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DELL M3800 (Late 2013) screen flashing and light lines on the screen

Q: DELL M3800 (Late 2013) screen flashing and light lines on the screen

I am having this problem that the bottom of the screen keeps flashing and there are several obvious light lines across the screen when under grey background. However, it seems to be fine under other colors (in boot screen check it's also fine). Here're some photos for the light lines. As for the flashing problem I cannot capture any photos. (Photos are captured by NIKON D7000 DSLR)

I purchased this Precision M3800 model with 4K touchscreen last April. And this problem repeatedly appears several times. And I have replaced the screen twice before this one.
I have done my research online. It says it's either the screen has something wrong or the wires are loose. I don't think my normal everyday use should make such damage to SEVERAL SCREENS. I use this mobile workstation for some design work at school. Software I use is mainly Photoshop, Illustrator, Rhino Modeling & Keyshot rendering.
Can anyone help me with this?

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I recently noticed some horizontal bands / lines on the screen of my 2 month old laptop.  I am running 2 external monitors and the display is fine.  The lines / bands only appear on the laptop screen.
Has anyone else encountered this issue? 

A:Dell M3800 screen issue with lines / bands

Please try the steps below for LCD BIST to check if you see any lines or bands on the screen.
1) Turn the computer off.2) Press and hold the D key while pressing the power button. This will start the BIST.3) The screen will display multiple flashing colors. 4) Look for lines, distortion, or any other video issues you have observed.5) The laptop will restart when the test is finished.
Also, provide us the service tag or the order number of your system through private message. Click on my Username and select start conversation to send private message.

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I recently noticed that my 2 month old M3800 laptop has 2 horizontal lines / bands running across the laptop display.  I have 2 dell monitors setup with no issues, the lines / bands only appear on the laptop screen.
Anyone else encounter this same issue? 
I am ready to contact Dell for a replacement / fix...

A:Dell M3800 Display with horizontal bands/lines across screen

This seems to be an issues with many M3800's I've had 5 different machines displaying this issue. The horizontal lines come at 1/3, 2/3, and at the bottom of the screen (the one at the bottom is easy to miss.) If you run the built in display test, the lines don't seem to appear but they show up quite readily if you use 3rd party screen testing programs (I use PassMark MonitorTest), specifically on Grey and Green colors and screens with horizontal gradients where the color changes along the lines.
Definitely get it replaced, but don't be surprised if the replacement ends up doing the same thing. (I've had two different 'fixed' units have recurrences of this issue.)

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Okay, so I have a 2.5 year old acer laptop, running Windows 7 and it has a Nvidia Go 7600, it is also out of warranty.

What happens can be seen in this video:
Pictures taken during a disk check (it would flip between the two):
How did this happen?
Well I started playing World in Conflict, shortly after starting a mission, screen freezes and I can't alt tab, 10 seconds later, screen goes black, 20 seconds later, and BSOD. Reboot, and the stuff in the video starts happening. About half an hour later, the flashing stops, but I still get lines and can't boot, because it gets past the win 7 logo then goes black screen. I try the startup repair utility, and then it boots fine after with no lines.

Hours later, having been playing World in Conflict for half an hour, it happens again, I shut it down when it goes black screen. Startup, and again we're back to the events in the video. However, after an hour resting, the problem still had not gone away. So I tried plugging it into a desktop monitor, no flashing , but lines still occurred and boot still went black screen. I also tried booting into Ubuntu, however that would go to a gray, TV static-like screen part way into booting. I leave it for another hour, come back and it had stopped flashing, but still had lines. Continue booting Windows 7 and I end up with a BSOD mentioning nvlddmkm.sys. Boot again, and flashing is back.... Read more

A:Flashing Screen and Lines

Laptops are notorius for frying video chips. Can happen when you close the lid and the monitor and everything stays on, everything overheats and bingo - dead graphics chip on the mobo and possibly other hardware problems. Unfortunately this usually means replacing the mobo . Another possibility is a damaged cable where the lid hinges on to the body - this is usually a flexible ribbon cable that supplies the video signal to the monitor. This would be a much cheaper fix but probably the less likely cuprit.

Good luck, hope it is still under warranty. Anything that shows up before the operating system is almost certainly hardware related except for the odd BIOS problem/virus.

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Hi all, over the last few days I've seen a bit of flickering on my laptop screen. I have a 24" external screen attached via HDMI also but it is not exhibiting issues. I had my screen replaced last month due to a few too many dead pixels, so just trying to highlight if this is a screen problem or a software problem.. as it's unclear to me.

Overview of issue;
- Initially the grey overlay would flicker on/off very quickly. This has happened over last 3 or 4 days, but it didn't persist
- This morning I noticed heavy flickering and then the grey overlay/artefacts seemed to just remain on the about 7/8th of the laptop screen. The whole screen was never affected.
- I tried doing a print-screen, and it printed my screens normally, the grey overlay/artefacts did not appear in my print-screen.
- I tried to leave extended desktop mode, and switched my display scaling on/off - the problem persisted.
- I restarted my laptop and on the sign-in screen the problem was still there
- I restarted it again and then disabled my external monitor once I got into windows, and my laptop screen came back
- I re-enabled my external screen, noticed the same flickering, and disabled it again.
- Laptop screen is still back and hasn't flickered since i disabled the external monitor.

Took a few photos of it when it happened... any thoughts would be great. Bit bamboozled by this one..

A:Dell M3800 - potential screen issue or software artefacts? Pictures a

I got a guy from Dell on chat who says, based on looking at these two photo's alone, that I should be updating my BIOS. If that fails, we would 'isolate' the problem further.

Can anyone add colour to that? He sounds like he's completly guessing

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I’ve read a couple of posts with similar problems, not sure if mine is the same thing. I have an HP Pavilion dv6t-1300 laptop, roughly 5 months old with:
Windows 7 Home Premium
Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 @ 2.2 GHz
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator/ Mobil Intel 4 series express chipset
This has only happened a handful of times, but it has basically been once a day since it’s started. I’ll have closed my laptop for a period of time, and then when I return and open it up, the screen will have these pixilated vertical lines. They’re not stationary, they disappear/reappear as I move my cursor and open/close programs (ie, not all the lines appear on the screen all the time, one column might be there, then a few others will flash on screen, then just a cross-section of the columns will appear—constant movement). Screencap doesn’t capture the lines, just the images beneath. I’ve attached photos to this post showing the display when this happens. I also posted a video on youtube showing how the lines move & change: .
I’ve updated & run my Symantec anti-virus scan, with no results. This laptop has never been dropped, damaged, etc during the 5 months I’ve had it, so I can’t imagine it’s a problem with the physical screen. (?) Is this a virus? Problem with my graphics card? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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My screen developed blinking vertical lines in the beginning to constant now. There is no more blinking, just vertical lines of varying colors. 
Is this fixable or will i have to replace my display screen?

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My laptop was updated to windows 10 a few months ago and it has been working fine.  The last week or so it has started intermittantly having green flashing lines across the bottom of the screen after being on for a while.  It is across the taskbar - you can see the icons through it but the flashing is very distracting when it is happening and therefore cannot really click on the icons.  The laptop was purchased December 2014 so not even 2 years old yet but out of warranty.  I have already been on and updated the graphics driver from the hp site but this hasnt resolved the problem.  If anyone can help? TIA

A:Intermittant flashing lines across bottom of screen

Hello,The flashing could be an indication of a hardware issue, either with the LCD itself or the LCD cables. One thing to try would be to use an external monitor if possible, if only to see if the issue also occurs on the external display. If it does happen on an external monitor as well, that could indicate an issue with the graphics card. You could also make sure that the systems BIOS is up to date, as that resolve odd, intermittent issues like this.       -I am an Hp employee, but am posting on my behalf and not on the behalf of Hp-

I am an HP Employee

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Can anyone help?

In either XP or games my screen keeps changing to multi coloured lines and boxes. If I reboot it's OK but then it does it again.

I reinstalled my graphics driver and it was OK for a couple of weeks but now its started again.

I have a P4 3.06 Ghz, 1MB ram, Radion 9600XT (256MB) and Windows XP SP2.


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Have a Toshiba Satalitte 1903 S303 and yesterday, I walked in the room and the screen was flickering in a very erratic way. Very brief flash of vertical lines, all very close together and in a 2or 3 inch band along the right side of the screen. Very brief flashes of the whole screen at the same time. Some vertical lines along the lower left edge as well. No apparent repeating of the position or number of lines. I would guess the lines were 30 or 40 to the inch. Very thin, very quick. The laptop had been on for about an hour. I shut down my printing program and exited windows for a shutdown. Windows seemed to perform normal during this flashing sequence, so I suspect the electronics controlling the viewing LCD screen.

I wonder if this is a sign that the LCD is giving up on me. I've had two LCDs on other laptops go bad before, but in those cases, one simply bit the dust while the other one lost 95% of it's brightness. Never had this reaction on screen before. Any suggestions? Toshiba simply says it needs to be seen, won't speculate or provide service on this 4 year old machine.

A:Laptop screen is flashing lines eratically

Sounds like a problem with the LCD trying to decide what crystals/pixles should be what color. I would contact toshiba and see if you can do anything (IE Replace the LCD screen). Most times you can even find a new one (the entire top panel of your laptop) for cheap.

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Okay i've never had this problem before. This morning i turned on my PC and everything was fine. I used it all through out the morning without any problems and suddenly they just popped up.

I tried restarting my PC but that didn't help. Like even when i restart my PC from the very beginning like when my DELL logo pops up i see the lines. Also i can't use my PC on normal mode it keeps restarting after i put my password in.. im only able to use it on safe mode and even on safe mode the lines show up none stop.

I've tried google but most of the answers are that the monitor doesn't work anymore and to get a new one. Well i personally thought that could be the problem so i connected my TV to see if the lines showed up and they did.. So it can't be my monitor.

I opened up my PC to see if maybe something popped out of place or something, but everything looks fine. But i am a total noob when it comes to PC hardware, but everything does look like it's in the right place.

there is a plug just hanging out called "P4" but i don't know if it's meant to be like that or what..

this is my PC info

Dell Inspiron 530s (slim)
Windows 7 home premium
Radeon X1300/X1550 Series

I also noticed that in my device manager under (display adapters)
i now have two
Radeon X1300/X1550 Series
and Radeon X1300/x1550 Series Secondary

I have no idea where this secondary came from, i don't remember ever seeing a secondary.

I don't know if the lines are s... Read more

A:[SOLVED] My Screen has PINK/GREEN lines and they keep flashing

I think its your cordto the screen. Thathappend to my xbox360 and it was the cord.

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Alright, so my monitor is being weird, and I dont know what to do. I have made a video to show the problem, im not sure if its the cable or my computer, but at the moment it is working fine, just after a an hour or two of AFK, thats when its starts happening., or when i shut off the monitor, come back a while later, and try to turn it on.

thanks for the help

A:Monitor screen flashing on and off, but the green light is still on

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My sons laptop is running on vista, he told me that since brown out or power cut is frequent.Since then his screen shows flashing and lines and spread purple colors.Its irritating in the eyes and sometimes cant see clearly the screen.Just want to know how can i fix this problem.Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.Best Regars

A:Solved: flashing screen with lines and spread purple colors

and i noticed it heats up...and will automatically turn off for sometime

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So I recently bought a Dell XPS 15 9530 and well I wanted to see how it would do in gaming. It was doing well in most games until one day, I started getting fps drops that lasted a long time. The FPS would go from whatever it started with, an example being Watch Dogs with 50 fps on low settings, to 9 fps. Another example is CS:GO where I get 60 fps on highest settings, I cap it at 60, but after a few rounds it goes down to 15 fps. So I got NVIDIA Inspector to see what was wrong as many had said it was the GPU throttling and the clocks were 135 MHz for the GPU Clock and 405 MHz for the Memory Clock instead of the default 941 MHz for GPU and 2500 MHz for Memory. The temperature was around 75 degrees celsius at most so I don't think that is the problem. It is plugged into wall while playing and I have most programs closed down when playing.
Also, I have my power plan set to 'High Performance'. The FPS drop does not last forever but lasts about 10-15 minutes and can either be resolved by restarting my laptop or, if I am lucky, restarting the game. It is quite annoying and I have been testing everything for about 2 weeks. I have tried re-installing BIOS, clean installation of drivers, used different programs like ThrottleStop, tried lowering the settings and none of these have worked.

A:What can I do about my FPS Drops/ GPU Throttling on Dell XPS 15 9530 'Haswell' Late 2013?

Thank you for reaching out to us!
For the issue that you are facing while using high graphic applications please do let me know if it is with any particular applications. If you are facing the issue with any particular application re-install the same and check for functionality. Kindly let me know the version of BIOS and the Video Driver installed so that I can assist you further.

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Hello, I received my laptop today from ebay and I expected it to work 100% and the screen is not showing how it is supposed to be. Is there an attempt on fixing this to make it work back to normal? It only shows red on the blacks and light blue one white.

Here is an example:

A:Solved: HP PAVILION DV7-2185DX Red lines on black screen and light blue on white

I would return it ASAP, looks defective to me.

Good luck on your decision

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Hi GuysI recently purchased a second hand XPS 13 and everything has been running fine until this morning. I ran ADWCleaner for general maintenance, the machine rebooted and loaded back into Windows without issue. Shortly after, the laptop started beeping over and over again. I tried rebooting only to find that the laptop won't load Windows and doesn't load past the Dell splash screen. There is no beeping during bootup. Also, I am load to setup or boot selection screens after pressing  F2 or F12. The laptop appears to register if I have selected one of those two options but will not load after the Dell screen progress bar has reached 100%I have stumbled across a couple of posts on the internet suggesting that the issue maybe motherboard related ?Does anybody have suggestions on what I can do to resolve this issue ?Thanks in advance.

A:Dell XPS 13 (2013) doesn't load past Dell splash screen

What is the exact system model? Are you using an original Dell OEM Adapter?
Download the service manual - - enter the service tag and download the manual and disconnect the adapter and battery and press and hold the power button for 30 seconds and try powering on the system with adapter only / battery only and check.
Based on your system model, check if you are able to remove and reseat the memory modules if possible.
Disconnect the HDD and check if the system goes past the Dell logo.
Try the onboard diagnostics - press and hold the fn key + power button to turn on the system and it should initiate the diagnostics. Check for any possible beeps codes.
If nothing works, then I would suspect a faulty motherboard.
If the system is under warranty, Please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name, Phone#, Address and Email). If there is no warranty, then you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Anybody can help? my desktop computer screen is flashing and can't get in at all? It is a flat screen computer (all in one). It is flashing so, can't even log in. thanks you.

A:dell desktop screen flashing

Does it only flash after loading or attempting to load Windows? or does it flash when you first power it on?
Do you get any beeps when you power it on?

If it only flashes when Windows loads, try running the Dell hardware diagnostics accessed by F12 at Power On. If that passes, my only suggestion is to do a factory reinstall from the Dell PC restore accessed by F8 at power on.

If it flashes when first powered on, that suggests a hardware problem. If it is still in warranty contact Dell support, if it is not, sadly the all in ones are basically a one motherboard with everything built on the board (like a laptop).

One final thing you can try, if this has a port for an external monitor, you could try that to see if its just the monitor that is the problem. Otherwise a new motherboard is likely what is required to fix it (or better yet, if this an older machine it may be time for a new one - sorry).

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My laptop model is dell inspiron 15 7559 i7 4k touchscreen, i am facing a screen issue on my dell 4k UHD touch display, when i play any game the screen starts to show these horizontal lines (video link at the bottom) 
i have tried following solutions with NO success:-updated nvidia and intel drivers-Changed PC resolution-Changed game refresh rate, V-sync, resolution-turned On/Off v-sync & tripple buffering from nvidia Control panel-tried to play game in window mode doesnt help too
Now following details may help u understand the issue:-when i start game from intel gpu it doesnt show lines in game-when i connect external monitor with hdmi and play game with nvida or intel it doesnt show these lines-The lines only show during gaming with nvida not while browsing watching movies etc.. but dont show up on external monitor even with nvida
My display is 4k UHD touch screen, laptop is in warranty i dont want to send it back for repairs unless necessary.. any help would be appreciated Sir, hope for a good response THANKS..VIDEO LINK: LINK: gaming flicker.avi

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Hello Members,
I am using dell inspiron 5558 laptop and from last month I am facing a problem that when in morning I start my laptop it automatically switched off and restart again with coloured lines on screen and after that when I try to start it it just start restarting process again its power light starts blinking and screen is turning dark black and light black with power light. Between this process sometime it shows coloured lines on screen and reboot after 1 to 2 minutes.
The problem not ends here when I try to start it after 3 to 4 hours it starts perfectly and work perfectly. But this same problem occurs after sometime. Dell team is also replaced its motherboard to solve this issue but till now it exists. Now I don't know how to solve this issue.
They told me to install windows again and I have tried all the original windows in this laptop windows 7 in dec 2015 after that as they told I have purchased windows 8.1 and now it is upgraded to windows 10 64 bit. If there is anyone who knows why is issue is happening please help me.

A:Dell is restarting again and again with coloured lines screen.

I am sorry that you are having this problem, I may be able to help but I have some questions on how the system is behaving that might give us a clue as to what is wrong. 
From your post I understand it that you installed Windows 10, is this correct?  When installing Windows 10- did you have any problems, did the screen go off in the middle of the install at all? When installing did Windows give you any errors?  If the install went without any problems at all, when did the problem start happening again?  Did you manage to get all the drivers installed before the problem returned and if not, what was the last driver that you installed?
Press the Windows key together and the X key and click on system / advanced system settings / and click the settings button under Startup and Recovery and uncheck ""Automatically Restart""  under system failure.   Check and see if the notebook gives any error messages after this. 
I suggest installing the following drivers if you haven't already for Windows 10
Intel HD
Geforce 920m
Please let me know if the problem continues and if you were able to get these drivers installed. 


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Hi all got a dell vostro 1015 and when I turn it on I can see load up screen and log in screen etc but screen is all pink with lines on right hand side ... is this screen problem graphics card or inverter .. thanks in advance

A:Dell Vostro screen all pink with lines

Could be an issue with either.

Try moving the screen back and forth, and gently bending the screen (especially near where it connects to the base). And, connect it up to an external monitor to test. Let us know what happens in each case.

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Hey everyone,

I'm working on A Dell Inspiron 1526 Laptop with Vista Home Premium On it. Ok I'm stuck, for when I plug it in, I hear fan go on, However NO SCREEN AT ALL, and No HDD light flickering, I had an extra HDD laying around so I popped it in to make sure it wasn't purely HDD related, still same scenario. Could it be the screen? But wouldn't I still get some sound if it was just the screen? (I turned up volume via keyboard volume button) Also No HDD Light at all, (Just power light, and occasionally battery light) could that mean HDD controller / MOBO is Bad? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!!!

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I have a dell monitor from around 2007ish that I just got, I do not have a model number or any info like that, the sticker with info was removed. But here is the issue, when I first turn it on the screen starts flashing random colors, with lines/streaks everywhere across it flashing too, I then plug in a vga or dvi cable and it still does this but you can kind of see what is actually on the computer, but it is still slashing and glitching all over the place. And then, after it is on for about 5 to 10 minutes everything is fine and as long as it stays on, nothing goes wrong. Any ideas what this would be? I have already opened it up and all of the electronic look good, no bad caps or anything, so Im just wondering what this could be caused by. Also, I do realize it is probably going bad, but I figured I would try and see if there was even a chance of finding out what was up with it.

A:Dell monitor Screen Flashing and Glitchy

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Seen a few people seem to have almost similar problems. Rather than the whole screen flickering though, it is just the lower third of the screen and its flickering aswell as not updating - i.e. totally useless.
Tried updating the drivers, restoring to before the last system update and no change. Seems like it is not a screen hardware thing since it will briefly stop if I tax the system more.
Any fixes or will I be returning it?

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There are 3 verticle lines on the screen, green, yellow and pink. I down loaded the lastest drivers from dell and cleaned the fan.Any suggestions onwhat to do next?

A:faint lines on screen of Dell Inspiron 5160

Try plugging it into an external monitor to see if that works properly. (if you have a desktop computer, use that monitor)

A monitor should plug into most notebooks on the back or side somewhere, and you may have to do some keystroke or change a setting in the display options panel to enable that external output. But if you can get it to display on the external monitor without any trouble, that means your screen is probably bad.

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I have a Dell E6410 and of late I have noticed that my system locks up with horizontal lines on my screen. No keys work and I have to hit the power button to shut down and restart.

It's a Core i5 with Intel Graphics running Windows 7 64bit.

It's under Dell cover and they already replaced the screen and motherboard but the problem continues.

I have ran Dell Diagnostics as well which ran without any problems.

I have a screenshot here. Any ideas on what could be causing this?
imgur: the simple image sharer

A:Lockup & Horizontal Lines on Dell E6410 Screen

Almost every entry in your event log seems to be this:

Log Name: System
Source: SMSvcHost
Date: 2012-11-17T17:46:49.000
Event ID: 8
Task: Sharing Service
Level: Error
Opcode: N/A
Keyword: Classic
User: S-1-5-19
Computer: Arun-Dell
An error occurred while dispatching a duplicated socket: this handle is now leaked in the process.
ID: 2168
Source: System.ServiceModel.Activation.TcpWorkerProcess/56716384
Exception: System.ServiceModel.FaultException: The client was unable to process the callback request due to an internal error. For more information about the error, either turn on IncludeExceptionDetailInFaults (either from CallbackBehaviorAttribute or from the <clientDebug> configuration behavior) on the client in order to send the exception information back to the server, or turn on tracing as per the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 SDK documentation and inspect the client trace logs.

Server stack trace:
at System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel.ThrowIfFaultUnderstood(Message reply, MessageFault fault, String action, MessageVersion version, FaultConverter faultConverter)
at System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel.HandleReply(ProxyOperationRuntime operation, ProxyRpc& rpc)
at System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel.EndCall(String action, Object[] outs, IAsyncResult result)
at System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannelP... Read more

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Hi I am new to this community, but I was hoping someone could help me.

I recently tried to install a drive from a 98 gateway into a 98 dell and one card of memory from the same computer. I did this hoping to utilize the extra storage space on the drive while consolidating space. I had never done this before, but it seemed simple. After completely dismantling the spare part computer, I installed the drive and the new computer started up showing the dell screen, but it stayed there and beeped twice. I thought about it and determined the old operating system was probably still trying to run, so I disconnected the dell's c drive hoping the old one would pen so that I could wipe it clean. This did not work. So I thought it may have been a problem the compatability. I rebuilt the gateway just enough to hook the drive back up hoping to wipe it that way; however, much of the hardware was already being used elsewhere, so I couldn't wipe the drive. I want to get on the internet and search for a way to wipe the drive, so I hooked the dell back up with only it's originals; however I have the same results, two beeps and a dell screen. Any suggestions?

Thanks very much for reading this and for any help you can offer.

A:red light on motherboard? will not go past dell screen

I assume you replaced a hard drive on a DELL with Windows 98 with a hard drive with Windows 98 from a Gateway. You can't do that unless you reinstall Windows 98.
I would like to suggest, when you swap parts between computers, that you swap one part at a time. When there is a failure, you will know which part is the culprit.

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I have a Dell XPS M1730 with Intel Centrino and Vista that suddenly started blinking solid colors, I thinkred reen blue. Soon before this happen I was having issues when using a video player, Z Video. I just put the glitches off to having Vista. I also downloaded a font from an unreliable source, yes I know, and then Avast said it detected a virus and moved it to the vault then Avast said I was all good. Well a little with later it just started blinking I could be off on the order. I pressed Escape and it stopped. Then a few minutes later it happened again and Escape did not stop it. Ctrl-alt-Escape did nothing. I hit the power button and after a few seconds it the blinking stopped and the regular shutdown process began , I saved my work allowed the programs to close and it shut down. I think I should try and restart in safe mode but I am afraid of a virus doing more damage though I suspect (hope) its just a driver issue. I am not under warranty and really need this computer to work so any help fixing this problem will be amensly appreciated. .

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I'm back again; this time with an issue on my desktop. I always set the monitor to power off after sitting idle for a few hours. This morning when I tried to use it; the monitor flashed white then went to a black screen with progressively brighter vertical colored lines in different groups across the screen. We powered it off; disconnected the monitor connector and reconnected - still get a white screen on start up then the black screen with color lines that grow brighter and brighter as time goes on. I have onboard video with this machine - praying its not that. I've read other posts here about the lines; OR the white screen but not both. Any ideas friends?

Miss Joss at a loss

A:Solved: White Screen then Multicolor Vertical Lines on Dell LCD

Solved this myself - and am very glad it was what I thought rather than the onboard vid. Plugged in another monitor and worked just fine. So my monitor is toast - found a great one on sale today so I'm all set. Happy Holidays everyone ...

Joss no longer at a loss

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My dell latitude is showing strange colors across the screen and there are lines going up and down sometimes. When I restart the computer the loading windows screen shows up as normal but when it gets any further it is all messed up. Any suggestions how to fix this? I checked the control panel and everything seems to be fine there.

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My battery light started flashing on my Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop (OS = XP). About 3 weeks ago, I replaced the battery with a new one, based on the light flashing and a "0" charge being held in the old battery. For 3 weeks everything was fine. Now it is flashing again (in flashes of 4 flashes in a group), but the battery still reads OK, 100% available battery power, and I mostly routinely run on the AC charger plugged in. Is this a software problem? Or hardware? The new battery should last longer than 3 weeks. The light flashing does not effect the PC operation... YET. But I am nervous.
Can anyone recommend what to do about this? [email protected]

A:Flashing Dell Battery Light

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I was using my Dell XPS 14z today and the battery light started blinking orange 4 times then white once. It stated that my battery had crashed was no longer charging. I read here that that might be a bios problem so I updated my BIOS to the current one for my system and that was a A06 (according to this website). After flashing the new BIOS, the problem persisted. The Next recommendation was to remove, wait, then replace the battery, but there is no way to remove the battery from this unit. 

My battery health check says it is working normally. However, it is not charging and is still slowly draining even on the AC adapter. Any help?

A:Dell XPS 14z Flashing Orange Light

I had a very similar situation with my Dell XPS 14z. I've got installed A03 bios though.
On startup It said the message:
"This battery charging is temporarily disabled. Press F2 entering BIOS Setup Menu, Battery Status for details.
Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run setup the utility"
To fix it, I entered the BIOS Menu with F2 -> Advance -> Charger Behaviour -> Disabled
Hopefully the problem will go away in my case!

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I just changed my motherboard, but unfortunately the light Infront of the laptop keeps flashing. It flashes orange 2x and white 1x. Any idea what this code means?

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 flashing light

Hi Fopoku2k2
Thanks for writing to us.
Looks to be an issue with the memory or the memory slot.
Try re-seating the memory modules and then with one module at a time. If still the same, the probably the slots are faulty.
Have you replaced with same type of motherboard? Provide us the part# please.
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name
in blue and then select send a private message

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Hey everybody,

Im going crazy cause my computer will not make it past the initial dell startup screen with the two options of pressing F2 or F12. After it loads that page it simply goes to a blank screen with a flashing underscore ( _ )

I would be extremely grateful if anyone can find me a solution to this problem. Ive tried both F2 and F12 and changed just about every setting i could think of including the order of process to boot. I ran diagnostics and nothing worked. I removed the battery and ran off of a/c power and still nothing. I also unplugged everything from the usb ports.

Some info about my computer: dell inspiron 1525 running on windows vista

Thank you to anyone who can help

A:Blank screen with Flashing underscore dell inspiron 1525

Sounds like you are experiencing hard drive failure, or hard drive corruption. I just repaired a computer with the exactly same issue, and realized that the partition tables on the drive was corrupted. Then after further diagnosis, realized that the partition tables were corrupted due to the drive physically failing.

Do you have a Dell partition for the hard drive utility?

Starting Dell Diagnostics From Your Hard Drive

The Dell Diagnostics is located on a hidden
diagnostic utility partition on your hard drive.
NOTE: If your computer cannot display a
screen image, see &#8220;Contacting Dell&#8221; on
page 50.
1. Ensure that the computer is connected to an
electrical outlet that is known to be working
2. Turn on (or restart) your computer.
3. When the DELL&#8482; logo appears, press <F12>
immediately. Select Diagnostics from the
boot menu and press <Enter>.
NOTE: If you wait too long and the operating
system logo appears, continue to wait until
you see the Microsoft® Windows® desktop;
then, shut down your computer and try again.
NOTE: If you see a message stating that no
diagnostics utility partition has been found,
run the Dell Diagnostics from the Drivers
and Utilities media.

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A couple of days ago, I'd fallen asleep with my laptop on and thus it went to sleep and eventually into hibernation. When I went to turn it on in the morning, the hard drive whirred as usual and the Dell loading screen came on (the screen with the Dell symbol, loading bar, and setup/boot options), but after that, my laptop went to a black screen with a flashing white underscore and wouldn't boot.

I restarted it manually a few times (as much as I hated to), and eventually hit F12 and selected the option of booting from the internal HDD. I'd thought it was maybe a one-time thing, but I wouldn't be so lucky.

Today when I got home, after my computer had been shut down from 7am to 8pm, I went to turn my computer on and the same thing happened. So, as last time, I restarted it manually and selected F12, but my laptop didn't even go to the options menu; it went right to the flashing underscore. I restarted again and selected the boot from internal HDD and it booted like it usually does, but I'm worried that this is going to become a trend.

My laptop -- a Dell Inspiron 1545 -- is only 2 years and four months old. I take great care of any electronic I own and am adept when it comes to computers, but not with this type of thing. Anyway, tonight I did a scan with System Checkup for free, and it told me that I have signs of physical corruption on drive C. I don't really know what that means and I want so desperately to fix it, but I really have... Read more

A:Flashing underscore after Dell loading screen, Windows 7, no boot

The first thing I would suggest is that you back up all your important data to an external source, if you want to wait until you get the external hard drive back (wherever it is) that may be beneficial if you have a lot to back up, or use CD/DVD's.

Then I would run the manufacturer's diagnostics to get a clear picture on the health of your hard drive. If the results indicate the drive is failing then you will need to replace it, but if it comes up clean we can proceed with further diagnosis.

Identify the make of your hard drive and then use one of the links below to get the manufacturer's diagnostics for ISO (CD) not the one for Windows.

When the download is complete right click the file and select Extract Here and burn the image to a CD.

In Windows 7 right click the extracted file, select Open With, then select Windows Disc Image Burning Tool then follow the prompts. For all other versions of windows (if you do not have an ISO burner) download this free software. ImgBurn
Install the program and start the application. Select the top left hand option to burn image file to disk and then on the next window click on the small yellow folder icon and browse to the file you have downloaded from the links below. Then click on the two grey discs with the arrow in between (bottom left) and leave it to complete the operation.

Boot the PC into the Bios setup and set the CD/DVD drive to 1st in the boot sequence. Insert the disk in the drive then reboot and ... Read more

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I resetted the BIOS and computer restarted, however, it now reads Performing IDE configuration. Under that it reads; Primary Master: IDE configuration.....
Secondary Master: CD-ROM Reader
Secondary Slave: CD-ROM Reader
After that, I can't do nothing. What do I do next?

A:Getting a Black Screen with a flashing indicator, after the DELL intro at startup.

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Hi, my Dell Inspiron 9400 is 6 years old, but I've never operated it on battery. Yet my battery light (right-most light on right hinge of screen) is flashing orange. How come?

A:Dell Computer battery light flashing

Time to replace your battery, even though you say you never used it, the battery is used to some extent each day and over time batteries will go bad. Getting six years of use on a battery is very good indeed.

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I bought a Dell Dimension 8400 last year and it's great up to a point.
Occasionaly it will refuse to boot and will just display an orange flashing light on the box. I then have to hold the power button on to power off completely.
It does this when I haven't used it for a few days, when I've just used it for a few hours and other random times.
It also sometimes just dies when I am using it - sometimes after a few hours, sometimes after a longer time. It will then go into refuse to boot mode as above.
I try and boot again and after a seemingly random number of times, usually as I'm about to hurl it out of the window it will boot up quite happily. It does not perfom chkdsk or any other diagnostics at this time.
I have scanned with AVG virus scan - no viruses. I have used adaware and Spybot remover so the machine is clean of spyware.
I have used Dell's hardware diagnostic software and the machine appears to be clean.
Is there anything else I can try please??????

A:Dell Won't Boot - Orange Flashing Light

Here's a quote from another post of mine. Please follow the directions in it and let us know what error messages that you find.Next, please go to Start...Control Panel...Administrative Tools...Event Viewer. Once EventViewer opens there will be 3 categories listed in the left hand pane (Application, Security, andSystem). Please click on each one (in turn) and view the messages for that category in the righthand pane. Look for any error messages around the time of the last problem. Then right click onthe error and select "Properties". In the window that opens will be a text description of theerror - please copy it down and forward it to me. The error text should generally be in the format of 0x0000007a - with the last 2 letters'numberschanging depending upon the error. Also, usually another 4 sets of these numbers follows theerror message - they are important also. Finally, at times there is a file name mentioned withthe error message - please let me know what it is.If there are too many errors to choose from, please let me know and we can proceed a bitdifferently. Also, generally speaking, the usual location for this type of error will be in theSystem category - but there is a possibility that it may be in the other areas. Please do noterase your log files until we're finished troubleshooting this issue.

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I got a Dell desktop that won't power up. I've unplugged everything, plugged it back in, held down the power button...nothing. The amber light on the front just keeps flashing, even with the power cord unplugged from the computer.

Any ideas? Bad power supply?

A:Dell desktop amber light flashing

I'd say so. Do you have or know anyone that has a similar computer? That way, you can switch PSUs to see what the problem really is.

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Hello Techies, this is my first time on Tech Support Guys. So here goes.
I have a Dell Dimensions 3000 desktop about 7 years old that does not start.
Symptoms are as follows:
- Power light on front of tower flashing amber when turned on
- Light on motherboard is solid green
- Power supply fan does not run
- Diagnostic lights do not light up at all
- Checked USB ports for bent pins and are OK.
- Removed power supply unit and visually checked components. Appears OK.
I was going to replace battery on motherboard but I have not recorded System Info. Can I still do this?
All is pointing to faulty power supply.
All help appreciated.

A:Dell 3000 amber light flashing

Jump a known good power supply to the board and see if that solves your problem. 95% chance that it is a defective power supply. You really can't tell much about the condition of the power supply by examining the external portion.

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The battery light is flashing red all the time for the past 48 hours. even when battery is fully charged.
Also, battery doesn't last as long as it usually does.

Please help

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Hey, Reciever80 here.

My computer a while ago got the solid amber light, and I believe i blew dust out of my case and took out/put back in the power cord and it was all good after that. Then maybe a month later, I got the flashing amber light (which was maybe 3 weeks ago).

I've used my old power supply, my current one (around 500 watts), and my second optiplex's PSU (yes i have 2--one in my study and one in my bedroom).

I've replaced the RAM, the Processor, i've disconnected all the cords, PCI cards etc. and reconnected them and it still gives me the same error.

And also, i have to unplug and plug in the power cord in order to retry the boot, and each time i do, the fan on my graphics card flutters for a single flick, and then stops. The CPU fan and PSU fan do not move.

So i figure it's the motherboard. I've looked up on the internet what busted capacitors look like, and nowhere on my motherboard is one. They all (from what i can see...) look fine, and everything seems to be running normal, however that's not the case...

Any help? I'd like to know whats wrong before i end up buying a new motherboard...

Is there anychance the motherboard warped or something? If so how can i tell?

Thanks for any help in advance....


A:Optiplex 320 Dell Flashing Amber Light :/

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A couple of weeks ago, my Dell E510 started shutting off randomly. After it would shut off, the front would start flashing a yellow light, but the computer could be turned back on by holding down the power button and pressing it again. About two weeks later, this solution stopped working, and the pc would always show a blinking amber light, regardless of any attempts to turn it back on .
After several days of researching the problem, I found out that it could be a power supply. I ordered the exact same PSU that was previously in my pc, and installed it. To my surprise, it worked! Sadly, after 20 minutes of use, it shut off and I am now unable to get it to turn on again.
I have cleaned the entire case, and there are no corroded or leaking pins or caps on the motherboard. I just recently replaced the CMOS battery, so I don't think that is the culprit. I have tried fiddling with the wattage switch on the back of the case, but that didn't seem to do anything for me. I also tried resetting the CMOS memory by using the 2-pin jumper plug. Nothing seems to be working.
Is this a motherboard problem, or something else?

A:Dell E510 Flashing Amber Light

Thanks for writing to us. 
That sounds more of a motherboard failure. 
You can try to remove memory modules and observe if the system beeps , then put back the modules one by one and look for any promising changes. 
if nothing works, please consider replacing motherboard. 

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I am having trouble turning my laptop on. when i press the on button the dell startup screen comes on and then goes to a black screen with only f12 and f2 as the options to click on.

I have tried turning the laptop off, resetting it by taking the battery out, pressing on f8 for the advance menu, and ran diagnostic and memory test as well. still no results.

I have the dell drivers and utilities cd rom, however when I try to boot up the computer through the cd rom im reaching a black page that has F\:< and i do not know what to enter in that field.

Somebody please help!! I called dell however i do not have warranty any longer any help would be much appreciated I need it for college ASAP!!

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This is my first time posting here. Please forgive my ignorance, as I'm super not tech-savvy at all.

I'm going to try to explain what's going on as best as I can to see if anyone can throw me a bone here.

I have a Dell Inspiron 531, about 4 years old, and it's worked just fine up until yesterday.

I plugged my Canon camera into the front USB port to grab some photos off of it, when my computer froze. I had to hold down the power button to get it to shut off.

I restarted, and found that after the Dell logo comes up, the screen goes black except for a white cursor that flashes in the upper right hand corner. This has been going on since last night.

The only two options it gives me appear during the Dell logo screen when I can hit either F12 for the boot menu or F2 for startup menu. Once the screen goes black and I see that cursor, key punching does nothing.

I'm not sure if this is worth mentioning but, at one point, I somehow found myself at a memory diagnostics menu and it ran and found no errors but then froze at 99%. I have no idea how I was able to do that, and I can't find it again.

Sorry if I left out any info. Anyone have an idea on what I can do to start troubleshooting?

A:Black screen with flashing cursor in upper corner after Dell logo

Have you tried unplugging everything from the computer except for mouse and keyboard?

You may attempt a Startup Repair

Are you able to boot into safe mode? Safe Mode

If you have another computer, you can burn Memtest to a disk and run memory diagnostics.
RAM - Test with Memtest86+

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I have a Dell Latitude E6400 on which the LED Screen Display / Video shows steady vertical lines in the right half of the display (partial display on the left side is good, see picture). I have already tested the external VGA port - it displays correctly on an external LCD monitor. The vertical lines are constant and of the same brightness, regardless of the position of the laptop lid. Could this be a problem with the inverter or the LCD display ribbon cable? Or something else? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

P. S. Please note that the golden glow on the top left side of the screen is just a reflection of an ambient light.

A:Dell Latitude E6400 LCD / LED Video Screen Has Partial Display Vertical Lines

It's not the inverter (assuming the display has one);  that simply controls the backlight.  It may or may not be the cable - likely it is not.  It looks like a damaged display panel.

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I have a Dell Dimension 4700C that I recently inherited from my mother when she bought a new computer. Initially, she gave up on it (without consulting me) because her monitor was blank when she turned it on. I installed a new video card and voila, a working computer.

...for about 3 days. I go to boot it up today and I get the amber blinking light of death, or so it is called. I read a previous thread on here suggesting it was the power cord, so I tried a different cord of the same type. Same problem. I went to Dell's tech support online and followed the instructions there: turn off computer, remove and reseat components, turn on computer. Tried this twice to no avail.

The computer was purchased in 2005, so I doubt it would be worth my time taking it to a shop to have it fixed. Any ideas on what it could be (other than the power supply) that I could possibly fix/replace myself? Anything is appreciated. I was trying to get this up and running to turn into a gaming PC.

Thanks for your time!


A:Amber Flashing Light on Dell Dimension 4700C

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I am currently having a problem when I hit the power button on my computer. The power light flashes amber for 5 to 10 minutes before the computer actually starts up. It then goes green and starts to boot. Does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem>

A:Problem with Dell XPS 400 amber flashing power light

This occurs when there is a hardware issue. If you change anything then goback and check to see if it was correctly installed. (Reseat memory for example)Could be any hardware including the power supply, loose cables, video card ect..

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On the power button there is a orange flashing light not letting you turn on your machine.

Well Iv'e got a simple fix

Just do what I do:

First check your cables are connected securley

Secondly Press the power button.

Thirdly Remove the power cable.

Wait 10 seconds, Cross fingers.

*Important Part* While Inserting the power cable quickly press the power button.

The post should not come on.

Then simply power on your machine.


Your Welcome

A:*Fix* Dell Optiplex Gx280, orange flashing light

It is working
thanks a lot

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The battery light on my Dell Inspiron 6000 is flashing orange/green in a pattern (orange-orange-orange/green). It is a fast-fast-fast/slow flashing. What does it mean. It also says my battery has 69% charge and is charging, but the percentage does not increase. Time for a new battery?

A:Dell Inspiron 6000 battery light is flashing

The battery status light means the battery is too Hot to charge, let it cool overnight, then try charging, if it does it again, then the battery needs replaced.

Page 64 of this PDF


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Hi & Thanks for reading my question,

I have a Dell e510 I am trying to fix for a friend. When power is turned on, the power light flashes green for an instant, then continues to flash amber. Nothing at all appears on the monitor. It goes to flashing amber in a sec or 2.

I have unplugged all the components and removed the memory so that I have just the motherboard and video card. I have replaced the Power supply. I have remocved the CMOS battery. Still having the problem. Is it possible that a bad or no hard drive (I have the power unplugged to the hard drive at this point). Would cause a Dell E510 not to POST.


A:Dell e510 Flashing Amber Power Light

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I am dazed with this problem. Trying to find the solution on all the forums.

My brother owns a Dell Desktop computer and suddenly it stopped working.

- The Power button light is flashing continuously.
- The green light on the motherboard is perfectly on.
- The port light where the telephone wire goes and the usb port next to it on the motherboard is blinking continuously.
- The processor is not starting.
- If I remove the power cord, the lights mentioned above and same for 15 seconds.

What must be the possible problem.

MAny Thanks in advance


A:Dell PC not starting: amber flashing power light

You would be dazed again, because this is probably caused by a failing power supply. The blinking power button is a good clue. The green LED on the motherboard simply means that you have a power cord plugged in... It could be a bad motherboard too, but power supplies are easier to replace and cheaper to start with

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I am new to this site. Not real knowledgable in computers, but was told a network card (mine was fried by lightning) was easy to install. I did install it.shut down power, opened computer case, just picked an open slot and inserted card. I hooked everything back up and turned the computer back on. However, my computer screen will not light up. I re-checked cords..everything is in place. The computer is running, but the screen will not light up. Any Ideas??

A:Dell B110 Added a Network Card-Now Computer Screen will not light up

welcome to TSG

I am not sure, but I don't think you can just plug a card into any slot, you should replace the faulty one and put it into the same slot.
Also lightning could have fried more then just the network card.

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Hi everyone; I have a dell D630 that I started having problems with about 2 months ago, in the middle of normal functions vertical rows of small green bricks would appear, followed shortly by a crash. Then, I can power it back up but the screen will remain black. It lights up, the pixels are obviously functioning but it is black. Every once in a while it will work again but only for about 1-5 min and the green lines will come back.

This happened shortly after I had it outside during a construction project where it may have gotten some dust in it or something... I am guessing this is relevant?

I have tried blowing everything with a little keyboard cleaner air can, but that is all.

Any help would be great.


A:Green lines/bricks, crashes, powers up but no screen display. Dell Latitude D630

Hi bbblades222,
is that onboard video, or a card? the green lines,bricks, etc sound like an overheating problem, most likely vram. also you indicated that you had to recently move your machine, try re-seating your graphic card (if you have one) . and welcome to Techspot

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Hi everyone - my Dell Studio XPS 9100 tower computer turns on and works fine except there's a flashing amber light. Today I moved it from one part of my office to another and now there's a flashing light on the power button. I've read it might've been a power supply or motherboard failure but my computer starts up and works with, seemingly, no problems. Any help is greatly appreciated.A.

A:Dell Studio XPS 9100 turns on but with flashing amber light

Hi mindofchester,
This is normally the power supply. So you're saying that it works sometimes and other times the system fails to start?

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Here is my computer specs:
DELL Optiplex GX520
Windows XP Professional

This is my first time here... here is the issue... my friend gave me his computer for me to fix it. I replaced the hdd, I also reinstall the OS (Windows XP recovery disk used). Everything was fine and I let it stand there for a couple of days... maybe a week. After that I decided to get everything ready by connecting the remaining devices and closing the chassis. The computer started to show the blinking amber light. I opened the chassis again, disconnected everything and connect them one by one without luck. I also reset the battery, and changed the jumpers to the opposite ones (I inserted the pin in one side and it showed a steady amber light, in the other jumper a blinking amber light. I also switched the power surge from on to off a couple of times. The usb ports seem okay (I also removed all of my usb devices including the mouse and keyboard). The power supply was tested and it works, I also bought another ssf power supply (from Ebay... it was the same power supply by the same manufacturer, same watts and just identical). It stay with the flashing light. I don't think is the motherboard since the mobo's light is and when I replaced it with a normal power supply it works perfectly. So I don't know what's wrong... I don't think the hardware is wrong since it work with one of my power supply's from my other computer. The problem is that there is not wa... Read more

A:My Dell Optiplex GX520 has the dreaded flashing amber light

i have the exact same problem, with the exact same pc, did you come to any soloution?

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i am using dell optiplex 780-Mini Tower. last week my pc didn't startup windows and stuck load on dell logo screen with flash light showing 1 - 4 and off LED light. also  didn't access/load boot menu, bios. i tried power on with all external devise unplugged but show same problem.
can you pls help me out. thanks in advance. 

A:dell optiplex 780-Mini Tower. flashing 1 and 4 with off power light

You ram is bad.  F2 Bios setup requires working ram.

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Hi everyone,

I need your help/suggestion for next steps. I have a Dell Dimension E310 that have been working well for a long time, but started flashing amber light on power on w/ blank screen. Behavior is like this:1) Flashing amber power light on power up. No beeping sound.
2) All 4 diagnostic lights lit up, steady green
3) CPU fan runs
4) Blank dark screen, windows does not start
5) But here was the weird part... If we leave it on for 20-30 minutes (in flashing amber state), then plug the external backup storage drive to the front USB, then Windows starts.
6) This technique had been true for 2-3 weeks, but now I could not get the PC to start at all.

​I checked the USB slot and can not see any apparent damage. I have also replaced the 3V system battery. Thanks.

A:Solved: Dell Dimension E310 flashing amber light

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Hi there,

I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 which is now refusing to start at all. When I plug in the power, the orange battery light on the front edge flashes continuously. If I press the power button, the fan starts up, but I am getting nothing on the screen and no other lights at all.

Situation the same whether battery attached or not.

Any suggestions on how to proceed would be gratefully received.


A:Dell Inspiron 1525 won't start up - flashing orange light only

Im going to guess a failed battery, power supply problem, or a bad motherboard.The battery will be easy to replace the other ones may or may not be easily fixable.

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Hi, this is my first post and I have never used any other forum so i hope I'm diong things the right way.

I have a Dell Optiplex Gx280 and it won't start, an amber light is flashing in the power button. I have read the manual and it states the following:

If the power light is blinking amber ?

The computer is receiving electrical power, but an internal power problem might exist.

Ensure that the voltage selection switch is set to match the AC power at your location (if applicable).
Ensure that the processor power cable is securely connected to the system board.

I did both things but it still does'nt power up.

I opened the comptuer and the stand by power light is on, (the one in the system board). I don't know if this is ok.

What else can i do?

Thanks for your help.


A:Dell Optiplex GX280 won't start, amber light flashing

How long have you had this machine? Is it brand new? If so take it back. If it's not new, what is the last thing you did to your machine? Any modifications? You are not getting any signal. An amber light means it's running but it's not going to show up on the screen.

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Last night, while I was browsing the Net, my laptop suddenly stopped working. I got a black screen and the Caps light was flashing. I tried to reset it and re-start it but all I got was the caps light flashing a few times and then going off. However, after a while, I tried to re-start the computer and it worked for about 15 minutes after which the same thing happened.

Any idea what could be wrong? What is the meaning of the flashing Caps light? Thank you.


A:Dell Inspiron 600m Stopped Working - The Caps Light Flashing

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I've just received my new laptop and after only a week's use noticed a couple of 'hot spots' on the screen yesterday.  One top right corner (under the X to close fully opened windows) and one slightly smaller top left (where the 'back' icon is on a fully opened browser).
They only appear when there's a light background (window, desktop image, etc).
I've printed the screen and they don't appear there - so I can only assume it's a display problem.
It's a touch screen display, but I've only used that once or twice so far and then only to slide the lock screen up so I can log in, or to move a web page up/down from the center (or lower half) of the display.
Basically they look like worn down (rubbed) hot spots, but I've not even 'touched' the screen there yet as far as I can remember...
I could 'live' with it, if it weren't for the annoying fact that they are at the edge of my blind spots - so I keep on thinking I see flashes and find my eye moving up towards them... 
Very annoying... have uploaded two pics (one with Outlook and other with Chrome open).

A:White smudges on Precision M3800 screen

Hi Thoughtbubble,
I see that you are facing display issues on your system. We need to diagnose if the issue is related to LCD screen on the system to confirm we will have to perform the ‘LCD BIST’ (Built in Self-test) on the computer. Please follow the steps mentioned below to run the “LCD BIST’.
1. Turn of the computer.
2. Press and hold down the ‘D’ key on the keyboard and press the Power button.
3. You will see different colors on the LCD screen. Please check if you see the whit spots on the colors screen.
If you see the white spots on the system while the LCD bist is running you will have to replace the LCD.
Also, connect the laptop to an External monitor to check If you see the white spots on the system on the external display.

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Today I booted my computer up to be promoted with a black screen, I gave it a good half an hour before forcing it to shutdown, to which when I booted it back up. Was then promoted with a blue screen about the video card not being able to lead, that happened twice.

I then booted it into safe mode, fiddled around with the drivers to see what was going on, after restarting it again, I got the same black screen, this kept on happening. I then concluded my best solution was to install XP, this worked the video card runs. So the card is not dead, but there are multiple blue lines going down the screen in 4 columns. After going into the device manager I saw that it claimed it was not installed, then I went to Google and downloaded the driver, after installing the computers goes to the same black screen that I got on windows 7.

I have no clue what the problem is, so any help would be most appreciated. Also I tried installing Linux, but after getting though then loading screen of the installer, it goes to the black screen. At the moment in am on my tablet so sorry if there are so many mistakes. I'll try and get some photos of how it looks.

PC Specs:

- Dell Dimension E520
- Intel pentium D
- 2gb Ram
- Nvidia Geforce 7300 LE


Thank you, any help will be hugely appreciated.

Sean Hall.

A:Geforce 7300 LE - Blue screen of death - Multiple lines down screen.

Hi Sean,

I don't like to say it, but it sounds like the graphics card is dead. I had the same issue on an old 8800gts, it would work until I installed the drivers, then I would get very bad artifacts/lines down the screen.
I tried it on 2 different PC's with the same end result once the drivers were installed.


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Hello, I had a very odd incident with my computer.

ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0
Ripjaws Gskill 2x4GB
Rosewill Green Series 630W
Also have a Cooler Master 212 EVO for the CPU
R9 270x Gigabyte OC Edition

So I was playing a game called Gnomoria, which to my knowledge shouldn't be very taxing on a computer... When suddenly my screen went brown with vertical lines! I could still hear the music playing but it seemed my PC was frozen. I decided to then restart the computer. As windows booted up, I got the chime that signals you were moments away from logging only to get a screen that is black. I can move the cursor but thats its... nothing else works. I then restarted my computer again with the same problem. Finally, I restarted the computer again but in safe mode with networking and I got that to work. Beyond this point I am not very experienced when it comes to computers, though I did build this rig myself. I'm just wondering what went wrong, and how can I start to fix this problem. I was not overclocking at all, at temps right before the Brown Screen looked cool with the CPU at 40C and the GPU around 35-40C. I also posted this under graphics problems mostly because this issue probably is GPU related. I'm running on 3.12, or 3.9 drivers. Im not sure which one but I am running on older ones mainly because I was having Blue Screen issues about 2 months ago which was fixed thanks to this forum. I'm just not sure where to go from here, any help would be appreciated.

A:Brown Screen and Vertical Lines - Black Screen on Boot

I forgot to mention that I did a system restore which brought it back 10 days earlier in which a version of direct X was installed. The system restore didn't work though and i was still welcomed with the black screen and only a mouse cursor. I have not changed any settings though recently.

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I have never seen a screen like this in the 20 years I've had my own computer.

I had Windows 8 on a secondary drive as a dual boot with Windows 7 temporarily as I migrated to Windows 8. I somehow messed up either the boot loader or somehow corrupted the Win8 install for which I'll skip the details for now. But it was just as I was starting to decommission my Win7 install (I removed one drive from the 2-drive mirror running Win7 but figuring the single disk left would still run in a 'degraded' status. It ended up messing something up.).

I've been running bootrec /fixmbr, fixboot, scanos, and rebuildBCD from my Win8 USB stick and it says it completed but no luck on booting. I get either 0xc0000001 or 0xc000021a errors. Auto repair can't fix it.

I tried running this command, "bcdboot c:\windows /s c:", and got the screen shown in the attachment. White vertical lines on an orange background.

The only drives connected is the Win8 SSD sata drive and a DVD drive on IDE. I disconnected the DVD drive and the Win8 flash screen would appear with the circular dots but would freeze right there.

I don't have logs or screenshots to show but the single partition on the SSD is marked as active via diskpart (no system reserve partition), bcdedit shows c:\windows as the default location of the OS, diskpart shows the partition as c:, but the DVD drive is disk0, and the SSD is disk 1. Would that be a problem?

It is like it can't find the winload.exe file but I verified it exists... Read more

A:'White Vertical Lines on Orange Screen' Screen of Death

Have you tried putting the removed drive back in?

It looks like a video card problem (hardware) to me - but it shouldn't be that because you're able to use the USB Startup Repair functions (am I right in this assumption?). That means (to me) that it's likely to be a video driver problem (?).

Can you attempt to boot into Safe Mode? If so, what happens?
Does the screen problem show up after POST is completed? If so, at what point does it show up?

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When I turn on my computer all I get is a black screen with the flashing cursor up in the left corner of the screen. Any ideas as to how to correct this? I have a Dell from he'll computer-- inspiron E1505 about 8 years old and just had windows 7 home edition installed on it

A:Black screen with flashing cursor in upper left corner of screen

Hey I just went through something very similar. I found that my SATA cable connecting the hard drive to the motherboard had failed. I replaced it with a new SATA cable, and it booted right up. Try the cable first if you have one lying around, plus its a cheap solution. If you replace the cable and it still won't boot up, it might be your hard drive. Seeing as how your machine is that old, it could fail at any time.

Do you get anything on the screen when you turn it on?

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After not turning on my PC for about a month, I went to turn it on and the following events took place:
1. Normal boot to Desktop, no problems
2. Desktop image is stable on both monitors (dual monitor setup)
3. I let it sit there for a couple of minutes waiting for everything to load
4. I click to open "ANY" program and screens go to a flashing state of black and momentary program, back and forth, back and forth, single screen or both doesn't matter, Checked all connections off of video card output to monitors and there fine.
5. Finally I get the "BLUE" screen of death
6. PC automatically shuts down and goes to boot up a Option Screen for SAFE MODE
7. PC works fine in SAFE MODE w/Network option, but won't do a "RESTORE" either from SAFE MODE
I never got a Win 7 Disk with the PC, but I did create a IMAGE disk on my WD Portable HD a few months ago. How do I get that file (on the WD HD) to run as I can't see any EXE files to get it started and I can't get the PC the start it either. I'm starting to attempt to copy all my files off the PC in case I'll need to something drastic.
Any help is greatly appreciated is getting me back up and running, and by the way, I'm not vary computer savy, so please refer to things to do as a dummy like me can understand them. Great site and thank you all for sharing your knowledge with dummy's like me................

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Hi I am running Windows 7 Professional with Office 2013. i am using .pst files, and have the standard current .pst, plus an archive, plus about 4 older archives I have used this concept for years - no issues. Recently, once or twice a day, the email I am reading goes white, the text disappears, and the only way to recover is to close Outlook and immediately restart it. And suggestions would be would be really appreciated. ps I consider myself reasonably skilled in IT - but this one has me stumped. I have turned off archiving to see if that would help. Many thanksHarvey

A:Outlook 2013 crash with white screen. The whole screen goes

I'm not too familiar with Outlook 2013 but Is it possible to make a new desktop shortcut to open it, then right click the shortcut and choose "Run as administrator"? If so, as an alternative you could also select "Properties > Shortcut tab > Advanced button" and set it there to run as admin.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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When i run maplestory my screen goes black and my screen light power button blinks.
What can be the problem?

A:When i run maplestory my screen goes black and my screen light power button blinks

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Hi Everyone!

I just joined and hopefully I can be of some help for others, but for starters I need to ask for help for myself! Before posting this, I did a search of the forums here but did not find anything identical to my issue.

I have a 10-month old Acer 5100 notebook that will no longer start Windows Vista (Home Premium if that matters).

A few nights ago I noticed the machine was at the "Windows did not shut down properly" screen (black background/white text). Unfortunately I was not around the machine when it got into this mode. The screen showed a list of 5 or less choices - I think the default highlighted choice was to let Windows search the hard disk for errors. I chose this but it didn't seem to start after watching it for several minutes. So being the impatient sort, I rebooted the PC and the same black screen with choices displayed. This time I selected 'Start Windows Normally' but when the system came back up it ends at the same screen again. (I believe the "Windows did not shut down properly" screen I was seeing was not the normal one I've always seen, but a different one with less choices, if that makes sense)

So I said forget this, I have a backup. I tried restoring a backup of the hard drive I made with Acronis True Image (I booted off the True Image CD). I chose to only restore just the C: partition. Both times I tried, it gets to over 50% complete then there's a message about the image being corrupt.

So I shu... Read more

A:Vista won't Start, Screen Hangs at Flashing Cursor, Hard Drive LED Always Flashing

bump for the day

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Hi, I've been having this problem. When I start my computer, the whole screen is white for awhile, then it turns black. There is no windows startup logo or my computer brand logo. Then my screen starts flashing and the power button on my monitor blinks and the monitor makes TOK sounds every 2 seconds and then the screen flashes and starts doing that over and over until it decides to make the whole screen white and stay like that. Here's what it looks like: 
I tried manually restarting my computer by holding the power button and after a few tries, sometimes, if I'm lucky, it will let me login and then everything is fine.
Today, I went through this process and today I tried turning off the monitor when the screen was white. It restarted and black flashing but made the screen turn white faster. I just kept trying, turning the monitor off and on again because I didn't know what to do. Then I was so lucky, the login page for windows came up and I was able to login; now everything is normal. I can go online and everything without any problems until I shut down my computer and start it up again. Then it's back to square one.
Can anyone help me fix this problem? Should I buy a new monitor? I've had this one for a few years, but my desktop is new; It's one year old in 3 days. (April. 4)
Thanks in advance! 

A:Black flashing screen/ Total white screen


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Hi fellas,

I have a Dell Dimension 8400 which stopped working three years ago. It was running Windows XP with SP 2 or 3 - I can't remember for sure. It has 2GB RAM and a 256MB ATI Radeon graphics card.

Whenever I boot up it goes straight to a black screen with a flashing cursor on the top left. There is no Dell splash screen and no option to access the BIOS by tapping F8. This Dell has four indicator lights on the back to let a user know if there is a problem. The first three lights are green and the fourth one in orange. I looked this up on the manual and it says refer to technical support.

So far I have tried the following:
Removed optical drives to see if the machine would boot up without them - it didn't. I am not confident enough to start taking parts off the motherboard just yet.
Booted up without any additional peripherals attached including mouse and keyboard
Tried booting up from an old Windows XP install disc - that had no effect either

So I am pretty much stumped as to what to do with this machine. Doing a Google search, others with the same problem have been unable to fix it. I just want to know if it is worth the time to revive this machine, or to let go. Any help would be appreciated.


A:Black Screen, Flashing Cursor, No POST Screen

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I have been trying to fix this for a good 4 hours now, it occurred suddenly, my computer force restarted and I got these white lines only when I got into the log in screen, the loading windows screen did not have these lines, there around about 8 of them across my monitor, I ignored them at first and tried to log in, but when I log in a blue screen with no text comes up, and so I restarted my computer and entered safe mode with networking, it loaded fine, with no horizontal lines.
However when loading it did pause on a driver for a while, AswRvrt.sys ,though it said it loaded and safe mode with networking did start.

So to try and get a normal boot to work I tried a system repair, this didn't fix it, I also tried a system restore, again this didn't fix it either, the lines still appear on a normal boot, I have no idea what's causing it.

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Had this monitor for a month and while i was watching a youtube video i turned to my side because i have two monitors and it is flashing gray. I turned my pc off but its still flashing. I didnt touch it at all it just started flashing. I checked the heat while it was on and it was fine. Have pictures if needed

A:screen flasing gray with lines on screen

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet. It stays like this for a couple seconds.

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Hi Guys,

One of my first posts on this forum, as its my first DELL machine.
The workstation is:

DELL M3800 
CPU i7-4712HQ
GPU NVIDIA Quadro K1100M
W10 Pro

Over the last few months, the screen has developed two horizontal lines (Splitting the display into 3 segments) that appear to flicker when showing certain shades of colour. The flicker is completely invisible under white or black backgrounds, but becomes extremely noticeable under different shades of grey, and other darker colours. The lines appear to start approx .5 cm from the left edge with a sharp contrast, and fade away towards the right edge.
The flicker appears to be getting progressively worse over the past couple of weeks, but does go away sometimes altogether.

I have reinstalled my video and chipset drivers and am running out of ideas. 
Tried a HDMI connection to a TV, and the lines are not present, which seems to point towards the display being faulty? 

Any suggestions on what could be causing this would be greatly appreciated!

A:M3800 workstation display has 2 horizontal flickering lines (approx 1cm thick) under certain colour shades

Kastytis D
Tried a HDMI connection to a TV, and the lines are not present, which seems to point towards the display being faulty? 

If you are also using the same HDMI to connect to your regular monitor that you connected to the TV, then, yes, the display is probably faulty.

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Alright, Well I play multiple games and I have the same problem with any game. When I play for like 20minutes or so my video goes insane! It flashes black and completely screen lags, Then it usually pixelates the screen after done flashing. Then after probably another 5 or 10, It will just completely lock up my computer then bring me to the blue screen. This has only started happening since i got Vista, Then I tried to see if getting windows 7 would fix it, But no...

Im pretty sure the problem is that these new operating systems are clashing with my drivers, All drivers are up to date, Hardrive checked, Video card working fine, RAM is all good.

If somone has had this same problem and fixed it some how please let me know.

Computer Specs:

Intel Core Quad (TM)2 Q6600 2.4GhZ
XION 1000watt PowerSupply
9800GT 1024mb DDR3
6gigs RAM DDR2

A:Black Screen And Flashing then Blue Screen.

Quote: Originally Posted by HelpMeWin

Alright, Well I play multiple games and I have the same problem with any game. When I play for like 20minutes or so my video goes insane! It flashes black and completely screen lags, Then it usually pixelates the screen after done flashing. Then after probably another 5 or 10, It will just completely lock up my computer then bring me to the blue screen. This has only started happening since i got Vista, Then I tried to see if getting windows 7 would fix it, But no...

Im pretty sure the problem is that these new operating systems are clashing with my drivers, All drivers are up to date, Hardrive checked, Video card working fine, RAM is all good.

If somone has had this same problem and fixed it some how please let me know.

Computer Specs:

Intel Core Quad (TM)2 Q6600 2.4GhZ
XION 1000watt PowerSupply
9800GT 1024mb DDR3
6gigs RAM DDR2

Hi and welcome

I suspect heat. Download gpu-z and monitor. Let us know

Ken J+

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My PC was working fine before today, until I used Ultra UXtheme patcher for Win8 x64 and then applied a custom VS for Win8.
After a restart, Windows Explorer was not launching, so I opened task manager and did a sfc /scannow. After a reboot, I get to the Windows 8 boot menu (I have a dual-boot on this HDD with win7), and then the screen just turns on and off every few seconds, with the numlock light flickering with the screen.
I tried using the automatic repair, both from the boot menu and from a backup USB, but it does not detect anything. and I still have the same issue.
I restored the backups of uxtheme.dll, uxinit.dll, and themeui.dll, but that didn't help either.
Any help?
Attached is my ntbtlog.txt.
Thanks in advance. There is no BSOD, the HDD keeps on spinning a few minutes after boot, and the numlock keeps on flashing.
Anything else I can do from my win7 install? I'm currently trying to delete the theme.
Edit: deleting the theme doesn't help, safemode doesn't help either. IMHO, it seems to be a driver issue, but there were no driver updates when it was working?

A:Windows 8 flashing screen before logon screen

Fixed with a system refresh. Nobody helped at all?

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I don't know too much about computers and I just got a hand-me-down Dell Precision 320 PC from my dad just last weekend and it just crashed. I got a message saying something crashed and if this was the first time I saw it I just needed to reboot my computer. I proceeded to do so and then I got the mysterious black screen with movable cursor hanging scenario. I booted up the advanced boot menu and went to repair computer to "Last Known Good Configuration" and since then it boots up to passed the windows loading screen to a stock windows 7 screen and it flashes about every seven seconds with the cursor blinking to loading something back to idle. It hangs here until I turn it off. I am not sure if this has anything to do with the situation but there have been a couple of blackouts in my house due to heat that caused my computer to shut off a couple times.

Safe mode gets the same results
SFC found no errors

Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
Intel Core2 x6800 @ 2.93ghz
8GB Ram

If there's any other info I can provide without being able to boot my PC, I'd be happy to comply.

A:Flashing Screen after Windows load screen

Can you boot in to safe mode? Turn on the PC, and continually press F8, then select Safe Mode.

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Due to a power cut earlier my PC naturally shut off the way you would if you switched it off at the plug.

It brought me into the windows error recovery screen and loaded until I reached the login screen.
Upon saying "Please wait" my screen begun to flash black rapidly and wouldn't load. The monitor wasn't going off or anything, the screen was just blinking.

It still does this every time I reboot my computer, so I can't log in at all.
It also does this in all safe modes so that is out of the question too.

Anyone know how to fix this?

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I'm looking at my neighbours PC as they've switched it on today, only to find out that it will no boot. I have switched it off and turned it back on, this led to me getting an error due to failing to past TMR2 Checkpoint as well as a prompt to contact Dell Technical Support.
Someone suggested that I should try removing or replacing the CMOS battery, which I have, this seems to have got me past the error screen, however, the system now hangs on the Dell Screen with vertical bars running down the monitor.
Any suggestions? 
So far,  I have;
1. Replaced the CMOS battery
2. Checked that the components are all seated correctly.

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alright, I just got this inspiron 6000 from my sister that didnt work. she said nothing would happen at all. well it turned out the power light would go on, caps lock light blink for a few seconds and it would turn off. somehow the memory wasnt in the slot very well. bam, got it working, dumped all her pics and crap to a external hdd, and wanted to wipe it all out and start over. she is sending me a xp disc, but for now I just figured Id go back to 2k cuz I have that disc and when I get the disc go back to xp.

anyways, I couldnt figure out how to format the drive, because obviously xp was running off of it. anyways, I kept trying all the del - f2 - f8 - f12 to get a dos prompt before windos would load but I couldnt. so I figured Id just put the 2k disc in because I thought I remember that it formats it right before it installs. but it asked me where to install and the disk was partitioned and I wanted one drive letter so I cancelled the install, before it was actually installing though, said f3 to quit and I hit f3. now when I try to power it up, the power light comes on, the hdd light comes on for maybe 1-2 seconds max, then the cd drive light comes on and it spins up, then stops, and the screen just stays black, never did anything either. just black the whole time.

I cant use a floppy to try anything because no floppy drive. I tried starting up with the win2k disc in but doesnt work. I searched on my desktop running win2k and it showed a tutorial for making a usb flas... Read more

A:Windows XP, power light, hdd light for 1 sec, black screen

oh, also, i did try and search and most I found were a black screen after the self test or the windows logo, not right away.

also, dont think it matters, but when the lights go out, it is at the point where hitting the power button again, the computer instantly turns off.

also, just checked, and its nothing to do with the lcd. I just hooked up my monitor, and my monitor tells me when there is no signal, and it just stayed black, then when it was unplugged from the laptop that is when it said no signal.

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So I had tried to fix this for months. I have tried various forums without any replies or help. I purchased an Apple retina Macbook Pro and put Windows 8.1 on it. OS X does NOT flicker, but Windows 8.1 will flicker every time I login. Occasionally I will get a brief period of 10 seconds where it will be a black screen. That only happens randomly (so I do not have a video of this in action). Nothing is in the event viewer. I tried re-installing NUMEROUS times. I tried using the beta NVIDIA drivers and stable NVIDIA drivers.
I also tried 8.1 on a Virtual Machine with both Parallels and VMWare and they too experience this flicker.
Oh also, nothing in the event log about this.
I have a video of the issue:
Does anybody know what is causing this? This issue occurs when using the laptop display, or any external displays. Thanks!

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Hi, i have a custom built PC. Earlier, i was watching a movie on the Sky Player and the screen froze and then the computer restarted itself and then restarted itself again, then i had the choice to start in safe mode etc.

I am currently on in safe mode and there are lines all across the screen which move/vanish when i run the cursor over them.

This is a picture taken with my phone of what the screen looks like in safe mode, print screen doesn't show the lines.

system info, no point in putting the graphics info up because they're showing as N/A (which i assume is due to being in safe mode).

I apologise if any of this post is messy, i can't really see the screen properly.

This problem has happened before, i used an air-duster to clear some dust from inside the tower and it worked fine after a couple of days, however this time it hasn't worked.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, i'm not very good with computers.

I have the minidump file if that is of use to anyone?

A:Blue screen, then lines on screen.


This seems like a graphics card problem; whether it is fixable or not is uncertain at this point.

Could you try a different video card in the system? Perhaps borrow one from a friend, or steal one from a different computer.

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I got XPS 15 (9530, Late 2013) couple of days ago with widnows 8.1 installed on it and since the day 1 I am running into a weird problem. All of my USB devices keeps disconnecting. Whether its my phone (HTC One M8) or my portable harddisks. I have tried multiple cables and the result is the same.
I tried connecting all of those devices on different laptops and they work fine except for my laptop. One thing that I let you guys know is that if I have my phone connected with the laptop, it charges fine however, I am unable to browse any file on my phone because it keeps disconnecting.
Any help ?

A:XPS 15 (9530, Late 2013) - USB Device issues, devices keeps getting disconnected

I was able to fix my Dell 9530 USB connect/disconnect problem with this combo.


Use Original Genuine Apple Lightning Cable

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I Have Dell Inspiron n5010.It was happened for the second time, earlier it was happened but i left it for one night and agian it was back to normal. But this time it won't switched on. Is it a loose connection issue or any screen related??I am seriously confused, i need suggestions plz help me guys.

A:Laptop Screen Light Off, but screen is still on

Can you explain the situation a little more clearly...Are you saying that the laptop is apparently "off" but there is display visible on the screen?And are you also saying that you cannot power up the laptop at present; it won't boot up etc.?

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Anyone else with the XPS 15 9530 have the issue where the touchpad is not flush with the palmrest area?

A:XPS 15 (9530, Late 2013) - Touchpad Not Flush with Palmrest Area (raised about 1mm on the left side)

Sorry, should have reported problem fixed. The problem I had was the battery. It became puffing and pushed the touchpad up. I'd have the tech check that first.

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I ordered a Dell Precision M3800 and as soon as I got it out of the box, it'd immediately had problems turning on. The button would light up, the keyboard lights would turn on for a few seconds, then everything would shut down. It worked every once in a while if I removed the power cable or if I tried different combinations of removing/inserting power cable and pressing the button. I took it into the shop and they replaced the motherboard and now it will not turn on at all. The service desk said it turned on for them, but it turned on once for me after pressing the button 20+ times, but never turned back on after that.I have requested a replacement computer, but in the mean time, does anyone have any idea what the problem might be or how I can turn it on to retrieve my files.

A:Dell Precision M3800 Won't Turn On

I've had my M380 for about 8 months and just this week started having same problem. I have found that removing my Logitech usb wireless mouse/keyboard dongle has allowed it to startup. Its happened the last 2 days and both times I couldn't do anything to get it started. Both times I removed the USB dongle it started on the next try. This is frustrating.

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We have a Dell M3800 (tag no <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>) that will not power on. It is out of warranty.
 A few things I have noticed are;
1)      The LED  on the power plug is on, but the charge LEDs do not show as charging
2)      If I disconnect the battery and then plug it back in, the charge LEDs will then show, but it will still not power on.
3)      There is no sign of life from the power switch, not even a flash.

Any ideas if I can get this repaired?

A:Dell M3800 won't turn on (out of warranty)

Will the system power up on AC only?  If not, the odds are overwhelming the mainboard needs to be replaced.

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While the specification say only 2x8GB RAM modules are supported. Is there way to make 2x16GB modules work? E.g.
32GB kit (16GBx2) DDR3L-1600 Unbuffered NON-ECC 2048Meg x 64

A:Dell Precision M3800 - 32GB RAM

Lorinchever - Have you had any feedback? I'm also about to consider a 16GBx2 Upgrade for my Precision 3800. Just wish to know if this is working OK...

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Hi everybody!
I'm a new member of the "Dead M3800s" Club. My warranty is out, and my machine decided to die about two weeks ago.
My machine has already been "healed" 2 (or 3) times in a year, with two mobo swap, which is still the Rev 1.0 one...shouldn't I receive the Rev 2.0, since I've told Dell about the malfunctioning from the first time and considering the fact that it may be related?
How did it end up for the other "out of warranty" M3800 owners? Any news? Also, they made me an outrageous quotation for the repair!
Best regards!

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Hi All,
We purchased a number of Dell Precision M3800 laptops for the business however we have already had a high failure rate in which the machine is totally dead. 
We have had 3 out of 10 which have had their motherboard replaced to resolve this issue but i am looking to see if this is a known issue or just a bad batch of motherboards.
Has anyone else had this issue?

A:Dell Precision M3800 Dead

Hi andyjstew,
Sorry to hear so many of those systems have had trouble out of the box! I’ve not come across any other customers reporting this yet but would certainly like to investigate further, especially given the number of your systems effected.
I’ve sent you a private message to follow up on those service calls.

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I just replaced the screen on this laptop. Only about 1/4 of the screen on the left side is working and is working right. The system is running Vista and it boots up right. Wonder if the inverter needs replaced. Other 3/4 is a dark gray with no cursor showing. Need to fix for Mom. Please help. Thanks.

A:Solved: Dell Studio 1735 Laptop screen replaced, only 1/4 of screen working

Check cable which connect display to mobo firstly. If not cable, rest you already said.

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