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No sound with WD mini media player

Q: No sound with WD mini media player

I have just purchased a WD mini media player to play my movies on my HD TV.
I have a WD My Book 2T Hard drive and all my movies are AVI.
After setting it all up i have picture but no sound on any movie.
What am i doing wrong or what can i do to fix the problem?

A: No sound with WD mini media player

There are two WD's the WDTV and the WDTV Live. The Live version of the box can convert DTS sound on the fly but since your using avi that shouldn't be the problem. You have two ways to get the video and sound to your set. One is the HDMI and you need to have the high speed cord to get the best quality (10,000gb/s I believe). The others are Composite (yellow) and component (red/green/blue) for video and then you have to use the (Red/White) audio to get the sound into your TV. There is another option and thats HDMI to DVI and since DVI is just video (like a monitor) you have to use the (Red/White) stereo connectors to get audio to the tv.

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I have tried everything to get Windows Media Player 9 to work in Mini Player mode, but to no avail. I have followed the Help instructions, i.e:

To use the new Mini-Player

1. Right-click an empty area of the Windows taskbar (such as below the system clock), point to Toolbars, and then select Windows Media Player. This step enables the feature and must only be performed once. The Player will dock the mini-Player in your Windows taskbar whenever you minimize it.

2. Minimize the Player to view the Mini-Player.

This does not work. I have Windows XP Pro SP1, and Windows Media Player Can anyone help ?

A:Windows Media Player Mini Player Mode

This is not an OS question so I am going to move it, which hopefully you will get better responses.

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I can't get my WMP 9 to go into mini mode. I have right clicked in the task bar and chose toolbars then windows media player. when I open WMP and then minimize it it just won't go to mini mode.
I have Windows XP with 1.7Ghz CPU and 512Mb ram.
It used to work and then just stopped one day. SP1 is installed and all updates have been done. ANY Idea's ?????


A:Windows Media Player Mini-Mode

mine doesn't either anymore; hasn't now for a week or so. just assumed it was something microsoft did and not my pc! everything else works fine...

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how can i get windows media player to be as a toolbar when minimized?? like i tried the thing were u randomly click a stop on ur taskbar and go to toolbars and select windows media player, the thing is in my toolbars there is no "windows media player" choice.

A:Solved: Windows Media mini Player??

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I have an Acer 10.1 Aspire One notebook PC with Intel Atom Processor N270, 160GB Hard drive, Windows XP, 6 cell battery, 1GB Memory, Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950.
I have downloaded Windows Media Player but when i play video files on it i only get sound, no picture. These same files play sound and vision on my desktop installed WMP. What am i missing here??

I want to take my notebook with me on a trip to England soon and want to be able to take family video to show.

I also have Quick Time Player on the notebook for the files that require that player and that works fine, sound and vision.
Appreciate any help you can offer.

A:Windows Media Player on Mini Notebook

Your missing the codec needed to play the videos. The most common video codec missing from WMP are the mp4 and xvid (the free open source version of divx) codecs.

Do you know what codecs the videos use? If not there are a number of programs on the internet to tell you have codecs a video is using.

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Hi guys,

is there a way to force Windows Media Player into mini mode like before? where it's like a mini player in the task bar, i miss that.

A:Windows Media Player mini mode

Windows Media Player - Taskbar Toolbar

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My Media Player doesn't go to Mini Mode when I minimized it. I've tried right-clicking the taskbar, pointing to toolbars and didn't find Windows Media Player. Please help!

A:Windows Media Player "Mini-Mode" Problem

What version?

Have you tried rolling back to previous version...then reinstalling WMP?


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Whenever I minimize WMP10 to the toolbar mode, I am unable to use playback buttons (play, stop, previous track, next track). They are "grayed" out, and I am unable to use them. Also, the icon in the upper right-hand corner for bringing up a mini-video window (video and visualization window) does not work. I consulted the WMP help file and website, but was unable to find any answers. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

A:Solved: Window Media Player 10 Problem W/ Mini-Toolbar Mode

Also, when I close Media Player, it does not stop playback. The window closes, but whatever I was viewing or listening to keeps playing. I have to reopen the player and press "stop" to get the media to stop playing.

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recently i have reformatted my hard drive with windows XP professional service pack 2. I have spent the last week sorting stuff out moving stuff around installing programs and in this happening i accidentally deleted the folder in C:/Program Files called windows media player. So i went to the Microsoft website downloaded windows media player 11.

Unfortunately i have noticed a number of missing things.
1. None of the shortcut icons, quick launch icons and start menu icons of windows media player are there after installation

2. I cannot view any online content which requires windows media player

3. the windows media player "mini player" (the plug-in where you can minimize windows media player and control it from the task bar) eg. playing, stopping, fast forward and rewind options.

I have tried to reinstall the program 3 times now, searched everywhere on the internet for a solution including all the Microsoft online help files, Rebooted several times and looked in remote assistance. Could anyone please help me find a fix for this or tell me what the problem is? Thx timmy

A:windows media player "mini player"

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Hi, I listen to music all the time on my computer (its running windows xp professional).

Today, I put in a cd and I get no sound from the speakers. Everything in mediaplayer looks like the disc is playing. Likewaise, when I open a wav or mp3 file, i get no audio. I also tried the real ob eplayer, and that had the same issue. I do get audio from speakers when I test a system sound.

I clicked on the audio icon and everything is unchecked.

any ideas?


A:No sound from media player or real one player

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Hi, I listen to music all the time on my computer (its running windows xp professional).

Today, I put in a cd and I get no sound from the speakers. Everything in mediaplayer looks like the disc is playing. Likewaise, when I open a wav or mp3 file, i get no audio. I also tried the real ob eplayer, and that had the same issue. I do get audio from speakers when I test a system sound.

I clicked on the audio icon and everything is unchecked.

any ideas?


A:No sound from media player or real one player

First, check that your speakers are correctly plugged into the back of your computer and that the power is connected to them, then check to see that your drivers are still installed by going into control panel > Sounds and multimedia, tell me what happens,.
J.B. Joker

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I''m running a much older system w/ Win 98SE. For no reason that I can figure out I have lost the sound while playing either Windows Media Player or Real One Player. My windows sounds and all game sounds are fine. When trying to play a .wmv file with WMplayer I get the following error message...

"Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There may not be a sound device installed on your computer, it may be in use by another program, or it may not be functioning properly."

When I ask for more information I get the following message.

"Windows Media Player Error Message Help

You've encountered error message C00D11BA while using Windows Media Player. We are investigating the cause of this error. We will post more information about this error when it becomes available. "

Can anybody help me???

A:No sound w/Media Player or Real One Player

Use a different media player. try Winamp

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can anyone point me in right direction what to do
seem to have lost soundman at bottom of screen near clock not sure why it has gone didnt delete it im sure. its on my pc when i open it it appears near clock ?

other question no sound in windows media player when play movies from disc

im running xp

A:sound man/media player video no sound

thx northernsoul55 helped me with the problem found disc that i had with it on but something was hiding it problem now solved
thx guys

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My WIndows Media Player plays; there is sound. But Internet sites have no sound. I can't hear Van Morrison on You Tube or anything else.

What should I do?

A:Media Player sound - yes; Internet sound - no

Hi haskellbob..

have you checked:

- Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab:
Scroll down to the Multimedia subsection and ensure 'Play sounds in webpages' is checked?

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Any idea why I suddenly have no sound using Media Player? It worked the last time I used it. And it works from the other user's desktop.

A:No sound in media player

Try F8

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Bought a new DELL, have XP home running. Plugged in my old speakers to the sound card. I have sound during the applications and games but when I put a CD in and it starts up MEDIA PLAYER, I have NO SOUND? I can see the little bar at the bottom go back and forth, so it appears to be playing, but cannot hear sound? could I have sound when I play a game, and open and close applications, but cannot hear a CD play? Any ideas?

A:SOUND...but not in Media player

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ok so i start playing a video clip/dvd and the sound works fine....until i fast forward/move the time bar forward. when I do that, the sound goes away and won't come back until i either quit/restart WMP or just move the time bar back to the start...

A:no sound in media player

It could be an audio codec problem or a bad file you are trying to play

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Media Player in windows 7 will play DVDs for me, but not the sound. I have K-lite codecs installed and sound works fine in media player classic, et. all.


A:never sound in media player

Knew this one would come up here soon.

Go to the control panel then Hardware and Sound then to Manage audio devices then right click and choose speaker properties then go to the advanced tab. Choose the "16 bit 48000 hz (DVD Quality)" This will get the sound working in your Windows Media player.

With the new Win build the default setting has changed so DVD's won't play sound in WMP unless you do this first.

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I've tried to straighten this out before and have been trying different players. I can't seem to get ONE player to work with everything, even when set as default for them.

I have WIN 98 SE (with Pentium Celeron processor, I thought this might be a problem because the newest WMP (9) says it should have a Pentium 2 or higher)

But, I've tried WMP 8 and the same thing happens.

I was on a website that said the newest version of WMP or RP is required, so downloaed WMP 9 from a link on that site.

Before this I have tried other players and versions. I dl Real Player (7, not the newest, the one that was recommeded for what I have) and I have (and have had in the past WinAmp, and various verisions of it.

Last night I got it so I have Real Player, which plays sound files from my computer, and WinAmp which played CDs. I couldn't get one to work for both. No matter how I set it.

I have tried WMP, older versions of it, and have the same problem as with the new (9) I just dl now.

On some of the sites I tried the picture would come on, but no sound. And on some NOTHING. It loads and buffers and says it's playing but nothing is there.

The little I did see of it (an Iraq webcam, which is not really clear, and apparently is night there) and a BBC newscast (picture and no sound) showed the picture very clear. It also has the full screen option to make it bigger.

I have decided I like WMP better (I know, it has features where it reports, or you need to have a lic... Read more

A:No sound in Win Media Player

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Media Player will show clips, but there is no sound. I first thought it might be a Direct X problem, but now I'm not sure. Direct X reports my MIDI DLS file missing, but does that have anything to do with Media Player? I've reinstalled DirectX and Media Player 9, but still no sound. Any suggestions?

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...not sure what's happened - one minute, I was listening to music, then I wasn't - it plays the tracks - but no sound.

Other players play, with sound - but still can't get anything from media player.

I've gone through all of the media player options, but can't see anything unusual.

If this is unfixable, can anyone recommend free alternative please - my version of J-River (which has now been uninstalled) had problems too (I uninstalled it in case it was anything to do with the media player problem)

I work in IT Support - and have checked everything that I can think of.



A:Media player - no sound....

well its a microsoft product isnt it nuff said.

Oh check out winamp

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I was listening to a song in medai player 11 and all of a sudden the sound cut out. I made sure it wasnt muted and it wasnt, the volume is all the way up. The volume is still working on everything on the computer except for WMP 11. Any idea on how I can get the sound back?

A:No sound in Media Player 11

I'm starting to think that WMP 11 was a mistake. I do hear stereo sound, but not Mono sound - see discussion here:

Please post any progress you make, I'm thinking that the issues may be related and I may have to learn about Codecs or try to revert to version 10, although for Mono sound issues, others have reported that the downgrade did not help, even though originally Mono sound worked in WMP 10.

Please post a any progress ! and good luck.

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I ran an attachment from an email thru my Media Player. The attachment would not run correctly (I am told it worked fine on others computers) and now I have no sound when I run Media Player.

The video portion works fine, just the sound is gone. My sound seems to work fine on all other programs.

Is there a way to refresh or reinstall Media Player to get the sound to work again?

Thanks for your help!


A:No sound for Media Player

WMP has its own mute button and volume control. Make sure these are on as well as your XP volume control.


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My media player uses a dvi to hdmi cable. The audio options available to me are optical, coaxial or AV cables.

My LCD tv won't play sounds when I plug in the DVI-HDMI cable and the AV red and white cables. And it doesn't have any such input for optical or coaxial.

There is also s-video and component cable outputs on my media player which I believe don't carry sound either.

Otherwise I think I am going to need to buy a stereo/hifi system with RCA, optical or coaxial audio in to get the audio to work with HD? Is that about right?

A:Getting sound on my media player

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got a used pc not too long ago... and had some problems
with dll32 because of a modem problem, did an overlay of win98se to solve that problem... but when I installed winamp8.2 could not get any sound from the system(win amp)... started checking(should have checked before to see if windows media player was working before the win amp install but dont know)but didnt get any sound from the windows media player works ok, np... but cannot get media player to work...have replaced drivers to sound device manager, card is installed with no conflicts... have reinstalled direct x latest... have uninstalled and reinstalled sound card a few times ...uninstalled win amp ... and finally reformated in case I missed something... no sound yet from media player, video part of player ok(have kept to a minimum any other programs until I resolve this problem)...yet the cd player works ok ... did a test in direct x of sound and music and get a message the test failed because direct sound resources were being used by another caller(no other programs open or anything being used at the moment)
350mhz amd k2
0S 98se
3gb hd
96mb ram
sound card sb 16 isa model ct 2800

A:no sound media player

In Control Panel, open the Multimedia icon /folder, what is listed for Preferred Devices in both areas? They normally match the Sound card....but anything can be set up.... then, you would use that program or device to play media files.....
Does the volume speaker icon show on taskbar, lower right, of desktop? Does any sound at all, like startup sound at boot, work? Sounds like either all the sound driver you got installed did not install, or you had the default taken over by another player, Real Player, or some program....
How about the CD audio cable that may go to the sound card- did you knock that loose, or take it off? Some modems and sound cards, at least the older ones, are combo cards...they are trickier to set up, doubt you have one, just a thought.

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I updated to Windows Media Player 11 the other day and what a nightmare! All my sound is gone. I restored to prior to the upgrade but still no sound. The error for my Media Center when I try to view Live TV is Audio Device Error, no video can be displayed because audio device cannot be detected.

Can anyone help with this? I appreciate anything!!

A:Media Player and all other sound is gone.

Click on this site and have a read to see if you get any help from it .....

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Hi guys,

firstly i trust you guys all had a good christmas!
mine was a bit girlfriend bought me a micro remote control
helicopter...but i crashed it 2 days later and it broke...anyway!

happy new year to all of you on this brill site!!!
this is gonna be a good one...i can feel it!!!

anyway...down to business!!!

i have vlc media player installed and i love it!
i also have mega codecs installed...the one with media player classic bundled in it...
my computer sound is working...vlc has no sound...

i have reinstalled vlc media sound drivers and kl mega codecs...
to no avail!!!

i have checked my sound levels in vlc...everything looks normal...
any ideas???

A:VLC media player has no sound...

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Using Acer M460 with XP there is no sound from Media Player but MS sound is ok I have checked the mute volume etc and gone round in circles and think media player is not installed correctly or some part is missing. I have downloaded media 10 but it will not install and I cannot remove what is installed. Any help please but no more jokes and at 80 age is an excuse also vol control not available for task bar.

A:no sound from Media Player

OK Charlie, point taken :) I use the free VLC player and not Media Player so will keep quiet for now, will have to see what others advise to try.

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Hey guys, i get no sound when playing a dvd in win media player all other players work fine.Its been like this for some time now and is about time i fixed it. Thanks, any help would be great.

A:no sound from win media player

Go into options and have a look around here...

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Howdy, I'm not getting any sound from the windows 98 media player when I try to play a cd. The numbers move but nothing comes out of the speakers except a hissing noise. I've checked all the adjustment levels I know but still nothing. It did work a one time but have not tried using it for quite awile. Any suggestions for computer tech novice? Thanks So Much

A:no sound from media player

Ride on. Did you hear what he said Saltero(sp?). Ride on! To me! Eli Wallach to Yul Brenner in The Magnificent Seven. The greatest western of all time(The Wild Bunch is a close second). Anyway I suprised myself and found out that the select boxes under the sliding adjustment knobs were empty and needed to be checked. These are located in the advanced section of audio devices. So I'm riding on, but just like Eli Wallach, I'll be back. Thanks

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So I've had this problem for a long time and it's just annoying, I'm running on a Dell XPS 15 on a Windows 7 64 bit OS. Before updating my sound driver (HD Realtek audio), I had to turn off audio enhancements to get any sound from VLC or said media player, however there is a huge drop in sound quality, so I kind of neglected it and went on with having poor sound quality. Well I just now updated my driver and though I get sound through websites and sound from my games (Diablo 3, CS:GO, etc.) I still don't receive sound from VLC, ITunes or any other media player. I'm not sure what to do because the drop in sound quality has started to annoy me so I don't want to turn off the audio enhancements.

A:No sound from media player

Go to control panel>Hardware and sound>Adjust system volume. Then open up itunes and or whatever else will not work, and make sure you see it under the system volume tab as raised. Also check any other Ex: Applications.
Now if that is fine, Go back to hardware and sound but instead click manage audio devices check and just to make sure that the speakers are working fine.
Next for VLC try this All programs > VideoLAN > Reset VLC media player preferences and cache files to reset settings, see if this fixes VLC's no sound.
For windows media player try this Start>Run>msdt.exe -id WindowsMediaPlayerConfigurationDiagnostic
Follow the guidelines within the troubleshooting window to see if it fixes your problem.

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out of the blue my windows media player won't produce any sound. the songs/media are playing but no sound is coming out of my speakers. the speakers are set up correctly and the volume on both the speaker and the computer are all the way up.

i attempted to uninstall media player but it is not on the add/remove list in control panel.

any thoughts or ideas? thanks


A:media player has no sound

Are you sure you volume is not muted? I've had this problem once before and it turned out I muted all of the volume control. Go into control panel and search around for volume or sound options. It should be in there somewhere.

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Man, I am bumming one day my media player was fine the next no sound!
Things I have done. Checked all cables wires speakers ...All work, checked all settings on computer (that I know about) and turned volume on highest level. I have removed and reloaded the drivers on my computer. I have downloaded microsoft media player 10 version. I have had some vidio clips off of CNN play with sound but nothing from my music. I am a drummer and I need to use this computer to practice with HELP!

A:No sound from microsoft media player on XP

Greeting Zephead, and Welcome to TSF.

Please try these steps in order....

Right click on the Volume Control in the System Tray [near the clock]..If you don't have the Volume Control icon in the taskbar, do this..
Go Control Panel > Sound and Audio Devices > tick the box 'Place Volume icon in the taskbar' > Apply > OK.
Now: Open Volume Control > Options > Properties > Playback > scroll down and make sure that all of the following are ticked: Volume Control; Wave; SW Synth; Front; CD Player; Line-In; and, 'microphone'. Now click Recording, and tick the following: Stereo Mix; CD Player; Line-In ; Microphone. Now click Playback again > OK.
Back to Options > Advanced > there should now be an 'Advanced button on the Microphone, click it > tick the box ' 1 Mic Boost' Close, and exit out of Volume Control.

Now right click on the System Tray Icon again > Adjust Audio Properties > at the bottom next to Speaker Volume, click Advanced and set the type of speakers you have from the drop down box > OK. Now click on Speaker Volume and make sure that the volume is not turned down >OK.

Now go Voice > Test Hardware, and the Test wizard will run you through a test to see that everything is [hopefully] working, and when your done > OK >OK.

As I said hopefully you should now have sound, but if not post back and we'll scratch our heads again.

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A few days ago windows media player was working fine. Now, no sound and this message:

Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer, it might be in use by another program, or it might not be functioning properly.

There is this error code: C00D11BA

I have an HP Media Center PC m1080n

What should I do, please? Would system restore do any good?


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I recently upgraded from win xp sp2 to sp3, professional. I did not have sound. All sorts of error. After seeing the threads on this forum, I resolved it by loading Microsoft UAA, X6888111 patch etc.
IDT HD audio is now working.
Winamp plays songs.

Upgraded from winmp9 to mp11. Now, only video, no audio. Tried many solutions posted on these forums, no use.
tried ac3 filter also. no use. winamp still plays songs, only no sound in WMP11.

Pl. help, somebody

A:No sound in windows media player 11

You need to download the specific codecs to install for WiMP. If you are not married to WiMP then download VLC player, it plays everything.

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My friend just bought a sound blaster 512 card and when you try to listen to songs in windows media player you can bearly hear them. But all other sounds in everything else is fine. Any1 know how to fix this?

A:sound blaster 512 & win media player

Open up the Sound manager with all of the volume controls. It might be in your taskbar by the clock, symbolised by a little yellowish speaker. One of your volume control levers might be set too low.

See if that's it. If not, there might be a few other things to try.

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I get sound with everything except Windows media player. My files work on RealPlayer and QuickTime. Do you have any solutions? Thank you.

A:No sound with Windows media player

WMP is less compatible with filetypes, especially those that RealPlayer and QuickTime are compatible with. I would use KMPlayer or VLCPlayer or GOM Player or even Nero Showtime before I would use WMP as my regular player; although the WMP in WIN 7 beta is pretty good.

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I have Win XP Home and Win XP Professional on another computer and they both have media player 10 them. I can watch video but I have no sound. I have check the speakers and they are hookup also did a trouble shoot with not solving the problem on my system.
Oh by the all the video I am trying to view is on line if that may help with any advice I can get on this issue.
Can anyone give me any suggestions as to why I am having this problem?

A:media player 10 video but no sound

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when I try to play music with wmp i get the following message
Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer, it might be in use by another program, or it might not be functioning properly.
If I use Itunes the music plays fine, but nothing on wmp. also when i open wmv file the video is working but no sound. when i check the sound card is set as default.
any ideas?


A:no sound on windows media player


Have you re-installed you sound card driver? and re-installed Windows Media Player?

If you do have any problems or they do not work let us know,


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I do have WMP 10 and there is no sound when I play my cds or mps songs.

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I have seen a lot of advice about this problem and nothing has fixed my problem. I uninstalled Windows Media Player 11 and reinstalled. I have searched for specific a Nero 9 dll which was thought to be part of the problem and I do not have it. I uncheced all of the video associations from WMP11 and installed the free Media Player Classic, thinking I would just give up on WMP11 for a while and still, when I go to a webpage and click on a wmv video, Media Player 11 opens up again and loads the file and plays the audio but not the video! Now I am trying to figure out how to make Media Player Classic the default player for all things video and to open automatically and do its thing.
If I uninstall WMP11 that will only put WMP10 back in business and I suspect it will still open and attempt to play a wmv file and fail.
I have XP Pro with SP3. This problem with WMP11 only happened recently and I can't think of any possible reason for it.

A:Media Player 11: sound, no video wmv.

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I have had my computer for over a year now and the Windows Media PLayer has worked fine and then just one day the sound on all my MP3s stopped working. It plays the files but with no sound. If I get on the internet there is sound for everything so it seems just to be a problem with sound on mp3s. Can someone please help me!!

A:my media player plays with no sound!!
have a look there please

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I can't get sound using Media Player. Can get sound using Real Player. I have probably pushed the wrong button somewhere in MP. Any ideas?

A:Media Player sound problem

budcon606 said:

I can't get sound using Media Player. Can get sound using Real Player. I have probably pushed the wrong button somewhere in MP. Any ideas?Click to expand...

there are some known problems with WinXP, SP2 and windows media player. does that sound like your problem?

Link to one known problem:


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Hi, I have a problem with my Windows Media Player 9, there is no sound if I play cds or downloaded music, it will play the radio for about 5 songs then stops and towards the end of its "play time" it starts buffering more and more until the sound goes completely for that too. Before it lost the ability to play cds with sound it was the same for them too, it would play about 5 songs then buffer for longer and longer until they wouldn't play either. It would be ok again for a while after I restarted the computer but no luck now. I have reloaded WMP without success. Please help!!!


A:Media Player 9 sound problems

Doesn't anyone have any suggestions??
Seem to be a lot of problems posted with no responses. Why is that??

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Just got a new computer and have tried to listen to online music and it will play the video part but gives me absolutely no sound. I have sound working with everything else but not the Windows Media Player and I can't think of anything else to try with it.

I am running Windows XP Home Edition.

I also tried to listen to the online music with the Real Player and it works fine for the video and sound.

Thanx in advance for any help with this!!!

A:Windows Media Player 10 - no sound

If you click on the Radio button at the top of WMP, do those stations work?

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no sound from media player (cd or mp3 file). I do get system sounds out of the speakers. I unistalled WMP and reinstalled it. No help.

I run windows xp professiona.

any ideas?

A:(Resolved) no sound from media player

Did you check your Start>Settings>Control Panel>Sounds and Multimedia? Maybe the volume is just turned down.

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I am not getting any sound when I try to play my cd

A:Windows Media Player, no sound

Could you give everyone some more info please?
- When did this start(and did anything change to create this problem)
- What disc are you trying to play (have you used it on another PC to see if that works?)
- What specs does the computer have, if it is a computer you are referring to?
- Have you tried a separate pair of headphones/speakers?

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hi I just recently upgraded my WMP9 to WMP10
after installation all sound on computer stops working
never had this problem before on my old computer
The sound works fine now after a system restore but
im just wondering if anybody knows what the problem can be

AMD athlon 64 3500+
2x512mb ocz dual channel
geforce 6600gt
msi k8n neo4 platinum sli
36gb raptor

WinXP sp2

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I'm very unfamiliar with the terms some of the terms used, can you please help?

I'm having the following problem.

When I insert a CD to play, there is no sound coming from windows media player.

When I click the media guide on the top of the page is states "The Page cannot be displayed.

The bottom of the page states "Cannot find server or DSN error
Internet Exployer"

A:no sound from windows media player

Check out the settings and try finding somewhere , where you can tell it to read the music in digital or analog mode play with that. As for the DNS error I have no idea.

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I have onboard sound and after installing WMP 10 (I think this was the problem) I can only get sound with WMP. Nothing on the internet will play - flash presentations etc.
I get a message 'No device found' when I try to play things outside of WMP. I have not reloaded XP and would rather not. I have other players loaded like Quick Time, Win Amp but I don't think these things are affecting it. Any suggestions??

A:I only have sound in Windows Media Player

Can you open the sound control icon, go to options, properties and place a check mark in everything under playback.

Also, open the multimedia icon in control panel and see what is set for the default playback device.

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I am running xp professional. When i listen to CD music with the WinMedia Player, the sound is scratchy. But when I minimized the WinPlayer, the sound is perfectly clear.
What is it? It is not the speakers, i tested them elsewhere.

Please help

A:Windows Media Player Sound on XP

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Basicaly the sound plays but it is very tinny. I tried alsorts but cant solve problem. There are no conflicting devices or anythings like that. The one think I did notice is that when I open up volume control there is no option for advacned settings. Maybe it needs a driver or something like that.

Any help would be great.


PS Im new to this board so hi.

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When I play Windows media player my visual comes up and plays but I have no sound. My sound is working as when windows Xp opens I hear the welcome sound. In addition when I try to view JPEG son Microsoft Office Inbox I get a message that is no program associated with it.
Any suggestions?

A:Windows Media Player Sound

Do you have the volume turned up in the Windows Media Player? That might be the answer to your problem. If the volume in WMP is turned down, but the rest are turned up, you will not hear sound. Let us know.


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I'm running Windows Xp and in the last month or so, if I'm surfing the next and start Media Player, the sound gets interrupted and a static crackle sound happens intermittenly.
P4 3ghz 1mb ram

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

A:Media Player Crackle Sound?

The speaker cable could be loose, and static is jumping between the cord and the socket. Possibly try another set of speakers/headphones. And Seriously, 1mb ram?

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i down loaded window media player 10 but i can't get any sound. what should i do?

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Hi, this question may have been asked previously, but I'm experiencing trouble getting my HTPC Win 7 64-bit box to output to Master Audio or even 5.1 when playing music - here is the gear I'm working with:
1. ASUS P7H55-M Pro Motherboard
2. 8 GB RAM
3. Denon AVR-591
4. Windows Media Center with ripped albums and movies
Here's the weird thing: when I play any ripped movie through Windows Media Center that offers 5.1, the system performs flawlessly.  However, music only will pump out of the front speakers and not the center channel.
When I go to configure the sound and select the DENON AVAMP, I can customize the sound by selecting (among others) STEREO or 5.1 SURROUND.  For SURROUND, I am given two options (side and rear), neither of which work.  I can hear the rear speakers when press TEST.  However, if I set the system up with plain STEREO, all speakers output and movies still produce separation.   I can also achieve the same effect by choosing 5 CHANNEL STEREO from the Denon.  Either way, it seems to make no difference what speakers I set up on the HTPC, as the Denon produces whatever it wants.
Any ideas as to solving this dilemma?

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For some reason, I am getting no sound when I play cds in Windows Media Player. Old cds that I have ripped to my computer play okay, so it's not as if the volume is on mute. However, when I rip new cds to my computer, there is no sound during playback.

I tried to use the Windows help section, but I'm having difficulty following them. For instance, how do I access the "audio tab in the CD/DVD Drive Properties dialog box"? I have a feeling the problem has to do with analog/digital audio settings, but I can't remember how to access them. I'm sure I had to click on "device manager" at some point, but I can't remember where.

Can anyone help me with my lack of volume?


A:No Sound In Windows Media Player

To access analog/digital settings (not sure if this is what you need but I'm throwing it for you anyway)

If you have a sound icon next to your clock, click the icon and open Play Control. The first panel, at least on mine, is Play Control. Click the advanced tab there, in the box that comes up check 1 Digital Output Only. If it's checked, uncheck it. Put in a cd, see if you hear anything.

If Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices/Volume Tab. Click Advanced to open Play Control, follow the above procedure.

When Play Control opens, if you don't see the Play Control panel, click on Options/Properties. Check the box next to play control, then OK.

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I am having problems with Windows Media player 9 on windows xp pro. It plays the video of any file you would like to play but the sound does not work. The player attempts to download a codec but microsoft says that the codec is not avaible. These files work perfectly on every other player. I installed ffshow codec pack which was recommended by an anime site. Before my problems, it worked perfectly. I even tried installing windows media player 10 beta. I get the same problem. I went to uninstall it but the player wont unistall which is another problem in and of itself. I was woundering if it could have been lame codec so i tried installing that. There was no effect. Then I tried uninstalling it, to no avail. Btw, the problem started because of me uninstalling nimo codec pack in the first place. Nimo is said to be a bad codec pack because it intereferes with adobe photoshop. Please help me!

A:win media player sound problems...

Download gspot. It'll tell you what audio codec to install.

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hi,,, been trying to use windows media player, the latest version from the windows update site. when i play music the sound comes out distorted. Hows come? When i use a different media player (VLC Media player) all is fine. I am running xp pro. I have just done a fresh install of windows with a full format. I have tried the card in a diff pc and all is well there. thanks for your time.

A:media player distorted sound

doj said:

hi,,, been trying to use windows media player, the latest version from the windows update site. when i play music the sound comes out distorted. Hows come? When i use a different media player (VLC Media player) all is fine. I am running xp pro. I have just done a fresh install of windows with a full format. I have tried the card in a diff pc and all is well there. thanks for your time.Click to expand...

Hi doj,

I have had this problem for some time now and have finally found a cure (at least it works for me).

Go to VIEW in Media Player.

Select Enhancements and Graphic Equaliser.

Keep the same relative levels if you are happy with the mix, but reduce all levels and the distortion will go away.

For some reason Microsoft seem to have set the audio levels in XP to the point where clipping occurs at modest equaliser levels.

Hope this fixes it for you as it fixed it for me.

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Hello everyone,
Before I do a system restore, I wonder if someione can tell me how to get the sound back when I play the music from Windows Media Player ?
I just found out today.

A:lost sound in Media Player

Have you checked the usual culprits?

Tried a different file you know that works?

WMP Volume unmuted in the app ?

Right-click the sound icon on the taskbar and open the Volume mixer to check if anything is unmuted?

Is it just WMP sound or sounds in general?

Have you added any codec packs recently?

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Hello and thanks in advance for any assistance.

I have found some posts on this, but not really any solutions. I have a DVD writer that plays CD's fine, and the DVD video fine, but will not play any sound while playing DVD's. I have installed drivers, codecs, etc., but can not seem to convince the DVD player that it needs to play sound with the movie. I know that I can install a 3rd-party DVD player, but I would really like to make WMP 10 work like its supposed to. I have this working on two other computers, but don't remember having to go through any of this stuff.

Video on DVD plays perfectly
Sound doesn't play
Drivers and Codec installed (Video & Sound)
Device Manager shows digital enabled
Speakers are not muted
Sound Card works for everything else
DVD player plays sound perfectly on all CD's

Help! Thanks again...


A:Windows Media Player 10 - No DVD Sound

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I have a Sony laptop with win Vista. When I try to open an audio or video file with win media player, it gives me the following error:

The file wmploc.dll has a version number of 11.0.6001.7000 where
11.0.6000.6344 was expected
Windows Media Player is not installed properly and must be reinstalled.
Do you want to install the Player from the Microsoft Web site?

at this point, I do NOThave audio at all on any applications on my laptop. when I restart, the problem get solved,. for only few minutes. then it goes mute again.

Any suggestions?


A:win media player error and no sound

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I have sound for the Windows Media Player but nowhere else on the system.

I have no idea where to even start looking.

Can you help?

A:Sound only for Windows Media Player

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Running XP home, I put a cd in the tray and WMP is the default, I click Play cd and the track numbers appear and the song titles. The slider bar at the bottom says it is playing and name the song, but there is no sound, none, nata.

I tried playing the cd with Napster and it played just fine.

I did check the Devices, and didn't find anything flagged.

Any ideas guys?????


A:Windows Media Player- No sound

I'm sorry, I won't be able to answer your question. But one thing that may be helpful to others would be. Can you play a music file in WMP that is already on your computer & get it to work?

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There is no sound when i play anything on windows media player. It is not the sound card or anything like that because the sound on everything else works.
Also i noticed everytime i open something Windows media player says "downloading codec"...or codec sever" or something like that?

does anyone know whats going on here?

A:no sound on windows media player...

First off, WMP has a volume control, make sure it's turned up.

If the sound issue you are trying to troubleshoot has to do with the file that is downloading codecs, then it is possible it is encoded in a format WMP can't read.

For lack of better term, codecs are like compression utilities for media - a movie can be compressed using a particular codec and that codec will be needed to play the file/movie (not unlike winzip: you compress with winzip but also need a winzip utility to extract files back out).

WMP is looking for the appropriate codec to play the file.

Hope this helps,


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Hi All, I'm using a newest version of Windows Media Player Classic (download here: Download K-Lite Codec Pack). I don't understand why there are no sound when playing some video files. But NO problem when using another Video Player like: Windows Media Player, KMPlayer, GOMPlayer...

How do I fix it?

A:[Need help] No sound in Media Player Classic

I haven't used MPC in a while, but go to Tools -> Options -> Playback -> Output and under DirectShow Audio choose... ugh, I can't remember... I know you'll have tons of options but I think its best to choose "Speakers" or "Direct Sound: Speakers"... This is all coming from my last memory of MPC, some entries may have a different name.

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Not else sure how I can phrase it. All audio from the web, like youtube, or anything, sounds like electronic, almost "alien" like sound; Windows Media Player however is as usual, which is pretty good. So, the headphones work; the jack is OK; it seems to me the driver is ok as well. Just anything from the web. If someone either knows a solution or a place to look or a better way to phrase the question, I would great appreciated it.

Just in case, I rebooted; didn't fix the problem.


A:Sound messed up from the web; OK with Media Player

Think I had a similar problem too, see link below (and latest "Sound & Audio" post on here headed "Voices too deep & slow watching YouTube",) which although it's an interesting old and long post overall, this passage in italics has just about solved it for myself though there's still a slight distortion.

Hope this helps...."trmpah wrote:

I had the same bug with bad sound, especially on bass-heavy sound bits, but I found a work around

Go to Start -> Control panel -> Flash Player -> Advanced

I deleted all "Site Data and Settings"

Sound is back to normal now."
Adobe Community: Problems with poor/distorted sound quality watching Youtube videos

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Hi guys,

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but what the hay, i've just recently started using windows media player, i don't use it often, actually i don't use much media players but lately i've been downloading some video game trailers and everytime i play them there is no sound, now this doesn't happen to all the files, it only happens when the media player says "acquiring codec" at the bottom left hand corner, then after the video starts to play, i don't hear a sound at all, could someone please help me out? my media player is windows media player 11, if that helps.


A:Windows Media Player - no sound

That is because windows media player dont have the codecs for playing the audio in your video files.

If you download VLC media player you can play all videos with sound and everything. But you will not be able to play them in Microsoft Windows Media Player 11

VLC media player

There are other solutions if you want to use windows media player but I am not sure how.

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I have upgraded to xp. When I upraged I did a clean install. I have almost 2 gigs of mp3s, shhhh dont tell the recording industry, I backed them up to my old pc via my network. When I copied them over some of them sounded bad in the Windows Media player. However, winamp will most of them fine. I got on my old pc and I can play them over the network and they sound fine in ME. Is there anything I can do for this?


A:XP Sound Windows Media Player

problem solved it was the graphics card thing. Need a good agp card

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Win 98se
Hello everybody, I have been having trouble with WMP since Monday. WMP was playing music as normal until I decided to install Backup in Systems Tools. After installation I tried WMP and it would play MP3 files but not my Midi Files. I checked all the settings and they were all OK so I uninstalled Backup thinking that had caused the problem and then found that I had no sound at all on WMP. Since then I have Reinstalled Win 98se over the top of the one that was in to try to repair it and WMP played the MP3 files OK. The following day after booting up it was back to square one and no sound again. I have uninstalled and reinstalled WMP9 twice but still cannot get any sound. Once again I have checked all my settings and drivers and they are all set Ok. Has anyone got any idea how I can get out of this mess.?? Ted.

A:no sound on windows media player

OK Guys, All fixed. Even though the system said that drivers were installed properly, I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled and everything is now OK. Ted.

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If you've ever seen the graphic of the person banging their head on a computer screen repeatedly.. that's Me the last few days.

My latest trouble, is Windows Media Player (version 9) is making no sound. My speakers are working if I use another application but when I put a dvd in the player.. nada.

Yesterday I installed new ram, I am wondering if something else came unplugged or if this is a common problem with media player? I went through all their help screens and none of what they suggested made any difference.

Frustration level is high right now. I'd be incredibly grateful for any suggestions


A:Windows Media player - no sound

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I put a dvd disk in my laptop the movie playes but NO SOUND ! The sound is on I checked the sound icon & WMP sound is also on but still no sound . The dvd is okay because the sound playes on my my desktop & DVD player. Any ideas why I have no sound on my laptop , it's a Compaq Passareo laptop? It use to work just fine . I should add it will play & I can hear my adio CD's I just can't hear anything on DVD Format. I also went into sound properties they looked okay. Do you have any more suggestions ?

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how do i get sound in windows media player. i am running xp

A:no sound in windows media player

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I can't seem to get any audio out of windows media player 11. I can get video, but if I try to listen to an mp3 file I get the following error message:

"Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer, it might be in use by another program, or it might not be functioning properly."

I have an audigy 2zs platinum sound card. I'm running an optical cable from my card to a pioneer 7.1 receiver. I have audio in all other programs/media players.
I have tried reinstalling the sound card and drivers, but I still get no audio with windows media player. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:no sound with windows media player


Check in right-click>properties your sound device in Device Manager found in Accessories>Administrative Tools>Computer Management.

See mainly for the driver version, and any conflicts under the tabs.

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Hi guys.

I am running windows media player 9 series, I have fully set up a 5.1 surround system using a Sound blaster Live 24-bit Sound Card. When I test the speakers on the Creative Speaker Test bar, each speaker says, "front left, Front right, Rear left" etc... Hoewver, when I play an Mp3 or Avi File in Media Player, I am only getting audio output in the front left and right speakers.
I have enabled 5.1 output in control panel/Audio/speaker settings, but still no joy.

The man who built my PC tells me Media Player neeeds a codec to support 5.1 sound. Is this the case? What should I do next?

Many thanks in advance.

A:5.1 sound in Windows Media Player?

hello thistle, i'm not too sure if this is your answer but i would have thought to get all of you speakers firing you would need to input a 5.1 source. To my understanding MP3 and avi's are stereo or mono only. Does your setup work when you play a 5.1 enabled dvd?

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I have recently been having an irritating problem with Windows Media Player.
It keeps popping up every few seconds. I close it and it reopens immediately. I have used the task manager to stop the process but it still reopens immediately. I minimize it and it maximizes right away. I just can't shut it down. I reboot but it comes straight back. msconfig does not list it in the start up programs.

I was using Media Palyer 9 and tried upgrading to 10 which was hard as I couldn't keep the player closed but it did eventually update but the problem never went away

Initially this problem was with winamp, winamp kept opening up. I deleted winamp and now it is media player that opens so I assume it is a file association issue but I can't figure out exactly how that applies. Also my system sound keeps randomly muting and unmuting.
I found an old thread on the web ( I found I couldn't post the link in this message) It's at PC Perspective
that seemed to describe my problem exactly but the apparent solution was a mouse issue and I have tried changing my mouse, (different mouse and PS2 rather than USB) to no avail

My PC is an Athlon 3200 running Windows XP with SP2 (slipstreamed)
The problem appeared out of nowhere. I had not installed anything new or downloaded anything. I have run a virus scan and spyware scan and both come up clean. It's making it next to impossible to use the computer as Media Player is constantly popping up and obscuring everything even ... Read more

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I recently had a virus on my Toshiba laptop which I removed however ever since I have had picture but no sound on VLC player and Windows media player does not play music or videos at all, it comes up with the error message:

"Windows Media Player cannot access the file. The file might be in use, you might not have access to the computer where the file is stored, or your proxy settings might not be correct."

My sound however DOES work on flashplayers on the internet including youtube etc.

I tried to uninstall and reinstall VLC to solve the problem however I still have no sound in the updated player.

Any help would be much appreciated!


A:Sound on youtube but none on VLC/Windows Media Player

Hi, and welcome to TSF.

Windows media player says it cannot access the file. If it is in use, we have to make sure it isn't.

Press "windows flag + R" and type in "msconfig". Go to the "services" tab. On the left bottom, select the box called "Hide all microsoft-services". Select it and than press the button "Disable" on the right. WARNING Check for your antivirus. If you find it, select it as "Enabled"

After this, click on the "startup" tab. Again, click disable all. Do the same with the antivirus here.

Restart the computer and see if the problem still occurs.

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I've had this trouble periodically, but now my WMP 10 (XP Pro) will not play the sound. It occasionally recently would play the sound on some files, but not others (I frankly don't know the type of file that was playing audio and the type that was not.) But now I can not get sound from either avi or mpeg files on Windows Media Player.

I can get sound from these files on my VLC player and Media Player Classic.

I have diddled with codecs and plug-ins and researched this issue on Google, but have found no help there. I am really pretty ignorant about the technicalities of sound issues.

Please, can anyone help me?

Would reinstalling WMP be of any avail?

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Hi All,
Just an FYI for anyone having problems with the sound skipping in media player 11.
I have just purchased a Dell Inspiron 6400 with Vista Premium and spent the first two days extremely frustrated due to the sound skipping towards the end of every track I listed to.
Everything I found through google wanted me to uninstall and reinstall etc. As I was not wanting to uninstall and re-install any programs I decided to try this fix I came across. Open the Sound icon on Control Panel.
Double click on "Speaker/Headphones" to open a configuration menu.
Tab over to "Enhancements" and there you should find the box to select the "No Enhancements" feature (even if you haven't got any of the enhancements checked, as was the case with me).
This tweak appears to have solved it.
Good luck!

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I have been using a new Compaq Pressario Laptop with Vista for a few weeks. Today I tried to play a DVD film using Windows Media Player, but, while the picture is fine, I cannot get any sound. Can anyone help? Allan.

A:Solved: No sound with Windows Media Player.

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Good Morning Tech Support Guys,

As usual....I hope all is well with everyone.
After searching thru former Win Media Player posts....I have yet to find a prob such as mine.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1021 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller, 96 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 38138 MB, Free - 6320 MB; D: Total - 57231 MB, Free - 55428 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Computer Corp., 0TC666
Antivirus: ZoneAlarm Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

The sound from my Win Med Player 11 suddenly has become "Tinny and with an Echo that sounds as if it's coming from the ceiling of an empty room" include voices(s) and no bass at all".

I have reinstalled Win Med Player 11, 3 times....and also rolled back 4 times, yet to no avail.
I have checked all sound connections (cables)...both speakers and headphones.
I have run a full scan with "Ewido"-virus and malware scanner....and according to "Driver Detective", the following drivers are up to date:
Disk Drives DVD/CD Rom Sound, Video and Game Controllers (SoundMax)....with no yellow check marks to be found.
I have reinstalled all Win codecs......and also reinstalled my music creation software at least 5 times, (Mixcraft 5).......... (1) Sys Restore.....and have cursed and praye... Read more

A:Solved: Win Media Player 11 sound probs/win xp

I fixed it !

Thank you all just the same.....


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I have wmp 11 and when I play a song the vocals are much quieter than the music. I have had this problem before and I remeber when I found the answer it was an extremely simple process but I can't remember what I did and I can't find the answer again. If it helps I'm almost positive I went through the control panel to the sound options.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Just noticed I put this in the wrong spot could someone move it please? Sorry about that...

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Hi, Im a Computer Technician and Im confronted with a problem.
One of the computers Im workin on when using Pinacle 9 or on Windows media 11 no sound or video plays.

a Month or so I thought a fixed this problem for good by setting the acceration to 0 and so on.

but now this is occuring again.

anyone have problems Playing DVD's in windows media and getting no sound no video?

A:Windows Media Player Problem -No Vid No Sound.

WMP Troubleshooter

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Hey ummmm I was having problems playing music in Windows Media Player 9
.... and I opened a music program and I was able to play music through that program and I tried opening (WMP9) and attempting to play music again and it worked and not less than 3 hours later when I turned my computer back on I tried playing music again and now I have NO SOUND whatsoever on my computer .Everytime I attempt to play music I just get an error that says Class not registered! AND IT REALLY FRUSTATING because I have no clue what happend I was literally playin music 3 hours before.Can anybody help me solve this problem????Im Desperate and it would be greatly appreciated!! by the way I have win98 if thats ne help

A:Windows Media Player 9 Sound Error

It sounds like you are not playing the same music file at the later time and that wmp doesn't recognise the file type. What's the file extension of the music file it can't play?

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WMP 11 and Real Player won't play sound with the DVD playback on my friends computer.

I've done tons of troubleshooting and reboots.

I've adjusted the sound drivers, and even redownloaded it direct from the manufacturer.

It only happens when I play DVD's.

CD's play fine. The system sounds play perfectly, so I know its a problem with the two programs.

I'm at my wits end on this...

btw... the computer is a Dell Inspiron 9300, runs Windows XP 2000 Professional, Intel Centrino Processor

any ideas?

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I am running XP Media Center Edition. I have tried to play video files, either wmv, avi and streaming, with Media Player 10, all with the same results. Audio is fine, but no video. I have loaded FFDShow codecs and I have tried with Norton and XP firewalls off. All with same no video results. When using "Media Center Edition" the video plays fine along with audio, but with Media Player 10 (I even tried Real Player), and still no video. Any ideas, assistance or suggestions are welcome.
Thank you in advance.

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No audio on some midi files.  These files play fine on my $50 amazon tablet and on my electronic pianos, but not on my W 10 computer upgraded from W 7 this summer.  Emailed the midi to a friend who has W 10 media player and won't play there either.  I don't see a way to attach the file here for members to test this out.

A:windows 10 media player no sound on some midi

Hi, This is totally something to do with Windows 10, not your HP machine . Please check the following discussion   Regards.

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Whenever I attempt to use Windows Media Player 10, I can see a picture but can't hear any sound. My speakers are still working as I've checked various sites and viewed clips and could hear sound with no problem. I am using Windows XP. How can I fix this? Thanks for any help!

A:Solved: Windows Media Player 10---no sound

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I am trying to play a DVD using Windows Media 9. I can only hear the background sound. Please help!

A:Windows Media player sound problem

update it

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it seems as if ever since i downloaded media player 9 when ever i play dvd's on media player i get the above problem, ie sound is crap, sounds like talking in a tank of water, very strange. running an athlon xp 24000 512 or something ram ( cant remember).Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix the problem.

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This used to work, now it doesn't and I can't trace what I've done lately to figure out why. Sound works fine, but I like to control volume from user apps like Windows Media player. In other apps it still works, but for some Reason in Media Player it doesn't work at all. I can't even mute now. I have version 10. Should I try a reinstall? I'd rather not upgrade to 11 just yet until they work out the bugs.

A:Media player sound control not working

Figured it out. I had another ap running that was using the sound.

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