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Whats Better? Nero Express Or Nero 7 Essentials?

Q: Whats Better? Nero Express Or Nero 7 Essentials?

Whats better on XP?Nero Expressor Nero 7 EssentialsPlease tell me the differences,what they do and what not?Edit: Moved topic to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A: Whats Better? Nero Express Or Nero 7 Essentials?

"Better" in what way?

Nero Express doesn't bore users who only want to burn...who do not want the entire Nero suite installed (includes burning, backup, etc.) installed on the system.

CD/DVD drives normally only include Nero Express with the drives.

I'm still using Nero 6.6 so I have no clue about Nero 7 Essentials, but I'm sure there is plenty of info at the Nero website on it.


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I am using a laptop that is a HP Pavilion dv4 Notebook PC.
The OS being used is the 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium.
I am trying to burn a DVD video file (.vob file) to a DVD disc using Nero Vision Essentials (Nero 9).
After importing the file into the project, I played the video and found that it has no sound.
As a result, when I have successfully burned it to a DVD disc and played this disc on my DVD player, it has also no sound.
Please help me fix this problem!

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This Nero burner program came w/ my Cannon scanner 5-6 years ago. Have used it many times during that time. But now I get message saying that a "30 day trial version of MPEG 2 video encoder has expired"! A DVD-multichannel video plug-in is now required to make the program function. After all these years?? Whats up with that?? Is there a better burner program (more intuitive, simpler to use, less expensive) that Nero? Many thanks for your help!

A:Nero Express Essentials problem.

Maybe check the date and time on your computer--it can cause odd problems like that if its not at least current to the present year.

What sort of project or projects do you use Nero for? There are many competent and free programs for almost everything Nero does but they would be gathered from different sources depending on the need. If its just burning then CDBurnerXP, if its to encode a video into MPEG-2 (DVD), DVDFlick.

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Hello, everyone.

I attempted to burn a video file onto a DVD, with Nero Express. However, the software only allows either bup, vob or ifo files. After googling such terms on the web, I came across several forums/communities and whatnot, where people kept saying that Nero Vision is required, in order to convert the files you want, into bup, vob or ifo (I have absolutely zero clue as to why the company behind Nero didn't include Nero Vision in Nero 12's software suite. Because without it, Nero Express is totally useless. But I digress)

I jumped on Nero Vision, but was told by the software that my project could only fit into a DVD-9.

Question 1: I have burnable DVDs for 120 min/4.7gb. Doesn't that mean that even if my project exceeds 120 minutes in length, if it still doesn't exceed the size limit, it's supposed to work? What on earth is a DVD-9, anyways?

Question 2: If you can just power on Nero Vision and immediately get your original file and burn it, why does Nero Express require all this bup, vob, ifo nonsense???

Question 3: What are the major differences between immediately burning your original file onto a DVD, and converting that into the required bup, vob and ifo formats?

Question 4: How would I go about doing that with Nero Vision?

EDIT: Realized that the only way to burn past that time limit (120 min)(My file exceeds 2 hours in length) is to decrease its quality, which I do not want to do. So I should go with the vob, bup, ifo stuff, ri... Read more

A:Nero Express. Nero Vision. DVD File structures!?

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I use Nero Express to Rip my CDs.

When I insert a new CD to be ripped, I used to get an intermediate screen which allowed me to edit the titles.

There was a check box to not see the screen any more. I recently inadvertently clicked the box and I no longer see that screen.

Any ideas on how I can get the screen back??


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Hi. I've a question:
Is there a way to create movie DVD's with menus so that a normal DVD player can play all the files in the desired order?

A:Nero Essentials 8

I mean, Essentials 7

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A while ago I bought a copy of this software mainly to copy DVDs I had made onto my computer where I could edit them and write new DVDs.
The software was working fine for 30 days then it would no longer do what I wanted to. A message stated I would have to buy a plug-in for it to work again.
The problem is that when I followed the links in the software to the Nero site several different plug-ins were offered and I don't know which one I need.
Can anyone tell me the right one to buy?
Incidentally, I bought another copy of the installation CD thinking that I could carry out the task I wished to do within the 30 day period but this new copy immediately came up with the message that the trial period had expired. Obviously something is hanging about inside my computer from the original installation even though I had removed the programme. How can I get rid of this?

A:Nero 7 essentials

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I have an OEM version of Nero 7 Essentials (from Fujitsu Siemens) running on my Windows Vista Home Basic based Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo laptop. It has an Optiarc DVD RW drive, and I was wondering how I could burn videos from my Panasonic mini-DV camera onto a DVD-R or RW. I can get the videos onto my computer just fine, but if I put them into Windows Movie Maker or Nero, I only get the chance to burn a VCD.

I'd prefer not to pay for any more software, so if I need to I'll manage with VCDs, but I would prefer DVDs.


A:Nero 7 Essentials


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Hi guys...

got the original of Nero 7 Essentials with my DVD burner. I can burn DVD's and stuff just fine, the only problem is that as long as Nero is installed on my PC I cannot watch any kind of Video file, eg. avi's etc. If, for say, I want to watch some X-Files I open the Episode in Winamp oder WinMedPl but it won't start playing... I can use the bar to zoom through the episode and see the picture at that moment in time, but just won't play... until I de-install Nero.

Any idea's how I can get both to work at the same time?


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Hi guys.

I am using nero vision 5 essentials se to burn media to dvd-r disks.

The program will burn the media fine until it gets to the very last bit. Then it will come up witha pop up saying the burn process has failed.

Any ideas on what this could be?

Any help will be appreciated!

Many thanks.


A:Nero Vision 5 Essentials SE Help

I installed Nero Essentials on my new PC a few weeks ago. It was the free software I received in the boxes with my DVD drives. It would seem to be burning, but really it was not doing anything. I uninstalled Nero and installed good old Roxio creator and it works beautifully. I am not a fan of Nero at all. I know this doesn't help get Nero working but you now know others have the same problem with it.

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I previously had Nero 5.5 installed on my PC and have a number of CD's that were burned in 5.5. These Cd's still have a lot of space left on them. I have recently upgraded to Nero 7 Essentials Suite 1. Can I use these Cd's to burn multisessions with Nero 7 Essentials? If I can, please give me an "How to". Communicating with Nero Tech Support is an agonizing process.

A:Nero 7 Essentials Suite 1

Is there even a multisession setting in Essentials? That is a very stripped-down version that is basically just Nero Express and no Nero full.

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6-12 Months ago I backed up documents and music onto 13 dvd discs.with Nero 8's ,BackItUp 3
Now when I try to retrieve the backup it just tells me,'This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way'
When I try to close the window it freezes up
I have tried on both my laptop (Win7) and my PC (Win XP)
The original backup was done with Win XP on the PC
I have recently reinstalled Nero 8 on both PC and Laptop
A recent external H/Drive failure has left me desperate there is close to 45 Gigabytes of music that I
cannot afford to lose
Please HELP

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My sister gave me a gift a new Toshiba Satellite Laptop and together with it was a bundled OS and Toshiba Softwares. They used the laptops and I believe they installed this Nero Essentials 8 on my laptop. Unfortunately when I got hold of my Laptop the software was installed and seems that it's not running well so i decide to uninstall it. But when I run it is not uninstalling and says that there is a corrupt database and could not remove it. Is there some other way I could remove it?

A:Uninstalling Nero Essentials 8

Nero removal tool look at this thread

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I have Nero Ultra...
Does anyone know something that can burn great quality dvd/cd's and data discs??? Please I kinda am sick of installing it, and then having to worry about all this extra poop to go through.

A:Solved: Whats Better than NERO!!!!

Try KMPlayer, it is free. Google it.

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Trying to install NERO 7 ESSENTIALS but it won't let me. it cannot complete the installation and shuts off before completion. it worked fine on windows xp, but not on my new windows vista home premium 64 bit system. help.

A:Error installing NERO 7 Essentials

Hi drtime0909. . .

Welcome to the Tech Support Forum - Vista Support!

I have found that aspects of Nero 7 may not be fully compatible with Vista x64 - at least according to their system requirements, found HERE. Although it indicates that it is compatible with exceptions, note the area under "DirectX 9.0c" - required - but it does not say "or later"... such as is said for IE6.

Looking at the system requirements for Nero 8 found HERE, you will notice the phrase "DirectX 9.0c or better" - Vista runs under DirectX 10.

Whether or not this subtle difference is causing the problems for you is unknown to me at this time.

I would suggest that you check WERcon out to see if incompatibility is listed:
? Problem Reports and Solutions:
START | type wercon.exe into the Start Search box | right-click on wercon.exe that appears up top | select Run as Administrator | view "See Problems to Check'.

However, there is a plug-in that may or may not work for you and it costs USD $24.99 - but be wary. You can find this information HERE.

Good Luck to you.

Regards. . .


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does anybody here know how to COMPLETLEY remove all traces of anything to do with Nero 7? I bought a Philips DVD player, and it came with Nero 7 essentials, but only a trials version (something it doesn't tell you when you buy the DVD drive, among other reasons, i would recommend to anyone not to buy a Philips DVD Drive), and I have a full version to install, but when i uninstall the trial, and install the full version, it still asks me to buy the full version, which i already have, but i stupidly installed the trial version first. I have eben into the registry, and dleted anything that i thought might have something to dow ith Nero, but obviously I am missing something, but can't find what it would be. Any ideas guys?

oh for the record, I am running Vista home basic 64.


A:Completely Removing Nero 7 Essentials

You might want to give Nero Clean Tool Bundle a try.

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... Having a problem and so I thought OK I will simply uninstall the NERO 7 Essentials, clean my pc and simply start again. Not too complicated even for me. BUT,,,

I just can not get Nero out of my Add/Remove window.

I went to search and found all sorts of Nero apps going back long before I ever installed this version. I took out everything that said Nero. But again, it's showing up in Add/Remove and looks like it's taken quite a bit of space as well.

Any HELP sure appreciated.

A:Solved: Nero 7 essentials, can not uninstall

Go here, download and run the Nero 7 CleanTool.

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I would like to know how do I get pass the error message I keep getting when I try and install Nero 7 Essential. It keeps on telling me that it is an incorrect serial number please re enter it. Can this be use for windows XP Pro

Can some one please help me with this.

A:Nero 7 Essentials Serial Number

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I have been trying now for about three months now to remove Nero from my computer and I keep getting the same message " shellmanager database is corrupt or missing"... I have googled how to remove and still not gone, Can anyone help me with my problem??? TIA ...


A:[SOLVED] remove Nero 7 essentials

use the nero tool

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Vista Home Premium - pre-installed. Dell Inspiron E1750 17" Notebook. 1GB Mem.
7 Days old - virtually no sites visited so no knowledgable infections.
What happened?
I installed Nero 7 after removing Roxio, since it is a preferred program for burning. I got the usual incompatibility message before installing but knew Nero had an update so I allowed it to install.

However, the installer fell over part way through and displayed a cryptic message saying that the installer stopped working and must close. Now, Nero is registered in the add/remove programs dialogue but does not show up under installed programs in the start menu. I tried to uninstall what had been installed but kept getting the same windows installer message as it fell over and over again with the same task.

I tried seeing if there was an available Windows update for Vista but there was not.

Do you feel the Nero update may work??..I don't want to F%%K the system up as i know it is already fragile and bug worthy.

Thanks for your help and assistance.

A:Nero Essentials 7 Giving Me Hell

Nero crashed on the Vista machine at work today - I wouldn't trust it until a Vista patch is released by Nero.

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After repeated tries, I have been unable to uninstall Nero 7 Essentials. Near the end of the process I get this message from Vista: Custom Action Dll crashed on last call in function Nerodg_UnregisterComEx. The installer must now exit. Crash Thread ID2752. Current Thread ID692. Any clues anybody?

A:Problems uninstalling Nero 7 Essentials

Try this tool Nero Uninstaller.

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When trying to install Nero 7 Essentials in my Windows Vista Home Premium desktop, it advises that DirectX 9.0c needs to be updated before the install process can continue.

According to the DirectX main window when I run "dxdiag.exe", it shows DirectX 10(6.00.6000.16386) as already being installed. Because of this, I aborted the Nero install process.

Is anyone aware of this, and is it okay to allow DirectX 9.0c to be updated?


A:Solved: A Question About Nero 7 Essentials

I suggest you download the tutorial how to install Nero in Vista this is in pdf format. You may need an Adobe Reader to view the manual.

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I recently did some live audio recording of a lecture using my computer [something I have done many times]- but this time had unexpected results. When I went to burn the session to CDs, although I had filled out the tags with the proper information- each CD, when played back, displayed the title as "The Color of Magic" disc 2, and the artist is listed as Terry Pratchett. I discovered that is actually a movie written by Mr Pratchett- but have no idea of how it became associated with the original audio material I recorded.

My machine is Windows XP, the software I was recording with is "Total Recorder Pro", and the burning software is Nero Essentials that came with the CD burner (v.

I have run Malwarebytes Antimalware and see no problems reported.

Your thoughts would be much appreciated

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I am currently using Nero Essentials for my MP3 burning.

1. My file size is HUGE. A 5 minute song converted to a 53 mg file. My player is an 8 gb, but two CD's maxed out the remainder of my space. I understand the higher bit rate = largter file, as well as length of song. How do I get my file size smaller? The bit rate shows as 1411.

If there is no "fix" what isa better program to use?

I was using MusicMatch prior to this program

I like good audio for sure, but my MP3 player could use smaller file sizes...

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looking for a different burner then nero that can handle DL disc burning for movie formats... if any1 knows something thats worked for them in the past or has heard of a good one, please let me know, thanks alot...

A:whats a good DL disc burner besides nero

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Nero 2015 Classic/Nero Platinum 2015/Nero Burning ROM 2015 - released

Nero just now released NEW Versions for 2015:
1.Nero 2015 Classic
2.Nero Platinum 2015
3.Nero Burning ROM 2015
5.Nero Video 2015

Download Nero 2015 from this page:

Download offline:
1.Nero Platinium Retail Setup,
2.Content Pack from Nero 2015,


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When i click on Nero Burning ROM, it does not open at all. All that happens is i get a windows error report telling me that nero.exe encountered a problem. I have succesfully used this many times before, but one day it just stopped working.

Any idea of what is wrong?

A:Nero 7 Ultra Edition - Cannot start Nero Burning ROM

A simple uninstall and install might help.

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I am using Nero BackItUp (Nero Ultra 7) and have been receiving "data verification failed" and "Sector NNNNNN on disc has different content to source" errors recently. On the same PC (Win XP Pro SP2), I got the errors using two different burners (an HP and a Sony) and trying both a DVD/RW and a DVD/R. FYI, I use Shadow Copy for the burn, the burn process completes without error every time (i.e. - the error only occurs during verification), and I have burned to the DVD/RW many times before without incident. More generally, I didn't get data verification errors before so I am wondering why I might be getting them now. Also, could someone tell me what, exactly, "Sector NNNNNN on disc has different content to source" means? I assume it means that the source and target files are not matching in some cases. More importantly, is it a big deal? I ran the ScanDisc in Nero CD-DVD Speed and both DVDs had 100% good sectors (0% damaged or bad). Nero log file attached.


Aaron Allen
Albuquerque, NM

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I have an external hard drive with some files backed up from an old XP system using Nero Back Up software (files have the .NBA extension)
I am looking for a new computer and will want to install some of these files onto the new computer. Am I able to do this if the Nero software is not installed on the new computer, or will I have to buy Nero software just to add these files to the new computer? If so, is that always the case, that one must restore files using the same software used to backup the files?

A:Restoring file backed up on old system with I need Nero

Yes, you will need to install the Nero Backup software in order to restore the .nba files.

You can try using their free version of NeroBackItUp from here to see if that will work.

If not, they have older versions of the same free program

See if you can find the same version that you used to do the backup.

There are other programs you can use to do backups that don't require the same program to restore files. I use SyncBackFree to backup my files. You can use the same program to restore files, but it's not necessary. You can just copy the files back with Windows Explorer.

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Hello Again,

When I install Nero 7 and I run nero 7

It shows error message:
Nero 7 Stopped working Please Close Program.


A:PLEASE HELP: Nero Ultra 7 stops working after installation of Nero

Nero 7 is very old. Its probably not Windows 7 compatible.

Try running it in a compatiblility model for Windows XP.

You may even have to reinstall it in a compatibility mode.

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My problem is that I simply cannot get Nero to record video and sound from the TV card. The TV plays fine in Windows Media player, so I know that is working. I can sometimes get the picture to show up in Nero, but never the sound. When I try to record the video all I get is a still image. I know it is a setup problem of some kind, but for the life of me I canít get it to work. When I try to play TV through Nero I get a blank screen, and a thousand setting adjustments donít help. During setup it finds all of the channels so it is at least seeing the signal. Do you have any ideas? System information is in my profile.

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I use Nero Express (version 8) to Rip my CDs.

When I inserted a new CD to be ripped, I used to get an intermediate screen which allowed me to edit the titles.

There was a check box to not see the screen any more. I recently inadvertently clicked the box and now I no longer see that screen.

Any ideas on how I can get it back??


A:Help!! Nero Express

Not exactly sure which window you are talking about. Is it the one right after the internet database is accessed for further album information?

Take a look under the Advanced tab in Options. It may be one of the listings near the bottom that can be set to "Prompt".

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I just installed a new burner. The software that came with it is Nero Express. I want to copy some songs I have in Media Player. I'm having trouble figuring out how to access these songs as a group and add them to my copy list in Nero Express.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

A:Nero Express

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I'm trying to create a boot disc with a normal 700MB disc. I have all the files I want to be put on the disc there, but when I go to the final step I get this:

So... it wants a floppy. How can I just use a disc? If I can't is there a different type of floppy called a "bootable floppy" or can I just go buy some floppy discs and use them for this?

A:Nero Express


There is no special type of floppy for a bootable disk. It is a floppy that has the system files installed on it.
To create a bootable or "startup" floppy:

Insert the floppy.
Go to My Computer and right-click on drive A.
Click format.
Check the box that says "Create an MS-DOS start up disk"
Format the disk.


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I recently bought a DVD burner, and I'm using Nero Express to try and burn some Data DVD's to free up some harddrive space. I went into configure and chose to enable the image function so my DVD drive would be read by Nero, and I proceeded to burn an image of the data. It saved to my desktop, and now whenever I try to burn the image onto the DVD, it just asks me to save again. What do I do?

A:Using Nero Express

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I am having trouble burning a CD. I have inserted several CD's in the tray---even ones I have already burned and the CD is either not recognized or the burn tab will not appear. (Nero Express Burn tab will not show up.) When I go into My Computer and right click on the D-drive there is no space available now. (This may have happen because I was trying several ways to burn a CD so I added files and this caused the space to fill up.) I know this could not have cause the problem but it is an additional problem. I know for sure some of the CD's I inserted was not protected because I burned them before. How can I know if a CD is protected? Can you also tell me how do I make free space available on my D drive? Seeking help.
Thank you, pagev8

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I am working on a computer for a friend. Everytime I go to burn a cd, it quits when it gets to 18% and says that the buffer has underrun. I cannot figure out what the problem might be. The computer is running windows xp professional service pack 2. Thank you in advance for your help.

A:Help with nero express

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I am looking for other softwares to burn a CD. I have had nero express in my computer but I am in mood to try other softwares that has same function as Nero express. can anyone name the softwares?? Thanks.

p.s I prefer free softwares.

A:Nero express, what else??

here's a couple I never tried, I would stay with nero.
I use Nero 6.

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I am trying to record an audio cd from the MP3 files I have stored on my computer. I want to be able to play the cd in my cd player at home but am unsure which option I need to choose. My choices are MP3/WMA or Nero Digital Audio Disc -AAC.

A:Nero express 6 - help please

If it's just a CD to play on your CD player, then the Audio Disc option is fine.

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I have just been given Dantz Retrospect Pro to back up the data on my OS & have successfully created a backup & created a 'Disaster Recovery Image Disc' which I now have to burn to CD. I have two problems.
(a) How do I burn the Image file to CD? I have Nero Express 5.5 & have already tried the 'Burn Data' function without success (the disc won't boot). I have to create an image file in ISO format.
(b) If I succeed in creating a bootable 'Disaster Recovery Disc' on a CD-RW disc, will I be able to safely delete the image with Nero Express before creating a new & updated version without causing any problems to the OS?
I have Windows XP Home Edition.

A:Nero Express 5.5

If the image is bootable already or has a boot floppy created in the Dantz program then use the Burn image to CD/Disk image oe saved project option.
If it is not bootable open Nero Burning rom [not express] and use the left hand menu to select CD-Rom [boot] and insert your bootable media [windows start up disk or disk produced by Dantz program]in the A drive so that it can copy this to the bootable part of the CD-Rom.Use the Labeltab to give the CD a significant name i.e. the date,press the NEW button and drag acrss the relavent files [not an image] in the explorer window.

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I am having trouble burning a CD. I have inserted several CD's in the tray---even ones I have already burned and the CD is either not recognized or the burn tab will not appear. (Nero Express Burn tab will not show up.) When I go into My Computer and right click on the D-drive there is no space available now. (This may have happen because I was trying several ways to burn a CD so I added files and this caused the space to fill up.) I know this could not have cause the problem but it is an additional problem. I know for sure some of the CD's I inserted was not protected because I burned them before. How can I know if a CD is protected? Can you also tell me how do I make free space available on my D drive? Seeking help.
Thank you, pagev8

A:Nero express

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Prior to installation of Nero Express, system had two CD-ROM drives, "D" and "E". After installation the "D" drive was changed to "F" and system no longer recognizes "D".

How can the drive designation be changed back??

Running Windows 98. Sorry I have no more details. I'm attempting to solve problem for elderly friend and have not had a chance to get any "hands on" with his system.


A:Nero Express

There are a couple of possibilities...1) Make sure you didn't install Nero's virtual drive as it will "eat up" a drive letter..
2)..Boot to safe mode..Hit [Win+Pause] key (System properties)>Device Manager(tab)>click + (plus) next to CD Roms>Remove any "ghost" entries>Reboot...Any change??

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I am trying to do back up from Nero Express, i am getting this message " caching of files failed" what does this mean? and how do i fix it?

A:Nero Express

Not enough hard drive space, overly fragmented hard drive, corrupt hard drive area where source files are, corrupted files -- any of those are possible.

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I recently purchased a DVD Burner.
It included Nero Express 2.

I installed the DVD burner, loaded the
software and soon burned a good Video DVD.

It had MPEG's and a slide show too.

The DVD played just fine on my PC and the
home DVD Player.

I was a happy genius.

Then I tried it again. Coaster. Hmmm...

Must be that I missed something that time.

I went thru all the steps again.
Thought I found it.

Actually, I was certain that I found it.



4 more attempts to figure out what switch I threw
that caused this problem.

4 more coasters.
It's starting to get expensive.

I like to think of myself as a Master-Of-The-Obvious but
this problem is just not staring me in the face.

Is there a switch or a checkbox or a certain
combination of things that are a no-no with this software ?

It seems very straightforward and easy enough, and
I'm trying to think of what I could have done but I'm
as empty as my DVD's.


Anyone ?

- Argle Bargle -

A:Nero Express 2 Please Help

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Just got a DVD burner. Already have CD burners. Can I use NERO to burn both video on the DVD and audio on CD? Power DVD 5.0, WinDVD PowerDVD XP, and Sonic MyDVD also came with it. I can use all the help I can get in reference to any/all of these programs.

A:NERO Express v.6

Nero Express will do DVD and CD to the drive of your choice. I have no experience with the others.

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Hi, I'd really appreciate any help here. I've used Nero 7 Premium, Nero Startsmart for quite a while now, but over the last few months, I've started getting read errors for sectors. The burning is fine, but the reading always has errors. This happens also on Nero Burning Rom. Any ideas why this is happening? I'm using the same kind of discs and burning mediaplayer files. If I leave it to run its course, it takes hours and hours, so I usually abort it.
Below is my log:

Windows XP 5.1
WinAspi: -
ahead WinASPI: File 'C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\Core\Wnaspi32.dll': Ver=, size=164112 bytes, created 2/11/2004 12:54:32 PM

NT-SPTI used
Nero Version:
Internal Version: 7, 0, 5, 4
(Nero Express)
Recorder: <HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GWA-4082N>Version: CP03 - HA 1 TA 0 -
Adapter driver: <IDE> HA 1
Drive buffer : 2048kB
Bus Type : default (0) -> ATAPI, detected: ?
CD-ROM: <HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GWA-4082N>Version: CP03 - HA 1 TA 0 -
Adapter driver: <IDE> HA 1

=== Scsi-Device-Map ===
DiskPeripheral : TOSHIBA MK1031GAS atapi Port 0 ID 0 DMA: On
CdRomPeripheral : HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GWA-4082N atapi Port 0 ID 1 DMA: On

=== CDRom-Device-Map ===

AutoRun : 1
Excluded drive ... Read more

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help me please im brand new. when im trying to add dvd files to burn i get ( no compatible file found)can any one please help me.thanks.


A:nero express 6

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Hi, I am new to this program and was wondering if someone can help with burning a CD. I am trying to download fedora 5 from the net. Any help is appreciated.

A:Nero express 6

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i just installed a new LG CR/wr and now find that it doesn't work with my versions of EasyCD or Click and Burn. I installed the software Nero Express that came with the writer........knowing that as in the past it was not going to be smooth. Now I have read the instructions and am at the point of trial and error at my expense. I have copied an audio to CD and it worked ok. I did a copy entire cd (disk to disk) and it worked ok. I tried to copy pictures on to the CD and used the video/picture section and all I ended up with was files with a .dat extension. I have no idea why these programs can't state how to do's in simple terms. How do you burn pictures to CD's by using video/pictures or by using the data section of the program. All I need is someone to point me in the right direction. This will save me wasting CD's. The INcd part of the program seems to be really good.......if you copy pictures in this format will the stores be able to read this when they are making hard copies of the pictures or does it have to be in standard reader CD's

A:Nero Express How do You??

Depends on which format you want to save pictures. If you want to be able to view them with a standalone DVD player, for instance, then you probably should use PhotoCD format. Otherwise just burn them as normal data (not video / audio).

More useful information about pictures on CD-ROMs is in CD-Recordable FAQ.

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Hello my name is Trish I just recently got nero express my problem I
am having is I downloaded a movie on to my computer and every
time I burn it on to a dvd I can watch it on my computer but not my
dvd player which is a phillphs dvp 3500 and I also have a playstation 2
it will not play on could you tell me what I may be doing wrong?
And I don't really know how to check the format of it.

A:Nero Express need help!

Hi Trish...welcome to TSF,

How big is the movie file you downloaded?

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hi people
can some one tell me how can i burn a dvd with nero express
step by step please

A:how to burn a dvd with nero express????

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Alright i have been stumped as too how to burn a Downloaded Movie 2 a DVD.
I have tryed both methods as far as a data DVD and a regular DVD can some one plz explain how i can get this 2 work. Another thing the times i have completed this i will try it in my DVD player the list of movies will come up but when i press play it just reverts back 2 the list....
Any suggestions?

A:Nero Express 3 DVD Burning

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I have a bunch of mp3's that i would like to back up to cd.
What program would be best to use?,mp3 disc,data disc or dvd mp3 disc.
Or something else.Tks

A:backup mp3 with nero express

I believe that with Nero - to burn mp3's as mp3's you would use the data disk function. I think you can get about 150/160 mp3's on a CD.

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hi, i want a make a slipstreaming cd with win xp pro and sp2. my problem is the burning software. i am using nero express, and i have problems reading the image is only has the option t choose between floppy or other externan device, i want to read from it possible? any suggestions to burn in an other way or software..?

A:NERO Express and boot cd..

You could always write the image to a floppy..

Or use a virtual floppy drive like this:

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I have got Nero Express oem on my machine, and have recently got a new writer. I am wanting to install the full package of nero (version 5.10.09) i got with my new writer, but when i do, i get a message saying "The wizard was interrupted before completeing, Your system has not been modified." .

I have tried going into add/remove programs under control panel, and uninstalling nero express, with the idea of reinstalling my new version of nero that was supplied with my writer.

My computer system (which is running windows 98) wont let me uninstall windows, it keeps looking as though it wants to try, then just stops and, its still there on my hard drive looking as though it hasnt even be attempted to be installed, and is still usable.

Can you help me out with my problem

A:uninstalling nero express

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I just upgraded from a DVD-ROM/CD-Rw to a DVD-rw. I had been using nero express for burning cd's and now when I open nero express its not showing the dvd burner. Im sure it should also burn cd's it says right on it. I thought maybe it didnt find the drivers, but in neros advanced detection its showing up as the right manuf./model (sony DW-D22A) but in the drop down menu for recorders it only shows an image recorder,no devices. Also it shows up correctly in the device manager. Im kinda stumped on this one. P.S.-I know this is hardware,but since its being detected correctly Im assuming that its something Im missing in nero,so I posted it here,hopefully thats correct.

A:Solved: Using Nero express

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Is it possible to copy individual tracks from various music CDs onto my computer (eg My Music Folder) then copy back the whole onto one blank CD ???

If so do I put the CD- tracks of which to be put on PC - into my CD rom or CD RW???

If this is possible then could someone take me through it step by step in the easiest possible way???

Many thanks guys - Oldie

A:Nero Express - Newbie help please!!!

put the cd into your cd
click on the cd in the right hand panel to show the tracks
drag the tracks you want into the left hand panel
when you have what you want put a blank cd into your writer and burn it

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I tried to make my first Data DVD w/ Autocad and Photoshop on it. It wrote to the disc, but when I tried it out, it couldn't be recognized. In fact, neither of my DVD drives did anything with it. Any experience with burning with Nero Express v. 8?

A:DVD Burning w/ Nero Express

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I down load audio books from and would like burn them to a CD. The site recommends Nero Express, but the only software I can find is the full blown version of Nero (Ultimate-or something like that for $59).

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Nero Express or have any other recommendations? I could use iTunes, but I'm not real happy with that product for buring CDs (maybe it's just me).



Try CDBurnerXP it's a good freeware burning program.

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I just recently purchased the Sony DCR-SR100 Hard drive camcorder.
When I try to make a movie in Nero Express I cannot figure out how to copy files from itunes and paste them into nero to add to my movie.
Some are there and most are not.
Also what does the little lock mean on some of them

A:Nero express software

itunes downloads have a security decription to stop u doing what u appear to want to do

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I think my registry entries for Nero Express (, (or Burning Rom, I don't know what the difference is) got corrupted, because it is telling me my demo has expired, when I have the full version on CD. I would like to uninstall/reinstall it, however it does not appear in the Windows Add/Remove programs list. When I put in the CD to install it, it says that an installation already exists and must be removed first. When I click "remove", nothing happens and it just says to restart the computer, but nothing changed. How should I fix this?


A:Nero Express corrupted

You'll have to scan the registry and remove it manually I would guess...

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windows 98
pentium 111 450mhz
liteon cdr
using nero express 5.5
this will burn a complete audio cd fine,but if its selected tracks from various cds the burning stops at 3-5%.any answers would be good,thanks

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Can somebody give me some basic information on how to burn a data CD (straight burn, not packet writing) using Nero Express (or for that matter Adaptec or any other burning software because what I want to know is generic). Nero's help files are next to useless. For example, what is the difference between quick erasing and full erasing a disc; that is, how do these impact what you can then write to the disk. Help says quick erase leaves the data and table of contents on the disk. So what? Does that mean I can't overwrite what's there?

I want to use the burner to make backups of working files. I first zip all of the files into a single file on the hard drive called, then burn that file onto a CD-RW. Worked find first and second time. However, the third time I tried to do that, I get an error message that there is not enough space on the disk. When I look at the disk properties, it says used space is only 180MB (on a 700MB disk), but unused space is 0 bytes??? How/why does this happen? Seems like the only way I can used the disc again to put the backup file on it is to do a full erase, which is a pain -- takes 7 1/2 minutes just to do that. IOW, how can I use one CD-RW to burn the same named backup file to it an unlimited number of times without having to do a full erase after every two burns. Burning is obviously not like file copying!

Running Win 98SE on a PIII 733MHz machine with a TDK 52/24/48 burner.

A:Need a Nero Express Primer!

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I have a HP Pavilion 6553 with Windows 98. I have just replaced the CD rom with a CDRW 52x24x52. The software that came with the drive is nero express v I get the error when I try to open the software: The WIN-ASPI file '??' cannot be found, therefore you can currently select only image recorders. This missing file is one of the Windows 95/98/ME files. Please fix the problem and restart Nero. (Error 11: No ASPI!) I have already downloaded the dll file: wnaspi32.dll
It did not help. Can you? Thanks.

A:(Resolved) nero express v

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Hi everybody,

I just bought a DVD-writer. It came with Nero 6 OEM version, which turns out to include not the normal Nero, but the scaled-down Nero Express.

I think Express will do the things I've been doing with (normal) Nero 5. However, I don't see a way to do a burn simulation.

Is that not available in this simplified version? (Would the publisher really make users perform unsuccessful burns, rather than letting them test first?) Maybe I'm just overlooking it somewhere...

Thanks, Ander

A:Simulations in Nero Express?

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Hi there,

I created a slide show of my photos to put on CD so I can play them on my DVD player. I've never used the program before so I haven't a clue what I am doing. So far I have only succeeded in burning the main menu to disc. Can someone please give me some guidance on how to get the whole slide show onto a CD?

A:Nero Express Vision 3.....need help

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Could anyone tell me why my Nero express will not switch to Nero Burning rom? I used to be able to get it to switch over...I have uninstalled, reinstalled, updated all with no luck. Version I am running is on Win98.

A:Solved: Nero Express

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Hello everyone

I am using Nero Express 6 to copy some DVD's for backup purposes. I am also using DVD43 to overcome the copyright protection.

Here is my problem. Tonight I tried to back up my copy of "The Island." I went through the CD copy option (selecting DVD copier of course). I had about 7GB of free space, and so Nero started copying the image to my HDD.

However, I encountered an error and had to close. Now my C: only has ~2Gb of space left and so I cannot try and copy again.

What I need to do is somehow delete the image that Nero had previously stored in order to try again. Does anyone know where Nero Express ususally stores these images? I have tried shutting down but to no avail.

Any help greatly appreciated.

A:Nero Express problem! SOS!

run the cleanup tool to delete stuff you no longer wish to keep

go to 'help & support,
'performance & maint'
freeing up disk space
disk cleanup​
it is ALWAYS safe to empty \windows\temp
and your Local Settings\Temp and the
Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

the next place to look is a subfolder under the directory in which you
installed Nero

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Good afternoon,
I recently formatted my HDD and reinstalled Win 98. When I try to reinstall Nero Xprs it says my system files are outdated. I have downloaded all updates from Microsoft. Nero support told me to use Clean Tools Program but it can't find the software because it doesn't exist! Please advise. Software loads fine on my other computer w/Win 2000 but no recordable drive on that system. Thank you for your help!

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I previously had Nero Express OEM installed on my computer. I then got myself a copy of Nero Ultra Edition, which includes Nero Burning ROM in it, However, the Nero Burning ROM gives me an error when I try to access the Nero Burnin ROM even though everything else in Nero Ultra works fine.

The error that is generated is the following:

Error signature
AppName: nero.exe AppVer: ModName: bcgcbpro730.dll
ModVer: Offset: 0011d51b
Thank you,

A:Problems With Nero Express

This seems to be a very common problem with Nero, very common.There were several solutions offered.Some worked for some people, while other solutions worked for others.You can have a look at these links and see if one of the solutions offered, will work for you. solution offered was a Registry edit.If you're not comfortable with working in the registry, DO NOT ATTEMPT.Improper changes to the registry could render your computer inoperable.Remember to backup the registry before making any changes.Instructions, on how to do that, can be found here:How to back up, edit, and restore the registry

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I recently installed dvd shrink onto my computer and now have a problem using nero.Didn't have problem before.I was using nero to copy from dvd to dvd with no problem.Any ideas?

A:nero express software

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i used to use nero 6 express to burn cds and it works pretty well except
when i try to burn files from a web site.when i do the song lenths are too
long.say if a song is 3 minates the express will add for some reason 2 mo-
re minates making the song longer and thus giving me less room on a cd
because the songs are 2 long.has anyone had this problem or is it just me?


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I want to burn a DVD. I chose DVD-Video Files because those are the files I wish to burn [.BUP, .IFO, .VOB]. I went through everything, chose the files, inserted the DVD in the DVD burner... but the 'BURN' button is greyed out; I cannot click it.

I have yet to be able to burn DVD's with ANY program. InterVideo DVDCopy 3, Nero Express 6, etc. They all give me errors. What good is it having a DVD burner and DVD's if it won't work out?

Can anyone help me?

A:Can't burn DVD with Nero Express 6.

Go here Lots of guides and frreware to help you. Oh I know it may be an obvious question but the driver is installed right?

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I have Nero Express that came with AOpen CD writer, I have installed. It works fine. But, if I try to write a large file (back-up "C" drive) it tells me to use a larger medium. I thought it should write to multiple disk as necessary. I cannot find if Nero can be configured to do this. I have tried CD-R and
CD-RW disk.
I am using Windows 98.
Thanks for any help. RDW.

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Hi. Nero Express 5.5 update. Cannot download Nero Express update 551050.EXE from the Nero website. Have tried several times day and night over the last few days. I click 'accept', click 'download' and the progress bar goes for 10 minutes or so and then I get an error box that says 'web page not available'. Anyone got an alternate site to get this update. Not UPGRADE. I can't afford to go to Nero 6. Any help helps. Thanks. ColoDingo

A:(Resolved) Nero Express updates

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A while back, I decided to take a trial using Nero 11? After the trial had expired, it was probably a few weeks before I decided to uninstall it?

Now, whenever I need the right-click context menu or a new folder or viewing properties of an application? There are still traces of Nero on my system somewhere.
I found IOBit and their ability to force uninstallation of programs, it worked? A little bit.

REVO uninstallation program did just a little bit better, but? Some traces are still there.

I have uploaded a video to YouTube so you can see exactly what's going on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Right-Click Menu & Nero Express 11

I had a similar issue with nero express install wanting to happen every time I right clicked on something, I resolved this issue by using a program called "ShellExView" ShellExView - Shell Extension Manager For Windows
I disabled "NeroShellExt Class" and it stopped coming up on every right click...hope this helps.

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I am trying to install NVE and it keeps failing after installing neroPhotosnap, never getting to the Vision Express portion.

What can I do to get around this, I really don't care about neroPhotosnap, its vision express that I want.


A:Can not install Nero Vision Express

Can you do a CUSTOM install, bypassing the PhotoSnap?

Also, Nero has the unpleasant habit of refusing next attempts if one fails, unless you completely remove the failed installation from registry as well!

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i am running version of nero vision express on my rather ancient 950mhz amd system, with 512 of sdram on a win2k os.
the problem i have is that after loading any avi file into the project window i cant create chapters either manually (freezes every time) or by auto generation (freezes at around 7-50%) i've set the sensitivity to minimum.
on the one occasion the auto creation reached 100% after i clicked generate the program failed to respond!!!!
i've uninstalled, used nero cleaning tools as well as ran the program with and without "end it all" shutting down all unnecessary backround programs.
does anyone have any tips.Thanks

A:Nero Vision Express Problem

could there be an error in the avi files? if so how can i check the avi file for this...

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I reinstalled windows (98SE) a few weeks ago, and am trying to resintall Nero Express CD burning software. Its always worked fine before on this computer, but it wont let me install it now.
It starts to install and just as it is about to finish the process, it freezes, I've left it for about 15 mins but no change and I have to restart the computer. When I restart the computer it says Nero express has been installed, but it wont work and when I try to uninstall, it says it cant because intallation was not completed.
Ive managed to uninstall it in safe mode, but have tried again several times but still get the same problem.
I tried to install it on my laptop (Windows XP) and it worked fine from the same CD.
Anyone know any solutions to this?

A:Solved: Cant install Nero Express

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I have recently downloded a CD-RW Drive to my WIndows 95 OS, It will show that I am writing to the CD when, but there is nothing actually written to the CD. I am also receiving an error meaage stating that Iam missing a .dll file. What is the .dll file used for and how importatnt is it, do I need it, is this the cause fo my problem? Help!!!
Yolanda H.

A:CD writer/Nero express problem

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I'm using Nero Express 6 to create a data disk of my My Documents folder. NE6 tells me it has successfully saved the data. I open Windows Explorer and ask it for the contents of the disk. Every file is listed. I ask Explorer to open a file, e.g. a Word Perfect file. WordPerfect appears on screen, and tells me the file I want to open is a read only file. I select YES to open it anyway. The hourglass appears, and stays. Cntrl+Alt-Delete opens the file manager which informs me that WordPerfect is no longer responding. If I ask MSWord to open a file, it too stops responding. If I ask Explorer to explore the file, it stops responding.
I worry that if my hard drive crashes, these disks will prove useless in restoring the My Documents file because the programs can't open the files. What am I doing wrong?

A:Nero Express 6 Data CDs unreadable

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Can someone please help me? I have been using Nero Vision Express 3 for quite awhile to capture my videos from my camcorder to my computer...basically record from my DV to my hard drive. The thing computer crashed and I reinstalled everything like it should...but when I try to capture my videos...only the video image is recorded....there is no sound at all? Does someone know how to fix this because I really need to finish this project for school and I need to capture sound and video to my hard drive...please help

Thank you

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Can anyone tell me how to encode and burn anime with tmpgenc xpress as fast as nero vision express? It takes nero about 1 1/2 hour to encode and burn a 6 episode project, and 5 hours for tmpgenc just to ecode it.

Or is there another program that can encode as fast as nero?

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I am using Windows XP, and have been using Nero Express 7 to burn movies, with no problem. I usually burn four movies as data to each DVD. However, occasionally I am told that all four movies have burned successfully, but when I put the DVD in my stand-alone DVD player, only two of the movies show up in the menu. There is no indication that the other two movies were ever burned.

When I put the DVD in my computer DVD player, however, all four movies are there, and can be played successfully.

Can anyone provide an answer as to why the movies are not all showing up in my stand-alone DVD player, and cannot be viewed?

Thanx in advance for any assistance.

A:Nero Express 7 burning movies

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Thanks in advance for any replies.
When using it to encode & burn it hangs. Countdown on remaining in the total progress bar stops but the elapsed time on the same bar keeps counting down.
Any ideas?
BTW, task manager reports it as running.



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I've been storing some financial data folders/files on a CD-R using Nero Express. I've configured NE for multi-session (no problem). The files I have already recorded to the CD total about 380MB. I just tried to copy another file (about 25MB) and I get a message saying there's not enough room on the CD. NE says there is 672 MB on the CD. I'm confused and would appreciate some comments. Thank you.

OS: Windows XP Pro, SP2

A:Solved: CD Capacity using Nero Express

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Hi, I've Recently Bought A Pacific Digital Mach52x CD-RW. Im Trying To Burn Some Of My Data Files For Backup Purposes because I May Have To Reformatt My Harddisk But When I Try To Burn Even 600 MB Onto A CD-R It Looks Like Its Working And The Progress Bar Go's To 100%And Then The Burning Process Fails. Can someone Tell Me What I'm Doing Wrong?I thought When A CD-R Says 700 MB Thats How Much Data You Could Burn Onto Them???

A:Please Help Me With Nero Express Burning Software

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I just bought an LG 52x24x52 burner which came with Nero Express and installed both with no probs. (Replacing an old Toshiba Combo). I even burned a disc of MP3 with no problems.

But every subsequent effort failed at the point where I tried to "Add" a file for burning. As soon as I highlight the desired file and click on the Add button, I get an "Out of Memory" Error and the program hangs!!!!

I don't know if it is a Windows error, Nero error or hardware.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated

Pentium III
256 RAM
Windows XP Pro

A:(Resolved) Nero Express Out of Memory

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Hello....I am on a laptop and don't have a 3.5. floppy and I really need to make some bootdisks...When I open up Nero Express..there is an option to make a boot CD....can I drag a .exe like Bcwipe into it then burn. It says that it has a bootable floppy image included in the software??? Will this work?



A:Making a Bootable CD using Nero Express???

like this :

put your files (not boot files), other files if needed.

put your boot source such as Win98 Boot Disk.

and at last burn your CD .... its ready noW.


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my problem is that when i put jpeg files on a disc using nero express, it always says buffer over run, and the only time i did get it to work i could'nt search through the files when i put it in my dvd player. please someone help me.

A:Problems with jpegs on nero express

Every CD writer faster than about 12X has hardware buffer underrun protection. It has to be activated from the software in most cases. If you have a very old burner or canít get it activated you have to shut everything else down while you burn. If you have Win98 or ME you can Ctrl+Alt+Del and end task on everything but Systray, Explore and Nero. With XP right click everything in your tray and taskbar and shut it down. You can check Ctrl+Alt+Del on the Applications tab to make sure nothing is running but Nero Express.

As for not being able to read the CD the only thing I can think of is that you recorded the folder rather than the individual images.

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I have a problem with Nero 7 but in particular with Nero Express. I have downloaded episodes of a children's programme (which is freely available from an Italian broadcasters website). These are downloaded as a"divx" extension.

Now here is my problem, BEFORE Christmas (Just after Christmas I reformatted the computer)I used to burn these to Re-writable DVDs. I used Nero Express and burnt them as a DATA DVD. The whole process took about 35-40, maximum 50 minutes (including the verification process). Before somebody asks, yes I can and do watch them on the DVD player without any problems (otherwise I wouldn't do it and I've done it many times).

I have just, after the Christmas reformat, started burning these DATA DVDs again (as the programme has come back on air again). I haven't used Nero since the reformat. Unfortunately the burning process now takes 3-4 HOURS (including the verification process)

Does anybody have a solution to this problem or can anybody suggest something? It's frustrating not to be able to use the computer for long periods of time.
Thanks in advance for the replies.

Windows XP Pro SP3, 512MB RAM Pent4 3Ghz

A:How to speed the burning with Nero Express

You could check your DVD's controller has DMA mode enabled. That would explain the difference in time from 40 minutes to 4 hours. Here's a link explaining the method to enable it in XP: Link

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