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Making a Backup Disc Help Needed.

Q: Making a Backup Disc Help Needed.

I thought it would be a good idea to have a back-up of my files, vital programs etc in the event of my PC crashing and losing everything as my PC is coming up to 6yrs old. I have downloaded and printed off a copy of a step by step Windows reformat and have my original XP Home Edition SP1 disc as well as a streamlined
disc my son in law made with SP2 added.
My question is, what programs etc do I need to make a back up disc of my Firewall, AV, Spyware and other security programs as well as any necessary files etc. I have several DVD+R recordable discs with 4.7GB capacity which I plan to use. I am used to burning music CD's using Windows Media Player 11 but having never done this before am not sure if I can use WMP11 to make a data disc or do I need any special program instead and would appreciate any advice / help offered.

A: Making a Backup Disc Help Needed.

You will want software that will let you span discs so that you can fill up each disc completely and then insert another one to continue copying without having to find files that do not exceed the capacity of each individual disc. I finally bit the bullet and bought a 500 Gb external USB drive and Acronis True Image both for a little over $100. I can mirror image my entire internal 80 Gb hard drive or recover the entire internal image in about 2.5 hours on my old machine. I mirror the internal at night so it takes no time. When you back up to CD's it's a slow process each time that has to be repeated over and over. Then you have to really know where all your user files are located and it is easy to miss backing up an important data file that may not be in your user directory. The other part is that for me it would literally take days to restore all the application software I currently am using and get all the application settings back. I am cheap but that $100 investment has been worth every penny.

Good Luck

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is there a way to make a backup disc for a digital purchase?

I downloaded S.W.A.T. 4 Gold from gamestop and the swplash screen takes forever cause it cant read from a disc.

is there a way to get files onto a disc to play it from there?

A:Making a Digital Download backup disc

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I have a Dell Inspiron 580 I may have to uninstall and reinstall windows 7 x64 on my computer. A windows 7 disc did not come with the computer, it came with promises that there was another way. I have a repair disc I made near the time I got my computer. I have a vague memory of something going wrong with the process of making said disc but it was so long ago I'm no longer sure if that's true or if it is what the problem was. Am I right that a back up disc or a restore disc or a repair disc does not reinstall windows 7? If I made a backup disc through the control panel thing will I end up backing up the thing that's causing me a problem? Is there a way I can get a Windows 7 x64 installation disc without going out and buying it? please and thank you

A:Backup disc VS restore VS installation disc.

See this tutorial...
Clean Install Windows 7 has a link to download W7 DVD in step 1.

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when a DVD disc hired from shop to display on TV by DVD player, I found that there are 4-5 complete movie stored in DVD Disc but i can not making a DVD disc with 3-4 movie (downloaded from Net) by "Nero 9" installed in my PC. When I add one movie in DVD maker of 'Nero 9', the movie covering more than 3.5 GB of the Blank DVD Disc in place of its actual size of 832 mb. So another movie can not adding with DVD maker and my project remained unsuccessful. please intimate manner to solve my problems. My computer consisting windows XP

A:Can not making dvd disc with 3-4 movie

Movies are converted to DVD format before being burned to disk. There is not enough room on a DVD for more than one normal length movie.

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The good news

I got a nice asus laptop from best buy auction. asus x54c
the price was right.
win7 home prem. o/s key on case.
It looks cherry

The bad news

I downloaded win7 image.
I converted it to iso (magicISO)
I burnt that to DVDr (CDBurnerXP)
I tried to boot that disc in laptop = No result

What do I need to do to make it work?

A:making boot disc

You don`t have to convert it, it`s downloaded as an iso file, and use Imgburn to burn the iso to dvd, at 4x speed.

Since you have the key.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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I've been trying everything I can read and think of to get my recovery disc to boot to no avail. It just occurred to me that maybe it wasn't burnt right in the first place to make it bootable. Could that be? If so, is there a way to change it to bootable now?

It was originally burnt with Nero. I'm using an Acer Aspire 5670 with XP OS.

A:Making bootable disc

If you have Adobe Reader installed, you can access and read the on-line user's manual for that laptop.

Page 88 of 107 is where you need to start reading - "Acer eRecovery Management".


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So I decided my computer, being the general crap-storm that it is, needed a good reformatting. So I partitioned the drive (thank you, Paragon, for your dandy free-trial) and put the files I want to keep on there. Then I went to start making a recovery disc set. I didn't have any DVD-R's at the time so I said just use CD-R's. It was going to take twelve. After the first one, I decided I would just go buy some DVD-R's. So I did. The only problem is that now, it won't let me restart the process. Anytime I try to make a recovery disc set, it starts me at 3/12 and won't let me change. Is there anyway to start over and use DVD-R's instead (it only takes 2 discs as opposed to 12).

Also, I am doing this right, right? I've backed up my files on a seperate partition (G and, once I've got the recovery disc set, I'm going to format my C: drive, use the discs to reinstall Windows and then copy the files from the new partition back onto my C: drive. Is this the way I want to go about doing it?

My computer is an HP Pavillion a1010n with Windows XP Home Edition version 2002 with Service Pack 2 installed.

Thank you,


A:Making a Recovery Disc Set

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We just brought a laptop with windows 8 on it, does anyone know exactly how to go about making the recovery disc for it. I can't even find the control panel or system recovery on it. HELP!!! Thanks bunches.. Marilyn

A:Making Recovery Disc For Windows 8

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Hello, just wondering what would be the easiest way to make an installation disc for Windows 7?
I'm going to format my computer and install Linux and need to be able to reinstall windows 7 on another computer..

A:Need help making an installation disc for windows?

Well you cant really "make" a full windows installation disc legally. You can download a windows 7 ISO from digital river and burn that to a dvd to boot from, but you need a valid product key in order to activate windows. If you have a product key, you can take that route. Otherwise trying to get an illegal copy of windows online from torrents or anything else is illegal and dangerous and im sure against this sites policy.
Hope that helps

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I have a multiboot USB made with YUMI for some general repair and virus removal, but one thing it lacks is Windows Repair Discs for startup repair and repairing corrupt files with sfc (If Hiren's Boot CD can be used for this, let me know)

I do have a repair disc for Windows 7 x64 on a CD, but that loads much slower than a USB, and not having to worry about physical discs and only a single USB would be nice.

Today I decided to give it another shot. I used Format Factory to turn that repair disc into an ISO. I then added it to my YUMI multiboot as an unlisted ISO. It was able to boot, much faster than the CD, but unlike the physical CD, it was unable to detect my Windows installation. I'm guessing this has something to do with the disk looking for the installation on the USB, instead of my hard drive.

While startup repair was then pointless, as I remember in the past using Startup Repair would overwrite the USB boot sector with the Windows 7 boot sector, I was able to use the command prompt. I then input the sfc command:

sfc /scannow /offbootdir=c:\ /offwindir=c:\

It said it was beginning repairs and would take some time, but after a couple minutes, it had not started scanning at all, just saying it was starting.

So, can anyone help me?

A:Need Help Making Windows Repair Disc USB

I'd use the Win7 installer for your licensed version which is easier to write to stick and multi-boot. It's available in Step 1 of Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

You can run SFC from the Repair Command Line as well as other repairs shown in Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start

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I thought I was choosing my flash drive to create my recovery drive but it was my USB external drive.  Can I now copy my recovery on my external drive to a flash drive.  Will the flash drive then function as a recovery drive or am I stuck with one less external drive to assure I have a workable recovery?

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Ok I have re-installed the vista 64 os
I`ve updated to sp1
I use nero 8
winavi 8
Dvd Shrink 3.2
All of them work ok, so I converted an avi file to a dvd-r disc and everything works as in xp pro 32bit os.
So when i put the disc in a dvd player, it doesn`t want to play
So i try again, but then i make the 3 programes compatible with xp pro sp2..and still the same

Any help would be great....Thanks

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AUDIO_TS (folder)
"nothing is inside this folder"

VIDEO_TS (folder)

I've played if fine in a VLC player or something like that I downloaded from the internet. But when playing the file I had to play each section one at a time 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 until the movie was finished.

I'd like to be able to burn these to a DVD disc and have the program combine them so that it will play on a DVD player.

Thanks for any help on this matter!

A:New to making DVD's. How do I take these files and burn them to a disc?

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I would like to upgrade to Rev F12i on my board, but for some reason I can not upgrade via USB like I did the other bios.

How would I go about making a bios upgrade disc?

GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1366 - GA-EX58-UD3R (rev. 1.0)

A:Need to update bios via CD, need help making DISC.


The best and safest bios flash\update especially for gigabyte motherboard is the qflash usb method.
Did you followed these steps?

Plug in usb,format usb,extract bios in usb,restart,run qflash.

Be very careful with GA motherboard bios flash\update,gigabyte motherboard are the most "faddy" with bios update,a simple wrong step causes problems.

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I would appreciate some guidance in how I make a start-up floppy disc for my Win XP Pro system.


A:Solved: making a start=up floppy disc

There isn't really one. Unless you purchase NTFSDOS, you can't access the NTFS file system from DOS.

But, a floppy that contains some startup files that sometimes go missing and that will help with some unbootable systems is here: Bootable XP Sysboot Floppy

Generally, you boot from the XP CD and enter the Recovery Console.

If you need to start setup from floppies, you can make the 6-floppy set with this:

XP Setup Boot Disks

You can also install the Recovery Console to your hard drive so that it is a boot option in case you have problems.

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Hi... I have just been going in circles trying to make a system repair disc.
I have tried a few sugggestions.. like enable the Administrator account and log on as administrator (which I was anyway) and tried to make a system repair disc .. only to get the same error message when I inserted the DVD... error "parameter is incorrect. (0x80070057)"
This is the same error I got logging on as myself.
Any thoughts?

A:No luck with making a system repair disc

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I know this is simple but it is the first time I have tried this. I have an e book stored in my documents and I want to copy it to a disc. I open the document and put a new disc in the d drive. When I hit save it says the disc is full. It cannot be and I have tried numerous discs from the same container. Please help.

A:Making a copy of a document to disc drive

You need to burn it to disc using your writing software (Nero?)

Also check:

Start--> Run--> services.msc
IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service is not disabled, and is started (you can just double click on the service to change its startup)
This will allow you to drag and drop directly to blank media in My Computer

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Hi, I made this topic in the drivers section, but realised this maybe a more appropriate place to put it!

Hi guys, I am going to try and explain this the very best I can.
For work I am going to be reformatting all the laptops before resale. Now downloading all the updates is very frustrating, but I have been advised to use a piece of software called Macrium Reflect, which basically copies the complete hard drive, so you have a perfect back up.

So my plan is to make a fresh install of windows, update Windows fully, and them make an exact image of that hard drive. What I then plan to do, is install this copy onto all the laptops (Using the unique windows key), which basically saves me wasting hours per laptop updating.

My problem is, when you format a laptop, some drivers are already installed, where others are not. I do not know exactly what determines why some drivers are already installed and some are not, but anyway, if I took the complete image of the hard drive, of lets say a Toshiba laptop, then put all that data on to an Acer laptop for example, would I get conflict between already installed drivers?

By this, I would not install any manually downloaded drivers onto the Toshiba until after the image is taken, meaning the only drivers moved between laptops are the pre-installed ones

I hope I have explained this as well as I possibly could
Thank you in advance for any help you can give

Or, if there is a better / easy way to do this, that would also be very help... Read more

A:Making a windows disc complete with updates

Harlem, What your trying to do is probably feasable but the main problem is that when you install Windows and then do the updates, it automatically installs the drivers for the devices on that particular machine that are included in the windows install disk.

Different makes of computers require different drivers as you know re the toshiba and Acer. but windows picks the most logical drivers for the make of laptop your installing it on.

You could probably get away with doing this on machines from the same manufacturer but your asking for aggrivation if you try to install on other manufacturers machines.

I have friends who download all the windows updates and put them on a dvd so that all they have to do is to install windows and then select and install the windows updates.


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I've read through the FAQs for this section and the first couple of pages, but to be honest I'm too eager to spend too much time ensuring this is not a common problem which has already been answered multiple times, so sorry if it is.

I've finished building my new computer - 3570K CPU, Asus Geforce GTX 660TI graphics card, 120GB SSD, 8GB 1600MHZ Vengeance RAM, Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo, Coolermaster 650W PSU, etc., etc. and I'm eager to get playing with it.

The thing is, to save some money I downloaded a 64bit W7 Pro .iso from my MSDN subcription and - I'm going to be honest here - I'm useless when it comes to things like this. At first I simply burned the ISO to a disc and hoped it'd boot. It didn't. After some rooting around in teh interwebz, I downloaded 7Zip and extracted the ISO before burning those files - still not bootable. I also found something to do with a oscdimg file, but to be honest I don't have a clue what I'm doing with that.

My question: how do I make my disc bootable? When putting the disc in the computer and choosing boot from disc on boot-up, it tells me to enter a correct bootable media and press any key to retry.

As it's the weekend I can't quite express my anticipation to get this baby to breathe its first signs of life and get gaming, so any help would be much appreciated.


A:W7 Pro 64Bit MSDN - Making Disc Bootable

I downloaded a 64bit Windows 7 Pro .iso from my MSDN subscription

Re-download from your MSDN subscription

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Haven't been able to find a complete answer, so here goes...

I have :


Do I need to run the exe and extract all files into a folder before burning it (folder and wims) to DVD? Will that make a bootable DVD?


A:Solved: Making an install disc for work...

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Does anyone know the correct way to make regular problems like (Eraser) or any software to a bootable cd.

A:Making Regular Problems to a bootable disc

Please explain a little more what you desire.

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I am running Windows XP Professional SP3 (NOD32 antivirus, Comodo Firewall) and I found out using Process Explorer, that one of svchost.exe processes reads between 700 MB and 1 GB from hard disc after I log in, making the disc very busy.

I used Process Explorer to find out which services are registered with this particular svchost.exe and they are:

Automatic Updates
Background Intelligent Transfer Service
COM+ Event System
Computer Browser
Cryptographic Services
DHCP Client
Distributed Link Tracking Client
Help and Support
Logical Disk Management
Network Connections
Network Location Awareness (NLA)
Remote Access Connection Manager
Secondary Logon
Security Center
Shell Hardware Detection
System Event Notification
System Restore Service
Task Scheduler
Windows Audio
Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
Windows Management Instrumentation
Windows Time

I wonder which of the above mentioned services could require reading so much data from disc. I would like to avoid disabling the services one by one and restarting the computer to see whether it helps.

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yesterday my wife tried to play a CD in my Alienware X51 but :
1. the cd never played/ appeared in Windows as an audio CD
2. we can't eject it (with the button or even right-clicking on the D Drive.)
I ran a diagnostic and got a hardware error:
Error code 2000-0152
Validation 113198
MsgL Optical Drive 0 - Incorrect status = 1A Error register 0020
Sense information (02-0401)

Everything else tested ok.
I tried inputting the details in the support page but apart from telling me I was out of warranty I couldn't get any details on next steps. 
If the hardware is dead:
1. can I purchase a new one?
2. How do I get the CD out?
This is the error message on the support page:
Critical Issue Detected
Status: Out of warranty

Issue Description:
Error Code:

Validation Code:

Service Tag:

Failure Description:
Optical Drive connectivity issue.

Alert Message:
SupportAssist has detected a failing component on your system that requires immediate attention. Our records indicate that the hardware warranty and/or service contracts(s) associated with this system has expired.

Next Steps:
Dell provides quality hardware repairs for Dell Laptops, Tablets, Desktops and All-in-Ones that are no longer covered by a limited hardware warranty. To learn more please click here.

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I am not currently experiencing any problems with my PC. My question is general.

Below my question I've included my system specs, in bold.

I intend to load Ubuntu 10.04 onto my home desktop machine while retaining Win XP as well. I'll be creating a dual boot system, in other words, and then using XP only to run Photoshop. The rest of the stuff I need to do gets done just fine with Firefox, Open Office and Thunderbird.

The discussions about how to do this indicate a "restore disc" for XP should be created prior to starting, unless you still have the disc that came with the system.

I have the original Dell OS "re-installation" disc, still in the envelope with the key printed on the back.

My question: is the "re-installation" disc that came with the computer the same as a "recovery disc"?

If not, what is the difference? And how do I go about creating a "recovery" disc.

Sorry for what is probably a simple minded question, but I have sometimes found myself tripped up by confusing two different technical terms or failing to realize two different technical terms are actually synonyms for one another.

Thanks for the help. I'm really happy to have blundered onto this site.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2037... Read more

A:Solved: Making a recovery disc for WinXP Pro, SP3

The Disc you have that came with the computer will restore the OS to exactly as it was when you first brought it home. It will have all the crapware ie: trial versions of Norton, MS office, AOL, whatever installed. It will be outdated, as it won't have SP3 & all other critical MS updates. It won't have any of the special settings & tweaks you may have done, & it will not have any of the software you have installed. If you go that route, be sure to back up all your files, pics, docs, music, etc. You can not back up any software you installed.

Optionally, you could make an Image of the OS as it currently is. The Image could be stored on another optical disc, hard drive or other storage medium. You could restore from that & it would be an exact copy of the system & it's settings as it was at the time of the Image creation.

Have a read here:

If you went with the Image option & for some reason it fails, you have the consolation of knowing you have the manufacturer's supplied discs to fall back on.

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Please let me know any backup software this is free or retail of backup software... i need to collect my college USB work (128 MB) and backup them..

Then im looking for secure backup online... Size about 130MB is okay

Thanks for help.

A:Backup? Sercue Backup Software needed!

I like the free version of Syncback for continous backups, though if you only have 128mb and its basically one time or infrequent why not just copy it to a backup?

Online, 2 gigs or less, I'd recommend Mozy for free secure backup.

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I'm using a program that came with my laptop to make a recovery disc, before running it told me I needed 4 discs ready.
THe laptop spit out the 3rd disc after it reached 99% completion, however the status said it was still verifying the 3rd disc. THen of course the program went white and a pop up notified me that the program wasn't responding.
My question is whether or not I should just restart the whole process? or do you think i'm safe?

A:making a recovery disc but program stopped responding after it hit 99%

I would follow the system manufacfurer's instructions for making such...if it appears that the process did not complete, I'd just start over.
If it happens again, then it would be time to pose a question re such at the respective system manufacturer's forum.  Chances are...if it happens to you, it's not the first/only instance, IMO.

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It was suggested on another thread to me to use nlite to make a XP installation disc. I have a set of recovery CDs (I made from the recovery program, not supplied) but want to make a custom XP disc.

I have started nlite but it says it cannot find the CD Ident file and to copy win51ic to my Windows folder. I have scanned the hard disk, but the file is not on it anywhere. Does nlite only work with the Windows XP CDs?

A:Making a XP disc using nlite - missing file Win51ic

check mr coconut's post

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I cannot make a system repair disc, either through the control panel or command prompt using recdisc.exe. The app crashes with no error code about 1-2 seconds after choosing the option or issuing the command. I've tried all the things on the web, including: the bcd enum fix; trying it from the hidden admin account; tried uninstalling numerous CD/DVD using programs; uninstalling Dropbox and Google drive apps; tried it while booting into safe mode. It is a Dell pc but the Dell fix on the web didn't apply to me. Maybe try uninstalling all Dell apps? I have the DataSafe local backup from Dell, which I use to make recovery discs. It's icon is running in the system tray, but I couldn't find an entry for it in msconfig/startup. Maybe it's a service? Maybe disabling the service if it's enabled? The only things I haven't tried is uninstalling the Dell apps or services, and using the Win 7 installation disc, which I'd rather not do because it's a workaround and not a fix. I even did a Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium 64 bit repair re-install (upgrade option), which did fix some other things but not the recdisc.exe crashing. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Edit: I did find the Dell DataSafe Online service, which I stopped, tried recdisc.exe, no help, re-started, tried again, no help.

A:Recdisc.exe crashing for making system repair disc

Here's the output from the Action Center > Maintenance > View Reliability History:

Faulting Application Path: C:\Windows\System32\recdisc.exe

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: recdisc.exe
Application Version: 6.1.7601.17514
Application Timestamp: 4ce7990e
Fault Module Name: ole32.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.17514
Fault Module Timestamp: 4ce7c92c
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000000000001247b
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 5128
Additional Information 2: 512861733772c434f1da4378130be707
Additional Information 3: 2336
Additional Information 4: 2336e116e528a2e4900ffbfdec510515

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this might be the wrong forum for this, but i've a question

recently i moved, discovering that all of my original disks and documentation for photoshop had apparently "moved" before i did.....personally, i think that somebody helped them out of the house, but in any event, they're gone....

so i ran a search on my system, found everything related to photoshop, and now wonder: if i want to make a backup of the application and its plug ins, what's the minimum i can put on a cd or two to accomplish this?

A:making a backup

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Is there any software that I can make a backup copy of some of my DVD movies. We live in WI and winter over for 5 months a year in TX. I would like to keep a copy of some of my movies down there so we don't have to cart them back and forth every fall and spring. Also that would give me a safety backup copy should something happen to my original.
I would like to find a free version of something as I wouldn't use it very often. I use Win 7 Pro.
Thanks for your help.

A:Making backup copies of my dvd

think I'm going to have to close this one up.

from the rules page:

Circumventing Copy Protection - While we believe it's reasonable to make backup copies of CDs and DVDs that you own, a lot of people break copy protection for the wrong reasons. The law is still vague, at best, as to if it is legal to break copy protection in order to make such a backup, even for personal use. (The DMCA, for example, seems to make it illegal.) As a result, we do not allow discussion of how to break copy protection at this time. If we can find a nice way to draw the line, we may reconsider this in the future as laws get sorted out.Click to expand...

thanks for understanding.


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I?m wondering how can I make a backup media of Windows 10 only, so that I can use the backup on a new hard drive? I know I can make a backup with the system restore, but I want to get a new hard drive and make a fresh install with no Lenovo software except the drivers for the computer. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance.

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Making backups from data has many benefits, especially when it is a backup of your registry.
For example your computer may slow down suddenly and your system restore doesn't work or is disabled, or you see many system crashes, or you want to change
your registry configuration and you are not sure you are doing right. Here is the way to make a backup of your system:
1. Follow this path:
Start |all programs |accessories |system tools | backup
2. Choose "Next"(note the checkbox ?always start in wizard mode" is active)
3. Choose backup files and settings
4. Choose "let me choose what to backup?, then press "Next"
5. Click on the little plus symbol on the left of ?my computer?, a list will appear, then choose System State, then press "Next"
6. Click on the browse button to specify a place for keeping this backup, then type a name for it(i.e. My first system backup)
Note: For some reasons it is recommended not to keep this file on drive "C"
Note: This file needs about 500 MB disk space
7. Depending on your system, it may take about 15 minutes to complete the backup process
Now that a backup process is complete, you can restore anything wrong you have done to your system. Here is the way to this:

1. Follow this path:
Start |all programs |accessories |system tools | backup
2. Choose "Next"(note the checkbox ?always start in wizard mode" is active)
3. Choose restore files and settings, then press ?Next?
4. Fro... Read more

A:Making A Backup Of Your Registry

I suggest that you get the freeware program named Erunt, which automatically creates backups of your registry.ERUNT (Emergency Recovery Utility NT) allows you to keep a complete backup of your registry and restore it when needed. The standard registry backup options that come with Windows back up most of the registry but not all of it. ERUNT however creates a complete backup set, including the Security hive and user related sections. ERUNT is easy to use and since it creates a full backup, there are no options or choices other than to select the location of the backup files. The backup set includes a small executable that will launch the registry restore if needed.Freeware

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I purchased a program for a Genisys automotive diagnostic system. The program is self bootable and installed on a 512 compact flash card. When I try to read the card or copy the card a menu pops up asking if I want to format this disk. The program works fine but it won't let me look at the files or copy it. Is this some form of copy protection? Any suggestions on how a Backup can be made? I'm working on my desktop with windows XP.
Thanks, Gary

A:making a backup copy

You might check with the vendor who sold you the program. Perhaps it is not in your license to be able to make a backup. Some licensing with allow it, others will not.

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I never made a backup in 7.Im sure its pretty straight fwd once I go through with making a backup.
But my question is,If I make a full backup on a external that has music,games etc in it.Would I run into any trouble?It has no OS files in it.

A:Q-Making a backup on a external HD thats in use

Hello mate.

You would have a better time using Macrium instead of Windows backup, have a look at this tutorial at the link below and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.
Imaging with free Macrium

To answer the question, you can store an image externally though be sure to create a separate file for it, don't just let it "go where it wants" to go.

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I manually copied files from my Computer to my external (F) hard drive using copy and paste function (I know, I should get automatic back up software but haven't (yet). It copied everything except two files called ntuser.dat.LOG1 and ntuser.dat.LOG2. What are these files and why won't they copy?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5750 @ 2.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3061 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, 448 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 294924 MB, Free - 214398 MB; D: Total - 10239 MB, Free - 5955 MB; F: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 443528 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0M263C, , .D5JRQG1.CN4864385E0710.
Antivirus: ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5.0, Updated and Enabled

A:Making backup files

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I want to make an image backup. I have read that you can not only make an image of all your programs. But make an image of your OS at the same time. I found this program DriveImage XML. Here are my questions about this process.

1. I do not know if this program is good or not. I want to know if there are any programs like this that are good and trusted programs to do what I want.

2. Do I even need a program like this or do I have something on my computer like this already?

3. If I wanted to could I just make an image of only my Complete OS. nothing else. If so is it usable on other computers? Can I make more than one?

4. When I make an Image can I choose what programs and files and what ever I want to put on the image? Or can I only make an image of my whole computer?

5. I have made a recovery disk? Can I make an Image of my OS (If I can) After I have made the Recovery disks?

6. After getting the whole image backup made. If I go ahead and do the image and backup my computer. Can I choose what programs I want to reinstall? Will it reinstall all the bloat ware back on my computer?

A:Making an Image backup?

This is the one that gets recommended around here the most.

Imaging with free Macrium

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Though I've had my laptop for 2 years, I have never made a backup. I tried this morning and my recovery drive ran out of space. I used disc cleanup, still won't complete. Altered what files backup.. nothing. If you right click my recovery drive, it says it has ~5gb, however when I opened cmd and checked via vssadmin command, it said there was 42gb allocated? I upped that to 50gb, still says there's not any space.

I have a feeling I need to delete what I've done and startover, but want to do it correctly, because the recovery drive warns me not to make any changes without knowing... which is why I'm here. Any help is appreciated! TY in advance!

A:Help making first backup on system

If you are going to do it, do it right. Your hard drive may die and then you have nothing if you have it on your internal HD.
GEt an external hard drive. Back up the entire c drive with this. and put it away.
Once a month make a new back up and up date it once a month. You will be all set

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download
Leave the recovery drive alone, that is there for emergency and brings you back to factory settings.
In any event, always back up your personal stuff. Use the aforementioned external drive.

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Okay, well, I"m not sure if this is the right forum, but I can't decide where else to put it.

I am trying to make backups of important programs and files from my computer on CDs.

A couple of years ago, I downloaded the THEN free version of Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP. I have since then (earlier this year) found out that this is now a paid-for program. At that point, I figured I'd better make a backup of this program, too, since I do like some of the games, themes, and extra sounds and such that comes with it. I have my computer customized using a lot of this stuff.

Unfortunately, at the time I downloaded it, I had not yet learned the benefits of downloading and SAVING the entire file first, which would have included the installation setup. At the time I downloaded this program, I simply told it to "run" from the download link.

I found the folder for Microsoft Plus! in my program folder, but when I copied it to the CD, it copies it as seperate folders that (as far as I can see) can only be run from the CD. Plus, there are some things missing, like the extra fonts, sounds, themes, icons, ect. that I use........ these things are all in their separate "sound" folders, "mouse pointer" folders, ect. and seem to be entirely separate now from the MS Plus! folder in the programs list.

So, my question is, is there ANY way that I can somehow get the whole installation file onto my CD? Like I would have had I told the download to &... Read more

A:Making a backup of Microsoft Plus! on CD

I doubt it. This is why it's important to keep the installer. I always put the installer, in the program's folder. You're sure it's not there?

When you install a program, it puts parts in different places. You have the folder(s), you have stuff in the registry, and there's probably an invisible folder or two somewhere.
I would sent Microsoft an email, explaining the situation, and see if there's anything they'll do for you.
Good luck!

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This has probably been covered before in this forum, but i had no luck finding it. I am downright tiered of reinstalling XP and my oogles of software. I occasionally mess up XP severely and I loose everything because I have to reformat and reinstall everything. So, what I would like to do is set up my system just right with all my regedits and what not and then burn an image of my entire HDD to a bootable DVD DL. When i mess up my XP install i would like to be able to just boot from the DVD and copy all of that XP install to the HDD erasing all previous remnants of the messed up XP install. How should i go about doing this, if it is possible.

A:Making a bootable backup of XP Pro

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Hi. Acer say the preinstaled factory settings should Be coppied to an USB stick, then the software and drivers on DVD's. Why are the DVD's nececary ?? and can they also be put on the same USB stick ??Thanks Tony.

A:Making recovery backup

You will need a 16 GB or larger USB drive to create the recovery media. It would have the operating sysstem, drivers and pre-installed operating system of your computer. You do need to use dvd disc seperatly to software disc Here,s the weblink to create the USB recovery media  Click the Kudos  to say ?Thanks? for helping! select "Accept Solution" if your issue is resovled. 

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have a toshiba canvio 1tb external drive - nothing on it (have formatted) - went to "backup and restore", followed instructions, it was making shadow copy fine, then when finished it said couldnt backup due to window handle and there was an error number Ox80070578.

I've tried and tried to backup my laptop to this drive - what am I NOT doing right? I always seem to have trouble with backups - I'm using external drives, following directions, but always something.

laptop is giving me problems, so want to make sure backup is done before it crashes and I have to do a win7 reformat/restore (back to manuf) AGAIN!

dont know if there's a virus/malware, whatever causing some problems, but I've run everything! it just isnt acting right, oh, and my "fan" seems to be running a lot and hot. dont know if that might be a problem - toshiba laptop,, satellite 3 yrs old. thanks!!!

A:making backup on win7

This could be caused by bad sectors on the laptop HDD or the Toshiba.
Run Check Disk on both your Laptop HDD and your Toshiba external separately.
What is the drive letter of your Toshiba drive?
Go to Start/Search and type CMD, Right click the CMD results and Run As Administrator. In the Elevated Command Prompt type the drive letter of the Toshiba drive (eg) H: and press enter. (eg) H:\> at this prompt type chkdsk /R and press enter. Now type a Y for Yes to Unmount the drive. Check Disk will take a long while. If that completes without error, then do the same on the C: drive. At the elevated C: Command Prompt type chkdsk /R and press enter. Type a Y for Yes and restart the computer. Check Disk will start at next bootup and go through 5 stages.

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Hi. Acer say the preinstaled factory settings should Be coppied to an USB stick, then the software and drivers on DVD's. Why are the DVD's nececary ?? and can they also be put on the same USB stick ??Thanks Tony.

A:Making recovery backup

You will need a 16 GB or larger USB drive to create the recovery media. It would have the operating sysstem, drivers and pre-installed operating system of your computer. You do need to use dvd disc seperatly to software disc Here,s the weblink to create the USB recovery media  Click the Kudos  to say ?Thanks? for helping! select "Accept Solution" if your issue is resovled. 

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Probably a simple question, but I seem to be having some sort of a block. Some time ago I subscribed to Norton AV 2004 and downloaded that version. I am going to reformat my hard drive and want to make a back up of the software which, if I recall, Norton recommended doing at the time I downloaded it. I just can't seem to figure out how to make a back up of this program. I think I'm losing it. Can anyone help me out with this? Many thanks.

A:making a backup of Norton AV

You can't back up the program that is already installed. It put files all over your computer, including in Application Data, Windows, System32, and the program folders. And it made many registry changes.

What you needed to back up was the setup program that you used to install Norton in the first place.

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ok i have a raid set up in 1/0 mirrored and spanned :-

4 x hdd's
1 x array
2 x volumes
4 x partitions
what i want to know is ,,, after using win 7 backup to take an image of the partition containing my O/S

should the system crash, could i after reinstalling win 7 on a totaly rebuilt array restore my O/S as

it was when the image was made


A:Making a raid backup

Yes. But it would erase the installation, so why would you install Windows before restoring the image?

The restored image would only boot if in the same configuration as it was when it died.

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Just a thought, what's a reasonable time taken in creating a backup image given a C drive with no data, just Win7 plus a few small programs and Office Professional + Two Video editors and one photo editor.

A:Making a backup image

On my boxes, using either Acronis (which I am licensed for) or Macrium Reflect takes about 3-7 minutes for me to create my images. When it's just the OS, it's around 3. With a good number of apps and such loaded, it's closer to 7.

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Hello guys! I was wondering if there is any software that I can use to make an .ISO image file of my entire hard drive, which includes the files, images, data, operating system, service pack, the ?registry. Then I also need a software to extract that .iso file and restore my computer from it when needed. I just want to make the .iso image of my hard drive and registry for backup. Thanks alot.

A:Making backup of my computer

Plenty of software to make an .iso file...but the question is...what media will you store such .iso on?The typical "entire hard drive" these days...will not fit on any media, other than a hard might be worth looking at;oq=&aqi=LouisAn alternative way of achieving what you seem to want...would be to simply clone your present hard another hard drive. That would give you an exact interchangeable copy of the entire drive, with the only size limitation being the size of the hard drive you use to store the clone version on.

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Help needed,I hope this is simple all though I am unable to figure out how to do it. I would like to open more than one Windows Media Player application to facilitate viewing one video file while playing a completely different audio wav file. I can only do this now by opening Media Player first and muting the audio then opening a separate Irfanview application. Unfortunately the Irfanview program has no volume control on it and I need the volume adjustment capabilities like on Media Player. How can I open two Windows Media Player applications and select a different file for each one to play?My second question involves safely deleting programs I never use from Windows XP and Office Suite. I never use many of them and need to make room on my hard drive. Is it possible and safe to delete programs like PowerPoint, Publisher, Front Page etc to make more disc space on my hard drive? Are there any other programs that could safely be eliminated in Windows XP if I no longer use them, such as Internet Explorer, Outlook and Outlook Express? I am worried that if they were deleted it would affect the performance or even the actual functionality of other programs.Any help and suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.TQUAD

A:Opening Multiple Media Player Apps & Making Disc Space.

No help here but with the older editions it was simple to run multiple films at the same time, thes late versions don' allow that. I have thought of trying to back track to older versions so I could run comparisons also. You post will be of great interest to me also!


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I do not know for sure if system image is the right word to describe what i am looking to do, i will describe what i want so you can tell me if it is what a system image does or if it is something else.
The thing i am looking to do is as follows, write the necessary stuff to a USB drive at time T=0. Then at time T=later if something went wrong  (my system hardware, or i had a severe virus infection, or something went wrong with my software, or even if i had to dump the original system hardware completely and get a brand new piece of hardware to run my system on) i could plug this USB stick into the repaired/brand new/wiped machine and after a few "hours-minutes-back to hours-now it's days-oh sorry just 10 seconds left " of file copy dialog (or whatever the equivalent is for copying the stuff across under these circumstances) my old system as it was at time T=0 would now be running on the repaired, wiped or brand new hardware. Is this what a system image does or is a system image more limited in it's abilities than that? I'm looking for a method where in an emergency you could wipe a system completely, or find a new one, and use this USB to install onto it the old system exactly as it was at T=0. 
For whatever process is needed to create that "emergency repair" USB drive (which would allow a user to recreate an old system exactly as it was at a previous time on repaired/wiped/new hardware  ) can som... Read more

A:making a "system image" backup, how?

You are correct, this would be referred to as a system image backup. When you say USB stick, keep in mind that the drive you store the system image file needs to be atleast as big as the "used" space on your hard drive. You probably will need an external hard drive which has more storage capacity than a USB stick.
There are a few free programs that can do this, but Windows has this function built-in.
There is actually a great article here on BC about creating a Windows 7/8 system image backup: Just scroll down to the section How to create a backup system image in Windows 7 and Windows 8 for instructions on creating a manual backup.
As far as restoring the system image, here is another BC article that walks you through the process:
Keep in mind that unless you paid for a Retail Windows license, you can't install Windows on a new computer, or even the same computer with a different motherboard. If your computer came with Windows, the license only applies to that computer. However, if you buy a new computer that comes with Windows, there should be a way to work around the licensing issue, as the new computer comes with it's own license (but only if the new computer has the exact same version of Windows as your old computer). Isn't Windows licensing just super fun? 

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Hello All, Sorry to make this a bit long winded but I'd rather do that than have to wait
on a bunch of questions from you all as I wasn't clear enough. Anyway, my questions are:
I have 2 desktops (both are Dell Optiplex 620s) and a laptop (Dell Inspiron M5040).
All three are running Win 7 SP1. Their OS is using anywhere from 15 to 22 Gb HDD space each.
I dont anticipate needing much more space for the OS than I'm using now as anything new I add
need not go on that partition. Now that I have them where I like them, I want to
clone them to a USB external drive. This is a 1Tb drive, so I'm thinking of making three
33 Gb partitions and leaving the 800 something (after overhead) gigs as a 4th partition
for other uses.
I will use a program which can make bootable clones on any size drive big enough to hold
the data (it doesn't clone empty space). It does,however, wipe anything else on that
partition, thus the need for the three 33Gb partitions
The problems I wonder about are as follows:
Lets say one of the computers gets infected/crashes so I decide to "clone back" and overwrite
the OS partition on the internal, giving me a fresh copy of the OS (less any updates since it
was made). So I plug in the external drive. How will I pick my selected clone? (examples: W upstrs.,
X downstrs,Y laptop, and the extra space as Z Misc.). Will they be offered as choices or will it
try to boot from one of them (possibly the wrong one) or can I not even have three bootable OSs'
on the dr... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Making USB clones for backup?

Something like Macrium Reflect Free will create cloned images that are single files, which you can re-image by booting from a recovery USB. You will need to test that the bootable software can 'see' (has the correct drivers built-in) your external drive.

Using this method, there's no need to multi-partition your ext. drive.

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

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In beginning to read some threads on making backups,I found one that refers to using other software to burn the cd. I have a couple ?'s about. I could be in the wrong place, but i found these threads in several different locations.
Doesn't xp have its own cd burning program on it? I know when I had Win98 I'm thinking it did not have.
So I will keep reading and if I get some answers with this,ok.

A:Solved: making backup discs

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I just made a Windows Vista backup CD, but when I go to write the files to the CD, it is way too big to fit on a CD-RW. Is there anyway I can get them all to fit? I know a DVD would hold it, but it will only accept CD's with the write wizard. Let me know if anyone knows how to do this.

A:Making A Windows Vista Backup Cd

What make and model of computer do you have? Some computers have a "switch" that will change the drive from CD to DVD (my Toshiba is that kind). If this is similar, go to My Computer, right click on the CD drive, and select Properties. There should be a Recording tab in the Window that opens and in that tab should be a check box to enable/disable the CD/DVD (or switch between them). On my Toshiba you have to disable the CD recording function in order to get the DVD function to work.

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Ok, I hope i don't come off too green here but here's the deal.

I realize that SATAs don't have the same relationship as the IDE's did insofar as creating a slave and master for your PC.

BUT, that being said, here is my issue:

A friend's PC with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 has two SATA drives, Intel Matrix Storage Manager installed and currently runs with the Intel software managing the redundancy as a RAID config.

I have no idea why this setup is in a PC for a regular Joe user, but whatever, that is the deal.

What they'd like me to help them do is make the second (backup) drive a true slave drive and eliminate this Intel Matrix stuff. I am happy to oblige but I am a little fuzzy on the mechanics involved here. I tried checking the bios setup settings and I know it is set up to be recognized as being installed.

Or, when I remove this Intel Matrix software, will the SATA drive appeare as a backup drive automatically?

What I haven't been able to find is a thread here on how to go about using the second drive as simply a backup hard drive, recognizable and accessible through Windows. I have worked mostly with IDEs in this regard and it's cake!

Please help!


A:Making a second SATA HD a backup drive?

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I Have an original DVD which is in Ntsc format it will only play in black and white on my DVD player. It shows up in full colour on the computer however when i recode it in Nero the copy also plays black and white in my DVD player. Does anyone know of a program that will convert the Ntsc format to Pal please.



A:Making a Pal Backup from Ntsc original

TMPGEnc has PAL/NTSC options. Also try,they may have alternate ideas.


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I am planning to add another os and before I do I want to make a backup of programs etc. In accessories I have an area to make a backup but unable to get it to work. For it asked for a pathway for the files to be copied and I was stumped. What do I do?

Is another program to copy the files and programs on to CD?

A:Making Manual Backup For Windows Xp

Hello skizmo,There are many backup solutions available to try and use, I prefer using an external hard drive to copy files over. others use CDs and CD creation suite such as deepburner or cdxp. Others create an image of the drive using imaging software like

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I made a System Image backup (438 GB) from the Control Panel Backup program, and that was made OK. I then went on to make a backup. I went to bed last night thinking it was gonna spend all night making a backup. I woke up and found only 2.36 GB written and Windows rebooted by itself to the login screen. When I logged in, it said Windows had an unexpected shutdown.

So around 12 hours ago, I thought I'd start again. It says data file backup size is 313 GB, but Windows rebooted while I wasn't looking with an unexpected Windows shutdown error message. So I've waited 12 hours for this moment, and I don't know if it completed! I can hope it completed, or I can find out why it keeps crashing Windows, or I can just make an "Acronis True Image Home 11 with Plus Pack" backup on a different HDD because I'm wasting time with Win 7 backup.

A:Windows crashed making a backup, twice.

Hi BrokeIC,
Usually backing up should be a breeze.

'Windows rebooted by itself to the login screen. Windows had an unexpected shutdown. Datafile backup size is 313 GB, but Windows rebooted while I wasn't looking with an unexpected Windows shutdown error message'.

Sorry to break the bad news to you .
You might have got hit by a rootkit or virus. Zeroaccess is the new hot stuff around that download more viruses for the infected system making backing up hell for the user(s).
Before backing up, run your AV to check for nasty stuff.
How do I know? I got hit when I was doing a routine inspection, Windows shutdown and rebooted.

'Acronis True Image Home 11 with Plus Pack" backup on a different HDD because I'm wasting time with Win 7 backup'. Backing up on another HDD is good idea but do run a scan after a successful back up just in case the nasty stuff got copied too.

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When making a backup Win 10 insists that my D: 'games only' drive is a system drive too? and wants to back it up.
I never have had any Op-sys installed on it, what are the easiest way to find out if it have any system related stuff added on it, and if it have none, then how to remove the 'system tag' from it?

A:Two system drives (when making a backup)?

(never mind the F: set as active, it's not now)

And checked with diskpart that there actually only is one system drive.

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I know it's probably not within my 'official license agreement', but I need to make a backup of a copy-protected diskette. Call me paranoid, but I know how those things tend to fail.

During the copy process it starts to 'mis-read' the diskette starting at sector 79 through the end of the disk. The error message I get is 'No ID address mark found...'

Any ideas / software that can make a backup for me?


A:Making a backup of protected diskette

It's been a long time since I've even seen a copy protected floppy, but there used to be software around to make a copy. The name escapes me now...

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When making a backup Win 10 insists that my D: 'games only' drive is a system drive too? and wants to back it up.
I never have had any Op-sys installed on it, what are the easiest way to find out if it have any system related stuff added on it, and if it have none, then how to remove the 'system tag' from it?

A:Two system drives (when making a backup)?

(never mind the F: set as active, it's not now)

And checked with diskpart that there actually only is one system drive.

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Hi folks,

There is a tutorial on the forums which shows how to use windows 7 (i presume) to make a full disk image backup for restore purposes.

My first question: is this disk image the same as one which would be produced by say norton ghost?

Is win7 the first Microsoft os to
Have this feature built in?

If so i presume there is no longer a need for 3rd party ghosting apps (other than those folks not using 7?)

Basically I need to make an image of a drive before I install win 7 so does anyone have any recommendations of a good ghosting prog - preferably free. Otherwise I guess I'll need to buy one online tonight


A:Making a disk image - for backup

The disk image created by Win 7 is not the same as that created by Ghost in that the two images would not be identical bit-for-bit. However, when images are restored by their respective programs the end result would be the same, a fully restored disk.

As far as I know, Win 7 is the 1st MS OS to include disk imaging but I'm not 100% certain of that.

There will always be a need for 3rd party apps because they have different features or they're faster, better interface, more intuitive, etc...

One free imaging program that gets recommended a lot on these forums is Macrium Reflect. I've never used it but I understand it's pretty decent.

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I'd like to make a backup copy of my Adobe Creative Suite Premium cd. Does anyone know if this is possible?...I'd assume they have some sort of copy protection on it...

I have Nero for my dvd/cd burning software.

I also tried copying the adobe go live program folder in c:/program files
and i emailed it to a friend to see if he could successfully install it, but it gave an error msg saying "cannot retrieve serial number information"
-anyone know a way to get around that or where that info would be stored on my computer, so I can get it to install on another comp w/o the cd??


A:making backup copy of software

they put copy protection on it for a purpose..

we can't help with illegal copying here at TSG..

closing thread...


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hi im wondering if for someone like me who has made there own PC from various parts none OEM, if theres a way to make a Factory Restore type thing so that if you need to wipe out your PC you can just push a button (like f2 to load factory Settings) type thing or if there's is something similar that i can do


A:Making a Factory Restore/Backup

I think the best thing to do is once your machine is updated, has all the programs you use on it, etc and is running well, create a full system image and save it to an external hard drive. Update the system image on a regular basis. It won't be a one click operation but you'd be able to restore your computer to the exact condition it was in at the time the latest image was made.

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I'm assuming backup copies are legal.I want to say that Ive read that it was legal if you only make one copy for personal use.I need to copy all of my DVD movies especially the ones that the kids watch.They tend to get scratched-up fairly quickly.I need a good program that will do this task with no difficulty.I currently have Roxio 4.0 and it seems to freeze or give me one of many error messages every time I try to burn a DVD.I know that the 4.0 version is outdated,but it works fine for CD's and MP3's still.It even supports the file types that I have tried to copy.I think the copywrite protection is my biggest issue,but not completely sure.Is there anything I can do to make the program I have work,or should I consider updating to a newer or completely different program?

A:Making backup copies of copywrited DVD,s

Commercial DVDs use encryption techniques to deter copying. Thanks to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA) breaking or circumventing that encryption (except for a few specialized exemptions) is against the law in the USA.

TSG rules prohibit helping with illegal activities, such as circumventing or breaking the encryption on DVDs. If you can find a way to copy the DVD without breaking the encryption, let us know.

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I have a dvd burner and a mod chip in my Xbox. I have made many backups for my playstation2 and now i want to for my xbox. My friend says that i need to hook my computer up to the Xbox and burn it then. What is he on about/ how do I make a backup copy of a xbox game?

A:Making a backup copy of an X Box game. PLease help.

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Been a while since I've posted here, but basically I just got a new computer and not quite sure the most efficient way to back up/ restore (if needed) later on.

This is an HP Envy Touchsmart M6 Sleekbook if it helps and it has a 750GB hard disk. 41GB has been used up on C drive already and a 25GB D recovery partition provided by HP.

I noticed that HP's backup/ recovery isn't very well thought out and a back up doesn't work well. Right now I am using AOMEI BackUpper (A freeware you can find here: Free Hard Disk Partition Manager, Backup Software, NTFS to FAT32 Converter - AOMEI Technology)

So I would just like to clarify on the set up.

Is it practical to store all my documents and program files as is, like using the Windows 8 default on the C drive. Then I make a full image file of C which comprises of the system files, boot, program files, and personal documents? I understand that this will take longer and then the completed image file will be stored on an external hard disk of 1TB.

The other method I think is to have another partition to store user documents and program files. This way the C drive is as small as possible. When I create an image file, it will be based on the C drive system back up. If anything happens to it, can I just restore it with my documents and program files still intact on another partition? As for the documents and program files, this is pretty flexible I would think where there are several ways to back it up.

My main concern right n... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Making BackUp On Windows 8

I personally use this and it is very easy to use.

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

The nice part about Macrium is that you can copy your entire HDD onto a bigger hard drive and act like nothing changed.

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I have no experience with DVD but need to make a recovery disk for my Grandkids Computer.
I have just installed XP and all the nescessary utilities on their computer (about 3 gb). there is nothing else installed yet,what I want to do is give them a DVD with these files on that they can copy to a NEW hardrive when this ancient HDD crashes and be able to start using it.
I am unable to access this computer as they live a distance away.
Do I need to make a bootable DVD or can they just set it up as a slave on another computer and copy the files to it.

A:Help needed making recovery dvd

So basically what you want to do is create an image of what they have right now right? This way they can just use the image on another computer and it will work like it was just installed.

If you want to create an image of the hard drive, I recommend getting a program like Norton Ghost. It will create an image file which you should be able to burn to a DVD. You may also copy this image file to another hard drive if you wish and make that one bootable.

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I plan to dual-boot XP and Windows 7 in a single drive because my XP drive seems to be dying and a replacement is still underway. I'll be using an HDD(320gb) with an existing W7 setup. Usually I'd wipe the existing W7 setup, install XP and then while in XP install W7 in a separate partition.

BUT I'd like to ask if I can use an XP image and a W7 image instead of formatting again.(to reduce/save time).

Can someone check if this will work(or based on the scenario, can you write me a better way of course using the system images I have of XP and W7):

Plan 1. Windows 7 existing

a. Shrink the W7 (which is 320gb)drive to 120gb so I will have space for XP. (from that I will have an unallocated of roughly 200gb)
b. I will create a partition in that unallocated --200gb and restore the XP image there.
c. Use EasyBCD to add the XP boot via Bootloader setup>Write MBR(Install the Windows XP Bootloader to the MBR)

Question: Will W7 boot? I seem to remember it will not (maybe wrong here...)


Plan 2. Two clean partitions (one HDD 320gb). Partition A (200gb)for XP. Partition B(120gb) for W7.

a. Restore XP image in partition A.
b. Restore W7 image in partition B.
c. Upon boot to XP, use EasyBCD to add W7 boot via Bootloader setup>Write MBR (Install the Windows Vista/7 Bootloader to the MBR)


a. XP will boot right?

About EasyBCD.

a. Does setting the Bootloader only to add 'Windows Vista/7 Bootloader or Windows XP Bootloader' be enough?

b. Or, I ne... Read more

A:Making a dualboot using backup images of XP and Windows 7

Try Plan 1, imaging XP to it's partition from the Win7 desktop then adding it using EasyBCD 2.02 from Win7. It should reboot to a Dual Boot menu.

As long as XP image is not marked Active, XP has no ability to steal 7's boot away when it is merely imaged onto a partition and not reinstalled.

The way I like to do this is use Acronis's premium imaging app (which comes free with any WD or Seagate HD in the mix) installed to Win7, or free Macrium Reflect or Paragon 11.

Unplug XP HD, make sure target HD is set first to boot in BIOS, Image XP to its partition from image stored externally, Add XP using EasyBCD, boot into Dual Boot Menu.

Let us know how this goes.

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What software makes a second copy of a data drive an then updates it
later on. I am looking a best methods to back up my data drive which
is my second drive in my computer. I was looking a software package
called "second copy" but I don't know if that is best.
Note, it takes over 24hr to fully copy my data drive so what backup
stragies is best for me.
Thank you,

A:Backup Making a second copy of data drive

I highly reccommend Acronis True Image 10. It works with Vista as well as XP. I backup my "C" drive with the OS and programs on it in about 30 minutes. My data drive which contains about 87GB of data takes less than an hour to backup to an internal backup drive. I do this by making "exact images" of the drives. If any of my working drives go bad I simply replace and restore the image from my backup drive and I'm back in business as if nothing happened. Or, in case a file becomes corrupted or accidentially deleted, I can restore individual files very quickly. This program has saved my butt several times and it's well worth the price. NewEgg has it for $39.99 here:
or you can get the downloadable version for only $31.99 at NewEgg.

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I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 from the Microsoft Store. Everything went well (so far)
and I want to create a system image backup.

I have a 1 TB external hard drive with plenty of space, but there are some mp3 files on it. I'd like to know if storing the disk image on this drive will affect the mp3's (i.e., are they safe?)

Thank you.

A:Advice on making System Image Backup

Yes, an image is a bit for bit copy of everything on the system.

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Hi, I purchased a new laptop with windows 8 and used the options in windows 8 to create recovery media and chose the usb drive option. I was wondering if I would be able to copy the files in the usb drive onto my external HD; then if I ever need them I could put them back onto a usb drive and reinstall windows 8. I took a screenshot of the files on the usb drive. I appreciate any answers I can get of this.

A:Making backup of recovery files from usb drive

Create an .iso file from the USB flash drive using ImgBurn.

Then in the future you can burn a DVD using ImgBurn or create a new bootable Win 8 install flash drive using Universal USB Installer ? Easy as 1 2 3 | USB Pen Drive Linux

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To start off this thread is about an experience i just had and how i solved it. So i dont need any help, but i thought this might be interesting to some of you.

I used a 4GB USB flash drive to make a Backup in windows 7. while making the backup windows said it needed more space even thou, your only required 1gb on the flash drive for backups according to win7? I interrupted by pressing a cancel button and deleted the files on the usb. without removing the usb i shut down my pc.

Next day i turn on my pc and it tries to boot into the usb flash drive even thou boot priority is set to my c:/. Win7 asks for reboot since the usb drive is without an operating system (i don't know exactly what to make of this). I pull out the usb drive and reboots. Now my Login user (administrator/only user) is corrupted. This error cant be passed and you cant get into windows.

2x reboot makes automatic chkdsk without any luck even thou some of the files it was fixing seemed to have relevance. (user name/desktop file etc.). On the third reboot it goes straight to the errror message (i reboot 12 times to see if it goes to chkdsk again) so i shut down my computer manually (instead of using the reboot from login). In order to enter windows in error safe mode. In windows error safe mode i recieve errors that my user files etc. is missing somewhere. No suprise i go into user administration, i delete my user (i had the choices standard login/administratorusername deleted the last one but i coul... Read more

A:How making a Backup might result in windows reinstall.

Hi and welcome.

To backup, you need well more than only 1GB. You need as much space as your boot partition (with Windows) is and if the system (boot files) partition is elsewhere, even more.

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Hi all,I have several windows XP computers and am interested in making an exact clone of the hard drive that contans XP along with all the applications on an external hard drive as a backup. However, apparently Windows XP does not allow you to make a system image unless you have a floppy drive (which none of these computers do). After running the XP Backup utility (which did create a .bkf file on the target drive, I received the error message that no floppy drive was found and that therefore the backup could not be completed.This got me thinking about possible workarounds to create a system image. My question: Is there any reason why you cannot simply use the XCOPY command with the /s /e /h switches to create a system disk as follows:xcopy c: destinationDrive: /s /e /h and then to make the This seems too simple given all the commercial products that are available to do this task, so probably I am missing something? I would appreciate the thoughts of experts here.Thanks

A:Making a complete system image for backup

No, using XCOPY like that will not do what you want to do. I believe it is possible to do it using a complex method, for example as shown here: you've observed, it's so simple to do with commercially developed software, some of which can be free to use, that no-one goes through the hassle of trying XCOPY these days. It was more feasible with older versions of Windows.I have Seagate drives in all my computers, so I use the Seagate DiskWizard, which is a feature restricted version of Acronis TrueImage available at no cost from the Seagate support website. Western Digital have an equivalent. Each just requires that there be one of the relevant manufacturer's drives in the computer system in order to function.There are also various freeware cloning and imaging applications.

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I am trying to make a OneKey recovery backup on a 32GB USB 3.0 flash drive. Windows 10.  How long does this take? So far it has been "initializing" for about an hour and 20 minutes.  Is this normal? If so, how long should I expect to wait for this to complete?  I am not connected to the internet...we have a metered connection.

A:Making a OneKey backup on flash drive.

UPDATE: After 4 hours in initializing, I stopped and am reformatting the flash drive and will try again. 

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alright i got a backup disc and i need to get certain data off it, does anyone know how i may do this?

A:backup disc

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Gday folks Ok I am going to be brave and try doing a backup disc. What I need to know is how do I burn a backup disc? and do I backup ALL my computer or just parts of it ?? I need step by step instructions cos I am computer dumb lol . I am running Win XP Pro SP3 Hope someone has the patience to help me

A:Backup Disc and

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I am hoping to do a backup disc for my adobe photoshop and will be using nero. I am confused, but if I press cd copy will I be able to do it? I have only ever done backup's of cd music before. thanks

A:backup disc help

Cd Copy works the same way for data disks.

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when i originally backed up windows to my seperate partition, where windows is installed, it was 20gb. Then i backed up to dvd disc to be safe and it seemed to complete backup on one 4.7gb disc. I expected to use about 5 disc's.
Is this correct or have i done something wrong?
any info can be helpful.


A:Backup Disc

What back up program were you using?

I presume you were using the inbuilt windows back up tools.

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Hi everyone,
Just wondering if anyone has any quick and easy methods for backing up the operating system to disc. I've only just recently upgraded from Windows '98 to Windows XP Second Edition and am still not familiar with it all yet. No amount of searching has answered this question for me, so as always came to check out the always surprising genius of my friends here on TS.

What I actually want to do is back up the system to disc and then load it onto my laptop. I have all the upgrade discs for 98-XP and boot discs etc. but seem to be encountering issues with the original 98 installation, so thought the quickest way would be to back up the entire system or parts thereof and load them to laptop. Just can't find the method in XP to achieve this. I thought there would be a backup option in XP, however, info states that it is not automatically included in the program and I can't seem to find it on the upgrade disc, so may only be available with the full XP package, not the upgrade.

Anyway, any help would be as always, really appreciated.

A:Backup to disc

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Hi folks , hope you are all having a good day I have a problem that has me worried . My friends computer crashed and the trouble she had and the expense scared me, so I want to create a backup disc for my files and one to enable me to start up my computer. I am completely at a loss as to what or how to do this , I dont even know what disc to use regarding size. If there is one of you willing to instruct me how step by step I would be very grateful

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3062 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 37817 MB, Free - 17131 MB; D: Total - 38490 MB, Free - 27222 MB;
Motherboard:, I-45CV(Intel i945GC-ICH7), 1.0,
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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Please can someone provide me with a little help? I was looking for a way to download images from sites such as that will be quicker than 'right-click, save-as' and i stumbled upon this interesting site:
click here am trying my best to follow this but I'm not sure what to do when the instructions state 'At my terminal – at which I’ve downloaded a copy of and made it executable – I need only issue the following command'
For the life of me, I don't understand how to make it 'executable'.
Please can someone explain this to me?
Thank you all.

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can anyone tell me how to make a windows bootable iso file. like the ones u can download on torrent sites. i mean how do u make one with programs install. i want to doit for my self, so whenever something happens to windows i can always make a fresh install, but this way i have all my programs installed. hate to reinstall all the programs such as antivirus updates etc.

help needesd

A:help needed on making windows iso file

Make a "system repair disk"

System Repair Disc - Create

and make a "system image"

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

That way you will always be able to go to the point when you created the image. The "repair CD" IS bootable.

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hi guys!!
i have a presentation on pizza hut (from our subject on marketing)....i know i can make slides in power point and i know how to make them...but since i saw other people and class fellows doing somethings so awesome to impress teachers,i also thought to do something extra ordinary to make my presentation as excellent...
i wna add .gif images to presentation,videos etc....
*can anyone suggest me some software which can give more options and more excellent slides
*or how i make my pizza hut presentation slides somewhat WOWWW
do see below links...i found them on web...their material is less but i got their CONCEPT...

Top 10 Pizza Company Logos
Pizza hut

A:Urgent!! needed for making presentation...?

This is a difficult one, because in my field at least (research science) the trend in Powerpoint presentations is towards plain slides with few bells and whistles. Talks where every slide element whizzes around the screen, there are many colours, and the slide transitions are all dramatic, reduce your ability to get your message across so presentations these days are very "straight."

So one idea might be to deliberately make your presentation look very low-tech. There are plenty of websites where you can create your own personal handwriting font, so you could make the slides using your handwriting and include scans of hand-sketched diagrams and charts. You could create a template so that each slide looks like a page torn from a notebook. If you combine this with a little bit of animation - for instance have a chart's axes appear first, then make the line draw itself across the chart, you could get a wow response as people try to work out how you have managed to animate what do not look anything like traditional Powerpoint elements.

I have made a "page torn out of a notebook" template for my own use (attached) - feel free to use it if you'd like

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Don't know if this falls into "technical" but I'm at my daughter's for the holidays & she's gotten a Mac and wants to back up all her various data files from the old Sony Vista machine for Word, various photos, videos & music etc. Some is streight forward but I wondered if there was a way to determine where various files a stored. She has no idea, she just let each program put the files where it decided! I figure I should open each program, see where it saves "stuff" then copy what's in that directory to a flash drive. Then do the same for the other programs. I'm OK for Outlook as I've done that before. Then when I figure I'm finished I suppose I could search the HD for *.doc for Word and *.jpg, *.gif, *.mp3 & etc etc to make sure I get it all. This is just for her to have the old files for reference, some will be transferred to the Mac. She is taking her old and new computers to a shop where she has been assurred they can transfer the files to the Mac. She just wants to have a backup just in case the shop looses anything. Any suggestions?

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I have 2 PCs both upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10. Making a disk Image Backup on one of the PCs is fine but the other PC produces this fault
"An internal error has occurred. The specified resource name cannot be found in the image file (0x80070716)"
Can you point me in the right direction to solve this please.

A:Making a Disk Image Backup on Windows 10 Upgrade PC

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

You may want to do a manual backup on this one PC. This error is related to File History. It should be fixed when Windows 10 is installed.

You could try this here:

Windows 7 File Recovery - Receive 0x80070716 error - Microsoft Community

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Personally, even though everyone will disagree, I'd like not to use Macrium Reflect or another 3rd party utility. I (for now) want to use the default Windows Backup program. My issue here is the image I'm creating is actually bigger than the files it's copying. I'd like to know if it's copying a file multiple times, or taking files from other connected HDD's? That's all I can come up with. I've made it clear to Windows I only want my C drive, I even excluded the System Reserved (which is only 500MB) out to see if that was it. The HDD I use for backups I also have for big files that I don't need on my 512GB SSD. So it could be taking things from that but I can't really remove it since its only separated by a partition. Any ideas?

Thanks, DWreck.

A:Windows 7 Backup Utility making a bigger image then the HDD itself.

You could mount the backup image as a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) so you can see what is in the backup image.
This tutorial explains how to mount the image as a VHD:
System Image - Extract Files Using Disk Management

Your specs show you have Win 7 Ultimate and Win 8 Enterprise, and a custom built desktop.
Is this a dual boot PC?
Is this a work PC, connected to a domain or corporate network?

It's my understanding that the built in Windows imaging utility will include all partitions it sees as "system" partitions in the backup image.
How did you exclude "System Reserved", and other "system" partitions?
I haven't used the Win 7 imaging utility in a many years because it included all OS (system) partitions on my multi-boot PCs, and I couldn't exclude partitions.
I use Acronis because I have more control over what is included, and the images are much smaller and faster.

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Hi all, first post here so i am hoping i am doing this right.

I am want to make a hidden partition then make a restorable backup in that partition just like the manufacturers do.

I have three drives, a 120gig SSD
one 1tb drive
one 2tb drive
running win7 Ultimate

I have just put the SSD in and reinstalled win 7 plus all the other software i use, what a time consuming job that is.
I want to be able to access the hidden drive at boot and then do a restore to my clean system install should something go wrong on my system.

I looked into this quite a few years ago but things have changed drasically since then with new software and the like, so i am looking for recommendations and how to do it


A:Creating a hidden partition and making an installable backup on it

Hi and welcome to TSF try the info here Recovery Partition - Create - Windows 7 Forums

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I have this problem with my pc and it keeps restarting after the windows loading screen so i want to format the hardrive the only problem is that there are important files on there and am wondering if i could make some of disc floopy or CD that i could boot to and move all my important files to my 2ndry hardrive installed in the machine


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I have Vista Home Premium 32 bit. I went into accessories, systems tools, back up status and configuration. I made my back up but don't see/how to install it to a DVD. Any advice with this?
Thank you.

A:Trying to make a DVD backup disc

Take a look here: the portion that says:In the Back Up Files window you will have to select where to save your backup. You can select a partition from your hard disk, a CD, a DVD or a shared folder from your network. Select the location you prefer and click on

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I want to completely reinstall windows 8.1. I have no disc, and there is no backup to revert to. I've read that I can get the product key from the computer.
I've read many "how to's" on doing this, and they all bring me to screens that don't show up on the laptop. It seems like the tutorials are specific to win 8.0.
Help plz.

A:How to reinstall Win 8.1 with no disc or backup.

You have a USB-based Windows 8 install?  An ISO?  Factory restore partition?

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When I try to backup Money File to my DVD disc, I receive this msg. "This file is set to read only. Try again with adifferent file name"
There must be a simple answer to fix this but am apparently not thinking very well.
OS Win 7
Thanks for any help you can offer.

A:Backup to DVD disc problem

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I've got a computer with windows ME and a laptop with windows XP. My laptop didn't come with a XP disc, so is there a way of saving the OS on a disc so that I can use XP on my PC?

A:BackUp Windows XP to Disc

No. Any major change of hardware will require that XP be re-activated. One copy=one machine.

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My laptop didn't come with Windows 7 disc for backup, incase I need to reinstall the OS. Is there any way I can get a disc? Or what would I do if my hard drive crashed after the warranty, and I need to replace it and reinstall the OS? I don't want to have to buy a new copy of the OS, that's several hundred dollars.

A:Need Windows 7 backup disc?

Everything needed is here to Clean Reinstall Windows 7.

Be sure to read the SPecial Note to HP Owners at the end as some HP's come with a Minimal Recovery onboard that is nearly the same as a Clean Reinstall.

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