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Can Any Remote Support Software Power On A Remote Workstation

Q: Can Any Remote Support Software Power On A Remote Workstation

Is there any remote support software that can power on a remote workstation that is powered off?

A: Can Any Remote Support Software Power On A Remote Workstation

AS far as I know there is no software to power up a remote workstation that is not on. I could be wrong though it has been known to happen ... once .... I think or was I mistaken?

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Hi ladies and gentleman!

I am searching for reliable, secure, and fast Remote Support Package and/or Remote Administration Software on the enterprise level.

I know about RealVNC, TightVNC, Windows Built-in Remote Support, but I’m looking for something “more” reliable, with less user interaction & knowledge required.

Anyone on here know of any out on the market? I’d appreciate any links or information that you could provide.

It would be great if someone has actually tested or used some of the software & could recommend it, but even if you haven’t used them any type of reference would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & have a wonderful day!


PS: I did a search, but I kept ending up in the malware & virus removal section.

A:Solved: Remote Admin Software or Remote Support Software

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Anyone familiar with any good remote support software, similar to ? I'm looking for something that can connect from a customer's site to the support site, even if the customer is behind a firewall/router. With VNC, you have to configure the router to forward ports to the particular computer.

Here's one that was advertised here on TSG:

But, well, their site didn't exactly impress me. GotoMyPC isn't really an option, as you need an expensive license for each client computer -- I'm looking at something more from a support point of view. Any other suggestions?

A:Looking for remote support software (like VNC)

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I hope I'm posting this in the correct forum.
Does anyone have a preference in remote support software. I've tried remotepc, but it seems to not connect more often than it does. (I've worked with their tech support and we were unable to resolve.)

A:Remote Support Software

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Hello, im testing Teamviewer5 remote support software and i have "pc performance problem".
If im controlling clients pc, then clients pc screen colors are not normal in my pc screen and menus should move little faster.

Is the problem in too slow internet connection or is my PC too slow?

My pc is Sempron 3100+ (socket 754) 1GB ddr ram, nvidia 5600 128MB agp

Client computer is ibm T30 laptop P4 2Ghz, 786MB ddr, 16MB videocard (have no wallpaper)

My and client`s internet connection speed are bouth 4Mbit/s and are wired connections.
I can repair problems, but i would like to get it little bit faster and with more normal colors in my screen.
Should i use Matrox or Quadro videocard?
Sorry for bad english language.

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I do quite a bit of work helping other people to fix their computers and have been working with PC's for over 25 years and also have A+, Network+, and CCNA certifications. In receiving some remote support from Symantic with my antiVirus softeware and noticing how easy their remote software worked I found out that they use a product called "LogMeIn Remote Support". I went to their web site and discovered that they charge $130.00 per month. The LogMeIn product was so simple. I will use the example of a support person/company and a customer using the phone as it's initial contact.

1. User phones support company and explains issue(s).
2. Support person ask for permission to take control of user's computer.
3. Support person gives user a URL to goto which automatically opens the LogMeIn screen and a field to enter a PIN number (which is provided by the support person) and the the user clicks the "Continue" button.
4. A small Java applet is installed on the users compter and the LogMeIn opens a chat box or they can continue using the phone.
5. Support takes control of users computer and fixes the problem. (LogMeIn also allows for a reboot of users computer if necessary and reboots be to the LogMeIn program just where it left off without going through steps 1 - 4 above, again).
6. When the remote session is ended the LogMeIn software removes the Jave applet from the users computer, leaving no trace.

Well, $130.00 a month is probably worth if tec... Read more

A:Solved: Remote Support Software?

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My company currently has 300 staff in 10 locations around the city of Houston. Our network is Novell-based right now, but in a few months we will be switching all our servers to Windows Server 2008.

Currently, we use Novell Zenworks / ConsoleOne to provide our staff with remote IT support, but when we switch, I'll need another software solution.

I'm looking for something that can provide all of the following services:
1. Allows IT to view and interact with the user's workstation
2. Allows IT initiate a remote support connection without the permission of the user
3. Allows IT to initiate that connection without any user being logged into the workstation

FYI - all our workstations run XP Pro or Vista Business...98% are XP Pro

Anybody know anything that can do this?

A:IT Staff: I need suggestions for remote support software

Take a look at DameWare. I'm not sure how well it would work out with Vista, but we use it on XP Pro and it works just dandy.

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I am looking for the best remote control software that works on a budget.

What do you recommend?

I would like most of the following features below. Most important is
that I can provide the most common support features to solve a
person's computer problem remotely, and it works through firewalls
with no client or support person setup. I imagine that means a
web-based solution like or, but they are too expensive for my

I liked DualDesk's features and price but the trial prooved not to work for a client's firewall I think. That is why I believe web-based is the answer.

Required features (mostly in order of priority)
-remote control client's PC
-multiple chat sessions (two at least)
-file and folder transfer
-Works with Mozilla, Fire Fox, Internet Explorer, Netscape browsers at least
-Works through firewalls (PC or Mac) and NAT Routers with no setup
required on either end
-Does not require Internet Explorer to work or Active-X
-Don't have to reboot remote PC to start client session
-Allows Remote Reboot/Log-On/Off & shutdown
-works on remote PC without Windows Admin rights to create folders and
write to the registry
-small .exe file size to send client
-client can launch session via my web site or email or chat session
-session timer
-runs in Windows Safe-mode for remote PC
-reboot remote computer and auto login before login prompt
-Show client part of y... Read more

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My company has been using Gotoassist for remote support for several years now, and recently decided to explore competitive offerings.  An exhaustive search led us to ScreenConnect.  ScreenConnect has several features I believe sets it apart from others.  First, it is self-hosted.  For some, this may not be a benefit as it may require some technical knowledge to get up and running depending on your configuration.   We are a fan of self-hosted apps as it gives us the control over configuration, customization, and updates.  The next thing that sets ScreenConnect apart is the customization.  Virtually anything you can think of is customizable (Logo, Heading, background, wording throughout the website, etc.)  The product even has an option that is optimized for use in an iframe on your existing website.  On the client side, the tray icon and executable name can even be customized.  If you are looking for a product that can be customized to look as if it were your own, this is it. I am also very impressed with the product support.  I have yet to call support, but the documentation available is excellent, and easy to use.  I had no problem configuring a custom host name, installing an SSL certificate, setting up new roles/users, or segmenting the hosting areas to allow technicians to only see their initiated sessions.  When in session, I have found the toolbox and annotation tools extremely helpful and the docking... Read more

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OK so curiosity got me to thinking..all these remote support packages out there like GoToAssist/Meeting, Bomgar, DualDesk, etc etc etc....

...I got to thinking..and looking...that there has to be some open source stuff/free out there.

Came across something "close"...fairly cheap...Echogent
40 bucks personal, 3 hundge or something for commercial. But sure beats several grand for a Bomgar appliance.

Anyone else poked around this area? Found anything?

***************************************edited, updated, to get a list going******************************************************
I'm starting a remote support software list, since many of us here do computer/IT tech stuff and need to connect to random various clients easily in order to see their desktop and fix issues.

Proper remote support software is different than remote access software like logmein, or VNC, or PcAnywhere, or Remote Desktop Protocol built into Windows.

What defines a good remote support app
*As single click as possible for the remote end user needing support
*No firewall configuration, no port forwarding, no needing to know end users WAN IP address
*Share desktop with end user needing support, full KVM from your point of view

https://w... Read more

A:Remote Support source out there?

YeOldeStonecat said: to expand...

Just tested this and it works great!
Unreal that this is free!

Stonecat, you are the best dude!

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Hi Everyone,

I am currently trying to decide on the best remote support software to purchase for a 50+ workstation business. I have experimented with Real VNC and TeamViewer, and whilst they are quite comparable I noticed that TeamViewer has a feature called "Seamless Windows" (if anybody knows anything about this feature can you please let me know).

I will be providing remote support to local users, and several interstate branches - therefore the software that I decide on must accommodate a wide diversity of geographical locations.

I was also looking at a product called GoverLAN, but it seems to me that GoverLAN only works on a single LAN and can't be used over a WAN in a similar way to both RealVNC & TeamViewer (if you have experience with GoverLAN to the contrary can you please let me know).

Any general advice on what the best remote support software is will be great (including personal usage experiences).

Kind Regards,


A:Which remote support software to purchase for a 50+ user base

I work for a business that has over 1,000 PCs in use. About 750 are located on the main campus with the remaining 250 or so off site around North America. Individual users will often conference with colleagues in Europe, South America, the Netherlands and other countries. Our IT Department has used TeamViewer exclusively. As far as I know there haven't been any issues.

I think this is the information you may be interested in for Seamless Windows.

Seamless windows

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Hi Everyone,

I am currently trying to decide on the best remote support software to purchase for a 50+ workstation business. I have experimented with Real VNC and TeamViewer, and whilst they are quite comparable I noticed that TeamViewer has a feature called "Seamless Windows" (if anybody knows anything about this feature can you please let me know).

I will be providing remote support to local users, and several interstate branches - therefore the software that I decide on must accommodate a wide diversity of geographical locations.

I was also looking at a product called GoverLAN, but it seems to me that GoverLAN only works on a single LAN and can't be used over a WAN in a similar way to both RealVNC & TeamViewer (if you have experience with GoverLAN to the contrary can you please let me know).

Any general advice on what the best remote support software is will be great (including personal usage experiences).

Kind Regards,


A:Which remote support software to purchase for a 50+ user base

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I need your inputs.
I am searching for a remote support/access solution for my company. I've researched a bit online, and found most discussions are about hosted solution. Well, I just can't trust the third party sever and am concerned with the security issue.

Anyone thought of appliance-based solution? I could deploy appliance behind company's firewall. It kind of gives a secure private cloud. The integration with LDAP and the maintenance is easier too. It also comes with floating licensing, good from business perspective as well.

As for the software-only products, they require installation on a computer. The up-front cost is high. I need to have a dedicated computer to host it to avoid disruptions from other applications. And it takes extensive time to setup and maintain the system.

Please share your ideas. I won't miss anything. thanks!

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Hey all,

What applications do you guys use for this? Today my dad called me with his printer not working. After some unsuccessful attempts of trying to walk him through troubleshooting over the phone, I tried to get him to invite me with Windows 10 Remote Assistance, but it just gave him the error that his computer was not set up to send invitations.

Not sure what that was about. Then on a whim, I had him join and create a meeting, and once I could see his screen and control his mouse I quickly fixed the problem. isn't the best for this purpose though, as it prevents you from performing admin tasks (once you start something that requires elevated privileges, you lose mouse control)

Are there any better alternatives for next time I could use to screen share with him?

I liked the fact that didn't require me to mess with port forwards for a direct connection like something like VNC would.

I don't really know what other options there are. I'm not a professional, so I am obviously not going to go out and buy an expensive software package for this purpose.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe there is a quick fix to the "this computer is not set up to send invitations" message. (Maybe this is because he uses webmail, and doesn't have a email address associated with Windows?)

Appreciate any suggestions.


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I need to set up my Win7 desktop so I can access it (and my home cloud) from the road with my Win7 Laptop. Should be pretty simple...except, the Remote Access Functions DO NOT APPEAR on the [System Properties] pop-up on the [Remote] Tab

See pic attached..

Cannot fill in the form, if the form ain't there.

Heeeep, please.

A:Remote Access: SystemProp>Remote>NO Remote Functions Visible

What version of Windows 7 is installed on your computer?


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OS: Win8 64bit (My desktop is Win8, my laptop is Win7. We're dealing with the desktop here.)
Where I am: university network, but these features seem to be working with my laptop.
Things I've checked: allowing services through Windows Firewall (Bonjour, WMC services, etc.)
Allowing remote services in System Properties
Many, many existing threads and non-solutions
How I'm feeling:

None of these features or applications work, and they're all supposed to function differently from one another (e.g. WMC doesn't use the Apple Bonjour service, so it isn't a program-specific problem). I just want to control my media system with my desktop
Is there some obscure service or file or setting that I'm missing that could prevent any remote applications?

A:Remote features not working -remote desktop, WMC, iTunes remote, etc.

Let's focus on "remote desktop". Can someone remotely access it from the internet?
If not: Can someone remotely access it from same LAN?

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I'm looking for a way where two administrators can remote into a workstation simultaneously in Windows 7.

I have done it in the past via SCCM remote Control Viewer, but I no longer have this tool to use. Does anyone else know how.


A:Can two administrators remote into a workstation simultaneously

Teamviewer and Logmein are a couple of remote software providers that can do this.

I believe that a licence will need to be purchased for this though as the free versions don;t have this feature.

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Hi. I'm currently looking for solutions that would allow me to maintain a remote inventory of all the machines on our network. Ideally this would involve a small server component that could be pushed out to each workstation. Perhaps a login script could check for the presence of the server and check the version if present and then install or upgrade it as the case may be. This component would ideally have a small footprint and be hidden from the user so that he/she could not disable or uninstall it. It should track system hardware and software, including licenses and OS security patches. A few additional questions I'd ask about prospective software:
- Can reports be automatically generated in other formats so that they can be imported into other applications. Specifically, we use Remedy Action Request System for Trouble Tickets and Service Requests and also for PC Inventory. It would be nice if Belarc could generate reports for each machine in a format that would enable the data to automatically be entered into the appropriate fields in the Remedy database. Alternately, or in addition, perhaps importation into an MS Access database which could be searched based on various fields such as user login, machine name, etc would be quite useful.

- An extremely useful feature for you to integrate would be a database of the latest Microsoft Security patches and fixes against which the patches on each machine would be checked and a report generated listing which hotfixes e... Read more

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Welcome Everybody!,We need You're help.From few days we trying to find software what will help us with our IT Support service, but without any positive result.We looking for application what will be suitable for following situation:Client download from our website application.Client run applicationClient (automatically connect to our central server bypassing any firewalls ) get support password id.Client say this password to technician.Out technician start client console, connect to central server, and using password from user take control on his desktop.We can't find any working suitable solution what will use our server and have normal licensing, not by hours or issues.We tried following software but without positive result. - Looks great, have everything what we want but crash on Vista when opening Windows "run" or "cmd". - Don't support encryption and passwords when using "repeater" (middle server between users and technician) - Same like above but paid . - Same like above. - Still based on same solution, no encryption...As You can see, this is very hard mission to find something good.We need this software to run under Windows XP / Vista / (in future) SevenI will be grateful for any suggests from You're side.Regards

A:Desktop Share (remote desktop) software for IT Support.

hi there!i am a tech support guy in our office. i usually install the tightvnc server on our workstations so that i can control their desktop using the tightvnc viewer. now if you are planning to access your client's computers online, you should know their IPs.i have successfully remote accessed windows xp, ubuntu and vista.hope this helps!

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I have a funny feeling that a supervisor has somehow silently gained remote access to my computer and was wondering how I might check against this notion. I notice that when I do a netstat, I get a ton of messages (with IP address preceding the that I think are tied to GoToMyPC or GoTo Meeting. I'll do it again shortly and all the connections will be gone. His office behavior has also made me wonder. Is there a log somewhere I might check or any utilities that can be used to reveal logging activity by user, service, etc.? I know, it's a bit paranoid but I just wonder.

A:checking history of remote viewing of my workstation

Just curious as to why you are suspicious. If it a place of employment and the appropriate authoritive figure has appointed your supervisor the responsibility of monitoring you while at work I sincerely doubt it is a good idea for you to go nosing around. You may find your self without a job.

I will say that there are certain processes running when a remote view is in progress BUT keep in mind that GTMPC is always actively in TCP with its host. If not (assuming you have a dynamic ip not a static) GTMPC would not be able to locate your machine over the www

Do a good job and you won't have to worry about someone watching over you.

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I’m trying to find a way to allow Windows XP Pro PCs at out remote branches to login to the headquarters domain. At the moment we have about 13 remote branches with between 3-12 PCs each and a server (either a windows NT or W2000 DC). At our headquarters we have a Windows2003 domain. We’re an expanding company (with a very limited IT budget) with 2 additional branches coming later in the year. Instead of purchasing new servers for the new branches I’d like the branch PCs to connect to the headquarters domain. We already have a VPN connection connecting all branches together, this is used for email collection, troubleshooting and VoIP. Each branch is on its own subnet and can ping any other PC at any other branch, but they can’t see any other branch domains. But how do I make the remote office workstation logon to the central domain?

Any help would be much appreciated.


A:Remote workstation connection to local domain.

If they are all VPN'd together then you should be able to join the computers to the domain unless there is a Firewall blocking them from accessing it.

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I know there are other products out there, like vnc, ultravnc, teamviewer etc etc, but really nothing beats the sheer speed of remote desktop, it's like sitting in front of the actual computer. I also know about Remote Assistance built into Windows 7.

I would like to use remote desktop to do the following if possible.

1. I would like to know if there is a way, to not lock the host machine that you are connected to?, so the user can see what you are doing?.

2. Is there a way that Remote desktop can be used without logging off the logged in account?, or just use the logged in account?

I would like to use Remote Desktop for a remote helpdesk solution if possible. If anyone knows how to do this things I am asking it would be the people on this board.

A:Using Remote Desktop instead of Remote Assistance for remote helpdesk?

Might be possible to do it. I think you need some sort of security.

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I haI have been accessing one of my windows 7 remotely using RDC. For some reasons  I can’t access it any more with this message:  
"Remote Desktop cannot verify the identity of the remote computer because there is a time or date difference
between your computer and the remote computer. Make sure your computer's clock is set to the corr... Read more

A:Remote Desktop cannot verify the identity of the remote computer because there is a time or date difference between your computer and the remote computer

Ours was a DNS issue.  Someone put an entry in the wrong firewall.

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I would to know wich is the best software to give remote support, I used NTR and it's perfect but too expencive for what I need to do.

What I need it's to be able to chat with the customer and be able to have a remote desktop taking control of customer's computer.

Hope someone can help giving me a helpfull opinion.


A:Remote support

Logmein Rescue

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Hope this isn't too random .... :/

Just wondered if anyone would consider letting someone remote control their PC to fix an issue (not talking friends and family). Would you trust the person connecting if they had some form of reputation (forum postings, previous user ratings etc)?
Reason I'm asking is that there seems to be a lot of problems posted that could possibly be sorted quickly by the more experienced users on here but drag on as a thread (mainly because of lack of detail by the OP or not knowing how to get the needed info etc)

So would you be willing to have someone remote to your PC to resolve an issue?

A:Remote support - would anyone use it?

Sure I would if I thought they were computer savy enought to solve a particular problem and they were a friend or someone at a forum that I knew was knowledgeable. I help my neighbor remotely since she doesn't know how to do anything but send email and don't do that very well.

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Ok I need some input and I know this is long but please bare with me and help me out. I have basically been designated as the tech support for a small business because of family connections to the business. The business is in effect a temp agency so there are only about 4 employees that work in the office, all of whom are completely incompetent when it comes to computers so many times I have to make the trip over there to resolve very small simple issues (i.e. to make a shortcut for Word so they could use it after the original shortcut was deleted). To make things easier and less time consuming, I've been thinking about setting up remote access for a while, but I don't know what software would be the best for my purpose. It needs to be at least competitively priced-- the company agrees that it would be a help so they're willing to pay, but not a massive amount that I've seen some companies charge. I also need to be able to get on the PCs while they are unattended (so i believe it needs to be able to run as a Windows service). Finally, since there are 4 workstations and a "server" (its just a Vista machine that they share files and they printer through), I need to be able to access all 5 computers at once. I was thinking VNC but I could use some serious input on what software to use and how to set it up to meet the requirements that i mentioned, or if VNC can even do that. For those of you that have read all this, thank you very much, any input is... Read more

A:Remote support?

I support one small business with VNC.
It does everything you want, and the price is right.
Configuration info is here:
This takes a bit of work, and it would help to have someone at the other end, but a little study will see you through.

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I have a question about remote support. I once saw a company that handled outsourced remote support on a per client basis. I don't remember where I saw it though. I want to add that service to my business and I need to find that company or someone similar. The prices were very reasonable. Has anyone heard of such a thing.

A:Remote support

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What is the best (free) app for me to connect to someone's PC (Vista & XP) in order to due general PC clean-up and software updates and installations?

This has to be easy enough for the NOVICE to be able to install the app on their end so that I can connect to their PC.

A:Remote support app

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bascily im wondering what the best way to implment one for use with comic readers and Media players would be, i have an old win fast contorller here with a recever of sorts that plugs in to the card tho i no longer have the card in my PC and have never used the remote i do how ever have a sixaixs that i am going to replace with a daulshock 3 soon its hooked up to the PC and running off motionjoy so yea just wondering what the best way would be ?
this is for win7 64bit by the way

A:remote control support

it would appear i have found what i was looking for - this was a big help

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Not sure if this is the right forum for this - it could sit in 2 or 3 of the others.

Due to possible changes in my role (taking on a couple of remote sites) I need help sourcing web based remote access. I'd rather the provider was UK based, cost is irrelevant - but I need to be able to take over PC's fully via Internet Explorer.

I've searched on the web, and found a couple, but would prefer feedback from on here first, as to what others use.

Any help greatly appreciated.


A:Remote, web based, support...

I had a problem a few years ago with one of my applications and needed to call the vendor. At the time, they used WebEx to get to me and I in turn used our terminal services to get to the server. It is only one experience, but it lasted a few hours and no glitches... I won't put my name behind it, but it was a good enough experience for me to remember WebEx specifically...

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Some time ago I briefly tested a remote support solution that allowed me to create a small .exe file that I could e-mail to a client - once he ran this on his PC, I could remotely control the PC and do whatever he needed me to do. It worked well, but I have forgotten what it was called. Any ideas, or ideas about other ways of doing this?

A:Solved: Remote support

Teamviewer works wonders, you have to install it on your machine, but the client can simply click the join a session(which is a single .exe) button.

After that tell him to simply run the .exe and give you his id and pass(while keeping the process running, of course), you then simply go to your installed teamviewer, pick remote support and enter the ID and pass.

Note: this is for personal use only.

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Our company, a small based business, wants to get into Remote Tech Support, Customers call in, or visit the website, and we fix problems remotely.
Of couse they must have internet access...that works...

Asking from all the people here, who has ideas of what kind of software would do this?
I have checked multiple online companies, prices can get steep.
Only 1 person, maybe 2, will be doing this remote support starting out, so dont need anything with 50+ users license.

I was thinking like PCAnywhere, or VNC, and such, but not sure how that would work web based and such...and I know Microsoft has the Assistance built into MSN Messenger, but it is remote view only i believe.

Anyway, I would greatly appreciate some alternatives...especially cheap ones!

A:Remote Tech Support

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I am about to be supporting a bunch of windows PC and Mac's , does anyone know what the best options are for remote controlling the machines are?

To complicate things further I am running Ubuntu on my main machine so would love to be able to control everything from linux.

If that's not possible are there any good solutions for a mac?

A:Remote Support Solution

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I want to know if there is anyway I can install XPs Remote Desktop Assistance or/and Help and support centre...?
Iam using a version of XP that has had loads of stuff removed and RDA being the one i mostly need to help people with PC repair....
Is there any other similiar program i could use (by send a file via Messenger that will conect me and show me their desktop (just like RDA)..)
I do have Remote Desktop Connection but it requires IP address of the PC i want to connect to (which I can get) but will hosts PC firewall block me etc? do i need to add a port number at end of IP addy? and does it open a window with view of hosts desktop with control of mouse pointer?
basically...whats the best way to go if I cant use XP RDA...?

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I have a friend who lives more than 20 miles away from me. Its becoming a pain having to make 40 mile round trips to his place to sort out PC and networking problems. My thinking is I should be able to do this remotely using a tool of some kind.

Has anyone any suggestions as to a good tool for the job? I would prefer to use freeware if possible; however if there is a good, secure tool that will do the job that needs to be purchased then so be it.

I will be looking to acces his network from mine across our respective broadband links. What do I need to know to set this up correctly please?



A:Solved: Remote Support

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Hi Community.

This day i want share with your this tutorial about Teamviewer, a tool that allows you to connect remotely to any PC in the world.

Enjoy it

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I just found out today that a massive update 3.5 for PS4 was rolled out last week which includes the 2 features that I've been waiting for so long.

One is the PC remote play which is supported on Windows 10. Below is a screenshot I took from my HTPC.

And the second best feature is the ability to play multimedia files from USB flashdrive and network attached storage (NAS) which works flawlessly.

There are more added features that you can find here.

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And a good morning to all,

I need to come up with a good, simple, cheep solution for providing remote support to my mothers pc. She only has modem access to the internet and at 85, she needs simplicity.

So, I am looking for everyones input and suggestions. I use VNC everyday and have been told of "Team Viewer" a freeware offering but have not tried it yet.

Looking forward to your input


A:Need info on remote support for mothers pc

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I want to preface this with the fact that this post was originally on the Intel support forums for the NUC and was suggested that the issue is likely OS related and not hardware, so i am posting here.

i have a Intel NUC D34010WYKH that ive been using since it was released, love the hardware, have Kodi 15.1 installed over Windows 8.1 as it also manages me media organization.

I came into possession of an Xbox One Media remote that has the best feel and build quality of all the remotes ive owned, including many off-brand Chinese keyboard air-remotes and lower end Harmony ones. but for the life of me, i can't get the built in IR on the NUC to recognize commands sent by the remote.

i have tried EventGhost and WinLIRC and Intelliremote and any combination of the above but nothing ever clicks. i have seen posts related to this issue with sometimes no follow-up (like this) and other times success (on a different OS, OpenElec for instance here, here and here). But even after messaging some of these users directly, i have gotten no further to getting this to work. For reference, the Intel NUC has a Nuvotron CIR that has drivers installed and up to date, and shows no errors in device manager and the bios is up to date with three options for the remote (generic remote, rc6, or xbox remote), all of which make no difference.

does anyone have experience with this device under Windows 8.1 and how to get them to work better together?

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Looking for a recommendation for remote support software.
Anyone have experience with Ultra VNC or similar that you recommend?

A:Remote Support - FreeWare Recommendation

Have you tried TeamViewer?

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I don't know anything about computers and my 87 year old mother knows even less. She frequently will click on something that causes her email system to change passwords without being aware of it or do something else that causes her problems. We live an hour apart, but she wants me to come over to help. I thought I found the solution when her service provider COMCAST offered tech support through their XFININTY. She could call them, they would remote into her computer and fix her problem usually within 20 minutes. A few days ago, she got a letter saying that they were cancelling that service option and refunding her $ 15 monthly fee.

I have heard of so many scams out there. Are there any good legitimate and reasonably priced tech support services out there that she can call to remote into her system to figure out her issues? She has Windows 2010 and uses Outlook 2010 for email.

A:24/7 remote tech support for elderly

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Hi there, we want to provide remote support to users who are not in our VPN and use various tools for this. Our users do not have any admin rights and cannot install applications with an admin.
When we try to install something remotely usually the admin signon pops up and the admin enters his password to start the installation process.
If this is done remotely the sign on pops up but cannot be seen nor acess by the remote support. Is there any setting preventing this? Is there any tool which prevents this from happening?
Thanks for your help

A:WIN 7 / XP remote support , problem with sign on

Just a thought but try checking the UAC settings.

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I have a Windows 7 network set up and whenever I connect remotely to another computer and lock their input such as their keyboard and mouse, the remote user still has the ability to press ctrl alt del, which then allows them to use their keyboard and mouse. My question is, is it possible to disable the ctrl alt del functionality in Windows 7 so that that Blue security screen does not appear? I have tried lots of remote desktop controlling software which has the option to lock the remote computer input, but they still can press ctrl alt del and unlock their keyboard and mouse. How do I stop this? Thanks!

Best regards,


A:Solved: Remote Desktop Control ends when remote user presses ctrl alt del

Let's try the Symantec Pc Anywhere.This a very Useful software for remote desktop sharing and file transfer and there is the locking feature...

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hello, i want to send files from my computer to the remote one but every time i try i open up windows explorer, click on my drive and it freezes up and goes to not responding, then it loads like 5 minutes later, and the process repeats every time i go to a folder, i am connecting to a windows server 2003 computer. can anyone tell me how i can transfer files faster or if there is another way than using windows explorer? thanks a lot!!

A:Problem Transferring Files from Local to Remote Computer in Remote Desktop

You are trying to do this over Remote Desktop?
I have used this with Windows 2000 Server and my XP computer. I would assume it will work with 2003 server.

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The title says it all! Basically I have a comp running XP pro and I want to be able to work locally on one user account, with some kind of remote access server running on another XP user account so that the remote account and the local account can be used simultaniously. I know that this cannot be done with XP Pro remote desktop and could be by Windows Server 2003 remote desktop, but i need an alternate solution to make this happen.



A:Alternate Remote Desktop application for Simultanious Local/Remote Access

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Hello - I know there have been a number of posts on this subject but I have been unable to find a solution. I have 2 Win7 machines, both running SP1.

My HP Pavilion is running 64-bit and my Dell Latiude E6400 is running 32-bit. I can successfully RDP from my Dell and even my Apple iPad (via an RDP client) into my HP Pavilion. However, the problem is that when I try to RDP from my Pavilion into my Dell I get connected but all I see is a BLACK from the Dell machine. The only thing i can see is the Status bar at teh top telling me that i am connected. A few moments later I get a popup message telling me that the machines have failed to communicate.

I have confirmed that RDP settings are identical on the Pavilion and Dell. I have even downgraded the Dell NVIDIA graphics driver to an older version based on the recommended version on the Dell support web site.

At this point I am at a complete loss on what to try next. I find it very strange.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Thank you.

A:Remote Destop Connects but Remote Host Screen Stays BLACK


Temp disable your anti-virus and firewall to determin if this is blocking the ports.

Also, can you copnfirm that you have a password on the PC's user account? Windows wont let you RDP to a PC that isnt password protected.

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What happened to Logmein and I have used both for years. Suddenly they don't seem to work the same.

I need to connect to my mom's computer to troubleshoot it.


What's your favorite free remote support program?


A:Remote Support Programs? Logmein &

What seems to be the problem? They may have updated the website, but the interface is pretty much familiar.

Did you try teamviewer?

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I recall many years ago VNC use to have a client you could use with a VNC server that would allow very easy remote support
You could place a link on your website the client would download a small file and run said file and the tech would get a notification that someone needed assistance and you would connect.
For the life of me I can not remember the tool used to wrap VNC inside this application.
.......basically I have a client looking for a simple easy to use, free remote tech support module for their website.

A:Remote tech support website intergration

Never mind it is UVNC SC i was thinking of

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How do I find a startup password?I can't even set my computer to its factory state

A:a tech support from wpc services took remote of my computer...

Arbear, welcome to the forum. You should contact the WPC Tech who did the setup of your computer.  He/she should be able to help you.  Your only other option is to do a full System Recovery which will allow you to either choose to setup a PW or not. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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I hope I am asking this in the right spot, and I would think that anything is possible, but I always wondered, are infections like viruses, trojans, and malware, contagious via remote desktop support?

A:infections contagious via remote desktop support

Hello sniper -
Is this a "general question", or do you think that you or another person was infected in this manner ?
You would be aware that there are "Drive by" infections that can infect you just from a site visit.
These are basically the only ones that I think would be Active in a Remote Support area.
If a computer was "clean" this would never occur over a "secure connection" -
Thank You -

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Hi all,

So, I have scoured every resource I could find to resolve this, and am just flat out stumped....hoping someone here can shed some light on my problem. Here is my situation:

* I have a SBS 2003 R2 Standard machine running (domain controller, exchange, etc)
* I have 7 XP SP2 clients that are part of the domain
* I have an ASA 5505 firewall running, with an ADSL modem connected to that for WAN access

My problem is related to RWW. From the internet (non-lan connection), I can connect without any issues to the RWW homepage (either as a domain user or an administrator). When I click on "connect to work computer", I am presented with a list of the domain PCs. However, once I click on any of them, I receive the following "VB Script: Remote Desktop Disconnected" error window:

"The client could not establish a connection to the remote computer. The most likely causes for this error are:

1) Remote connections might not be established at the remote computer
2) The max number of connections might be exceded at the remote computer
3) A network error might have occurred while establishing the connection
4) The Remote Web Workplace designated port might be blocked by a firewall

Here is what I have confirmed so far:
1) I have opened ports 3389 and 4125 on the ASA
2) I CAN remote desktop directly to the SBS itself (not using RWW)
3) I CAN access OWA via the internet
3) The client computer has been setup to allow remote connections, and I have adde... Read more

A:Remote Desktop Conection through Remote Web Workplace (RWW) stopped working

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I have a home network of 4 Win 7 computers which I leave running when I'm away from home to provide data to my website, among other things. In the past, I've been using Remote Desktop to access my home computers. It works very well, but it's always a challenge getting everything set up to work right before I go. I was wondering if others who have used Remote Desktop as well as other means of remote access would care to share their experience and express a preference, if any.


A:Care to recommend a remote access method beside Remote Desktop?

Everyone seems to like > TeamViewer - Free Remote Control, Remote Access & Online Meetings

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I have two systems, "desktop" and "laptop", peer-to-peer networked on my home LAN both running Vista Ultimate SP1. I routinely use Remote Desktop from desktop to laptop. I am accustomed to simply closing the RDP window on desktop (and perhaps reopening it one or more times) and then if I want to use laptop directly, logging back into it from the Windows login window.

Recently (I apologize, but I can't be more specific) I find that (1) I cannot log back into a session after I have closed the RDP window on desktop, (2) I cannot log back into laptop from its logon window. I also find logging out of the RDP session rather than merely closing the window makes no difference. In either case, when I look at the logon window on laptop I see the message saying a remote user is logged in, and if I try to log in anyway, it hangs indefinitely at the "Welcome" window and must be restarted.

I cannot identify any software change to this system that might be responsible. In fact with the exception of Windows Updates I don't think there have been any. The system is a Dell Latitude D830 and all its drivers are the most current.

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I asked a question in another thread wanting to know if there were any good free alternatives to programs PCAnywhere or GoToMyPC. Boy did I ever get more than I expected in TeamViewer that EAFiedler suggested.

Now I have a technical question about how TeamViewer works. It connects to remote systems across the internet not by an IP number that I enter but rather by an arbitrary nine-digit number assigned to the system when the program is set up. It connects so quickly that I know it cannot be scanning every IP address on the 'net looking for a TeamViewer connection at every one of them. So, I have deduced that there must be a server out there somewhere that stores TeamViewer information.

Does anyone know enough about this to confirm this and/or explain it to me somewhat?

Next question: What about security? Are there any security issues I should be concerned about, other than the obvious, of course?

A:Technical question about TeamViewer remote access/remote office

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The Remote Installation Service enables a TFTP service on the server which by default could allow an anonymous user to potentially overwrite existing operating system files or upload a specially crafted file. This could allow an attacker to compromise operating system installs offered by the RIS server.

Affected Software:

• Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4



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Wondering if someone can help me out with this.  I have my Windows 7 Enterprise 64 SP1 box on a domain.  Our corporate office setup a 2008 R2 SP1 print server and created a few queues on it.  When I try to go to start and then type in the
\\servername I get
\\servername is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The remote procedure call failed.  When I try to access the same server
from an XP SP3 machine it opens up fine using my same credentials. I have also tried this from another user's machine who has 7 Enterprise x64, whose machine was built differently than mine and I can get to it fine from that system too.  Any ideas what
I am missing here? We run McAfee here and I've tried stopping all the services, and played around with a bunch of other things too, so far to no avail.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Remote Server Not Accessible - Remote Procedure Call Failed

I can't think of any off hand that would restrict just one resource - that's not to say there aren't though.  Here's what you can do to check the Services:
Note that you must be logged in as a Domain Admin or have Local Admin privileges on the machines.
Start up two instances of services.msc.
On one of them connect to one of the Windows 7 machines that is working properly.  The other leave connected locally.  
Now go down the list and make sure the services on your machine match the services on the working machine.  If they don't, change them so that they do.  Pay particular attention to the Server and Workstation services.  Also the Remote Procedure
Call and RPC Endpoint Mapper services.

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I have two computers running Windows XP. Let's call them Acquiring and Processing.

Processing has SP3. Acquiring has SP2 and is behind a hardware firewall/router. (cannot upgrade to SP3 due to some software it has to run that will crap out if the computer is upgraded, hence the firewall.)

I configured the firewall/router to give Acquiring a specific address, and to open the port for remote desktop, and to forward anything coming in on that port to the Acquiring computer, which is the only device on that router in any case.

When I go to the Processing computer and try to Remote Desktop to the Acquiring computer, the login window comes up without a hitch. Once I type in the username and password and try to login, however, the desktop of the remote computer won't load. I get the little bar at the top of the screen with the computer name and the option to minimize or close, I can see and move the mouse, but the rest of the screen is completely black. Eventually I just end up closing the remote session (without logging off though, since I am not given that option)

Over on the Acquiring computer, the screen hasn't been locked as per usual. I can still see the desktop, but the computer is frozen. I have no mouse, and I can't even get the keyboard to toggle the lights for numlock and capslock. I then have to do a hard reboot of the Acquiring computer to get it un-frozen.

Can anyone help me try and figure out why this connection isn't working, and what I ... Read more

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Long story as short as possible.
Just upgraded to full version Windows 10. In the previous 2 tech builds IE stopped working. Error
“ This page cannot be displayed “
Microsoft x 3 Techs 5 hours of remote assistance could not resolve the issue. I had no terminate the connection as was taking too long. Their final suggestion was that they feel there must be some (add-ons) preventing IE from starting.
I cannot cover all they did here over 5 hours
However, here are some key areas of trouble shooting done
Reset Winsock and Network Settings
Reset Proxy Settings
Created another admin account (IE did not run with different user)
Removed Kaspersky Security
Internet options > advanced > restore default > Reset IE settings
All IE add-ons have been disabled within IE settings
Msconfig > turned off all services
Has anyone else had an issue like this? I’ve just created and attached a diagnostics scan as this is beyond me level.  
Thanks all

A:IE not working. Microsoft Tech 5 Hours remote support did not fix

Just a second part to this question. 
In the attached file diagnostic file. I see the following file .exe 
Program: Live Support Chat for Web Site Operator Console - Version: 5.7.3.r15174 by Provide Support, LLC 5.7.3 ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Provide Support\Live Support Chat for Web Site\unins000.exe")
Should this be there ?

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Hi Everyone,

I am currently providing remote support using TightVNC to a variety of locations. Increasingly I am noticing that the support that I am providing is to individuals with multiple monitor configurations. In almost all cases where more than one monitor is involved I find myself having to do a lot of scrolling inside the TightVNC program window (and TightVNC is not dissimilar to other remote support programs, such as RealVNC and TeamViewer in this regard).

I am considering purchasing an Extreme Definition monitor in the hopes of eliminating the program scrolling that I am experiencing. My first choice is the Dell UltraSharp U2713HM - LED monitor - 27". This specific monitor has a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440.

I would not like to spend a significant sum of money on an extreme definition monitor only to find that it doesn't solve my specific challenge. For example the remote session may be too hard to read on the screen due to text being very small.

If anybody has any experience with this kind of monitor, and specifically with providing remote support whilst using one of these can you please share.

All comments & opinions are welcome.

Kind Regards,


A:Considering an Extreme Res Monitor to improve remote desktop support

Would it solve your issue? Might if the dual monitors you are viewing over VNC are not wider then 2560px. You would need dual monitors yourself to fully solve the issue of scrolling. As for the text size...well that will depend on your eye sight and your personal preferences. But yes, the text will be smaller is most cases.

* Is using an Dell UltraSharp U3011, 2560x1600.

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Good day,

RE: Dell Dimension tower 6 yrs +, Vista Home Premium SP2, Avast Free, Windows Firewall

My 81 yr old mother, who I'm proud to say isn't afraid of using computers, mistyped a URL on May 26, 2015 resulting in a pop up message stating that her PC was infected and to call 866 250 6058, which is

She tried to call me to find out what to do but I wasn't available, so unfortunately, she called the 866 number and followed the instructions from "Angie".

My mother typed H H H ( don't know in which screen ), then clicked OK

She was then instructed to go to the website, and was told to enter code 379855, and click RUN. She clicked RUN again, then OK and restarted her PC, which appeared to run normally without any errors or pop ups. She wasn't asked to pay for the service and therefore didn't provide any credit card info.

My concern is that she may have unknowingly installed remote access software from

I've told her to not use this PC but to use her laptop from now on.

I've searched online and the following link shows the webpage where the code is entered, which appears to be connected to the logmein remote access tool.

Support Scams - some scammer tricks

I could not use System Restore as it had been disabled and no restore points were available. I've tried running Kaspersky Virus Tool, Panda Security and ComboFix from the desktop and in Safe Mode, but they all freeze up at some point. I did run chkdsk C: /F /R ... Read more

A:81 yr old mother called, remote access install?

Combofix should never be used unless supervised see if you can run our scans and post results PCHF System Scans if they wont run search google for rkill and run that then run our scans if you reboot you will have to run rkill again I am mobile so cant give a link to it now

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your Onestop Online Remote support Technician Check Us Out .
Home Page

With our experience in computer repair and data recovery, Apple & Microsoft certifications, and a love for all things geek, we are Houston?s solution to all your tech problems. Home & small business networking, computer repairs, back up, data recovery... Whatever your tech issue is, we've got you covered.

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This morning, I heard a nationally syndicated computer expert state that some Chinese hackers were "getting into" Windows based computers through "Remote Access/Remote Desktop" even if the service is turned off. According to the guru, "They will turn it on for you."
Being very concrete, as well as, somewhat dull concerning computers, I find this hard to believe. Could someone, in layman's terms, tell me the circumstances needed that would allow a hacker to take control of someone's system when a necessary service is turned off ??

A:Infection Of Windows Through Remote Access/Remote Desktop

Easy to do and best NOT described here.

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February 16, 2010

My problem is this:

I can't run remote desktop connection in my current situation. I'm at home and I'd like to be able to do this.

I have a laptop that's fairly new. It's an HP Pavilion dv6 with an AMD Turioin II P520 dual-core processor that's 2.30 Ghz and it's running Windows 7 Home Premium, the 64-bit version.

I have two computers I'd like to control using my laptop: A Gateway GT5692 running an AMD Phenom 8450 Triple-Core Processor 2.10 GHz that's got the 64-bit version of Windows Vista Home Premium and a HP SR501P with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core processor 4200+ 2.20 GHz running the 32-bit version of Windows Vista Home Basic.

All are tied to a router. The laptop runs wireless and the two desktops have a wired lan. All connect to the internet through the router tied to a DSL modem.

I can control the computers using Windows Remote Assistance but not with Windows Remote Desktop connection. What's up with that?

And when I bring up system properties on my laptop, it has the “Remote Assistance” dialog but not the dialog for “Remote Desktop”. I viewed this on another computer with a video titled “Accessing another computer with Remote Desktop Connection”. On that video, it has the dialog for “Remote Desktop” viewable 50 seconds from the front of the video. I've noticed that this computer's system is “Windows 7 Ultimate” while I'm stuck ... Read more

A:Remote Assistance Works But Not Remote Desktop Connection

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I am running a wireless Network with D-Link 714P+ Router. My PC is wired to the Router, with 2 other computers running wireless. I am running XP Pro.

When accessing my PC (or at least attempting to) from a remote Computer using Remote Desktop, I think I have to add something after the IP Address when typing in the Computer Name/IP Address. I have RD working successfully within my Network. Can someone clarify what I need to do here to access my PC through the Internet then Network

(Even though I have got this far with setting up my network, please go easy on me with the computer lingo)

A:Solved: How do I access my PC in a network using Remote Desktop from remote PC

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Hi. I just viewed Kari Finn's clearly explained Remote Desktop Connection on Win10 and how to connect to remote computer, thank you for that. Good job! In my case though, I use Win XP Home edition. Do I have to have Win XP Pro edition to connect on RDC to Win 10 host using Hyper-V virtual creation?
Also, if that is the case, how can I reboot my remote computer XP OS and get onto the Start Up Menu page? The keyboard command is released to my Win 10 host computer on start up and I don't have access to keyboard commands (such as F8) until Win XP has been fully booted up. How do I access that Start Up menu page otherwise?
This would be helpful for me to know. Thanks.

A:Remote Desktop Connection Explained - Question remote XP?

Hi Hibs, welcome to the Ten Forums.

You simply cannot use Windows XP Home as remote host, meaning you cannot connect to it using the Remote Desktop Connection. There are some hacks around the Internet but I very strongly advice against them.

(From Remote Desktop: frequently asked questions)
A workaround, in case you have or can find a valid Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate license is to install Windows 7 on a Hyper-V virtual machine, then install Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode on that virtual machine. Works perfectly giving you Windows XP Pro SP3.

If the mouse and keyboard are released by the Windows XP vm back to host, you simply need to bring the pointer on the vm and click to get them back to vm. The F8 keyboard shortcut when booting XP up works then totally normally bringing up the advanced options boot menu:

To release the mouse and keyboard back to host, press CTRL + ALT + LEFT ARROW.


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My dad is in his 90's and very computer illiterate. He's had a computer for a few years that he uses for email and web browsing.

In the past, when he runs into problems or has a question, I've been able to connect to his machine using Remote Desktop Connection.

I just bought him a Dell computer with WinXP (Home edition) for Christmas, and I'm unable to install Remote Desktop Connection on it, because it tells me that Remote Assistance is already installed. Thing is, I don't WANT to use remote assistance. It's an extraordinarily complicated process for a guy pushing a century old. With Remote Desktop Connection, he just turns his machine on and I can connect.

I've looked everywhere, but I can't figure out how to uninstall Remote Assistance.

Does anyone know how to do that, or is there a way that I can install Remote Desktop while Remote Assistance is there?

Thanks for any help you can give.

A:Toss remote assist - install remote desktop?

Correct me if i am wrong anyone... i am only learning about things like this myself

As i understand remote desktop connection is only the client side package which when installed would allow your dad to connect to your PC and not you connect to your dads, so the package would not be any use to you anyway, you need your dads PC to act as a server not a client.

Also as i understand, remote desktop server software comes as an Windows XP Professional version feature only ... which version of windows does your dad have ? if it is the Home Edition then im not sure if you can get this to work the way you want, you might have to look at third party software solutions, from the top of my head a program like VNC server would do it which i have only used briefly in the past. << think this is the website

Hope this has helped.

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We have several remote systems that can all connect fine. I am having an issue with one box. It is a windows 7 home premium machine with netgear wireless nic. When I open mstsc to connect to a remote machine I put in the ip address and click on connect. I receive an immediate failure with the text "This computer can't connect to the remote computer. Try connecting again...blah blah"

I have a server 2008 r2 with Network level authentication enabled. I have 8 other systems that are hardwired, at different geographic locations and all connect fine.

I have not made any changes on the server side since this problem seems to be local to this client only.

On the client I have made the following changes/observations. I have disabled the firewall, cleared the remote desktop cache, remove the MRU entries from the registry, verified that port 3389 is open via telnet. I have been bashing my head for days trying to figure out why this one box is not working. The problem occurs for every user on the box including the admin.

I don't receive the box that prompts for warning if there is a server authentication issue but I think that is because I selected ignore at some point and said yes to continue. I'm not sure where that cache resides to delete that selection. I'm not sure if that is where my problem lies or not. Can anyone please assist?

A:Remote Desktop Client 6.1 Cannot connect to remote computer

Welcome to SF,

From the Remote computer please try this, if unsuccessful please post back.
Click on Start and type secpol.msc. Then go to Local Security Policy=> Local Policies=> User Rights Assigment=> Choose Allow Log on Locally and select the User or Group that needs to access this computer remotely. Also select Allow Logon to Remote Desktop Services (if you have RDS or Terminal Services configured in your Win08 Server). Try to remote connect after.

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I am using windows 7 - home premium

If I connect to a remote computer using RDP, I can all the features of remote computer. Likewise if someone connects to my computer from a remote computer using RDP, he has access to all programs on my computer. This person can assist me with any help I need by connecting remotely using RDP.

Same assistance can be provided using Remote Assistance, then whats the need of Remote Assistance when RDP provides required functionality ? What different does Remote Asistance do from RDP ?

Pls reply here rather than pointing to link.


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OS: Win8 64bit (My desktop is Win8, my laptop is Win7. We're dealing with the desktop here.)
Where I am: university network, but these features seem to be working with my laptop.
Things I've checked: allowing services through Windows Firewall (Bonjour, WMC services, etc.)
Allowing remote services in System Properties
Many, many existing threads and non-solutions
How I'm feeling:
None of these features or applications work, and they're all supposed to function differently from one another (e.g. WMC doesn't use the Apple Bonjour service, so it isn't a program-specific problem). I just want to control my media system with my desktop
Is there some obscure service or file or setting that I'm missing that could prevent any remote applications from working?

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So, I had remote desktop working on my computer for about two years and now it doesn't work anymore. Every time I try to access it from another computer (I don't have and don't know how to get a domain name, so I just use my IP address, which I get from, I get an error message saying I cannot connect to the remote computer.

As far as I know, I have done everything right. I enabled remote desktop in system properties, I created a static IP address in TCP/IP properties, and I configured my router to forward the default port (3389) to the correct local IP address I specified. I have disabled windows firewall and put mstsc on my list of exceptions for the firewall that I use (BitDefender). I also pinged my IP address and received all packets sent.

I am running windows xp professional with sp3.

Any suggestions?

A:remote desktop problem: cannot connect to remote computer

try using the computer name to connect right click on the my computer icon and select properties and then the computer name use the full computer name. while your in there check the remote tab make sure the allow user to connect remotely to this computer is checked. on both pc's. also make sure both machines have xp pro i know you can only go one way between pro and home edition can't remember which.

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I've searched the internet and I can't find a solution. I've long been using Windows 7 and never had any problems with Remote Desktop from outside my network however I don't use it frequently so it is several months since I last used it.

When I right click on Computer -> Properties and Remote Settings

The lower part of the screen where you specify your remote desktop settings is missing. The issues that I've seen regarding this have two solutions typically.

1) The TermService is not running. It is my case.
2) That the DWord value should be set to 0 in the registry for tfDenyTSConnections

I have attached a screenshot confirming all this.

Anybody any advice as to what to try next?

A:Remote Desktop Missing In Remote Settings Screen

what version of windows 7 do you run?

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Remote Desktop Connection wants the IP or name of the remote computer to connect to. But suppose the remote computer is behind a router. The router has one WAN IP, say, which will be the same for all the computers connected off of that router, (when you google "my ip" from any of them) and then each computer connected off of the router will have a LAN IP, something like So if I want to help the person connected to the computer (and not the person connected at off of this router what do I tell Remote Desktop Connection at my computer to reach them?


A:Identifying remote computer for Remote Desktop Connection

I would use teanviewer its a lot simpler to setup

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I have discovered, that Windows 7 Pro doesn't support multiple monitor for remote desktop service, as it is featured only for Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise editions. See this article
I wonder, if this feature is now supported in Windows 8 Pro or does Remote Desktop work the same way as in Windows 7 Pro ?
I need to connect to my computer using Remote Desktop Client and use extended desktop on multiple monitors.  However current Windows 7 Pro support only desktop spanning ( /span), which is not that useful.
Thanks for your reply.

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TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE MS SUPPORT will take remote access in a few hours. If there is anything else you recommend I do for security purposes let me know asap.

Short story - MS Support working to resolve issues started after restart hangs during the install process for Aug 9, 2011 Windows Updates.

The MS team leader on my account calls this morning requesting that she and the two other MS analysts be allowed to take over my Dell by Remote Access tonight and work hands on my system.

I use the involved PC mostly to support software I use when consulting to a US Agency. So I started with the Operations Manager. These are the items in place:
MS Support is on approved list for the government agency I work for as a consultant.
MS identity confirmed by my employer.
MS already under non-disclosure agreement with employer.
Employer had me install a program today that protects the files with their data in it that is stronger than what I normally use.
A clean boot has been done and there are no non-Microsoft services running
The installed program also requires me to click a button once per minutes to show I am watching and kind of like UAC will make me respond affrimatively to allow them to proceed to open any folder, run any exe, run cmd
Employer had me shred some files (temp, %temp%, some of their files, and some individual files using my software which meets Dept of Defence 5220.24-M(ECE) protocol
There were a few files and folders they had me shred with the Guttman method that... Read more

A:MS Support & Remote Access/my PC-Recomend any xtra Security Measures?

You indicated that you have already confirmed this is Microsoft Support and have gone through the steps required by employer. I see no reason not to proceed and get the issues resolved so that you can properly do your job.

Do NOT use the contracted Support Space services, which provides free support for Virus & Malware Removal and Windows Update from Online Support Services .

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I got a pop up that was loud and wouldn't let me close it saying, "your computer has been infected call Microsoft" and I did because I turned it off and it was still yelling st me when I turned it back on. I gave the tech remote access and he said I had a tiny something trojan virus. Well I didn't fall for paying, got off the phone, held power button down and turned computer off. Am able to use it fine now with no more warning but am I safe after giving the remote access? I was on the phone for about 30 mins while he was going around to different areas in my computer telling me what all of the "problems" were.

A:Gave remote access to a "Microsoft tech support" am I safe?

It wasn't Microsoft, it was a scam.   I suggest you have a look here and create a new post asking for assistance to ensure your computer has not been compromised .

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I need advice on how to secure my computers from the people I thought were Dell support. They took online access to my Laptop and netbook a Dell Inspiron mini 1012, runs windows 7 starter. The CPU is an Intel Atom N450 has 1gb of memory, I also have a Dell laptop my daughter gave me a few months ago. The dell is only a few months old.
The Dell M5040  AMD E-450 APU  Graphics Radeon HD 1.65. Memory 3 gb,  64 bit system running Windows 7 premium. I wanted to format the hard drive and reinstall windows 7.  I had trouble getting into the bios or into the boot to set the boot order.
I phoned a number I thought was Dell support, I got through to a very nice Indian chap who said he would sort all my problems out for me, and then said it would only cost £131.00.  The alarm bells were ringing by now but I had let him have remote accessto the Laptop thinking it was Dell (I know). The company is called Techvedic, they said I would have a 12 month “Technical support”. They put a document on Laptop. Only I really do not want them in my computer again.
 At the time I said I would have to check my bank as I did not have that sort of money, he was keen that I should clear my problems.  At that my point when just as I was telling the guy I could not afford it (by now I knew this was not legitimate)  my friend walks in.  He hears me talking with chap on phone and promptly offers his credit card.
 Long st... Read more

A:Advice after remote access from untrusted Technical support (Virus issues too)

Welcome aboard   Download Security Check from here or here and save it to your Desktop. Double-click SecurityCheck.exe Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.NOTE 1. If one of your security applications (e.g., third-party firewall) requests permission to allow DIG.EXE access the Internet, allow it to do so.NOTE 2 SecurityCheck may produce some false warning(s), so leave the results reading to me. Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderOther ServicesPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply. Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeClick Go and post the result. Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (aka MBAM): to your desktop.* Double-click mbam-setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program.* At the end, be sure a checkmark is placed next to Up... Read more

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I have 2 questions:
1. Why Microsoft's Netflix App for Windows 10, DOES NOT accept basic commands from their own Microsoft Media Center Remote Control like for example PLAY, PAUSE, FF, etc..?
2. Why Microsoft's Netflix App for Windows 10, DOES NOT support 4K streaming.
I have a super fast computer with a 4K monitor and an Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU.
I could watch Netflix 4K content on my 30" 4K PC Monitor....
Could someone tell Microsoft that they are super outdated....? What the heck are these guys doing. I regret I did not buy an iMac.

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If it can't be done, what are the alternatives? Thank you.

Edit: I just read how to shutdown with Remote Desktop and I'm going to try that out. So, the only remaining questions are how can I remotely turn on a workstation on a lan? Can I do it at a pre-determined time? What about remotely shutting down the PC at a pre-determinded time? Thanks.

A:Is remote shutdown and turn on possible using W7's Remote Desktop?

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

If predetermined times will work for you, then just use task scheduler.
Task Scheduler - Create New Task


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Hellow all, I am working in the IT Department at work. There are times when remote users need some help, Remote Assistance works good, but some of our less "savy" users have trouble with the Help and Support/Invite a Friend/Send Email way of getting help. I have search all over, trying to find a way to "Offer" the help without them going through the Help and Support way. Am I missing something or what? We are all running XP Pro. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks....

A:Need to offer Remote Assistance to Remote User

they can install logmein

free and requires little or no action on the other persons part. all he needs to ruen the pc on and give you the passowrd, you make a free logmein account and have that person install the software with that username and pass then after your done helping the person, you can have then uninstall the software.

i use it a lot for providing remote help as it is a very secure program and uses very little reasources and can be controlled form a web browser

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Is there any way for me to map a drive from my home computer running Remote Desktop to my work computer? I noticed that when I go into Map Network Drive and click Browse, Microsoft Windows Terminal Services appears in the list, but nothing shows up (even though I'm connected to my home computer at the time which has shared drives on it.)

Any ideas??

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Hi all.

I have set up the workgroup and named each other and now i can see the file shared from my XP laptop and Windows 7 and it shows me that communicate with PC is OK.

But throught the Remote I typed the computer name as mentioned on Remote and it says

This computer cant connect to the Remote Computer.

Tried disabling Firewall for both PC and still dont work.

I thinking that XP couldnt remote the Windows 7 PC but surely that will work or not?

I just want to remote the computer locally in the same network.

Oh and another helpful information... when i browse for to remote PC and tried to click workgroup but the error appear as do not contain terimal servers.

A:Trying to remote Win 7 usin XP Home Remote Connection

Which version of Win 7?

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Hi - I'm a PC & Vista rookie & having a network issue I'm hoping to find some help with. I'm running Vista Home Premium 64 bit on a new HP pavilion laptop. I'm trying to log into my work system remotely. The error I'm getting is "This computer can't connect to the remote computer. Remote desktop cannot find the remote computer. Type the computer name or IP address again, and then try connecting" I've tried the help desk at work, they say they know there has been issues with people loggin in with Vista, but its been resolved. But they have not actually been able to help me log in. They are running Windows NT.

Thanks for any help,

A:Remote desktop can not find remote computer

Your work machine is almost certainly behind some sort of firewall or router which makes direct access to it from the internet impossible. At least, that's how it _should_ be protected!

I assume that you've got to log on to a work VPN server first? Is that successful and are you able to access other resources on the work network such as file servers?

What OS is the target (work) machine you're trying to access? It may not have remote desktop functionality enabled.

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These are two computers connected via the Internet (not a home network)
1 - Vista Home Premium
2 -XP Pro

* Trying to use the built-in Remote Assistance software installed on 2 computers:
I can control in Windows Vista through the xp but not vice versa ...
The problem is known?
There is a solution to the problem?

** Trying to use Remote Desktop Connection software (not installed
In Windows Vista?), I can control the xp through in Windows Vista but not vice versa ...
The problem is known?
There is a solution to the problem?

A:Remote Assistance\Remote Desktop Connection

Error message about Remote Assistance:
Here is a screenshot of an attempt to control the XP computer through Vista. The error appear Before I'm concerned / clicks something. If I approve the message OK -> Software shuts down...
- Can anything be done?

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Hello All

I have a windows server 2008 and I want to install Remote Access/VPN role on it. Unfortunately there is confilict between Remote Desktop and VPN Server role in Windows Server and when enable VPN Server role, Remote Desktop is disabled and vice versa unless you have 2 NICs and enable each on separate NIC.

Do you know a way to keep both enabled and functional on the same NIC.

Any help is appreciated.

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What settings/services need to be changed/stopped to keep other
computers from accessing my system through an unwanted remote
connection ?

A:Remote Desktop And Remote Connection Settings

Hello BEJ,

Unchecking the Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer box, and selecting the Don't allow connections to this computer options in the "First" section of the tutorial below will prevent this for you.

Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) - Network - Windows 7 Help Forums

Hope this helps,

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I've recently installed wireless at home and run 2 pc's on it, accessing the web via Comcast broadband. All works well when accessing my office PC via XP's 'Remote access web connection'. I can transfer files between office & home and print to machines that are configured on the host (office) to LPT & COM ports.
Last week I replaced my ageing Epson C80 home printer with a new HP Deskjet 5850 wireless printer. It works great and I can print from my 2 home pc's via wireless.
What I can't figure out is how to configure it on my office host pc so that it can see it via RAWC. I've tried adding a port with the printers IP Address but that doesn't work. Have also tried HP's web sights as well as Wxp's but I guess the wireless printer is too new. Any ideas anyone ?

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Hi there
since we are being told to "Save Energy" these days are there any devices that I can use to remotely power ON a computer -- it's easy to power them OFF but I can't see any easy way to power them ON again remotely (apart from "Call the Woman").

If you have your display set to turn off after a short period I'm not sure how much energy an idle PC will consume -- I'm sure it's not that great even for a high powered PC -- but it's probably a good idea to get into the habit of turning appliances off when you aren't using them.

I did think about some type of mini-relay controller - but that probably uses as much power as an idle PC.

My ideal would be some device that could be activated by a mobile phone -- even one of those dreaded phone "apps".

C'mon you Engineering geniuses -- how about a device like this.


A:Remote Power on PC's

but it's probably a good idea to get into the habit of turning appliances off when you aren't using them.

Absolutely agree and whilst i'm not qualified enough to say just how much (if anything) power is saved and the beneficial environmental factor, I always try to purchase devices that have on/off switches: wireless routers, external drives, NAS devices etc. Quite irritating to find so many manufacturers care so little for this.

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I have heard that I can access my Samsung tablet and phone from my machines and vice versa using some software called Remote PC.

Now I have set up the Samsung account required and cannot get anything to do what is supposed to go from either device to the PC's or vice versa. Does anyone else use this software and have you found any problems with it running?

A:Using Remote PC software

I'm almost afraid to tell a Seven Guru something to do but here goes:
Get in touch with RemotePC Support probably Monday I would assume.
Best I can do. Sorry.

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I want to install some remote software to work on other people's computers from afar. I have an old version of PCAnywhere sitting around but I've also heard Ultra VNC is good too.

My past experience with setting these types of programs up is not very good. I start getting confused when I hear that I may have to configure the software firewall to open certain ports and all. Is that really all that hard to do? What about if I'm also using a router?

Also, other than the obvious installing of the software on both the remote and host computers, is there anything else you could tell me that will help prepare me?

A:The Best Remote Software?

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I soon will have a need for remote connections and manipulation of other systems. Is TeamViewer the 'go-to' software for the 'pros'? I'm not looking for freeware (except to try it), but a good solid software for remote connections, making diagnosis' and software configuration, troubleshooting, etc.


A:Remote software

The only thing I can think of other than TeamViewer is the built in Windows Remote Desktop software. The only problem is it only works on LAN which means you can only connect to PCs in your own network. If you only need LAN connection, the built in software is okay. Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) - Network

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I have 2 computers in my home that are networked. One is located in the basement and is only powered up and plugged into the network. I access it using Windows Remote desktop and use it for file storage. I was wondering if there is some software out that that would remotly from my main computer turn the basement PC on. I can shut it down with remote desktop but not power it on. I have seen some things that would work about 5yrs ago but i an unable to locate anything now. Please help.

A:Remote PC Software

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