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Any suggestion for screen capture software ?

Q: Any suggestion for screen capture software ?

Hi forum,

I am looking for a free & portable version program which can do the screen capture video & audio(speaker/ mic) with simple UI. It'd be great if the output format can have many options.

Could you suggest anything ?


A: Any suggestion for screen capture software ?

You Might Look here at, I consider them a reliable forum and they have been around for many years since way back.Screen capture/Screenshots are 22 different softwares listed on this page. You should find something you'll likeRoger

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Ok, I've had it up to here with OBS.  It either doesn't record any video at all, only records a corner of the video, lags to hell and back any time there are any sudden movements in the game, or all of the above.
As far as the lag is concerned, I was told in a previous thread that my hard drive transfer speed might be the problem. But my hard drive can transfer up to 3.0GB/s! So that can't be the problem! Besides, I can record screen footage with camstudio no problem!
I want some screen capture software that meets the following criteria:
1. 100% totally free.
2. Records what happens on-screen. If the game automatically switches to full-screen, then that's what the software captures. If I can't see my taskbar or desktop, then I don't want the screen capture software recording it. No choppy framerate.
3. Records, frame-for-frame, exactly what I see on screen, at 60fps. If my character whip-pans, the screen capture shows a whip-pan.
4. It can record whatever I see on-screen, no matter what game or app I'm trying to capture. That's something that Shadowplay doesn't do.
5. Records mic and speakers ... together.
6. It's plug-and-play simple. All that bullcrap about sources and scenes ... why do I need any of that? All I want is to record what I see on-screen to a video file I can edit with VideoPad Video Editor. That's it. I don't need it to come with any extra features I'm not going to use. If I need any more features, I'll either get another app or I'll ... Read more

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I am using jing, but the applications on my laptop are braking jing down so, i need something similar in feature. mainly do screenshot of windows (i already have a screen cast app).

doing ctrl+alt+print screen is and paint is tiring, so i need something that is dead on on what i do.

A:Screen Capture Software

check out snagit

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Hi Guys,

I want to write articles on my blog and I want to use a FREE FRIENDLY best screen capture software to put the images on my articles and later I may use the same mages for printing purposes too. Which one is best free software out of your experiences?

I want to use symbols on the Images to be published on the articles on the blog and I may use both the images and symbols together later for printing purposes too. What is the free friendly best software for the purpose?

A:Screen Capture Software

There is usually a button on you keyboard marked PrtScn. After pressing it and Assuming you are using a Windows PC you could open Paint. Click on Paste and you have the screen captured. Click on File and save it as a jpg.
That's what I do.
Good luck,

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Looking for a screen capture program I used to have, that captures screen at intervals, and then can replay them back like movie. It's not typical screen capture software. Can view history timeline, annotate, other. Think I saw on Lifehacker?

Thank you in advance.

A:Screen Capture Software

It sounds like Snagit might do what you want.You can find a link to the download, in this topic:The $40 Snag-it For FreeYou can find some other screen capture applications in the Freeware Replacements For Common Commercial Apps topic, under the Screen Capture Applications heading, in Post #3.

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I would like to get a program that I can capture a part or all of the screen. There is times that I need to copy info such as search results and I can't do it. Can you suggest one free or reasonable? Thank you.

A:Screen Capture Software

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I have Windows 7. I use a program called screen capture which has an icon on my desktop. When I select any web page, the desktop is hidden. I need to know how I can get a copy of the icon to appear in the menu bar (other bar) so I can use it for it's intended purpose. Thanks.

A:Screen capture software

Please continue in your orignal thread HERE.

From the forum Rules:

Multiple Postings - It is simply not acceptable to post your question more than once, or to post it in more than one forum. Choose the forum that your question or post best fits in, and place it there and only there. If, after posting, you feel it should be in another forum, use the "Report Thread" button at the bottom of the post and we'll move it. We also reserve the right to move posts to other forums and delete duplicates.
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I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this, but...

Anyone know of a free software program that records audio-video content from the screen?


A:Screen capture software

is that what you are looking for? -

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Any suggestions on software to take snapshots of your current screen image?

A:Screen Capture Software

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I m looking for some freeware software, which is easy to use, to capture the screen of my computer.

A:searching for a software to capture my screen

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I'm currently working on a short animation (10s) for a college project that involves taking screenshots of a model on google sketchup and editing the screenshots in photoshop.

My problem is that it's time consuming to remove the menus etc from the top of the windows' screenshot for every image (of which there will be between 150-200).

What I am hoping someone here can help me with is finding a suitable screen capture program which A:has a default save to file location setting and B:has an adjustable capture area. (rather like super screen capture)

One more preference is that it allows me to set a hotkey for fast screen capture. Much like Frapps.

I am open to other ideas too and any help is apreciate.

I havn't got too much time mind before I'll have to start in spite of the issues.


A:Best/most-suitable Screen Capture software

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I have tried installing a few screen capture applications..

a) Snag it
b) CamStudio
c) The screen capture part of Power Director

They install ok.. but when I click to open.. either nothing happens or a quick box comes up and then disappears

any ideas what could be causing this?

I am on a new MSI laptop running Windows 10

A:All screen capture software not working :(

Why not just use the Windows 10 built-in Snipping Tool?

It's one of my "must have" apps and is used several times a day in Windows 7 and Windows 10.

I haven't used TechSmith SnagIt since the Windows XP days.


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I am looking for a very smart screen capture software that could automatically detect any rectangular object and automatically suggest an area for the user to capture

Yes for many software we can always use rectangular selection to select and capture anywhere but this is very not convenient and the selection by hand and mouse is not nice.

Any such smart screen capture software?

---For example--
you see in the following link

You see a lot of girls in photos, each of them are in a rectangular circle. However, the photos cannot be saved directly in the browser. The only way to save it is to capture it

That was what I mean by rectangle. I want to save more conveniently with nice boundary dimension

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My wife has a counseling practice & uses specialized software to help her schedule and keep track of client billing. Most of the time, she just prints out a receipt for them after a session. Occasionally, she needs to e-mail clients receipts for her services & for their insurance needs.

This specialized software allows you to only print the receipts directly to your printer. There is no option or way to "save" the receipt to her PC (Word, PDF, etc.) so she can then attach it & e-mail it to clients. Therefore, if she needs to e-mail a receipt, she has to basically first print it out and then scan it back into the PC as a PDF file. She can then attach this PDF file to an e-mail and send it this way.

Is there any software out there that can somehow screen capture the receipt portion only on the computer and then save this as a certain file (Word, PDF, etc.). I thought about the screen capture feature within Windows XP, but this won't work as she doesn't need the whole screen to be included. Only the receipt part that is on the screen.

Basically, take a pop-up window (the receipt) and make it some sort of file (Word, PDF, etc.).
Any suggestions?

A:looking for specialized screen capture software

I think your scanner software should help. But to convert to PDF open up the new adobe reader when connected to the internet and use their PDF creator. should be on the menu bar somewhere or on a toolbar

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Occasionally, I would like to capture an on-screen video. I have downloaded and tried three and so far this one I like best of those I tried. If anyone has recommendations based on personal experience and personal use, I would appreciate your comments.

Here are my requirements:
I am willing to pay up to $50.
It has to be free of ads.
It has to be free of trial restrictions.
It cannot be a web-based program or require an internet connection to run.


A:Need recommendations for video screen capture software

I just used LiteCam HD and It's quite fast and easy to use .The only downside is that there is a visible watermark and side control panel when recording with this software. The recording quality is in clear HD.

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hi guys, im trying to find a free decent (if possible) screen capture software program with many options, mainly i want to be able to variy the mouse speed in the recording, so do something then let the computer slow it down, or let it follow the line of the click,

e.g. click on left side of screen and then click on right side of screen, but if i wiggle the mouse all over the place it doesnt record tht, it only records and makes its own mouse movement, if that makes sense.



ps. i am aware of other posts but i couldnt find waht i needed within the software i have installed already from it.

A:screen capture software (Mouse speed)

Hello -

Not really sure I understand what you want to accomplish with the whole mouse speed thing but I can tell you that I've used a lot of different screen capturing software (paid and freeware) and the two best softwares that I came across are Shotty which you can download from here And Greenshot which is found at (also at Softpedia)

The nice thing about Shotty is that it handles the aero transparency issues - perfect high resolution pics with no background showing. And both products are freeware.

Good Luck!

- Tagen

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Hey everyone, and thanks as always for the advice I get on this board. You guys ROCK.

OK, so I have a 9800 Pro right now, but it does not have (as far as I can tell) a video in port.

I want to be able to transfer Hi8 video to my hard disk so I can do editing etc.

What is the best way to do this? Should I sell my vid card, and get one with video in?

Should I buy a second card for the sole purpose of video capture? If so, what card would you suggest?

Budget is the main concern.


A:Video Capture Card Suggestion Needed

Buy a Firewire pci card if your PC doesn't have it on motherboard. Best capturing done that way and also get Pinnacle 9, the Ulead equavalent sucks.

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Please devise me some common and easy-to-use Software/s for capturing the active screen?


A:Any common and easy-to-use software to capture currently active screen???

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Hi guys,

Does anyone know a HD DVD player software ? Freeware preferably. I have tried looking around online but dont seem to locate any apart from dodgy site proposals...

Many thanks

A:HD DVD Software ? Any suggestion plz?

If your computer came with the HD DVD drive, did the computer manufacturer supply any player software?

If you added the HD DVD drive after purchasing the computer, did the drive come with a disc containing any player software?

You may want to consider switching or adding a Blu-Ray drive to your computer if you want to watch new releases. The HD DVD format pretty much lost the video format war about a year ago.

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First of all, let me apologize as I am sure this has been asked before... I went through topics and didn't see anything, hopefully someone will be good enough to either answer or direct me to a helpful thread
I am in need of a software program, this is what I would like it to be able to do in a nutshell...
I would like to take a number of home video clips and string them together while adding music and narration on top of the videos own audio (so you hear both), sound effects at specific precise points, inserting text / images on top of the playing video... more or less everything you would want to do if putting together movies
What is the best (mid end $$$ anyways) software out there that will allow me to do these things? I try googling and of course get a thousand try before you buy download options but I was hoping to get the inside scoop rather than wade through the riff raff. thanks in advance!

A:Need Software Suggestion

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I have a HP laptop and I can't burn the recovery discs since my drive is dead, but I can still use the recovery manager to restore the system to its original state. After doing some research, I learnt that this tool erases the HD, so I would probably lost my personal stuff partition (D:\).

When accessing the recovery manager from boot it asks me if I want to create a backup disc... of course I wanted but I can't because my drive just won't burn discs anymore.

I wanted to restore my system, so what's the best solution for me? Should I backup my stuff using some other software (if so, which one do you recommend?) and save it to a flash drive or is there any better way to do what I want?

I'll take it to HP assistance next month but they'll probably wipe out all my stuff so I wanted to restore it myself.

What do you suggest?

A:Backup software suggestion

Suggest buying an External DVD drive. You're going to need this anyway and if you're uncomfortable working inside the box, this should do it for you. Backup your D: info and go ahead with your recovery.

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Anyone have any suggestions on what burning software (Roxio, Nero, etc....) to use with Win 8.1?

A:suggestion on burning software for Win 8.1

Ashampoo Burning Studio works very well and is light on resources. Nero is overkill

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I've been using ZoneAlarm ( Free ) for 10 years now and have never had any issues with it. ZA has done it's job and seems to protect me.

Here lately I've been reading a lot about how Zone Alarm has become so popular that most
Viruses and Malware look for it and just turn it off then go about their business. How do you all feel about this? Is this really a true Threat? If I decided to change software firewalls, what would you suggest?.

Here is my security set up.......

Windows XP Pro ( Service Pack 2 ) ( Fully Patched )
Run as a Limited User
Zone Alarm ( Free )
Linksys NAT Router ( Static Address, MAC Filtered )
NOD32, Ad Aware, Spybot, Defender, RootKit Reviler, Hackthis
Host File LOCKED
Thunder Bird:

A:Software Firewall suggestion.

We see anti-virus programs and firewalls disabled by malware all the time and I don't think Zone Alarm is any more prone that others.

You have one of the best a/v's in Nod32. I would keep Zone Alarm and also add SpywareBlaster for an added layer of protection.

I would lose Defender and get AVG Anti-Spyware instead.

Be sure to keep your Java current as well as your MS critical updates.

You could also use a custom hosts file MVPS hosts to block sites.

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Can anyone suggest audio software to loop continuous sounds (e.g. bird sounds). Im buying a cd with nothing but bird sounds and would like to loop some of these sounds into one hour continuous sound to play on cd player. I see alot of free stuff and thats ok but need advice from experienced others.

A:Audio software suggestion

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Hi forum,

Recently, I have to do a little homework using CAD. But, I don't have i because it is too expensive.

Do you have any suggestion for the CAD compatible software which I can use. This would be great to use, otherwise I have to stay late in the school.


A:Any free CAD software suggestion ?

Here are two you could try:

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Okay, I have backup software that came with my external HDD and it works great. But I am looking for something that can monitor 1 folder (My Music folder) and make an exact copy on the external HDD, not a backup file that cannot be opened by other computer. I would like to do this so that I can take my music with me to parties when using my laptop. I currently have transferred all my music to the external but my music programs don't seem to be liking that too much. Any suggestions would be helpful.

A:Need backup software suggestion

You know, a number of years ago I purchase a program called MirrorFolder .

I always jokingly referred to it as a poor man's RAID system. But I still use it and it works completely behind the scenes. I can chose any folder or folders to backup to my external drive. What I find on my external drive is a copy of the original. I backup photo files, spreadsheet file, etc. and they are not compressed or encoded as backup software does.

I think this might be something that could solve your problem.

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Hi forum,

I am looking for a free version software which I can send document thru internet to a reciver's fax number. Yeah, I know it is strange but the receiver got no internet connection and I have no fax machine, that is why.

It would be great if there is no page number limitation.

Thanks for the help.

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I have an external drive that I no longer need and would like to comletely erase all the data. I could reformat but that dose not completely erase the data. The erase apps I've seen have all been intended to erase the C: drive and don't appear to have an option for an external drive. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Bill

A:HDD eraser software suggestion

Hi Bill,

Delete the data from this drive as you normally would (or just format the disk as you normally would), and then run the in-built Windows cipher command as described below:

Cipher Command - Overwrite Deleted Data in Windows

This will overwrite the free disk space making any previously deleted data completely unrecoverable. It works on exactly the same principle as 3rd party applications that do the same thing.


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I use to use a software for imaging all my systems and now it is apparent that the software cannot handle my needs and environment so I need to replace it with some thing else.

Here is my current set up

I have 5 systems through out my home and a central computer for backups; they are Windows 7, XP and Vista. What I had before was the imaging software loaded on all computers. I would image them to the central computer.

So if a any of the 5 systems go down, I need a rescue disk that will run on that crashed system and then be able to find the image of that system on the network, find it and then reinstall it.

Are there any suggestions for an easy one to use? My older imaging software requires building drivers to the rescue CD to access the network and that to me is a waste of time. I need something that I can;
load to each system
image each computer to the central computer
create the rescue disk
pop in the rescue CD to a crashed system
let it load
drill through the network to the central computer
find the image
then reinstall

Any suggestions?

A:Need a new free backup software suggestion

The driver issues probably has to do with Microsoft not having a generic driver for the NIC. Most resuce CD's are build off WinPE I know that i had to add my NIC drivers to the my rescue disk in order for it to work.

I would recommend Macrium Reflect free edition. There are topics all over this forum about the software and how to use it.

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

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when i'm gaming i'm usually bumping up my video card fan settings in Catalyst control center, and it works fine. I also have 3 case fans, which i want to bump up as well.

i was wondering if there's a program that can control not only my video card fan, but also my case fans, and hopefully use a profile for that job?

A:suggestion for a software that controls ALL fans?

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The Famous Tech Guys...

I have always used tech and the web to help organize my busy lifestyle... I just started in a sales job for sprint. I need to be able to keep track of all my clients and information on them... There is a sale itch period every 1 and 2 years on each client that I will need to give them a call. Also, during slow days I want to call them and let them know of our current promotions that might help them out... Here is the catch... I travel alot.. and I want something on the net... that I can keep track of all my clients in... so I can log in from anywhere...

Your fellow tech dude...


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Hey, i am not really good in this, and my english is not really good, but i need some good video activex software? Is there something? Free or for paying but if its good? Thanks.

A:Need suggestion for Video activex software?

Did any one try this video activex software? How is working?

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Hi all
suggestion to the mods if they have time

For Working and Not working software could we have something like an EXCEL Spreadsheet

Two worksheets in the workbook 1) W8 X-64, 2) W8 x-86
Main columns would be

1) Software and release
2) Link to web site
3) Working X or blank
4) Not Working X or Blank

5) Working but not 100%

6) Remarks column such as installation techniques or other fix to get software to work.

The current stickied thread of working / not working software is difficult to follow - especially if the number of threads is large.

People could post working / not working software which could be attached to a spreadsheet that was publicly available for viewing.

This would be a great feature for people wanting to know if a product worked or not.

A:Suggestion to Mods if they have time - Software on W8

In the keynote MSFT said all programs that run on Windows 7 will run on Windows 8, so it seems a little pointless.

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Hi all!
i have a mate who is interested in performing very basic video editing. Now unfortunately i don't know anything about his computer except that its a p4 1.8 with 512mb ram and is running win XP. so i was just wondering... does anyone have any ideas about some software used to edit videos. Just crop and join really. No effects.

Freeware would be sweet, but is willing to spend a little bit of money!
but most importantly it needs to run on a fairly low end pc. (i mean he tells me windows movie maker lags. :S) Personally I've only used higher end software so i don't even know where to bgein.

any one think of anything that would help him out!

be patient

A:Video Editing Software Suggestion

VirtualDub or VirtualDubMod

I've found they have a fairly steep learning curve, but there are countless tutorials around. Both are free.

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ok lemme start by saying Hey to everyone in the board,
in the past few days i've been Reading, almost every Post i found about Imaging in the Forum, but all that left me in the End is confused.

I have a windows 7 64 bit Machine (Bare Minimum Office, AV, Drivers And Custom Settings, Reg fixes)

I want to make an Image of this Install so i can later Restore it if i choose to.

Until now i've been very Happy with Hiren boot cd
and been using Acronis True Image and Ghost For the past years through Windows XP And Vista.

and been very Happy with it and it worked flawlessly for all my Images.

I Didn't Mind Maintaining several Images for my 2 Laptops and 2 Pcs that's the way I want it.
After that I moved to Working with WinPE and Imagex in vista 32 bit and everything was fine.
Year ago I decided to move to Win 7 64 bit, made all the adjustments with my software and drivers and installed a Basic and a Complete PC with 2 images, using hiren boot cd and acronis and ghost,
Been painfull to find out that it didn't work, perhaps because of the System reserved partition that wasn't backed up.
My System works in AHCI Mode now.
I Refuse installing a Software on my PC I don't want it to do Weekly Backups, all I wanna do is A boot cd that Images my drive to a single file, that I can restore it from the boot cd later on.
I Tried working with:
Macrium reflect,
Windows Backup and restore center
Acronis true Image Home
CloneZilla (Which doesn't make a single file but alot... Read more

A:Win 7 64BIT and Disk Cloning Software Suggestion.


Software recommened most by this forum is Macrium Reflex and Paragon. Although you did not like this one

System image inclued with you OS is also very good.

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I want to make visiting card for my business industry according to my need. I just want to make visiting card in different style for my industry visitor?s identification. Anyone know how I can make visiting card at office desk?

A:Need software suggestion for designing business card

Sounds like a trade show or front Lobby sign-in - -

If you do this regularly, google for a Page Layout program like Pagemaker.

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Suggestion, can you guys make HP fortify scanning support clustering? Clustering in this context is using multiple machines to scan for security vulnerabilities.

A:suggestion to improve HP Fortify Scanning Software

Please connecting with the Norton antivirus software download link

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I have two partitions on my first hard disc- the 1st partition ( C: ) contains the OS (Windows XP Pro SP3) and few of the applications. The other partition ( D: ) mainly contains all the software and My Documents folder.

I have another HDD of 160GB size in which I would like to create a dedicated partition for system recovery in case the OS crashes (which happens unfortunately). As all my applications are situated in another partition, if I can restore the OS partition it will give me back my system in the pre-crash state.

So could you please suggest me a Free software to do this? Which will allow me to take incremental backup. And please suggest how much should be the size of my new partition from where I intend to restore the OS.

Thank you.

A:Suggestion for a system restore/HDD imaging software

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I've used Daemon Tools Lite recently but due to some conflicts with my OS I was suggested to uninstall it. I however need a virtual CD emulation software. Which would you recommend me? My requirements are
- 100% CD/DVD media emulation, some virtual drives don't emulate hardware drive fully. I meet this problem about 2 years ago with UltraISO's virtual drive. Didn't use it's emulation since then but I assume nothing changed.
- Support for all common image formats (ISO, CCD, CUE+BIN, NRG, MDF) and for compressed formats (ISZ) as well as support for split images of big DVDs and BluRays
- Non-intrusive interface, no deep system integration and launching only on demand
- Freeware would be better but commercial is ok too
- If possible small one-purpose application, not any allinone suite of CD burning/ripping/whatever
- Support for protected media emulation is not required

A:Suggestion for virtual optical drive emulation software

Here's a list
Best Free CD-DVD Emulation Software

I don't use virtual drives often. Others with more experience will likely have some ideas to add.

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While Win 7 does do backup for my RAID 1 arrays I am not all that happy with the limitations I would like a more robust third party SW that reliably will backup and restore RAID 1 without a lot of fuss. Tried DT Utilities and failed miserably, they stated that RAID 1 is not supported and refunded my money

Vertex 60G SSD RAID 1 WIN 7 OS
Samaung RAID 1 1T 6 partitions development, apps, utility/download, linux, temp, MEDIA
Samsung 2T Backup drive

Looking to do images and incrementals

Email and Facebook type crap is kept on another machine to eliminate nasty pollution.

A:Need suggestion for BackUp software supporting RAID 1 SSD and HHD (win7)

I like nortons ghost, it even works with my raid controller.

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First let me start by saying that, along with Microsoft's Free script repository, is the site I probably spend the most time browsing and has informed me of some of the best software I have ever used. Having said that, I recently downloaded and am starting to use "software updates and news" software for MajorGeeks, and thought I would offer up a feature that I think the software more...convenient. The only real benefit of using the actual website vs the application is that the application doesn't inform the user if the software is freeware or shareware at first glance like the website does, forcing the user to open the content in a web browser in order to obtain that information anyway. If this could be included in the application as well, I believe it would make it infinitely better. Either way, love this site guys.

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I have a ATI All in Wonder card w/ tv tuner. What are some software that works great with my card? (something like TVtime (for linux) or better!) Thanks! (exclude Dscaler if you're going to suggest it)

A:TV Capture Software

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Hello everybody, i'm on the need of a capture software like FRAPS, for capturing the screen, but also i need that this new capture software can create a webcam overlay for making videos on youtube...
I've heard of a new software wich can capture screen+webcam at the same time but i dont remember how is called...

Even because my video creation could be more easier than capturing, recording with a camera and then editing audio and video on splited groups... This could help a lot so thanks everybody in advice.

A:Looking an AIO capture software

See if this helps

How to record your screen and webcam video with ease


How To: Screen Capture and Webcam At The Sametime - YouTube

A Guy

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Could someone please tell me whether I can upgrade the current screen which is 1366x768 (single lane eDP) to a 1920c1080 (2Lane eDP) in this model.

A:Screen suggestion need for G50-80

Hi there, Len   -
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
May I know the Machine type model number of the G50-80??
An panel that uses a eDP (1 lane) signal type can only support up to 16801050 with 18 bit color depth, or up to 1366768 with 24 bit color depth. On the other hand, a panel that uses an eDP (2 lane) signal type supports display resolutions up to 19201200.
Update us how it goes.
Tap that kudos button if I helped  If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! 

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I purchased a Radeon 7500 AIW and it came with lame video capture software(ULead). Have also been trying Pinnacle, I like it but I can't get it to run well on my computer. Anybody have any other capture software to suggest? By the way, capturing with analogue video (not DV).

A:Video capture software


I don't use any myself, but others here do.

As for the problem with Pinnacle, whats the problem? Also, what is the version of Windows?



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Just something simple here. I'm looking for some decent software that can show what my "Dazzle Video Creator Platinum USB" is capturing. For instance, if I have my Dishnetwork receiver hooked up, and want to watch the program I happen to have on, I can put it in full screen. It doesn't need it to capture, but it might come in handy. My pc should be fast enough for capture, my main drive is more than fast enough, and I have a healthy processor with as much ram as it can handle (8gig).

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I work for a company that does litigation support. I have a client who needs to capture an entire website.

I am not a computer expert, but do know my way around the keyboard. Im trying to find something relativly inexpensive and relitivly easy to use. I would appreciate any input or advice since I really dont know where to start looking (beside a generic google search)

I need to capture the whole site that does have video on it, links etc.

Thanks everyone.

A:Web page capture software

The way your request is worded it implies you want to copy a website's entire database. That implies copyright violation. According to the forum rules we will not discuss methods to copy an entire site. Since you are familiar with litigation, obtain a court order and have the web hosting company copy the database for you.

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I'm looking for a good / fast text capture software that could be driven via hot key. The software would need to have the possibility to select a predefined region. Captured text to be kept in the clipboard

Anyone is using this type of software?

I did look on Google and try few of them, but none as worked like I wanted and some of them did come with an extra virus with them.

Any info appreciated


A:Looking for a Text Capture software

What is the origin of the text - a word or pdf document, a webpage, a picture ??

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When i bought my first computer a year and a half ago, i also bought a USB HDTV Tuner/Composit and AV Capture Device/FM Tuner. Then i realized that the program they gave me to run it wouldn't work with windows vista, so i installed the drivers and luckily Media Center was able to run it. Now, i want to take another crack at using the AV/composite capture mode, only problem is i can't seem to be able to find a program. Is there a program out there that might be able to do this? All i can find on the device is that the chip was manufactured by Auvitek, as it's some generic cheapy thing.

A:Software for USB capture device?

The best option you have now is to first identify the make and model device by having it plugged in and running the free System Info for Windows tool. That will provide a complete breakdown of all hardwares attached as well as installed along with all softwares you have on.

A search by that company's name came up with one site showing a list of tv type products available. You may be able to spot which one you have there at Auvitek International : About Our Products

Look under the AU88XX Series since those seem to offer the usb type. The SIW tool however is generally the best at identifying unknowns.

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I was wondering if anyone knows of any good video capture software? Specifically, I'm looking for one that will allow me to record videos while in games. My friends and I currently use FRAPS, but since we haven't bothered to buy the full version, we only get 30 second clips. Anyone have a program they'd recommend?


A:Video Capture Software

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Hi. First time on this site and as a begginer not quite sure how it works, however this is my query.

I am operating a Compaq Perario CQ60 and am trying to load the software for EasyCap capture USB 2.0 video adaptor with audio ( model No DC60)
When i plug the USB adaptor in i follow the prompts and then put the CD in the drive and attempt to install. I switch off the Norton anti virus auto protect as instructed. I can hear the CD trying to load but after a while i get "Device driver software not succesfully installed" followed by "please consult with your device manager for assitance getting this device installed" HELP!
The accompaning instruction sent with this device are not exactly helpful.

I am a begginer and may not necessarily understand all the jargon so bear with me.

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My friend is worried about what her ex may have done to her computer. To be honest, I have no idea what keystroke capture software would even look like. So...I have run SpyBot followed by HijackThis (the log is below). Please let me know if there is anything I need to clean up. Thanks in advance for any help!

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 10:04:37 PM, on 10/6/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16705)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSvcHst.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\AluSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\New Boundary\PrismXL\PRISMXL.SYS
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPLpr.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI Control Panel\atiptaxx.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system3... Read more

A:keystroke capture software?

I have at least researched all of the running programs, and with the exception of RISMXL.SYS the system looks pretty clean to me. I just would like some reassurance before I secure her computer with passwords etc. No point in locking it down with a password if her ex has keystroke capture on it (he's in the IT industry, hence her worry).

I would really appreciate it if someone with more experience than me (I got out of IT over 10 years ago but my girlfriends all think I know everything computer related!) would take a look at it.


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Anyone know of a way to record basically what you see on your monitor - software wise? I've been able to record by doing video out to another computer or VCR, but the quality sucks and it's a hassle. I'm wanting to record game footage when playing games online. Any help?

A:Video Capture Software???

Cam studio from works for this purpose and it's free

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Looking for suggestions. Would be great if the program was FREE !!!
I'm using a Diamond VC 600. The included program seems very rough
although quite a few formats are available. The end product is less than
I expected. I would appreciate your input !!!

A:VHS To CD Video Capture Software

I have not tried it but it is free VHS to PC DVD Converter Software. Free for Windows Computers

vhs to dvd software free - Google Search

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what software can i use to capture video onto my PC using the AV instead of the firewire? any suggestions are appreciated. thanx

A:video capture software

if you have windows xp, you can try windows movie maker.

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Maybe this should be posted under Software, but I'll try here first.

A couple of years ago there was a program published by Knowledge Probe Inc. called grafula.exe.

This was an add-in for another program called Net Vampire.

It captures links from a Web site and dumps them into Net Vampire and is especially good for downloading lots and lots of images from a Web site. I understand you can also get quantities of MP3s uaing Net Vampire, which has a number of other good features.

The grafula.exe program seems to have completely disappeared from the Internet, although it's still referred to on the Net Vampire site. I have one installed copy, but I don't have the Help file - at least it doesn't work. I don;t any longer have the downloaded copy.

Has anyone out there still have a pristine copy of grafula.exe?

I'd like very much to have it if you do.


A:link-capture software ...

Hi and welcome. Please do not duplicate post. Post where you think it would be best, then ask for a move to another location by using the little red exclamation mark above your location to report the thread to a moderator.

Closing this one, reply here:

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Hello all. I was wondering if anyone has a nice recommendation on a screen capture software program for free. I was using Debut Video Capture Software for a while and it was great but I hated having to uninstall and reinstall after a certain amount of days had passed. Does anyone have any recommendations?

A:Recommended capture software

Do you mean screenschot captures only? Have you tried asking software support site in relation to your problem?

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I am looking for image capture software that has an archiving system built into it. Has anyone seen anything like this? Can I get some suggestions for good image capturing and/or archiving software?


A:Suggestions for image capture software

What do you mean by "image capture software" and what do you mean by "archiving system"?

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ATI All-In-Wonder TV Media Center software 8.1 will not allow dvd's to be capture to mpeg file.

Has anyone tried to capture a DVD with Macrovison endoding to a mpeg file using the ATI All-In-Wonder TV Media Center software 8.1 via the s-video connector.?

Is there a regristry setting that will allow me to bypass that or will i need to purchase a third party software?

A:ATI All-In-Wonder TV software will not allow dvd's to be capture to mpeg file.

As far as I know you can't do it that way, you'll have to get dvd ripping software (check out for a start or google search). Macrovision (I think thats what it is) prevents copying of dvds in that fashion, you can't even record one to VHS.
So no there isnt' a registry setting, but also there is no need to purchase software, you can get that stuff for free.

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Hi Everyone

I am using an Elgato game capture HD and am having problems with the software when capturing the audio, the game capture hardware uses the HDMI audio (the HDMI output is coming directly from my graphics card) to record the gameplay sound.

The problem is I leave this disabled as it uses AWEFUL internal speakers in the monitor, I prefer to use the 5.1 audio speakers that use jacks that plug into the my MSI 970 gaming motherboard. However because of this the software doesn't pick up the audio through the HDMI (as there isn't any going through).

Is there a way around this problem (listening through the internal speakers really does injustice to EVERY game I try and hurts at higher volume levels) I have contacted Elgato but to no avail (what I need is a tech expert not a customer service rep). Can I have the audio go through both (but keep the monitor muted in settings) so it can pick up audio through HDMI while still listening to the audio through my speakers?

I've had a quick look around the web and have found references to being able to do it through both as long as you have two sound cards (as I use my GPU to output sound through the HDMI but my mother board to put audio though the Jacks at the back I would think it possible) but I cant find out how.

The photo sh0ws the Elgato 4 (which allows the software to pick up the audio but uses the monitor speakers) and the speakers underneath are the 5.1 sound system I prefer to use.

Any help here would... Read more

A:Audio problems when using capture software

just a note, the elgato icon at the top was a driver that came with the software but its for commentary and doesn't do anything, I have tried with various default devices and this is an old photo for example only

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Hey guys, I've got a question... I'm looking for a video capture firewire card... I'm looking on and there is a KOUTECH FW-582 PCI TO FIREWIRE IEEE 1394 CARD SW & CABLE
it comes with Ulead VideoStudio Editing Software for 30 bucks. But then there is a Pinnacle System Studio DV Version 7 Firewire Video Capture Edit Card with Software for 103, with a 30dollar rebate... I was wondering if anyone knew any differences in the two of those products? I assume the more you pay, the better the quality... but do you think its really gonna be that big of a difference for 70bucks? I'm not looking for total professional stuff, but not crap either, ya know? Any opinions are appreciated.

A:Video Capture cards and software

Pinnacle is the worst company I have ever had the experience of doing business with. Good luck if you have any problems buying from them.

Never heard of KOUTECH, but being a smaller company may mean better support.

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Newbie here..

I'm trying out AMCap Video Capture software (the demo version). It stops after 15minutes of capture. I would like to know if purchasing/registering the software takes out the time limit..

Anybody else here tried it?


A:AMCap Video Capture Software

Email the author.

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What is the best Video capture active x software for you? Could you recommend something to me? thanks

A:video capture software advice

ScreenCamera SDK is an ActiveX that is easy to integrate into your application and allows for video capture and screen capture and recording. Maybe you should check it out.

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I had no problems with PCTV Vision until I upgraded to XP. Now it just locks up all the time and I can't end the process or stop the program - I have to shut down to get things back in working order.

PCTV usually locks up if I try to record something, but lately it's just been deciding to lock up no matter what I do.

Are there any other video capture card applications I can find that work better?

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I posted this under Hardware as well as here hoping hat someone will be familiar with what I'm talking about.

A couple of years ago there was a program published by Knowledge Probe Inc. called grafula.exe.

This was an add-in for another program called Net Vampire.

It captures links from a Web site and dumps them into Net Vampire and is especially good for downloading lots and lots of images from a Web site. I understand you can also get quantities of MP3s uaing Net Vampire, which has a number of other good features.

The grafula.exe program seems to have completely disappeared from the Internet, although it's still referred to on the Net Vampire site. I have one installed copy, but I don't have the Help file - at least it doesn't work. I don;t any longer have the downloaded copy.

Has anyone out there still have a pristine copy of grafula.exe?

I'd like very much to have it if you do.


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I have a program that has a chat feature embeded in it. The problem is you can't do any of the copy/paste on the information to get the data from the conversation. Also there is no file on the PC that it logs to. Also the information is sent encypted over the network. I need to find a way to copy both the chatters information (not just the person on the computer but also the person on the other side.) so a keylogger won't work.

The reason behind this is we need to be able to put this information to use. What gets exchanged is site based information that changes frequently and the current waste of time doing screenshots and then retyping out what is sent back and fourth is getting to become costly in time and printing supplies.

Is there any program that will log what is scrolling on the screen to a text file that can be copied and pasted from? I was even wondering about maybe setting the colors to obnoxious colors then finding something that would capture just that colors information then some how OCR it into a text file?

The problem is the chat client isn't supported by the maker - it was an as is add in to an already ancient program. And changing chat systems at this point can't be done without a ton of red tape.

Any ideas? I had thought of those chat logging programs but most indicate they only work with the standard messenger services like AOL,Yahoo, and whatnot.

A:Any software that can capture chat that is NOT going through a standard messenger?

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Hi guys,

I'm new to the forums but have been subscribed to the RSS feed for a while. Apologies for creating a thread as my first post, but I deemed this the best place to ask this question.

I recently bought a laptop with a built-in webcam (MSI GX620 for the curious ones). It initially came with Windows Vista, but I quickly formatted and installed Windows 7. Unfortunately, Windows Vista came with a decent webcam software called CrazyTalk - it allowed capture and video recording, as well as editing and image warping - a la Mac's Photo Booth app.

Now I have no good software to utilize my webcam. Does anyone know of any decent open-source webcam capture/record software?

Thanking you in advance for your help,
Aaron, Ireland.

A:Freeware Webcam Capture/Record Software

TheCosmicFrog said:

(MSI GX620 for the curious ones)Click to expand...

Thanks for letting us know
Contact MSI here:
They surely must have software for Windows 7 Webcams, even if they have to give you some software from another model

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I have just bought a new computer from dell.
I want to get video editing software ( video capture card )
so that i can video tape something ...enter it in the computer
make a music video by editing and then burning it to a dvd.

i have a pent 4 3.2 ghz 640 processor ht tech 2mb cache
256 mb nvidia ge-force graphics card
2- double layered dvd's
160 gig raid 1 hard drive with an additional 80 gig hd

anyone can lead me on the right new to this.

[email protected]

A:Video Capture Card / Editing Software

Have a look at They have top gear (but at a price...)

Look also at this page, and fill out what you are specifically looking for:

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 HiMessage comes up when trying to scan a document on the matRequest to capture Moment failed with new HPPC_Result value as [1.829.88a.0] (GET_FRAME_Time_OUT) Have restartedHave reinstalledHave restarted againHave updated everythingHave checked for messagesHave run diagnostics36 days left on warranty Assistance requested please WJP  

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One of my people has just asked me to capture a 20 second clip out of a dvd for him.
Rather than ripping the whole DVD and then editing out the clip I figure the easiest way would be just to do a screen capture.
Any recommendations on something I can do this with on Linux or Windows?

A:free light video capture software?

Seems like this is the best answer
Any other suggestions?

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could anyone advise me on how I can capture what WMP11 is playing?
I have a song that I want to record with the visuals provided by Whitecap.

edit ... found Hypercam , going to give that a go. Any recommendations then please let me know. Thanks

A:Software to capture Whitecap visuals in WMP11

Try FRAPs also at - there is a demo there to see if it even works.

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Simple question this time... I want to be able to capture the music on my PC that is coming from streaming music off the internet. These are .asx files. If I just right click and save, it saves a shortcut to the internet stream. I'm sure someone knows this one.

Thanks in advance!


A:What software can capture streaming music and save it to my PC?

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Watching a video in Windows Media Player...I wanted to get a screen of a part of the video. So I press PrintScreen...and travel over the MSPaint. Hit paste..and lo and behold...the screen is there...except the video is still playing! LOL

I tried to pause the video..then save. But when I reopen, where the video should be it is black. Is there a way to make screen grabs of videos in WMP? Thanks

A:Windows Media Player: Screen Capture (black screen)?

I think this question has been kicked around before, I just don't remember what the answer was or how to query the search base here for it.

I'm going to move this to the All other Software forum, since it is really a Windows Media Player, not an XP question; I will edit the topic also.

Perhaps one of the denizens there will recall this one.

Here's one I remember: try IrfanView, it worked when I tested it.

More suggestions here:

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Does any one know of any software similar to WinInstall (which wont work in vista) and its discovery mode, whereby any changes to the registry and files can be captured and ideally pushed into an msi file and ran later on?

I did find sys tracer pro.. but i dont believe there is a way to push this into an msi package...


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Many years ago I had a webcam and bought software that allowed me to automatically capture an image every so often and upload it to a website. Now I have Microsoft Studio webcam and it does not come with any software that I can set up to automatically capture images and upload them to the website.

I know there is software out there that can do this and I have been searching the Internet to find it. So far I have had to restore my system three times. It seems that the software I find comes with a bunch of crap software that even if you tell it NOT to install, the crap software gets installed too. I figure that any software that comes with crap is crap by association; I don't even bother looking at the webcam software, I go straight to restore and get rid of everything.

I am hoping that someone here can provide me with a link to good webcam software. I might even consider buying another webcam if it came with the software.


A:Need webcam software to capture image and post to website

You can use reputable software like virtualdub (Welcome to! -, vlc ( or even ffmpeg (FFmpeg) to capture snapshots from your webcam. This can be done via command line.

For VLC, the command line should look like :

vlc --dshow-vdev="Monitor Webcam" --dshow-size=640x480 -V dummy --intf=dummy --dummy-quiet --video-filter=scene --no-audio --scene-path=D:\temp --scene-format=jpeg --scene-prefix=snap --scene-replace --run-time=1 --scene-ratio=24 "dshow://" vlc://quit

This captures 1 second and saves it as jpg images on D:\temp
More help on command line options :

For Virtualdub (much easier) :

vdub /capture /capdevice Monitor Webcam /capfile D:\temp\video.avi /capstart 2s /x

Same as above but saves it as an avi video file.

For ffpmeg :

ffmpeg -f dshow -i video="Monitor Webcam" -c copy raw.avi \-c:v libx264 -preset veryfast -t 1 -crf 25 D:\temp\video.mp4

This saves as a mp4 video file (h264 format)

ffmpeg -f dshow -i video="Monitor Webcam" -t 1 ?r 25 D:\temp\image%d.jpg

This saves as jpeg images.
More info here :

Replace Monitor Webcam with the correct name for your webcam as seen by direct show. This can be done via ffmpeg too :

ffmpeg -list_devices true -f dshow -i dummy

To upload (via ftp, I assume but... Read more

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I have an adcom tv tuner card , and it install WDM Video/Audio Capture drivers on to the computer . Now the problem is Cyberlink PowerVCR VERSION 2.0 works on my computer,but I cannot get it to work and capture , I know how to work with CYBERLINK POWERVCR VERSION 3.0 , but it crashes on my comp , saying it has caused an error in kernel32.dll , although it supports WDM DRIVERS. I have tried many times,but I still crashes for no reason.
Now I need a TV TUNER+Capture software in which I can schedule time for capturing my programs .

the program should atleast capture in MPEG1or 2 , don't tell me virtual dub , coz it doesn't suport WDM DRIVERS

Any ideas ???

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I have HP Pavilion 7845 with pentium III and Windows ME.

I bought and mounted 2 security cameras outside my home. I installed a 4 channel CCTV PCI DVR video capture card, my first hardware installation! I had to find and download a newer version of intel (R) 82810E Graphics Controller (V6) to get the proper resolution. Success again.

Then I installed the software which came with no manual or help file that I can find. When I opened it it gives the Error message "The security key is not found. If problem persists contact the dealer." At this point a little man icon has appeared on the right side of the task bar. Then a little box with "Cannot start DSR application" appears. Any suggestions or knowledge appreciated. I would post a smile here but it only gives me or or Does this give you any idea of my problems with computors? LOL

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Hi, I have a digital camera and have used Windows movie maker to piece together a home "movie".What I like to do is burn it to a dvd preferably to NTSC format, by a software program, and I would like this software program to allow me to make chapters and allow an option not to close the disc. I have tried Total video2dvd and VSO: Total video burned to a disc but the playback stuttered, VSO no pic.I was wondering what users have found that was good. Don't mind paying a small fee (~$40)THANKSMattEdited topic title for clarity-MG

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I have a Toshiba Satellite R630 laptop with skype installed.
The video side of skype works perfectly well but i can't seem to find any software on my laptop that enables me outside of skype to make and capture video recordings using the built in camcorder in the laptop.

What do I need to do to be able to do this?
Thanks. Len

A:Satellite R630 - need internal camera video capture software


As far as I know you should find the software in All Programs -> Toshiba
If its not installed, you can download this from the Toshiba European driver page.

After the installation, the webcam tool control bar should be available in the upper are of the display. Its slides in and out in order to use it?
The webcam tool control bar can be moved to different areas (left right bottom upper area)?

Check this?

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I have Debut Video Capture (paid for) that doesn't seem to execute!! or uninstall. Then I get this message whenever I try to run or uninstall it: "The instruction at 0x0041be88 referenced memory at 0x0041be88. The memory could not be written."
In one post I read, the person says DEP (Data Execution Prevention) must be turned off, since Debut is run from a system folder. This seems plausible, since my other machine has Debut located in a temp folder (I think maybe because it was installed in sandboxie), but I can't seem to replicate that install, it crashes sandboxie every time I try to run it from inside. The problem with DEP seems to be that with Secure Boot, you cannot deactivate DEP. I tried deleting the NHC folder and then used CCleaner to wipe the registry entries, and there were quite a few, but after rebooting, I still get the error (memory could not be written.)
Does anyone know what's wrong?!

A:Debut Video Capture Software hates Secure Boot?

So, windows won't let you disable DEP when in Secure Boot mode, so I installed EMET, which will. Now I can configure the arrangement to leave Debut alone (opt out), and voila.

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I have a client with a PS2/55 with a broken disk drive. When you put a disk in, general failure. If you put strong preassure on the disk drive from below, you get bad sector 0.. I need to transfer a lot of Word Perfect files from this machine to disk, or another medium so I can import them to the clients new machine. Optimally, I would like to be able to attach a parallel cable to from the printer port on the PS/2 DOS 5.0 machine to a windows XP laptop and transer the files using the DOS print command, or some other DOS command or > pipes or whatever and capture them with some sort of software on the windows XP machine. I can't get any sort of transfer software on the DOS box cuz the drive is broken.. Please help!

A:I need software to capture output from a paralell port into a binary file. Or ASCII

Look for Laplink or similar. It uses a parallel cable (special data transfer type) to connect 2 PC's together for file transfer

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I use Snagit V8.1.0 and have done so successfully for many years. Now on Windows 10 whre it has always worked fine up to now.

Suddenly, whenever I click on the capture button my entire screen goes black. Therefore I can't see anything to capture!

I have also tried this with Screenshot Captor and the same thing happens.

I am not aware of changing any settings.

Please help!

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Does anyone know of a reliable freeware to capture text off the screen?
I transferred PrtScn image to Acrobat 7 pro and tried to do OCR on the image (Document->Recognize text using OCR), but it tells me it cannot be done since it needs a minimum resolution of 144 dpi.

A:Screen capture with OCR

The only freeware OCR that I know of is SimpleOCR, but you get what you pay for, it's not very good. One that is fairly cheap ($30) and much better is On Screen OCR. You can download a 21 day free trial if you want to try it out. One that is very good but costs $50 is ABBYY ScanTo Office. The prices go up from there.

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Hello, Is there ANY WAY to get a screen capture from video clips? I've tried about 10 different programs (none worked, all came up as black screens) with no success. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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A simple question I hope. I am using windows os8, and need to take screen captures/screen shots before I reinstall my system. Can anybody help me with which keys to use please? Thanks.

A:Screen Capture Help!

Hold down the win+PrtScn key. It will be in the Pictures\ Screenshots folder.

Screenshot - Capture Screenshots Directly in Windows 8

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I was recommended FastStoneCapture for capturing shots of sections of the screen but I’m finding it a bit complicated.

Can anyone suggest something a bit simpler please?


A:Screen capture

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Screen capture software, such as what is built in with Windows of "snipping tool"....... what do you use and what do you like about it?

Free, opensource, paid, etc. Doesn't matter, explain why you like what you use.

Anyone aware of anything where you can CTRL + C and then CTRL + P into a Windows Explorer folder and it will create a PNG or JPG file and then you simply rename it?

A:Screen Capture - What do you use?

Windows + PrintScreen = full screen, Alt + PrintScreen = current window

Aside from that if I need something specific I'll just capture it all then crop it down after pasting it into Paint or Paint Shop Pro 7.04 'cause it's fast and I can do it in a few seconds start to finish. I know what the snipping tool is and I have honestly never used it, not once.

I can't imagine using a third party application just to do a screen capture when that functionality has been built-in for so long it's not even funny.

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Hey Guys. Is there a way to continuously capture my screen and have it output as some type of video file instead of still images? Also, is there a way to capture screens and what about while the computer is booting? Is there a way to capture those screens? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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When pasting into a gmail "compose" a screenshot that I didn't take pasted, as if I took the screen shot and pasted it myself. I was trying to paste text I had just copied. It occured over and over for some time before retuning to normal paste. Most alarming is that the screenshot was of when KeePass was open and it was included in the screenshot although no passwords were visible. The two DDS files are attached.
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64
Internet Explorer: 10.0.9200.16660  BrowserJavaVersion: 10.25.2
Run by John at 11:13:23 on 2013-08-23
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium   6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.9207.6713 [GMT -7:00]
AV: Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition *Enabled/Updated* {9B5F5313-CAF9-DD97-C460-E778420237B4}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Outdated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
SP: Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition *Enabled/Updated* {203EB2F7-ECC3-D219-FED0-DC0A39857D09}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Antivirus Free Edition\gzserv.exe
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k GPSvcGroup
C:\Program Files\Logitech\SolarApp\L4301_Solar.exe
C:\Windows\system... Read more

A:Possible screen capture going on

One more thing I should have mentioned. Today I tested it some more and the same screen shot appeared in the paste, again a screen shot of the desktop including the open KeePass window. That was after pasting worked normalled for some time, and then normal pasting returned without that screenshot.

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What's a good program to make screen captures of the entire screen?

A:Screen capture

The "Print Screen" button? o.o

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I was looking myself for a screen capture program, but I need the OCR option. Is there a free program that includes OCR?
Incidentally, I transferred PrtScn image to Acrobat 7 pro and tried to do OCR on the image (Document->Recognize text using OCR), but it tells me it cannot be done since it needs a minimum resolution of 144 dpi. This is strange...

A:Screen Capture with OCR

davnon, why don't you start your own thread concerning your issues since this is a change of subject.

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