Update: After uninstalling Avira client, when Avira Update dialog appears (check the screenshot below), dont click Accept and Update, if you do so, it reinstalls Avira client or online essentials into your computer again. To avoid that happening, close that dialog, after that, when Avira Update dialog asks to Cancel, click Yes.An offer of free anti-virus software is essentially a marketing technique...a way of advertising and enticement to get folks to try a product and if they like it, to purchase the full or pro version. Market and promotional strategies are built into the vendor's business model as part of their operating costs. As such, users may have to deal with occassional pop-up but nuisance advertising and prompts to upgrade to the paid version.

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I installed and in happy using of free new Avira. But I would like to know if there is a remote possibility to delete a very unfair propaganda big window that appears at updating, allerting of hell's dangers if one doesn't buy the paid edition. Many thanks and friendly regards

A:Solved: New free Avira's small inconvenient

Nope. Now you understand the difference between the two main types of free programs, freeware and nagware. Avira free edition is the latter.

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My computer got infected with something last night (I was using avira free) and it seemed to wipe out everything. Instead of trying to fix it, I did a restore with backup (not sure if I'm using the right words).

Now I'm trying to install avira free antivirus but it says I need Windows XP 32 SP3, Windows XP 64 LP2 or Window Server 2003 SP2. When I look at what I have for Windows, it says I have version 5.1 (build 2600.xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158 : Serivce pack 2)

Last year when someone here had me restore back to factory setting, I was able to install avira. I've tried several times now with no luck.

A:Can't install Avira Free Antivirus on my Windows XP

If I read your comment correctly it states it needs. Window xp sp3 I see there you have sp2. Here is link to sp3 try that and see if it will install

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I know this is the eternal question, but let me tell you about my dilemma :

Since i run Seven, i use Avira free edition + Windows Firewall & Win7 Firewall Control + Spybot

but my internet provider offers me freely Norton Internet Security 2010 with my subsciption...

I used NIS2009 (also free with subsciption) last year with XP, and had no probs in fact, but after reading more and more bad words about Norton, i decided to change...

When i think about it, it seems nuts not to take benefit from a gift from my internet provider, and now i just really don't know what to do anymore...

What's your opinion, Folks...???

Thanks in advance...

A:Avira free or Norton Internet Security???

Stick with Avira IMO.

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have an asus laptop with win7. i uninstalled Kapersky antivirus and proceeded to download avira free from another link here on tspot. i choose the option to run, as opposed to save or cancel and it begins the initial download. after its finished it simply disappears. no idea where it went and i cant find it anywhere when searching for the file. its supposed to prompt for location to install after, but it never does. my download folder is empty. i tried downloading it twice. same thing happend. is it not compatible with win7 or something? is it possible something hasnt been setup right. this is a brand new laptop.

A:Avira free not downloading properly to laptop

k well it seems that avira free just isnt capatible with win7. avast download is working though. problem solved thx.

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today I reinstalled avira free 2016, on win10 pro x64.
It seems that the cpu usage is a lot higher than it used to be I am often seeing 6% cpu usage from Avira.
Avira.servicehost is the name of the process I am talking about.
This is on skylake i-5, with a light work load. Aside from windows task manager, I have no other process running that is using a significant amount of cpu.
Isn't 6% cpu too high for an AV running on a modern system?

A:Avira Free 2016 high CPU usage?

may be it's temporarily some time and it's gone

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System optimization tools and apps are fairly popular on desktop PCs but also on mobile devices. They promise to free up space, memory or remove privacy-related information from the device they run on.

Avira Android Optimizer is a new application for Android by Avira that can be best described as a system optimizer as it includes various options to clean and optimize the system.

The application displays the current state of the system on start. There you find listed the available memory and storage, as well as cleaning projections so that you know how much memory or storage you can free up by running the application's cleaning tools.

If you are in a hurry, you can use the one tap boost option to run an automated optimization of the system.Click to expand...

Image taken from

Read More:

A:Avira launches free Android Optimizer

Google Play Store:

Avira Homepage for Android Optimizer:

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N270 @ 1.60GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 28 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2039 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152616 MB, Free - 112308 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 1468
Antivirus: Avira Desktop, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled
Secondary to other antivirus troubles for updating I went back to known for me free Avira. Well, once opened, the content of pages doesn't fix the size of the interface, leaving part of the inferior part out. I have the same trouble with a support application distributed by my internet server. All other multiple programs function OK. I maintain my netbook clean as pure water. Many thanks and cheers.

A:Solved: Free Avira interface trouble

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This morning I had what appears to be a normal Avira screen message in the lower right corner of my desktop which says that AviraFree 2013 is available- do I want to download it? I downloaded and began the install process, but came to the part where Avira checks for incompatible programs. The following is what I came up:The following programs are installed on your computer and may cause incompatability problems with the Avira Security solutions. To ensure the stability of your computer we recommend you uninstall these programs:The following products must be uninstalled manually:Malwarebytes Anti-MalwareI was confused as this website seems to recommend and utilizes Malwarebytes in many cleanup operations. Thought I would check with you before proceeding.Thank you,KatieMayMy computer information:OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bitProcessor: AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+, x86 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 2Processor Count: 2RAM: 1919 MbGraphics Card: ATI Radeon Xpress 1250, 700 MbHard Drives: C: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 135385 MB;Motherboard: MICRO-STAR INTERANTIONAL CO.,LTD, MS-7367Antivirus: Avira Desktop, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Avira Free 2013 says to remove MalwareByes?

It is normal warning from Avira.You can skip the warning.Avira and malwarebytes works well together.

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Last night while updating Malwarebytes free I had the option to go for the trial version, so I did.
So today I log on and find everything seem takes longer to load and I can't open Avira Free from the desktop icon and there's no sign of it in the taskbar. Tried right click/run as administrator to no avail.  I eventually opened it from the start menu.
Could this have something to do with the Malwarebytes update?

A:Malwarebytes trial vs Avira free question

Hi redjim It's possible that there has been a conflict with Avira and Malwarebytes, and that now Avira refuses to launch, but I doubt. Avira and Malwarebytes are supposed to be compatible with each other. If you restart one more time, does the situation goes back to normal or not?

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Every time I test Avira using the EICAR Test File, the option "Repair" is always grayed out. Can the free version repair files or do I need to buy the Premium version to get the heal feature? Can the free version AVG or Avast! heal files?

A:Can Avira AntiVir Free heal files?

Hello.I saw this page in the Avira Website: EICAR help page which may be helpful. European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research (EICAR)

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Bit puzzled between the two AV. Forti seems more feature rich than Avira Free. Effectiveness is what matters more.

A:Among the two Anti Virus, which is better ? (Avira Free Vs FortiClient 5.4)

Avira offers excellent results in detecting and removing malware.
Low system impact but protection against phishing sites is a bit poor.

FortiClient has improved a lot in recent years and now It provides a very good protection level.
As regards the additional features, it offers an effective web filter that helps protect from harmful content, suspicious and phishing URLs.
System impact appears to be on average level.

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Is it safe to run comodo internet secuirity and avira antivir free together?

and i dont knw wat 2 decide from. Wich one do u guys recomend?

A:comodo internet secuirity and avira free?

It's not safe to run both of them at the same time if they both installed (assuming Comodo Internet Security also includes an antivirus). This is because having two antiviruses can cause problems with your computer in its performance and compromise the security of your computer.

As for which one is better, it's really a matter of opinion, let alone that I haven't used either of the products.

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I am still using Avira Free AV 11/24/2014 due to problems I had with the automatic update in November.

I am wondering if the new version 15 includes any Firefox extension add-ons - like Avira SafeSearch, Avira SearchFree Toolbar plus Web Protection, Avira Browser Safety?
If so, can anyone verify that they were (easily) able to disable those extensions thru Avira, or remove them?
If not, I'll have to hack the WindowXP Registry to keep Firefox from finding those extensions, because disabling those extensions thru the Firefox Add-0ns Manager is out of the question due to the ridiculous number of Profiles I have - triple digits the last time I counted them all - on my main Logon Account and 5 in my Admin Logon Account.

I have been using Avira Free specifically because it doesn't include Firefox extensions of that nature, other than the 2013 version where there was one Firefox extension, that was subsequently removed a month or two after version 13 was released.

Thanks, Ed

A:Avira Free 15 and Firefox browser extensions

Avira Free Antivirus has not a add-on or a toolbar. On the latest versions, I did not see any toolbar (Ask) or add-on installition.
Maybe you saw Avira Browser Safety add-on for Firefox. You can get it from HERE. It is not included into installers. Avira Browser Safety is one of the great add-on on the market imho.
But you can able to remove and disable it from your Firefox. There is no compulsion!

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Currently I have free versions of Avast & Avira installed. I suspect Avira is not working properly though it resists all my attempts to completely uninstall it. I've used Revo's uninstaller. Revo shows two icons; one for Avira & one for Avira Free Antivirus. In Vista's control panel Programs & Features it has the same two icons. The Control Panel page shows an icon for Avira Free Antivirus. In Program Files there is an Avira folder w/two folders; AntiVirDesktop & My Avira.
Whatever is on my laptop it's very persistent. Thanks in advance for any help with removal.

A:Trying to uninstall Avira free antivirus on Vista

How do I uninstall my Avira product?Instructions for manual uninstallation of AviraIt is not uncommon for some anti-virus programs to not completely uninstall itself using the usual method of Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs due to the presence of related services and processes running in the background. Sometimes the uninstall works more effectively if you first stop and disable the program's service (and associated processes) or perform the removal in safe mode so there are less processes which can interfere with the uninstallation.In many cases anti-virus vendors also provide clean-up utilities on their web sites to remove remnants left behind after unintalling or for a failed uninstall so always check there first.Avira Download Center: Avira RegistryCleaner <- removes all registry entries (leftovers) created by Avira productsAvira RegistryCleaner DownloadAlso see the IMPORTANT NOTE about not using more than one anti-virus program in this topic: Choosing an Anti-Virus Program

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I use a third-party firewall that allows full control.

But some of my friends use the firewall built in to Window 7. To each their own.

I've taken a look at that firewall, and it's actually fairly flexible.

It has quite of bit of incoming traffic blocked by default, but leaves outgoing traffic wide open. I want to help them restrict outgoing traffic on their systems.

Many of them use Avira's free antivirus. I would like to configure their Windows 7 firewall (aka Windows Firewall with Advanced Security) to work with Avira, while still blocking as much outgoing traffic as possible for them.

Blocking all outgoing traffic with the Windows firewall is trivial, but I haven't found any documentation on Avira's site on how they recommend configuring the Windows 7 firewall to work with their product (perhaps because they want you to buy their pro version that has a firewall, but as of this post, their pro firewall does not even support IPv6!).

So before I reinvent the wheel and figure it out myself, has anyone already set up the Windows 7 firewall's outgoing traffic rules to work properly with Avira free antivirus (that is, not break it or impair its functionality in any way)?

Also, interestingly, I see no Incoming Rules for the Windows 7 firewall for Avira on their systems. How is this possible given that they regularly get program and definition updates?

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Hello there!
I have a problem with Avira Free Antivirus. I try to update its database but it shows me the following message:
'update.exe - Application error
The instruction at 0x69a328c6 referenced memory at 0x00000008. The memory could not be read. Click ok to terminate the program".
Because of this message the database is not updated and that's probably a risk for my PC.
Anybody has any ideas?
Thank you!

A:Windows 7/ Avira Free Antivirus problem

If no one replies with any specific suggestions, you may want to check with:Avira Support for Free & Paid ProductsAvira Support Forum

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I've been an avid user of free AVs for many years now. I think I probably started with AVG back in the early/mid 2000's. After that I believe I moved to Avira and then for the past probably 4 or 5 years been using Avast. However, lately I've grown dissatisfied with Avast's UI changes and their slipping detection results and false positives (just check AV-Comparatives and's results this year). The yearly registration is also a bit of annoyance, especially when installing it on friends/family computers.
So I've decided to jump back to Avira AntiVir Free. After reading that they removed the annoying upgrade popup it was infamous for years ago, and seeing that Avira's detection rates and false positives trump Avast, it seemed like the best choice for a free AV. Avira also hasn't dumbed down their UI like I'm some kind of mobile user; they still give you access to lots of power-user settings. Access to these settings turned me away from such offerings as BitDefender Free and Panda Cloud.

A:Free AVs - Jumping ship back to Avira

Panda Cloud 3.0 also has many configuration options for experts, try again!

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I have kaspersky internet security but my license has ran out. Im just wondering if I should purchase another license or if their are free programs that are better? Or is kaspersky better than all free programs?

A:kaspersky internet security VS Sas, AVira free.

Whether one antivirus is better than another is more a matter of opinion than fact. It all depends on what criteria you use for the comparison.

Having said that, I think the free antivirus solutions available are more than adequate. I personally use the freeware Comodo antivirus/firewall combination. Why pay for something when you can get it for free!

Remember though, all the protection in the world won't stop you from getting infected if you're not careful about how you use your computer.

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First, I never know if I'm in the correct forum. If I'm not, I'm very sorry.

Second, I know so little about computers that I never know how to explain my problem. And if you need info from me, you pretty much have to tell me how to get that info.

I've been using avira free antivirus for several months now. I noticed today that it has not updated since Dec 16. I tried updating and it would not do it. I reinstalled and restarted my computer and now I can't even get the umbrella to open. When I try to turn it on, it says my computer is not secure, a service is not working correctly.

I'm using windows xp. And I need aspirin. Oh, I did run malwarebytes and it found 2 bugs and supposedly removed them but still can't run avira. And I also did a scan with avira but I don't remember if that was before I reinstalled or after. I think it was after. It was today, that much I know.

I have received good help here before, so I hope someone can help me. Thanks! Darlene

A:Avira Free Antivirus won't update and now I can't even open the umbrella

Just want to report that I was finally able to update. No clue what happened, but I guess the 100th time was the charm! LOL

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Dear reader,

today i tried to install Avira AntiVir personal free edition. During the process of installing this msg was shown.

"""A secure internet connection is required to activate the product (SSL encrypted). This could not be established. Please address the following issues and repeat the product activation.

-Ensure that the internet can be accessed
-Ensure that the system date is correct
-If in use, check your modem connection
-Ensure that the application fact.exe can access the internet and is not blocked by a firewall"""

this was the msg shown. to rectify this i turned off the firewall, but to no avail. I am able to access the internet without any trouble. the modem connection is fine, i checked that using ping on command prompt. the system date and time is accurate too.
i use Google Chrome on Windows Xp SP2. kindly tell me how to rectify this situation.

thanking you.

A:Can't install Avira AntiVirus Personal Free Edition

Is the date and time correct in the lower right-hand corner?
You might need to adjust it in the BIOS
If it continues to lose time you might need to replace the CMOS battery

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Since the last two months or so, I had been detecting hidden object with avira free antivirus, but couldn't know how to delete it!
The cumputer become a little slow too.
Also, the last week I install mediafire desktop, and after that the computer start doing refresh by itself! "on the desktop"
I uninstall it and the problem still there! but not often.
I download combofix after reading this thread:
But nothing changes! it only create some folders on c!
I want to remove this hidden object, and stop the weird refreshing thing that happen by itself.

A:detected hidden object by free avira and one more problem

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from HereDouble-click mbam-setup-2.X.X.XXXX.exe to install the application (X's are the current version number).Make sure a checkmark is placed next to Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish.Once MBAM opens, when it says Your databases are out of date, click the Fix Now button.Click the Settings tab at the top, and then in the left column, select Detections and Protections, and if not already checked place a checkmark in the selection box for Scan for rootkits.Click the Scan tab at the top of the program window, select Threat Scan and click the Scan Now button.If you receive a message that updates are available, click the Update Now button (the update will be downloaded, installed, and the scan will start).The scan may take some time to finish,so please be patient.If potential threats are detected, ensure that Quarantine is selected as the Action for all the listed items, and click the Apply Actions button.While still on the Scan tab, click the link for View detailed log, and in the window that opens click the Export button, select Text file (*.txt), and save the log to your Desktop.The log is automatically saved by MBAM and can also be viewed by clicking the History tab and then selecting Application Log... Read more

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I currently have both Avast and Avira free versions loaded but allow only one to be active at a time. I have keep Avast active for E-mail purposes since it has an E-mail scanning feature and then switch to Avira for everything else. I have not noticed a problem with this set up. I was aware that false positives were possible with this set up but after reading the posts here I have noted that a virus slip through was possible. I now believe I should uninstall one of the programs. Avast and Avira both seem to be excellent programs but between the two I have a preference for Avira. The free version of Avira does not have an E-mail scanning feature and do not want the paid version. I run XP Home with Outlook 2007 and my E-mail is downloaded locally. I believe Outlook converts the file to a database (.pst) file before I can open them. Avira?s Guard Scan mode configuration allows you to scan both read and write of all files which I have selected.
So if I were to receive an infected E-mail running the free version of Avira.
Would Avira be able to detect it?
Would it stop it in time?
Would my entire Outlook 2007 (.pst) file be at risk?

A:Avira Free Personal Guard Scan Protection

I thought others might be interested in the answers I found to my questions after posting to the Avira forum. I received a fast reply there in just over an hour by the Technical Support Manager of Avira (Wow!). I am much more comfortable now with using Avira exclusively as an antivirus including E-mail protection with my particular set up. I might note that I also just completed a complete scan of my system with all Avira settings to the max including scanning of all files on a 5 year old PC, P4 processor scanning about 60G of files on a 80G hard drive in 1 1/2 hours. I know this is not fast in absolute terms but on my system this was considerably faster than similiar scans by Symantec or Avast. The Heuristic setting set to max produced no false positives.Here is what I posted on the Avira forum and there responses.Post Subject: Avira Personal Scanner Settings ConfigurationLet me start out by thanking the good people at Avira for providing such an excellent antivirus product with a great engine, large virus definition database, heuristic scanning capability and fast definition updates. I need help on the configuration settings for Scanner and Guard. One can select to scan all files, smart file extensions or use file extensions list. Since I am not an expert I believe that selecting smart file extensions may be the best choice as Avira has chosen the file extensions to scan and I am sure have done a good job of balancing scanner speed and level of protection. But I ... Read more

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Hey guys,I'm new here,my sis laptop is giving problem,it's saying that System not secured.
Please help me.

A:Windows 7 Avira Free Antivirus saying System not secure

Hello and welcome Skyprince give these a burl mate for starters

ADW from bleeping computer

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I've just installed the latest Avira Free edition but it's broken my computer.

After installing, things seemed to be working ok. After restarting to complete the installation Vista started ok but a few error messages appeared regarding certain applications not being able to start, Steam for example. Unfortunately I didn't make a note of these errors as I thought it might be a permissions issue I could fix when startup finished.

I noticed Windows Security was still showing as not fully protected so I opened the Avira console which advised me to check for updates, therefore I clicked the button to do so. However I noticed it didn't appear to be responding. So, I thought another restart would solve it. Big mistake.

PC seems to be caught in a restart loop. From that initial restart onwards, it gets past the green progress bar to start Vista then just hangs on a black screen for a couple of minutes before eventually restarting itself. I've tried interrupting to start in safe mode and the issue remains identical. I've also powered off entirely, left for a minute, then powered up again but it makes no difference. Help!

UPDATE: whilst typing this I tried another cold start having left it for a few minutes and I got the option to restart with last working configuration and it seems to be up and running to desktop, although I'm reluctant do do anything else yet. Any advice? Should I try uninstalling Avira and reinstall?

A:Avira Free updated, Vista no longer starts! Help!

Uninstall avira and just see if your computer runs fine. If not something else is causing the problem.

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Both my son and I, downloaded last free Avira a short while ago, thinking that because it was new it had also to be fair and not a "free different issue". At the very beginning, I got a pop up saying something like "you are using a full version of free Avira". Also in general settings window appeared a click referred to mails in the last place of the list. Even so, I didn't remain happy and deleted it and downloaded AVG 8, that's a little heavier, but is fair. Today my son asked me if the above mentioned click in the general setting windows didn't mean that mails were actually also scanned by free Avira. Well, that is my doubt, for if it really scans mails I will back to it. As a matter of fact, I am still looking for the manner to make AVG 8 updating visible as was in AVG 7.5. I have some experience and I have looked at the several AVG 8 windows not finding anything related with this last trouble. Many thanks indeed and kind regards.

A:Solved: Does or doesn't free Avira scan messages?

In my experience, those email scanners are often more trouble than they are worth. Though AVG has one, I always turn it off. The resident shield scans mails when they are accessed, anyway, so I see no need for the extra feature and its occasional problems with particular types of mails.

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So-so Malware Blocking
Last year Avira earned an impressive score in my hands-on malware blocking test, with 97 percent detection and 9.7 of 10 possible points. Not this year.

When I opened a folder containing my current collection of malware samples, Avira wiped out 72 percent immediately. That's good, but Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015 at BitDefender, F-Secure Anti-Virus 2015, and ThreatTrack Vipre Antivirus 2015 all managed 83 percent.

I also tested Avira using hand-modified versions of the same sample set. For each file, I changed the name, appended nulls to change the file size, and tweaked some non-executable characters. Avira missed three of the tweaked files. However, it detected another two tweaked files whose originals it missed. I can't explain that.

After launching all of the remaining samples, I evaluated how well Avira handled them. Overall, it detected 76 percent of the malware samples and scored 7.4 points, quite a drop from last year.

Good Malicious URL Blocking
In the real world, you're more likely to encounter a brand-new malware attack via a malicious or compromised website, so I test for that ability as well. I start with a feed of newly-discovered malicious URLs supplied by MRG-Effitas. After filtering out those that don't point directly to malicious executables, I try loading each one in a browser to see what (if anything) the antivirus will do.

Quite a few of the URLs were already defunct, despite being no more than four hours... Read more

A:Avira Free Antivirus 2015 PCmag review

Avira need to put some more effort because the competition is pretty high

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Hi, everyone-
I hope this is an easy fix, but I can't find a solution anywhere- I uninstalled Avira from my laptop with Revo Uninstaller and thought I would never see anything regarding Avira on my computer... I have Windows 8.1 and the only person using it- I found 2 services running and when I try to Disable them, it says Access Denied? Don't know why since I'm the only user... Hoping someone here can give me some advice on getting rid of this- Unless it doesn't matter that is there? 
Thank you very much for your help,
Kiki G.

A:Removed Avira Free Antivirus with Revo and it still has 2 services running that

Hello Kikig04:
Delete possible Avira residues:
Make sure that your folder options are set as follows:
Click on:
Start → Control Panel → Folder Options → View → Show Hidden Files and Folders → OK
and delete the following folders:
C:\Program Files\Avira
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Avira
There is no action required if these folders do not exist.
Run the avira_registry_cleaner_en.exe from the Administrator's desktop:
Click on read keys and confirm with OK after the scan
In case some keys will be found, enable the control box "select all", click on Delete and confirm the next prompt with OK
The most recent Avira Free may also install an extension amongst the browser add-ons.
Thank you.

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