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Deleted photos by accident

Q: Deleted photos by accident

Hi I accident deleted my photos and a video file on my memory card from my camera is there a way to recover them? The memory stick is Sony MEMORY STICK PRODu0 magic gate Mark2 2GB

The Camera is a Sony Cyber-shot


A: Deleted photos by accident

Take a look here:

No guarantees, though.

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had security tool malware on my laptop

ran malware anti to remove it and it said i had an infected userinit.exe

so i deleted userinit.exe (big mistake)

i have xp but do not have xp install cd

i have a floppy drive and a thumb drive

cannot get back to my desktop NOR can i get to a c:\ anymore in safe mode

believe i need to copy userinit.exe from somewhere back into c:\windows\system32 but do not know how with what i have to work with

please help


A:deleted userinit.exe by accident

There is a backup copy in C:\Windows\System32\dllcache

most of the time it is compressed in this folder.

Here is a copy of it from my XP installation (uncompressed)
See attached
You will need a XP install CD and use recovery environment to copy the file to the proper place, or use an Ubuntu boot CD to do it.

Here is an article on using a Ubuntu CD to copy data off an unbootable windows PC, one could also use it to copy a file to a Windows folder.

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I'm a begginer on computers and I have a HP pavilion a1520n with Windows XP media center edition 2005. I accidently deleted a file and now every 30 seconds I get an automatic pop up saying " the feature you are trying to use is unavailable. Click ok to try again, or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'EZARC.msi" . I can't figure out what to do. Sometimes there's another pop up that says, "Try the installation package again using a valid copy of the installation package 'EZARC.msi' " Can someone please put an end to my computers suffering because of its idiotic owner?

A:Ive deleted files on accident, HELP!

Hi friikenfreezin84

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

See post #4 here:

Let us know if that works for you or not.

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Hello, I recently purchased Dell XPS 8700 that came with a 2tb harddive formatted with GPT. The computer came with Windows 8, and I wanted to downgrade to Windows 7. However the windows installer wouldn't install on any of the current partitions, so I deleted every partition with gParted and proceeded to install Windows 7 successfully onto the one giant partition. Since I deleted all the GPT partition information (Idiotically), I am unable to make more partitions and dual boot.

So my questions are: Is my harddrive as of right now in MBR or GPT? And how would I add the GPT partitions back, as in the primary and secondary GPT headers?

Edit: I am attempting to dual boot with Xubuntu 14.04 and Windows 7 Professional, both 64bit and the computer has the UEFI, I think. Am I better off using MBR or GPT to dual boot? I only want two OS's and a shared data partition.

A:Deleted all the GPT Partitions by accident

Since I deleted all the GPT partition information (Idiotically), I am unable to make more partitions and dual boot.

Deleting all GPT partitions is a recommended step to downgrade "Windows 8" as "Windows 7" is known to not much liking GPT based UEFI boot mode. Although "Win 7" 64 bit edition may boot from a GPT disk, i prefer MBR partitioning especially in case of dual booting with Linux.The only mistake you made here is not to partition the disk at the time of install. Fortunately you can split the single large "C" partition to two or three small partitions with the help of "Partition Wizard" free edition.
Download link : Best Free Partition Manager Freeware and free partition magic for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP 32 bit & 64 bit. MiniTool Free Partition Manager Software Home Edition.
What you need to do is first shrink/resize "C" and create one or more new partitions using the free space.
How to shrink partition : Shrink Windows partition with partition manager - MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Video guide : How to Move/Resize Partition with partition manager? Partition Wizard Move/Resize Partition Video Help.

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pc has 2 drives in it. c: and d:. i was installing xp pro on c: and during the install the process asked me if I wanted to delete partitions. I selected the wrong one (d: ) and deleted it. I did not format it. Is there a way to get all the data off that drive? I tried PC Inspector File Recovery but that program does not get all the files. It seems to pick up only on directories and nothing else. This d: drive is in a pc that has win2k pro with SP4 and windows no longer sees this drive. any help would be appriciated

A:deleted partition by accident

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I am currently running on Vista Home Premium OS and in error deleted my Recycle Bin. Whoops........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .....I know pretty stupid. I have tried to do a System Restore twice and am being told the System Restore did not work. I'm in a panic here. Can someone please HELP me to restore the Recycle bin back to my desktop.

Thanks in advance.

A:Deleted Recycle Bin by Accident

Try this:

Right-Click desktop
Select Personalize
Select Change Desktop icon on the left hand side
Check Recycle Bin and hit apply

Does that work?

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I wasn't sure where to post this but that's how desperate I am. I deleted my picture folder from my Laptop, that runs windows Vista, how can I get them back? they are not in the trash bin, I checked but for some reason nothing get send it to the trash can, it just delete and that's it.

Please any help??????
thank you


A:Files deleted by accident

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hi, i had a lot of music and shows on my computer. i decided to buy an external hard drive to put all of my multimedia on it. i tripped on my external hard drives power cord and it fell to the ground and broke. aside from the external hard drive, is there a way to recover the files on my computer? please help.

A:deleted files on accident

This one gets high marks. Maybe worth a try.

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In trying to remove the log on screen on Win 7, I followed a
YOUTUBE video. It said to delete one of the owner files account icon, but when I did I didn't see the choice in the menu box of
[save files] ! Help what can I do?

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

This is the site.

A:deleted files by accident HELP!! Please

Enable the hidden Administrator Account. Then create a new user profile account with admin rights. If you can't log onto your computer at all even in Safe Mode then put the Windows DVD in and boot off of that and choose Repair My Computer.

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Hi all, i accidently deleted file which i have been update it everyday from beginning of 2010, it was in usb stick and excel file, tried "restoration 2.5.14", it had retrived more than 120,000 files, none of them was in the name of 2010, that's my deleted file's name, will anyone please help, thanks in advance

A:deleted file by accident!!!!!

Try Recuva.

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I was having trouble with Internet Explorer using Comcast e-mail, the Comcast rep instructed me to go to tools and delete browsing history, cookies and temp files, then go to advance tab and reset, I lost all my favorites is there anyway to recover them?

A:Deleted my Favorites by accident

The only way I know is to download and try this software and then just hope
Recuva or ShadowExplorer to try and recover them from the file's original folder.
You do not need the paid version

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I have a 2TB external hard drive and a 1TB external hard drive.
I got a new 2TB internal hard drive and was installing Windows on it.
On the screen where it showed the connected drives, I stupidly forgot the 2 external drives were still connected. I thought somehow it was breaking up the new 2TB internal drive into 3 separate partitions. I clicked on the two external drives and deleted the partitions because I thought it would merge them. I DID NOT format luckily.
I am in the middle of running the Analyzer using TestDisk on the 2TB external. Since it is a 2TB hard drive, it is analyzing about 10% of the disk per day. So I guess it will take 10 days to finish. Small price to pay if I can recover all the data on these drives. One has all our home movies and photos and the other has all our scanned documents in PDF format. Sigh.
I am wondering if I am doing this the right way with TestDisk? Is there a faster way? When I deleted the partitions, the process took less than a second. The drives were partitioned to used 100% of the drive space. I read the page TestDisk Step By Step but still not sure if there isn't an easier way for my particular blunder. Nothing should be corrupted. Just deleted.
Thank you!

A:Deleted Partitions By Accident Please Help

Yes it should be faster. I thought there were two levels to the restore deleted partitions and only the deeper level involves scanning the surface for old deleted partitions.

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Long story short I was removing a virus and deleted it by mistake.

so everytime I log in it kicks me straight back out. Im on a different laptop to post here, what can I do?

Appreciate any help.

A:Deleted userinit.exe by accident!

No help? Really need that back

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I have deleted one of my networks in the Wireless Network Connection box. It now has a red X beside it. How do I get it back?

A:Windows 7, deleted network by accident help!

Not sure I understand, but if I do understand all you should have to do is to connect to that network again.

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The bluetooth driver was accidently deleted from my computer.  I downloaded the driver from the support site, but it's still not working. I can't have it hook up to my printer or my speakers.  What am I doing wrong? Or what else do I need to do?  When I go to the icons in the bottom right corner of my toolbar and select to have the bluetooth icon show icons and notifications, it says this notification icon is not currently active. It will be shown the next time it becomes active.  I have even restarted my computer and it doesn't seem to work.

A:Bluetooth deleted from my computer by accident.

You can acess the Acer eRecovery Mangement to reinstall applications and drivers.
You can attempt a system restore before this issue was created to see if it resolves a couple problems you are having.

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Hey Guys I screwed up as follows:

I was fooling around with my graphics drivers and accidentally deleted them. A screen popped up to reboot the computer. It rebooted.

Now whenever I restart my computer, first a microsoft screen appears, then it appears to load but I have no on-screen visual as i get a monitor error message (Not Optimum Mode, Recommended 1920x1200, 60Hz), I am therefore unable to download and install any updated drivers.

What Can I do to restore my Drivers or at least get a visual to Re-install them?

I'm running Windows Vista, and one of the newer NVidia Graphics Cards.

A:Deleted Graphics Drivers By Accident

I believe you'd need to boot into safe mode in order to get the resolution down, or at least that's the easiest way I can think of. Boot into safe mode and allow as much as possible, try installing your drivers from there.

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The bluetooth driver was accidently deleted from my computer.  I downloaded the driver from the support site, but it's still not working. I can't have it hook up to my printer or my speakers.  What am I doing wrong? Or what else do I need to do?  When I go to the icons in the bottom right corner of my toolbar and select to have the bluetooth icon show icons and notifications, it says this notification icon is not currently active. It will be shown the next time it becomes active.  I have even restarted my computer and it doesn't seem to work.

A:Bluetooth deleted from my computer by accident.

You can acess the Acer eRecovery Mangement to reinstall applications and drivers.
You can attempt a system restore before this issue was created to see if it resolves a couple problems you are having.

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I just deleted an email in Outlook 2007 by accident & now I cant find it in any of my trash folders?

But for some reason it doesnt look like my trash folders are synced up with my godaddy account?

But I looked for the email on the godaddy server & it wasnt in my inbox on their cloud mail client either?

A:Just deleted an email by accident, now I cant find it?

I don't know anything about godaddy, but do they have a spam folder? Chances are that it isn't there either, otherwise your client wouldn't have received it. Do you have the client set to leave the messages on godaddy? If so, either the client or godaddy is haywire. If in neither place, I would say that it is gone, unless you use a file recovery program to search for it.

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i deleted my music folder, but its still there and when i click it, it says access denied, but i have administrator permissions. when i go into properties and security, or any other thing, it says i need to prove administrative permission.
by the way, this is on windows 8.1 and i tried this: User Folders - Restore Default Location

thanks in advance

A:HELP. deleted music folder by accident, but its still there

Since this is a Windows 8.1 problem, we have a separate forum for Windows 8.
Windows 8 Forums

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Ok, so i deleted the 'desktop' folder by accident from the My Documents window (or just above my documents folder)...

Now the 'Desktop icon' at the top of the folder list shows a different set of shortcuts/folders (incl. RecycleBin, Network etc etc)... the now 'yellow' desktop folder that is under the 'user' is messed up.

I've attached 2 screen shots because i'm sure my explanation is poor. Anyway, this is driving me crazy - can't figure it out. I've been messing around with it for hours - at one point i had 'desktop' with about 15 'desktop' subfolders......

help! please!

A:Deleted 'Desktop' folder by accident....

this my be overly obvious but, have you gone into the recycle bin and checked if the folder is still there? if it is, all you need to do is right click on it and select restore.

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I have done something really stupid... was having mouse problems when I was trying to do something in the sims folder and Accidently deleted the folder from the c:drive.....I was able to undo the delete but NOW I cant uninstall the game to reinstall it.... I tried to do a run on it and restore the system to an earlier point but it wont let me restore far enough back ... So now I have no Idea what to do .. I've tried everything I know to do..... I was trying to fix the problem with Items not showing up in the game... because i did what you sujested in the post but it didnt work ,,,, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A:deleted sims from c:drive by accident

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start->control panel
from control panel-> sound,speech and audio devices
from then to sound and audio devices
there it say i have no sound device
help me !
PS: i dont have any disk of my Mother Board!

A:i deleted my audio device by accident and i need it back

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I accidently deleted the Administrator file and need to know how to get it back where the Owner file is. I moved the file from the Recycle bin by click and hold and moved to desktop. I know I should have restored. Now it has the desktop as its routing (I can't think what else to call it). I can now log on if the error message that says "microsoft cannot log on" stays on the screen long enough to click OK. If the screen does not stay the computer trys to boot up (I guess) but will not do anything until the screen times out and I press a key; than the "microsoft cannot log on" error message will come up and I click OK. Than a screen appears that shows the Owner and I click on it and every thing works all right. I would apprciate any help. Let me know if I need to explain more.

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Hi, this is my first posting. :)

My friend was just infected by Spy Sheriff :( He uses Window XP Home edition. He got instruction from an online support, which part of the procedures is for him to use the CleanUp! software and using Custom CleanUp! which invovles the following:

-> Empty Recycle Bins
-> Delete Cookies
-> Delete Prefetch files
-> Scan local drives for temporary files
-> Cleanup! all users

Once he clicked "OK" to CleanUp!All users, his computer lost all icon images, he cannot see any icon on task bar, I.E. and can't even start some applications. But he still have Spy Sheriff on his wall paper :(

Can this be fixed? how?

Please kindly help ASAP!

A:Deleted all Temp file for all users by accident

Try using XP System Restore.

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I've been using StyleXP for awhile now. Usually without any trouble. Lately, I haven't been able to change my visual style. When I try to, it just stays at the one I'm currently using. Stupidly, I decided to delete all of the desktop.ini files I could find (in My Pictures, My Music, My Documents) thinking somehow, that would fix it.

It didn't. So now those three folders lost their little special-folder images (as well as the icons for C:, D: etc under 'My Computer', and my VS is still the same. I'm annoyed!. Can anyone help?

A:StyleXP not working & I deleted desktop.ini on accident

Hi toybird

Sorry for the delay in getting a reply to you (been busy). Any luck yet finding a solution?

If not, try these for a quick repair
1) System Restore
2) Uninstall StyleXP
3) Run a Registry Cleaner (CCleaner is effective).
4) Reinstall StypeXP

. . . and anytime you have unexpected system behavior, run some malware scans to rule out unexpected visitors causing havor with your system files.

To try System Restore:
1) Boot your computer into Safe Mode (start tapping the F8 key as the computer is starting up, and select "Safe Mode" from the Boot Menu).
2) Logon as "Administrator".
3) Click on Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore, and select a restore point from before trouble started.

Try CCleaner to clean up
1) You can download CCleaner here ---
2) Run the "Cleaner" functions to clean up temp files & other accumulating unnecessary files. Then run the "Issues" functions to clear up problems in the Registry. Run the "Issues" functions until CCleaner reports "no issues found."
Best of luck
. . . Gary

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I'm new here. Can someone direct me in the direction of where I might find out how to get my sound back. I need to get the software I'm assuming from somewhere, but I'm not sure where to look. My computer didn't come with any back up Windows XP disks.

Any help would be appreciated.

{Mod Edit:Move to more appropriate forum,Also made topic more descriptive.boopme}

A:Deleted Realtek Sound Driver On Accident

I read over the "before you post a question section". I want to apologize now for the lack of info. I've never really had to ask for help before, so I'm not sure what type of info is needed for someone to help me. Thank you for your patience as I learn how to conduct myself properly

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I deleted Advanced video/audio fx engine from my laptop, which is a Dell Inspirion 1525, all by accident. Without install cd, how can i reinstall from my Recovery drive "D"?

A:Advanced video/audio deleted by accident

The best place to start would be to visit the dell support site, navigate to your product page and see if you can download the latest drivers from there. Reinstalling from your recovery drive would probably overwrite a lot of files that you want to keep.



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This part of a post farther down........I found the files, I found the page that was deleted going thru google cached links... My question is can I fix my page without totally rebuilding it. I don't even remember how I built it in the first place. The page is really 2 pages and I deleted one by accident. Is there a easy way of fixing this or do I have to rebuild both pages. Please some one if u know please tell me ...
If I can use the cached page what html can I remove to repair it back to the way it was.
Then how do I get it back in the place of the missing page?

puter hater



A:deleted a page by accident can it be fixed using cached

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Hello, a few days ago I deleted the network adapter driver from my laptop by accident after I was having issues with Windows 10. Plugging an Ethernet cable into the laptop will not connect to the Internet (haven't been able to connect via Ethernet for a few years, I've always used wifi). Is there a way to get the driver back without downloading it to a usb and installing?I've tried doing the "scan for hardware changes" option but nothing comes up. The only selection I have under Network Adpaters is VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapters and I cannot connect using an Ethernet cable.

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Hi everyone...

Thanks in advance for helping me out.

I have both an inspiron 700m and a xps laptop...both dells obv. After breaking my lcd screen in the 700m i sent my computer in to be serviced. When trying to reformat the inspiron I accidently used the xps recovery and reformat disk to try to reinstall everything on the insiron. The trouble now is, all of the drivers are for the xps but are installed to the inspiron resulting in no sound or recognition of the wireless card, etc. I am pretty sure I deleted my inspiron's partition and cannot partake in the Ctrl + F11 command. If anyone knows how to fix this or recover my old inspiron partition and make it to where the inspiron was like new again with all the right drivers it would be a HUUUUUUUUGE help.

Thank you.

A:Deleted Partition of my Inspiron 700m and replaced it with my XPS on accident

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There was another thread about this, but the solution wasn't clearly explained. A user provided the OP with a file, and nothing was said about what to do with the file that was provided. I'm having the same problem, where I deleted the file by accident and now there is no live tile for the desktop anywhere on the start screen, not even in the All Apps category. I can't find it in the Windows Store either. What do I do? Here is a screenshot of the folder that I *think* held the original desktop file.

A:Deleted the desktop start folder file by accident.

hi, go to start screen type in desktop ,you should get at least 3 desktop related apps as a result of the search ,right click on the one that says DESKTOP ,and choose pin to start ,should work did for me yesterday

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Guys I took a hard drive out of a macbook pro and placed it into a external enclosure. I connected it to my pc running vista and I was copying the files from the macbook pro onto my pc and by accident I hit the delete button.

The folder that I deleted is still in the recycle bin, well at least I can see it but the size of it is over 2 gb. I tried to just restore it but that is not working. Thing is I do not need the entire folder just maybe 100 mb of some files that are inside which is just pdf and documents. Any idea on what I can do? I have tried several different types of software and most will not work because I am guessing the macbook pro hard drive is a raw drive.

Thanks guys.

A:Deleted files by needed badly.

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nnnuff said. Thanks. I accidentally deleted MS word from programs/files, and I dont know how to recover it. Is there a way to do this?

A:lost my MSword software, and deleted it from program files on accident. Is there a wa

Yes, Go thru a re-installation and when done you should have it back.

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I have pictures in my HP Photosmart 3.5. When I delete those photos, They're also deleted from my expansion drive where I store my photos.
Can anyone tell me why and how not to do this.

A:Photos Deleted.

By "HP Photosmart 3.5" do you mean the "HP Photosmart Essentials" software? If so, it is just a program and you don't have pictures in it any more than you have pictures in Windows Explorer. If you use either of those programs to delete a file you are deleting the file from wherever it is physically stored. That's (probably) the "why."

The "how not to do this" is to not delete files you don't want to delete. If you don't want the program to reference a given picture maybe (probably not) there is an option to "remove" it from the list with which the program is working.

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is there a way to retreive photos that u have deleted from your harddrive... i always hear that u cannot completely clean your hd of data,so how can i get the photos back........ thx in advance

A:deleted photos

Stop using the PC for now till you can get a recovery software to use.
I would even stop right now and use another PC to get online and download the software because you could over write the file you want to recover and then your be out of luck and you may have already done that.

Try Drive Rescue

To preserve the drive with the deleted files, all recovered files must be saved to another storage device or another drive letter in the system. DO NOT download the software to the drive that you want to recover. If you want to recover data from your system drive, download the software to another system and burn it to a CD*. Then run the software on the affected system from the CD.

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I've deleted my entire photo library by accident and as it was too big for the re-cycle bin I'm having trouble restoring it. System Restore hasn't worked and nor have any of the freebie downloads designed to solve this problem (eg. freeundelete, file recovery, file recover by PC Tools). They all show no files to recover after a very short scan. I'm running windows XP professional on an AMD Athlon XP 1700 processor with two hard discs both using the NTFS file system. Anything else I should let you know? Anth

A:Help I've deleted all my photos!

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about a week ago i deleted my mums user account cauase she never uses it and she had nothing on it apart from all her photos that i forgot about untill just after i deleted her account, i was wondering if there was anyway possible i could get them back,


A:deleted photos

When you deleted the account, you were asked whether to keep the user's files or not. What did you say?

You can try any file undeletion utility, but after a week.. I'd say there's a good chance of only some recoverable files or none at all.

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Hello, i`ve just deleted photos from my computer by mistake. They were taken with my digital camera. Any suggestions on how i can recover the photos please?

A:Deleted photos

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I was just on holiday in China and a security scanner machine in a train station there somehow wiped my camera's memory card. I lost around 1000 photos. Unfortunately, I didn't actually realise until later, and I kept on taking photos on the same memory card, about 1000 more (it's a 4GB card). Now home, I have uploaded the 2nd set safely to my computer but I don't know if I should delete them from the card - will this make it easier or harder for any recovery program to find the first set? I've tried numerous programs already (PC Inspector, Recuva, ZAR) and they all find the 2nd set of photos, but only a few of the 1st set. Is there any way of retrieving all of the first set? I know it's a lot of photos to recover but I would love to get them back - it was a once-in-a-lifetime kinda holiday! I would really appreciate any help!!

A:Retrieving A LOT of deleted photos

unfortunately if the originals have been overwritten they are probably gone...

If they are really important a data recovery specialist expensive ... may be able to save them

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Hi guys! I am new here! I searched the net and I found your forum and you all seem to know your job, gratz on that! Either way, my problem is following. Few days ago, I was shooting some photos and accidently i deleted them with some older photos that are so important to me! I returned all the photos, no problem there, BUT real problem started after the returning. In addition, my photos are 80% good, but the rest are corrupted, explanation: 1/3 of the photo is ok the rest 2/3s are gray, but when you see the thumbnail the picture is ok, its when you open the photo, the problem appears. Tell me please what to do coz I need that photos urgently!


A:Recovering deleted photos

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I deleted photos from my SD card by accident. In turned I used Recuva and various other recover programs and managed to save the pictures pretty well.

Be it my luck that the THREE pictures I ABSOLUTELY wanted were corrupted!

I've read a million trillion things online and was hoping for some help as a last resort. The card has already been overwritten (sadly)

The pictures have the grey bar of death on them. It does show up fine as a thumbnail and once you open it the bar is there.

I do have the pictures saved as the lower pixel and wondered if anyone can help save them! Thanks!


Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2
Examples of photos are at photobucket. The full image is in thumbnail size and the original is the grey bar ones =/

A:Deleted Photos from SD Card

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hi all

my partners father has accidentally deleted her Graduation photos of his camera...

is there any decent recovery software that can recover these photos of the memory card / camera....

A:HELP: deleted photos of camera

Have you tried using Recuva ?

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I had a virus on my computer and I erased everything and reinstalled Windows. Is there any way that I can recover the deleted pictures that were stored in my computer. Will appreciate any help.

A:Need help with recovery of deleted photos

mazur70 said:

I erased everything and reinstalled Windows.Click to expand...

I'm afraid that you you are out of luck on this one. You should always copy your pictures (and other important data) to some sort of offline storage, CD, DVD, memory cards, usb storage, etc.


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I've been trying to get back photos deleted from my memory card. I've downloaded countless programs, but none seem to work. I've used photo recovery softwares from, which worked for my friend. But when I use the program, the camera icon will not show up for me to choose. Other programs have the same problem, or they would only show me pictures I've deleted from my computer.
I haven't taken any photos with my memory card ever since the photos were deleted. It has been a while since they've been deleted, but I've been told that isn't an issue.
Any help?

A:Retrieving deleted photos

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As my little son was playing with my Canon digital camera, he had accidentally deleted some newly taken photos that had not been uploaded to my computer for backing up. I had stopped using this camera since then and hoped things were not worse. Is it possible for me to get back my photos? Is there any way for me to recover them?
Help me, please!

A:Need to recover deleted photos!

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Is there a freeware program or any other program or instructions on how to RECOVER deleted photos off a compact disk digital camera disk?
Deleted thru >start>my computer.
Thanks for your consideration and assistance!!!

A:Recovering deleted photos

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I have been abroad for 3 days and all the pictures made during this period has been deleted by the phone.

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I was manually sorting and moving photos from my Lumia 930 to hard drive when this happened. I sorted photos by size to separate pro pics from highres pics. I marked pro pics (made sure I only marked pro pics, so no accidental removal happened) and deleted them from the phone while connected to the PC. What remained was the exact same number of highres photos. I sorted the remainder by date and tried to move them but... "unknown error" returned. I unplugged the phone, plugged it back in only to discover that all the photos had been deleted. Obviously, none of them were backed up. Looks like my command was misinterpreted by one of the devices. I understand there's nothing that can be done now, except for dubious specialist data recovery.
Why did that happen?
Looking forward to hearing any explanation,

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hi i have deleted my holiday pictures (by mistake) from my sd card in my digital camera i have not used the card since is there anything i can use to get pictures back.

A:Solved: Deleted My Photos

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some photos were deleted from my SD card on my computer is there any way to get them back? Also i dont have the card any more as my wife lost the camera with it in. Any help would be great.


A:recover my deleted photos, help

If the photos were never transferred to the computer and were deleted directly from the memory card, there's absolutely no way you can recover it, not that you've lost it. Sorry. If they were deleted from the hard drive, you could try using a program like Recuva or Restoration (both free) to recover them. But you cannot afford to waste time before you do that. There are a lot of free programs that recover it from the memory card too (maybe Restoration and Recuva do that too), but you need to have the card to do that.

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does anyone know of any freeware to retrieve deleted photos i am running win xp pro,or is there a way to do it with windows

A:retrieving deleted photos


Welcome to TSG

Look here.

But stop using your PC till your able to run the recovery.

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I recently installed a program and when using it I found that it happened to delete many of my photos from my documents. I don't know why either. They have been deleted and aren't in the recycle bin either. I have tried a system restore, but they were deleted out of my documents so that didn't work, then I also downloaded a program called Recover Files, that did bring a few back but the rest of them were brought back as either uncompatible items or for some reason pictures of maps.

Is there anyway that I can get my photos back?

A:Is there anyway to return my deleted photos?

only by trying different recovery programs like that you have tried.
The more you use your PC though, the less chance you have of recovery.
There are many programs geared up to do this, some better or more successful than others. Most have a trial version to give an indication of whether files are recoverable or not.
Some are devoted to file recovery of photo's from flash media.

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Help! I was messing around with my camera last night and trying to change colors of photos when i found other buttons. So... being the idiot i am, i pressed a few. I guess i pressed a reset button because when i realized what i had done, i had lost all of my 700 photos!!! Even the ones i protected with a lock.... Now, whenever i turn on my camera i see a small image on the screen of a memory card with an arrow pointing up at it. Help!!!

My camera is a pink insignia

A:Deleted Photos = Confusion

Put the memory card in a reader connected to your computer, and run Recuva.

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Hi all
A friend of mine installed XP over Windows 98 and deleted 2yrs worth of family photos. (and no he didn't back up ... That's why he was installing XP + DVD writer. Long story.) Anyway, I've spent time over the last week and have recovered about 300 out of 760 photos. So partly there. Any suggestions on retrieving more would restore my faith in PCs (and my neighbour ;) I used Photo Resue Professional.

Thanks in advance

I guess he owes me a pint...

A:Photos Deleted When Upgrading From 98 To Xp

Have you tried recovery programs? (programs for all kinds of documents and not just photos)

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Step 1: Download and install the program.

Step 2: Open the software.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer, and the software should detect your device immediately.

Step 4: Choose Recover from iCloud Backup File and click Start Scan.

Step 5: Login to iCloud with Apple ID.

Step 6: Select the messages you need.

Step 7: Click Recover.

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Hello, so I downloaded a duplicate photo delete program and I didn't realize it had some system photos to delete as well.

Well it's been a while since I ran it (over a month ago) and well now in some spots of Windows 8.1, there are just rectangle boxes instead of the actual photo that should be there.

I'll attach some pictures showing what I mean.
Now is there any way to get them back without formatting or resetting and losing all my programs?

A:Accidently deleted some system photos

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Hi and thank you in advance

"There's no such thing as a stupid question,
but they're the easiest to answer!"

as the site owner says, and I probably already know the answer...

My friend has a Canon A75 digital camera and she deleted the photos on her card using the settings on the camera itself - is there any way to retrieve the photos that were deleted please?


A:Solved: recover deleted photos?

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I had just returned from my vacation and was still probably a little jetlagged this morning. In my excitement to get these photos online and printed, I was exploring my digital camera on my PC when I accidentally clicked on DELETE IMAGES FROM CAMERA instead of GET PICTURES (which is interestingly enough, right above it!) I've read many of the posts and have downloaded these recommended recovery software but I am still unsuccessful:

1. PC Inspector Smart Recovery - it only gives me an option to scan C:/ and D:/ drives and not my Canon.

2. Transpic Recovery Plus Pro - it only allows me to scan the Temp in C:/

3. Restoration Version 2.5.14 - it is only scanning the Temp in C:/ as well and I dont see my photos.

Also when I explore my card on my digital camera, I only have the MISC folder left in there.

Please help, I really want to recover these.

A:I've deleted photos from my camera, how do I recover?

Most Canon cameras are PTP and should show as a drive when connected to the computer. I have read that a couple of newer model Canons aren’t PTP and you have to use ZoomBrowser or whatever to access the camera.

If the camera isn’t showing as a drive when connected your only option is to get a card reader. They are cheap and quite handy for a lot of things with non-PTP cameras. For one thing the normal download avoids the possibility of making the same mistake again.

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Can anyone help??

I deleted the file containing my freshly downloaded [irreplaceable!] photos using MS PictureIt7, thinking I could re-download them from the card. Didn't realise that the program deletes the photos from the card when it downloads.

Are they gone forever, or does anyone know how to retrieve them from wherever they have gone?

Will be everlastingly grateful for any suggestions!


A:Restore deleted photos in MS PictureIt7

Welcome to TSG.

Give this a try:

Or put “file recovery freeware” in a Google search. Do as little with the computer as possible until you get the files back. Deleting just tells the FAT or NTFS directory that the space is now available. Once that space is overwritten you can’t recover the files.

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Yesterday my mum and dad came home from there week away in gran canaria, they put the pictures onto the computer and i moved them all into a single folder as they were in lots of folders with individual dates on. We briefly looked through them all and then turned the computer off as we were going out.

6 hours later, we went back onto the computer to show family the photos... They had gone :suspiciou . they were not in the recycle bin, other photo folders, or in any other file that is on the computer.
I have spent a long time searching through google for data recovery applications, i have run Five different applications, i have found all the other stuff i deleted that day but there seems to be no other recollection of the photos put on earlier on yesterday.

I have No Idea what to do, i'm blaming myself i feel so bad.
Please Help if anyone knows how i can resolve this
Thanks :monkey:

A:Lost Photos, not deleted just disapeared

they put the pictures onto the computer and i moved them all into a single folderClick to expand...

Are you sure that you weren't actually looking at and moving the shortcuts to these pictures? ie are they still on the camera (or have you deleted them)

I believe they may have never been actually on the computer, and that's why you can't find them.

But just in case, you have done a search for, all files and folders (extended) include hidden/system folders ?

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The short version of this story is my GF's mother mistakenly deleted her photos using the tools within the camera. While I think it's a done deal she called Canon in a panic and was told otherwise that there are after market programs that can scan and recover files deleted in this manner.
If this is true and to avoid another call to Canon (me making this call), can anyone point me in the right direction assuming this is even possible?

A:Canon Powershot - Deleted Photos

I am assuming the photos are on the SD card. You can put the card in a reader and scan using Easeus Data Recovery. It will let you recover 1GB for free. Over that, you would need to pay for a key for the full version.
The free way is to use PhotoRec and scan with that but all files recovered will have generic file names. You would have to open each one and rename the file. PhotoRec is a little harder to work with but it essentially does the same thin. v6.14 is the latest release There is a v7 (beta) that has a GUI front end that is a little easier to use. File system type should be FAT and you should scan from the whole partition. If that does not recover the files than use v6.14

WIth both make sure the files being recovered is someplace other than the SD card or they will be lost.

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Having some of the same issues as from this time: ZeroAccess! Attention: cottonball.

This round, whatever is in my computer has deleted all the photos on my SD card :-/ I ran RogueKiller and came up with this report:


I think these viruses are coming infected USB drives. In the future, any recommendations for prevention software I can run to pre-scan USB drives for viruses? I'd love to never run into these problems again! :-)

A:Attention: cottonball, virus deleted all SD photos

Which AntiVirus program are you using?
Is it set to scan USB drives? Some programs do not do this by default.

Pressing on with RogueKiller...

Make sure you downloaded the latest version of the program. Several updates have been made to it recently:
RogueKiller download
Select the download that applies to your system (32-bit, or, 64-bit)

?Quit all programs
?Right-click the RogueKiller file and select: Run as Administrator
?Wait until the Prescan finishes
?Press: Scan
?When the scan is done, press the [Shortcut-Fix] button.

Please post the new RKreport (Mode: Delete) created on the Desktop in your reply.

Also download the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool
Select the version that applies to the system.

Save it to the Desktop. Double-click the downloaded file to run it.
When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
Press the Scan button.
FRST64 makes a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory from which the tool is run (Desktop).
Please provide the FRST.txt in your reply.

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Following a recent update for windows 10 Mobile update has deleted photos from my SD card on my Lumia 640.
I stored the photos on the SD card following the update from windows 8.1 to windows 10 to allow space for the update which went fine. After recent update the photos seem to be have synced with the with OneDrive and so does not contain the photos I had deliberately stored on my SD card.
I have tried to look at the SD card on windows PC and it just shows the same photos as that shown on the OneDrive. What can I do or has the damage already been done?

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I accidentally deleted some important photos and want them back. Is it possible to restore deleted photos for Windows 8 machine?

A:Is it possible to recover deleted photos from my Windows 8 computer

Thanks for all the reply!
I'm not sure why, but it seems that my deleted files do not go to recycle bin. I have checked and they are not there. I tried to download Recuva, but they ask me to pay before I can download anything. So I gave up. In the end I followed this tutorial which
is sent to me by a friend:
recover deleted files from windows 8

It helped me recover about 80% of my photos, but the other 20% are lost.

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Is there any way to retrieve photos from a memory card? My daughter deleted photos in the camera. They were very precious ones, too. Please help!

A:Solved: Daughter deleted photos on SD card--help!

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Windows Photo Gallery.


I was putting some photos in my gallery and suddenly ALL my photos have disappered my WHOLE collection has gone. Where has it gone-have I somehow deleted my whole collection???

What can I do???

A:Windows photo gallery -deleted photos HELP!!

check your recycle bin. if they are there just highlight the whole group right click and select restore to original location.

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Hello, Today my computer has deleted Store, Photos, Film & TV and Search, I know this because i have an uninstaller
( Iobit Uninstaller ) that searchs for left overs of a program that has just been unistalled. I double checked if these programs had been deleted and they weren't there. Also the startmenu and cortana weren't working.
Thank you

A:Store, Photos, Film & TV and Search deleted

You have to be careful with third-party uninstallers. You might have to reinstall Windows 10 to get those apps back.

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I have downloaded the entire documents from my Google drive to my computer system, but accidentally deleted my important files like document, photo, etc through shift+del keys in my hard drive. So, I was worried that valuable my documents. My friend suggested me to use Windows data recovery tool, easy and fast data recovery software to easily recover your valuable documents.

A:How To Recover Deleted Documents & Photos Data From My Hard ...

Get complete solution to recover deleted photos, songs, official data and many more items, with the help of effective hard drive data recovery tool.

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The metro photo app (that comes with W8) is showing photos on the live tiles that were deleted over a week ago.

I've turns lives tiles on and off. I've unpinned from the start screen and then re-pinned. I deleted personal info from the tiles from the settings screen. I've verified that the photos are not on my computer (photo app is only showing the computer and skydrive). Has anyone else had this issue?

A:Photos appearing in Photo app live tiles that were deleted

Let me google that for you

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So I have a new Fujifilm s6000fd and I accidentally lost about 70 pictures from the xD card last night. I've read previous threads recommending PC Inspector Smart Recovery, which I downloaded, but the program didn't seem to recognize the camera as a drive. When I plug in the camera, it shows up under My Computer, but with no drive letter associated with it. After reading the manual, I see I was supposed to install the Finepix Software before plugging the camera into the USB port, which I didn't do (although I do have an older version of Finepix installed.)

Here are my questions:

1) Any way to get the camera recognized as a drive? I've read in previous threads that it needs to be PTP to function this way, and the manual states that it is. Clearly this was caused by my boneheaded "just plug it in" installation, but I'm not sure how to undo it and get it right. Suggestions appreciated.

2) Re: card readers. The manual recommends the Fuji manufactured DPC-R1, but the xD compatibility listed only goes up to 512mb! Is that just outdated? Will it work with my 2GB card? Or do I need a different card reader? Any recommendations on that?

Thanks so much in advance for any suggestions.

A:Recovering Deleted Photos/Card Reader Questions

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I have accidentally delted a use acc ans the files and photos within I dont have system restore activated. I am wondering if their is ant way of recovering those photos they r of my gfs brother who passed away 3 months ago I hurd of programs like undeletemyfiles pro not sure if any programs work. plz help thx

A:urgent help needed recover photos from a deleted account

sorry typos im using my phone
corrected first line
*I have accidentally deleted a user account*

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I was placing some pictures in the picture tray. I was choosing them from various albums. The pictures were for gifts for my mother-in-laws birthday Saturday and I was choosing them so I could have them printed and frame them for her.

Somehow, when I was trying to take just one picture out of the tray because I had duplicated it, I chose "remove from collection" and all the pictures are gone from the tray and the various albums they were in. I don't have any back-up of the pictures (I know stupid and I just discussed this yesterday with my husband about what we should do to make a back-up) and I need to get them back.

I know that nothing ever actually disappears from your hard drive and they are thre someplace but I don't know how to get them.

Kodak doesn't have an "undo" button. HELP!

A:Kodak Easyshare Restoring Photos Accidentally Deleted

As I understand Kodak Hardshare... you've only removed the images (thumbnails) from EasyShare... they are still on your PC............ somewhere. More than likely in the My Pictures folder.

Good luck.

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I deleted photos that I no longer want on my Lumia 550. However, they are still scrolling on my start page tile.

A:Photos on my Lumia 550 that I deleted are still showing up on the live tile. How do I delete them?

same here, well, not anymore, it took mine about a month plus, tried everything, i think it was a few updates later that eventually cleared it - only patience seems to work :(

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Uploaded vacation photos from camera to external hard drive. Open Windows Explorer to cull the bad ones, extraneous/duplicates. Did that and when I opened up Photo App to view reduced picture set - they are all showing - even the deleted ones. When looking at the list in Explorer there are 17 pictures, the slideshow shows 25. All the deleted ones are still showing up.
I created a new folder and moved only the 17 pictures to that folder and deleted the original one. Guess what? They still show up. Haunted by the bad photos which won't go away! Help - What am I doing wrong?

A:Windows 10 Explorer Deleted Photos still show up in Photo App viewer

Hi and welcome:

For starters: have you tried to reboot the computer?

Just a thought,

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Haven't been back here for awhile, and thankfully this is a little less serious than the virus issues I had years ago! Since approximately August 9th of this year, I have had occasional problems with photos being 'locked' (i.e. already in use or unable to be accessed), then automatically deleted after restarting my computer. It has probably only happened to around five or six photos from then until now, but because it seems to happen randomly and I have not been able to recover them, I'm concerned.

Typically it either happens after I have edited a photo in Photoshop, or *while* I'm editing a photo in Photoshop. The first few times I lost photos were all on the same day. I edited many photos, and most were fine, but three of them were edited in succession and afterwards, I couldn't preview them in My Pictures (or any other program). After I restarted my computer, the files I couldn't access were gone from my computer, though I didn't delete them.

Just a few days ago, this happened with another photo, but while I was editing it in Photoshop, it told me I couldn't save changes because it was already in use (but it wasn't to my knowledge). I closed Photoshop and decided to keep the photo the same without any touch-ups, but once again, I could not preview the file in My Pictures (although I could always see a very small version of the photo as a thumbnail). And when I restarted my computer, I lost the photo, and Search could not ... Read more

A:Photos randomly locked and then automatically deleted after Photoshop editing

Have you checked to find out whether they might have ended up in the recycle bin? Have you looked in the applications tab of Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) to see what might be running?

Your best bet is probably to go to the Malware Removal forum and post a Hijack This log that the experts can peruse. That Photoshop reported the photo was being used by another program would make me suspicious that something was going on that doesn’t involve Photoshop.

You might also want to clean out your startups in case there is a utility or program that is running.

If you don't find anything and suspect it might be Photoshop, the Photoshop forums on the Adobe site sometimes has Adobe support people who could help.

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I originally posted this in the Digital Imaging forum but was advised to post here with a Hijack This log:

Haven't been back here for awhile, and thankfully this is a little less serious than the virus issues I had years ago! Since approximately August 9th of this year, I have had occasional problems with photos being 'locked' (i.e. already in use or unable to be accessed), then automatically deleted after restarting my computer. It has probably only happened to around five or six photos from then until now, but because it seems to happen randomly and I have not been able to recover them, I'm concerned.

Typically it either happens after I have edited a photo in Photoshop, or *while* I'm editing a photo in Photoshop. The first few times I lost photos were all on the same day. I edited many photos, and most were fine, but three of them were edited in succession and afterwards, I couldn't preview them in My Pictures (or any other program). After I restarted my computer, the files I couldn't access were gone from my computer, though I didn't delete them.

Just a few days ago, this happened with another photo, but while I was editing it in Photoshop, it told me I couldn't save changes because it was already in use (but it wasn't to my knowledge). I closed Photoshop and decided to keep the photo the same without any touch-ups, but once again, I could not preview the file in My Pictures (although I could always see a very small ver... Read more

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What happens on Google Photos apparently stays on Google Photos, even if you've deleted the app from your device. An interesting, and potentially scary, aspect of Google's Photos app has been discovered that anybody who has ever used the application...

Read more

A:Google Photos continues to backup pictures long after app has been deleted

Yep! Companies will disable your account after a short time of inactivity, but they will keep your data. Even if you believe to have deleted it.

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I opened windows media player while I had a sd card from my camera plugged into my computer. I had all of my pictures on the sd card. When I opened wmp it automatically started syncing the sd card. I didn't stop it in time. Now the sd card shows it has no pictures, but in "my computer" it still shows the space from all the pictures as used up on the sd card (8 gb card, had 4 gb pictures, still shows 4 gb used, barely any music was synced). Is there any way to get those pictures to show up?? Thanks!

A:Solved: windows media player deleted photos on sd card

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I got back from Egypt the other day and put my holiday snaps into the PC with an SD card. Upon startup, Windows requested a "highly recoomended" disk check. I accepted, then, when I opened up the SD card, the photo folder was empty and a file had been created next to it with the same name as the folder... when I open the now useless folder, a box pops up saying "H:/DCIM is not avaliable. The directory name is invalid". A readme file also appeared. How do I get the photos back?!

(copy of readme

Checking file system on H:
The type of the file system is FAT.
One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency. You
may cancel the disk check, but it is strongly recommended
that you continue.
Windows will now check the disk.
Unrecoverable error in folder \DCIM.
Convert folder to file (Y/N)? Yes
Convert lost chains to files (Y/N)? Yes
109264896 bytes in 145 recovered files.
Windows has made corrections to the file system.

508608512 bytes total disk space.
16384 bytes in 1 folders.
109281280 bytes in 146 files.
399310848 bytes available on disk.

16384 bytes in each allocation unit.
31043 total allocation units on disk.
24372 allocation units available on disk.

A:XP "deleted" photos off my SD Card! Help!

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I have Vista Home Premium with Microsoft Photo Gallery on my Dell Inspriron 1721 laptop. I?m using a machine to transfer slides to a SD card then uploading them to Photo Gallery. Photos transfer Ok except the order of the photo gets scrambled somehow during upload. In other words, the photos on the SD card are in chronologically order but after uploading, when I view them in Photo Galley, the order is all mixed up. I know you can manual move them around but it?s hard to be sure of the original order and it is very time consuming when you have hundreds of photos. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to fix them. FYI I would call myself a novice user of Photo Gallery.

A:Uploading photos from a SD memory card into Photo Gallery scrambles order of photos

Will the Photo Gallery sort by name? You could prefix the photo names with numerical sequence. A utility like
Introduction - Bulk Rename Utility will do it easily. It's free.

Edit: if that looks too busy, the multi-renamer in FreeCommander is a bit simpler to use. [c] before the name prepends a number starting at what you select and incrementing by what you choose. Just press F2 when in the folder.

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I have 1000 photos in a folder (and subfolders) and I have a list of 300 photos I want to extract (or copy) to another folder
I tried to use the windows search file method (by using a comma (example: I tried to search for 100439,100536,100713,100795,100857,101008,101176,101184,101613,101842,102141,102221,102267,102301,102512,102579,102588,102695,103195,103209,103241,103328,103408,103470,103640,103942,104132,104248,104280,104337,104477,104485,104981,105066,105112,105465,105511,105589,105635,105791,105910,105937,106054,106100,106178,106183,106216,106364,106380,106410,) but it will only find up to 34 files
Do you know of a program or a way to do this?

Any help will be very much appreciated

A:Find Multiple Photos, extrat photos listed in databese

AcDsee 7 will do as you ask,


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My sister has photos of me in my bridesmaid dress that she took with her camera. I saved them on my computer.
I am going out of town to see our family, and cannot take the computer, but want to show the pictures. I will have my camera.

I tried transferring the photos to my camera's memory card by changing their file names to the same type of name as the photos that were taken with my camera. They are displayed as DSCN0610, so I renamed the photos as DSCN0700 and so on. Then I put my memory card in the driver, (G drive) opened up the drive, opened the folder where the pictures from my camera were, and dragged the newly renamed photos into that folder.

I put the memory card back in my camera and hit the display button, and the message I am getting for the spots where those files are is "File contains no image data."

What did I do wrong? What do I do?

Information - My camera is a Nikon Coolpix.

A:Can I transfer photos from my saved photos on my computer onto my digital camera?

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Wondering if it's a problem with the new version of Firefox (32.0.1). Since I've had the new version when I upload photos to an antique website, I see the broken image icon. In Facebook, the photos just never show up. I also can't attach photos to emails, they just don't upload. I haven't changed any plug-ins and I don't have any extensions. This doesn't happen in IE. Any advice or suggestions?

A:Can't see uploaded photos or attach photos in emails with new Firefox

Just a thought: suggest starting Firefox in Safe Mode to see if it's caused by an extension.
Hope this helps.

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Microsoft Photos app gets updated ? save still photos from videos and more

Microsoft has released a new update to the Windows 10 Photos app, and the new version appears to have started rolling out to some users. The app has been bumped to version 16.412.13342.0 and brings some new features along with the usual bug fixes, please find the detailed changelog below:

 ◾Save still photos from videos and living images
◾Slow-motion videos taken with a Windows phone can now be edited on your PC
◾When importing photos to a PC, quickly clear and select all
◾View your OneDrive storage usage in Settings
◾Adjust the lighting in photos taken with a Windows phone using rich HDR
◾New OneDrive pictures appear more quickly in Collection
◾Items now stay selected until you cancel or take action on them
◾Bug fixes

Read more at Source
Microsoft Photos app gets updated - save still photos from videos and more

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I have some problems with my iPod and I don't know if it started after I installed something or not, but this is what's wrong:
- The camera of my iPod starts and then crashes, OR sometimes if I start it it can take one picture and then the black screen with the white turning thing (which you also get when you turn off the iPod) and then it returns to the home screen
- The images app also doesn't start up. If I tap it, it opens but before the text ''camera roll'' and that stuff is loaded, it crashes.
- When my iPod is cabled (i know thats not a word) to my pc, a windows window appears for importing the photos on the ipod to the computer with windows. when I click import, the blue screen appears on my pc and luckily it can start up again. it happens every time. now that's not a very big problem.
- in itunes when i connect my ipod, a bar with some different colors appears, right? to show how much space apps, photo's, books, music and stuff you are using on your ipod. the problem is that there are no photos and i swear i had like 1 gig of photos on my ipod. i hope theyre not gone.

i couldn't find the email support on apple's website so i ask you.
how do i solve these things?

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I have a laptop running Vista which came with some Google Gadgets. Initially the Photos gadget was working fine. As I decided to get my new computer organized (a mildly OCD thing to do ) I rearranged the folders that my photos were kept in. I noticed that NONE of my photos were appearing in the sidebar any longer so I clicked the link to 'add photos' and remapped to the My Pictures folder. This didn't help so I remapped to a deeper folder in order to get it closer to the photos. This didn't work so I remapped it down to a specific folder that doesn't have any folders in it. It only contains photos. Lo and behold... It didn't work. So... I searched the internet and found one question like mine with no answer following it. Needless to say, what looks like it should be a fairly straight forward adjustment has not been so. Please, what button am I not pushing to fix this?...

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I have accidently imported my photos from my phone to the hp photo section on my notebook. I didn't want them to be on the computer but i wanted them on my external harddrive. I have been into the folder and highlighted all photos, copied them but when i try to paste them it wont allow me to paste them anywhere but in the photo's gallery where they already are. Any ideas how to remove them from the computer and put them onto my external hardrive?

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Rotating arrows never stop in the photos app.
Camera is using a continuous 30% of my battery usage, but says nothing is being used in the background (all is being used whilst being "managed by windows"), whatever that means.

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Currently in my photos app, the photos are sorted 1,10,11 and so on. Is there a way to sort them 1,2,3 and so on?

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I have a free upgrade from win7 to win 10. There is an icon on the desktop for photos. When I open it there are strange photos coming from somewhere and I can't delete them. How do I delete them and stop them from loading?

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since 4 days photos which are camera rolled are deleted after some time they are not shown in one drive why it happens, is it any settings related to that

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